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For sale in Anguilla is a great beachfront hotel villa complex; bargains are always available, especially now. In Dominica we follow a couple who bought land through a previous edition of the magazine and have since built a rustic bed and breakfast

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in the style of the Kalinago traditional hut known as a ‘Kai Pai’. We


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The St. Kitts & Nevis culinary section reports on the ‘Nevis



Agricultural Open Day’. This was a really impressive day that serves



as an example to many larger islands. Jane Ebbitt, the SKN roving



real estate reporter, takes a trip to Belize and explores the nature and culture of this country, along with the phenomenal Blue Hole, in the Lighthouse Reef, which is the second


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Sometime in late March I was back in Nevis and hunting down Richie Lupinacci for him to show me his new charter boat ‘Intermezzo’ a classic 34ft. Main ship (see pg. 88). Richie arranged to meet me on Qualie Beach at 7.30am. After an eventful night and against the odds I arrived on time. Richie’s boat was moored off the coast with a group of spectators on board. The beach was surprisingly busy and then I realised that everyone was there to participate in the annual Nevis to St.

for children with special needs. This swim was a much more relaxed affair; calm and shallow waters with many families and children participating. I was glad to see my good friend Ivor ‘Splif’ Philips participating (I knew he could drink like a fish, but could he swim like one too?).

Kitts channel swim. Amongst the crowd of swimmers limbering

Jokes aside, this is a must for

up to launch off, I saw a familiar face, Damian Hamp-Adams

any swimmer, it’s real good fun,

of Oceans Edge Development (see pg. 98). Damian threw

you get lunch, a medal and a

down the gauntlet and challenged me to take part in the race.

t-shirt at the end. I swam and

Obviously still under the influence and without any warning as

held conversation with my young

to the length of the swim, I Accepted!

swimming partner, who wore

The swim was a 2.6 mile slog in choppy waters! About half way across and whilst making little headway against the current I began to question what on earth (or sea!) I was doing. But then I remembered the all important words from one of the organisers ‘there is breakfast and a BEER at the end’, and so I pressed on. Two and a half hours later I arrived. Damian had arrived about an hour earlier having benefited from a years’ training and some regular swim coaching. He achieved a very respectable 12th place, in a field of 58 competitors. All in all, the event was a huge success for the upscale Ocean’s Edge

fins whilst I wore sunglasses! It was his first time and he was following his older brother’s example. Every year is a worthy cause, so don your Goggles and get training.

Montserrat The Hottest Caribbean Destination

Development, Roger Brisbane’s Spice Mill Restaurant and the

Montserrat is a time capsule, representing what a true Caribbean

St. Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation. The charity foundation

holiday used to be. It’s officially 39 sq. miles and fondly known

for which the registration money went to is the Pink Lilly Breast

as the ‘Emerald Isle’ of the Caribbean in recognition of its Irish

Cancer Foundation. Well done Damian…keep up the training for

influence. It remains the only part of the British Empire that is

next year!! (I’ll be in the bar!).

still growing; recent estimates have the island at 41 sq. miles as a result of the volcanic flows. Unlike other islands it has no fast

Antigua Shark Bait Swim

food chains or traffic jams. It does however have free flowing

The 4th Annual Jumby Bay Shark Bait Swim was held on 29th March. Swimmers had to swim from Jumby Bay to The Pitch at Shell Beach (1.25 miles). Hyped up from my Nevis swim, I

rum shops; make sure to try the local bush rum, very popular with honeymooners or those with a long evening ahead. Currently, the fastest way to Montserrat is via Winair or the

entered. From hardly ever swimming to two competitions in a

new private charter plane – Fly Montserrat (see pg. 24).

couple of weeks! I thought, “This is lunacy”!!! But yet I had a

Alternatively, with neighbouring islands so close you can charter

great time. The Jumby Bay Homeowners donate the funds from

a yacht. From Antigua use OnDeck Sailing (see pg. 27).; it’s

the swim to charity. This year the proceeds went to Adele School

only 30 miles away.



Channel Swim From Nevis to St. Kitts


Our taxi driver, Reuben Furlonge who doubles as a ’Goat-water Specialist’, gave us a great tour of the inhabitable side of the Island. All we could think of was Wow! What a beautiful island. The mountainous terrain reminded me of Dominica in places, with tropical hard wood forests. It was luscious despite the low rainfall in April and the people are warm with welcoming smiles.

Dorsett. This is one of, if not, the last shop still weaving Sea Island cotton, producing scarf’s, belts, shawls and placemats. The work is of a high standard; you can feel the quality in your hand. Perfect as gifts. Go see Doris or call her at (664) 491 3906 / 496 7022. More gifts and items are available at the

in a neat white wooden building

Montserrat National Trust including some very interesting

with a friendly atmosphere. Here

historical and indigenous recipe books.

breakfast). Run by a mother and daughter team, the restaurant relocated from Plymouth after the eruption. It was an enjoyable and very affordable experience. The local juices were so good we went back for seconds and thirds of the blackberry juice. The Attic has a licensed bar and closes at 4 pm. Whilst there we had a taste of Rooster Hot Pepper Sauce and were fortunate to meet its maker James ‘Rooster’ Joseph Gerald. This sauce is a hot gift and should be an essential part

The next day we were taken to the edge of the ‘forbidden zone’, which was like the surface of another planet. Ash in Montserrat is referred to as grey snow; it’s spectacular - like a modern day Pompeii. The buried city of Plymouth has many buildings, which are totally concealed by the devastating mudflows. The remains of residences poke through the dried mud and ash. The lava flows were so heavy that the deepwater port pier in Plymouth now boasts a beach. It is hard to imagine until you have seen it for yourself. Today’s lunch stop was at La Colage in the area of Sweeneys. Housed in a bright pink painted wooden building, La Colage serves snacks, meals and drinks throughout the day, with tables inside and on the veranda. Bernadene Brade, the manager, aims to satisfy and I can testify, the fish was very good!

of any table setting – call for a

That Wednesday evening we visited Olveston House (see

bottle (664) 493 1102.

pg. 27). Surrounded by rolling emerald hills, the charming

By instruction of the Montserrat Tourism






Reuben Montserrat

Volcano Observatory (MVO). The MVO is the island’s premier attraction. Currently managed by the British Geological Survey, it is informative, with posters, interactive kiosks, and displays of rocks, lava, ash and artefacts. The MVO also keeps a 24

six-bedroom guesthouse provides visitors with cosy island accommodation and an opportunity to enjoy a mix of island and traditional International-inspired cuisine. The restaurant’s diverse menu offers a selection of British favourites infused with an island flare including the traditional English Sunday Roast. Additionally, the restaurant specializes in home-baked pastries, breads and desserts, fresh local produce, beef and fish.

hour vigilant watch for any sign of volcanic activity. Residents

Every other Wednesday, patrons are treated to a delightful

and visitors alike can view the volcano from a safe distance at

Caribbean buffet that costs between $25-$35 USD per person;

several excellent vantage points. This is a must do. Incredible!

this was the Buffet night that we attended. We met the joint

We experienced another significant moment when we visited


Another must do is Luv’s Cotton Store in Salem, run by Doris

Our first lunchtime stop was at The Attic restaurant, housed

you can get a tasty lunch (or


islands that established housing at the Caricom Village.

the resettlement scheme that formed a post disaster housing programme. The development was created to establish a new, permanent residential area for Montserratians who were left homeless after the volcanic eruptions. The area, known

proprietors Carol Osbourne and Margaret Wilson, along with their charming daughters who were on-hand with smiles and excellent service. Very good food, excellent sweet potato! On Friday ‘Pub Nites’, visitors have the chance to enjoy more great food with live music fuelled by traditional island libations.

as Lookout, has developed into a thriving community with a

Olveston House was once the private home of the legendary

primary and nursery school, community centre, church and

producer of ‘The Beatles’ hits, Sir George Martin. The house was

most importantly quality masonry housing with infrastructure.

visited regularly by some of the world’s most notable musicians

The growing settlement has been built with funding from the

including Paul McCartney, Sting, Stevie Wonder and Elton John

European Development Fund (EDF) and neighbouring Caribbean

who all recorded records at Sir George’s, famous Air Studios.


The Cultural Centre is a fantastic building that was built from donations raised by Sir George Martin and friends following a huge fund-raising concert held at the Royal Festival Hall in London. A number of super stars have their hands cast in brass and inserted into the foyer wall, to the right you can see Marsha Meade placing her little hands in the tiny moulds of Sir Elton John (how does he play the piano!). Presently, the centre is used for corporate functions, as a cinema and for weddings. It has a state-of-the-art auditorium and sound when the inter-island ferry starts running again it can better serve this purpose - a regional hub for the arts and entertainment. Visiting vacation villas in Montserrat was a real eye opener; there are a number of superb villas for rent at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Weekly rates for a fully furnished villa with a pool, fully equipped kitchen, garden and all amenities start around $700USD per week!!! That is a special time capsule rate by any standard. Have a scout through our villa selection in the Montserrat section.

What are you waiting for? info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


system. This is a brilliant facility for concerts, performances and entertainment; perhaps


In the traditional sense, the term café refers to a small coffee shop or intimate restaurant. Snacks and beverages are sold as people come together for good old-fashioned conversation. While people still meet and conversation still abounds, I-D Café is not your traditional café. The patrons at this café are clients seeking to define their home or business in a way that best reflects who they are. Discussion centers on personality, individual style, and design preference. The menu features quality furnishings by some of the finest international brands. This café is about Identity. And Design. Designer products for the contemporary home by Gessi, Antonio Lupi, and Gervasoni, to name a few, are displayed in the I-D Café showroom at Hodges Bay. Whether you know exactly what you want, but need assistance sourcing and importing, or you’d like help defining your style and selecting your furnishings, I-D Café takes you from conceptualization to completion. Call on 268.480.6965 or 268.464.8392 to schedule a showroom visit or free consultation.

Montserrat Welcome to Our Island Home

Looking for a frenetic pace? You'll realize happily that it's missing when you hike our entrancing nature trails, or sip a tropical drink under a beneficent sun, or drive our winding mountain roads which rise into lush mountain rainforests and trace miles of hidden coastline. Our beguiling black-sand beaches (and the popular white sand Rendezvous Beach) provide a sense of tranquility and ample elbowroom whether you are by yourself or with that special someone. At night the stars reach down to share their magic, and there is always a cooling breeze from the tradewinds which centuries ago carried sailing ships across the sea from Europe. On Montserrat, guest accommodation ranges from intimate guesthouses and small boutique hostelries to grand oceanfront villas with pools and full staff. Montserratians are among the most naturally hospitable people on earth and everyone you meet will want to make your encounter with the island an experience you will treasure. World class fishing, more than 30 pristine dive sites, rare and lovely bird-life - including our national bird, the rare Montserrat Oriole - and mouth watering local cuisine, especially our national dish ‘Goat Water’ and the famous ‘Mountain Chicken’ all add to the many pleasures of a visit to Montserrat. Truly unique to our Caribbean home is an active volcano that scientists call one of the most interesting in the world. Visit the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and learn about it, its history and its future. See the awesome legacy of this force of nature from safe vantage points around our modern-day Pompeii, Montserrat's old capital, Plymouth. Come for a visit and experience the ‘Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’ for yourself. A naturally spectacular destination - the island of Montserrat, West Indies.



Volcanism is no stranger to the Caribbean region. In 1902 there were the eruptions of Soufriere St. Vincent and neighbouring Mount Pelee, in Martinique, the latter resulting in 29,000 deaths. In the 1970’s there was another crisis in Guadeloupe that cost tremendous financial losses to the island even though the foreseen big eruption never actually occurred. Montserrat is a volcanic arc formed along the junction where the Atlantic tectonic plate is subducted beneath the Caribbean plate. Nearly all islands on the arc are the result of subduction-related volcanism. Montserrat is only 11 miles long (North to South) and 7 miles wide. The last actual volcanic eruption was pre recorded history, (i.e. before its settlement by Europeans in 1632,) although the volcano has not been completely dormant during that time.



David Lea has lived on the island for almost 30 years with his wife, Clover, and their three boys. In 1989 they witnessed Hurricane Hugo, which took a heavy toll on the island, sweeping away over 90% of the island’s house and building roofs and doing untold damage, island-wide. It took several years for Montserrat and the capital to recover, only to be confronted by an even greater threat,

© David Lea, Living Letters Productions 2009.

as soon as they were back on their feet. On July 18th 1995, Montserrat’s sleeping Volcano rumbled back to life!

written by Janie Conley • photography by Janie Conley & David Lea



Over the next ten years, David Lea made a series of videos cataloguing the incredible events taking place. David, like many other island inhabitants has, by default, become a veteran of volcanology. The latest result of this series is a fantastic DVD called ‘The Price of Paradise’. It is a compilation of all nine chronological videos, edited down to a couple hours of volcanic adventures. You can link to it through www.caribbeanhotproperty.com or go directly to David’s website at: www.priceofparadise.com and order a copy. There is an eighteen minute version of the DVD shown at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory in their new interpretation centre. The MVO has become a classroom for young scientists from around the world and is a cutting edge facility for monitoring an active volcano. Many people have left the island, not because of the threat of the Volcano, but because they had lost their homes, their jobs, and had no schools for their children. The very fabric of a society was being unravelled and no one knew

what the future might hold. However, about 5,000 islanders remain and are helping to rebuild their volcanic paradise. Like the famous song from Montserrat’s own calypsonian ‘Arrow’ says, “I just can’t run away, I just can’t run away. As long as dere is mango an’ breadfruit down dere, I’ll be holdin on”. And “holdin on” is exactly what David Lea and his family did after the last major eruptions. Luckily, their home of over 25 years is located in the Northwest region of the island. Although the northern third (Safe Zone) of Montserrat has had plenty of ashfall, and some gravel and pumice fall over the years of the eruption, this region has faired far better than most of the areas farther south. So the Lea’s, along with many other folks who live in the northern third, counted their blessings and opened their home to some of those who’d been living in what became the “Exclusion Zone.” So many of these people just



needed a bit of time and space to figure out what their next move would be and whether it would entail leaving their homeland. Today Gingerbread Hill has become a retreat of a different kind, and it helps to serve people from around the world who come to visit this very special island paradise. The accommodations at Gingerbread Hill cater for everyone and are designed for guests to relax and enjoy the total peace and quiet that makes Montserrat such an idyllic place.

The ‘Heavenly Suite’ sits on top of Gingerbread Hill, with a 360º degree view of the rainforest, mountains and sea. It has a fully equipped kitchen, living room, and charming bedroom with a giant swinging window that allows you to sleep overlooking it all. A spiral staircase leads you from the main verandah to the sunset terrace from which you can enjoy a romantic star-filled night. Below the Suite is ‘The Villa’, a fully equipped home with 2 bedrooms, each with en suite bath. It has a delightful wrap-around verandah, complete with porch swing. The Villa is also wheelchair accessible. Completed in 2008, the ‘Mango Cottage’ is the newest and most innovative lodging space. Mango Cottage is an eco-cottage, completely solar-powered…with no wires attached! The affordable 1 bedroom cottage is equipped to fulfil all the needs of an eco-warrior. And if you thought that it was impossible to visit Montserrat on a tight budget, then this is the place for you. The ‘Backpacker’s Special’ is a one bedroom apartment that costs just $35 USD for one and $45 for two. It is a comfortable apartment with its own entrance, private bathroom and wheelchair access. David says it’s, “Cushier than what one might picture in association with a backpacker’s accommodation, but the price is in keeping with a backpacker’s budget.” Gingerbread Hill is completely covered by Wi-Fi for free Internet access. David, Clover and the ‘FamiLea’ of Gingerbread Hill invite you to come and be among the few people in the world that have had the opportunity to visit and see for themselves what has taken place on this extraordinary paradise island. Witness the rebirth of a truly amazing island! For full rates and further information on the accommodations available at Gingerbread Hill visit www.volcano-island.com For information about David Lea’s video documentaries produced by Living Letters Productions go to www.priceofparadise.com




Pamela Villa, Olveston Estate, Weekly rates: From $2,000 USD - $3,000 USD • Holiday villa rental • Phone & maid service inc.

• Accommodates 4 • Popular location


A beautiful modern home in a lovely tropical setting with magnificent views of the towering green mountainsides, the Montserrat coastline the blue Caribbean Sea with the islands of Redonda and Nevis. Upstairs there are two bedrooms each with an ensuite bathroom, and one bedroom with a bathroom downstairs with internal access. The living areas are spacious, and there is a large swimming pool and pool deck.


Beauséjour Villa, Olveston Estate, Weekly rates: From $850 USD - $1,250 USD • Holiday villa rental • Accommodates 4

• Phone & maid service inc. • Garden setting

Nestled in a tropical setting among mature mahogany & cedar trees, this lovely villa, built in 1986, offers views of the Montserrat Mountains & across the Caribbean Sea towards the islands of Nevis & Redonda. There is a ceramic tiled fountain on the entrance patio leading to a spacious living room. A large covered patio leads to pool deck & swimming pool. Beauséjour offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & a study. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

• 0.50 Acre Lot • Spacious family home

• In need of modernisation • Good potential


Faulty Villa, Old Towne For Sale Reduced to $240,000 USD

Faulty Villa is close to the highest point in Old Towne and cooled by the prevailing Tradewinds at all times. Views extend over the Caribbean Sea, to the islands of Nevis and Redonda and the mountains provide a cooling backdrop. A three bedroom, 3 bathroom bungalow with swimming pool and spacious pool deck. A private villa at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac.

Residential House Plots For Sale Old Towne Lots 59 & 60

(43,707 sq. ft.)


Lot 95

(21,804 sq. ft.)



Montserrat Enterprises Ltd. Est. 1962

Olveston Lot 20

(10,890 sq. ft.)


$32,000USD each lot.

We’ve saved a place for you!

Woodlands Lot C-p

(26,000 sq. ft.)


Montserrat, where every room has a veiw.

A selection of residential plots & properties provided by MEL (Montserrat Enterprises Ltd.). Please contact MEL for further details on all property listed left & above. Visit www.montserratenterprises.com for full listings.

Over 40 years experience in Property sales,  Villa rental & management and Land development.

www.montserratenterprises.com P.O. Box 58, 78 Bishop’s View Road, Old Towne, Montserrat, West Indies

Tel: (664) 491 2431/2  |  Fax: (664) 491 4660  |  Email: melenter@candw.ms



Lot 102 & 103 (19,000 sq. ft.)


MONTSERRAT CaribbeanHotProperty.com 22

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MONTSERRAT info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


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a r r e s t Mon








Carib-World Travel is a leading provider of destination travel in Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla and Montserrat. We know our islands well!

New Air Service into Montserrat Launched Under the banner of FlyMontserrat, locally based

We offer tours by the package or tailored to your needs. And we can serve individuals or groups, especially incentive groups.



Friendly Courteous Efficient

company Montserrat Airways Limited (MA Ltd) has announced the operation of a new air service to Montserrat which commenced on June 1st, 2009. According to the Managing Director of the company,

Treat yourself to a memorable tour of Montserrat

Captain Nigel Harris, “the establishment of a

Call or Book Today!

Montserrat-based and controlled airline, responding effectively to the island's needs, would massively stimulate the growth of the island's economy.” The company sees support of the tourism industry as essential and will be able to offer on-demand charters direct to Antigua and other neighbouring

Woods Centre, Friar’s Hill Rd, St. John's, Antigua

islands such as St. Kitts & Nevis, and Guadeloupe. FlyMontserrat completed all the necessary

T. (268) 480 2999 E. info@carib-world.com www.carib-world.com

approvals, registration and procurements to ensure that the service commenced promptly in June. The company's first 9-seater Islander aircraft is

Reuben Furlonge

currently receiving its FlyMontserrat livery, with further aircraft acquisitions to follow.

Taxis & Tour Guide

For further information on this service contact Dwain Lovett at (664) 491-5690, or



Call Now: (664) 492 2790 or 491 4376


Goat Water Specialist


Email: dwain@flymontserrat.com

Montserrat Airways Ltd. P.O. Box 225, Montserrat, BWI Tel: +664 491-5690 Mob: +664 493-5689 Email: info@flymontserrat.com



Short-term Villa Rental

$1,750USD per week in high-season, $1,200USD per week low-season up to 4 persons. Additional persons up to 6 at $150USD each per week. Reservations through www.tradewindsmontserrat.com Panoramic 180º degree view of sea, beach & the mountains, sunsets – including the volcano! Fabulous home is tropical in crisp whites & blue accents, Large tiled pool, with 2 bedrooms & 2 baths on main level, & a large one bedroom suite on the lower level reached by an interior spiral staircase. Tastefully decorated, kitchen opens up onto spacious veranda, with lots of comfy furniture.

Cythera, Olveston


Connemara, Old Towne

Short-term Villa Rental

$1,500USD per week in high-season, $1,000USD per week low-season up to 4 persons. Reservations through www.tradewindsmontserrat.com

Villa Pimenta, Old Towne

Short-term Villa Rental

$1,211USD per week in high-season, $1,071USD per week low-season up to 4 persons. Reservations through www.tradewindsmontserrat.com Lovely newly renovated home with beautiful tropical furnishings, new cedar kitchen, DSL Internet, wrap-around veranda & barbeque. The villa has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths on main level and a lower level studio apartment. The swimming pool has glorious views overlooking the beach at Old Road Bay and up towards the Volcano. Extra sleeping on main level - “bunk room” perfect for children. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Located on the cliffside in Olveston, Cythera, located on 3 lush acres, has two bedrooms & two baths. The tiled pool has a wraparound bench for extra seating & a view that can’t be beat. The outdoor living area & dining area has comfortable wicker furniture & a wet bar for parties. The gourmet kitchen opens out onto the dining area. You can’t help but enjoy your holiday in this beautiful setting.



Mango Falls Villa, Woodlands Holiday Villa Rental Year round rate is $ 2,500USD per week plus $150USD per guest, per additional week stayed (sleeps up to a total 8 guests).

• A premier Montserrat villa • Secluded & unspoiled location with magnificent views


• All amenities provided


Mango Falls is right on the water’s edge, nestled above Woodlands Beach. Just imagine walking down the stairs directly into a crystal clear Caribbean sea or you could dive into your private pool. The main house was designed for Caribbean living with lots of open-plan space and all rooms have an amazing sea view. There is a fully equipped kitchen, with a coffee bar, a study area at one side and a wet bar on the other. The comfy Great Room displays beautiful antiques and leads to the ensuite master bedroom. On the lower level is an ensuite Garden guest room, laundry and utility room. In a separate building another two guest rooms are located on the pool deck level. A truly stunning villa which has on occasion played host to royal guests.

Reservations through www.tradewindsmontserrat.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com




Tropical Mansion reservations@tropicalmansion.com

• 18 room Boutique Hotel • Outstanding location minutes from the airport & commercial centre.


Conference room, Business centre, Wireless Internet, Gift shop, Invigorating pool, Exquisite restaurant with bar.

P.O. Box 404, Sweeny’s Montserrat, West Indies T (664) 491 8767 | F: (664) 491 8275


Contact +1. 268. 562 6696. • antigua@ondeckoceanracing.com

“Treat yourself to a spectacular holiday on the Caribbean island that has it all: beauty, safety, delicious mountain water, friendly people, an exciting volcano in the distance, and glorious private villas for your stay. Pamper yourself in your own swimming pool, gaze at the dramatic sunsets (and if you are lucky you will also see the "green flash" as the sun disappears behind the horizon). Tradewinds has a villa to suit your needs and budget, from 2 bedroom cottages to cliffside 4 bedroom estates. And if you decide to look for a home to purchase, we have an excellent selection of properties for sale.” Susan MacLeod Edgecombe

USD $75.00 per night single or double occupancy

(*until 1st November 2009. Plus 7% government tax & 10% sevice charge)

Villa & Lot Sales, Rentals & Property Management

www.tradewindsmontserrat.com Main Road, Olveston, Montserrat, West Indies susan@tradewindsmontserrat.com Tel: 664-491-2004

A serene guest house retreat in Olveston, Montserrat for visitors or business people. The popular restaurant offers a delectable menu of Indian, Chinese & Traditional English cuisine with a charming Caribbean flair. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and ‘high tea’. Also regular theme evenings. Call for details.

For Reservations contact your hosts Carol Osborne & Margaret Wilson T: (664) 491 5210 or C: (664) 495 5210 • E: olvestonhouse@gmail.com





CaribbeanHotProperty.com 28



text & photography by Janie Conley

Franklyn ‘Jackie’ Hixon – A.K.A. King Fire is somewhat of a local celebrity on the island of Monserrat. Born in the village of Delvines, which now lies within the islands exclusion zone after the effects of Montserrat’s volcano, Jackie has since relocated to a new home in Upper Frith, Salem.

Tel: (664) 496 1189 • Email: popsmorris@candw.ms info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

His stone home is an organic creation that started life 2 ½ years

with a swinging bed suspended by ropes. More motion…like

ago. Built to resemble a vessel Jackie’s house has an extended

sleeping at sea!

bow on the ground floor and a succession of whimsical decks extending skywards. The stone decks are centred around a life giving coconut tree (the mast of the vessel) and together they grow side by side. Rather than wind, the coconut tree mast is fueled by the sun and rain.

Descending down more stairs, you will arrive at Jackie’s front room and sleeping quarters and in the room below this you will find a hot tub and water feature fountain in the entrance. On leaving the main house and walking out into the fruit filled garden, new stone structures have began to be built. A garden

Currently titled ‘Challenge’, on completion he will rename his

guesthouse is already nearing completion. Evidence of Jackie’s

vessel home ‘One Million Pieces’ - the projected number of

works of art can be found everywhere and he is obviously an

stones that will have been collected and positioned to complete

accomplished artist.

this amazing structure. Even if not quite this number of stones are finally used in the construction, I’m sure it will feel like that to Jackie. Challenge has already grown to 5 floors and Jackie expects to grow his house by another 2 storeys before reaching its pinnacle. All the stones in his home have been spewed from the depths of Montserrat’s volcano to the surface where he has

Although Jackie is a talented sculptor and artist he maintains that this is not his trade and only a hobby. Trained as a mason, Jackie is a stone craft specialist and has designed and built countless stone features around the island for its homeowners and the public. His Majestic Stone Art work includes the stonewall built

selected and collected each one.

at the site of one of Montserrat’s famous natural attractions -

Each of the decks has its own use and together they complete

drink from its waters will be compelled to return.

Runaway Ghaut. The ravine’s legend suggests that visitors who

all the necessary functions of a home and more. Starting from the top: the open-air observation deck is shared with the broad

Jackie’s stone masonry skills have taken him as far as China,

canopy of the coconut tree. From this position there is a 360º

where as a sideline event to the 2008 Olympics he was one

view of the ocean, mountains, the village and of course the

of the 9 sculptors from the Caribbean to add a sculpture to the

volcano. Working our way downwards, the 4th floor bathroom

Changchun World Sculpture Park. Jackie’s preparatory pieces

allows you to actually bathe in natural light or stretch out your

for this event can be seen around his home. Under the theme of

hand and pick a coconut.

Friendship and Spring - a small dog and goat kid formed a trial home. The prototype for the final sculpture of a young Caribbean

to heat the house and water. It is also where the house’s most

cricketer can be found in the entrance to Jackie’s home.

unique feature can be found. The moving staircase! This was built to represent the motion of a moving ship. As you ascend

Jackie’s other talent, which is just as distinctive as his crafts,

or descend the crooked wooden steps you swing about the tree

is that he is the locally celebrated calypsonian King Fire. His

like a pendulum and the steps seem to be suspended by some

songs manifest themselves through folktales, spiritual songs and

magical force. Large glass panel windows look out towards the

political comings and goings sung in Creole dialect.

ocean over the Salem landscape. Telescopes and binoculars are close to hand to keep a watchful eye on the resting Soufrerie Hill volcano in case it wakes again. Below this floor is a bedroom

In the words of Jackie...

“Live in harmony with nature rather than destroy it”.



piece that has now been embedded into the wall at the top of his On the 3rd floor, the kitchen comes complete with a furnace


taking care of your Caribbean lifestyle


CaribbeanHotProperty.com The Caribbean has one of the most resilient property markets. At CaribbeanHotProperty.com we have the largest database of rental villas, properties and lands for sale. We work directly with buyers, sellers and agents to provide a professional and timely service. Email or call us to register your interest: info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com +1 (268) 725 4663 or +1 (268) 720 4663 Agents or Private Sellers advertise your properties for sale or rent now!




* terms & conditions apply


Order Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle Magazine Online

CaribbeanHotProperty.com 32


For SalE

FABULOUS BEACHFRONT VILLA & HOTEL PROPERTY ON SHOAL BAY EAST IN ANGUILLA “SHOAL BAY EAST IS RATED AS ONE OF THE TOP 10 CARIBBEAN BEACHES� Shoal Bay Villas began operations in late 1984. It is a well-established business with a good reputation within the travel industry both internationally as well as locally. Shoal Bay Villas has an excellent reputation and high rate of repeat bookings. There is the space to expand the complex by at least another 20-30 villas and the entire infrastructure for such development is in place. Accommodations at Shoal Bay are bright and spacious; units benefit from either a beachfront or poolside location and are divided into studio apartments, one bedroom & two bedroom villas with full kitchens. All units have either patios or balconies. Total number of villas is 13. The lease stipulates that further villas are to be built by 2012 & 2015 respectively. Total property size measures 1.73 acres, with an approximate area of 208 ft. beachfront. This is a Leasehold Property With 95 Years on the Lease. Total Cost, $7.5 million USD.

Interested parties should contact Kathy Haskins for a full property prospectus. Shoal Bay Villas, Shoal Bay East, P.O. Box 81, Anguilla, AL-2640 Email: sbvillas@anguillanet.com Tel: +1 (264) 297 2051




Ocean II, Christ Church, Barbados • Prime Beachfront Location • Luxury Oceanfront Residences

$374,000 - $528,750 USD

• 1 bedroom from $374,000 US • 2 bedrooms from $640,000 US

72 one & two-bedroom residences built to the standard of a 4-star Condominium-Hotel. A residence at Ocean II offers oceanfront views, a beautiful pool with a swim-up bar, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, an oceanfront restaurant, nearby nightlife & the security of owning prime beachfront property. With state of the art finishes & fittings including plasma TVs. Ocean II is the perfect investment.

Heron Mill Estate, St. Peter, Barbados • Lots 3 & 13 aprox. 19,200 sq.ft. each • Quiet Community

$268,562 USD (Lot 13)

$271,488 USD (Lot 3)

• Tropical Views • Total Estate Size 39 Lots


For sale 2 residential lots located above Mullins Bay. This stunning new residential land development enjoys rich tropical views & tranquility. It is envisaged that individual lot owners will build up-market architecturally designed homes for their particular lot. All homes must be a minimum size & adhere to high standards.


Brownes, Christ Church, Barbados • Communial Swimming Pool • 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments

$485,000 - $700,000 USD

• 100 metres from Beaches • High-end Fixtures & Finishes

Brownes Barbados is an oasis of amazingly affordable, luxury boutique apartments specifically designed for investors & residents alike. Brownes is nestled in a quiet lane, just off the coast road and is in close proximity to all the best beaches, shopping, nightlife and restaurants. It is ideally located in a very convenient position on the beautiful south coast. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Ideal for the savvy investor, this one-of-a-kind beachfront condominium hotel is a trendy addition to Barbados’ popular property scene. Silver Point is competitively priced, offers a strong rental story and excellent capital growth. This is a fantastic investment product and a spectacular holiday destination where both investors and holidaymakers alike can have all their dreams come true. The Silver Point project is an 80 room beachfront villa hotel on Silver Sands Beach on the south coast of Barbados. At present, 58 rooms have been released for rental and are realizing consistently high levels of occupancy. When fully completed in 2009, this up-market boutique condo-hotel will include a restaurant, café, two swimming pools, spa, fitness suite and shopping. Owners are entitled to six weeks usage in a calendar year, three of which must be taken at a non-peak time. Purchasers not only have the benefit of staying at an up-market beachfront hotel for six weeks every year, they have no property investment (a share in the profits of the hotel’s operations). Purchasers should also expect significant capital appreciation at this attractive South Coast location. Included within the purchase price is a furnishing package equipping your investment to an exceptional standard - making it ready to accept guests immediately. Silver Point is one of the best property investments of its kind in Barbados. Don’t take our word for it...come see for yourself! info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Investments start at under $200,000 USD

For further information and to recive an investors package for Silver Point, Barbados visit www.CaribbeanHotProperty.com or email info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


management expenses, no additional costs and get an annual return on their


antigua & barbuda CaribbeanHotProperty.com

64 70

36-87. Antigua & Barbuda Section 50-51. Wood Products of Distinction Company Profile 56.

Georgian Architecture in St. John’s

58-59. Total Development Solutions Company Profile 64-65. Advantages of Designing in 3D

70-73. Sienna, Darkwood, Antigua Villa Feature 76.

The Museum of Antigua & Barbuda

80-83. Fortget-me-not Villa Feature

Property Listings & Classified Advertising



Antigua & Barbuda Section Features


The Furniture Gallery Airport Road, St. John’s, Antigua, West Indies tel. 268.462 4952    fax. 268.462 4953      email. thefurnituregallery@actol.net      


Blue Waters, P.O. Box 2536, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 720 POOL (7665) • Email: mcgyverpools@hotmail.com

Pool Design & Installation Ponds & Water Features Maintenance Specialists

8 Years Experience including the management of  Commercial & Residential projects in:  Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis,  Dominican Republic, BVI and Antigua.

The Comforts of Home Start with The Furniture Gallery

Authorised Dealer for 

Authorised service partner for 

Authorised Dealer

e Guarantee tim

nehenge Ro Sto o

rrie g Ca s a Lif e fin

beautiful a GALVANIZE STEEL ROOF that is as

as tiles





Product lines carried by AEON

www.aeon.ag Aeon Inc. Jolly Harbour Commercial Complex, Antigua | Tel: (268) 562 7500 | Fax: (268) 462 2180 | Email: mail@aeon.ag

Firesky HotWater

Building a Swimming Pool was the most daunting part of our renovation project. We began by looking at existing pools, then asking the owners, contractors and pool experts about their experiences and opinions. We learned even high-end pools have suffered from leaks, and all contractors warned against building a concrete pool ourselves. Then again, we had also seen fibreglass liner pools that had split or cracked, and inevitably any mistakes made on a pool build were always “someone else’s fault”. Worryingly, no contractor gave a guarantee that the pool would not leak. And so, optimistically I bet we could finish the pool, leak free, in 6 weeks. Dave of ‘Chippy Antigua’ took great pleasure in collecting his winnings; 10 weeks was the final build time. First we employed the services of Knyko Studios to make a 3-D rendering of our ideas. Then we called a meeting with the pool consultant, builders, and carpenters and discussed the project management; and all parties exchanged contact details. The meeting was very productive; in hindsight, we should have had a couple more. The first practical move was to prepare an existing hole in the ground using the expert help of Sean ‘the Backhoe Surgeon’. Few operators can manoeuvre at this level, so as not to disturb the land surrounding our pre-existing cistern. Note: “Correct ground preparation will save time and money in the long run”. It became apparent that the land, although rocky, could splinter and so after consultation with Precision Builders we decided to make a 1ft. high footing using 3/8ths steel. Then a 1ft. slab was cast using 5/8ths steel with a rubber water-stop cast into the slab, which was in turn cemented into the NUDURA Wall System.

Oversize Deck Umbrella from A & F Manufacturing (our favourite essential item for any swimming pool deck) Teak Lounger Chair & Foot Stool from Furniture gallery Ceramic Garden Pots Gazebo unique furnishings

Waterscaping Ltd. laid all the pool plumbing. They helped with the final specifications, and all plumbing (photographed for future reference) was pressure tested twice before the concrete for the slab was poured. The NUDURA block walls supplied by AEON Inc. went up very quickly and in three days we had them built with the wall steels tied in place; 5/8ths steels every 6 inches vertically with steel horizontal every 1ft. TDS Concrete supplied all concrete; mixed to required PSI onsite, poured with a pump truck and settled using a vibrator. After a week of painstaking removal of the NUDURA foam from the inside walls, we realized a very powerful pressure washer was the correct method, revealing a perfect grooved preparation surface for plastering. The plastering was then completed efficiently by Everton Corbett. Great job! Waterscaping created the infinity edge overflow and supplied and installed the pump room equipment. They also tiled the pool and applied the Diamond Brite surface. The tiling took way too long as the guys juggled other contracted jobs, having the result that nothing got finished quickly. However, after a couple tries the tiled finish is good. Unfortunately, the pool lights did not arrive with the rest of our pool equipment, which was a disappointment. A pool is not complete without the final finishing touches and these included the beautiful oversized decking umbrella which was supplied and installed by A & F Manufacturing. They have a large range of awnings, umbrellas and shades to suit any area of your house or garden. Peter Harker and his landscaping team turn our barren landscape into a blooming paradise. Glen Martin made and fitted the wrought iron gates, very reasonable and a timely service, exactly what we asked for. Lastly, so we could enjoy evenings entertaining on our deck, Lighting Expo provided some cool outdoor lighting. Ultimately the pool turned out really well. The construction is very strong, no water has been lost and the finish is beautiful. Splash!


Porcelain Mosaic Tiles from westrading Water supplied by jim daddy Water Delivery

Wrought Iron Gates designed & fitted by glen martin Steel supplied by Beechwood Steel and

3-D Construction & Engineering


Onsite Concrete supplied by Total Development solutions Nudura Wall System supplied by aeon inc. Deck Finishing & Wooden Planters Lucky the carpenter Deck Lighting supplied by Lighting expo

JustAddWater Plants, Trees and Flowers landscaped and supplied by Treetops Garden Centre (formerly PJ’s Plant Nursery). Paving Stones from Ornamental Concrete Products, Plastering completed by Everton Corbett and his Team







Backhoe | 10 Ton Dump Truck





Treetops Garden Center Ltd.


Directory 3D Engineering & Construction Sir George H Walter Highway, Antigua Tel: (268) 56 28453 ( BUILD )/8454 A&F Manufacturing Coolidge Industrial Park, Antigua Tel: (268) 562 6071 Beechwood Steel Ltd. Paynters Industrial Park, Antigua Tel: (268) 462 4319 AEON INC. Jolly Harbour Commercial Complex, Antigua Tel: (268) 562 7500 Everton Corbett Antigua Tel: (268) 779 6080 Furniture Gallery Sir George H Walter Highway, Antigua Tel: (268) 462 4952 Gazebo Unique Furnishing Friar’s Hill Road, Antigua Tel/Fax: (268) 460 2776 Glen Martin Welding Company Five Islands Village, Antigua Tel: (268) 773 9031 or 463 1328 Jim Daddy Water Delivery Cassada Gardens, Antigua Tel: (268) 462 3433 Knyko Studio - Advanced Architectural Design Valley Road, Bolans, Antigua Tel: (268) 562 6515 Lighting Expo Sir George H Walter Highway, Antigua Tel: (268) 562 4988 Lucky the Carpenter Antigua Tel: 774 3997 Ornamental Concrete Products Creekside, Golden Grove New Extension, Antigua Tel: (268) 461 0808 Sean’s Backhoe & Dump Truck Services St. Johnston’s Village, Off Factory Rd, Antigua Tel: (268) 721 0847 or 782 4824 Total Development Solutions Valley Road, Big Creek, Antigua Tel: (268) 462 4454 Townhouse Furniture Megastore All Saints & American Roads, Antigua tel: (268) 481 - 3200 Treetops Garden Centre (Formerly PJ’s Plant Nursery), Coolidge, Antigua Tel: (268) 461 3014 Waterscaping Blue Waters, Antigua Tel: (268) 720 7665 (POOL) Westrading Cassada Gardens, Antigua (268) 462 9425/6/7


Pilot House, Carlisle, Nr. Airport For Sale $3,510,000 ECD $1,300,000 USD • 0.50 Acres • Scenic Sea Views

• Swimming Pool • Back-up Generator

This 7,560 sq ft executive villa has 4 ensuite air-conditioned bedrooms & 5 bathrooms. Pilot House has commanding views of Jumby Bay & beyond. The well-built two storey main house is of reinforced concrete with clay tile roofing. The main floor is host to the modern kitchen, living/ dining areas, utility room and a well-appointed bar. Outside the main floor is the 1,800 sq ft. ceramic tiled patio with pool.

Offering a huge selection of Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass & Natural Stone Tiles. Also available, a beautiful collection of Glass & Natural Stone Sinks as well as authentic Mexican Pottery

Mi Casa... If we don’t have it, we’ll source it! Old Parham Road, St. John’s, Antigua T: +1 (268) 562 5329 E: micasa@candw.ag SPECIAL ORDERS ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST WITH DELIVERY TO YOUR FREIGHT FORWARDER IN THE USA OR DIRECT DELIVERY TO YOUR REGIONAL PROJECT SITE.


Gift Certificates Available



Clean • Clear • Water Delivery







Backhoe | 10 Ton Dump Truck

Land Clearance • Landscaping • Excavation Works Top Soil Delivery • Building Material Delivery • Waste Disposal St. Johnston’s Village, Off Factory Rd, St. John’s, Antigua TEL: 268. 721 0847 & 268. 782 4824 Jim Daddy & Sons Ltd. Tel: (268) 462 3433 • Fax: (268) 462 8958 # 2 Cassada Gardens, P.O. Box 2264, St. John’s, Antigua



Balusters, Columns, Paving Stones, Garden Ornaments, Railings, Planters and much more.







Creekside, Golden Grove New Extension, St. John’s, Antigua, West Indies. tel. 268.461.0808 email. ornamentalconcrete@gmail.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Villa 413F, North Finger, Jolly Harbour

Long-Term Rental $1,500 USD per month

For Sale $1,066,500 ECD $395,000 USD

A well-appointed ensuite two bedroom villa, tastefully decorated & fully-furnished with deck & dock suitable for a 40’ boat. Open-plan living area open to the waterfront. verandah.

A 2 bedroom/3 bathroom waterfront property. It is fully equipped & furnished ready to move in & is ideal for a permanent residence, holiday home &/or investment property.

• Boat Dock

•Hurricane Shutters

Edwards Villa, English Harbour Area


Belfast Bay View Apartment, Seatons

Long-Term Rental $1,500 USD per month

Long-Term Rental $750 USD per month

A 3 bedroom/2 bathroom Antiguan style villa located in Horseford Hill with views of Falmouth & English Harbours. The villa is available fully-furnished. The garden is fenced & gated.

A 2 bedroom/1 bath lower level apartment located in Seatons. The apartment is approx. 30 metres from the sea. The area is quite secluded & offers peaceful & quiet living.

• Sea Views

• Views of Belfast Bay

• Mature Garden

Peach House, Golden Grove, St. John’s

• Cable etc.. Available

Current Location, Johnson’s Point

For Sale $350,000 ECD $129,630 USD

For Sale $135.000 ECD $50,000 USD

Newly constructed affordable 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house for sale. The house is a concrete & wooden construction in a pretty style & a convenient location to central St. John’s.

Airy wooden home with wide attractive gallery on 2 sides & picket fencing to make your new yard look great. Estimated relocation & settlement 3 days, assistanced by current owner.

• Neat Design

• 2 Bedroom House

• Affordable House


• Ready to Move


• Near Golf Course


Villa 329C, North Finger, Jolly Harbour



Wood Products of Distinction It is not often that you install a set of windows and doors and immediately have passers by come up to you and start a conversation about your windows. “Where did they come from? What wood are they? How did you choose the style?” Yet this is what happened to us recently, soon after we installed the products of the company featured in this article.


written by David Warne


The company, known as SMPM, or more precisely Saint Martin

is definitely not a quaint, old-fashioned workshop. The working

Production Menuiserie has been domiciled in Saint Martin since

floor is some 13,650 sq. ft. with a near 2,000 sq. ft. paint shop

1986 making a wide range of customised wood products for the

which includes a robot. There is also a large showroom, which

home (and hotels). The products cover a wide range of internal

gives you every opportunity to see and feel the full range of their

and external functions, from windows and doors to kitchen and

products before making your final choice, (we visited twice, and

bathroom cabinets via Gazebo’s, floors and shutters. All are

would advice anyone to go at least once).

produced from the most exquisite of materials and all have a definite Caribbean look and feel about them.

However, whilst SMPM may make use of the most modern equipment to help in the manufacturing process all this

Whilst to some wood may be considered a ‘traditional’ material

technology is secondary to the skill of the craftsmen who create

the SMPM production facility in the French half of Saint Martin

the finished product and the end results speak for themselves.


SMPM has been selected by a number of highly regarded

Their windows and doors are constructed to be Hurricane

establishments in the Caribbean including Jumby Bay and

resistant (a very important consideration in the Caribbean) and

Curtain Bluff in Antigua, Four Seasons Resort and the Botanical

as standard always come fitted with toughened glass. Good for

Gardens Building in Nevis and Club Med Resort in St. Lucia.

hurricanes and good for security.

The company has exported their product across the length

SMPM can also fit any ironmongery you may wish to choose

and breadth of the Caribbean including Barbados, Antigua,

either purchased from them (they are agents for Karcher Design

Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla as well as Florida and will

of Germany) or you can supply your choice of door handles,

happily arrange the transportation of the finished product from

window locks etc. from another party and they can install.

their factory to your Caribbean door, where ever you may be.

However, you should note that the hinges come as standard

The main woods used are Mahogany, Andiroba and Cherry,

with their door and windows; as they do not want badly fitted

although Maple, Purple-heart and Oak are also used. All the

doors or windows to detract from the quality of their products.

products are custom-made to your designs and specifications

They will also supply the hardware needed to hang bi-fold (those

and available on a mix and match basis. If you wish to have a

supplied to us came from Centor Architectural of Australia) or

louvered door with a hard panel back then that is what you will

sliding doors, and in addition will provide their own on-site

get. The final choice is always down to the customer.

expertise to assist in the correct hanging of their products.



Tel: 011 590 590 52 23 10 www.smpm-woodwork.com







Unique Furnishing


Fabulous Furniture for every room, including exclusive designs of bedroom suites; four posters & low zen beds, chest of drawers, consoles & bedside tables. New collection of rustic & contempory dining tables for casual living. Lovely selection of bedspreads, curtains & cushions... mix & match.

GAZEBO Unique Furnishing

Friar’s Hill Road, Antigua Phone/Fax: +1 268. 460 2776 gazebo@candw.ag



An emporium of accent pieces, all at affordable prices.



St. James’s Club Villa For Sale $2,022,300 ECD $749,000 USD • Recently Refurbished • Sold Fully-furnished

• 2 Pristine Beaches • 24 Hour Security


A two storey home with 3 bedrooms including an oversized master bedroom located on the ground level and each enjoys its own ensuite bathroom and generous wardrobe area. 2nd storey open-plan living & dining areas & a recently updated kitchen. The villa is a solid investment for a private residence, holiday home, &/or rental property. It includes the use of all the amenities of the St. James’s Club Hotel.



• 0.58 Acres • 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

• Commanding Views • Five minutes to Beach


Coolidge House, Coolidge nr. Airport For Sale $1,147,500 ECD $425,000 USD

Coolidge House with 2,500 sq. ft. of indoor & outdoor living space on well elevated lands. There is a covered verandah & a new wooden uncovered patio to enjoy the views. The property includes a single car garage & adequate storage space. There is room for expansion & the addition of a pool. An open-air workshop positioned at the rear of the property could easily be converted into a cottage.


LIGHTS Commercial & Residential Products, including Security Lights, Garden Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Bulbs and Accessories.

LightingEXPO info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Sir George H. Walter Highway, (formally Airport Road), St. John’s, Antigua.

Tel: +1 (268) 562-4988


Brand new showroom now open



written by Claudia Papa, Director of Exhibits

GEORGIAN ARCHITECTURE IN ST. JOHN’S The diverse history of the Caribbean has left an indelible mark

particularly apparent in the roof, which was originally a Georgian

on the architecture of the individual islands. Early colonists,

hip roof (all sides gently slope downward to the walls). The roof

whether Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch or English, naturally

still follows Georgian trends, but is now very low and hidden

introduced European styles into West Indian architecture. Very

behind a parapet, or low wall built around the edge of the roof.

early buildings are often essentially European in style, but traditional forms were sometimes modified and innovative designs emerged as a result. Antigua, which was settled by English colonists in 1632, inevitably

symmetrical; the lay out of the windows and doors is harmonious

displays English architectural forms throughout St. John’s and

in design. The front of the museum is based on formal Classical

indeed across the island. The 18th century was an age of colonial

temple architecture, which derives from the majestic designs

expansion and the hey-day of Georgian architecture; this title is

of the Ancient Greeks and Romans (neo-classicism was an

given to a set of architectural styles current between 1720 and

important component of Georgian trends). The wide steps lead up

1840. It derives its name from the first four British monarchs of

to the portico (porch) of the Museum, which is framed by three

the House of Hanover -George I, George II, George III & George

prominent arches & four columns.

can be identified in several very fine Antiguan buildings, which still stand today.

The sash windows (designed to slide up and down) have recently been replaced but are based on their original Georgian design; the ground floor windows are large and arch-shaped to complement

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is housed in what was once

the portico, while the windows nearer the roof are smaller and

the Court House on Long Street. This impressive Georgian-style

rectangular, as was common in Georgian designs. All windows

building was designed in 1747, completed in 1750, and is still

consist of Georgian panels.

standing tall! The architect, Peter Harrison, was Yorkshire born


of modifications. Typical Georgian features include the overall proportion and balance of the building. The Museum is perfectly

IV - who reigned in continuous succession. Georgian architecture


The building is still fundamentally Georgian in style, regardless

but educated in America. He subsequently designed many fine buildings in America and in the West Indies.

The entrance and corresponding back doors are heavy wooden originals with four Georgian panels on each side, and another original door leads the way to the upstairs-gallery inside. The

The Court House was built of yellow freestone from Long Island,

Court of Justice was once held on the ground floor, while the

Guiana Island and Pelican Island. The structure was seriously

upstairs was used as the Council & Assembly. The Historical &

damaged by the Great earthquake of 1843, and during restoration

Archaeology Society created the Museum on the ground floor in

the upper floor was strengthened by large Victorian cast iron pillars

1985, and subsequently the whole building has been dedicated

in the hall below. An old print of the original structure indicates

to the history of Antigua & Barbuda. This building is not only the

that the building was further altered during its repair and that its

most awesome Georgian structure still standing in St. John’s, it is

original design has not always been strictly adhered to. This is

steeped in history and has a story to tell...


Rated A- (Excellent) at A.M. Best Company

Peace of Mind ...With Caribbean Alliance Home & Motor Insurance. Because we know how important your home and car are to you, we offer you the best coverage and prompt settlement of claims, should disaster strike. We’ve been in the Caribbean for many years, helping people to rebuild after a catastrophe. We can do the same for you.

Contact Us Today. Corner of Long & Temple Streets, St. John’s, Antigua

Tel: (268) 481 2900


Valley Road, Big Creek, St. John’s, Antigua T: (268) 462-4454 C: (268) 464-4454 F: (268) 562-5454 E: info@tdsantigua.com



TOTAL DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS (TDS) became what it is today through a metamorphosis of ideas and concepts by its founder Daryll Matthew; a trained Land Surveyor licensed to operate in Antigua and Barbuda. Initially TDS offered services in the field of Land Surveying and Environmental Management. However, Matthew soon realized that juggling these two areas with a fulltime job was not going to work. For a period of approximately 18 months Matthew and his land surveying team would leave each Saturday and Sunday at 4am in order to be ready for work at first light. Very often at 6pm in the evening they would still be working. It was not easy, so the transition was made to manage the company fulltime. Prior to the 2007 World Cup, Matthew was walking through St. John’s when he observed a group of about 20 men mixing concrete by hand at a feverish pace. Amazed at the sheer amount of manpower and time it took to mix the concrete, Matthew figured that there had to be an easier way and decided to do some research. His researches lead him to Volumetric Concrete Mixers. The volumetric concrete mixer is a special design that helps to pour concrete efficiently. There are several different benefits to using this type of mixer if you are working on a project that requires concrete or cement. The process used adds to the proficiency of laying concrete. Usually, these mixers contain four different bins; each of which holds a different material (cement, sand, stone and water) needed for mixing the concrete. These elements fall into a conveyor that is running through the bins and are controlled by gates, which allows whoever is operating them to control how much material and mixture goes through. Once through the gates, the materials are dumped into an auger where the mixing takes place. Water or any other elements needed are added to the mixture. If the mixture is a little off, it can be adjusted at this point. The concrete then moves out of the auger and onto the ground where it can be laid out properly and professionally. The benefits of this type of mixing are many. First, it allows the concrete to be fresh when it is laid. Secondly, when concrete is mixed through other types of devices, it frequently comes out hot. Often, when the concrete is laid while it is hot, it takes a longer time to set in the right place and dry. Thirdly, while the “round guys,” or conventional ready-mix producers, continuously mix the product from the batch plant to the jobsite, the “square guys,” or volumetric mixers, actually manufacture the concrete onsite. Impressed with what he learned about volumetric mixers, Matthew decided to source one. He found a supplier in the USA and made the decision to purchase, but the investment in the mixer was not easy. Materials had to be purchased, staff hired and clients sourced. It was difficult at first getting things off the ground, but eventually things began to change in a positive way and Matthew was able to invest in another volumetric mixer. He also approached his cousin Kyron Simon about becoming a partner in the company. Simon agreed and now manages the daily affairs of TDS. Matthew’s sister, Adeola Matthew, also invested and is now a shareholder. To enhance their knowledge of building technology generally, and concrete technology specifically, Matthew and Simon attended the World of Concrete Symposium in Las Vegas which brought together technicians, professionals, equipment suppliers, chemical producers and persons with an interest in the concrete industry. The company has grown over the years and has constructed their new office building in the Big Creek area. There have been challenges, but TDS maintains an excellent reputation for the quality of the concrete and service they provide.



The Beach is just the Beginning... the Rest is at...



Your Home

Superstore email: edward.townhouse@gmail.com

TOWNHOUSE MEGASTORE All Saints & American Roads Market & New Streets

tel: (268) 481 - 3200 tel: (268) 481 - 3208



p o t s e n o orage solution st



with a c


Midway Storage Park says Thanks! With a clientele that boasts the likes of Cable & Wireless, W.I.P. Publishing, Carib Epoxy Ltd., Lazy Bones Bean Bags and Sandals to name a few, Midway has cemented itself as a top quality storage facility. There are artist studios, offices, house-movers, stored cars, business stock, boats, household items and inventory. Space is rented monthly and Midway is ever thankful to their past and existing clients for their patronage.

Space can be rented from EC$3.50 per square foot. Usually clients occupy space from approximately 1,350 sq. ft. up to 6 units at any given time. Once all the existing space has been utilized plans for an additional 1 acre of storage immediately behind the existing building will be executed. With 24 hrs security along with customer care that is second to none, storage has never been safer or simpler.

www.midwaystoragepark.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com



Opus Property Management, Clarkes Hill, All Saints Rd, St. John's, Antigua sales@midwaystoragepark.com | Office: (268) 561-3850 or (268) 764-6944



Falmouth House, Falmouth Harbour For Sale $945,000 ECD $350,000 USD • 0.75 Acres • 5 bedrooms/3 bathrooms

• Close to all amenities • Sea Views

The main floor has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living & dining room and kitchen. The lower level is a separate 1 bedroom apartment with bathroom. Gardens are landscaped with flourishing lime, mango, orange, papaya, sweet tamarind, coconut fruit trees & is fully fenced. The property lends itself to being a family starter home that can be subsidized with the rental income from the apartment below.


TE S Y S Y T I R U LISS SEC ENT STATEM VISION property you and your

ality ides high qu ss, and prov ne ve si is on e sp ic Securing . Our serv ality and re quirements mitment, qu company re tegrity, com or in ss its ne r si fo n vidual, bu LISS is know d to the indi team. tions tailore d dedicated an ed security solu nc rie pe ex a highly dispensed by


dential ATEMENT onse to resi leading resp e MISSION ST th es id ov ciency alist Ltd pr


Spec ency and effi nds Security ghest profici hi e th Leeward Isla ith so the w s ts. LISS is al cial customer requiremen d an and commer s ed d ne y r relate their securit ms and othe response to arms, fire alar al r la cellent rg ex bu g r in fo provid right choice ard Islands by ew Le ith e w s th er in e custom services with r, we provid are rvice. Furthe reports that e iv customer se at gh investig ou le or hi th w d w an ill allo effective as sources w and current undaries bo l as accurate ca hi legal and et in ith w ng remaini

curity Specialist Leeward Island Se 44 | t: 268 562 7045 | F: 268 562 7046

8 562 70 a@gmail.com 24 Hour Hotline 26 , W.I. | e: lissantigu urity.com x 2549, | Antigua Bo . P.O s, w.leewardislandsec hn Jo ww St. Scotts Hill,


• 0.30 Acres • 60 Capacity Restaurant

• Prosperous Business with Equipment & Furnishings


The Hideout Restaurant & 2 additional Properties For Sale Price on Request

The Hideout Property hosts a lucrative restaurant and 2 residential family dwellings that is being offered for sale Freehold. Located on the corner of the main road leading to the St. James Club in Piccadilly and to Bethesda. Views over Willoughby Bay & Mamora Bay. The entire property has 6 bedrooms over 2 residential dwellings, which could be easily made into 8. Suitable for an investor or family.

See our new range of orthopedic and memory foam mattresses now in stock.

Old Parham Road, St. John’s, Antigua email: living_spaces@hotmail.com tel: (268) 481-1700 | fax: (268) 481-1707 info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Quality furniture to enhance your home, office and garden





written & 3D designs by Chad Knight-Alexander (Knyko Studio) www.knykostudio.com

The Advantages of

Designing in

There’s a new trend towards having homes, commercial buildings and other design projects presented in 3D. Whether it’s a remodeling project or a brand new construction initiative, having your architect or design professional render your project in 3D offers you three major benefits:

1. YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT A 3D model is a realistic virtual representation of your design project that is built inside a computer. A 3D rendering or illustration of your project will allow you the client to see exactly how it will look in advance of it being built. This means that you’ll have the ability to select your colour of choice, tiles, roofing materials, furnishings, fixtures, interior and exterior accessories and landscape elements such as plants, pergolas, etc. Take your home, for example. You can have your interior décor designed and illustrated to your exact specification. Perhaps you’re wondering whether to have your living room constructed with exposed rafters or have it finished with a lowered ceiling. A 3D design


could show you both concepts thus enabling you to make a clear choice on the matter. What about your kitchen? Sitting with your



architect or designer, you could select from several counter top finishes, cabinet colours and styles, island arrangements, and any other standard kitchen features. The possibilities are endless depending on the software being used and the 3D modeling skills of the architect/designer.

2. YOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY We all know that “time is money” and this is where 3D designs excel over traditional 2D illustrations. When a building is designed in 3D, it can be rotated to provide the client with views from any angle. You can even experience the interior spaces as if you were actually standing or walking inside your bedroom, kitchen, or office space. Moreover, changes can be made instantly before your estimates can be easily produced from the 3D model with a high degree of accuracy. Because the consultation process with your architect/designer allows you to make clear choices, you do not run into a situation whereby you apply a paint colour to your constructed building then later decide that you do not like it as much as you initially thought. Similarly, you may have initially thought that a black granite counter top was the perfect look for your bathroom or kitchen, however, the 3D design would have helped you to make a better colour/texture choice that blended more harmoniously with the rest of the interior décor. For commercial projects, your savings can be enormous, since a single wrong choice for a particular item could cost thousands or even


eyes. Hence, 3D models are great for design reviews. An added benefit is the fact that construction drawings and detailed material

millions to remedy (depending on the scale of the project). I know of a hotel project that was under construction around 1989 – 1990 whereby the owner made a particular tile choice. The tiles were shipped from Italy and installed in the units. When she arrived to make her regular inspections, she was displeased with what she saw and had all the tiles ripped up and replaced with an alternative

choice. A 3D design with a similar tile selection could have alleviated this problem. In short, the efficiency and accuracy of a good

3. YOU CAN GENERATE REVENUE Presentation is everything! Hence, the power of 3D designs is often harnessed by developers and entrepreneurs to be used as a tremendous marketing tool to sell their ideas. A 3D perspective of a housing development project, for example, can do wonders in gaining financial support from the bank or other lending agencies, and also helps to attract buyers.

CONCLUSION If “seeing is believing” then 3D is your best option to fully visualize your design project before spending a single dime. After all, when you consider that your home, commercial complex, or other building project represents a major financial investment and tremendous sacrifice on your part, it’s certainly worth it to fully understand how the final product will look prior to it being built. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


3D design can save you time and money.


Monks Hill For Sale

$8,910,000 ECD $330,000USD

Views, views, views. 1.5 acres that the current owner is willing to divide into 0.5 acre parcels. One of the most spectacular unobstructed views in Antigua. The plot is gently sloping & an excellent building plot.

• 1.5 Acres Total Plot

• Stunning Views

Johnsons Point, Beachfront For Sale $2,500,000 USD An opportunity to purchase a spectacular and rare plot of beachfront property. It totals 4.81 acres of land. The beachfront boundary of the property runs the length of the high water mark, for approximately 357ft.

Flat Steel Metal Sheets Fence Decorations Rough & Smooth Steel Galvanise Tubing & Pipes Paynters Industrial Park, Factory Road, P.O. W1263, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 462 4319 | Fax: (268) 562 2440 beechwoodsteel@hotmail.com

We also sell cement.

• 4.81 Acres

• Development Land

Falmouth View For Sale

$4,050,000 ECD $150,000 USD

Near Cobb’s Cross with unobstructed views over Falmouth Harbour towards Montserrat, enjoying constant Tradewinds & sunsets. The plot has good drainage & excellent slope for building with generous top soil for landscaping & gardens.

• 0.27 Acres

• Beautiful Location

y Fantastic Opportunit

Demitry Development Company is an Antiguan based business founded in 2005. They have worked on many major projects across Antigua including; the Parham Fisheries Complex, constructed the steel framing for Antigua’s new multi-storey car park and they have built residential homes island wide.

Dieppe Villa, Dieppe Bay For Sale

$1,822,500 ECD $675,000USD

Dieppe Villa is an 80% built villa with views of the Caribbean Sea & Montserrat. This is a 4 bedroom / 5 bathroom design with pool and large verandah. The current build of 5,684 sq ft. ceased 6 mths. ago so the property has not fatigued by age.

• 0.5 Acres

The company’s Chief Contractor, Steve Ramsey, has over 12 years experience under his belt and was trained by his father James Chester Ramsey. Mr Ramsey is one of the island’s most prominent contractors, with over 30 years in the business. The Demitry Development Company is named after Steve’s first born son. It seems contracting is literally in the blood. Steve also obtained further training in engineering from Kitano Construction Co-operation one of Japan’s largest construction firms.

• Excellent Investment

Villa Savanna, Savannah Estate For Sale Price on Request Villa Savanna is a 4 bedroom luxury villa located on Savannah Estate near the St. James’s Club. The main house has two bedrooms both en-suite. The Master Bedroom has a bath tub and shower. There is a separate 2 bedroom guest cottage.

• 1.50 Acres

Steve is currently working on a waterfront residence in Hodges Bay. This prime location home will command 4,000 sq. ft. of living space. Currently known as the Saffers House, this is another example of a build to be finished on time and within budget. Steve says, “We pride ourselves on our first-rate track record”. Specializing in design, engineering and construction, Demitry’s emphasis is on quality. “The best plots deserve the best contractors”.

• Luxury Villa

• architectural designs • engineering • construction • project management • consultation

Gorgonia House, Coral Gardens For Sale

$2,565,000 ECD $950,000 USD

Situated at Coral Gardens, a gated development located just off of Cobbs Cross close to English & Falmouth Harbours. 4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms (1 ensuite), with an open floor plan throughout the kitchen & living areas.

• 4,200 sq2ft. Covered

• Swimming Pool

• land development

Old Parham Road, St. John’s, Antigua demitrydevelopment@apuainet.ag Tel: (268) 562-6256 Fax: (268) 562-6546

Building Dreams of Strength & Class


Turtle Cove

Nestled in the North Western corner of Antigua in Hodges Bay is a unique seafront development nearing completion called Turtle Cove. From the site of an old colonial house Teresia Matthews has fashioned a unique residential development, which can be best described as one-of-a-kind. Not only can the house be utilised as a spacious seafront villa sleeping up to 14 people; it is big enough for the largest of families. It can also be configured as an exciting and highly individual commercial property, with a number of private office suites or, if so desired a mixture of both office and bedroom suites. Rather than accommodating your Project team in a number of hotel rooms why not site them in this villa, providing both a picturesque workspace and a home from home environment in one stroke. The villa itself is set some 20 meters from the sea, with amazing sunset and ocean views. The 80ft verandah frames the ocean side of the building leading to a pool terrace and down to a waterside garden. All this provides plenty of inspirational space for those alfresco meetings with clients,


entertaining or just brainstorming your next strategic steps.


The villa comes with 7 ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen large enough to serve as the hub of a small restaurant and plenty of common internal space to serve as a dining room/meeting room.

Away from the commercial activities the villa also

boasts a pool with a self contained standalone Pool room, including shower and a small kitchen. This can double as a private self-contained guest residence if so desired.

Contact info@caribbeanhotproperty.com for rental details. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Industries LTD

Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Dining Room Sets  Patio Sets 

Office Furniture

Bedroom Sets 

Orthopaedic Matresses  Living Room Sets 

Comfort, Elegance & Style

Factory Road, Paynters, St.John’s Antigua .Tel. 268.562.4444 Fax. 268.462.1964





Sunday Brunch in the Caribbean is something of a ritual in these parts. A social affair comprising of great company and leisurely


indulgence, best enjoyed with a sea view, a crisp glass of white wine and a double helping of laughter. An invitation to Sunday Brunch is not something to be passed up, especially when it comes with a tour of a beautiful villa. So off I drove, armed with an offering of Saltfish to add to the table for good manners, to Villa Sienna by Darkwood Beach in the southwest of Antigua. On arrival at Sienna, I was immediately taken aback by the obvious painstaking craftsmanship which went into the stonework surrounding the property. The driveways and perimeter wall columns were all constructed from two different varieties of local stone. There was even a BBQ pit, large enough to roast a whole pig, constructed in delicate stonework. Obviously some serious entertaining takes place in this home! info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


property’s architecture was designed to portray a modern plantation styled home, with a sweeping stone-stepped entrance leading up to an extensive 3-sided verandah.

text & photography by Janie Conley

Pascale and Manny Rangel. Pascale is the Manager of a well-known wines and spirits import business, and was born in the famous French wine region of Alsace. Her husband Manny has Mexican roots; he travelled the world and today is one of the owners of Seabreeze Café in English Harbour. Influences from all cultures can be seen throughout the house even though they have both been living in the Caribbean for many years. The property’s architecture was designed to portray a modern plantation styled home, with a sweeping stone-stepped entrance leading up to an extensive 3-sided verandah. The verandah’s proportions were obviously designed for entertaining, as the main hardwood deck is 12 ft wide by 42 ft long. Pascale informed me that the verandah is perfect for entertaining large numbers of guests in all weathers – come rain or shine. Even the Indian market cart used as a hostess trolley, had been purposefully chosen for not only its decorative nature, but also its versatility. It can be used as a mobile buffet or drinks trolley. However, our intimate brunch for info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


With so much care put into beautifying the outside, I couldn’t wait to see the interior and hear more about Sienna from the owners



three was to take place on the (slightly) smaller side-wing deck around a conventional table. The opposite side-wing deck has been


creatively designed as a sexy open-air shower; the base of which is filled with imported Mexican beach pebbles. Sienna is a hardwood construction with a tri-gable roof. The centre gable houses the living room and gourmet kitchen; this roof has a steeper pitch than the two-ensuite bedrooms that flank the main living space. Each of the calming bedrooms are designed to inspire relaxation, with cool light green walls and soft bedside lighting. The French patio doors open out onto the verandah, which looks out towards Darkwood Beach - the perfect start to everyday. The interior is laced with tangible indulgent comfort, generous spaces and an acute attention to detail. Many features are handmade, hand-chosen or custom designed - from the rich hardwood floor adorned with eye-catching area rugs with Moorish inspired designs info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


interior is laced with tangible indulgent comfort,

generous spaces and an acute attention to detail.

The country-style kitchen was all hand-built by local craftsmen and includes many space-saving features like Lazy Susan cupboards, sliding tiered saucepan cupboards and upright pantry draws. Pride of craftsmanship can be seen in the precise cabinet mouldings and the Corian countertop’s seamless finish. The kitchen’s main focal point is the impressive Cathedral window, which floods the main room with sunlight. Sienna was fondly named by Pascale after Manny’s first granddaughter. The house began life in 2006, but the major building drive took place between April and October 2008, when most of the work was completed. Six months later, the landscaping is taking shape and the house has become the welcoming home of its proud owners. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


to the decorative bronze door accessories and the space-saving kitchen cupboard mechanisms.



Paradise Properties Connections

Whatever your requirements Paradise Properties Connection Ltd. is capable of accommodating any budget. We pride ourselves on our superior personal service and specialise in making all arrangements necessary for the purchase, rental or management of your dream home. Paradise Properties has been in existence for five years, dealing on a one to one basis with exclusive clients who wish to invest in Antigua. Dominique DÁloia has been in Antigua over 20 years. She has the contacts and knowledge to make your property acquisition almost seamless and can offer multilingual services in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Swedish. If you are looking to invest or simply to experience a holiday in this fantastic environment Dominique has the property to warm your soul. Paradise Properties Connection is a Professional, Full Service, Personalized, Real Estate Company and has a number of rental villas available. If you have a property already and are looking to have it professionally managed then look no further. We will take the word “worry” out of your vocabulary and ensure your property is maintained to the highest specification. Welcome to little Antigua....... a piece of Paradise.





Long-term Rental From $2,300 USD per month

• Self-contained Apartments • Hillside Location, Ocean View

• Weekly Maid Service • Close to Beach & Amenities

Lord View Manor is a building of contemporary minimalist design, accommodating a total of 4 apartments with private balconies. Each unit features two air-conditioned bedrooms & two bathrooms. The kitchens are open-plan & integrated in the living & dining areas. Ideally suited for long term rentals, but is also available for short notice, weekly vacation rentals from US$200 per night.


Lord View Manor, Paradise View

Villa 330H Jolly Harbour Long-term Rental $3,000 USD per month • Swimming Pool • Parking for 2 Cars

• Hurricane Shutters • Air-conditioned

Villa Marisol, Long Bay Long-term Villa Rental $2,000 USD per month • 0.38 Acres • Watersports at Beach

• Beautiful Location • Overlooks Beach

Located in Lime Tree Hill which is a 5 property gated community in Dian Bay. The property overlooks Long Bay Beach. It is a 2 minute walk to the beach. Villa Marisol is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom villa. The property is being offered for rent fully-furnished & has cable TV & wireless internet (at extra cost). Lovely gardens which include a pathway that leads to the beach. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Lovely 3 bedroom villa finished to a high standard with coral stone floors with antique insets through the large living room and kitchen, and continuing onto the large patio and around the swimming pool. The entire ground floor is wheelchair friendly, including a ramp to the pool. The garden is well landscaped. There is a gate to the golf course through the fence & fichus hedge.




Safeguarding our Nation’s Heritage & History - Phase 2 A huge Thank You, to all those individuals and businesses who responded with donations to The Historical & Archeological Society


(HAS) Window Project. The board issued an urgent plea to refurbish the ancient windows of the historic building, which houses The Museum of Antigua & Barbuda. In its 7th issue CH&L highlighted the plight of this grand building, and as a result of your generosity the new window part of the project is now complete. An additional vote of thanks must be issued to Domus Windows for carrying out the excellent and professional installation of 52 windows and doors. All contributors will receive membership of the museum for 2009 and the names of individuals, businesses, banks and organizations will be remembered on a plaque in the museum. A special Government grant allowed for stress-free completion and also provided start-up funds for Phase 2 of this mammoth undertaking. Now the board must raise funds for two major works. Inside the Museum: the ceiling housing the Archives is in serious need of renovation. Currently plastic sheets are used to protect a history that belongs to us all. Outside the Museum: the parapet that circumvents the entire building is threatening to sheer off and fall. Readers will appreciate the seriousness of both these undertakings. The previous article in CH&L gave the history of this 1750 building which after the 1974 earthquake was deemed unsafe. It remained unused until in 1985 when HAS created The Museum of Antigua written by Claudia E Ruth Francis

& Barbuda, which took over residency of the building. Repairs and

The second phase of this preservation and restoration

have been maintained on a tight budget for many years. To facilitate

appeal is now underway. Once again the board is

the restoration work much of the exhibition had to be dismantled.

appealing for donations from businesses and individuals

The board approved plans to upgrade and modernize our current

no matter how small or large, every cent counts.

exhibits as reassembling commences. This additional work is almost

upgrade, to include a permanent exhibition area on the ground floor,

completely carried out on a voluntary basis.


Everyone who contributes will be remembered on a plaque.


Donations made by overseas members will be given a receipt for income tax claim purposes. Once again we wish to thank all those people who have made contributions so far. Donations can be made to: The Museum of Antigua & Barbuda P.O. Box 2103, Long St, St. Johns, Antigua, WI. museum@candw.ag www.antiguanice.com, Or direct to: Bank of Nova Scotia A/C 1000404 (Historical & Archeological Society Windows Project). info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

24 ladders in ONE compact design!

AGENTS FOR LITTLE GIANT LADDER SYSTEMS Old Parham Rd, St. John’s, Antigua. T. 268. 562 6522 | C. 268. 784 5767 | E. ladders@llsupply.com | www.llsupply.com

LL Supply Ltd. Old Parham Road, St. John’s, Antigua. Tel: 268. 562 6522 Cell: 268. 784 5767 chill@llsupply.com


• Quiet Energy Efficient • Competitively Priced • Four Meters All Cooper Tubing Set • Spare Parts in Stock • Specifically Designed for the Tropics






Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua, W.I. Tel: +1 (268) 462 - EXEL (3935) exeleng@candw.ag • www.exelengineering.com



Valley Road, Bolans St. Mary’s, Antigua Tel: 268-562-6515 Fax: 268-562-6513 Email: info@knykostudio.com Website: www.knykostudio.com


Factory Authorized Agents for



Boons Point Villa, Blue Waters Reduced to $2,000,000 USD • 0.32 Acres • 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom

• Sold Fully-furnished • Boat Jetty

Waterfront luxury villa equipped with high-end fixtures & fittings throughout. Covered living space is 2,900 sq. ft. & the outdoor pool deck is 2,980 sq. ft. All ensuite bedrooms are air-conditioned. The air-conditioned kitchen is large & modern with stainless appliances & leads to the patio for al-fresco dining. Entertainment room with a large sectional sofa & big screen. Freehold Property.

Sailview Heights, Falmouth • 0.50 Acres • Mature Gardens

For Sale $450,000 USD • Senic Sea/Harbour Views • Plans for Major Renovation


This older 6-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is divided into two 3-bedroom apartments. The lower part of the house is constructed of reinforced concrete block while the upper part is wood. The property features a generous parking area, carport & three storerooms not attached to the house, one serves as a laundry room. There is room for an additional cottage above the present house and pool.


Pillar Rock Condo, Five Isands • 1 Large Bedroom • 2 bathrooms

For Sale $299,000 USD

• Lovely beach view • Close to St. John’s

Offered for sale is a fully furnished three level split condo approx. 1,600 sq. ft including galleries. The house is installed with a filter system & a water purifier for drinking water. All windows & doors have roll down, resin filled, Dade county approved hurricane shutters. Fully air-conditioned throughout. Property has beach frontage & a pool. Also included is a well kept 1997 Suzuki Vitara. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

With its sophisticated dÊcor, exclusive waterfront location and first class concierge services, South Point is the definition of contemporary Caribbean living. Combining sleek Italian designs with the tropical appeal of the islands, each open-plan unit features a kitchen, comfortable living area, and spacious terrace, with full complement of chic, European furnishings. All the amenities of a true, four-star hotel are also available including high speed internet access, satellite TV, guest reception, room service, beach and pool service. Ideally situated at Falmouth Harbour, South Point offers numerous entertainment options and is within walking distance of some of the island’s most popular bars and restaurants. Coffee houses, ice cream parlors, shopping centers and sports facilities are also nearby, each adding to the dynamic atmosphere of this high profile community. The carefree, laid-back lifestyle of vacationers, yacht owners, and expatriate residents is perfectly complemented by the seasonal buzz of activity that surrounds the area, drawing visitors from around the world to the various competitions, sailing regattas, and festive parties held each year. While South Point is designed to operate as a residence-hotel, owners may choose to keep their unit for private use. Those who prefer to generate rental income may do so by utilizing South Point’s optional Vacation Rental Program. Prices for a one bedroom unit start from just $655,000 USD.

Call 268.764.7837 or 268.764.0767 or visit southpointfalmouth.com for more information.

CaribbeanHotProperty.com 80


am always intrigued by the names given to homes by their owners. The naming of a house is an old British custom, which began with the gentry naming their manors, halls, and castles. The custom gradually spread to the masses and everyday folk began naming their homes as well. Nowadays people name their homes from all kinds of inspirations and the Caribbean is no stranger to the affection of house naming. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

text & photography by Janie Conley & Gulliver Johnson info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


“Forget-me-not” “Forget-me-not” is an aptly named beachfront villa steeped in history. Having recently been renovated it has just been given its first name. Built in Crosbies on the North coast of Antigua, at first the ‘Crosbies Estate’ was a 310 acre Sugar Plantation dating back to the 17th Century.


“Forget-me-not” CaribbeanHotProperty.com 82

When the Westcotts purchased it in 1942, it then changed

And so the story of this house takes on a new path. Present

production and became a Cotton Estate. This property was the

owners David and Carolyn Goddard have just finished totally

third house to be built on the estate after the Estate Great House

renovating “Forget-me-not” and Carolyn took us on a tour

and the Manager’s residence.

through the house and down memory lane.

Lee Harris Westcott Senior came to Antigua from New York and

Although Carolyn was not born at the house she remembers

his wife Christine Camacho was from Antigua; her family having

spending good times playing endlessly with her brothers and

come from Madeira. The original house was built around 1950

sister inside and outside of their family home. She recalls, “The

by Lee Harris Westcott Senior and his son Charles Westcott. It

outside of the house has changed dramatically, but the inside is

was later owned and occupied by Charles, his wife Genevieve

quite recognizable and brings back many fond memories from

and their four children. After Charles and Genevieve passed

my childhood days. This home means a lot to our family, and

away it was inherited by their daughter Carolyn Goddard, (nee

although Charles and Genevieve are no longer here with us, their


memory lives on and we know that they are looking down and info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Construction of the original house in 1950.

Carolyn continues, “Further finishes were a joint effort of the Goddard family and Vernon Hall, the contractor. Engineering input was done by our good friend, Junie Davis”. I asked Carolyn what were the best features of her revived home and whether these had changed from her memories of the original house. “The best features of the house would be the covered verandah facing the ocean where much of our entertainment and family gatherings are held. There is a sense of tranquility and peace as you sit quietly listening to the waves lapping the shoreline and at the same time enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset. This same effect can be had as we sip a few drinks on our (new) patio off the master bedroom admiring the moon’s rays on the ocean”. The kitchen is also a favourite area of the house for Carolyn, “it’s where many delicious meals are

smiling with great pride”. She continues, “the renovation of the house began in May 2006;

There are 3 bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms and another

building works were carried out by Hall Construction and was

bedroom on the lower level with a family room and small

completed in September 2008. The architectural design of the

kitchenette for when guests come to visit. Carolyn explained

roof was devised by Mitch Stuart who used Walaba shingles

that, “the inside has more or less remained the same, with the

from Guyana. The Walaba wooden shingles allow the house to

exception of knocking out one bedroom on the upper level and

‘breathe’ and keep it cool”.

creating a laundry room and office. I shared one of the remaining

Walaba is a dense and superior, tropical hardwood that has

upstairs bedrooms with my sister whilst we were growing up”.

been used for over a century to make many products including

David and Carolyn have certainly put their stamp on a much-

roofing shingles, transmission poles, fence posts, external

loved property. They have modernized without obliterating the

cladding, etc.

essence of a historic family home. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


prepared” she laughs.



Looking for a sunshine break? then we suggest you relax & enjoy... go ahead...






ce n

t re

• sw


ing p

ool • in

t e r n e t c a fé & b o o k c l u b • p r i s t i n e b

HBK VILLA RENTALS offers a range of privately owned, standard and premium villas. Our villas are situated in Jolly Harbour Marina, amidst 360 landscaped acres of marina, a golf course, tropical gardens and pristine beaches. Our self-contained accommodation is ideal for families and friends. All our waterfront villas are fully furnished and air-conditioned for your comfort. Each villa consists of two en-suite bedrooms; a fully fitted kitchen and living area. Outside, the patio area with sundeck overlooks the beach or marina. Villas have convenient moorings for boat owners.

s faci eaches • spor t



Jolly Harbour Beach Resort, P.O. Box 1793, Antigua. • t: 268-462-6166 • c: 268-464-1636 • f: 268-462-6167 • e: jollyhbr@candw.ag


• 0.40 Acres • 4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms

• Fenced & Gated • Desirable Area


Indigo, Crosbies For Sale $4,050,000 ECD $1,500,000 USD


TEL: TEL: 562-4231 562-4231//727727-9268 9268••E-mail: E-mail:homeproud@candw.ag homeproud@candw.ag info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Indigo is an elegantly furnished 3,000 sq ft home. The professionally landscaped property has a pool & patio area with built in bbq. The bedrooms all have air conditioning with cable, phone & internet available to the property. The large 15 x 20 master bedroom has en-suite with double vanity & Jacuzzi tub. Indigo has an automatic back up generator, is available fully furnished & freehold.


CWT Pools Ltd.

“Our work speaks for itself”

CWT Pools Ltd. provides a full range of pool services, which include; Pool design, installation and maintenance services. Over the last twelve years, they have grown to become a leading provider of residential and commercial pool & spa services in the Eastern Caribbean. The company’s founder and managing director, Mr. J. Mario Bento, has over 18 years of experience in water treatment in North America and the Caribbean. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Environmental Systems Engineering from McMaster University in Canada. The company is a privately held, 100% Antiguan owned corporation. Their portfolio boasts some of the largest and most exotic pools built in the Caribbean over the last few years. These include the 450,000 gallon Jolly Beach Resort Fantasy Pool in Antigua, the Four Seasons Reflection Pool in Nevis, the Terrace Pool at Fort Young Hotel in Dominica, the Beach Pool at Little Dix Bay Resort in Virgin Gorda, BVI and the Pools of Villa Cabrera in Dominican Republic. At the International Pool & Spa Expo in Las Vegas in 2004, CWT Pools received gold medal awards for the Best Natural and Best Freeform Concrete Pools Outside the U.S. from the National Pool and Spa Institute. Design & Consulting Services CWT Pools can provide design services for both residential and commercial pools perfecting even the most challenging pool designs. They can assist with mechanical design, lighting options, specialty water features, pool surfaces, and deck and coping options. They have designed and installed pools with an array of water features including waterfalls, cascade basins, fountains, negative (infinity) edges, wet decks and beach entries. Construction & Installation Services CWT Pools offers mechanical and lighting installation services as well as pool start-up and commissioning. Over 200 swimming pools have been installed with Diamond Brite, Pebble Tech and Marcite plastered surfaces in Antigua, St. Kitts, Virgin Gorda, Grenada, Dominica and Dominican Republic. Maintenance Services CWT Pools provides pool and spa maintenance services to residential and commercial customers in Antigua and the company has been a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals for nine years.



Marina View, English Harbour Stunning Hillside Villa For Sale $1,800,000 USD * 0.30 Acres • Large Sundeck and Entertainment Area • Private Swimming Pool and 7-Seat Hot-Tub • Gazebo and Sundeck Bar This is a unique opportunity to own property in English Harbour. Marina View is currently a highly successful rental property featuring 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Air-conditioning is featured in 5 of the bedrooms. Marina View is in a superb location with magnificent views over Falmouth Harbour. The Villa is only a five minute walk to Pigeon Beach and all of the fine amenities found in the English Harbour area. The one-third acre property is being offered for sale freehold and fully furnished. Villa rental accounts will be available for serious inquiries only.



• Fully Equipped Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances



o z z e m r e t In ns.

sic 34’ M

s ” is a cla rmezzo


to cht of 7 a y r e l w k II Tra hip Mar




Pier sfer y tran é and Oualie . a w e t On town Zan Port erson harles

p C en 0 per betwe té and US$3 t Zan r r o o P OR S$150 ost U Min. c r more. 5 o with n fer trans 25 per perso h and c a e e B US$ a one rum r g o g e s 0 R i S$10 . Th ary ost U is. ment 30 pm e v Min c or more. e s i e : N l 4 u 4 mp of Cr ts with et oast des co Depar s n u lu s. dC c S eewar ise inc t drink n i n e L o Sc g the r cru e, sof pers ay u r n n i e o sB o p r w h al , o 5 j alf $3 eer Ma on a h ch, b r US ers) o t g o rs n en pu 100 ion per pe ss a s $ r p u US x 10 35 a s exc or $ itt (m p ri tK 140 t S $ d . ts y, US un Kit en Ba r more . Ro Kitts more. s, t t t o S Shi t lor 4 i r S o a o h t s in it to p er. al h4 Tri ming rson w oc chart l wit y of & Da Swim er pe , lf eam nsfer t Ha kelling $45 p tra ced or or ien port r Sn 180 e $ xp r air US ne

fo ya d b ilable e w va Cre is a e sh

M/Y INTERMEZZO CHARTER BOOKINGS CAN BE MADE BY CONTACTING: Hermitage Plantation Inn, Nevis. | T: 869 469 3477 or 662 2575 (afterhours) | E: ContactUs@HermitageNevis.com | Facebook: Hermitage Nevis | www.HermitageNevis.com Scuba Safaris, Oualie Beach, Nevis | T: 869 469 9518 | E: info@scubanevis.com | www.ScubaNevis.com

st. kitts & nevis CaribbeanHotProperty.com

90 104

110-112. The EC Dollar Financial Spotlight

88-125. St. Kitts & Nevis Section 90-95.

Caribbean Pools Swimming Pools Feature


Mosaic Art Artist Spotlight


Nevis: Island of Opportunities Legal Spotlight


Nevis: Through the eyes of Jenesy


Nisbet Plantation, Artificial Reef

114-116. Golden Rock Inn, Nevis

103-109. St. Kitts & Nevis Food & Drink Guide 104-105. Nevis Agriculture Open Day

Property Listings & Classified Advertising



St. Kitts & Nevis Section Features





written by David Warne & Gulliver Johnson • photography by Gulliver Johnson & Celia Sorhaindo



inventions, providing relief from a stressing climate as well as a calming and aesthetically pleasing environment.



On hot steamy days a pool can seem to be one of mankind’s greatest


Pools can be expensive to build and maintain but they can add considerable value to your property and provide many lifestyle benefits. Since roman times, pools have been utilised for their hygienic, restorative and socialising properties; it is no different today. As a consequence, pools come in a tremendous array of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Some basic pool types are as follows:-

Above-Ground Pools are the cheapest and the easiest to build. Most are made from prefabricated kits, which even an amateur can put together (though most go with professional installers). The ground is levelled, an outer wall (made of metal, plastic or wood) constructed, the plumbing laid and finally, the vinyl liner is secured over the pool walls. As soon as the pump and filtering system are hooked up, these pools are ready to go. However they are less durable than other designs; generally less attractive and less permanent, (which can be a good thing, it’s relatively easy to disassemble the pool and move it to a new location).

In-Ground Pools all require a construction crew to dig an appropriately sized and shaped hole. With Fibreglass Pools a pre-moulded shell is lowered into the hole. The constructors then level the pool; hook up the plumbing and backfill around the pool. Another choice is the Vinyl-Lined Pools. After digging a hole, the constructors assemble a metal, plastic or wood-frame wall around the perimeter and secure the vinyl lining to the structural wall. These pools are a lot cheaper than other in-ground designs, but not as durable as the liner needs to be


replaced every 10 years or so.



The more permanent option is the Poured or Sprayed Concrete Pool. These are similar in construction and consist of a hole (basin), lined with a steel rod reinforced framework with concrete or a concrete mix being applied to that framework. In one the concrete is poured into wooden forms to form the pool shape, in the other the concrete is sprayed onto the framework then troweled to a flat finish. In both options masonry blocks or preformed building blocks such as Nudura can be used to help create the framework. Once the basic shape and plumbing have been completed the finishing needs to be applied. Options include a fully tiled basin (normally ceramic), painted concrete or one that uses the application of a smooth plastered finish (such as Diamond Brite); the final choice being one of aesthetics, ease of maintenance and cost. Further design options include Infinity Pools (also known as negative edge or vanishing edge pools). In these pools a visual effect of water extending to the horizon or extending to “infinity” are created. Often, the water appears to fall into an ocean, bay, or other similar body of water. For the more adventurous, architectural features can be added to your pool. Known as Water Scapes, these can include fountains, coves, hidden caves, waterfalls, terraces, seating or even in-water bars. The only limit is your imagination. For those who want an alternative to Chlorine based pools - Saline System Pools, or Salt Water Pools can be chosen. These cut down on the amount of Chlorine used, are slightly more expensive to build but cheaper to run, and kinder to your eyes and skin. You can also consider the use of natural water sources in the vicinity such as rivers, streams and ponds. All will help reduce the running costs of your pools. Some view pools as just a hole in the ground filled with water, but behind this ‘simplicity’ there is a lot of technology at work, much more than you might envisage.



Most pools include a few basic common components such as a basin, a motorized pump, a water filter, multiple drains (main and skimmers), returns (jets) and plumbing (normally PVC) to connect all these components. All this is utilised to pump water in a continual cycle, from the pool through the filtering and chemical treatment systems and back to the pool again. In this way, the pumping and filtration system keeps the water in the pool relatively free of bacteria, dirt and debris. It is common for all the water in the pool to pass through the filter system at least once every six hours. In many instances it is far more frequent than this. The final key in this cycle is the chemical treatment of the water, usually with Chlorine (unless you choose a Saline pool). This is


done to sanitize the water and to ensure that the water Acid/Alkaline balance (the PH) is correct; (both high acidity or high alkalinity


reduces the effectiveness of the chemicals to clean the water; can cause skin irritation, corrode the pool surfaces/equipment and can cloud the water). Whilst the building of pools is not rocket science it is better to get some expert advice before you embark on what could be a very sharp and expensive learning curve. Before you choose a contractor, fully investigate their capability. Ask around, check references and speak to other pool owners. You should also, at an early stage, carefully consider whether or not you have the time and inclination to undertake the weekly maintenance pool schedule yourself. If not then ensure that you factor in the cost of a maintenance contract before you embark on the project. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

BUILDING & MAINTAINING POOLS Case Study: Caribbean Pool Services, Nevis – From Plunge to Infinity. On a recent visit to Nevis, on a typically sunny afternoon, we met with Myrant Jeffers; owner of Caribbean Pool Services (CPS) and Nevis’ number one pool company. Myrant is an amiable person and was very willing to show us some of the pools he has built or serviced. Along the way we had a chat about the business. CPS was formed in 1992 when Myrant spotted a gap in the market. With 17 years of water treatment experience gained from the USA and St Thomas, Myrant was confident the business would work. At that time, the Four Seasons Hotel was just setting up and there were only a limited number of pools on the Island. However, with a professional service on Island the numbers soon began to change. The company maintains no less than 180 pools, from plunge to infinity. This seems like a lot of pools for a small island! 12 persons, but things are slow right now as Four Seasons remains closed, the Villas with pools are not renting and so owners are cutting back on visits and maintenance. We then touched upon a common question in regards to pool finishing. Diamond Brite versus Tiles? Diamond Brite is a great finish. It comes in many colours and is long lasting if maintained correctly. Most pools in Nevis have the Cool Blue but some we visited had opted for the Graphite grey of black which helps keep the water in the pool warm. “I keep on hearing you can’t empty a pool once you have a Diamond Brite finish”. Myrant said this is mostly true because Diamond Brite is designed to cure and keep under water. You can empty the pool, but you should not leave it for more than a couple days because it will begin to crack as it reacts with the air. Tiling is a classy finish if done correctly. One of the most beautiful tiled pools in Nevis has been designed and decorated by Patrizia of Patrizia Art. Tiling a pool can be expensive but wow what an effect! info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Most pools are owned by ex-pats although Myrant says the trend is changing as locals are building of late. Currently CPS employs


CaribbeanHotProperty.com 96


Mosaic Art can be used to create a unique design within your swimming pool. It can really offer a luxurious and individual finish to any pool. This intricate and historic craft has been used to adorn pools, baths and floors for over 4,000 years, since Roman and Byzantine times. In Nevis, mosaic artist Patrizia who spent many years living and traveling in Europe and North Africa practices this ancient skill. Her travels were the influencing factors in her unique art and love of mosaic. Six years in Rome provided Patrizia with direct exposure to

years of art and architecture at a very early age. “I remember my mother taking my siblings and me around Europe to see museums, Greek and Roman temples, ancient cathedrals and churches, fountains and palaces. I loved it all and still do. I am sure it furnished a strong and diverse foundation for my art.� info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

To view her catalogue or for more information contact Patrizia Salles. (869) 667 5820 ps@patriziaart.com

Today, inspired by the slower pace of life, the ambiance of nature and azure Caribbean waters, much of Patrizia’s art is created in her Nevis studio. Her flowing, abstract style has attracted patrons from the US, Europe and around the Caribbean. In the US, Patrizia studied art in Atlanta, Houston and Omaha, she also studied in Milano and Rome, Italy. Patrizia’s art has been showcased as winning entries in national competitions in New York, and venues to include Atlanta, Houston, the Mid-Western US and the West Indies. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com





Lewis Villa, Nevis For Sale

$1,300,000 USD - Offers Invited

• 0.50+ Acres • Popular Location

• Stunning Views • Quality Build

A brand new villa on over ½ acre of land with 360º degree panoramic views of the shoreline and the mountains. The villa has 3 bedrooms, a beautifully designed kitchen and bar area and a lounge fitted with large sliding doors which opens out on to the pool deck offering unrestricted views across to Montserrat and Antigua. There is an additional area on the lower level with ample space for an apartment or office.



Caribbean Charisma


Beachfront location overlooking Frigate Bay, offering apartments, poolside cottages and plots for private, bespoke villas. Excellent on site facilities include swimming pools, health & fitness centre, tennis courts, beach club with water sports facilities and beachfront restaurant. Call us to arrange a viewing!

• Stunning sea or pool views from each property • 1st & 2nd phases nearing completion •

Local mortgages available

• Second Passport and tax advantages • Full management plus rental services

Prices from US$359,000 to US$2,000,000

North America

Toll free +1 888 450 0080 Ocean’s Edge on-site sales

+1 869 466 7991




Savills International select@savills.com

+44 (0)1202 765011

For Sale $2,500,000 USD - Offers Invited Return to the days of gracious plantation living. This property is on 3 acres of fabulous landscaped grounds & consists of 2 stone built cottages, a 3 bedroom carriage house all recently renovated. In addition there is the Great House & several other buildings as a renovation project. The large pool is in good condition & the property would be ideal as an upscale Plantation Inn or a gracious large home. Full portfolio available.

• Unique Development

“With over 40 yrs experience on St. Kitts, we are the peoples choice. Do not buy or build on land without speaking to us”.

• Renovation Property

Carivista Villa, Half Moon Bay Villas St. Kitts For Sale $1,200,000 USD - Offers Invited Carivista villa is located in the Half Moon Bay community overlooking the Royal St. Kitts golf course. This stylishly decorated 3 bedroom villa has cathedral ceilings, open plan kitchen, pool and fabulous deck areas for entertaining, A unique feature of this property is its suitability for wheelchair access. Comes fully-furnished and is available today. Economic Citizenship Opportunity.

• Infinity Pool



The White House, Plantation Estate House St. Kitts

• Extremely Desirable

Q. How long have you been in the Business? A. Since 1963, I began as a Surveyors Assistant in the school holidays Q. Can you describe your work? A. Legal Surveying, Engineering Surveying, Project Evaluation and Project Management. I made it to the position of Head of Central Housing Authority, then retired from the government and began my private practice 13 years ago.

Interview with

ASHTON G. LEADER BSc. Cert. P.M. Surveying Engineer & Commissioned Land Surveyor

The Final Word... I have been fortunate to have a career that I enjoy everyday, and I like being in the field and meeting with people. The government of St. Kitts has sent me on some great post-graduate courses to renew and further my profession. I have been to Taiwan for a Property Evaluation course, and my academic highlight has been a rewarding Project Management course in Barbados. P.O. Box 1243, Basseterre, St Kitts, W.I. Tel: (869) 466 5220 Fax: (869) 466 8221 Email: agl@sisterisles.kn



Q. What do you expect for the next 12 months? A. The present Government has allocated 2,000 residential lots for the people of St. Kitts and there is a time limit on the division and allocation of these lands, so we are very busy. There are also several public road works projects. In addition, the Banks have increased due diligence and so more stringent surveys are required.



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St. Christopher’s Club, Frigate Bay St. Kitts For Sale $479,000 USD - Offers Invited 2nd floor condo unit with 2,400 sq ft. The 2 bed apartment is ideal as a home or an investment. It has excellent rental income especially as the condo can be split into two 1 bed units each with their own private large patio. Only minutes from Frigate Bay Beach & the Marriott Hotel Resort amenities. Ideal for golfers as it is opposite the Royal St. Kitts Golf Course. Owners seriously interested in selling, Offers invited.

• Close to Beach

• Good Location

Shades of blue? Exchange them for sunny skies. Got the blues? Tired of cold and wet economic predictions - let us welcome you to our Caribbean where the forecast is for sunny skies. There are many advantages when thinking about an investment in the beautiful islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Here you’ll find a warm welcome literally and an economic climate which is pretty inviting too: No Income Tax, No Inheritance Tax, No Capital Gains Tax!


Choose from Luxury Villas, Smart Condo’s, Beach houses, Mountainside hideaways old Plantation homes and lots of land on which to build your own design. Are you looking for breathing space for some well earned R and R ? Escape to a 'home away from home' in one of our luxury rental vacation properties. Finally, we are also one of the very few countries to offer the possibility of dual nationality on investments over $350,000 in pre-qualified developments through the Economic Citizenship programme. So, let the "Friendliest Real Estate Professionals in the Caribbean" at St. Kitts & Nevis Island Homes help you every step of the way – with offices on both islands and experienced agents at hand, change the gloomy forecasts for a lifestyle of bright sunny days. In St. Kitts contact Paulette Warner The Sands Complex, Unit C23, P.O. Box 1162, Basseterre, St. Kitts T: 869 466 1009 • C: (869) 662 4026 • F: (869) 465 0091 info@pwarnerent.com In Nevis contact Jane Ebbitt Nevis Office, The Mariner’s House, St John’s, Nevis T: 869 469 3579 • C: (869) 662 3539 janenevis@caribcable.com




From plunge pools to infinity edge we can build any pool to your specification. We offer the best supplies & aftercare service on both St. Kitts & Nevis.

Clifton Estate, St Thomas Parish, Nevis tel: 869-469-1860 fax: 869-469-8125 email: nevispeak1@hotmail.com


The Estates at Sundance Ridge South East Peninsula, St. Kitts $2.9 to $4.0 million USD Contact info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com for a detailed portfolio and photographs for Sundance Villas.

www.CaribbeanHotProperty.com • Unrivaled Location with Spectacular Views • Economic Citizenship Opportunity • Plot Sizes are a Minimum of 0.50 Acres

Sundance Ridge is made up of 15 exclusive luxury villa estates that offer the ultimate in luxury for the discerning buyer seeking a sophisticated lifestyle on the top of the world. Each villa has panoramic views of both the Caribbean and Atlantic seas over the South East Peninsula of St. Kitts towards Nevis. Custom designs of 5,300 to 7,700 sq ft. of living space. There are 3 villa designs available or your villa can be built to your own design/lifestyle criteria. The project will have a secured entrance to provide increased security and privacy. Interior designs, amenities, appliances, and cabinetry will be customer-driven using the highest quality products with input from the individual villa owner. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


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THROUGH THE EYES OF JENESY A keen photographer, Jenesy Claire spends any spare time she has capturing the places, faces and spaces on the island of Nevis. Her documentary style images capture the essence of the past and the spirit ofpresent day island life. Remember to smile for the camera next time you see Jenesy and her trusty lens.

shipwreck Friars Beach, South East Peninsula, St. Kitts T: (869) 764 7200

Land lubbers, Pirates & Brigands draw nigh & read on. Be it knowne that in the month of February in the year of our good lord 2003, Mother Nature didst play a cruel trick. She wrecked, ‘ShipWreck Bar & Grill your treasured watering hole’. Now be knowne that at 10 nautical miles to the west of the wreck, ShipWreck a new watering hole was erected in your honour (to take ye out of your misery). Tis cause for great celebration so draw ye nigh to drink, eat & be merry. And what a fabulous location to be shipwrecked! Fantastic beach, great meals, ice cold drinks & friendly people. The Beach, The Bar, The Grill!

PRIDE OF INDIA Building No. 14, Port Zante, Basseterre, St. Kitts T: (869) 668 5411 & 557 7911 Within less than a year of opening, Pride of India has established itself as a leading eatery in St. Kitts. During lunchtime Pride of India attracts a local clientele of business people and cruise ship passengers and during the evenings it transforms into a busy take-away and a la carté restaurant, popular with everyone from students to tourists. It is interesting to note that this restaurant is frequently visited by many of the island’s other restauranteurs, which is not a small boast. The successful formula is simple, quality food at affordable prices. Food can be consumed in the convenient yet unpretentious venue upstairs in Port Zante or you can take your Indian away with you. The passion for this business can be tasted in the food. Authentic Indian cuisine is created from a mix of traditional spices and herbs. You will find all your classic Indian favourites served here, along with a few unique dishes for you to try. Recommended dishes are the Murgh Tikka Masala (barbequed chicken cooked in a medium spicy red sauce) and the Shrimp Coconut (shrimps cooked in a mild coconut flavoured sauce) and the Chicken Korma (chicken cooked in a delicious mild cashew nut sauce). All the dishes can be cooked to your preference of spice.



What can WE do to boost local production? – This is an urgent question that needs to be answered throughout the Caribbean! Nevis’ search for that answer can be found in the form of its annual Agriculture Open Day.

On March 26th and 27th 2009, the Department of Agriculture on Nevis proudly and

of this negative situation, ‘food security’ has shifted away from relying on low cost

efficiently hosted the island’s 15th annual Agriculture Open Day under the theme

imports to greater self-sufficiency. We need to take emergency action to ensure the

“Promoting Economic Stability Through Greater Agricultural and Marine Efficiency”.

security of our food supplies.

Attendance was very good with a sizable turnout from school children, locals and visitors alike. The event appeared well organized with many participants wearing their

In an effort to improve food securities it is extremely important for persons interested

organizations emblems on their shirts. There was a large selection of local produce,

in food product development to be educated in all aspects surrounding this area.

exhibitors and examples of some impressive vegetable crops. Kudos to the organizers

Assistance and guidance can be obtained from various authorities to turn ideas

as this was an event that would be envied on any other (usually larger) island. From

into viable products. Assistance can range from developing an idea to nurturing its

local Beeswax candles, soaps, fruit wines and drinks; to livestock, poultry and locally

conception. As the concept develops, refinement will be needed to tailor the product to

made spicy popcorn, there was something for everyone.

the right target market and adjust its formulation to improve the product. Assistance with business analysis and marketing of products are steps not to be overlooked as

The backdrop and the way forward…

quality products can sometimes be overlooked.

In the past there has been complacency about food security and national selfsufficiency. It was thought that cheaper imports would always be available, and local food production was not a concern. Often, under the advice of International financial institutions, many developing countries reduced emphasis on agriculture and food

The event was well represented by the Department’s Allied Agencies such as CARDI, IICA, NHCS to name a few, Government Departments, local businesses and stakeholders in the Agriculture Industry. Technology used by farmers, backyard


gardeners and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry were also showcased.

But the changing global climate and increased frequency of natural disasters have led

Agro-Processing Project, Needsmust, St Kitts - opened in May 2006 in conjunction

to export restrictions,

with the Agro-processing unit of Taiwan Mission with 2 Taiwanese and 3 Kittitian


staff. The project provides research, education, and consultation to assist local agro-


expensive and


processors to improve their production and generate income. Goods manufactured

food prices in local

include local juices, dried fruits, fruit preserves (jams and jellies).

markets. As a result

Tel. +1 (869) 466 4626

A Selection of Exhibitors Caribbean Wine Prospect Road, Nevis T: 869-469-3908

Val’s Delights, Agro Products Hamilton Estate, Nevis T: 869-469-5867

Llewellyn Clarke, Hot Pepper & Thyme Sauce T: 869-469-3259, E: llewellynclarke@gmail.com

Osina Designs & Gift Shop, Marie Sutton Mason Ramsbury Site, Charlestown, Nevis T: 869-663-5784, E: mem@sisterisles.kn

Tropical Blossom Nursery & Landscaping Services, Prospect Estate, Nevis T: 869-469-0552

TEEN’s Preserves by Teen & Billy T: 869-468-5871, E: emontine_t@hotmail.com

IICA – Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture is a specialized agency of the inter-American system whose purpose is to encourage and support the efforts of its Member States to foster agricultural development and rural well-being in their territories. With more than six decades of institutional life, the institute is responding to new mandates issued to reposition itself so that it can meet both the new challenges facing agriculture, the requests for support it received from its member countries and facilitate the flow of information and improve on best practices. www.iica.int 
 Climate change is affecting the lives of local people. The Nevis Historical & Conservation Society (NHCS) in partnership with The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has contributed to this effort as part of the Oral History Project by video interviewing older members of the community such as fishermen, farmers and craftsmen on how rising sea levels, coral bleaching, violent storms, eroding coast lines, drought and other climate impacts have adversely affected their lives and livelihoods over the past several decades. www.nevisoralhistory.org CARDI (Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institute) provides a wide range of technical assistance programmes and services throughout the Caribbean region. They seek to combat many events that have contributed to a renewed sense of urgency and importance to the agricultural sector. Some of the more demanding factors include material disasters as occasioned by climate change, increased demand for food, increasing use of agricultural products for food and non-food items. www.cardi.org 
 The Department of Agriculture within its motto - Promote, Produce & Preserve –encourages the need to ‘Grow Local, Buy Local’; and indeed the public turned out in large numbers to fully support this venture.


The Ackee CAFé Sugars Complex, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts T: (869) 762 0580 or 762 3616. Congratulations to Gary & Debbie! Just what we needed. Newly opened, the concept of The Ackee Café is simple. Tasty, inexpensive meals, freshly prepared with quality ingredients. Breakfast includes the famous Full Monty, pancakes, and of course ackee and saltfish. Lunch is a mixture of Local, English and American dishes. It’s all very good and very affordable. Saturday mornings are particularly busy and for good reason – they serve a mighty breakfast. The English Sunday Roast of beef, pork or lamb has received great reviews. But for us the restaurants show stopper is the Steak and Ale Pie, a highly recommended fortification. The opening hours are Tuesdays to Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekends.

YachtsMan Grill

Nelson Springs Beach & Spa Condos, Nevis T: (869) 665 6045/6245

The newly opened Yachtsman Grill is eager to serve you with prime steaks, fresh lobster, juicy burgers, a variety of fresh fish and delicious salads to please your palate. With a barefoot casual ambiance, the location also offers a chandlery service to yachts. Other amenities include a large swimming pool with swim-up bar all set on the borders of a pristine white sand beach. Come down and mingle at the friendly poolside bar and enjoy a fabulous lunch or dinner. Greg & Evelyn guarantee you good value and a great time. Lunch is served daily and dinner from Wednesday through Saturday. Conveniently located beachfront, at Nelson Springs Beach & Spa Condos, which is just across the road from Down Island Rental and Funky Monkey Tours. www.funkymonkeytours.com

LIME BISTRO Pinney’s Beach, Nevis. T: (869) 469 1147 C: (869) 662 9620

Lime Bistro is a fantastic new venue located on Pinney’s Beach. This understated venue is ‘Caribbean Beach Chic’ at its best. It has enjoyed a fantastic few months, and has already had to expand its dining area to accommodate its growing patronage. Proprietor and manager Randy Jeffers is well known; having worked at Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill for 15 years. Randy’s trademark is a cowboy hat; his attentive personality is perfectly suited and his work experience is evident through all aspects of the Lime Bistro. The food is good, the ambience is relaxing, comfortable, and in the evening – romantic. Most importantly the service is very good. Entertainment is on hand a couple nights a week with live bands and DJ’s. Swinging full moon parties happen monthly. In the day there is volleyball or if you are feeling brave - Jet Ski’s. More likely you will simply kick back with a sumptuous lunchtime sandwich, perhaps the shrimp and while away the day with great mixed genre music. Later, as the sun sets, sip on a Green Flash Cocktail. Highly recommended for lazy days, to catch up with old friends or make new ones.


Monkey Passion COCKTAIL

Oualie Beach Resort Head Bartender Kremour “Moy” Maloney

St. Kitts & Nevis is known for its exotic wildlife, the green tail Monkey and flamboyant fruits delicately flavored and grown all over these lovely islands. This drink reflects all this and is a really special cocktail that’s absolutely refreshing on a hot day while spending a carefree day on the beach. INGREDIENTS 1.5 oz.


1 oz.

Crème de Banane


Ripe Banana

1 oz.

Passion Fruit Concentrate

3 oz.

Cream of Coconut

1 cup


Garnish Assemble a fruit made Monkey Jar (lime twist, sliced grapes or cherries, slices of lemon or star-fruit and a honeydew melon) Directions In a blender combine all the above ingredients. Blend on high until all ice is crushed and smooth. Pour into the fruit made Monkey Jar with a drinking straw


bar & restaurant For an unforgettable evening of dining An evening à la carte menu served alongside a delicious tapas and quality bar menu. Special children’s menu available.

AAA Rating The Rock Lobster Bar opens at 3.00pm and dinner is served from 5.00pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

St. Christopher Club Complex, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts | Tel: (869) 466 1092


Serendipity Restaurant Chef/Co-Owner Alex James

SCALLOPS 12-16pc. Medium or Large Scallops 1 oz.

Onions (julienne)

4 oz.

Mixed Sweet Peppers (julienne)

1 oz.

Scallion (cut thin rings)

2 cloves Crushed Garlic 4 oz. Lean Bacon (not streaky, salty or fatty) 1 tsp.

Sesame Seed Oil

4 tbsp.

Dry White Wine

40 pc.

Pine Kernels (roasted or toasted)


Seasoned Soya Sauce (optional)


Fresh Parsley (finely chopped)

Salad Garnish 4 leaves Belgium Endives 4 leaves Radichio Leaf 8 leaves Mixed Salad Leaves 12 floz.

Honey, Mustard & Olive Oil Dressing

(dressing type optional)

4 Sprigs Fresh Herbs (basil)

METHOD Add a few drops of Sesame Oil to a small frying pan or skillet, heat on high flame until oil reaches a lightly smoking point. Place the lightly seasoned scallops to seal and colour on presentation side, turn scallops and repeat. Remove scallops set aside on a clean side plate. Add the sweet peppers, onions, garlic, scallion and bacon, allow to sautĂŠ for 2 minuites (do not colour). Then add the white wine, pine kernels and soy sauce, bring to a simmer. Add the scallops back into the pan for 30 seconds or so to warm only (do not over cook). Add a few sprinkles of finely chopped parsley to finish, remove from heat. Place the salad garnish in the centre of the presentation plate, add a little honey and mustard dressing (or your preferred choice over the leaves). Arrange the scallops around the salad leaves and add sprig of herbs to each plate.

SERENDIPITY In essence, this is an irresistible venue by day or night, where excellent service goes handin-hand with the finest cuisine. Reservations preferred. Open Tuesday-Friday for Lunch and Dinner is served from 6pm, Tuesday-Sunday

3 Wigley Avenue, Fortlands, Basseterre, St. Kitts T: (869) 465 9999/8999 F: (869) 465 5479 E: info@serendipitystkitts.com www.serendipitystkitts.com


The EC Dollar


written & compiled by Sybil L. Welsh, Deputy Director, Corporate Relations Department, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)

Amidst the talk of global economic downturn, job losses and a

0”, the smaller islands faced the formidable task of pursuing

declining tourism sector brought on by a global financial crisis,

their economic development in a manner that would satisfy the

we in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union must not forget

aspirations of the people. The answer was the pursuit of joint

that there is still a lot that we can celebrate in terms of the

goals via regional arrangements and regional institutions.

regional institutions and infrastructure that provide, in spite of the many challenges, a sense of financial and economic stability. These serve as platforms for overcoming and surmounting these current challenges. One such institutional infrastructure is our stable EC currency, which will turn 44 years on the 6th October 2009. Another of course, is the ECCB, the institution charged with maintaining a stable EC currency (via a fixed exchange

responsibility for issuing and managing the Eastern Caribbean currency which debuted on Wednesday, 6th October 1965.) The ECCB replaced the ECCA in 1983. Other successful areas of collaboration have continued to emerge adhering to the principle that “the sum of the whole is greater than its

The EC currency which is the official currency for the eight

policies adopted by the ECCB (related to the management of

member countries that comprise the ECCU, namely; Anguilla,

the of the region’s foreign reserves; the management of the

Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada,

availability of money and credit, and the preservation of the

Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent & the

external and domestic value of the EC currency) which have

Grenadines, has remained stable and strong with no evidence

ensured a stable and strong EC currency, one of the strongest

of a lack of confidence in spite of the challenges that have

currencies in the Caribbean.

volcanic disruptions in Montserrat and Hurricane Ivan in Grenada which significantly impaired the economies of these countries; structural adjustment programmes adopted by some of the member countries; the loss of preferential access to markets for some of our major exports; and global economic downturns affecting all.

individual parts”. It is this principle and the astute monetary

Initially pegged to the pound sterling, the EC$ has, since 1976, been pegged to the US$ at a rate of EC$2.7 to US$1. Being pegged to the region’s main trading partner, the USA, affords stability and confidence in the purchasing power of the EC dollar. There is no exchange rate risk between the EC dollar and the US dollar and the fixed exchange rate helps to provide a longterm strategic tool in relation to maintaining an environment of

Let us for one moment therefore reflect on the history of the EC currency and why it has been and still remains the passport to wealth creation for the citizens and residents of the currency union.


to the East Caribbean Currency Authority in 1965 (with

rate peg of EC$2.70 to US$1) and a stable financial system.

been faced by the countries individually and collectively-


This philosophy of coordination and collaboration gave rise

relatively low inflation for the ECCU member states. How have the other former members of the West Indies Federation fared in relation to the stability of their currencies? In spite of their large size and significant natural resources,


Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, have all had to devalue their currencies.

Prior to the EC currency, the Eastern Caribbean Currency Authority (ECCA), and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), there was the British Caribbean Currency Board (BCCB) and the British Caribbean currency. When the West Indies Federation (1958-1961) came to its demise preceded by the exit of Jamaica, and the subsequent declaration by Premier Eric Williams of Trinidad and Tobago, that “1 from 10 leaves

The following extract from a report published by the InterAmerican Development Bank 2000, provides insights: “Statutory limits on government borrowing and on central bank credit to government were expected to insure against the exhaustion of reserves. In any event, it was the failure to observe these limits which allowed Guyana, Jamaica


and Trinidad and Tobago to drift, against the wishes of their

the J$, that the more Jamaican dollars required to purchase US

governments and populations, into a policy of depreciating

dollars, the greater the cost of productive inputs required in terms

exchange rates‌ In contrast, the ECCB always kept credit

of Jamaican dollars. This then leads to pervasive inflationary

to governments well below statutory limits...... The strategy

pressures that erode the purchasing power of the Jamaican

of issuing domestic currency almost exclusively in exchange for foreign currency continued unchanged throughout all the metamorphoses of the BCCB. As a result there has never been a threat to the exchange rate peg.�

The Political

Economy of Exchange Rate Policy in the Caribbean, By DeLisle Worrell, Don Marshall, Nicole Smith, (with research assistance by Jacqueline Morris) Inter-American

currency. By way of illustration, just imagine the owner of the largest bakery shop in Kingston, Jamaica and who imports flour and other additives to make bread. In December 2007 the wholesale price of 1 ton of flour was listed as US$1,000.00 which would be J$69,034.00, assuming an exchange rate of


A Platform For Economic Development

J$69.034 = 1US$.

Development Bank, June 2000

Just to give you a sense of the volatility of the exchange rate of the Jamaican dollar relative to the US dollar, consider that when the J$ was introduced in 1969, the exchange rate was J$0.77 to US$1. However, within a few years of circulation the

J$ Historical Exchange Rates to the US$ Dec 31 1971


Jan 17 1973


Dec 28 1983


Dec 31 1990


Dec 31 1991


Dec 31 1998


Dec 31 2001

Assume that in February, 2009, the exchange rate moved on average to J$87.9 = 1US$. SOURCE: http://www.exchange-rates.org/history/JMD/USD/G/30


Dec 31 2002


Dec 31 2003

The Jamaican baker would have had therefore, in February


Dec 31 2004

2009 to find an additional J$18,866.00 to purchase the


Dec 30 2005

same quantity of flour. This would have increased his cost of


Dec 29 2006

production and in turn increased the cost of the bread products


Dec 31 2007

sold to consumers. Given that most consumers are living on fixed


Dec 31 2008

incomes, one can easily imagine that they would have found the


April 1 2009

price increases burdensome on the household budgets.

J$ began to hit a series of lows. In early 2009, the exchange

What would be the scenario in the Eastern Caribbean Currency

rate had already exceeded J$88 to US$1.

Union? Assuming the price of flour remained at US$ 1,000.00

Source: Bank of Jamaica -Foreign Exchange, Historical Exchange

per ton, the baker in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Rates http://www.boj.org.jm/foreign_historical_rates.php#

would have no change in his cost structure. He would pay EC$2,700.00 in 2007 for one ton of flour and the same amount

It must be obvious, from this sharp downturn in the value of

for that ton of flour in 2009.





The EC Dollar A Platform for Economic Development continued from overleaf. It is for this reason that stability in the EC exchange rate relative to the US$ is such an important aspect of the ECCB’s monetary policy objective; as any depreciation in the value of the EC currency relative to the US currency (the currency in which most trading activity is conducted) will lead to increasing inflation and hence economic hardships for the


people of the region. This is the nexus between the stability of the EC currency and development of member countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. Discussions therefore, about the quality of life enjoyed by our people- employment, housing, sanitation, education, health and infrastructure – cannot be divorced from the work that the ECCB does in relation to maintaining a stable EC currency, the foundation on which the region’s development is built. So if you were to have a conversation with the EC dollar, it would, I am certain, tell you that it is your passport to financial prosperity. This is what I think the EC dollar would say: “Maybe you never considered me as your passport to financial prosperity. But I am. Use me wisely and you

tropical furnishings FOR YOUR CARIBBEAN HOME Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Tableware & Bed Linen Toys & Electrical Goods Bathroom Accessories Kitchenware

will reach your financial destination. Though I am not one to boast, being somewhat shy, it must be noted that I am one of the strongest currencies in the Caribbean and I am well known and respected internationally. Forget about the need to seek dual citizenship by holding both EC and US savings accounts. The ECCB ensures that I am a strong currency. My value is fixed since 1976 at EC$ 2.7 to 1US$, so you can have certainty in the value of my exchange rate to the US dollar. It is this strength and stability that I give to you to pursue your personal financial stability and strength. Build on it and create your personal wealth. Note well, however, that just like with any other passport,


you have to take good care of me and use me wisely


if you are to reach your financial destination. Secure me. Invest me wisely. Don’t lose me to foolish, wanton, unbridled spending. Save and invest me wisely and see your financial future soar to new and amazing heights. But be warned, however, If your calypso is “I make money to spend it”, then I will soon be lost to you and you will find yourself at the airport of life without access to the many financial destinations you could have reached if only you had saved and invested me wisely.”

Ne wS tore Ope ned •

C. A. Paul Southwell Industrial Park Basseterre, St. Kitts Tel: (869) 465 2111 Fax: (869) 466 1271

Fort Stree t, Bas seterre • Tel:

(869) 466 2110

For Sale - $1,150,000 USD • Atlantic/Carib Sea Views • Economic Citizenship

• 2 Car Garage • 4,000 sq2ft. Living Area


Twin Shores Villa, Half Moon Bay, St. Kitts

Built to the highest specification, this dual level, 4 bedroom villa offers expansive accommodation. The villa has an automatic switch generator, hot tub and integrated hurricane shutters. Beautiful, tropical, landscaped gardens surround the property guaranteeing a high degree of privacy. An impeccable villa, within a 10 minute amble of Half Moon Bay beach, and 5 minute drive to some of the best restaurants and facilities on St. Kitts.

Wooden Windows & Doors

Prospect Estate • Nevis • West Indies Tel: (869) 469-2573 • Cell: (869) 662-9993 Fax: (869) 469-7855 islandmoldings@hotmail.com

“Craftsmanship & Pride of Work is a Valued Comodity”

e: info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Island Moldings


Golden Rock INN

History and Buildings In 1801 Edward Huggins purchased this estate and started to construct the lovely stone buildings that we are using as part of the hotel today. Edward’s stone buildings have weathered many hurricanes and earthquakes and certainly make Golden Rock unique. Pam Huggins Barry, the manager of Golden Rock, is a direct descendant of Edward and has been managing the estate since 1975. When you take a swim in the 50ft pool, bear in mind that this was once a large cistern for the sugar process that was built back in the 1800’s out of Lava stone. It keeps very clean, uses very little Chlorine and is great for swimming laps. In the Sugar Mill Tower you can sleep in the larger than king sized bed that is so tall you need a stool to reach it. The stone foundations of the Estate house have become the setting for the lovely walled garden and gazebo where guests sit having breakfast and lunch enjoying the view of Redonda, Montserrat and Antigua on a clear day. The gazebo is often used for weddings small and large. What a view from there!

The Present CaribbeanHotProperty.com

A new era has begun at Golden Rock with the investment of the


new partners, Helen and Brice Marden. They are both well-known abstract artists whose main residence is New York City. They come to visit as often as possible and are the guardians of the surrounding 96 acres. They have returned the ‘carved lava long house’ into the beautiful structure it once was. The new open air glass-roofed dining room, kitchen, many different levelled terraces, new gazebo and lovely circulating water gardens will be completed soon, perhaps by the time this article prints. You will be able to see the stars and moon rise while you enjoy dinner in one of the most naturally beautiful spots in Nevis. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

The Food Over the past years we have been developing our own unique cuisine using some of the indigenous vegetables such as raw Chistophene, old family recipes, curried fritters and of course our famous lobster and shrimp sandwiches. Lunches are very popular and the sound of laughter and good conversation compliments the delightful surroundings. Dinner is more formal. Drinks are served at 7pm and guests are seated at their tables at 7:30pm. Reservations required (preferably by 5pm)

The Menu Under the direction of Executive Chef Mathew Perez, the menu changes nightly. Currently on offer is a prix fixe menu, consisting of a soup, salad


and then your choice of entrĂŠe and a dessert.


For reservations at the Golden Rock Restaurant, call (869) 469 3346.

The Executive Chef Matthew began his career as a chef in Breckenridge Colourado, and later moved to the Hudson Valley area in New York to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. From there he worked in various restaurants, cultivating his talent as a chef and caterer. In

To book a reservation to stay at the Plantation Inn send an email to goldenrockhotel@sisterisles.kn.

October of 2008 Matthew and his wife Jenesy moved to Nevis, and began working at Golden Rock Hotel: he as the executive chef and she as the assistant manager for the hotel and restaurant. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

Further information can be found at www.golden-rock.com


Sandy Bank Bay, St. Kitts, West Indies Premier Residential Property Development For sales opportunities, further information and to obtain a full buyers prospectus with architectural plans, contact info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


The homes reflect an elegant sensibility with casual island influences. They present contemporary interpretations of this former British Colony’s indigenous Caribbean aesthetic, which evolved from climatic, cultural, and geographic influences. Homes are open positioned as a collection of informal pavilion drawing from the natural environment, yet connected to outdoor living via pools, terraces, entry courts, breezeways, gardens and verandahs. Oceanfront homesites command a superb location on the crescent-shaped, white-sand beach in addition to long views across the sand bank to the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled along a protected corner of Sandy Bank Bay, many harbourside homesites feature marina views and easy access to amenities including the Christophe Harbour trail system, the Beach Club, pools and dining, and the Sandy Bank boat launch. Perched high above Sandy Bank Bay, many hillside homesites offer a panoramic view of Christophe Harbour from the marina village across to the golf course at Priddies Plateau. A marine sanctuary, the bay will remain free of boat moorings so that sea life can flourish, and wide Atlantic views are protected. The bay at Sandy Bank is perfect for snorkeling, reef fishing and swimming and will include a Beach Club, spa, pools, dining and trails just steps away. Most Sandy Bank Bay homes and estates will be within a short bicycle ride to Christophe Harbour’s well-sheltered mega-yacht marina, and to the must-play Tom Fazio golf course. From select homesites, there will be dramatic views across the central harbour to the fairways of Priddies Plateau and beyond. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Set along a dramatic horseshoe bay with two reefs and a natural sand bank more than 100 yards long, Sandy Bank Bay is the debut residential property offered at Christophe Harbour. The Sandy Bank Bay homesites offer the first opportunity for the prime locations within Sandy Bank Bay.



Sell Priced o T

Calypso Sunset Villa, Calypso Bay Resort, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts For Sale $840,000 USD

For Sale $425,000 USD - Offers Invited

Live your dream relaxing in this beautiful 3 bedroom villa located in the prestigious Calypso Bay Resort. The large verandah overlooking the Caribbean Sea is ideal on which to entertain guests. The modern kitchen opens onto the spacious dining & lounge area, along with an office & two bedrooms on the first level & a third bedroom on the lower floor. Just steps away from the secluded private garden & pool of the resort.

An immaculate 1,600 sq2ft., 2 bedroom villa sitting on a generous ½ an acre plot with a garden filled with all kinds of exotic plants and fruit trees. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea and just five minutes from the beach. Recently re-painted inside and out. 3 different outdoor patios with views to the sea and the mountains. An opportunity to lay down your hat here and call it home.

• Luxury Development

• Premium Sea Views


Sp ecialising in:


Home in Paradise, Nevis

M illwork

• Affordable Property

Custom Doors

• Rare Opportunity



Fine Custom woodwork

Jalouise Ltd. Longpoint Road, Nevis. Tel: (869) 469 3331 • Cell: (869) 762 9964 • stephen.varrow@gmail.com

e: info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


JHT Law & Consultancy Firm is a boutique legal practice which focuses on corporate/commercial law, real estate transactions and international investments. The firm sets high standards of customized and innovative service and advice, to tailor to the needs of the most astute client.


offshore structures,

Many people think of Nevis as a vacationer’s paradise with its golden sand, palm trees, island cocktails and host of fun watersports. However, Nevis is



class reputation as a business centre. Forward looking business innovators invariably choose Nevis to enable their pioneering investment acumen to flourish and their entrepreneurial talents to bloom. The reality is that Nevis as a Caribbean country has a small open economy which has shifted away from agriculture towards the high end tourism and financial service industries. The establishment of these niche industries has allowed Nevis to cater to the most discerning investor whether the need is business, pleasure or relaxation. Nevis has a market-based economy with both private and public sectors actively involved in determining the goods and services made available to consumers. The island has first-rate infrastructure, excellent telecommunications and sound laws. As a result of this, the island has experienced continuing, stable social and economic growth. Nevis enjoys one of the highest growth rates in gross national product and per capita income in the Caribbean. The average annual growth (GDP) of Nevis is approximately four percent (4%). The business environment is supported by a range of services, including: legal services, accounting services, international banking and asset management services. It is highly recommended that every investor should consult with

You may contact us at P.O. Box 355, Hunkins Plaza Charlestown Main St, Nevis Tel: 1 869 469 7292

legal counsel before entering any and all transactions. A good solicitor can help investors to legally and successfully navigate their way through any transaction in Nevis with ease. To this end the law office of JHT Law and Consultancy Firm invites you to explore the world of opportunities that await you in Nevis.

Fax: 1 869 469 7018 Email: info@jhtlawfirm.com

written by Jackie Hunkwins-Taylor LLB Hons, LEC Barrister-at-Law/ Solicitor/Notary Public • JHT Law & Consultancy Firm info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com



recognised for not only its aesthetic beauty and affluence but also for its first



Spider Monkey

A little country where Indiana Jones meets Jacques Cousteau text & photography by Jane Ebbitt I’ve just returned from a magical trip to a country not often

of fish, amazing corals and invertebrates combine to create an

mentioned when people discuss the Caribbean region. Unlike

underwater paradise. To date the majority of tourists flock to

its better known Caricom island members, Belize is situated in

the islands dotted along the coastline, the largest of which is

Central America, facing east onto the Caribbean. Sandwiched

Ambergris Caye. The town of San Pedro is the jumping off point

between Mexico in the north, Guatemala on its western border

for many of the expeditions out to the dive sites. The living coral

and Honduras to the south, Belize is still relatively undiscovered

reef spans 160 miles of the Belizean coastline. It is a snorkeling

by international tourism. This land of just under 9,000 sq. miles

paradise for novices and advanced divers alike and much of the

and a sparse population of around 315,000 people, has so

area today is protected within marine reserves and sanctuaries.

much to offer the visitor. Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize gained its independence in 1981 from Great Britain, and is the only English speaking country in Central America. In a country of so many contrasts, rich in culture and in outstanding natural beauty, Belize can be described as a land


where Indiana Jones meets Jacques Cousteau.


And so we leave the turquoise waters and head to the deep green of the Belizean rainforests. Dotted all over the country are the remains of hundreds of ancient Mayan pyramids and cities. Some are more accessible than others, often hidden by the jungle canopies teeming with hundreds of species of birds, plants, insects and mammals.

Back in 1972, Jacques Cousteau took the ‘Calypso’ and his one

Belize is home to puma, jaguar, kinkajou, tapir, monkeys,

man submarines to film a documentary on the perfectly circular,

iguana, several types of snakes, armadillos, anteaters and over

400 ft. deep ‘Blue Hole’ on Lighthouse Reef, thus alerting the

70 species of bats!

legions of scuba divers to the hidden underwater treasures of a country which hosts the second biggest barrier reef in the world.

The ancient Mayan temples and pyramids in the mountains and rainforests are a ‘must see’ and one can visit the modern living

The crystal clear turquoise Caribbean waters of Belize are home

Maya in villages in Cayo and Toledo districts where they still

to an amazing 600 species of marine life. Aquatic mammals

honour the old traditions and live in harmony with nature. There

roam the waters undisturbed by man. Turtles, manatee,

are many Mayan ruins in Belize, all with a particular point of

dolphins, sharks, sting and manta rays, brightly coloured shoals

interest. The vast centre of Caracol near the Guatemalan border


Mayan Temple

Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef

is well worth the trip despite the bone rattling journey along the

abundance of local plant life. Today, many of the jungle lodges

road from hell! Xunantunich is easily reached from nearby San

have created their own Medicine trails within their surroundings,

Ignacio, or visit Actun Tunichil Muknal where one swims into

following the teachings of one of the last Mayan Shamans, Don

the mouth of a cave reputed to be the entrance to the Mayan

Elegio Panti, a healer from the village of San Antonio along the


Macal River in Cayo.

A highlight of our adventure, which combined culture with

His lasting legacy, along with that of his American apprentice,

wildlife close encounters, was the unforgettable 30 mile boat

Rosita Arvigo, is the creation of the Ix Chel Tropical Research

trip up the New River in Orange Walk to the archaeological site

Foundation, which works towards finding natural cures for life

of “Lamanai.”

threatening diseases including cancer. The 6,000 acre reserve,

boat ride we got up close and personal with several of these prehistoric beasts thanks to the hawk-like eyes of Carlos our guide and boatman. Better than any National Geographic documentary, Carlos introduced our group to iguanas high up in the trees, ‘Jesus’ birds walking on the water across the lily pads, red tailed kites, and crocodiles basking in the morning sun . Long-limbed spider monkeys swung down from the trees to share a breakfast banana with us, while a little later, howler monkeys in the forest scared us witless with a sound more like a T-Rex roar than that of a cuddly primate.

dedicated to the preservation of lifesaving herbs, also develops herbal medicines marketed as ‘Rainforest Remedies’ derived from plants with colourful names such as ‘Belly be Good’ and ‘Traveler’s Tonic’. Accommodations in Belize are available for all budgets, from the luxurious jungle lodges and beachfront cabanas to simple hotel rooms and river camps. The country offers so much to the visitor that you will want to go back time after time to explore the rainforest, the rivers, the reefs and the ruins. As the Belize Tourist Board says, Belize is “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”.

Rare orchids, air plants, red and yellow heliconia, a vast array

Jane Ebbitt has a wealth of additional information about Belize; please

of exotic plants and flowers are displayed at every turn. The

contact her for a deeper insight into this stunning country.

Maya developed natural cures for all kinds of ailments from the




The Mayan word means ‘Submerged Crocodile’ and during our




Family Home, West Farm, St. Kitts For Sale $592,593 USD - Offers Invited • Potential Rental Income • Sold Fully-furnished

• Close to Bassesterre • Solid Investment

Hillside family home located in the West Farm area, close to Ross University. A traditional Caribbean property with scenic views out over the Caribbean sea. The property has 3 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms on the main floor, with an additional 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom apartment on the lower level. The property is fenced with a large garden and has burglar bars installed.




Daily vehicle ferry service between Nevis (Cades Bay) and St. Kitts (Major’s Bay)


Call for daily sailing timetable. 869-662-7002 • 869-662-9865 info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

For Sale $650,000 USD or Nearest Offers Invited • Sea Views • Swimming Pool

• 0.25 Acres • 5 mins Walk to Beach


Casa Amorillo Villa, Nevis

Beautiful, pristine 3 bedroom villa, sitting on a landscaped plot with views over to the neighbouring island of Nevis. Tastefully decorated throughout, the villa has been used purely as a 2nd home and is in immaculate condition. Fabulous swimming pool and a unique open air, but screened, conservatory room to relax in while enjoying the view. Just 5 minutes from the beach and close to several restaurants.


A Cool, Comfortable, Caribbean Lifestyle

Internationally Acclaimed ceramics & Gift Studio

Hurricane Protection & Security Shutters Roll-up • Accordion • Louvered & Bahama Raised Panel Aluminium Shutter System

SHUTTERS • SCREENS • SHADE Custom Awnings (Retractable & Fixed Frame) Custom Design Sail Shades Stoney Grove, Charlestown, Nevis • bocaneceramics@sisterisles.kn

Coolports • Carports • Agri-shade • Restaurants

Sunscreens Nevis Prince William St, Charlestown, Nevis T: (869) 469 1166 F: (869) 469 1933 St. Kitts Adlam St, Basseterre, St. Kitts T: (869) 466 9636 F: (869) 466 9695

TTUFF Screens (Fabric Hurricane Protection Screens)


Retractable Insect Screens

info@ccclsystems.com www.ccclsyststems.com

e: info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Shade Port Systems




The Bank Of Nevis Ltd. Improving the Quality of Life The Bank of Nevis Limited (BON) commenced operations on December 9th, 1985. BON was created to provide banking services to the local community with the hope that this would assist with the development of the island’s economy. Hence, BON adopted the motto ‘Improving the Quality of Life’. Today, BON provides banking services not only to the people of Nevis but also to the Federation and the world at large.

BON’s shares are listed on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE). Additionally, BON is a licensed Broker Dealer/Intermediary on the ECSE thereby allowing the institution to facilitate the buying and selling of shares listed on the ECSE. On April 29th, 1998, BON formed its first wholly owned subsidiary, Bank of


BON offers a wide range of products and services including various deposit accounts with attractive interest rates,

credit and debit cards, loans, ATM services, online banking, brokerage services, merchant services and foreign exchange purchases and sales.



Nevis International Limited (BONI) to capitalize on new opportunities offered by the growing offshore sector in Nevis. BONI remains the only offshore bank in the Federation, offering an outstanding opportunity for clients to benefit from the advantages of a jurisdiction which promotes stability and integrity. If you’re fortunate to live in Nevis or if you’re vacationing, visit the friendly and knowledgeable staff at BON or log on to www.thebankofnevis.com to learn more about their competitively priced services.


It might seem like David vs. Goliath, but tiny Nisbet Plantation, a 36-room luxury hotel in Nevis has thrown down the gauntlet and has taken on Mother Nature in a major conservation project to reduce beach erosion, preserve its native palm trees and create a more hospitable marine habitat. Rather than using a slingshot, Nisbet‘s weapon of choice was the construction of an offshore artificial reef. In the 1700’s, long before air-conditioning, the Caribbean’s plantation Great Houses were built high in the mountains where cooler air came naturally. The lone exception is Nisbet Plantation which has become famous for being the only deluxe plantation inn located on the beach. Preserving the beach is a priority for environmentally conscious Nisbet. Over the last decade wave erosion has caused the loss of several palm trees close to the sea. Nisbet, which received its Green Globe Benchmarked Certificate in July 2006, initiated the conservation project to preserve all its trees and reduce erosion of the beach. The artificial reef project, now completed measeures 105 yards in length and reduces the energy of waves reaching the beach. In addition to creating a calmer swimming and snorkeling area for the hotel’s guests, the reef now also provides an improved marine habitat attracting more fish and, providing the perfect growing environment for soft and hard corals. Glen Hurd, the former general manager of Nisbet commented, “The beach at Nisbet Plantation has been a feature of the property for hundreds of years having originally been used to load sugar and coconuts onto ships moored offshore. Today it is one of the hotel’s many distinguishing features making it essential we preserve this historic landscape. It represents a major capital investment for such a small hotel, but we believe it is imperative we make it.” Coastal Restoration, Inc., based in Gulf Breeze, Florida constructed Nisbet’s artificial reef. It is a modular reef engineering and manufacturing firm totally dedicated to the development and restoration of our world’s fragile oceans and endangered reef ecosystems. Through years of research and development they have successfully engineered and tested the most efficient and productive reef system available called the Fish Haven®.

According to Mr. Hurd, “It should be noted that Nisbet’s artificial reef was created in what was a vast and lifeless undersea desert. Our new reef not only preserves the beach and our palm trees, but is bringing the sea to life”. Construction of the reef at Nisbet began at the end of February 2007. Now into its second year, Nisbet’s artificial reef is teaming with marine life. Its protection ability was put to the test in October 2008 when Hurricane Omar wreaked havoc on Nevis’ coastline. Powerful surge waves swept away the sand on many beaches, but the artificial reef tempered wave action minimizing the damage caused to the plantation’s beach. The successful artificial reef project has enhanced the beach environment for ocean life and swimmers. For more information about Nisbet Plantation Beach Club visit




Fish Haven is a series of pyramid shaped structures with triangular holes fish and other sea creatures can easily pass through. The pyramids are constructed on land using molds and concrete and are eventually lowered in specifically designated spots to create the reef. More information can be found online at www.artificialreefs.com/ARIGalleries.cfm.




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126-159. Dominica Section 128-129. Citrus Creek Plantation & Taberi Estates Development Feature 132-135. Caribbean Interior Design with a European Flavour

146-149. Finding Our Jungle Roots CH&L Property Purchase Update 154-157. Gardens of Dominica 158.

Artisan George Augustus Artist Spotlight

138-139. 10 Home Decoration Tips 141.

Dominica’s 1st International EcoFest

142-143. If Walls Could Talk Renovation Project

Property Listings & Classified Advertising info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Dominica Section Features



ESC APE TO TH E N AT U R AL For those who believe they are familiar with the Caribbean, the island of Dominica always produces a pleasant surprise. A lush, tropical paradise of rainforest covered mountains, hundreds of pristine rivers, magnificent waterfalls, crater lakes, hot springs and an unparalleled marine environment, Dominica is one of the world’s most undisturbed sanctuaries, and a wonderful homage to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Citrus Creek Plantation is situated on the south east of the island. It is a 20 acre swathe of riverside land near the quaint village of La Plaine and close to the awe-inspiring Victoria, Sari Sari, Wavine Cyrique and Boli waterfalls. Cooling trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean keep temperatures to a comfortable level and the coastline’s dark sand beaches are home to giant leatherback turtle nesting sites. The south east of Dominica is testament to the island’s natural fertility with local farmlands producing organic fruits and vegetables as well as traditional bay oil and bay rum. Against this wonderfully natural backdrop, Citrus Creek Plantation is an escape that has been designed to complement the region and respect its innate harmony. Achieving a balance between Dominica’s natural environment and an ethos of sound ecological principles with the desire for comfort, affordability and well-grounded financial investment in a turbulent world has been the hallmark of the Citrus Creek vision. Lots from 5,000 square feet up to one acre are available for purchase for the construction of eco-friendly dwelling houses or vacation homes. Prices are between US$1.50 and US$3 per square foot, depending on size and location. Built of either local hardwood or stone, Citrus Creek Plantation residences will benefit from a combination of solar panel arrays and hydro electricity turbines, catchments for the distribution of fresh clean water, and thoughtfully designed waste management systems. Our investors may either construct a house according to their own architectural preferences or alternatively they may engage the services of our own design and construction company, Synergies Inc. Our designs include two-bedroom, two-bathroom houses of either hardwood or stone. Special launch prices start at US$190,000 for a hardwood house, and US$330,000 for a stone house. Whatever your preference, all construction blueprints will be required to adhere to and complement the integrity of the project’s environmental principles. If investors do not plan on residing in their completed homes all


year, we also offer a comprehensive rental management service.


Grow what you eat and eat what you grow is another very important concept to us. We would like to encourage the interaction of the Citrus Creek Plantation and its investors with local farmers and visitors to Dominica by developing partnerships that facilitate the production, sales and distribution of delicious fruit juices throughout the Caribbean. By engaging with local people in this way, we believe we are introducing and delivering a more integrated, original and harmonious mode of real estate investment to Dominica. Also planned for the Citrus Creek Plantation is an intimate boutique hotel of up to seven rooms. Constructed from a combination of local stone and wood, info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

this luxurious hideaway will reside on 4 acres of prime riverside land and will have a natural stone swimming pool. The price for this project is estimated at US$800,000 and will include part ownership of the development’s twinengine aircraft, enabling free flights in and out of Dominica for investors. Taberi Estates is a programme that offers opportunities for riverside land investments. Located alongside the Citrus Creek Plantation, large areas of land are offered in the lush Taberi Valley at an attractive launch price of US$1 per square foot. Investors will have access to Citrus Creek Plantation utilities as well as its design and construction arm, and also its property management services. Though many places may offer visitors and investors a taste of paradise, Dominica has a legitimate right to that claim. Still off the beaten track, altogether unspoilt and quintessentially natural, this alluring Caribbean island offers a genuinely magical escape from the pressures of the modern world. It is an awe-inspiring, extremely safe and quite breathtaking haven, where Amazonian parrots occupy lofty canopies, hummingbirds dance

around vibrant tropical flowers, waterfalls tumble from dramatic cliffs, and

For further information please contact

natural hot pools offer wellness and romance under a blanket of stars.

info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com or visit


hand, special incentive excursions have been organised from Antigua and St. Kitts & Nevis. Enjoy a private flight, a personal welcome and two or three days exploring the island and learning more about this remarkable investment opportunity. Enjoy the facilities of our guest rooms, the natural cuisine of our restaurant, and perhaps the first of many refreshing dips in the Taberi River. The all inclusive price for this special journey is US$1,900 and you can even bring a couple of children or guests along at no additional cost. A warm, tropical welcome to Citrus Creek Plantation & Taberi Estates. We look forward to helping you discover the Caribbean’s nature isle. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


To sample Dominica and discover the vision of Citrus Creek Plantation first-




in Dominica

The Caribbean has often been a source of inspiration for designers in many fields, including the area of interior design and decoration. Dominica’s cultural fusion, blend of traditional, vernacular and modern architecture and the constant influence of the island’s beautiful but sometimes challenging environment, make for an interesting mix


written by Celia Sorhaindo

when it comes to creating the perfect interior space.

In seeking the help of a professional it is important to understand the difference between a decorator and a designer. There is sometimes some confusion about the two roles as the terms are often used interchangeably, and while both may have the same ability to create beautiful interiors, the two are not synonymous. A decorator is mainly concerned with creating an aesthetically pleasing interior through surface decoration and the use of paint, fabric, furnishing, lighting and other accessories. Although these considerations are also important to a designer, their role works within the overall architectural design to create a healthy, safe and comfortable internal area which matches the function for which it was intended. They are often involved with structural changes, they can ensure compliance with building and safety codes and they are normally trained to manage the construction and installation of an interior design. It is worth noting that some architects may also be interior designers or capable of assisting in interior design. Over the next few pages we feature articles from a few individuals who have been involved in interior design or decoration projects in Dominica. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


has several other facets. A designer is a combination of both engineer and artist, and



Interior Design

with a






written by Hermien Kuis • photography by Celia Sorhaindo


While searching for a new home to rent in Dominica, a friend mentioned she knew of a house for sale. So I went to see it and it was like a dream come true. Although dilapidated and in need of repair the location and the magnificent view took my breath away. I bought it and spent the next few months renovating it to a bed and breakfast which I named Veranda View. I had always wanted to run my own bed and breakfast so although this was not my original intention it was yet another dream realised. Although I was born in Holland, I have lived most of my life in other countries such as The Netherland Antilles, Indonesia, Iran, the United States and Switzerland. For the last 13 years I have called Dominica my home. Having studied at the New York School of Interior Design I was well qualified for my renovation project which, thankfully, did not require any In my interior you will see influences of all the different cultures I have experienced. The house was built some 25 years ago. It is a 2-storey building. The first floor is built from blocks and the second floor is wooden in a typical Caribbean style with high pitched ceilings and relatively small,


structural changes. For me the perfect interior design is a combination of style, colour and personal items.

simple wooden shutter windows to keep the sun

out as much as possible. I therefore installed

Veranda View is right on a beautiful beach in Calibishie. Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean there is a lot of wear and tear from sea blasts and the sun so the outside wood has been protected with coats of paint on the windows while the exterior walls are covered with locally made shingles. My choice of colours has been inspired by the stunning nature around me. Peach as in Red Rocks; a landmark close to Calibishie, yellow as in beach sand, turquoise as in the sea, and green from the plants and trees in the yard. The guest rooms are purposefully kept peaceful, with muted colours to give the perfect background for a relaxing time and not to detract any attention from the magnificent view. They are painted white while bedspreads and other accessories are used to give a little splash of colour. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


ceiling fans to ensure good air circulation.


I like to use natural materials, as in the baskets used for space saving storage, rugs, straw hats, etc; which you will find throughout the house. Where there was no space for doors, bamboo roller blinds were used to hide the contents of closets. Most of these items were purchased from the nearby Carib Territory, where you still find beautiful pieces of handicrafts, made by the local artisans. In the living room is my pride and joy - a big vibrant and colourful painting approximately 4x4 foot, painted by my Dutch friend, Jan Peter van Opheusden. A colour scheme of red, white and green was used in the room to complement the painting. The furniture and furnishings are an eclectic but harmonious mix of old and new. The red contemporary chaise lounge was bought in Dominica while the Persian rug was bought by my parents about 50 years ago,


when we were living in Iran. The typical wooden Dominican cabinet, which I found abandoned and restored to its former glory, showcases a collection of my personal treasures, such as shells and glass bottles found in the sea in front of Veranda View, two crab backs given to me by a friend, two delft blue Amsterdam channel houses filled with Dutch

jenever (a type of gin), a black and gold wooden vase,


also a gift, an antique German porcelain tea set, and a


numbered limited edition colourful plate by the famous artist Dali. The wooden carved corner cabinet is an antique piece bought on French Saint Maarten and is home to another collection of personal ornaments and knick-knacks. The living room, although bright, does not have the benefit of high ceilings, so to give the perception of height I painted the beams in almost the same colour as the creamish original floor tiles. Dotted around the house are a number of delicate mobiles and wind chimes made of natural materials. The whimsical wind chime in the living room is a gift from a friend from Guadeloupe; the feathered tail of the turtle gently moving as the wind blows. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

So I welcome you to explore the design of Veranda View. Call for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the spacious beachside balcony or just stop by and enjoy the wonderful coastal views while sipping a fresh fruit juice or rum punch.

For more information about Veranda View see







For Sale $30,000 ECD $11,000 USD per acre

$135,000 USD

Commanding views of the Caribbean Sea including the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth. 500 yards from a secondary road with access along an unpaved road. Partially cultivated.

• 12 Acres

• 3 Acres

• Tranquil Location

For Sale $151,200 ECD $56,000 USD


For Sale $360,450 ECD

Splendid 12 acre plot only 25 mins. from Melville Hall Airport. Gently sloping to steep in areas, the property has a pristine river with a water cascade & natural pools safe for bathing.




• Utilities 500 Yards

Picard, Portsmouth For Sale $259,000 ECD $97,000 USD

Sloping land in Calibishie with splendid mountain and sea views. Property also borders with a river.

Priced to Sell. Attractive plot close to Ross University yet nestled in a beautiful, tranquil & secluded location. Small stream runs along lower boundary. Utilities just metres away.

• 2.00 Acres

• 25,922 sq2ft.

• Sea Views

• Viewing Recommended

Melville Hall

Mero - 2 Plots 43,560 sq ft & 38,724 sq ft each.

For Sale $81,000 ECD $30,000 USD per acre

For Sale $5.50 ECD per sq ft. Serious Offers are invited

Large land plot in tranquil environment. Ideally located within 5 minutes from the Melville Hall airport. Property benefits from approx. 400 feet of river frontage

Both plots are flat to gently sloping with unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea, dramatic valleys & mountains. Bounded by a tarmac road with luxury housing being constructed close by.

• 5 Acres


• Prime Location



• Lucrative Investment


• Attractively Priced


living islands www.paulcrask.com

8 Castle Street, P.O. Box 170 Roseau • Dominica

TD.entre L . O C & C ome

Bradt travel guides by Paul Crask are for sale online & in the US, UK, Dominica & Grenada

The Coal Pot





L.A . l M DU e

Y IP GNants & h


Tel: (767) 448-2815 Fax: (767) 448-5905 burtonco@cwdom.dm



Handmade to perfection... everytime! P.O. Box 32, Long Lane, Roseau, Dominica T: (767) 448 2310 F: (767) 448 5905 E: ladupigny@cwdom.dm

A selection of completely natural herbal soaps, creams, ointments, facial products, bathsalts and massage oils.

Geneva, Grand Bay, Dominica | Tel: (767) 446-4685/245-2710 E-mail: thecoalpotsoaps@yahoo.com




, our mind Reward y oul with the s & y e bod of natur essence


10 Tips

Home Decoration

written by Dexter Warrington, photography by Celia Sorhaindo


With over 5 years in the interior decorating business as a certified


interior decorator, Dexter Warrington of Dexart, Decor & Design gives us his

Top 10 Tips to

transform your interior.


The Caribbean is a wonderful place where one can design and decorate using the entire colour spectrum to create spaces that are eco-friendly, fascinating, functional, budget friendly and stunningly beautiful. Go ahead make your home a haven of colour and personality.

1. Colour Take time to plan the kind of colour scheme you want and how it can be made to work in your home. Colour breathes life into a space, and creates the desired mood. Clever use of colour can make small rooms look spacious; it makes spaces feel cosy, warm and inviting or cool, calm and relaxing. In the tropics colour is everywhere; don’t be afraid to use it.


2. Natural light Natural light brings out the true hue in colours, helps create an airy feeling and can save you money on your electricity bill. With all the glorious sunshine we have here in the Caribbean, allow as much natural


light as possible into your home. Glass walls, large windows, french doors and skylights are a few ways one can maximise natural light. Installing skylights or a wall of glass blocks in bathrooms and stairwells,


gives these places an outdoorsy feel. Plants also enjoy natural light and


vibrant plants add to the beauty of your home.

3. Light fixtures & lamps It gets dark quickly in the Caribbean so proper lighting is an important consideration. Always be mindful of the uses of lighting. There is general lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. Certain light fixtures can


meet all these functions so choose carefully. The use of artificial lighting can change the mood and enhance the aesthetics of your interior space. Choosing proper light fixtures also contributes to the conservation of energy and money. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


4. Fabric and Furnishings A colourful room without texture would look strangely sterile. Fabrics can be used to introduce texture and additional colour. Choose fabrics that are suitable for the space and style. Furniture covering, drapery and throw cushions must be complementary or contrasting and of the right texture and patterns as these aspects create interest. For instance a turquoise silk throw pillow on a cocoa brown chenille covered sofa could be that stylish touch you were looking for.


Using natural local materials in your decorative scheme unifies your home with its surroundings. It can also keep your costs down and promotes local industry. Consider bamboo or local woods or items such as calabash lampshades or Kalinago made baskets and mats. In Dominica there are many talented artisans and carpenters that are well worth seeking out.



5. Natural local materials

6. Murals This may not appeal to everyone like a single colour painted wall would, but it works perfectly in certain situations such as children’s bedrooms, family rooms, playrooms etc. Murals add personality and interest and can range from fairytales to a cultural subject. Mosaics too can add extra interest to a bare floor or wall.

7. Furniture Choosing the right furniture is critical. Consider style, scale and function when shopping for furniture. These features are much more important than the fabric colour or pattern which can be easily changed. Comfort must be priority one when choosing sofas, beds and chairs. Furniture must also match the architectural integrity of the home, the decorative scheme and allow for good traffic flow.

8 9

8. Flowers and plants Like other accessory pieces, these can be used to add a punch of colour, visual balance and interest. In Dominica there are a large variety of tropical plants and flowers that can be used to bring the outdoors in. They also are a source of oxygen in the home and absorb carbon dioxide.

9. Artwork Artwork helps to break the monotony of blank walls and adds personality to a room. For those who are less bold, artwork can be used to inject colour children to an original piece from one of our gifted local artists.

10. Water feature


Dominica is well known for its wonderful rivers so why not bring a little of the therapeutic and calming properties of water into your home. These features, which include fish tanks, can also be used to create an interesting focal point.

For further information contact; Dexter, Dexart Decor & Design on (767) 245-6403 • dexartdecor@hotmail.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


into a bland space. The range can be from stick figures drawn by your



New Foundland, Rosalie For Sale Price on request contact info@caribbeanhotproperty.com

Stunning sea and mountain views from this 2 storey house comprising of 2 self contained 2 double bedroom apartments located in Pointe Michel. Both apartments are open plan, spacious, have good size kitchens and bathrooms

• 7 Acres

• 3,881 sq2ft.

Rediscover the glory of your body in nature. CaribbeanHotProperty.com

For Sale $507,300 ECD $190,000 USD

Highly sought after, flat riverside land located just minutes away from the beautiful Rosalie river. With water cascades and several natural pools which are safe for bathing, this plot is a real gem in a scenic location.

Nature Isle Yoga


Pointe Michel, close to Roseau

• Spectacular plot

• Sea Views

Blog: www.natureisleyoga.com

Everybody’s Gallery


Customised half or full day programmes amidst the splendour of nature. Individuals or small groups. c: +1 767 295 9323 • e: martha@natureisleyoga.com

Displaying work from Dominica's talented artisans. Paintings, sculptures, carvings and more. Everybody’s Gallery welcomes pieces from all local artisans.

SO CALL NOW! 87 Hillsborough Street, Roseau | T: 767 295 7886


Dominica’s 1st International EcoFest written by Jem Winston, Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge MD With the main aims of promoting the inspiring environmental awareness here in Dominica and an examination of the world’s progress on saving our beautiful planet, the islands first ever International EcoFest took place in May 2009 at Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge. The week long program consisted of lively panel discussions, thought-provoking guest speakers and informative renewable

Participants learned about making gas from compost, diesel from vegetable oil, and about renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power. Some of the community-led initiatives taking place on the island were also highlighted, including the work of the community turtle conservation group. Visitors got the opportunity to sample healthy local cuisine, see the wonderful work of some of the island’s gifted artisans and experience some of Dominica’s health and wellness offerings such as Yoga.


energy workshops from Dominican and International experts and stakeholders.

Each day also showcased a different local musical talent, representing the islands wide range of musical genres; reggae, steel pan, jing ping, rock, calypso and more. Dancing continued despite the heavy rainfall, which could not dampen the spirit of EcoFest. If you missed it; you missed out, so book early next year! Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge is also home to The Sustainable Living Initiative Centre (SLIC) which aims to educate and inform Dominicans about the benefits and use of renewable energy technologies through hands on practical workshops. The centre also offers micro loans to members to enable them to purchase their own equipment


For more information see www.rosalieforest.com/ecofest.php and www.slicdominica.org





written by Lilian Piper • photography by Lilian Piper & Celia Sorhaindo





Countries often boast of the historical sections of their cities and Dominica is no exception. Like New Orleans’ French Quarter and the antiquated buildings of France, each structure classified as “historical” has its unique legend, story, and spirit. Recently, Dominica’s Society for Heritage, Architecture Preservation & Enhancement (SHAPE) published a self-guided walking tour of historic Roseau. The tour leads interested parties on a fun-filled walk past some of the notable old buildings in Dominica’s capital city. These include the home of Jean Rhys, the famous author whose origins began in Dominica, and the State House, once the British governor’s residence. Other homes on the tour include less famous, but for me no less inspiring homes such as the one located at 66 Independence Street,


also known as Piper’s Step.


This historical structure holds many personal memories. Growing up in the US, I remember returning to Dominica for fun-filled summer holidays spent at 66 Independence Street. Located in the heart of town, I felt the pulse of the capital, heard its heart beat and never felt afraid or alone. When I returned to Dominica for good in 2003, I was lucky enough to continue using the once residence, now commercial property, to house my small business. What a walk back through memory lane… The building was originally the first All Boys Grammar School in Dominica. I imagine almost every family in Roseau had an ancestor who attended school within these walls. It became the Piper residence in 1924. Six children grew up in this house, one of them my father. I laughed at all the stories told of good times and hard times, but became so much stronger from the tales of my grandmother, who single handedly raised six children after the death of her husband in 1937. Her husband, a then magistrate, had provided for


the family but she too had a good head on her shoulders. It was she who asked her father, also a magistrate, for the necessary collateral to negotiate a favourable loan of 200 pounds from the Bank Francais to buy the approximately 6,000 square feet property in the middle of town. She also bought other plots of land around the island. As a lone parent my grandmother tirelessly worked her wholesale dry-goods business, one of the first of its kind, to support her family. Many encouraged her to expand her business but she vowed that the day she had to hire people was the day she would close her shop. Her strength has been a source of inspiration over the years. I feel her fears of doing so much alone with the responsibility of children, and yet building a solid foundation for us, has left an overwhelming appreciation and respect for her memory. Today the real estate value is much more than her initial investment, but for me the personal value is immeasurable. After returning home, continuing in my grandmother’s footsteps of investing in valuable property, we renovated one half of the was created to house a day spa in the midst of Roseau. The renovation was a challenging project; maintaining the integrity of a 100+ year old building with 2 foot thick stone walls, while creating a new hip space. Old ‘Coubari’ hardwoods were reclaimed and re-used in the renovation. The old fashioned ceiling was also maintained and a true sense of “if walls could talk” was created with new walls wrapped around old. The architect and I worked very closely to design the interior which I decorated myself, carefully choosing the theme, colours and furnishings.


building. Following the plan of eco-friendly architect, Eugene Royer, over a period of 6 months, a smart and innovative environment

During the renovation we discovered a three foot space under the old creaky floor boards. There we found lots of scorpions, the many bones of stray cats and in an old black case, the “jen l’argent” or pot of money folk tales say to look for when renovating an old building. But the treasure was not monetary; it was in the form of historic personal information; the old assets, the shares of stock and the other titles. The floor space was back-filled and a new floor created using natural soy stains as the decorative finish. In this restored property my team of spa technicians and I now provide local and tourist clientele with relaxing spa treatments. Within, yet removed from the hustle and bustle of the capital, bodies are soothed and minds relaxed. My family and I, and now you, have the pleasure of knowing that the strength of a woman, past and present, is housed within the strength of an old historic building. For further information email: service@theglamcosmetics.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com






Price Reduced

Palm Eden Estate - Calibishie For Sale Range From $34,000 - $77,500 USD per plot • 7 Residential Plots • Picturesque Views

• Popular Location • Close to Beaches

Plot Sizes range from 10,890 - 23,958 sq2ft. Ideally situated near the popular and picturesque village of Calibishie. Close to some of the best beaches in Dominica and within 15 mins from Melville Hall Airport and 30 mins from Portsmouth. Fantastic sea and mountain views and some lots bordered by a small creek. Utilities available and supplied underground.

Garraway Hotel Dominica’s Most Luxurious Hotel




Much More than a room for the night!

For reservations and information, contact us or visit us online: Tel: 767-449-8800 - Fax: 767-449-8807 - garraway@cwdom.dm Place Heritage, 1 Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd. P.O. Box 789, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies


For Sale

$1,312,200 ECD

• 6 Acres • Utilities 300 metres

$486,000 USD


Hatton Garden • New Access Road Currently in Construction

Beautiful lush flat and part gently sloping land on the Pagua river. Perfect for getaway homes, eco-lodges or spa/wellness development. Planning permission and environmental impact assessment approved. Excellent location situated near the Carib Terriority and 15 minutes from Melville Hall Airport.

Home Again Stories of migration and return

Chic Designer Fashion for your Body & Home 5 Old Street, P.O. Box 854, Roseau, Dominica t: (767) 448 - 6522 f: (767) 448 - 6525 desiderata@cwdom.dm

A fascinating collection of first-person narratives by Dominicans who migrated to England, the United States, Canada and the Caribbean region - and who have now returned home. Compelling and intensely moving, Home Again is a must read for the Caribbean diaspora, for returnees and anyone interested in the migrant experience. For further information see www.papillotepress.co.uk or contact the publisher at pollyp@globalnet.co.uk

Available from all main bookstores in Dominica or ordered on-line from www.centralbooks.co.uk or www.amazon.co.uk



Published by Papillote Press


CaribbeanHotProperty.com 146


F inding


“JUNGLE ROOTS” written by Staci Kosick • photography by Staci Kosick In search of a place to semi-retire, my husband Pat and I left St. Thomas in August 2008 after living there for a combined 39 years. Pat ran a successful day-sail business and I was a photographer. We began our journey heading towards Panama aboard our 35’ trawler. As convinced as we were that Panama was going to be our final destination, we began to look for possibilities in each of the islands as we made our way down the chain. Many of our favourite people in St Thomas are from Dominica and it was always such a pleasure to talk with them about Dominica. Their eyes lit up and their smiles were genuine. Dominicans love their country and soon I was to learn why. We enjoyed all of the islands but upon arriving in Dominica it was our eyes that lit up, our smiles became genuine. We were amazed by the beauty of the island and instantly fell in love. There seems to be every shade of green ever made here. Arriving in Portsmouth, the lead customs officer greeted us and asked why we were here. After explaining our interest in finding a location for establishing a bed and breakfast, her comment to us was “we love you and we are very happy that you are here. Welcome.” This was a much different reception than we had received in the other 8 islands we had visited prior to Dominica. We then contacted Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle Magazine who set us up with realtor Charbert Alexander to show us various properties. We were fairly overwhelmed because every single piece we were shown was gorgeous. Which one to choose? Finally we decided on a plot that would be perfect for a locally constructed bed and breakfast, 100% off the grid, and hired a very competent attorney who handled the transaction flawlessly. Here we were with a beautiful property; located right on the picture perfect Bamboo River and soon we discovered we also had 12 resident parrots that fly overhead throughout the day and a scaled-down version of the Emerald Pool right in our own backyard. I don’t believe we have ever felt so blessed and fortunate.

plant a few flowers. We were both bleeding by mid morning because we really didn’t have a clue how to use them properly. The second day was no better. On our third day we ventured to the Carib Indian Territory, home of the Kalinago people. As fate would have it, we met our current employees. I think they saved us from a large bill in bandages and first aid! We love the fact that everything grows in Dominica. We joke that if you spit out an orange seed on your way to Roseau, you will find a full grown tree on your return trip! The Kalinago build a beautiful, traditional hut called a kai pai which info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


The first thing we did was buy ‘his and her’ machetes and try to


“Thank you .

Dominica for letting us stay

we replicated. We wanted our huts to be very natural using as much local material as possible. We opted for natural wood corner posts, bamboo sides, canvas and shutter windows giving tremendous light throughout the day and we topped it off with an attractive grass roof. Our crew had great patience with us as we changed our minds often as we went along. We utilized many of the features from living on a boat such as; an Indian ladder on a pulley system to get it out of the way during the day, a settee that folds into a double bed and we have hired the Kalinago to build a gli gli (fishing boat), scaled down to use as a bathroom sink. These huts are truly beautiful, sitting proudly in the middle of the rainforest. They look like they really belong there. We named our place Roots Jungle Retreat. There just didn’t seem to be any better name because each time we stuck a shovel in the ground we hit massive roots. We’d try moving over a few inches and would find the same. We have yet to find a piece of ground free of roots. Already we are receiving bookings for May and June and have had great remarks from our previous St Thomas Charter guests. Many go to St. Thomas each year and are now telling us they would like to come here instead. We will be thrilled to show them such an incredible island. We can’t think of anything better than spending a day hiking to the boiling lake, visiting and swimming at Sari Sari waterfall, playing on one of the many unpopulated black sand beaches, paddling up the Indian River or tubing down the Pagua… it’s all so irie. One of our biggest frustrations has been little to no sustainable living products, i.e.12 volt lighting, battery chargers, composting toilets, propane refrigerators and freezers to name a few. All of these items must be imported at great expense. We are in the process of becoming a composting toilet dealer and would like to eventually include more of these sustainable items. Telecommunications is another obstacle we are trying to get past. We currently have very poor telephone communication, which makes it near impossible to run a business. The network provider is working on


a solution and we are hopeful that the situation will be remedied soon.


And there are other things we don’t have: CNN, stock market, high crime rate, war, housing crisis (there was that one house that was falling down but the neighbours fixed it), worry and stress. Instead we find beautiful children singing at the top of their voices on their way to school, families spending their days together doing their laundry by the river, and happy and content people in a gorgeous environment.

For more information about Jungle Roots see www.rootsjungleretreat.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

CaribbeanHotProperty.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com



Giraudel For Sale

$867,750 ECD

• 0.50 Acres • Attractively Priced

$325,000 USD • Popular Location • Great Views


The Royal Herbal Oil of Dominica

Ayurvedic Massage Oil Soothe away your aches and pains with


Rarely available Holiday Villa or Executive Family Home in a sought after location just 15 mins from the capital, Roseau. Two master suites with two guest bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, study & sun deck, ideally located on 0.5 acres of tropical garden. This villa has commanding mountain and sea views & provides an exceptional environment for a getaway.

www.oilofojas.com T: 767 265 0757/440 4725 | F: 767 440 4724 | E: oilofojas@hotmail.com Available in: Dominica - All main pharmacies including Jolly's, Bull’s Eye, Bayside etc Antigua - Piper's, Reliance, Ceco Pharmacies | St Lucia - RJ Clarke Barbados - Jenn Health & Beauty Other Distributor Enquiries Are Welcome


Balvine . Not for everyone . Imagine a small island, in the Caribbean, with a modern yacht marina, casino on the bay front and air conditioned shopping malls full of duty-free shops. Then add loads of pure white sandy beaches. Plus an exciting nightlife. And don’t forget a lively ex-Pat community. Needless to say you also have direct non-stop flights from Europe and the USA. The Good Book talks about Three Score Years And Ten and since you haven’t got long to go, perhaps the time has come for you to build a new home in this wonderful island…

If so then I have great news for you. Don’t bother reading any more. Balvine is not for everyone. Still with me? OK. First of all, Balvine is in Dominica. Life here in Dominica is slow. Like the roads, where it takes the best part of three hours to drive the thirty miles from one end of the Island to the other. Assuming you don’t stop to talk to someone. Which you usually do. This is a place where life is so relaxing that the expression “I’ll see you on Monday” doesn’t define when on Monday. Or even which Monday.

People’s lives are still governed by traditional values. Children are polite, there is respect for older people and everyone is so friendly they actually welcome Incomers.

Got the picture? Balvine is part of the old Picard Estate, dating back hundreds of years. It’s a couple of miles outside the town of Portsmouth in the North West - great for sunsets. And, quite frankly, it rains a lot. That’s why everything is so green and beautiful with huge trees, exotic flowers, plentiful fresh fruit and amazing birds. But no golf courses. We have some lovely flat building land available, with West views overlooking the ocean and East views towards Mourne Balvine. Lot sizes range from about 1/4 acre to one acre (11,000 to 44,000 sq ft). All have services (water, electricity, Broadband etc) at the boundary, ready for connection. Our development is a Government approved sub-division: we have already obtained Planning Permission for Residential Housing. That will save you a year or two.

So next time you are online, click on our Lots to Love at Balvine website www.balvine.com or just phone: +44 7860 911 910. But remember, Balvine is not for everyone. After all, there isn’t even a Porsche dealer on the island.


Fond St Jean, Atlantic sea front land

Anse Soldat Village For Sale $942,510 ECD $353,000 USD

For Sale $1,404,000 ECD $520,000 USD

Mainly flat land with sea view from ridge. The land bounds with a stream and is strategically located between Portsmouth (approx. 7 miles) & the village of Calibishie. The property is served with all main utilities & is within a 2 min walk from a lovely beach. Approx. 8 miles from Melville Hall Airport.

Five acres of scenic Atlantic sea front land in the pretty fishing village of Fond St Jean. The land is gently sloping to flat with several flat areas. Splendid views of neighbouring communities and that of Martinique. Amenities are within close proximity, having direct access to the land.

• 4.16 Acres

• 5 Acres

• Quaint location






• Good development site


THE 2009 EDITION Available Island wide or contact foodanddrinkdominica@gmail.com



Windows and Doors

Providing the quality of life you deserve!

DRAGON Fond Cole industrial site Construction Material & Services Ltd. P.O. Box 1904, Roseau, Dominica Tel: +1 767 448 0253 Fax: +1 767 440 1310 Email: dragonupvc@yahoo.com

ANTIGUA queries call +1 268 786 4088



of Gardens dominica There are gardens everywhere in Dominica – for every purpose and occasion. Gardens in the “high woods” as the Kalinago people used to call the land where they grew crops such as cassava or where they harvested the larouma reed to make baskets. Then there are banana gardens, the backbone of Dominican agriculture, and patches of dasheen, sweet potato and other provisions, while herbs, such as basilique for a bush tea and thyme for seasoning, are grown for everyday use. In contrast, there are gardens for enjoyment: village gardens (Giraudel, just south of the capital Roseau, is an excellent example), have brilliant hedges of yellow and red crotons or the multi-coloured coleus enclosing flower beds of zinnias, dahlias and impatiens; often growing in the shade of a mango tree. More formal suburban gardens, in areas such as St. Aroment and Morne Daniel on the outskirts of Roseau, boast neat lawns and parades of palms, interspersed with the hot colours of bougainvillea and the pink and red of ginger lilies, often used in flower arranging. There is scant space in Roseau itself for expansive planting; instead, cooling ferns, pots of geraniums and even roses decorate verandahs and door steps. You can make a garden in every corner of Dominica, and the best ones use what nature has provided and nurture that as a means to conserve the island’s extraordinary biodiversity. Gardeners in Dominica battle with a precipitous landscape of mountains, rivers and steep-sided valleys; and, away from the coast, high rainfall. It’s challenging but rewarding, and wherever you live there are rich possibilities to create one’s own personal vision out of this dazzlingly green land; working with the landscape to reclaim the bush but in the process not destroying it. Apart from the Botanical Gardens in Roseau, there are two gardens which are open to the public: Papillote Tropical Gardens in the Roseau Valley, near Trafalgar Falls, which has been attracting visitors for some 40 years, and Antrim Valley Sculpture Studio and Gardens, which is a very new island attraction. Papillote Tropical Gardens is set in four acres of land at the head of the Roseau Valley, and is a not-for-


profit corporation. Created by owner Anne Jno Baptiste, Papillote enjoys an international reputation and


written by Polly Pattullo • photography by Celia Sorhaindo info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com

CaribbeanHotProperty.com info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


CaribbeanHotProperty.com 156


You can make a garden in every corner of Dominica – and the best ones use what nature has provided and nurture that as a means to conserve the island’s extraordinary biodiversity.

is recognised for its important collections of bromeliads, begonias, heliconias, gingers and orchids and a total of 700 or so flowering plants. Both the natural and the nurtured mingle at Papillote as indigenous plants are allowed to flourish alongside rare imported species. Designed so that it remains an integrated part of the surrounding rainforest, Papillote is criss-crossed by hot and cold streams. Winding trails lead the visitor along the natural contours of the garden’s steep slopes from one section to another. You will discover hot mineral pools to bathe in while animal stone sculptures in unexpected places have acquired their own collections of moss and lichen and are delightfully eye-catching. The sights and sounds of Papillote are both relaxing and inspiring. Another intrepid woman gardener is also responsible for the garden at Antrim. This is a garden in the making and has only recently opened its doors to the public. Denise Burnett, whose husband Roger Burnett is a sculptor, has spent the last 3 years single-handedly clearing a wild and precipitous parcel of land. Denise, whose father was a farmer in Grenada (“Wherever he went I went too”), has created trails – made of fougere (tree fern), which she cut and laid herself – down to a river. There are corners along the trails dedicated to palms and different varieties of bananas. Visitors may also come face to face with Bella the sheep, a peacock or the family rabbits, while samples of sugar cane, flourishing vegetable beds and herbs are all a tribute to Denise’s hard work and passion. Both gardens show the importance of working with indigenous materials and the existing landscape wherever it is on the island - from the drier west coast where palms, cacti and ornamentals flourish, to the rainy interior where ferns luxuriate under a rainforest canopy. ‘Work with what you have’ is a gardening truism. There’s a wealth of plants in Dominica. Just as it has been a melting pot of people so it is of plants. So if you’re just starting out to make your garden, observe the achievements of others, work out what sort of garden suits your needs and, of course, your environment. You will also find that Dominicans of all gardening persuasions are happy to show you what they grow and will generously say - “Take a piece,


For information on opening times and tour fees contact: Papillote Tropical Gardens (767) 448 2287. www.papillotegardens.org Antrim Valley Sculpture Studio & Gardens (767) 449 2550/225 5470. www.sculpturestudiodominica.com/garden.html Polly Pattullo is the co-author (with Anne Jno Baptiste) of “The Gardens of Dominica”

published by Papillote Press. See www.papillotepress.co.uk for further information. info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


it will catch” - to anyone with a similar passion.


Born in Dominica but adopted by a St Lucian couple, the colourful life of George Augustus has seen him live


in St Lucia, Guadeloupe and for the past 15 years back in his home community, the dramatic red rock coastal area of Pointe Baptiste, Dominica. George learned the importance of perfecting basic technical skills by closely observing artisans in St Lucia. As a child he learned from a fellow Dominican, Mr Darumple, who worked with two ubiquitous items: the calabash and the coconut. Then George graduated in his self-made school by watching his friend Nabu fashion wood and soon understood the secret of success of an artisan. “You must know how to sharpen your tools.” He quickly picked up and perfected the special technique of sharpening chisels and different



written by Martha Cuffy • photography by Celia Sorhaindo

carving tools. This dedication has paid off. George left school and started selling masks and statues at a luxury hotel La Toc in St Lucia. His carving mastery is evident in his recent commissions which include a hand-carved bed of white cedar wood. This has the added benefit of being a wood disliked by termites. The wood is first soaked in seawater (a natural preservative) before being carved. It is fascinating to hear him explain the creation process and hear the quiet passion in his voice. He also designed the “sunrise” balcony and the special weave technique in the butcher’s block and kitchen cupboards for the enchanting stone cottage he


helped design and build for Gina, both neighbour and


co-owner of the Red Rock Haven, a boutique spa hotel which offers an intimate taste of paradise. Other more eclectic and playful commissions include the statue of a woman’s backside fondly dubbed “Madame Gros Bonda”, love seats, wooden dolphins, and walking sticks. George’s most popular small piece is a water pipe or chalice. Contact George at info@CaribbeanHotProperty.com


Popular Calibishie

For Sale $514,080 ECD

$190,400 USD

Flat to gently sloping land, pretty views of the countryside to the sea, & a stream on one boundary. Land is presently cultivated. There is a fully paved road to the property.

Fabulous plot of generally flat land with elevated sea views, located 20 mins from Melville Hall Airport. Currently used as farm land this scenic plot has motorable access throughout.

• 1.74 Acres

• 11.9 Acres

• Sea & stream

• Good Area



For Sale $307,050 ECD $115,000 USD

Price Attractive

Layou Valley

Cotton Hill, Northwest Dominica

$35,000 USD

For Sale $367,000 ECD $137,450 USD

Lovely flat land, located only 25 mins. from Roseau, in the picturesque Interior of Dominica. Pretty mountain views & 5 mins walk to the fabulous Layou river with natural bathing pools.

Property is flat with splendid views of the Caribbean Sea & the Cabrits National Park. Also within the vicinity of the proposed marina for the town of Portsmouth. Access via a dirt road.

• 1.581 Acres

• 1.06 Acres

• Close to River

• Amenities 50 yards


Despor Village

For Sale $302,000 ECD $113,000 USD per acre

For Sale $121,500 ECD $45,000 USD (entire site)

Splendid views over the Caribbean sea, access road to Toucarie beach. Ideally located 5 mins. drive from Portsmouth. Great for beach & bird lovers, scuba diving & snorkeling.

30,731 sq2 ft. of flat to sloping land in peaceful Despor Village. Motorable road to the property. Beautiful mountain views with utilities in close proximity. Land is fenced.

• 2 Acres

• Utilities Available

• 0.70 Acres


• Quiet Location


For Sale $94,500 ECD


MCKIT ENGINEERING LTD. is a general contractor company that has been serving the construction industry in Venezuela, Central & South America and the Caribbean for over 20 years. Its professional record and growth are closely associated with the development of major projects. It is also based on their efficiency, liability and quality undertaking by public and private sectors. Most of its engineers and workers were involved in different construction projects (before MCKIT Engineering Ltd. was formally established), such as the design and construction of 350 middle-income houses in Barbados on behalf of the Government of Barbados and the construction of the Five-Star Sonesta Hotel in Aruba (a project that included the construction of a large casino, channel water-way for luxury boats and a private island). Projects realized in the 1990’s vary from the construction of 36 luxury townhouses in the city of Caracas, Venezuela; to the building of 250 low-income houses in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, where representatives of the company were project managers and designers of the houses and the infrastructural necessities. Before holding its current name, MCKIT Engineering Ltd. was established McEngineering Ltd. Their first project was the building of 700 low-income houses on behalf of the Government of Belize and then the building of the National Sport Complex (with a capacity of 4,000 seats), also in Belize. In 1998, McEngineering Ltd. was responsible for the construction of the new departure terminal, the extension of the arrival terminal, the apron and the parallel taxi-way of the PSW Goldson International Airport in Belize. MCKIT Engineering Ltd. was a sub-contractor for the construction of a parallel taxi-way at the V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua. The company has built 45 middle and low-income houses on behalf of the Government of Antigua & Barbuda, and has also developed many private and industrial projects. Recently, the company developed the architectural and structural design of the Football Development Complex in Montserrat; as commissioned by the Montserrat Football Association Inc., as well as a variety of private projects in different Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe and Anguilla. Besides general contracting, the company is linked with steel structure suppliers, and designs and produces steel structures to project requirements. They also work as distributors of building materials from Venezuela. The employees and collaborators of MCKIT Engineering Ltd. have proven their high motivation to take on the present challenges and have given evidence of their strong will to face any type of project.


350 Middle-Income Houses & Public Schools – Bridgetown, Barbados Public Roads (Type A) – Bridgetown, Barbados Sonesta Hotel – Oranjestad, Aruba 36 Luxury Townhouses – Caracas, Venezuela 250 Low-Income Houses – Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela 700 Low-Income Houses & National Sports Complex – Belize City, Belize Public Schools – Dandriga, Belize PSW Goldson International Airport Project – Belize City, Belize V.C. Bird International Airport Project – St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda 45 Middle & Low Income Houses & Industrial Warehouses – St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda

• Luxury Houses – St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda • Concrete Road & Bridge – Bolans Village & Friars Hill – Antigua & Barbuda • Sugar Ridge Luxury Hotel & Residences – Tottenham Park - Antigua & Barbuda • Residential Community - North Sound - Antigua & Barbuda

Project & Consultant Management, Building Contractor, Civil Works

Over 20 years of construction experience in Central & South America and the Caribbean. Residential Housing Projects, Commercial Developments, Hotel Developments.

MCKIT Headquaters, Crosbies, St. John’s, Antigua, W.I.

Tel: +1 (268) 562 6596 | Fax: +1 (268) 560 2974 | Cell: +1 (268) 464 1277 | mcinge@yahoo.com

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Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle 9-Summer2009  

Welcome to our 9th edition - Our Guest Island is Montserrat, the ‘Emerald Isle’ which offers a glimpse of a past Caribbean. It’s certainly a...

Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle 9-Summer2009  

Welcome to our 9th edition - Our Guest Island is Montserrat, the ‘Emerald Isle’ which offers a glimpse of a past Caribbean. It’s certainly a...