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Youth In Revolt (The Weinstein Company) Print, Online and Street Campaign DMAs: Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle Film Sales Manager: Sean Bello

5042 Wilshire Blvd., #600, Los Angeles, CA 90036 P. (323) 939.8477 F. (323) 939.8656

Youth In Revolt Objective • To promote a Youth In Revolt (Y.I.R.) screening contest through Eventful for college students to win a screening of the film at their school. The winning school in each market would have a screening of Y.I.R. presented by the stars of the film, Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday.

Participating Cities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Boston Chicago Philadelphia Seattle San Francisco

Marketing Strategy The CCM strategy for Y.I.R. contest was to integrate the following marketing components: 1. Print Advertising 2. Dedicated Emailing 3. Viral Marketing 4. Street Marketing

Y.I.R. Contest • The Youth In Revolt contest included all the college campuses in each of the five participating cities. Students entered the contest for their school on an Eventful Y.I.R. page. The school that received the most Demands in its city won the contest.

College Newspaper Ad placements To promote the Y.I.R. contest, ads were placed in multiple college newspapers in each market including: • • • • •

Boston - Boston U. Chicago - Univ. of Chicago Philadelphia - Univ. of Penn San Fran. - Berkeley Seattle - Univ. of WA

Dedicated Emailing • CCM sent out a dedicated HTML email to over 900,000 college students in each participating city to promote the Y.I.R. contest.

Viral Marketing • The CCM online marketing team reached out to online college communities in each city to promote the Y.I.R. contest. The following images are from our Seattle outreach.

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 1

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 2

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 3

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 4

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 5

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 6

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 7

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 8

Viral Marketing - Ex. Seattle 9

Street Marketing • CCM online street teams flyered the main college campuses in each city to promote the Y.I.R. contest. The following images are from our Chicago college campus outreach.

Street Marketing - Chicago (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Street Marketing - Chicago (Depaul University)

Street Marketing - Chicago (Loyola University)

Street Marketing - Chicago (Harper College)

Street Marketing - Chicago (Northwestern University)

Youth In Revolt Report  
Youth In Revolt Report  

CCM's marketing efforts to promote the Youth In Revolt/Eventful screening contest for college students in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San...