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2 • CRY update • Issue 56

Meet our County

Jenny Thomas County Representative for Devon/Cornwall


chest. He suffered mild asthma and chronic hay fever and was always taking over the counter remedies which were known for causing palpitations.

I was in a deep sleep and somewhere in my dream I could hear a phone ringing. It took a while for me to comprehend it was the bedside phone.

His friends told us that he had blacked out on several occasions and was taken to A&E by ambulance. Nicholas had only once casually mentioned to us that he had fainted at work. I suggested he visited his GP. When I spoke to him several days later he said his GP had told him he had a viral infection and should rest.

The clock on the bedside table said 2:00am. As soon as I picked up the phone I heard my brother’s trembling voice saying “He has gone”. It has always worried me that I never asked him who he was talking about and how I instantly knew who he was referring to. He was unable to give any details.

We left Plymouth at 5:00am to drive to Hertfordshire. During the four hour drive my one thought was that we would get there and find that someone had made a huge mistake. If it was true, then other people’s lives should come to a standstill. Mine had, so why was everyone around me still carrying on as normal?

Our son Nicholas died suddenly at the wheel of his car while waiting for the traffic lights to change on the 13 January 2005 at 10:00pm. Nicholas was 25 and the eldest of our two children. His sister Natasha was 9 years younger. He also had a step-brother and sister, Kyle and Courtney. He was six feet three and handsome with looks to die for and a smile that lit up a room. He was happy and settled in Hertfordshire surrounded by his aunts, uncles and cousins. He had a very caring, loving and positive attitude, always ready to lend a supportive ear to friends and family. He was also the eldest cousin and all the younger ones looked up to him. The police arrived sometime after the phone call. However, they had no information as to what had really happened. To add to the pain we had to wake Natasha to tell her that her brother had died. Nicholas and Natasha were very close and he was very protective of his little sister. When we asked him to come home and look after his sister for a week while my husband Dave and I went on holiday, he was delighted to be able to spend some quality time with her. It was also Natasha’s birthday during that week. We returned from our holiday late on Sunday 9th January. Nicholas and I stayed up until after 2:00am talking about his work, family and music. He was very keen for me to listen to his latest CD. On the Monday morning I said goodbye to him and left for work. Halfway up the road I had an overwhelming urge to hug him. So I turned the car around and came back to the house. When I walked in the house his music was so loud he didn’t hear me enter his room and when I called his name he almost jumped out of his skin. I hugged him, told him I loved him then left for work.

When we arrived at the hospital my sisters, nieces and nephews were all in the family waiting room. The bereavement nurse took us in to see Nicholas who looked as though he had fallen asleep with a smile on his face. I was shocked at how cold he was. I remember thinking he is not going to be happy, he hates the cold. We had to give the police a statement. When we held the funeral three weeks later the large church was packed. We asked that everyone attending should wear a bright colour of their choice in celebration of Nicholas’ life. The post mortem failed to come up with anything, other than he was fit. The coroner concluded that because of the symptoms of palpitations, blackouts and a healthy heart, Nicholas died of long QT syndrome (LQTS) which is a disorder of the heart’s electrical activity that causes sudden death. The doctor who treated Nicholas in A&E told us that even if Nicholas had an ECG there was no guarantee that the tracing would have recorded the LQTS. A CRY leaflet was included in the post-mortem report. Reading it I was shocked to learn that 8 (at the time) fit and healthy youngsters die in the UK every week from undiagnosed heart conditions. From the 13 January 2005 I have lived in a world of sadness with a constant ache in my heart, most of the time just going through the motions. I think of him every hour of every day. The hole in my heart will never heal. Nicholas – “Forever Blazing in our Hearts”. To read the full account visit

Nicholas had planned to get the 3:00pm train back to Stevenage, but knowing how laid back he was coupled with his lack of urgency at times, I was sure that he might miss his train. At 3:15pm I called his mobile just to check he was on the train, we had a quick chat, I promised to call him later in the week, told him I loved him and said goodbye. That was the last time we spoke. On several occasions Nicholas complained of indigestion type pain and palpitations and was always rubbing the left side of his

CRY update • Issue 56 • 3


from the

Chief Executive Alison Cox MBE CRY Founder & Chief Executive

local area MPs for the backlog and is now being investigated by








whose son Jonathan’s inquest took 33 weeks in 2010 was interviewed.


Max Lowry retrospective art exhibition in aid of CRY

South West Regional Bereavement Support Day

A 22 minute auction held at the

10 September

Mall Galleries in London on 16

The Bristol Golf Club; 26 people registered for this event and

September during the Private View

groups were led on the day by CRY Bereavement Supporters

of Max Lowry’s art works raised an

Barbara Holland, Ruth Lowe, Stephanie Paterson, Carly Sykes,

astonishing £27,350 for CRY.

12 to 18 September

Diane Tolley (pictured) and myself. Max (pictured) died suddenly on 24 September 2010, on the eve of his wedding to Jane Davies. Max’s mother, Suzanne, said that she and Jane had organised the art exhibition and reception with a double objective: to celebrate Max’s life and work, and to help raise awareness of SADS and CRY.

The event was attended by over 400 people, including New York designer Georgina Chapman, an old school friend of Max and Jane. Georgina donated a beautiful evening bag which raised £1,500; a tennis lesson at Wimbledon with Tim Henman went

Interview on ITV Tyne Tees regarding Coroners and Justice Act Campaign 15 September It has emerged that 280 families on Teesside are still waiting for their inquests to be heard. This news comes after Teesside coroner Michael Sheffield was heavily criticised by

4 • CRY update • Issue 56


from the

Chief Executive

for £1,800; and Radio 1 Festival tickets for 2012 raised £2,000.

Michael Wilkinson, Emma Callaghan, The Bon Achord singers,

Suzanne and Jane organised a stunning and very moving event

Will Lang, Colin Nicholson, Bruce Macdonald Lowes, Barry

and offered me a welcome opportunity to highlight CRY’s aims,

Henderson, Jeff Morland, John and Elaine Lawler and

objectives and achievements since 1995, and the over-riding

Richard Rowley.

need to raise awareness of SADS. ‘Don’t Cry’ is a CD EP by North For more pictures visit

East singer and songwriter

Steve, to raise awareness and funds for CRY. Steve created

North Regional Bereavement Support Day

the CD to help promote CRY’s

25 September

2011 Awareness Week.



Hotel people

This is in memory of Levon,

registered for this event and

son of his friend and fellow

groups were led on the day by

band member Jeff Morland,

CRY Bereavement Supporters

who died suddenly in 2002.



Our sincere thanks to the

Crean, Julie Donnelly, Bruce

musicians and vocalists for

Lord, Ruth Lowe (pictured)

donating their time to record

and myself.

the CRY song and to Steve and





all those who performed on the night when 40 CD’s were sold. Also special thanks for their support to Jeff, CRY staff Rebecca Zouvani, Tony Hill and Becci Upson, (in the area for the Durham Riverside Walk) and also to CRY representatives Kenny and Maralyn Bowen, and Deborah and David Anderson. For




and for more pictures visit’t_CRY_CD_Launch.htm

CRY Awareness Week 8-16 October

October Throughout CRY’s Awareness Week, and the whole of October,

“Don’t Cry” CD launch

our supporters helped us to raise awareness and funds in their

7 October

local community. Events held varied from coffee mornings

The launch party was held at The Jubilee Hall in West Rainton,

to discos and many organised awareness stalls at schools,

County Durham and attended by friends and family of singer

shopping centres and other community locations.

Steve Percival and his band: Nick Phillips, Paul Stevens,

CRY update • Issue 56 • 5


from the

Chief Executive Westminster. Over 40 MPs attended the event with Guest of Honour Lawrence Okoye – elite GB Athlete and British Discus Record Holder. The evening was hosted by Roger Gale MP (Conservative – North Thanet; and Vice Chairman of the Cardiac Risk in the Young All Party Parliamentary Group), Kevan Jones MP (Labour – North Durham; and Chairman of the Cardiac Risk in the Young All Party Parliamentary Group) and Dr John Pugh MP (Liberal Democrat – Southport; and Vice Chairman of the Cardiac Risk in the Young All Party Parliamentary Group).

114 people took part in the 2nd CRY Durham Riverside Walk 8 October Congratulations and thank you to the 144 participants (plus dogs in CRY t-shirts!) who took part in the 2nd CRY Durham Riverside Walk on Saturday 8th October 2011 to launch CRY Awareness Week.The numbers walking were more than double those in 2010, thanks to the determined efforts of supporters who promoted the event. For more details and pictures of the event see the CRY







MC for the evening was CRY Chairman Hugh Mulcahey who introduced the various speakers; The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills; Professor Sanjay Sharma, CRY Consultant Cardiologist; Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health; Lawrence Okoye; Tracey Duncan, myheart Network member and GB Athlete; and myself. During my speech, I had the pleasure of presenting Dr Vince Cable MP with a painting of York Minister (the cathedral near his childhood home) done by artist John Bennett in memory of his daughter Laura. This gift to Dr Cable was in appreciation

CRY Parliamentary Reception 12 October As part of CRY Awareness Week, we hosted our annual Parliamentary Reception in the Terrace Marquee in the palace of

6 • CRY update • Issue 56

of his tremendous support for CRY over the years. For more details and pictures of the event see the CRY Parliamentary Reception article or visit


from the

Chief Executive

CRY International Medical Conference

Perhaps the greatest commendation for the success of the

14 and 15 October

event was that most of the delegates – who notoriously usually

The 2011 conferences were once again offered free to delegates.

leave conferences after the afternoon tea break – were still there

Both the Sports Cardiology and the Inherited Cardiac Conditions

at the close of the event to participate in a dynamic interactive

conferences proved to be the most successful events we have

review of Sanjay’s case studies; reflecting a happy audience

held since they were introduced in 2006. Over 200 people

who emphasised how worthwhile the conferences had been.

attended the two days, 90% of whom came for the first time. Leading international sports cardiologists were invited to speak including Professor Corrado (Italy) and Professor Borjensson (Sweden) as well as Professor Sharma. Other International Speakers included Professor Sharhag (Germany), Dr La Gerche (Australia/Belgium), Dr Mont (Spain), Dr O’Hanlon (Ireland) and Dr Rasmusen (Denmark). The first day focused on sports cardiology and was filmed to produce a promotional video which can be seen on the CRY website at The second day focused on inherited cardiovascular conditions and the impact of young sudden cardiac death. Presentations by Dr Behr, Professor Sharma and Professor Corrado were supported by a powerful talk by CRY family, supporter and GP, Dr Tony Hillier. Sanjay also invited me to speak on the contribution that bereavement support can make to the journey of a CRY family through their grief. The




presented by CRY Research Fellows




Dr Sabiha Gati, Dr Martina Muggenthaler,



Sheikh and Dr Abbas Zaidi. For a full write up read the Newsletter from the Deputy Chief Executive.

CRY supporters Kenny and Maralyn Bowen were featured on Channel 5’s Celebrity Wish List 17 October “Celebrity Wish List” is an eight part wish-fulfilment series which sees an array of celebrities reward people across the UK who strive to make a real difference to the lives of those in need. CRY supporters Kenny and Maralyn Bowen were featured in an episode, broadcast This year the event also included outstanding contributions from

on Monday 17 October at 7.30pm on Channel 5.

current CRY Research Fellow Dr Hari Raju and former CRY Research Fellow Dr Michael Papadakis, who spoke on both days.

CRY nominated Kenny and Maralyn Bowen from Redcar to be featured as ‘HeartWarmers’ on the show, as they have worked tirelessly for the charity since the death of their son Ian in 1997. Ian died from Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome when he was just 19. Maralyn has helped many parents as a bereavement supporter; Kenny has written in excess of 2,500 letters by hand to companies to raise awareness and funds; and the couple fundraise every year for a screening event to mark Ian’s birthday. To date, they have raised over £300,000.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 7


from the

Chief Executive

Interviews on BBC Radio Humberside 15 and 16 November The Peter Levy Show on 15 November interviewed Richard Fell Viewers saw Maralyn and Kenny presented with a ‘dream gift’ by Emmerdale actress and presenter, Sheree Murphy. A disbelieving Maralyn and Kenny were given return Air Canada (we can never afford to fly with them!) tickets to see their son

who spoke movingly about the death of his son Josh. I spoke about young sudden cardiac death and the importance of screening. After hearing the interviews Shell Burling contacted the radio station to say that she had a similar experience and Peter Levy subsequently

Paul, their daughter-in-law and their grandchildren in Canada.

asked to interview her for his show on 16 November. Shell spoke

For more information visit

nervous but felt it went really well. Peter Levy was great. I hope


screening. Thank you for your support. I feel really drained now and

about her interview experience with me afterwards; “I was so that I managed to get my point across of how important it is to get exhausted but I could talk about my son Craig all day.”

South East Regional Bereavement Support Day 5 November

Sibling Bereavement Support Day 19 November 18 registered at this new event exclusively for siblings who had lost a brother or a sister, held at the MacDonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham. We introduced a different format which seemed to work extremely well. This had 2 groups led by CRY Bereavement Supporter Joan Hillier (pictured) and myself.

Held at Wimbledon Park Golf Club, funded in memory of James Paterson. 21 people registered for this event and groups were led on the day by CRY Bereavement Supporters Diana Bower, Lesley Johnstone, Stephanie Paterson, Vanessa Tardif, Jenny Thomas, Sarah Willis (pictured) and myself.

CRY charity event features on Sky Sports News 21 November Strabane Golf Club hosted a Charity 5-hole Night Competition on Friday 18 November. 75 nocturnal competitors played in ideal but unusually challenging conditions; an event which was covered by Sky Sports News. Ladies and Gents, took to the fairways armed with a clear golf ball with a luminous stick inside and their necklace glow stick “miners type” lights which had to be switched off whilst playing their shots. The top five holes were lit by beacons illuminating the route making it look like an airport runway. The greens and bunkers were similarly lit up in different colours and putting was aided by more glowing sticks in the holes. Nearly £1,500 was raised for CRY.

8 • CRY update • Issue 56


from the

Chief Executive

Chief Coroner u-turn 24 November I was disbelieving when ePolitix urgently asked me to write an online article following the astonishing news that Justice Secretary Ken Clarke had at the 59th minute of the 11th hour agreed to introduce the post of Chief Coroner. This stunning concession was a tribute to the tenacity of thousands of bereaved families incensed with the government’s decision to axe the role of Chief Coroner. CRY’s campaign began in January, culminating in our Coroners Postcard highlighting the current postcode lottery of this crucial service. 9,300 postcards were requested by protesting CRY supporters over the summer holidays, appealing to MPs for help. The government’s intention to substitute the Chief Coroner’s role with a Ministerial Board was particularly alarming. Sudden death is indiscriminate and the autonomy of the coroner is vital to identify the cause of death. Leadership is the key to the improvements in the service that can now be made. Baroness Finlay’s fight-back in the House of Lords was magnificent and on November 25 after very careful consideration she decided not to push for the further concession of securing an Appeals Process. We are delighted

Katy Turberville who attended endless meetings at Westminster, supporting me in spite of their own work commitments. We have all learnt a lot and most especially never to give up believing you can change things – no matter what the Minister tells you to the contrary!


that the government have agreed to now introduce the appointment of the Chief Coroner as soon as possible and have confirmed they are planning to implement the majority of

Scotland Postcard Launch 1 December

the provisions in the Coroners and Justice Act. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on this crucial issue with such determination and effort over the past few months. The CRY Coroners Postcard campaign was a significant success and revived the struggle to get our message heard in Parliament at a time when many Conservative MPs were resolved to follow the party line. It was in October 2010 that the Minister Jonathan Djanogly announced that the post was going to be axed. The civil servants involved were absolutely resolute. In spite of vehement protests from the bereavement organisations invited to their next two meetings it was made clear that the decision had been made and no concessions would be given. The strength of feeling displayed resulted in further contact only being made to us by civil servants through the more controlled mechanism of emails! The determination that drove the fight-back from that depressing position had been hopelessly underestimated and resulted in Ken Clarke’s stunning u-turn hours before the final vote in the Lords. The drastic change of the government’s position was as a direct result of the fantastic campaigning and lobbying of those affected. I would like to particularly thank our stoic “Chief Coroner’s Committee” of Sue Ainsworth, James Brown, Peter Teale and

The latest postcard launch was for MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and led to the creation of the CRY Scotland webpage. Special thanks to Scotland’s Friends of CRY support group who made this event such a success with 80 MSPs and bereaved families attending. The key speaker was Finance Minister, John Swinney, who attended after a request from his Perthshire North constituent Gordon Murch. Highlighting the outstanding cardiology services available in Scotland were Professor Stewart Hillis, who has received a 4 year government grant for screening athletes, and Dr Anna Maria Choy, who spoke about the service offered at Ninewells Hospital and the genetic implications of inherited cardiovascular conditions. The

CRY update • Issue 56 • 9


from the

Chief Executive

2,000 postcards brought with us were all taken on the day, and

people similarly affected and

a total of 10,450 have now been requested with many MSPs

also received group counselling,

confirming their support for CRY.

discussing the impact of their diagnosis on their lives.

For more information see the Scotland Postcard Launch article or visit









Lloyd’s Boxing – Charity Fight Night

Attridge for looking after us

1 December

at their lovely hotel. They

CRY Representative James

became involved with CRY

Brown collected the cheque

after the sudden death of their

from this incredible fundraising

son Stuart.

event held in North London. Over 1,100 guests attended


the boxing match and auction,


which included a Lipsy dress,


bag and picture donated and

time, arriving direct from the

signed by CRY Patron Pixie

Surrey hospital where he is

Lott. The event was organised

currently based after being

in memory of Rob Allan.

on night duty. Dr Papadakis was



particularly that donated


Dr his


Sanjay Sharma and is now replacing him at these events.

Carols for CRY charity concert 15 December Over 500 people attended the Carols for CRY concert in the beautiful Guards Chapel in Wellington Barracks on the evening of December 15 for a fundraising carol service kindly organised for CRY by Pippa Miller. CRY Patrons Simon Halliday, Phil Packer MBE, Nick Easter and Bill Neely; CRY Chairman Hugh Mulcahey; and Angus Fraser, provided readings. CRY Patrons Pixie Lott and Kathryn Harries performed solos. For more information and photos see the Carols for CRY article

myheart support day

or visit

11 December 10 young people between 14 and 35 attended the myheart meeting held at the Reigate Manor Hotel. They travelled from all over the country to meet each other and talk to cardiologist Dr Michael Papadakis about related medical problems; coming up



Lancashire, Hertfordshire, Sussex,


as well as Surrey. Members


benefitted greatly from



the to

meet other young

10 • CRY update • Issue 56

Newsletter Dr. Steven Cox CRY Deputy Chief Executive

CRY is selected for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition CRY’s work is being profiled this year at the prestigious Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. The event is between July 1st and 8th, 3 weeks before the Olympics, in central London. We expect well over 10,000 young people to attend the event with 50,000+ visitors online. This is a huge event for CRY which is testament to the quality of the research that is being produced by our team and that we are being acknowledged by many as leading the field in this area of cardiology.

CRY’s screening programme, MPs and the CRY APPG CRY’s screening events are an excellent way to engage your local MP in what CRY is doing. They are a tremendous example of how a family and community have been able to raise funds to work with CRY (a non-profit organisation) to provide a service to a local community. The service is clearly welcomed by the community reflected by these events being fully booked. The government are keen to promote relationships between volunteers, non-profit organisations and the NHS to improve services for young people and there is no better example of this than the CRY screening events. With the support of CRY families and Professor Sharma (who does not charge for his services to CRY) we are able to subsidise costs whilst maintaining clinical excellence. CRY are not are saying the government SHOULD right now be funding screening of all young people on the NHS. Currently there are neither the funds nor the skill base in the NHS to do this. CRY will continue to produce the research as well as train and educate the medical community so that one day in the future there will be the skills available within the NHS to provide these services. This will be supported by peer reviewed research presented to the National Screening Committee who have to date consistently rejected a national screening programme as a viable option.

CRY’s going virtual – feedback on the update Many people have fed back to us that they would like to see more of the Update online. We are in the process of digitising the CRY Updates since 1995, working backwards. These will be available to view on the CRY website shortly as well as all myheart newsletters on

CRY International Medical Conference 14 and 15 October 2011 The 2011 conferences were once again offered free to delegates. Both days were the most successful events we have held since the events began in 2006. On the Friday, “Sports Cardiology from Theory to Practice”, speakers included Professor Sharma, Dr Michael Papadakis and Professor Jurgen Scharhag (Germany). These talks questioned the role of different tests in diagnosing athletes, within the context of the inspiring research that Professor Sharma’s team have established in understanding the importance of ethnic and gender differences when assessing athletes. Dr Andre La Gerche (Australia) gave a controversial presentation on right ventricular adaptation to exercise; differentiating from ARVC, challenging some of the assumptions that clinicians have about ARVC. Professor Corrado

from the

Deputy Chief Executive

addressed the important role of ablation in reducing risk when a patient has Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. Dr Lluis Mont (Spain) discussed how important arrhythmias are in athletic individuals; are they of limited importance or conversely a marker of athletic heart disease? CRY Research Fellow Dr Hari Raju gave an excellent presentation on long QT, showing how the long qt should be measured - which is currently not the case, even in general cardiology. David Oxborough and Dr Rory O’Hanlon highlighted the important considerations in ECHO and MRI; and Dr Mary Sheppard presented the experience of the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology in relation to misdiagnosis of athletes. Professor Domenico Corrado chaired the afternoon session, addressing prevention of sudden cardiac death in athletes: “The Lausanne recommendations for preparticipation cardiac screening of young athletes”. Professor Mats Borjesson (Sweden) and Professor Hanne Rasmusen (Denmark) held a stimulating debate on the pros and cons of screening. The final session of the day challenged the audience to see how much they had learnt with interactive case studies and difficult diagnostic decisions presented by CRY Research Fellows. The conference was filmed this year with a promotional video available to view on the CRY website at Over 100 delegates attended the second conference day, “Diagnosis and Management of Inherited Cardiovascular Disease”. Dr Papadakis opened the day by discussing his research with CRY about the prevalence of cardiac death in the young. CRY supporter Dr Tony Hillier talked about the impact of sudden death on a family, not just from the perspective of being an affected CRY family but also being a GP. Alison Cox followed this emphasising the important role of bereavement support. Dr Behr followed with a clinician’s guide to managing ion channelopathies, bringing together the importance of genetics, clinical tests and family history when assessing families for conditions like long QT, Brugada syndrome and other less common conditions like CPVT. Dr Mont, Dr Varnava, Professor Corrado, Dr Child and Professor Somauroo discussed the importance of early repolarisation, and the conditions HCM, Marfan syndrome and premature coronary artery disease in the young. The importance of cardiac pathology was highlighted and how this often results in a SADS diagnosis. Dr Hari Raju clarified how the family should be referred after a tragedy and the vital importance of specialist cardiac services. During the afternoon session Professor Sharma presented the CRY screening data and how best to identify young people at risk. CRY’s programme is unique in bringing together the advantages of ECG and ECHO with a specialist doctor at the event. Dr Joseph Marek followed this by presenting compelling data from the US where they have introduced a method of screening where they are assessing 1,000 young people a day at universities. Professor Sharma and Dr Behr chaired a final session where CRY Research Fellows presented difficult case studies from the general population and the audience reflected upon the information they had received and how this is applied to a real world situation. Best wishes,

CRY update • Issue 56 • 11


CRY News Supporters raising awareness of CRY The University of Aberdeen Cricket Club is raising awareness of CRY in memory of Christopher Parr, past club member, who died suddenly in July 2010. Following Christopher’s death, friends and club members decided to sport the CRY logo on the front of their shirts to help raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death and CRY.

Book published with royalties to CRY CRY supporter Tony Baws’ book ‘Fishing With Harry’ was published in September. Tony, whose son Gideon died of undiagnosed cardiomyopathy while on holiday in Las Vegas in 2008, will give the royalties from his book to CRY. The book tells the story of Harry, an incorrigible, engaging and dapper biscuit salesman in his forties, exArmy and the City, who becomes the unlikely angling companion of young Tony, the love-struck, shy 19-year-old accountant who is courting his stepdaughter. Throughout the 1960s, this unique friendship is cemented by a series of largely nocturnal fishing jaunts across London, Essex, then further afield, to ponds, gravel pits and rivers. For more information, including




Christmas cards 2011 We hope you enjoyed the Christmas cards that were chosen last year. Special thanks to CRY Representatives Rosemary Attridge and Katy Turberville for the time they gave us in helping with this surprisingly challenging task. 2011’s selection of CRY Christmas cards proved to be the most popular ever, with stocks of several of our new designs having to be re-ordered to cater to demand! Cards were available to purchase online either via eBay or through CRY’s online shop. A small selection of merchandise may still be purchased online at

New website launched for the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) A new website has been launched for the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology. It contains information for coroners and GPs about the cardiac pathology service and details of how to use the service

12 • CRY update • Issue 56

As part of their ongoing support of CRY, Runcorn Linnets FC have recently erected a new sign over their stand displaying the CRY logo. Derek Greenwood (Chairman) explained: “Runcorn Linnets FC was established in 2006 as a Fans’ Club after the original Runcorn FC went into decline. The fans wanted to establish a community club which was owned and run by the fans themselves. Having played out of the town for 4 years due to lack of appropriate facilities, the club has built a new ground in Runcorn, The Millbank Linnets Stadium, and commenced playing there in 2010. We now run 2 senior teams, a youth team and 10 junior teams. Our connection with CRY goes back to a request from our league, the North West Counties League, to try to support the charity, as a player from one of the member clubs who had appeared fit and healthy had died suddenly from an undiagnosed condition. We took this on board and have advertised the charity within our match day programme and on our website for a number of years now and when we had the opportunity to advertise it further on our community stand, we did so together with the local hospice we support. At the end of this season, our supporters’ team will be organising a tournament and the trust members voted at our AGM to split the proceeds from this between these two charities. We will continue to support the charity in whatever way we can.” Fundraising schemes Over the course of 2011 our supporters raised £377.92 (including Gift Aid) via eBay for Charity. If you would like to raise funds in this way see for more details. During 2011, CRY supporters raised £181.75 by shopping and searching with easyfundraising and easysearch. The majority of this was raised through online shopping via CRY’s easyfundraising link If you already shop online, why not help CRY (at no extra cost) from purchases you would make anyway. Just register on the site to start raising money for CRY as you shop. By using easysearch every time you search the web CRY receives 50% of the fees paid by advertising sponsors. Just use the link every time you search the web.


Screening Report

Between September and December 2011, CRY screened just over 1,850 people with family memorial screenings making up the majority. At our regular CRY clinics, a total of 425 young people were screened. Clinics were held at the University of Ulster Jordanstown campus, Liverpool John Moores University, Colchester General Hospital (in memory of Andrew Gard) and the University of Glamorgan (in memory of Mark Stephen Young). Sports screenings included England Cricket, Croydon Harriers, ASA Swimming, GB Handball, AFC Wimbledon, England Women’s Football, Powerlifting, Indian Gymkhana Club, SKY Cycling, Modern Pentathlon, Bath Tennis Academy, England Rugby Under 18s, TASS Athletes, GB Rowing, Lawn Tennis Association, Worcester Warriors, EIS Gateshead Sports Clinic, Table Tennis, GB Paralympic Swimming, Premiership Rugby and UK Athletics. 302 athletes were screened. 661 people were screened at 5 family memorial screenings. These were held in memory of Jack Maddams (Gillingham FC), Craig Lunt (Isle of Man), Christian Thunhurst (London) and Tom Clabburn (Ealing). There was a further memorial screening held in Solihull funded by the West Midlands Fund. 356 young people were screened at 3 school screenings. These were held at Myerscough College (Preston), Preston College

(Preston) and Tiffin School (Kingston-Upon-Thames), held in memory of Neil Desai. At the ICAP clinics, where those born in 1995 in the south east are able to get free screening, 106 youngsters were screened. These screenings are held at the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology in St. George’s Hospital.

What happens at a screening? The basic test is an electrocardiogram (ECG) which is a simple non-invasive and painless test that examines the electrical activity within your heart. The ECG involves lying down quietly and it only takes 5-10 minutes. Small stickers are placed at strategic points on your chest, arms and legs. Flexible leads (known as electrodes) that extend from the ECG machine are then attached to these stickers. The electrical rhythm of your heart is recorded and printed out. This part of the process only takes 2-3 minutes to perform. The ECG printout is then reviewed by a doctor in conjunction with a personal and family history questionnaire. If a more detailed image is needed (about 5% – 10% of individuals), an echocardiogram (ECHO) can be taken – this is similar to the ultrasound scan that is used for a pregnant woman to check the health of her baby. Soundwaves echo against various parts of the heart and they are recorded on a screen. This provides a detailed picture of your heart’s structure and how well it is functioning. This takes about 30 minutes to perform. CRY uses top of the range machinery donated by Philips for the screening programme. The screening programme is under the aegis of Professor Sanjay Sharma.

Around 80 young people were given free heart screenings on Sunday as part of an event held in memory of Ealing schoolboy Tom Clabburn, who died aged 14 in 2007 from an undiagnosed heart condition. The screenings, for people aged 14-35, were fully booked. They were held at the Florence Road surgery in Ealing and sponsored by the Tom Clabburn Memorial Fund for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). In addition to the many local youngsters who were screened, one family travelled many hundreds of miles to take part. Tom’s father, Paul, said: “We’re really grateful to Dr David Evans and all at the Florence Road Surgery for allowing us to use their facilities; they have offered us tremendous support. Lots of people from in and around Ealing have worked really hard to raise the money to enable these screenings to take place so it’s good to see so many people taking advantage. As ever, the CRY team were brilliant and we were again hugely impressed by their care and commitment.”

CRY update • Issue 56 • 13


News like them have learnt so far. There are so many questions, no one can answer them all for you and also there isn’t one right answer for everyone, but the members of myheart between them probably have a few answers to most of them.

We understand that being young and suddenly finding that you need to be treated for a heart condition is not easy. CRY’s myheart network offers help, support and information to young people who are coping with a diagnosis of a heart condition. If you are between the ages of 12 and 35 CRY can help you.

How does an implant affect sex? What’s it feel like if your ICD goes off? What’s that beeping sound? When do you tell a new partner? Can I have a disability badge? Where can I get Travel insurance? No one else can completely understand where you are in this drama.

myheart peer support group: Sharing your experiences with each other By Alan Jones, CRY Counsellor INTIMIDATED - LOST – ANGRY – SCARED EMBARRASED TO ASK? Life and death decisions have to

Nobody, even if they have the same condition, is the same as you, but having a few friendly people to talk to in the group can sometimes help a lot. Everyone has space to talk if they want to and don’t have to if they don’t want to. The group is completely confidential. I run the South East group, and I make sure that it is a safe place for talking. myheart members’ meeting experiences Joseph Tanner, Brugada syndrome

be made by you. Huge amounts of

I first attended a group meeting

scary sounding information has to

in early 2009. I was fed up with

be digested. You have to deal with


how your family is coping with your

– always being surrounded by

situation. The ways in which the NHS

people a lot older than me. So

are helpful and sometimes not so

when I found out about CRY

helpful. Suddenly confronted with death and making decisions about

and this group it was good

the future of your life. All of these issues and more can be enormously

to know that I wasn’t the only one.




intimidating. Meeting others who are also making these decisions, or have already made them is often very helpful, and validating.

The meetings are very informal and begin with psychotherapist Alan who is there to help with the flow of conversation. We


start with a quick introduction of ourselves and our condition;

By the time you read this you’ve probably seen teams of doctors

although you don’t have to disclose anything you don’t want to.

and nurses, you’ve talked and talked to your family and friends, but not many if any of them have got your condition or have even been

I get something different out of every meeting I attend. I’ve

through a similar experience to you. You may feel completely out of

learned different things about my condition, learned about things

your depth, not even knowing what the questions are that you want

that we’re entitled too and we’re able to discuss our feelings. It’s

to ask, let alone the answers! What is going on...what do I want to

good to meet other people that feel the same.

know....what do I want? We then break for lunch; this time is for the group to chat between At the support group you don’t even have to talk, you can just listen

ourselves and to get to know each other better without Alan.

until you feel comfortable. Often hearing the others talking and asking each other questions helps to make it clearer to you what you

After lunch we have a group session with a cardiologist, in

feel like, and want.

recent meetings it has been with Dr Michael Papadakis. This is where we get to ask questions that we forgot to ask our own

I’d like to invite and encourage you to come to our group to meet others

cardiologist, or questions that came to you during the meeting.

in a very similar place to you. Many members of myheart weren’t keen

I’m getting to the stage of running out of questions to ask, so if

on the idea of a support group, until they came along and found out

you don’t have a question you don’t have to worry.

how relaxed, ordinary and useful it is. Through these meetings I’ve met lovely people and when I’m having a SHARING INFORMATION

tough day, I write a facebook status and people from myheart always

It may be difficult to talk to family or professionals about some issues.

give support. I continue going to the meetings because I hope to be a

What people get from the group the most is discovering what others

support for the new people that attend.

14 • CRY update • Issue 56



When you are first diagnosed with a condition, you feel like you can’t

my swimming club presentation evening, a name the teddy bear,

do anything, you go through the ‘why me?’ syndrome. After a myheart

sponsorship from a 2 mile open water swim in Windermere,

meeting, you realise you’re not the only one and gain some new

£100 was given in donations for my Mum’s 50th Birthday which

friends and hopefully feel a little better inside.

she requested rather than receive presents. I am already underway with this year’s fund-raising as I am organising a raffle at my

In the future we hope that myheart will be able to do group fundraising

swimming club’s presentation evening in February.

together. Many thanks for the invitation to the myheart meeting; it was Laura Lees, isolated cardiac sarcoid I went to my first myheart meeting in

enjoyable, informative and nice to meet everyone. Paula and Anna, Brugada syndrome

December 2011, after being diagnosed with isolated cardiac sarcoid and having

We found the meeting very refreshing and helpful. There were

an ICD fitted in the August. I didn’t really

lots of other people of similar ages in similar situations and

know what to expect but everyone at

circumstances. After coping with losing our fit and healthy brother,

the meeting was really friendly and

who died at 31 a year and

welcoming, and we all got on really

half ago, we then had to

well. There were a couple of other new

cope with being diagnosed

people there and some that had been

as a whole family with having


Brugada syndrome.

In the morning we had a group chat with a counsellor where we all

The meeting really helped

chatted about our experiences and how having a heart condition had

with day to day questions

affected us mentally, emotionally and socially. It was good to hear

we had about defibrillators

other peoples’ take on things and their experiences. It made me feel

and other questions you

better and not as alone in what I was feeling.





about asking a surgeon After a lovely lunch, a cardiologist answered any questions we may

or consultant. We found it nice not to be alone in this horrible

have thought of since seeing our doctors and wanted answers to.

nightmare, that we are trying to learn to live with, realising that

Most people in the group had questions and it was good to get a

other people are going through the same.

different medical opinion on some aspects. Overall I found the group a really good source of support as we are all young. There was the

The people at the meeting were lovely and very real! I think these

serious side to the meeting but we also had a really good laugh and I

meetings are very positive, hard to cope with at the time but make

would definitely recommend people come along.

you overall more informed about these delicate issues and after a few days you feel so much stronger. It helped us acknowledge what we

Chris Smith, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome I was diagnosed with

had just been diagnosed with and how to deal with it. Thank you to everyone involved.

Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome in May 2009 following a CRY screening at Myerscough College in March 2009

Upcoming meetings

and I underwent a catheter ablation


Meetings are held in the South East of England, the North of


England and the Midlands. For details of upcoming meetings

November 2009. I have been symptom free for almost two years now. I will be forever grateful to

please visit Meetings are free to attend and give members an opportunity to meet and discuss Chris Smith handing fundraising

CRY for all the help and support they have given me and for saving my life. I am a very lucky young man, thanks to CRY. I have been raising money in various ways over the year including a tombola at

their experiences in an informal but supportive environment.

cheque of £749 to Alison Cox. If you have any queries about myheart meetings please contact myheart Coordinator Karla at or on 01737 363222.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 15



CRY’s Research Fellows are an integral part of the work we do at CRY. CRY funds doctors for 2 years who choose to specialise in the field of inherited cardiac diseases, sudden cardiac death, screening and sports cardiology. The research that they produce advances our understanding of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death.

In December, the European Heart Journal published the editorial paper ‘Exercise-induced arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: fact or fallacy?’ written by CRY Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma and CRY Research Fellow Dr Abbas Zaidi. CRY Communications Officer Mair Shepherd spoke to Dr Zaidi about his paper and how it furthers understanding of cardiac conditions. Why did you write this paper? We wrote this paper in response to Andre La Gerche’s paper in the European Heart Journal. La Gerche wrote a paper on exercise induced right ventricular dysfunction and Prof Sharma and myself were invited by the European Heart Journal to write a short editorial commenting on La Gerche’s paper. Can you explain more about La Gerche’s paper? La Gerche’s paper is basically about this concept of exercise induced right ventricular damage. So the theory is that exercise is good for you in moderate doses; however there is a concept that doing too much exercise can possibly cause damage to the heart and that if you continue to do large amounts of exercise, or excessive amounts of exercise, for many years then this could eventually lead to adverse structural changes in the heart and arrhythmia production. So La Gerche wrote an article where they studied 40 endurance athletes, and these were people running marathons, ultra marathons, ultra-endurance cyclists, and he studied these athletes before an endurance event with echocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging and blood tests. Then he studied them immediately after an endurance event and then a week later after they had time to recover. Their findings in summary suggested that these ultra-endurance events can produce damage to the right ventricle in the short term, rather than damage to the left ventricle. The left ventricle seemed to be relatively unaffected. They then showed that there are some markers of fibrosis, which is adverse remodelling, of the right ventricle in these athletes that had been competing in these races for many years. What do you mean by adverse remodelling? In the short term, La Gerche found that immediately after an endurance event, so for example a marathon or ultra marathon, there is an enlargement of the right ventricular cavity and there’s a reduction in the systolic function, or reduction in the pumping function of the right ventricle. That seems to recover after about a week, almost all of the indices recover after about a week, but what

16 • CRY update • Issue 56

they found is that after many years there can be what we would call adverse remodelling – long-term changes in the structure or function of the heart. They found when they did the MRIs they found fibrosis within the wall of the heart which is a marker of adverse remodelling, because you shouldn’t have this fibrous tissue in the heart; it should all be nice ‘clean’ heart muscle. And other features of adverse remodelling would include long term reductions in function or longterm dilatation of the chambers. You mention in your paper that the focus in previous studies has been on the left ventricle while the right ventricle is relatively neglected, why is this? Partly because the left ventricle has always been considered to be the most important chamber, it’s the biggest chamber in terms of it’s got the thickest muscle, and it supplies blood to the body and the brain, whereas the right ventricle supplies blood to the lungs and it’s a much thinner chamber. So it’s been considered to be less physiologically important, but that’s now turning out to be possibly not true. And also it’s much more difficult to study the right ventricle. The right ventricle, because of the position, it lies sort of under the sternum and under the ribs, so it’s difficult to get good pictures of the right ventricle and so because of that it tends to get ignored. But that’s changing as well now with advances in technology, for example newer imaging techniques like cardiac MRI and 3D echocardiography. You talk about the ultra-endurance exercise that may be causing this effect and earlier in your article you write that studies have shown moderate exercise to be beneficial giving an example of 6-10 metabolic equivalents per day. Could you explain what that means? Exercise of around 6 metabolic equivalents would be akin to say running or jogging, cycling or swimming for something like 25 minutes a day. So standard kind of exercise that is advised for reduction of cardiovascular risk, that’s what you’re looking at really. You also reviewed a few other studies in conjunction with La Gerche’s. What light did they shed on the question? There’s a study by Ector in which they did right ventricular angiography of veteran athletes who had presented with complex arrhythmias and they found that these athletes who presented with complex arrhythmias often had a reduced right ventricular function. And actually they had quite bad outcomes in these athletes, many of them experiencing cardiac events and several of them actually experiencing sudden cardiac death. Another study by Heidbuchel again looked at veteran athletes presenting with complex ventricular arrhythmias and they found that most often these ventricular arrhythmias were coming from the right ventricle rather than the left ventricle, and again many of these athletes had bad clinical outcomes. With those two studies, the difference is that they are actually looking specifically at veteran endurance athletes who are presenting with clinical events, such as aborted sudden cardiac death and symptomatic arrhythmias. So

Research they’re not your standard athletes, they are people with clinical events. So they represent one end of the spectrum. So there is a danger in generalising findings from those studies to the general population of athletes. Another study was from Benito, this is another important study, where rats were exercised, they underwent – it sounds very cruel but – they forced exercise in these rats. They found that the rats developed fibrosis in the right ventricle and this has been cited as support of this theory of right ventricular structural remodelling or, as it’s come to be known, exercise induced arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. But it should also be noted that in that study, after a period of abstinence from exercise, the fibrosis in the rats’ hearts reversed fully, so again we don’t know exactly what the significance is. Is this exercise induced arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy something that effects mainly ultra-endurance athletes, or is it something that may affect other athletes too? At the moment the evidence we have of this exercise-induced ARVC is really all from ultra-endurance athletes, so people like triathletes, ultra marathon runners, professional cyclists, that sort of thing. We don’t have any real evidence at the moment that this phenotype will develop in ‘regular’ athletes, if you like. That’s something that is certainly an avenue for further research.


disproportionate stress on the right ventricle compared to the left ventricle, and that repeated bouts of such exercise over the course of many years could lead to permanent damage to the right ventricle in a small proportion of athletes. However, this is still really open to debate. The evidence is not conclusive at the moment and it should be emphasised that this would only be a small proportion of athletes. Even those competing in ultra-endurance events, it would be a small proportion of those. And this shouldn’t be extrapolated to the general population who are participating in recommended doses of exercise, things like moderate running and swimming a few times or several times a week. It seems like further research may be needed to clarify this theory. What would you suggest further research might entail? What we need is longitudinal follow-up, over the course of many years, of athletes who are competing in ultra-endurance races, and also athletes who are competing in less strenuous exercise, so footballers, and then general population as well competing in recommended doses of exercise. We’d need to follow these people up over the course of many years to see whether this phenotype actually does develop. So far, really what we’re seeing is one extreme and we’re not getting the full picture until we get longitudinal follow-up of large numbers of athletes.

What were your overall conclusions based on the studies you’d looked at? Our overall conclusions are that it does seem possible that chronic or long-term participation in endurance events might cause a


Postcard Launch

CRY continued the ‘12 a week’ postcard campaign, with the Scotland launch on 1 December. The postcard includes a picture of Andrew Murch who died suddenly from an irregular heartbeat in 2007 at 21 years old. His father Gordon spoke of the impact on his family in the aftermath of this tragedy. Special thanks to Scotland’s Friends of CRY support group who made this event such a success with 80 MSPs and bereaved families attending. The 2,000 postcards brought with us were all taken on the day, and a total of 10,350 have been requested to date. With the launch of this new ‘12 a week’ postcard, CRY is appealing for the public and politicians in Scotland to show their support by emailing

The symbolic campaign (which first started in 2004 to highlight statistics of 8 young sudden cardiac deaths every week), was relaunched at Westminster in 2008 with the new statistic of 12 young sudden cardiac deaths a week. CRY’s Scotland postcard launch was held in Holyrood with host and key speaker as Finance Minister, John Swinney MSP, who attended after a request from his Perthshire North constituent Gordon Murch. Also invited to raise awareness of the outstanding cardiology services available in Scotland were Professor Stewart Hillis, who spoke about his 4 year government grant for screening athletes, and Dr Anna Maria Choy, who spoke about the service offered at Ninewells Hospital and the genetic implications of inherited cardiovascular conditions.

Names of all MSPs who respond will be highlighted on the CRYScotland webpage, in addition to the work being done in Scotland to address this critical issue.

Gordon Murch

Dr Anna Maria Choy, John Swinney, MSP, and Professor Stewart Hillis

CRY update • Issue 56 • 17

Report from the CRY

Centre for Cardiac Pathology


By Jemma Wells, Dr. Mary Sheppard’s medical secretary at the CRY CCP.

Dr Mary Sheppard Consultant Cardiac Pathologist

Jemma Wells Medical Secretary

Dr Sofia de Noronha Research Assistant

Saharnaz Vakhshouri Laboratory Technician

2011 has been a busy year for the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology with a further increase in referrals from coroners, important collaborative projects and publications as well as a continued profile at national and international conferences. Causes of sudden cardiac death The chart below shows the diagnoses that were made during September - December 2011 indicating that channelopathies predominate. In 2011, 143 of the 190 (75%) cases referred to the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology were diagnosed as having a normal heart indicating possible electrical abnormalities/ channelopathies.

The table above shows the number of sudden death cases referred each month since the centre was opened in March 2007. We have had our fifth successive increase in the number of cases referred for specialist examination by Dr Sheppard. This reflects coroners and pathologists increasing awareness of our service throughout the UK. Maintenance of 14 days turnaround In spite of this increase in numbers we have continued to maintain an average turnaround time of less than 14 days to prepare a report giving the cause of death after examination of the heart. This report is sent to the coroner who can then discuss the cause of death with the family. This enables the family to seek advice about further investigations if required. This is depicted in the line graph below, the red line shows clearly the 14 day threshold, and the blue line shows the monthly average turnaround time. This means that the coroner and family know the cause of death within 2 weeks of the CRY CCP receiving the heart.

18 • CRY update • Issue 56

Research In April 2011 Dr Hari Raju got his pilot genetics study underway in collaboration with the Royal Brompton Hospital and St George’s Hospital as detailed in the previous newsletter. As the year has progressed we have received an increasing number of samples for genetic analysis and we hope this will continue as more pathologists are aware of the importance of taking splenic tissue for potential future genetic testing. This is important in family screening.

Report from the CRY

Centre for Cardiac Pathology

Dr Sheppard is currently involved in several collaborations both nationally and internationally including studies on arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy with St George’s Hospital in London and John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Ongoing work on sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) with St George’s Hospital and also a new study involving MRI scanning of hearts with the MRI department at the Royal Brompton Hospital with Dr Sanjay Prasad. Dr Sheppard published 3 papers between September and December 2011, including: Norita K, Sheppard MN. Sudden Death caused by Isolated Coronary Vasculitis. Virchows Archiv. In press. Practical Cardiovascular Pathology Textbook Dr Sheppard published the second edition of her textbook on Practical Cardiovascular Pathology. This leading text has already sold over 700 copies. To celebrate Dr Sheppard held a book launch at the Royal Brompton Hospital on the 30 September 2011 and surprised Alison Cox with a cake to mark the 5th birthday of the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology.


National and International meetings attended by Dr Sheppard as an invited speaker In addition to her clinical work Dr Sheppard has attended a variety of important meetings in the final quarter of 2011 as an invited speaker on sudden cardiac death, including the CRY conference that took place in October. International 1. ESC Working Group, Development, Anatomy and Pathology, Liblice, Prague, 22nd-25th September 2011. ‘Cardiac growth abnormalities, hypertrophy, dilatation and failure’ 2. Anglo-Israel Cardiology Conference, Caesarea, Israel, 4th-5th October 2011. ‘Aortic disease and genetics’ National 3. Cardiac Risk in the Young, London, 14th October 2011. ‘Sudden death in athletes: Potential for erroneous diagnosis by the pathologist’ 4. Royal College of Pathologists, The Coroner’s Autopsy Conference, London, 1st November 2011. ‘Cardiac pathology – when to refer’ 5. British Congenital Cardiac Association, London, 22nd-23rd November 2011. ‘The importance of autopsy in sudden cardiac death’ 6. Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions, Cardiff, 23rd November 2011. ‘Sudden death in Inherited Cardiac Conditions – role of the specialist pathologist’ 7. Royal Society of Medicine, Post operative deaths, 8th December 2011. ‘Post operative cardiac deaths’ (organiser and chair at this meeting also) Staff changes At the end of 2011 Dr Sofia de Noronha, Research Associate, left the CRY team to join a collaborative project with Dr Elijah Behr and Dr Mary Sheppard at St Georges Hospital working on arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. At the end of January Jemma Wells, Personal Assistant to Dr Sheppard will be leaving her post for pastures new. We will miss her contribution to the unit greatly. The team welcome Jemma Reilly Ayton to this position who will continue the excellent level of service provided by the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP).

CRY update • Issue 56 • 19

Great North


Congratulations and a huge “thank you” to all who took part in the BUPA Great North Run in aid of CRY on Sunday 18 September 2011. This year we had a larger team of 68 CRY runners amongst the thousands of participants. Everyone seemed to enjoy another fantastic race day, despite the aches and pains. The weather was almost perfect and most of our runners welcomed the downpour in the middle, it was certainly better than last year’s cloudy day. Again it was a truly incredible atmosphere, at a unique event which the charity love to be a part of. The morning started dry and looked to be excellent conditions for our runners. The down pour during the race cooled everyone off and the sunshine came out at the end. Many of our runners struggled at the notorious incline at mile 10 of the course, but they kept on going to be greeted by the comforting sight of the sea at South Shields, which signified that the finish was near! For some of our team they already knew the famous course, especially Mark Robson as this was his 10th Great North Run. It was wonderful to finally meet so many members of the CRY team, and put names to faces, as well as their supporters and cheerers at the finish area. This year CRY again had a stand in the Bronze Charities marquee, which was excellent for raising awareness. We branded the whole area that was allocated to us

20 • CRY update • Issue 56

and had plenty of CRY information and literature for runners and spectators who were not familiar with the charity and wanted to find out more. Nearly all of our runners came to see us, and it was lovely to hear that many of them had supported other team members and given an encouraging pat on the back or cheer if they saw another CRY runner on the course. Martin, Charlotte, Anna & Tamsin, our four heart costume runners, seemed to receive a huge amount of support, with extra loud cheers. Our costumes are great for raising awareness of CRY, Anna and Tamsin were stopped about 6 miles in to the run for an interview and also Becky in a CRY vest, another one of our runners, got interviewed at the start. Thank you so much to all who came to meet us, despite feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. It was a challenging day most particularly for those who who were running in memory of a partner, family member or friend. Once again, we would like to thank each and every runner for their huge efforts in completing the half marathon and fundraising for CRY. Your time and valued support are truly appreciated. Well done! The CRY Fundraising Team

Great North


CRY update • Issue 56 • 21

Great North


22 • CRY update • Issue 56

Great North


CRY update • Issue 56 • 23

Great North


Well done and “thank you” to all the CRY runners in the 2011 BUPA Great North Run: Graham Belfield (ran in memory of Chris Parr) Kelly Ann Brearley (ran in memory of Ian Bowen) Gabby Broadhurst (ran in memory of David Green) David Brown (ran in memory of Daniel Page) Tom Brown (ran in memory of Zoe Teale) Anna Buck (ran in memory of Martyn Adam Harry Luckett) Helen Carroll Karen Cartwright (ran in memory of Llam Hipkin) Louise Clowes Caroline Condron (ran in memory of David Keirl) Andy Cooper Charlotte Cowie (ran in memory of Dave Harrop) Stuart Craig Helen Critchlow (ran in memory of Chris Parr) Tim Daniels Heather Darby (ran in memory of Neil Darby) Kate Donnachie (ran in memory of Sean Farrell) Alison Edwards (ran in memory of Andrew Murch) Niall Furlong Paul Garner (ran in memory of Jonathan Leigh) Debbie Greenhalgh (ran in memory of Luke Shaw) John Harrison (ran in memory of Graham Harrison) Martin Harrison (ran in memory of Graham Harrison) Stephen Harrison (ran in memory of Graham Harrison) Adam Haywood (ran in memory of Jonathan Leigh) Felicity Henderson (ran in memory of Alice Lyte) Becky Hinchliffe (ran in memory of Peter John Hinchliffe) Kevin Houston (ran in memory of Sean Farrell) Hannah Hurnell William Hurst (ran in memory of Chris Parr) Jenny Hurst (ran in memory of Chris Parr) Lucy Hurst (ran in memory of Chris Parr) Richard Iverson (ran in memory of Graham Harrison) Sus Joerning (ran in memory of Peter John Hinchliffe) Kathryn Kelly (ran in memory of Neil Wickers) John Lancaster (ran in memory of Zoe Teale)

24 • CRY update • Issue 56

Damian Lathan Craig Liddell Charlotte Anne Luckett (ran in memory of Martyn Adam Harry Luckett) Darren Maloney (ran in memory of Neil Wickers) Maggie McDermott (ran in memory of Alice Lyte) Ralph George Mitchell (ran in memory of John McCall) Laura Moon (ran in memory of Alice Lyte) Robert Page (ran in memory of Jonathan Leigh) Marc Pemberton (ran in memory of Neil Wickers) Lucy Rapp (ran in memory of John McCall) Adam Rathbone (ran in memory of Mike Rathbone) Geraint Roberts (ran in memory of Les Roberts) Hannah Robinson (ran in memory of Alice Lyte) Mark Robson Ian Seal (ran in memory of Jonathan Leigh) John Slater (ran in memory of Neil Darby) Susan Ann Smith (ran in memory of Matthew Gary Smith) Dawn Smith Helen Sorrell (ran in memory of Mathew Smith) Chris Spence (ran in memory of Martyn Adam Harry Luckett) Susan Janet Stocks (ran in memory of Chris Parr) Scott Stockton Jack Storr (ran in memory of Jonny Leigh) Dennis Tailor Louise Taylor (ran in memory of Neil Wickers) Kelvin John Thubron Sean Tormay (ran in memory of Neil Wickers) Daniel Watson Susan Westwood (ran in memory of Zoe Teale) Tamsin Winter (ran in memory of Martyn Adam Harry Luckett) For more photos from the Great North Run 2011, please visit



young people, as well as raising funds to help the charity continue its brilliant work.

CRY Crusaders are a unique rugby 7’s side based in Surrey. They comprise predominately of Sternian’s, with old boys from Cranleigh and Wellington also involved. Having gained regional standing under the team name of “The Magnificent 7”, the boys approached CRY, with which they hold a deep emotional connection, to set up a new team in support of the charity. In 2004, its founding members were playing in an under 15’s rugby game at Haslemere, when their team mate, fellow school mate and great friend Seb English died suddenly. Exactly the same thing had happened to his Dad a decade earlier. Howard English (aged 32) collapsed and died whilst playing rugby, when Seb was 5. His cause of death was wrongly diagnosed as floppy mitral valve and his widow was told that this condition was not inheritable and Howard’s death was a tragic one-off. Sebastian was found to have died of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) – which he had unknowingly inherited from his father Howard. After this tragic loss the team became far more aware of cardiac abnormalities in young people. As a result of the new venture to raise awareness for the charity they re-formed as the ‘CRY Crusaders’ last summer, playing in tournaments across the country in support of this terrific cause. These tournaments included the Manchester Invitational 7’s, which saw the boys chalk up an impressive 35-7 win against Sale Sharks on the way to winning the plate which was presented by former British and Irish Lion Andy Titterell; London 7’s, which saw the Crusaders go down to the impressive British Army side in the knockout stages; Newquay Surf 7’s with an early exit at the group stage to a strong Pacific Islanders team; and the West Country 7’s where they beat Clifton and lost narrowly to the RAF Spitfires. Most importantly however for the guys and the charity, the team used their rest time in between games at the tournaments raising awareness of the terrific services that the charity provides to

This summer, having come off the back of a busy 7’s season CRY Crusaders brought their season to a close with an exhibition game at Elthamians rugby club in Kent, who had also recently suffered the tragic loss of one of their Under 15’s to a heart condition. The exhibition match was a humbling experience for the team, being invited to play at a tournament raising awareness and funding for CRY, and played against some of the clubs 1st XV side. This was brilliant to raise awareness of CRY’s cause and how they can help. Having been involved in sport from a young age, all of the boys see it as the perfect opportunity to raise money and awareness through something they love.

CRY Crusaders are planning to be even busier this summer coming, playing in tournaments such as Reading Abbey, Wanstead, Farnham 7’s, The Wild Boar, Rugby Rocks, Newquay, Bournemouth as well as hopefully going further afield to Wales and Scotland. If you are interested in getting involved, whether it is playing or helping the team in any other way it would be truly appreciated. For contact details see box. For further information and photos visit

Contact us Facebook: Twitter: Email:

CRY update • Issue 56 • 25

CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 Congratulations and thank you to the 144 participants (plus dogs in CRY T-shirts!) who took part in the 2nd CRY Durham Riverside Walk on Saturday 8 October 2011 to launch CRY Awareness Week (8-16 October). The numbers taking part this year were more than double those of 2010, thanks to the efforts of our supporters who actively promoted the event. The walk was attended by CRY staff Rebecca Zouvani, Fundraising Manager, Becci Upson, Events Fundraiser and Tony Hill, Family Screening Manager. Tony kindly drove the CRY team and equipment/ literature all the way from Surrey to Durham and back in the CRY van. It was another drizzly and chilly start to the morning, but it did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of our supporters, some of whom had travelled several hundred miles to take part. Registration was held inside Durham Amateur Rowing Club. Participants checked in and picked up a balloon, then had a hot drink and a chat with each other whilst we waited for everyone to arrive. CRY staff and photographer Doug Moody took details and photographs for the local press.

Many people who took part walked in memory of a young person who they had tragically lost to young sudden cardiac death, including Kasia Ber, Ian Bowen, Naomi Dixon, James Edward Dougherty, Lezlie Elkington, David Elliot, Dean Henderson, Ian Johnson, Faye Linton, Leon Ashley Manners, Paul McGlynn, Levon Morland, Sarah Simpson and Lee Daniel Turner. This year we also had a team of 13 young walkers from the F.C Easington football club, walking with the Ber team, as well as a team from Virgin Media, Health and Safety, who travelled from London, Manchester and Cardiff, with their partners, to take part. Thank you! Just before midday, Rebecca Zouvani made a short speech to thank everyone for coming and introduced Jeff Morland, who made a very moving speech about his own experience, following the loss of his son Levon and his support of CRY. Instead of a minute’s silence, the new CRY song, “Don’t Cry” composed by Steve Percival and recorded with the help of his talented friends and family, who all kindly donated their time, was played.

26 • CRY update • Issue 56

CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 Everyone then made their way to the outside of the club to take part in a motivating and fun warm up, including some Zumba moves, led by volunteer fitness instructor Jane Rich, from Get Active, County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.

Following the beautiful River Wear, walkers had a striking view of Durham Cathedral. The autumnal colours of the trees lining the river bank provided a stunning backdrop for the walk. After crossing Bath Bridge and breaking away from the river momentarily for a detour, the 7km route looped back around to finish at Durham Amateur Rowing Club, where each walker was welcomed back by Kenny and Maralyn Bowen, CRY Representatives, and presented with a certificate and CRY wristband as a token of thanks from CRY.

The Rowing Club kindly opened the bar and provided delicious toasties and homemade scones ready for the walkers’ return, which was a very welcome treat! The club was full of smiling faces, and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. We would love to see everyone again next year and hope to see some more new faces too. We are very grateful to the event sponsors Durham Amateur Rowing Club for providing a great venue at a discount and to Mark Bell and his team for making available drinks and delicious food; to Northumbrian Water for kindly donating the water; Joe Crow and Radflex for donating the chocolate bars. Thank you to the following volunteers for all their help before, during and after the event by organising and attending meetings; promoting; driving; taking deliveries; pre-event telephone calls and emails; marshalling; designing and marking out the route; providing first aid cover; registering walkers; inflating balloons, warm up, handing out water, chocolate bars, certificates and forms and clearing up. We really couldn’t run a new event like this, so far from the CRY office, without the help of dedicated volunteers: David and Debbie Anderson; John and Diane Ber; Kenny and Maralyn Bowen; David (Joe) Crow; Stewart Doyle; Mark Gilbank; Bruce Lowes; Aran Morland; Jeff Morland; Steve Percival; Jane Rich; Ted Philo; Carolyn King; Sheila at Durham Town Hall; Sue Burlinson at Durham County Council; Julie Slater at Durham Clayport Library; Mrs Elliot; Jean Johnson and Mr Tidbury. We really appreciated the time and help of all of the volunteers and special thanks to Jeff and Steve for making it all happen. After photographs and press interviews (including photographs of John and Elaine Lawler, Honorary African Chief and Queen of a small village in West Ghana called Shia, dressed in their tribal wear), the walkers – some with baby buggies and toddlers – and their dogs set off on the walk, picking up a bottle of water, fruit juice and a cereal or chocolate bar on the way.

Thank you also to the participants who kindly helped with media for the walk. This resulted in several pieces appearing in the press as well as local radio and TV interviews. To see more photos from the day, please visit

CRY update • Issue 56 • 27


Parliamentary Reception 2011

On Wednesday 12 October CRY held its annual Parliamentary Reception at Westminster. The event was hosted by Roger Gale MP, Dr John Pugh MP and Kevan Jones MP and was the key event in CRY’s Raising Awareness Week. Guest of honour at the event was Lawrence Okoye - GB Athlete and British Discus Record Holder. representatives from sporting organisations; CRY Trustees; CRY Research Fellows; CRY staff – and many others.

The evening received fantastic cross-party support, with over 40 MPs attending the event to show their support for CRY’s campaigning. We are very grateful to all those Parliamentarians who found the time to attend. Other guests at the event were CRY supporters / families; CRY myheart Network members; CRY Patrons Simon Halliday and Bill Neely; Elite GB athletes Peter Chambers, Emelia Gorecka, Twinelle Hopeson, Elliot Safo and Stephanie Twell; representatives from CRY corporate supporters Calor Gas; medical professionals;

28 • CRY update • Issue 56

CRY There were a number of speakers at the event. MC for the evening was CRY Chairman Hugh Mulcahey and he introduced: The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills; Professor Sanjay Sharma, CRY Consultant Cardiologist; Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health; Lawrence Okoye, Elite GB Athlete and British Discus Record Holder; Alison Cox MBE, Founder and Chief Executive of CRY; and Tracey Duncan, myheart Network member and GB Athlete. During her speech, Alison Cox presented Dr Vince Cable MP with a painting to thank him for his tremendous support for CRY over the years.

As well as summarising CRY’s achievements, speakers talked about CRY’s ongoing contribution to research and CRY’s expanding screening programme - including the screening of elite athletes who will represent Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics.

Parliamentary Reception 2011

The impact of young sudden cardiac death on local communities was also highlighted; as well as the importance of offering support to young people diagnosed with a condition through CRY’s myheart Network.

The Reception received overwhelming positive feedback from those who attended, and it was a compelling reminder of CRY’s various initiatives, and the importance of CRY’s work. Visit for further photos from the event.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 29

Carols for CRY The evening opened with music from the Band of the Irish Guards, directed by Major Wayne Hopla, and after the first carol the Reverend Clinton Langston CF welcomed the congregation. Amongst hymns, such as ‘The Holly and the Ivy’and ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’, were several readings by CRY Patrons Simon Halliday, Phil Packer, Nick Easter, Bill Neely, CRY Chairman Hugh Mulcahey and Angus Fraser. The Choir of the Guards’ Chapel provided further music, under the direction of Tim Horton, including 3 superb pieces from the work of composer Cecilia McDowall.

Over 500 people attended the Carols for CRY concert in the beautiful Guards Chapel in Wellington Barracks on the evening of December 15 for a fundraising carol service kindly organised for CRY by Pippa Miller.

Solo performances were given by CRY Patron Pixie Lott singing ‘Silent Night’ accompanied by her guitarist Ben Jones and CRY Patron Kathryn Harries singing ‘Rejoice Greatly’ (from Handel’s Messiah).

After the concert guests were invited to the marquee for refreshments where Pixie performed a medley of songs with Ben. C o r p o r a t e sponsors for the carol service were: AXA Framlington, Calor and ICAP. For more photos from the concert visit

30 • CRY update • Issue 56

Our In Memory of Robert Aitken Amelia McDonald sent in a donation of £885 in respect of Gareth Jennings and Phil Yabsley’s fundraising in memory of Robert.


In Memory of Nicholas Barnes The Reverend P Barnes raised £150.

In Memory of Robert Allan • Matt Goldhawk sent in a donation of £350. In Memory of Cecilia Barriga • Mike Fleet sent in donations totalling £246.71, including £65.57 from the collection box.

• Lisa Allan, Matthew Allan, Michael Allan, Pauline Allan,

Howard Davies, Julia Davies, Nina Davies, William Davies, Alastair Ghaleb, Mandy Ghaleb, Suzy Ghaleb and Tom Ghaleb took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £120.

In Memory of Michael Anderson Kevin Anderson sent in a donation of £402.65 in respect of his sponsored walk last year in memory of Michael. In Memory of Marcus Armstrong • Tony Armstrong sent in a donation of £500 from the profits of a raffle held at Harwich and Dovercourt Golf Club and guests at the annual Marcus Armstrong Memorial Gold Day, at the end of June.

• Mike Fleet sent in a donation of £190 from his Bookmark event. •

Mike Fleet sent in a donations totalling £275, of which £190 is in respect of the sale of signed bookmarks.

In Memory of John Barry Jason Gordon took part in the Great Manchester Run and raised £513.50. In Memory of Lewis Barry • David Roberts held a fundraising event and raised £1,140 in memory of Lewis.

• Tony Armstrong sent in a donation of £152 in respect of the

• Adie Turford took part in the Great Selby Bike Ride and

• Alison Stanway took part in the Thailand Jungle Expedition

• Davina Lonsdale took part in the Virgin London Marathon

Harwich Boot Camp.

with Charity Challenge and raised £100.

In Memory of Stuart Attridge • Rosemary Attridge sent in £165 from the sale of her hand made cards.

• The staff at McGuire Woods held a Dress Down Day and raised £132.

raised £131.

2011 and raised a further £199.70 making a total raised of £599.10.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £7,429.67 from Zurich’s

Community Trust. This money was raised by staff across the company and matched by Zurich Community Trust. The staff raised money through a sponsored event at Rutland Water in memory of Lewis Barry.” Francesca Amadio Walklat, Zurich Community Trust UK Ltd.

• Rosemary Attridge forwarded a donation of £100 from the Reigate Rotary Club, following a talk she gave and £50 from the sale of handmade cards in memory of Stuart.

• The Rotary Club of Redhill donated £3,000 which was collected by Attridge.





In Memory of Bob Baldwin “Please find enclosed a cheque for £120. This money was raised at an annual Darts Tournament at the Wheel of Fortune Public House in Alpington; playing for the Bob Baldwin Memorial Cup. It was raised from the entrance fees and by holding a raffle. A great evening was had by everyone and at the same time raising money for a great cause.” Christine Bloomfield. In Memory of Andrew Ball Roy Ball sent in a donation of £567 from donations and merchandise sales collected at the West Midlands ECG screening in Solihull on 18 and 19 November.

“On Monday 16 May, 50 intrepid Risk Engineers and Zurich M Sales staff from all over the UK took on the challenge of Rutland Water - and won! We wanted to get together to raise funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young and The Dave Rayner Memorial Fund following the death of Lewis, 15 - the son of Mark and Carol Barry. Lewis was a very promising sportsman, in particular with cycling, so this prompted the idea to cycle, run and walk around the reservoir.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 31



The cyclists circumnavigated the 17 miles around the reservoir some chose to add the 6 mile island for good measure. Walkers and runners took on the 10k route across the dam and back. We were treated to a fantastic BBQ on our return - expertly smoked (sorry, cooked!) by Jo and Stuart and put together by Cath and Nancy! So good in fact that Stuart Lloyd decided to share the ketchup with his shirt!

As always, a few stories of mishaps emerged from the day:

• “We went off course by about half a mile because contractors left a gate open so we didn’t see the no entry sign”.

• “I shall never forget the stiff crosswind when cycling across the seemingly never ending dam”

• “David Forster couldn’t even blame a puncture for his punctuality!”

• “Helen is still on the hunt for ‘the wrong green chair’ - if you see it, please let her know!”

• “Nancy Quinn never did recover from the ducks stealing her burger!!!!”

A fantastic day was had by all - and Mark and Carol are so grateful for all the support and friendship from everyone! Thank you!” Geraldine McFaul, Risk Consultant.

An auction of celebrity signed shirts and books (a fantastic “non PC” operation by Chris Wicks) raised an amazing £1,400 on the day and the raffle and donations raised a further £806. Sponsorship of the team and donations from colleagues, friends and family has brought the total currently to £4,556 - and with a 50% contribution from Zurich Community Trust the total will be well over £6000! A fantastic result for everyone involved! Everyone had a great day in the sun and the sense of achievement for some who hadn’t walked, run or cycled so far in a long time was incredible. Congratulations to everyone - however, special mention should go to: • Simon and Nick “Free the Zurich 2” who dressed up as convicts and cycled the 17 miles on a tandem. If they needed any encouragement then the fact that they were being “chased” by Rod, John, Mick and Mike on another tandem probably helped! (Never did work out how they managed to fit 4 blokes on a 2 seater bike!!).

In Memory of Mark Batson Team ‘Big Un’ took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £1,137. Team ‘Big Un’ are Janet Batson, Kate Batson, Paul Batson, Andrew Bradshaw, Michelle Devine and Steve Nightingale.

Janet & Paul Batson, Andy Bradshaw, Kate Batson, Steve Nightingale & Michelle Devine

• Paul Feltham who came suitably dressed for an ACDC concert and walked the whole 17 mile route in 5 hours!

• Ian Reffell who was not satisfied with one simple 26 mile route - so did it twice!!

32 • CRY update • Issue 56



Cummings, Michaela Davison, Deneise Dunn, James Dunn, Martin Dunn, Mick Dunn, Vicky Dunn, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Amy Fletcher, Anita Foster, Kirsty Frater, Daniel Gething, Kyle Gething, Helen Graham, Rachel Hamilton, Thomas Hunt, Nicole Kenny, Jeff Kinkade, Julie Kinkade, David Laidler, Claire Lavery, Dawn Lavery, Jane Lavery, Jill Lewis, Lewis Lyons, Stacey Proudlock, Ross Pygall, Emily Raine, Caroline Saxby, Lewis Smith and Chrissy Wright took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £1,175. In Memory of David Bick “Please find enclosed cheques to the value of £200 in memory of our much loved son, David. It was my 80th birthday on 7 October and I requested donations in lieu of presents.” Ursula Bick. In Memory of Max Biles Ann-Marie Perry took part in the Bath Half Marathon and raised £203 making a total raised of £388. In Memory of Colin Blundell Brian and Angela Blundell held a coffee morning in aid of CRY at a friend’s home and raised £242.

In Memory of Gideon Baws “Please find enclosed my cheque for £100 for the Gideon David Baws Memorial Fund. This is to mark the publication of my cousin Tony Baws’ book Fishing With Harry.” Michael Baws. In Memory of Gareth Thomas Beckett Hannah Beckett, Simon Bennett, Rhiannon Egan, Stephen Hinch, Katie Knapman, Sandra Knapman, Gemma Walker, Sally Walker and Simon Walker took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £355. In Memory of Graeme ‘Tinka’ Bell Gemma Cannell sent in donations totalling £663.70, including £600 from the 150 Club at West Denton Fire Station Social Club and £63.70 from Leek Club at West Denton Fire Station Social Club. In Memory of Ewan Bellamy “My mother, Mrs Jenny Boothby, Ewan’s grandmother, celebrated her 100th birthday on 20 August. She asked for donations to CRY in lieu of presents, in memory of Ewan.” Judie Street sent in a donation of £120 (£100 in lieu of presents and £20 from the collection box at the local shop in Stithians.) In Memory of Kasia Ber Bhana Baker, Christopher Baker, Mathew Barron, Julie Bellerby, Peter Bellerby, Chris Ber, Diane Ber, John Ber, Adam Bradley, Scott Bradley, Adam Brown, Janet Brown, Claire Burlinson, Samantha

In Memory of Sarah Booth CRY supporter Martin Collins sent in two cheques amounting to £285 in respect of Wellington College’s sponsored run in the Belfast Half Marathon. The total raised is now £6,000.60. In Memory of Jack Boulton • June Boulton sent in a donation of £185.71 raised from a collection by players and friends of the Keynsham Cricket Club.

• David Boulton sent in a donation of £664.65 from various fundraising in memory of Jack. In Memory of Ian Bowen • James Cane and Raymond Collister MBE organised a Sportsman’s Dinner at Crook Golf Club and raised £600.

• Kelly Brearley took part in the Bupa Great North Run 2011 on 18 September and raised £353. • Maralyn Bowen sent in a donation of £185 raised at a Tombola held in the Morrison’s store in Redcar.

In Memory of Richard Brett Matthew Brett took part in the Tour de Tendring Cycle Ride and raised a further £286, making a total raised of £335. In Memory of Gregory Brookes David and Hayley Liepins held another Golf Day in memory of their dear friend, Gregory Brookes, and raised £787.44.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 33



In Memory of Timothy Bryan Angela Bryan sent in a donation of £700 raised at the ‘Remembering Tim with Love’ event held on 8 October. In Memory of Alex Buckler “The Ballads Bowmen held a two day shot on the farm as part of the South West Challenge week of competition. Once again they held a raffle in aid of CRY and raised an amazing £172. As usual their lost arrows were ransomed to get them back and they generously gave in the tin. A few also camped and the proceeds are included.” Rosalind Buckler sent in a donation of £234. In Memory of Jamie Bucknell Julie Lister and Helen Brady held a Family Music Night and raised £2,310. “Friday 2 September saw over 170 family and friends come together at Lea Social Club, Preston to support Julie, Graeme, Marc and Louise Lister and their fundraising efforts in memory of Julie’s nephew, Jamie Bucknell. Jamie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 14 in 2001. Since then the Lister family have been working hard to raise as much money as they can for CRY, with the last event held in 2008. After a couple of years off, and 2011 being the 10th anniversary since Jamie passed away, they hoped that this year’s event could be the most successful yet! With the evening proceedings promising live music from two fantastic bands; a wealth of amazing prizes on offer in both the auction and raffle; and the promise of a ‘special guest appearance’, tickets for the event sold out in no time. This was a great start to the fundraising effort and a massive boost to the fundraising pot.

quickly filling the donation buckets with generous contributions and plenty of spare change. A brief break in the music meant another opportunity to tempt even more money from the generous guests. The empty dance floor was a perfect playing field for rolling £1 coins and with a large bottle of Bell’s finest whisky up for grabs, the male competitive streak took over and there was another £40 in the kitty! With the band safely back from the bar, they started up again with some more classics that got everyone up out of their seats and showing us their best moves. After another great set, everyone took the opportunity to rest their feet as raffle tickets were drawn and the excellent prizes on offer were shared out. With donations from local businesses, friends and family, there was something for everyone on the raffle table. From a bottle of whatever you fancy, to restaurant vouchers, high street hampers and even a full English breakfast hamper direct from the farm! The charity auction was when people got really generous, with meals for two; pamper sessions and family days out up for grabs for the right price. However, the big bidding wars of the night were over the Preston North End lots. A signed football, signed shirt and

With DJ John steering the evening’s proceedings, guests enjoyed music from ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Souled Out’ while family friends donned CRY sashes and worked the room, getting people to handover as much money as possible for raffle tickets and

34 • CRY update • Issue 56

Our hospitality match tickets brought in a combined total of £320 from charitable bidders. The evening was rounded off by the ‘special guest’ appearance of the night! As the lights dimmed and spotlights centred, the familiar sounds of Phil Collins’ hit, ‘In the Air Tonight’ played out to the audience. The twist this time being there was not one, but two Gorillas revealed, ready and waiting to re-create the infamous advert! The night’s success can only be put down to the help of friends, family and local businesses and their generous donations of prizes, time, and money, to all of which a huge thank you goes out! The 2011 grand total was an amazing £2,310 raised and donated in the memory of Jamie Bucknell. Fingers crossed in 2012 it might be even more!” Helen Brady. In Memory of Dr Jennifer (Jenny) Bucknell • “Following the untimely death of my daughter Jenny Bucknell who died from ARVC on 5 April 2011, the family and friends have been doing a variety of fundraising and will continue to do so. Jenny was a medical student at Cardiff University and died three weeks before sitting her finals, and her interest was in pathology and sudden death. She was also a keen swimmer and rower too.” Veronica Bucknell sent in a donation of £140.


had a great day, though the weather wasn’t really on our side, this did not stop us. With enthusiastic rowers out talking to the public about our clubs chosen charity, we managed to collect £898.35. While some rowers were out in Cardiff collecting, others were in the University Students Union holding a cake sale. With lots of baking happening over the weekend and fellow students feeling generous the bake sale was a success and raised another £188.51. To add to our week, we went bag packing at Tesco Extra in Splott, just outside Cardiff, on Saturday 15 October. This was a great day all round with the Cardiff University Rowing Club Dragons putting in an appearance and proving a massive hit with children at the store. We managed to raise £496.72 to add to our running total, whilst continuing to raise awareness for CRY. We hope to continue our fundraising efforts throughout the coming season whilst continuing to raise both money and awareness of the work done by CRY. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who donated for your generosity and support of both our club and CRY.” Amy Hill.

• Hillary and Bill sent in a donation of £160: £120 of this was raised last weekend running a Whist Drive in their local village hall and £40 represents half marathon donations.

• “Bill, Jenn’s step grandfather has just celebrated his 65th birthday and kind pals, despite being told no presents, have put in money with his cards for his choice of charity £100 plus a donation from Jenny’s aunt and uncle for £50.” Mrs Hillary Mead sent in donations totalling £150.

• Veronica Bucknell sent in a donation of £615: £565 from Veronica and £50 donated by Miss L Titterton.

• Hillary Mead and Bill Durrant held their quarterly Whist Drive in the nearby village of Chaffcombe, Somerset and sent in a donation of £155.

• Cardiff University Rowing Club raised £913.61, during their fundraising week 10 to 16 October, in memory of Jenny Bucknell.

“The past week has been fundraising week for Cardiff University Rowing Club. Having lost a former rower Dr. Jennifer Bucknell who passed away on 5 April 2011, at the age of just 23. It was later found that Jenny had a heart condition called ARVC, which is thought to be the second most common cause of unexpected sudden death in the young. With the loss of Jenny, we chose to raise money for CRY. After lots of paperwork, on Tuesday 11 October we managed to secure a council permit to collect money in the City Centre. We

“On Sunday 5 June, Cardiff University Rowing Club, named their senior women’s coxed four after a much missed fellow crew member and friend; Jenny Bucknell. Jen was a final year medic who passed away suddenly in April this year. Jen was an active member of the rowing club managing to juggle both her degree and rowing. Jen started rowing with C.U.R.C in September 2009. At this time of year, we train in small boats and learn to scull. Jen had a distinct over many of the senior rowers, as she had spent her summer learning to scull at Ross rowing club. With the start of the academic year and a new intake of novice rowers, Jen become a member of the novice squad, always maintaining her place in the boat in the bow seat. It was within this squad that Jen developed the name of ‘Mum’. She looked after and encouraged the younger girls, even housing them for a few weeks when their contracts at halls had expired. Jen had many successes with the novice crew; beating Swansea at the Welsh Boat Race, gaining a silver medal at BUCS Regatta, and making the quarter finals at Henley Women’s Regatta. In her second year of rowing Jen joined the senior squad. Her placements made training difficult for her, often requiring her to drive across Wales to be back in Cardiff for a weekend of training.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 35



Regardless of this Jen managed to secure a seat in the first eight for the women’s eights head of the river, the most important race of the winter season. This was Jen’s final race before she took time off to study for her finals. It was the best performance by the senior women and we were all thrilled with the race. After the race Jen said ‘it was the perfect end to her rowing’.

In Memory of Anthony (Budgie) Child Angela Child sent in a donation of £1,012 raised at the 7th Annual Line Dance, in memory of Anthony.

It is hoped that all crews racing in the boat, now named ‘Mum’, will be able to enjoy races as good as Jen’s last one. She was an enthusiastic member of the club and she will always be remembered. This summer the opposition had better watch out because C.U.R.C Senior Women are doing it for mum!” Amy Hill. In Memory of Craig Burling “Please find enclosed a cheque for £425.83. This was raised in the collection box at the funeral of my brother, Craig Burling.” Dale Burling.

In Memory of Nathan Butler “My husband and myself organised a ‘Soul Night’ at Porthill Park Cricket Club on Saturday 19 November. The evening was attended by around 100 of Nathan’s family and friends and was an absolutely fabulous night raising £400.” Angela Butler.

Graham Button Melbourne John Lawrence





We have received a funeral donation of £750, in lieu of floral tributes, for Melbourne John Lawrence.

In Memory of Ben Carter Joanne Carter sent in a donation of £100 from Chris Astley in respect of her weight loss venture in memory of her son, Ben.

In Memory of Guy Champney • Colin and Ashley Willis raised £1,287.62. St Julies School, Liverpool, contributed £167 of this.

• Andrew Champney, Christine Champney and John

Champney took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised just under £100.

In Memory of Olivia Chase • Maddi Cameron took part in the Bupa London 10,000 2011 and raised £410.

• Juliet Browning took part in the Bupa London 10,000 2011 and raised £405.

• Kathryn Ellinger took part in the Bupa London 10,000 2011 and raised £290.

36 • CRY update • Issue 56

“On the 27 August, we held our 7th line dance event for CRY. Our very good friend Kim Ray, once again organised and hosted the evening. We also had Natalie Thurlow to sing two great slots, which had everybody on their feet dancing all night. What a fabulous singer and entertainer she is!! Keeping well up to date with all the new dances coming on the line dance circuit. We managed to raise the great sum of £1,012 in total. £150 of which was raised from the raffle proceeds, at another line dance being held on the same night at another venue.” Angie and Jack Child. In Memory of Tom Clabburn David Bentley, Edward Bentley, Gina Bentley, Bryony Chetwynd-Glover, Ellen Clabburn, Paul Clabburn, Alastair Clunas, Naomi Dowd, Scott Ensom, Nema Hafezi-Bakhtiari, Tess Gomm, Elin Hale, Martin Hale, Mustafa Homayourn, Madelaine Horne, Harry James, Megan Jones, Rita Jones, Annie Kaufmann, Shadeh Kavousian, Hannah Langam, Joseph Lee-Dowd, Helen Lewis, Polly Manser, Claire Matthews, Peter Matthews, Alison Montgomery, Lisa Neaverson, Alice O’Driscoll, Timur Onder, Christian Panzer, Gottfried Panzer, Linda Panzer, Chris Pearson, Sophie Perkins, Claire Prosser, Gordon Prosser, Neil Prosser, Samantha Prosser, Alan Rodney, Jamie Sanders, Eve Schutz, Mick Scott, Nicholas Scott, Stephanie Smith, Megan Watkins and George Wright took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £275 making a total raised of £775. In Memory of Tom Clabburn and Stella Prosser Claire Prosser sent in a donation of £134.01. “This was donated to CRY by the friends and family of Stella Prosser, who died in July 2011. Stella was a great supporter of CRY and regularly attended the Bridges Walk.” In Memory of Harry Clarke “I am enclosing five cheques to the value of £650 as a donation to your charity. My partner and I married on 30 July and collected this money, in lieu



of gifts, at our wedding. We are Dave and Christine Clarke and unfortunately Dave’s brother Lewis, our sister in law, Lisa and nephew Jack Clarke have had contact with you regularly after the

In Memory of Susan Cox Mel Cox took part in the Reading Half Marathon and raised £945 in memory of her mother, Susan. tragic loss of their son and brother Harry Clarke, aged 11 on 23 May 2005. As you can imagine it was a happy but emotional day for us anyway, and even though Harry is always missed, it was an occasion where he was missed more than ever.” Christine Clarke.

In Memory of Gary Craig Gerard McCann sent in a donation of £100. In Memory of Ben Crean Jennie Crean sent in a donation of £4,000.

In Memory of Matthew Cooper Debbie Cooper took part in the 5K Superhero Run and raised £250. In Memory of Lynne Corden We have received a funeral donation of £699.83, in lieu of floral tributes, for the late Mrs Lynne Corden. In Memory of Bruce Cousins • Daryl Williams took part in the Sheffield Half Marathon and raised £150.

In Memory of Richard Credland Sandy Credland took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £530 making a total raised of £880. In Memory of Hayley Crook

• “We are pleased to enclose a cheque for £310.80 collected at a disco and auction night organised by his friends to mark the secondary

“I took part in the Basingstoke Half Marathon on 2 October and most of my fundraising was through Just Giving but my company sponsored me £150 by cheque (Baker Tilly International).” Claire Boyle. anniversary of our son’s death. Many people arrived in fancy dress including Bruce’s niece, Daisy, who is soon to be one year old.” Jackie Cousins.

“It was around 30 degrees on the day and so extremely hot. I was aiming to do the run in 2 hours which I had trained for and should have been capable of doing quite comfortably.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 37



However, because of the heat I struggled from about the 3rd mile. The course was extremely hilly too, and I had practiced round it so I knew what was coming - but it was so tough. The support from the crowd was amazing; people were outside their houses with hosepipes for us to run under. It was a great atmosphere.

However, between miles 11 and 12 I collapsed due to the heat and couldn’t finish the race. An ambulance came and gave me oxygen and did an ECG and other tests once I’d come round. I had been to one of the CRY screening clinics just after Hayley died and there were no problems with the ECG then, so I knew it was just down to the heat - but I felt awful for the rest of the day and it was pretty scary.

picture shows the Mayor and Mayoress having a go on the ball game. It was a lovely day and the event was well attended. At this event we raised £200.

The next two pictures are from the Gorleston Gala Day (3 September) and show the stall and some of the cupcakes which were kindly donated by Kelly Brown who lost a relative last year to SADS. At this event we raised another £200.

So, unfortunately I don’t have much of an inspirational story for you but I got most of the way and so they still gave me a medal! I have raised £900 so far and hope to get a bit more from people who hadn’t sponsored me beforehand.” Claire Boyle. In Memory of Simon Jon Cullum Marilyn Cullum sent in donations of £400 from the Gorleston Cliff Top Gala and the Gorleston Gala Day. “I am enclosing some pictures from two fundraising days I have held for CRY in memory of my son Simon Jon Cullum.

At both events I was helped as usual by my best friend Judy Burton.” Marilyn Cullum. In Memory of Adam Dabell John Dabell made a donation of £400 from the Adam Dabell Memorial Football match. “On what proved to be a particularly cold but dry night, there was a capacity crowd, of particularly young people, for the event. The Sackville v Imberhorne ‘Old Boys’ match kicked off the evening at 6.15pm with some very energetic and skilful football.

The first two pictures are from the Gorleston Cliff Top Gala, held on 31 July. One picture is of me in front of the stall and the second

38 • CRY update • Issue 56

Our After 20 minutes each way, the final score was 2-1 to Sackville Old Boys.

The main Imberhorne v Sackville 6th Form Match followed and, once again, these young people treated us to 90 minutes of excellent football. The final score was 2-1 to Imberhorne. Tom Ray was the goal scorer for Sackville and the scorer of both Imberhorne goals was Harvey Weddell (who also scored one of the two winning goals in last year’s match). The Town Mayor kindly attended for the entire 6th Form match, had photos taken with both both teams and presented the Cup and Trophy at the end. Both teams were presented with medals. He said that both teams had, once again, shown admirable sporting skill and with the good humoured support from the large crowd of young people attending, clearly demonstrated to all that the majority of young people are a great credit to their local community.


In Memory of Ben Daniels • “We are delighted to be able to have raised a further donation to Ben’s memorial fund and enclose a cheque for £2,057.12. This donation was raised by two events; firstly on 21 July Ravens Wood School organised its annual ‘Festival on the Field’. The event was a whole school celebration and showcased many of our students’ enrichment performances. There was also a variety of other fun activities for the whole school community to enjoy, including live music, inflatable activities, a BBQ and a variety of student-led stalls. Secondly, students currently in Year 10 participated in an Enterprise programme in July 2011. Students from each form created their own business and incorporated their own marketing strategies. The boys sold popcorn, drinks, toasties, ice creams, washed cars and held Fifa 11 championships, to name but a few. Each company had the option of keeping 50% of any profits made; however, 99% of those involved chose to donate their profits to charity. The students felt it would be a fitting tribute to a former student to donate the proceeds from both these events to CRY.” Mr K Saunders, Principal, Ravens Wood School, Kent.

• Ravens Wood School, Bromley, Kent sent in a donation of £1,302.10.

• “In memory of Ben Daniels who died

suddenly in March this year, I held refreshments stalls at recent school events, with the help of friends and staff of Hayes Secondary School.” Samantha Ringshall sent in a donation of £300.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for

£333.26 which is the amount raised at a cake sale that was held in the Office of General Counsel of PwC. The cake sale is an annual event for which a different charity is nominated each year. CRY was chosen partly in memory of Ben Daniels who sadly died early this year in the Bromley area. Ben was a school friend of my son and they played regularly for the school cricket team. Sadly, once we announced the charity we were supporting, a number of people from PwC said that they also knew of someone who had died prematurely in this way.” Jill Cole, PA, Office of General Counsel.

In thanking once again EGTFC for their kind support of this memorial event, in memory of his son Adam, John Dabell declared the event a huge success and told the crowd, “Let’s meet here next year and do it again!” I’m delighted to report that voluntary contributions on the night, plus donations later handed and sent in, raised £400 for the highly appropriate charity, CRY – Cardiac Risk in the Young.” John Dabell. For more photos visit

• Paul Nixon, International and County Cricketer, donated his speaker’s fee at an Awards ceremony of £350. This was forwarded to us by Lord’s Cricket Ground.

• Jill Cole, Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP sent in a matched

giving donation of £333.26 in respect of the annual cake sale in memory of Ben.

• Geoff Everfield sent in a donation of £250 in respect of the Father’s and Sons Three Peak Challenge in memory of Ben.

• Melissa Bowden, Vanessa Bowden, David Daniels, Gerard Gough, Jacqui Gough, Dean Houlden, Jo Wright and Michael Wright took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £655.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 39


Fundraisers In Memory of Ryan Darby • ICAP sent in a donation of £750.

• Linda Garston took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £630.

“On Saturday 17 September we held our third Charity Night in memory of our son Ryan with all the proceeds of the evening going to CRY. The evening was a great success; lots of family and friends came along, we had a lovely buffet, great disco and over 150 raffle prizes. Everyone went home with a prize which included signed football shirts, footballs, five holidays to various places including Spain and Portugal, a Nicky Clarke Haircut, a meal at Langans Restaurant and so many other wonderful prizes kindly donated by kind friends and supporters to help our charity. The evening raised £2,950 (which I enclose) plus a further donation of £320 from the Waitrose Beckenham Branch, in memory of Ryan as he used to work there after school and during the school holidays. We hope this helps towards your continued work in research and the screening of young people, also the support you show to bereaved parents like ourselves.” Barbara and John Darby.

In Memory of David Ayo Taiwo took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised a further £416 making a total raised of £ 1,587. In Memory of Paul Davies Clare Chamberlain, Benita Davies, Gillian Godfrey, Carl Harrison, Eboni Harrison, Grace Harrison and Lindsey Harrison took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and have now raised a total of £273. In Memory of John Lawrence Dick Malcolm Dick took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and has now raised a total of £235. In Memory of Josh Dillon Owen Jones took part in the Liverpool Triathlon in June and sent in a donation of £375. “On 26 June 2011 I completed the Liverpool Olympic distance Triathlon, in memory of Josh Dillon, in 2hrs 27min 02sec! A big thanks to everyone who sponsored and helped me raise a total of £500, your donations have gone to an excellent cause!!” Owen Jones.

Barbara, John & Harley receiving flowers from all their friends for the good work they had done for the charity night

In Memory of Thomas Dominy Sue Foyle took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised a further £374.25 making a total raised of £797.80.

In Memory of Adam Drawbridge • Mrs K Fleming sent in a donation of £150 for her great nephew.

• Claire Blackman, Richard Blackman, Shirley Blackman, Les Drawbridge, Sarah Drawbridge and James Forbes took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £240 making a total raised of £850. In Memory of Michelle Duffin Jamie Duffin took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised further funds online making a total raised of £740. Harley and Olivia letting a sky lantern go, watched by Charlotte

Harley, Ryan’s son, letting off balloons at the end of the evening

40 • CRY update • Issue 56

Our In Memory of Rebecca Duxbury John Galvin, work colleague of Ray Duxbury, made a donation of £100.


• Hornsea Fire Service made a donation of £100. • Donna Fell sent in a donation of £500. • Marie Kunning sent in a donation of £535.21. This money

was raised at a Fun Day held at a residential care home for people with learning disabilities.

In Memory of David Elliott Kay Banks, Nicola Elliot and Keith Gilson took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £196.50.

In Memory of Sebastian English Maggie Hamilton, Amesbury School, sent in a donation for £708.52 which the school raised last year.

In Memory of Leanne Faulkner Michelle Faulkner sent in a donation of £2,124.92 from the Leanne Faulkner Memorial Charitable Trust, raised at the 4th annual Loulabell Ball, held on 13 August at the Parque de Floresta in the O’Parque Restaurant.

• HSBC sent in a matched giving donation of £500 in respect of the Fun Day held at the Beeches Residential Home on 18 October.

• The Yorkshire & Clydesdale Bank Foundation made a donation of £500. This was forwarded to us by Richard Fell.

In Memory of Bruno Fernandes “Please find enclosed cheques totalling £1,550 as a donation to CRY in memory of our son, Bruno Fernandes. Bruno was 17 years old and attended Exeter College. He loved football and music and was loved by all his friends and family. Not only has he left us but also his brother James who is 13 years old. I never knew just how popular he was. The money was raised by us and some friends of ours. In June we went up to Newcastle and walked Hadrian’s Wall. It was quite a challenge but knowing we were doing it for Bruno made it easier. Bruno died on 8 March 2011.” Julie Fernandes.

In Memory of Kevin Fegan Marie-Claire Kearney took part in the Deep River Rock Belfast Marathon and raised £145.

In Memory of Thérèse Field Rachael Roby took part in the Super Hero Run 2011 and raised £230.

In Memory of Josh Fell • Hornsea School & Language College, raised £864.91 from a Non Uniform Day held at the end of term and from the Enterprise Day.

In Memory of Nolan Foley • David Foley cycled from London to Paris between Wednesday 14 and Saturday 17 September 2011 in memory of his son Nolan Foley. He has raised a further £530, making a total raised of £805.

Hornsea District Lions sent in a donation of £1,000.

• Waverley

Cross Hydrotherapy Centre made a donation of £1,328.

• Hornsea

Pentacostal Church made a donation of £400.

“My ride from London to Paris was a doubled edged event for me. A practical fundraiser to thank CRY for the help they have given my family since losing my son Nolan Foley in 2008. The other to commemorate my son’s life, and work through my grief with a positive action.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 41



I entered the event on my own. The other 111 riders all had their causes but we all shared a common attitude, so before a pedal was turned I was chatting and feeling part of a group.

The first day was long. Registration and briefing at 6am. The ride starting at 7am from Crystal Palace. The route to Dover was fully sign posted, with official water stops morning and afternoon, and a buffet style lunch stop at 55 miles. It’s a 95 mile ride, which is more than I had ridden in one day before. It was demanding, with the worst hills all in the last 25 miles. Everyone made it to Dover by the required time of 4.30pm. The ferry section took some time (another chance to meet others), followed by a slow 40 minute ride to the hotel in Calais. That day finished at about 10pm. With that section under the belt, although weary, I felt the toughest day was behind me.

Days 2 and 3 were similar, covering close to75 miles each day. All via low traffic country roads, passing through small villages (each seemed to have a pretty church or town hall to admire) with historical content. There were still many hills to climb, and often the riding was difficult, as you carry the previous day’s weariness in your body. On these days an early breakfast and briefing got me on the road by 8am. I was able to reach the next destination by 5pm, so there was some evening down time to sit and drink a coffee; chat with others about the days ride, and about each person’s charity and motivations for the ride. The stopovers were Abbeville and Beauvais. The ride from Beauvais into Paris is just about 55 miles. Hence the 4th day becomes somewhat easier. The surroundings changed to suburban traffic. The final stretch was along the banks of the Seine. The last few miles being in convoy. The whole party guided and ‘escorted’ through the Saturday Paris traffic by the support vans. The Eiffel tower was reached at the predetermined 4pm slot, with friends and relatives cheering people home.

42 • CRY update • Issue 56

It was a challenge that I am so glad I was able to engage in, and I achieved the personal thinking time away from life’s ’busyness’ that I wanted. I did prepare for the event as best I could, only having weekends to train, and by doing other organised events of 50-75 mile distances. I am not a cyclist historically.” David Foley.

In Memory of Andy Forbes Steven Garton, Director Store Ordering, Tesco, Herts, sent in a donation of £1,814.40. In Memory of Kieran Formby Philippa Redfern took part in the Run to the Beat Half Marathon on 25 September and raised £617. In Memory of Joanne Fotheringham “For our recent wedding we asked guests to send donations to our nominated charities, of which CRY and in particular the Joanne Fotheringham Memorial Fund was one. From their kindness I am pleased to enclose cheques totalling £650.” Anne and Donal MacRae. In Memory of Rhian Nadine Fry • Colleen Fry sent in a donation of £100 from part of the proceeds of the sales of the ‘Boys’ car, in which they did the Nurburg ring a few years ago.

• “I held a coffee morning recently and raised money through table top sales, refreshments and a raffle, some of the money was through the ongoing sale of Rhian’s History of Maresfield booklets.” Coleen Fry sent in a donation of £150. In Memory of Daniel Furnell Chloe Griffiths sent in a donation of £200. In Memory of Lauren Gallagher • Blanche Gallagher sent in a donation of £137 from the charity box at Centra Stores, Co Tyrone.

• Louise McShane held a ‘Golf in the Dark Night’ at the Strabane Golf Club on 18 November and raised £1,401. In Memory of Sarah Elizabeth Gamble • “Erewash Pixies Netball team who I play for organised, hosted and played in a netball tournament to raise funds for CRY. Just over a year ago a very dear friend and team mate died from heart failure. Sarah, aged 26, had a known heart condition but was not considered at risk of fatality from the condition. Sadly we still do not know what caused her heart to fail and tests are ongoing to discover what caused this terrible tragedy. We are proud to have known Sarah and miss her so very much. All the members of Erewash Pixies hope this money will go some way to helping families and friends who have suffered in the same way as Sarah’s family and friends.” Kate Mann sent in a donation of £740.

Our • Julie Kohut, Erewash Pixies, sent in an additional donation of £165 in respect of the recent Netball Tournament.

• Kate Wright took part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon on


In Memory of Andrew Gard Donations totalling £105 were received by CRY at the recent Colchester screening day.

11 September and raised a further £331.70, making a total raised of £723.70.

• Boots sent in a donation of £500 via their ‘Make the Difference

Fund’ for Katie Wright completing the Robin Hood Half Marathon.

In Memory of Aimee Garnett “Please find enclosed a cheque for £780 on behalf of Doncaster College. The dance show, held on 10 and 11 March, was a great success and the students were thrilled to be involved with raising money for such an important charity. I would like to thank you for your constant supporting with aiding our event and your communication was much appreciated.” Marie Wroe, Course Leader, Doncaster College. Dance students and staff from Doncaster College and University Centre Doncaster have raised £780 in memory of Aimee Garnett from the proceeds of their annual show.

Kate and her sister who both ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon.

“On 11 September I ran my first Half Marathon to raise money for CRY. I ran in memory of a family friend, Sarah Gamble, who passed away suddenly last year.

She was only 26 when she passed away, it all happened so quickly and with no real explanation for her sudden death I found it hard to come to terms with how someone so young and full of life can just die.

She was only a few weeks older than me and I always admired her positive outlook and how full of energy she was! I needed a positive focus, something to work towards for myself but mainly to do something in memory of Sarah and raise as much money as possible. The furthest I’d run before this was only 5k so I took the challenge on to run 21k and complete my first half marathon.

I was quite nervous on the day, seeing so many runners all looking the part in their running vests that I felt quite daunted by the challenge. I kept thinking though that everyone is here to raise money for their chosen charities and the atmosphere really lifted my spirits. I have to say, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done running that distance but the main thing keeping me going was Sarah and knowing how much money I had raised for doing this.

One tough part of the course was a long uphill climb around mile 6, I had to walk part of it to get my breath and take a drink. Then a couple of girls ran from behind me and tapped me on the back and said “amazing charity, keep going” and then I realised this couple were running for CRY too and that really spurred me on to get up that hill. Finishing the race was the best feeling ever, the biggest sense of achievement that I had completed it and raised over £700. All the hard work through sweat, tears and laughter was all so worth it. Altogether I’ve raised £718!” Kate Wright.

It was decided to dedicate the show to Aimee, who sadly passed away in November 2009 as she was in the second year of her National Diploma in Dance course. 60 dance students from a number of different courses worked in partnership with each other to create pieces for the performance. The work showcased was part of their training and directly linked to achieving their qualifications.

The performance was entitled ‘Level Steps’ and staged in the Harvey Theatre at the University Centre Doncaster, High Melton. Aimee’s mum, Amanda, who brought along baby Harley, received the cheque on behalf of CRY, from a group of students and staff at the Harvey Theatre recently. Marie Wroe, Course Leader for Dance, said, “It meant so much being able to raise money and also awareness of such an important charity. The students were very supportive of it and produced excellent dance pieces and as Aimee loved to dance, what better way of showing that.” In Memory of Stephen Gately Olaf Bitter, Sheryl Chappell, Gemma Charville, Lenie Keizer, Jacqui King, Heidi Lee, Catherine Mostyn Scott, Sarah Phillips, Rosie Woodhurst, Debbie Woolley and Silvia Wunsch took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £283 making a total raised of £619.50.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 43



In Memory of Elizabeth Gent • Mr C Gent sent in a donation of £150 in respect of the Great North and Great London Swims.

• Christopher Gent took part in the Great North Swim and Great London Swim and raised a further £515, making a total raised £970.

In Memory of Alexander Christian Goodman Rosemary Goodman sent in a donation of £600 raised during a Coffee Morning, where she sold hand made cards, and a Cream Tea last month.

In Memory of David Green • “Please find enclosed a cheque for £450. This was given to me recently by one of the runners who ran in memory of David at the Bognor 10K Run in May.” Gabby Broadhurst.

• Gabby Broadhurst took part in the Great North Run and raised £480.

In Memory of Shamil Hamid • Humaira Ashraf, Alexander Burgess, Gary Fenwick, Farah Hamid, Shafiq Hamid, Najma Hashmi, Samar Hashmi, Zain Hashmi, Alastair McFadzean, Naheed Patel, Callum Pinfold, James Poole and Simran Poole took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £655 making a total of £965.

• Helen Searle, Head Teacher - Prep, Kuwait English School, sent in a donation of £3,724.

In Memory of David Hamilton Steve Crawford, Rachel Hamilton, Claire Lawrence, Wayne Lawrence and Louise Smith took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £169. In Memory of Hannah Barbara Nunn, Bob Nunn and Jack Nunn took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £150.

In Memory of Oliver Griffin “Our son Oliver Griffin died on 2 February 2008, he was 26 years old. On Saturday 12 November 2011 it would have been his 30th birthday and in order to mark the occasion with his friends and family we held a quiz night. The purpose of the event was to remember Oliver but the secondary purpose was to raise money and awareness for CRY. Eighty seven people attended and after all deductions for a fish and chip supper and the hire of a hall, the event raised £1,205.66 from ticket sales, donations and a raffle.” Owen T Griffin.

In Memory of Matthew James Harris Emma Coffey, Steve Coffey, Carolyn Harris, Stanley Harris, Alexander Stewart and Kathryn Stewart took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £205.

In Memory of Rochelle Grogan Sophie Grogan, Kayleigh Hatch, Kodie Hatch, Michael Thorpe, Michaela Thorpe, Ruby Mae Thorpe and Sharon Thorpe took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £800.

In Memory of Graham Harrison • Judy and John Harrison sent in a donation of £103. This was raised by Sharon Mason at McCain Food, Scarborough. She dressed up in a Halloween Costume for the day and went round collecting donations from McCain employees.

In Memory of Leanne Haddrell • “Please find enclosed a cheque for £100. My son, James Padden, ran the Stockholm Marathon in May 2011, in memory of Leanne.” HG & SR Padden.

James Padden took part in the Stockholm Marathon and raised £110.

In Memory of James Haggerty “The enclosed donation of £703.90 was raised during a sponsored swim in July in memory of James. It was organised by one of our good friends, Sean Collins, in conjunction with Mark Beaumont of Claremont School who kindly loaned the use of Bodiam School’s swimming pool for the event. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as you can see a lot of money was raised.” Jackie Haggerty.

44 • CRY update • Issue 56

In Memory of Matt Harris Experian Limited sent in a match giving donation of £250 in respect of Adam Payne completing the Kenilworth Half Marathon in memory of Matt.

• John, Martin and Stephen Harrison took part in the Bupa Great North Run 2011 and raised £2,006.

• “I enclose a cheque for £1,014 in memory of Graham. The funds were raised by a family who are friends of ours and have supported us since we lost our son Graham in 2009. Mike Shepherdson and his wife Cath, daughter Amy and son Alex, all got together to organise a Race Night which was good fun and raised £877, the remainder of £137 was raised at a football quiz, also organised by them. I am touched and very thankful for their massive efforts.” Judy Harrison. In Memory of Christopher Haw Judith Burgess took part in the Great North Swim and raised £238.73.

In Memory of Natalie Herbert 24 friends and family members climbed Mount Snowdon on the 10 September and sent in donations of £970 so far.

Our “In April 2010 Natalie Herbert passed away suddenly in her sleep. Natalie was a perfectly healthy 25 year old but through recent tests it is believed she died due to a rare genetic heart arrhythmia know as a long QT. Natalie was and always will be remembered as a beautiful, bubbly young lady who enjoyed every moment of her life spent with her loving family and friends.


Mcfly who kindly requested the support of his fans on Twitter. Since his post we have been overwhelmed by sponsorship from Mcfly fans, who have raised around £600 altogether and have left heart-warming messages of support. Natalie’s family hope that all the loving support will continue in memory of our daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, niece and friend Natalie, our ray of sunshine.” Camille Williams. In Memory of Dean Henderson “We held a 21st Birthday Celebration in which we had many raffle prizes and played bingo, to raise money in memory of our son, Dean Henderson, who would have been 21 on the 24 June. Tragically Dean lost his life to HCM when he was 15 in August 2005.” Deborah Anderson sent in a donation of £1,271. In Memory of Joe Herrington Jay Folly took part in Carp in 4 Cancer and raised £1,084.

As organised by her cousin Camille and fully supported by Natalie’s parents Chris and Judy Herbert and her sister, closest friend and work colleague Cristie Herbert, a charity climb up Mount Snowdon took place on Saturday 10 September 2011. Altogether there were 24 participants of the 3,560 ft climb including Natalie’s sister Cristie, cousins Camille, Daniel, Faye, Kieran and Sara, her auntie and uncle and most cherished friends. Each of us travelled from Leicester to tackle extremely harsh weather conditions including icy rain, hail and strong winds to complete the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in Wales in honour of Natalie who holds a special place in so many hearts. It wasn’t easy, and caused a lot of legs to ache but we all agree it was a very worthwhile experience and an honour to raise money and awareness for CRY and to do something positive in memory of such a special young lady.

In Memory of Laura Hillier Tony and Joan Hillier sent in a donation of £2,000 from sponsors and donations during 2011 in respect of the Family Screening Day to be held in April 2012. In Memory of Peter John Hinchliffe • John Glarvey took part in the Merlin Cycle Ride and raised £617.10.

• John Glarvey sent in an additional donation of


• The Doncaster Wheelers Cycling Club raised £220 on their

Humber Bridge Ride which was forwarded to us by Dr and Mrs Hinchliffe in memory of Peter.

• Dr Hinchliffe sent in a donation of £1,185 raised at the Peter

Hinchliffe Memorial Ride on Sunday 6 November and a further donation of £200 from Paul McCormack. In Memory of Liam Hipkin Karen Cartwright took part in the Great North Run and raised £250.

During her 25 years Natalie had a smile for everyone and made so many friends, as a result the support and sponsorship for our climb has been greater than anyone expected. To date the total money raised is over £5,000 and with sponsorship still being collected we expect the total to rise significantly. Support for our event has come from far and wide, including local and national businesses, newspapers and magazines. We have also had support from Georgia Horsley (friend of Natalie) girlfriend of Danny Jones of

In Memory of Nicholas Holland “Each month Sesame Bankhall Group holds a ‘Wear What You Like Day’ and asks employees to donate £1 for the privilege! Any more raised on these days is donated to a local charity, which is nominated by one of our employees. I am delighted to say that Deborah Warburton, from our Finance Department at our Altrincham office, nominated your charity to benefit from the money raised on Friday 24 June. I have pleasure in enclosing a match giving cheque for £215.” Emma Townsend, HR Consultant, Sesame Bankhall Group.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 45



In Memory of Kirstie Lois Holmes Charlotte Lavender held an evening of ‘Cocktails and Cupcakes’ on 15 September and raised £565. In Memory of Steven Howes “My husband and I recently celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary and, in lieu of gifts, requested donations to be shared equally between CRY and EACH (East Anglian Children’s Hospices.)” Lynne and Barry Chapman sent in a donation of £170. In Memory of Suart Hudson “Please find attached a cheque for £300.79 arising from a collection made at Silhill Football Club during a memorial match for our team mate, Stu Hudson, who died on the pitch playing for Silhill in October 2009.” Phil Haynes, Hon Secretary, Silhill FC. In Memory of Polly Hughes • Tom Begg sent in a donation of £300 from the Samworth Brothers Challenge earlier this year.

• Simon Emmett took part in the Time Trial and

sent in a donation of £500. In Memory of Camilla Irvine

• Natalie Siddall took part in the Great Manchester Run and raised £312.

• Wendy Irvine sent in a donation of £981 in memory of her daughter, Camilla.

Milla was a pupil at Ripon Grammar School, and we are delighted that Charity Week this year at the school will be for CRY.

The total collected has now risen to £881. £100 was sent afterwards by two friends who were moved by a large board we had on show with lots of photos of Milla over the years.

Another friend, Mark Hinton, stepfather to a very good friend of Milla’s, from Kirkby Fleetham near Northallerton, did a 7K run and raised another £100 for CRY.

We cannot believe the generosity and kindness of all those who have donated.” Wendy Irvine.

In Memory of Reece Jeffrey Anita Hawkins sent in a donation of £1,672.42 raised at a Bring and Buy Sale, Karaoke evening and auction, in memory of Reece. In Memory of Howard Jennings “Please find enclosed cheques for the sum of £115.18 raised in memory of Howard Jennings. H2O hairdressing raised £43.18 by collecting donations for fringe trims. The salon based in Corfe Mullen, Dorset is run by Tracey Roe. The generous clients put donations into the charity box when receiving fringe trims which the shop does not charge for. David Ashley raised £72 by having his beard shaved off in a Turkish barbers in May this year. This was quite an experience, especially when the barber brandished a cut throat razor and a flaming stick to remove any unwanted hair!” Keeley Ashley.

“A year ago last weekend (24 September), Milla died peacefully in her sleep from sudden adult death syndrome. To remember her, and to thank all our friends and family for their continued support and kindness over the last year, we decided to hold a party ‘Just Because’ at home.

This evening was Milla’s 18th, 21st, and Wedding rolled into one. We knew the weekend would be difficult, and our way of dealing with it was to surround ourselves by 300 of our friends and Milla’s.

Guests partied on in Milla’s honour until the early hours.

A ‘Midnight Challenge’ was arranged and £741 was put into the collection box. We were stunned by everyone’s generosity.

The collection will be given to the Camilla Irvine Memorial Fund at CRY.

46 • CRY update • Issue 56

In Memory of Nathan Jennings Dave and Jenny Jennings sent in a donation of £1,500 from Nathan’s Charity Day and a donation of £3,500 from the Mid Kent Golf Club.

Our In Memory of Leon David and James Scott Johnsen We have received a funeral donation of £960.60 in lieu of floral tributes in respect of the late Leon David Johnsen.


Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is the chosen charity that his Mum and Dad have nominated for donations. This is why Leatherhead Round Table decided to create and run an event in 2011 to raise funds in memory of Ethan for CRY.

In Memory of Ian Johnson Christine Connor, Carole Craggs, Jean Davison, Lesley Ibbetson, Jean Johnson, Jacqueline Smith and Christine Todd took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £135. In Memory of Ethan Jones • On Sunday 24 July Leatherhead Round Table held a classic car rally. The event was attended by over 20 classic car owners who paid to take part in this event. The cars gathered at Leatherhead Leisure Centre and at 10am each car was given a start off to follow a planned “Tulip” route to arrive at the Bentley Motor Museum in Halland, Sussex.

Rob Giles, from Leatherhead Round Table, spoke about why they had chosen to support Cardiac Risk in the Young: “On 23 December 2010 Ethan Jones, aged only 6 years old, died suddenly whilst out with his family.

Ethan came out with Leatherhead Round Table (pictured) on the Saturday before he died when we took the sleigh out in the snow to make collections for local charitable causes.

He had no known illness and so this was a tragic and sudden death that has left a devastating impact on his family and friends. The post mortem reported that he died of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS).

Everyone had a fabulous day and all for a great cause. The Leatherhead Round Table made a £1,000 donation from this event.”

• Catriona Anthony sent in a sponsorship donation of £249

in respect of herself, Jemma, Malcolm, Thomas and Dave taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride with Do it for Charity.

Jemma Anthony rode in the London to Brighton Cycle ride on Sunday 11 September along with her dad, brother and uncle in memory of her cousin Ethan Jones.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 47



“On 23 December 2010 our family’s life changed forever when, our nephew and cousin, Ethan passed away unexpectedly, at the age of 6 from an undiagnosed heart condition. My auntie Sandra, Nick and Ethan’s sister Hope have had friends run the London Marathon, complete the Three Peaks Challenge and take part in a classic car race, all in memory of our lovely Ethan, along the way raising money for CRY, a charity our family as a whole have adopted. After seeing so many people doing these amazing things for Ethan, I decided that I would like to follow in their footsteps and raise some money in memory of my cousin. I thought long and hard about what I would want to do so when I came across the London to Brighton cycle ride, through the Do It for Charity website, I knew that was what I wanted to do. Once it was confirmed, my dad and I started to train, cycling to Richmond Park at the weekend to get ready for the big day. We set up a website where people could donate money, and when people heard why we were doing the event, they were more than happy to give very generously for such a good cause. With all the money people had donated, we were even more determined once the big day came to finish it and do everyone proud.

achievement and on top of that we are helping to support a great charity that helps so many young people in very difficult situations.” Jemma Anthony (Aged 16). In Memory of David Keirl Caroline Condron and Debbie Keirl took part in the Bupa Great North Run and raised £842.

In Memory of Joseph Jon Kellogg • We have received a funeral donation of £1,305 in memory of the late Joseph Jon Kellog who died on 5 July 2011, aged 26 years. Carrie •

Robinson donation of £200 her skydive.

sent in in respect

a of

In Memory of Kenneth Edward Kirby We have received a donation of £595, in lieu of floral tributes, for the late Kenneth Edward Kirby. In Memory of Judith Krish Camilla Briault, Tim Froggatt, Nicola Gobat, Felicity Good, Julia Good, Gillian Krish, Jonathan Krish, Rachel Krish and Sophie Morley took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £3,516.50 making a total raised of £4,885. In Memory of Adam Lambert • Robert Lambert sent in donations totalling £1,000 in memory of Adam. Together with previous donations of £970 this makes a total donated of £1,970.

• Jane Dreaper took part in the Run to the Beat Half Marathon and raised £740.

In Memory of Adam Lambert and Jenny Lambert

My dad, brother and I got up very early on Sunday 11th September and made our way to the starting point where we meet my Uncle Dave who was also participating with us. When we got there we were also met by Sandra, Nick and Hope who had come to see us off. The event as a whole was very challenging for the four of us and there were many ups and downs during the event (and I am not just talking about emotions) but it was the best feeling in the world when we got to the end and we knew that we had done everyone including Ethan proud. Losing someone so close to us devastated our family, it was something that we could have never seen coming in a million years. The fact that we have been able to do even something small to help contribute to others who were either in the same positions as us, or could help to save another persons life meant the world to us. I am so happy that I took the opportunity to do the London to Brighton, it is a massive

48 • CRY update • Issue 56

• Freddie Bagley, Jasmine Gear, Louise Gear, Martin Gear,

Vicky Gee, Lorna Geraghty, Euan Hinshelwood, Julie Hobbs, Luke Knight, Jane Lambert, Caitlin Neale, Dan Neale, David O’Connor and Mark Roberts took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £774.

• Katrina Everett took part in the BUPA London 10,000 and raised £302.

In Memory of Lauren Lyndsay Butler and Nick Butler took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £335. In Memory of Paul Leach Libby Forrest took part in the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K Run and raised £210.

Our In Memory of Martyn Lee Euan Stirling sent in a donation of £1,007.16 raised during a charity match at Stockport Rugby Club in memory of Martyn.

In Memory of Chris Lester Billy Heaton sent in a donation of £200 in respect of the ‘Bill and Rach run for CRY’ - the Bristol Half Marathon. “In January 2011, my fiancée’s father, Chris Lester, died of SADS. At the time he was 45 years old and had a wonderful wife, Sam, and five magnificent children: Chloё (21), Issy (19), Ben (5), Phoebe, (3) and Sophie – just two months. It was an inexplicable tragedy and causes infinite sadness amongst all the people who knew him – family, friends, colleagues and those he interacted with on a day to day basis at the charity he ran for adults with learning difficulties - Freeways.

When it got to about June of 2011, myself and Chloё’s best friend Rachel Stevens decided to run the Bristol Half Marathon in memory of Chris. We struggled to initially think of a charity to raise funds for until Chloё (Our newly assigned ‘Fundraising Administrator’!) thought of CRY. It went without saying that this was the right cause – knowing that Chris’s condition can easily be passed on to any of his children and that they, along with thousands of others, may need the support of CRY while they are growing up. When we initially went through the registration process and set up our JustGiving Page, we were on holiday in the South of France! That’s when mine and Rachel’s training really began. But seeing as we were on holiday, we took it easy for the rest of the week, and returned to Bristol full of energy to begin our training. Having never done a long distance run/any running whatsoever before, I didn’t quite understand the motivation and determination required to train. I started a modest 2 mile training run with gusto only to return red-faced and breathless. Subsequently I realised that it was going to need some serious planning and hard work. Rachel would often put up Facebook statuses about how far she’d run at silly o’clock in the morning that would leave me gawping


over my breakfast. As time went on and running became a little more natural my focus would turn to Chris as I ran. When this happened my head would rush with his memory and it would feel like I was running on air. It was such a powerful experience and truly carried me through harder training sessions. Although I didn’t train with Rachel I was lucky enough to have a good friend, Perry, accompany me at the gym from time to time who came along at a later stage to help raise funds by running the marathon too. When the race day arrived (a perfect September morning) I was trembling in anticipation. Before I knew it the race had begun and I was running for Chris. Constant memories kept me going and the same feelings from when I was training returned. At 8 ¾ miles I heard a huge cheer and looked to my left to see family and friends, trying my best to dish out high fives! Euphoria hit me and I was almost overcome by tears as I carried on. The last few miles dragged and really took their toll, but continued shouts of support rolled across the route and more familial cheers at mile 12 kept me going for one last, big push. On reflection – completing the Bristol Half really cemented the gravity of the cause for which I ran. I will be doing it again this year and urge more people to run for charity and to do it for people dear to them. In my case it was for Chris Lester, his brilliant family and all those he loved.” Billy Heaton. Rachel Stevens added: “It was challenging but was greatly spurred on by what we were running for and was encouraged by other runners on the way who saw that I was running for Chris and for CRY, overall a memorable experience.” For more pictures visit

CRY update • Issue 56 • 49



In Memory of Ian Linington Desmond Shine sent in a donation of £100 in memory of his friend Ian. In Memory of Faye Linton Lisa Burnicle, Amy Linton, Lynda Linton, Catherine Redman, Josie Teasdale and Audrey Young took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £1,050.

“Here is the photo we took at the Cheque Presentation evening we held last Friday. We raised £3,000 for CRY for Martyn’s memorial fund at our two day Annual Motor Cycle Trials School. Last year we raised £2,800 and thought that was great but this is even better.

This year was our 19th year of running the annual event, Martyn was a keen Motorcycle Trials rider and he used to be a rider at this event. There were over 70 taking part over the two days. On the Friday evening we held a big BBQ with a large draw, live band and a bar. This is where a lot of the money was raised. There were the usual band of helpers who give their time every year. They also had a very good time!” Brenda Luckett.

In Memory of John-Paul Lipscomb-Stevens Sarah McCoy and James Stevens took part in the Just Walk 2011 and raised £1,000.

In Memory of Stuart Lonsdale & Mrs Dorothy Oliver We have received a donation of £1,000 representing a legacy due to Stuart who sadly predeceased his grandmother, Dorothy Oliver. In Memory of Max Lowry • Dominic Laurie took part in the Stockholm Marathon and sent in a further £485. Total raised £785.

• Jane Davies sent in a donation of £100 from her neighbour, Joe Sheridan. In Memory of Martyn Luckett • Brenda Luckett sent in a donation of £150, from Mr & Mrs Len Scott.

• Brenda Luckett forwarded a donation of £130 from Simm Lacey, Countrylife Brewery. This was given through an auction they held at the Motor Cycle Trials School. • Charlotte, Tamsin, Anna and Chris took part in the Bupa Great North Run and raised £1,173. With the additional donation of £400 from Bideford Wellbeing Centre, total raised is £1,573.

In Memory of Jack Maddams We have received a donation of £138.87 from the recent screening event in Gillingham.

In Memory of Laura Ann Main Carol Main sent in a donation of £1,100, received in lieu of floral tributes, in memory of her daughter, Laura Ann Main. “This money was collected at my 21 year-old daughter’s funeral service which was held at St Stephen’s Church, Aberdeen, after her death whilst on holiday with myself, her mum on 31 August 2011.” Carol Main. This was added to the Stuart Cutler Memorial Fund to help fund screening in Scotland. In Memory of Karl Mansfield • Susan Mansfield sent in the following donations in memory of Karl: £130 from the Sale Cellar Café & Baby Boogies (mother and toddler dance group), £115 from the Longden family, £132 from the staff on the 4th floor of Raven Mill - Easter Raffle, £10 donated by Edith Edwards (Karl’s great aunt) and £61 raised by Asia Sultana for eyebrow threading at Raven Mill. Total £448.

• Susan Mansfield sent in the following donations in memory

of Karl: £1,865 from the Shop Direct Golf Day held on 3 September, £100 donated by Karl’s grandma, Irene Mape and £20 donated by Janet McCann, an employee of the Shop Direct Group at Raven Mill.

• On Friday 4 November 2011 Brenda Luckett held a cheque

presentation evening for their two day Annual Motor Cycle Trials School which raised £3,000.

In Memory of Oliver Marsden • ATOS, Birmingham, sent in a donation of £200.

• Alan Jordan arranged a fun run/walk on

Sunday 2 October in memory of his nephew Ollie Marsden for friends and family to attend and raised £835.99.

50 • CRY update • Issue 56

“My nephew Ollie Marsden died at the age of 21 in 2008 from ARVC. I’d wanted to arrange something since then to raise awareness of the condition that claimed Ollie’s life, but hadn’t been able to come up with something that seemed suitable.

I then contacted Derby County football club, as Ollie was a big fan, to see if I could have use of their stadium for the day



to hold a fun run there. They seemed happy for it to go ahead so I put all the wheels in motion. We would run/walk/scooter 5 miles around the perimeter of the pitch. To gain celebrity support I again contacted DCFC, knowing that defender Mark O’Brien had undergone heart surgery to correct a faulty valve. I asked that he turn up for the local paper photograph, which he happily obliged. He was lucky that his chosen profession insisted on a full medical, as he told us on the day that his heart would have given way within a year if he hadn’t had the surgery.

A big thanks to all the generous people who donated prizes, helped out, and of course attended and dug deep into their pockets for this amazing cause! Special thanks go to Kirsty Cunningham who helped out at the event.” Hayley Marshall.

I feel the whole event was a fitting testament to Ollie with plenty of column inches devoted to it, and hopefully over £1,000 raised for vital screenings, which may well save someone’s life.” Alan Jordan. In Memory of John Marshall Hayley Marshall held a Charity Night and raffle on Saturday 15 October and raised £1,300.

“We held an evening in memory of my brother John Marshall at The Engine Rooms Music Studios where we had live music from ‘The Takers’ and ‘Batteries Not Included’ (which includes lead guitarist Michael Marshall!) There was a local comedian, Daniel Carmichael, a fabulous cake stall by Louise Mallon, and an amazing raffle with prizes kindly donated by local businesses. The prizes ranged from hair and beauty, meal vouchers and photography studio vouchers, to signed football goodies and Everton FC match tickets! It was an amazing night and everyone kept asking “when’s the next one?!” We raised £1,300 on the night, and with the help from Kirsty Cunningham, Barclays Bank are going to increase the total to £2,050!

Marshall Charity Night Batteries Not Included (Michael Marshall in the hat). In Memory of Gary Steven Martin • Maggie Whitlock held a charity Cricket Match and sent in a donation of £570.

• Daniel Fox, Valerie Lawton, Jodie Martin, Sarah Martin, Colin Mortor, Nicola Murray, Jacqueline Spruce, Alan Whitlock, Maggie Whitlock and Marc Whitlock took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £337. In Memory of Dean Mason • Mrs G Mason raised £177.60 at the Pembrokeshire County Agricultural Show.

• Mr & Mrs D Jones held a barbecue evening at their hotel in memory of Dean and raised £1,000.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 51



• Mrs G Mason sent in a sponsorship donation of £427 in respect of Lloyd Phillips taking part in a local triathlon.

• £533.76 was received from a collection where Dean’s vintage tractor was displayed at the Pembrokeshire County Show.

• “Please find enclosed cheques to the combined value of £471. £301 of this total was raised by Mrs Sherie Naylor who held a Country & Western Evening and Mr Neville Davis who organised a machinery challenge at a local agricultural show raising £170.” Gwenfair Mason.

• Gwen Mason sent in a donation of £1,370 raised during the

• Donna Brittain sent in a donation of £1,845 in respect of the

ACFO Awards Evening, with other donations we received a total of £1,925.72.

• Donna Brittain sent in a donation of £175 from Brian Ingham. In Memory of John Millar • Kirsty Macmillan sent in a donation of £456 in memory of her brother, John.

• Kirsty Macmillan sent in a donation of £3,250 from recent fundraising events in memory of her brother, John.

Ladies Day Raffle at the County Show in August.

• Daniel Mason took part in the Daiathlon 140 miles - 48 hours challenge and raised £150.

• Gwenfair Mason sent in donations totalling £300: £150 was raised by taking the steam engine to the North Worcestershire show and £150 was donated by S E Davies & Son.

• Jack Mason took part in a triathlon and raised £950. • Barclays Bank, Pembrokeshire, sent in a matched giving

donation of £750 in respect of Gwenfair Mason’s Ladies Day Raffle at the County Show in August.

In Memory of Natalie Moody and Ali Ostler Malcolm Henty forwarded a donation of £400 from Act Two 2011 show ‘Hitler’s Ear’, which was based on a true story by Terence Nunn, who attended the show with his wife.

In Memory of Justin Meek Jane Heeley and Mark Heeley took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £400. In Memory of Luke Meekings Hannah Battell, Steven Bolland, Rebecca Booth, Faith Bradley, Jebb Bradley, Jobb Bradley, Laura Bradley, Claire Cawte, Daniel Cobden, Alex Curran, Charlie Curran, Elizabeth Curran, Rebecca Curran, Scott Curran, Paul Maysey, Michael McClure, Laura Meekings, Roger Meekings, Sam Meekings, Sue Meekings, Thomas Meekings, Guy Newman, Bob Rogers, Dianne Rogers, Luke Rogers, Becky Shaw, Faye Stephens, Samantha Stone, David Wheller, Marian Wheller, Anthony Woodcock, Margaret Woodcock, Samantha Woodcock, Brigid Wooton, Simon Wooton and Lian Xue took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £525 making a total raised of £810. In Memory of Ian Merchant Dennis Merchant sent in a donation of £135 from the collection box at the shop. In Memory of Alan John Mercer “The ladies of the Union of Catholic Mothers at Guardian Angels RC Church in Bury held a ‘good as new’ sale of ladies clothes, scarves and jewellery.” Mrs Joan Mercer sent in a donation of £172.

In Memory of Adam Middleton • Donna Brittain sent in a donation of £4,914.80 raised during the Golf Day in memory of Adam.

52 • CRY update • Issue 56

Our In Memory of Jonathan Morgan • Chris O’Hara took part in the Sheffield Half Marathon on 8 May 2011 and raised £1,118.

In Memory of Luke Morris Heaven House & Beauty Limited sent in a donation of £200.

In Memory of Claire Rebecca Mounsey Susan Mounsey sent in a matched giving donation of £250 from Lloyds TSB, following the fundraising day held at Blaythorne Sports and Social Club, in memory of her daughter, Claire, who passed away on 19 May 2010.

Chris O’Hara ran the Sheffield Half Marathon in the memory of his friend Jonathan Morgan who he met while he was at university with him. He raised over £1,000 in Jonathan’s memory. Chris was quoted as saying: “I was motivated to do the Sheffield Half marathon due to the loss of one of my best friends, Jonathon Morgan on 11/04/10. I am happy to have raised this money for CRY, and have to thank my generous family and friends for donating to the cause.”

In Memory of Karen Mowforth • Pam Falmer took part in the Liverpool to Chester bike ride on 3 July and sent in a donation of £669.50.

• Jean, Mita and Manisha took part in the Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta, Georgia, on 4 July 2011, and have so far raised £352.

“We lost our beloved daughter Karen in November 2009 from cardiomyopathy, a virus that attacks the heart.

Some days the loss is unbearable as Karen, during her life put her heart and soul into being the most wonderful wife, daughter, sister and mother.

Two years ago our Granddaughter Megan aged 14 was diagnosed with a heart problem and thank God it was detected early and after an operation is again fit and well. During this stressful time we came across an organisation called CRY – Cardiac Risk in the Young and reading their brochure it was emphasised early testing of young people was vital. Apparently on average 12 young people in the UK die each week with sudden heart failure which with early testing could be avoided.

Each year, Karen, who lived in Atlanta USA participated in the Peach Tree Road Race with her best friend Mita and family. It was Mita’s suggestion that this year I join them, which I did and we decided to sponsor CRY as our charity. Mita, Manisha and I wore CRY t-shirts with Karen’s photo (see photo below)

• Mike Ainsworth, Sue Ainsworth and Rhiannon Morgan took

part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised just under £100. In Memory of Levon Morland • Jeff Morland sent in donations totalling £500 raised at the annual Kelfest party, held by his friend Jim Henderson at his farm in Kelfield, near York.


Unite Amicus, Peterlee Branch, who have been • regular supporters of CRY since 2001, donated £200.

• Jeff Morland forwarded donations totalling £150, including

£95 from Arden House Volunteers who ran a raffle for CRY and £55 from Mrs Elsie Morley who saved a pound a week for CRY in memory of Levon who was a friend of her grandson.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £248.80 which was raised and donated to CRY by the young people in West Rainton Youth Project.” Jeff Morland.

• Richard Ainsley, James Bryson, Justine Bryson, Elayn Crow,

Victoria Crow, Leanne Hanson, Elaine Lawler, John Lawler, Daryl Lawson, Mia Lawson, Andrew Marley, Aran Morland, Marianne Mortemore, Edward Philo, Emily Philo, Ted Philo, Carole Robson, Brooke Tarbett and Steve Wharrier took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £742.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 53



while Karen’s son Aaron and friends wore Union Jack shorts. As it was July the 4th you can imagine the stick they got from the Americans!

So far I have collected £502 from friends, family and the Atlanta Road race in July.” Jean Mowforth. In Memory of Andrew Murch Alison Edwards took part in the Great North Run and sent in a donation of £312.

In Memory of Ralph Murwill Dawn Hunt took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon and sent in donations totalling £502.50. In Memory of Amanda McCarthy “Please find enclosed a cheque for £200. This was kindly donated by ATIL (Aviation Training International Limited) in support of my completion of the London and Monster Triathlon.” Pete McCarthy. In Memory of Greg McFarlane Raelene McKechnie took part in the Dunfermline Half Marathon and raised £215 in memory of Greg. In Memory of Paul McGlynn • Jake McGlynn, Kerrie McGlynn, Elizabeth Mellor and Patsy Gilthorpe took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £228.

• “WHOOPEE!!! Another successful “Coffee

Morning at McGlynn’s” - so-called although it tends to stretch into afternoon tea and then, for the staff, fish and chips for supper after the excitement has died down. A very big thank-you to all who attended on 18 June and supported CRY, we raised a massive £744.30.

The tea table boasted the old favourites lemon loaf, coffee and walnut, cheesecake and a courgette and pistachio layer! Along with muffins, cupcakes, brownies and biscuits. The wonderful handmade truffles sold out in minutes, and the ‘name the doll’ was Zoe!

The Tombola was popular as usual, stocked by generous friends and family near and far; many thanks to all.

The event was attended by friends and neighbours, old

54 • CRY update • Issue 56

and new, with many helping out behind the scenes and for that we are eternally grateful. The CRY brochures were passed around and read; laughter and tears in memory of our beloved Paul.” Patsy Gilthorpe.

In Memory of John Carl McGraffin We have received a funeral donation of £427.50. In Memory of Mr T McLauchlan “My husband died recently and at his funeral service last Friday we held a collection in aid of CRY. We chose CRY after some friends of ours lost their 23 year old in 2007 unexpectedly from heart failure. They received a great deal of support from CRY and now support the charity wholeheartedly. Thanks to the generosity of many family and friends we are delighted to be able to make this donation.” Mrs Alison McLauchlan sent in a donation of £1,304.55. In Memory of David McLoughlin Paul Hoey took part in the Manchester 100 Cycle event in September and sent in a donation of £170. In Memory of Simon McNamara Having been told about CRY by Mike McNamara, Roger Summerton sent in a donation of £150 in memory of Simon. In Memory Tommy McWilliams Sheila McArdle sent in a donation of £100.

In Memory of Kerry-Anne Offord Gary Horn sent in donations totalling £472.37; Kerry-Anne’s friends raised £352.37 at the Kerry-Anne CRY Football Fives 2011; Maureen Horn (Gary’s mum) donated £100; and Agnus Leaper donated £20. In Memory of Andrew Parr • “Please find enclosed a cheque for £1,000 in memory of Andrew. The money was raised through an event organised by Soulaid; an organisation based in Leyland, that holds Motown and Northern Soul nights to raise money for local causes. Soulaid

Our have contributed thousands of pounds to local charities and I am thrilled that they continue to support CRY’s screening in Preston.” Ruth Lowe.

• “Please

find enclosed a cheque for £532 raised from a collection at Preston North End Football Club on 19 October. We are always grateful to PNE for allowing us to carry out a charity collection and to the PNE supporters who give so generously.” Ruth Lowe.

• “Please

find enclosed a cheque for £200. This has been donated by a local Inner Wheel Club (now named Club 2000). They explained in their letter to me that they don’t raise a lot of money but they wanted to donate £200 to CRY to help with the screening in Preston.” Ruth Lowe.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £2,340 for the Andrew

Parr Memorial Fund. This has been donated by the local Soroptimists. Judith has been the president this year and has worked hard to raise money for CRY. She has produced and sold recipe books and held various fundraising events, including a fashion show by Maureen Cookson (this is a local, well known, exclusive ladies clothes shop) which was well attended and enjoyed by all. Through these fundraising events we have been able to raise awareness of CRY’s work and screening programme.” Ruth Lowe.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £3,500 donated by the

local 41 Club. One day a neighbour, whose nephew was at school with Andrew, enquired about our cardiac screening in Preston and offered to ask the members of the 41 Club for a donation to cover the cost of a day’s screening. The Club had a pot of money that they wanted to donate to local charities and I was thrilled when they included CRY (Andrew’s Memorial Fund) as one of their chosen charities.” Ruth Lowe.


• Mike Faun took part in the Southport to Blackpool Buckets & Spade Cycle Ride and raised £430.

Mike Faun, the minister of Liberty Christian Centre in Horwich, Lancashire, completed a 38 mile cycle ride from Southport to Blackpool on Saturday 27 August.

Mike would like to thank all those who generously gave to the sponsored cycle ride. The ride was in memory of Andrew Parr. Photo below left is of Mike finishing at Blackpool promenade.

In Memory of Christopher Martin Parr • Ian Alcock and friends took part in the Three Peaks Challenge in June, in memory of Christopher, and raised £2,103.75. Team members include: David Fern, Daniel Cooper, Sam Hunt, Mike Fern, James Brunt, Adam Nettell, Olly Barker, George Hunt, Rob Cimino, Jonathan Goodier, Tom Brunt and Elliott Fowler.

• Philippa Hurst and Felicity Duncan took part in a skydive and raised £160 in memory of Christopher. Together with offline donations total raised is £450.

• Mr Jesse Bostock recently celebrated his 60th birthday and sent in a donation of £100.

• “On behalf of InforMed Group please find enclosed a cheque

for £100 raised through a recent raffle held at the company. We would like this to be donated to the Christopher Parr Memorial Fund in memory of our dear friend and colleague, Chris, who passed away last July.” Lucy Hurst, IMed Comms.

• Max Frenzal took part in the Barmy to Barcelona Rally 2011 and raised £2,939.

• Diane Parr sent in a donation of £950 from the Young Farmer’s Leek Show Committee.

In Memory of James Paterson Alastair Paterson sent in a donation of £650.

In Memory of James Patrick Patterson • Richard and Clare Walsh sent in a donation of £175 in lieu of gifts for their daughter’s baptism.

• “Please find enclosed a donation of £500 which represents the proceeds of a stamp collection sold to Stamps N All, which were part of my late sister’s estate.” Peter Patterson. In Memory of Benjamin Percival • Lisa Davidson took part in the North Downs Walk and raised £157.50.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 55


Fundraisers raise some money through friends and family sponsoring me, I hope this will help your charity.

• “Every year the ladies of Medway Ladies Dart League play

for the Anna Ridley Trophy. This is a charity trophy in memory of one of our players. Every year, the proceeds raised go to the charity of the winner’s choice. This year our winner chose your charity, in memory of Benji Percival.” Frances Price, Chairperson, sent in a donation of £100.

Here is a picture of me after the race with my medal.” Rachel Walsh. In Memory of Stuart Pybus Joan and Gary Pybus sent in a donation of £800 raised at the recent memorial service for their son Stuart.

In Memory of Chris Phillips Antony Hourigan and Angela Walker took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £180 making a total raised of £840.

In Memory of David Quinney • “Recently our friends Angela and Arnold Haworth celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary by having a party, at which they requested donations to charity instead of presents, and one of their chosen charities was CRY. Please find enclosed cheques to the value of £350 in memory of our dear son, David Quinney.” Mick & Dot Quinney.

In Memory of Jack Phillips • We have received a funeral donation, in lieu of floral tributes, of £293.20 in memory of the late Jack Phillips, aged 14, who passed away on 29 September 2011.

• An additional donation of £100 was sent to CRY in memory of Jack Phillips.

In Memory of Gary Pope Roger Pope sent in donations totalling £305 in memory of his son, Gary.

• “Please find enclosed a donation of £100 from Garstang

Football Club in memory of our son David Quinney. The football club recently held their annual golf competition day, where they play for the David Quinney memorial trophy. From funds raised on this day they once again wish to make this donation to CRY.” Mick and Dot Quinney.

In Memory of Mark Pover Mrs Jenny Walker, Stalybridge Celtic Football Club, sent in a donation of £100.

In Memory of Craig Daniel Powell • Marlene Upham sent in a donation of £140 from the Risca Tuesday Night mixed pairs Darts League.

• Louisa Jane Conte, Michelle Davies, Allyn Evans, Lynda Evans, Amy Fleming, Anthony Fleming, Helen Fleming, Karen Fleming, Theresa Morris, Luke Powell, Mark Powell, Anne Rowe, James Rowe, Michelle Sexton, Lisa Upham, Marlene Upham, Rod Upham and Howard Williams took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £941 making a total raised of £1,712.50. In Memory of Shannon Powell • Victoria Taylor took part in a Swimathon and raised £663.

• Rachel Walsh took part in the

In Memory of Catherine Ramsden • “I am writing to donate the sum of £212.50 which will be matched by Barclays Bank PLC to CRY in honour of one of our colleagues, Catherine Ramsden, who sadly passed away from a heart condition on 27 September 2010 at the age of 29. On the anniversary for Catherine we held a Bake sale which raised the sum above.” Poonam Dhanjal.

• Barclays Bank, Birmingham, sent in a matched giving

donation of £212.50 in respect of P Dhanjal’s Bake sale at the office.

In Memory of Ed Reading • “On behalf of League Edstreme I would like to give CRY a cheque for £302.50 from the group stages on our CRY Cup competition which is held every season in our 7 aside football league.” Sean Reading, League Edstreme.

• Gordon Tanner took part in the Virgin London Marathon

2011 and raised further funds online making a total raised of £1,789.50.

Adidas Women’s 5K in Hyde Park on 11 September and raised £124.

“I ran the 5k in around 23 minutes. There was a fairly strong wind which for most of the run, I was running into! It’s my 3rd time doing this 5k, and again I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to run for CRY and

56 • CRY update • Issue 56

In Memory of Tom Reid • Rachel Hainsworth took part in the Leeds Big Fun Run 2011 and raised £322.50.

• Christopher Pitts took part in the Leeds Big Fun Run 2011 and raised £134. •

Laura Cable took part in the Leeds Big Fun Run 2011 and raised £267.50.


followed by a raffle which raised a further £80.00! A special note of thanks to Katie Ward and Year 11 Student Council and their mentor Helen Kenneally who have all chosen CRY as their Charity of the Year!!

• Matthew Garforth took part in the Leeds Big Fun Run 2011 and raised £339.50.

• Abi Wiggleswothy took part in the Leeds Big Fun Run 2011 and raised £391.50.

• Antony and Halina Reid, together with a couple of their friends


13 October – Sarah Ward, a friend and colleague of Halina’s held a raising awareness stand at St. John’s Offices, Leeds at her place of work NSPCC. Sarah provided buns to those members of staff/visitors to the NSPCC and funds and lots of awareness was raised.

15 October – Halina and Antony held an awareness stand on the first floor of Marks & Spencers, Briggate, Leeds which was well received by customers and also held another bag pack session on the same date in the M & S Foodhall at the same store. £430 was raised from donations from this event.” Halina Reid

and four of Tom’s friends completed a 5k fun run in memory of Tom on Saturday. £1,503 was raised between them all. Here are some comments from those who took part:

In Memory of Debbie Rendle • Sylvia Pezzack sent in donations totalling £436.30, including £400 from the Inner Wheel of St Mary’s Isles of Scilly and £36.30 from the ladies of the Beacon Methodist Church.

“It was truly an honour and pleasure for Antony and I to be running with and alongside Tom’s and our friends on Saturday in his memory. It was truly an uplifting and memorable event which I know Tom will be very proud of! Also Tom’s friends have been and continue to be immensely special and supportive to us and their friendship and dedication has meant the world to us!” Halina Reid. “A massive congratulations to all of us who took part in the Leeds Big Fun Run 2011 in aid of CRY on 13 August! We took part in this event in memory of the wonderful Tom Reid, who sadly died in 2009 aged 19. I was part of a group that consisted of four of Tom’s friends, Tom’s Mum and Dad and two of their friends. An amazing day was had by all (even if it did involve running!), and running alongside Tom’s parents made the event even more memorable - their strength is an inspiration.” Rachel Hainsworth.

• Kevin Osborne walked the width of England on the Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk and raised £950.

• Sylvia Pezzack sent in £1,250, pledged by eight County Councillors for the project.

• Sylvia Pezzack sent in donations totalling £1,165 which has been raised so far from the Awareness Day fundraising event.

In Memory of Scott Rennie • Ruth Herd sent in an additional donation of £300 in respect of Team Calor completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

• Ruth Herd sent in a donation courtesy of Team Calor for £300. • Kings School Worcester Boat Club sent in a donation of £200. In Memory of Rani Reyatt Lindsay Huxley, Barclays Bank, Letchworth, sent in a donation of £1,211.59 in respect of Angela Mitchell and Linda Olley’s fundraising activity in memory of Rani. In Memory of Colin Rimmer Nick Barker organised two ‘Fun for the Family’ football matches at Meadowbook Field & Social Club in Totnes, and raised £1,656.07.

• Raising Awareness Week in memory of Tom reid:

“11 October – Garforth Academy held various events in memory of Tom for CRY’s raising awareness week. Antony and I spoke at a Year 11 assembly on Tuesday 11 October and following this a bun sale was held which raised £184.27,

In Memory of Alex Roberts & Pete Roberts “Please accept the enclosed cheques totalling £331 donated in memory of Alex Roberts. Alex’s grandad, Pete Roberts, died recently and in accordance with his wishes donations were given to CRY in lieu of flowers. This donation is given with much love in memory of a beloved Grandson from his Grandad.” A J Roberts (uncle), Licensee.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 57



In Memory of Jack and Jamie Roberts Raymond Roberts sent in a donation of £100 in memory of Jack and James Roberts: “Both missed so very very much.”

rain dripped from our noses and we were soaked from head to toe.

The klaxon sounded and miraculously, the rain just stopped. Our previous excitement was instantly restored and the crowd began to run. Some of the group continued to run the entire 10k whilst others soldiered on and walked together. The weather throughout seemed mild compared with the sudden outburst at the beginning.

NST are very proud that all 13 members completed the 10k. Those that ran waited at the end to encourage those who had decided to walk. Everyone cheered as each of us passed the finish line and collected our medal. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the feeling of crossing the finish line was one of elation!

From this event alone we have so far raised £724. NST will continue raise money for CRY throughout the year by taking part in fun and trying events.” Stacy Barks – NST Educational Travel advisor.

In Memory of Les Roberts • Seimon Lewis took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised a further £100 making a total raised of £2,019.20.

John Weatherall took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised further funds online making a total raised of £726. In Memory of Luke Rogers • Angela Rogers sent in a donation of £322.71 in respect of the sale of books, plus £610 in respect of the Cardiff Half Marathon and the Pampered Chef Evening making a total raised of £932.71.

• Angela Rogers sent in a donation of £1,073.20. In Memory of Luke Clayton Rutter • Jill Rutter sent in donations totalling £2,502 in respect of the Tennis Club Afternoon in memory of Luke.

• Wendy Rutter held a charity disco, raffle and auction on 21 October and raised £1,154. • Michelle White sent in a donation of £290. • “Please find enclosed a

cheque for £3,500 which was raised by NST Travel Group by holding various fundraising events throughout the year.” Leigham Cherry, Finance Assistant, NST Travel Group Ltd.

“Every year NST choose a charity close to their hearts and throughout the year we run several events to raise money. This year we all agreed to support CRY in memory of a staff member’s close friend.

For our first fundraising event we put together a team of 13 women for the Blackpool 10k fun run. Our team name was Team Tortoise as the majority of us are not what you would call athletic!

On Sunday 8 May we all gathered together and fuelled ourselves with bacon butties. We all proudly wore our CRY T-shirts and a couple of us where delighted to be wearing the lovely foam hearts. When we arrived at the start line on Blackpool Promenade the crowd of people was endless and the atmosphere was wonderful, despite the grey clouds upon us. Just as the race was about to begin the heavens opened and we all started to feel a little sorry for ourselves as the

58 • CRY update • Issue 56

In Memory of Craig Salmon “Please find enclosed cheques to the value of £2,050. This money was raised by holding a Darts knockout and promise auction on Friday 26 August at the Bull’s Head, Marchington, in Craig’s memory. This competition has been held annually since his death in 2009.” Joyce Salmon (Craig’s mum). In Memory of Alistair Sanky Catherine Wilson took part in the London to Paris Cycle Ride and raised £1,774.24. In Memory of Kevin Sayer Mrs S Forder sent in a donation of £277.50 from the annual charity football match held on Sunday 28 August, in memory of Kevin.

In Memory of Nina Scanlan “Please find enclosed a cheque for £250 raised by the staff and pupils of the Flixton Academy of Performing Arts (FAPA) in memory of Nina. They held a very entertaining Halloween music and dance performance and a proportion of the funds raised were donated to CRY after the principal, Karen Baird, had heard about Nina in our local pub (where else!)” Ian and Lynne Scanlan.

Our In Memory of Nora Scott We have received a funeral donation of £155, in lieu of floral tributes, in respect of the late Mrs Nora Scott.

In Memory of Paul Sykes Patricia Berry, Ed Blowers, Aakash Dillon-Patel, Anna Dillon-Patel and Carly Sykes took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £215.

In Memory of Samantha Shirley “A member of the team (Samantha Shirley) died aged 23 of a cardiac problem. A bag pack was done at Sainsbury’s, Coventry, on Samantha’s birthday and they would like the proceeds to go to CRY.” Ms L Bond, J Sainsbury’s sent in a donation of £185. In Memory of Madeline Siddall “The Ashover All Saints Choir Ashover and Salem Chapel Wingerworth, both near Chesterfield, held a joint Service last Sunday as part of their Christmas celebrations and unanimously agreed to send the collection to CRY in memory of Madeline Siddall, who died suddenly in July 2011, aged 15 from a cardiac arrest, the grand-daughter of Derek and Joan, two of our church members, and Derek is also a choir member.” Peter Lord, Treasurer to Ashover Church, sent in a donation of £320. In Memory of Sarah-Jane Smith Lisa Carter, Michelle Liversidge, Brenda Smith, Maureen Stokes and Alan Watson took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £545.


In Memory of Hannah Taylor • Charles Bull sent in a donation of £248.63 from cakes made by Hannah’s Mum and Nan and sold in the Star Coffee Shop and a donation of £20 from Mrs A Dunn. Total £268.63.

Charles and Maureen Bull sent in a donation of £118.75 raised at the Christmas Fair on 9 December. In Memory of Zoe Teale • Pete Teale sent in a donation of £500 in respect of sponsorship for Steve Beasley’s Manchester 10K Run.

• Stafford & District YLC Netball League raised £135 from their netball tournament on Saturday 10 September. CRY supporter, Gemma Bamford, collected the cheque.

In Memory of Sean Snape Denise Taylor held a charity football match at the Bay Horse in Euxton on 12 November and raised £470.70. In Memory of Nigel Martin Spender “Having been President of the Inner Wheel Club of Port Talbot, we held a coffee morning for CRY in memory of Nigel.” Pam Spender sent in donations totalling £420. In Memory of David Staff Jonathan Stubbs, Darwen Dashers Running Club, sent in a donation of £613.30 raised during the David Staff Memorial Fell Race

• Simon Daws took part in the Wolverhampton Half Marathon and raised £135.

In Memory of Vicky Stockton Heather Smith took part in the Windermere Triathlon and raised £1,342.

In Memory of David Storey “Last weekend a group of friends took part in a walk to raise money for CRY in memory of David Storey. We take part in the walk every year and always raise a toast to David’s memory.” Emma Thom set in a donation of £102. In Memory of Cameron Strathie “I enclose a cheque for £150 for Cameron Strathie’s Memorial Fund. This was raised by my friend and colleague, Jan Stewart, who upon finding a matchbox cover in amongst her mother’s possessions, decided to sell it in memory of Cameron for CRY.” Deborah Strathie.

• Julie Teale sent in a donation of £335.19 which was raised

at a Founders Day Church collection for the Old Swinford Hospital School and a further donation of £20 from Mr & Mrs Robinson.

• Tom Brown took part in the Great North Run and raised £383. • Pete Teale sent in donations totalling £2,708 raised at the

Bavarian Memorial Night held on 15 October, in memory of Zoe.

• Mark Hindley, Greg Mason, Chris Simkin, Chris Woodhall,

Steph Bradley, Mike Jarrett, Luke Nettleford, Cliver Nettleford, Andrew Hannah and Vanessa Williams took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon and raised £3,242.53.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 59



In Memory of Dale Tennent Butler James Ahern, David Boxall, Ian Butler, Lee Butler, Angela Byrne, Bianca Fuentes, Chelsey Garner, Alan George, Mitchel George, Debbie Goodwin, Jack Howit, Jordon Kidby, Tracey Lee, Zad Mcleod, Frances Renphrey, Matthew Sawyer, Jayne Slade, Joe Slade, Mark Slade, Molly Slade and Angela Tennent-Butler took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £103 making a total raised of £698. In Memory of Dean Malcolm Thomas Gareth and Linda Roberts sent in a donation of £120 from the collection box at Gareth Rees Newsagents, Glamorgan. In Memory of Gareth Llywelyn Thomas Stephen Nutt took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised further funds online making a total raised of £1,705.

In Memory of Joseph Tucker Jasmine Tucker took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £200. In Memory of Hannah Turberville • Hannah Turberville Memorial Fund. Katy Turberville sent in a further donation of £99 from some Scouts who took part in a sponsored event back in March. Total raised £1,553.50.

Sarah Farrell, Arthur Foulser, Christina Foulser, Auro Foxcroft, Alison Glover, Bill Glover, Harriet Glover, Amy Grey, Matthew Hall, Amy Hart, Jessica Hart, Tristan Hart, Richard Hemming, Ed Hickey, Jo Hickman, Baz Inquai, Anna Jackson, Isabelle Jackson, James Jackson, Linda Jackson, Chris Jennings, Nancy Johnson, Andrew Jones, Jane King, Tony King, Barbara Lamberton, Alison Legerton, Claire Macdonald, Adam Makowiezl, Johanna Marchant, James Maskell, Lucy Maskell, Des Matthewson, Eleanor Matthewson, Martin McKenna, Joan Mortlock, Louise Mortlock, Mark Pentney, Pam Pentney, Rebecca Pentney, Greg Phizacklea, Kate Phizacklea, Adam Phytmav, Amee Prendergast, Melanie Rhind, Nick Rudd, Nicola Rudd, Kathryn Saggers, Rebecca Scales, Anita Sharma, Hilary Sharp, Michael Sharp, Kyla Singleton, Hallam Smallpiece, Sara Sutherland, Michael Tarnory, Ross Thompson, Christopher Thorn, Peter Walden, Rosalind Walden, Laura Ward, Charlotte Wassermann, Ruth Wassermann, Peter Watkins and Daniel Watson took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised a further £4,234 making a total raised of £5,058. In Memory of Leon Walker Katy McDonnell took part in the Bupa Great Manchester Run and sent in a final donation of £130, making a total raised of £541. In Memory of Thomas Wall • We have received a funeral donation of £375, in lieu of floral tributes, in memory of the late master Thomas Wall.

• Chris Wall sent in donations totalling £610. • “I am writing on behalf of the Interact Club at Hockerill Anglo-European College to make a donation of £429. This contribution represents the proceeds of a Quiz Night which we recently organised within the college and which was held in memory of Thomas Wall. Thomas was, until recently, a student here. His death, due to sudden adult death syndrome, has deeply shocked the college community.” Mrs Chalmers, Interact Co-ordinator, Hockerill Anglo-European College, Herts.

• Waitrose, Bracknell, sent in a donation of £440 from their Community Green Token Scheme.

• Brian and Jackie Turberville celebrated their Golden Wedding recently and sent in a donation of £215.

In Memory of Lee Daniel Turner Lesley Turner and Nicholas Turner took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £166. In Memory of Vincenzo ‘Chinni’ Vetere “To celebrate the 18th birthday of our friend Vincenzo ‘Chinni’ Vetere, my friends and I collected this money for your charity. We feel sure that it will do some good.” Will Ascott sent in a donation of £160. In Memory of Richard Waight Simon Titmus took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised a further £250 making a total raised of £5,294. In Memory of Neil Walden Graham Allen, Julian Arriens, Deb Barlow, Jamie Beagent, Ella Beaston, Jude Beaston, Ann Boberg, Maddy Bradshaw, Stephen Burt, Andrea Chappell, Elizabeth Clarke, Kathleen Commons, Steve Connor, Zoe Connor, Colin Courtney, Daniel Cox, Tracey Cox, Rachel Curry, Alice Davis, Andrew Day, Amy Dickinson, Jessica Diver, Zoe Diver, Eve Dustin, Kate Edwards, Janet Farrell,

60 • CRY update • Issue 56

In Memory of Andy Weller Mrs. Weller sent in a donation of £200. In Memory of George Weller Jane Price sent in a donation of £3,207 from her daughter Elése, who climbed Kilimanjaro in memory of her lifelong friend George, who died on Christmas Eve 2009. The total now raised is £3,818.60. In Memory of Neil Wickers • Irene Wickers sent in a donation of £1,490 which was raised during a Casino Night, in memory of Neil and £100 which was donated by Blackburn Rugby Union Football Club.

Raymond and Val Langford donated £500.

• Louise Taylor and friends took part in the Bupa Great North Run and raised £230.



In Memory of Carl Wiggins Zoe Westerman took part in the Abingdon Marathon and raised £245.

In Memory of Laura Williams Greta Bridges, Daniela Cerda, Elise Jones, Hollie Jones, Tara Jones, Tara McLaughlin, Lisa Murphy and Elizabeth Woodbridge took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £970.

In Memory of Paul Stephen Wilkins Pam Oates sent in a donation of £100 in memory of her son, Paul.

In Memory of Pete Williams Emily Forbes took part in the Bupa Great South Run and raised £134.50.

In Memory of Tim Wilks Julian McCarthy took part in the Ironman Austria 2011 challenge and raised £2,035. In Memory of David Williams Sue Williams held her Halloween C h a r i t y Night at the Concorde Club and raised £1,105. The evening was based on a Buddy Holly Rock & Roll evening resulting in some Halloween and 50’s costumes.

In Memory of Sarah Williams • Kevin and Tricia Williams (The Cuckoo Pint) sent in a donation of £200.

• “We have recently organised a sponsored walk for the

RAF Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes, on behalf of a Charity Bobsleigh Event that we are currently organising. The Cuckoo Pint Pub, Hampshire, had kindly supported us during a charity walk and we agreed to give them 20% of the money raised for their chosen charity (CRY).” John Bird, Event Director, Charity Bobsleigh Challenge, sent in a donation of £355.81. In Memory of Kevin Wilson Dominic Cooper took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised £224.10.

In Memory of Louise Worth • Jeanette Atherton sent in a donation of £200 from the profits of her Tuck Shop, in memory of Louise on what would have been her 25th birthday on 19 October.

Sue Williams (on the right) with her daughter

Sue Jarvis sent in donations totalling £362.73: “including £319.73 from the fundraising and raising awareness day, £13 from the jug in which my husband puts 1p, 2p, 5p and 20 coins! (Amazing how soon this mounts up), and £30 from Grace Jarvis (mother-in-law) on the occasion of Louise’s 25th birthday.”

“On Sunday 11 September 2011, members of Combat Base UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association held a fund raising and raising awareness event supporting Cardiac Risk in the Young. The event was held at Combat Base Bolton and attracted students from Stockport, Bradford, Pontefract and Northumberland; young and old, male and female.

The event was organised by Bolton Combat Base’s Head Coach, Carl Fisher, in memory of his beloved niece, Louise Worth, who died of long QT syndrome on 21 June 2004 aged just 17.

Louise’s mother and Carl’s sister is CRY’s County Representative for Lancashire, Sue Jarvis, who was present on the day and gave a small talk, outlining CRY’s aims and the current campaign to prevent the abolition of the role of chief coroner.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 61



The members of Carls’ Bolton and Runcorn Clubs were so shocked at the number of young people who die from undiagnosed heart conditions, that they asked if they could put the CRY logo on their team T-shirts so that when they compete in other events both nationally and internationally, CRY will be highlighted.

• “Berkshire Yoga Teachers Circle is

an affiliation of local yoga teachers, formed for the purpose of promoting yoga as a tool for personal growth, self development and healing. At a recent meeting of the Circle, members decided that they wanted to make a donation to a charitable group, and your organisation’s name was put forward. Please find enclosed a cheque for £250 as a contribution towards the good work that you carry out.” Fiona Heston, Treasurer.

After four hours of teaching and training, together with training fees and sales of chocolate brownies and CRY wristbands, £319.73 was raised.” Carl Fisher.

• Anna Bignell took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £124.

• Bullers Wood School sent in donations totaling

£214.43; Year 9E students raised £63.45 of this and Year 8 students raised £150.98.

• Helen Carroll took part in the Bupa Great North Run and raised £305.01.

• Centrica Energy, Aberdeen, sent in a donation of £505. • Jeannie Chamberlain sent in her annual Christmas donation of £100.

CRY County Representative Sue Jarvis (third left) with Darren Currie (head coach), Carl Fisher (brother) and Helen Currie (head coach).

• Lauren Childs took part in a Tandem Skydive and raised £395.

In Memory of Mark Young Ann Morgan took part in the JP Morgan Chase & Co Corporate Challenge and raised £515.

General Fundraising • Action for Charity sent in a donation of £3,649.27 in respect of sponsorship from the 2011 Big Heart Bike Ride in Tanzania. Total raised £19,189.67.

• The children in Year 3 at Ashton House

School, Isleworth, have been finding out and learning about CRY. They were very interested and thought it would be of great help to give a donation. Nadia, Aaron, Cleva, Maya, Leon, Jelal, Sayar, Margam, Reece, Anisha, Esha, Suchir, Prareer, Jeeya, Sonali, Amareeta, Rhea, Rohan and Sarthak (Year 3) sent in just under £100.

• Anne Hutchinson (on behalf of Banbridge Leisure Centre

Team) who are Shandon Scott, Ross McBurney, Patrick Toman, David Mayers and Tony McCrea, took part in the Belfast City Marathon and raised £553.50.

• Kim Oates, Community Relations, Bank of England, sent in a donation of £500 under the Payroll Giving matched funds scheme.

62 • CRY update • Issue 56

• Stewart W Clark, Edinburgh, sent in a donation of £1,000. • Louise Clowes took part in the Bupa Great North Run and sent in a donation of £455.

• Donation from the Cooke family – Graham, Tricia, Georgia,

Layla, Angus and Hebe, held a fundraising raffle on Graham’s 50th birthday party on 4 September and raised £600.

“This year we held a fund raising raffle at Graham’s 50th birthday party on 4 September in aid of CRY. We asked for no presents - just presence and we raised the amazing sum of £600! It was a large garden party with beers from around East Anglia, a ploughman’s buffet and brilliant jazz from the Tim Sentance quartet. A great time was had by all! We are

Our lucky - the inherited heart condition that affects our family has been diagnosed and is being monitored.” Tricia Cooke.


The East Leake triathlon was a well organised event with very helpful marshals/volunteers. It was a great day out and an enjoyable experience to kick of my 2011 season. Without a doubt, this race will feature in my 2012 challenge!

Southwell Triathlon

The second race of my challenge was Southwell Triathlon, which consisted of a 400m swim, 17.6k cycle and a 5k run.

“This seven part ‘2011 Ultimate Endurance Challenge’ saw me swim, cycle and run 1,188 miles, as a fundraising series for CRY, between March and October 2011.

Since the East Leake Triathlon I had been training for my John O’Groats to Lands End 5 day cycle attempt, which included cycling 400 miles in a week during midApril. When I’d recovered from these sessions I had a week and a half to do some triathlon specific training for Southwell.

The 2011 Ultimate Endurance Challenge:

27/03/11 - East Leake Triathlon

01/05/11 - Southwell Triathlon

I spent many evenings in the pool improving my swimming technique and carried on with my ‘tried and tested’ training methods for cycling and running.

21/05/11 - The 5 Day John O’Groats to Lands End cycle

19/06/11 - Great Nottinghamshire 120k cycle

23/07/11 - The Big Speedo Nottingham 3k swim

The weather on the day of the event was fantastic; however, some heavy head winds on the second half of the cycle course slowed most competitors. I did this event last year and yet again it proved to be a well organised set up with a great atmosphere.

11/09/11 - Robin Hood Marathon

08/10/11 - Survival of the Fittest

I finished my 2010 challenge back in October, one week later I was training for the 2011 season. This included giving up alcohol and caffeine, a strict diet and early morning training sessions. No excuses!

I completed this race in 62 minutes and 6 seconds, 7 and half minutes faster than last year, which is my fourth consecutive personal best.” Bohdan Dawyd.

• Paul Davies sent in a donation of £300 from a family fun day and £190 from the collection box.

• Bohdan Dawyd took part in the Ultimate Endurance Challenge 2011 and raised £114.

I took training very seriously, not missing a single session. By November it became clear that there was no turning back as my training improved, but it was evident that the next few months would become a roller-coaster ride. This included set backs, bad weather, the occasional slow session and personal bests. Because I decided there was no turning back, I carried on training through the good and bad times.

East Leake Triathlon

The East Leake Triathlon started off my Ultimate Endurance Challenge. The race took place on the day we turned our clocks an hour forward to British Summer Time, meaning I lost an hour’s sleep, plus the usual loss of sleep a few athletes experience the night before a race. Despite this I was well prepared for the race and took to it well. This race produced my best result since taking up these sorts of challenges in 2009.

• Mr. R Dean sent in a donation of £100. • “Please find enclosed a cheque for £750 from the Charity

Golf Day that took place on Friday 19 August 2011 at Lowes Park Golf course in Bury, Lancashire, organised by Kingswood Financial Services. The competition was played as a four man team stableford format with the best two scores on each hole counted. There was also a nearest to the pin prize as well as a competition to “beat the pro” on the sixth hole. The day comprised lunch before play, then 18 holes of golf, an evening meal, followed by the presentation and entertainment, after which we held a charity auction of sporting memorabilia. As a whole the day was a great success with a fantastic turnout. Not only did we generate funds to boost the finances of the designated charities but we (and arguably more importantly) raised awareness for Cardiac Risk in the Young. I will continue to look out for events for which CRY will benefit.” Ben Bescoby, Director, Dornans.

• James Drury took part in the Bupa London 10,000 and raised £258.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 63



• Edinburgh Students’ Charities Appeal raised £132.89 from the sale of glowsticks during a student club night. The donation was forwarded to CRY by Stephen Shires.

• “Each year, the Elgin Hotel supports a worthy charity, through

the sale of raffle tickets on each of the Hotel’s special ‘Elgin Evenings’. The raffle prize is normally a free overnight stay for 2 worth approx £100 - £120, depending on when the voucher is used. This year we were pleased to support Cardiac Risk in the Young and with generous support from our guests raised a grand total of £1872.80. ‘Elgin Evenings’ have a theme and some of our featured Acts and Themes from 2011 were ‘Doris Day Night’ with the fabulous Jean Pasquill (Doris Day tribute), ‘Veterans Night’ with the fabulous Pat Masterson (a nostalgic trip down memory lane with 40’s Cabaret) and ‘Its Magic Nights’ (these nights coincide with children’s halfterm).” Nigel Seddon, Elgin Hotel, Blackpool.

• Barry Evans took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £330.

• Golden Charter Funeral Plans sent in a donation of £122.60. • Mr D L Grove sent in a donation of £115. • Guildford County School held a sponsored walk and sent in a donation of £1,000.

• Mrs J Evans sent in her annual donation of £100. • Michael Fealy took part in the Run to the Beat Half Marathon and sent in a donation of £250.

• “On Tuesday 13 December 2011 The Foresters Heathrow Branch held a cheque presentation evening for their fundraising efforts for CRY which raised £1,070.

CRY Representative Martin Appleby collected the cheque at their branch meeting. These funds were raised by holding raffles at various events and running a stall at a couple of summer fetes, one at Bedfont & Feltham and the other at Ashford. These stalls involved games for young and old and were well supported.” Fred & Joyce Marsh.

64 • CRY update • Issue 56

• Havoc up Snowdon: “This summer, a group of 13 teenagers

gave up a day of their holidays to get together for a sponsored walk in aid of CRY. On 9 August, members of the HAVOC youth group from Grace Community Church, Kempston, climbed up Snowdon to raise as much as possible for CRY. The event was organised by Dennis Tailor, a member of the church with a lot of invaluable experience in organising sports fundraisers. Youth leaders and parents also gave up their

time to help us, and drive us to the location. It was an early start, with the minibuses leaving home at 5.30am! A quick pit stop at McDonald’s to buy breakfast gave us fuel for the day ahead! Once there, the climb took about 6 hours, including a stop at the summit



for lunch. There wasn’t much of a view though since the top of the mountain was in cloud! We still had a great day together, and perfect weather most of the way up and down. We even managed to stop off at the coast on the way home for fish and chips! The cause we were raising for had become even more significant to us earlier in the year, while we were still planning the trip. Friends in the church lost their 4-day old baby boy, Samuel, to an inoperable heart condition; so it was really important to us all to show our support for them and the work that CRY do. We’re really grateful for all the support and leadership we had, and of course the number of people that sponsored us. And we can’t wait to start planning something for next summer!” Dennis Tailor sent in a donation of £910.82.

Photos are of Jacob, Henry, Vicki, Jaimie, Omar, China, George, Naomi, Esther, Georgina, Dan, Charles and Alice, all members of the HAVOC youth group and Dennis Tailor who led them.

• Catrin Hawthorn and Lynda Doherty took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon on 16 October 2011 and have raised £125 so far.

“Well we did it!

It was a lovely day for a run just maybe not a race. There was a nice breeze that occasionally helped as a tail wind but also hindered at the 8.5 mile point. This is where Lyn and I parted company not to be reunited till the finish line but make it we did.

The support we have had from family and friends colleagues and patients has been quite touching and to be honest that’s what kept us going over the final very long three miles. Cardiff Half Marathon is a wonderful event and this year with 15,000 applicants it surpassed itself with organisation as well as fun.

Family members lined specific parts of the route to cheer us on when we were flagging, but to be honest the passersby (we ran through the city centre) cheering, handing out sweets or passing water were fantastic. It seemed that the whole of Cardiff was out there to support us, even the supporters for other charities cheered at anyone who was flagging and slowing down.

As they say a picture tells a thousand stories I have included a happy one of the two of us at the three mile mark, but have decided against using the one of us in pain at the end (vanity I’m afraid!) - you know it was difficult when you can’t even lift your leg to stretch at the end.

Happily for us the aching has faded quicker than the buzz of achievement. On Monday we swore that we had retired from running a distance like that.... Then I had a text from Lyn and today we are reviewing the application form for next year :-) what have we started!” Catrin Hawthorn.

• Richard Vaughan and the Herts & Essex High School Interact

Committee took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon and raised £464.15.

• Sharleen Hill took part in the Edinburgh Marathon and raised £506.20.

• Sophie Holman took part in the Torbay Half Marathon and raised £199.

• Mr J Howard sent in a donation of £200 from the Guildhall School of Music, Lodge L2454.

• ID-r Media, London E14, sent in a donation of £152.05. • “On 16 December 2007 our son Gary had a cardiac arrest,

CRY update • Issue 56 • 65



aged 28, whilst playing five-a-side football. Due to the skill and dedication of the staff of Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, Gary survived and now has a defibrillator fitted. He is getting married on 12 November 2011. We held a Golf Day for him and raised £125.” Steven and Jean Iles.

• Alex Chalmers, Islay Darts Club, sent in a donation of £100, raised from entry fees at the darts competition on 2 October.

• Teresa Jackson sent in a donation of £106.05. • “Please find enclosed a cheque for £385 from an Awareness and Fundraising stand run by my son, Henry, on Friday 14 October. He is a pupil at Wellington College and has long QT syndrome. We ran the stand in the student’s café during morning and lunchtime break and sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts as an added attraction!” Mrs Elaine Jennings.

• Alison Jones took part in the Great South Run and sent in a donation of £117.22.

• “Enclosed herewith is a cheque for £200 for a donation to

your charity, CRY. This wonderful charity has recently helped to check the health of a young relative of my family after her mother, my niece, had a cardiac arrest, so your charity is close to my heart. This donation is in lieu of Christmas presents for members of my family, at their request.” Mrs Valda Joyce.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £113.26 that was raised by

the staff and members of Lifestyle Fitness & Physiotherapy. We held an event over a couple of weeks that required people to walk, cycle, row, etc. various distances to achieve their own particular goals and raise money for CRY. The money was raised largely due to the efforts of a lady called Tracy Hartridge.” Gareth Mapp (Director).

• Mr A Lilley sent in a donation of £350 towards the Dom Lilley Select vs. Birmingham City Football match.

• Lloyds TSB Foundation sent in a matched giving donation of

£500 in respect of Mrs Rachel Dunning participating in a bag pack event for CRY.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £325 that we raised at

our annual boat show party and are pleased to donate to the charity. The party was a great success.” James Ward, Managing Director, Marine Resources, Southampton.

• Renee Martin held a collection at the end of the

Capital Theatre Drama Workshop’s students play and raised just under £100.

• Mike MacIntyre took part in the Mazda London Triathlon and raised £1,327.90.

• Tim Peacock and Mark Booth took part in the Berlin Bike Ride and forwarded a donation of £595. • Mrs D Meaden sent in a donation of £500 in sponsorship of Sean Nolan’s Paddle from Bristol to London on 6 May. • Brendan McAndrew took part in the Liverpool Marathon and sent in a donation of £225.

• Rachel McCartain, Middleton & Bognor HC sent in a donation

• Iain McFarlane took part in the Birmingham Great Run and raised £120.

• Robert Morris took part in the CRY Durham Riverside Walk 2011 and raised £107.50.

• Kamiji Ebun-Cole, Mwansa Mwondela, Patrick Mwondela,

Veronica Mwondela and Musole Wildman took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £1,756.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £600 which has been

raised by the members, wives, partners and friends of the Old Dunstablians Masonic Lodge. Every year our lodge has a ladies festival and this year we held ours in February at Stratford. During the weekend, we raised as much money as we could for charity through various means including raffles and quizzes. As the President of the weekend I have chosen CRY as one of the charities to benefit. I had done so because my own family has been affected by cardiomyopathy, in particular, and believe that the work that you do in minimising the risk, especially in the young, is vital. On behalf of the lodge, I hope that you will be pleased to accept this cheque and wish you well for the future.” Duncan Laing.

• Plumb Mate Limited, Suffolk sent in a donation of £475. • Samantha Robinson took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 and raised £1,877.

• Mark Robson took part in the Bupa Great North Run and sent in a donation of £500.

• “I confirm our president and his wife Mr. Ian and Mrs. Deborah

Cobb held their Ladies Night last month. As treasurer I am pleased to enclose a cheque for £312 which I am sure your charity will utilize this amount to benefit your worthwhile cause.” Michael J Ward, Treasurer, St Boniface Lodge 8790, Isle of Wight.

• “Please find enclosed a cheque for £100. It comes from St

Mary’s Over 60’s club which I help to run and was raised by holding a ‘bring & buy’ sale with refreshments. From time to time we try to help different charities and this time I really wanted to help CRY. I owe you many thanks for the recent help you have given to my daughter Rebecca Duffy. You very kindly referred her to Professor Sharma who saw her in September. Not only did he give her a diagnosis where others could not, but he is continuing to monitor her. So thank you very much for your help. Both Rebecca and I are extremely grateful and are trying to promote CRY by word of mouth and distributing CRY leaflets.” Freda M Duffy.

• Jackie Saunders took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £365.

• Charlotte Sefton took part in the Bupa Great Manchester Run and raised £105.

• Melanie Shedden took part in the London to Berlin Bike Ride and raised £995.

• Jacqueline Shephard took part in a Tandem Skydive and raised £555.

of £210.

66 • CRY update • Issue 56

Our • C

R Y Communications Officer Mair Shepherd took part in the Run to the Beat Music Half Marathon 2011 and raised £130.

• Dawn

Smith took part in the Hadrian’s Wall Walk on 1 October and raised £3,035.70.

• Andy Southcott,

Southcott Homes Ltd., sent in a donation of £100.

“A fantastic evening was had by all at Andrew’s Night (fun & games) on 30 September 2011 which was held by the Andrew Spencer Memorial Trust at the Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield. The Trust was founded in 2008 in memory of Andrew, following his sudden death at the age of 33 years, when family and friends wanted to remember him whilst raising funds for charities. It was a great pleasure to invite CRY to receive a donation from the trust, as this is a charity closely associated with Andrew’s death and does good work in research & campaigning to reduce the number of young sudden cardiac deaths. The Trust would like to extend a massive thank you to CRY Representative David Leigh who very kindly came along and shared with us the good work CRY is doing and is pictured here being presented with a cheque for £1,500 by Mr Raymond Spencer, father of Andrew. We hope to continue our newly established relationship during the years to come and support CRY in their work.” Irene Heatherill.


• Trent College, Nottingham, sent in a donation of £1,500. • Kevin Thubron took part in the Bupa Great North Run and raised £361.

• Nicolene Van Niekeril took part in the Run to the Beat Half Marathon on 25 September and raised £250.

• Waitrose, Esher, sent in a donation of £370 from their Community Matters Scheme.

• Damian Walsh took part in the Co-operation Ireland Maracyle and raised £130.

• Victoria Walsh took part in the Bangor 10K in Northern Ireland on 24 September and raised £475.

• The Warwickshire Freemasons, Lodge of Faith & Hope 4772, sent in a donation of £500.

• Mr R Watson sent in a donation of £100. • Bob Scott, Captain, sent in a donation of £490 from the

proceeds of his raffle for two car parking spaces at Woodlands Manor Golf Club and for choosing CRY as the charity for his year as Captain of the club.

• Bob Scott sent in a donation of £352.95 from the collection tin at the Woodlands Manor Golf Club.

• Thomas Sutherland took part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 2011 and raised £140.

CRY update • Issue 56 • 67

Fundraising Events 2012 Please contact Becci or Ben on 01737 363222 or e-mail if you are interested in any of the following events. For more information and a full list of events in 2012, visit All CRY participants in mass participation events (whether you have your ‘own place’ or a CRY charity place) will receive a fundraising pack containing sponsor forms, information, helpful tips and a t-shirt.

A few ideas... The Gold Challenge 2012 Throughout 2012 This challenge gives you the opportunity to take on Olympic or Paralympic sports to raise money for CRY. Choose one of our three fantastic challenges and be part of the excitement around London 2012! For more information or to sign up for the challenge please go to or alternatively email to express your interest.

CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk 15 July 2012 This will be the 6th annual CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk. The event will once again start at Victoria Embankment Gardens and finish at Hays Galleria, London Bridge City, after crossing the Golden Jubilee, Westminster, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Millennium, London and Tower Bridges and passing at least 12 famous London landmarks, representing the 12 young sudden cardiac deaths that occur each week in the UK. Registration is now open, please visit We are always looking for volunteers to help with this event, without whom we simply would not be able to run it. To find out more or to offer your time on the day please e-mail

London to Paris Bike Ride 25-29 July 2012 This 5-day charity bike ride event is a great way to see the sights of London, Paris and all the glorious countryside in between! Starting in London, the 4 days of cycling will take you through beautiful and historical villages, and allow you to see some of the most famous landmarks in England and France. And after 4 days of pedalling your bike, you can then enjoy a day in Paris doing whatever you please!

China Trek 13-22 September 2012 Immerse yourself in tradition, history and ancient mythology and experience something others will only dream of as you walk part of the Great Wall. The ideal event for those with a passion for culture, a sense of adventure, and the desire to do something challenging for a good cause.

Great North Run 16 September 2012 CRY has a limited number of charity places every year for the Great North Run and also welcomes any ‘own place’ runners who would like to run for CRY. Please send an email to if you are interested in a CRY charity place, are an ‘own place’ runner wishing to run for CRY, or if you would like to run in a CRY heart costume.

India Bike Ride 27 September-6 October 2012 Prepare to fall in love with this enchanting country steeped in culture and history. With its incredible diversity you will be guaranteed to have an experience of a lifetime while you cycle through some of the country’s most remote regions, its farmland and forests. Plus the beautiful Taj Mahal. Amazing!

CRY Durham Riverside Walk 6 October 2012 The 3rd 7km CRY Durham Walk will take place starting and finishing at Durham Amateur Rowing Club. The walk is in the beautiful Wear Valley, following the river, with views of the city and cathedral. Please e-mail if you are interested in taking part or would like to volunteer at this event. Registration will open during late spring/early summer 2012.

Royal Parks Half Marathon 7 October 2012 If you are interested in this popular event, that has a route encompassing several of the picturesque royal parks of London, please contact We don’t have any places but would welcome any ‘own place’ runners who would like to run for CRY.

Kilimanjaro Trek 11-20 October 2012 Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the jungle, spectacular wildlife and breathtaking glaciers - experience something that others will only ever dream of!

Run to the Beat 21 October 2012 CRY welcomes any ‘own place’ runners who would like to run for CRY. Please e-mail if you wish to run for CRY or if you would like to run in a CRY Heart Costume.

Peru Trek 1-10 November 2012 CRY are looking for adventurous volunteers to trek in Peru along one of the world’s most stunning trails. Immerse yourself in ancient Peruvian culture and experience diverse scenery, such as tropical Andean rainforests; the snow-capped mountain ranges of the Andes; and, of course, Machu Picchu - one of the worlds most important archaeological finds.

New York City Marathon 4 November 2012 CRY welcomes any ‘own place’ runners who would like to run for CRY. Please email or contact Becci on 01737 363222 if you wish to run for CRY; if you would like to run in a CRY Heart Costume; or if you have any questions about this event.

CRY Awareness Week 24 November-2 December 2012 REVISED DATES FOR 2012 If you would like to be involved in CRY Awareness Week 2012 please e-mail

2012 5k Big Fun Runs Various dates between July and October Staged within scenic parks throughout the UK, including, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, Borders, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Coventry, Birmingham, Derby, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, East Lothian, Aberdeen, Perth, South London, London, Maidstone, Brighton, Southampton and Ipswich. The Big Fun Run is the ideal event for beginners and experienced runners alike. Entries are now open for the 2012 Big Fun Runs. For more information or to enter an event please go to and select CRY as your chosen charity.

Parachute Jumps Assorted dates For further details, please visit

CRY update • Issue 56 • 75

Cardiac Risk in the Young Head Office: Unit 7, Epsom Downs Metro Centre, Waterfield, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5LR Tel: 01737 363222 Fax: 01737 363444 E-mail:

Our Mission When Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) was founded in 1995 it was the first organisation to draw attention to the range of conditions that can cause young sudden cardiac death (YSCD). These include arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) and other abnormalities leading to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). Every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions. CRY aims to reduce the frequency of YSCD by working with cardiologists and family doctors to establish good practice and appropriate screening facilities to promote and protect the cardiac health of our young. CRY believes cardiac screening should be accessible to all young

people aged between 14 and 35. CRY also works to guide and support families and close friends affected by YSCD. The Charity aims to put them in touch with people who have the appropriate knowledge and experience to answer their questions. We provide information to explain what the coroner does, practical guidelines to help with NHS referrals and advice on the procedures that usually follow a YSCD. In addition, CRY publishes a range of medical information written by leading cardiologists that is easy to understand and made available to the public free of charge. Detailed information about cardiac abnormalities and the range of literature available from CRY can be found on our website at

Our Patrons The urgency of CRY’s mission and the quality of our work has compelled many high profile personalities to give their time to become Patrons of our Charity. Current Patrons of CRY: Rob Andrew MBE, John Barrowman Jeremy Bates, Ben Brown, Mark Carruthers, Clive Clarke, Mark Cox MBE, James Cracknell OBE, Nick Easter, Jonny Evans, Baroness Ilora Finlay, Simon Halliday, Kathryn Harries, Michael Hoey, John Inverdale, Pat Jennings OBE KSG, Robert Jones MBE, Rob Key, Gary Longwell, Pixie Lott, Emily Maitlis, Graeme McDowell MBE, Professor W J McKenna, Bill Neely, Phil Packer MBE, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, Andy Scott, Roger Taylor MBE, Professor Gaetano Thiene, Gregor Townsend MBE, Andrew Triggs-Hodge MBE, David Walliams, Matt Wells, Ray Wilkins MBE and Sir Clive Woodward OBE.

Sir Ian Botham OBE

Honorary President of CRY “It is not just athletes who are at risk of these heart disorders – it can happen to anyone. The problem has been swept under the carpet for too long and there have been too many excuses. I am a parent and a grandparent and I want to know that my kids and grandkids will be screened as a matter of course. It’s the only way we can prevent these sudden deaths occurring.” To read the supportive quotes from CRY’s Patrons in full please go to

Our Fundraisers The involvement of our fundraisers has been crucial to helping CRY raise awareness about YSCD. By fundraising for CRY our supporters have, in addition to highlighting our cause, helped to finance and develop our Bereavement Support service, the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) at Royal Brompton Hospital, the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology at St. George’s Hospital and the CRY myheart Network to support young people living with potentially lethal cardiac conditions. CRY has also required funding to support medical research into YSCD, to subsidise and expand our national screening programme, our education programme and our campaign for ECG testing of the nation’s youth. Whether you are carrying out your own activity or taking part in an organised event such as the Virgin London Marathon or the BUPA Great North Run, remember that CRY will always support your effort with posters, literature, sponsor forms and other resources.

To read the supportive quotes from CRY’s Patrons in full please go to If you would like to join our fundraisers, CRY also offers a range of free fundraising challenge events, including parachute jumps, white water rafting and a selection of trekking and cycling events. For more information visit or contact the CRY office to request a fundraising ideas pack. There are many different ways you can donate to CRY. Online and cheque donations are the most popular methods, and we can also accept credit card donations over the phone. For further information telephone 01737 363222 or go to: All your help is greatly appreciated.

CRY is always extremely grateful for grants or donations from Trusts and Foundations. We would like to thank the following Trusts and Foundations for the very generous support they have given us: ABBA Trust • Albert Hunt Trust • Artie White Foundation • Aspen Insurance UK Charity Committee • Biggart Trust • The Celtic Charity Trust • Charlotte Marshall Charitable Trust • Sir Cliff Richard Charitable Trust • Edward Joseph Colclough Trust • Fitton Trust • The Freemasons’ Grand Charity • Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust • Gwyneth Forrester Trust • Hasluck Charitable Trust • Holbeck Charitable Trust • Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust • James Tudor Foundation • Malcolm Chick Charity • Miss W E Lawrence 1973 Settlement • Munro Charitable Trust • Muriel Edith Rickman Trust • Pharsalia Charitable Trust • The Sobell Foundation • Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation • Sir James Roll Charitable Trust • Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust • Tudor Foundation, Inc.