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Fall 2021 Here you will find some of Norway’s leading contemporary authors.


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Hannah Bjørgaas

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE CITY Hanna Bjørgaas is a biologist who spends her days among the penguins and whales in the Antarctic, one of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. The tourists she guides pay immense sums to travel there and encounter nature as they will never experience it anywhere else in the world. Or will they? Here is the starting-point for her project: to walk out of her door and take a non-judgemental interest in the nature she encounters over the course of a year. Can she experience nature in the city? The majority of Europe’s population live in towns or densely populated areas, and city nature is the nature most people will encounter. Byens hemmelige liv 130x205 / 240 pages


In this book, Bjørgaas tracks down the most fascinating specialist knowledge available to us about the species and nature in cities. But the book is also a declaration of love to the biologists and experts who share their knowledge with commitment and enthusiasm.

AU T U M N 2021

Hanna Bjørgaas holds an MA in biology from the University of Oslo and additional education in outdoor life. With her competence from biology’s traditional disciplines, such as botany and ornithology, she works with communication and interdisciplinary collaborations, for instance with architects and artist. Bjørgaas has a wide and varied experience in conveying the joy of nature to others. She has worked as a tourist guide in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. She has held several field courses and guided trips focusing on plants, fungi and lichen for institutions and organisations such as the University of Oslo and the Norwegian collective organization for biodiversity. She has also worked with small-scale farmers in Brazil, written several popscience articles, and contributed to arrange conferences on ecology and farming. Biology has become more of an obsession than a vocation for Bjørgaas, who admits to feeling a bit naked without a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass hanging at her neck. Rights sold to: Canada (Greystone Books)


Excerpt from The Secret Life of the City

I have always lived in the city, and I love it. It’s where I feel at home – where I have friends and work and good opportunities for hanging out. The centre of Trondheim, where I grew up, was full of nagging seagulls, and dandelions that we’d plait into wreaths. But nature – that felt like something far away. And I became fascinated by it, and my fascination led me to studying biology, which led to fieldwork, excursions, and very often work out in the wilderness. Biology led me to many of the world’s most untouched places, where I walked round – my eyes like saucers and ears like conch-shells – binoculars and loupe at the ready, ready to absorb every impression, learn and understand. Why had I never devoted the same amount of time and effort to the nature in the city I lived in?


SæTRE & ø s tl i


DEN NYE SI M E N S æ TR E & kj eti l øs tl i

FISKEN Om temmingen av laksen

og a lt d e t f o r u n d e r l ig e s o m f u l g te

Den nye fisken 130x205 mm / 368 pages

Kjetil Østli og Simen Sætre


A global history of salmon farming In the early 1970s, a group of scientists wanted to make more food for the world. They looked to the sea. They sampled genes from 41 Norwegian and Swedish rivers, and designed a salmon that was fatter, more docile, and faster growing. This was the beginning of a new industry, salmon farming. The industry spread from coastal Norway to Scotland, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Chile, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. Jobs were created, business boomed, salmon farmers became filthy rich. A new type of food, the salmon sushi, spread across the world. But as soon as the new fish was let loose in nature, unexpected things started to happen. Wild salmon stocks disappeared, diseases spread in the salmon farms, salmon louse swarmed, and the new industry became highly contested.

In a prizewinning, five-year investigation, the authors Simen Sætre and Kjetil Østli now take a closer look at the global salmon industry. For the first time, the whole story of salmon farming has been told. The result combines nature writing from Norwegian fjords with classical muckraking and character-driven literary nonfiction. The authors start out with a question: What happens when you place a new animal in the fjords? This book is the answer. ‘I am wildly excited. This book will leave a mark.’ KJERSTI SANDVIK, FISHING REPORTER AND AUTHOR ‘Entertaining insight into an industrial adventure, but unfortunately as depressing as losing a big salmon.’ BÅRD TUFTE JOHANSEN, COMEDIAN AND ANGLER


Kjetil Østli (b. 1975) is a journalist and author. He co-runs the online magazine Harvest, specializing in nature writing. He has received several prizes and awards for his reporting and his four books, and his début Cops and robbers earned him the prestigious Brage Award. Simen Sætre (b. 1974) is an investigative reporter who has been published in many languages. He has written six books, on themes including the international chocolate industry, oil states, and a spy in the Norwegian army. His thought-provoking books have been acclaimed and nominated for prizes.


Excerpt from the Prologue, The New Fish

We thrash about and are a danger to ourselves and to the rest of the life that surrounds us, wrote biologist Edward O. Wilson, who says that today’s world resembles a Star Wars-like civilization with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology. “Apart from the fact that we mostly behave like monkeys and have a limited life expectancy, we are godlike,” Wilson writes. With this kind of mentality, our intelligence and creative urges can also be our enemy. This is thematized in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In these works, man uses his brain to create something new and innovative – but the results are terrifying. Goethe describes the tragedy of development, where great ambitions for society upset nature’s balance. For Shelley, the new creature ultimately becomes a monster. On the other side of this cautious attitude is the engineer-like optimist; our intelligence has taken us this far – so it can therefore also be our salvation. Problems are solved with new research and innovation. If the air gets too hot, we’ll invent technology to slow down the heating. If the atmosphere is filled with CO2, we’ll capture and purify more CO2. If there are fewer wild animals to eat, we must produce more domestic animals or change our eating habits. And with fewer fish in the ocean, we have to create new fish to eat. Yes, the fish – shouldn’t we also domesticate the fish?


Marta Breen, Jenny Jordahl (ill.)

THE FALL OF THE PATRIARCHY Through history feminists have been ridiculed and harassed all around the World. In the 18th Century well known feminists where decapitated in the guillotines, and in the 19th Century the Suffragettes were thrown in jail. In our time feminist activists are imprisoned in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Feminists are labelled as moody, angry and unattractive. Still, new generations are daring to proudly call themselves feminists.

Patriarkatet faller 198x272 mm / 104 pages

Author Marta Breen and illustrator Jenny Jordahl have through a number of books proved themselves as great communicators when it comes to the history of women. In this book they take the reader for a joyride through the

cultural history of the patriarchy. With a good dose of humour the tell the stories about how men from Aristoteles to Woody Allen has described the world through the male gaze. They tell the stories of the women who through history has fought the oppression – and they rank the world’s worst sexists through times. Join us in finally taking down the patriarchy!

Marta Breen (b. 1976) is a writer, journalist and one of Norway's most profiled feminists. She made her debut in 2006 with the book Girls, Wine and Song, about Norwegian women through times in Music. She has since established her self as a notable non-fiction author. Her book Women in Battle (2018), illustrated by Jenny Jordahl, has been sold to over 20 territories Jenny Jordahl (b. 1989) is an illustrator, designer, blogger and cartoonist. She is well known for her collaborations with feminist writer Marta Breen on books like The F Word and 60 Women You Should've Met. The F Word was awarded the Culture Department's Textbook Award in 2015. She illustrates a regular environmental column for Aftenposten Junior and does her own cartoon series: Life among the animals. Rights sold to: Greece (Papadopoulos Publishing), Japan (Godo-Shuppan), Serbia (Cigoja Stampa), Spain (RBA Libros), Sweden (Natur & Kultur)



Marta Breen /Jenny Jordahl (ill.)

WOMEN IN BATTLE 150 years of freedom, equality and sisterhood

150 years ago, women and men led very different lives. Women could not vote or make their own money. They had no control over their own bodies. The father would make a womans decisions until she was married. Then her husband would take over. This changed when women began to organize. In this book writer Marta Breen and illustrator Jenny Jordahl tell the story about the women´s movements many dramatic battles. Breen and Jordahl have c­ ooperated about a number of book projects, amongst others The F word. 155 reasons to be a feminist a title for which they received the Norwegian Cultural Ministry nonfiction award in 2015, and the bestseller 60 Women you should have known (2016).


Kvinner i kamp 198x272 mm / 128 pages

‘… a combination of a textbook and a manifest, a book that has a mission and also underlines the will to say something with a solid presentation.’ SERIENETT ‘… presents the reader to a playful and whole picture of the cases that has defined the fight for women´s right´s through times. It manages to be a celebration of those who fought the fights, and at the same time remind us to never take these rights for granted.’ EMPIRIX

Rights sold to: Albania (Ejal Publishing), Brazil (Companhia das Letras), Bulgaria (Prozoretz Publishing House), Czech Republic (Argo spol. s r.o.), Denmark (Gyldendal DK), Egypt (Mahrousa), Estonia (Tänapäev), Finland (Sitruuna), France (Larousse), Georgia (Bakur), Germany (Suhrkamp Verlag), Greece (Papadopoulos Publishing), Hungary (Cser Kiado), Iceland (Forlagið), Italy (TRE60 – Mauri), Japan (Godo-Shuppan), Netherlands (Boom Uitgevers), Poland (Sonia Draga), Portugal (Bertrand Editora), Russia (LLC Samokat), Serbia (Cigoja Stampa), South Korea (Hankyoreh Publishing), Spain (RBA Libros), Sweden (Natur & Kultur), Turkey (Yapi Kredi), United Kingdom (Bonnier Books), United States (Little Bee Publishing)



Hilde Østby

THE BIG BELLY BOOK – Seven steps to liking your body

Why should the belly of women preferably be totally flat, when other body parts can be big and voluptuous? Why should the source of life itself, the home of the uterus and digestion, be invisible?

Mageboka – Sju steg mot å like kroppen din 130x205 mm

When journalist and historian Hilde Østby turned 45, she understood that she had been hating her belly for exactly 30 years. This is where the hunt for the origin of the self-contempt started - in neurology, psychology, cultural history and in her own life. Can we find the answer to the riddle in our brain? In the clothing industry? In the Male gaze? On the cover of Fashion Magazines or in the social control between Women? Hilde Østby goes looking for solutions and find surprising answers to the riddle. This book is an anti-dieting book. It is a celebration of life and love, and through seven steps it may even help you to love your body more!

‘Extremely honest, knowledgeable – and funny – about a trauma that I m sorry to say is shared by almost half of the worlds population.’ MARTA BREEN – profiled feminist and author of the book Women in Battle

Hilde Østby (b. 1975) is a historian of ideas, author, journalist and former publishing editor. She made her debut as an author in 2013 with the critically acclaimed novel Encyclopedia of Longing.

Rights sold to: Denmark (EC Edition), Canada/UK/US (Greystone Books)



Hilde Østby and Ylva Østby


The Science and Secrets of Remembering and Forgetting

What makes us remember? Why do we forget? And what, exactly, is a memory? With playfulness and intelligence, Adventures in Memory answers these questions and more, offering an illuminating look at one of our most fascinating faculties. The authors interweave history, research, and exceptional personal stories, taking readers on a captivating exploration of the evolving understanding of the science of memory from the Renaissance discovery of the hippocampus—named after the seahorse it resembles—up to the present day.

Å dykke etter sjøhester En bok om hukommelse 130x205 mm / 288 pages

Filled with cutting-edge research and nimble story­telling, the result is a charming—and memorable —adventure through human memory. Yiva Østby (b. 1979) has a doctorate in neuropsychology from The University in Oslo and is one of N ­ orway's leading experts on how memory functions. Rights sold to: Australia (NewSoth), Azerbaijan (Qanun Publishing House), Canada (Greystone Books), China (SSTE), Denmark (Gyldendal DK), Estonia (Tänapäev), France (Marabout), Germany (Berlin Verlag), Hungary (Kolibri), Italy (Ponte alle Grazie), Netherlands (Balans Uitgeverij), Poland (Marginesy), Republic Of Korea (Minumsa), Russia (Alpina), Spain (Editorial Ariel), Sweden (Norstedts), Turkey (Kaplumbaga Yayinlari), Ukraine (Pabulum), United States (Brilliance)

Hilde Østby

THE KEY TO CREATIVITY Why daydreaming can save the world

What is creativity, really? What drives creativity, and how can we all learn how to be more creative? The Key to Creativity is a book that combines brand new brain research on creativity, the cultural history of c­ reativity and an analysis on society, as well as the experience of a number of creative people. It is a narrative exploration of ­creativity, as well as a criticism of society. It is a counterpart to a society that wants to measure everything, where everyone feels the pressure to perform and become a Kreativitet celebrity. Hjernevitenskapen bak ideene og hvorfor dagdrømmerne skal redde verden 130x205 mm / 304 pages

Rights sold to: Azerbaijan (Alatoran), Canada/UK/US (Greystone Books), Hungary (Park Kiado), Poland (Marginesy), Turkey (Kaplumbaa Kitap)



Dag O. Hessen

LIFE What is life and how did it come about? In Life, Dag O. Hessen tries to build a bridge between the existential wonder we all feel and the prominent scientists who have attempted to give us concrete answers to these vast questions. The result is an ambitious but fittingly unpretentious and engaging tale of the jaw-dropping series of chances that led to the diversity of life on Earth today.

Liv 151x226 mm / 192 pages

Life is a plea to the reader to be grateful for the winning ticket that every one of us has drawn, and a hope that a greater understanding of the millions of flukes that resulted in the planet’s diversity will also give us a stronger motivation to protect it.

Dag O. Hessen



How bad can it get?

70 000 years ago, there existed a species, comprised of scattered populations of a few hundred individuals each, who generally lived peaceful lives in a corner of Africa. Today, that species consists of 9 billion individuals, and it has begun to fundamentally alter the planet. The species in question is us.

Verden på vippepunktet 130x205 / 272 pages

What we are doing to the earth, can be registered on a geological timeline showing hundreds of thousands of years. So extensive are the emissions of climate gases and the reduction in biodiversity that we caused, during only a brief moment in the long history of the earth.

Dag O. Hessen, professor of biology at the University of Oslo, is not one for mincing his words. science, not fearmongering, he explains the contemporary state of nature and climate – and how badly things may turn out. The great risk factor is the different feedback Dag O. Hessen (b. 1956) is a Professor of Biology at the University of Oslo. He is a distinct voice in the debate on topics like evolution, climate, ecology and biology as a way of understanding humanity. He has written many scientific works on themes like ecology and evolution, and has also published a number of popular science books about evolution, biology and the environment. He has received several awards for his promotion of popular science.



Dag O. Hessen

THE COMPASSIONATE ­HUMAN The Compassionate Human is a book that will simply turn you into a better person. It is a biologist's optimistic defence for the good in all of us, in these modern times many find dark and disturbing. When talking about human nature, most of us think of the ability to commit heinous and violent acts, to kill or be killed. In The Compassionate Human author and biologist Dag O. Hessen argues that these mechanisms might more often than not inspire and lead us to do good instead of evil.

Vi Samarbeid – fra celle til samfunn 151x226 mm / 264 pages

Dag O. Hessen


An Unauthorized Biography

There are good reasons for writing this book with the simple title of C, which is the first and unauthorised biography of carbon, life's central element. Most of the life processes within and around us involve carbon in one form or another. Carbon in pure form can be both graphite in a pencil, and diamond. It is also the starting point for most of the synthetic materials which pervade modern life. However, the essence of Dag O. Hessen's story is the lifecycle of carbon, the important balance between photosynthesis and cellular respiration, between building and burning.

C – Karbon En uautorisert biografi 148x180 mm / 264 pages

This book gives us the basis we need for that understanding. It is an informal, wellinformed book written with strong personal commitment by one of Norway's best presenters of research and science. ‘The literary technique is distinctly original. Dag O. Hessen succeeds in creating a piece of accessible literature on the border between science and politics.’ KLASSEKAMPEN

Rights sold to: Switzerland (Kommode Verlag GmbH), United Kingdom (Reaktion Books)



Bjørn H. Samset

2070 The route to avoiding climate change runs from now to 2070. In 50 years’ time, the green revolution must have happened. In 50 years’ time, we must be fossil-free. That’s how simple it is. And yet, so incredibly difficult.

2070 – Alt du lurer på om klimakrisen 151x226 mm / 464 pages

In this book, Samset shows us how we ended up where we are today, explains the models and climate systems we need to grasp, and gives us hope for the road ahead. If we read the expert literature about climate change we’ll find no shortage of material for fire-andbrimstone sermons. But dystopias won’t inspire us to face the future. So this is a climate book that doesn’t deal with worst-case scenarios (although they are mentioned), but focuses instead on offering hope. We’re taken on a journey to 2070, following one of the routes we can choose to take to avoid the worst consequences of climate change while also building a sustainable world.

Bjørn H. Samset is a physicist and climate scientist, and is head of research at the CICERO Centre for International Climate Research. Samset is an active science communicator and contributor to the climate debate as well as being a lead writer on the UN Climate Panel and a columnist for Norwegian weekly, Morgenbladet.



Eystein Hodevik

VIRUSES ON THE LOOSE Through carefully selected NORLA stories, the author shows SELECTED TITLE you what a virus is, what SPRING it consists of, how it is 2020 transmitted and how it produces disease. Viruses and humans have coexisted forever, so this journey covers biological evolution, our own bodies, historical events, diagnostics, global politics, genetic material, ethics and biological warfare. The book is also about vaccines, one of our most important weapons in the war against viruses. Producing vaccines is a science in itself and is based on knowledge of how viruses are constructed and produce disease.

Virus på reisefot – En reiseskildring om virus og mennesker 130x205 mm / 176 pages

In this book, you’ll get to know different kinds of viruses: some of the most common, some that are extremely cunning and some that are so dangerous their fatality rate is close to 100%.

Viruses cause contagion by travelling, just as we do, but their journey doesn’t stop there. The way they produce disease inside us can be viewed as a microscopic travelogue. We shall therefore follow some viruses as they travel through our bodies to reach the cells they both hijack and harm. If you are prepared to face up to your fear of viruses, you’ll discover that knowledge of viruses is extremely helpful. In certain situations, it may help you survive and avoid sicknesses like cancer, immunodeficiency, warts, cold sores, shingles and blindness.

Eystein Hellstrøm Hoddevik (b. 1980) is a doctor of internal medicine and pathology, and has a doctorate in molecular biology and neuroscience. He has lived in France, Scotland, Germany and Sweden and has worked as a doctor in the navy, on ships, in the emergency room and at internal medicine departments. He is employed at the Department of Pathology, Oslo University Hospital, and teaches at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. Rights sold to: Serboia (Karpos Books)



Torbjørn Ekelund


The first thing humans did when they climbed down from the trees of the African savannah, 200,000 years ago, was move about. We were nomadic, we had no concept of residence. We walked, and from that the first footpaths emerged. Footpaths came before everything else, before tools, fire, religions and the formation of society. Footpaths appeared and vanished, and new ones came along; myriads of stories, spun around the earth like the thread in a ball of yarn. I dream about footpaths. How many have I walked? Hundreds, maybe thousands. I remember them all, clearer than almost everything else I’ve seen or experienced, better than people I’ve ever met.

Stiens historie En reise til fots 130x205 mm / 192 pages

Torbjørn Ekelund takes the reader on a personal and fascinating journey through the history of the path, from when the first humans migrated north after the last ice age to the organised hiking trails of our time.

History of the Path is a tale of movement and sense of orientation, migration and shortcuts, about the migration routes of birds and animals, about the landscape's significance to our lives, about our inherited need to move around, and about what we have lost in an age where everyone sits in an office, drives a car and navigates using GPS.

Torbjørn Ekelund (b. 1971) is a writer, author and part owner of the online magazine Harvest. He has earlier published the book The Year in the Forrest – A Micro expedition and The Boy and the Mountain.

Rights sold to: Canada (Greystone Books), Catalonia (Símbol Editors), China (China Communications Press), Germany (Piper Verlag), Italy (Ponte alle Grazie), Netherlands (De Geus), Spain (VOLCANO Libros), South Korea (GYOYUDANG)



Torbjørn Ekelund

A YEAR IN THE WOODS A Microexpedition

This is Torbjørn Ekelund's account of spending one night per month alone in the woods throughout 2013. As a boy he used to dream of hazardous expeditions to unmapped regions. At the age of 41 he realised that twelve nights in the nearest wood was the best he could hope for. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. ‘A refreshingly modest style with liberating ­little observations in an appealing low tempo about ­occasional escape from the daily grind.’ DAGBLADET

Året i skogen – En mikroekspedisjon 130x205 mm / 208 pages

Rights sold to: Canada (Greystone Books), Germany (Piper Verlag), Republic Of Korea (Simple Life Publishing)

Torbjørn Ekelund

THE BOY AND THE MOUNTAIN A Journey of Discovery in Norwegian Nature

The Boy and the Mountain is an expedition through Norwegian nature, a conversation between father and son about nature, about traveling outdoors with a backpack and a tent, and abouthow small humanity is faced with nature. In the summer of 1894 a six-year-old boy is lost under the mountain Styggemann in the area of Skrim. Hundreds of people search for him, but the boy is gone without a trace. 122 years later a father and his six-year old son go hiking in the same area. Equipped with a tent and a backpack they walk through thick forest and windy mountain planes. The goal: The top of Styggemann.

Gutten og fjellet En oppdagelsesreise i norsk natur 130x205 mm / 144 pages

Rights sold to: Canada (Greystone Books), Germany (Piper Verlag), Italy (Ponte alle Grazie)



Alf Marius Opsahl

THE CROW MAN Fifteen years ago, a crow landed in Espen Sletteberg’s lap. He and the crow, Hafez, have lived together ever since. From time immemorial, crows have been dogged by myth, which pretty much always deal in death and decay. But for Sletteberg, this is a matter of life and death. So what is it really like living with a crow? This is the first question DN journalist Alf Marius Opsahl poses in his encounter with Espen the Crow Man.

Kråkemannen 125x200 / 144 pages

Alf Marius Opsahl (b. 1976) is a journalist at Norway’s business daily, Dagens Næringsliv. Since 2008 he has worked in the paper’s features department, where he has made a name for himself with his reportage and feature interviews. He previously worked at Dagbladet.



Trygve Riiser Gundersen

HAUGIANERNE The Spirit and the Machine

The preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge and the followers of the Haugean movement are reveared as established heroes in Norwegian history. In 1804 everything looked different. In Haugianerne. The Spirit and the Machine, Trygve Riiser Gundersen takes us back to the era of the revival. Why did the state and the officials react to the religious revival with fear? And where did the fear disappear? The result is a new interpretation of one of the most important phenomena in Norwegian history. But also, an entirely new image of Norway before 1814 – a society characterized by turmoil, oppression, change and resistance. Haugianerne – Ånden og maskinen 151x226 mm

Trygve Riiser Gundersen (b. 1970) is a publishing editor, author, and critic. Riiser Gundersen has researched the Haugean movement and the 18th century cultural history for years and has published works about this topic, on the history of reading in Norway, Norwegian press history and the rise of the Norwegian public before 1814.



Lars Frode Larsen

NANSEN AND THE AIRSHIPS Airships were a potentially liberating project for Fridtjof Nansen. At the same time, they combined the fields of endeavour in which he had been active throughout his life to date. They appealed to the adventurer in him as well as to the humanist and scientist. For the first time, this book tells the tale of Fridtjof Nansen and Aeroarctic. In this pioneering work, Lars Frode Larsen gets to grips with Nansen’s commitment to leading a scientific expedition to the Polar region with airships – a journey that never came to fruition.

Nansen og luftskipene 151x225 mm / 420 pages

It is a dramatic story, a tale rife with complications and tensions at the personal, scientific, financial and political level.

Lars Frode Larsen (b. 1948) is a non-fiction writer and Norway’s foremost Hamsun expert. He earned his PhD in 1998 with a thesis on the young Knut Hamsun. Three years later, he published Radikaleren (The Radical), which deals with Hamsun’s life between 1888 and 1891, and in 2002 came Tilværelsens udlænding (A Foreigner of Existence), about the 1891–1893 period. Larsen is also the editor of Hamsun’s collected works, Samlede verker (2007–).



Tore Rem


The Warrior 1940–1945

The Warrior deals with the 1940-45 period. After struggling to find his feet as the crown prince, Olav finds a role at last. The second volume in the great story of Olav V offers an intimate portrait of the crown prince at war, and the vital contribution he made to Norway’s wartime history. During these years, Olav will have a chance to put himself to the test and make himself useful in totally new ways. Without an understanding of the war and his role in it, it is impossible to grasp King Olav V of Norway – who he was and who he became. The tale of the wartime years of the Norwegian crown prince’s family takes in everyday life, military and political work, love, loss, illness and shopping, and even a touch of humour.

Olav V. Krigeren 1940–1945 151x226 mm / 544 pages.

Tore Rem (b. 1967) is a writer, critic and literary scholar working at the University of Oslo. He has previously published books about Kielland, Ibsen and Dickens.



Tor Åge Bringsværd


Creator, Helper, Trickster, Demon

Tor Åge Bringsværd offers up countless tales about foxes in myths, religion and fairytales. Over three thousand years and across five continents, we follow the trail of the fox in the stories humans tell. The book is a treasure chest of tales – wise, scary, funny, and so captivating that readers will barely notice how much they are learning along the way.

Mikkel – skaper, hjelper, luring og demon

As well as being an uncommonly productive and well-loved author, Tore Åge Bringsværd is a children’s author, dramatist and editor, and one of our foremost communicators of mythology and popular beliefs.

Tor Åge Bringsværd

SACRED ANIMALS Tor Åge Bringsværd´s beautiful, intriguing and critically acclaimed anthologies Woof and Giddy-Up where collections about the cultural history of the dog and the horse. About the animals place in myths, legends and adventures around the globe.

Hellige dyr 170x240 mm / 416 pages

In Sacred Animals he writes about the animals place in the images we have of how everything has come to be. It has become a vital and rich book where Bringsværd in his typical way pours his knowledge and enthusiasm in his presentation and tales of fourteen different holy animals.

Tor Åge Bringsværd (b. 1939) has a considerable body of work. He has received many prizes, including the Critics' Prize, the Riverton Prize, the Aschehoug Prize, the Dobloug Prize, the Riksmål Prize and the Ibsen Prize. His works have been translated into 23 languages and his theatrical pieces have been staged in twelve countries. Bringsværd writes for all ages.



Tor Åge Bringsværd

GIDDY-UP The follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed anthology Woof. This time, the book focuses on the horse as it manifests in myths, legends and fairytales. The horse has been looked up to, admired and respected – as a friend and helper, as the animal of the gods, as a creator and savior, but first and foremost as our indispensable companion. Giddy-up is a fantastical journey through four thousand years and over five continents, written in quiet literary trot or tremendous canter – always spurred on by the curious and exploratory storytelling that is particular to Tor Åge Bringsværd.

HYPP 195x250 mm / 264 pages

Rights sold to:Hungary (Cser Kiado), Poland (Marginesy

Tor Åge Bringsværd

WOOF "God created all the world, heaven and water, moon and sun. He created the human beings and the birds and the animals. But he did not create the dog. He had one already." – Words of Indian wisdom Bringsværd selects his material from religion, philosophy, myths, comics and films – and from all the corners of the world and all times. Most of all, we will learn about the mysterious interconnectedness between two animals, who have wandered on Earth side by side for as long as anyone can remember – the dog and the human being.

VOV 195x250 mm / 224 pages

Rights sold to: Hungary (Cser Kiado), Poland (Marginesy)



Abid Raja

MY GUILT Norwegian Minister of Culture Abid Raja has been called loud, dominant and a poser. But his life has in large parts been the opposite: Hiding pain and the handicap he was born with. Hiding from the violence and the bullying. And hiding his feelings for his one true love. His feeling of guilt – a mixture of shame and fear, has stopped him from acknowledging many of the other feelings he as a person is equipped with. The only thing he at one point was feeling was rage and anger.

Min skyld 130x205 mm / 240 pages

When he, as a grown up, sought help from a female psychologist to find a way to control his temper, she asked him: "Do you have any idea about where this anger comes from? Is there something else in your life that is the real issue that spark this anger?"

This is the brutally honest story about Abid Raja's turbulent journey to rise above his class, his year long fight to be with the woman he loves and the painful liberation from shame, guilt and exclusion.

Abid Q. Raja (b. 1975) is a lawyer, a social thinker and a Venstre (Liberal) Party politician. He organised the Dialogue Meetings and, in 2009, founded the think tank Minotenk. In 2010, his work was rewarded with the Free Word Prize.


‘Everyone should read My Guilt by Abid Raja. …Read My Guilt because it is ruthlessly honest and exposing about growing up as an immigrant in Norway. And because Abid’s fate might make us all, immigrants as well as ethnic Norwegians, a little bit wiser. About the Norwegian society, about upbringing and last but not least about the difficult conditions of love in these environments.’ NETTAVISEN ‘Abid Raja has undoubtedly delivered a book of purpose and meaning, both well written and engaging – with an openness that must have cost him a lot.’ BOK365 ‘Abid Raja’s autobiography is a tale about violence, shame and a life of eternal conflict between the expectations of others and one’s own dreams. …The Norwegian Minister of Culture Abid Raja fully opens up about the pain he has experienced.’ VG A deeply moving and honest autobiography. One of the most important books that have been written about growing up between two cultures in Norway. MORGENBLADET


Kristin Leer


Seven Roads to Fresh Understanding

ADHD – 7 veier til ny forståelse 140x210 mm / 232 pages

ADHD is often defined as a psychiatric disorder, but physician and author Kristin Leer, who has ADHD herself, as well as children with ADHD, cannot see ADHD as the diagnosis of a disease. For the author, it was a relief to find out that she had ADHD. Had she realised earlier that the cause of so many challenges and sorrows – at school, in her professional career, in personal relationships – could be summed up in four simple initials, she would have been spared much frustration and anxiety. ADHD is something you can live with. What’s more, it can sometimes have some surprisingly positive sides. However, ADHD may also make life feel like an uphill struggle, and the range of functional impairments can be extensive.

The book offers a new perspective on how to understand ADHD, reviews diagnostic criteria and treatments, and offers excellent everyday coping strategies. A better life is possible when ADHD is diagnosed than when it isn’t.

Kristin Leer studied medicine in Warsaw and did her residency at Oslo University Hospital, Aker. This is where she discovered her interest in psychiatry and abandoned her dream of becoming a surgeon. Kristin is a specialist in psychopharmacology and psychiatry, has extensive experience of addiction psychiatry and has taught nurses, and community and social workers about ADHD.



Cecilie Benneche

WHAT DO YOU FEEL NOW? Our emotions are natural, yet we humans have long tended to think and manage ourselves away from them. It seems far from natural to us to experience what we’re actually feeling – or grasp who our emotions are directed at. In this book, you’ll learn to clear away some of the obstacles blocking your emotions and allow your feelings to ‘run off’ on their own, without you having to think about them so much. It will free up your strength and create inner peace.

Hva føler du nå? 130x205 mm

Cecilie Benneche is a psychologist. She communicates information on various mental health-related topics through articles and lectures, answers questions in Psykisk helse magazine, and leads the denfølelsen project.



Kjersti Kvam

THE GET-TO-KNOW-EACHOTHER BOOK In The Get-to-Know-Each-Other Book you get a toolbox full of good questions and "icebreakers" that you can use in your everyday life. It will help you to get to know both yourself and the people around you in an informal and fun way. The book contains 300 questions that will kick-start the good conversation, divided into chapters on different situations you might find yourself in. Some of them can overlap and be divided into smaller categories in a dynamic way.

Bedre kjent-boka 130x205 mm / 112 pages

To feel a connection with other people is important in life. From the time we are born, we attach to parents, siblings and other family. After that we attach to friends, partners and colleagues – and in many situations also get to know people you have never before met. But how well do you know the people around you? Who are the people you are surrounded by? And how much do you really know about them? An honest response: Not much.

Families gather around the dinner table with their phones on, before leaving for different activities. Friend topics like love and football are looping. People who have been working together for years knows nothing about their close colleagues, apart from some of them being extremely annoying in meetings. And when we meet new people, we tend to talk about the weather. The same goes for weddings, religious ceremonies, and birthdays, where several generations meet in solemn expectation, in their nicest clothes and new shoes. We might not have seen these people in a long time, you might feel timid, and a bit left out standing there in your finest. At that time, it can be hard to start a conversation.

Kjersti Kvam is a journalist and author, renowned for being a wizard in social settings and engaging conversations. For the time being she also works as a host for the psychological conversation podcast called Summa Summarum.



Annabelle Stefanussen

PEACEMAKING IN THE HOME Annabelle Stefanussen used to be an authoritarian mother to her children and everyday life was full of stress and conflicts. She managed to change and launched the concept of Peacemaking in the home. In this book, she will teach you clear and friendly communication, giving you simple tools for resolving family conflicts. People who want to be right and win will lose their good relationships whereas those who are humble and admit their mistakes will win the hearts of others. Fredsarbeid i heimen 148x210 mm / 176 pages

Annabell Stefanussen is a trained gestalt therapist, counsellor, conflict manager and organisational developer at Norsk Gestaltinstitutt AS. She has worked as a therapist and counsellor for parents and couples, and has been employed as a counsellor for managers and employees at various municipalities in Northern Norway. Annabell Stefanussen teaches parents across Norway via her online course ‘Fredsarbeid i heimen’ (Peace Work in the Home).



Cecilie Thunem-Saanum

WINTER BATHING Why are more and more people choosing to submerge themselves in ice-cold water in midwinter? To don mittens and bobble hats and feel chunks of ice sloshing against their naked flesh? The author, who’s in her eight year of year-round bathing, tells you what you need to know before, during and after winter bathing, and uses science and her own experience to answer questions like: Is it safe? Can anyone go winter bathing? What happens inside your body?

Vinterbading 170x240 mm / 168 pages

In Winter Bathing, she invites you to join her in the open channels between the ice when the temperatures are well below freezing and long after the frost has taken hold. In the water, an experience of profound peace, a clarified mind and great wellbeing await you. On land, an energy boost, a rush of joy and a sense of achievement await you – along with a towel and dry clothes.

Cecilie Thunem-Saanum has held various management positions in the areas of marketing and business management in the travel and cultural sectors. Since 2004, she has worked as a course leader and lecturer, as well as a mentor and consultant on communication and time management. Her client list includes senior executives and taxi drivers, and both public and private sector organisations. Thunem-Saanum is an experienced winter swimmer who has taken more than 400 icy dips since 2014. Regardless of her role, she always lives by the same principle: ‘Do more of what you believe in. Believe more in what you’re doing.’



Hungry Boys (Magnus Liøkel, Ole Kristian Samuelsen)


Food We Make When We Have Guests at our Table

The first time the Sultne gutter (Hungry Boys) met, they shared a beefburger. Since then, they’ve shared pretty much everything and have rapidly become a huge hit on Instagram. In Sharing, they offer us their recipes for the food they serve up when they have guests at their table. Food tastes better when it’s shared.

På deling – mat vi lager når vi har folk til bords 195x250 mm / 224 pages

Here are 12 tables’ worth of food that can be shared among four or five people – or as they put it: unfussy recipes and fancy table settings. Sharing contains stand-alone texts about the Hungry Boys’ background and food philosophy, as well as recipes for around 70 dishes. The food they make is inspired by Italian, French and Norwegian cuisine.

Sultne Gutter (Hungry Boys) started as an Instagram account in 2019 where Ole Kristian Samuelsen and Magnus Liøkel shared recipes that would result in a rapid growth of followers. Today they host their own tvseries on the food channel Matkanalen and has launched a new digital takeaway restaurant. Ole Kristian Samuelsen (b.1993) in The far north of Norway. He has had a career with the boy band Ekko Ekko and studied finance at the Norwegian Business School. Magnus Liøkel is (b. 1989) in Kongsvinger. He studied law and worked as a lawyer for the Norwegian Armed Forces before he moved to Oslo and started working as a content writer. Ole and Magnus met in Oslo during spring 2017, where they now live together.



Trine Sandberg

TRINE’S FOOD FOR YOUNG COOKS Trine Sandberg believes children should be allowed into the kitchen to make the food they like to eat. This book inspires the family’s 10–16-year-olds to spend more time at the kitchen counter, making food for themselves and their family.

Trines kokebok for unge kokker 195x250 mm / 240 pages

The book contains 50–60 recipes for children and young people. The dishes are designed to ensure that the household’s young cooks can make the food alone – everything from snacks to dinners and cakes.

The recipes are divided into four main sections. In After School, you’ll find toast, wraps, salads and other yummy stuff to tickle your tastebuds after a long day at school. The leftovers can be saved for packed lunches or eaten when you’re training. The Dinner chapter contains delicious food that’s fun to serve up to the whole family. The Friday Fun chapter includes classics like tacos and pizza, as well as vegetarian food like summer rolls. The Cake chapter appeals to anyone with a love of baking and a sweet tooth.

Trine Sandberg wanted to pass on the family recipes to her daughters when they moved away from home. That was the start of her food blog She is now one of Norways best-selling writer of cookery books.



Martine Sletmoen

SKILLEBEKK SOURDOUGH Skillebekk Sourdough is a delightful and inspiring book about how to successfully make the most delicious sourdough baked goods in a simpler way. It contains recipes for traditional bread, bread for special occasions, rolls, noknead bread, pizza, cakes and snacks – all made from sourdough. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to make the most fantastic patterns on your baked goods.

Skillebekk surdeig med enkle oppskrifter og flotte mønstre 195x250 mm / 248 sider

This beautiful, unique decoration is what Skillebekk sourdough is best known for. The book offers you ideas about how to make individual and personalised bread. Why not take along a loaf instead of flowers or wine next time you’re invited to dinner by friends? This sourdough book demonstrates simple sourdough techniques, offering both wide variety in what you can bake using sourdough and simple steps that will let you to make the most fantastic patterns.

Martine Sletmoen lives in Skillebekk in Oslo, where she shares sourdough baking tips and tricks through her Instagram account @skillebekksurdeig. Through social media, she has garnered massive interest from followers nationwide in Norway and receives daily messages from people who have tried to get started with sourdough but never had any success until they followed her simple guidance. Martine also has her own series on the Food Channel, Surdeigskolen (Sourdough School), whose first episode racked up 125,000 unique viewers in the first week alone.





Gry Hammer

FROM FIELD TO PLATE Do you want to live a healthy, sustainable life? Make the best food from scratch? Take care of your gut health? Then this is the book for you! From Field to Plate contains Gry Hammer’s complete food philosophy, along with 100 recipes based on traditional cuisine. You’ll learn to make food that retains the delicious flavours and health-giving properties of the ingredients.

Fra jord til bord 170x240 mm / 208 pages

There are recipes for breads, sandwich toppings and fillings, meat and fish dinners, vegetarian dishes and sweet stuff. There’s no ultra-processed food here: everything is lovingly prepared to conserve the flavour and health-giving properties of the ingredients. The book also contains a guide to ingredients, seasonal menus and recipes for traditional conservation methods such as pickling, salt-curing and fermentation. Read this book to give yourself and the earth a new spring!

Gry Hammer is enthusiastic about food. She is a blogger, a writer and a guru on fermented food and broth. She lectures and runs courses on fermentation and traditional food culture and was awarded the prestigious food prize Matprisen 2017 as the best blogger. She is mother of four children.



Christer Rødseth

CHRISTER SAVES THE WEEKDAYS In this appetising cookbook, star chef Christer Rødseth has collected all his very best everyday recipes – the food he eats himself on a perfectly ordinary Tuesday. Christer thinks life is too short to cook and eat boring food, and in this book he teaches you some surprisingly simple cooking tricks and smart shortcuts to food with that weekend flavour – all week round. You’ll find ideas for ingenious food prep, inspiration for using leftovers and unique ‘Chris tricks’ that will pep up any dish. This is everyday food for busy food-lovers using easily available, affordable ingredients.

Christer redder hverdagen 195x250 mm / 192 pages

Christer Rødseth is often called Norway’s Jamie Oliver. He has been captain of Norway’s Culinary Team and is a familiar face on television, where, among others, he has hosted Matsjokket for Norway’s national broadcaster, NRK, as well as being guest chef on TV2’s morning show, God morgen, Norge. He is also head chef at Våghals restaurant and a co-owner of Code restaurant.



Marit Hovland

GINGER BREAD When your house is filled by the scent of freshly baked ginger bread, the Christmas spirit really kicks in! With this book you will find a number of ways that you can use the ginger bread dough. Ginger Bread with caramel filling will be an instant new favourite. Or what about baking the ginger bread in the shape of bowls that can be filled with treats? Ginger bread Christmas ornaments for the tree is also a good idea. If you like to be quick with your baking of ginger bread, you have examples that come out of the oven already decorated. But if you like to really go all in when you decorate your ginger bread - this is where you will find the best inspiration.

Pepperkaker 195x250 mm / 152 sider

Merry Christmas!


ann når det ut og lage snøm fra det! En som bare må er Flere enn meg r jeg aldri voks snø? Jeg håpe gulrotnesen. endelig blir kram delt i to blir den perfekte sjokoladelinse

Ingredienser runde • pepperkaker, • melisglasur r, oransje • sjokoladelinse erler, sølv • små sukkerp Utstyr eller • tablettdeler skarp kniv frysepose • sprøyte- eller • pinsett

gjerne ved delinser i to, oransje sjokola egner seg Start med å kutte eler. Lag melisglasur, som glasuren hjelp av en tablettd oppskrift på side 11. Ha etter ut en ring til å fylle flater, se. Sprøyt først ned - eller frysepo med glasur. Sett over i en sprøyte som du så fyller til øyne erler kaken pepper sukkerp på og å delinse til nese Det er enklest en halv sjokola fortsatt er bløt. melisen mens og munn til dette. bruke en pinsett


Å lage eget kake strøssel er en bruke opp melis perfekt måte glasu å pepperkakedeig rrester. Ved å kjevle strøs selet ned i en får du et julet re som ikke dryss er! Ingredienser • melisglasur • konditorfarge , grønn • pepperkakede ig Utstyr • sprøyte- eller fryseposer • utstikker, tre

Lag melisglasur etter fremgangsmåt Glasuren skal en på side egne seg til å tegne med. Farg 11. i ulike grønnt glasuren oner og ha over i hver frysepose. Lag et lite hull i posen sin sprøyte- eller ut på et bakepa pir. La disse tørke og sprøyt lange linjer sammen med fingrene og knuser før du skyver alle kortere biter. dem så de blir til Kjevle ut pepper kakedeig. Strø en gang til over så over strøssel en. slik Stikk så ut pepper at det fester seg i pepperkakedeKjevle kaketrær og legg igen. kledd stekebr dem på et bakepa ett. Stek pepper pirkakene. 17 Deigen som er igjen rundt pepper har stukket ut, kan du kna samme kaketrærne når du i kjøleskapet n, legge en liten og kjevle ut på stund nytt. Disse vil inni selve pepper da få strøssel kakene.



Marit Hovland is a qualified graphic designer and is interested in baking, nature and photography. Bakeland was her first book, and her original pastry book quickly sold to Canada, Germany and Sweden. Follow Marit's blog for baking recipes and other hobby projects: and on instagram: @borrowmyeyes.



Sigrid Marie Blom, Inga Semmingsen

UNIQUE KNITWEAR WITH COLOUR AND STRUCTURE Knitting is more popular today than ever before, and we see a clear trend towards colour, structure and designs which offer that little bit extra. Here you’ll find patterns for modern, user-friendly sweaters, cardigans, snoods, woolly hats and balaclavas.

Unik strikk med farger og struktur 210x277 mm / 200 pages

The book has something for everyone, and the items come in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, ensuring that everyone can find something that will suit them and their loved ones. Become part of a unique knitting world that will give you huge doses of inspiration and hours of knitting joy.

Sigrid Marie Blom (b. 1984) learned to knit as a child and has knitted on and off throughout her life. In spring 2019, after doing a lot of freestyle knitting, she took things to the next level and started to design her own patterns. Her knitting designs often combine structural patterns or cables that are cleverly constructed with delightful details. Inga Semmingsen (b. 1984) is a trained journalist who worked in cultural journalism before making a move to the publishing industry. In autumn 2019, Semmingsen, a life-long knitter, started to design her own knitting patterns under the @vippetavpinnene name on Instagram. Her patterns were well-received and are used by knitters all over the world.



Siv Kristin Olsen

SOFT KNITS Siv Kristin is one of Norway’s most popular knitting designers. She’s famed for her beautiful, cheerful feminine designs in gorgeous colour combinations, which are loved by knitting enthusiasts and influencers both at home and abroad.

Myk strikk 195x250 mm / 224 pages

In this inspiring knitting book, she offers around 40 patterns for both beginners and more experienced knitters. This is modern Nordic knitwear for all occasions and in all sizes, with patterns for everything from hiking wear and super-soft cosy jumpers to perfect party tops, stripy cardigans and cool, chunky sweaters. You’re guaranteed to find a new favourite item of clothing or seven that you can knit for yourself. This is a book that should come with a warning notice: Risk of rapid addiction!

Siv Kristin Olsen is one of Norway’s most popular knitwear designers. Her beautiful, feminine knitting patterns in the most gorgeous colour combinations are beloved of knitters in Norway and abroad.



Ida Wirak Trettevik

A KNITTER’S YEAR Ida Wirak Trettevik has been designing knitting patterns under the name of Witre Design since 2018. Her patterns are primarily for women, with some items for children and men. A Knitter’s Year contains a total of 30 patterns, many of them new and exclusively designed for this book.

Witre design 210x297 mm / 208 pages

Knitted clothing has become important for many people in a time of increasing focus on slow fashion and sustainability. Because we take extra good care of clothes we make for ourselves, choosing materials and colours we are fond of and will want to wear for a long time. And because a person who knits knows how much work goes into every single piece of clothing. A Knitter’s Year is a result of this: the desire to knit your own wardrobe, with clothing for every season.

The book covers a whole year, and the photos show Ida and her family in well-known locations in Oslo and eventually at their new home on the island of Engeløya in Nordland, northern Norway.


Ida Wirak Trettevik (b. 1989) is the woman behind Witre design, a website of knitted clothes and patterns. She is followed by more than 30,000 Instagram users. The first patterns launched in 2018, and from the start, Witre design has been about inding a modern expression for knitted garnments and designs, creating patterns that will inspire to knit one's own wardrobe – piece by piece. A strong motivation behind the concept is also to help knitters create pieces of good quality and longevity, ajusted to the individual knitter's own preferences. Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine), Finland (Tammi), Germany (Frech Verlag)





Birger Berge

MODERN TRADITIONAL KNITWEAR Modern Traditional Knitwear ­offers more than just elegant and varied knitwear for men and women, it is also a journey through the author's great p ­ assion for traditional patterns, craftsmanship, and interplaying colors. You'll find patterns for sweaters, cardigans, scarves, hats and mittens – fashionable and practical garments.

Moderne tradisjonsstrikk 210x277 mm / 152 pages 25–65 years


Also knits for the home are included here; nice pot-holders that can be used at home or at the cabin, or waterbottle cozies that you can keep in your rucksack. You can also give old bottles a new life by knitting them a cover decorated with flowers. Nostalgic and adventurous knitters can try making a bow-tie, and a matching belt for a nice party dress.

Birger Berge is educated as an historian and works at The Holberg Prize, UiB. He is passionate about traditional craftsmanship and spends much of his time developing knitting patterns that show the rich tradition we have. Rights sold to: Finland (Tammi), United States (Trafalgar Square Books)



Bente Presterud

EVERYDAY KNITTTING Make your days even more happy and colourful in the company of your favourite knitting pattern, some yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Everyday knitting is such a joyous knitting book. Here you will find nice jackets and sweaters for men and women, cosy toe-up slippers and socks. You will find your new favorite pieces in this book! In the book you will find patterned patterns, structure and braided patterns, fashionable and timeless pieces as well as the warm accessories like shawls, scarfs, hats, mittens and socks. All together 30 designs. Hverdagsstrikk i kortreist ull 210x297 mm

18/08/2020 15.01

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Bente Presterud Røvik is a freelance designer. She is a regular contributor to weekly magazines and has worked for some of Norway's large yarn wholesalers.

Rights sold to: Finland (Minnerva Kustannus), United States (Trafalgar Square Books)