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Volume No. IV

Issue No. 3

June-Sept. 2011

LEADING BY SERVING AS JESUS DID The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord. (Luke 4:18-20) In this single act, Christ established the model for mission, focused on a “coming not to be served but to serve” leadership style. From that day until the gathering of His ministry team on Holy Thursday evening, Christ focused on the mission, inspired the vision, recruited key personnel, implemented a succession plan, and modeled the corporate culture that he desired.

In that final staff meeting (Last Supper), He delegated

responsibility to those whom He had recruited, motivated, served, and “formed” in love.

He offered an organizational

blueprint for all ages (John 13-17). The mission and servant leadership of Jesus remain relevant today, but demands on contemporary Church leaders have greatly expanded over the two millennia since He lived on this earth. After one year of being a Parish Priest in this loving and peaceful community, the leadership model of Jesus Christ challenges me.

He is indeed the best and model

administrator of His Kingdom. We have a vision rooted in His Vision. Through our vision, we journeyed with the guidance of our core values. The bases of these core values are the needs of the parishioners. Yet, this is not enough in order to express my giftedness as


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Leading by…


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a servant leader in this parish. After a year of being in relationship with parishioners, ministries, and organizations, I found out that the basic service that I must focus on in order to build a deeper relationship with them is my being with them. What matters more is not much intelligence nor eloquent homilies, nor even a good voice entertaining them during the Eucharistic celebration nor skills in collecting tithes, but the ministry of presence – of availability and openness to listen to them talk about their own journey, to play with them, to engage in informal chats with them, and to allow my office to become a venue for pastoral dialogue. After a year of journeying together in faithful service, I have learned a lot of things and realized that the basic model of Jesus of being a servant leader is indeed effective and applicable.

This is our prayer as one parish.

To be

rooted in the example of Jesus, to be with Jesus, to allow Jesus to journey with us through the help of His Mother and our Mother, Our Lady of La Paz and with the inspiration of St. Camillus.

PPC Mid-evaluation Excerpts from PPC President’s Message Glory and praise

support to all our endeavours. Their presence alone inspires each

to God for giving the

and every one of us to serve more effectively with our tasks. We

PPC the chance and the

are greatly honoured by how they have always been there for us.


Allow me also to thank the generous couple who, without



our Parish.

hesitation, offered their beautiful and cozy place (Tagaytay) for our

Congratulations to

mid-evaluation. The favourable ambience contributed to the

all our ministries for

successful, fruitful and systematic proceedings. May God continue

faithfully implementing our basic strategies to partially achieve the

to bless and guide them.

specific objectives of our parish community. A job well done! As we paused to assess our mid-year accomplishments, we

Let us pray to God to lead us in continuing our journey together


realized how much we have shown our solidarity, utmost

service to our

commitment, and generosity in sharing our knowledge to achieve our


goals and mission. Despite our busy schedule from work and family,

community. We

still we have always given our big “YES” to God’s calling to serve.


I am so honoured to have worked with each ministry and with


everyone. You were personally handpicked by Christ from many


others because of your sense of commitment, devotion and


extraordinary faith. God is really great in choosing you for our

skilled workers



On behalf of the PPC, I would like to thank our parish priest, Fr. Gabby, and our parochial vicar, Fr. Rene, for their undying


looking to more and


vineyard. Good luck and God bless us always. By Gege Comaling



60 Hours of Love and Praise to Pope Benedict XVI on his 60th Sacerdotal Anniversary

extraordinary enthusiasm, joy and participation from preparation to execution. The Adoration Chapel was consistently filled with worshippers: young and old alike. They were all one in praise and thanksgiving with Pope Benedict XVI and the faithful all over the world. The 60-hour prayer was spread out to three days and nights. Mandated organizations of the parish were allotted one hour each. The 323 participants took part in this spiritually uniting and uplifting Eucharistic Adoration. They praised the Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. They adored Him by singing Eucharistic songs and other praises. They prayed the Holy Rosary and other prayers for the sanctification of Priests and The Filipino people are well known all over the world for their Faith, Love and Commitment. Being residents of the largest Catholic country in Asia, they fulfill their responsibilities, exhibit praiseworthy faith and keep the fire of hope burning.

Philippines, and following the directives of His Eminence Cardinal Rosales, Our Lady of La Paz Parish under the stewardship of the Camillian Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Gabriel V. Garcia, MI, organized the Blessed Sacrament Adoration for the sanctification of Priests. It started at 5:00 AM on June 29, 2011, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, and ended at 01:00 AM on July 01, 2011. It equally served as a “priceless” gift of love and praise to our beloved Pope Benedict XVI on his 60



ordination anniversary.


and for Priestly Vocations on the Occasion of the Sixteenth Anniversary of the Ordination to the Priesthood of His Holiness


more vocations to the Priesthood. The activity provided an opportunity for the faithful to link with the Mother Church. It made them feel their belongingness to the Catholic flock with Pope Benedict XVI as their shepherd. It deepened their faith and fed their souls with heavenly food. The spiritually nourishing devotion enhanced the community’s bond on national and local levels as well. They heeded the call of the Archbishop of Manila to offer the 60 hours of praise and adoration as a gift to the Pope. Through their praise and worship, the community grew in faith and love for one another, the very love that compelled them to offer their praises and

The parish community is full of life and commitment. the

of Manila entitled “Days of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests

Pope Benedict XVI.” The prayers were lifted up to heaven for

Keeping the faith, just like many other parishes in the


Religious contained in the booklet provided by the Archdiocese




prayers to God for the Pope. by Rev. Mustaq Anjum, MI



Journeying with Mother Mary by Vince Henry Salles

“During those days Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste…” (Lk. 1:39-40) Last July 16, 2011, our Parish held its very first Marian Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Manaoag, Pangasinan.







“Entrusting our Peaceful Pilgrimage to our Blessed Mother,” coincided with one important Marian celebration: the memorial of

Lord with her cousin! Mary shared her personal miracle with Elizabeth. This was the great challenge put forth for the Manaoag pilgrims, to share God’s love with other people so as to move them to His service. The pilgrimage culminated with the celebration of the Holy Mass concelebrated by Fr. Gabby and Fr. Rene. After the Mass, the pilgrims went to a Camillian school to listen to a mini recollection. Fr. Gabby explained the special bond of spiritual affinity of the

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Shrine of Our Lady of

The pilgrimage carried the theme




Mary Major in Rome.

Blessed Mother.” It is one of


the parish’s core values and

a plenary indulgence

the La Paz parishioners to be


reminded of the ever-constant



children. Connecting this pilgrimage to the Visitation Narrative found in the first chapter of the Gospel of St. Luke, Pope Benedict XVI reflects: “Before worrying about herself, Mary instead thought about the elderly Elizabeth, who she knew was well on in her pregnancy and, moved by the mystery of love that she had just welcomed within herself, she set out "in haste" to go to offer Elizabeth her help. This is the simple and sublime greatness of Mary!” Moved by God’s love for her, Mary did not hesitate to help her cousin. Mary was carrying Jesus in her womb – she wanted to share the



intercession and prayers of for


Manaoag will receive

himself, because he wanted



make a pilgrimage in

was selected by Fr. Gabby,



Papal Basilica of Saint

Peaceful Pilgrimage to our






complete of


punishment He


explained the essence of receiving an indulgence and enumerated some important dispositions for receiving it worthily. He concluded: “Miracles exist everyday, big or small, but sometimes we just don’t notice them, or simply ignore them.” Mary recognized the wonderful miracle she received from God. She selflessly shared the miracle of Jesus in her womb with her cousin. May all Christians be like the selfless Virgin Mary, experiencing and sharing the miracle of Jesus in their lives.



her Son.

LOM @ 90!

LOM of Northern Philippines gathered to celebrate the anniversary last September 17 at Ynarez Center in Antipolo where Rev. Fr. Edwin Mercado & Bishop Mylo Vergara enlightened and




inspired everyone with their talks on “The Gifts and Charisms of

Mary (LOM) celebrated its

the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church Today” and “Living a


Marian Spirituality through the Legion of Mary”.


Anniversary last September

Around 9,000 legionaries came to celebrate with the

7, 2011. Bro. Frank Duff

warm support of 17 priests, four bishops & His Eminence



Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales who presided at the Holy Eucharist.

Dublin, Ireland. The LOM

Cardinal Rosales amused and inspired everyone especially the


younger legions when he shared his experiences as a legionary









before he entered the seminary.

Catholic men and women who place themselves under the banner of

It was a whole day event filled with spiritual nourishment

Mary, Queen of the Legion. With the inspiration and guidance of the

in the morning and entertainment in the afternoon where legions

Holy Spirit, they strive to develop deeper spirituality in their lives while

from different regiae, comitia & curiae showcased their talents with

practicing the spiritual works of mercy. Their purpose is the glory of

the music of the1920’s up to the present.

God and the salvation of souls.

As of today, we have around 10 million legionaries in 191

The international headquarters, Concilium, governs this worldwide organization from Dublin, Ireland. The Commander of this

countries in the world, growing & getting stronger! Be one of Mama Mary’s soldiers, join the Legion of Mary!

Army is Mother Mary herself who wishes to see all her children closer to

by Liza Lontoc

CATECHITECAL MONTH CULMINATION: Every Inch a Catechist by Dale Bascon On the afternoon of Sept. 24, 2011, almost 300 children from La Paz and F. Benitez (III) Elementary Schools gathered together in our church to celebrate the culmination of the Catechetical Month. The event, with the theme “HESUSundan kita”, was hosted by our full-time catechists Teachers Mick and Mae Ann, together with some youth volunteers. After the Welcoming Remarks by Fr. Gabby, the kids were treated to a day of fun activities. The highlights of the day were the Poster Making and Essay Writing Contests, and the games and Storytelling for the younger kids. The awarding of winners was held the following day, before the Children’s Mass. The winners were the following: Poster Making Contest

Essay Writing Contest

Champion: Mark Ian Gutierrez

Champion: Darian Rose Moreno

1st Prize: Rodolfo Espiritu

1st Prize: Ma. Ellaine Borja

2nd Prize: Diane Angelika Guevara

2nd Prize: Alexia Rhey de Leon

The organizers extend their congratulations to the winners and to all who joined the contests. They also thank everyone who helped make this event possible.



PREX 37 During the two and a half day seminar, Fr. Gabby Garcia delivered the first two topics: Road to Emmaus and Who Do People Say I Am? Ms Rosana Salles discussed The Little Church - the Family. Bro. John Paul Alvarado, MI handled the topic External/Internal Barriers. Fr. Rene Sales, the Parochial Vicar, reflected on God’s Plan for the Church, while Sis. Gege Comaling deepened Healing and Reconciliation. Again, Bro. John Paul energized the participants with the topic We Are the Church. Bro. Netoy Arietta discussed the Church’s Spirituality. The last two Parish Renewal Experience 37 bannered the theme A TIME TO RENEW, A TIME TO LET GO, AND A TIME TO LET

topics on Evangelization and You Are My Witnesses culminated the talks in store for the batch. None other than Fr. Gabby discussed these to them.

GOD. Despite stormy weather and flooded streets, the difficulty of animating participants, managing meager resources, taking charge of food preparations, making available manpower, the said spiritual exercise pushed through and proved once again that if it is God’s work, nothing and no one can hinder it from coming to completion. Gathered at the Parish Center, the 30 PREX participants hurdled to the finish line with fond spiritual treasures to cherish,

                           It’s  been  a  couple  of  months  since    I  graduated  from  PREX.   My  wife  and  I  are  active  members  of  Couples  for  Christ  (C2B).  I  also   serve    as  a  Lay  Minister  of  this  Parish  and  am  actively  involved  in   Christian  Life  Program  and  team  lead  last  year  at  NSSH  for  CFC.    I  

The events that followed our graduation ushered us into a world of service. Indeed, joining the PREX was a decision I will never regret. Through it, I’ve discovered God’s wonderful plans for me, to become an instrument of His love for others. PREX is a powerful vehicle in building up the Parish as a true Catholic community. It opens the spiritual eyes and ears of the attendees to the real understanding of what it means to be a Catholic and it stirs awareness of their responsibilities as Catholics. After undergoing this spiritual activity, one realizes that he/she has a home, a family, and a community to relate to and to share with. Graduation ceremonies took place during the 6:00PM Mass

was invited  to  attend  the  PREX  seminar  2  years  ago  by  my  co-­‐CFC,   Bro.  Joel/Sis.Roselle  Jimenez.  Only  now  did  I  heed  the  “call”  through   the  personal  invitation  by  our  Parish  Priest,  Fr.  Gab.      I  must  admit,   my  reasons  then  for  joining  were  bleak,  agreeing  to  participate  in   this  weekend  seminar  just  to  attend.      Anyway,  I  thought  it  would   be  a  beneficial  and  fruitfull  weekend  with  my  wife.      Little  did  I   know  that  this  parish  renewal  experience  was  tiring,  yes,  but  worth   it,  for  it  renewed  me  as  a  person  and  healed  my  heart.  It    allowed   me    to  let  go  of  my  pain  and    more  importantly,  let  God  to  enter   into  my  life.  


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PREX 37…


Gatchalian and to the Food Committee led by Ate Jesica Ala.

from page 6

To my OLLP/PREX family, my heartfelt thanks for

amidst all mass goers. Kuya Andoy and Ate Ruby Lontoc, the

welcoming my wife and me in this community; for understanding

chosen PREX 37 Coordinators were there to witness the event with

all my shortcomings, and for always being there to accompany us in


our journey of faith, and be guided by the Bible verse in Mat. 9: 35-

Thanks for the hard work and dedication of the Sponsoring

38: The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. Thank you

Classes led by Lead Couple Kuya Ricky and Ate Gege Comaling

Lord for the opportunity of calling my name again.

and Assistant Lead Couple Kuya Jun and Ate Meng Alit. Equal

amount of gratitude goes to the Overall PREX Coords. Kuya Andoy

Yours in Christ Kuya Ted Trajano

and Ate Ruby Lontoc, to the Music Ministry led by Ate Bambi


the birthday celebrant.

in our Parish has been

And the biggest accomplishment of this Ministry was the

totally active in giving

Medical Mission held last August 20. There were 15 doctors, four



medical technologists, three radiologists, eight registered nurses and

community this year.

25 community health volunteers who attended to 614 parishioners.



They offered different services such as medical consultation,

been diligently and efficiently working and carrying out their

laboratory tests (CBC, fecalysis, routine urinalysis) and chest x-ray.

undertaking. Worth mentioning are the Aerobics and Arnis lessons

They were also able to give out 187 free glass frames plus free

held last summer and they keep on going. Last June 14, there were

medicines for cough and cold, multivitamins and antibiotics. All of

42 PWD (People with Disability) and elderly both from La Paz and

them gave their assistance and time to make the event a success.

Singkamas who attended the mass in honor of St Camillus.

What’s more, there is a plan to have a second medical mission in

“Stampitas” bearing the image of St. Camillus and snacks were

January 2012.



distributed after the mass. On June 26 the training for the Community Health Volunteers was resumed.

The Health Ministry gives medicines not only for the body but

Its objective is to

also for the soul. A recollection for the 25 Community Health

promote wellness in our community. The ministry also put up the

Volunteers was held last September 11 from 10am-2pm. Its aim was

‘Healthbits’ Board last July 15. A monthly health advisory is posted


to give health tips and advice to our parishioners.

enrichment to our health

There were also kind-hearted people who shared their blessings




in their own simple way last July 23. Special feeding was done in

The Health Ministry

celebration of Dr. Angeles’ birthday. There were 30 children from

is truly a blessing to our

different streets who enjoyed the food, toys and vitamins. The

community. Kudos to you

mothers who came with their kids also received free medicines from


by Lyria Reyes




Around 60 female inmates participated in the Mass. Their singing helped tremendously in making the Eucharist a joyful celebration. The superb performance of one inmate as mass commentator also added to the meaningfulness of the liturgy. After the Mass, the

On September 17, 2011 (Saturday), Our Lady of La Paz Parish in the Vicariate of Sts. Peter and Paul took its turn to do its prison apostolate at the Makati City Jail Women's cell. The jail visitation was a joint project of the Social Service Ministry headed by Sis. Celia Castro and the The Knights of Columbus, St. Camillus Council #7594, headed by our District Deputy SK. Tony Casalme and our Grand Knight SK. Tomas Genuino. They were joined by fellow knights SK.Santiago Esplana Jr., SK. Edwin Cordovilla, SK. Pio Balistoy and SK. Alex Zaguirre. Sis. Filomena Oculto representing the Mother Butler’s Guild of our parish was also present. Fr. Rene Sales, MI, our Parochial Vicar, officiated at the Mass which

Knights chatted with the inmates and offered them legal assistance, since some of the member Knights of St. Camillus Council #7594 are criminal lawyers.

By Bro. Alex Zaguirre


Once again,  the  Parish  salutes  the  Tithing  Street  Coordinators   and  Volunteers  for  their  dedication  to  knock  at  the   doors   of   generous   parishioners   to   support   various   operational   expenses   and   to   fund   the   activities   of   the   different   ministries.  In  the  same  vein,  the  parish  expresses  to  the  latter  deep  appreciation  for  continuously  &  graciously  responding   to  our  call  for  help.  For  the  second  quarter,a  breakdown  of  collection  of  tithes  is  as  follows:      

MAY  -­‐  P  49,500.00            JUNE  -­‐  P  57,860.00   JULY  -­‐  P  50,385.00            AUGUST  -­‐    P53,970.00            SEPTEMBER  –  P59,299.00  



challenges us to sustain love and goodness and not to allow them to

Celebrates 7th Anniversary

be merely sporadic. 3.Rooted in the Love of God and Neighbor. The foundational motivation of Pondo ng Pinoy is the love of God and Neighbor. God

by Celia Castro Last June 9, 2011, Pondo ng Pinoy celebrated its 7th anniversary at the

is love and His love poured into our hearts impels us to be men and women for others.

Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City. Fr. Gabby concelebrated during the 4.Empowerment of the Community. The "givers" and "receivers" Eucharist presided over by Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales. Among those are both transformed by love and goodness. Aside from being who attended from our parish were some members of the Social developed in character, they are to be formed in capability as well Services Ministry.

so that they could become responsible agents of their own

Pondo ng Pinoy was an initiative by the Cardinal with the following constitutive pillars:

transformation and that of others. The attendees received pouch bags made of cloth printed with

1. Small Acts. The "littleness" that the Gospel

Pondo ng Pinoy. Modest snacks and dinner were also offered.

indicates as the way of the Kingdom of God marks the acts of goodness of Pondo. It orients us to the "little ones" loved by God. 2.Regularity. Little acts of goodness require regularity for them to develop virtue and character







ni Dale Bascon

Ipinadala sa atin ni Hesus ang Banal na Espiritu upang gabayan tayo

of the Holy Spirit sa La Paz Elementary School noong July 6 at sa

sa katotohanan at bigyang lakas tayo sa gawaing Kristiyano at sa

F. Benitez Elementary School sa Bgy. Singkamas noong July 8.

araw-araw nating mga gampanin. Ang paniniwalang ito ang basehan

Pinangunahan ni Fr. Gabby ang pagdiriwang. Kasama niya sina

ng tradisyunal na Holy Spirit Mass na karaniwang pinagdiriwang sa

Rev. Mushtaq Anjum, MI, ilang mga ministers mula sa ating

mga paaralan sa simula ng bawat school year.

parokya, at ang ating mga katekistang naghanda para sa nasabing

Sa pagsisimula ng kasalukuyang school year ay ginanap nga ang Mass



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BE STRONG AND GO ON WITH YOUR FAITH by Jennifer P. Estrada One afternoon, I felt utterly bored. I looked All you need is to be strong and God will come to the rescue. about for something to do. I decided to go out of our room. I opened our door to our

Our dog, even though she lost a pup, still had other puppies to

living room and saw one of our dogs that

attend to. She continues to be strong for what is left with her. As

delivered a couple of weeks ago. She had

for me, even though I have lost my loved ones, God did open other

brought her dead pup in front of our door

windows. God gave me a new family, my husband, my in-laws,

and was seated next to it.

nephews and nieces. I have gained a new big family. And I thank

I was scared to get near her though we knew the dog. You wouldn't God for that. I always ask guidance from the Lord and ask Him to know what the mother would do if you reach out and look at the lifeless make me always strong to go on. I admit, I still cry at times, but puppy. Caught up with that thought, I kept still. The mother sat beside because I ask God to increase my faith, I am able to go on being her puppy, closely guarding it. She looked at her unfortunate pup, then strong and to move on with my life. looked up at me with a pitiful face and then lowered her head again to look at her lifeless offspring. It seemed as if our dog was trying to tell Our dog came to us for help for she didn’t know what to do with me, “Hey! Look at my puppy. Why is it not moving and breathing her dead puppy. Just like our dog, I also ask for help when I am anymore?” I think she was asking for help or comfort. At that moment, faced with a certain problem or when I need ease from pain or I felt saddened by it. I felt what our dog was going through at that loneliness. In addition to my husband, being always present to moment.

comfort me, I also call on God. When I pray to Him, I feel His comfort.

I'm also lucky to have sisters in church to listen to

I felt the urge to talk to our dog. Funny or call it crazy. But some people me. Sometimes I would also read inspirational books that make talk to their plant too. Anyway, knowing that dogs have feelings too, I me feel as if God is there talking to me. I am also thankful for said to our dog, "We are so sorry for your loss. Don't worry. We will fix being a lector/commentator and a volunteer catechist at our parish. up your puppy. Just please don't bite us or get mad at us. We can't do It’s as if I adopted another family of my own, for I have kind and anything anymore for the pup is already dead." My heart was nice sisters and kids smiling at me, hugging me every time I see melting. Somehow our dog paid attention and looked as if she was really them. trying to understand what I was saying. Then I told to her to return to the other puppies, signaling to her with my hand. I was amazed because she

I really feel the warmth of their hearts.

seemed to have understood my instructions. She stood up and walked toward the other puppies. When she had left, I hurriedly went back So, what I would like to share is that if inside our room, got some newspaper, tissue paper and a bag, wrapped you feel God’s calling and you want to the








it. serve Him, and to continue being

What happened that afternoon inspired me to dig into the deep. strong and going on with the faith, why Memories of the past came rushing into my mind. I would say that the don’t you join an organization that dog and I have somewhat experienced similar events. But if our dog lost would fit you and help you be one of her pups, I have lost my parents, sister, our baby, and my mother- happy? in-law. Truly, when God closes a door, He opens a window just for you.


CateQuiz 2011: Faith Ko, Alam Ko.


by Dale Bascon

Muling pinatunayan ng mga kabataan ng ating parokya ang kanilang kaalaman tungkol sa pananampalatayang Katoliko sa ginanap na CateQuiz 2011 noong September 24 (Sabado) ng gabi sa loob ng ating simbahan. Ang CateQuiz o Catechism quiz bee ay isang patimpalak na naglalayong palawigin pa ang ating kaalaman tungkol sa ating pananampalataya. Ito ay isang proyekto ng ating Parish Youth Committee (PYC) sa pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Katekesis. Bilang paghahanda sa quiz bee, at upang mapalawak din ang kaalaman ng mga kabataan sa mga katuruan ng ating pananampalatayang Katoliko, nagkaroon ng catechism classes na dinaluhan ng mga kabataan, kasali man sa patimpalak o hindi. Ginanap ang mga ito noong September 11 at 18 ng umaga sa ating Parish Center. Nagbigay ng mga lectures sina Bro. Dale, Bro. Paul, Teacher Mae Ann at Teacher Mick. Sa taong ito ay nahati ang patimpalak sa dalawa – ang Group Quiz kung saan ang bawat pangkat ay binuo ng tatlong kasapi at ang Individual Quiz. Walong pangkat ang nagtagisan sa Group Quiz, samantalang pitong kabataan naman ang nangahas harapin ang Individual Quiz. Sa huli ay narito ang mga nagwagi: Individual Quiz

Group Quiz

3rd Place:

2nd Place:


2nd Place: Jane Mylene Bullosos

Elaine Borja

Angel Lontoc

Kier Edward Ysip

Champion: Paul John Ala

Krizann Borja

Angelica Borja

Paul John Ala

Arlene Irinco

Danica Rose Gustilo

Francis Teves

3rd Place: Mary Jocel Cardenas

Naggagandahang mga trophies at religious images ang napanalunan ng mga nagwagi. At marami pang give-aways ang tinanggap ng mga lumahok at maging mga manonood na sumagot sa Pop Quiz: Trivia


from page 9

Sa Misa ay tinawag nga ang Espiritu Santo upang gabayan at

Nawa ay patuloy na manalangin sa Espiritu Santo ang lahat ng

bigyan ng lakas at talino ang mga mag-aaral sa kanilang

mga mag-aaral, mga guro, at maging tayo rin na nangangailangan

pagsusunog-kilay at ang mga guro sa kanilang pagtuturo. Ito ay

ng Kanyang paggabay sa lahat ng ating mga gawain.

naging isang magandang panimula sa isa na namang taon ng mga aralin, assignments at exams.



Altar Servers, Muling Nadagdagan ni Dale Bascon Muling nadagdagan

binasbasan sila ni Fr. Gabby pati ang mga krus at ang mga dala

ang hanay ng mga

nilang barong. Sumunod ay tinulungan sila ng kanilang mga


magulang na isuot ang mga ito. Sa huli ay sabay-sabay at nakaluhod





silang nagdasal ng kanilang Prayer of Commitment.

Noong August 21,

Ikinatutuwa ng Ministry of Altar Servers (MAS) ang patuloy na

2011 sa 6:30 PM

pagdami ng kanilang mga kasapi. Matatandaang noong Abril

Mass ay ginanap ang

lamang ay anim na altar servers ang nadagdag sa ating parokya. Sa

investiture ng limang bagong altar servers na dumaan sa masusing

kasalukuyan nga, matapos itong investiture noong Agosto, ay may

pagsasanay at paghubog. Ang ating kura párroco, si Fr. Gabby

ilan pa ring mga batang nagsasanay at hinuhubog para maging altar

Garcia, MI, ang nanguna sa nasabing Misa at investiture rites.

servers din. Isa itong pagpapala mula sa Diyos, na Siyang

Sa investiture rites ay ipinahayag ng mga bagong altar servers ang

tumatawag sa ating lahat upang maging lingkod Niya.

kanilang kahandaang maglingkod sa Diyos. Pagkatapos ay

Trip ng Kabataan: LAKBAY Youth Forum ni Dale  Bascon   Inilunsad ng Parish Youth Committe (PYC) ang LAKBAY Youth

mga kabataan pagkatapos ng bawat “paglalakbay” dahil sa mga

Forum noong July 3, 2011, ika-10 ng umaga sa ikatlong palapag ng

masasayang laro at usapang kinapupulutan nila ng aral. Nakaupo

ating Parish Center. Ang LAKBAY ay isang programang ginaganap

man at nakikinig lang sa loob ng isang gusali, malayo ang kanilang

buwan-buwan na naglalayong hubugin ang mga kabataan sa


pamamagitan ng mga masasayang activities at talks na bagay sa

Kaya halina at nang maranasan din natin ang paglalakbay na ito!

kanilang edad.

Inaanyayahan ang lahat ng kabataan, lalo na ang mga 12 hanggang

LAKBAY ang pangalan ng formation program na ito dahil

20 taong gulang, na dumalo sa LAKBAY Youth Forum na ginaganap

naniniwala ang PYC na ang paghubog at pagkatuto ay hindi

tuwing unang Linggo ng buwan, ika-10 ng umaga sa ikatlong

nagaganap sa isang iglap lang. Isa itong proseso, isang paglalakbay


kung saan kailangan natin ng mga makakasama bilang mga


kaagapay at gabay.

Center. Sama-

Sa mga unang buwang ito ng LAKBAY, tinatalakay ang mga core


values ng ating parokya. Noong July 3 ay tinalakay ni Bro. Paul


Alvarado ang “Care and Love for the Sick”. Noong August 7 ay


tinalakay ni Dale Bascon ang “Entrusting Our Peaceful Pilgrimage

Diyos kasama

to Our Blessed Mother”. Noon namang September 4 ay tinalakay ni


Rajian Cristino ang “Family Solidarity”. Masayang umuuwi ang

Inang Maria!

ng Parish




Newsletter Team: Fr. Gabriel V. Garcia, MI •Fr. Renato P. Sales, MI • Veronica Villegas •Liza Lontoc •Ronald Dalahigon•Geogenes Garcia• Vince Salles •Dale Bascon

Our Lady of La Paz Parish Newsletter (June - Sept. 2011 issue)  

Newsletter of Our Lady of La Paz Parish Church, Makati City, Philippines

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