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Update 81 | January to April 2020

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CRY Update 81 January to April 2020

Inside Update 81

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Newsletter Editor As Deputy Editor of the CRY Update it is my responsibility to put together this newsletter, and ambition that you find all the CRY news, events and fundraising in these pages to be of interest.

I always endeavour to ensure the information printed in this newsletter is accurate, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you notice something amiss. CRY receives an incredible amount of support and I know occasionally an error will slip through, however any fundraising corrections will be clearly demarcated at the beginning of the subsequent issue’s fundraising section. I would appreciate hearing from you at or on 01737 363222 if you have any feedback or comments regarding previous issues. Thank you for your help.

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3. A CRY supporter taking part in the 2.6 Challenge. Page 14.

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4. CRY supporters taking part in the 3 Peaks Challenge in memory of Robin Hails. Page 27. 5. John Gallagher taking part in a climb to the summit of Mont Blanc in memory of Lauren Gallagher. Page 26. 6. A CRY screening event in Garstang, held in memory of Matthew Hesmondhalgh.

Submission guidelines: We include activities in the “Our Fundraisers” section that raise £100 or more. Entries appear in the “Our Fundraisers” section according to when CRY sends official receipt of monies raised. If you can supply a writeup or photos for any fundraising activities you have taken part in, please email Images of CRY Patrons and Members of Parliament throughout have been highlighted in red.

7. The Great Wilderness Challenge, held in memory of Joanne Fotheringham. Page 25. 8. Two young CRY supporters completing a bike ride in memory of Darren Hall. Page 27. 9. A Precision Self Protection Seminar, held in memory of Louise Worth. Page 47. 10. A CRY screening event in Derby, held in memory of Daniel Hughes. 11. CRY supporters taking part in the Thames Path Challenge in memory of Michael Ince. Page 30. 12. CRY supporters holding an awareness stand in memory of Stevie Wiggins. Page 46. 13. A fundraising event, held in memory of Hamish Ross. Page 40.

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Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Meet Our Representative

Rachael Marchant Representative in Hertfordshire CRY has been a big part of my life for years. They were my first port of call when I was experiencing cardiac issues. Not only do they support families who have suffered an unimaginable loss, but they also support people like myself. Team myheart are a small group of individuals who have genetic heart conditions that are managed by certain treatments, drugs and ICD’s. This group offers support, comfort and the opportunity for us to be in the majority and not the minority, which is where we usually are. CRY is a very valid charity to me and the reason why I chose to become a CRY Representative.

If you would like more information about the myheart network and the support services that we offer, such as the literature we provide and information on different cardiac conditions, you can visit the myheart website at There is also the myheart YouTube channel, which includes content such as videos sent in by members sharing their experiences of being diagnosed or undergoing certain tests, as well as myheart cardiologist Dr Michael Papadakis answering a range of frequently asked questions.

You can go to the myheart YouTube channel here: And here’s where you can find the myheart network on social media:




News from the Chief Executive Dr Steven Cox

CRY Chief Executive

@Drstevenjcox drstevenjcox Thank you for everything that you continue to do to support CRY and raise awareness within your local communities. Included in this section are a number of media stories from January to April, as well as information about some of CRY’s events in this period.

January CRY supporters featured on BBC Inside Out January 20 Thanks to the work of the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) led by Professor Mary Sheppard, we have been able to increase the number of families we are able to help after a young sudden cardiac death. Long-time CRY supporter Sue Dewhirst was interviewed on a BBC Inside Out feature, and talked about her experiences of family testing after the death of her son, Matthew. “It’s a day we’ve been waiting for, for quite a while really,” Sue said when going for testing. “It would be good to have some closure and to just really get to the crux of things.” It’s so important for families to have access to this essential support service funded by CRY, both to help them better understand what caused the death but also

to ensure relatives can receive any treatment they may need if a condition is hereditary. Professor Elijah Behr, who works at St George’s Hospital, helped explain how important it is to carry out family testing: “We’ll find out if she shows any signs of inherited heart disease herself. We suspect that because of her son’s unexpected sudden death at such a young age. We find that in around 40% of families, if we do very comprehensive testing, we’ll find there is an underlying genetic cause.” “Our main aim was always, when we donated Matthew’s heart, was for some good to come out of all of this,” Sue said after her family’s testing had been completed. “If it does mean that others can benefit from it, then he’ll have achieved something.” Ann Demaine, who lost her son, Tom, spoke about her motivation for supporting CRY. “We just do not want any other families to have to go through the heartache,” Ann said. “So anything you can do to prevent that, even if it’s just one – but it’s not, it’s 12 deaths a week, possibly more.” It’s fantastic for CRY to receive this kind of exposure, and for the importance of the research and testing we do to be highlighted.

February Abby Lang interviewed on the “We Can Change The World” podcast February 7 Abby Lang has been a tireless supporter of CRY for some time now, working to rally as much MP support as she can around England and Scotland. She’s been an integral part of us increasing the amount of MP signatures we have on our pledge to establish a national strategy for the prevention of young sudden cardiac death, and also gave the 2018 Time for Reflection speech at Scottish Parliament and spoke at the CRY Parliamentary Reception later in the same year. In February, Abby continued to raise awareness of CRY and what we’re doing to save young lives in an interview on the We Can Change The World podcast. Abby shared some of CRY’s key statistics, what our screenings are like, and the importance of gaining MP support.


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

News from the Chief Executive “The whole reason that CRY has to offer this [screening] service,” Abby explained, “is because there isn’t currently screening on the NHS, and that’s primarily due to the National Screening Committee, which is the governing body which advises ministers and the NHS on what screening programmes should be in place and what shouldn’t. They currently don’t recommend a screening programme for sudden cardiac death in 12-39 year olds. Obviously that’s, you know, quite frustrating and devastating for myself and CRY and all of the other CRY supporters and families who have been affected out there. I would like to encourage anyone who is listening to this or has been personally affected by the loss of somebody to young sudden cardiac death or knows somebody, if your MP hasn’t signed, please get them to do so. We’re in desperate need of more support.” Abby also spoke about her speech at Scottish Parliament, and touched on why she’s motivated to support CRY. “There are hundreds of families out there who are fundraising for CRY, but there are also many families who are too overcome by grief and find it too distressing to actually speak about the matter to get involved. So, I feel like I need to act as a voice for them because I know that they wouldn’t want other families going through the same loss that they have. I just don’t want them to be suffering in silence.” Abby was a runner-up at the Young Scot awards in November 2018, which is an annual event that celebrates young people who are making a difference in their local community. We are so grateful for Abby’s efforts, and for all of our supporters who continue to raise awareness of CRY and gather MP support when possible. You can listen to Abby’s full interview on the podcast by going to

“For Natasha” concert held in support of CRY February 16 Arjun Coomaraswamy, a highly acclaimed singer songwriter, suddenly lost his wife, Natasha, in 2018 when she was just 30 years old. In February, Arjun assembled a host of artists and organised a concert, “For Natasha”, to remember her, as well as help raise awareness of CRY and young sudden cardiac death. The concert was held at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, featuring performances from artists such as

Mickey Singh, Vidya Vox, Jaz Dhami, Guru Randhawa, and Arjun himself. Natasha’s parents also took the stage during the evening and delivered a touching speech. The atmosphere was incredible with phenomenal support for Arjun, Natasha’s family and CRY throughout the night. It was a privilege to be invited along with CRY’s Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma to be part of this special evening. Thank you to Arjun, Natasha’s family, and everyone who made this event such a success.

April The 2.6 Challenge April 26 Due to the coronavirus pandemic, fundraising changed drastically in this period and largely came to a halt. But this didn’t stop the organisers of the Virgin Money London Marathon from creating the 2.6 Challenge in an effort to keep activities and fundraising going. Thank you so much to all of our supporters who got involved to keep fundraising for CRY during this difficult time, organising their own activities from 2.6-mile runs, to “keepy up” football and hockey challenges, to video game marathons. To read more about the 2.6 Challenge and see some photos from those who got involved, turn to page 14.


CRY Online Social media Social media is a vital part of how CRY interacts with supporters and, first and foremost, raises awareness of young sudden cardiac death and what can be done to tackle it – from preventative measures (screening) to bereavement support for those affected by a tragedy. In the CRY Online segment, we look back at the fourmonth period the Update covers and include a small selection of social media highlights, such as Facebook posts that reached an amazing amount of people, or supporters who tweeted memorable photos at us. The last few months have been difficult for all of us, as we’ve been thrown into unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately this has included the cancellation of major fundraising events and our screening events. So, even though our staff has continued working remotely from home and we are still contactable as normal, CRY has been functioning very differently. We have still been raising awareness of CRY and young sudden cardiac death as usual on social media as well. From January to April alone this year, we recorded 1.18 million impressions (the number of times a post appears on someone’s personal feed) on our Facebook page. One of our top Facebook posts shared the news of how we benefited from the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant. Thanks to the help of our supporters spreading word of the initiative and voting in their local stores in the areas we were featured, we received the phenomenal amount of £165,000 towards screening. The fact that this Facebook post received so much engagement and was shared almost 500 times only helps increase awareness of CRY and our screening programme a little further. A little later in January, we shared the response of CRY’s Chief Executive, Dr Steven Cox, to the UK National Screening Committee’s conclusion to its latest consultation document. This document reconfirmed that the UK NSC does not recommend systematic population


screening for cardiac conditions associated with young sudden cardiac death. As we mentioned at the time, CRY will not accept the suggestion that these tragedies are unavoidable. Our reach on Instagram continues to grow as well. Our number of followers increased by 500 in this period to almost 6,000. Instagram provides another platform for us to share key messages and raise awareness of all of the work we do. Our top Instagram post from this period came in February (Heart Month), as we thanked Arjun and all of the artists who were going to be performing at a concert supporting CRY, which was held in memory of Arjun’s wife, Natasha. Interacting with us on social media is an easy way to keep up to date with any CRY information you might need. You will receive updates on upcoming events and screenings; and photos from fellow supporters. Every share of a post helps spread awareness about CRY a little further. So, if you’d like to follow along, here’s where you can find us:

CardiacRiskintheYoung CardiacRiskintheYoung @CRY_UK

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

CRY Online

We recorded over 820,000 impressions on Twitter from January to April, as we shared CRY’s key messages and information, and received fantastic support in plenty of different ways. Hampshire Cricket held a CRY screening event in January, and shared a short video filmed on the day. They spoke to CRY Research Fellow Dr Bashar Ibrahim about screening, and Eastleigh MP Paul Holmes even attended to be screened as well. As February was Heart Month, we encouraged people to engage with us on social media and share our key messages. It was great to see so many people sharing our tweets and posts on other social media platforms, doing their bit to raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death. In January, we were pleased to announce that Tony Lit MBE, MD of Sunrise Radio, is one of CRY’s New Ambassadors. We are excited to be underway with our partnership with Sunrise Radio and how they are using their platform to help CRY. Besides having guests (like Professor Sanjay Sharma) on their shows to talk about the importance of screening and CRY’s work, Sunrise Radio has also been using plenty of on-air adverts to raise awareness.


CRY Online As part of the CRY Online segment we include Facebook posts from Chief Executive Dr Steven Cox (found at drstevenjcox), providing thoughtful responses to news and events from the last few months.

The CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology has transformed our understanding of YSCD This is CRY’s 25th anniversary year. CRY was founded in 1995 to prevent young sudden cardiac deaths and to support families after a tragedy. One of the areas where CRY has transformed the way we understand young sudden cardiac death is through establishing and funding the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology. As well as helping families after a tragedy, it has resulted in CRY funded research which has changed policy and medical practice throughout the world. In 2008, the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) was launched with donations of £175,000 in memory of Sebastian and Howard English. The CRY CCP is an international cardiac referral centre. The service is led by expert cardiac pathologist Professor Mary Sheppard, with a team of staff funded by CRY. Young sudden cardiac death is often the first symptom of a cardiac condition and specialist pathology is required to identify the disease and bring the genetic implications of a potentially inherited disorder to the attention of relatives. When a cause of death is “unascertained” and the deceased is aged 35 or under, the centre will provide a free, fast-track cardiac diagnostic service. More than 80% of UK coroners are now routinely referring to this centre when there is a young sudden cardiac (or unascertained) death. The centre is also increasingly being referred autopsy material suitable for genetic testing which is becoming so important to correlate with the cardiac findings to further help the family understand the cause of death. CRY aims to remove the unnecessary suffering of the family by reducing the wait to know what has caused the death. As well as helping a family understand the cause of death, expert cardiac pathology not only informs a family that firstdegree relatives need to be screened, but also informs the type of screening the families require. If the investigations report a SADS death, then the family should be offered a series of cardiac tests including an ECG, echo, exercise test, holter monitor and an ajmaline (provocation) test to help identify ion channelopathies. However, if the microscopic


pathological investigations show a structural problem (by identifying myocardial disarray), then the family should be offered an MRI instead of the ajmaline test. This will help to identify structural heart conditions like cardiomyopathies. Establishing the CRY centre was essential as: •  Families were not being given a clear cause of death

when a person died suddenly. Initial post-mortem investigations just need to exclude foul play/criminal activity.

•  Coroners did not have the funding to conduct additional

post-mortem investigations. The initial post-mortem cost less than £100, whereas an expert cardiac post-mortem would cost more than 10 times this.

•  When an expert pathologist was asked to provide an

opinion it could take up to 2 years for the investigations to be completed.

•  There was a low awareness of the implications and

importance of family screening for relatives who may also be at risk, if the cause of death was due to a genetic condition.

The CRY CCP has been supported with significant donations in memory of Hannah Turberville and many other young people, including more than £700,000 donated since 2008 in memory of Sebastian and Howard. This has resulted in thousands of bereaved families receiving the support and information they need. Now, at the CRY CCP, a full expert cardiac post-mortem report will have been issued within 2 weeks of receiving the referral. The report also ensures the family will have a better understanding of the cause of death and the clinical information that will inform the way first-degree relatives are tested for the same inherited condition. Furthermore, the funding the CRY CCP has received has led to vital research which has transformed the way we understand young sudden cardiac death, impacting international guidelines for how these deaths should be investigated and reported. More than 2,500 expert cardiac post-mortems on young people (aged 35 and under) have been conducted by Professor Sheppard’s team at the CRY CCP. In 97 (4%) of these investigations it was concluded that the cause of death was due to arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC). This conclusion of ARVC was a different cause of death to the one identified at the initial post-mortem. Prior to the investigations the cause of death was sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), with possible negative repercussions on family screening. This is because first-degree relatives may have been investigated with the wrong sets of cardiac tests, since vital information about the post-mortem was lacking. We have found that

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

CRY Online • We have helped to establish international guidelines for

how post-mortem investigations should be conducted after an unascertained or young sudden cardiac death.

Professor Mary Sheppard at the CRY CCP in 2014.

arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy is now more frequently diagnosed compared to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in our database. More than 10 years of funding the CRY CCP has resulted in the largest database of expert cardiac investigations of young sudden cardiac deaths in the world. This has enabled ground-breaking research which has transformed the understanding of young sudden cardiac death in the UK and abroad. Recent papers have reported: • Athletes with ARVC are 6 times more likely to die during

exercise than athletes with other cardiac conditions.

Since 2008 Professor Sheppard has contributed to more than 100 journal articles about cardiac pathology and been awarded international recognition. She was recently appointed president of the Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology. Professor Sheppard also leads important research projects in the field. She has been invited to lead in Cyprus on the investigation of young sudden deaths, and collaborates with groups in Denmark and Holland who are doing similar work. The research is also identifying undiscovered, significant findings, like idiopathic fibrosis in the heart (areas of scar in the heart with no clear cause) and idiopathic left ventricular hypertrophy (muscle thickening) – possibly a novel cardiac condition. In 2018, the World Health Organisation released the new ICD codes (International Classifications of Disease). In the latest ICD codes both SADS and ARVC were identified as important causes of death and given their own specific ICD codes. Without question the work conducted at the CRY CCP and the research published by the centre has played an instrumental role in highlighting the importance of cardiac pathology and these specific conditions. This has resulted in these new ICD classifications, which will have a major impact on recognising the importance of these conditions and finally allow data to be gathered to influence policy and practice in the years to come.

• ARVC is the strongest predictor of death during exercise. • ARVC is a condition which affects both ventricles, not just

the right ventricle – this is essential for investigating firstdegree blood relatives with the inherited condition.

• The incidence of sudden cardiac deaths due to ARVC is

significantly higher in athletes compared to the general population.

For more information on the CRY CCP, go to To watch Professor Sheppard’s presentation about how CRY’s research has transformed our understanding of the causes of young sudden cardiac death, go to

• In 78% of deaths caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

there are no symptoms prior to death and in most sudden death victims the diagnosis was made only at the post-mortem examination.

• SADS deaths are the leading cause of young sudden

cardiac death.

• 80% of SADS deaths occur at rest or during sleep. • 90% of SADS death occur with no prior symptoms. • In 13% of SADS deaths it is possible to identify the

gene(s) which caused the death.


CRY Screening Report Between January and March 2020, before our screening events stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CRY screened over 6,586 people 507 people were screened at our National Screening Centre at St George’s Hospital. 632 athletes were screened at sports screenings, including: Hull FC Rugby League, Leeds Rhinos Rugby League, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Rugby Football League (RFL), Wakefield Trinity RFL, Lawn Tennis Association, Loughborough EIS, and Northamptonshire County Cricket Club. 4,284 people were screened at family screening events held in memory of: Richard Butcher (Lincoln), Lucy Jessop (Peterborough), Matthew

Cragg (Weybridge), Ben Hammond (Kent), Jonathan Hayman (Devon), Claire Reed (Southampton), Dean Mason (Pembrokeshire), Matthew Hesmondhalgh (Lancashire), Charlie Ibrahimi (Kingston Upon Thames), Daniel Hughes (Cumbria, Cheshire and Derby), Jack Thomas (Blackwood), Sam Standerwick (Abergele), Amy Osborne (York), Jordan Burndred (Kidsgrove), Lewin Hodgins (North Ferriby), Adam Lewis (Warrington), Richard Brember (Havant, Farnham), Carli Lansley (Leigh on Sea), Sam Wright (Derbyshire), Eleanor Keeler (York), Mathew Blease (Hertford), Kayleigh Griffiths (Witham), Charlotte Adams (Maldon), Rory Embling (Leeds), Matthew Dewhirst (West Bromwich), Andrew Parr (Preston), and Bethany Mycroft (Derby). 905 people were screened at 7 school screenings held at: Cranleigh School, Sherborne School, Haileybury College, Canford School in Dorset, Bryanston School, Eton College, and Millfield School. 258 people were screened at 3 further screenings, held at: Gallagher (London and Dorset), and Sandwell General Hospital (West Bromwich).

A statement from CRY on the status of our screening programme CRY has reluctantly taken the decision to postpone all cardiac screening events up until the end of September. We appreciate this will be disappointing for the families and supporters who are funding these events as well as those people who have booked appointments, but we believe this is the correct course of action in line with government advice and a number of key factors, including: • The redeployment of our doctors, technicians and other associated medical staff

into necessary frontline roles within the NHS

• Cancellation of travel arrangements and screening venues (such as schools and

community centres)

• An increase in cancellations / unattended appointments due to health concerns

or last-minute decisions to self-isolate

What happens at a screening? The basic test is an electrocardiogram (ECG) which is a simple non-invasive and painless test that examines the electrical activity within the heart. Small stickers are placed at strategic points on the chest, arms and legs. Flexible leads (called electrodes) that extend from the ECG machine are then attached to these stickers. The electrical rhythm of the heart is recorded and printed out. This part of the process only takes two to three minutes to perform. The ECG printout is then reviewed by a doctor in conjunction with a personal and family history questionnaire. If a more detailed image is needed (about 5–10% of individuals), an echocardiogram can be taken – this is similar to the ultrasound scan that is used for a pregnant woman to check the health of her baby. Soundwaves echo against various parts of the heart and they are recorded on a screen. This provides a detailed picture of the heart’s structure and how well it is functioning. This takes about 30 minutes to perform. The screening programme is under the aegis of Professor Sanjay Sharma.

Please be reassured these events will be rescheduled and all confirmed appointments will be offered on the rescheduled date. We will, of course, liaise with you regarding new screening dates and when CRY’s screening team is able to confirm the booking. While screening events are currently postponed and we are not able to offer any new bookings, you can still register your interest by clicking here and we will email you when screening events are available again. Due to this unprecedented and evolving situation of COVID-19, we will be reviewing the status of CRY’s screening programme on an ongoing basis. As a team, we are doing our very best to monitor and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our services. In line with Government advice, the CRY office is closed but members of our staff are working from home and will be available to assist with any queries you may have, either via phone or email. We appreciate your understanding at this time and we are sure you’ll agree that the health and wellbeing of all our supporters, staff and those who CRY strives to help on a daily basis, is our primary concern.


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) Report

By Professor Mary Sheppard

Professor Mary Sheppard, Consultant Cardiac Pathologist

Susanna Cooper, Laboratory Technician Khari Edwards, Laboratory Technician

The CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology is a national referral centre for the pathological investigation of young sudden death with an established national database. While the world struggled to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, facing lockdowns and alternative or reduced work schedules, the CRY laboratory team stood tall throughout, continuing to provide our vital service in these challenging times. Professor Mary Sheppard is proud of the hard work done by all the team. We had 285 heart cases and 81 spleen cases from January to April 2020 (see graph above). Our database forms a valuable source of research within St George’s clinical cardiology team, resulting in publications in high-impact journals. We are also increasingly getting splenic tissue for genetic testing as genetic analysis combined with clinical follow-up will give valuable information in the future for families. We were able to make a diagnosis of the cardiac cause of death in all cases with majority being sudden adult death or cardiomyopathies (75% of cases), all of which are important for family screening.

Visitors at the CRY CCP In January, we welcomed fellows Dr Terezia Tavacova (a paediatric cardiology trainee from Prague, the Czech Republic) and Dr Chiarra Dale Carbonarre (a forensic pathology trainee from Verona, Italy) to the department. They have both received training in cardiac examination which they will apply once they return to their countries. This highlights our role in training the future generation of cardiac pathologists and cardiologists. Their contributions

to the research of sudden death in congenital heart disease and sudden death in obesity cardiomyopathy will be vital in progressing our understanding of these conditions.

Achievements Professor Mary Sheppard was invited to the editorial board of leading journal Cardiovascular Pathology, president elect of Pathology Section of Royal Society of Medicine, and the Board of National Coroners pilot study of sudden cardiac death in England.

Other department news We say goodbye to our Lab Technician Antonella Cogoni and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. Luciana Bicahlo will be stepping into the role and we are delighted to welcome her to the team.

To learn more about the research completed at the CRY CCP and Professor Mary Sheppard’s work, you can watch her presentation at the 2019 CRY Family Research Day on our YouTube channel here:


Alison’s Column When CRY received its first Patron support Desolate CRY families have often found that organising an event in memory of the fit and healthy young person who had died suddenly, without warning, gave them great solace. It was liberating to be able to say their name, talk about them, and reminisce. They Alison Cox MBE found it cathartic to be CRY Founder able to explain to others what had happened. It opened up the opportunity for family and friends to better understand the circumstances and potential genetic consequences. They have also found it uplifting if there was a CRY Patron who could pop in and give their event impetus. CRY’s Patrons were often sportsmen and women, which was appropriate as so many tragedies happened during sport which could precipitate the cardiac arrest. Patrons learnt of the potential dangers of sport which could provoke a cardiac arrest if the young person had been involved in vigorous activity and had an underlying condition. It is relevant that few golfers were known to be victims of young sudden cardiac death. Our first Patrons were swimmer Nick Gillingham, and tennis players Mark Cox and Jeremy Bates, who was Britain’s Mark Cox (left) and Jeremy Bates (right) at one of No. 1 tennis CRY’s early Parliamentary Receptions player for nine years. Jeremy was a tremendous CRY supporter and was key to both helping get all the tennis players screened during the National Indoor Championships in 1992, and the promotion of our Skipathon event in 1993/1994. Jeremy mentions his experience of dealing with his own heart problems in his 1997 “Kids for CRY” interview with young Eleanor McDowall, and how delighted he was to have been invited to be a Patron. 2001 was a year to remember when we were joined by two of the country’s most famous sportsmen: Sir Steven Redgrave CBE and Sir Ian Botham OBE, who became Honorary President of CRY’s Centre of Sports Cardiology.


We were still a small charity and the uplift they gave CRY’s status had a considerable influence on those people and organisations that heard about CRY and were considering donating to us but were unsure whether we were likely to be of any lasting consequence, and thus were reluctant to commit to supporting us. It was the Fox family who had suggested they would like to write to Sir Steve after the heartrending sudden death Sir Steven Redgrave with Alison Cox and Kevan Jones MP of their at CRY’s 2013 Parliamentary Reception teenage daughter. It was shortly after Sir Steve had won his 5th Olympic medal and he agreed immediately. He allowed us to create a stunning poster explaining his own experience as a teenager when his best friend and rowing partner, with whom he had just won their first senior event, had suddenly stood up when they were watching TV and then dropped dead in front of him. Sir Steve’s Olympic achievement secured him as an all-time great and his support has attracted significant interest in CRY over the years. Ian first heard of CRY through an old school friend who had become assistant manager of the Goldldenstone Leisure Centre in Yeovil which was fundraising for CRY in memory of a child who had died in her father’s arms in their swimming Ian Botham (right) at a CRY awareness stand pool. She had contacted Sir Ian to see if he would collect the £7,000 cheque for CRY as he was doing a book tour in the area. I took the opportunity to request whether it would be possible for her to consider asking if he would be a CRY Patron. He was well known for his love of children and proved to be curious about CRY’s goals, so requested I visited his home in Yorkshire to talk it through.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Alison’s Column Consequently he came on board, attended the first meeting of our All Party Parliamentary Group in the House of Commons, and agreed to his photo being used in our (imminent) next national campaign. Ian is still a very active CRY supporter having recently provided a donation for the purchase of a CRY van for our screening programme in 2014. A year later his foundation also donated four ECG machines and a further donation of a mobile echocardiogram machine. In 2006, Simon Halliday became another Patron who was in it for the long haul. The well-known Bath and former England rugby team centre successfully persuaded many of the – by now middle aged – members of the notoriously successful Bath Rugby club to get fit and join him (plus friends and relatives) Simon Halliday taking part in the 2006 Bath Half Marathon for CRY running in CRY t-shirts at the 2006 Bath Half Marathon. His ultimate team of 70, including new CRY Patron John Inverdale, ran in memory of father and son Howard and Sebastian English, raising over £100,000. He persuaded many of them to reconvene in 2007 at a superb candlelit dinner (and raffle) for over 500 people in The London Marriott Hotel that he had planned with key speaker Sir Clive Woodward. These were both major, time consuming events for Simon to organise and massive fundraisers for CRY. Simon is still alert to fundraising opportunities for us. I was recently invited to a brilliant annual concert for CRY in memory of Lewis Marsh (who had died suddenly when he was 13 years old in 2008) and was delighted to find that I was sitting next to Simon who I had not seen for many years. He had come to support and also give the packed room of several hundred people an inspiring talk of CRY’s purpose and achievements. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He had always made it clear to me that he intended to be in it for the long haul. In 2010, singer Pixie Lott found herself indirectly linked with CRY when a school asked permission to make their own version of her recent hit record Boys and Girls, with all proceeds going to CRY after Sebastian’s sudden death. She had been curious and decided to surprise the schoolchildren on their last day of the summer term. I found myself next to her as we had a quick lunch whilst we were waiting in the wings for the appropriate moment for her ‘secret’ entrance, and I took the opportunity to ask her if she would be a Patron to which she unhesitatingly

agreed. She has been involved in numerous initiatives and projects that have greatly benefitted CRY ever since. Some Patrons have been active for a while and some have lasted the test of time. When Pixie Lott presenting the BBC Lifeline charity Opera singer appeal for CRY in 2013 Kathryn Harris first suggested she would like to do a walk for CRY we were puzzled. It was something that had never been considered before. However, she was determined it could/would develop and it certainly has. Her first trial walk that she did with some CRY staff and a few volunteers convinced her, and we have held the CRY annual Heart of London Bridges Walk ever since. It has, over 20-plus years, developed into our biggest event with more people participating and raising increased funds every year. In 2019, 1,574 bereaved mums, dads, families and friends raised the astonishing amount Kathryn Harries (second right) leading walkers at the start of the 2019 CRY Heart of of just under London Bridges Walk £75,000 for CRY. Can Patrons make a difference? We could never have managed without them! It is hard to quantify the impact CRY’s Patrons have had over the years with the many different ways they choose to support CRY. From David Walliams having his screening filmed as part of the launch of the CRY Philips campaign, to Joe Root wearing a CRY wristband, to Pat Jennings closing deals on a charity day in the city, to John Inverdale recording the CRY voicemail message, to Sir Clive Woodward speaking at the launch of the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology, to John Barrowman supporting CRY at one of his concerts… For more information on CRY’s Patrons, go to


The 2.6 Challenge was created as an easy, simple way for the nation to come together and fundraise for their chosen charities, on the same day that the Virgin Money London Marathon would have been held (Sunday 26th April) before it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2.6 Challenge was designed to give charities some much-needed help during these unprecedented times, as so many fundraising events have been cancelled in recent months. The idea was straightforward: come up with an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26, and set up an online fundraising page. People could get as creative as they liked, and that’s exactly what CRY’s supporters did. Our supporters completed walks, bike rides, sets of pull ups, hockey challenges, and all sorts of activities at home. CRY Ambassador James Gall is part of the England hockey team, and used his skills to walk 2.6km while bouncing a ball on his hockey stick! James’ brother, Jonny, participated as well with his own fun challenge: putting on 26 shirts at once. England Women’s football player and CRY Ambassador Jade Moore took part with a cycling challenge. Jade completed a 26km cycle and recorded a message to encourage others to get involved and support CRY. Former cricketer Rob Key also completed a 26km cycling challenge, and encouraged his followers to take part or donate via Twitter. These pages include some of the photos and videos that our supporters sent in or shared with us on social media. Thank you so much to all of our Ambassadors and supporters who got involved and helped support CRY! It was fantastic to see so many people taking part to do their bit to raise funds or spread awareness, and we are so grateful for all of your support. If you’d like to learn more about how you can continue raising awareness and fundraise for CRY (such as virtual challenges and activities you can do at home), you can go to 14

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Daniel Jones completing a marathon on a treadmill to replace the London Marathon.

Peter Gard digging 26 yards in his garden.

Christine Abram’s crochet items.

Jackie Holland’s 26 candles.

Rachel Haddon’s half marathon, following a route past street signs for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Vanessa Eaglesfield during her running challlenge.

Peter Elkins with support posters for his running challenge.


Our Fundraisers Entries appear in the following section according to when CRY sends written receipt for funds raised. The following fundraising was receipted from January to April 2020.

Corrections Unfortunately, due to the size of the Update, with so many fundraisers to acknowledge and there being some overlap with memorial fund names, there can occasionally be mistakes. We always strive to enforce new methods to

eradicate such administrative errors, but we apologise if you have ever been affected in some way by this. If you see a mistake in the Update or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

In Memory of

Charlotte Adams

Kate Bome organised the ‘Remembering Charlotte’ black tie dinner and raised £10,160: “This year’s Remembering Charlotte was held on 23rd November – the 5th anniversary of Charlotte’s death. Over 160 tickets for the event sold out within 24 hours. The event was held at The Lion Inn in Boreham with comedian Paul Eastwood and vocalist Keeley Smith. “There was an auction and raffle to raise further funds, with one of the top auction prizes being a holiday to the Caribbean thanks to one of ‘Charlie’s Corporate Angels’, Resort Marketing International (RMI). RMI, based just outside Chelmsford, has been an avid supporter of The Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund since its conception, donating holidays, weekend breaks and more to aid fundraising. “Their Managing Director, Colin Pegler, also participated in a fundraising Travel Trade Crusade 2019 charity event as team ‘Caribbean Bananas’ driving 2,000 miles across Europe in full banana costume fancy dress, raising over £5,000 for The Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund. This is the second year Colin and his team have participated, raising over £10,000 in total, of which almost £8,000 has been donated to The Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund. “It was a lovely evening celebrating Charlotte’s life and being together for support and love on such a poignant evening. An amazing £10,160 was raised.”


In Memory of

Meghan Adams

• Kirsty Hetherington took part in the CRY Heart of

Durham Walk and raised £162 in memory of her cousin.

• Michelle Bailey, Scott Adams, Gareth Bailey, Taz

Singh and Olivia Gregory took part in the CRY Heart of Durham Walk and rasied £460 in memory of their daughter, sister, girlfriend and cousin.

In Memory of

Badir Al-Chalabi

Munah Brys donated £100.

In Memory of

Tiffany Jane Andrews

Angela Keates sent in £522 in lieu of Trident Structural Ltd sending Christmas cards.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

In Memory of

Matthew Atkinson completed the Mt Snowdon Climb along with his team of seven and raised a total of £730.

Eddie and Pauline sent in £100.

Jack Atkinson

In Memory of

Mark Bailey

Neil and Wendy Hubbert sent in £673 raised from the Bootleggers event held in Heacham.

Edward Beatty

In Memory of

Richard Beaumont

Paul Pickering took part in the Longest Gold Challenge and raised £1,065.

In Memory of In Memory of

Alan Bain

•  Birsay, Harray and Sandwick Church of Scotland donated £163.10. •  Nancy Wilson forwarded a donation of £792.10 raised by Mr and Mrs Clouston at a birthday party. • Nancy Wilson forwarded a donation of £746.90 raised

from the Orkney croft models sale.

Graeme (Tinka) Bell

Gemma Cannell sent in a donation of £14,069.62.

In Memory of

Philip Bergman

Jenny Bergman sent in £100 in respect of the Philly B Cup.

• Nancy Wilson sent in donations totalling £315 raised

through various events in Orkney.

In Memory of

Steven Bicker

In Memory of

Jack Balfour

Ella Balfour took part in the CRY Heart of Durham Walk and raised £235 in memory of her brother.

Glen Bicker sent in £673 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of Steven’s Nana.

In Memory of

Robert Blackburn

In Memory of

Tom Elton Barratt

Andrew Mulvey forwarded a donation of £350.

In Memory of

Matthew Beadle

Crocken ARA sent in donations totalling £592.40 raised from a bring and buy table, raffles and the sale of calendars.

Mr Davies sent in £1,271 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his son-in-law.

In Memory of

Daniel Blackman

•  Tracey Lloyd-Jones forwarded £500 donated from her work place (AMT Evolve). •  Richard Blackman sent in £3,000 redonated from Elsie Anderson.


Our Fundraisers • Liz Beavan donated £100. • H & S Aviation sent in a matched fund donation of

donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his mother.

£1,020 in respect of Hazel’s two pop-up cake events.

• Hazel Blackman sent in £282.48 raised from a cake

sale organised by Meg and Sarah at Direct Life in Chichester.

• Hazel Blackman forwarded a donation of £1,000.38

raised from a pop-up cake stall at BAE Systems Portsmouth Naval Base.

• Tyler-Jo and Max donated £100.

In Memory of

Christopher Bowes

May Stewart donated £200 in memory of her grandson.

In Memory of

Andrew Stratford Bowman

In Memory of

Steven Blair

Laura and Matt took part in the Great North Swim and raised £567.42.

•  Susan and Hunter Blair organised a quiz night and raffle and raised £1,130. •  Hunter and Susan donated £200.

In Memory of

Matt Bond

Duff and Phelps Ltd sent in £3,250.40.

In Memory of

Harley Curtis Brandon

•  Redlands Primary School organised a bake off event and raised £135.70. •  Michelle Bourne sent in donations totalling £132.75 raised from a whip collection and golf day raffle.

In Memory of

Joan Mary Boreham

Paul Boreham sent in £350 representing donations raised in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his mother.

In Memory of

Jack Boulton

Fiona Bell sent in £460 raised during a birthday celebration.

In Memory of

Jean Ann Boulton

•  The Bianchi and Rung families sent in £100. •  Mark Boulton sent in £1,425.21 representing


In Memory of

Richard Brember

•  Chris Brember sent in a further donation of £5,570 raised from completing the Deloitte Ride Across Britain. •  Hayley Brember sent in further donations totalling £2,740.55 raised during 2019. • Jack Ward-Golden took part in the Portsmouth Coastal

Marathon and the Great South Run 2019 and raised £230.

• Gordon Brember sent in donations totalling £103.27

collected at the recent Havant screening event.

• Nikki Lindley sent in £464 raised through Christmas

hamper raffles at Fleet Nationwide.

• Paul Mizzi forwarded a donation of £1,000 on behalf

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers of the Master of Azor Lodge 9208. • Hayley Brember took part in a Spinnaker Tower Abseil

and raised £1,020.

In Memory of

Emma Broad

Philip Broad donated £200.

£345 raised from the fun quiz at Chaffcombe Village Hall; £165 raised through Hilary’s organ playing and Bill’s pole lythe demonstrations; and £305 raised from the Whist Drive Event.

In Memory of

Jordan Burndred

William Brown sent in £997.91 raised by St Lawrence Church in Biddulph throughout the year.

In Memory of

In Memory of

Steve James organised a lottery game at The Plough in Ratby and raised a further £200.

John and Hannah Gosling donated £100.

Greg Brookes

Aly Bush

In Memory of In Memory of

Steffani Broughton

The staff at CAU (Combined Assessment Unit) at Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock held a Christmas Raffle and raised £665.

Nathan Butler

Angela Butler sent in £240 raised through a sports quiz.

In Memory of In Memory of

Leanne Brownhill

KNR Leisure Ltd held a charity smartphone quiz night and raised £216.60.

Yasmin Caldera

Anthony Morris sent in £1,267.00 raised by Durham University RFC.

In Memory of

Alistair Calvert

In Memory of

Marc Daniel Bryce

Walter Bryce donated £100.

In Memory of

Jenny Bucknell

Hillary and Bill Durrant sent in £2,285, including: £1,170 raised from a craft event at Chaffcombe Village Hall; £300 raised from organ playing and Christmas donations;

Alice Wheaton forwarded £500 raised by members of the Doveridge Women’s Institute through donations, raffles, and an afternoon of mince pies and mulled wine.

In Memory of

Arabella Campbell

Richard Demarchi sent in £600 raised by members of the Chantage choir through singing at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Euan Campbell

•  Beth Reid took part in Tough Mudder Scotland and raised £620. •  Toll Global Forwarding donated £1,000.

In Memory of

James Campbell

St Mary’s Church Social Club sent in £140 following a talk by Karen Campbell about the work of CRY.

In Memory of

Andrew Cannon

William Cannon donated £100.

In Memory of

Simon Carloss

Michelle Carloss forwarded donations totalling £685 raised from a 5K Fun Run in memory of her father-in-law, David, and her husband, Simon.

The team were a little sore the next day, but very happy and thankful for all the donations they had received! “PCC are so proud of what we have achieved both as a team and for our chosen charities. We have currently raised £826 in total, allowing us to donate £413 to each charity in order for them to keep up the amazing work they do! PCC are in the process of thinking of their next challenge and we look forward to keep raising awareness for two amazing charities!” Maisie Carscadden.

In Memory of

Andrew Carter

Mary Tomsett sent in £968.90 raised from charity fairs throughout 2019.

In Memory of

Troy Carter

In Memory of

Matthew Carscadden

Primary Care Commissioning Community sent in £376.75 raised from the Leeds Office Staff Sponsored Cycle: “On Wednesday 18 September, PCC Events held a charity cycle for both CRY and Alzheimer’s Society outside the Leeds office. We set our challenge to ride the distance from Leeds to London, which worked out as 170 miles within one working day. We were kindly given two exercise bikes from Snap Fitness in Leeds who set us up with a marquee in case the weather took a turn! “By 2.30pm the team of 10 had reached the 170 goal, so we decided to challenge ourselves and get to 200 by 4pm. We achieved our new goal of 200 miles at 3.30pm, which worked out just over the distance from Leeds to Dublin!


Samantha Sampson held a quiz and raffle and raised £402.

In Memory of

Paul Caudery

Laura Caudery donated £250.

In Memory of

Katrina Christopher and Cheryl Christopher-Webber

Adam Exley and Sadie Christopher-Coles collected £100

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers over Christmas in Tesco Extra Leyland Lancashire. Adam took his guitar and Sadie held a bucket for people to donate.

•  Varsha Chohan donated £100.

In Memory of In Memory of

Tom Clabburn and Claire Prosser

James Colman

Stephen Allan sent in £300 from Nailsea Theatre Club.

•  Baerbel Carpenter donated £150. •  Mark Jenkins donated £300.

In Memory of

Danny Cook

In Memory of

Jamie Clarke

David McManus took part in the Multi Million Step Challenge and raised £689.18.

In Memory of

Michael Clarke

St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School sent in £145.

Dan Kavanagh took part in the Three Peaks Challenge and raised £820.

In Memory of

Natasha Coomaraswamy

• Josh Ayto donated £100. • Anita Dhariwal sent in further donations totalling

£6,273.63 raised during 2019.

• Neeharika Bhartiya donated £201.

In Memory of

In Memory of

Laura Elsworth took part in the Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon and raised £728.

Lynne Barley participated in a Dressage to Music demonstration and raised £110.

John Clune

In Memory of

Jane Maxine Coe

Ann Armstrong donated £200.

James Cooney

In Memory of

Daisy Cope

Sue Naylor sent in £150 raised through a plant sale.

In Memory of

Vanessa Cole

•  Experian UK sent in a matched fund donation of £250. •  Jo Mik sent in £750 raised through the Barston Association’s fete and family fun day.

In Memory of

Jack Cotter

Gillian Cheeseman forwarded a donation of £2,500 donated by her employer.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Bruce Cousins

Alan Cousins forwarded a donation of £437.30 raised through a tribute gig at the Monkwood Pub: “The first fundraising event of 2020, featuring Andy McGowan on sax and singing Madness, etc, held at The Monkwood in Rawmarsh. An incredible £437.30 was raised for our ongoing heart screening programme.” Jackie Cousins.

In Memory of

Freya Rose Dalrymple

•  Kirkwall Grammar School Class of

1991-1997 raised £202.33 through their school reunion. •  R S Merriman Ltd held a staff Christmas Raffle and raised £425. • Ingrid Dalrymple sent in £500 raised from the Bob

Budge Memorial Pool Cup competition.

• Kerri, Nikki, Kirsty and Caitlin took part in the Hoy Half

Marathon and raised a further £255.07.

In Memory of

Freya Cox

• James Cook sent in £104.01. • Kirstie and Lucy completed the Guildford Triathlon

and raised £475.

In Memory of

Ben Daniels

•  Sarah Davis sent in £762.50 raised by Petts Wood Runners. •  Jackie Baker took part in the Why Not Run event and raised £10,230.11.

In Memory of

Matthew Cragg

•  CRY Patron Jack Clifford donated


•  Freddy and Tom completed the Bushy

Park 10k and raised £748.75. • Josh Thomas donated £100.

In Memory of

Thomas Arthur Day

•  Team Tommy completed the Manchester Half Marathon 2019 and raised £1,682. •  Freddie Holden raised £772.50 through his online page. • Rosalyn and Team Tommy completed the Yorkshire 3

Peaks Challenge 2019 and raised £1,335.

In Memory of

Philip Cross

Team PC took part in Great North Run 2019 and raised a total of £1,810.

In Memory of

Shawnton De Four

The Old Emanuel OFC cake sale raised £286.15.

In Memory of

Simon Cullum

Marilyn Cullum sent in donations totalling £600 raised at her 65th birthday party.

In Memory of

Thomas Demaine

•  Andy and Anne donated £540.40. •  Mia Vitkovic sent in a further donation


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

of £170.40. • Co-op Member, Pioneer and Deputy Mayor, Sandra

Mitchell organised a book sale at Liskeard Co-op and raised £340.

• Andy Demaine donated £109.13.

Adam Donnelly

•  Julie Donnelly forwarded donations totalling £246.41 raised as follows: £175 in lieu of sending Christmas cards; and £71.41 from collection pots on the bar at the George Staple Pub, Sidcup. • Gillian Hodkinson donated £100.

In Memory of

Matthew Dewhirst

•  Sue and Chris sent in donations

totalling £2,354.42 raised as follows: £1,673 from a golf day organised by Sam Chewins and Ed Morris; and £681.42 from The Poynton Male Voice Choir. • Livvy Beckett took part in the Old Ellesmerian

Snowdon Run and raised £808.

• Kate Parry took part in a 22 mile swim and raised


• Ellesmere College sent in a further donation of

£722.54 raised from the Ellesmere to Mount Snowdon relay.

In Memory of

Niamh Donohue

Julie Bowden sent in £501 raised by colleagues at Baily Court Job Centre in Sheffield.

In Memory of

Bailey Drew

• Nicolas Blyth took part in the Coast 2 Coast challenge

and raised £467.

• Jason Wilson completed a Coast to Coast Cycle in

2019 and raised £575.

• Chris Dewhirst sent in donations totalling £231.51

raised through a recent screening event.

In Memory of

Emily Rose Dunn

In Memory of

Aaron Dixon

Gordon Dunn sent in £100 raised in lieu of sending Christmas cards at his workplace.

•  The Red Lion Charity, Hartford donated £500. •  Deborah Dixon sent in £460 raised at The Sparkly Heart Event. • Deborah Dixon forwarded a donation of £297.81

collected at Assa Abloy, Manchester.

• Deborah Dixon forwarded a donation of £100 from

Aaron’s grandparents.

• Lakeland Limited donated £1,500. • Vicky Powell-Carden sent in £110 raised from the

Strictly Virtual event at Virtual Fitness Ltd.

• The JD Foundation donated a further £25,000.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

In Memory of

Ian Green donated £100.

David Faulkner sent in £278.

Katrina Eaves

In Memory of

Gary Edwards

Hilary Edwards donated £289.31.

Catherine Faulkner

In Memory of

Harry Faulkner

•  Julian Craxton sent in £160 from the junior squash tournament at Radlett Squash Club. •  Vicky Rees sent in £810.50 raised from the Berkhamsted School talent show.

In Memory of

Peter Charles Walter Edwards

John White Funeral Directors sent in £610 in donations received in lieu of floral tributes on behalf of Mrs E. M. Edwards in memory of her husband.

• Julian Craxton forwarded a donation of £174 raised

from the Radlett Junior Squash Tournament held on 2nd February.

In Memory of In Memory of

Rory Embling

•  Anne Embling forwarded a donation of £229.49 raised by Angel Wings Floral through their Christmas wreath workshops. •  Anne Embling sent in £175.80 raised at a music quiz hosted by Michael Steer. • Anne Embling sent in £253 raised from the Mr and

Mrs event held at Rory’s Return.

Therese Field

Customers and staff at Borno Pharmacy in Herne Bay raised £722.70.

In Memory of

Dean Fletcher

Claire Chapman organised an annual dinner dance and raffle and raised £1,581.95.

• Ackworth Junior Girls Football Club raised £265

through a bucket collection at the Co-operative supermarket in Ackworth.

• John Hodgkiss sent in £2,000 raised at the Wakefield

& District Round Table, Festival of Beer 2019.

• Ackworth Ladies Football Club raised £102. • Chris Embling sent in donations totalling £503.20

raised from a screening at Royds School.

In Memory of

Olukayode Famoriyo

Kay’s family and friends took part in a 5-a-side football tournament and raised £11,672.


In Memory of

Andy Forbes

Supporters at Tesco House completed the annual Supply Chain Walkathon and raised £5,703.

In Memory of

Sophia Forrester

•  Lauren Carradice completed the Phuket Marathon 2019 and raised £373.15. •  Katy Godwin took part in the Great North Run 2019 and raised £1,000.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Hunter Foundation, we have made a huge £687! Therefore, this year Zoe has helped to raise an amazing £761 for Ben’s fund and CRY.

Ben Forsyth

•  Lloyds Bank Foundation sent in a matched fund donation of £500 in respect of Charles Barrowman’s fundraising efforts. • Maria McCullough took part in Night Walk 2019 and

raised £316.

• Margaret Strang sent in £150 at Christmas from both

of Ben’s nanas.

• Lewis Champion took part in the Great Divide

Mountain Bike Route and raised £371.75.

• Graeme Patterson at Musselburgh Rugby Club

forwarded £1,560 raised through a collection.

• Keith Forsyth sent in a further donation of £704

raised from birthday celebrations.

• Darina Cunnane took part in various fundraising

events throughout 2019 and raised £1,470.66.

• Hamish and Keith completed the National Peaks

Cycling Challenge and raised £9,312.88.

• Cate and Zoe took part in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk

2019 and raised £686.42:

“Zoe, who is only 11, is very active (along with her brother) and loves to ride with her cycle club the Edinburgh Road Club (ERC), which is the club Ben also rode with. This year the club has been hosting a few fundraising events to raise money and awareness for Ben’s fund and CRY. “Earlier in the year, Zoe knitted 3 pairs of club colour mittens which were raffled off and raised £74; and this weekend (September 15th 2019) Zoe and I walked 14.5miles (23km) in the Edinburgh Kilt Walk. It was hard going as we had only reached about 8 miles in any practice walks, but we made it! Taking just under 5 hours (moving time) we crossed the line having achieved a huge goal for an 11-year-old! Our aim was to raise £200 but we smashed that and with the 40% uplift from The

“Thank you for the work the charity does. I believe some of this money raised with be used to host another screening next year, which my son will be just old enough to be involved with. We are an active family, so feel this is a very worthwhile charity to support. I wish the charity every success going forward.” Cate Blyth.

In Memory of

Joanne Fotheringham

Alex Eaton, 161 (Ullapool) D/F forwarded £1,483 raised from the Great Wilderness Challenge: “This physically challenging fund raising event has taken place in the Highlands of Scotland every August since 1986. The Ullapool Air Cadets have been involved over the past 22 years since 1998 and have so far raised a total of £31,240 specifically for our adopted Charity CRY’s Joanne F. Fotheringham Memorial Fund. “Cadets, Adult Staff members and other supporters walk or run a 13 or 25 mile route through the wild mountain scenery of Wester Ross. The Highland weather can more often than not be very changeable, with rain, deep mud and swarms of midges providing quite an additional challenge to the walkers negotiating the difficult terrain encountered in some parts of the walk. Despite the difficulties, all involved really enjoy taking part in the Challenge and meeting other walkers along the way. There are


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Steven Gammon

Roslyn Gammon sent in £170 raised from family and friends.

In Memory of

Jaimie Gault

plenty of cheery smiles in the photographs anyway! “Unfortunately no Cadets were available to take part this year as all four were either away from home or working. Taking part in the 2019 Event were Warrant Officer Colin Boyle and supporters Adrian Mackenzie, Alan MacCormack, Matthew Shewan, Campbell Mackintosh, Shaun Hodgeson and Matthew Mackenzie, who between them raised £1,483 in sponsor money. Alex and Fraser Fotheringham accepted the cheque on behalf of CRY from W.O. Colin Boyle RAFAC. Alex gave a very appreciative speech, commending the Ullapool Cadet Unit for its ongoing loyalty and effort in completing the Challenge and for continuing to raise such outstanding amounts for CRY. She also explained what happens at the very successful and fully attended Heart Screening Events which take place in Ullapool & Stornoway, using the amounts we raise.”

In Memory of

Lauren Gallagher

Glenn Gallagher took part in climbing Mont Blanc Summit and raised £1,249.84.

James and Margaret Gault sent in £200 in lieu of sending Christmas cards, and £30 from Gladys Peal and Mr Palmer.

In Memory of

John Gelling

Mrs A Gelling sent in £708.21 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her husband.

In Memory of

Salena German

•  Jackie German sent in £122 raised from collection boxes at her brother’s shop; and a further donation of £173.

In Memory of

Stuart Godfrey

Jan Godfrey donated £400 in memory of her husband.

In Memory of

Ashley Goodwin

Linda Goodwin held a coffee morning and Christmas raffle and raised £165.

In Memory of

Matthew Gore

•  Chloe Dunscombe sent in £337 raised by Velo Lounge, Bath and Arcades Band through a charity gig.


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers • Fiona Gore forwarded £100 raised from a collection

at the Bricklayers Arms organised by Jo Pritchard.

In Memory of

Robin Hails

Alison Cook donated £100.

In Memory of

Adam Green

Tom and Judy Green sent in a further donation of £200.

Northern Powergrid sent in £1,500 donated in respect of employee Nik Longbone’s Three Peaks Challenge: “Robin Hails’ work colleagues at Northern Power Grid completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge on August 3rd 2019 to raise money for CRY in memory of their good friend and colleague. What a fantastic day it was and a gruelling challenge on a hot, humid day.

In Memory of

James Green

•  Shelagh Green sent in £530 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her mother, Jean Ramage. • Ian Ramage donated £100 in memory of James and

James’ grandmother, Jean Ramage.

In Memory of

Thomas Greenwood

Ruth Turner completed the 3 Peaks for 3 Charities Challenge and raised a further £822.63.

In Memory of

Doris May Gregory

Mrs Bailey sent in £158 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her mother.

In Memory of

Kayleigh Griffiths

Staff at G & B Finch Ltd donated £227 collected over the Christmas period.

In Memory of

Rochelle Grogan

Sharon Thorpe sent in £1,135 raised by family and friends through various events.

“Mum and dad and Rob’s brother, Ben, were there to support the lads in their phenomenal effort to raise £2,635 and counting! Massive thanks to all those who contributed, especially the smashing lads.” Liz and Steve Hails.

In Memory of

Darren Hall

Kirsty and Ollie took part in Ollie’s charity ride and raised £2,237.10: “It was a fantastic day. Ollie cycled over 11 miles. He carried on with my National Childbirth Trust (NCT) friends to the pub! “Theo, Ollie’s brother (who’s not five yet!), managed over six miles! He turned back with my husband, Tim, and


Our Fundraisers Bruno, our dog! I recorded 10.8 miles for me! The weather was dry and my NCT friends cheered us on at particular points! “Both my boys were amazing, I’m so proud of them. “Here are some photos. The photo under the bridge has Jake Davidson and his mum Susy joining us. The total raised is £1,900 and more.” Kirsty Higman.

In Memory of

Thomas Hardman

Reece Jones completed the Toronto Half Marathon in 2015 and raised £1,148.37.

In Memory of

Ivor Harrison

John Harrison sent in £179.12 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his husband.

In Memory of

Anthony Hayes

In Memory of

Ben Hammond

•  The Savannah Charitable Trust sent

in £280 in support of the London Beach Charity Weight loss Challenge. •  Stephen Weller raised £700. • Russell Bournes raised £800. • Malcolm Mackenny raised £700. • Gregory Bournes raised £800. • The Savannah Charitable Trust held a Dinner event

and raised £3,086.

In Memory of

Kyle Hancock

The Bamford Sheepdog Trials Association raised £531.

In Memory of

Mark Hancock

Angela Hancock sent in £410 raised by her mum, Anne Barber, through various craft stalls throughout the year.


Sam, Berv and Bear took part in a wild sponsored adventure on a rickshaw through the Himalayas in India and raised £3,000.

In Memory of

Sarah Hayes

Rachael Hayes sent in £205 raised from her Drawlloween illustrations in memory of her sister.

In Memory of

Jonathan Hayman

•  Marion Hayman sent in £2,527.21, including: £326 from Community Matters programme at Sidmouth Waitrose; £21.21 from a collection box at Winchester’s and Sons in Sidmouth; £125 raised at the Sidmouth Community College screening; and £2,055 representing entry fees to the Sidmouth 4 Trigs Challenge which unfortunately was unable to go ahead.

In Memory of

Matthew Hesmondhalgh

•  Barry and Paula sent in donations totalling £1,333.20, including: £130 from Christmas cards; £355 from the Garstang Psychic Circle event; £180 from the

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers Richmond Family; £150 Kenlis Arms; £73 from John Waite; and £445.20 Alison Allen. • Nathan’s Wastesavers sent in a further donation of


In Memory of

Nicholas Holland

Gemma Holland forwarded £100 donated by Lesley Machin in memory of her husband.

• Paula Hesmondhalgh sent in £1,221.88, including:

£31 from Julie P; £425.30 from donations in memory of Tom Burrow and Matthew; £50 from Rosie Gorst; £166.26 from Quilters Quarters; and Dewlay Cheese £152.33.

• Matthew Hesmondhalgh Memorial Fund - In Memory

of Geoff Lambert. Suzanne Lambert donated £500 representing donations received in lieu of floral donations for her father, Geoff Lambert.

• Nathan’s Wastesavers sent in a further donation of


In Memory of

In Memory of

Jonathan Hooper

Doreen and David sent in £140 raised in lieu of gifts at their golden wedding anniversary in memory of their godson.

In Memory of

Stewart Howard

Jane Howard sent in £1,141 raised from a Christmas stall and a collection at Tesco Thetford.

James Hick

Michael Hick sent in £155 raised by Sulzer Service Leeds Christmas raffle.

In Memory of

Alex Hubbard

• Tom Smart sent in £2,981.36 raised through the Alex

Hubbard Memorial Football Tournament in 2019.

In Memory of

Laura Hillier

Tony and Joan Hillier sent in donations totalling £525.

• Cisco Systems Foundation sent in a matched fund

donation of £3,591.50.

In Memory of

Daniel Hughes

• Kim Hughes took part in Dan’s Memorial Bike Ride and raised £135.

In Memory of

Christopher Hoggarth

•  Dave Hughes sent in £4,733.33, including donations of £1,400; and a donation of £3,333.33 from Rolls-Royce Nuclear Power Branch to support the Derby Heart screening session.

Carreana Taylor sent in donations totalling £1,753.08 raised from the Black Combe Beagles Hunt Ball.

• The Estates Team leaders at Royal Stoke University

In Memory of

In Memory of

Jane Turner sent in £300 raised at a car boot sale.

Richard Cockcroft sent in £500 raised from the Bowsden Shooting Syndicate.

Andrew Holcombe

Hospital, Alan, Lewys and Marc, organised a Christmas raffle and raised £351.22.

James Hutchinson


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Charlie Ibrahimi

Matthew Shepherd donated £100.

In Memory of

Michael Ince

• St Winefrides’s Catholic Primary School

held a week of fundraising and raised £123.36.

• Charles Stanley donated £1,000.

“On 4th September 2019, employees from Charles Stanley’s Head Office enjoyed an evening of musical bingo in London’s trendy Shoreditch. The event included a raffle, with all proceeds going to our Charity of the Year – Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). “Our Charity Champion, Katie Alcock, from the Birmingham office sourced raffle prizes from a number of companies, including, Boots, The Entertainer, MySpike, TK Maxx,,, The Body Shop, Tesco, Morrisons, Pizza Express, Sainsbury’s, Wilko and Asda.

kilometre walk along the Thames Pathway from Putney Bridge to Henley. Katie Alcock, from the Charles Stanley Birmingham office took part in the Challenge, with her boyfriend, Charles (Charlie) Parker. Katie had nominated CRY as Charles Stanley’s Charity of the Year for the 2019/20+ year, having lost one of her oldest friends in January 2019, following a sudden cardiac arrest. “The Thames Path Challenge was another way to help them reach their overall fundraising target of £20,000 for the year. “Whilst the challenge started well, both Katie and Charlie were feeling the effects after 47km and had to retire at 50km, meaning they both received their Half Challenge Finisher’s Medals. “They both said, ‘this was an amazing event to be a part of and whilst we’re gutted we can’t complete the full distance, the half challenge is still a huge achievement, and brings us closer to our fundraising target.’”

“Prizes were also donated on behalf of Charles Stanley and staff members and overall the event raised over £700 for CRY, and helped Charles Stanley move one-step closer to their £20,000 fundraising goal, in memory of Katie’s friend, Michael Ince.” • Katie Alcock at Charles Stanley forwarded a donation

of £2,000 from the Duncan Norman Trust Fund.

• Kate Alcock at Charles Stanley sent in further

donations of £1,101.54:

“On 7th September 2019, employees from Charles Stanley took part in the Thames Path Challenge, a 100


In Memory of

Ariana Jahangir

Sarah Ramsey sent in £257.30 raised through a first aid evening at Alder Vets in Guildford.

In Memory of

Caradoc James

The families of Ysgol Hafan y Mor, Tenby raised £136.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

In Memory of

Reece Jeffrey

Mixed Blessings Community Choir raised £460 from their sing-outs throughout the year.

Kieran Joyce

•  Andrea Joyce sent in £120 raised through the Lyonshall coffee morning. •  Cassie Reade took part in dry January and raised £220. • Weobley School held a ‘Wear Red Day’ and raised

In Memory of

Nathan Jenkins

• Jo, Lucy and Paula completed TrekFest ‘The Beacons’

2019 and raised £3,169.62.

• Kathy and Annabelle took part in Trekking to Machu

Pichu and raised £895.


• Colin Griffith at Dinmore hill Christmas Trees sent in

£1,000 raised through the Santa’s Grotto event at Festive Farm.

• Roy Harris (Bromyard) Ltd donated £500. • Students and staff at Whitecross School raised


In Memory of

Stevie Jivani

Margaret Bailey donated £200.

In Memory of

Joe Kellogg

Neil Kellogg and family sent in £206.60 raised from match day collections at the Mickleover Sports FC v FC United of Manchester football game.

In Memory of

Alex Christopher Jones In Memory of

Kerrin Jones, Lianna, Ruth, Zoe, Sian, Domo, Karen, Benny, Mandy, Milfanwy and Jessica climbed Pen-Y-Fan and raised £650.50.

In Memory of

Alexander Jones

Audrey Jones sent in £354.24 raised from the proceeds of Alexander’s art work.

Jenny Kerwood

•  Martin Kerwood sent in £650 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his mother-inlaw, Betty Clayton, Jenny’s grandmother. • Oliver Evans donated £100 in lieu of a wedding


In Memory of

Bilal Khan

In Memory of

Josie Jones

Batool Khan sent in £1,000 in memory of her husband.

Miss V Jones sent in £369.56 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her mother.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Olly King

•  Mya and Stephen donated £200. •  Margaret Oscar donated £300.

In Memory of

Rishi Kukar

Parvin Kukar sent in £250.

event throughout the day which was followed by a threecourse meal, entertainment and an auction/raffle. The amazing amount of £2,500 was raised for CRY in memory of Michael Land. The picture shows former Ireland international footballer, Paul Green, presenting the cheque to Michael’s mum, Ruth, and her partner, Allen Haywood, who participated in the golf event.”

In Memory of

Jannik Lam

Katie Harvey took part in Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019 and raised £480.

In Memory of

Sean Lammiman

•  Jonathan Emmerson donated £100. •  Sharon Lammiman sent in £688

donated in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her husband.

In Memory of

Carli Lansley

•  Karl Lansley donated £5,000. •  Neil Keeble sent in £860 raised from taking part in the Thames Path Challenge 2019.

In Memory of

Kris Ledgard

Sean Maloney took part in ‘go dry for CRY’ and raised £220.

In Memory of

Michael Land

•  Rhys Herman took part in the Bolton

Ironman Triathlon and raised £1,096. •  David Deaves donated £100.

In Memory of

Miriam Lee

Nicola Lee sent in £131 raised through a Tombola at Morrisons.

• Ruth Cain sent in £175, including: £10 from Ken and

Janet James; £70 from Dave Smith, York RI Collection boxes; and £95 from Nichola Butler, Co-op Funeral Service.

• Ian and Duncan Robertson sent in £2,500 raised

through the 5 Towns Classic Golf events:

“On 12 September 2019, we organised ‘The 5 Towns Classic’ Golf tournament, held at the Darrington Golf Club, West Yorkshire. Over 12 teams enjoyed a competitive


In Memory of

Jonathan Leigh

Jack Storr and team took part in the Harewood House 10k and raised £290 in memory of his brother: “Me, my sister and cousins took part in the

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers Harewood House 10k on 23 February 2020. It was a BHF event, but we wanted to raise a little bit of money for CRY too, in memory of our brother and cousin, Jonathan Leigh.” Those who took part: Nicola Storr, Alison Leigh, Mark Thompson, Matthew Thompson and Louise Thompson.

In Memory of

Peter Lent

Sophie Harris sent in £105 raised in lieu of wedding favours.

In Memory of

Adam Lewis

Peter and Kim donated £15,000 raised through The Adam Lewis Experience.

In Memory of

Joseph Leyland

his wife and daughter had never seen him clean-shaven!! “Dan was lucky enough to book a free heart screening at the April 2019 event along with a few others from PDR Construction, with whom the family have a close connection. Dan made contact with the family in September 2019 and offered to donate all the money raised to Cardiac Risk in the Young, specifically the Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund. “There was a fair amount of coverage on the PDR Construction Twitter and LinkedIn social media feeds to promote the ‘Great Big Beard Off’ and to date over £600 has been raised as a result. Dan’s donation page is here if you’d like to support him: Dan’s Great Big Beard Off Jamie’s family are hugely appreciative of Dan’s efforts and to prove that he went ahead with it, he’s kindly provided a before and after mug-shot as evidence…!” Graham Loncaster.

Howdens Uttoxeter donated £250.

In Memory of

Sarah Long

In Memory of

Jamie Loncaster

•  AA Motors held various fundraising events throughout 2019 and raised £1,271.48. •  A&A Motors (Yorkshire) Ltd sent in £1,272. • Swanland Parish Council sent in £202.36 raised from

a street collection at the Father Christmas on the Pond event.

• Dan Marren sent in £623 raised from a sponsored


“In October 2019, Dan Marren, Senior Estimator at PDR Construction and a member of local rugby club Hullensians RUFC, decided to shave off his beard for charity. That might not seem much of a challenge to many of you, but Dan has sported his big beard for 17 years and

Louise White took part in Walking the Essex Way and raised £120.

In Memory of

Max Lowry

Emma and Jess took part in The OTILLO World Championships 2019 and raised £500.

In Memory of

Matthew Luke

Rachael Ayre took part in Great North Run 2019 and raised £753.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Alan Lumley

Staff at DLA Piper UK LLP completed the Great Manchester Run in 2018 and raised £941.

In Memory of

Aaron Lundy

•  Tir na nOg GAC Randlastown sent in a further donation of £1,150. •  Garry McGrotty sent in £1,000 on behalf of The North East Golf Alliance.

In Memory of

Claire Louise Machin

Norman Locock sent in £122.50 raised from proceeds of a quiz held at Golberdon Village.

In Memory of

Andrew Macleod

•  Tolsta Community Development Ltd donated £10,000 for screening on the Isle of Lewis. •  Kate MacDonald, her husband Iain and family donated £100 in appreciation of the screening in Stornoway.

In Memory of

Laura Main

Alex, Anna and Taylor completed the Aberdeen Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk and raised £915.

In Memory of

Michael Maloney

Donna Williams took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019 and raised £572.60.


In Memory of

Adrian Paul Marchant

Ms Marsh and her sister made and sold Christmas decorations and raised £150.

In Memory of

John Marshall

•  Maureen Marshall forwarded a donation of £250 raised from the Edge Hill collection boxes. •  The Michael Vella Skem Athletic Girls Football team raised £1,900. • Maureen Marshall forwarded £982 raised by the staff

at Sopra Steria.

In Memory of

Dean Mason

•  Gwenfair Mason forwarded a donation of £300 on behalf of the Pembrokeshire College Women’s Institute. •  Haycastle Community Forum donated £300. • Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society donated £600. • Gwenfair Mason forwarded £100 raised through the

Narberth Civic Week.

In Memory of

Richard Mason

Sheila and Jack Payton sent in £100 in memory of their godson.

In Memory of

Pete McAvoy

Stuart Jamieson donated £800 raised from his birthday fundraiser: “Stuart decided that he didn’t want any gifts for his 50th birthday and instead asked for

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers donations. We raised £800 on the evening and will be donating all proceeds to CRY. It’s a cause close to our hearts after our dear friend lost his son, Peter McAvoy Jr, back in 2014. Peter McAvoy Sr campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for CRY until his own untimely death in August 2018. We want to continue fundraising in their memory and are delighted to be able to do so.” Gemma Jamieson.

In Memory of

John McCall

Malcolm and Janette Pollard donated £100.

In Memory of

Ian McDonald

Phil Hendon took part in a skydive and raised £775.

In Memory of

Philip McGrath

Dave McGrath took part in the Lancaster Marathon and raised £260.

In Memory of

Stephanie McLean

Tom Machell donated £126.

In Memory of

Simon McNamara

Helen Endacott sent in £2,250 raised through a concert held by the Pico Players.

In Memory of

George Mellor

Mrs J Mellor sent in £524.60 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of Daisy Cope and her husband, George, Daisy’s grandfather.

In Memory of

Richard Merriman

Nicola Merriman forwarded a donation of £700 raised from a Santa’s grotto event: “This is an annual event for work colleagues and family friends where I run the tombola stall in aid of CRY. But this year we did a raffle and held a game to guess the teddy’s name. Everybody helps on the day, especially the gardeners who play a big part dressing up as elves and Santa. The children are taken to Santa’s grotto through the woods it’s very magical, there are hot and cold drinks, mince pies and cakes. “I would like to thank everyone involved, especially Sharon West and Sophie who worked tirelessly to get everything organised and a special thanks to lee as Santa. A big thanks to Marion for selling the raffle tickets and everybody who donated to our cause. “We raised £700 on the day. Just seeing the children’s


Our Fundraisers

faces when they received their present from Santa as the ukulele players played some Christmas songs.”

In Memory of

Adam Middleton

Donna Meredith sent in £355.19 from collection pots.

In Memory of

Rosie Mitchell

•  Jane Wilmshurst took part in the Thames Path Challenge 2019 and raised £1,265. •  Helen Dickinson took part in the Thames

Path Challenge 2019 and raised £427.

In Memory of

Sam Moodey

•  Emily Moodey sent in £110 raised from

a clothes swap at St Barnabas church.

•  AS&K Communications held a cake sale

and raised £228.88. • University

College School held a ‘Big Breakfast’ event and raised £1,675:

“This year our school annual ‘Big Breakfast’ was an


extra special event as it was dedicated to the memory of Sam Moodey, the son of a former school nurse, who died from an undiagnosed genetic heart condition in 2018. Money was raised for the charity CRY, who help raise awareness and run screening days for young people. Activity started early as the dedicated kitchen team and other staff arrived to set up, organise and prepare for over 500 cooked breakfasts. With everyone coming together, staff and supportive parents, donations and proceeds from this breakfast were happily given and reached a phenomenal sum of £1,675. Thank you to all those who helped raise this for CRY.”

In Memory of

James Moorfoot

Peter Whelan sent in £3,230.23 raised from bucket collections at the Vaudeville Theatre.

In Memory of

Owen Morris

•  Judith Miller sent in £800.15 raised

from a cake sale and screening weekend.

•  Alan Marshall and The Retreat Pub in Llanedeyrn donated £400.

In Memory of

Kate Mottram-Clarke

Dorothy Bailey sent in £381 raised from a wear red day and raffle.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

In Memory of

Andrew Murch

Jennifer Newton

•  Alberfeldy Community Choir and Rotary Club raised £465 from their Christmas concert. •  Alastair Cruickshank donated £1,000. • Adela Laverick sent in £100 raised at the

Stomontfiled Ceilidh.

In Memory of

James Murgatroyd

•  Christine Newton sent in £137.50 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her husband, Peter. • Tammy, Dan and Brian completed the Sheffield 10k

2019 and raised £690:

“We had a superb day running the Sheffield 10k on Sunday 22nd September, raising money in Jen’s name for CRY. Even the lousy weather couldn’t spoil it. “Thanks to everyone for the donations and support. Dan, Tammy and Brian.” Daniel Greaves.

Ciara Tudgay donated £1,757.98.

In Memory of

Douglas Campbell Murray

Douglas Murray sent in £1,047 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his father.

In Memory of

In Memory of

Bethany Mycroft

Richard James Northedge

Natalie Owen donated £500.

•  Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire donated £200. •  Derek and Pat donated £100.

In Memory of

Lizzie Nee

In Memory of

Ben O’Connell

•  Ruth Crowe sent in £100 from the Sale


•  Samantha Cragg took part in a 10 Mile Run and raised £2,048.50.

•  Tim Lambert sent in £510 raised from a

jewellery sale.

• Catherine Nee sent in £200 in memory of Lizzie for

Christmas and her birthday.


•  Graham Tiffin sent in £320 raised by Clairville York Ltd in lieu of sending Christmas


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Kevin O’Flynn

Elaine Roche took part in the Coast 2 Croagh cycle and her employer JMW donated £100.

In Memory of

Andrew Parr

Ruth Lowe sent in £175 raised at her screening event.

In Memory of

Andrew Oliver

•  Judith Oliver held a craft stall and

raised £100.

•  Judith Oliver sent in £242 raised as

follows: £192 from a craft stall; and £50 from Elm Ridge Church. • Darlington Rotary Club sent in £500 following a talk

from Judith and Chris Oliver.

In Memory of

Christopher Parr

•  Ball Haye Green FC donated £150 in respect of Rob Cimino’s climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. •  Dianne Parr forwarded a donation of £165 from Staffordshire Goldwings.

• The Cockerton Methodist Church held a joint

Christmas concert with Cockerton Band and the Church Ladies Group Choir and raised £161.83.

In Memory of

Charlotte Orwin

In Memory of

Shreeya Patel

Mital Patel sent in £101 on the occasion of Shreeya’s 18th birthday.

•  Stephanie Gledhill sent in £4,200. •  Phillippa Morton sold Christmas hamper tickets and raised £315. • Philippa Morton took part in the CRY Heart of Durham

Walk and raised £147.50.

• Stephanie, Robin, Abigail and Erin Gledhill took part in

the CRY Heart of Durham Walk and raised £1,785 in memory of their daughter, step-daughter and sister.

• Gareth Roberts took part in the CRY Heart of Durham

Walk and raised £300 in memory of his cousin, Charlotte Orwin.

In Memory of

Ceri Palmer née Howells

Alison Howells forwarded donations totalling £412.60, including: Cheshire College, Crew; £105.85 from Cheshire College, Ellesmere Port; £215 from Cheshire College, Crew screening event; and £23.50 from Gymophobics Nantwich.


In Memory of

Kevin Paterson

•  Patricia Toft donated £100 in lieu of sending Christmas cards. •  Sarah, Andy, Steve, Gregg, Matt, Nigel, Anna and Rowan took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon and raised £850. • Patricia Toft took part in the CRY Heart of Durham

Walk and raised £100 in memory of her son.

In Memory of

Andrew Patterson

Justine, Alice, Emma and George took part in various fundraising activities including dry January and the York 10k and raised a further £1,037.33.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

James Patrick Patterson

•  Campion RFC held a raffle and raised £260. •  Peter Patterson sent in £200 raised from a lottery win and PPI award. • Mr and Mrs Pembroke sent in £100 on behalf of their

son, Daniel, who was awarded The Player’s Tour Man Award.

In Memory of

Jake Anthony Pickford

•  Louise Collard completed the London to Brighton Cycle 2019 and raised £462. •  Gaye Pickford sent in donations totalling £509.56, including: £250 from the auction of a mobile phone; £130 in lieu of sending Christmas cards; a family donation of £50; £32.56 from a collection box; and £47 from pen sales. • Gaye Pickford sent in a further £1,361.32, including:

£175.25 from Idris Danes School; £60 from the sale of pens; £36.14 from a collection pot; and £1,089.93 raised from a charity evening.

In Memory of

Sara Pilkington

Zermatt Capital donated £25,000.

In Memory of

Joe Pearce-Willis

Khimara Naidoo donated £300.

In Memory of

John Pirie

•  Anne Clark sent in a donation of £650 on behalf of Enquest, Shetland. •  Calum Fraser sent in £1,000 raised from the sale of calendars.

In Memory of

Jamie Phillip

•  Barclays sent in a matched fund donation of £900 in relation to Martin Phillips’ fundraising efforts. •  Martin Phillip sent in £1,509 raised from a

football match watched by Jamie’s family and friends.

In Memory of

Christopher and Steven Phillips

Jane Phillips sent in £150.

• Siobhan Pirie forwarded a donation of £500 raised

from an auction of vintage agricultural items.

In Memory of

Alessandro Pomfret

•  Jessica and Alice took part in the Hampton Court Half Marathon and raised £790. •  Nadia Pomfret sent in further donations totalling £170 raised during 2019. • Stephen Pomfret made a donation of £300 on behalf

of Fabio, Denise, Aidan and Bryony.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

In Memory of

Past Master of the Royal Clarence Lodge of Freemasons in the Province of Bristol donated £500.

Bettys & Taylors Group Ltd donated £1,000 in respect of the Good Cause Award presented to Halina Reid.

Richard Ponting

Thomas Reid

In Memory of

In Memory of

Linda Pamela Puley

CRY received £500 from the legacy of Linda Pamela Puley.

Debbie Rendle

Sylvia Pezzack sent in £110 donated by Solomon Browne Hall in memory of Debbie and Sylvia’s friend’s son.

In Memory of

In Memory of

Elizabeth Ransom

Emma Greensted sent in further donations totalling £2,025 raised during 2019.

In Memory of

Claire Louise Reed

Andrew Reed sent in £285.50 raised at a recent screening event.

Scott Rennie

Stevie and Stephen sent in £100 including a £50 donation from Beryl Ward.

In Memory of

Amber Robinson

Susan Niner donated £200.

In Memory of

Sian Roger

In Memory of

Alex Reid

•  Joan Chamberlain sent in £230 received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her husband, John Chamberlain. •  Heather Reid sent in £2,543.28, including:

£500 from Dr JJ and HL Reid; £100 from Marianne Bailey; £40 from Dr Andrew Grafton; £100 from Mandy Smith; £50 from Jan and Ray; £40 from Wendy Thompson; £220 from NW and Mrs CL Holmes; £50 from H & PJ Chamberlain; DJ & PA Dickinson; £50 from Mrs GM Turner; £550 from Mr A Bennett; £338.80 from cakes, donations and book funds; and £454.48 from Sheffield High School Netball Tournament.

Keir Roger completed the Hertfordshire Half Marathon 2019 and raised £605.

In Memory of

Luke Rogers

Angela Rogers forwarded a donation of £480 raised by the Cresselly Cricket Club.

In Memory of

Hamish Ross

•  James Simons forwarded £250 raised from the sale of a race car painting. •  June Ross forwarded £260 donated by


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers the following: £150 from Roy Lonmuir; £40 from Kathy Ross; £50 Kimberly and John Macleod; and £20 from Barbara. • Gordon Mackay sent in £640 raised from a goodie

bag donated by Grassmen which was raffled.

• Nicki Mackay sent in £210 raised in lieu of gifts. • Beth Miller forwarded a donation of £3,385.89 raised

by family, friends and customers of the Pittentrail Inn, in memory of the owner, Hector Miller.

• Yvonne Grand sent in £370 raised by Ross’s friend,

Aaron, by running a first fish sweep and the sale of cider.

• Amy McHardy sent in £500 raised through the Rogart

Gala Christmas Dance.

• June Ross sent in £130 raised as follows; £100 from

Pat and Peter Goring; £20 from Stewart and Fiona MacLeod; and £10 from Alec Campbell.

• Tony and Alison Atkins and Margaret and David Atkins

donated £125.

• Kareen Ross, her partner and sister donated £400 in

memory of her nephew at Christmas.

• £1,185.50 was raised by the Golspie High

School and East Sutherland Rotary Club Soup Sweet and Song event:

“An utterly wonderful afternoon was had by the community, young and old, at the GHS Soup, Sweet and Songs. The event was organised by Golspie High School’s Interact Club in order to bring together the community in the festive time of year. However, it was decided by the group that the money raised would go towards the CRY memorial fund page of Hamish Ross, GHS pupil. “An amazing £1,185.50 was raised! This money will go towards the charity CRY being able to come and hold cardiac screenings for our local youngsters in order to identify any underlying cardiac issues as early as possible. The success of this event and the money raised shows how caring and connected a community we have, and how loved and cherished Hamish is within that community – GHS being one of the fundamental cogs. “The soups and sweets were all made by the school’s hospitality class; an array of musical talents were showcased from the music department, including a performance from the School’s pipe band and a performance of Hamish’s own composition. A vast number of pupils attended the event and gave a helping hand

which made the whole event run smoothly. Pupils were given invites to hand out to elderly folk they may know, from which many attended. Members of the community purchased tables to sell their local products. A raffle took place, which was a huge success. Many local businesses donated prizes – raffle tickets actually sold out! “It was a truly delightful afternoon, full of love, community and festive spirit!” Heather Shelley from Golspie High School.

In Memory of

Christopher Rushton

•  Christine Rushton sent in £200. •  Christine Rushton took part in the CRY Heart of Durham Walk and raised £225 in memory of her son. “Thank you to everyone for your support to help us raise money in memory of Christopher.”

In Memory of

Luke Clayton Rutter

Duxbury’s Property Consultants Ltd donated £200.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Paul Salem

Vivienne Salem donated £600 in memory of her son.

In Memory of

Martyn Skinner

•  Ethel raised £140. •  Martyn’s grandfather donated £100.

In Memory of

Suanu Saro-Wiwa

Deborah Lee sent in £100 in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

In Memory of

Ben Smith

Emma Gibson took part in the Samworth Charity Challenge and raised £2,000.

In Memory of

Mair Schmeinck

• Anna Pryce took part in a Rotary Across Wales Walk

and raised £360.

• Tanatside Pony Club held a fundraising lunch and

promise auction and raised £1,296.20.

In Memory of

Mike Scott

Marje Scott sent in £242.94 raised by the Lady Lumley School through their non uniform day.

In Memory of

Olivia Shaw

Harriet Smith took part in a 26 mile walk and raised £140.

In Memory of

Benjamin Michael Smith

James Hammond donated £100.

In Memory of

Robert Daniel Smith

Ryan Hall took part in Great North Run 2019 and raised £372.

In Memory of

Rupert Spurling

•  Julia Hughes donated £100. •  Jane and David Hodges donated £200 in lieu of

Christmas presents.

In Memory of

Andy Shearer

Andrew and Sally celebrated their wedding anniversary and raised £500 in lieu of gifts.

In Memory of

Evan Shonfield

Peter, Sharon and Freda donated £100.


•  Sue Spurling sent in £290 representing donations

received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her father-in-law.

In Memory of

Nick Stanley

David Conway completed the Shoreditch 10k and raised £700.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Callum Staple-Hughes

•  Rob Ashton sent in £1,766.92 raised at the Fixton House event.

In Memory of

Ben Stokes

The CSR Team at UDG Healthcare donated £500 on behalf of their employee, Zoe Stokes.

•  Gemma Kirk donated £100. • Ben Russell donated £100.

In Memory of

In Memory of

Patricia Strange sent in £300 raised from the proceeds of Ian’s dad David’s special chair.

Alexander Stavrou

Ian Strange

• Lucy Childs donated £100. • Rita, Isabella and Luca donated £200. • Lucy Bassnett-McGuire donated £100. • Kyriaki Lipsos donated £130. • Lesley Redmond donated £100. • Sarah Cole donated £100. • Sandra Carey donated £100. • Hannah, Steven and family donated £100.

In Memory of

Raymond Stubley

James Stubley forwarded £360.46 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes, in memory of his father.

In Memory of

Patrick Swinson

Daniel Swinson sent in £150.

• Maria Gavriel donated £100. • John Yianni donated £500 in memory of his friend. • Mary Barnard donated £100. • Julian Robinson donated £250. • John Riley donated £100.

In Memory of

Lewis Stewart

Anne-Marie Stewart at Greensill sent in £10,716.35 raised at their Christmas party evening and auction.

In Memory of

Natalie Stewart

Gwen and Cliff Stewart took part in the CRY Heart of Durham Walk and raised £400 in memory of their daughter.

In Memory of

Alaina Taylor

Sonya Taylor donated £100 in respect of birthday monies.

In Memory of

Claire Taylor

Caroline Dyson donated £363.

In Memory of

Glenn Taylor

Laura Thorn took part in Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019 and raised £205.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Hannah Taylor

Charles and Maureen sent in donations totalling £250, including: £88.45 from assorted sales of Bric a Brac; £45 from a counter box at Homecraft DIY shop; £38 from a counter box at Castle Inn, Ramsey; and £78.55 from various other donations.

In Memory of

Dale Tennent-Butler and Ian Thomson

Chantelle and Warren took part in a charity football match and raised £3,122.47: “Saturday went really well. We had a great turn out and the weather stayed dry for us. We had 36 players turn up for the match, with ages ranging from 12 to 64. The teams

In Memory of

Suzanne Taylor

Beryl Ewing sent in £230 raised through making Christmas cards.

were based on the two managers’ nationalities (England vs. Spain) and England won 6-1. Despite the score line it was a closely fought game.

In Memory of

Dale Tennent-Butler

Inspired Health & Fitness and Inspired Kitchen held a Santa Dash and raised £600.

“After the game we had food and drinks in the bar at Kings Langley Football Club followed by a game of bubble football for the mums and kids which was extremely amusing for the spectators (even more entertaining than the match itself). Then we finished the day with a raffle. “So far we have managed to raise £2,847.47 for the Dale Tennent-Butler memorial fund.” Warren Daly.

In Memory of

Jack Thomas

•  June Thomas sent in donations totalling £5,597.02, including: £2,224 from Blackwood RFC Minis and Juniors; £2,107.98 from Porthcawl Male Voice Choir and Matt Harris and Rachel Hillier; £1,000 from Asda, Blackwood; and £265.04 from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. • Sam Williams took part in a step challenge at his

workplace and raised £400.


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

In Memory of

Mrs J Castle sent in £437.39 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her mother.

• Karen Trigg sent in £600 raised from a Christmas

Joyce Thomas

Ashley Trigg

hamper raffle.

• Jade Restell took part in a skydive and raised £421.

In Memory of

Oliver Thompson

Graham and Cheryle sent in £100.

In Memory of

Andrew Thomson

Richard Thompson sent in £100.

In Memory of

William Thomson

• Di, Peter and Caroline

sent in £2,000 collected from their Christmas lights display:

“Every year the Chilver family light up their house with Christmas lights to raise money for charity. In 2019 they chose CRY, to raise money to be donated in memory of Ashley Trigg, a fellow majorette and friend who passed away suddenly.”

Mark McFern donated £906.50.

In Memory of In Memory of

Christian Thunhurst

Timothy Peters completed the London to Brighton Cycle Ride 2019 and raised £100.

In Memory of

Isabelle Tudisca

•  Della Tudisca forwarded a donation of £200 from the Christmas Shambles Golf day. •  John Bell at Glenny LLP donated £500 in lieu of sending Christmas cards. • Buckhurst Hill Parish Council raised £1,256.46.

Ryan Tilley

•  Lisa Crawford took part in Ironman

2019 and raised £826.

•  Will and Nicki cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats and raised £1,441.23.

In Memory of

Petra Vanessa Tolley

Brian Adams sent in £227.41 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of his daughter.

In Memory of

Hannah Turberville

Samuel Turberville completed a kayakathon and raised £290.

In Memory of

Albert Henry Twinley

Caroline Gard sent in £126 representing donations received in lieu of floral tributes in memory of her father.


Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Fraser Vaughan

•  Jackie Stoutt and family donated £200. •  Gillian Chapman donated £100. •  The Rotary Club of Onchan sent in £500.

Lights switch-on; £100 from Pat and Glyn Landman; £50 from David Lumb; £50 from Mr and Mrs Marriott in memory of Louise; £125 from Saxon Mee Estate Agents, Dronfield; £33.10 from DFWI Trustees in lieu of Christmas Cards; and £20 from Neil’s friend’s dad. • Dr David Moseley at Hearts4boxing in Sheffield

donated £4,560.

• Peter and Andrea Curphey donated £100. • Julie Cretney donated £100. • Lindsey, Shaun, Emma and Cara donated £100. • Andrew Curphey donated £200.

In Memory of

David White

Harold White donated £136.

• Joanna Prentice donated £100. • Maggie Hand donated £100. • Charlotte and Charlie donated £100. • Christine Howard donated £100. • Andrew Vaughan sent in £350 raised through a coffee


Joanne White

•  Steve Parker completed the Beyond The Ultimate For Rangers Ultra Marathon and raised £4,290. •  Melanie Duhig donated £100.

In Memory of

Vincenzo ‘Chinni’ Vetere

Alexander Tough sent in £420 raised at the 8th Annual Chinstock.

In Memory of

Matthew Wallbank

Lesley Wallbank sent in £100 in lieu of birthday and Christmas gifts.

In Memory of

Neil Ward

•  Elaine Ward sent in £2,428.10, including: £500 Shipley WI; £300 from Ilkeston WI; £150 from Sheffield Festival of Athletics; £500 from Dronfield Ladies Voices; £600 from Dronfield Businesses - Christmas


In Memory of

In Memory of

Stevie Wiggins

•  Christine, Anne and members of The Heartfelt Group sent in £985 raised from the Rotary Guild of Preston and a Santa Dash. • Sheila Wiggins sent in donations from the Heartfelt

Group totalling £193.19, including: £100 from a car boot sale; £73.19 from an auction and Stevie’s glass jars; and £20 from Myra Gregory:

“The Heartfelt Group continues to raise awareness of CRY throughout the area. Ann Coles and Sheila Wiggins have visited The Sea Cadets and Preston College to inform young people of the local heart screenings for which we raise funds. They also visited Airforce Cadets and Preston Harriers running group. We have produced a collection jar

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Our Fundraisers In Memory of

Olivia Woodward

Simon Anderson at Round Table 54 King’s Lynn sent in £500 in support of Charlie Gilbert’s participation in RideLondonSurrey 2019.

In Memory of

Seth Woolley

which we have given to friends and family to collect loose change. This is proving popular with an average of £10 per jar being collected. “For Easter, Christine Abram has knitted Easter bunny cosies for Creme Eggs. We are continually trying out new ideas for raising funds both large and small and constantly raising awareness.” Christine Abram.

Adrian Baker donated £200.

In Memory of

Robert Worboys

Dane Moore took part in Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019 and raised £415.

In Memory of

Ian Williams

• Susie Hay sent a further donation of £125. • James Vyvyan sent in £203 raised by Sophos through

their daffodil sale.

In Memory of

Kyle Williamson

David Williamson raised £120.

In Memory of

Jemima Wilson

Team JKR (Foundation) took part in a Rough Runner and raised £250.

In Memory of

Louise Worth

Sue Jarvis forwarded a donation of £416: “Gary Hilton and Carl Fisher, instructors at Precision Self Protection, held a weekend of seminars in Chesterfield to raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young, in memory of Carl’s niece, Louise Worth, from Leyland, Lancashire. On February 15th, a seminar was held at Buzzbox Fitness Club and another seminar was held at Well Fit Warehouse on February 16th. A grand total of £416 was raised over the weekend and the money was handed over to Susan Jarvis, Louise’s mother, to donate to the charity.”

In Memory of

Sam Wright

•  Alexander Ford sent in £356 raised by

FSi Ltd in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

In Memory of

Lee Wilson

Coombe Dean School held a fundraising event and raised £151.

•  Toyota Charitable Trust donated £5,000. • Elaine Wright sent in £212.50 raised from ‘Guess the

weight of the chocolates’ and screening donations.

• Hazel Ford sent in £1,000 raised from Haunted



General Fundraising • AGRO Whitchurch raised £419.07. • Arlies Primary School held Christmas

productions and raised £202.69.

• Chloe Armitage completed the

Aberdovey Bike Ride and raised a further £1,324.59.

• Castleford Park Junior Academy sent in


• Tom Cheveley climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised

a further £4,754.40.

• Daryl Cook donated £250.

• George Ashby collected sponsorship from cycling

• Karen Cook sent a donation of £150 from Covent

• CarTakeBack.Com Limited sent in £256.

• Cranleigh Preparatory School held a

around the Isle of Wight and raised £2,773.

• Mark Baines sent in £650 raised by the Lavers

Entertainers Charity performance.

• Bank of Scotland Foundation sent in a donation of


Bridge (Europe) Ltd.

Mufti day and raised £143.35.

• Josh Cummings took part in the Minehead Triathlon

and raised £520.

• The Dane Partnership donated £250.

• Elizabeth Barnett sent in donations totalling £161.79.

• Nicola Darby sent in £204 from Aston Bond Law Ltd.

• Daniel Barry donated £100.

• Didlaw Ltd raised £194.60.

• The Beaudesert Lodge of Mark Master Masons No

• Dun & Bradstreet Ltd took part in Pizza Run, Cardiff

• BGM Helmores sent in £200 in lieu of sending

• E P Barrus Ltd donated £1,000 raised throughout the

• Aran Blackbourn at Ballyclare RFC sent in £300 in

• Essity UK Ltd sent in £250.

1350 sent in £500. Christmas cards.

respect of a talk given by CRY Patron Gary Longwell and Simon Best.

• Boston Scientific Ltd raised £495 from the EnduraLife

Bike Ride 2019.

and raised £117. year.

• Lisa Evans took part in Sober September and raised


• Fosse Bank School raised £182.33.

• Louisa Bower completed the Asda Foundation Derby

• Iain and Beth Foster climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

• Lynn Brannan donated £158.06.

• Graham and Barbara Foster climbed Mount

Half Marathon and raised £1,170.

• Lynn Brannan donated a further £117.14. • Michelle Broadley took part in Great North Run 2019

and raised £540.

• Bea Buck sent in £180 raised from a cake bake. • Bullers Wood School held

a Fun Run and raised £1,608.

• Mark Butter at Blueprint Recruitment Solutions Ltd

sent in £214.74.


raised £518.10.

Kilimanjaro and raised £1,395.88.

• Howard and Rosemary Froggatt donated £200 in lieu

of a gift for Tim and Julia’s wedding.

• Michael Gaterell climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

raised £586.25.

• David Gleave donated £150. • Sam Godfrey completed the Stoke Stampede, the

Bath Marathon, the Exmoor Beauty and L’Etape Wales Dragon Ride and raised £315.

• Golden Acre Foods donated £1,000.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

General Fundraising • Mark Griffin sent in £112 raised through the Dragon

Charity Quizzes.

• Peter Hall donated £300. • Charles Hammersley completed the Snowdonia Trail

Half Marathon 2019 and raised £500.

• Annie Hartley sent in £200.

• Rhys Humphries sent in £100 raised from The

University of Warwick Men’s Rugby Club calendar sales.

• Informa Group donated £1,000. • Joe, Rehana, Matt, Pearl, Vic, Xander, Eddie, Angus

and Tom took part in the Marathon Walk London and raised £8,548.90.

• Kitty Hartnell sent in £560.50 raised from the sale of

• Katie Johnson completed the Birmingham Half

• Lucy Hawker donated £172.

• Josephs Family Charitable Trust donated £100.

• Elizabeth Haywood sent in £149.50.

• Colin Kennedy climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised

Christmas cards.

• Hazelbury Bryan PCC raised £140.40 through a

collection at their Lent Lunch.

• Healix HHS Trusts donated £3,750. • Henry of Auxerre Lodge 7235 donated £500. • Ben Heyman sent in £713 raised through his drive to


• Staff and customers of Hey Potato, Brierley Hill held a

Christmas raffle and raised £663.31.

• High Wycombe Tangent Club donated £100. • Andrew Hitch climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Nicholas Hitch climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Philip Hoare sent in £100 raised through Tuck Shop


• Emma Horrell sent in £129.74 raised by the

Manchester Road Runners.

• Year 9 and 10 pupils at Horsforth

School participated in a sponsored swim and raised £500.

• David Howe donated £100. • HSBC Bank Plc donated £1,000 via the Charities

Aid Foundation, in respect of G Collins’ fundraising efforts.

• Hull University Students Union raised £257.87.

Marathon and raised £182.13.


• Adrian Kidd climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Debbie Kinston climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

raised £358.70.

• Shelagh Lavery sent in £154.64 raised by the

members of Southampton Dawn Breakers through their charity dress-up day.

• Charlotte Laycock sent in £1,500 from Karian and


• Martina Lewis at Primary Care Commissioning sent in


• Nia Lewis took part in Royal Parks Half Marathon

2019 and raised £775.

• Andy Little climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Lloyds Bank Foundation sent in £1,000 in respect

of Sophie Spencer-Wright and Amelia Preston’s fundraising efforts.

• London Metal Exchange (LME) donated £250 in lieu

of sending Christmas cards.

• Jackie Longwell donated £135. • Alan Lunt sent in £500 raised from events organised

by Hannah and Rebecca Preedy-Lunt.

• CRY Representative Jeff Markham collected a cheque

for £750 from Northwood 41 Club raised through their Father Christmas and his sleigh event.


General Fundraising • North Staffs Operatic Society Ltd (NSOS) raised £100. • Oldham Hulme Grammar School sent

in £100.

• Andy Ormiston climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Robert Ostler forwarded a donation of £180 raised by

Rob Ostler and the Blackwater Valley Runners.

• Painsley Catholic College sent in £400 raised by staff

and students.

• CRY volunteer Kevin Marsden collected a cheque for

£215 from the Churston Golf Club Juniors.

• Patrick Massey donated £1,092.38. • Claire McConnell sent in £410 raised by the 4-11’s

After Schools Club.

• Ben Meakin and Dan climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

raised £471.33.

• Ian Meakin at Adviceworks Ltd climbed Mount

Kilimanjaro and raised £982.60.

• Josie Meakin climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Barbara Meineck sent in £150 raised as part of

Ruxley Church’s annual charity distribution.

• Middleton-cum-Fordley Community Council sent in

£166 raised at an annual Christmas Community Meal.

• Milliken, Middleton Plant donated £300 raised

through charity mat sales, raffles and various other events.

• Monmouth Comprehensive School

organised a stall selling roses, boxes of chocolates and valentines’ gifts during their break times and raised £39.54.

• Mousehole Carnival Committee donated £100. • The Northern Premier Football League Ltd raised


• North Chingford Townswomen’s Guild sent in £477.47

raised through choosing CRY as their charity of the year.


• Paul and Katrina Paling donated £100 in lieu of

Christmas cards.

• James Parker climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• David and June Paul held a Timber Offcut Sale at

Haldane UK Ltd and raised £450.

• Paul and Heather climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

raised £1,418.64.

• Stewart Percy climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Mrs P Perkins sent in £110. • Sheila Ponsford sent in £250. • The Premier League donated £500 in lieu of sending

Christmas cards.

• Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of

Buckinghamshire donated £325.

• Ravens Wood School took part in a bag

pack at Waitrose and raised £1,000.

• Amanda Reeves-Anderson sent in £400 raised

through The Credit Centre’s Dress Down Day.

• Jonathan Rennocks took part in a night walk and

raised £530.

• Paul Riat OBE sent in £2,500 on behalf of the Bucks

Punjabi Society which was raised at their annual charity ball.

• Doug Richards forwarded a donation of £386.84

raised by the Crabbs Cross Chasers.

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

General Fundraising • Johnathan Ricketts took part in a 3K fun run and

• Tir na nOg GAC Randalstown sent in a further

• Archie Robertson climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

• TJX (TK Maxx and Homesense UK) sent in £1,352.51

• Frank Robinson donated £100.

• Eleanor Townsend donated £146.35 raised from

raised £278.15. raised £511.37.

• Joanne Rollit climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised


• Diane Rowicki sent in a donation of £200 raised

through fundraising activities throughout the year on behalf of Hafele UK Ltd.

• Niamh Ryan and Nimalka Rambukpotha took part in

the Thames Bridges Trek 2019 and raised £2,625.

• Shaun Sadler sent in £170 raised from the ‘This is

Her Majesty’ Lincoln’s Drag Race.

• Sara and Simon climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and

raised £733.26.

• Alan Schofield sent in £1,750 raised from the

National Portrait Awards 2020.

• South West College held a sponsored walk and raised


• St John’s Beaumont pre prep boys took

part in various fundraising and raised £4,000.

• St John’s CE Primary School

took part in various fundraising activities and raised £269.50.

• St Martin’s Sherwood PCC donated

£125 of their charitable giving to CRY.

• Laura Stokes climbed Mount

Kilimanjaro and raised £424.05.

• Gabbi Stopp at ShareGift donated £2,500. • Stowell Concrete Ltd donated £110. • Dennis Taylor sent in a donation of £2,487.76 raised

through the Friends of CME Trust Bike 100 fundraising event.

• Lauren Timmins sent in £650.05 raised through the

donation of £6,725.

from their Community Fund Foundation. taking part in LEJOG.

• Ellie Townsend cycled from Land’s End to John

O’Groats and raised a further £2,195.

• Tudor Capital Europe LLP sent in matched funds of

£250 donated in relation to Daryl Cook’s fundraising efforts.

• Unison North Devon & Torridge LG Branch donated


• Kay Usher sent in £250 raised by the ladies

Chatterbox Club through holding raffles.

• Mike Vallance sent in £400 from the Patrons of Old

Leamingtonians RFC.

• Catriona Waddington sent in £727.09 raised from a

Wizard of Oz pantomime.

• Wanausha, Laura and Sophie completed the Tatton

Park 10k and raised £585.

• Weald of Kent Ploughing Match Association raised

£500 through their Ploughing Match.

• Hazel Webb sent in £255.33 raised through a church

service collection.

• Sheila Webber sent a donation of £369 raised

through Dress Down Days at Barnfield Construction.

• Mark Webster donated £500. • Lee Wheaton sent in £150 raised at a charity football

match at Whimple football club.

• Neville Wigglesworth sent in £100 raised from a

collection box.

• Thomas Windus took part in the 3 Peaks Challenge

and raised £352.

• Susan Young raised £118.01.

Oasis Floral Products blind auction.


CRY’s Christmas cards If you would like to buy any of our Christmas cards this year, please contact the CRY office by email (CRY@c-r-y. or phone (01737 363222), or order from CRY’s online shop here:

Gold foil

Festive Bus All money raised from (advent calendar) the sale of these cards goes directly to CRY.

£2.99 per pack (x1) 159mm x 159mm

Animals in the Moonlight

£3.50 per pack (x10) 137mm x 137mm

Bethlehem Under a Star

Blank inside

“Happy New Year”

“Peace and Joy”

£4.00 per pack (x10) 137mm x 137mm

The Golden Pear Tree £3.00 per pack (x10) 121mm x 121mm “Season’s Greetings”


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Santa’s Friend

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“With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year”

“Happy New Year”

£3.50 per pack (x10) 137mm x 137mm

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12 Days Icons

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Winter Skating £4.00 per pack (x10) 137mm x 137mm

£3.50 per pack (x10) 137mm x 137mm

“Wishing You a peaceful Christmas”

“With every good wish for Christmas and the New Year”

“With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year”

£3.50 per pack (x10) 137mm x 137mm

Issue 81 | January to April 2020

Raising Awareness in the Media Report Between January and April CRY featured in 113 print articles, including 5 national articles and 13 magazine articles. CRY also featured in 113 online articles.

Headlines from January to April in the press... ‘Pedal of honour’ The Independent Laura Laker completed a Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle with many struggles along the way, and met a group of riders completing the same challenge to raise money for CRY. Published 19 January 2020

‘Electrical faults that can be fatal’ Daily Mail (Scotland) This article discussed young sudden cardiac death and included insight from CRY Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma. Published 21 January 2020

‘Parents raise cash for heart screenings’ The Guardian Written after the BBC Inside Out feature on CRY, this article discussed CRY’s aim to establish a national screening programme and included insight from Professor Mary Sheppard and Professor Sharma on their work and the importance of diagnosing young people who may be at risk. Published 27 January 2020

Online... ‘Brain surgeon’s Cambridge graduate son, 24, died of sudden heart failure in pool’ Daily Mail, 16 January 2020 Dominic Hamlyn died suddenly while swimming, and this article provided some information on CRY’s screening programme and efforts to prevent these tragedies. Read online at

‘Cottam family’s annual Christmas lights display raises over £14,000 for charity’ Lancashire Evening Post, 30 January 2020 Mark Tipping, his wife Nicola and their children Sam, Joe, and Isaac put on a Christmas light display at their house and raised over £14,000 for charities, and donated some of their fundraising to CRY. Read online at

‘“Tireless” efforts of family helps heart charity buy £25k van to screen 50,000 young people’ The Sentinel, 14 March 2020 David and Sue Hughes raised further funds in memory of their son, Daniel, to pay for a new CRY screening van. Read online at

For links to online, press, television and radio coverage related to CRY and young sudden cardiac death visit


Raising Awareness Week -- 14th to 22nd November 2020

Raising awareness of CRY and its objectives can be as easy as a click of a button, printing or ordering posters to display, liking or sharing a post on our social media pages and sharing YouTube videos CRY have produced. This all helps to raise awareness and save young lives. Through raising awareness of these conditions, the public, medical and sporting communities will be alerted to the symptoms that can lead to a young sudden cardiac death, as well as the potential risks that these conditions carry for an asymptomatic population. CRY’s Raising Awareness Week is a great time to get involved and make a difference in whatever way works best for you.

The 2020 CRY Great Cake Bake We are excited to announce the CRY Great Cake Bake will take place on the 20th November 2020, so save the date, get your creative thinking caps on, and get ready for another fantastic year of raising awareness through baking. 2019 was a record-breaking year for the CRY Great Cake Bake, as we raised over £38,000 with over 100 people signing up for Great Cake Bake packs! For this year’s event, you can once again expect our fabulous recipe booklet, games ideas and competitions, with more to be announced as we get closer to the date. If you would like to hear about any updates and how to get involved, you can fill out the interest form on the CRY website here:


Issue 81 | January to April 2020

CRY Update 81 January to April 2020 Our Fundraisers By fundraising for CRY you will be helping to: • subsidise CRY’s national cardiac screening programme • fund CRY’s bereavement support programme to provide counselling and support to affected families • support research into young sudden cardiac death (YSCD) • develop the myheart Network to support young people living with cardiac conditions • provide all CRY literature and information free of charge • develop the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP), and the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology

The involvement of our fundraisers has been crucial to helping CRY raise awareness about YSCD. Whether you are carrying out your own activity or taking part in an organised event such as the London Marathon or the Great North Run, remember that CRY will always support your effort with posters, sponsor forms and other resources. If you would like to join our fundraisers, CRY also offers a range of fundraising challenge events, including parachute jumps, white water rafting and a selection of trekking and cycling events.

For further information please call the CRY office on 01737 363222 or visit All your help is greatly appreciated.

Visit for more information or contact the CRY office for a fundraising ideas pack.

Our Patrons

Our Mailings

The urgency of CRY’s mission and the quality of our work has compelled many high-profile personalities to give their time to become CRY Patrons. For more information visit

Sir Ian Botham OBE

Honorary President of CRY “It is not just athletes who are at risk of these heart disorders – it can happen to anyone. The problem has been swept under the carpet for too long and there have been too many excuses. I am a parent and a grandparent and I want to know that my kids and grandkids will be screened as a matter of course. It’s the only way we can prevent these sudden deaths occurring.”

Current Patrons of CRY: Rob Andrew MBE • John Barrowman MBE • Jeremy Bates • Ben Brown • Clive Clarke • Jack Clifford • James Cracknell OBE • Nick Easter • Jonny Evans • Baroness Ilora Finlay • Simon Halliday • Kathryn Harries • Michael Hoey • John Inverdale • Tom James MBE • Pat Jennings OBE KSG • Rob Key • Gary Longwell • Pixie Lott • Emily Maitlis • Graeme McDowell MBE • Lee Mears • Bill Neely • Lawrence Okoye • Phil Packer MBE • Sir Steve Redgrave CBE • Vincent Regan • Joe Root • Andy Scott • Roger Taylor MBE • Professor Gaetano Thiene • Gregor Townsend MBE • Andrew Triggs-Hodge MBE • Andrew Trimble • David Walliams • Alison Waters • Matt Wells • Sir Clive Woodward OBE

There are many different ways you can donate to CRY. Online and cheque donations are the most popular methods, and we also accept credit/debit card donations over the phone.

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Our Mission When Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) was founded in 1995 it was the first organisation to draw attention to the range of conditions that can cause young sudden cardiac death (YSCD). Every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions. These conditions include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and other diseases of the heart muscle, as well as electrical heart disorders which can lead to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). CRY aims to reduce the frequency of YSCD through raising awareness amongst the general public and medical community, providing expert cardiac pathology, improving early diagnosis through screening, supporting young people diagnosed and funding research. 1 in 300 young people CRY tests will have a potentially lifethreatening heart condition. CRY believes cardiac screening should be available to all young people aged between 14 and 35.

Registered Charity No. 1050845

CRY also works to guide and support families and close friends affected by YSCD. We provide information to explain what the coroner does, bereavement support, help with NHS referrals and advice on the procedures that usually follow a YSCD. In 80% of cases of young sudden cardiac death there are no prior

We are very proud that over 80p in every £1 we spend goes into supporting CRY’s key aims. Without the fantastic support we receive this wouldn’t be possible.

symptoms of a heart defect. CRY publishes a range of medical information written by leading cardiologists that is easy to understand and made available to the public free of charge. For detailed information about cardiac conditions and CRY’s range of literature visit medical-information

Fundraising Awareness 15.2% Governance 14.3% 2.2% Support 8.2%

Screening 37%

Research 23.1%

CRY is grateful for grants or donations from trusts and foundations. We would like to thank the following for the generous support they have given us:

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A & R Woolf Charitable Trust • Aubrey Orchard-Lisle Charitable Trust • The Brian Shaw Memorial Trust • Borrows Charitable Trust • The Cantiacorum Foundation • Carval Foundation • The Cecil Rosen Foundation • Charles Littlewood Hill Trust • The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust • Childwick Trust • CMS Cameron McKenna Foundation • Cosaraf Foundation • Doris Field Charitable Trust • The Edith Murphy Foundation • G C Gibson Charitable Trust • G M Morrison Charitable Trust • Gawthorn Cardiac Trust • Hasluck Charitable Trust • James Tudor Foundation • The Lady Forester Trust • Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund • The Mabel Harper Charitable Trust • The May Gibson Charitable Trust • The Rachel & David Barnett Charitable Trust • The Samuel Storey Family Charitable Trust • The Schroder Charity Trust • Sir John Sumner’s Trust • Sir Robert Gooch Charitable Trust • St Christopher Health Fund • The Stanley Grundy Foundation • Tudor Foundation Inc • Vernon N Ely Charitable Trust

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