Avodian 2018

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The Avodian

The Official Yearbook of Camp Avoda, Middleboro, MA August 2018 Volume 92

Camp Avoda Board of Directors Russell Sherman, President Michael Ross, Vice President

Robert Zuker, Treasurer

James Singer, Clerk

Richard Lefkowitz, Secretary

Thomas Leavitt

Louis Dennis

Jonathan Bamel

Paul G. Davis

Ed Klayman

Mitchell Cohen, Trustee

Lee Kaiser

Phil Greenspan, Trustee

Michael Roth

Derek Wade, Trustee

Ken Shifman, Executive Director Ronni Saltzman Guttin, Director Leon Dyer, Assistant Director & CIT Director Gary Rabinowitz, Assistant Director Josh Cohen, Program Director Lee Garr, Camp Advisor & Waterfront Director Jose Montanez, Athlectic Director


To a lot of people, the word Avoda can mean many different things. To Avodians, our core values of brotherhood, spirit, leadership, and tradition, immediately come to mind. For us Avodians, we can see a tie between the development of these qualities and our time at camp. Most Avodians arrive at camp as either a prospective or enrolled camper. There are only a handful of people who have dedicated summer after summer to the running of camp and have evolved into true Avodians. One of those individuals still works at Avoda today. At over the age of 70, he had never set foot on Camp Avoda property. Since being

hired by Mr. Davis in 2001, he has spent his summers as “Head of Maintenance” and has put a smile on everyone’s face each time they interact with him, both campers and counselors. The 2018 Avodian is dedicated to a man who is out on the field daily with “the claws”. He is the man, the myth, the legend. He is Ernie. Ernie Varnum found out about Camp Avoda after serving in the Army Air Force in 1947. Ernie was raised in the Adirondacks, near Lake George, where it would get as cold as 40 below, according to Ernie. Ernie discovered Avoda while in search of employment. Before Avoda, he had been working at another camp down on the cape, Camp Edwards. When Ernie returned home to what he described as “Cold New York”, he decided it was time to move to Middleboro. With a choke in his voice, Ernie described his first appearance at Avoda and discussion with Mr. Davis as a day he would never forget. Ernie’s army background and discipline is prominent in several things, including his daily schedule. Ernie described his typical day as being “first man in here in the morning

go around picking up stuff and the first man to leave at night”. Turning the age of 90 in September, this daily schedule seem appropriate and well earned. As for tasks, he focuses on them one at a time and does it till completion, a strategy that has proven to be extremely effective throughout the years. Whether it’s picking up trash, finding an item in the stockade, or fixing up anything you can think of, Ernie is on top of it. After finding out about Avoda in 2001, Ernie has found himself a home. His presence illuminates through the campers and staff when they say hello to Ernie and get the legendary response back, “yoooooo”. Ernie will forever be a legend at Camp Avoda, and we hope to see him for many more summers to come!

Thank you for everything Ernie

Ken Shifman

Executive Director’s Message I think about camp all the time. I know I am not alone. But I can make a connection with almost anything and tie it to camp – a memory, a value, a person, a tradition, a joke, or a life lesson. This is my 22nd summer at Camp Avoda and I am proud of who we are as an organization. While taking camp photos for this very publication, I often think of ideas for articles. This summer while taking the photos I noticed that the Five Year Club Photo was rather large. (I still have my five year mug from 1984!) We have a great retention rate. There are so many reasons for why kids love Avoda and want to come back each summer. From 2017 to 2018 we had 91% of campers returning to Avoda who were eligible. What do kids love? Why do they come back? Partly they like to be part of the clubs: 5 Year Club, 10 Year Club, Desert War Teams, Color War Teams – part of the history. Each summer we write another chapter in our 92 year history. Campers also like Regular Days, league, special days, evening activities, snack time, bunk time, intercamp competition and of course – their friends! Many factors contribute to our success at Avoda. And many people! Let’s start with parents who send their boys to Avoda. Thank you! And of course, here’s to the boys, our campers who are the main ingredient for our program. It’s great to see all your smiling faces all summer! In no particular order: thank you to Scott, Jamie, Jair, Oswaldo, Carlos, Miguel, Yulder, Uziel, Gamaliel, and Abasi. The kitchen runs so smoothly, the food is great, and you are all professional, fun, and flexible. Trevor and Kim – what a great team you make in Infirmary! Great with campers, communications and meds.

Sarah – thank you for helping us out. And Anne – thanks for kicking off the summer and helping us open up. At the heart of the camp and a major reason for campers returning are the Bunk Counselors. If there is a sentiment that we do not appreciate all that you do, it’s simply not true.We work hard to make sure you work hard. And it shows. Thank you for running periods, creating bunk unity, and mentoring so many campers. It’s been a great summer! 2k1314 – you are a great group to work with and I hope you return next summer. The Admin Team was a great one this summer. Ronni – you are amazing and I appreciate all the things you do, especially the gross things! You are a huge reason for our success. It’s no coincidence that camper numbers are up! Leon – it’s hard to believe that you not only took on more/ different work this summer but also brought it to a new level. Thank you for all you do. Gary – you help run camp, jump in, take initiative to make sure the program and camp is moving forward. Josh – thank you for many late nights, schedules, line ups, and all you do! You too “took it to another level.” Jose, in your new position you paid a lot of attention to detail, facilities, equipment and you interact so nicely with everyone. Lee, welcome to the team. You ran a great, buttoned down waterfront. Sorry the ladder broke. And your care for campers was warm and welcome. Art Staff – great work! Liza: thanks for your creativity and positive spirit. You are always smiling and ready to help out. All the projects looked great! Abe, I am not sure 8000 photos are enough. Thank you for capturing the essence and history of the summer. Alex – the woodshop ran smoothly in your second year.

I can’t tell if the CIT’s were simply great – or if the NOLS program actually had an impact? Thank you guys for keeping an open mind and working so hard! Our maintenance team has been fantastic about maintaining camp and building it up, and making us look so good. Ronnie Lapointe and Ed Black – thank you. I always say board and trustees are an amazing group of people. They give so much time and energy to make Avoda tick. They are smart, hold a lot of knowledge in many areas that benefit camp and also help us financially. They do not get paid, just the satisfaction of seeing a successful program. It’s what we all want. And the Alumni Board helps us in many ways too! They raise money for scholarship and promote the brotherhood that is Avoda beyond our tenures at camp: running social events and honoring those who are no longer with us in body but certainly are in spirit. Lyn, the office runs so smoothly with you! Is there anything you can’t do? If so we have yet to find it. You are truly a magical find and I hope you can help us out for future years. Jill – thank you for your great sense of camp! You are great with campers, parents, cooking on Shabbat, and tours! Thank you for supporting this crazy job! All of these people and aspects of camp contribute to our success. Five years at Avoda is actually not a large number by Avoda standards. It’s not uncommon for staff to spend 12 or 13 years at camp. I feel a sense of pride when I see the 5 Year Club photo, campers competing, trying new things, the thrill of victory and campers, CIT’s and staff arm in arm. See you all next summer! -Ken

Ronni Guttin Director’s Message

“Here Comes The Sun” (The Beatles) Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right I am really lucky. I am grateful every day for my family, friends, comfortable home, occasional adventures, and my work. Yes, grateful for my work…the work that doesn’t really feel like work. From September until June, Ken and I spend time with parents, potential campers and their families, foundations, the Camp Avoda Board of Directors, colleagues form other camps, and other camp-related organizations. We laugh at things that no one else thinks are funny, remember incidents from the summer that still make us angry…or hysterical, passionately agree and disagree, and exchange all sorts of ideas both practical and outrageous as we gradually prepare for the

summer. We come to camp most Tuesdays all winter long to do the work that creates camp. Suddenly, it’s June! I’m not sure why it always takes us by surprise, but it does. Camp opens, and our efforts are rewarded. Here comes that sun, and here come the smiles. I am grateful for the part of my life that is here at dear old A-V-O-D-A. For the long van rides with interesting and sometimes sleepy counselors riding shotgun. For the shirts that I wear proudly at intercamp games while I cheer for our teams. For the late-night decision-making conversations. For the loud and proud cheering. For the mosquito control guys. For the camper who thought I was 39. For the energy of our youngest campers. For the staff who passionately offer their opinions and sometimes help to open my mind. For the growth I see every day in everyone at 23 Gibbs Road. Here is a glimpse into some of my favorite things from the summer of 2018: Henry waiting to sort the mail. Basketballs bouncing at 7:00 am under my window. Shower Time. Camp Avoda welcome song when we have visitors. Itchy fixing my computer. The smell of the Chapel Site. Color War. A non-existent injury list before a big game. Inter-camp

competitions. Reveille. A new truck, and it is registered. Sitting on the porch with campers and counselors. Jumping in the Lake. Snack Time. New Hockey Court. Grill Night. Field Trips. Avoda Tournament. Tye Dye. Impromptu trips to DQ. Playgrounds. New whistles. Enough ping pong balls. Counselors hugging. Sunset over Tispaquin. Birthday speeches. July 4th. White vans. Weekend Warriors. This is my third year at Avoda and I like it very much. Campers! Counselors! Ken! Leon! Gary! Joco! Lee! Jose! Lyn! Kitchen Staff! And everyone else is number 1!

Gary Rabinowitz Assistant Director’s Message

Every organization, industry, and club possess certain nuances and vernacular that permeates throughout every individual involved. Hockey is famous for phrases like 5 for fighting, bar down, and 2-5-10 and game. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it is akin to trying to understand a foreign language you never studied. I have been immersed at Avoda for the past six years and this has made me keenly aware of the jargon that only Avodians would comprehend. We always talk about the fact that once you arrive at 23 Gibbs Road, you are in the club for life. Once an Avodian, always an Avodaian! It certainly takes spending some time on the shores of Tispaquin, to not only understand the language that is indigenous to Avoda, but to also discern the deep meaning attached to each phrase. “Get With Your 14” To an outsider, you might as well be spewing nonsensical monosyllabic grunts. This phrase would have less than zero meaning. To any current Avodian, or alum, this carries significant attachment. If you last stepped foot at Avoda in 1982, you identify with “your 14 year”. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, you remember the people in your 14 and chances are you have been to a few weddings of your lifelong friends from your 14 year. At the end of each of our indoor evening activities, the entire camp gathers with their 14, sings the camp alma mater, and then each 14 gets in tight and their personalized 14 chant echoes throughout the building. This is

simple, but the entire “get with your 14” moment carries deep seeded impact. This helps further cement the brother hood component of Avoda. When the 2k24-14 is already working on their chant, it makes the entire camp smile. Avodians look out for each other, care for each other, share with each other, laugh together, cry together and help bring each other to the other side of any given moment. Your 14 is not just a phrase, it carries weight, and from Bunk 1 on, our campers begin to understand the importance of brotherhood. “Did You Win Kosher Kabin?” Well I can certainly assure anyone associated with Camp Avoda that no bunk that I was ever associated with finished near the top of the Kosher Kabin contest. That was slightly out of my realm of strong attributes. I am quite confident that any of my counselors would recoil in horror from memories of trying to get my bunkmates and I on board with bunk cleanup. Had to be traumatic. Bring anyone into the mess hall and watch them gaze at the years gone by of previous Kosher Kabin winners. Campers are always milling around the podium at lunch wondering what their bunk cleanup score was. Alum come back to Avoda and if they won Kosher Kabin, they will remember and will reminisce. The counselors that somehow managed to win more than one are truly first ballot hall of famers. The art work that goes into creating the Kosher Kabin plaques are impressive. Everything from a

bottle of hand sanitizer and a urinal, to the dancing bears and a bar o soap. This reinforces the powerful tenet of tradition. Another element of Avoda that gets passed on to the next generation of Avodians. Sometimes the traditions are so subtle you don’t even recognize that they have become Ingrained as part of your core. That is the exact moment where the magic happens. Anyway, I could ramble on about all the Avoda nuances that are our own and we embrace, but the editing staff would have my head. Let me just say that with each passing year I feel increasingly more blessed to spend time here. The Avoda traditions, spirit and brotherhood help us all take on the real world with a smile and with a skip to our step. We are lucky to have the best group of leaders any organization could ever ask for. Ken, Ronni and Leon are the best of the best and I am grateful to get to work with them. They keep this place moving forward and growing. Truly the most caring leadership team in the business. Our staff is dynamic and diverse and are poised to bring the next generation up to speed. Our campers are simply the best. Without them, we would all be out of luck. The future of Avoda is in great hands because these campers inject that youthful spirit into everything we do. Now get to the shower house, listen to a story about the Tispaquin Loonie and look for a name in the locker after playing a game of rafter ball. Good Night Camp Avoda!

Camp Avoda Staff Bunk 1 Nate Achildiyev Daniel Chafetz Jake Romanow

Bunk 8 Matty Hartman Ben Stigberg Artie Vidal

Bunk 2 Russ Rapaport Zac Roth

Bunk 9 David Bacdayan Will Cooper

Bunk 3 Jake Noddell Benji Schwartz Ethan Shifman

Bunk 10 Ben Edry Ilan Hascal

Bunk 4 Danny Blumenstein Mitchell Hernandez Bunk 5A Ty Goldstein Max Waltzman Bunk 5B Spencer Kligman David Patkin Bunk 6 Scott Albert Jay Blumenfeld Nimrod Nahir Curtis Williams Aleksander Zelinsky Bunk 7 Alex Lefkowitz Brett Litner Paul Samberg

Bunk 11 Ben Alexander Alex Frank Bunk 12 Greg Weinstein Shay Wenglin

Asst Director Gary Rabinowitz Waterfront Director/ Camp Advisor Lee Garr Program Director Josh Cohen Athletic Director Jose Montanez Office Assistant Lyn Sullivan Nurses Kim Striglio Trevor Sullivan Sarah Cordell

Bunk 14 Wes Fixler Will Holtz Ryan Litner Abe Watman

Woodworking Alex Zelinsky

Executve Director Ken Shifman

Photography Abe Klein

Director Ronni Guttin

Maintenace Ernie Varnum Ronni LaPointe

Asst Director/ CIT Director Leon Dyer

Arts & Craft Liza Dennis

Avodian Staff

As the summer of 2018 approached, editor-in-chief Leon Dyer looked to his accomplices, Alex Lefkowitz, Alex Frank, and Jake Noddell to find the finest writers in Bunk 14. Alex Lefkowitz, Alex Frank, and Jake Noddell immediately turned to Adam Alter, Tyler Freedman, Sawyer Busny, and David Bailit to write the incredible 2018 Avodian. After countless 5th periods of consistently giving it our all, the 2018 Avodian was finally complete. We hope you enjoy!

Leon Dyer

Head of Avodian

Alex Frank Alex Lefkowitz Jake Noddell Avodian Staff

Adam Alter David Bailit Sawyer Busny Ty Freedman Bunk 14 Editors



Adam Alter Leadership

Drew Litner All Around Athlete JR Gilberg All Around Freshman

Tyler Freedman Zachary Niles-Peretz Alex Shifman All Around Campers

Eric Friedman All Around Sophomore

Leo Steindecker Archery

Abe Dunn, Adin Silva Spirit

Alex Shifman Arts & Crafts

Joey Raymond, Max Singer Sportsmanship

Sawyer Busny Avodian

Zach Musheyev Archives

Asher Kranowitz Basketball

Cole Busny, Drew Busny All Around Juniors Eli Blumenstein Owen Sherman All Around Seniors Noah Gornstein Biking Artie Schleifer, Max Singer Canoeing David Hicks Fishing Drew Busny Fitness



Tyler Freedman Flagrush Tyler Freedman Football Nathan Shabashov Friday Night Frisbee Jonah Bornstein Martial Arts

Sawyer Busny

PGD All Around Avodian

Matt Friedman Sailing Ryan Wilcov Services

Elliot Lovinger Tennis Luca Tammaro Video Eli Blumenstein Volleyball

Artie Schleifer Soccer

Andrew Janowski Waterskiing

Ryan Wilcov Photo

Sawyer Busny Softball

Tyler Freedman Weights

Eric Hernandez Ping Pong

Ben Williams Street Hockey

Truman Bright Woodworking

Avery Kalish Ropes

Tyler DeRosa Swimming

















Daniel Chafetz, Sam Maguire, Eric Mccormick, JR Gilberg, Jake Gilberg, Eli Turgel, Ben Gyimah, Jake Romanow

Bunk 1 Dot Dots


2nd Month Bunk 1

Why did Benji cross the road... Mcbenji...Laundry bag...Pickles...Does your dog bite?... How do you feed it?...Frank’s red hot...Noodell’s first name

Jacob Meyerson, Zach, Sheinberg Nate Achildiyev, Daniel Chafetz, Jake Romanow, Micah Gladstone Ilya Netsetskiy, Jordan Ascher, JR Gilberg, Jamie Schutzbank, Sam Leviton, Drew MacGilpin

BUNK 2 FRESHMEN Zac Roth, David Hicks, Jake Paltrowitz, Josh Levy, Lucas Rodriguez,Yarik Yaroslav, Russ Rappaport

Bunk 2 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 2

Selling food...Food raid...First flips... Field Day!...Mattress + bathroom + kid...Bunk 2 lit

Zachary Demeo, Charles Muller, Zac Roth, Russ Rapaport, Lucas Rodriguez, Ben Beader Jordan Hass,Tyler Piesman, Josh Levy, David Hicks, Ayden Ascher, Danny Karas




Josh Mcguire, Benjy Schwartz, Jake Noddell, Leo Steindecker David Satloff, Evan Stern, Zach Leibman, Ty Goldberg, Isaac Engel

Bunk 3 Dot Dots


2nd Month Bunk 3

Noodlecat... Bugly...Gideon &...Josh...Binji... Belly fingers... Belly Dancing Bros...Shelly or Julia...Shelly by a mile...Madlibs... Fifth period cloud watching

Leo Steindecker, Benjy Schwartz, Jake Noddell, Ethan Shifman, David Satloff, Dylan Shatz Lucas Newton, Evan Stern,Tyler Goldberg, Logan Layish, Zach Leibman, Josh McGuire

BUNK 4 SOPHOMORES Alex Zelinsky, Tyler Hesser, Skylar Levin, Marcus Levin, Michael Aleksanyan, Mitchell Hernandez Zach Musheyev, Gideon Rosenplatz, Jeremy Turgel, Thomas Cushing, Jonah Bornstein

Bunk 4 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 4

Tommy likes his bed sometimes Sam Sugarman... Zach’s favorite saying...I’m stripping!...Gideon’s a joke...Eli’s better... Alex-onion...It’s just not...Mad Libs

Danny Blumenstein, David Grebenyuk,Troy Leibovici,, George Rumkin, Mitchell Hernandez,Marcus Levin,Zachary Musheyev,Skylar Levin,Jonah Bornstein, Max Carter, Jake Francis-Jones




Ty Goldstein, Eric Callum, Gabe Kurland, Eric Friedman, Max Waltzman Sam Kaplan, DJ Vetstein, Jonah Bramson, Jack Wexler, Zach Gessman, Ryan Jacoby

Bunk 5A Dot Dots


2nd Month Bunk 5

Ebag...Gazebo... The speech...Orange Pop...Cracker Jack...Ginger Snack...Turn off the light...Bottom Bunk...Gabe shakes the bed... Red Hot...Switch

Max Waltzman, Gabe Kurland, Eric Friedman,Ty Goldstein Sam Kaplan, Jonah Bramson, DJ Vetstein, Jack Wexler, Evan Flaum, Ryan Jacoby

BUNK 5B SOPHMORES Spencer Kligman, Nathan Shabashov, Mason Margolis, David Patkin Aaron Wachob, Bobby Abramovich, Jonathan Rubin, Andrew Austrager, Noah Coleman

Bunk 5B Dot Dots Better Ginger...Movie night...Benji... Hydration... Rafters...Candy Raid...Mad Libs...Late night Mcdonalds

Spencer Kligman, Bennett Bright, Cy Greenblatt, Mason Margolis, David Patkin Avi Rochwerger, Henry Schutzbank, Jonathan Rubin, Nathan Shabashov, Zach Gruber, Jason Hecht




Max Veksler, Luca Tammaro, Benny Hasenberg, Ben Iasaacson, Matt Steindecker, Jay Blumenfeld, Matty Tosches, Alex Hanover, Daniel Steinberg, Alex Leibman, Sam Gornstein, Jacob Demeo, Josh Robochode

Bunk 6L Dot Dots


2nd Month Bunk 6L

Jackie Lagoon... Put your gum away?...Social!... Stelly...Finally juniors

Nimi Nahir, Max Veksler, Matt Steindecker, Jacob Demeo, Ben Rjavinski, Jay Blumenfeld, Ben Isaacson,Theo Klienmann, Sam Gornstein, Alex Leibman, Benny Hasenberg, Daniel Steinberg, Alex Hanover, Luca Tammaro

BUNK 6R JUNIORS Curtis Williams, Zach Hesser, Charlie Kazwell, David Borokhov, Sam Peljovich, Mark Ocher, Scott Albert, Ethan Hass, Michael Cooper, Seth Huber, Tyler Derosa, Gaby Goldberg, Avery Kalish, Dylan Berke Bunk 6R Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 6R

Dare or Dare... Smarties...Food raid

Curtis Williams,Avery Kalish, Wyatt Ables, Matthew Brayer, Tyler DeRosa, Ethan Hass, Scott Albert, Dyland Berke, Sam Peljovich, Michael Cooper, Sam Piesman, David Borokhov, Gaby Goldberg, Simon Ettinger, Mark Ocher




Brett Litner, Ethan Anish, Jake Evans, Paul Samberg, Alex Lefkowitz Daniel Altschuler, Josh Isaacson, Harry Davidson, Liam Friedlander, Griffen Bloomenstein, Ezra Dubowitz

Bunk 7 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 8

Lafanda & the 7 wheel honda ...Amish...The Bet...Put that away...Jake to the mess hall...Wakeup Brett!..Alone w/ Lefty...Waluigi...Where’s Brett


Paul Samberg, Josh Isaacson,Truman Bright,Anthony Sardak, Brett Litner, Daniel Altshuler Harry Davidson, Ben Taska, Alex Lefkowitz


Ben Stigberg, Artie Vidal, Matty Hartman, Ryan Wilkov Bennet Samberg, Noah Ross, Brett Itchkow, Eddie Brown

Bunk 8 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 8

Doorstop....Brush your teeth and go to bed...The loft...The Towel lock...Take a hike...Turn it off... Daniel Wars... Swears are for squares...5 kids and an Artie...The blue chair...Chop fry eat

Ben Stigberg, Artie Vidal, Matty Hartman Bennett Samberg, Benjamin Burdetsky, Noah Ross, Nathaniel Ilfeld, Ryan Wilkov




James Shiff-Denota, David Bacdayan, Will Cooper, Isaac Wedaman, Max Jacoby Josh Lewis, Jonah Venditto, Wyatt Stevens, Ramsey Gale, Max Leavitt

Bunk 9 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 9

From a circle... Jungle...Slammo... Poopie...J-Lou... Voice Crack.. Hide ‘N’ Seek... The Business...20 piece McNugget


Jason Karas,Wyatt Stevens,Will Cooper, Max Jacoby, Ramsey Gale Jake Kaufman, Max Leavitt, Jonah Venditto, Josh Lewis, Isaac Wedaman

BUNK 10 JUNIORS Noah Goldstein, Ben Edry, Ilan Hascal, Ben Wertheim, Cole Busny Zach Hyman, Eric Hernandez, Carson Raisner, Noah Kranowitz, Matt Friedman, Drew Busny, Sam MacGilpin Bunk 10 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 10

UDB..UDGL... UDGB...Sick and Facts...Ilans Eyes Gatorade...Organism...Pop...Deshawn

Sam MacGilpin, Ben Wertheim, Ilan Hascal, Ben Edry, Cole Busny Eric Hernandez, Matt Friedman, Noah Kranowitz, Zach Hyman, Drew Busny




Alex Frank, Michael Shnidman jr, Andrew Janowski, Daniel Rashes, Ben Alexander Charlie Zuker, Adam Tercatin, Jacob Smith, Ron Edry, Noah Gornstein

Bunk 11 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 11

Not to my knowledge...Jacob Wise, go!...Daniel Dane...Feezys... Jermo...Tapped... Ju-Ju...Stank... puke...Mannnn


Ben Alexander, Michael Shnidman jr, Daniel Rashes, Andrew Janowski, Alex Frank, Charlie Rashes, Noah Gornstein, Adam Tercatin, Jonah Frumkin,Ron Edry, Jacob Smith


Alec Baskin, Greg Weinstein, Shay Wenglin, Jeremy Rossin Jacob Mirakov, Julian Adario, David Farber, Daniel Dayn, Jacob Wise

Bunk 12 Dot Dots

2nd Month Bunk 12

Maaaaan...Hotel room...Chicken nugget...Two time captain...This is why we are not united...Table... Muffin top...New York

David Farber, Greg Weinstein, Jeremy Rossin, Shay Wenglin Julian Adario, Zach Sadow-Hasenberg, Jacob Mirakov, Daniel Dayn, Cam Delaney



Sebastian Vidal, Ryan Litner, Oscar Hornick-Wu, Jesse Lichtman, Asher Kranowitz, Wes Fixler, Abe Dunn, Ben Schrieber, Jake Goodgame, Adin Silva, Simon Bazelon, Eli Blumenstein, Arty Schliefer, Tyler Freedman, Abe Watman, Will Holtz Elliott Lovinger, Ben Williams, Owen Sherman, David Bailit, Adam Alter, Sawyer Busny Jonah Taub, Noah Thompson, Joey Raymond, Drew Litner, Alex Shifman, Max Singer, Zachary Niles-Peretz


BUNK 14 IN 15 YEARS Jonah Taub: A channel buoy off the coast of Los Santos Eli Blumenstein: Building the wall Sawyer Busny: Living with Wes Max Singer: Still scared of opper David Bailit: Dealing with another spleen injury Oscar Hornick-Wu: Location; Unknown Alex Shifman: Still trying to make the insulin update Jake Goodgame: Motivational speaker Arty Schleifer: On the practice squad of a world cup team Ben Williams: Eating ramen Adin Silva: Directing Young Kids Education Mikey Altschuler: Still trying to kill Bart Simpson Elliot Lovinger: A capital S Joey Raymond: Reviving Pokemon on Nintendo DS Abe Dunn: Having fun on New Years Cheese: Expanding the Avoda library Drew Litner: Professional Lacrosse Player Jesse Lichtman: English teacher Asher Kranowitz: A soundcloud rapper Sebastian Vidal: Working for altoids Tyler Freedman: Another broken hand Adam Alter: 102 Years Old Ben Schreiber: Storing nuts for the winter Simon Bazelon: Living on the roof of a doghouse Noah Thompson: Living with monkeys in Costa Rica Daniel Sardak: Video game spectator Wes Fixler: Living in a one room apartment with Sawyer, Jessica, and Adam Abe Watman: Yet to return Monica Bass’ sunglasses Will Holtz: In a committed relationship with Boone Ryan Litner: Finally taking the jump


2018 BUNK 14


On the day of the annual Bunk 14 overnight, Bunk 14 climbed into two vans in anticipation for what tripmasters Wes Fixler and Abe Watman had in store. The trip got off to a slow start as the ride took six hours. However, the group stopped in Hampton Beach for a few hours of food and fun. After Hampton Beach, the vans continued for 3 more hours until they reached the campsite. The counselors prepared a delicious grilled dinner and everyone went


to bed happy and full. The next morning, everyone got on life jackets and helmets, and prepared to go white water rafting on the mighty Kennebec River. The waves were the biggest they had been all year and the steep staircase to the rapids caused even more terror between the groups. The different raft groups battled massive waves but were able to overcome them and come out of the river with no problems (except for one small

cannonball). Once the 14ers returned to the campsite, they enjoyed games of spikeball and football. After a great dinner out, everyone enjoyed the night while sitting at a bonfire. The next morning, every departed the campsite, and drove to historic Faneuil Hall in Boston. After enjoying the sites in Boston, the 14ers enjoyed a delicious steak dinner in Cambridge. Everyone on the trip returned to camp with stories to tell after a great overnight.

CANOE TRIP 2018 CANOE TRIP Aidan Silva, Eli Blumenstein, Artie Schleifer, Max Singer, Joey Raymond, Abe Dunn, Noah Thompson, Ben Williams Julian Adario, Daniel Rashes, Andrew Janowski, Noah Gornstein, Zachie Sadow-Hasenberg, Michael Altshuler, Will Holtz, Greg Weinstein, Lee Garr, Josh Cohen

As a handful of bunk 14ers and bunk 12ers awoke early Tuesday morning in anticipation of what tripmaster Leon Dyer had in store filled all minds. Weeks before the trip began, participants were training and preparing everyday during 4th period. However, no one’s skills would be tested until the 2nd day of the trip. After an early wake up, everybody made their way across the street to the starting point of the canoe

race. As canoeing pairs got their canoes lined up, everybody began to paddle their way through eight moles of rapids and various obstacles. Once everybody had finally reached the finish line, we made our way back to the camping site for lunch. Following lunch, everybody had a blast lighting each other up in paintball. After paintball, everyone loaded the vans and we drove to a delicious italian restaurant. Stomachs

full, campers made their way back to their tents to get some rest before the final stretch of the canoe trip. The vans arrived in Newport Ri, and everyone was given permission to roam the beach for a few hours. Around 6:00 pm, everyone met up for dinner and enjoyed a delicious final dinner. After dinner, everyone hopped back into the vans and headed back to camp with another experience to add to their Avoda career.


AVODA POLL 1) What is the best evening activity? Flagrush 60% Deadzone 25% Zooball 15%

6) Best staff? Waterfront Staff Athletics Staff River Staff

2) What is the best meal at Avoda? Wings 50% Mac and Cheese 30% Shabbat Dinner 19% Baked Potato Bar 1%

7) Who is the best Rabbi? Wes Fixler 25% Daniel Chafetz 25% Joco 25%

3) What is the best sport played in league? Basketball 40% Hockey 40% Volleyball 10% Football 10%

8)Who is the angriest man? Shay Wenglin 40% Kirk 40% Wesley Fixler 19% Greg Weinstein 1%

4) Who is the worst league referee? Will Cooper 50% Wes Fixler 50%

9) Best Avoda sports team? Senior Soccer 50% Senior Hockey 25% Junior Junior Basketball 12.5%

5) Who is the largest hoss? Theo Knopf 35% Jesse Litchman 25% Jacob Wise 21% Eric Freidman 19%


Adam Alter Sawyer Busny

41% 39% 20%

20% 5%

Swim Team


10) Best CIT? Sam Waltzman Theo Knopf Jason Stellman Max Kleinman

50% 20% 20% 10%


THEN & NOW Then - First Year at Avoda Photo | Now - 2018 Summer Photo


Adam Alter

Michael Altshuler

David Bailit

Simon Bazelon

Eli Blumenstein

Sawyer Busny

Abe Dunn

Ty Freedman

Jake Goodgame

Oscar Hornick-Wu

Asher Kranowitz

Jesse Litchman

Drew Litner

Elliot Lovinger

Zachery Niles-Peretz

Joey Raymond

THEN & NOW Then - First Year at Avoda Photo | Now - 2018 Summer Photo

Daniel Sardak

Arthur Schleifer

Ben Schreiber

Owen Sherman

Alex Shifman

Adin Silva

Max Singer

Jonah Taub

Noah Thompson

Sebastion Vidal

Ben Williams

Wes Fixler

Ryan Litner

Will Holtz

Abe Watman










2018 CIT’s

Zach Breton, Nate Goldberg, Zack Goodgame, Evan Gray, Eli Kleinmann, Max Kleinmann,Theo Knopf,Tad Leavitt, Ethan Levy, Matt Peljovich, Max Scribner, Jason Stelman, Zack Volinsky, Sam Waltzman, Jacob Winn, Leon Dyer







Ben Stigberg, Ty Goldstein, Abe Watman, Shay Wenglin, Russ Rapaport Ryan Litner, Jose Montanez



Benjy Schwartz, Spencer Kligman, Jake Blumenfeld, Ilan Hascal, Lee Garr,ArtieVidal, Matty Hartman, David Patkin, David Bacdayan, Mitchell Hernandez




Zac Roth, Ben Alexander, Jake Romanow, Greg Weinstein



Alex Zelinsky, Liza Dennis, Abe Klein




Daniel Chafetz, Wes Fixler, Josh Cohen, Benji Schwartz

This summer’s services were some of the

accentuated the tones of the prayers.

best in recent memory. Wes Fixler, Benji

The inclusion of music in services help

Schwartz, Daniel Chaifetz, and Josh Cohen

keep everyone’s spirits and enthusiasm

led exciting and musical services on every

at an all time high which led to a joyful

Friday night and Saturday morning. There

environment every week.

were also several notable appearances

By Sawyer Busny

by both Adam Alter and Sawyer Busny. The first Friday service was held on the beach and starred musical cameos from Josh Cohen and Zach Roth on guitar, Benji Schwartz on saxophone, and Dylan Berke on drums. The rhythmic patterns of the drum were especially notable because they helped aid the congregation in staying in unison. Additionally, Benji’s impeccable




incredible harmony in the music and



Trevor Sullivan, Kim Striglio The infirmary was a popular place this summer as always. We thought the start of camp was hectic, but that was just the beginning as camp reached full capacity midsummer! Doubling us up on medications, injuries and ice pops. We would like to thank everyone at camp for your help in having an overall healthy summer. We have a few special shout outs, first to Bunk 14 for always keeping us entertained and teaching Trevor a thing or two about Fortnite. Alex Volinsky and Lee Garr for having the best injuries of the summer. All of our frequent fliers (you know who you are) for making sure we were never ever ever lonely. We will not forget Leon’s ingenious creation of the Med Challenge. Last but not least to Ronni, Ken, Lee and Jose for being an extra set of eyes for us minimizing the damages (keeping kids safe, healthy and happy). Thank you Avoda for an unforgettable summer!






















Favorite Avoda Drone Shots


by the numbers Hottest day of the summer

Number of reminders to put away equipment by Jose

Number of Campers This Summer



Avodians kicked off birthright

Amount of needles Alex has used

Amount of Benji pages this summer




Amount of POPS

Amount of fruit desserts



Number of Hours Put Into This Avodian

Amount of people bored by hypnotist



Items in the lost and found

Amount of services this summer

Number of Food Items Confiscated

Number of Field Trips This Summer





Number of times Wes Fixler has reffed

Number of bad refs

Number of Regular Day Schedules

Number Of Bunk Cleanup Fails




98ยบ Amount of clothing lost in laundry


1 72

Amount of beanies loaned by Ronni







As campers awoke to music pouring out of the PA, everyone in camp knew that July 4th had begun. After the campers enjoyed both a delicious breakfast and a swift cleaning of their bunks, all of camp was paged to the Rec Hall. At the Rec Hall, the campers learned that Avoda Gladiators was planned to be the main event for the 4th of July morning festivities. To begin Avoda Gladiators, the camp was separated into three teams, red, white, and blue. Following the announcement of teams, the counselors, who were to play the roles of the gladiators, were introduced. Boos roared as the nemesis gladiators ran out the Rec Hall, eager to compete against the three teams. When the activities began, each bunk participated in a separate game, in opposition of the gladiators.

The events took place in all different sports, ranging from shooting soccer balls with a gladiator in net to playing small team basketball scrimmages.The final event of Avoda Gladiators focused around the bunk 14ers. The bunk 14 campers were to attempt to cross the field with a flag while all the gladiators tried to hit them with all types of objects including dodge balls and soccer balls. The blue team was victorious after they successfully reached the other side of the field without getting hit by any of the balls. After a successful ending for blue and a well fought competition by the other teams, the tired campers headed to the Mess Hall for lunch. After the campers ate lunch and had a short rest period, the carnival began. All types of games and water slides were spread across the

field, as well as a stand for popcorn, cotton candy, and sno-cones. After many hours of fun on the field, campers were allowed to have a general swim by age group due to the heat. Following swim and a delicious BBQ, all the campers set chairs up on the beach and prepared for the annual bonfire and chip ceremony. Bunk 14 had spent two days building a bonfire, and after it was lit, a member of each bunk spoke about their experience at camp. PGD then told told a story about a man who snuck into camp and kidnapped kids for their arms. After everyone had settled down from the frightening story, all of Avoda enjoyed a great fireworks show and went to bed happy after a great holiday filled with continued camp traditions. By David Bailet




Coming into summer 2018, there were high expectations for the 2K18 Bunk 14. Opening night flagrush clearly demonstrated the depth of skill in this age group. As flagrush was shouted into the megaphone, campers screamed in excitement for the first whole camp activity of the summer. The tradition of flagrush on the first night of camp had been around for decades. As the teams were read off, campers rushed around checking to see if their friends were on the same team. White team captains were Sawyer Busny and Drew Litner and the captains for the blue team were Adam Alter and Owen Sherman. Campers ran back to their bunks to grab cleats and socks, while run-

ning to the field in anticipation for the night’s event. Captains gathered first-year campers and introduced the rules of the game as the countdown began. The first quarter gave freshman and sophomore campers a chance to play without older campers as they cheered them on from the sideline. The second quarter got off to a fast start as campers sprinted to the opposing teams flags while more defensive players protected their own flags from the approaching team. The offensive mentality soon took control of the game as flags were scored again, again, and again. Exceptional performances were demonstrated by Ezra Dubowitz, Alex Shifman, and Eric Callum.

The most memorable play of the night was Josh Lewis breaking six members of the blue teams ankles and diving five feet through the air to score a flag at the end of the first half. Ultimately, all campers gave it their all but at the conclusion of the final countdown, the white team was declared the winner. In tradition with winning evening activities, white ran to second base of the softball field shouting “we’re number one!” The night concluded with the four captains walking around each bunk congratulating each camper on the night’s evening activity that began the summer of 2018. By Sawyer Busny


As the second Avoda dinner came to a conclusion, the anticipation grew as Ty Goldstein stepped up to the podium to introduce the evening activity for that night. The campers participated in the traditional rhythmic pounding of the table that precedes the announcement. The excited campers fell silent as Ty pulled the Mess Hall microphone to his mouth. “Tonight’s evening activity is... Zooball!” Immediately, the campers jumped and cheered eagerly awaiting to hear what team they were going to be on. Ty rattled off names for each team, starting with the campers in Bunk 1 and ending with the campers in Bunk 14. After the announcement of the teams, the captains were announced. Captains Tyler Freedman and Simon Bazelon were to represent blue and Captains Sebastian Vidal and Eli “Carlos” Blumenstein were to represent white. The captains gathered their teams and

prepared to battle. The whistle blew to signal the start of the first Zooball game of summer 2018. Members of bunk 14, including, Jesse Lichtman and Zachary Niles-Perez, kicked the game off by both scoring a drop kick for their teams, setting the score at 3-3. As the finals seconds of the first half wound down, Jonah Taub of the blue team received the ball off an amazing pass from Noah Goldstein. Jonah cocked back and launched the ball, passing right through the goalie’s hands setting the score at halftime to 4-3 in favor of blue. Goalies Sam Kaplan and Eric Friedman stepped up to the plate for freshman/sophomore penalty kicks, shutting out the white team by saving every penalty shot that they faced. The blaring noise of whistles set the second half into motion. Ben Schreiber of the white team caught the ball off the opening whistle and worked it up with several of his team-

mates. Closing in on the goal, Ben dropped the ball to his feet and wound up... the ball soared between the goalies bringing the white team a 5-4 advantage. The remainder of the second half went scoreless and blue carried a 1 point deficit into the junior senior penalty kicks. With one penalty kick to give the blue team a chance to win, the team selected Daniel Rappaport to take the kick. The crowd fell to a hush as he ran up to kick the ball. The referees signaled that they were ready for the kick, and so did Daniel. With all his might, Daniel booted the ball...GOAL! The blue team sprinted to second base screaming “We’re number one! We’re number one!”, thus concluding the first Zooball game of summer 2018. By Ty Freedman






After a hearty Thursday morning breakfast, a multitude of campers boarded both the vans and the buses to head for downtown Boston. The journey itself was exceptionally lively. It was filled with conversations over games of cards and periodic singing. When we arrived in downtown Boston, we had a delicious lunch at the historic Quincy Market, before splitting off into groups which either went to a nearby park to play lawn games or to explore various historical sights such as Faneuil Hall which was right down the block from the park. After an hour of eating and playing games, we walked over to the duck boats and boarded the one we were directed to. As we toured the city, our guide, “Choo-Choo Charlie� pointed out and explained the significance of many places around the city, while also instructing us to quack at passing duck boats. The historical sites ranged from colonial America to modern attractions and urban development. We drove around Boston Common, to the old and new state houses, and up and down Beacon Street before descending into the water. In the water, Sawyer Busny and Max Singer even got to steer the duck boat for a little bit of time. Unfortunately, the fun had to end and we left the duck boats and said goodbye to Boston, returning to camp for a relaxing evening. By Zachery Niles-Peretz

For the first field trip of the 2018 summer, many campers choose the choice field trip of Treetop Adventures. TreeTop Adventures is a gigantic ropes course which includes ziplines, catwalks, planks, and numerous other fun and exciting obstacles. Upon arrival at TreeTop Adventures, all campers, counselors, and CITs strapped into harnesses and equipped the necessary gadgets needed to complete the course. There were many different trails with ranging difficulties which accommodated every single Avoda campers, counselors, and CITs climbing abilities. After an enjoyable and tiring day of navigating through the ropes course, Avoda campers, counselors, and CITs indulged in delicious pizza to cap off an amazing day at TreeTop adventures. By Adam Alter



Every year, there is much anticipation surrounding Camp Avoda’s annual trip to Fenway Park. Upon arrival at Fenway, campers and staff filed into their seats munching on some of Fenway’s most beloved snacks and meals. This matchup between the Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim started slow, however once the Avoda section began cheering with the usual Avoda enthusiasm, the Red Sox immediately began scoring runs. There was no louder section than the seats occupied by Avoda. Camp Avoda staff led numerous raucous “Let’s go Red Sox” chants, which caught around the entire stadium, which once again proved that Avoda’s spirit and enthusiasm in unmatched in all of Red Sox Nation. Camp Avoda staff and campers were also able to start the wave which travelled around the entire stadium numerous times. However, the highlight of the night came during the mid 7th inning when “take me out to the ball game” was played, and all of Camp Avoda joyously sang and celebrated together, which capped off an incredible night at America’s best ball park. By Adam Alter


Six Flags, one of the more popular trips of the week, started off on a strong note as campers were greeted by coach buses when they approached the lot. The long ride to Agawam was made easier with air conditioning, bathrooms, and televisions. After what felt like minutes, campers arrived 124 miles away from camp at Six Flags. Campers assisted by their counselors would spend the remainder of their evening wandering about the vast landscape of Six Flags. Whether it’s rollercoasters, water slides, or snacking on some delicious foods, all campers found a way to enjoy themselves at Six Flags. After a long day under the summer sun, campers packed back up onto their buses and soaked in the A/C as they snoozed off on their way back to Avoda, concluding the Six Flags field trip. By Ty Freedman






S M A E T 018 2




Campbell Fighting Camels

New Mexico Lobos

University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors



Fighting Pickles

Michigan State Sparties

Youngstown State Penguins



Cash Money

Aftermath Entertainment


Quality Control 84



Good Music

Hush Puppy

Top Dawg Entertainment 85

Fr/So League MVP’s

Jr/Sr League MVP’s

Youngstown State Penguins MVP’s: Ryan Jacoby, Cy Greenblatt Coaches: Eli Kleinmnn, Matt Pelojovich, Zack Volinsky

OVO MVP: Ramsey Gale Coach: Ryan Litner

Michigan State Sparties MVP: Zack Leibman Coaches: Ethan Levy, Tad Leavitt

Hush Puppy Records MVP: Sawyer Busny Coach: Daniel Chafetz

New Mexico Lobos MVP: Eric Freedman Coaches: Jacob Winn, Max Scribner

Top Dawg ENT MVP: Zachary Niles-Peretz Coach: Abe Watman

Fighting Pickles MVP: Leo Steindecker Coaches: Max Kleinmann, Zack Goodgame

Aftermath ENT MVP’s: Eli Blumenstein, Drew Litner Coach: Wes Fixler

Campbell Fighting Camels MVP: Evan Stern Coaches: Zach Breton, Jason Stelman, Sam Waltzman

GOOD Music MVP: Coach: Alex Frank

University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors MVP: Logan Layish Coaches: Theo Knopf, Evan Gray, Nate Goldberg

Quality Control MVP: Alex Shifman Coach: Greg Weinstein Cash Money MVP: Ben Schreiber Coach: Will Holtz Roc A Fella MVP: Coach: Shay Wenglin

Fr/So League Champions Youngstown State Penguins

Jr/Sr League Champions Aftermath ENT



WHITE ARSENAL ryan Litner GeneraL

aLex Frank 1st Lieutenant

iLan hascaL 2nd Lieutenant

WiLL hoLtz 3rd Lieutenant

ty GoLdstein 4th Lieutenant

zac roth 5th Lieutenant

theo knopF zack GoodGame aides

saWyer busny dreW Litner captains


BLUE BUSINESS shay WenGLin GeneraL

abe Watman 1st Lieutenant

danieL chaFetz 2nd Lieutenant

ben edry 3rd Lieutenant

brett Litner 4th Lieutenant

Jake romanoW 5th Lieutenant

sam WaLtzman nate GoLdberG aides

adam aLter ty Freedman captains


90 6

91 7

As the first month of Summer 18 began to come to a close, Desert War excitement spread around camp. On the last wednesday of the first session, a police officer entered the mess hall during breakfast and asked for Ken Shifman to come forward. The mess hall was in silence as the officer handcuffed Ken and led him outside to his police car. Campers from bunk one to bunk fourteen were in shock, until minutes later, the officer came in and announced, “It’s Desert War!” The mess hall erupted in cheers in preparation for the biggest event of the first session, Desert War. The teams were read aloud and the campers clapped in anticipation of the ensuing reading of the teams for bunk 14. The newly announced teams divided onto both sides of PGD path to wait for their staffs. First up – captains. Coming out of Bunk 14 they had their game faces on: Tyler Freedman and Adam Alter for the Blue Business and Sawyer Busny and Drew Litner for the White Arsenal. The rest of


the staffs followed: Aides, Lieutenants, and Generals. After three and a half weeks full of flagrush, fakes, and scouting, Desert War was finally here. As both teams had their initial meetings in the Rec Hall and Lodge, the rest of staff rushed to prepare camp for the day’s events. Flag circles were painted, structures were moved, and the seven flags were stuck in the ground of their respective spots. As the countdown to the beginning of the war ended, White’s offense rushed aggressively to score flags. After 30 minutes of no prevail, Captain Sawyer Busny brought the seesaw flag onto the field and sprinted to the line to score the first flag of the day. The thought of a close match was soon quenched as Ben Schreiber scored the field flag and Simon Bazelon threw the beach flag to Eli Blumenstein for another score and to take the lead going into the second quarter. The teams switched sides for the next quarter and blue’s offense took control with Captain Adam Alter scoring the first

flag of the quarter and Captain Ty Freedmen, Alex Shifman, Eli Blumenstein, Matt Steindecker, and Tyler Goldberg scoring flags as well. After a lunch of grilled cheese and a short rest period, the Arsenal’s staff and captains tried to hype up the team for a comeback. White came back onto the field with anger in their eyes to get back in it. This grit was not enough as Ben Williams scored a field flag and white’s flags kept falling short of scoring. The third quarter ended with most of the white teams heads down and the blue team cheering as if it was already over. White gave it their all, but blue scored again, again, and again until they ran to the lake an hour later. White’s MVPs were Asher Kranowitz, Elliot Lovinger, and Ramsey Gale. Blue’s MVPs were Ben Schreiber, Noah Thompson, Zachery Niles-Peretz, and Matt Steindecker. Overall, Desert War 2018 illuminated the pillars of hustle, grit, and teamwork at Camp Avoda. By Sawyer Busny

NAVY SEALS abe Watman GeneraL

shay WenGLin 1st Lieutenant

iLan hascaL

2nd Lieutenant

danieL chaFetz 3rd Lieutenant

brett Litner 4th Lieutenant

max WaLtzman 5th Lieutenant

nate GoLdberG aide

zack GoodGame aide

adam aLter captain



ty GoLdstein 1st Lieutenant

ryan Litner 2nd Lieutenant

ben aLexander 3rd Lieutenant

ben edry

4th Lieutenant

artie VidaL

5th Lieutenant

sam WaLtzman aide

Jason steLman aide

saWyer busny captain


96 6

97 7

98 6

99 7



Navy seals, on a mission to win this war Yes sir Day 1, and you know that there’s know turning back Yes sir No debate That There’s nothing that you can do Wesley And we knew there was no help no help for you Navy Sound of the seals Storming down the beach Into the lake Avengers retreat We are Navy seals From the beginning It’s all navy, we won this war Negotiate better, pick better, this is a joke Out on the field Our players were better than yours Played by the rules Played all you fools Yeah yeah they, they, they aren’t a team Avengers shaking at the knees In a snap, this is a breeze We’re the best you ever seen We are Navy seals Avengers shaking at the knees You know the mission is complete Navy seals Navy seals Yeah it’s alright You really tried It will be fine When we snap, cant survive (snap on snap) Dust arise We are seals navy seals Before us, you will neil Cuz we are Navy seals





















































































1st Verse: Driving Down Gibbs I’m back Home For 10 months I’ve been gone Oh yea yea I miss you I really do (Pause) Now at camp back with my brothers fourteen year Hoping it lasts Smiles and fear near Now we are the ones that are leading all of camp I’m finally counting down As summer starts now I’m finally here as each day goes by faster and faster sadder and sadder wishing and wishing that I never leave this place Chorus: I wake up, and look out, onto the blue lake Avoda, is my home, Forever I wish to stay This place that, has made me, I cannot repay Summer gone, 2 months are done I don’t want to, leave my home Go to bed, dream of you, that’s what I’m doing these days 2nd Verse: Done as a camper, an SC Wow its finally struck me My time is almost done here, and, I don’t wanna think it’s true Me I’ve been here for so many years, shed all my tears Still lovin camp but I don’t wanna leave here ya I bleed for white and blue Ya my time is done But those years don’t change But if you ever come back and visit


camp then you’ll understand that your home is here And you have a place Finale Verse: I wake up and tear drops run down my face Remember the good times every single day I would give, anything, for just one more day Drive down Gibbs Leave my home Cry Alone Such a Shame Go to bed Dream of you That what I’m doing everyday I wake up and tear drops run down my face Remember the good times every single day I would give, anything, for just one more day Drive down Gibbs Leave my home Cry Alone Such a Shame Think of you, My years are through, My heart bleeds white and blue



Josh Cohen Exec. Head Judge

Benji Schwartz Asst Exec. Head Judge

Will Holtz, Greg Weinstein, Scott Albert Head Judges

Ben Stigberg, Zac Roth Asst. Head Judges

Zach Breton, Max Scribner, Jacob Winn Head Judge Aides

Leon Dyer

Color War Advisor




Jake Romanow SC Bunk 1 • 2k1514

Jay- We chilled more this summer than during others; I ain’t complaining tho;) Spinny and waterbreaks with the 100% zero made this season a lil easier. Keep up the great work.. wait for the pop out to QU As always, this summer at Avoda has flown by. I’m already looking at the final few days of camp around the corner and it makes me sad to leave:( This summer’s been as fun as any, and I owe it to everybody here for contributing to that- thank you. Can’t wait to see what the next summer brings;) Bunk 1- Yall killed it all summer. You will grow into strong, responsible, young men. 2k1514- We still out here goin strong. Good luck to all of you at your respective places of learning. Foot on the gas for next year- Israel straight to Avoda... Blue Business- I have yet to clock out $$$.

108 6

Ty- Anotha summer in the books. It’s always awesome to have home friends and camp friends be the same people:) Unfortunately I was disinvited to this years dance but imma be there next summer count on that. Know you’re gonna tear it up next year but Ohio football... yikkesss Max- Here with you since the dawn of time.. we’ve BEEN scheming you already know. Cheers buddy. To many more years down the road. TAG

Daniel Chafetz

SC Bunk 1 • 2k1414 • SR. Hoops Coach • 2nd lt blue business • 3rd lt navy seals • Fishing & Chilling Staff This was my 11th summer at camp Avoda, and once again I liked it very much. I never take for granted the opportunity to spend my summers with my best friends at the greatest place on earth. All I hope for is the chance to do it all again with the same people. Bunk 1: wow are you guys energetic, waking me up every morning at 7 with a new issue to be solved. In reality, I requested to have you guys with the intention to show you why camp avoda is my home away from home. There is no doubt in my mind I made the right choice to spend my summer with you. With constant entertainment and lively energy, you guys helped make this one of my best summers yet! Senior hoops: although we didn’t get the outcome we wanted, y’all are a bunch of walking buckets who I know could have balled out in the tournament if shots were falling. You guys should resilience and I know that next years team will be a force to recon with. Evan gray, waltzman, goodgame, you guys were great captains and lead the team with motivation as well as actions. 2k13: you guys are some of my best friends in the world and are a big reason for making this summer one of the best ever.

Ryan, Scott, West, Greeg, spooñe, y’all ran camp the way it should be, couldn’t have asked for a better situation from going to birthright to running camp with y’all. 2k14: The OG squad, Shay, Abe, Ben, Ilan, Edry, Frank, the summer was filled with foul memories and immense boolin, from birthright to pre-camp to the full session. I love you all and am stoked we could run the show here for 1 more summer.

best friend, molding kids into true avodians. -Danny C. on the beat

Opper: Miss you guy, you’re still rotten for not coming back <3 Blue Business: that was a squad, no doubt we killed it on the day of, business was BOOMIN. Alter & Ty, y’all balled out game day and made yourselves a presence on the field as athletes and leaders. Shay, thanks for giving me the opportunity to get on with u, glad we caught the dub Navy Seals: I’m excited to get to work with y’all and I know things will work in our favor if we keep up the good work. Abe, thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this group of dawgs we got, I’ll give it all I got Abe. Not losing my voice. Camp Avoda is the greatest place on earth. It is a privilege and an honor to “work” here with my

109 7

Nate Achildyiev JC Bunk 1 • 2k1614

you guys was a great experience and the memories we made with the bunk are something I’ll always remember.

I Can’t believe summer 2018 is already coming to end. From pre camp to now, everything about this summer has been great and a time I will never forget. Being a counselor for the first time was a great experience that I’ll definitely remember forever and love. Coming back this year was the best decision I could’ve made as I was able to spend another summer with my best friends at the greatest place on earth. I couldn’t imagine spending the summer anywhere but here with all these Avodians. 2k16 bunk 14 - It was great being JCs with you guys this year. We’re down to 6 but the 6 back this year we’re great and I hope we can all keep coming back to make more hilarious memories. From pre camp to now, us JCs killed it and definitely knew how to have a good time. Genie will always be expecting us. Chafetz/ Romanow- You guys were great CO’s. Learning about staff and how to be a great counselor from

110 6

Bunk 1- Being a bunk one counselor was one of the best experiences I had. We had our ups and downs but overall you guys gave me one of the greatest summers I could’ve asked for. You guys are all great kids and I hope you guys keep coming back and continue your Avoda journey as your time here doesn’t last forever. I still remember my first year in bunk 1 and coming back was the best decision of my life. I can already tell how great avodians you guys are and I hope you all can one day be staff members and continue the Avoda traditions we all love to make sure this place stays special forever. Curtis/ Danny - It was great summer with genie and I hope our knees can always be replaced. 2k1814 - You guys were great this summer in 14 and I enjoyed having the opportunity to hang out with you guys more this summer and see how of a great 14 you all are that is filled with characters. Although being a camper is over the fun just began as you guys need to keep coming back for staff.

I promise you it’s worth it and the most fun you will ever have. Dot Dots- Summer 18…. genie...440...87….lamads...vanilla ice cream...where’s the John?... bedframe...2 hours...can I practice my penmanship….jcs!..where’s Ethan?...worst X factor... Camp Avoda I love this place. I hope I can come back next year for another summer and hope this place never changes.

Russ Rapaport

SC Bunk 2 • 2k1514 • Waterfront Staff • Athletics Staff • River Staff

Coming back this year was an easy decision, and it made me realize how dumb I was for missing out on JC year. I know everyone says this, but for all the 14ers and CITS who are undecided about coming back: Come back as long as you can. This is by far the best job in the world, and you can’t replace the friendships you’ve made here. Even though I can’t come back next summer, I know I’ll always be connected to this place. Avoda was a huge part of my childhood. I grew up here. I made friendships that will last a lifetime here, and I leave it knowing that I am who I am because of Camp.

Bunk 2- Thanks for a great summer. Keep coming back to this place as long as you can. Before you know it, you’ll be in bunk 14, wishing you could go back to Bunk 2 and start camp all over again. Mcbenjys...arts and Crafty... Benjy’s plan...snaps...walking down the Benjy...snaps... Astrobenjy...lot...”I’m gonna roast him”...”You want me to break it?”- G $...gauntlet...dangerously Benjy 24/7

2k15- Being on staff was all you hyped it up to be. There was never a down occasion with you guys. It’s gonna kill me next year not being here when we’re finally running the show, so live it up while you can. Ball out in college, and here’s to keeping the good times rollin. #NCCSU #gauntlet #StrengthInNumbers Roth- Whaddup Co! It was definitely a wild ride in bunk 2 this year, but hey, at least we were never bored. Keep coming back here, you’ll be at the top before you know it. Have fun with Senior year.

111 7

Zac Roth

JC Bunk 2 • 2k1614 • Waterfront Staff • Ropes Staff • Asst. HJ CW • 5th lt White Arsenal Dot Dots: bedframe...jc’s... pauly...xfactor...lostthesupreme... y o m y g u y. . . r e d f l a m i n g o . . . huhwheresgabe...greg

First year on staff went by pretty quick, but was arguably my favorite so far. I became a lot closer with different fourteens as well as my own. Couldn’t have asked for a better introduction onto staff. 2K1614: Ethan, Nate, Paul, Danny and Curt. Even though there were only six of us this year we still held it down. Let’s keep it going! Bunk 2: You guys were crazy but made a ton of growth as avodians. Super happy to be your councilor this summer, couldn’t have asked for a better group. Rus: Great summer with you. Started in bunk one together, now we’re co’s together, crazy. Good luck at Dartmouth! White Arsenal: Ryan, Frank, Ilan, Will, and Ty. Regardless of the outcome, it was a great first Desert war experience. A-team.

112 6

Benjy Schwartz

SC Bunk 3 • 2k1514 • Waterfront Staff • Jr Softbal Head Coach • Owner of McBinjis Exec Asst Head Judge CW • NCCSU Another summer at Avoda has come and gone and my love for this summer paradise has only grown. My ninth summer here has made me realize how much Avoda has shaped who I am, and I am forever grateful. I’m gonna keep this short, so here are a few shoutouts. 2k1514: Thank you for being my boys since day one. I know you guys always have my back acund I always have yours. We killed it this year, and I can’t wait for when we’re running camp next year.

Artie: Yankees suck. I don’t like playing you in fifa. Good job not getting an axe this year, but you still have a week and a half left. Good luck this week, you’re gonna kill it and I can’t wait to see your play. Avoda: Thanks for being my summer home. I’ll see you next summer.

Bunk 3: You guys we’re an absolutely ridiculous group of kids. Your endless energy ensured that there was never a dull moment in the bunk. Keep coming back and I can’t wait to see you all grow. Ethan: Thanks for being a great co, and bunkmate. Keep doing your thing, working hard, and keep coming back. Noodle: I was so happy when I got that call from you on my drive down to camp and you told me we were gonna be cos. Its been a great summer, and I hope you come back next year.

113 7

Jake Noddell

SC Bunk 3 • 2k1514 • Avodian Staff


Wow. Another Summer at Avoda is in the books. At first, I didn’t know what to expect because I could not make it back last summer for my JC year. Well, this summer definitely made me regret that. This summer was one of the best of my 8 years at Avoda. 2K1514: We killed it this year boys! Thanks for letting Lou, Russ, Stiggy, and I back into NCCSU. We all know next summer we are gonna run train. We got the numbers to run staff and lead camp. I hope most of us, if not all, can return next year. Bunk 3: You guys were great this summer! We had a lot of fun times this summer, especially with mad libs at night. I hope to see you all next year. Benji and Ethan: At some points it was rough, but we made it through the summer. Having 3 counselors was a big help to us around the bunk. We had a great experience and it was fun being co-counselors with you guys.

114 6

Bacdayan: Good to be back this summer with the squad. Next summer is gonna be crazy, especially dw. Don’t buzz too much at Michigan you bug. Also don’t forget your bug spray. Lefty: Glad we both came back this summer Lou. This summer was one to remember. But seriously, you need to STOP! Tic. Kliggy: Nice seeing you this summer, Jeff. It was really fun sometimes especially all the snaps and frogs there were. 2k16: It was nice getting closer with all of you guys. Get ready for next summer. Paul and Roth, we will be watching the new Rick and Morty Season. Dot dots: Mcbenji….. Frogs…. Jeff…. Lap… snaps… Fridge… Bug… Warriors Day… Chill Zones… Robot… Tiki… Mcdonalds Tray… Park… Binji… Ernie… Hulk… Boogie… Astroworld Finally Dropped… Tic… Blu Lou… Twin… Hockey Team that lost… Megatron…

Ethan Shifman JC Bunk 3 •2k1614

I can’t believe my first year as a counselor is coming to a close. The summer has been great and has gone by very fast. This being my 11th summer at camp, I can’t imagine a summer without it. These last 8 weeks have been some of the best of my camp career and the memories I’ve made will last forever. This is the best place in the world and I’m sad this summer is ending. 2k1614: We’re down to 6. This summer has been amazing. We definitely missed some people this year but we could have predicted this group back from the beginning. This summer wouldn’t be the same without you and I hope you all come back for as long as you can to make more memories with you all. Don’t be ‘09. Bunk 3: You guys were awesome this summer! I hope you all had fun and made the most of your summers. I hope you all come back full summer next year and can’t wait to see who you guys become throughout your camp careers.

Alex: It was really fun watching you lead and grow throughout the summer. I hope you made the most of it and enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t wait to see you start your journey on staff and hope you can come back for as long as you can. Congratulations/ Bummer on Color War. Ken: It was fun having you as my boss this summer. There were some ups and downs but I had fun. See you next summer! Avoda: I hope everyone comes back for as much as they can because this is truly the best place on Earth and I’ll see everyone in 10 months. Dot Dots: Bed Frame... The Big Mystery?... 87 on the Highway… Quarter stick of dynamite... Weekend Warriors...300... Mediocre Pizza… X Factor

Benji/Nodell: We killed it all summer. Thanks for showing me how to be a counselor. This summer was fun and hopefully we can come back next year.

115 7

Mitchell Hernandez

SC Bunk 4 • 2k1514 • Waterfront Staff • Head of Small Crafts • Head of Tennis • Head Coach of Tennis Team • 1/3 of Three Muscateers

Another summer at camp is coming to a close, and yet the fun never seems to truly end. From running the waterfront to coaching the tennis team, I have had the summer of a lifetime. I have made it my personal goal to make sure that each of my campers has had a summer to remember. I hope that I am able to come back next year and for many years to come, to watch my campers one day lead camp just like the counselors before them have done so well. 2K1514You guys are my brothers and we were killing it all summer. Our numbers this year just go to show that the 2k15 bunk 14 is here to stay. I hope to see each and every one of you boys back next year and for many years to come. Our time has come to run this camp, and together we will make it the best it has ever been. Tennis TeamI want to thank each and every one of you who played on the team this summer. We were able

116 6

to kill it in both tournaments, which truly says something about our resiliency as both athletes and Avodians. As a camper I always found it very impressive when our players, who for the most part learned how to play and perfect their tennis games at Avoda, are able to beat kids who are nationally ranked and play every day back home. This just goes to show that no matter who we play and no matter what happens out on the courts we are the better team, and we will be taking home two trophies next summer. The tennis team is about to go on a winning streak and you all should be incredibly proud and honored to be a part of it. Danny and AlexYou guys were great cocounselors and we locked it down in the bunk this summer. We were always able to get the kids to have fun and I truly believe that the bunk grew closer because of our hard work. We were very lucky with the campers we had, and I want to shout you guys out for helping to stick together regardless of what happened in the bunk. I hope to see you two coming back next year and would love to be cocounselors with you again in the future.

Matty and DavidThe Three Muscateers have once again proved to be the best trio in camp. Whether we’re killing it on the waterfront, in the bunks, or even on long nights we are constantly showing what it means to be a true Avoda counselor. It has been a privilege getting to live and work alongside you guys these past 9 summers and I hope to see you back next year, whether it be as counselors or alumni. Thank you for everything that you have helped me to achieve this summer and thank you for making this summer the best one I’ve had so far.Thank you for the laughs, the memories, the boat rides, and any shenanigans that happened along the way. You guys are my brothers and my best friends and I know that this trio is one that was formed at camp, but will last a lifetime.

Danny Blumenstein JC Bunk 4 • 2k1614

Wow I can’t believe my first summer on staff is already coming to an end. I was a little nervous at first, but now I can safely say it was amazing. I urge everyone to come back for staff, each year is better than the last. 2k16: Although we’re already almost extinct, the 6 of us that are back make a strong group. This was another fun summer full of even more lifelong memories. I hope we can all come back next year and I’m confident we can make that happen. I’m excited to continue our journey as a 14 and to see what the future holds. Mitch: Thank you for showing me how to be a counselor, I learned a lot just from watching and listening to you. It was cool seeing you attempt to speak Russian and it was fun playing you in first period ping pong. Hope you enjoy your first year of college, and hopefully I’ll see you next year or around Needham. Alex:You were only with us for a month, but you left your mark on our bunk. I’m glad to have been able to call you a co and a fellow Avodian. Bunk 4: It was great having you guys this summer. You were an amazing first bunk. Thank you for making my first summer as a counselor so fun and easy.

2k18: It was fun hanging out in your bunk a lot this summer. I hope you guys can come back for a long time because you have so many characters and I know you’ll make great staff members. Jr Jr Hoops:We had a great squad and if we had had any practices we would have won it all, but we had fun anyway. Paul it was fun coaching with you and telling the refs what to call…. One sam… on a bus…… delayed reaction.

Dot Dots: 87 … *moan* “I wanna die” … bed frame … genie… Voodoo Child

Nate and Curtis: Dap me up! I need a knee replacement! Ethan: You will feel the effects of my grudge, I promise you. I probably won’t see you until next summer so goodbye for now. Zac: I love hanging, talking, and even reffing with you. You’re one of the funniest and most talented people I know.We will forever be the PROUD captains of the Blue Voodoo. Evan: You continue to be a great little bro. You crack me up and are probably a better athlete than am I. I’m glad you decided to stay full summer and I hope you liked color war this year. Chill with the carrots!

117 7

Ty Goldstein

SC Bunk 5a • 2k1514 • Athletics staff • Head of Evening Activities • JC Coord • 4th Lt White Arsenal • 1st Lt White Avengers

2k1514 - It is crazy that our numbers are even stronger this year. Although it won’t be the same next year let’s keep the number strong because sooner rather than later we’ll be running this staff. Love you boys. Max - Oh my god. You’ve been one of my best friends for awhile now and now this year we got to be cos. Although the bunk was definitely not the easiest we definitely had some good times and became even closer. Have fun with shall I’ll be sure to visit and good luck in the big dance. Jake - My guyyyyy. It’s gonna be weird this year not spending the offseason but I know you’ll kill it as Wisco. I know this summer didn’t end the way you planned but I really hope you do come back next year our 14 needs you and your ridiculousness. Artie - Lets gooooo. I’m so happy you’re on this team and you’ve been killing it so far going above and beyond. I’ll be sure to visit the zoo and I know I’ll see you back here 10 months from now.

118 6

Brett - Yooo you’re my dude 12 months a year but now you’re the enemy. I love you my guy and we always kill it wherever we go. Congrats on Ddubs, good luck in the big dance and hopefully we’re destined to be on the same team one day. Louuuuuu - Or should I say bluuuuuuu… Glad to have you back this summer and I hope it’s not just a one and done. I know you’re gonna kill it in ZBT and I can’t wait for Ohio State to kick your a** Jay - As much fun as camp is with you the times in the loft will always be remembered. I really hope Susan didn’t kill it forever because that place is heaven on earth. Will - You’re a much needed personality in this camp and I really do hope you come back next year. Maybe you’ll be in our 14 next year :)))) 2k14 - Y’all know how to kick it for sure. Y’all needa come back next year, there’s nothing more important than this place. Ryan - I appreciate how much you sacrificed to get me on your

team but unfortunately things didn’t work out as planned but it happens and we got bigger plans moving forward. Wes - Thank you for trusting me being by your side for the big one. The amount of work that has been put in thus far is getting us off to a great start but there’s plenty more to do and I’m sure we’ll end in that lake if we keep grinding. Jared - I feel you deserve a shoutout for the behind the scenes role you played this summer and for all the help and lovely texts from you. White Avengers - As much drama as there was in making this happen, I already love this team and the chemistry we have. This week is about to be one hell of a time.

Max Waltzman

SC Bunk 5a • 2k1514 • Head of Archery Head of Volleyball • Head of TAG 5th Lt Navy Seals It’s been an unforgettable summer this year with all my boys. Staff has been so much better than I imagined. Jay: Next years gonna be weird without the car. Will: Hello, tag ... brimmas only Ty: There was no amount of preparation that could be done to handle our bunk this year. That being said we killed it. Have a time with Seth and watch our liquid intake. Romo: Summer is hands down better when we aren’t here for opposing months. Seals: Thank you guys for giving me a shot this year. It’s been a ton of fun writing and chopping with the seals. Let’s catch this dub.

119 7

Spencer Kligman “Kliggy”

SC Bunk 5b • 2k1514 • River Staff • Warriors Day Staff

This summer was my 10th at Camp Avoda, and I liked it very much. One message I have for the current campers is that it gets even better each and every summer. Each summer brings you closer and closer with your 14, creating lifelong friendships. The friendships I have created here are what keep making me come back summer in and summer out. Bunk 5B: Thank you guys for make this summer another great one at Avoda. We had our ups and downs throughout the summer but overall I had a great time being your counselor. I can’t wait to see you guys as future Avodians. I wish all of you guys luck in the school year and hope to see you guys all back for the summer of 2019. Big D: Thanks for being an awesome co this summer. We definitely gad some rough moments this time around, like the sophomore overnight. What a mess. Thanks for helping make this summer a lot easier and can’t wait to see you next summer.

120 6

Noodle,Bacdayan, Lefty, Russ: You guys were awesome this summer and we had some great times. The Benjy pages were definitely foul but always a good time. Next summer there will be much more snaps. Definitely gonna miss our long nights even though we all lost when we went to the casino. Benjy pages will be greatly missed. Greg: Another great summer at Avoda cuz. Thanks for always helping me out when I need it and I’m definitely gonna miss you next summer if you’re not back next year. 2k15: Cheers to another summer at Camp Avoda! This summer was dope but next year is only gonna get better. We got much bigger as a 14 this year than our JC year and it felt great to have a lot of us on staff. I can’t wait for next summer when we will have bigger roles around camp.To those of us that won’t be back: I’m really gonna miss you guys around camp. You guys are like brothers to me and I wish you guys luck next summer. Dot Dots: Binji.. nen.. snaps.. frogs.. ticks.. warriors day.. bugs.. buzz buzz.. McBenjys.. Rashes.. 20 Piece Mcbenjy.. Benjy King.. Assistant to the regional head judge.. wheres Brett?.. Tiki.. foul.. the ocho.. the park.. laps.. scal.. big3..

David Patkin

SC Bunk 5b • 2k1514 • River Creator • Head of Height • 1/3 of the Three Musketeers

For eleven years I’ve looked forward to spending my summers at this place. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had and the friends I’ve made along the way. Like the past ten, this summer produced memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Whether it is that camp has changed more than I would have liked it to or that I have changed too much to continue this relationship; I can’t help but feel that it’s time to move on. Bunk 5B- You guys kept me busy all year long- for better or for worse. At your best, you are a caring group of individuals who aren’t afraid to be weird and wacky in the name of fun. After working with your age group two years in a row, I hope I’ve left each one of you with lessons that will help you guys reach your full potential as Avodians. Kliggy- We had our work cut out for us, but I’m glad I had you by my side to conquer each problem that came our way. Best of luck at Emerson. 2k15- Year in and year out we have continued to be the strongest 14 in camp. I’m proud to consider myself part of this group and I’m happy to have spent another summer

with each one of you. May the brotherhood carry on. Alex and Nimi- A communist and a Jew walk into a bar in Middleboro… I don’t know where I was going with that joke, but I am glad that the two of you came back this year. You guys have the best one-liners and are great to share an Arizona with. You guys live by the epitome of masculinity, but aren’t afraid to act like little girls when it comes to taking a trip to Walmart or Lowe’s. Good luck wherever your paths may take you and I only hope that we can stay in touch. Matty and Mitch- You guys are my rock. Without a doubt, I would not be here without you guys. You have made each summer worth coming back and the time we spend together is priceless. I will miss the Mattyisms and Mitch trying to show off his smallcraft skills. No matter the fact that we will be in different parts of the country, the three musketeers will live on. Avoda- You have made me the man I am today. Thank you to all who have gone on this journey with me.

121 7

Scott Albert

SC Bunk 6 • 2k1314 • Head of NOLS • Asst Head of Ropes • Asst Head Judge • Head of Plugs

Birthright..zohar..nes amim.. choppers to the block.. orientation.. jalopy.. 2k13.. greg STOP.. handler miklos.. all T no GRIZ.. Guess who’s back, back again.. D$..walking down the sidewalk.. NOLS.. philly trip.. still the RUMPLE KING..hi shelly!! hi greg!!.. bangs..ryan vs matan.. genny..pauly buckets.. TAD forgot his bag..Jessica Lipton.. the opposition and Chafetz..Scott has been taken to the airport.. fell asleep and transported to serbia.. death group.. As I sit here typing this, taking time to reflect on what might very likely be my last summer here at Avoda, so much comes to mind. In my first year here I had absolutely no idea how strong my connection with this place would be. Today, I can safely say this place is my home away from home, it has with out a doubt given me some of my best friends for life. The bonds I have made here I have no question will last far beyond my time here at camp. I love this camp, and if I could offer just one piece of advice to anyone at all who will listen- it would

122 6

be to keep coming back. Dont ever stop coming back. Cherish the time you have with your 14, make memories while you have the chance. Before you know it your time has come to move on, and its going to hurt, and trust me, you are going to miss it.

Ryan- I am sorry for what happened earlier this year at JWU :( My guyyyy, cant wait to visit you at school again, you r the man

Jalopy: I cant even begin to thank you boys enough. Without you, I quiet literally would not be here. You are all my best friends, and greg seriously PLEASE stop...

jk thanks for being such a good sport and a better friend

2k14: You ALL know how to BOOL. Loved being able to chop it up with you boys this summer. Israel was a blast, and no matter what happens next summer, I consider everyone of you my boys.

Curtis- You have been an awesome co, you definitely made things easier on myself and handled things in the bunk with stride, youll do good things for avoda.

Chafetz: The co that never was. The co that should have been. Love ya chaf Will- The information center!! Can u even read this with ur dyslexia? Who knows, love you bill!! Ben- I didnt see you nearly enough this summer, but you are still my very good friend! Booñe!! Wes - I am sorry for what happened earlier this year at JWU :(Im going to say it!! I dont care that you cost yourself 200 shekels! Much love pes

Greg- You told me if I didnt shout you out that I would regret it..

Younger staff- I am positive camp is in safe hands with you all.

Admin- Thank you for this opportunity and having me back. A-Team: Lets crush it this week, good times ahead

Curtis Williams JC Bunk 6 • 2k1614

Summer 2018 was definitely one to remember. It was a true blessing to be back for my 11th summer, and my first year on staff. I would like to thank everyone from the administration to the campers for making this summer a great one.

Till next year Avoda, I’ll be counting down the days.

2k16: Who knew that there would be so few of us this soon? It stinks, but even so our bond has grown immensely, and I would not trade that for anything. You guys made this summer a memorable one, and I’m excited to continue making memories with you all for summers to come. Ben: It is so crazy to believe that your time as a camper is now over. I hope you look back on your time as a camper and have no regrets, and I am so glad I was able to watch you and your fellow bunkmates lead as fourteeners. I look forward to spending the next several summers on staff with you, keeping the Avoda tradition alive. Scott: Thank you for showing me how to effectively run a bunk. I had a blast being your CO, and I wish for the best this upcoming year.

123 7

Jay Blumenfeld SC Bunk 6 • 2k1514

This is my 11th year at avoda and it’s only getting better. 2k15 - I love you all Romanow - WATER Max - Taggin’ and Curvin’. The way it’s meant to be. Bunk 6 - you guys had your good and bad moments, but you’re good people. Scott and Curtis - We held it down the avoda way all summer. I think it’s safe to say we won. Nimi and Alex - You guys were great co’s this summer. Thanks for doing all of the work.

124 6

Alex Zelinsky SC Bunk 6

This is my second year at Camp Avoda, and it was amazing, this place just makes me come back again. Every moment spent here is an amazing experience. I learned here so much about myself, about my limits and about the American experience!

Nimi: As always, we hold one another thru fire, smoke and sawdust! This summer was amazing, and you just made it better! I couldn’t ask for a better friend!! Infirmary staff:

BUNK 4: I love you guys, and you made the first half of my summer amazing! BUNK 6: I had the pleasure to spend the second half of camp with you, and you taught me a lot! I will miss you! Mitch: Muza?? You were an amazing Co, last year I had a pleasure to meet Dave, and him and you made my summer amazing!A year from now I will have a conversation with you in Russian/ Hebrew!When you are in Israel, send me a message, and we will have the best Zatar ever!

You guys are amazing! Sara, Trev, Kim..You Guys are half the reason I’m here, you made my time here even better than I could hope for, and I made friends for life with you! I will see all y’all in Israel! Administration: You hold this place together, and although you have a lot on your head every moment you always have time to help and lend a hand, I love each one of you and you are amazing!

Jay: We didn’t have the time to spend to much time together, but it was a pleasure meeting you you are an awesome person

125 7

Nimi Nahir SC Bunk 6

this summer. Trevor, Kim, Sarah (and Brandon!) We love you guys, and I know we will meet again. Alex, no words are needed. You are my brother. This is my second summer in Camp Avoda, and I like it very much. Once again, I had an amazing summer in Avoda. I reunited with old friends, made new ones, and created a whole lot of memories. I cant belive how quickly time flew by, and I have a few shutouts to give to the people who made my summer memorable. Avoda staff, for welcoming us back with such a warm welcome. I got to know you much better this summer, and it had a huge part in making it enjoyable. Administration staff, for the support, guidance and the laughs. Infirmary staff, last summer I called you guys “our home away from home”, and this statement only became more true during

126 6

Jay, my awesome co, you had my back when I needed you, and I remember that. Good luck friend. Martial Arts elective, it was my pleasure teaching you guys. You are awesome. Bunk 6, love you guys, continue being awesome and I cant wait to see how you guys will be in bunk 14. And of course, all the amazing kids of Camp Avoda. I loved getting to know you. You are great, and I’m sure I’ll cross paths with some of you down the road. Best of luck Camp Avoda, it was an amazing experience.

Alex Lefkowitz

SC Bunk 7 • 2k1514 • Avodian Staff

My journey to becoming a counselor started last summer on the day of Desert War when I was taking college prep classes all the way in Michigan. I had just received a 40 page article I needed to read that night and when I look on my phone after class, I see videos of one of the best days at Avoda. At that moment I knew there was no place I would rather be spending my summers than 23 Gibbs Road. Being on staff for the first time was an amazing experience, and here are some shoutouts to those who helped make it so special. 2k1514- I love every single one of you. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to spend one more summer with each of you here. Israel is gunna be insane. Noodle/Bacdayan- You guys were my best friends 14 and CIT year and I’m so happy we got to do this one more time. Can’t wait to chill at UMASS and Michigan. Kliggy/Russ- We have always been friends, but I feel like we grew so much closer this summer.You are both great guys and wish you the best at school. Ty- My guy. We are on a crazy stretch right now starting from the time of prom through Canada and now here.You boutta tear up Columbus.

Brett- When I found out you were my CO, I could not have been more excited. You have been my boy since day 1 and I know you’re gunna love Penn St. Good Luck and hope to stay in touch. Paul- Best JC in camp. I had a great time being your Co good luck and have fun this year in school. Bunk 7 First Month- Having a group of kids who had never been to Avoda before or it was only their second year was challenging at times, but all of you showed your potential to be great Avodians. Hope you all come back next summer. Bunk 7 Second Month- The bunk changed a lot after visiting day, but you guys killed it. None of you are difficult to deal with and I know you all will be great Avodians. Avoda- Peace out. It’s been one hell of a ride. Dot Dots I wanna go to Benjis ya ya… Buzz Buzz… Oliver… Red Parrot… The walk to line up… Blue Drink… Luuj… Blu… Blu Lou… Benji in the pool… Bae Bae… chop chop…

127 7

Paul Samberg JC Bunk 7 • 2k1614

looking forward to seeing all of you next summer.

JC year was exactly what I anticipated: amazing. Despite it taking a couple weeks to changeover from camper to counselor, I was grateful to finally get into the hang of things. With that, I can safely say this summer has undoubtedly been one of my best, and I cannot wait to see everyone next year. 2k1614: We’re down to six already, but I think it’s safe to say this is the core of our 14, and I’m ecstatic to go through staff with the five of you. Everyone better be back next year for more good times and memories to make. Zac: Hi.You already know. Ethan:You are still a little dumpling to me. Thanks for letting me nap in your bed during my off periods. Bunk 7: Thank you all for a great summer. At first, I was a little nervous because the majority of you were new campers, but I was happily surprised when you showed up to camp on opening day, and second session. I’m

128 6

Lefty and Brett: Summer 2018 was a successful one. Brett, thanks for showing Lefty and I the ropes as new counselors. And Lefty, it seemed like we were always on the same page, which made life much easier, so thanks for that. Ryan and Wes: Thanks for taking me under your wings during the summer. In my final years as a camper, you were always some of my favorite counselors, and I’m happy I was able to continue making the friendships on staff. Danny: Junior Junior Hoops could not have been a better day. Thanks for coming with me since Ethan was. J-Hoops next year? Curtis: When I saw you at Temple in the offseason, I got really excited. The summer with you was awesome, and I know you’ll be back next year, so see you then. Good luck getting into Temple, and maybe we will end up in the same dorm. Nate: I think you were right in saying that we were the most predictable six to be back, and I’ll see you in summer 2019.

Bennett: At first I was frivolous about being in the same cabin with you. However, it turned out to be a good experience, and you didn’t get in my hair too much. I enjoyed watching you grow as a camper, leader, and person, and I can’t wait to see what you do 12 and 14 year. DOT DOTS: Bed frame...The big mystery...87 on the Highway... Quarter stick of dynamite... Weekend Warriors...300...Worst Pizza..Mediocre Pizza...Good Pizza...Don’t be ‘09

Brett Litner SC Bunk 7 • 2k1514

What an amazing summer! Second year on staff and this summer was even more fun. All of staff are my boys and we got even closer as a group this summer. The responsibility of a counselor is a big one, being able to connect with my campers and show them the Avoda lifestyle that I learned as a camper, was my goal for these campers. As this summer unfortunately comes to an end, I’d like to give some shoutouts: 2k1514 What an experience boys. This summer we all got so much closer and we all killed it with a couple screw ups but not big deal. Couldn’t ask for a stronger and closer group of friends some of which I’ve known since back in the 2008 bunk 1 and some I grew up with in Sharon. You guys are my boys forever and I hope to spend many more summer with you all. Ty My guy, my best bud here at camp and back in Sharon. We killed it this summer and we are going kill it agains each other this year. PSU vs OSU!!! We get closer and closer everyday we spend together and lasting memories constantly are being created. You’re my boy and you always will be. Artie Even though you are from New York and I only see you doing the summer I feel like I’ve known you forever. We started in bunk 1 together back in 08’ and our

strange friendship had grown and grown. I hope to keep seeing you for as many summers as possible. Ahhrrtie Max Max, out friendships only started really two summer ago in 14, and since than we have become best of friends.We will always be Blue Apes together, ill see you soon max. Jay and Will You guys are my brothers and are two of the funniest kids I’ve ever meet. There has never been a dull moment between us, and I hope to keep making lasting memories and lasting laughs with you guys in the future. Ryan Couldn’t ask for a better brother. You gave me so much aid and guidance on how to become a great counselor and a great person. You have always been there for me and helped me with so much. Thanks you Ryan. Shay You have been a great inspiration this summer and really helped me be prepared for things like CW and DW. 08’ bunk 1 forever. Bunk 7 Wow! What a crazy group of kids. Most of you were new campers this summer and I was a little nervous but my the end of all of ur first days I could tell how much you all love and will continue to love this place.

I’ve never meet kids as energetic and hilarious as you guys. Our bunk was wild and a blast. This summer has been a great experience as I got to see you all grow up and make so many amazing memories. To my Co counselors Paul and Lefty we know what’s up and we killed it. Abe You made my counselor life a lot easier and thought me what it is like to take care of kids. I was able to learn from you on how to become an amazing counselor just like you. I hope to see you next summer. Have fun at school my guy! Lefty I got the amazing ability to be co counselors with not only one of my best friends my entire life, but also a kid who I grew up with and share a birthday with. You my homie and I already know ur ganna kill it at Indiana. Dot-Dots: Rick... Scott...bagel boy... POP... send it.... lot? .... Artie you know.... all rise.... Kirkland.... don’t get involved.

129 7

Matthew Hartman

SC Bunk 8 • 2k1514 • Waterfront Staff • River Staff • Asst Head of Small Crafts • 1/3 of the Three Musketeers

This has been such a great summer with so many amazing experiences. This was my 10th year at Avoda and it has been an amazing journey so far. I hope for many more great years at camp and love being at a place I can call home. Bunk 8 You were an amazing group of kids and I had a blast being your counselor this summer. We always had a great time and made many great memories together. I hope all of you keep coming back for as long as you can and continue to become counselors and give kids the same great memories that we made this summer. Stiggy It was great having you back at camp since you weren’t here last year. It was great being able to be your Co even and have such a great time this summer. Thanks for a great summer and can’t wait for the next one.

130 6

Artie Artie you were a great Co to have this year. We had a great time in the bunk and created great moments that will be remembered. It was great being counselors together and bunk 8 and can’t wait for many other great summers. David Well, 10 years later and look at us now. You have been my best friend since the start of me coming to camp and we have made so many great memories over all the years. We started from the youngest age to now going on to being SCs. It is crazy to think that we have made it this far and am so happy that we got to spend this time together and having you be the best friend I can have Mitch You have been such an amazing best friend to have. We have had so many great times together and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. We were on the waterfront all the time together and become in charge of it a couple of times and we had the best 4, 5 sailing period ever. Let’s keep it going and take control of the waterfront next summer. I’m glad I can call you my best friend.

Waterfront I love to be at the waterfront and everything about it. I am truly and always will be waterfront staff. Can’t wait to keep on going with it and be able to look at the beautiful lake everyday of the summer.

Ben Stigberg

SC Bunk 8 • 2k1514 • Avoda Hockey Coach • Team Avoda Assistant Coach • Color War Assistant Head Judge After a summer off, it was great to be back for 2018! All aspects of being a counselor crushed my expectations coming into the summer, proving to myself again why I call Avoda my second home. Even with all the positive experiences I will have endured by the end of this summer, there is still so much in store for the years to come. This summer has given me a new perspective of camp and has really shown me how unique this place is. I’ve been able to give back some of what was given to me as a camper, and I can’t wait to continue my time at Avoda in the years to come to give back as much as I possibly can.

all great kids with a lot of love for Avoda. Hope to see you all next year!


Artie: We were never all that close before this year and I wasn’t sure how being a co with you would be, but we’ve definitely become a lot closer this summer. You’re a great guy and I hope you come back next year. Good luck this week, you deserve it. Know where your/my bag is at all times.

2K1514: It isn’t often that an age group of counselors gets bigger after the year prior, let alone have 17 guys as SC’s. It goes to show how tight knit we are and how much this place means to us. You guys were the reason I missed 2017 so much and why I wanted to be back so badly this year. I know next year will be harder for a lot of people to come back, but I know we will stay in touch this offseason and still be strong come 2019. Bunk 8: You guys made my summer enjoyable and easy in the bunk to say the least! You’re

Team Avoda: It was a pleasure helping you guys out this summer. Your performance in the Avoda tournament was the most dominant I’ve ever seen.You guys had the perfect combination of soccer talent and Avoda spirit all summer, and it showed on the field. Nate, Bretton, and Scrib, you guys did a great job pumping everyone up off the field and leading by example on the field. With most of the team having at least one more year left, the four peat is there for the taking.

Dot Dots... Benji... A Team... Benji Sauce... bump... Big Benji Brand... Ernie... Hi welcome to McBenji’s... lefty broke the boat...Benji

Matty: It was awesome being a co with you! You’re a really chill guy to be around and all the kids loved you as a counselor. Hope you’re back next summer.

131 7

Artie Vidal SC Bunk 8 • 2k1514

direction camps heading in.

These are my heads: 1st year SC, bunk 8, 2k1514, Waterfront staff, River staff, Head of Gas Shack, assistant JR Softball coach, 5th lieutenant White Avengers Another staff profile, another summer at Avoda. I still can’t believe I just finished my 11th summer at Avoda, it’s crazy to think this all started in bunk 1 way back in 2008.With every summer that passes by, I slowly start to realize that my summers here at Avoda are limited. While I might not have that many summers left, I definitely see myself coming back next year. This summer was one of my best summers at Avoda, and I can’t wait to be back next year. Being a JC and 1st year SC was fun, but I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like on senior staff. I’m sitting here trying to pick some of my summer highlights, but honestly there’s too many to choose from. That’s what makes Avoda so amazing, and I think it’s little things that keep people coming back year after year. There were a lot of new athletic campers at Avoda this year, and I’m very excited on the

132 6

Ty - It means the world to me that you helped me out so much this summer. I didn’t get my chance last year which sucked, but thanks to you I finally got my shot this year in the big event. It’s even more Awesome that you’re the 1, and I know you’re gonna do a great job this week. Let’s go win ourselves a war! Wes - Just wanted to shout you out for giving me a shot this summer. I won’t let you down and I can’t wait to chill with you at Umass. Greg - see you at the Zoo you bearded weirdo. Stiggy and Matty - you guys were great COs this summer, we held it down and a fun time. It was extra special sharing an area with you stiggy, I’ll miss waking up to your face. I really hope both of you come back next year. Enjoy the off season. Benji - Well there goes another summer at Avoda, I think we both did a great job stepping it up this summer. It sucked not having you in my bunk this year, but we still had plenty of fun. Enjoy the next 10 months...future co waterfront director. BINJAY

Bunk 8 - you guys were awesome this year! I can’t remember a single time I had to yell at you boys, which is a good sign you guys are ready to be seniors. Enjoy the off season boys. 2k1514 - We did a great job this summer running camp, and most likely we’ll have to step it up even more next year. I’m so happy there are so many of us involved in color war! Let’s go kill it! You guys are the reason I love camp, now let’s go take over College. Love you boys Avoda - I love you

Ben Shale

2k1314 • Head of Undetermined • Chief Waterfront Consultant • CIT Spiritual Leader Dear ole A-V-O-D-A. What can I say. The drive down to camp at the beginning of the summer is the fastest I’ll ever drive. Getting off the highway at Exit 4 and seeing the sign for the Middleboro Cobra semi-pro football team, I know I’m home. The first bumpy crawl down Gibbs sends goose bumps all over my body. Walking across the field for the first time in 10 months is the most underrated and surreal moments of the summer. Every Avodian knows these minor moments. The random little things about camp is what makes us all unique and connected. Til this day, one of my favorite things to do at camp is sit on 14 porch or the bench of the waterfront and just take in what Avoda has to offer. Its hard to encompass 14 years of being apart of Avoda. I don’t say 14 summers, because once you come, it follows you everywhere you go. Embracing the Avoda traditions, values, and way of life has made me and many more who we are today. While Avoda on its own is considered a sanctuary to campers and alumni, it all comes from the spirit of the people. Nothing makes me happier than talking to alumni and pleasantly surprising them when telling of traditions from their day we still carry on. Due to the relentless effort of past and future staff, campers, and administrations, this is how Avoda remains Avoda.

To the people who make this place great: PGD: Always a pleasure seeing you at camp. Avoda misses you. Lee Garr: We have successfully completed the full Avoda circle. It’s been an absolute pleasure having the chance to be on staff and kickin it on the waterfront with you (and Luna Bear). If there’s a round table of influential Avodians, you’d have a seat at that table among legends like PGD, Bubba, Russell Sherman, etc. Speaking of... Russell Sherman: Hope your off season is going well. See you alumni weekend. 2k13: Well, as you’ve dreamed about for years Wes, “Our summer is upon us”. Riding off into the sunset together didn’t happen as planned (if only you took Scott) but it was quite the ride. Looking back over the past couple years I’m happy with how we are leaving this place, we’ve had a lot of fun while also doing well for Avoda, win win. 2K14: Meet us at the steal bup. You should all come back next summer and run the show.

Leon: Your the hardest worker at camp and don’t always get credit for it. Tip of the hat to you.You still owe me the captains dry fit shirt though, not forgetting that. Bunk 14: Although I didn’t technically have you as campers this year, I still consider you guys my kids. You’ve done a good job running camp and always entertain me. You are a strong 14 that will run staff well, all you gotta do is come back. Bill Chaney: I’m glad you made it through the summer, lot of factors playing against you. Glad we got one more together. Whether or not we are on the same team, I smell a lap rematch. Staff: Keep up the good work. This summer was a W in the books. Remember; its all about the kids! Max Singer: MAAAAAXXX! flagpole...baby...what do you do here?...chocolate...Artie’s page... the liz...are you celebrating?...gave it right back...

133 7

David Bacdayan

SC Bunk 9 • 2k1514 • River Staff • Evening Activities Staff

Kliggy- 3 year jackets finna look fresh next year good looks on keeping last year going into this one. Will- The year that could’ve been... Gabe sucks....Thrones a year from now hang in there. All year long, I look forward to the summer. I get to come back here and be with all my friends. After almost 9 summers here, I wouldn’t give back a single moment. Hopefully I’m able to give my summers to camp for a couple more years after this one. It’s really cool to finally be one of the oldest people in camp, and to receive some of the privileges that come with that. As we continue to climb the ladder, bigger and better things wait for us the higher we get. Couldn’t think of any people that I’d rather get that high up with. Avoda is a paradise, and I try to never forget it. Keep coming back everybody. 2k15- Stronger than ever boys. Let’s keep this up for a few more years then Artie and benjy can have camp to themselves. Israel is only 9 months away.... Lefty, Noodle, Russ, Stiggy- missed you guys last summer thankfully you made it back for at least one more. What would this year have been without you guys. Buzz buzz

134 6

Bunk 9 - What a crew. You guys made meals and in nights pretty chill and tore it up everywhere else. Best bunk in camp by a long shot . Hopefully I can have you guys again next year..... Josh Lewis you’re a superstar keep it up hoss Jay- Flags to jail to....? “If you’re not tripping that’s when you’re really tripping” Matty- Sup co...not quite the same this year but I’ll take it Big D- hey almost missed ya there...oh hey David Boogie cousins....warriors day... buzz buzz...spidey....free soft drinks...mcbenjis...I wanna go to benjys ya ya...old mcbenji had

a farm...marney....KD....victory chillzones...junior hoops??....big baller benjy...big benjy brand... walky talkies...bug....who’s the real squiddy....evidence...if you’re in you’re in...if you’re in you’re out...Israel 2019???...abamir... Elton John...benjy behind the

wheel of a boat...ryan in the GroupMe ...temple ...crafty... Kliggy’s car....Gary...Gary...Gary... Gary...Russ Gary videotape..Eel raaaaag...”Let’s quiet on down now Avoda”....”I’m not mad at you guys but I’m really pissed off”...Astroworld...gauntlet

Ilan Hascal SC Bunk 10 • 2k1414

This has been one of my favorite years at Camp Avoda. Final being at the top of staff really allows you to see camp from a higher stand point. The past few years of Avoda have been better than anything I could have asked for. This summer will most likely be my last, although I will do my best to make an effort to come back. But I do have some advice: Stay as long as you can- staying at this place is better than any job you could ever have. Staying long enough will allow you to eventually make your way to Desert war and Color war staff. These experiences are intangible. Being apart of a DW or CW team is the reason I come back summer after summer. This place holds traditions like no other. Where else do you find counselors scouting kids athletic abilities, ranking them, then drafting. The process of how this place works is like never seen before. All I ant to say is that I have had the best months of my life at this place. Shout out to all the ones before me who taught me the ropes that I have now passed on to age groups below. 2k1414- I love you guys.We are a dominant age group and no one should even try to compete with us.We are going to represent our age group in Color War this year and show the haters that the young kids can ball out

Frank- Moose. Heres to endless amount of boiling. Thanks for showing me Maine. Its aight. But always come to newton to have a good time Shay- Love you fam. You know your my A1 Day1. Lets run it in CWs Edry- I love you my achi. Zone 6 ’twas lit. Cant wait to be back in Israel with you Kirk- KIRRRK. You know I love you and love giving you a hard time. Thats what friends are for. Cant wait to be back at 123 ripping fortnite and the illy. Chaf- Newton whaaddup. You will always be my boy no matter what. Ill see you soon either with beg race or when I come to visit. Abe- LETS GO RED SAWX. Can’t wait for CWs. Were gonna kill it with the DREAM TEAM

into another country because we will absolutely shut it down Bunk 10- You guys are really chill. Even though I pop sometimes. At the end of the day we are all chilling. you guys are old enough where I don’t really have to keep an eye on you that much. Next year you guys will body Bunk 14. White Arsenal- Had fun with you Ryan,Frank,Ty,Will, and Roth. At least we went down swinging Navy Seals- This team name is sick. Our staff is squaded. I can’t wait to win by the record. 2k1414 run it

2k13- Birthright was lit. I was so happy that what we had been talking about for years actually happened. We absolutely killed it in Israel. Every second was worth it. Endless laughs. Heres to a SOCIAL! Birthright- Zohar is rotten. This trip was actually the sickest thing ever. Never let 22 Avoda guys

135 7

Ben Edry

SC Bunk 10 • 2k1414

2k16: You boys have been a great addition to staff. Keep working hard. “It only gets better the longer you come back”

Hi, my name is Ben Edry and I am a 2nd year senior counselor. I was part of the illustrious 2014 bunk 14. As the summer comes to an end I would like to thank and shout out bunk for being an awesome group of kids.You guys were awesome and always put a smile on my face when I walked into the bunk. I wouldn’t preferred to be a counselor for any three group of kids. Finally, I hope you guys had as much fun as I did during the summer. 2k14: I can’t even begin to explain how much you boys mean to me. Frank, Shay, Ilan, Ben, Chafetz, and Abe you guys are the reason I come back to camp. Every day and every night we make memories together. 2k13: Being on staff with you guys has been a good time. Even though we have had our ups and downs between our 14s that hasn’t stopped us from having late nights in the lounge and bringing back good times to ole AVODA. 2k15:You guys are a bunch of goons. You guys have lots of numbers on staff and the future is looking bright for you 14.

136 6

Blue Business: YOU BOYS WERE INCREDIBLE!!! All day long we dominated. Shoutout to Shay and Abe for taking me on the squad and showing me how to catch a DW dub. Chafetz, Brett, Romo, Nate, and Waltzman it was a pleasure work with you boys, I had a hell of a time. Ty and Alter you guys played great, but you lead even better. I only have one question left for you guys. HOW IS BUSINESS? White Avengers: As I am writing this I don’t know what will happen. I am not confident we are gonna win, I am confident we are going to destroy. I am looking forward to this week. Color war is always a blast, but this one is going to be memorable as a final run. Wesley, thank you for taking me, I know it was difficult to put this team together, but in the end it was well worth it. Ty, Litner, Ben, Artie, Stelly, and Waltzman it was an honor working with you boys, I had a great time. I don’t have much more to say boys, work hard, keep fighting, and I’ll say you in the lake. Birthright: This trip was INSANE! I mean we popped off in Israel. From nes Amim, to the penthouse, to shalvata, to Tel Aviv, and every place in between all of those we absolutely killed it and had a hell of a trip.

Dot dots: chop...bool...rango, “I didn’t see a third bottle Edry”... shalvata....lighthouse...Litzman... GUY...I know a GUY...the penthouse door...Ian’s teeth... shenanigans....”we have that meeting in the lounge”....the Audi door. Pillar...park...flight to Serbia.... teleporting to Israel....lost in nes amim...all business...udgl...udb... Jawn...gold artifact....Chazas.... plug walk.... mook milly...illy...river staff...lamed...FRUIT NINJA...Pen.... not healthy....KIRRRKKKKKK... joppy....walking down the sidewalk saw a lead.... Scott got kicked off birthright.... Wes broke the Tv and Chafetz paid Conclusion: As this staff profile is coming to end I would just like to say THANK YOU to AVODA. Over the past 8 years I have fallen in love with this place and there is nowhere else on the entire planet where I would rather be. To the campers reading this, you guys don’t understand how lucky you all are, you all have futures at Avoda and there is no better place on earth. I’m not sure if this is my last summer, but there is a chance and while saying that I would like to finish off by saying I LOVE YOU AVODA AND I WILL FOREVER APPRECIATE THE MAN YOU MADE.

Ben Alexander SC Bunk 11 • 2k1414

I do not know where to start. Thanks for a great summer to everyone at avoda and thanks for allowing me to come back and enjoy another summer. I learned and grew a lot as a person this summer at camp and I made closer bonds and relationships with people I never thought I could have.

Whatever happens this week, let’s get it done. Staff: to the rest of staff and admin thanks again for a great summer for the 11th time in a row.

Bunk 11 and 12: it was a summer, to say the least. We definitely lacked the whole respect and listening thing, but at the end of the day I couldn’t lose my mind because you guys are all great kids, thanks for an unforgettable summer. Shay/greg/Frank: thanks for an awesome summer. I didn’t think I would be able to co with frank due to my seniority but at the end of the day I couldn’t have asked for a better group of co counselors to spend a summer with. 2k14: we run shit. That’s all I have to say. Regardless of who wins or loses in color war I need this to be known that 2k14 has worked hard to be in the positions we are in, so for the guys left on staff from 14 year, thank you. White Avengers: wow. What can I say, I had no idea any of this would turn out the way it did, but I’m happy I’m part of the squad.

137 7

Alex Frank

SC Bunk 11 • 2k1414 • Avodian Staff

Making it into a senior bunk as a counselor has always been a goal of mine and this summer, it was attainable. The only requirement was to stay at the place I love every summer. I went into this summer knowing it would be my last, in addition, many of us (2k1414) are seeing our years at Avoda come to a close. Although this can be a depressing time, we ignored the morose nature of the situation and sent it with a great summer. During my 10 years at Avoda, there are a lot of people responsible for my development as a camper as well as a counselor and have shaped me into being a better Avodian. It starts with the campers I met on my first day and all the counselors that I have had on my what to bring on staff. 2k1414: Since 09 I’ve been with a great group of guys. Both my experiences in camp as we’ll as out of camp have been some of my favorite memories ever. Birthright was some of the most fun I’ve had even despite Zohar and his obnoxious rules. I hope some of us come back because everyone knows we run it.

138 6

Chaefetz, Shay,Abe Kirk, Edry, Ilanyou guys were some of the first friends I had at Avoda and now some of the longest friendships I’ve ever had. Whether it’s Cws or Dws I’ll always know who I want to roll with. As for Edry and Ilan, I may have met y’all later on but it don’t matter. The squad is a squad and I can’t say much more then that. Birthright: to all the people who went, including non-staff members, I miss when we’re all together like that. I hope we keep doing this as a unit. Arsenal: It may have been a tough ending but everyone fought hard. 14ers on the Arsenal, you guys were amazing. You never gave up and fought till the bitter end. Bunk 11/11L/12L: whatever happens to the bunk number it doesn’t change you guys from being a great bunk. This summer was a lot of fun and I enjoyed chillen in the bunk with you guys. ...showers and showers.... bodies.....black subby.....where are the keys....thanks ilan... Edry has no plugs.....where’s my llllllllllluge....we’re gonna be late

Shay Wenglin SC Bunk 12 • 2k1414

TEL AVIV YA HABIBI TEL AVIV!!!! I could not have envisioned a better way to start the summer than going to Israel with 20 of my closest friends in the world. Needless to say, Israel did not disappoint.We always found a way to have fun even when the odds were against us. From the JFK to room 620 in Jerusalem, there was truly never a dull moment... actually maybe a couple, but we DID NOT let those hold us back. Following Israel everyone knew summer ‘18 was going to be something special. Together as staff, we fell asleep in Tel Aviv and woke up somewhere in Middleboro. Admittedly, I was a little upset headed into the summer as some of 2k1414 was not returning this year. S/O Jop, Velt, DG3, Hurst, Bailet, Scooby, and Patties. Regardless of the few not returning, 2k14 is still in prime form, and we headed into the summer full steam ahead. Bunk 11 United: You guys are a ridiculous group of kids. Sometimes cause more trouble than you guys should, but overall you guys have a group who could be in for a great year next year. Make sure everyone comes back and get ready for the best summer of your life. Blue Business: HOW BUSINESS??!! We absolutely crushed it day of. All those hours

of hard work did pay off. We had a dope squad from top to bottom. S/O to everyone on the team, you guys did everything we asked and more and that’s why we dominated. Alter/Ty: You guys KILLED it day of, would not have wanted any other duo leading the Business on the field. You two are exactly who the young kids in camp should look up and want to be, both on the field and off.

crown...count to 1, 1...top house...kiiiiiirrrrkkkkk...frank’s bar mitzvah...where are frank’s keys…and too many more to add I LOVE AVODA

2k1414: GOAT. heads above everyone else on staff. We got a lot to discuss this offseason about next summer. I know we’re not all done yet, whether its next summer or the year after, 2k1414 will be back and boolin. Navy Seals: Our team is stacked, we got everyone we wanted...in a way. Anyways, we’re gonna ball and I’m soooo pumped for the week. DOT DOTS ROTTEN...I’m a tomato... velt velt...27...WES!!!!!!!!...Nes Ammim...Zohar...LETS GO RED SOX....slime...bop...let me get that jawn...tryna take a jawn...do you have a jawn...the chimney...pussycat..10 shekel... how’s business...ilan and the towel...bar ilan university... pride parade...where’s the third bottle...shalvata...the triple

139 7

Greg Weinstein Sc Bunk 12 • 2k1314

Shay-I can without a doubt say that I was the favorite counselor in the bunk, you’re not that bad though wow what a great summer here are some shoutouts: 2k13 Wes-i like hanging out with you. i am excited to hang out with you during school Will-take me to the real liberty bell when i come to philly this year Ryan-you are very rotten sometimes, but other times you are not which is pretty cool Scott-you are almost always rotten Ben-you are by far the best weekend warrior there has ever been Bunk 12: you guys are absolutely nuts but i am confident that you will be a great 14. hope i can come back next summer to see you guys kill it other people:

Kirk-you should have been the real head of ropes, you don’t get as much credit as you deserve around camp...let’s hangout at school Frank-it’s been cool sharing a cabin with you and i’d do it again Artie-i trusted you to coach my league team and you blew it... we can still get lunch sometime though Spencer-you’re a great counselor but an even better cuz Mitch-the waterfront desperately needs you next year Benji-you will be a great assistant to mitch on the waterfront Lee-it was awesome getting to know you, you’re a cool dude Joco-not sure if camp would run without you Chafetz-you’re not as unhealthy as everyone makes you out to be

140 6

To anyone i forgot: I’m so sorry

Ryan Litner

SC Bunk 14 • 2k1314 • Asst Athletic Dir • • General White Arsenal • 2nd Lt White Avengers • Sr Soccer Head Coach As my 13th Summer at Avoda comes to a close, it’s scary to think that it may very well be my last. At Avoda I have truly grown from a boy to a man. My number one piece of advice is always that “You Get out what you put in”. In other words, the more love, pride, and summers you give to Avoda, the more joy she will return you. Always come back as long as you possibly can, you never really need that internship. 2k18: You guys are incredible. This summer was amazing with you guys. I really couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to experience bunk 14 from the other side with. I am privileged and honored to roll with you guys two years in a row. I hope ya’ll heed my advice and return for as long as possible, you’d all make great staff members. Chafets: My Inspiration! Keep being unhealthy my guy, nothin but love for you. Abe: Big Daddy my guy, had an absolute blast taking 14 with you this year. Best of luck at Miami, and I know I’ll see you at UD. Kirk: KIIIIIRKKKKKKKK!

Edry: Mr. Plug, the overall nicest guy at Camp Avoda, I’m so hyped to be able to link up on the Avengers. Best of luck at school this year. Brett: Still bummed I didn’t get you on my squad first month, same for second month. However I’m happy you got ur foot in the door this summer, next one is a big one for you. Ben: Boone, you were the most pleasant surprise of this summer. However I was saddened to learn that after two weeks you’d only be here on weekends. Nonetheless it was great to have you here this summer!

WALKIN DOWN THE SIDEWALK . . .Fruit Ninja . . .Tism . . . Lipton . . . Mona Lisa . . . . Rotten . . . Zohar . . . Maya Arber . . . QB sneak . . . Woke up in Serbia . . . Chimney . . . Lahav . . . Bat Ya’am . . . Go Red Sox . . . ASTROWORLD . . .Thicc . . . Morbid . . . Runnaround Sue . . . Greg needs professional help . . . Wes needs gold bond

Scott: He’s back! Again! They just can’t stop you from winning. Love you Post! Will: Ur a total savage, and a very good friend for mine from camp. Keep up the tinder! Greg: You know we’re just joking, we don’t actually think ur a sociopath. We’re friends. Wes: What a ride it’s been. Now it’s time to show the rotten who really runs this camp.

141 7

Will Holtz SC Bunk 14 • 2k1314

Wes: Remember when we hated each other? Glad that is no longer the case because I truly consider you one of my best friends. Thanks for being a big part of another great summer. I am Will Holtz. This is my 13th year at Avoda. It truly has been nothing short of an amazing journey. If not for Avoda, I’d have no idea where I would be today. It has helped shape my character and made me a truly better person. Come back as long as you can. It only gets better as you get older. 2k1814- “Helllllooo kidssss”. This summer was truly special. I hope all of you had the best summer possible. My bunk 14 year was something I will never forget, and I am sure none of you will forget yours either. Thanks for one of the best summers of my life. Love you all and can’t wait to see all 26 of you back as C.I.T.s! Ryan: 13 years, that’s a long ass time. I am excited to see you in Philly as we can’t see. We don’t always see eye to eye but at the end of the day, we can always find one common ground.

142 6

Greg: “Hi Greg” from Israel to camp you are always someone I can go to with anything and really trust. If it’s from toasted bread to confusion about money. Thanks for always being there for me as I hope you know I am for you. Scott: You are the biggest and biggest character in our 14. So glad you were back this summer. Camp is just not the same without you. You are the man, keep being you! Ben: Hi Ben, you were only a weekend warrior, but we still had great times. I will truly miss being with you every summer but know it’s just until we get our lake/beach house. Love you. Lee: You are the man! I would have never expected spending as much time with you as with anyone in my 14 but am very glad we did. From the waterfront to the porch, we truly had times I will never forget. Thanks for everything, and keep being you! Abe: Great being cos with you man! We had a time. Have a great year.

2k1414- Great friends…not my favorite coworkers. Admin:Thanks for everything you do.

Abe Watman SC Bunk 14 • 2k1414 • Gerneral Navy Seals

This is my twelfth summer at Camp Avoda, ey! This summer has been a memorable one that’s for sure. Starting it out in Israel was a perfect kick start to the summer. DW was unreal. And CW is going to be one to remember. So let the shout outs begin. Bunk 14 I knew I was always close with this cabin, but after not being your counselor the previous summer I wasn’t sure how the transition would be. You guys made it flawless and I couldn’t be more thankful. I feel like I grew close with each of you as an individual and as a cabin. Thank you for being you and making this summer one to remember. Ty and Alter Going into the day of, everyone on staff knew both of you would be great players but I can’t remember there being a more dominant duo, especially at the captain positions. From the first whistle to the last, you kept everyone up and never stepped off the gas. Forever in the books as a Business. P.S. @Alter, our talk at the seesaw Blue Business I got one question for you all… How’s Business? 2k13 Israel was dope, had a fun time with you guys there. I wish it

carried more into the summer but that’s in the past. Will Oh whaddup Co. From throwing chairs off of a balcony, to smashing bottles, to being co counselors. Was great to have you as my Co. We were always on the same page and we killed this summer. Shay Our 5 minute talk in Israel is so close to becoming a reality. Let’s finish the job second month. Kirk I know it has been a rough summer for a lot of us but I appreciate you always being there for me. I’m sorry it didn’t work out second month but I know you’ll be great and prove people wrong. Much love Ben. 2k1414 Where to begin?? You guys make this place home for me. Without yall I would not be back every summer. There is no one else I’d rather go through all the highs and all the lows with. If this is our last as a group, it has been an incredible journey and you guys have helped shape who I am. Love you all. Brett Litner Whaddup last year Co! You were great in DW and have been great in CW so far. Proud of you and love the fire you bring to any

team. Im looking forward to seeing the impact you leave on camp. THE Navy Seals We’ve all been working hard for the past week. The time is almost here to see our hard work pay off. Let us have a week that will be remembered forever. Dot Dots The sunglasses…sarah…The Opposition…Nes Amim… Opper and his Whine…6th Lt… Rotten…a hundo percent T… Where’s Bailet?...Where’s the chair?...Where’s Velt…Greg’s Speech…The Chimney…The door…Wes broke the TV…Tel Aviv…

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Wes Fixler

SC Bunk 14 • 2k1314 • General White Avengers • Desert War Executive HJ • Head Rabbi • Athletic Director

Wesley Fixler: 3rd year SC Bunk 14, General White Avengers, Desert War Executive HJ, Head Rabbi, Athletic Director As I still here writing what is most likely my last staff profile, I can’t help but reflect on last last 13 years of my life spent on the shores of Lake Tispaquin. I think back to my first days, trotting onto the field only to be met by countless kids and counselors eager to meet me, as I was the Jared Fixler’s brother. I remember getting a piggyback ride from Matt Channen and meeting Ben Shale. As that was my entrance, I leave this profile as my exit. I was welcomed with excitement and friendliness and now I leave with reflection and gratitude. I will never fully be able to fathom the greatness or understand the magic that happens here, I hope that to everyone I have shared a memory, with that I was able to create that same magic that I experienced as a young boy.

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Shoutouts: 2k1814: What a blast that it’s been. These past 2 years have been awesome and I think you are an amazing group of guys who belong at Avoda. You guys are the future of Avoda and keep this place the way it should. Adam and Sawyer: Congrats on becoming captains. I do not know which one of you will lead my team this week but I am confident that both of you have the poise and maturity to be a great leader. We had some good times this summer chilling and I hope to come visit next year and do the same. You guys epitomize what it means to be a true Avodian and I know that you both will be great names at Avoda before you are done. 2k1314:What a ride it’s been. Ben, Will, Ryan, Greg, and almost not Scott, we did right by camp and led staff the way it should be.This summer was awesome thanks to all of us. We have been the glue that has held Avoda together for the last 4 years. This might be the end for all of us here but let’s continue the 1314 in our lives. 1414:You guys are tapped, but let’s just remember how awesome

birthright was. I know after the week you guys will realize that this rivalry means nothing and how close we all are as friends. Younger staff: Keep coming back, you guys are the future here as Avoda. Stick together as one, strength in numbers; staff is what makes this place how special it truly is. Ken: Thanks for another great summer. While this may be the end for me here, this is far from the end for the spirit of Avoda. I see it burned into the hearts of every camper here, with the passion for the white and blue in their eyes each and every day. Thank you Avoda for 13 amazing summers. As my eyes start to water as I wrap up my final words for my true home I can only think of one like that suits what I want to say. “Now looking back at all I’ve done Memories start to fade That young boy from years ago He still bleeds through” White Royals Alma

Lee Garr

2001 Bunk 14 • Waterfront Director • Camp Advisor

In 1997, a young boy came to Camp Avoda and was in Bunk 4. This camper was a bit shy and unsure of himself. 5 years passed and this camper was part of the legendary 2001 Bunk 14. He went on to become a CIT and later a counselor. In 2007, he was a Bunk 14 counselor and it was his last year at camp. It was time to move on, graduate college, find a job in the real world, and that he did. 11 years had come and gone and the world was calling. For 11 years, this camper experienced the world. He studied abroad in Spain, travelled Europe, went to Israel and Egypt for 3 months, and then decided to move to California with some of his Avoda brothers. Time passed, he was a first grade teacher, museum guide, museum manager, apartment manager and he decided to go back to graduate school to become a licensed therapist. The years quickly passed, school commenced, and he began his intern license, hour accrual, and little did he know this road would would one day lead back to Avoda. This camper worked in adult rehabilitation, different school systems, and soon enough he had enough hours to get licensed. As the multi year process came to end, a new beginning was birthed. This beginning was gifted with endless possibilities and the crowned jewel of it all was the honor and privilege of coming back to Camp Avoda. This camper was me and this is my story. I spent 11 of the best summers of my life here. I then experienced an array of different perspectives and spent 11 summers away from this magical place.

This summer has been quite a different role for me. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of everyone’s live. To be a part of the Avoda community is a gift in its purest form. It is a brotherhood that goes beyond explanation. It is a bond so strong it carries into generations and lifetimes. Camp Avoda is my favorite place in the world. It is my happy place, my home, and it has made me grow leaps and bounds over the year. Thank you for all accepting me so warmly and being the amazing souls you are. My life is much richer because we have shared this sacred safe space, moments, conversations, laughter, difficult situations, fun, and the future is bright! Always remember, shoot for the moon, and if you miss, at least you’ll be among the stars! You are all so amazing and deserve to thrive! Luna Bear loves you all and wishes you the best in life! Shoutouts: Waterfront staff: Best staff at Avoda. Working with you all has been the best part of my summer. What a cool crew! Being in the trenches with you all was quite the journey. I loved it. I felt right back at home and over time got to know you all. What a blessing! The waterfront has never been in such good hands. Thank you all! You are the glue to the best place at camp! Wes Fixler, Ryan Litner, Will Holtz, Ben Shale, and Ben Alexander: You were here when I left.You still stand today. You guys are my legacy! I love you guys endlessly. When I came back and saw you guys and got to know you all in a different light, wow, what an amazing adventure. It brings

tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. You are all so important to Avoda inter generationally and I applaud you all for keeping it real Avoda style. Thank you.You guys are awesome and have such an amazing life ahead. Ben Shale: You were my Bunk 1 camper and we go way back.To hang and work with you was incredible for me. You’re going places. Keep it up! Positivity paves the way for everything! Will Holtz and Greg Weinstein: Thanks for helping me run the waterfront. You two were clutch for the movement. Keep up the good work! It was a “boatload” of fun and I hope you two come back next year. Song of the summer! Run around sue! Camp needs you! You guys rock. Maritime! And never forget... the boss’s mother is not very happy! Joco:What a year.What an adventure. Love and light my brother! Ken, Ronnie, Leon: What a pleasure to work with such accomplished amazing souls! Thanks for welcoming me back and making things happen. The hard work you do does not go unnoticed I LOVE YOU CAMP AVODA Sincerely, Jar-Jar Lee Garr

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Josh Cohen

Program Director • 2k814

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Jose Montanez Athletic Director

This is my second summer at Camp Avoda #2K17, and it has been nothing short of incredible. Last summer was my first season at Camp Avoda, and the difference between the two years is night and day. My first summer was spent as the Health Assistant/Driver. I had a great time driving sick kids back and forth to Urgent Care and Dr. Bornstein’s office. This summer I stepped into the role of Athletics Director, and it has been quite the experience.

will strongly shape the men they will become. I feel that it is my job to help foster strong values that will follow our young men for the rest of their lives. These are the moments that will be remembered, and held sacred to a lot of our boys. Though it is only second year, I am beginning to unravel the beauty that is Avoda. It is my pleasure to be apart of something so uniquely special, and I look forward to more moments at Avoda.

Being Athletics Director has been a really eye opening experience. I was able to get an in-depth look of what really goes down during a summer at Avoda. One of the things that I was privy to was my first ever Desert War draft. This showed me just how intense things can get when picking teams, while also showing me the strong relationships that have been forming since bunk one. This year I am truly seeing the traditions that have been going on for generations. This summer has been filled with great moments of triumph, and some bitter moments of defeat. I’ve watched many campers experience moments that I feel

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