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EDITORS NOTE Another semester gone. Looking back, the evolution of this magazine is well beyond my initial vision. That’s how it goes sometimes, right?


As communication entrepreneurs, we strive to cut through the noise and bring you quality, valuable content. Thank you for allowing us that opportunity.


Enjoy our last edition, School’s Out! Catch The Campus Note in August, ya filthy animals. I’m outta here!

Maddison Poteet Class of 2018

Cover Photo by: Ashlee Carr On The Cover: a small portion of Andrew Will McBeth






By Ashlee Carr

By Ashlee Carr







On a search for great vinyl, the ladies of the Note hopped in the car and took a day trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We hit three record stores to give you the lowdown on all the dope sounds in DFW. By Maddison Poteet

Spinster Records was our first hit. Well curated and rather small, this shop felt community driven. The records were all brand new, making it a great place for audiophiles like Christian, a Spinster fanboy we ran into. This store sells gear from record players to speakers. Check out Spinster for yourself in Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX!

Next up, we stopped at Good Records- a shop adequately named. If vintage is your vibe this atmosphere is sure to make you feel at home. Here, you'll find records from the 60's to new releases. This shop hosts in-house performances from various artists, sells great vinyl, and has an awesome CD selection upstairs. We spoke to the owner, who says the secret to his store is creating a selection that has something for everyone. Good Records can be found in Dallas, bumping cool music daily.

Dig, dig, dig. This is what you get to do when you go into the largest record store in DFW. Josey Records is massive, with seemingly endless aisles of old and new records alike. If you're looking for a specific record, go elsewhere. If you love the hunt, don't miss this shop. Josey has listening stations, a $1 and $2 aisle, a DJ booth, and tons of merchandise. Sitting on Josey Street in Dallas, this record store is pure magic.

By Maddison Poteet



Boat-less Lake Days Summer is nearly here! It’s almost time to ditch those textbooks and pencils for cold drinks and fun times! Alas, the life of a college student can leave us in a place where fun times are few and far between… because we are broke. Perpetually. So what do you do when you want to get together with your friends at the lake and you forgot to ask your parents if you could borrow the yacht? No worries! Today you will discover great places where you can make fantastic memories, no boats required. 


By Ieysha Cheney

Lake Murray Lake Murray is an AWESOME place to start off your summer! You can rent jet skis and pontoon boats and split the bill with your friends! Lake Murray is famous for its unique outdoor water activities that are open to the public. Check out  Sunset Beach, or, if you’re more of a land mammal, go for a hike on one of Murray State Park’s trails! End the day (or week) with a visit to the Paradise Alley Food Truck Park in Ardmore, and cherish your Murray memories. 

Lake Texoma Bordering Texas and Oklahoma, Lake Texoma literally has something for everyone! Not only could you and your buds take a chill trip, but the whole family could plan an amazing vacation without leaving the area! They offer everything from horse trail-riding to luxurious resorts and casinos. Dine on the water, and enjoy a meal at Alberta Creek Marina!

Broken Bow Lake Broken Bow Lake is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Oklahoma, and there is so much to do! Besides the many public beaches and picnic areas, they have hiking trails, canoe and paddleboat rentals, and so much more. Go zip-lining with your fearless friends, or chill in the photo-worthy Broken Bow State Park! Finish up the vacay with one of the delicious restaurants in the Hotchatown area (Grateful Head, The Blue Rooster, The Hotchatown BBQ, really any of them…)



OKLAHOMA SHAKESPEAREAN FESTIVAL Professor Riley Coker has been involved with Southeastern’s theatre program since she was a little girl. Her mother, Dr. Molly Risso, was the Director of Theatre at Southeastern from 1979-1998. Riley Coker expresses that her “interest in the field of theatre [was] inherited and fostered [her] entire life.” Now, Professor Coker teaches courses in acting, film, management, and dance. She is an Associate Professor of Theatre, Director of the Sparks Dance Team, an advisor to the Theatre Fraternity (Alpha Psi Omega), and an advisor to all Theatre majors and minors, as well as Dance minors. This month, The Campus Note had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Professor Riley Coker and talk about the upcoming Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival. (OSF) Since 1979, Southeastern has hosted OSF. It was founded by the late Dr. Molly Risso under the premise that it would “serve as a rejuvenation center for professionals already in the field and a training ground for artists who have not yet completed their education.” Now, 39 years later, her dreams have become a reality. OSF reaches patrons and artists in all fifty states. Dr. Risso’s dreams put Southeastern on the map as an artistic haven. Students can enjoy the festival’s six professional productions each summer. The OFS performances can be enjoyed by students and members of the surrounding communities from June 8th through July 14th.

Pre-ordered tickets that include admission to every performance are $75, and tickets purchased after June 1st are $85. Pictures and other details can be found online at Be sure to support all the theatre students and check out OSF this summer! By Ieysha Cheney

PERFORMANCES INCLUDE: Al-leluia Four Guys Named Al A Company Cabaret The Taming of the Shrew Alice in Wonderland Dear Edwina Big River

Riley Coker

School's Out Edition - The Campus Note  
School's Out Edition - The Campus Note