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One of the most beautiful ways to express love, is through the music.

Hamza Castro

© David Zaafra “Hamza Castro blowing Ney - II”

Hamza Castro is the key that opens the way for culture, in connection with life, the essence and spirituality. Culture represents the progress of knowledge that flows spontaneously.


Hamza Castro, born in Granada, is the main artist of this project. Hamza is a self-taught musician and he perfoms his own compositions. He was taught by the best musicians of Turkish Ney as Abdelouahed Senhaji, Dr. Oruรง Guvenc, Ahmed and Omar Faruk Tekbilek Sahin, who have made a profound transmission of Ney, was fascinated, not only by the instrument, even it`s represent spiritually.


© David Zaafra “Hamza Castro blowing Ney - I”


Mevlana Rumi defines Ney, who appears in his poems, like "Perfect Man". The Ney represents the maturation of the human condition, ego purification and refinement of the heart. The Ney feels the pain of separation from the reed, like the "Perfect Man" misses its origin. The Ney is the essential instrument of Sufi music. Along with the Japanese flute (shakuhachi), the Ney is considered one of the most difficult instruments to blow air in the world.


RO & GROUP de Granada a Istanbul

Company: Caravan Culture Events

Synopsis:Musical entertainment and cultural event promoted by Caravan Culture Events. This is a show that brings together established artists and musicians who make up essentially a music recital and art through a careful staging, which will transport the audience on a journey from west to east. Attend this show can become an unusual experience.


Recital: from Granada to Istanbul

Duration: 1h. 30 min Rating: all audiences.


Type of show: Hamza Castro in his show fuses East with West. The study of cultures, musical innovation and synergy are the hallmarks of an exclusive original show. World music: flamenco, classical, Sephardic, Arabic and Celtic to create a unique musical and cultural trends. The show featuring musicians and artists from various disciplines such as Flamenco (guitar, singer and dancer), classical (cello, piano) and percussion. A stage with a high cultural content, originality, depth of its meaning, and the important contribution and artistic significance of his collaborators and musicians. A work that seeks to clearly show the flow and exchange of art, philosophy, mysticism and Alรกndalus culture that evoking senses and moved to a world of sensations.


Artist and musicians: Hamza Castro -Ney Miguel Ángel González - Piano Gustavo Cascón - Cello Luis Vives Balaguer - Percussion Isabel Madrid – Flamenco Dancer Aroa Palomo – Flamenco Singer Kiki Corpas - Guitar Nuria Benito - Dervishe


These musical and artistic feature the illustrious collaboration of artists and musicians in the genre flamenco and world music.

Hamza Castro (Ney) He has participated in numerous national and international festivals, concerts and recitals. Also in a intuitive music therapy recitals.

Among the many festivals, concerts, recitals and collaborations include:


Concert at the Palace of Congresses of Tarragona (Cataluña, Spain), festival of cultures: kaman-nawabi in Isabel la Católica theater in Granada (Andalusia, Spain), 1th Festival Sufi-Soul (Kall, Germany), 3 Concertsrecitals (Dusseldorf, Germany), International Festival of cities of the world "Caravan of love" Sheyn Hassan dick (Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Caceres, Cordoba, Granada, Alicante, Mallorca, Denia, and Perpignan, France), Presentation of the Festival of Sufi-Fez in the Music Palau in Barcelona (Cataluña, Spain), 7th International Festival des Musiques Andalouses 2010 (Casablanca, Morocco), Concerts of Ramadan. City of Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey), Luna mora´s festival 2011, 15th anniversary Concert Guaro (Malaga, Spain), Festival "beats of spirituality". Poetry and music in the convents (Granada, Spain), and “Federico García Lorca house" (Valderubio, Granada).

Miguel Ángel Gonzalez (Piano)


Miguel Ángel González studied at the Jhoann Strauss School inGranada during seven years. Later he was in the Royal Music Conservatory Victoria Eugenia in Granada. Miguel Ángel González has been in shows such as the rhythm of the room and measure for Madrid or in the Zaidin Music festival in Granada, as well as many collaborations with chorus all around Granada. Early in the year two thousand starts at the Education Teaching Musical Faculty in Granada where he learned new concepts about music. Then, start a new project with Avenue, a band of eight musicians doing good southern rock and Latin songs. It was there where he did his first commercial recording. At the end of Avenue group was a few years devoted to the study about sound recording and editing, and dedicated professionals to live concerts. While composing his own songs and working on side projects, has created custom music for radio and cinema.

Gustavo Cascon (Cello) Gustavo Casc贸n begins his studies of cello in the Professional music Conservatory in Ferrol (Galicia-Spain) during eleven years. He continued the average degree and he finished in the A Coru帽a Conservatory in the north of Spain where later he would receive the rank medium in 2007 and he get the hight level cello inGranada in 2012.

Gustavo has become part of the quartet "Solus", which has been runner-up in the contest of Caja Madrid for young musicians.


Gustavo Cascon has realised courses with cello professional recognized prestige like Peter Thieman, Adolph Gutierrez, Asier Pole, Mario Brunello, Klaus Hainz, David Etheve, Luis Zorita or Juan Antonio Almarza. Participated in other thematic courses for technical Alexander, psychology and education with Jan Coek as a tool for the development of the talent. At the same time, he was an active member in orchestral ensembles as young orquesta of Galicia, the youth orchestra of Euskal Herria, young Orchestra of Castilla y Leon in Spain, Orquesta Gaos, City Orchestra of asset and Orchestra S. XXI being directed by managers of prestigious reputation. He has also been in sound recordings as "Lela" with the international soprano Cristina Gallardo and Fernando Briones.

Luis Vives Balaguer (Percussion) Luis Vives Balaguer started their incursion into the world of musical performance through the rhythm to the age of nine in his ville in Castellon (ValenciaSpain). Luis Vives Balaguer, their 35 years, has always been in cash advance training, both in music conservatoires as in specialized classes in various branches of the drums: Jazz, old music, modern drum, percussion, east African, ethnic, classical and contemporary percussion.


He works in the teaching area with the music more than ten years experience as a teacher in music academies, as Benicassim in Castellon , Atarfe or Santa Fe in Granada. Luis has worked in many orchestras and bands of wind-percussion, as well as with early music formations and other such as Luzanda Abril (pop), Tejaviva (piano-percussion) or Fluxus proyect (project on the basis of fluxus art).

Isabel Madrid (Dancer)


Isabel Madrid was born in Germany, daughter of immigrant parents, began dancing at an early age. She began her studies of Spanish Dance at the Royal Music and Dance conservatory in Madrid, ending at the Dance conservatory "Reina Sofia" in Granada. At thirteen she began working professionally in the Spain ballet dances. At the same extended her training with various professionals as “La Yerbagüena”, Israel Galván, Farruquito, Rafaela Carrasco, José Granero and Paco Romero, among others. After her time with the Spain ballet dances collaborated in various companies, among which the Alhambra ballet and Taracea Ballet who made ​national and international shows.Among many of their actions, the most prestigious the starred in the great event Ryder Cup in 1997 and served in the Royal Spanish and British houses. In 1998, Isabel Madrid starred in the film directed by Maria Pages "Wind From the Moon" at the International Music and dance Festival in Granada. She has shared the stage with celebrities and personalities such as Aurora Vargas, Pansequito, Remedios Amaya, Niño Pura, José el de la Tomasa, Manuel Soler or Chiquetete. Between 2006 and 2009 directed and produced her own show "Lorca, extraordinary creature." Premiered at the Manuel de Falla auditorium in Granada, where she has covered the most important places in Andalusia. This show was declared cultural interest having a big hit with critics and audiences last year.

Aora Palomo (Singer)


Aroa Palomo is a flamenco singer of much reputation in the flamenco music. It has received classes of sings and vocal technique in the Flamenco Superior School Art, guided by the prestigious flamenco singers Juan Pinilla and David Sorroche. Also, she has received classes of song with Fernando Rodriguez. In 2008, she distributed a course of Delegation in which it acquired knowledge of the best Andalucia teachers like Calixto Sanchez, Maite Martin, Peels, the Yeye of Cadiz and Arcángel. She has participated in Flamenco festivals in Granada, Murcia, Jaén, Cadiz, Malaga, Barcelona and Italy, among others. In addition, she has shared scene with great flamenco figures like Jose Mercé and Juan Peña " El Lebrijano". In 2004, she records, along with other flamenco singers, the" Flamenco Young person in Granada" disc realised by the Culture Granada delegation. Prizes: - Finalist of Montes Festival in Granada (2006) - Semifinal in the singer Mines Union Festival in Granada (2007) - 1st prize and Grape of Silver in the Contest Flamenco sings of Jumilla City (2008) - 3th prize in the Contest of Sings “the Volaera” in Granada (2008) - 2nd prize in the Contest of Sings Flamenco of Ardales in Malaga (2009).

Kiki Corpas (Guitar) Kiki Corpas was born in Loja (Granada) on 15 July 1981, in the heart of a Flamenco family. Began to play the guitar to the eight years, with self-up to the fifteen years when he met the music professor and guitarist Sergio Lopez, which he began in the first line of Flamenco music. Later he was taught by distinguished teachers of flamenco guitarist Juan Maya Marote, Juan Habichuela and Alberto Fernandez. Later, through Alfredo Arrebola, learn all the shades and the different styles to play flamenco. Kiki Corpas has worked in most of the European geography as Belgrade, Switzerland, France or Croatia. He has been in great theaters all over Spain sharing cartel with singers like Calixto Sánchez, José Galán, el Cabrero, Maite Martín. He is a very guitarist required to support the sing for his pure touch and clean, he has been brought to act on the most important flamenco groups in Spain.


He has also made ​Flamenco recordings with Alfredo Arrebola, "Flamenco in the Garcia Lorca´s Poetry", "My flamenco feelings" with Ana Serralbo and "Flamenco Poetry" with Antonio Boner Sinclair. Prizes: 1st Prize concert flamenco guitar Costa Granada International Festival. 3 rd Prize concert flamenco guitar Manuel Cano in Granada.

Nuria Benito (Dervishe) Nuria Benito was born in Madrid and begins to perform the sacred dance of turning dervishe in Madrid.

She has participated in numerous cultural events and meetings as spinner. Among the highlights: Intercultural meeting in the St. Fransisco de AsĂ­s Basilica in Madrid. Concert S. Hassan Dyck in San Martin de Valdeiglesias in Madrid Meetings Dhiker S. Burhanuddin Hermann in Murcia, Madrid and Cordoba.


Nuria Benito has also taught drawing at the Gestalt Psychology Institute in Madrid and participated in the Tour North A. Dede of Vitoria, Santander and Lleida.




Hamza Castro, born in Granada, is the main artist of this project. Hamza is a self-taught musician and he perfoms his own compositions. He w...