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This Season,

Put more heart into your greetings. . .

Camillian Missions Christmas Cards and Gifts 2012-2013 Catalog              

A Mission from the Heart: The Camillian Mission in the Philippines We are  the  men  of  the  red  cross    

As ministers  of  the  infirm,  we  are   commi6ed  to  the  proclama8on  of  the   gospel  by  promo8ng  human  dignity  in  our   service  of  the  sick.  


Your generosity  will  extend  our  hands   in  fulfilling  our  Mission.      Services  in  Health  Care  Ins1tu1ons  

Ÿ St.  Camillus  Medical  Center,  Pasig   Ÿ  St.  Camillus  Polyclinics,  An8polo  and  Maka8   Ÿ  Camillus  MedHaven  Nursing  Home,  Marikina   Ÿ  St.  Camillus  Hospitals,  Calbayog  and  Ma8       Community-­‐Based  Health  Care  /  Primary  Health  Care   Ÿ  Our  Lady  of  La  Paz  Primary  Health  Program,  Maka8   Ÿ  St.  Camillus  Health  Center,  Boso-­‐Boso,  An8polo   Ÿ  St.  Camillus  Health  Care  Centers,  Cainta     Ÿ  St.  Camillus  Health  Care  Centers,  Balugo,  Dumaguete       Hospital  Chaplaincy   Ÿ  Philippine  Heart  Center   Ÿ  Na8onal  Kidney  and  Transplant  Ins8tute   Ÿ  Lung  Center  of  the  Philippines   Ÿ  East  Avenue  Medical  Center   Ÿ  Southern  Philippines  Medical  Center,  Davao   Ÿ  San  Pedro  Hospital,  Davao   Ÿ  Pines  City  Doctors’  Hospital,  Baguio       Health  Care  Advocacy   Ÿ  Woodwater  Center  for  Healing  (HIV  and  AIDS)              


A Letter from Our Provincial Dear Friends,       Gree8ngs  of  peace  and  good  health!       As  we,  the  Camillians  of  the  Philippine  Province,  con8nue  to  faithfully   par8cipate  in  Jesus’  mission  of  healing  the  sick,  our  hearts  are  filled  with   gratefulness  and  inspira8on  for  the  great  and  humbling  assistance  that   are  always  extended  to  us  by  good-­‐hearted  people  who  likewise  believe  in   this  shared  commitment  of  ours.  It  is  such  a  joy  for  us  experiencing  that   God  always  provides  us  with  collaborators  in  our  missionary  works  in  the   field  of  health.  Yes,  we  cannot  do  our  mission  alone.  We  need  you.           Hence,  by  availing  our  gree8ng  cards  for  this  Christmas  Season,  you  are   once  again  helping  us  in  deepening  more  and  making  more  relevant  our   service  to  the  sick  in  our  ministries  in  hospital  chaplaincy,  hospital   administra8on,  nursing  home,  community-­‐based  health  care,  pastoral   care,  HIV  and  AIDS,  disaster  response,  parish  administra8on,  and   forma8on.  Your  every  purchase  of  these  items  serves  as  your  message  of   love  and  care  in  this  season  of  sharing  for  our  sick  sisters  and  brothers   whom  we  are  serving.       Thank  you  very  much  for  your  patronage  and  may  Jesus,  the  real  Reason   of  the  Season,  con8nue  to  bless  you  with  His  choicest  blessings  this   Christmas  and  always.       Sincerely  yours  in  Christ,             Rev.  Fr.  Rolando  J.  Fernandez,  MI   Provincial  Superior              

Christmas Greetings from the Heart: 3.5 x 4 inches, full color with individual envelope

Put  more  heart  into  your  gree;ngs  this  Season   •  •  • 

Proceeds from  each  card  you  purchase  go  to  support  the  Camillian  Mission   in  the  Philippines   Five    unique  designs   Discounts  available  for  a  set  of  10    

Available for:   •  Individual •  Set  of  10              

:      P30  each    :      P280  per  set  

To Order


Cell: 0920-4173807 (Obet) Landline: (02) 920-7621; Fax: (02) 929-6215 E-mail:

Please deposit payment to:   Account Name: THE CAMILLIAN FATHERS, INC.   Metrobank Katipunan     *Peso Account: 093-3-09351178-7     *Dollar Account: 093-2-09300724-1   Pick  Up  Points  :   Maka?/BCG  Area:     Contact    Anna  Karina (0917-535-3746)  or  Ces  (0999-998-1988)     Quezon  City: 18     N.  Reyes  St.,  Varsity  Hills,  Loyola  Heights,  Q.C.   Contact Obet (0920-417-3807)

Marikina:  18  Apitong  St.  Marikina  Heights,  Marikina  City Contact Fr. Rodel (0917-803-8241) Delivery Charge (optional):       Additional PHP150 (within  Metro  Manila)              

Christmas Card Catalog 2012  

Put more heart into your greetings this Season. Proceeds from each card you purchase go to support the Camillian Mission in the Philippines....

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