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The Avodian

The Official Yearbook of Camp Avoda, Middleboro, MA August 2016 Volume 90

Camp Avoda Board of Directors Russell Sherman, President Michael Ross, Vice President

Robert Zuker, Treasurer

James Singer, Clerk

Richard Lefkowitz, Secretary

Kenneth Schlossberg

Thomas Leavitt

Jonathan Bamel

Lee Kaiser

Ed Klayman

Louis Dennis

Michael Roth

Paul Davis

Ken Shifman, Executive Director Ronni Saltzman Guttin, Director Gary Rabinowitz, Assistant Director Leon Dyer, Head Counselor and CIT Director George Russo, Assistant CIT Director Josh Cohen, Louis Douglas, Miklos Greenberg Assistant Head Counselors

DEDICATION Avoda means a lot of different things to a lot of people. Our roots run deep and through multiple generations we have been fortunate enough to provide a summer home, impact the lives, establish strong foundations, and prepare countless Avodians for the future. The summer of 2016 has been no exception. Throughout this summer, as in summers past, there is a medley of ingredients that make our camp season a success. We all are grateful for the small items that bind us together, keep our community strong, and help us maintain clear vision and unity. However, there are a group of people that without their continued effort, and habitual excellence, Avoda would not be as remarkable of an organization that we are today. The campers, and administration would like to

dedicate this year’s Avodian to a group of people, without whom Camp Avoda would not be possible. The 2016 Avodian is dedicated to our staff! Our staff is comprised of a patchwork quilt of lively thought, creativity, desire, willingness to excel, and a staunch commitment to always keeping in mind “what is best for camp.” Much like in the world of sports where the most important play of a game may not show up on the stat sheet, our staff’s finest moments may not occur under the bright lights of the field or court. Counselors, nurses, drivers, arts staff, kitchen staff,specialty staff, and maintenance workers all put forth a staggering amount of time and effort to help ensure our most prized element; our campers, have the best summer possible. Our staff help create new events,

run periods, treat scrapes, cook delicious meals, fix broken shutters, change sheets, help campers through moments of homesickness, gather missing clothing, help bond friendships, teach current Avodians about our rich history, make late night runs to the ER or early morning runs to the doctor’s office and provide support, love and humor at all turns. Inevitably when campers return home they will weave tales about their favorite member or members of our staff. Perhaps this person resonated because he was funny or goofy or nice or just simply cool. Maybe an impact was made because the staff member told a joke or a story or helped a camper find a lost item or clean a bed. Whatever the adjective bestowed upon an individual staff member, and for whatever reason, we can all take comfort that Camp Avoda is extremely fortunate to have the group of young men and women caring for camp, caring for campers and allowing Avoda to continue to thrive and continue to endorse love, passion, compassion, empathy, excellence and truly loving each other like family. We are happy and proud to dedicate the 2016 Avodian to the staff of Camp Avoda.

Ken Shifman

Executive Director’s Message This is my 20th summer at Avoda and I like it very much! 2016: Another summer in the books! OK – the book: The Avodian. As I compile our top 10 lists, I typically have trouble limiting it to 10. We have so many fun people, experiences, events, and traditions in camp that it’s hard to leave stuff off the list. This Avodian recounts and covers all the fun and activities. The meaning of life? I often say it’s simply about [connecting with other] people. That is certainly true at Avoda. How do we affect each other? How do we influence, inspire, motivate, aggravate, and challenge each other? You certainly experience all those feelings at Camp Avoda – with so many different people. And it’s what makes the Avoda world turn. Mix in spirit, fun, unique games, odd traditions, and the break-neck pace that is our summer, and you get something pretty special. I am honored to be part of this organization and lucky that I get to work on it all year long. This is our first summer since 1965 where our former Executive Director Paul G. Davis has not been with us each and every day. Mr. Davis retired last year after a record 50 years at the helm – a record almost certainly that will not be broken. I have big shoes to fill as Paul, my mentor, has joined our board of directors. I will try to live up to his high standards he set to make Avoda the special, safe, fun, spirited program it has always been. This summer has been one of transitions behind the scenes but I am confident that we put forth a strong, fun, familiar program and set of traditions. Ronni Saltzman Guttin joined Camp Avoda as the first woman Director in Avoda’s 90 year a history. Ronni brings so much to

the table: she is a people person, a connector, a strong leader, someone who will roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty when needed. I could go on – but the point is that Ronni has excelled this summer in integrating, helping, providing objective and fresh perspectives, and will certainly help Camp Avoda move towards our vision. We are lucky to have you Ronni! Gary Rabinowitz and Leon Dyer have both worked long hard hours and been flexible, supportive, dedicated, effective, and creative in running programming, schedules, field trips, overnights, and so many things in between. I am so fortunate to work with such amazing people. As Jim Collins suggests in Good To Great, you need to have the right people on the bus. Our bus is now cruising! We have a strong staff. I thank you all for your hard work, spirit, and ability to create and maintain a fun atmosphere. I also thank you for being mature and helping roll out some necessary changes at Avoda. It’s easy to click with and connect with you all. We had a tour this summer and the mom of the prospective camper said that she was looking at Avoda because she had good friends from growing up who attended Avoda and were down to Earth, respectful, nice guys. We still develop those young men of character as she alludes to, and I am proud of that. CIT’s – you guys all did a great job and we have seen so much development and growth. I appreciate all your hard work and commitment too. We have many other staff: Kitchen, Arts, Health, Maintenance, and Office Support. Thank you for your flexibility, commitment to hard work, and for making Avoda a thriving

entity. Thank you to Jill Shifman who does a lot for Camp Avoda too: you are an extra administrator when you are here helping with tours, fingernails, cooking classes, and so much more. Your smile, support and positive attitude are contagious. We have had so many tours this summer. We have had overnights for kids thinking about overnight camp. And the buzz is strong! I hear many people talking Avoda! Let’s keep it going. As a competitor on and off the court, I’d like to see Avoda thrive. I want us to be the best. As I stood on the hill and watched Abe Klein, our award-winning photographer “herd cats” and try to get 200 chatty boys, staff, and administrators cooperate, be quiet, and pose for the All-Camp photo, I couldn’t help but smile. This five minute “exercise” encapsulates so much of the summer camp experience: energy, cooperation, group dynamics, joking around, camaraderie, smiles, leadership, and pride. I am glad I am in the picture with all of you! -Ken

Ronni Guttin Director’s Message

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a first day of camp well into adulthood. In early June, I stepped into Camp Avoda with the last of my summer belongings in a couple of bags and unpacked into my comfortable bedroom in the PGD director’s cabin. Soon afterwards, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, pest control people, gypsy moth caterpillar sprayers, and a whole host of other wonderful service people became fond acquaintances. The following week, our amazing kitchen staff began to arrive, and after that the rest of the Avoda staff moved in. I was the “new director on the block (NDOB)” who had to learn where things were, what to say (and not say), what noises were scary at night, and where to find essentials like toilet paper and paper towels. During pre-camp, 5 counselors worked to prepare camp for a rental group and get some things ready for this summer’s fun. We ate some meals together, got to know each other and even shared some laughs. They gave me some warnings, were patient with my questions, and helped me learn some of the finer points of Camp Avoda traditions; what’s cool: what’s not, what to watch out for and what was really important. 10 days of staff training, an alumni reunion later, and it it was here: THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP! What did I experience? Board Members, grandparents, parents

and campers who were excited to see one another, the counselors, dressed in blue and pumped to meet “their kids”. While I was prepared to work hard, influence counselors and campers, learn camp traditions, and become a part of Camp Avoda, I learned a great deal more.

Avoda Alma Mater.

I learned that Avoda counselors are dedicated. I watched our ropes staff guide one little guy down from the climbing wall who made it up but was nervous about coming down….with patience and kindness. I saw that same camper’s bunkmates applaud for him. This is the essence of an Avoda experience.

Mostly, I learned what it means to be an Avodian. From Ken, Gary, and Leon who have been very patient with my questions and learning curve, and who are examples of the leadership skills on which we pride ourselves. From the counselors who have been open-minded and kind and fine examples of Camp Avoda brotherhood. From the CIT’s who have worked hard to learn and to support camp’s needs and uphold its traditions. From the campers who have allowed me “in”, and who embody the Avoda spirit. I thank all of them for my very first Camp Avoda summer. Now, I, too, am a proud Avodian.

I learned how to adjust the flow of a urinal using a screwdriver. And, I learned that campers in bunk 7 are happy to join me in the bathroom at the next urinal over while I am working on the adjustments. I learned why CIT’s are so essential to daily life at Camp Avoda…and I thank them for it. I learned how hardworking the bunk 14ers are while waiting on our table. And I learned how to “clap it up” for them… a lot! I learned to hit a ball in the correct direction during a game that I can’t identify. I learned the Camp Avoda welcome song. And the Camp

I learned how to turn on the basketball lights, where the septic covers are located, where to hide extra supplies so that I always have a pair of scissors, where to park my car to avoid sap drips, and where to find Leon.

Gary Rabinowitz Assistant Director’s Message

I woke up this morning wondering if there is such a thing as the quintessential day at Avoda. Some claim that the Avoda tourney is the best day of the year. No one could argue with the fact that the week of Color War is as good as it gets. The campers, Desert War, field day, trip days, socials, league competition, the Arts & Crafts shack, flag rush, zooball, the staff, the rec hall, the nurses, evening activities, rainy days, and all the other ingredients synthesize together to infuse Avoda with our Avodaness. The prototypical day is every day because each and every day a little Avoda magic is spread liberally throughout our little world. Avoda speaks loudly and deeply to a wide variety of constituents. Our internal crew is comprised of approximately 200 individuals with a wide range of personalities, gifts, sense of humor, ideals and visions. When this concoction of idiosyncratic individuality is brewed, the element that drifts to the top and seeps out of our pores is our spirit. At the end of the day, we approach Avoda the way we wish the rest of the world would approach the human condition....we don’t shy away from our differences, we celebrate them along with exalting our similarities. Heroes

can spring from any cabin and the reason a camper is elevated to heroic status is as vast as our make up.

have their energy inspire me on a constant basis. Avoda rocks. See you in 2017.

Avoda has an old soul and that is infused into our staff as well as our campers. Our time here each summer whisks by like a hurricane and for the most part, we understand that and are able to embrace the magic that Avoda produces each and every day. We are all blessed to be a small part of this community and this experience and that realization alone allows the cycle of magnetism to perpetually reinforce itself. I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to work at Avoda. There is no better group of people to work with than the group we have assembled in Middleboro. Thank you to Ken, Ronni, and Leon for your guidance, advice, understanding, mentorship, humor and sense of what’s best for camp. I carry all of you with me every day. Thanks to our staff for putting the campers first and allowing them to experience the awesomeness of Avoda every day.The campers are what provide our lifeblood and give us our soul. They are diverse, insightful, engaging and bright and I get to capture their youth and

Camp Avoda Staff Bunk 1 Josh Cohen Jacob Shore Bryce Tischler Abe Watman Bunk 3 Ilan Hascal Will Holtz Bunk 4 Scott Albert Greg Weinstein Bunk 5 Ryan Litner Shay Wenglin Bunk 6 Wes Fixler Max Velt Bunk 7 Daniel Chafetz Alex Frank Ben Shale Yoav Vakin Bunk 9 Jonah Greenberg Vladik Katsman Jason Opper Bunk 10 Daniel Abramson Ben Edry Josh Hurst

Bunk 11 Jake Alexander Max Goldfarb Drew Lukoff Bunk 12 Louis Douglas Benji Satloff Bunk 14 Harrison Bamel A.J. Felberbaum Jared Fixler Aaron Rubin Kitchen Scott Rubeck Jamie Pfisterer Mun Hon Leong Luis Argueta Angel Sanchez Piotr Szelag Maciej Trych Denzel Chong David Leng Kacper Myslinski Antonio Cruz Zamario Executve Director Ken Shifman Director Ronni Guttin Asst Director Gary Rabinowitz

Head Counselor/ CIT Director Leon Dyer Asst CIT Director George Russo Nurses Matha Savin Kim Striglio Health Assistant Meghan Earle Office Assistant Gabbi Silvia Waterfront Director Miklos Greenberg Arts & Craft Liza Dennis Woodworking Tony Arce Photography Abe Klein Maintenace Ernie Varnum Ronni LaPointe

Avodian Staff

Coming off of one of the finest Avodian seasons in recent memory, Executive Head Admiral Dictator Leon Dyer needed to find a quality staff to replace the studs of 2015. But after reviewing the 2016 Bunk 14, he needed additional reimforcements, so he hired back Eli Sabin and Ty Goldstein as CIT Editors and picked up a couple 14ers to fill out the ranks. This staff had a great year and fully lived up to their expectations. Countless hours were spent relaxing on the couch in the AC, and a couple other hours were spent working on this Avodian. Just kidding. Enjoy!

Leon Dyer

Head of Avodian

Eli Sabin Ty Goldstein Jake Eagle Avodian Staff

Zac Roth Paul Samberg Gabe Rosen Jonathan Cohen Bunk 14 Editors



Ryan Jacoby All Around Freshman Ryan Wilkov All Around Sophomore

Zac Roth Leadership

Danny Blumenstein All Around Athlete

Adam Alter All Around Junior Ross Halpern All Around Senior

Sam Lunder Spirit

Paul Samberg & Jonathan Cohen All Around Campers

Ethan Shifman Sportsmanship

Paul Samberg Avodian

Ben Williams Fishing

Zach Taub Archery

Harrison Maron Basketball

Adam Alter Fitness

Bennett Samberg Arts & Crafts

Ryan Jacoby Biking

Sam Lunder Flagrush

Zach Taub Canoeing



Curtis Williams

PGD All Around Avodian

Ross Halpern Football

Eli Kleinman Sailing

Brett Itchkow Video

Max Singer Krav Maga

Brett Itchkow Services

Sam Waltzman Volleyball

Jason Freedman & Matthew Peljovich Photo Nate Achildiyev Ping Pong

Nate Achildiyev Soccer Adam Fogel Softball Brooks Howell Street Hockey

Daniel Rashes Robotics

Tyler DeRosa Swimming

Simon Bazelon Ropes

Jordan Leibovici & Adam Alter Tennis

Zane Reservitz Wakeboarding Mitchell Director Weights Jonah Bramson Wilderness Jonah Bramson Woodworking









65 51








79 142




















Josh Cohen, Jordan Hall, Leo Steindecker, Jonah Bornstein,Thomas Cushing, Bryce Tischler David Hicks,Tyler Goldberg, David Satloff, Zack Leibman, Evan Stern

2nd Month Bunk 1


Jonah Bramson, Ben Shale, Bryce Tischler, Jacob Shore, Josh Cohen Jonathan Rubin,Tyler Goldberg, Ryan Jacoby, Gabe Kurland, Evan Stern


Ben Shale, Eric Callum, Noah Thompson, Ryan Jacoby,Abe Watman, DJ Vetstein, Jack Wexler, Eric Friedman, Jonah Bramson




Will Holtz, Sam Peljovich, Max Veksler, Michael Cooper, Alex Frank Sam Gornstein, Matthew Steindecker, Alex Leibman, Daniel Steinberg, Alexander Hanover

2nd Month Bunk 3


Sam Peljovich,Will Holtz, Ilan Hascal, Benny Hasenberg Alex Leibman, Sam Gornstein, Luca Tammaro,Alexander Hanover


2nd Month Bunk 4

Greg Weinstein, Theo Kleinman, Adam Shaff, Seth Huber, Jacon Shore Matt Tosches, Charlie Kaswell, Avery Kalish, Zachary Weiner, Dylan Berke

Greg Weinstein, Ethan Hass, David Borokhov,Adam Shnidman, Scott Albert Jacob Demeo, Mark Ocher,Tyler DeRosa, Matt Tosches,Theo Kleinmann




Ryan Litner, Brett Itchkow, Bennett Samberg, Zach Hyman, James Schiff-Denota, Isaac Wedaman Shay Wenglin, Nathaniel Ilfeld, Josh Lewis, Eddie Brown, Ryan Wilkov, Daniel Altshuler

2nd Month Bunk 5


Shay Wenglin, Daniel Altshuler, Cole Busny, Ryan Litner, Ryan Wilkov Jason Karas, Brett Itchkow, Noah Ross, Noah Kranowitz, Bennett Samberg, Drew Busny


2nd Month Bunk 4

Wesley Fixler, Max Jacoby, Carson Raisner, Matthew Friedman, Max Velt Ryan Shimelman, Max Leavitt, Ben Wertheim, Ramsey Gale, Eric Hernandez, Truman Bright

Noah Goldstein,Wes Fixler, Max Velt, Matthew Friedman, Joe Nathan, Ramsey Gale, Ben Wertheim, Max Leavitt, Eric Hernandez, Sam MacGilpin




Jake Eagle, Will McEachern,Yoav Vaknin, Jeremy Rossin, Daniel Chafetz Sammy Kornstein, Ron Edry, Julian Adario, Eli Bailit, Alan Krauthammer, Jacob Wise, Daniel Rashes

2nd Month Bunk 7


Charlie Zuker, Daniel Chafetz,Yoav Vaknin,Alex Frank, Daniel Rashes, Michael Shnidman Jr., Mason Wenglin, Cam Delaney, Jonah Frumkin, Jacob Smith, Noah Gornstein,Adam Tercatin





Jason Opper, Solomon Silvia, Jesse Lichtman,Vladik Katsman, Simon Bazelon, Michael Altshuler, Danny Lubie, Jonah Greenberg, Adam Alter, Owen Sherman, Oscar Hornick-Wu, Jonah Taub, Eli Blumenstein, Ben Williams, Caleb Kosow, Alex Shifman

2nd Month Bunk 9


Max Singer, Ben Williams, Simon Bazelon, Jason Opper, Jesse Lichtman, Owen Sherman, Tyler Freedman, Jonah Greenberg, Jonah Taub,Alex Shifman, Eli Blumenstein, Drew Litner, Sawyer Busny, Elliot Lovinger,Adam Alter, Ben Schreiber


2nd Month Bunk 10

Dan Abramson, Scott Albert Josh Hurst, Sebastian Vidal, Zachary Niles Perez,Yu Zhu, Adin Silva, Jared Shimelman, Jake Chernin Abe Dunn, Joey Raymond, Asher Kranowitz, David Bailit, Elijah Davis, Max Coelho, Eli Raisner, Nick Shiff-Denota

Josh Hurst, Sebastian Vidal, Max Coelho,Asher Kranowitz,Adin Silva




Max Goldfarb, Zach Breton, Jake Alexander, Evan Gray, Drew Lukoff Theo Knopf,Tad Leavitt, Nate Goldberg, Max Kleinman, Matt Peljovich, Caden Puccio

2nd Month Bunk 10


Tad Leavitt, Evan Gray, Drew Lukoff,Theo Knopf Matt Peljovich, Nate Goldberg, Zack Goodgame, Max Kleinmann


2nd Month Bunk 11

Josh Gavenda, Benji Satloff, Louis Douglas, Zack Volinsky, Jacob Winn Eli Kleinmann, Max Scribner, Jason Stellman

Jason Stellman, Benji Satloff, Jacob Winn Jordan Leibovici, Zack Volinsky, Jake Rosken, Eli Kleinmann, Max Scribner,



Aaron Rubin, Jared Fixler, Harrison Bamel, AJ Felberbaum Zane Reservitz, Zac Roth, Spenser Goff, Curtis Williams, Jonathan Cohen, Harrison Maron, Danny Blumenstein, Nathan Achildiyev, Paul Samberg, Sam Lunder, Ross Halpern, Gabe Rosen, Mitchell Director, Ethan Shifman, Brooks Howell, Zach Taub, Adam Fogel, Jason Freedman

With only 18 campers, the 2016 Bunk 14 was not a large group. This meant we became very close and always had each other’s backs. Each member of our bunk brought a unique personality and everyone got along well. One moment that displayed our great camaraderie was this year’s July 4th bonfire. Building the fire was a good bonding experience and made us work together to create an impressive spectacle. 2016 was a memorable summer for all of Bunk 14 and we hope to return for many more.


BUNK 14 IN 15 YEARS Nate Achildiyev - Taking over a British biker gang Danny Blumenstein - Climbing a (rock) wall Jonathan Cohen - A mall christmas elf Mitchell Director - Speech therapist for oompa loompas Adam Fogel - Champion of Major League Gaming 2031 Jason Freedman - Finally talking to Julia Cuddy Spenser Goff - CEO of Tongs Inc. Ross Halpern - Setting the world on fire Brooks Howell - The best stick handler in the NHL Harrison Maron - Professional opera singer Sam Lunder - Head of infirmary staff Zane Reservitz - Running all of the miles Gabe Rosen- Trying to figure out desert war staffs Zac Roth - ZAC ROTH Paul Samberg - International G’dol of BBYO Ethan Shifman - Director of Camp Avoda Zach Taub - Captain of his high school water polo team Curtis Williams - Finally getting the stick out Harrison Bamel - Living above AJ AJ Felberbaum - Fitness coach Jared Fixler - Running a bagel store with Ty Aaron Rubin - Ruler of the world


2016 BUNK 14




counselors in a storming

Overnight is always a

the day occurred when

the castle scenario. After

highlight of the summer

Bunk 14 counselor Jared

paintball, we traveled



Fixler slipped and fell

back to camp to shower

campers, and this year

into the river, causing


was no different. The



Boston for a delicious,




all you can eat dinner at

with a stop at White

to laugh about. That

Maggiano’s. All in all, the

Birch Field, a camping

night, the group went

trip was great bonding

site frequented by all



experience for Bunk 14


with an activity center

and an exciting way to


built in. On the final

start off the summer.

rained, everyone stayed

day of the trip, Bunk 14



traveled to Friendly Fire

the first night out of

Paintballing. Teamwork

camp. The next day,

took center stage in the



final round of paintball

water rafting. Perhaps

as Bunk 14 took on their










interesting Though and











CANOE TRIP 2016 CANOE TRIP Jayson Rong, Zach Volinsky, Danny Blumenstein, Gabe Rosen, Brooks Howell, Adam Fogel, Harrison Maron, Zach Taub, Ben Jacoby, Curtis Williams, Spenser Goff, Jason Freedman, Max Scribner, Nate Achildiyev, Zane Reservitz, Ethan Shifman, Paul Samberg, Zac Roth, Mitchell Hernandez, Ross Halpern, Jonathan Cohen, Jake Rosken, Max Kleinmann, Sam Waltzman, Theo Knopf, Josh Cohen, Greg Weinstein, Miklos Greenberg, Jonah Greenberg

As bunk 14, a handful of bunk 12, and Jason Wong awoke early Tuesday morning of the anticipation of what trip master Leon Dyer had in store filled all minds. Weeks before the trip began, participants were training and preparing everyday during 4th period. However no one would be tested on their skills until the 2nd day of the trip. After an early wake up, everybody made their way across the street to the starting point of the canoeing. As canoeing pairs got

their canoes lined up, everybody began to paddle their way through seven miles of rapids and various obstacles. Once everybody reached the finish line, we made our way back to the camping site for lunch. Following lunch, everybody had a blast lighting eachother up in paintball. After paintball, everyone waited around the fire anticipating the food that was about to be grilled. Stomachs full, campers began going back to the tents to get some sleep for the final stretch of the

canoe trip. After arriving in Newport, RI, everybody walked around the beach and eventually met up at dinner. After dinner and a birthday celebration for Danny Blumenstein, everybody got in the vans and headed back to camp with another experience to add to their Avoda career.


AVODA POLL 1) What is the best evening activity? Flagrush 60% Deadzone 25% Zooball 15%

6) Who says, “No!” the most? AJ Felberbaum 50% Jared Fixler 40% Harrison Bamel 8% Jake Alexander 2%

2) What is the best meal at Avoda? Wings 45% Mac and Cheese 35% Shabbat Dinner 10% Grilled Cheese 10%

7) Who is the best Rabbi? Greg Weinstein 45% Benji Satloff 20%

3) What is the best league sport? Volleyball 35% Basketball 25% Water polo 20% Soccer 15%

8) Who is the best ginger? Brian Scalabrine 65% Jake Romanow 20% Ross Halpern 10% Mitch Hernandez 5%

4) Who is the worst league referee? Wes Fixler 50% Jared Fixler 50% Shay Wenglin 50% Daniel Chafetz 0%

9) Who is the best ’08 staff member? Deuce 100% Joco 100%

5) What is the best field trip? Red Sox 45% Six Flags 28% Water Wizz 25% Family Fun Center 2%

10) Who is the biggest hoss? Ramsey Gale 51% Theo Knopf 30% Jason Stellman 18% Jason Opper 1%


Wes Fixler 20% Joco 15%

Miklos 100%

WHAT DOESN’T BELONG A.) Village B.) Chipotle C.) Hibachi D.) Saturday lunch A.)Vladik B.)Opper C.) AJ Felberbaum D.) Jacob Shore A.) Color War B.) Desert War C.) Avoda Tourney D.) Indian Relay A.) Grateful Dead B.) Allman Brothers C.) Red Hot Chili Peppers D.) Weezer A.) Junior Hoops B.) Senior Hoops C.) Senior Soccer D.) Red Sox A.) Pembroke B.) Tevya C.) Tel Noar D.) Baurcrest A.) Wings B.) Mac and Cheese C.) Chicken Patty D.) Filet Minot A.) Buff Steak and Cheese B.) CBR C.) Breakfast Sandwich D.) Chicken Cranberry Walnut A.) WFO B.) Lounge C.) The VIP D.) Avodian Room



Then - First Year at Avoda Photo | Now - 2016 Summer Photo















Then - First Year at Avoda Photo | Now - 2016 Summer Photo


















David Borokhov, Jacob Demeo, Sam McGilpin, Zach Goodgame, Michael Cooper, Luca Tomorrow, Jonathan Rubin, Isaac Wedeman, Noah Goldstein, Drew Busny, Max Ables, Drew Litner, Elliot Lovinger, Tyler Freedman, Michael Shidman, Ben Schriber, Tyler Derosa, Adam Tercatin, Cameron Delaney, Joe Nathan, Adam Shnidman, Cole Busny, Sawyer Busny, Ethan Hass




2016 CIT’s

Leon Dyer, Benji Schwartz, Isaac Frumkin, Brett Litner, Alex Lefkowitz, Max Waltzman, David Patkin, Eli Sabin, Jake Noddell, Russ Rapaport, Matty Hartman, Ben Stigberg, George Russo, Jake Romanow, Sam Scribner, Mitchell Hernandez, Spenser Kligman, David Bacdayan, Sam Levenson, Artie Vidal,Ty Goldstein







Daniel Chafetz, Drew Lukoff, Abe Watman, Alex Frank, Shay Wenglin, Jason Opper


WATERFRONT WATERFRONT STAFF Ben Shale, Max Goldfarb, Miklos Greenberg,Aaron Rubin,AJ Felberbaum, Scott Albert, Dan Abramson, Jacob Shore, Jake Eagle, Greg Weinstein, Jonah Greenberg,




Dan Abramson, Max Goldfarb, Scott Albert, Greg Weinstein, Jake Eagle, Josh Cohen



Abe Klein, Liza Dennis,Tony Arce



Benji Satloff, Josh Cohen, Wes Fixler

This summer’s services were some of the best in recent memory. Benji Satloff, Wes Fixler, and Josh Cohen always conducted the prayers with poise and a positive attitude, which helped make services enjoyable for all. The responsive readings gave campers, counselors, and CITs inspiration and guidance to help them in the following week, and the Torah provided interesting stories and lessons. Guitar cameos from AJ Felberbaum, Harrison Bamel, and Josh Cohen brought great music to the Chapel Site and lifted the spirits of everyone in attendance.



Martha Savino, Kim Striglio There were two nurses that went to camp. Kim and Martha wanted to leave their stamp. Upon the young men who run, jump and compete The sports at Avoda make you all feel like you are at peak. Meghan our assistant, likes to sing at the beach Jamming with JoCo and Yoav, it’s sweet. We work long hard days and nights. But we love to see you all feeling right. We keep the ice pops cold and the smiles warm. As you all come to the infirmary in swarms. The games are played hard. Thank God the Urgent Care is not too far.

When your muscles are aching. Ice and ibuprofen you will be taking As we go back to our regular jobs and school. We hope you leave with warm memories that are cool. Until we see you all again. Stay healthy and happy until then. Martha, Kim and Meghan



Mun Hon Leong, Luis Argueta Angel Sanchez, Jamie Pfisterer, Scott Rubeck, Piotr Szelag, Maciej Trych Denzel Chong, David Leng, Kacper Myslinski, Antonio Cruz Zamario




AVODA TOURNAMENT The 2016 Avoda Tournament began with much excitement from all athletes and superfans. Coming off of a winless 2015, the teams were hungry to avenge the previous year losses and seize the championships once again. Junior Hoops vanquished Bournedale in the first round but unfortunately met a tough Bauercrest team and fell to them in the finals. Senior Hoops beat Bournedale and took Bauercrest to a two game final. Though they fought hard, Jake Romanow and Senior Hoops were unable to beat Bauercrest. Senior Soccer, however, made brisk work of their competition throughout the day, claiming a 2-0 victory over Bournedale, a 4-1 win over Bauercrest, and then an 8-3 triumph over ‘Crest in the championship. Captains Ty Goldstein and Max Waltzman played admirably, and CITs Ben Stigberg and MVP Eli Sabin locked down the midfield and put key goals in the back of the net.

















Favorite Avoda Drone Shots


by the numbers Number of Mandatory Letter Writing Home Days



Number Of Sidebars


Number of Reminders to write letters home

Number of times Fruit served For Dessert



Number Of Letters Written Home

Number Of League Games Blown by Fixler



Number Of Campers This Summer

Number of Avodians With Barmitzvah Year


Number of Bunkos Hit


Number of Alumni Visits

Number of Bunko’s Hit by Abe



Number of Hours Put Into This Avodian

Number of T-Shirts Printed This Summer



Hottest Temperature at Avoda

Money Spent At Village This Summer

Number of Field Trips This Summer




Number of Trees Planted This Summer

Number of Rainy Day Activities

Number Of Bags Lost By Launderama

Number Of Phones Confiscated










4th of JULY

On the morning of July 4th, campers, counselors, and CITs awoke to patriotic music playing over the loudspeakers and a fantastic slate of festivities for the day. First up was the Avoda Tough Mudder, which led every bunk through an obstacle course stretching across camp and even onto the ropes course. After the Tough Mudder event, camp ate lunch and headed out to enjoy the carnival. A slip and slide, lawn games, and water slides were just a few of the main attractions. Campers feasted on cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones, and played for hours on the field, dunking their counselors in the dunk tank and showing off their strength on the Superstriker. The final event of the carnival was an egg toss, which the pairing of Max Waltzman and Jake Romanow won handily. After dinner, all of camp gathered on the beach

for the annual bonfire and chip ceremony. Legendary former director Paul G. Davis made a guest appearance at the bonfire to tell the tale of the Tispaquin Loony. After hearing Mr. Davis’ scary story, a member from every bunk stood up in front of the fire to talk about why they love Avoda. The speeches from kids of all ages reminded everyone why camp is the best place on earth. After every other bunk had spoken, the mighty Bunk 14 explained the name of their fire, Masada, and spoke about their experiences at camp and the many ways Avoda has affected them. After 14 returned to their seats, everyone sang the camp Alma Mater and prepared for the night’s grand finale: fireworks. As campers sucked on popsicles and watched the colors explode over Lake Tispaquin, all was well at Camp Avoda.










For the first field trip of the 2016 summer, Camp Avoda traveled to Water Wizz, a nearby water park that has been featured in such world-renowned movies as Grown Ups and The Way Way Back. Campers ate lunch at nearby restaurants before splashing around in the Lazy River, enjoying the Wave Pool, and zipping down the many water slides at the park. Pirates Plunge and Devil’s Peak have always been camper favorites, and this year they did not disappoint. Everyone enjoyed cooling off in the water and the exhilarating runs down the water slides.

With just a few weeks remaining in the summer, Camp Avoda prepared for a trip to one of New England’s biggest amusement parks, Six Flags. On the morning of the trip, Avoda hopped on the relaxing coach buses and rode to the park. When the buses pulled in, a great lunch was waiting. After filling up on burgers, hot dogs, and baked ziti, everyone set off for the rollercoasters and waterslides. Rides like Superman, Batman, and Goliath Towers left everyone with flushed faces and racing hearts. Bumper cars, the giant swings, and the Bonzai Pipelines also made the day a big success.



Camp Avoda’s annual trip to Fenway Park got off to a great start when lead off hitter Mookie Betts hit a solo homerun on the first pitch he saw. From there, it was all fun, cheering, and eating as the beloved Red Sox cruised to a 13-2 win over the visiting Rockies. There was no louder section of the stadium than the seats occupied by Avoda. Raucous “Let’s go Red Sox” and “Free Tom Brady” chants proved yet again that Avoda’s spirit and enthusiasm is unmatched in all of Red Sox Nation. Every run scored led to wild dancing and celebration (from CITs and counselors especially), and the 8th inning rendition of “Sweet Caroline” was perhaps the best part of the night.


This year’s trip to Mount Monadnock was a great time for everyone involved. Campers, counselors, and CITs spent 3 to 4 hours braving the 3,166 foot mountain, and once they reached the summit, they realized that the beautiful view made it all worth it. On the way down, the group stopped to pick some wild berries before returning to the base. Lastly, everyone’s favorite part of the trip finally arrived as the van pulled up to Fire & Ice, a fan favorite restaurant at Camp Avoda.





S M A E T 016



Drew Lukoff, AJ Felberbaum, Benji Satloff League Commissioners






























Fr/So League MVP’s

Jr/Sr League MVP’s

Long John Silvers MVP: Ben Wertheim Coaches: Alex Lefkowitz, Russ Rapaport, David Patkin

Red Hot Chili Peppers MVP: Zane Reservitz Coach: Aaron Rubin

Arby’s MVP: Sam Peljovich Coaches: Artie Vidal, Max Waltzman, Benji Schwartz Krispy Kreme MVP: Cole Busny Coaches: Sam Scribner, Ben Stigberg, Will Cooper Kentucky Fried Chicken MVP: Jason Karas Coaches: Ty Goldstein, Matty Hartman Chick-fil-a MVP: Charlie Zuker Coaches: Mitchell Hernandez, Eli Sabin In-N-Out Burger MVP: Noah Goldstein Coaches: David Bacdayan, Spencer Kligman, Sam Levenson

The Grateful Dead MVP: Ethan Shifman Coach: Josh Cohen Rage Against The Machine MVP: Caden Puccio Coach: Harrison Bamel The Allman Brothers MVP: Brooks Howell Coach: Jake Alexander Nirvana MVP: Sam Lunder Coach: Louis Douglas Aerosmith MVP: Danny Blumenstein & Mitchell Director Coach: Jared Fixler

White Castle MVP: Michael Shnidman Coaches: Brett Litner, Jay Blumenfeld Little Caesar MVP: Jonah Frumkin Coaches: Jake Romanow, Jake Noddell, Isaac Frumkin

1st Month League Champion Long John Silvers 2nd Month League Champion Kentucky Fried Burgers


Jr/Sr League Champion Aerosmith


WHITE HOUNDS George Russo General

Aaron Rubin 1st Lieutenant

Benji Satloff 2nd Lieutenant

Wes Fixler

3rd Lieutenant

Abe Watman

4th Lieutenant

Ty Goldstein Ben Stigberg Aides

Ross Halpern Paul Samberg Captains


BLUE VOODOO Harrison Bamel General

Jake Alexander 1st Lieutenant

Drew Lukoff 2nd Lieutenant

AJ Felberbaum 3rd Lieutenant

Bryce Tischler 4th Lieutenant

Benji Schwartz Max Waltzman Aides

Danny Blumenstein Zac Roth Captains


90 6

91 7

As the first month of Summer 2016 began to wind down, a buzz was in the air all across Avoda. The biggest event of the first session, Desert War, was just a few days away. On the last Wednesday of the month, camp awoke to a blaring announcement over the loudspeakers: “All campers, counselors, and CITs please report to the basketball courts immediately.” Everyone rushed to the courts to find out what was next. Once all of camp was assembled, senior staff ran out of the mess hall screaming “IT’S DESERT WAR!” The teams were announced and both teams lined up on PGD’s path. First to walk down the path were the four captains, Paul Samberg, Zac Roth, Ross Halpern, and Danny Blumenstein. The rest of the staffs went to their sides, and the teams learned their names: the White Hounds and the Blue Voodoo. After


breakfast, bunk cleanup and strategizing, the teams took the field. The first quarter went by without a flag scored, due to strong defense from both teams. Everything changed in the second quarter. Sam Lunder, Nate Goldberg, Asher Kranowitz, and Jared Shimelman of the white team put pressure on the Voodoo defense with skilled fakes and coordinated rushes. They scored five flags, giving the Hounds a solid lead. After the second quarter, campers went to the mess hall to eat lunch and think about the next half of play. After rest period, teams went back to their headquarters to go over their plans for the second half. The third quarter was much like the first, a shutout. Both teams, especially blue, were hungry for flags. One of blue’s MVPs, Zane Reservitz rushed countless times but could

not find holes in White’s stellar defense. The final quarter began with chaos, as the Voodoo sent waves of offenders at the Hounds defense. Jailbreak after jailbreak allowed blue to continue their attack, but they could not break through. Mitch Director, Paul Samberg, Brooks Howell, and Ross Halpern shut down the field, preventing the Voodoo from scoring a single flag. Herculean efforts from Blue MVPs Curtis Williams and Sam Waltzman. They were impressed by everyone involved, but the Voodoo just could not get a flag across the line. As the fourth quarter came to an end, the Hounds began to celebrate a dominant performance. When the final horn blew, the team sprinted into the lake to revel in their historic shutout victory. Overall, Desert War 2016 was a great success on all sides.

BLUE BEARS Louis Douglas General

Josh Cohen

1st Lieutenant

Drew Lukoff 2nd Lieutenant

Wes Fixler

3rd Lieutenant

Abe Watman

4th Lieutenant

Ryan Litner 5th Lieutenant

Max Waltzman Aide

Russ Rapaport Aide

Zac Roth Captain


WHITE VILLAINS Jared Fixler General

George Russo 1st Lieutenant

Harrison Bamel 2nd Lieutenant

Aaron Rubin 3rd Lieutenant

Benji Satloff 4th Lieutenant

Shay Wenglin 5th Lieutenant

Eli Sabin Aide

Ty Goldstein Aide

Ross Halpern Captain


96 6

97 7

Blue Bears Fight Song

“Not Fade Away” by Buddy Holly (as covered by the Grateful Dead)

to the tune of

Run and Hide is all you can do These Bears are hungry and they’re comin’ for you Hear us roar our proud decree These Bears are on their way to Victory! To Victory! To Victory! To Victory! To Victory! These Bears are on their way to Victory! Come on bears now it’s time to eat We sense your fear and it tastes so sweet No use screaming anymore Cause there’s an angry bear outside your door No place left to flee from blue You woke the beast now your days are through Hear the lake call out to me These Bears are on their way to Victory! To Victory! To Victory! To Victory! To Victory! These Bears are on their way to Victory! You have learned to fear our Roar Day is done and so’s this war One more time for all to see These Bears are on their way to Victory! To Victory!


White Villains Fight Song

to the tune of

“Too Close” by Alex Clare

Verse: The war has begun And we dominate The villains will hurt you Blue will cry in defeat While the bears run away To burrow and hibernate White team kills on the field Butchered bears we have beat Pre Chorus: They think they’re alright But we know they’re wrong As Villains we’ve slaughtered The Bears all week long As we run off as victors, we sprint to the lake

Chorus: The Villains are too much, blue has to crumble

Blue team doesn’t even stand a chance

They can’t run no more They can’t hide no more Our evil deed will be done Cause the villains are too much, blue has to crumble We’ve got a sinister plan Verse: When we’re out on the field There was no stopping us Hunting the bears ‘till they fell in retreat

Pre Chorus: The war is all done The week is all through We gave it our all And they don’t know what to do

Blue thought they could

fight but at the end of the day….

Chorus: The Villains are too much, blue has to crumble

Blue team doesn’t even stand a chance

They can’t run no more They can’t hide no more Our evil deed will be done Cause the villains are too much, blue has to crumble We’ve got a sinister plan Chorus: The Villains are too much, blue has to crumble

Blue team doesn’t even stand a chance

They can’t run no more They can’t hide no more Our evil deed will be done Cause the villains are too much, blue has to crumble We’ve got a sinister plan


Blue Bears Free Choice

to the tune of

“Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Car wheels take a turn in Seeing the sign that tells me Gibbs Head is pressed against the window

Ready to join my brothers again, And its time to begin, yes! Waited ten months to be here One last ride, the time is now These two months are gonna disappear

Envelopes are ripped to pieces On the path we divide in two One last week we give it our all Doesn’t matter white or blue Our time is due No place like Avoda All the highs we’ve been through

No place like Avoda Camp I’m staying here with you

Camp is home and that’s a vow

No place like Avoda, oh sweet

No place like Avoda Where the bonds are so true No place like Avoda Camp I’m coming home to you

Days left only a few, nothing I’d redo No place like Avoda Camp it’s time we’re leaving you

On Tispaquin we love the view, Sky So Blue There on the docks just me and you

Now nothing here gonna boooother me

Yes it’s our time now here’s the cue

Oh let’s break through

No place like Avoda Where the woes are so few No place like Avoda Camp I’m coming home to you



White Villains Free Choice

to the tune of

“How to Save a Life” by The Fray

Day One, my parents drop me off Alone, I wonder what Avoda means My counselor walks up next to me He says how great it’s gonna be As days go by I find that I Fit in just right and try to strive To be the best//that I could be Avoda’s arms reached out to me Chorus: In 10 months from now I will Be back where I belong with my old friends

Avoda days, Avoda nights It’s all A-voda Paradise Summers keep on flying by Now we’re moving up Avoda’s ranks Looking up to Bunk 14 I can’t imagine what its like to lead The war is here, The time has come, One last week and camp is done Split in two we will fight But in the end as one we will unite

Time has passed and I’m on staff Now is my chance to finally give back

I see my camper just like me And I tell him how great it’s gonna be. Chorus: How much time has gone Since I began Can I go back and start again The years have passed Still feels the same Avoda please don’t ever change Chorus: How much time has gone Since I began Can I go back and start again The years have passed Still feels the same Avoda please don’t ever change Avoda please don’t ever change

Chorus: In 10 months from now I will Be back where I belong with my old friends

Avoda days, Avoda nights It’s all A-voda Paradise 14 year has come at last They look to us as Leaders of this place The year forever marks us Arm in arm we’re brothers till the end


Blue Bears Alma Mater

“Avoda is in My Heart” Original Song by Joshua Cohen Oh how you fill my dreams whenever I may lie

Wherever I may roam You may not really understand the reason why

But this place is my home A-Vo-Da it’s not just you and me But we both play our part These-Bonds-Fill our whole community And inside every heart… There is a special place we dedicate to you As warm as camp sunlight It always makes us strong and helps to see us through

And it shines blue and white A-Vo-Da it’s more than just a place We visit just to leave This-Is-Our hallowed and sacred space Where a boy can believe… Oh that is doesn’t matter who you were before

But who you can become

There’s brotherhood and spirit behind every door

And inside everyone I pledge my soul to all my brothers that I love

Now and forever more Avoda’s more than just the field we all think of

It’s right here inside your… HEART Avoda is in my Heart!


White Villains Alma Mater

to the tune of

“Everlong” by Foo Fighters

Fourteen I’ve waited here for you For so long Tonight We’ll sing for white and blue Though we’re split in two All that we can do is sing Walls come down Emotion conquers me So deeply Summer now Concluding too shortly but my counselor had said There’s so much ahead, he pled Pre-Chorus: And I wonder If my time at Avoda’s through? Chorus: If everything could ever feel this good forever If anything could ever be this true again The only thing that I can hold onto Are all the memories that helped me Make it through

Chorus: If everything could ever feel this good forever If anything could ever ever be this true again Please cherish everything from white and blue Avoda summer always go by way too soon Pre-Chorus: And I wonder If my time at Avoda’s through? Chorus: If everything could ever feel this good forever If anything could every be this true again Please cherish everything from white and blue I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye to you

Looking back Reflecting my time here I hold it dear Gone too fast Awoken from this dream Somehow it went by The end was so far it seemed Pre-Chorus: And I wonder If my time at Avoda’s through?



Jake Alexander, AJ Felberbaum Exec Head Judges

Max Goldfarb, Dan Abramson Head Judges

Ben Stigberg, Isaac Frumkin, Jake Romanow Head Judge Aides

Leon Dyer Consultant


Staff Profile Section


Dan Abramson

S.C Bunk 10 • 2k12 • Ropes staff Waterfront staff • Co-Head of biking Head judge • Head of Hump Day

As another great summer here at camp avoda is winding down there are so many great moments that I think of. This summer has exceeded all of my expectations, and it has truly been one of the best summers I’ve had at camp. I’m so glad I’ve been able to spend the last 11 summers at Avoda, and for the close bonds that I’ve created here. Now that the prospect of not being able to come back creeps closer, I have realized how Avoda has shaped me and that all the wonderful times I’ve had here will eventually come to an end. It’s hard to imagine a summer without Avoda, but I know the spirit and brotherhood of camp will stay with me for life. Now to the shout outs. Bunk 10- It’s been a hell of a summer with you all and there was never a dull moment. You guys might have a strange sense of humor but you are all good kids and have the potential to lead this camp in the future. Hurst- We locked it down and had a great time boolin this summer.Thanks for being a great co and I know you’ll keep killing it next summer.

106 6

Max- Yo Drac! It’s been another one for the books. I’m so glad we were able to come back and have another year on staff moving up the ranks. It’s been awesome kicking it with you and I know this week were gonna have a big week on the victorious Orange Pop. I hope we can come back and do this again, but until then hopefully we can all stop by the dirty Q. Drew- This summer has been awesome and we’ve definitely made the most of it. We’ve had a lot of good times and I’m pumped we were all around to make it happen. I know we’ll all chill in the offseason and hopefully next summer as well. Sko buffs. Benji- From going to the homeland on birthright to chilling around camp it’s always been a great time. I knew we would keep the momentum from that trip going and we’ve continued to mob all summer long. Hopefully we can all go to Duke or maybe even Israel and do it all again.

Scott Albert

SC Bunk 10 & 4 • Helper of services Captain of the Davis • 2k1314

Every summer spent at camp is a great summer, and this summer was no different. In fact, this summer was the best summer I have ever had in my life, without question. After a year away from camp, I was BEYOND excited to get back and be with my brothers this year, at the place we all love. I had some big expectations for my return, and this summer absolutely obliterated those expectations. Admin: I cant thank you enough for having me back on staff, this was the opportunity of a lifetime Gino: Incredibly happy we had the opportunity to be Co’s this summer, thanks for letting me use your shampoo Jalopy:You guys are my best friends in the world, no question at all. You boys kept me going and hopeful for a return, and for that I can never repay you. I know we will kick it this offseason, and Im already counting the days until we are back on staff together. 2k13: We grew! Im Back! Being on staff with you boys was incredible. Of all of our summers together, Id have to say this one was the best so far. Incredible times were had, ridiculous memories were made. It seems like every single summer keeps getting better and better. In 14 I had no idea we would be so close and come so far. Id like to think we killed it our CIT year, constantly putting in work at the office. JC year was fun (Ha :( ). Everyone please

come back, I need another summer like this one. 2k14: It was more than a pleasure to be on staff with you boys, hope to see you all back next year for another brazy one Staff: Thank you all so much for an incredible summer, and thank you all for welcoming me back into the avoda family Dot Dots- ...2k13 …Open Locker Maniac…the liz… Le Sabre… MIGHTY… Jalopy finds Neptune… LDL… the office…rumple… Philly < Boston…Oppers Eiffel Tower... Bumbies...Will<3Liza...RELAX...5th year S.C....squad up... Wills honest question...Chester...The Minotaur... Shore’s glasses...Is shore alive... the breathing man...HH...another rumple...boddied...King Haus...

107 7

Jake Alexander

SC Bunk 11 • 2k11 • 1st LT blue voodoo • Head of weights • Head of evenening activities • Head of fitness • Exec Head Judge

As I sit here with about 4 hours to spare in writing my final staff profile, I have very few things to say. I came into this summer knowing that it would be my last and I would not have wanted to spend two months any other way. This summer has redefined the one constant truth that has been ageless throughout my life: I am in love with Camp Avoda, and I know that even though this chapter of my life has come to an end, I am now extremely comfortable passing on the torch to this camp’s next generation. Briefly before I go to shout outs, I want to write one last message to campers, CIT’s, and Staff Members alike: This place is unlike anything I have ever seen, it provides a perfect means for young boys to mature into men, and allows older staff members to take a break from the real world and act like a kid again, so I ask PLEASE make every effort that you can to come back, and give back like those before you. Now time for some shout outs. Bunk 12: Boys, we had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say from the beginning of the summer to now, your maturity has been remarkable. I am honored I got to spend my final ride with you, and I wish everyone good luck next year in fourteen, you guys have potential to do great things at this place. Senior Hoops: We fell short this year, but damn was that a lot of fun. I never got to

108 6

coach the big tournament before and I am happy you guys gave me your best effort. CIT’s please come back, it is certainly worth it. Blue Voodoo: All I can say is that on that day things did not fall in our favor, but I would take that team 10/10 times. I had obviously not gotten an experience in desert war before, however I felt that our preparation was incredible, and that the resiliency and heart that I witnessed in many of you was outstanding to see. I hope that we gave you guys as great of an experience as you gave me, because it was a blast. To my staff: Harrison, Drew, AJ, Beh, Max, Benjii thank you guys for entrusting me without any previous desert war experience. I Ioved working with you guys and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Captains Zac and Danny, I wanted to win so badly for both of you guys, but that’s life.At the end of the day I gained a lost of respect for both of you and hope that our relationship continues in the near future. And lastly to the 14ers-I wept tears of joy at the end of that day to see how far you guys had come. I don’t regret a thing and to see how much all of you cared, and to feel half of your pain made me realize how great of Avodians you all truly were. Much love. Bunk 14: You guys know how much I love you. You were all amazing and allowed me to feel like I was somewhat involved as a “makeshift counselor”. I thank you for showing me the same respect as Harrison and AJ, and I know that you will all make excellent staff members. Orange Pop: I clearly wished I had been allowed to do Color War, but spending time with you guys for my final few days in camp is going to be

amazing, thank you in advance. Harrison: You forced me to come back, and made a childhood dream come true this summer by allowing me to do desert war with you. I will always be in debt to you for that, and I can only say I love you and wouldn’t do this summer if you hadn’t been here. You had faith in me from the beginning of the year and to that thank you. I’ll be making a trip up to NOLA my man. AJ: Hey AHJ! You showed the most incredible amount of passion this summer, and without you camp would not be the same. I love you my man. I hope we stay in touch and I can visit DC soon. BAKED SWEET POTATO, I am so grateful we get this final experience on ORANGE, I LAHV you. Jonah: I can only say that you have grown on me more these past two years than anyone I have ever met. You’re the hardest worker I know, and I love you please stay in touch. Bubba: You’re the person I pray for, and you’re the one I speak to in my dreams. If I become half the man that you were I would have succeeded in life. I don’t go a day of the year without thinking about your presence, and I know that you are looking down on me and guiding me in the right direction, and that will never change. I’ll see you one day buddy, I love you. Finally, I’ve said all I can say. I will be ending this chapter in my life, however I know it’s in good hands. Goodnight Camp Avoda, I love you and I will see in my dreams always. “This place is much more than a camp/ To them it’s a home where they’ll remember/All of the friends and all of the good times.”-Blue Vikings

Harrison Bamel

SC Bunk 14 • 2011 Bunk 14 • Assistant Waterfront Director • Head of Tennis and Golf General Blue Voodoo • 2nd Lt. White Villains Looking back on my thirteen summers here, it’s crazy to think that this is going to be my last one. Camp Avoda is such a unique place and it’s clear how great of an influence it has had on my life, shaping me into the person I am today. Starting in Bunk 1 learning the way from Bubba and my old counselors, from stepping up in Bunk 14, to taking the ropes transitioning into the staff years… It sure has been one hell of a ride.Although, I will be moving on from my habitual summers here at Camp Avoda, this place will always have a special place in my heart.

you’re effort to make it back here. You have been such a great and supportive friend over the years and I’m just glad we had our shot to run a team together this summer. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t get that last opportunity due to other circumstances, but there is honestly nobody else I would have wanted to do it with than you and I know we would have killed it. Regardless, it has been such an amazing journey together here and in the end of the day… we’ve done it all right. Have a time in Aussie and we’ll be in touch brotha, love you.

As amazing Avoda is, it wouldn’t be the same without the guys who have made these summers so great…

Jonah: Since 14 year, our relationship has grown remarkably. You’re such a great guy and it’s been a surreal time from being Co’s last year to holding it down on the waterfront these past 4 years on staff. Glad you made it back for one more, we repped the 2k11 well. Have a great year and we’ll be in touch (if Joyce doesn’t call me asking for your whereabouts). Love you man

Bunk 14: I’d consider myself lucky to have had “both sides” of your 14 the past two summers. A few years ago, you guys were definitely a divided group of kids, which reminded me of my age groups’ dynamic when we were your age. However, after last summer it’s been so great being able to see you guys mature, transition, and unify into the strong 14 you guys are today. Through all the good times and the bad (up! calisthenics), we’ve truly made some great memories. So, keep coming back fellas, camp needs more guys like you. Aj: It has been such an amazing ride together. Since 2005 we’ve been best of friends and you really are my other half. It was so great being able to live together for two week before camp and then do it up together this summer #panda. You know how much I love you, oar! I’m just so glad we were able to finish our Avoda cycle in Bunk 14. Yake: Thank you for making it back this summer. I know how hard you’ve been working this past year on your pre-med track and I really appreciate

2k10: I’m glad both my 14 and your 14 have continued to grow closer and closer each summer. Fix: It’s been quite the ride together. Since ’04 Bunk 1, we’ve surely come a long way. Such a time in 14 with you this summer… from the morning gag to NAAOO to everywhere in between… I’ll always miss our summers here together. Ron: It’s been great being Co’s together this summer, we’ve really grown closer and you added a great dynamic to this crew of 14 counselors. Good luck with senior year bud George: You’re the man! It was awesome having you for all of our 14 trips and in general great having you around.

2k12: You guys need to be back for one more, Avoda is yours. I know you guys will step up and lead this place the right way.Thanks for all the great times. Boon, Bryce and Willé: You guys have pretty much taken the place of your brothers. I consider you guys great friends of mine and I know Avoda’s future is bright with you guys still in the picture. Keep doin what you fellas do best JC: It’s been so great to see you guys transition to being staff members… you are all such a great group of charactahs! Keep comin back, I see a lot of great things in you guys. Blue Voodoo: Looking back, I wouldn’t have change a thing. Such a great squad staff and campers… unfortunately we came up on the short end of things, but I’ll always be proud to have been apart of that team. White Villains: You guys have been awesome so far. Great job with all the prep, and I look forward to an awesome week. Fix, it always should have been you vs me, but in the end… it’s great doing it together as we always have. Let’s take this one and finish off together on a high note. Well Avoda, another summer has come and gone, but nothing will ever be forgotten. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I love you.

109 7

Daniel Chafetz JC Bunk 7 • 2014 Bunk 14 Asst Senior Hoops Coach General Blue Balagons

with basketball and enjoy America for as long as your here.

2016 was a summer for the ages. There were numerous great events this summer like the Avoda tournament, an appearance from Brian Scalabrine, desert war and of course, color war. Good times are back at camp Avoda and they’re here to stay. JB’s: you guys are my best Friends in the whole world and there is no way this summer woulda been as brazy without you guys. I hope we can all stay here as long as we can and keep good times afloat. Keep the Neligion alive boys I love you all. Bunk 7: although we had our ups and downs I couldn’t have asked for a better first bunk to have. You guys are all great kids and characters and I know you guys will be great in 14 when you get there. CO’s: Yoav, Eagle, Frank, Booñe, you guys were all great COs this summer. You made my first year as a counselor extremely enjoyable and hopefully I can see all of you in Summer’s to come. Yoav, I really enjoyed chilling with you these last 2 months and hopefully our paths will cross again at some point in the future. Good luck

110 6

Senior hoops: Avoda tournament was tough but overall I felt that you guys gave your all and that’s what we asked of you. I really had a great time coaching you guys. Jake and Drew, thank you for allowing me to help out with the team and it was truely one of the highlights of my summer.

Dot Dots: JB’s....Bumbies...Boolin... The Neligion...Oppers Basement... Papa Bear...Hugh Hefner...Abe’s dirty...Wayne...Shay as my partner... DW X...Nora...Leach...Blueberry Pancakes...Rome in the patio...Lauren in the LDL...Jim Bob Yeezy...We All Got Stung...

Josh Cohen

SC Bunk 1 • 2k8 • Asst head counslor • Rabbi emeritus • DW consultant • 1st LT Blue Bears • Avodaroo mastermind

111 7

Louis Douglas

SC Bunk 12 • 2008 Bunk 14 • Athletic Adsvisor • Program Advisor • DW Exec Head Judge • General Blue Bears the schedules. We definitely need to meet up more in the offseason and just remember this line when you’re sitting in class: “my dogs are hungry”.

Leon- Thank you for all your advice and guidance over the years. I would not be the counselor or man I am today if it was not for you. Miklos- My buddy since 2003. You are always looking out for me even when I am not looking out for myself, Thank You. I truly am grateful to have a friend that cares about me as much as you do. I can’t wait to make many more memories. Joco- My right hand man, I have no idea what I would do without you. Meeting up with you in California was unreal. We talked for so many years about taking a color war team together and now it has finally come to fruition. Lets make this next week one we will always remember! Judd- My first friend at camp. Regardless of how color war goes you will always be my brother. I’m so happy you came back for another summer. There are many more laughs for us to have. George- I can’t wait to visit you at umass. We killed it all summer and we definitely need to continue to double down. Congrats on proving people wrong and winning desert war, you were a great general. Aaron- You’re my guy. Pre-pre was a blast and the jokes were flying all summer. You killed it in desert war and with

112 6

Jake- You mean more to this place than you can ever imagine and your time is certainly not done. Enjoy Australia. Love you Bro AJ- You are the real M.V.P. of Avoda. When the going got tough, you were the one that rised above it all and kept his head up high and have a ton of respect for you. One more thing: I laaaaaav youuu Harrison- You were an amazing 14 counselor and the kids were lucky to have you. You excelled as a leader of staff and camp in general. You will always be my boy and I will always have your back. I truly believe your time is not yet done here and I know if Bubba was here today, he’d give you a big bubba hug and tell you how proud he was of you. Benji- I’m glad we got to be cocounselors this summer. You really are a true Avodian and you embody all the qualities a good Avodian should have. You’re my boy and if you ever need anything, I’m always there for you. Drew- I’m not writing this shoutout because I owed it to you from last year, I’m writing it because I want you to know that you have absolutely killed it this summer. The kids love you and have taken a much bigger leadership role at camp which has lead to you having a big presence. I’m so pumped to have you on the team and good luck getting the 1-4 next year. Wes- You’re my boy. You know I’ll

always have your back. I’m pumped your on the squad. Let’s make this one to remember. I’m proud of the staff member you have become. Keep coming back. Ryan- All good things come around. You have taken everything with grace. It truly has been a pleasure to hang out with you this summer and to head judge desert war with you. I’m ecstatic to have on the team. Keep coming back to this place because you have a ton to offer. Abe- I couldn’t have asked for a better mentee. You truly are the man and you have an opportunity to great things at camp and impact many lives here. You’ve got a great head on your shoulders and you go about everything like a grown man. I’m pumped to have you on the squad. Max and Russell- You guys have been awesome. I’m pumped I got you both on the team and I know you guys will continue to be great. Keep coming back. You both have plenty to offer. 2k17 14- You guys are a great group. Funny, charismatic, and true avodians. You guys are going to kill it next year! Max- you’re my guy and you killed it as a c.i.t. You’re going to be a great counselor here. Keep coming back. Blue Bears- Let’s do this fella’s! Bubba- I miss you everyday, but I know there is not a day that goes by where you are not watching over me. I would not be who I am today without you. I love you buddy.

Jacob Eagle

SC Bunk 7 • Waterfront Staff • Ropes Staff Avodian Staff • 2k1314 • Gas Shack

This has easily been my favorite summer at Avoda so far. While it sucked to have to leave early, I wouldn’t trade those 6 weeks at Avoda for anything! I loved meeting all the new campers and spending time with the mighty bunk 7. So many good memories were made and I am only more excited for next summer while I start counting down the days. 2k1314 Well boys that’s one more summer down. I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to spend my summers with. I expect to see everyone back next summer, no excuses… We have been together for years and I don’t plan to lose this brotherhood anytime soon! See all of you soon, christmas break for sure! Will Every year that goes by I feel we get closer and closer. You really always bring smiles to any situation and I don’t know what our 14 would do without you! You may not have kept me in the loop for that but I guess i’m over it. I’m pretty jealous you’re going to Israel and definitely keep me in the loop and tell me all about it!!!

Bryce Thanks for some great memories this summer! You’re always fun to work with and hang out with and I hope for many more summers with you and the rest of the 14! I hope you have a great time at Columbia!! I’ll definitely try and visit if I can! Wes Pes, you’re gonna have a great time at UMass!! It was great spending time with you this summer around camp! Great job in DW and CW this summer! You really are a great leader and coach! See you soon man, have a great time at school! Ryan Ryan, you’re definitely one of the funniest guys I know! You’re always energetic, crazy, and willing to get involved or help with anything around camp. Delaware is gonna be great, i’m sure you’ll love it! Scott It was great having you back this year man! You really brought so many laughs and good times this summer and I’m glad you made it back! You keep doing you! Have fun at JWU!

Ben Boone, I had a great summer and it was great spending time with you! We get closer every year and I know you’ve been there for me since bunk 8! Michigan is gonna be awesome I hope you have a great time! Be careful shooting arrows at snakes okay! And try and work on those wakeboard skills. Greg Man… the gas shack wouldn’t have been the same without you. It’s been a great summer on the waterfront with you! Make sure you be careful at twins okay!... Well in all honesty I still have 0 idea what you’re doing this year… are you going to school? Maybe? No? Bunk 7 It was great spending this summer with all of you. You all really helped me have a great time! I loved showing you all some movie I loved and also sharing some great stories and memories with each other! I hope to see you all back next summer!!! ROLL TIDE!!!

113 7

Ben Edry

JC Bunk 3• 2013 Bunk 14

I can’t believe yet another summer has passed at Camp Avoda. Summer 16 was great, my first year on staff was unforgettable. I can’t wait to be back next year as an SC. 2K1414: Our age group has had its ups and downs, but this year we have definitely become more united. I hope our entire 14 comes back next year and I hope even more people come back. Can’t wait till next summer to bool all over again. Dot dots: shower...5th year SC... The Bury.... Leech....relax....Writing letters..... Salad...... Boffee... The Neligion.... Bumbys....2.3 debatably 1.9.... Popped....the aux bord... Hue Heffner....King Kong... The beef... Left hook....The nake... JB’s... Jim Bob yezy.... Shane... Wayne.... Stain.... Lauren... Lil D Leon...lets make moves... Boolin....ALEXA!!!.... WHERE IS SHORE?!!!??!... Where are shores glasses???... Watch the bows.... Where are my keys??....

114 6

A.J. Felberbaum SC Bunk 4 • 2011 Bunk 14

My 12th summer at Avoda has been by far the most fulfilling summer I have had at camp and has given me the chance to leave my mark on this place forever. I am truly grateful for the confidence Avoda has instilled in me as I move on with my life. To the future Avoda Staff: You will have to make sacrifices in order to come back. It is easy to get caught up in your lives during the year and to forget how much Avoda has done for you and how much Avoda really means to you. It is not always easy, however, to take that step and to make that sacrifice in order to come back another summer. Don’t live your lives too fast, and do realize that Avoda will make you into a better person and will prepare you for the rest of your life. Gentlemen, the future is in your hands. Make all of us who have given so much to this place proud. Harrison Bamel: What a ride it has been. As I write this, with tears rolling down my face, I look back at all the amazing memories we have had together. From the time I met you back in 2005 to now, you have been one of the most important people in my life. I will never forget the time you came down to Florida to visit me during the most hectic time in my life. I will never forget being your co in bunk 1. I will never forget the times we had being 14 counselors together and living in our pad in 14r. Friends like you only come once in a lifetime, and I will never let our friendship fade away. I am so excited to see what the future holds for us. Thank you for everything you do for me, love you boar.

Jake Alexander:Yake, you coming back this summer solidified the mark 2k11 will leave on Avoda. You have made the most sacrifices out of anyone in camp to come back this summer and that does not go unnoticed. This summer truly allowed me to see how amazing of a human being you are and how lucky I am to have a friend like you.Your future is so bright and I am so happy for you as you continue on with your life. Love you

relationships with at camp, thank you for everything. Keep the good times rollin’.

J a r e d : NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!…. NO! Bunk 14: You guys are the underlying reason as to why I refused to not come back this summer. H and I decided immediately after last summer that we would rather die than not be your counselors for your 14 year. Needless to say, it was the best decision I have ever made. You are an outstanding group of individuals who will be amazing leaders of Staff. Thank you boys for looking up to me, I truly hope I helped make 14 all it is cracked up to be. Please always stay in touch with me and never hesitate to reach out. Team Avoda: From day 1 of this summer, I gave it all I had for this team. You guys put all your trust behind me, and remained disciplined throughout the summer. There is nothing else I could have asked for from you guys. I’m so happy we got it done. Thanks for believing in me, boys. To all of those I have formed

115 7

Jared Fixler

SC Bunk 14 • Athletic Director • Head of Evening Activities • DW Exec Head Judge Senior Softball Coach • General White Villains guys.

2010 Bunk 14 George and Aaron it was great that we could all come back for one last summer. Pre pre and precamp were awesome. I knew you guys had what it took to win DW and you got the job done. Now its time for the big dance and I know we have what it takes to win. I can’t wait to get this week going. I can’t wait to see you guys in the offseason. Wes You were great this summer and you are going to be running staff in the next two years. I told you that you had learned your lessons in past dw’s and look what happened. Good luck in CW and I can’t wait to visit you at the zoo this fall. 2016 Bunk 14 You guys were awesome this summer. The overnight was easily my favorite of all the overnights I have been on. You guys are the future of camp and have proven that you guys are the leaders of camp. Aerosmith 19-1!!!!! Champions!!!! Unreal season, easily the best jr/sr league I have ever been here for. Every single one of you played a role on this team and I couldn’t be more proud of you

116 6

Aj/Harrison/AJ I think we held down the big 14 this summer especially with the adversity we had to deal with going into the summer.You guys were great co’s and the overnight was awesome. I know sometimes I got on you guys but I will never forget the time we had in 14. Benji Another great summer in the books and I’m happy we will be together the final week of the summer, lets get it done see you in the offseason hopefully at duke. Shay My mentee! I think you are finally getting the hang of being a staff member and you have a bright future ahead of you at this camp. I know you are going to kill it as my 5th in CW and I wish you luck senior year and on the college search. Eli I know you went through a lot this summer with regards people having high expectations for you and I think you took the high road and second month killed it. You earned a spot in CW on my team and I am happy to have you. Please come back next summer you will not regret it, there’s nothing in life like being on staff. Hope we can meet up when you are in Sharon this coming offseason. Ty You were great this year, easily one of the best cits in camp. You will make for a great counselor and future is bright for you and camp needs you

to come back.You have been great on the villains so far and I know you are going to kill it all week coaching. See you in the offseason. White Villains Tomorrow night is picks and I am very confident in the staff that we have and I know that this team will succeed and be in the lake. I can’t wait for the first meeting in the lodge after the break on Friday. Staff We had our ups and down, precamp was awesome, theres nothing like tradition so keep those going until the day you depart camp for the last time. Deuce I Can’t believe its been 14 years since bunk 1/2 in 2003. Thank you for everything you have done for me at this camp and I can’t wait to walk down the path with you on Friday, this is going to be a great CW for camp. I love Avoda more than anything and I will dearly miss my full summers at camp. I had an amazing 14 summer here. Friends that will last a lifetime, memories that I will never forget and life lessons learned. I would not be where I am today without Avoda and I am dreading next Sunday, the final day of my Avoda career. Thank you Ken for everything you do here, you have taught me a lot of great things that I will take with me to the next phase of my life. I love you all and will never forget my 14 summers at camp.

Wes Fixler

SC Bunk 6 • 2013 bunk 14 • Head of services 3rd LT white hounds • 3rd LT blue bears Athletic staff Wow! This summer has flown by and I can’t believe it’s almost over. This summer was a blast and I was able to grow so much and hone in on my skills as a counselor. I don’t regret a single day here and look forward to many summers to come. Now time for some shoutouts: Bunk 6:You guys were a handful, but I had a great time with you guys.You’re all great kids and you should all come back next summer and the summers after that. Have a great offseason! Velt: When I found out you were going to be my co I was pumped. I couldn’t have asked for a better co and you better be back next year. Ryan:You’re one of my best friends in the world and can’t imagine this place without you. We had some great times this summer and I couldn’t be happier that we are doing color war together because you deserve more than anyone. I’m going to miss you next year. Good luck in Delaware. Greg: I love you buddy. Too bad I’m a way better poker player than you.We had some great times this summer and I can’t wait to live it up next year. See you at the ZOO! Scott: HE’S BACKKKKK. When I found out you were coming back this year, I couldn’t have been more excited.You’re one of the best people at this place and a great counselor. Will: I love our bets and our competitions to see who is better,

even though you usually win. This summer was great. Eagles suck! Bryce: You are one of my favorite people in this world and one of the funniest. Ben: There’s no one I like more than just having a conversation with, or playing the uke with. Eagle: It’s too bad you had to leave early, have a great time at Bama. 2k1314: Boys, what can I say? You guys are my best friends in the world. We hold this place together and work so well. We all have to be back next year to keep tradition alive and keep this place the way it is. It’s on us and I expect everyone to come back.

Pre camp…hes back…liz… sophomore overnight…takara… JOHN…Shutout…Bodied…pop… thomas charest…the buick… poker…hockey…Jopper…mr ross…slap…Sunday nights… ninja turtles…how smooth?...so smooth… See ya next year. I Love Avoda

White Hounds: We absolutely killed it. SHUTOUT! Blue Bears: All this work is going to pay off at the end of the week. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. We have the heart and the demeanor to win. LET’S GO! Jared: It’s going to be very weird next year when you won’t be here. It’s too bad we couldn’t do color war together, but whatever happens you’re still my brother. Congrats on your internship and good luck next year! Deuce: Thank you for trusting in me and I won’t let you down. George: See ya at the ZOO! Now time for some fun:

117 7

Alex Frank

JC Bunk 3 • 2014 Bunk 14

aggressive. Hurst: we balled out 24/7. Trips to the store the orbid and many other adventures occurred this year. Opper: once again we bhilled heavy. Sad I couldn’t go to the beach this summer maybe next year. Holding the title of counselor brought about much more responsibility but also welcomed me into the counselor community. The lifestyle which us counselor live is a perfect mix between working and having fun. This excited me immensely. As my first year on staff has come to a close, I’d like to point out some of the highlights: The Garage- s/o Ilan for this one. Showing me and Shay where the Newton Boys hang Bunk 3- You guys were great. I actually enjoyed nights that I was in for. Playing mafia and telling stories was great. Battle of the super teams- can’t remember what color we were but s/o Velt for being the G and for us crushing in cuteness. Team Avoda- it was great to be involved once again with my favorite team here at camp. Thank you for avenging our loss last year. 2k1414- There’s not much I can say that’s bad about these guys. Another summer has come to an end and we’re even closer then we could have imagine. Best 14 ever and the most

118 6

Ilan and Shay- had a great year bhillin with you two. Another successful summer of Reggie Jackson shenanigans. Shay and Abe- way to rep 2k14 in Color war. Making us proud. Co’s- was a squad. Büne, Ilan, and Will. 3 was a crew to bad it didn’t work out. ....showers......SALAD.....neligion.... prayers with the Stiendecker’s..... DG3 and Chi....Patties.....Kirk.... girth.....Whitaker....Orbhid.....nake..... boolin.....squad up....Fort Knaux.... Golf.......Gandolf......HH

Max Goldfarb SC Bunk 11 • 2012 Bunk 14

Another amazing summer at Camp Avoda and I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. It is so hard to imagine this summer being my last, but every time a camper asked me if I was coming back next year the feeling of uncertainty was overwhelming. Finally, as a senior staff member I have traveled through the Avoda Cycle, starting in Bunk 1 in 2005 and now a Senior Counselor in Bunk 12, and I my love and feelings for this place have skyrocketed summer after summer. At the bonfire older counselors always say “keep coming back as long as you can,” and they say that for a reason. There is no other place like Avoda in the world so enjoy it while you can because before you know it you will be in my position and it is near impossible imagining a summer without Camp Avoda. Dan: I am so happy we were able to spend the big dance together on Orange. We worked hard and played harder and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the week with anyone else. I really hope you will be able to make it back next summer regardless if I can or not, hopefully we will be able to kill it during another summer at Avoda and this time maybe as co’s. Benji: I was honestly so rattled that you were able to come back this summer. I never would have thought we would be in this position especially after you weren’t able to come back in 2014, but it was legendary being able to spend another summer with you. It blows that you live so far away and go to school even farther but I will definitely have to make another

trip to Chevy Chase/Bethesda soon. Drew: When I heard we were going to be co’s this summer I already knew it would be one of the best summers if not the best summer I have ever had, and that was definitely true. I appreciate you letting me post up in your car the last two weekxs. You were one of the best co’s I have ever had (even though you didn’t do much). Jake (Dad): My co. It was crazy we were able to spend another summer together in the same bunk. I cant thank you enough for the opportunity on Orange and the help and experience it provided. You were an amazing co and absolutely killed it this summer. Good luck with your studies at Union homie. Orange Pop: Even though the week hasn’t officially started yet while I am writing this I know we are about to run an incredible Color War and were going to kill it. We had a great time in this past nights leading up to it and it’s only going to get better from here I cant even imagine. Good work boys. Bunk 12:You guys were by far the best bunk I have ever had. I really hope I can pull some strings and be able to come back next year to see you guys kill it in Bunk 14. Good luck in High School boys, make smart decisions and I hope I see you all next summer.

119 7

Jonah Greenberg SC Bunk 9 • 2011 Bunk 14

My Tenth Summer at Camp Avoda. Looking back to my time as a camper I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! The decision to return to camp this summer was harder than it has ever been before. That being said I am incredibly happy I got to spend my summer at this amazing place, I realize now that spending my summer any other way would’ve been a mistake and the loss of an incredible opportunity. Just like every other summer at Camp Avoda this summer has been the best yet. I’m sad to say I don’t expect to be returning to camp next summer. I want to send a huge thank you to everybody who has made this place special for me and encourage everybody to keep returning as long as possible and keep the Avoda spirit strong. 2k11: You guys are my best friends and the reason I keep returning to camp. I’m glad we could all make it back this summer and leave our mark on Camp Avoda. You’ve all been my brothers for the last ten years; I’m honored and privileged to be a part of such an incredible 14. I hope our impact lives on past when we all leave and I look forward to seeing you all frequently, even when we are

120 6

no longer counselors. Bunk 9: This is my second time having a lot of you as campers and as I expected you all proved to be a strong bunk and it has been extremely fun being your counselor. Keep on doing what you do and keep on being yourselves. I’m sure that you’re all going to grow into being successful counselors and accomplished Avodians. Waterfront Heads: I’m glad I got the chance to hold the impressive title of assistant head of waterfront this summer. There is no doubt that the waterfront ran swimmingly this summer, and lets finish the summer strong. To all the campers reading this my only message to you is to keep returning to Avoda as long as you can, cherish every moment, and have the time of your lives.

Miklos Greenberg

Waterfront Director • 2008 Bunk 14

With only a few hours before the Avodian profiles are due I’m sitting in Ronni’s living room typing away on my laptop. Looking back on the summer I have to say this was by far my favorite summer to date on staff. I have been at camp since the beginning of June and to some that may be a long time to be in one place but to me there is no where else I would rather be. Wrapping up my 14th summer at camp I have realized that as an Avodian I have different seasons then my friends back home. As an Avodian I have fall, winter, spring and camp. My friends experience summer while I experience the Camp Season and I love camp to death. You know I have a lot of firsts at Camp Avoda; my first cheese burger (shout out to Bubba and Lee Garr for that), my first kiss (Shout out to Pembroke), my first time driving a vehicle (shout out to Joco and Chevy S10) and my first time driving a motor boat (shout out to Eric Edelman) to name a few. With that said to all you campers and young guys on staff have as much fun as you can at camp, make those memories with your friends that last a life time. You only have 2 months of the summer at camp so make the most of them. Try new things. Talk to that girl at the next social. Take an elective that you are unfamiliar with. On a side note you guys should come back as long as possible giving back to camp after all the counseling and good times it gave to you growing up. Keep the cycle going. 2008 14- Wholly Guacamole guys we

have made it to the point of being 6th year Senior Counselors. Clap it up. Louis and Josh you guys are some of my best friends in the entire world. I don’t think I would have been back this long as a staff member with out you guys. Deuce we bump heads sometimes but at the end of the day we are still boys. Joco I had so much fun getting weird with you this summer, It was LIT at Dead & Co.

you seen matchek…have you seen Miklós…goat house…bike upside down..bradford fired..mika-panda/ tab/dad….Felix’s…Micr0…Dead and Co Fam

Waterfront Staff- Thank you guys for all your hard work this summer. It means a lot to me, really I couldn’t have done this without all of your input and help. Jonah, Aaron And Harrison thank you for working collaboratively with me this summer. PrePre- what can I say boys; we had a helluva time and got paid for it too. Open the shutters, close the shutters..over and over George- I had a lot of fun living with you in the neighborhood. You are the #1 UMASS Dad. Leon- I just want to say thanks for everything you do for this place. I know you were never a camper here but you make kids summers amazing with all that you do here from organizing field trips to your tasty food creations. Dot-Dots…Prepre…gypsy moth spraying…summer of recreational hugs…yelling jared…30% tip.. Double-Trouble...shot a bird… does anyone have any candy??....have

121 7

Ilan Hascal

JC Bunk 3 • 2014 Bunk 14

Coming into the summer I wasn’t sure how being a counselor would change my experience at Camp Avoda. After a long CIT summer it was difficult to tell if I was to make a return as a staff member. Looking back on it, I don’t regret returning for my 7th year. Year after year, Avoda never fails to let me down. 2k1414: I love you guys.The reason I return to camp every summer is to cherish all the moments I will never forget in life. We are now only 10 deep, but that will not stop us from being the most elite bunk 14 this camp has ever seen. I know all of us will carry on with the old traditions of camp and create new ones. I can’t wait to be brothers with you guys for the rest of my life. Bunk 3: Coming into the summer I didn’t know what to expect having such a young bunk. I knew all of you from prior years but I didn’t know how crazy, wild, and goofy all of you were. This year has been a great experience

122 6

as I got to see how all of you have created binds amongst one another and how you have all become better Avodians. You guys all are going to be great leaders amongst your fellow peers as you slowly rise to become bunk 14ers. Will Holtz and Alex Frank: Knowing I was going to be co – counselors with you guys put the biggest smile on my face. This summer is one I will never forget as we made memories that will last forever. I want to thank you guys for making my JC summer a blast. 2k1314: We have had our up and downs along the years but after the 2013 summer that all changed. We all love each other as if we were in the same 14. You guys all are mentors to me and I appreciate you greatly. I cant wait to tear up senior staff with you guys. Jake alexander: Thank you for being my mentor this past summer. Seeing how you lead the camp with your authority really taught me how to be a great counselor. You have set a great example for me as I now know how to be an exquisite counselor in years to come. Aj and Harrison: You guys are always down to chill and I applaud you for that. This past summer

was a blast with you guys and I cant wait to see you back in either Newton or camp. Thank you again for being mentors as I progress in my Avoda career.

Will Holtz

SC Bunk 3 • 2013 Bunk 14

This is my 11th year at Avoda I like it very much 2k1314 Bunk 3 Bunk 14 Hi I’m Will Holtz, I’m a bunk 3 counselor and have had amazing summer! This was my first summer as a senior counselor in a bunk. I have had some great laughs, great moments that will stay with me for the rest of my life. This was my 11th summer at camp Avoda and can’t wait for more! Bunk 3 When I found out I was with you guys again this year I have to say I had mixed felling. I loved my summer last year and you were all great campers but change is always nice! After an amazing summer I can really say I’m happy I was a bunk 3 counselor. You all have SO MUCH energy but it’s fun, you guys are always down to wake me up in the morning or continuing to spill every drink at meals. I don’t think we missed one meal! I hope you all continue to come back for many summers because camp really only gets better as you get older. Have a great year!

2K1314 Boys!!!! This summer was top 2! If it was not for each and every one of you it would not have been the same. I love each and everyone of you so much and can’t for for next summer to ALL be together again as we make moves up! I wish you all much luck in school and please don’t do anything I wouldn’t. Dot...Dots...HAA! ,Illy, Pank...W, sisters, poker, T, Woods, Car, Dead, Liza, cheese, Bunk 3, Avodian, Boat, M&L, 3, Keys, Farmers Road, Greg and Ben cheating, Jon, Card games

123 7

Josh Hurst

JC Bunk 9 • 2014 Bunk 14

summer with these kids. They were a great group to have and always were a lot of fun.We weren’t always perfect but we were still able to share some great memories.

Missing last year, I didn’t know what to expect coming back home. I was nervous that people would move on without me and I’d be lost in transition. However, I couldn’t be more wrong; the arms of the Camp Avoda community welcomed me back warmly and I couldn’t feel more in place working with this amazing staff and excellent campers. This year’s camp season has been full of new experiences. This was the first year that I could experience the community from the other side of the looking glass, and help be part of the community that helps keep the camp running with memorable activities. It was amazing to see the hard work that went into some of these activities come to fruition and watch how much fun the campers are able to have. 2K1414 – I couldn’t be more thankful for my brothers. Though we only had a small group of us this year I thought this was one of the best summers yet and it just wouldn’t be Avoda without you guys. Couldn’t be happier we were able to all come together and form such a great band of brothers. Bunk 10 – Had such an amazing

124 6

Dot Dots... Nore… Hull… 3… Slack… Line… 40s… 19 in 50… Maple Bacon… Where’s Shore?.. Naligion … Rustam and Friends… Boffee… Not the clear pass… tweeeee… Pokemon Go…

Vladik Katsman SC Bunk 9

Shallow camp Avoda My full name is VLADISLAV , meaning the ruler of glory in Russian. This is my first time in Avoda, even the first time in the states. It has been a great privilege to be a part of this amazing commute, full of awesome people in one in a life time place. Shout Out to the people that made this summer full of progress, fun and new experiences. Champ: Throughout the summer I sharpened my skills as a boxer thanks to A.J. I must say that you have dynamites in your hands and iron chin, but most of all a huge heart…and this is the only thing you can’t teach. I’m grateful for endless rounds of pads, shoulders, swimming, sprinting and finally boxing, I know that we both are learned new skills and are hungry to test them, good luck champ! Invest your time into boxing, keep challenging yourself on all fronts, and growth will be your result. Bank 9 Good morning bunk 9, it was an awesome summer, full of sports, friends and unforgettable memories. The first thing I know is that you are going to be a legendary 14! I know it because there are so many awesome kids in one place. Keep it playful boys, respect each other and you will have fun and new memories every moment, always remember to squad up on challenges. Jonah, It been a privilege to train beside you, you are gifted athlete with an engineer’s mind.

Thank you for the rock swims, the chess games, for teaching me about Avoda, for always ready to help and inspire, keep your eyes on the path, and day by day in every way you get better and better.

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Ryan Litner

SC Bunk 5 • 2k13 • DW head judge 5th LT blue bears • Athletics staff Assistant coach team avoda

I write this profile on wednesday August 10th, mere hours before Leon’s absolute deadline, and begin to both reflect on the past 6.5 weeks and look ahead towards the next week in a half. Looking back I have nothing but love for 2k16. I came into this summer fresh off of graduating Sharon High with a full head of steam, expecting a more prestigious role at my beloved Avoda. I can honestly say I got what I wanted. It has been my dream since I was 8 years old to walk down that path as a color war lieutenant, and two days from now it will finally become reality. Last year I gave a piece of important advice in this portion of my eval, and I will now do the same. My advice lies in the words of my boy Deuce “If you work hard and bide your time at this place, you will earn all you desire”. This really holds true for younger staff and C.I.T.’s, don’t get sour over not being in CW/DW and allow it to keep you from coming back the next summer. Trust me, hard work, dedication, and initiative will be noticed and rewarded at Camp. Please come back as long as you can. Bunk 5- All off season Wes and I said we wanted to take your age group again, and we did. I’ve said it to all of

126 6

you many times, you guys are gonna do great things at Avoda for years and years to come. I had an absolute blast with all of you, and can’t wait to keep the good times rolling next summer!

Shay- I was thrilled when I found out that you were gonna be my co, and you exceeded expectations. However I’m still deciding whether to jump you or not.

2k13- Another one for the books boys! Thrilled all of us came back this year, and can’t wait for a repeat next summer. We held down the fort on the younger side of the field, and I’m excited to hold it down on the other side in 2017!

Benji- Oh boy, where do I even start. You always got something to say when I see you, always a shtick or a bone to pick. I can honestly say that your daily shtick is one of my favorite things at camp this summer.

Scott- I was over the moon when I found out you’d be returning this summer, and you certainly surpassed the hype. Scotty buddy you are the wind beneath my wings. God bless. Bruce- Coaching soccer with you was unreal, and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Glad you survived falling at the concert! Will- Buddy what can I say? We go together like Mike and Ike. Best of luck in Israel! Boone- Your water bottle whistle combination is the most original thing to come out of Avoda since the strawberry Guida! Love you. Greg- You’ve come a long way from the little boy crying in the bathroom stall, and I’m proud to call you one of my dearest friends. Wes- Once again we held down the fort. Once again we sat next to each other at the table and didn’t engage the children. Let’s kill it this week, we’ll be swimming in no time.

Blue Bears- I am beyond excited to kill it this week, let’s get the dub. Deuce- You were my C.I.T., my counselor, my 14 counselor, a fellow staff member, and now I’m a lieutenant on your team. Nothing but love for you. Dot-Dots: Takara. . . Court Jester. . . Pork . . . Trap Lord . . . RSG . . . myahhhh . . . 30 Runs! . . . Hey Hey Hey . . . I better Rip that thing off the wall! . . . Lyme Disease . . . POP . . . Hoss . . . Heffer . . . Hulak . . . Scott’s Body Count . . . Jopper . . . The Energizer Bunny . . . Chester . . . Egggs . . . Crumplestiltskin . . . Hit It! . . . Shore!! . . . Double Trouble . . . Riverboat

Drew Lukoff

SC Bunk 11 • 2012 bunk 14 2nd LT blue voodoo • 2nd LT blue bears Fr/so league commish After my 9th summer in a row here I have reflected on my personal philosophy of this place. No one outside of camp will ever know why Avoda is so special. When you say it’s all boys people will just laugh at the fact. They’ll never understand how powerful color war really is. But all Avodians know why this place is so special. Never let go of this place. I know I won’t. Life is Sababa. Soooooooccial! Sababa Sababa Sababa Se HA!

opportunity at Camp Avoda. I’ve become so close with you guys and you’ve gotten so much better as you’ve grown up and matured. Deuce- What a great year it’s been with you. Thanks for taking me as your 2nd and let’s get it. Blue Bears- Go team go! Haiti Haiti ho ho go team go!

2k12- It was great to mob with you guys this summer. Our squad is what I will remember most about this year. Shaia LaBirthright, Donald Donk, Nice France, Dabes, Bubbly Helfand, Alex Entner, Benji the Savage, “he’s such a Doug”, Kappa Sig BU, not mentally stable, Sababa, bid or no bid, Diesel Dan. Harrison & Jake & AJ & TreefrogYou guys are true Avodians and have done so much for camp. You have represented the 2K11 so well and have been great staff members. I appreciate everything you guys have done for camp and me as well. Good luck in Australia, New Orleans, and DC. Wherever you guys go you will do great things. Always stay in touch. 2k13- Good luck to you fellas as your life transitions into freshman year. Zoomass, Delaware, Michigan, Columbia, and of course ROLL TIDE ROLL. Greg and will, best of luck to you both. 2k17- being your counselor for a third year in a row is such a rare

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Jason Opper

JC Bunk 9 • 2k1414 • Athletic staff General of the red meat General of the Blue hosses more memories. 2k1414: it was an honor to serve my Jb services with you boys. Love you guys and hope and we have a squad coming back for years to come. #brothers #JB’s Thus is the conclusion of the summer for the books. It was very odd and mysterious to go from a camper to a proud staff member. Bunk 9: we had a D1 squad and tore it up this summer. Protect the Cubs. Judd: we go at it all the time but at the end of the day your my boy Judd, but I’m still and always will be alpha. #highhorse #yourfired Wes and Ryan: I know I give you guys a hard time but I love you boys. You must make a trip to the bury no exceptions. You are two hilarious goons and im excited for years to come. Will holtz: happy to say we got close this year still a little salty u didn’t take the 1. JD? Salbert: very happy to see you back this year, your always down to chill and ready to get rowdy. I hope we will be back on staff together next summer. We need to go to Paris and visit the Eiffel towel. 2k1314: I love how close our 14s are, and I hope to keep chilling and being on staff with you guys and creating

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...2k1414...oppers basement...the table...the water dispenser...JB’s...the neligion...teddy graham...shaq and Kobe...whale...hoss...big boy...Jopper... oppy...poppy...bumbys...relax...I’m hip...the 1pick...2.3sec...debatably 1.9...where’s my glasses...creep... Hugh Hefner...trace...Roxanne... King Kong... Red meat general... Blue hosses General... Squad up...hick... red neck... No sleeves...I’m d1 at everything...fake jerseys...I’m alpha...X for desert war...random pops...5th year S.C.... Donuts and blueberry pancakes...Shayne...Wayne...Jim bob yezy...Shrewsbury flea market... Italy back porch... Abe=dirty... Kirks visits... leach...papa bear...Liz...bodied...weight roomed...holtz+Dennis...summer of chance...

Aaron Rubin

SC Bunk 14 • 2010 Bunk 14

As a kid from New Jersey with no previous connections to Avoda I often think back to how easy it could’ve been to have never found out about this place. Luckily, someone my dad worked with had a son (Geoff Davidson) who just finished his first year in bunk 1. I still vividly remember driving up to Avoda with my family at the end of 2003; sitting and talking to Mr. Davis on his porch about coming to camp and telling me that I should definitely try it out. Despite being 200 miles away and not knowing a single person my brother decided to give it a try and I’m glad he did. People have asked me why I do so much at camp and my answer is simple: I did not want to leave this place knowing that I could have done more to make this place as great as it can possibly be. I feel that through my 11 summers (and especially those summers I’ve spent past bunk 14) I have done all I can to make sure that others have as great a time here as I did when I was a camper. I don’t think a day went by over the offseason that I wasn’t thinking about this place. And in reality, it’s been that way every year since my first summer. It’s hard to believe that my time here is coming to an end. I would give anything to start it all over again, but unfortunately time moves on and the Avoda cycle continues. Camp has made me the man I am today and for that I am forever grateful. To all of the campers, counselors, and Administrators: thanks for making this an awesome summer, it’s been one for the books. Shoutouts: Bunk 14:It’s been great watching you

all grow up over the last nine years. I hope we showed you what it means to lead the camp. Keep on coming back, Bunk 14 is only the beginning. Trust me, it only gets better. Harrison, AJ, and Fixler, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to be my Co’s. JCs: Glad to have most of my former CITs on staff. 2013: You guys were awesome this summer. Keep coming back, you are the future leaders of this camp and have a big summer up ahead. I’m confident that camp will be in good hands with you guys at/near the helm. 2012: You really stepped it up this summer. Come back next year and it’ll all be yours. 2011: Harrison, AJ, Jake, and Jonah, it’s been a pleasure leading staff with you guys. 2010: These past 11 summers have been the best times of my life and you guys are the main reason for that. I can’t believe our time has come to an end. We’ve had some crazy times both on staff and as campers and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. George: I don’t know what to say that I haven’t said before.You’ve been my boy since longer than all these campers have been alive. I’m glad you decided to come back for one last summer to finish out on top. We killed it in Desert War. I can’t believe they’re knocking down the boom. Fixler: It’s crazy how much closer we’ve gotten since we were campers. You’re one of my closest friends at camp. Being Co’s with you since Prepre was a great experience even if I did most of the work…just joking. Deuce: We may have had our differences of opinions, but you’re my boy. I couldn’t imagine growing up on

staff without you. We’ll keep in touch. Miklos: Another year, another successful waterfront. Thanks for everything. Pre-pre Crew: we killed it. Putting shutters up and down, watching the Dark Night, and turning off Alarms. Too bad there wasn’t enough of a budget for George. White Hounds: What a team, what a historic and dominating win. Being in that lake was easily one of my favorite moments of my camp career. I’ll never forget that first organization when some of you guys didn’t think we had a chance. George, Benji, Wes, Abe,Ty, and Stiggy: I cannot thank you guys enough for the effort you put into preparing for the day. I hope we showed you younger guys how to run a team. Ross and Paul: You guys were amazing, I could not have asked for better captains. You never lost hope and played strong the whole day through. White Villains: We just finished negotiations and I’m confident with what we’ve got. Fixler, George, Harrison, Benji, Shay, Ty, and Eli, let get this W and finish the summer off right, in the lake. Thanks for the memories Avoda. Not being back next year is going be terrible. I’ll be sure to visit as much as I can in the next few years.

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George Russo

Asst CIT Director • 2010 Bunk 14 General White Hounds • 1st Lt White Villains

CITs: You guys have been an amazing group to work with and I am impressed by how much you guys have improved and matured over the years. Buuut.. you guys are still CITs! JC’s: I knew you guys would be great counselors. Keep up the good work and you guys will go far here at Avoda. 2K13: Easily some of the biggest characters at Camp Avoda, and couldn’t imagine the summer without any of you. 2K12: Well, next summer you guys will be the heart of the senior staff, so it’s up to you to keep the Avoda traditions alive, as well as keeping staff on the right track. I’m sure you guys will be able to handle the challenges that will come your way and figure out how to make next summer on staff one for the books. 2K11: Our 14’s have always been close, and as the years have gone by, we’ve only grown to be better and better friends. Love that a few of you decided to come back for this summer at Avoda. I love the group of guys we have between our two 14’s and having all of you here has made this summer one of my most memorable in all of my ten summers. I wish all of you the best of luck and really hope to stay in touch with you guys after our

130 6

Avoda careers have ended. ’08: Miklos, love having you in “The Neighborhood” and chilling in the Goat. Couldn’t imagine the summer without you and wish you the best. JoCo, you’ve been holding down the fort this summer in Bunk 1, and have been doing a great job. Avodaroo was dope and the summer would have been much different without your presence here at camp. Deuce, I hope you’re still not salty about the ’08 league MVP… but seriously, I consider you to be a very good friend. The upcoming week should be fun, and can’t wait for you to visit UMass. Fix: Fixie, I always knew you’d be one of the last 2K10 standing. My first few years here at Avoda, I barely knew you, and assumed I’d never really be a close friend of yours. I’m glad I was wrong and I love the fact that you’re one of my good friends now. I can’t wait to make some more trips to Durham (HOMECOMING LET’S GO) and can’t wait for you to come kick it on Blarney. We got a tough week ahead so let’s make it a good one. Aaron: You know the deal Ron. You’ve been my boy since Day 1. Literally. I don’t even remember how many years I’ve known you for because I’ve known you for so long. You’ll always be one of my best friends and I know we’ll stay in touch even after Avoda. Good luck with everything in the future and I can’t wait to see you during the offseason, whether I visit UMD or you come to chill at the Zoo. White Hounds: Boys, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to run a DW team with. You guys made my experience

throughout the whole process pretty amazing, and I hope I did the same for all of you. At the end of the day we worked hard, we chilled, and WE WON! Getting the historic shutout was pretty sweet too. You guys were all amazing to work with and I’d take this team again in a heartbeat. White Villains: First things first, I love the group of guys we have together on this team. I think this CW will be one for the books and I’m so happy that I get to experience my first (and last) time on a team with all of you. Fix, you’ve been doing a great job leading this team and putting us in the best position to take the W. So pumped that I get to be on a team with you as the G. Harrison, I know this whole experience has been interesting to say the least, but I’m pumped to have you aboard and can’t wait to dominate this week. Ron, I didn’t think we’d be on the same team this year, but I’m so glad we get to have the 2K10 squad together for CW. Benji, you’ve been a great guy to work with, both for DW and CW. Right now you’re writing a killer play and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I know it’ll be a winner. Shay, I’m so glad we have you to round out the team and bring a different perspective on the decisionmaking within this team. Congrats on the vah-sity call up big guy. Eli, I’m glad to have you and know you’ll be killing it when you come back next year. Let’s get this win Handyman (Tell Miriam I say hi). Ty, AKA Bagel Boy, AKA Bagel Man. Loved having you for DW and love having you for CW right now. Keep up the good work. I think you and Sheli have a lot to offer here at camp in summers to come.

Benji Satloff

SC Bunk 11 • 2012 Bunk 14

The biggest thing I have learned this summer is how to look at camp with perspective and take a step back and appreciate where I am, what I’m doing, and who I am doing it with. I hear counselors sometimes talking about how they got the “worst schedule ever” because they have two swim periods in the afternoon, or that their night is going to suck because they have to ref both halves of an evening activity.To those people, I suggest that you to take a step back and really think about what you are doing. Is playing with a few 8 year olds in the water for 45 minutes really the worst thing in the world? Is running around on the field, light heartily reffing a camp game for an hour and a half really that bad? I encourage everyone to not take camp too seriously- don’t argue with each other, don’t be grumpy about your schedule all the time, and don’t let your summer revolve around color war. If you live every day here living in the moment with the sole purpose of having fun, then every period will feel like an off period.

that posting up with you has been my most consistent source of happiness this summer. There will always be new songs to vibe to and you’re my guy to vibe to them with. I’ll see you for the Ohio State game.

Dan: From being my first friend at camp to now running the show in CW- I’m proud of you homie. This summer has been a blur going from Israel to camp so quickly, from fun activity to fun activity. Eliana is waiting back at BU for you so I’ll cut it here, but couldn’t be happier that we got to spend another summer together.


Drew: Wisco bangers to birthright bangers to Avoda bangers- the party always continues. As a minority share holder in your car, I can safely say

Max: I wish all the time that you had been on birthright with us because without you our 14 didn’t feel complete. You make us so much better as a group and I know that you are gonna kill it this week as Hj. Much love to you brotha. Wes, Ryan: Never stop scheming, you guys are gonna be huge on staff next year. Good luck to both of you at school this year. Jared:Thanks for the call up this week, I could not be more excited. Let’s get this money and see you when you visit Duke in the Fall. Hounds: Domination baby, nothing else to say. George, Aaron- thanks for getting the band together, we put on quite a show.

very proud of how far you all have come this summer. Miklos:Thanks for saving my life a few years ago, that was clutch. Aj, Jake: Color war will not be the same without you two on staff but what continues to impress me every day is how you both have overcome this adversity and continue to be such incredibly valuable assets to staff. You are both role models to campers and staff alike and both amazing Avodians. David: Seeing you love camp the way you do makes me feel so genuinely happy. You are an amazing kid and I’m proud to be your brother everyday. Keep coming back, it’s kids like you that make Avoda the special place it is.

Deuce: Thanks for being a great co all summer long. I feel like we have connected with our bunk in a way I never have before, and I can’t wait to see where the kids are in a few years. Good luck this week, It’s Coming Over!!! Bunk 12 Right: You guys are maturing into the future Avoda leaders I knew you you had the potential to be. I’m

131 7

Ben Shale

SC Bunk 2 • 2k1314 Waterfront staff Head of archery Head of wilderness Boat driver staff.

This summer epitomizes the saying “time flies by when your having fun”. Camp has flown by this summer like never before. I know we say that every year, but this summer in particular. Everyday I spend here is a gift, and I truly cherish all the great times Avoda has blessed me with. From chillin on the waterfront to reffing league, there’s not a dull moment. Staff: You guys are all great and I’ve enjoyed spending time with all of you. Great times were had, and I look forward to next summer. I hope to see many of you guys back next summer, and for those who are departing into the real world, good luck, Avoda will miss you. Please visit and send your children to dear A-v-o-d-a. 2013 Bunk 14: I’d consider you guys my friends, maybe even good friends. I’m expecting at least 8 back next summer. Ryun pyun your a really funny guy, arguably funniest on staff, Bebe pes your a good rabbi and even better ref, don’t listen to the naysayers, Eagalgo your a real friend and asset to our 14..roll tide, Reno Geno vageen your a wiz on the table and your my go to Vegas guy, Sal

110 132 6

if Geno ever says no to Vegas your my next guy, Bill Chaney you have a cute orange beard and are aggressive in all aspects, Bruce; your ugly and a bad neighbor and suck at archery but have good style so for that reason your my friend. Abe Watman: Aboo shmaboo, you were a great Co and fellow SC in the eyes of the kids. You’ll make a great 2nd yr SC next year. Good luck this week, and sorry I abandoned the bunk, in my mind I’m always a bunk 2 counselor. Waterfront staff: >athletics. Aaron, AJ, Harrison, Benji, Camel, the brothers Greenberg, you guys ran a great waterfront. PGD: We owe so much to you, and your legacy will never wane. Enjoy the retired life, you’ve made Avoda what it is today and we truly thank you. Bubba: Avoda and I miss you and the positive presence you held at camp. Every individual you impacted knows how great of a person, counselor, and role model you were.

Bunk 2: Wohooooo! Jake, Adam, Mike: Daniel Rashes: You won the shoutout lottery. Dot dots: Travis Albert poker run... the hard rock... Eaaggleee...deercam... good try...farmers road... I love you Avoda.

Jacob Shore

JC Bunk 1 • 2014 Bunk 14

I’m so excited to be back at camp.The last year out of camp has been long and boring. I am so sad that camp is coming to a close and that school will be starting soon. Being a JC is a lot different than being a CIT And I’m so happy I got to share it with my best friends.

everyone was there I knew that it would be okay. Thank you helping me transition and to make this year great. My Glasses I’m still mad at you for running away during pre-camp but now we are back together and better than ever.

Bunk 4 Jonathan Cohen First month was great. Going into the summer and being in a younger bunk I was worried about you guys. I Couldn’t relate to you guys. You were all way more mature and relatable than I assumed. Also having half the bunk being new was a great experience to see fresh minds turn into avodians.

6 DD... JBs ... Hull... The Minotaur... Relax... Green Hat

Greg G-Money it was real homie. I was so sad to leave you but all good things must come to an end. Bunk 1.5 Thank you so much for accepting me into the bunk halfway through the summer. Just as in bunk 4 I was worried about the conversations we would have but you guys are so funny that it doesn’t matter. Joco, Bryce, and Abe When I first was told I Was moving into bunk 1 I Was not happy at all, I even cried a little. At the first staff meeting when they asked if your co’s were there and we made sure

133 7

Bryce Tischler

SC Bunk 1 • Waterfront staff 4th LT Blue Voodoo • Boat driving staff Best archer in camp staff Ref staff • Hockey ref staff

Another good summer at Camp Avoda.


paths will cross this year. Get ready to lead Team Avoda to another chip next year. Pesley- Piston. It’s all about talking in the car for way too long. I’m excited for another summer with you next year. I’ll see you in Florida. Booñe- I hate your face. Just kidding. Thanks for having an open door the whole summer; I appreciate the hospitality. I’ll see you in Michigan, or perhaps New York. You still and will always look like an apricot. BillIt’s going to be weird not seeing you everyday this year. No more willyums, either. Have a great year. Hopefully the boys will come to see you during spring break. FROSTED FLAKE!

Andrew!- fshhhhh I’m glad we spent so much time together this summer and that I could fill the Tischler void. Have a great year and I’ll see you in the capital at some point.

Team Avoda- What a season.You guys played great and took everything seriously. I appreciate your efforts and helping to get the win. Coaches- we killed it.

2k13… what a summer. Were we the best? Probably. Eagle!!!- I still find it hilarious you’re going to Bama. Have a great year, come visit me in New York. Roll tide. Sal- hahahaha. What a comeback year. You filled a big hole up and killed it this year. Keep an eye on headaches. Oreo- Never change. Keep listening to your 50’s music and always drive a Buick. Punta Cana- Hi! Do you remember that one year when we were in the same bunk 14? Crazy. I’m sure our

Blue Voodoo- Thanks for taking me on the team and for a great experience. Even though it didn’t go our way I still had a great time. Hopefully some of us will get redemption in the future.

Jake Tischler- Hi. Bunk One- Thanks for making this summer a great one.You guys made it easy to be a counselor; I look forward to seeing you again next year. Joco- I was happy to have you as a co this year. Have a great time in Israel. Shore- Great addition to the bunk. You were convenient to have around and a great co.

134 6

Until next year, Avoda.

Yoav Vaknin SC Bunk 7

It was such a fast change for me, from solider to Avodian. Amazing how time flies… seems like it was just yesterday that Miklos picked me up from the airport and **puff** here we are – heading towards the last week of camp. Thank you Camp Avoda for restoring a lot of confidence and energy that I left on my way in the army, this amazing summer got me so pumped up and excited heading towards the next and most important chapter of my life – the citizenship – no school, no army, just life and what you make of it. I want to thank first of all to Ronni, you were so caring and you made sure that me and Vladik will feel comfortable on every step on our way here and I really appreciate it, you gave me a lot of confidence at being a counselor and you definitely can take the credit for a lot of my good decisions that I made this summer. THANKS! The administration of camp – Ken, Garry, Leon and Gabbi, you are running the camp in a positive and fun way you are a huge reason for my great summer here! A huge shoutout to Vladik, my brother, you taught me a lot and made me feel capable of achieving my goal and my dreams in life, you are amazing and I’m so happy that I got the chance to spend this summer with you… Just keep on eating cottage, billion eggs (without yolks), drinking tea and you’ll get to the UFC! I definitely believe in you.

I’m going to miss hanging with Miklos and Jo Co , playing hoops with Duece and Jared, running volleyball with George (the best elective in camp by far when you run it) and trying to waterski with Aaron – from the minute I entered bunk 14 on prepre camp I felt like I entered a family, appreciate it and hopefully we won’t get to eat tuna in the next pre-pre camp. Chafetz! I hope I wrote it correctly, I had great time running 7 left with you, really appreciate all the times you were there for me, it means a lot and I couldn’t ask for a better co counselor. Eagle! You own me a coffee! Just kidding, I had a lot of fun working with you, hoping you have a good time in Alabama! Jonah G I learned a lot from you, setting an example and always keeping things calm, love that! Im going to take that great behavior with me… I wish you great year sir, only if your favorite color is blue though… Bunk 7!! I hope you all had a great time this summer and that you learned a thing or two from me. You are all great kids and I think you will become even greater men, always remember to be good to each other and be kind in general… hoping that we will keep in touch! (and always remember the 2 flush rule)

135 7

Max Velt

JC Bunk 6 • Ropes staff • Waterfront staff General of the White Iversons General of the White Space-Cadets The record holder • 2k1414

What a year of Avoda. Very different from my past 9 summers at camp but at the same time, arguably my favorite summer. Being on staff was something I had been anticipating since bunk 8. I loved this place before, and now I know I’m staying here for as long as I can.

to begin. This summer has been the best ever and it couldn’t have been this great without you guys. This year was insane, I’m so ready to be on staff with all of you for as long as possible. I can’t wait to do it all again next summer.

Bunk 6: Cheers for a great summer, I can’t even express how much fun I had this year with you guys. Don’t change who you are and I’m positive you’ll all be great Avodians.

...2k1414...Nora...King Kong...Shaq and Kobe...the Neligion...JB’s... Kirk...WAIT-ORS...Birk...Igor...5th year S.C...Where’s my glasses...King Hoss...Tryin’ to ughhh...Blueberry pancakes...Shane...Wayne...Jane... Jimbob Yeezy...the Shrewsbury flee market...Alan...Rome on the patio... Abe=Dirty...Leach...Opovich...the Table...Lauren in the LDL...We all got stung...

Shay, Wes, and Ryan: What a crew. We said it on the first day of pre camp and it definitely held throughout the summer. We all had our pops, but overall I can’t complain about a thing. Thank you boys for being dope co’s. And Ryan, I’m sorry I didn’t get your tube. Hugh Hefner: Thanks for keeping me in check, man. Sally: You truly are the mightiest on staff. Good chillin’ this summer at all times of the day. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you at J Woo next year. No matter what, you are Rumpelstiltskin. 2k1414: I don’t even know where

136 6

Abe Watman

JC Bunk 2 • 2014 Bunk 14

This year at Camp Avoda was a very different summer this being my first year on staff. Ten summers at this amazing place never fails to disappoint. I’m pumped for what lies ahead. Bunk 2: You guys were awesome this summer! From the water gun battles in the hallway to the toothbrush dance parties, you little ones made everything so much more interesting and fun! Ben Shale: The first six weeks were awesome with you. Our area was no doubt the best in camp. I was sad to see you go but our times listening to music and chilling were great. Dealing with the kids was always troubling but we made it through. 2k1314: Great getting closer with all of you 2k1414:This summer was one for the books fellas. I got much closer with the other nine of us that are left. Let’s keep coming back and run this camp one day. I love all you guys and the memories we have created will stick with me forever. Never change, stay immature and let’s add on to the countless amount of great times. George and Aaron: It was great getting to know both of you better this summer. Thank you to both of you for the opportunity during desert war and I know color war did not work out but I can not wait to go against both of you in the big dance.

White Hounds: We were dope. The way we all worked together and all had a say was very rare. Always remember to HOLD THE DOOR. Louis Douglas: Thank you for being my mentor and giving me this opportunity. Let’s go kill it this week.

but now it is my turn to make my own name and eventually take a team and continue the Watman legacy.

Jake Alexander: I was very glad to see you back at camp this summer and want to let you know how appreciative I am that you were always there for me and acted as a second brother with this being my first summer without Sam here. Enjoy Australia! Blue Bears: I am so pumped to be working with all of you for the past weeks and am thrilled for the week to start. All the hard work will pay off once we are in Tispaquin. Sam Watman: This being my 10th summer, the first 9 I always had you there for me to either pick me up or show me guidance and going into the summer I was not quite sure who would answer my questions and show me the Avoda way. I was nervous going into the summer, however, now that the summer nears an end I can honestly say that you have been the best mentor I could have ever asked for. Realizing how prepared for the summer I was with DW, CW and everything in between, showed me that you were more than just my brother but my role model. I missed having you here this summer

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Greg Weinstein SC Bunk 4 • 2013 Bunk 14

Every single summer since the year of 2009, I have spent 2 months of the year at dear old A-V-O-D-A and there is nothing I would rather do. It’s sad to see another summer come to an end but I’m happy to be able to say that this was a great one.This was my first summer as a senior counselor and definitely not my last. I can’t wait to see what Avoda has in store for me in the next coming summers. Bunk 4: You guys were truly a handful but overall I think we made it a great summer together.You’re all characters and I’m excited to see you guys grow up and strive at camp in the next few summers. Jacob Shore: I was honored to have been your co for the first month. You are a very cool person and also pretty nice too. Sal: Being co’s with you was sick because you’re my good friend and I like you. Let’s hang out sometime! Jake Eagle: I am sad you had to leave for college Bunk 14 of 2013:

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Thanks for being my friends. without you guys I would have no friends. thanks for that Martha and Kim: Thanks for keeping me healthy DOTS: Wes Fixler...Chester my goldfish... Lyme...2004 Buick Lesabre Custom... The Hard-rock...crippling addiction... WaAaRiiiOoOrRs...Wes Fixler ps: excited for next summer

Shay Wenglin JC Bunk 5 • 2014 Bunk 14

Going into the summer I was feeling slightly hesitant due to the fact that most of our 14 was not returning this summer. However, still 10 strong I knew this summer was going to be great. When I got to pre camp staff was nothing short of what I expected, to say the least, the summer started off “soo smooth”. That first week before the official start of the summer was surely one I will never forget. Ryan: I could not think of a better counselor to be cos with my first year on staff. During Pre-Camp it was uncertain which bunk we would be killing it in, but in the end we ended up in the best bunk in camp. I can’t wait to go up against you this week as opposing 5ths, you’re gonna be great but you better not jump me.

however we’re still boys and i am very grateful for this opportunity second month (even though I messed that up first month HAA).We have an absolute squad for the big dance with all the boys and I know we are gonna ball this week. Dot Dots… JB’s… The Heavy Hitter… Bumbies.... Boffee… Hull… bottom heavy… aggressive packers… the tent...sophomore overnight... scavenger hunt...blueberry pancakes... where are shores glasses...nunited... the garage...LDL...one touch...super team skits...the black house… black licorice..

Bunk 5: You guys were hands down the best bunk on this side of the field, possibly the best on the other side as well. You guys were hilarious all summer long and always did what we asked. You guys have a very bright future at camp, keep coming back and never change. I know it feels like 14 year is a long way away but it comes really quickly, enjoy being a youngin at camp because you’re only a camper for so long. JB’s: None of us are ever all here at the same time, were still lit though. Pre-camp was unforgettable. We all need to come back plus kirk and company needs to return so we can all run Sr staff together in a few years. Judd: Up and down this summer,

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Leon Dyer

Admin • Head Counselor • CIT Director Head of Avodian • Honorary 2004 Bunk 14 The Godfather

Wow. A fourteenth year here at Avoda has come and gone, seemingly faster than the last. Every time I come back to this place I seem to find one more thing that I love so much. This summer, no different from any before, was very busy. It brought about a new role at Avoda that I had never experienced before, producing a challenge I had never encountered before. Starting precamp in June to this point has required 100% effort. As this summer concludes, I look forward to what the summer of 2017 may bring. Before I get there, I want to thank a few people for the summer of 2016. CIT’s – To say this summer was a transition would be an understatement. This is the third year I have been with you guys and the last year before you become members of staff. I have always known you guys are a special group and you proved that this summer. We certainly had our ups and down, I know I pushed

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you guys a lot. I wanted you to realize your true potential and push yourself. This year you guys continued the great bond amongst yourselves that was created last year. I look forward to having you guys around as JC’s next summer. Keep in touch! George – It was great to once again have you helping me out with this age group. As assistant CIT director you definitely stepped into the role confidently and was a great partner in training the CIT’s to become the next members of staff. Eli/Ty – Thank you guys so much for being so great these past two summers with the Avodian. Your work has definitely made my job a lot easier. Eli, I am very confident with you taking over the Avodian. Bubba – Forever in our hearts. PGD – Glad to have you back at camp at selective moments this summer and happy you are still such a big part of the Avoda team. Admin – Another great year! Ronni, we were glad to welcome you to the team. You have been a great addition. Thank you for all of your work behind the scenes and

in preparation for this summer. Avoda – To all of the campers at Avoda, thank you for being you. No matter how many changes are made to this place, the campers are ultimately what make this place run. Without you, Avoda isn’t Avoda. Try a food creation at home! I apologize for all those I did not name individually or at all this. But to everyone, thank you for another great summer. See ya next year!

Ernie Varnum

Ronnie Lapointe

Abe Klein

Martha Savino

Kim Striglio

Gabbi Silvia

Tony Arce

Liza Dennis

Jill Shifman

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