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Cardiac Risk in the Young Update 49 January to March 2009 News and Events

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Cardiac Risk in theYoung (CRY) Head Office: Unit 7, Epsom Downs Metro Centre, Waterfield, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5LR Tel: 01737 363222 Fax: 01737 363444 E-mail: cry@c-r-y.org.uk Visit our websites: www.c-r-y.org.uk • www.sads.org.uk • www.cry-csc.org.uk Registered Charity No 1050845


from the

Deputy Chief Executive

Dr. Steven Cox CRY Deputy Chief Executive Over the past twelve months CRY

hospitals in Cardiff and Southampton. When doctors that have worked

has continued to make significant

with CRY under Dr Sharma achieve these placements at major NHS



hospitals it highlights the quality of training they have had in this

awareness of cardiac conditions

specialist area. One of our aims is to improve the quality of cardiology

but also developing a screening

care of those affected and this will be achieved by increasing the



number of specialists in the NHS with an understanding of how to best

which is enabling thousands of

support families after the horrendous impact of these tragedies on all

young people to he tested for underlying cardiac conditions. This

those affected.






includes not only athletes, many of whom will represent GB in the 2012 Olympics, but also the general public. The Philips Testmyheart tour 09

CRY’s Research Fellows also play an instrumental role in publishing

was a completely new initiative with unprecedented success. Not only

our experiences. The more screening we do the more we understand

did CRY have a significant physical presence in communities but also on

about the prevalence of these conditions and what is clinically a

the web. Almost every person in the UK who uses Facebook would have

“normal” young heart. For more information on the studies that are being

had testmyheart adverts on their pages at some point over the 2 month

conducted you can go to the “research” section of the CRY website.

period. In the next Update issue we will be including a full spread on the

Dr Sharma tells me that CRY’s screening programme has surpassed

tour with the findings of those tested.

all expectations and has fed into crucial research benefiting all those involved in this complicated field of medicine. CRY was first to identify

Many people have questions about our screening programme and so

the upper limits of wall thickness and cavity size in British athletes. We

we have collated all these questions together and filmed Dr Sharma

are the first organisation in the world to characterise cardiac dimensions

answering the 50 most common on the www.testmyheart.org website.

in adolescent athletes – knowing how to differentiate pathology from

These include the questions; “what is sads?”, “does sport cause SCD?”,

physiology is vital for diagnosis – and the first organisation to characterise

“why does CRY not do screening after 35?”, and “why does CRY not

ECG changes in athletes in a document that is now the blueprint for the

screening after 35?”. We will soon be launching more in-depth clips of

European Society of Sport Cardiology. We are also the first organisation

Sanjay talking and answering questions about the different conditions.

to look at cardiac adaptation for Caribbean athletes, as we know they differ from Caucasian athletes in the way they adapt to exercise. The

Many of you may now be aware that most of the bookings of CRY

Italian data is so important in directing policy decisions and guidelines

screenings are available online at www.c-r-y.org.uk/ecg.htm. Our goal

for screening competitive athletes. However, it is based on a sample of

is to create an infrastructure where screening programmes can develop

Caucasian individuals. In the UK a significant proportion of people we

regionally. The new Liverpool clinic was a major step forward for the

test will not be Caucasian.

North West and we look forward to announcing future clinics. CRY has also been pivotal in identifying the prevalence of conditions such As we develop these screening services, there is an obvious demand to

as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in sportsmen. This includes

expand our clinical team. This year there have been 4 research Fellows

recently identifying conditions such as Long QT as more common than

Dr Michael Papadakis, Dr John Rawlins, Dr Carey Edwards and Dr Navin

HCM. The CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology has been responsible

Chandler. We have also worked with a number of cardiologists who

for publishing the largest British data on the demographics and causes

have attended screening events and worked with the research team.

of sudden death in athletes which was published recently in the Heart

The Research Fellows not only conduct the screenings and manage the

Journal. Our findings are published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals

abnormal results, they also work with Dr Sharma at the CRY Inherited

and our guidelines are now nationally and internationally recognised.

Cardiovascular Disease clinics at Lewisham Hospital and Kings College Hospital. At these fast-track clinics families can be seen within a few

Some people have criticised CRY’s research as being mainly focused on

weeks of referral after the sudden death of a family member.

sport. However, it is important to understand that one of the key issues in the debate around screening programmes is how those people with

Dr Carey Edwards and Dr John Rawlins have been successful in

“athletic” hearts are diagnosed. Investigating and understanding what

achieving their upgrade in cardiology roles with placements at major

is “normal” for the UK and athletic populations, directly impacts on our

2 • CRY update • Issue 49


Meet our

County Representative

Sue Jarvis

The funeral was held on a sunny

County Representative for Lancashire

nestling on the edge of the

How do you begin to describe the day your life shatters? Having spent seventeen



seven months loving this beautiful




created, how do you come to terms with the fact that your only child will never realise any of her dreams and that you have to spend the rest of your life without the one person who gave it any meaning? Nothing I write can do her justice or tell you what a kind, loyal, funny, happy, complex and much loved human being she was, and how so many lives have changed since she died. Louise was born on 19 October 1986, a Sunday child, my only child. She was the light of my life, the very best part of me. She was a happy, easy baby with a sunny personality who grew into a lovely young woman with a smile to light up a room. Louise had a great sense of fun, great style, was tolerant of others and the jewel in our family. She once told me that although she had many friends I was her best friend and we were more like sisters than mother and daughter. She put her heart into everything she did; from Brownies to ballet, from piano lessons to gymnastics. When Louise transferred to high school she really began to flourish. On the school committee, as Sports Captain and Deputy Head Girl, she gave her all and was repaid with excellent GCSE grades. Her English teacher was so impressed with her work that she asked Louise if she would donate her books to the school so that she could show other students how to write. She had a full and active life and I thank God that she was able to experience all that she did because her life was so tragically cut short. As the head teacher of her school said to me, ‘Louise flew twice as high for half as long’. Louise died on Tuesday 1 June 2004. She had a part-time job in the evenings at a local hotel and had gone to bed for a rest before starting work at 6pm. Before she went to lie down, Louise came into my bedroom and we lay on the bed in each other’s arms and had one of our girlie chats. I remember how we laughed and hugged each other. She got up to go to her room and when she reached the door she turned round and said “I love you, Mum.” At 5.15pm I went in to wake her. I took one look at her and I just knew that she was dead, her eyes were not quite closed and her lips were blue. I remember thinking she must have been cold to have such blue lips. I tried to wake her but she didn’t respond. I screamed for Ken, my husband, and he came rushing into the room. As I rang for an

day in a tiny village church Pennines and everyone wore pink. Six of the boys in her group wore matching pink shirts and ties, with pink roses in their buttonholes, as they carried her into church. All the flowers were pink except for mine, which were yellow, because she was my golden girl, the sunshine of my life. At the hotel where she had worked we drank champagne

Louise Worth

and celebrated a life that, although short, was rich and full and has given us so many wonderful memories. We then had to wait five months for the inquest. This gave us a verdict of ‘natural causes’ but we have since found out that Louise died of long QT (LQT), variant 3. I was given the address of CRY from a friend. After receiving their literature, I arranged to go to the Heart Hospital in London as part of CRY’s research into inherited arrhythmia. I have found that I am a carrier of LQT but I have it only slightly, whereas Louise was very severe. Yet it is something I had never heard of and certainly never suspected. Time has gone by in a blur. There are so many times when I forget that she’s dead and after something particularly good or bad has happened, I think “I must tell Lou about that” or “I wonder what Lou will think of this.” Even after almost three years, I can’t really accept that she’s gone. I talk to her every day, have worn her wishbone ring since the day she died and carry a lock of her hair to keep a part of her always close to me. We have tried to keep her name alive by having an award presented at her school. The Louise Worth Memorial Shield for Citizenship has times

been now

presented and


three also

present the Louise Worth Cup for Community Action at the college she attended. I feel privileged to be asked by CRY to be a County Representative. I hope that I can help to make as many people as possible aware of the ‘silent killer’ that has claimed so many young lives. I want to do my best to prevent other families having to live through the nightmare that follows the loss of a child or sibling. I want to raise enough funds to provide equipment to test other young people and allow them to live the lives they were meant to have.

ambulance, Ken began compressions. Then she was rushed to hospital where the doctors continued to work on her but she was pronounced dead at 7.08pm. Spookily, this was the same time that she was born.

4 • CRY update • Issue 49


Newsletter Alison Cox MBE CRY Founder & Chief Executive The first quarter of 2009 was a kaleidoscope of activity, with a number of outstanding raising awareness events taking place. These included a GMTV interview, two new MPs joining the Cardiac Risk in the Young All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), two new patrons joining our team and, under Andy Scott’s management, Brentford FC confirming they will again be using the CRY logo on their away shirts – an initiative that a number of other football clubs are now considering. Support events taking place included a Surgery Supporters Network (CRY SSN) meeting and the first of our Regional Bereavement Support Days, while in March we launched our Midlands postcard. With regard to the legal rights of the bereaved, there was considerable progress made with the Coroners and Justice Bill. The review into this service was opened under the chairmanship of Tom Luce in 2003. He declared that “the systems in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for the certification of most deaths by doctors and the investigation of others by coroners, have been seriously neglected over many decades and have been subjected to much public scrutiny due to a succession of high profile scandals (Shipman, Allitt, Bristol and Alder Hey). The Report posits that two principal changes are essential, namely, a restoration of public confidence in the death certification process and the greater responsiveness of coroner services to families.” When the first draft of the Bill was published in 2006 it was unequivocally rejected by every organisation consulted - most significantly by the coroners themselves. Following the appointment of Bridget Prentice as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice


from the

Chief Executive

in 2007 and Minister responsible for Coroners reform policy, steady progress started to be made, with CRY becoming increasingly involved in the development of the innovative Bereavement Charter specifically addressing the needs of the bereaved. The revised draft of the Bereavement Charter highlighted changes made as a result of the consultation which took place in 2008. The Coroners Bill was formally introduced in Parliament on January 14 (see items below) and, after completing its journey through the House of Commons following Report Stage and Third Readings in March, it was finally introduced to the House of Lords for further debate this summer with the Lords Report stage scheduled to begin in the autumn. A review of the Coroners Service was well overdue and I am delighted that the needs of bereaved families affected by young sudden cardiac death (YSCD) will now be properly addressed by a well regulated service that gives bereaved families the right to information and proper investigation of the cause of death. A key provision is the introduction of an effective appeals system. However, it is imperative that those it is intended to serve are given the opportunity to evaluate the process they have experienced. This will ensure that all necessary further improvements will be implemented. Exactly how this will be done still needs clarification. The declared aim of the Coroners and Justice Bill is to deliver more effective, transparent and responsive justice and coroner services for victims, witnesses, bereaved families and the wider public. After six years of investigation, deliberation and reconstruction by an enormous range of contributors, the coroners service will hopefully soon prove to be one in which all those affected can have full confidence.

expecting eight people to attend the meeting, on the day four young people received group counselling in the morning and answers to the many medical questions they asked of Dr Sanjay Sharma in the afternoon. All four were new members and were surprised at how cathartic it was to be able to share their experiences.

Volunteers Information Day Epsom, 17 January This was a new event organised by my PA, Maria Carter, to bring together our CRY representatives so that the year ahead could be discussed. Presentations from Director of Screening Dr Steve Cox, our Fundraising Manager Rebecca Zouvani and myself were given to provide an overview of our aims for the forthcoming year.

Surgery Supporters Network meeting Epsom, 11 January 2009 opened with another SSN meeting for ‘fit and healthy’ young people diagnosed with potentially fatal heart conditions. Although we were


Meeting with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Ministry of Justice, 20 January On the day that the Coroners and Justice Bill was introduced into Parliament (January 14) CRY was invited to a meeting with

CRY update • Issue 49 • 5


from the

Chief Executive

Bridget Prentice, the minister responsible for Coroner reform policy, to discuss with her the main coroner provisions in the Bill. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting and was very lucky that our County Representative for Kent, James Brown, was able to attend at very short notice. He was able to highlight my particular concerns about the appeals service, and suggested that this should be extended from 60 working days (three months) to a minimum of two years. James, who lost his wife Katrina in 2005, was able to cite his own experience of how it took him at least 12 months to even begin to consider anything beyond the immediate emotional issues. This point was immediately supported by others attending and noted by the Coroners’ team.

Surrey Heart & Stroke Masterclass Reigate, 20 January Rosemary Attridge spoke to this group about the impact of losing her son Stuart and CRY’s role in providing information and support. I also attended the event which focused on arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death, to explain CRY’s aims and what we have so far achieved to the 67 doctors and nurses who were present, while expert cardiologist Dr Elijah Behr updated delegates on clinical information and recent research.

Crispin Blunt MP joins the Cardiac Risk in the Young All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) 27 January Crispin Blunt MP (Conservative, Reigate) became the 112th member of the Cardiac Risk in the Young APPG.

February Coroners and Justice Bill Committee Oral evidence session Portcullis House, Westminster, 3 February As all roads were impassable and all trains cancelled after the notorious snowstorm that brought London and most of the Southeast to a grinding halt, it was with more than a smattering of relief that I found a kind cabbie who was happy to try to deliver me to Portcullis House for this very important meeting. Among many amendments to the Coroners and Justice Bill 2008/09 were changes that will affect bereaved people who are required to undergo complex and distressing inquests or inquiries. I am particularly interested in the progress of the Bereavement Charter in which the Justice Minister, Bridget Prentice, has taken such interest – indeed, her closing comment at this high profile, televised session was to enquire as to whether CRY was happy with the charter. For more information about the bill go to www.c-r-y.org.uk/coroner_bill_reform_2009.htm

6 • CRY update • Issue 49

Cardiac Risk in the Young APPG Annual General Meeting 4 February Kevan Jones is the MP who established the CRY APPG following the sudden death of Levon Morland, the son of his friend Jeff Morland. Our postcard campaign too, has been Kevan’s idea, and also the silhouette display that has accompanied all launch events for the new postcards. After being promoted to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Veterans on 5 October 2008, Kevan unfortunately had to relinquish his position as chair. The MPs who attended the recent AGM for the Cardiac Risk in the Young APPG voted for the new chair. This is Roger Gale, the Conservative member for North Thanet, who has been a CRY supporter since 2000. For more information about the APPG’s activities go to www.c-r-y. org.uk/parliament.htm/appg

CRY ‘Life years lost’ campaign on GMTV 13 February Jack Mason was a junior Karate International when his dad saw an article in the Daily Telegraph about CRY’s screening programme. Jack was screened and found to have asymptomatic Wolfe-ParkinsonWhite syndrome (WPW). He was given ablation and is now a member of CRY’s Surgery Supporters Network. Jack and I were at GMTV studios for a 6.45am appearance to talk about CRY and our Valentine’s Day ‘Life Years Lost’ campaign to highlight the tragic legacy of YSCD for those left behind – the thousands of young bereaved men and women robbed of the chance to grow old together with their partners, and those parents who will never see their child grow up. Spearheaded by our consultant cardiologist, Dr Sanjay Sharma, the campaign was unveiled in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. We asked our Patrons and celebrity supporters to post a ‘love letter’ on our website telling us why CRY has a special place in their heart and how they value our work in raising awareness and supporting families across the UK. To read what they said, go to www.c-r-y.org.uk/ valentine.htm

Ben Brown becomes CRY Patron 16 February The BBC’s Ben Brown, a friend of journalist Paul Clabburn whose son Tom died suddenly in 2007, is one of the Corporation’s most experienced war correspondents and, with CRY Patron Emily Maitlis, hosts BBC News 24. Ben is pleased to join our growing list of high profile Patrons and says “CRY has a place in my heart because too many people are being taken from us in the prime of their lives and we must do everything in our power to reduce the number of these tragedies.”



from the

Chief Executive

Brentford Football Club pledge continued support for CRY 20 February Brentford FC, the Coca Cola League Two champions managed by CRY Patron Andy Scott, have chosen to donate their secondary shirt sponsorship for 2009/10 to CRY. This means that our logo will appear on the Brentford ‘away shirt’ for the second consecutive season and this time in League One. Congratulations to the club on their success and especially to the manager who was also awarded London Football Manager of the Year in 2008 – our Andy!

Postcard Campaign moves on to Midlands 13 March

Nick Easter becomes CRY Patron 27 February Harlequins and current England Rugby Union player Nick Easter became a CRY Patron. Nick says it is a privilege to support CRY as a Patron. “As a Harlequins and England rugby player, I am well aware of the importance of cardiac screening in sport and will help in whatever way I can to raise awareness and support CRY’s campaign to reduce the terrible number of young sudden cardiac deaths that we hear about every year.”

Sally Keeble MP joins the Cardiac Risk in the Young APPG 27 February Sally Keeble MP (Labour, Northampton North) became the 113th member of the Cardiac Risk in the Young APPG.

CRY’s ‘12 a week’ postcard campaign continued with the launch of the new Midlands postcard and the highlighting of young sudden death tragedies with our 12 silhouettes which accompany all these events. As with previous launches in the Southeast and Northern Ireland, this one also attracted significant coverage from the BBC, ITV and numerous local newspapers and radio, with several CRY families in the region giving interviews. Dr Tony Hillier is a local GP who has experienced two sudden deaths in his village – one being that of his daughter, Laura, aged only 21, in 2003. He spoke at the launch about the impact of YSCD on him as a dad and as a GP, and on the community. After the event Tony and his wife Joan (one of our team of Bereavement Supporters) gave an extensive and moving interview to Anglia TV News at their home from which they received a great deal of feedback. This was carried out on Mother’s Day which was also Tony and Joan’s 34th wedding anniversary. The interview had a significant impact, becoming the main headline news for the day with a 20 minute slot on the 6pm news. As with many others attending, Joan and Tony also gave interviews to local papers and radio stations. There are more details about the launch at www.c-r-y.org.uk/midlands_postcard_ launch_2009.htm

Scotland Regional Bereavement Support Day 29 March

March Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions Conference Leeds, 12 March Dr Campbell Cowan, National Clinical Lead for Chapter 8, organised this extremely well-attended event for medical personnel interested in the development of services in this complex field. I was asked to speak about the crucial role of bereavement support and the service CRY provides to help meet the needs of the bereaved.


CRY Bereavement Supporters Amanda Barker and Maralyn Bowen and a small group of three families attended CRY’s first Regional Bereavement Support day in Scotland. The event, held at the beautiful Norton House Hotel at Ingliston in Edinburgh, was emphatically endorsed as hugely helpful by those that came. With those gathered split into two small groups, all of us there to help felt, perhaps because of the luxury of so much time to spend with them, that it was one of the most successful events we had ever had – unquestionably and absolutely worth every moment of the long trip from London to Edinburgh to be able to support our families in Scotland.

CRY update • Issue 49 • 7

Report from the

CRY Centre for Cadiac Pathology (CRY CCP)

The average turnaround time for referrals at the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology during January, February and March 2009 have been well inside our target of 14 days. Each month we received ten referrals, an increase on numbers from this period last year, and each case was examined and completed in a short period of time. As well as clinical work Dr Sheppard organised a full day teaching session in cardiovascular pathology for first year trainees based at the Royal Brompton Hospital. In February she was invited to Mumbai, India, as a guest speaker for the Pathological Association of India meeting. In March Dr Sheppard was invited to be a guest speaker at the Northern Cardiac Network Meeting in Leeds.

Research In January, research generated by the CRY CCP was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland in London. Abstracts were accepted for poster presentation (‘Setting up of a Pathology Laboratory to Investigate Sudden Cardiac Death. Results from the first year of CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology’. Sofia V de Noronha, Kathrin Hault, Jemma Wells and Mary N Sheppard, Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London, January 2009) and for an oral presentation (Non-Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Pathology Responsible for Sudden Cardiac Death. What every pathologist should know’. Sharleen Hill, Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London, January 2009). In March, at the prestigious Annual General Meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) held in Boston, USA, the department had four abstracts accepted for poster presentations.

8 • CRY update • Issue 49

Top Left and Right: Dr Mary Sheppard and research Fellow Sofia de Noronha, Middle Right: Dr Sheppard speaking at the Pathology Centre’s launch. Bottom Right: The CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology



Screening report

On 17 January we travelled to Pontypridd for the Cardiff clinic at the University of Glamorgan. We screened 102 people on the day, funded by the Memorial Funds of Gareth McDonald and Mark Young. The first schools screening of the year took place at Clacton School on 13 and 14 January, funded by the Andrew Gard Memorial Fund. On 21 January we screened the England Senior netball team. Eight days later we screened the England Under 20 rugby team, and the Under 18s the day after that. At the end of the month (31 January) we held our regular Colchester clinic. The first week of February saw us back at the Rugby Football Union (RFU) to screen the England rugby squad. The Isle of Man clinic took place immediately after (7 and 8 February) at the Hilton Hotel where we screened 333 people over the weekend. During the second week of the

Left: Cardiff Clinic, Above Right: Isle of Man Clinic month we travelled to Newcastle to screen 110 children at Dame Allan’s School. Our Northern Ireland clinic took place over 13-15 February at the University of Ulster. During the last week of the month it was another school screening, this time at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. At the beginning of March we were at Eton College where we screened almost 200 boys. Next, we travelled to Preston for the Lowe family screening held at Myerscough Agricultural College on 6 and 7 March. We had an excellent turnout of staff and students as well as the general public and screened a total of 317 people over the weekend. The West Midlands family screening, held in memory of Paul Davies, took place on 15 March at the Stourbridge Medical Centre in Birmingham, where we screened 137 people. Next was another schools screening, this time at King’s Bruton in Somerset (11 March) and Millfield School, also in Somerset, the day after that. On 20 March we returned to Stowe. The next day we screened the England Under 21 netball squad. Finally, at the end of the month our Northern Ireland clinic took place at Strabane (28 March) and Castlederg (29 March).


CRY update • Issue 49 • 9

CRYClinic at Liverpool John Moores University Rt Hon Andy Burnham

Launching at LJMU CRY’s Liverpool clinic was officially opened at Liverpool John Moores University (LMJU) on Monday 6 April by The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP, then Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. The event in the University’s CETL Building was well attended, with guests including CRY cardiologists and many other health professionals, CRY families, politicians and media representatives. The event marked the latest chapter in the charity’s pioneering screening programme. In addition to the address from the Secretary of State, the guests heard from those involved with LJMU – Professor Greg Whyte (Consultant to the CRY Board and Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science), Sir Malcolm Thornton (Chairman of the Board of Governors) and Professor Tim Cable (Director of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences). Dionne Young and Maureen Marshall, the mothers of two promising young footballers both tragically lost to sudden cardiac death, spoke movingly of their experiences.

The closing address was given by CRY Chief Executive Alison Cox. There was extensive media coverage for this event including BBC, ITV, a number of radio stations and press articles. For more information on the clinic go to the CRY website www.c-r-y.org.uk/liverpool.htm

Dr Lisa Hodgson

Maureen Marshall

Professor Greg Whyte gave an electrocardiogram (ECG) demonstration to those assembled. He discussed the role of the ECG, how it works in recording the electrical rhythm of the heart and why this is so important as a screening tool. Professor Keith George, Professor of Exercise and Cardiovascular Physiology at LJMU, demonstrated how the echocardiogram (ECHO) works. While carried out routinely in elite sport, ECHO testing also plays an instrumental role in ECG-only screening, as one in ten people tested by CRY will show ECG abnormalities that require follow-up with an ECHO to confirm that there is not a problem. Dr Lisa Hodgson, previously Head of Sports Medicine, Performance and Coaching Department at the Rugby League (RFL) spoke about the importance of elite athletes being screened and will be supporting the development of our initiative to screen GB athletes leading up to 2012. Alison Cox

10 • CRY update • Issue 49

Dionne Young


CRYMidlands Postcard Launch

Bereaved families, who have been affected by young sudden cardiac death, from the West Midlands, Derbyshire, Northants, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, attended the launch of our Midlands postcard, the third in a campaign highlighting new statistics (ONS 2006). Twelve silhouette cutouts, representing these weekly tragedies, were used to visually demonstrate this. Those attending were hugely successful in getting major news coverage for the event which was filmed by ITV Midlands.


CRY update • Issue 49 • 11

Running and Skydiving for CRY In Memory of Michael Andrews Gemma Marchant took part in the 2008 Great South Run and raised £317 in memory of Michael.

In Memory of Craig Golightly Amy Colpitts took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £580 in memory of Craig.

In Memory of Reece Goodman Michael Harrison took part in the Lady Godiva Half Marathon and raised £128.

In Memory of Stuart Attridge Thérèse Rose took part in the Adidas Women’s Challenge 2008 and raised £391.50 in memory of Stuart.

In Memory of Oliver Griffin Gareth Ilbery took part in the Windsor Half Marathon and raised £3,204 in memory of Oliver.

In Memory of Katrina Brown Dr James Mair took part in the Great Eastern Run 2008 and raised £530 in memory of Katrina.

In Memory of Nick Guild Elizabeth Guild took part in the Silverstone Half Marathon and raised £185 in memory of Nick.

In Memory of Leanne Haddrell Becky Dovey took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon and raised £1,392 in memory of Leanne.

In Memory of Tom Clabburn David Hayward took part in the real Berlin Marathon and raised £681.50 in memory of Tom.

In Memory of David Harrop Jonas Jaanimagi took part in the 2008 British 10k London Run and raised £880 in memory of David.

In Memory of Gemma Collyer

In Memory of Kieran Hyatt

James Taylor took part in the Silverstone Half Marathon and raised £1,046 in memory of Gemma.

Isobelle Robinson took part in the 2008 British 10k London Run and raised £540 in memory of Kieran.

In Memory of Neil Darby Ryan Grimshaw took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £180 in memory of Neil.

In Memory of Paul Leach Emma McGough raised a further £105 after taking part in the Middlesbrough 10k Run.

In Memory of Adam Drawbridge Paul Moss has now raised a total of £940.65 after taking part in the 2008 Great North Run.

In Memory of Jack Maddams Wayne Cripps took part in the 2008 Great South Run and raised £259.

In Memory of Sebastian English Phil Simmons has now raised a total of £2,370 after taking part in the 2008 Great South Run.

• Simon Hancock raised a further £850.20 after taking part in the Leicester Half Marathon. In Memory of David Maidment Peter Maidment raised a further £145 after taking part in the 2008 Great South Run.

In Memory of Mark Futcher Christopher Burnett took part in the 2008 Great South Run and raised £565.

In Memory of Laura Moss Verity Hancock took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £415 in memory of Laura.

In Memory of Mark Gallacher Fiona MacDonald took part in the 2008 Great Scottish Run and raised £365.

In Memory of Duncan Mulholland

In Memory of Liz Gent

James Littlewood took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £755.

Rosalind Emslie has now raised a total of £841.20 after taking part in the 2008 Edinburgh Marathon.

12 • CRY update • Issue 49


Running and Skydiving for CRY In Memory of Dominic O’Loughlin Kim Nurse took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £443 in memory of Dominic.

• •

In Memory of Pete Reynolds Steve Hacker took part in the Bristol Half Marathon and raised £100.

Natalie Perumal has now raised a total of £587.50 after taking part in the Bristol Half Marathon.

In Memory of Martyn Simpson Cheryl Smith took part in the Adidas Auckland Marathon and raised £155 in memory of Martyn.

• •

In Memory of Sarah Simpson Will Simpson took part in the 2008 Great North Run and has raised a total of £1,603 in memory of Sarah.

In Memory of Gareth Llywelyn Thomas Ion Davies has now raised a total of £623.50 after taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon.

• Stephen Nutt raised a total of £250 after taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Anna McIlreavy took part in the British 10k run and raised £210. Ross Mandeville took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £220. Andrew Markham took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £170. Davin Miller took part in the real Berlin Marathon and raised £190. Lucy Moses took part in the 2008 ‘Run to the Beat’ Half Marathon and raised £265. Jack Oakshatt has now raised a total of £365 after taking part in the 2008 Great North Run. Samantha Potts took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £140. David Prince took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £220. Imogen Pudduck took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £1,665. Lucy Sefton took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £375.20. Martin Upton took part in the 2008 Great South Run and raised £100. Hazel Westwood took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon and raised a further £297 for the West Midlands ECG Fund. Nicholas Witley took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £230. Nilser Yetkil took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £275.

In Memory of Matthew Thomsett Tony Gillman took part in the 2008 Great South Run and raised £660.50 in memory of his friend Matthew.

In Memory of Kevin Wilson Clare Shearing took part in the Adidas Women’s Challenge 2008 and raised £144.25 in memory of Kevin.

In Memory of Jessica Allan Iain Allan sent in a donation of £100 in respect of the skydive held on 11 August in memory of his daughter, Jessica .

In Memory of Stewart Gardner Karen Gardner has raised a total of £1.087.01 after taking part in a skydive in memory of Stewart.

In Memory of Jade Johnstone

Charles Arrowsmith took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £636.61. Vicki Balderston took part in the 2008 Great South Run and raised £540.

Rajarshi Banerjee took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and raised £542.29.

Lorraine Cox took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

and raised £145.

Richard Hallt from Chiltley Place Lodge forwarded a matched giving

donation of £250 from his employer in respect of the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.

Mr Steele Harken took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £310.

Phillip Iverson took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £407.50.

Anna Lagan took part in the 2008 Great North Run and raised £963.


Toni Newton took part in a tandem skydive and raised £145 in memory of Jade.

• Claire Thomason took part in a tandem skydive and raised £145 in memory of Jade. In Memory of Charlie Morettes Allison Spalding sent in a further £425 for Samantha Symons’ skydive.

In Memory of Craig (Daniel) Powell Rebekah Barnard took part in a tandem skydive and raised £1,568.30 in memory of Craig.

Saira Naeem took part in a tandem skydive and raised £125.

CRY update • Issue 49 • 13


Fundraisers In Memory of Marcus Armstrong

In Memory of Graeme Blenkinsop

Tony Armstrong sent in a further donation of £520 which was raised at the quiz night held in Marcus’s memory by the Cliff Hotel in Harwich.

“I am very pleased to enclose a cheque for £100 for Graeme’s Memorial Fund. This includes donations from our work colleagues and money in lieu of sending Christmas cards to our close family, friends and work colleagues.” Mrs Jan Blenkinsop

In Memory of Stuart Attridge CRY County Representative Rosemary Attridge gave a talk about CRY to the Horley Lions on 22 January. After the talk, Peter Moxley, Lions’ President, presented her with a donation of £250.

• Jan and Paul Blenkinsop sent in a further donation of £403.25 in memory of their son Graeme.”Kevin Ebbs again kindly organised a quiz at ‘The Ship and Castle’ Public House on New Year’s Day 2009 to raise funds for CRY and SCOPE. The total raised was a fantastic £806.50. There was a full house, in fact standing room only, and all were lively, which was surprising as it was the day following celebrations for the New Year! There was much banter between teams and it became very noisy at times. Much fun was had trying to answer the very weird and wonderful questions asked by Kevin. A raffle was held at the end of the quiz with lots of donated prizes, including a very exclusive hamper, a family ticket to visit the Isle of Wight Zoo, a giant teddy bear and much more. We cannot thank Kevin and the patrons of The Ship and Castle enough. Hopefully this donation will go a little way in saving a young life.”

In Memory of Andrew Ball Alan Weavin raised £781.40 from his annual Father Christmas Grotto and lights display.

In Memory of Johnny Barker “Please find enclosed a cheque for £1,600 donated in memory of our son Johnny who died 2001, aged 20. We were motivated to collect donations from our shooting clients after attending James Lancaster’s charity shoot at Bisley last summer, which we thought was amazing.” Stephen and Julie Barker and eldest son Sam

Miss L Bryant sent in a donation of £100 in memory of Graeme.

In Memory of Ian Bowen Maralyn Bowen has sent donations totalling £1,034 raised by Kenny’s ‘Boxing Day Dip’.

In Memory of Cecilia Barriga [Photo: ‘Sophie Bates abseil’] Sophie Bates sent in a further donation of £140 for her sponsored abseil. She has now raised a total of £270 in memory of Cecilia.

In Memory of Wesley Bray In Memory of Kasia Ber Jayne Lavery arranged Christmas fundraising at the Tunstall College of Science. As an alternative to staff sending Christmas cards, students made a display and staff paid to write a Christmas message. They raised £138.25 in memory of Kasia.

Jo Fix forwarded a donation of £100 in lieu of floral tributes in memory of Wesley, a financial advisor who worked with Openwork staff.

In Memory of Katrina Brown ACE INA Services UK sent in a matched giving donation (£1,000) in respect of Paul Slater and the Lands End to John O’Groats Cycle Ride.

A rugby match in memory of Kasia took place on 28 December at Horden Rugby Club and raised £508.62. Diane Ber sent in donations totalling £124. Of this, £94 came from a collection tin at Dr Chandy’s surgery and £30 from her local dental surgery.

In Memory of Steven Bicker Gary Bicker raised £8,196 for ‘Dave and Gary go to Peru’, the fundraising Peruvian trek they undertook in memory of Gary’s younger brother Steven.

In Memory of Mathew Blease Karen, Steve and Mark Blease sent in a donation of £500 from the Catuvellauni Masonic Lodge and £80 from the Hertfordshire Referees’ Association.

14 • CRY update • Issue 49

We have received a donation of £100 from A Woodley in memory of Wesley.

James Brown (CRY County Representative for Kent) and his friends Tony, Nigel and Graham have raised a total of £24,456.60 since taking part in the Lands End to John O’Groats Cycle Ride in memory of Katrina.

In Memory of Robert Burns The Co-operative food store, Harworth, collected £700 in memory of Robert.

In Memory of Graham Button “Please find enclosed a cheque for £102, being the amount we collected for carol singing on 18 December 2008. Graham Button’s daughter Lauren, aged 8, went carol singing with my daughter Phoebe, aged 9, and myself. Everyone we sang to was very kind and felt a lot of sympathy for Lauren, having lost her father at such a young age.” Lisa Bennet


Our • “I

have great pleasure in enclosing cheques totalling £1,200 in memory of my husband Graham Button. The money was kindly given by my dear friend Liz Hughes and her work colleagues, who annually give the interest they raise from their Christmas shopping savings to a charity of their choice. This year they have kindly chosen CRY.” Alison Button

In Memory of Michael Cadman “This donation is being made in recognition of the efforts of the Rockwater 1 Team in raising money for CRY by taking part in the cycle ride in Italy.” Robin Davies, Subsea 7 UK Charities Committee sent in a donation of £500.

In Memory of Tom Clabburn The Maybury Hillside Women’s Club raised £200 in memory of Tom. The cheque was collected by CRY supporter Eddie Farrow.

In Memory of Andrew Croxson “Please find attached a cheque for £300 from our suppliers, Carry Cargo International Limited. Carry Cargo, instead of giving customers a Christmas gift, enter all customers into a raffle and ask that the winners of the raffle donate the prize to a registered charity. Croxsons were the lucky winner of the first prize of £300 and obviously we chose to donate this to CRY in memory of Andrew James Croxson, who died at the age of 24 from cardiac arrest.” Faye Blayney, for James Croxson

In Memory of Neil Darby Heather Darby forwarded a donation of £350 from Jim and Angela McNeilly in respect of their participation in the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride.

Heather sent in further donations totalling £1,325 in memory of Neil.

Julie Smith sold packs of ‘Reindeer Dust’ and raised £104 in memory of Neil.

• Ms Paula Wells sent in a donation of £400 on behalf of the directors and staff at Explore Worldwide Limited.

In Memory of Harry Clarke “We tragically lost our beautiful son, Harry, in May 2006 when he was 11 years old. Harry collapsed and died running cross country at school. His cause of death was diagnosed by Dr Mary Sheppard as anomalous coronary heart circulation. Please find enclosed a cheque for £200. My lovely friends at work (Adlington Primary School) collected money in Harry’s memory rather than send Christmas cards. This also includes a donation from Harry’s Memorial Fund to help you to continue the wonderful work you all do at CRY. With very best wishes and continued success in 2009.” Lewis, Lisa and Jack Clarke

In Memory of David Cochrane The Rotary Club of Whitburn raised £2,535.90 in memory of David.

In Memory of Adam Corsham Gillian Connal forwarded a matched giving donation from Deloitte LLP for £500 in respect of her participation in the Boston Rowing Marathon 2008.

• Ivan Wong took part in the Boston Rowing Marathon 2008 and raised £1,448.

In Memory of Nicholas Cottam We have received a donation of £277.92 in lieu of floral tributes for the late Mr Nicholas Cottam.



In Memory of Joel Davies “On 20 December 2008 John and I celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years) and requested ‘no presents but donations to CRY’. As a result we enclose cheques totalling £450 in memory of our dearest grandson, Joel Davies, who died on 9 June 2005. These cheques were donated by our friends, family and neighbours who knew and loved him.” John and Margy Stubbs In Memory of Neil Desai “Please find enclosed a cheque for £285 raised by friends of mine and clients of my small hairdressing salon. It was raised by a small raffle, collecting 5p coins and filling Smartie tubes with 20p coins.” Anne Rawden

In Memory of Luke Dickinson Pat Dickinson sent in donations totalling £450. Of this, Rochdale Job Centre donated £150 from a Christmas raffle.

Pat sent in a further donation of £180 from friends and colleagues at Rochdale Job Centre. “My dear friend and constant support, Vera Jess, has just retired and asked for donations in memory of Luke rather than presents.”

In Memory of Christopher Dixon Penelope Peat raised a further £220 after completing a walk from Swanage to Corfe in Dorset. This makes a total of £240. The photograph from the day was sent in by Aimee Norman.

Karen Dixon raised £145 in memory of Christopher.

In Memory of Martyn Dobson “Please find enclosed cheques to the value of £520 as a donation to your cause. This is in memory of our son, Martyn (30), who died suddenly just before Christmas from sudden adult death syndrome whilst cycling in Richmond Park. Next to his work in graphics software, cycling had been his passion from an early age. He won many trophies for road and track racing with his club, the Cleveland Wheelers.” Mr and Mrs A M Dobson

CRY update • Issue 49 • 15


Fundraisers In Memory of Adam Donnelly

Julie Donnelly sent in cheques totalling £315: “A £100 donation from my mother raised from a charity stall at a boot fair, £100 from my aunt from the sale of second hand books at various functions and a £115 donation from my dear friends Howard and Teresa Teague, who held a party on New Year’s Eve 2008. A game of Wacky Races was played in which everyone had to pay to play and the fee was donated to CRY”.

In Memory of Phillip Elliott Helen Elliott sent in a donation of £100. “This money was raised by my daughter at her 21st birthday party, in memory of her dad, Phillip Elliott, who died suddenly last year.”

successful quiz night on 12 February 2009 in Bar Ha Ha in Guildford. We decided to donate the proceeds of our quiz night to CRY as one of our committee lost her friend to sudden cardiac death syndrome and was aware that your charity provided a lot of support to her family.”

In Memory of Vicki Furlong “Please find enclosed a donation of £100 collected from the Sleep & Respiratory Laboratories and the Research Nurses team here at University Hospital Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust. We have collected this in memory of our colleague, Vicki Furlong, who sadly passed away suddenly on 5 October 2008.” Marie Pearce

In Memory of Sebastian English Samara Hammond raised £9,100 after completing the Three Peaks Challenge 2008.

In Memory of Matt Gadsby

Mr and Mrs Owens sent in a Christmas donation of £100 in memory of their great nephew Sebastian.

Richard Kimber sent in a donation of £863.39. “I and two other members of our staff, plus six of our pupils, completed a charity cycle ride last summer from Land’s End back to our school. The terrain took in many major hills and was a total of 412 miles.”

Alastair Paterson attended Haslemere Rugby Club’s children’s Christmas party and collected three cheques on behalf of CRY. These amounted to £2,250 in memory of Sebastian.

AXA Framlington sent in a donation of £1,000.

Nigel Munn has raised a further £100 after completing the London to Paris Cycle Ride.

“On the anniversary of Sebastian’s death, a group of his friends from Amesbury and Lord Wandsworth met at Pizza Express in Haslemere and raised £150.” Tony Prigge

In Memory of Andy Forbes We have received a donation of £402.50 for Andy’s Memorial Fund in lieu of floral tributes in memory of the late Louise Bate.

In Memory of Joanne Fotheringham We have received a donation of £181.60 for Joanne’s Memorial Fund in memory of the late Mr Nikilai (Nick) Ivanovich Kotschujew.

In Memory of Terence Frost “Please find enclosed a cheque for £356.74 which we would like to donate to your charity. The money was raised in memory of Mr T G Frost, my late husband, who passed away suddenly from a heart attack on 11 December.” Mrs S A Frost

In Memory of Rhian Nadine Fry Catherine Penny, Treasurer of Young Surrey Lawyers, sent in a donation of £226 in memory of Rhian. “We are a group of young lawyers in the Surrey area and a branch of the Junior Lawyers Division of the Law Society. We held a very

16 • CRY update • Issue 49

“Please find enclosed a cheque for £250 which has been donated in memory of our daughter, Mrs Victoria Furlong, who died suddenly on 5 October 2008 from what is thought to be sudden adult death syndrome. This money has been raised locally from a charity event.” Andrew White

The Queen’s Head held a Stars in your Eyes evening and raised £410 in memory of Matt. Arrow Imaging sent in a donation of £250 and £38.64 was raised from a CRY collection box.

In Memory of Andrew Gard “Members of our administration staff nominated CRY as our charity for this Christmas following the free screening service you offered to our staff and students recently. We raised money in two ways: firstly, by selling red heart card cut-outs that students and the community could write a message on for a loved one and then hang on our 30ft Christmas tree. Our second idea was to create a Christmas snowman message board for staff to send festive messages instead of sending Christmas cards. The donations that we received have totalled £121.72” Lia Smith, The Colne Community School and College

In Memory of Gary Giles “Please find enclosed a cheque for £120 in memory of Gary Giles who died several years ago. It was raised during this year’s six-a-side cricket match between the members of the Lamb Inn football team (Marlborough), Marlborough Town Football Club and Minal Cricket Club, all of whom Gary used to play for, together with the annual Minal Duck Race.” Jackie Cook, Minal Sports & Social Club

In Memory of Ashley Goodwin Geoffrey Goodwin raised £265 in memory of Ashley.

We have also received donations totalling £220.44 in lieu of floral tributes in memory of the late Mr Edward (Ted) Goodwin.

In Memory of Oliver Griffin Kate Piddington raised a further £6,003 after taking part in the London to Paris Cycle Ride. This makes the total amount raised £6,158, excluding the donation from Reckitt Benckiser.

The Lower VI pupils of Truro School held a charity event selling ‘lucky bags of sweets’ at 20p each and raised £159.70 in memory of Oliver.

In Memory of Joe Grove Acer Nethercott raised £2,375.80 after completing the Lands End to John O’Groat’s cycle ride.


Our In Memory of Leanne Haddrell “Please find enclosed cheques to the value of £2,274.54 to be paid into the Leanne Haddrell Memorial Fund. The cheques are broken down as follows: a donation of £1,800 from Tewkesbury School. This is the school that Leanne attended for her secondary education. They hold an annual charity fund-raising week in which they agreed to include CRY as one of the charities they would support in honour of Leanne. The remaining £474.54 is made up from donations at work instead of sending Christmas cards, money given to us from family and friends and, finally, the emptying of a collection box at Cascades Leisure Centre where Leanne worked as a lifeguard.” Mrs Mary E Haddrell

Mary also forwarded a donation of £157. “The cheques are from Mr D Minchew, a close friend whose children grew up with our son and daughter (Leanne). He recently requested money for several nominated charities instead of presents for his 50th birthday. Fortunately, he kindly included CRY as one of those charities.”

“I am pleased to enclose a cheque for £500. This is a Christmas grant from Zurich Carers. We asked our staff for nominations of charities they’d like to see us give a little extra to over the festive season. You were nominated by David Haddrell and the Zurich Service Proposition team, both of whom have been affected by this issue this year.” Julie Williams, Zurich Carers Grants Committee

In Memory of Paul Harding Lisa Cooper took part in an abseil of Coventry Hill and raised £115.

In Memory of Graham Harrison Eluned Harewood sent in a donation of £1,000. “I am pleased to inform you that after a lot of organised chaos, I have finally managed to collect all the money that was raised through the football tournament held by Spiders Football Club and the annual pantomime by Frodingham Amateur Dramatics. The event was an eleven-a-side football tournament and was organised by Idris Nassar, the manager of the Spiders football team. Graham, who died in March, was a player and also my youngest son’s best friend.”

Pam Woodcock sent in a donation of £1,866, raised at a general knowledge quiz evening and a Valentine Dance at the Driffield Town Cricket & Recreation Club. “19 March 2008 was the day which changed the lives of my family forever. Graham was just 19 years of age when he died of myocarditis – suddenly and without warning. He was a fit, healthy, fun-loving young man who had just started university life in Huddersfield. He loved his football, sports and music, and loved life itself like any 19 year-old does/should. Graham was the middle son of my sister’s three children. We are a close family and we continue to help each other through this painful loss which will always be there. I realise through CRY that so many people’s lives are affected in similar ways and that is why I decided to raise money in Graham’s memory. I know he would be pleased and proud of us all in this respect. The ‘Valentine Dance’ was a huge success – it would have been Graham’s 20th birthday on 16 February, so all his friends and family descended on Driffield Cricket Club to celebrate it in style by raising money to promote CRY’s wonderful work. The amount raised represents a reminder to his family of the warmth and affection with which Graham was held. I thank everyone who supported these events and hope to continue fundraising in the future. I am proud to support CRY’s two main aims: to save young people’s lives, and to support and help those who are affected.”



In Memory of David Harrop Jennifer Harrop raised £4,118.19 in memory of David.

The Inner Wheel Club of Poynton raised £200 in memory of David.

In Memory of Andrew Hartlebury Stephen Higgins, Nicki Plumb and a few of her work colleagues took part in the annual Keswick to Barrow Walk, a 40 mile walk through the Cumbrian Lake District, in memory of Andrew Hartlebury. They nominated CRY to the Keswick to Barrow Walk Treasurer, Mr Bill Bright, who donated £500.

Lee Clark sent in a donation of £142. “This was raised in memory of Andrew Hartlebury by means of a football match between his friends, family and work colleagues. The local leisure centre donated the pitch for free which was much appreciated. Andrew liked a friendly game of football so we felt it fitting to hold a game in his memory and raise money for CRY. Also, it was whilst playing football two years ago that Andrew passed away, so it made it more poignant.”

In Memory of Katie Hayes “I lost my sister, Katie Hayes, in February 2007 and have since felt the desperate need to raise awareness of CRY in the hope of preventing other families suffering as we had. On the second anniversary of her passing, I finally plucked up the courage to make a start by posting a few paragraphs on my work’s electronic noticeboard explaining my story and how CRY helped us through our bereavement, and, most of all, your promotion of early screening. On reading my notice, a colleague offered to help fundraise with me and suggested the idea of biscuit selling. It just so happened that it was Valentine’s Day on the Saturday of that week, and so the idea came about to make heart-shaped biscuits to promote CRY but both equally themed for Valentines! With each biscuit or cake sold we gave out laminate hearts with CRY’s web address on them to encourage people to view the website and then pass the heart on to someone else. It is with thanks to so many colleagues who pulled together and helped make the biscuit sale possible and contributions from family that we were able to raise a phenomenal £312.00! Equally, it is thanks to the good nature of the Operations Director and Chief Executive at my workplace, the RNLI, who allowed this to even take place! In contrast to the £5,111 raised by family and friends in 2007 through Justgiving it’s a small contribution, but my main aim had been to bring about an initial awareness of CRY among colleagues and I believe this achievement was a good place to start!” Tara Hayes.

CRY update • Issue 49 • 17


Fundraisers In Memory of Charles (Charlie) Robert Headland The Centenary Methodist Church, Boston, held a Christmas Fayre and raised £109 in memory of Charlie Headland, who passed away ‘peacefully’ in his sleep on 6 September 2007 from dilated cardiomyopathy.

In Memory of Polly Hughes Elizabeth Deacon raised £255 after taking part in the ‘Ramshackle Rally’.

In Memory of Simon Johnson Emma Hemingway held a charity cricket match and raised £100 in memory of her brother Simon.

In Memory of Caroline Johnstone Hannah Burnel raised a further £3,419.78 after taking part in the Fairy Fun Run.

In Memory of Kallista Lily-Ann Heavey Mr Thomas Heavey raised £1,373.45 in memory of Kallista.

In Memory of Claire Keen and Paul Byrne Ellen Mould, Project Coordinator, SE Controls, sent in a donation of £141. “This money was raised during a corporate fun day where our employees were able to attend work in pyjamas.”

In Memory of Dean Henderson “I am extremely pleased to enclose a cheque for £337.50 which was kindly raised by Romag Limited, Leadgate Industrial Estate, where they held their yearly Christmas raffle. Every year they donate proceeds from the raffle to CRY in memory of Dean Henderson, my son, who passed away tragically at the young age of 15 due to hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HCOM) in August 2003.” Deborah Anderson (Dean’s mum)

In Memory of Laura Hillier Tony Hillier sent in donations totalling £391 in memory of Laura.

In Memory of Lauren Holly Tim Stevens raised a further £771 after taking part in the Kilimanjaro Trek. This makes a total of £1,521.

We have received a donation of £250 via the Alliance & Leicester Bank in memory of Lauren. Lindsay Butler raised a further £1,252 from her Kilimanjaro Trek. This makes a total figure of £3,627.

In Memory of Anthony Lancaster Steve and Pauline Jolly sent in a donation of £550 in memory of Anthony’s grandmother, Mrs Frances Jolly, of St Helens, Merseyside.

In Memory of Robert Lancaster James Lancaster sent in a donation of £10,000 in memory of Robert.

Matthew Stevens raised a further £3,047.93 from the Kilimanjaro Trek. This brings the total he has raised to £4,717.86.

In Memory of Jonathan Hooper

In Memory of Joe Langdon

Diane Hooper sent in a Christmas donation of £100 in memory of Jonathan.

“This money has been raised by parents and staff at our school from a Christmas raffle. Joe’s mother, Jenny Langdon, is a teacher here and has told us of the wonderful support that she and her family have received from CRY after Joe’s sudden death in November 2007 during a game of five-a-side football.” Barbara Reeves, Sherwin Knight Community Infant School

In Memory of Nina Horndorf Dearsley Andrew Dearsley sent in a donation of £112 in memory of his wife Nina.

In Memory of Flora Winifred Howard We have received a donation of £153.11 in lieu of floral tributes for the late Flora Winifred Howard.

18 • CRY update • Issue 49


Our •

“On 30 November we held a yard sale. Members took part by selling unwanted items on their driveway. The cheque for £100 is the money raised towards your worthwhile charity which has been such a support over the last year to one of our members, Tamsin Langdon, following the sudden death of her husband Joe. The additional cheque for £5 is from a member of the association who felt that she couldn’t take part in the yard sale but still wanted to support the charity.” Melanie Cox, for and on behalf of Fairview Road Residents Association

In Memory of Chloe Leach “Our beautiful daughter, Chloe Lauren Leach, collapsed and died whilst out with friends in a local nightclub on 30 September 2008, aged 21 years. This day has changed our lives forever. Chloe was in the third year of her Social Work Degree and was predicted to earn First Class Honours. She had blossomed into a lovely, caring, fun-loving and confident young woman. She lit the room up when she walked in.” Tina, John and Alexander (Chloe’s brother) Leach sent in a donation of £5,107 in memory of Chloe.

In Memory of Godfrey Looker We have received donations, in lieu of floral tributes, of £450 and $25 in memory of the late Godfrey (Geoff) Looker. Geoff was the husband of CRY bereavement supporter, Vera Looker.

In Memory of Stuart Lynch “On 27 December 2007 Stuart Daniel Lynch passed away, aged 25 years. Stuart was another unfortunate victim of cardiomyopathy. He was a very active and sociable lad and enjoyed life to the full with a very close family and many close friends. Since Stuart’s passing many fundraising activities have taken place, such as a village football match, disco and raffles. It is hoped that in the near future a bench will be placed outside our club dedicated to Stuart’s memory. The family did, however, wish any remaining money collected to be donated to CRY, therefore please find attached a cheque for £950 for and on behalf of Stuart’s family, friends and club members.” Martin Houghton, Treasurer, Euxton Parish Institute & War Memorial Club

In Memory of Niall MacLennan Fraser Stenhouse took part in the ‘Austria Ironman’ event and raised £2,813.87 in memory of Niall.

In Memory of Paul Leach Emma McGough sent in a donation of £113 raised by the Finance and IT team at Fabrick Housing. “Instead of sending out Christmas cards the team donated money and CRY was the charity nominated to receive the collection.”

In Memory of Amanda McCarthy Peter McCarthy sent in a donation of £1,027.80 from the Wattisham Station Clay Target Memorial Shoot held in memory of his daughter Amanda.

In Memory of Jonathan Leigh David Leigh sent in a donation of £635.”This was raised by my wife last September through a flower arranging demonstration by Rosalyn Walker held at our local parish church. Over 150 people attended, raising £1,270 which was split equally between CRY and the St Giles Restoration Fund.”

David also sent in a donation of £200 which was raised by members of the family at a tombola and in lieu of sending Christmas cards, and a further donation of £100 from staff members at Carlton Park Infant and Junior School in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

“The cheque is for a total of £2,000 and it’s such a great achievement to be able to give you this, as, three weeks before the event, ticket sales were low and I didn’t expect to raise anything. On the night 81 people sat down for a full night’s entertainment. It was an honour to sit next to Alan Kennedy all night as I’m a huge LFC fan. The greatest thing about the evening was the little signs of how the night would end for us – I was born in 1981, Alan won the European cup that year with a goal in the 81st minute, 81 people turned up for the night and 81 people all left with smiles on their faces. I don’t think just one person was looking down at us that night. Let me say, here’s to family and friends who are no longer with us. They are forever in our hearts and thoughts. It’s fitting to end this letter with the words I hold dear to me, as do many others... You’ll never walk alone.” Gareth Brazendale

In Memory of Huw Lewis “Following a recent dinner held at the Cambridgeshire Sporting Club in December, the members and guests donated the sum of £1,770 via a raffle in support of CRY.” Mrs S Lewis


In Memory of Paul McGlynn Kerrie McGlynn sent in a donation of £400. “This was collected from my husband’s family and myself in lieu of Christmas presents. My husband Paul died in January 2006 from ARVC.”

In Memory of Jack Maddams “Every year for Christmas my family and I, as part of giving Christmas presents to each other, organise a donation of £25 per person to a chosen charity. This year we have chosen CRY because close family friends of ours tragically lost their 17 year-old grandson, Jack Maddams, last year. Please accept £275 as a donation to help with your work.” Helen Bromfield

Roger and Janet Maddams sent in a donation of £707.36 from a football match on 21 February in memory of Jack.

In Memory of John Marshall Maureen Marshall sent in a donation of £300 from Edge Hill University.

In Memory of Richard Mason “I enclose a cheque for £120 in memory of my son, Richard Mason. The money has been donated by my friends at the Angle Ring Co. Ltd. instead of us sending Christmas cards.” Val Mason

In Memory of Nigel Masterman Michael Irwin raised £270 after completing the London to Paris Cycle Ride.


CRY update • Issue 49 • 19


Fundraisers In Memory of Matthew Moody Mr L Moody sent in a donation of £122.50 from the sale of books and a Christmas raffle at Kingham station in Oxon.

In Memory of Charlie Morettes Allison Spalding forwarded cheques totalling £1,630 in memory of her son Charlie.

In Memory of John Owens Claire McGarvey, NEETS Coordinator, Middlesbrough Football Club, sent in a donation of £220 in memory of John who died at the age of 17 from sudden adult death syndrome. This was raised at the Junior Football Tournament organised in his honour.

Allison also forwarded the following donations in memory of Charlie:

In Memory of Simon Pangborn

A donation of £10,350 in respect of the Tiger Ball. Of this, £50 was from Miss C Follett.

Cheques for £120. Of this, £20 came from Mrs Laban and £100 from the Halifax.

Tony Spalding has raised £568 from various fundraising activities and a further £1,380 for the Tiger Ride.

Leanne Westwell held a charity ball on 13 September 2008 and raised £1,360 in memory of Andrew.

Daniel Thomas organised a charity ‘Ice Gala’ in memory of Charlie and raised £2,213.50.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £730 raised by an auction held at the Boot & Shoe Inn at Elswick, near Preston. Every year the landlord holds an ‘after-Christmas’ auction to raise funds for charities. As we are holding our family screening event in March at the Myerscough Agricultural College, it was suggested by the nurse from the college, Angie Emmington (a friend of the landlord), that this year’s proceeds should go towards screening in the area. The landlord was very generous in providing sausage and chips as a free supper! The night was a great success and enjoyed by all. Andy and Carol (the landlords) and Angie worked very hard leading up to the evening and in hosting it. We also had the opportunity to raise awareness about CRY and to promote the forthcoming screening. Lots of interest was shown.” Ruth Lowe

Alan Pangborn sent in a donation of £550 raised from the Treasure Hunt held in memory of Simon.

In Memory of Andrew Parr

In Memory of Luke Morris The fundraisers within the Danwood Group raised £5,708.25 in memory of Luke Morris. The donation was presented to Alison Cox at the CRY Midlands postcard launch.

In Memory of Ben Newton “I write to you in my capacity as Treasurer for the Sportsman Golf Society, a Chatteris-based golf society whose members include Ben’s father and parents of Ben’s friends. Each year the Society’s nominated Captain picks a charity for which he wishes to raise funds during his year in captaincy. This year’s chosen charity was CRY and following the Club’s AGM last night I now enclose a cheque in the sum of £1,227.32, being the total raised in the last 12 months. These funds have been raised from the Captain’s Golf Day, a race night and various other donations through the year.” Jean Heading, Treasurer, Sportsman Golf Society

Jean also sent in a further donation. “On Sunday 1 February 2009 we held our sixth Birthday Memorial Football Match in memory of Ben Newton. I enclose a cheque for £2,172, being the amount raised on this day during the game, through the sale of raffle tickets and an auction after the game. We are only able to achieve these significant amounts for your charity through the tremendous support we get for this special day. As explained previously, our Memorial Match consists of Ben’s old Under 16 team-mates playing against a select side made up by Ben’s brother Nick and is always played the week of Ben’s birthday. Ben’s team won again this year but we are hoping that Nick can help rectify the deficit next year!”

Wendy Anderson raised a further £374 after climbing Mount Snowdon. This brings the total amount now raised to £850.01.

In Memory of Don Nield Maureen Nield sent in a donation of £305 in memory of Don.

20 • CRY update • Issue 49

“Attached is a picture of Angie Emmington (the college nurse) and I presenting a cheque to Ruth Lowe. As the student president I first met Ruth in October 2008. As part of the college’s Wellbeing Week promotions Ruth had come in to tell us about CRY and SADS. Many staff and students at the college were really shocked to hear about the effects of SADS and a number of people had been affected either directly or indirectly. Ruth was brilliant at communicating the important issues surrounding CRY, having been directly affected by the tragedy of her son Andrew Parr. The college took it upon themselves to do some fundraising and raising awareness here at college. On Friday 6 and Saturday 7 March 2009, Myerscough College held a screening which was extremely well attended again by staff and students alike. The college has a number of successful sports academies and saw this as an opportunity to instill awareness of CRY at a suitably early stage of potentially successful sporting careers.

As well as this, the Myerscough College Students Association had a charity disco for Valentines Day in support of CRY. Money was collected throughout the night and we raised a total of £140.50 which was dedicated to the memory of Andrew, and in support of the great work and research carried out by CRY. Thank you.” Mark Rear, Myerscough College



In Memory of Tim Read

Ruth also forwarded the following donations in memory of Andrew:

A donation of £100 from the Lancashire Constabulary Sports and Social Club.

Cheques totalling £345, donated by the Moon family. “Unfortunately, my father’s cousin Bernard passed away a couple of weeks ago and instead of flowers the family requested that donations were to be made to CRY to help fund screening in memory of Andrew. I was very touched by this request and have given them a personal thank-you. A grandchild of Bernard’s attended one of our family screenings and they think it is a worthwhile cause.” Ruth Lowe

In Memory of James Patrick Patterson “Please accept the enclosed cheque as a donation from our school in memory of James Patrick Patterson, a former pupil. James was a keen rugby player and it is the wish of the Rugby To u r Committee 2007 that we honour James’s memory by helping your charity. Good luck in all your endeavours!” Maureen Leech, Assistant Bursar at The Campion School, sent in a donation of £500.

In Memory of Jennifer Paul “I have pleasure in enclosing a cheque for £1,725 as a donation to CRY. This is in memory of Jennifer Paul, Senior 5 student of George Watson’s College, who died suddenly in September 2008. Jennifer is remembered fondly by us all as a very able student who had a beaming smile and caring nature for everyone. The donation comes from a retiring collection at the George Watson’s College ‘Nine Lessons and Carol Service’ at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh on Tuesday 16 December. I trust that this will play a part, albeit small, in the valuable work CRY undertakes to raise awareness of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death.” Gareth Edwards, Principal, George Watson’s College

In Memory of Rowan Preston Sarah Odell took part in the Big Ben to Brighton Bike Bonanza and raised £680.

Alistair Preston sent in donations totalling £232 in memory of his brother Rowan.

In Memory of Jack Rae Megan Rae and Helen Brisco raised £2,803.45 in memory of Jack. CRY representative, Ruth Lowe, attended Hutton Grammar school to collect the cheque. “Helen and myself climbed Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in September 2008 to raise money for CRY in memory of my younger brother Jack Rae who died suddenly of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in February 2006 at age 11. Jack and I had plans to climb the mountain together when he left high school but sadly he didn’t make it that far, so I climbed it for him taking him with me in spirit every step of the way!” Megan Rae


David H Laurence, Treasurer, Canute Lodge No. 4876, sent in a donation of £172. “The Brethren and Masonic guests at our Christmas gathering contributed this amount via a draw for a hamper. The hamper was donated by Ken Read and his wife June who lost their son Tim 11 years ago to this problem.”

We have received a donation of £515 in lieu of floral tributes for the late June Lilian Read.

In Memory of Anton Reid Sonia Bailey raised £3,765 in memory of Anton. “We raised this money by having a charity black tie event in memory of my son, Anton Reid, who died while playing football for Walsall Football Club. I must admit it was hard work but worth every penny. We had a wonderful turn out, including Benita Davis, who attended to give a lovely talk. As a parent I cannot stress how proud Anton has made me. The support and love has been brilliant and it is nice to hear all the things which have been said about Anton. To this day people still talk about him not knowing that I am his mum. This has surpassed all my expectations. Everyone is saying they cannot wait until next year’s ball. Hopefully, I will raise twice as much in 2009.”

In Memory of Pete Reynolds Anne and Alf Reynolds sent in a donation of £100 for Pete’s Memorial Fund, in memory of Mary Welch who passed away in October 2007.

In Memory of Barry Robinson and Brian Robinson We have received donations totalling £1,301.37 in lieu of floral tributes for the late Barry Robinson and the late Brian Robinson.

In Memory of Tyler ‘Bing’ Rose We have received a donation of £860 in respect of Leah Rowland’s participation in the Peru Open Trek 2009.

In Memory of Sian Rowland We have received a donation of £810 in lieu of floral tributes for the late Sian Rowland. “I do hope this money will help others, either through screening other young people or as additional research or equipment to help prevent this shocking way to die.” Mrs C M Rowland

In Memory of Kim Russell Steve Stimpson held an evening of rock ‘n’ roll dancing on 4 October and raised £820 in memory of his stepdaughter Kim. “It went down very well, I got my rock ‘n’ roll band, ‘The Rockin 60’s’, together after 43 years of playing with other bands. We weren’t let down by all the people who bought tickets at £5 each. My wife and I had help from others, especially our friends Sue Lock who worked her heart out and Christine Hewitt and Margaret Johnson who did likewise and organised the selling of raffle tickets on behalf of the companies who donated gifts. I would like to thank Tesco, ASDA, Yeovilton Air Museum, Octagon Theatre, Marion Baker the Clothes Specialist, Loders Butchers and finally Yeovil Flower Shop. The evening was focused on the auction and our memory of our daughter Kim, who died over five years ago and our niece, Tracy, who died just over 12 months ago – a lovely girl just like Kim, who we also still miss very much.”

Top: Helen and Megan Kilimanjaro Bottom Left: Hutton School Bottom Right: Ruth Lowe collecting cheque


CRY update • Issue 49 • 21


Fundraisers In Memory of Mike Scott

In Memory of Cameron Strathie

Lady Lumley’s School held a non-uniform day and raised £350 in memory of Mike.

• “Once again the staff held a ‘Naff Raff’ for CRY. The general office organise this raffle and put a lot of hard work into it. We are so grateful for their support, especially at this time of year (the anniversary of Mike’s death – 28 December and, of course, Christmas.) This raffle raised £260 and Mrs C Gamble, Mike’s aunty, made a donation of £20.” Marje Scott In Memory of Niraj Shah Mrs Sarla Shah made a donation of £300 in memory of her son Niraj.

In Memory of Martha Simpson We have received a donation of £401.54 in lieu of floral tributes for the late Mrs Martha Simpson.

In Memory of Matthew Smith “On 15 November 2008 a go-karting event in memory of Matthew (Mattie) Smith was held. A group of 16 people attended, ranging from Mattie’s grandad, dad, uncle, cousin, work and rugby colleagues and close family friends. The events were sponsored by DS Smith Packaging, Featherstone, West Yorkshire; Limbert Brothers Limited and Raceway Karting in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, who provided a trophy. Everyone was eager to win the first Matthew Smith Memorial Trophy; in groups of six, everyone had four races each aiming for pole position in the final race. Simon Whitney, a close family friend, gained pole position after winning most of his races. Simon held an extended lead throughout the final until a collision during the last two laps reduced his lead. Tom Shaw, another close family friend, closely pursued Simon’s lead, challenging on corners and bends only to be beaten by the chequered flag waved in Simon’s victory. Everyone had a fantastic time and this event will be held on a yearly basis with the winner’s name being added to the trophy. A total of £350 was raised on the day and with late donations of £150, a total of £500 was raised altogether for CRY.” S C Whitney

Martin Craig raised £300 in memory of Cameron.

In Memory of Paul Sykes Having taken part in several fundraising events organised by CRY I wanted to try and do something personally that would combine having fun, increasing the awareness of this amazing charity and also, hopefully, raise some money. I realised that other supporters had previously hosted a ball and felt this was something that matched up really well with what I wanted to achieve. At the same time one of my very dear friends had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time and wanted to raise some funds for Cancer Research, so we decided that we could combine our efforts and also donate some of the proceeds to them also and that between us we could put on quite an evening. The ball was to be held on Saturday 18 October 2008, during CRY’s Raising Awareness Week, so we set about trying to drum up interest and also raffle prizes etc. We came up with the theme of ‘Black, White and Diamonds’ and were lucky to have so many wonderful and resourceful friends and family who all helped. We managed to sell 200 tickets for the event at the Bluebirds Banqueting Centre in Dover and the evening was a wonderful success – we raised £4,108 for CRY with donations continually coming in. This was much more than we had expected and we also made a similar donation to Cancer Research. Everyone made a superb effort to dress to the theme and enjoyed the excuse to dress up. They were treated to a lovely four course meal, thanks to the venue staff and great entertainment by way of a disco and a local band, Malarki. I made a short speech to outline the wonderful work being done by CRY and highlighted how everyone could get involved to help. We all raised a toast to Paul who I know would have been so proud. So many kind and wonderful people attended the ball, gave raffle prizes or organised items to be used on the evening. It has made me appreciate once again that I am truly blessed to have such fantastic friends and family, and that I couldn’t do it without them. I had such good feedback that I will be looking to organise another ball in 2009. Now all I need to do is think of a new theme! Carly Sykes

In Memory of Suzanne Taylor Beryl Ewing raised £250 in memory of her daughter, Suzanne Taylor, by making and selling hand-made Christmas cards to friends and family.

In Memory of Lee Stables Sharen Stables sent in two donations totalling £295.41. The £200 was donated by Molly and Friends. They are a group of pensioners who held coffee mornings until they reached £200, then donated it to CRY in memory of Lee.

In Memory of Jane Starr Mike Aylott raised a further £465 after taking part in the Lands End to John O’Groat’s Cycle Ride.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque from my company, GlaxoSmithKline, from our ‘Making a Difference’ initiative, after the Lands End to John O’Groats Cycle Ride I completed in June.” Mike Aylott sent in a donation of £500. •

22 • CRY update • Issue 49

Mrs Wendy Littlefair sent in a donation of £100 in memory of her niece, Suzanne. “This money was raised by selling my handmade Christmas cards to colleagues at Construction Skills in Norfolk.”


Our In Memory of Vicki Taylor Iain Taylor took part in a 24 hour table tennis tournament in memory of his wife Vicki and raised £1,000.

In Memory of Gareth Llywelyn Thomas Alma Thomas raised £225 from the sale of knitted Father Christmases. A further £20 was raised from the collection box at Cynthia Evans’s shop.

• Antony Jones sent in donations totalling £200 in memory of Gareth.

In Memory of Nicholas Thorne “Our Year 10 students have been taking part in an Enterprise Challenge over the last two terms and one of the tasks was to run a table top sale for charity. This involved them using £10 to buy/make items to sell at lunchtime to the other students. This was a very popular event and the pupils decorated their stalls and sold their items with enthusiasm. As a result they have nominated CRY (Nicholas Thorne Memorial Fund) as one of the charities they would like to support and we therefore enclose our cheque for £146.80.” Mrs C Gambrell, St Bede’s School, Redhill

Marion Mitchell sent in another donation from the Year 10 students at St Bede’s, who held a cake sale at school and raised £104.50 in memory of Nicholas.

Nicholas’s father, CRY Representative Rob Thorne, forwarded donations totalling £470.48. This included £119.88 from St Joseph’s School and £250 from Perrywood Sports & Social Club.

The Minister, Elders and members of the Redhill United Reformed Church raised £200.


Andy Barringer organised all the prizes and did a fantastic job. Another friend of ours happens to be a professional auctioneer and ran the auction for us on the night! The guests were well fed with a three course meal, masterminded by Jeremy Finch and truly delicious. Chapter Eight are a local 10 piece band well-known to us, as Richard Turberville plays trombone for them. They gave their services for free on the night and had everyone up on their feet dancing. Brian Turberville played no minor part in heading up the event team to get everyone organised beforehand, selling tickets and coordinating the wine orders”. Katy also forwarded the following donations in memory of Hannah:

”The School Council at Grove Junior School, Harpenden, raised £99.31 by having sideshows and stalls on 17 December. All the Junior School took part and each class worked hard preparing their stall.”

“Year 5 classes ‘Rowan’ and ‘Acacia’ at Grove Junior School, Harpenden, raised the money by making biscuits, decorating and selling them at 20p each to parents on Friday 12 December. As Lucy and I worked out, they made a lot of biscuits – at least 310 – in order to make £50 as they all ate one each before they sold any!”

In Memory of Christian Thunhurst John Thunhurst forwarded a donation of £107.52 from Fidelity & Goodwill Masonic Lodge 5404.

• John also forwarded £221.91, donated by a friend in memory of Christian. In Memory of Richard (Rich) Tomkins “Please accept a donation of £100 towards Rich’s fund. This money was given to us as part of a memorial bench that we are having made for Rich. Pete and I felt that it only right and fitting that we used our amount for CRY. If anything helps others to stop the pain and suffering that we are going through, then somehow it’s worth it.” Wendy Dunkley (Rich’s mum)

In Memory of Hannah Turberville Katy Turberville sent in donations (including further money raised from the Snowball event) totalling £10,197.76, made in memory of her daughter Hannah. “We held an auction and a raffle. The auction generated over £5,000 from donated promises and prizes. The raffle was also composed of donated prizes and managed to raise £1,900. Richard Turberville and


Also, a further cheque for £92.32 raised at the school’s Christmas assembly. “Coffee and mince pies were served and a donation to CRY was made. The assembly was great, lots of singing and the children worked hard on their poems and dance.”

A cheque for £155 in memory of Hannah from Christmas Treeasy who donated £5 for every tree sold.

A cheque for £4,585.50 from the Harpenden Ladies Circle, raised at their Gift Fair held in November 2008.

In Memory of Ermis Vetsos We have received a donation of £274.74 in memory of Ermis from the members of the London Scottish Rugby Club’s ‘Ex B’ XV.

CRY update • Issue 49 • 23



In Memory of Glenn Walford “On 16 February 2009 I swam a mile (42 lengths of a 33m pool) to raise money in memory of my mum’s partner, Glenn Walford, who died suddenly in November 2008. Glenn’s brother Danny had died at an early age and his mum has supported CRY since. I wanted to raise money as a thank-you to Glenn for all the happiness he brought into our lives. Glenn’s family came along to support me at the swimming pool and I’m grateful to everyone who sponsored me. I hope my sponsorship money (£795) will raise awareness and support medical research into a very worthwhile campaign.” Sam White, age 14.

In Memory of Chris Walker Cat Walker took part in the Iceland Trek 2008 and raised £1,650.

In Memory of Matthew Wallbank Miss R Wallbank sent in a donation of £335. “My brother Matthew died on 24 May 2008 from SADS. Our grandparents, Bill and Alice Fisher, had a party for their 60th wedding anniversary on 13 December 2008 and asked their guests to donate to CRY in Matthew’s memory, rather than be given presents.”

In Memory of Stephen Westley Gillian Shield has raised £4,247.32 from the ‘Heart of Stephen’ event.

• Diana Hennis raised £740 through doing a bungee jump. In Memory of Neil Wickers and David Staff The Trustees of the Hilda Clarke Memorial Fund made a donation of £500, forwarded to CRY by Neil’s mother, Irene Wickers. In Memory of Paul Wilkins “The event was held on 10 January, the day prior to Paul’s first anniversary and his 23rd birthday (midnight was a hard time for us all). It was held in a local workingmen’s club who kindly let us have the venue for free when we explained why we wanted it. The event started at 7.30pm with a lot of eager friends and family wanting to share our special night. We reflected and remembered Paul and all he meant to each and everyone. His brother Mitchell is carrying on the legacy of ‘Oh What a Night’ DJing and has, since Paul’s death, followed in his footsteps to become an active member of the Police Cadets.

We held a raffle and an auction which even attracted bids from Dubai via telephone for the high school musical signed picture! Charlton FC, Millwall FC, Pizza Hut (where Paul collapsed), The Body Shop, the Eastenders cast and the Welling Round Table organisation all donated prizes or funds. The auction got quite carried away and helped raise a big laugh on a very poignant night! We were lucky enough to raise approximately £2,500 for the evening (including JustGiving donations) after we deducted costs. We would like to thank you for the loan of the buckets and posters to raise awareness for CRY. We had a good response to the advertising and hopefully a few more people are now more aware of how this tragedy can affect anybody. We also had a guest appearance from ‘Wilko’, a police sniffer dog named after Paul (Special Constable Paul Wilkins) who is currently being trained as a bomb and drug sniffer dog for the 2012 Olympics. He had a great response and helped people part with their cash! The cadets with whom Paul was a staff member when he died kindly helped with the organisation of the night – a great attendance from them all, setting up the hall and the balloons to complement the white balloons kindly donated by CRY. Without the help of the Police and the Cadets from Bexleyheath this night would not have been so prosperous. We would like to continue raising money for both yourselves and the Cadets as we are sure Paul would have wanted. Many thanks for all your help.” Pam Oates (Paul’s Mum)

We have received £944.68 from Ashley Palmer, raised in memory of Paul at the charity disco night on 10 January.

In Memory of David Williams “As with last year I was lucky enough to be invited to the Amalgamation of Racing Pigeon Organisations Dinner held at the Houses of Parliament, where, throughout the year, money is raised for charitable organisations. On this occasion I was brave enough to stand up and talk about the tragic loss of my son David and the launch of the postcard campaign highlighting the devastating number of deaths and the pain and

24 • CRY update • Issue 49


Our heartbreak it causes so many families. This was followed by the Lynn Faulds Wood Bowel Cancer Campaign auction, presented by John Stapleton. To my amazement, after the auction John Stapleton and Lynn announced that they would like half of the auction takings to go to CRY as they had been so touched by my words and the staggering statistics. This escalated with people coming up to me and leaving cash and cheques on my table with words of compassion, sympathy and support for me and my daughter Lisa. As you can imagine, we were completely overwhelmed by all the kind words and generosity of total strangers.” Sue and Lisa Williams sent in £2,525 raised in memory of David.

(Valentine’s Day), a day full of hearts. Together with Jeannette Atherton, I was able to talk to many parents and young people about CRY and to give them details of the screening day at Myerscough College, Preston, on 6 and 7 March, organised by CRY Representative Ruth Lowe. In addition, we raised £200 for the Louise Worth Memorial Fund. The picture shows Jeannette and me (left) in the ASDA foyer.” Sue Jarvis Sue also forwarded the following donations in memory of Louise:

A cheque for £330 raised by Jeannette Atherton. “Jeanette ran a tuck shop at work and raised the money over the past 12 months through selling crisps, chocolate, fruit and drinks to her colleagues. She organised the shop herself, using her own money and time As the company only employs a handful of people, the amount raised is a fantastic sum in such a short period of time. The scheme was only going to run for one year but has been so successful it is carrying on for as long as it is wanted.”

“In November 2008 Leyland Lions held a presentation evening to award the money raised over the previous 12 months to various national and local charities. CRY was selected as a recipient following the sudden death of a member’s son earlier in the year. The picture shows Sue being presented with a cheque for £200 by the president of the Leyland branch of the Lions Club.”

“The Louise Worth Cup for Community Service was presented at Runshaw College, Leyland, in January 2009. Louise was an A level student at the college when she died of long QT syndrome. The Cup was established in her name and presented each year to the student who has made the most valuable contribution to the community. This year’s award went to Emma Edge who organised many events, including a ‘Battle of the Bands’, to raise hundreds of pounds for charities in the North West. She continues to use her organisational skills to hold fundraising events at St Andrew’s University where she is studying maths. The picture shows me presenting Emma with the cup.”

Sue Williams held an online auction of mainly sports memorabilia and raised £303.36 in memory of David.

In Memory of Kevin Wilson Andrew Pilling, Pilkington PLC, made a donation of £100 in memory of Kevin. This was forwarded by CRY Representative Ian Scanlan.

In Memory of Louise Worth “As CRY’s County Representative for Lancashire, I wanted to do something special during CRY’s Awareness Week in October 2008. Unfortunately, all the venues I looked at were fully booked at that time. However, my local ASDA store at Clayton Green, Chorley, said that they would be holding a number of events throughout February linked to the British Heart Foundation. So it seemed significant that I was able to book 14 February


In Memory of Daniel Young Dionne Young held a charity evening in memory of her son Daniel and raised £2,000.


CRY update • Issue 49 • 25

Our Our

Fundraisers Fundraisers in Northern Ireland In Memory of Lauren Gallagher

Blanche Gallagher sent in donations totalling £560, made up as follows: £20 from P Doherty, £385 from Christie’s Wine Bar and £155 from Centra Grocery Shop.

General fundraising •

CRAIC (Cultural Revival Among Interested Communities) held a charity concert on 14 November 2008 and raised £2,000 in memory of Lauren Gallagher, a former member.

“Rather than sending our Christmas cards each year, the company policy at Acal plc is to donate a sum of money to various charities. We have decided this year that one of our chosen charities should be CRY. Therefore, please find attached a cheque for £250.” Malcolm Cooper, Group Finance Directo. “I am delighted to report that we are back from India all safe and sound! It was a brilliant event and everyone completed the challenge. It was an amazing challenge and all the participants were fantastic. There was no problem with the cancer and heart charities mixing together (something which was not planned, but occurred for logistical reasons), in fact it really added something. I talked about each of the charities on different nights and one participant – Gary Short, who had a heart attack in February – really amazed everyone by getting fit enough and raising the money in such a short space of time. He was an inspiration to everyone on the event.” Ann Frampton Action for Charity, event organisers (CRY’s share of the proceeds from this event is around £6,200)

In Memory of Jaimie Gault Margaret Gault sent in donations totalling £305. The ladies Keep Fit group of the Glengormley Methodist Church donated £200, Mr and Mrs Freddie Johnston £50, Mr and Mrs Brian Robinson £50 plus £5 from Mrs Barbara Gault.

Margaret sent in further donations totalling £770. This includes £700 from the Donegore Orange Lodge, £20 from William Houston, £25 from Ivy Hanley and £25 from George Brown.

In Memory of John McCall Janette and Malcolm Pollard sent in a donation of £100 in memory of their nephew, John McCall.

• Matthew Nicholson took part in the Great North Run 2008 and raised £661. In Memory of Aine McCann “I was the dance choreographer on High School Musical, a production at St Eugene’s College, Rosslea, this year and am very pleased to be sending you a cheque for £250 which they kindly raised from a raffle during the performance.” Aravon McCann

John Adams took part in the Great North Swim 2008 and raised £295.06.

Laura Worboyes nominated CRY for a donation from the Charity & Community Panel of her company, Amlin PLC, who donated £500.

Clare Astin raised a further £1,508.66 after completing the Vietnam Cycle Ride in November 2008. This makes a total of £3,463.66. We have also received a donation of £200 from Boston Scientific in respect of Clare’s cycle ride.

“It is with great pleasure that Bookpoint Limited is enclosing a donation of £129 towards your fundraising. We are a book distribution company based in Oxfordshire and have decided to hold a book sale at the end of each month for members of our staff, giving them a chance to buy books at a discounted price.” Miss Sandy Wilkins

In Memory of Richard Martin Mary Martin sent in cheques totalling £770. Of this, £100 came from Lower Lough Erne Shooting Club, being proceeds left over from a Christmas raffle, and £670 from Mary and her husband. They held a joint 50th birthday party and asked guests to donate money in lieu of presents.

The First Ballymena Presbyterian Church sent in a donation of £450.

Quarry Products Association sent in a donation of £2,250 from P Clarke & Sons Limited and RYU Limited.

Richard Bell, British School of Paris, sent in a donation of £845.65 from the Race Across America 2008 (RAAM).

Neil Price, Treasurer of the Coleraine Lion’s Club, sent in a donation of £500.

“Please find enclosed a cheque for £105.32 that I have raised on behalf of Bernhard Schulte Ship Management (UK) Ltd through monthly cake sales over the last four months.” Victoria Soman

26 • CRY update • Issue 49



“Please find enclosed a cheque for £100. My son was fitted with an ICD unit earlier this year and so we are one of the lucky families who still have their three children. In grateful recognition for this, I have cut down my Christmas present list and giving what I am saving to causes that can use the money better than friends and relations who already have everything they want.” Jeannie Chamberlain (a grateful mother)

Stewart Clark sent in a donation of £250.

“My name is Jo Clayphan and I am a student at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School where I attend the sixth form. I have recently raised money by completing my black belt grading for my 2nd Dan in Karate. In order to achieve my 2nd Dan black belt I had to complete a series of tasks on the day of my grading, including 2,000 front kicks, 2,000 punches and perform a ‘kata’ (the word given to a pattern of moves) that I composed myself. I also had to raise money for a charity of my choice through being sponsored to complete my tasks. I decided the first place I would turn to for sponsors would be the teachers and students at my school. I chose to donate the money to CRY, as the school had recently lost one of their pupils. Although I did not know him myself, I was told he was a very committed sportsman



and that CRY supported many young people with the same condition that caused the death of this well-respected student. This led me to support the charity as it was something that the other students at the school could relate to. After passing my black belt grading I helped with a workshop that my school and karate club, Karate Leadership UK, had organised. This meant giving other students at the school a taster for some of the exercises carried out in Karate. It was a huge success.” Maggie Middleton, Charity Co-coordinator, sent in donations totalling £170.57 raised by Jo.

We have received a donation of £116.65 from Colbayns High School, Essex.

Guy Davies sent in a donation of £587.50.

John Dexter raised £1,100 after taking part in the London to Paris Cycle Ride.

Sarah Doherty sent in a donation of £100 from collection boxes.

James Doherty of Monk’s Walk School took part in a sponsored run and raised £500.

“Please find attached a cheque for £4,773.26. The students raised this money during Rag Week in October and more recently at a party for the whole sixth form” Tim Byford, Downfield Sixth Form

We have received £2,670.20 from Rowland Edwards who took part in the Lands End to John O’ Groats Cycle Ride.

“I have pleasure in sending you a cheque for £358. I heard about CRY from the Chairman of Epsom Mayday Flower Club who has adopted CRY for their charity this year.” Barbara Meineck, Ruxley Church Social Committee

The Fitton Trust made a donation of £200.

“The Gwyneth Forrester Trust is a grant making trust, and our distribution policy is to support a specific charitable sector each year. The chosen sector this year is ‘Strokes and Heart Disease.’ At a recent meeting of the trustees, we approved a grant to you of £50,000, in support of the wonderful work that you do.” Christopher Perkins, Trustee & Hon Secretary

Judith Harris raised £3,095 after taking part in the London to Paris Cycle Ride.

“We are not sending Christmas cards this year and have decided to make a donation to CRY instead.” M Guillem, Helmores UK LLP, sent in a donation of £400.

Jason Henderson held the ‘CRY Out Loud’ charity variety show on 15 January and raised £225.

CRY update • Issue 49 • 27



“On Friday 26 September 2008, Stuart Homer and his wife Debbie hosted a Grand Charity Ball at the Marriott Hotel, Broughton, Preston to celebrate Stuart’s 20 years of health since undergoing open heart surgery and his 40th birthday. For some time Stuart had been thinking about a fitting way to recognise these events, mainly the heart surgery, whilst raising as much valuable funding as possible for a relevant charity. The event was a fantastic success. Stuart decided to split all proceeds from the ball between two very worthy and relevant charities: the British Heart Foundation and CRY. We have pleasure in enclosing a cheque on Stuart’s behalf for £750.” Ruth Lowe

The Inglewood Congregational Church raised £930 at their Christmas Day Offering.

Michelle Jackiewicz took part in the Mazda London Triathlon and raised £865.

We have received a cheque for £150 raised at a charity evening held by the Ladies Darts League. Leeann Longstaff held a ‘Pampered Chef’ fundraising event on 23 November and raised £129.69.

• •

The staff at the Learning and Skills Council held a charity quiz night and raised £244 for CRY. Trudi Synman nominated CRY as she lost her daughter to ARVD in 1998.

“We raised some money for CRY over the Christmas period. We split our advisory group (a mixed age tutor group) into groups to see if they could come up with some ideas on how to raise money. We made Christmas cakes for students and teachers to buy for their families; we also made felt and salt decorations for Christmas trees. We chose CRY because we lost a member of our sixth form who died whilst playing football due to heart complications. Also our adviser lost a healthy, good friend aged 29 from sudden heart malfunction. We had fun raising the money and people liked the products that we made, so we hope the money will help support the good work you do.” Nicola Gobat, Mascalls School

Alex Mayle took part in a 24-hour squash marathon and raised £485.

Jack Nunn took part in a charity walk and raised £773.

We recently had a launch party for our new website, which included an auction of film memorabilia, in aid of CRY. The party was held at Oxygen in London’s Leicester Square on 8 January. Although we had the entire venue to ourselves, the majority of the action took place in the upstairs bar. That is where the film memorabilia was on display and also where members got their free drinks and the free food which was available. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, the upstairs bar did get a bit crowded, which meant it was difficult to see the film memorabilia and place a silent bid, so we opted for a last minute normal auction. Thanks to Steven Goodwin, Sharan Sandhu and Kellie Lawrence for stepping in to become impromptu auctioneers. The film memorabilia was supplied by a third party at a reserve price. The items that sold were signed photos

28 • CRY update • Issue 49

of Sean Connery in James Bond, Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black, Orlando Bloom in Pirates of The Caribbean, Keanu Reeves in The Matrix and Kevin Bacon in Death Sentence, as well as a boxing glove signed by Sylvester Stallone. We also had a business card raffle at £1 per entry, all fees going to CRY.

The auction made a total of £827.50, which left £216.02, after paying the third party. We made £67.65 from the raffle and donations, bringing our final total up to £283.67.” Tracey Spencer, Ownafilmcompany. com

Shona Oxley raised a further £1,782.86 for the London to Paris Cycle Ride. This makes a total amount raised of £2,002.86.



Mike Willenbruch, Parnell Design Partnership LLP, sent in a donation of £100 in lieu of sending Christmas cards to clients.

Anthony Parsons raised £675.66 for his 40th birthday.

Michael Perkins sent in a donation of £125.

John and Jean Plumb sent in a donation of £100 in lieu of a birthday celebration for Mrs Louise Bates’s 100th birthday.

“Please accept this cheque for £750, presented by Prince Philip on behalf of the Princes Trust, to the helpers at one of the drinks water stations during the Windsor Half Marathon.” Tom Graham

Graham Pulford took part in the London to Paris Bike Ride 2008 and raised £1,640.

Denise Stevens, Pfizer Limited, sent in a donation of £202.50.

Martyn Scott forwarded a donation from the Rotary Club of Newbury. “It is customary on reaching a birthday date with a ‘zero’ to have a special collection for that member. I recently attained the age of 60 and the club members, together with our Benevolent Fund, combined to raise £100 to be designated to a charity of my choice. My reasons for choosing CRY on this occasion are motivated by losing my wife three years ago at the age of 47, totally unexpectedly, from ischemic heart disease.”

“I am pleased to inform you that it has been agreed by our PCC that CRY will be one of the recipients of a donation from St John’s mission budget for 2008.” Lorraine Clark, Chair of St John’s Outreach Committee, sent in a cheque for £200.

Miss Rayners’ Year 7 Tutor Group, Sandhurst School, raised £266.71.

“I am delighted to tell you that following the recent endeavours of Mrs Lynda Sheffield, your charity has been awarded £500. Lynda raised this money by organising a fundraising ‘Keep Fit’ event held on 5 December 2008.” Tina Claeys, Grants Administration Manager, Lloyds TSB Foundation

“Please find enclosed a cheque for £825.95. This is the final cheque from our fundraising efforts at the Stoke by Nayland Golf Club. We hope we have helped to make a difference. We have enjoyed our events whilst supporting a very worthy charity.” Joan Landen, Ladies Captain, Stoke by Nayland Golf Club

“Please find enclosed a donation for £207.86 which was raised by the members of Thanet Scout District during their St George’s Day collection earlier this year.” Denise Burring (District Commissioner)



April Tod sent in a donation of £380, from half of the raffle money collected at the Lawn Tennis Writers’ Annual Awards in December 2008.

Paul Todd forwarded a donation of £305.

Chris Wakefield held a quiz and sent in a donation of £150.

Miss E Winters made a ‘Give as You Earn’ donation of £350.

Peter Woodrow sent in a donation of £400 in lieu of birthday presents for his 70th birthday.

Michael Wreford raised £1,370 from his Christmas Lights 2008 display. Joan Hillier, CRY Bereavement Supporter, collected the cheque.

Thank you to all our fundraisers from all at CRY

CRY update • Issue 49 • 29

Fundraising Events 2010 A few ideas... Peru Trek 17 to 26 April Immerse yourself in ancient Peruvian culture and experience diverse scenery, including tropical Andean rainforests, snow-capped mountain ranges and Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most important archaeological finds. If you would like to receive an information pack, please go to www.c-r-y.org.uk/peru_trek.htm

Virgin London Marathon 25 April Our golden bond charity places have now been allocated, however we are still looking for runners with their own place to join the CRY team. We are particularly interested in people willing to run in a CRY costume. We offer a welcome pack, running vest, support from the CRY fundraising team, after race massage and refreshments at a central London Hotel. Please email Laura at laura@c-r-y.org.uk

China Trek 8 to 17 May Immerse yourself in tradition, history and ancient mythology and experience something others will only dream of as you walk part of the Great Wall. This is an ideal event for those with a passion for culture, a sense of adventure and the desire to do something challenging for a good cause.

‘Just Walk’ - sponsored UK charity walk 15 May ‘Just Walk’ is an exciting sponsored walking event over the South Downs in West Sussex where you and your friends can choose to participate in walks of 10km, 20km, 40km or 60km in length. You can find out more details and register for the 2010 event by visiting: www.just-walk.co.uk/. CRY is also looking for volunteers to man a CRY stand at the start of this event - contact cry@c-r-y.org.uk if you would like to help with this.

London to Paris Bike Ride 12 to 16 May, 26 to 30 May, 2 to 6 June, 14 to 18 July, 18 to 22 August, 8 to 12 September Starting in London, the four days of cycling will take you through beautiful and historical villages, allowing you to see some of the most famous landmarks in England and France. If you would like to receive an information pack, please go to www.c-r-y.org.uk/london_paris_bike_ride.htm

BUPA London 10,000 31 May CRY has charity places for this event, and we also welcome any ‘own place’ runners who would like to run for CRY. You can apply for your ‘own place’ via the event website http://www.london10000.co.uk/site/. Please e-mail laura@c-r-y.org.uk if you are interested in a CRY charity place; are an ‘own place’ runner wishing to run for CRY; or if you would like to run in a CRY Heart costume.

Doitforcharity.com 5km Race Regents Park. 6 June (TBC) The Doitforcharity.com run series is a collection of 5km races taking place in selected locations in the UK. Over 4,000 people are expected to take part to raise funds for hundreds of different charities – and you could be among them! All you need to do is pledge to raise at least £100 for CRY and register online for a place at Doitforcharity.com. CRY has places available for this event.

CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 18 July This annual event will once again start at Victoria Embankment Gardens and finish at Hays Galleria, near London Bridge. The 2010 Bridges Walk will follow the same route as the 2009 event - crossing Golden Jubilee, Westminster, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Millennium, London and Tower Bridges and passing at least 12 famous London Landmarks, each representing


one of the 12 young sudden cardiac deaths that occur each week in the UK. Registration will open in the New Year, but in the meantime you can register your interest by sending an e-mail to laura@c-r-y.org.uk

Adidas Women’s 5k Challenge 5 September CRY does not have any charity places for this event, but if you get your own place then we can provide you with a CRY T-shirt/running vest to wear, plus sponsor forms and other fundraising items. If you nominate CRY, we will receive £5 of the entry fee.

‘Just Bike’ sponsored UK charity bike ride 18 September Just Bike is an exciting sponsored bike riding event around Coate Water Country Park (near Swindon) where you and your friends can participate in rides of 50km or 100km in length. To find out more and register for the 2010 event please email cry@c-r-y.org.uk

BUPA Great North Run 19 September The Great North Run has grown over its long history to become the world’s biggest half marathon and Britain’s biggest running event with 50,000 entries. If you would like to run for CRY with a charity place or your own ballot place, please e-mail cry@c-r-y.org.uk. Junior fundraisers (ages 3 to 16) can enter the BUPA Great Run Junior/Mini Event the day before (18 September). CRY does not have any charity places for this event, but if you get your own place then we can provide you with a CRY T-shirt/running vest, plus sponsor forms and other fundraising items. All entrants receive a race pack and will be presented with a finisher’s pack and medal once they cross the finish line. For details go to the Junior/Mini section at www.greatrun.org

Doitforcharity.com 5km Race Manchester, 26 September (TBC) The Doitforcharity.com run series is a collection of 5km races taking place in selected locations in the UK. Over 4,000 people are expected to take part to raise funds for hundreds of different charities – and you could be among them! All you need to do is pledge to raise at least £100 for CRY and register online for a place at Doitforcharity.com. CRY has places for this event.

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2010 10 October CRY will have a limited number of places for this event. If you would like to apply for a charity place or have your own place for this, please e-mail cry@c-r-y.org.uk

CRY Raising Awareness Week 9 to 17 October Details about our annual Raising Awareness Week will appear on the CRY website as they are confirmed. Please contact cry@c-r-y.org.uk if you would like to get involved.

Parachute Jumps Assorted dates For further details, please visit http://www.c-r-y.org.uk/parachute_Jump.htm For more information visit www.c-r-y.org.uk/fundraising.htm

FSC logo

CRY update • Issue 49 • 43

Cardiac Risk in the Young Head Office: Unit 7, Epsom Downs Metro Centre, Waterfield, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5LR Tel: 01737 363222 Fax: 01737 363444 E-mail: cry@c-r-y.org.uk


Our Mission When Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) was founded in 1995 it was the first organisation to draw attention to the range of conditions that can cause young sudden cardiac death (YSCD). These include arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) and other abnormalities leading to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). Every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions. CRY aims to reduce the frequency of YSCD by working with cardiologists and family doctors to establish good practice and appropriate screening facilities to promote and protect the cardiac health of our young. CRY believes cardiac screening should be accessible to all young people aged between 14 and 35.

CRY also works to guide and support families and close friends affected by YSCD. The Charity aims to put them in touch with people who have the appropriate knowledge and experience to answer their questions. We provide information to explain what the coroner does, practical guidelines to help with NHS referrals and advice on the procedures that usually follow a YSCD. In addition, CRY publishes a range of medical information written by leading cardiologists that is easy to understand and made available to the public free of charge. Detailed information about cardiac abnormalities and the range of literature available from CRY can be found on our website at www.c-r-y.org.uk/medical_conditions.htm

Our Patrons The urgency of CRY’s mission and the quality of our work has compelled many high profile personalities to give their time to become Patrons of our Charity. Current Patrons of CRY: Rob Andrew MBE, Jeremy Bates, Ben Brown, Mark Carruthers, Clive Clarke, Mark Cox MBE, James Cracknell OBE, Nick Easter, Simon Halliday, Kathryn Harries, John Inverdale, Pat Jennings OBE KSG, Robert Jones MBE, Gary Longwell, Professor W J McKenna, Emily Maitlis, Phil Packer, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, Andy Scott, Roger Taylor OBE, Professor Gaetano Thiene, Gregor Townsend MBE, David Walliams, Matt Wells, Ray Wilkins MBE and Sir Clive Woodward OBE.

Sir Ian Botham OBE Honorary President of CRY “It is not just athletes who are at risk of these heart disorders – it can happen to anyone. The problem has been swept under the carpet for too long and there have been too many excuses. I am a parent and a grandparent and I want to know that my kids and grandkids will be screened as a matter of course. It’s the only way we can prevent these sudden deaths occurring.”

To read the supportive quotes from CRY’s Patrons in full please go to www.c-r-y.org.uk/patrons.htm

Our Fundraisers The involvement of our fundraisers has been crucial to helping CRY raise awareness about YSCD. By fundraising for CRY our supporters have, in addition to highlighting our cause, helped to finance and develop our Bereavement Support service, the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) at Royal Brompton Hospital, the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology (CRY CSC) and the CRY Surgery Supporters Network (CRY SSN) to support young people living with potentially lethal cardiac conditions. CRY has also required funding to support medical research into YSCD, to subsidise and expand our national screening programme, our education programme and our campaign for ECG testing of the nation’s youth. Whether you are carrying out your own activity or taking part in an established event such as the London Marathon or the Great North Run, remember that CRY will always support your effort with posters, literature, sponsor forms and other resources.

If you would like to join our fundraisers, CRY also offers a range of free fundraising challenge events, including parachute jumps, white water rafting and a selection of trekking and cycling events. For more information visit www.c-r-y.org.uk/free_fundraising_ events.htm or contact the CRY office to request a fundraising ideas pack. There are many different ways you can donate to CRY. Online and cheque donations are the most popular methods, and we can also accept credit card donations over the phone. For further information telephone 01737 363222 or go to the Giftaid page on our website: www.c-r-y.org.uk/ giftaid.htm All your help is greatly appreciated.

CRY is always extremely grateful for grants or donations from Trusts and Foundations. We would like to thank the following Trusts and Foundations for the very generous support they have given us: Albert Hunt Trust • Artie White Foundation • Aspen Insurance UK Charity Committee • Charlotte Marshall Charitable Trust • Sir Cliff Richard Charitable Trust • Edward Joseph Colclough Trust • Fitton Trust • Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust • Gwyneth Forrester Trust • Hasluck Charitable Trust • Holbeck Charitable Trust • Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust • James Tudor Foundation • Malcolm Chick Charity • Miss W E Lawrence 1973 Settlement • Munro Charitable Trust • Muriel Edith Rickman Trust • Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation • Sir James Roll Charitable Trust • Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust • Tudor Foundation, Inc.

Profile for Cardiac Risk in the Young

CRY Update Magazine - Issue 49  

CRY’s quarterly update magazine with news and information about the charity and our supporters. Registered Charity 1050845. Some pages have...

CRY Update Magazine - Issue 49  

CRY’s quarterly update magazine with news and information about the charity and our supporters. Registered Charity 1050845. Some pages have...