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What is Esphera? Esphera is a high performance software platform for the integration, visualization and Interactive analysis of massive 3D information, built on the expertise of world-known 3D and GIS experts. Esphera is a new generation of 3D technology taking advantage of the most recent graphics hardware capabilities and 3D software standards to achieve unprecedented data exploration and exploitation capabilities. The Esphera team includes main developers of leading-edge 3D products like Google Earth, ESRI’s ArcGlobe, OSG and gvSIG 3D.

Data integration in Esphera Conventional platforms working with spatial data (Computer Aided Design –CAD- and Geographic Information Systems –GIS-) have severe limitations to integrate real time and massive 3D data within a georeferenced context. Thanks to the use of multi-resolution and hardware acceleration techniques, Esphera can integrate CAD and GIS data with the most modern LiDAR sensors to generate amazingly detailed 3D scenes. Its support for real-time vehicle position and geo-projected video makes Esphera the ideal environment for emergency monitoring and command and control centres.

Esphera Integration Platform

CAD data integration

GIS data integration

LiDAR data Integration and analyis

Real-time Geo-projected video integration

Panoramic images

Vehicle tracking

Esphera in infrastructure management Esphera is the ideal platform to manage infrastructures’ 3D information from design to maintenance through the construction process itself. LiDAR systems and other sensors provide a fast and precise way to capture 3D information from an existing or under-construction infrastructure. Esphera analysis tools and the integration of images and video can be used to inventory infrastructure elements, detect critical changes and evaluate maintenance priorities.

Esphera in safety and defense Integrating georeferenced information from different sources in real time is essential for surveillance, emergency response and coordination of operations in a variety of sectors.

Within command and control centres, Esphera provides a detailed and real-time view of all information available in the field from manned and unmanned sensors.

Specifications Supported data formats  Vector GIS data. ESRI Shapefile, ESRI ArcSDE, MapInfo (tab and mid/mif), GML, KML, PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, etc. See full list in  GIS raster data (imagery, terrain). GeoTIFF, Erdas Imagine, SDTS, ECW, MrSID, JPEG2000, DTED, NITF, Web Map Service, etc. See full list in  LiDAR data. LAS 1.2 y menor, LAS 1.3 excepto formas de onda  Remote video sources. Estándares: TCP, UDP, Gopher, HTTP, RTP, RTSP y SDP. Protocolos de Apple, RealMedia, Adobe y Microsoft.

Requirements  Esphera is available for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian and others), Microsoft Windows y Apple MacOS. Soon available for mobile devices (Android, iOS).  Esphera requires a multi-core processor, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) and an OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card (at least at NVIDIA 240 performance level).

Alvaro J. Samper

Esphera ingles mini 11 2013  

Company Dossier

Esphera ingles mini 11 2013  

Company Dossier