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Barrier free is the cornerstone to what makes us unique.

Expedition Balance: A Camp that camps at Camp For All

Barrier Free: Beyond the Gates

Possum Steinbach: Horse Whisperer


Barrier FREE is

the cornerstone to what makes us unique.J — by Kurt Podeszwa

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their rounds.” That famous quote, applies to Camp For All Staff, Board of Directors, Friends Boards and our Young Professional Board, too. For 365 days a year, these incredible people work to ensure that, no matter what the challenge; every camper who comes through our gates goes home with a WOW experience at Camp For All. That WOW is a result of those very same people offering not only a barrier free camp, but being barrier free in their thinking, as well. Camp For All campers have so many different special needs and challenging illnesses, it is mind boggling, but since the beginning their individual success has been the driving force behind every decision. In January, despite the icy roads, Staff and Board members came together at camp for the annual Leadership Charge where we exchanged ideas and renewed our commitment to Camp For All and its mission. We came away energized about the future and the impact it will have on the 9,000 campers who will Discover Life at Camp For All this year. I encourage you to become a part of this dedicated group of intrepid and barrier free thinkers. Come out for a tour, volunteer, attend an event or join one of our Friends groups in Houston, Washington County or the newly formed Austin Friends. You don't need snow, rain, heat or gloom to say WOW. Liz Rigney


Chairman, Board of Directors

Camp For All is a unique, barrier free camp working in partnership with other non-profits to enrich the lives of children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs and their families throughout the year. Camp For All is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Camp For All Newsletter is produced by the Camp For All Foundation. Copyright 2014 by the Camp For All Foundation. All rights reserved. No part of this newsletter can be reproduced or reprinted without written permission.

campers in wheelchairs can go everywhere and there are no stairs. Barrier free is more than the bathrooms, extra wide sidewalks, or that the beds are custom made for easier transfer. Barrier free is a philosophy. It’s the way we think about all the things that happen at camp. If a camper is on a gluten free diet, they are treated like everyone else when they go through the food line, there are no barriers, physically or emotionally. At the ranch a camper may be able to ride a horse by themselves, need someone to lead them, need side walkers, or need someone toride with them. We do all of these things, without barriers. Here's an example of barrier free in action. A camper who had a brain injury chose to climb the incline wall even though his injury had left him mostly paralyzed on the right side of his body. A Camp For All staff member climbed with him. When the camper needed it, the staff member moved his right arm and right leg. Slowly the camper climbed to the top of the tower. There were no barriers, not time, not injury, not the seemingly impossible feat of climbing to the top of a 30 foot tower. There were no barriers because no one doubted that the camper could do it. That is barrier free.

If you have been around Camp For All for any period of time, you have heard that Camp For All is the only truly barrier free camp in the country. Barrier free is the cornerstone to what makes us unique. It allows us to help campers learn what they can do instead of focusing on what they can’t. It allows us to serve more than 9,000 children and adults throughout the year. It allows us to be able to work with over 60 organizations because all of their campers can use our facility regardless of myriad challenges. So barrier free is a good thing, but what does it mean? The easiest way to describe barrier free is by using the example of bathrooms. Everyone knows what an accessible bathroom is like; you have the regular stalls and then the accessible one. All of the stalls are accessible at Camp For All. Barrier free is 8 foot wide sidewalks so campers using wheelchairs can not only pass each other, but be side by side going to an activity. In fact,

“There truly are no words to describe or explain how amazing Camp For All is. – Mike

SUMMER 2014 schedule DATE




May 22 – 25 May 27 – 31 May 28 – 30 June 3 – 6 June 3 – 6 June 8 – 14 June 15 – 21 June 22 – 28 June 22 – 28 June 29 – July 4 June 29 – July 4 July 6 – 11 July 6 – 11 July 13 – 18 July 13 – 18 July 13 – 18 July 20 – 25 July 27 – Aug 1 Aug 3 – 9 Aug 10 – 15 Aug 10 – 15 Aug 10 – 15 Aug 19 – 22

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Children and Teens with Burns Teens with Developmental Challenges Adults with Developmental Disabilities Teens with Sight Impairments Children and Teens with Neurological Differences Children and Teens with Neurological Differences Children with Epilepsy Children with Cancer Children with Cancer Children and Teens with Cancer Children and Teens with Cancer Children and Teens with Spina Bifida Children and Teens with Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair Sports Children and Teens with Phenylkentonuira (PKU) Children with Special Needs Children and Teens with HIV/AIDS Ages 10-30 with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Children and Teens with Cancer and Siblings Children with Sickle Cell Disease Children with Skin Disorders Children and Teens with Renal Dysfunction Therapeutic Recreation Conference

Memorial Hermann Hospital Briarwood Tuttle School Hill Country MHDD DARS Division for Blind Services The Monarch School Muscular Dystrophy Association Epilepsy Foundation of Texas MD Anderson Hospital Driscoll Children's Hospital UTMB McLane's Children's Hospital, Scott and White Spina Bifida Association – Houston Gulf Coast Easter Seals of Greater Houston TIRR Foundation Texas Children.s Hospital The Parish School AIDS Foundation Houston The ARC of Greater Houston The Periwinkle Foundation Sickle Cell Assoc. of Austin, Marc Thomas Foundation American Academy of Dermatology Kidney Kamp Foundation Texas Recreation and Park Society

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Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Camp Goldy Gateway Academy Be An Angel Foundation The Monarch School The Periwinkle Foundation The Periwinkle Foundation Texas Children’s Hospital The Family Support Network – Texas A&M University Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas National MS Society Candlelighters – Childhood Cancer Family Alliance The Periwinkle Foundation The ARC of Greater Houston Memorial Hermann Hospital Austin Smiles Easter Seals of Greater Houston Dell Children’s Hospital Arthritis Foundation Special Kids Independently Learning Life Skills

FALL 2014 schedule Sept 5 – 7 Sept 5 – 7 Sept 5 – 7 Sept 11 – 12 Sept 12 – 14 Sept 18 – 19 Sept 19 – 21 Sept 19 – 21 Sept 19 – 21 Sept 26 – 28 Sept 26 – 28 Oct 3 – 5 Oct 10 – 12 Oct 17 – 19 Oct. 17 – 19 Oct 17 – 19 Oct 24 – 26 Nov 14 – 16 Nov 14 – 16 Nov 15 – 16 Nov 21 – 23

NF Camp Duchenne Family Camp Camp Goldy Gryphons Nest Be An Angel Family Camp Monarch Chrysalis Camp YOLO Periwinkle Family Camp TCH Cleft Camp Camp LIFE du Ballon Rouge MS Family Discovery Camp Camp Cliff Long Term Survivors ARC of Greater Houston Camp Kids Unlimited Camp Amigo M.O.S.T. Camp Lonestar Camp KGAT Camp S.K.I.L.L.S.




Beyond the Gates

STACY ZOERN, a Camp For All alumna, has used a wheelchair since she was a child. At Camp For All she was able to experience a barrier-free camping

that CAMP a t CAMPs

environment for the first time ever, and has now, in adulthood, taken on the mission to provide a barrier free experience to people in wheelchairs beyond the Camp For All gates. After losing her modified van to a car wreck at the age of 19, Stacy yearned for the independence the van had given her but could not afford the nearly $100,000 a new van would cost. Enter the Kenguru vehicle, “I found the Kenguru online. When I was told I could not buy one because they didn’t have the money to bring it to market, I got involved” says Stacy. The Kenguru is an electric vehicle made for people in wheelchairs. It is smaller than a Smart Car and goes up to 25 miles per hour, perfect for running errands around the community. In Zoern’s words, “The Kenguru is a game changer for people in wheelchairs…now we have a street legal vehicle if we just want to get around in our communities. We will be able to spontaneously and independently go to the park, the pharmacy, the movie theater, church, etc. No more getting soaked in the rain or waiting around for someone else to pick you up!” As Stacy continues to spread the word of her own barrier free work, she remembers what it meant to be a camper at Camp For All, the only truly barrier free camp in the country, “Camp was instrumental for me in becoming independent, self confident, and in developing a sense of self. I remember feeling that at Camp, no one noticed my disability because it was the norm.“


You might hear the word “camp” and automatically think back to your childhood. It is pretty common to believe that only kids go to camp. Camp For All defies that expectation by welcoming five camps, that consist solely of adults each year. EXPEDITION BALANCE, an organization that serves military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, Clinical Depression, TBI, and similar mental health conditions, is one of these special camps. Executive Director and Founder, Carl Salazar, says “After three sessions at Camp, it feels like home to us.” Their mission is to provide classes and programs based in wellness practices so the Veterans can begin the process of long-term healing. Yoga, meditation, outdoor recreation, healthy eating, and being active in a community are ways Expedition Balance provides A Camp that Camps at Camp For All meaningful and accessible coping tools for Veterans. At Camp For All, these activities are practiced against the back drop of the beautiful Texas hill country. Salazar emphasizes “most [veterans] are so grateful for the whole experience and their experiences are very moving. They love every event, horseback riding, canoeing, the ropes course, archery, paintball, disc golf, fishing – everything.” Even with all of the barrier-free activities that each Veteran camper enjoys, the biggest impact, Salazar says, is the community. “We build community here, a community they didn't have before, and they are sometimes overwhelmed. All the volunteers, the Camp For All staff, and all the Vets who attend – it is a community, and we are there for each other. For these people who have endured so much pain and suffering; the experience can be life-saving.”




Camp For All collaborates with hospitals, foundations, schools and other non-profits to bring exceptional campers to experience all of the astounding and one-of-a-kind programming our facility has to offer! ORGANIZATION


Adventure Getaway Anderson Network's CareFree Retreat Apprentice Overnighters Austin Blue Bell Bandits Camp Amigo Camp Arbor Camp Be An Angel Camp Can Do Camp Cell-A-Bration Camp Champions Camp CLIFF Camp Dermadillo Camp Dreamcatcher Camp Extreme Camp For Joy Camp Healing Hearts Camp Hope Camp Janus Camp Keep Smiling Camp KGAT Camp Kids Unlimited Camp LIFE Camp Lonestar Camp Monarch – Challenger Camp NO Limits Camp Periwinkle Camp PHEver Camp Pump It Up Camp Rocks Camp SMILE Camp Shining Stars Camp Shooting Stars Camp SIA Camp Smiles Camp Social Super Heroes Camp Star Trails Camp Star Trails Camp Sunrise Camp That Love Built Camp YOLO Champ Camp Day Program Down Syndrome Family Camp du Ballon Rouge Duchenne Family Retreat Expedition 5.14 and 10.14 Fall Camp Out Family Camp Family Discovery Camp Gryphon's Nest Heart Camp Higher Ground Retreat Houston Aphasia Recovery Center Legacy of Love/Retreat of Renewal LIFE Skills Linking Lives Retreat Long Term Survivors MDA Summer Camp Mito Camp M.O.S.T. (Miles of Smiles for Teens) Spike 'n' Wave TEAMS (Teens Experiencing a Meaningful Summer) Texas Children's Cleft Camp Texas Neurofibromatosis Family Camp The Parish School The Rainbow Connection Tideway Fall Camp and Retreat Wacky Winter Weekend

Epilepsy Foundation of Texas Houston/Dallas/Fort Worth MD Anderson Cancer Center The Monarch School Seton Adapted Sports Austin Smiles The Arbor School Be An Angel Fund, Inc. National MS Society Lone Star Sickle Cell Association of Austin Marc Thomas Foundation The Arc of Greater Houston Candlelighter's Childhood Cancer Family Alliance American Academy of Dermatology McLane Children’s Hospital, Scott and White TIRR Foundation The Joy School Bo's Place AIDS Foundation of Houston Memorial Hermann Hospital/Shriner's Hospital Texas Children's Hospital – Clef Palate Arthritis Foundation – South Central Memorial Hermann Hospital Family Support Network Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas The Monarch School NO Limits Limb Loss Foundation The Periwinkle Foundation Texas Children's Hospital – PKU Texas Children's Hospital – Cardiovascular Camp Journey The Westview School Kidney Kamp Foundation Hill Country MHDD Texas Children's Hospital – GI Easter Seals of Greater Houston The Parish School Driscoll Children’s Hospital MD Anderson Children's Cancer Center at UT Briarwood Tuttle School Spina Bifida Association Houston Gulf Coast The Periwinkle Foundation National MS Society Lone Star D&S Community Services Down Syndrome Association of Houston Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Expedition Balance The Arc of Greater Houston The Periwinkle Foundation National MS Society Lone Star Gateway Academy Milagros Texas District Pilot Clubs Houston Aphasia Recovery Center Texas Children's Cancer Centers Cypress Creek Texash Children's Cancer Centers The Periwinkle Foundation Muscular Dystrophy Association Melody Braun-Wilds Easter Seals of Greater Houston Epilepsy Foundation of Texas Houston/Dallas/Fort Worth DARS Division for Blind Services Texas Children's Hospital – Plastic Surgery Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation The Parish School The Rainbow Connection Transitional Learning Center at Galveston Epilepsy Foundation of Texas


Interested in learning more about the Kenguru? Visit



Camp For All thanks our corporate donors for their support of our mission and “Can Do” spirit. Without your continuous and ongoing reward, camp would not be possible for the thousands of campers we welcome through our gates each year. Amegy Bank of Texas Bank of America Foundation BKD, LLP Blue Bell Creameries Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Inc. Boehm L.P. Cameron International Corporation Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Chubb & Son Citizen State Bank CoBank Cotton Club, Inc. Del Sol Food Company/BRIANNAS DiSorbo Consulting, LLC Edward Jones Investments Enterprise Holdings Foundation EOG Resources Forney Construction Frank Law Firm GBS Construction, Inc. Houston Racquet Club Houston Unlimited, Inc. InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC IPM, Inc. IPT Global JAG Medical Associates JP Morgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift & Volunteer Program JPMorgan Chase & Co. Employee Giving Campaign Key Energy Services Larry Pape Construction, LLC LINN Energy Mizuho USA Foundation, Inc. Momentum BMW Morgan Stanley Oldham Goodwin Group Paul D. Clote, Attorney at Law Phillips 66 Company PKF Texas Professional Contract Services, Inc. Rosetta Resources Inc. Safeway Inc. Shell Oil Company SM Energy Company Tiff's Treats Tootsies Triple S Steel Supply, LLC Valero Energy Corporation Ward Kellner Properties, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Westside Lexus Wright Asphalt Products Company, LLC

One of the most important Camp For All records is held by the unstoppable food services department:


8 different dietary needs, served for three meals a day, in one week! Nutritional programming is not what most people think about while attending camp, but can a matter of life or death to our campers, some of whom have strict dietary concerns. Outside of camp these dietary concerns can be an obstacle. At Camp For All food services is a program just like archery or fishing. The kitchen staff works hard to seamlessly facilitate special diets so every camper goes through the same serving line and is dished out a nutritious and delicious meal that meets their individual needs. This record setting team consists of the amazing




Food Services the Rescue 1984 – to2014 ED

Judy Steinbach , better known as Possum, has been volunteering for Camp For All for years. Possum has been known to show up to volunteer at the Camp For All Ranch in freezing temperatures in the rain. As a horse enthusiast she knows that caring for the animals of Camp For All takes all 365 days a year! Possum also knows that working with animals can be a messy business. Kelly Stapleton, the Camp For All Equine and Ranch Supervisor, says that Possum “picks up poop as happily as she jokes with campers!” There is no doubt

about it, Camp loves Possum!

PKF TEXAS PKF Texas is a CPA and advisory firm with a really big heart! The Houston PKF employees voted for three local non-profits and Camp For All was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of a very charitable gift of $4,417 to help send campers to camp.


Camp For All was the recipient of a gracious donation of $4,000 from the Rotary Club of Washington County as part of their charitable giving program. In addition, the Rotary Club likes to volunteer and “have fun while making a difference”

culinary superheroes the parents of campers wouldn’t call for recipes for their kids’ new favorite meal from Camp For All!


Deacons of Deadwood held its annual gala in September and generously awarded Camp For All $50,000 from their Harley Davidson motorcycle-filled fundraiser. Camp For All is lucky to have Deacons of Deadwood as an ambassador and contributor to our mission of helping special needs campers discover life!


and talented Wayman Wilkerson, Stacey Letford, Rosa Hernandez, Esperanza Contreras and Chris Roth. Without the dedication of these

Possum Steinbach


THE HOUSTON ALUMNAE CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA THETA, THETA ANTIQUE SHOW The Theta Charity Antique Show, which takes place in Houston every November, is considered one of the top three antiques shows in the country and the highest caliber show in the South. Camp For All was chosen to be a beneficiary of the 2014 show and awarded $25,000. Thank you to the Houston Alumnae of Kappa Alpha Theta for their generous contribution!


The bowling tournament (which raised over $4,700!) and volunteering excursions since then have benefitted Camp For All in obvious ways but Heritage Properties feels it has also gained something from their experiences, “Besides the very obvious benefit of raising money and awareness for a good cause, the action of bringing everyone together in mutual participation does wonders for team-building and creates a collaborative spirit among participants.”



Heritage Properties is a company of 16 different offices spanning from Galveston to New Braunfuls. To bring all of the disparate groups together Heritage Properties held a Bowling Tournament to benefit Camp For All. Why a bowling tournament you ask? The company’s leadership agreed that the optimum choice would be a “team-building experience, with a focus on fun, sort of like going to camp!”



For Heritage Texas Properties President and CEO, Robin Mueck, Camp For All was “love at first sight!” On a trip to visit the Heritage Properties Country Properties division, Robin took the opportunity to visit Camp For All. Robin, a strong and very dynamic businesswoman, “became a complete marshmallow when she saw the Camp and all that it does” The rest, as they say, is history. Since Robin’s first visit to Camp For All, Heritage Properties has supported Camp with volunteers, donations, and as a Chicken Fried Gala underwriter.



“love at first sight!”

CHECK Presentations

Thank you so much for letting my youth group come and volunteer, I had no idea I would have as much fun as I did and connect with so many people so fast! Ya'll have an amazing faculty and campers! I am so blessed to have had this experience and hope that we can

come back OFTEN and for longer!


CHICKEN fried steak and all the fixins’,

Julie and Dr. David Brown HONOREES

Lisa O’Leary

LINN Energy

participated and helped send more campers to Camp For All!



served family style, on Friday, February 28 at the Hilton Americas in Houston, sure got the 750 guests in good spirits as Camp For All welcomed them to kick up their boots at this country themed gala. An exciting silent auction, thrilling live auction and unique raffle, and generous guests set record breaking numbers. Thank you to all who

● Mark

your calendars for Family Day at Camp For All on Sunday, April 27, 2014. Enjoy a free fun day of camp activities open to the public.


Camp Care Day

Helping to execute the mission of Camp For All, the Young Professionals were a lively bunch during the Spring Camp Care Day on March 29. The Houston based group came to Camp to work with campers on the ropes course and at the ranch. They then volunteered in the kitchen serving lunch to Camp No Limits, Linking Lives and Camp M.O.S.T. After a rewarding morning the YPs enjoyed a delicious crawfish boil.

dinner karaoke linedancing funraffle


It was a girl’s night in on April 3 as ladies gathered at Camp For All for dinner, karaoke, line dancing and a fun raffle during this overnight adventure. After a delicious country breakfast the ladies headed to the Round Top Antiques Festival.

COTTON CLUB Ladies shopped in support of Camp For All on November 14 at Cotton Club. Featuring an exciting trunk show of jeans and dresses, 20% of all proceeds from the evening benefited Camp For All. Thank you to everyone who attended this shopping extravaganza!

Co-Chairs Allison Ignacio and Mollie Yarborough shopped and mingled with guests for a special shopping event at Blue Leaf. Welcoming guests to their new location on South Blvd., Blue Leaf offered a 20% discount to Camp For All supporters and donated 10% of the evenings proceeds to Camp For All!

For more information contact Avery Bullock at 713.686.5666 or

● Next up for the Young Professionals is the Camp Culinary Challenge, at The Parador on Thursday, September 18. Well-known Houston chefs are preparing tastings of these camp food favorites: mac n’ cheese and s’mores. CO-CHAIRS Natalie Hewitt and Annie Powell Sorrells For tickets and more information contact Avery Bullock at 713.686.5666 or

● Save the Date for the 2014 Camp Gala at the Fireman’s Training Center in Brenham, TX on Thursday, October 16. CHAIRS Liz and Robert Rigney For tickets and more information contact Avery Bullock at 713.686.5666 or

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– continued


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Donations October 12, 2013 – March 31, 2014


$50,000+ $100,000+ $20,000+

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Julia Jones Josh Jones Anne Jones Aaron Joseph PJ and Mike Kalil Elyse and Lewis Kalmans Joy and Joe Kaplan Marsha Kaplan Patsy and Tom Kasprowicz Cynthia and Howard Katz Walter Katz Virginia Kelsey Peggy Kennedy Jordan Kerensky Becky and Mark Kidd Treva Kigar Donna and Ron Kleist Carolyn Klevenhagen Vicky and Bobby Kloecker Alan Knust Penny and Chuck Knutson Brenda and Tom Koch Donna Kolius Lois and Jim Kolkhorst Eddie and Mary Kramr Becky Krebs Catherine and Paul Kruppa Barbara and Wilfred Kuecker Katie and Glen Kuykendall Penny and James Larkin Elizabeth Lee Sterling and Juan Leija Laura Letchford Sara and David Lewis Kris Lewis Kelly and Steven Madden Shannon and Jamie Mann Amy and Charles Martin Margot and Craig Mason Wyatt Matthies Suzanne and Billy Maxwell Melissa McCarty Kyla McCulley Taylor McDaniel Rachellle and Daniel Miers Theresa and Joseph Mignogna Joan Moore Ginger and Steve Moreland Kristin and Nick Morgan Dolores and Thomas Morris Shelly and Rob Moschak Robin and Jerry Mueck Carol and John Muegge Patti and Don Murphy Lisa and Joseph Neuhaus Dona and Rick Nichols Susan Nutt Sara Orsi Otter Island Foundation Jill and Tommy Owen Cheryl and Al Pace Sara Padua Francisco Padua Linda and Jerry Paine Dorsey Parker Bobbie and Clarence Pertl Aniela and Hugh Pitts Jeri and Greg Platt

Sandra and Toug Plilar Patti and Joe Poff Victoria and Jeffrey Polega Angela and Michael Poujol Gwen Powers Shirley and Glen Prenzler Barbara Press Ruth and Charles Pulido Edlyn and David Pursell Mary Ann and Al Rapp Nancy and Larry Reader Peter Remmington Andy Richardson Anne and Joe Romano Maria Romo de Vivar Jean and Michael Rooke Denise Roughan-Grady Brenda and Mansel Rubenstein Sandi Running Paige Sachs Dianne and Calame Sammons Rhonda Sands Judy and Henry Sauer Bessie and Warren Savery James Schawe Nano and Patrick Scherrieb Janice and Stephen Scheve Jackie and James Schroeder Thomas Schroeter Vanessa and Perry Sendukas William Shearer Deanne and Todd Sheer Debbie and Tommy Shelton Elissa and Jarrett Simon Douglas Singleton Donna and Steve Skrla Marijane and David Smith Sue and Kirk Smith Kathy Smith Sonia Soto Sandra and Bob Stephens Megan and Brad Stevens Claudia and Alan Stewart Barbara and James Story Les Strum Gale and Dan Sulak David Sydow Linda and Dick Sylvan Ronald Tee Margo and Norm Teegardin Ahuva and Michael Terk Nathan Tewart Roy Thibodeaux Duane Thomas Nancy and Peter Thompson Mildred and John Tiaden Brenda and Dick Tinsley Zeki and Glennis Tolunay Marsha and Larry Tyree Ann Van Liew Melinda and James VanPaasschen Leticia Vega Margaret Wallace-Brown Linda and Sid Ward Barbara and Temple Webber Kathy and Glenn Wehring Jolie and Randy Weidemann Marcia West

Charles Wetegrove Lauren White Karen and Rudy Wildenstein Shelley Williams Suzie and Larry Wilson Luba and Kirk Windham Donald Winkelmann Bridget and Alec Wolk Jamie and Ray Wolman Edward Wong Angela Wrigglesworth Melinda and John Wright Cindy Young Susan and Bob Zeller Rebecca and Gary Zwernemann

Betsy and Paul Ache Ruth and Ronnie Albright Diem and John Allis Ali and Nahid Amini Shirley and John Anderson Janet and Paul Barnett Jay Barrash Courtney Battle Amber and Jorge Bedoya Cindy Bennett Sara Bennett Kathy and Drew Berkman Katherine Berry Judy and Ed Blanton Sandra and Douglas Borchardt Steven Bowles Penny and Richard Brann Aubrey and Wesley Brinkmeyer Larry Broughton Nicola and Christian Brown Kay Bruce Beth Bruce George Campbell Lucy and Anselmo Cantu Ann and Eric Casstevens Erika Chopra Elaine and Brett Cohen Margaret Conner Sandra and Dan Courson Lourdes Cuellar Marijo and Gerald Culwell Ruth and Jimmy Cummings Jo Lynn and Steve Davis Greg Davis Katherine and Ken De Lorenzo Mary and Marcus DeLouche Teresa Demetriou Way Denkler Jody Denney Sandra and Roger Duch Dianne and Don Dunn Jane and Field Emerson Angela Ethun S.K. and Virgil Evans Gloria Fawcett Kenneth Fenelon Mary and Bryon Finger Elyssa Fink Melissa Fletcher Martin Gambling Susan and Daniel Gannon

Alicia Garnes Lizzy and Freddy Garza Elaine Gates Tyler Goodell Rodolfo Gracia Dede Green Jamie Griffin Kara and Adam Gross Lisa Hankamer Suzanne Hannath Dolores and George Harris Shirley and Keith Herring Dorene and Frank Herzog Austin Hill Sally and Henry Hilliard Jill Holstein Clarissa and Alvin Holtgrave Vanita Homer Jeanne and Cary Honganen Mary and Ben Hulsey Linda and Bob Ittner Mary Helen Jacobus Michelle Jefferson Mary Jenkins Julie and Peter Johnson Anna Kaplan Jennis and Irv Kauffman Arthur and Bill Kingston Russell Kneedler Karen and Robert Kreidler Stacy Letford Shelly Levy Millicent and David Lewis Craig and Sy Liebergot Georgette and Doug Lockwood Francesca and Jeffrey London Elizabeth Lozier Mark Luebs Elena and Carlos Maher June and Larry Mahoney Larissa and Samuel Marchiori Malori May Memorial Drive Christian Church Sharon and James Metz Libby Middleton Freda and Mark Montgomery Pat Moore

Deborah Moore Jane and Fred Moorhead Kassie Moronko Sarah Mullins Kristin Necessary Network For Good Paul Nimon Jessica Nimon Marian Nimon Kathryn Noti Preston Ochsner William Padon Tony Padua David Passarelli Gicela and Jose Pastrana Ellen Petit Edward Pettitt Frederick Pevow Joan and Henry Phillips Katie and Kurt Podeszwa Annie Powell Brittany Powell Lansing Pugh John Raborn Hugh Ramsey Cissie and Alan Rauch Lee Raymond Adrienne Reid Jim Rice Charlyn Robinson Sean Rose Dorothy and James Rothermel Aide and Rodolfo Ruiz Linda Sanders Jennifer Saxton Barbra and Thomas Schulte Kellen Scott Andrea and Charles Seay Phyllis and Jack Selber Reva Shapiro Emely Shay

Rosemarie and Richard Sheer Kimberly and Edward Shouse Sheila Simon Jordana and Kevin Slawin Calvin Soriero Shirley and Bruce Stein Cherie and Steve Steinle Sarah Svoboda John Swann Kameron Swithin Sandra and Jack Taylor Patricia Taylor Glenda Thornburg Luther and Dorothy Utesch Norma and Raul Villanueva Maria Von Hatten Debra and Leon Wagner Greta Waller Lynda Walsh Frances and Chris Weatherly Carla and Blake Weber Phyllis and Gary Weiss Ramona and David Weiss John Wernette Mike White Margaret and Wayman Wilkerson Bess and Rob Wilson Nancy and Frank Wilson Carolyn Wilson Tara and David Wuthrich Thank you to donors whose contrbutions were received after 3/31/2014. Camp For All makes every possible effort to include all donors who generously give to our organization. We apologize for any errors or omissions and ask that you contact Heidi Wuertz ( if you believe a mistake has been made.

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Kelli and Martin Fein Sharon and David Felt Jennifer and Chris Fernelius Casey Finke Heather and Jeff Firestone James Fitzsimmons Joyce and Jimmy Flanagan Suzanne Flores Stephen Floyd Juilet Foltz Harriet and Joe Foster Abby and Wesley Frank Patricia and Radford Freel Nancy and James Fritz Yolanda and John Fultz Karen Funk Tiffany Gandara Grace Gandy Robin Garcia Phillip Garcia Bob Gardner Emma and Mark Garrett Kristen and Joshua Gary Francia and Don Gentry Cindy and Gary Gerson Elizabeth and Jamie Gerson Julia and Patrick Giam Loren and Osvaldo Gigliotti Carol and Bob Giles Ron Goldkorn Annie and Bob Graham Harry Grant Lanella Gray Barbara and Thomas Gready Carla and Tom Griffin Deborah Guinn Karen and John Gunn Thomas Hambrick Debbie Hancock Kelly and Mike Handel Penny Harp Frances Harris Ana and Bill Harrison Sara and Jared Hartman Billye Hauerland Adrienne and Walter Hecht Peggy and Lewis Hellerstein Loretta and Mark Hellrung Gail and Michael Hendryx Matt Hibbetts Lisa Higgins Angie Hodde Julia and Ted Hodges Mary and Charles Holtkamp Charlotte Horton Debra and Levon Hovnatanian Rosanne and Paul Hunt Zachary Hunt Judy and Guy Hunter Claudia and Houghton Hutcheson Marjorie and Palmer Hutcheson Salma Igram Cindy Ivey Liz and Mark Jacob Frances and Rick Jeter Kim and Chad Johnson Deborah Johnson Kathy and Peter Johnston


Katherine and David Abramowitz Barry Abrams Leonard Abrams Pat and Mike Aldredge Kathryn Allen Cynthia and Rodney Ambrose Christie and Camilo Amezquita Teresa and Evans Attwell Sarah and Larry Barker Cynthia and Scott Bell Sarah Bell Ginger and Byron Bertrand Margaret and Frank Blizzard Amye and David Bockhorn Joyce Boeker Pegge and Andy Bogle Lindi Braddock Trish and Burt Branstetter Betsy and Josh Breier Carol Brooks Sean Brown Daphne and Mordecai Brownlee Penny and Jim Bryant Margaret and Jim Buescher Ryan Cantrell John Carter Marilyn and Grady Cayce Sylvia Centanni Kathleen and Bennie Cervenka Allison and C.J. Cheatham Anitha Chenna Peggy Cherry Laura and Dara Childs Barbara Chiles Maureen and Gary Clark Lori and Ike Claypool Teresa and Donald Cole Terry and Steve Compton Stacy and Clay Coneley Cooks Point Brethren Church Meredith and Scott Cooley Karen and Gregory Cooper Brian Copeland Laura and Skip Cornelius Mary Lynn Crawford Lesli and Robert Cummings Blair Dancy Cathleen and Bob Davis Sally and Ted Davis Debra Deen Brenda and Henry Deleon Susan and Cletus Derwae Shawna DeShazo George Dezo Julie and Casey Doherty Julie and Michael Donaldson Drew Donovan Anita and Lamar Doyle Barbara and Alan Dreeben Dan Driggers Angela Dunlap Beverly and Sam Duree Cherryl and John Durrenberger Jeff Dye Julie Edelman Shawna Escobar Sally and Craig Ezell Brenda and Jerry Fabian

Donations October 12, 2013 – March 31, 2014

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Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Sally Blackie-Sengel Jill and Jerry Kyle

Dr. Carl Bloom

Joseph Blount

Judy and Guy Hunter

Kathryn Boyd

Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Julie and David Brown Denise and Philip Bahr

Teddy and Dr. Henry Boehm Lanella Gray Becky Krebs Aniela and Hugh Pitts Sandra and Bob Stephens

Rita and Bill Bruce Margaret Conner

Dr. Michael Burris Walter Katz

Julia Connel

Peggy and Dr. Lewis Hellerstein

Sandy and Dan Courson Dorene and Frank Herzog

Fain Carter Crain Kelty and Rogers Crain

Rogers Crain Charlotte Horton

Walter Crain

Kelty and Rogers Crain

Katie and Myrv Cron Marlene and Howard Isbell Betsy and John Striegler

Markley Crosswell III Kelty and Rogers Crain

Kathy and Bob Davis Jennifer Saltsman

Bonnie and Bob Dube Marlene and Howard Isbell

Ellen and Jim Ellison Janet and Paul Barnett

Jancy and Don Ervin Marlene and Howard Isbell

Ann Gaskamp

Debra and Leon Wagner

Doug Gordon

Kelty and Rogers Crain

Jes and Cis Dickson

Ricky Haikin

Judy and Ken Margolis

Kate Matthiesen Andrea Matthiesen

Zach Hamm

Lorraine and Nick Senofsky

Lana and Charlie McDaniel Marlene and Howard Isbell

Trent Hellerstein

Peggy and Dr. Lewis Hellerstein

Dorene and Frank Herzog Sandy and Dan Courson

Rock Houstoun Carolyn Wildenthal

Amber Hughes Karen Hughes

Jano Nixon Kelley and John Kelley Arthur and Bill Kingston

Pastor Alan Kethan Debra and Leon Wagner

Diane and Clinton Kettler Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Gaye M. Koenning Dr. Aaron Joseph

Angela and Bob Knauss Marlene and Howard Isbell

David Kruse

Kathryn Boyd Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Cyndee Smith and Tom McMahon Sharon and J.C. Dettling Karen and John Gunn Marlene and Howard Isbell Betsy and John Striegler

Richard W. Mithoff Teresa Demetriou Walker Essary Suzanne Flores Kenneth Follett Susan Gannon Warner Hocker Debbie Jarrett Michelle Jefferson Janie Jordan Craig Liebergot Dolores Morris Jennifer Saxton William Stradley

Marily and Louis Mogas Carolyn Klevenhagen Ann Van Liew

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Moncrief Margaret and Jim Buescher

Lisa and Harry Moore Jennis and Irv Kauffman

Evelyn and Ed Kruse

Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Jane Moorhead

Phyllis and Gary Weiss

Verlin and Howard Kruse Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Vicki Smith and Alan Moses Debra and Leon Wagner

Brooks Leavell

Harriet and Whitney Leavell

Jim, Kathleen, Robert and Pace Murphy Lyn Emerich

Suzanne and Gary Lenig Marlene and Howard Isbell

Betty Palmer Bosworth Neuhaus The Felvis Foundation

Paul Lewis

Millicent and David Lewis

Becky Neuhaus

Boone and John Bullington

Katie Lowe Ellen Petit

Ed Neuhaus

Kelty and Rogers Crain

Laurie and Jack Maddox Susan Nutt Cindy Young

Larry Neuhaus

Lou Maglia

Jessica Nimon

Denise Roughan-Grady

Janice and Bobby Jucker

Dorothy Marchand

Lisa O'Leary

Louise and Ben Neuhaus

Josh Jones

Nancy and Sandy Gaido Marlene and Howard Isbell

Lacy Crain and Joe Galloway

Anne Jones

Kelty and Rogers Crain

Elizabeth and James Gerson

Judy and Ken Margolis

Julie and Peter Johnson

Dorene and Frank Herzog Cissie Rauch and Alan Kaplan

Dr. Paul Gerson

Marcy Margolis

Gray Family Fund

Ms. Johnnie Goodrich Mary McElroy

Maria and Rex Grey Cheryl and Al Pace

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance Judy and Peter Harding Frances and Rick Jeter Irene Liberatos Lenny Matuszewski Scurlock Foundation

Cindy Bennett Charlyn Robinson

Jim and Carol Pace

Sarah Lee Marks

Tish and David Peden

Dorene and Frank Herzog

Lyn Emerich

Sandra and Bob Stephens

Kira Pevow

Texas Children's Hospital - Pathology Department

Chloe Allis Theo Brown Skylar Gross Georgia Kreidler Marisa London Charlotte Maher Alex Taylor

Georgeann Eidman

Frank O. Prior

Paul Folsom

Robert B. Sale, Jr.

Katherine and Ken De Lorenzo

Mimi and Leon Toubin

Sandra and Roger Duch

Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Regina Gorlaski

Ginger and Wade Upton

Jeri and Greg Platt

Mary and Ben Hulsey

Jerrie and Peter Powell

Gillian Ann Higgs

Reverand Jill Vivroux

Marlene and Howard Isbell

Marilyn and Patrick Higgs

Phyllis and Gary Weiss

Melissa and Will Prior

Barbara Ann Wright Howard

Lauren and Neth Walker

Kimberly Marie Klaus

Leigh Ann and Joe Blount

Kenneith and Shirley Walker Charitable Fund

Justin Ralls

Douglas E. Johnston

Ann Wetergrove

Francia and Don Gentry

Kathy and Peter Johnston

Charles Wetergrove

Susan and Blake Randolph

Laverne Lehrmann

McKensie and Morgan Wren

Nathan Tewart

Jo Lynn and Steve Davis

Dona and Rick Nichols

Liz Rigney

William Hollis Lehrmann

Susan and Dr. Bob Zeller

Kelty and Rogers Crain Mary Lynn Crawford Mary Catherine Miller

Jo Lynn and Steve Davis

Margery Block Barbara and Alan Dreeben Adrienne and Walter Hecht Louise and Ben Neuhaus Paige Sachs

Dr. Jayne Finkowski-Rivera and Dr. Carlos Rivera

Tom Metz

Friends of Tom Metz Lorraine and Nick Senofsky

Betty Neuhaus

JAG Medical Associates

Marilyn Kate Ronnel Deanne and Todd Sheer

Joshua Samuels

Imogen Papadopoulos

Pat and Merv Schaefer Liz and Robert Rigney

Zane Schulte

Horsewomen by Grace

Sally and Craig Ezell

Kay Bruce Susan and Cletus Derwae Sally and Craig Ezell Klinka and John Lollar

Connor Anhalt

Alan Nygaard

Ward Adkins

Peggy and Lewis Hellerstein

Sharon and James Metz Lynette and Alan Rauch Deanne and Todd Sheer Shirley and Bruce Stein

DiSorbo Consulting, LLC

Margaret and Jim Shallock

Tish and David Peden

Ryan Bennett

Stephanie Perez

Ethel and Henry Boehm, Sr.

George Poulos

Chris Brown

Anita and Lamar Doyle

Bennett and Alec Sheer Shawna DeShazo

Estelline and Stanley Calvin, Sr. Marsha and Larry Tyree

Valerie Sikora Shelly Levy

Martha Croley Bass Click Pat and Gorden Sorrells

Lydia F. Simmons Otter Island Foundation

Margaret Moreland Cummins Cyndee Smith and Tom McMahon

John Simms Dorothy Utesch

Jasmine Davis Dr. Carl Bloom

Pat and Gordon Sorrells Barbara Press Leslye and David Weaver

Robin and Brad Stein Reva Shapiro

Alaric Taylor

Ruth and Ronnie Albright Cooks Point Brethren Church

Sandy and Jack Taylor Marlene and Howard Isbell

Kathy and Brad Tewart Nathan Tewart

Chase Dickson Mary Helen Jacobus

Becky Swartz Philip Placzek


Don Taitelman

Sharon and James Metz

Charles Northrop Peck III

Lee Raymond

Boehm L.P.

Charlene and Edward Shallock

Betsy and Paul Ache John Carloss John Carter Marijo and Gerald Culwell Katherine and Robert Dowdell Kelli and Martin Fein Harriet and Joe Foster Patricia and Radford Freel Grace Gandy Gray Family Fund Houston Raquet Club Linda and Bob Ittner Joy and Joe Kaplan Alan Knust June and Larry Mahoney Margot and Craig Mason Memorial Drive Christian Church Anne and George Quirk Liz and Robert Rigney Pat and Gordon Sorrells Patricia Taylor Linda and Sid Ward Barbara and Temple Webber Bess and Rob Wilson

Sue and Kirk Smith

Jennis and Irv Kauffman

Kim Segelke

Melissa and Bill Prior

Jan and Dr. Milton Finegold

Jeri and Greg Platt

David Von Hatten Lucy and Anselmo Cantu Dan Driggers Maria and Rodolfo Gracia Jill Holstein Maria Romo di Vivar Maria Von Hatten Greta Waller Mike Woolf

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Emotional HEALING for Life

Dr. Kenneth Abramovitch and Team Dr. Daniela Adeila and Team Dr. Mauricio Arguello and Staff Dr. Alexy Aviles and Team Dr. Audrey M. Boutros and Team Dr. Heather Brown and Team Dr. Jeffrey Busch and Team Dr. Mark Chambers and Team Dr. Norman Chu Dr. Caryn Cohan and Team Dr. Donald Cohen and Team Dr. David Cotlar and Team Dr. Amir Davoody and Team Drs. Eklund and Stahr and Team Dr. Randy Farmer and Team Dr. Carolina Febres and Team Dr. Yolanda Franzen and Team Dr. Ay Mey Gan and Team Dr. Richard Gervais and Team Dr. Neil Gorme and Team Dr. DeShunda Graves and Team Gulf Coast Endodontics Dr. Mark Hablinski and Team Haramis and Roe Dr. Dico Hassid and Team Dr. Ted Hilton and Staff Dr. Georgia Hitchcock and Team Dr. Hubert Ho and Team Dr. Daniel Howes and Team Dr. Joe Hutchins and Team Dr. Phillip Iero and Team Dr. Catherine Kerr and Team Dr. Ronald Konig and Team Dr. Sheela Kudchadker and Team Dr. Kent Lawson and Team Dr. Robert Lee and Team Dr. Thomas Magzen and Team Dr. Michael Masera and Team Dr. Trey Massingill and Team Dr. Jessica Meyers and Team Dr. Michael Mizell Dr. Deiter Moya and Team Dr. Thanh Nguyen Dr. Ann-Marie Nguyen and Team Dr. Tom Pearson and Team Dr. Carrie Pisklak and Team Dr. Carol Price and Team Dr. B.L. Remedios and Team Drs. Rose and Malik and Team Drs. Skibell and Lemke and Team Southwest Endodontics Dr. Don Speck and Team Dr. Alan Stanton and Team Dr. David Tang and Team Texas Children’s Pediatrics Associates Dr. Kenneth Trigger and Team San Juanita Vazquez Dr. Joel Vella and Team Drs. Wadler and Tabackman and Team Dr. Aileen Wang Dr. David Wan and Team Dr. Ben Warner and Team

Jan and Timothy Connolly Brenda and Tom Koch Jesse Tutor Tara and David Wuthrich

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Jack Arlitt

Donations October 12, 2013 – March 31, 2014

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