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New Year means… By Fr. Charly T. Ricafort, MI

MOMENT TO LET GO. Ways to remove the plates of the past away and put them back in the kitchen of lessons learned? Understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, detachment, self-emptying… In emptiness, there is fullness. Levi got up, left everything, and followed Jesus who gives life in its fullness. (Lk 5:28; Jn 10:10) Fresh look at the person we meet daily is cleaning the dust of our past to see clearly the wonders of God. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." (Mt 5:8) A MOMENT TO ENJOY. An elderly person who knows how to pause and appreciate the beauty of a simple day asks the busy bodies: "So fast to see the scene in every sunrise?" How many times have we walked our routine and never saw and felt the graces of the moment? A joyful, grateful, and youthful heart says great amen to feel the now and be fascinated into the dynamic details of the day. A MOMENT TO STEP ANEW. A fresh step is a coin of our wealth, a seed of our growth. Wins and gains today nourish hope and build momentum and passion. The test for great ambition, noble cause, or vision is our dedicated service in the here-and-now. A step now is the stage where we show our love and actualize our potentials as anticipation of a new world.


Newness has many faces: renewal course, update, reshuffle, courage to challenge the obvious. Newness? Newness is an enduring love that embraces memories of the past as it opens into the future’s unfolding in the Now’s wellspring filled with blessings to be enjoyed and growth pangs that bring out the best in us. "In all ages, the Church presents herself to the world with love as her characteristic mark." (Camillian Constitution #7)

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Provincial’s Corner

By Fr. Rolando J. Fernandez, MI

Roads to Travel

e, the Camillians, are called to be committed and faithful witnesses of Jesus in serving the poor and the sick. Thus, the challenge to us is to make our presence more significant, relevant, and responding to the needs of the times. And we have the resources to do so! We have the religious with their giftedness in different fields and the material resources to carry out our ministry of service to the sick.

The focus therefore, of the present Administration, is to optimize the resources that we have been gifted of. Our religious, who are mostly in their prime age, must be given a special attention by helping them sustain their enthusiasm and creativity in living out their religious life. Thus, the creation of an atmosphere and an environment that is growth promoting and life giving is a project that we are called forth to be actively participating. Furthermore, as religious, we have to develop in us that spirit of being a man of mission. A religious open to possibilities of working in a mission - ad gentes. We, as religious have to be more global in our approach to our life. The sustainability of our ministry needs also material resources. Thus, there is that constant challenge for us in the Province being heavily subsidized by the delegations, to generate our own revenues locally. However, for us religious to realize this plan, we have to work together as one. It’s not only Administration’s concern but ours!


(Strategic Directions of the Province for 2011)

Divine Healer Chaplaincy Southern Philippines Medical Center

healer’s voice

Moments in December

By Helen Marie P. Mendoza

time to express our gratitude to God for what He has done for us... A time of healing and renewed strength… A time of giving and being especially conscious of the poor and less fortunate… It’s Christmas! Mindful of the true reason of the season, and through the support of the hospital’s Christmas committee to the chaplaincy’s initiative, SPMC in Davao City celebrated the Christmas season with the following activities:



The nine-day Misa de Gallo from December 16-24, 2010 was sponsored by different groups composed of hospital personnel, neighboring establishments, agencies, and some religious organizations. Masses were held at the hospital patio during good weather for better participation of the increasing number of people attending the Misa de Gallo. The St. Camillus Chaplaincy Community of Davao, composed of Fr. Meng S. Barawid, MI, Fr. Robert S. Chua Jr., MI, and Fr. Wilson D. Peñaranda, MI, took turns in presiding over the Masses. It is believed that attendance at the Misa de Gallo is a sacrifice of devotion that keeps faith alive and observed to relive the main purpose of Christmas. At the first Misa de Gallo the lighting of SPMC’s Christmas tree was done. Fr. Meng in his homily shared: “The light of Christ is our acting on the will of God. We have lighted our Christmas tree and the lanterns and adorned our homes with lights. May these lights inspire us to do better each day. May the light, Jesus Christ, reach the darkest part of our minds and our hearts so that we will meet everyone and see everything in the light of Christ.”

Meanwhile, on December 31, 2010, the New Year Mass held at the lobby of the outpatient building was meaningfully celebrated with the nice sharing of Fr. Meng centering on Peace. The Divine Healer Choir led the singing of “Let there be Peace on Earth” that made the message for the New Year more heartfelt. After the Holy Mass, media noche was shared at the chaplaincy hall.


RAINY CHRISTMAS On December 24, 2010, the Holy Mass was held at the lobby of the outpatient building due to the rainy weather. After the final blessing was the kissing of the image of the Baby Jesus, reminding us to celebrate the greatest gift mankind has ever received. Fr. Meng shared in his homily that: “God’s love is always expressed in His humility. It is the Christmas message for all of us.”


A Christmas fellowship and thanksgiving for those who are helping out in the chaplaincy ministry at SPMC was celebrated at the Healing Garden in the hospital compound on December 20, 2010. The chapel staff and volunteers, Eucharistic Lay Ministers, the Divine Healer Choir, some religious organizations, Fr. Meng, Fr. Robert, and Fr. Wilson attended the celebration. It was a very meaningful potluck dinner and party marked by thanksgiving and gift-giving.

Scholastics’ Home

Back to Back to Back BACK HOME After having their vacation that began last December 18, 2010, the scholastics were back to where they belong - the Iskommunity! The night of January 2, 2011 was filled with laughter and joy as they celebrated the New Year with music and dancing. Each scholastic brought and shared pasalubongs native in their provinces (except for one who brought Toblerone!). They surely missed one another as they stayed awake late in the night just to hear and feel one another’s story and presence even if it was the resumption of the classes the next day. The house which has been silent for weeks surely missed the youthfulness of the scholastics. That night was also a welcoming party for the new members of the community - Fr. Joseph Wang and Fr. Paul Hou. Indeed, we are not only increasing in weight but also in number. More blessings ahead! LAST CAROL, LAST SMILE The scholastics and the adults (seminarians under the Adult Formation Program, that is) became very busy from the third week of November 2010 spreading the love of Christ through their charming songs in different houses and communities. But the end of December did not end the spirit of Christmas and their caroling activity. On January 4, 2011, they sang carols in the main office of Prudential Life, Inc. in Ortigas, Pasig City. Dressed in their Camillian habits, and with the help of the appealing ad lib of Bro. Dan V. Cancino Jr., MI, they managed to catch the attention of the employees who seemed enchanted not only by the songs they heard but also by the sweet smiles they saw. The caroling was made possible through Mrs. Zenaida F. Aragon, who, after the caroling, treated the entire community to an “eat-until-yousurrender” dinner. The scholastics and the adults took the challenge and had upturned several plates. But in the end, they all lost. This is what they will be missing: the exquisite food

and, of course, the people they met! Hope to have that experience again next Christmas! BROTHERHOOD + HOT SPRING = OUTING Last January 8-9, 2011, the long-awaited community outing finally happened. The community braved the heavy traffic to reach Pansol in Calamba City, Laguna and found a private, spacious, but inexpensive resort. Immediately after the arrival, the excited scholastics and adults prepared themselves for the night for this night was different from any other nights - the initiation of the first year scholastics. After dinner, the first years underwent three phases of the initiation (details confidential) facilitated by the older brothers. It culminated with community prayer, with hands outstretched symbolizing their availability to help one another. Char! The brotherhood continued with songs, drinks, and stories. On the next day, they celebrated the Eucharist and proceeded to Los Baños, Laguna to visit one of the classmates of Fr. Evan Paul A. Villanueva, MI, our scholastic director, before heading back to the Scholasticate. Indeed, what a refreshing way to start the year! A strengthened brotherhood can truly reinforce

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” - Edith Lovejoy Pierce milestones

January BIRTHDAYS 14, 1972 - Fr. Jacob Wong 19, 1980 - Fr. Placido de Jose

February BIRTHDAYS 02, 1972 - Fr. Ruben Mandin 13, 1966 - Fr. Jose Eloja 16, 1968 - Fr. Samuel Cuarto 29, 1968 - Fr. Evan Paul Villanueva PERPETUAL PROFESSIONS 02, 1990 - Fr. Renato Sales 02, 1991 - Fr. Manuel Tamayo 05, 1994 - Fr. Jose Eloja 05, 1994 - Fr. Aristelo Miranda 10, 1996 - Fr. David Lee PRESBYTERATE ORDINATIONS 03, 1980 - Fr. Matteo Kao 11, 2005 - Fr. Rodel Enriquez 24, 1996 - Fr. Menardo Nono 24, 1996 - Fr. Marcelo Pamintuan Jr. 24, 1996 - Fr. Evan Paul Villanueva

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our mission to serve the sick! Bring it on 2011! ARRIVALS The community welcomed Bro. Desmond Boo Hock Ang from Singapore who joined the Adult Formation Program and Kang Yong Min (Andrea) from Korea who is here as an observer! Enjoy your stay, brothers! By Sch. Bon L. Arimbuyutan, MI

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CamUp - January 2011  

Camillian Update is a monthly newsletter of the Philippine Province of the Ministers of the Infirm.

CamUp - January 2011  

Camillian Update is a monthly newsletter of the Philippine Province of the Ministers of the Infirm.