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Model - Oliver Smithies Photography - Daniel Scanlin

Welcome to the 2009/2010 Scruples brochure. After so much positive feedback from clients and advertisers following last year’s Scruples publication, we tried once again to raise the bar! So, in this edition we’re covering a wide variety of lines, including Oliver Sweeney, Duchamp and Pal Zileri. We’re also announcing the launch of our new Barrowford store, Wellies; we talk to Daisy Communications boss and local success-story, Matt Riley; and there’s an interview with East Lancashire’s man-of-the-moment, Burnley Manager, Owen Coyle – conducted when he dropped in to have a made-to-measure suit made! Once again, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal customers. It’s been a difficult year for many people as the recession has bitten deep into people’s budgets. What we’ve seen though is sales holding up, as so many of you have continued to choose to purchase quality that lasts. Long may that continue! In the meantime, we look forward to the coming year and as ever we’ll bring you the best available lines and deliver the best possible service. Hope to see you in Scruples and Wellies soon!



PAL ZILERI’S man in the uk Stuart Austin of the Gerald Austin Agency has been in the menswear business now for thirty two years. Thirteen of those years have been spent in the west end of London running two different retail businesses – one was his father’s business, the other was a company called Zilli, arguably the top leatherwear producer in the world. For the last twenty one years, he’s been the UK agent for Italian suit makers, Pal Zileri. twenty years ago he was just looking for a Sbit ofovera career change. He wanted to move over to tuart tells it like it was a happy accident – just

the agency or wholesale side and having worked with Pal Zaleri as a customer, he approached them to set up an agency. The fact is, Stuart’s family is steeped in clothing industry experience and he’s since worked solidly with Pal Zileri – Scruples’ popular made-to-measure brand. Since he’s been working with Pal Zileri, he has taken them from a UK customer base of two outlets to just over fifty. He’s clearly a very passionate advocate of the brand and its quality. “As far as I can tell,” he muses, “we’re the only company working as an agent exclusively for one product. So it means I’ve got a better relationship with the supplier side but also as an agent I can and do take a much more middle line, and not just do what the supplier tells us to and that enables us to be service orientated.” “The fact we’ve built up a decent customer base and the turnover with the company means they obviously have to take our views into consideration because it’s a reasonable proportion of their overall business.”

He agrees that this means the company are more inclined to listen to his view and consequently that means that feedback from trusted outlets, such as Scruples, is heard and customer concerns and tastes can be considered. “The fact that I worked in retail for thirteen years puts me in a good position to see things from the other side of the fence. A lot of other agents don’t, they’ve never worked in the retail side.” In terms of the relationship with Scruples and the Pal Zileri made-to-measure service they offer, he is very enthusiastic. Scruples do more suits through the year than any other independent outlet in the UK. “We’ve been working together for over ten years. Steve and I are similar ages and maybe similar types, so I appreciate the situation they’re in. They’re outside of a main town or city centre – so they have to provide a good service, they have to do something different.” “Also, I started off in a family business and I think I have an empathy with their setup and I like the way they operate and we do what we can to support them in all ways.”


One clear view he shares with Scruples is regarding the level of quality and service they deliver to customers who have made to measure suits. “It’s a high quality product - it’s not necessarily the best known, there are a lot of higher profile brands - but they’re not of the quality of Pal Zileri. I like working with people and customers that appreciate the product and not just the ticket.” “What we’re selling is its intrinsic value - and as a product it’s a lot more flexible than most in that we can personalise the product. We can change linings, we can add little bits and pieces - we can put coloured patches on elbows, under collars, we try to give as personal a service as possible.” And in terms of the future? “I feel positive. In the next ten or so years, there may be less independents but there will always be a client who wants to be served, who wants to be advised. I think Scruples are well positioned to capitalise on this, because of their family set-up, that and the service they give to their customers.”


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Male Order Dr Miguel Montero Clinical director of Discover Laser discusses how men are re-thinking their approach to cosmetic treatments. In today’s society a high value is placed on looking young and fit. Feeling the need to look youthful and appear dynamic well into your 40s, 50s and 60s has led men to re-think their attitudes to medication, diet, exercise, skin-care products and cosmetic treatments. Whilst most desire to enhance the way they look and feel, a growing number understand how a youthful and healthy appearance can be an advantage in business and society. In the current economic climate and competitive job market, some are having treatments to keep ‘fresh faced’ in the belief that this makes them more successful. Thanks largely to media coverage and the new culture of male celebrity, men are taking much more care over how they style themselves and what they wear. They already use products to take more care of their skin, hair and teeth and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures seem to be the next logical step. These days cosmetic medicine is no longer the taboo subject it was, and is no longer viewed as the preserve of women. The new mentality is that cosmetic treatments are not necessarily about repairing the ageing process but more about prevention, restoring health and regaining lost confidence. With this shift in opinion, men in the UK are now exploring the new techniques and procedures on offer. The UK

annual male cosmetic treatments market (including surgery) is worth approximately £160 million and while many men are still unaware of the options available to them, increasing media attention will ensure this market continues to grow. Like women, men usually start with quick, relatively inexpensive treatments that deliver results with little or no recovery time. These are usually wrinkle smoothing injections like Botox® or dermal fillers which can then lead on to skin peels, microdermabrasion or skin rejuvenation to improve skin tone and texture.

solutions men are now looking to a cosmetic doctor, who thanks to the advancement in technology, techniques and pharmaceutical products have the means to help.

It would however be misleading to suggest that all men looking to consult a cosmetic doctor do so to hold back the years. There are skin conditions that are unsightly, unpleasant and difficult to live with such as: Rosacea, symptoms include facial redness, flushing, prominent facial veins, thickening of the skin (especially around the nose) and lumps under the skin); Acne (commonly associated with teenagers but many adults suffer too); scars, birthmarks, pigmentation and excessive, unwanted hair. Tattoos, often acquired on impulse but regretted over time, can also be effectively removed and modern technology can now deal with most colours.

Whatever the motivation, gone are the barriers that previously stopped men from seeking professional advice on their skin. In fact whilst seeking advice they may well consult with a male cosmetic doctor or surgeon who understands their position. Having no gender barrier the consultation is often more relaxed and allows for a frank exchange of opinions. Once advised of the possibilities men are decisive when it comes to treatment. Having gone so far as to seek a medical opinion they are usually surprised at how simple and accessible the solution can be. So next time you’re talking to a friend or colleague, or see someone who you think looks ‘good’, you’ll probably find yourself wondering if they’ve had anything ‘done’. Ask them - you might be surprised!

Treatments for these problem conditions are often unavailable on the NHS and when seeking

discover youthful, healthy skin Safe and highly effective, non-surgical anti-ageing and specialist skincare treatments for face & body (for men & women)










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These Boots areN’T JUST made for walking! Nancy Sinatra popularised them in the S ince sixties, boots have become a staple of most

women’s wardrobes. It’s never been quite the same for menswear though – yet that looks set to change. Men’s boots have typically been seen as cumbersome and functional – more to do with the working environment or hiking through the natural environment, than a matter of style that one associates with a well dressed man. Historically, men’s boots were highly popular – especially amongst the nineteenth century English aristocracy, due to the leather Hessian boots worn by Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington. However, this fine heritage descended into a boot of necessity and practicality – from gardening to mining, from food processing to operating theatres.

More controversially the twentieth century saw the men’s boot become a motif of many social struggles – the Jackboots of the thirties to the seventies doc martins favoured by both left and right, from picket lines, to skinheads. However, the ignominy of the past needn’t cloud our view and the boot. Boots can and should now be reclaimed by style connoisseurs – indeed, our tip for the winter season is that no male wardrobe should be without an appropriately sturdy piece of footwear. So for the more flamboyant, we stock a range of R.Soles cowboy boots and for the slightly more conservatively minded, there are Anatomic Gel comfort technology boots, Paolo Vandini brogue-style boots and Cheaney Chelsea boots.

paint the town red... yellow, blue, green, purple, orange

As a brand Duchamp is a Scruples staple - classical accessories accented by vibrant colours, bold stripes and polka dots. There’s no better way to make a statement or create an immediate impression. world of male accessories, there are I nfewthebrands that have such a colourful command

as Duchamp. The London-based company has a long-established, global reputation for the quality and vibrant beauty of its luxurious accessories, including clothes that are formal and classic but original, and made with fantastic colours and fabrics. They also sell ties, socks, scarves and cufflinks and revel in stripes and polka dots. The business was founded by Marc Psarolis Ayrshire-born and half-French. He is renowned for his unique sense of style and refers to himself as a “bit of a dandy”. The business’ kaleidoscope range of colourful ties, cuff-links, shirts and scarves, are a favoured choice of celebrities and the discerning and style conscious. Here Psarolis gives us a Q and A on the company’s distinctively sartorial spin and signature hues.

Each season, there are always five different colour stories that are the basis for our designs. Scruples: Do you think accessories can transform the way men feel about themselves? Marc Psarolis: Yes. With Duchamp, there is definitely a feel-good factor. We want the men we dress to feel that they’ve made that little bit more of an effort.


I know myself, through years of travelling around the world, what a great feeling it is when someone, out of the blue, starts chatting about my attire in a complimentary way. Scruples: Who is the Duchamp man? MP: Everyone from brain surgeons to barristers to celebrity TV talk show hosts to the normal everyday guy. I think they all have a blast when they wear Duchamp and a little piece of eccentricity comes out, whether you’re 25 or 75. Ultimately, he is a strong individual who appreciates eclecticism, craves quality and cares about the image he projects. Scruples: Is it challenging to reinterpret staple items, such as shirts and ties, and present them in a fresh way each season? MP: The most important thing is our colour palette;

it’s the cornerstone of every Duchamp collection. We spend more than a month finding colours from all sorts of materials, images, paintings, fabrics and vintage items from my local market on Portobello Road in London’s Notting Hill. Each season, there are always five different colour stories that are the basis for our designs and that gives our brand its main point of difference. Scruples: What sets Duchamp cuff links and ties apart from the rest? MP: We’re focused on accessories, whereas a lot of brands have full ready-to-wear collections as their priority. We create 80 new tie designs each season and 25 new cuff link designs, all in three to four colour collections; not to mention socks, scarves, underwear, belts and small leather goods. We’ve taken a long-term view that our customer will always want ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘Made in England’ from our brand because they’re discerning and appreciate the fine tailoring. For our enamelled cuff links, we work with the same English manufacturer that we started

with 20 years ago. Their technical engineering expertise is second to none and we now have more than 3,000 designs in our archives.

Scruples: Who are your male style icons?

Scruples: Though Duchamp offers a range of accessories, it champions the tie as the ultimate male style accessory. Why is that?

MP: My father, a French Parisian, was my first male style icon. Looking back at his photo albums from the ‘50s, he looked so cool. I was in awe of him.

MP: The tie adds finesse and finishes an outfit, keeping it sharp, rather than relaxed, and gives the wearer a more commanding presence. With a Duchamp tie, a man has made the effort and complied with dress code - if with a little more personality! Scruples: The Duchamp brand has been described as successfully possessing its own distinct handwriting. What does that mean to you? MP: I love that our product has no logo or branding but is very recognizable. You know straightaway that it’s a “Duchamp” from our bold use of colour and quality fabrics. I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved this


success through word of mouth and customer loyalty.

Scruples: Which man would you most like to dress and why? MP: Though I don’t have one particular guy I’d like to dress, I love David Bowie’s “Thin White Duke” look from the ‘70s. I think Christian Bale is my preferred actor today, but I also think celebrity endorsements have gone too far now. Scruples: What should every man have in his closet? MP: A Savile Row suit, a Jermyn Street shirt, a cashmere-lined silk bathrobe, Duchamp sterlingsilver cuff links, handmade English brown oxford shoes, pocket squares in a multitude of colours and prints and socks galore! Keep it sharp, keep it lively!



WHEN MATT MET JAN Matt Riley is the Pendle entrepreneur who has taken his business, Daisy Communications from a local telecoms reseller to a national player with 1,000 staff across the group. Here he talks about business, fashion and being a better footballer than Jan when they were kids first meeting Jan when he M attwasRileyaboutrecallsten years old, having just moved

style. And that goes on today with the personal shopping – I come in to the shop a couple of times a month now, mainly for suits.”

to the Pendleside village of Blacko. He’d headed up to the recreation ground where a “big gang of lads were all playing on their BMXs. Jan was making ramps with his mates and they were jumping over things on their bikes.”

These days Matt admits he can be a bit of a “male shopper”: “I’ll come in to Jan and say, I’m going on holiday in three days time. I’ll literally need everything. So we’ll just do an hour and get the lot. They kit me out from head to toe.”

“We used to play football on ‘the rec’ every day all through the summer. We were very keen footballers – obviously I was always a better player than Jan!” said Matt. Matt confesses that during his teenage years he was probably guilty of some fashion faux pas, whilst Jan was the stylish one.

In a slightly comic fashion that is no doubt a faint echo of the teenage Jan lending Matt his ‘trendy clobber’, Jan interjects:

“Jan was the lad that had the smart gear and we were all a bit jealous. In fact in our later teens I used to borrow things from him - when I got my first job I borrowed stuff from him when I went on work events. He would lend me the full outfit, even though he’s a little bit bigger than me – I couldn’t afford a suit. I’d borrow it, dry-clean it and give it him back. He was always the one who was well dressed!”

“He’s meeting with top business people who are all wearing top end suits – to be honest with you, I don’t think he’d be that bothered but I’m bothered for him - I’ll say ‘Matthew you need to go up a gear now - you need made-to-measure!’ I eventually convinced him – now he loves it and he wears it well. It’s about credibility when you walk into places. I think it helps that I’ve known him so long and because we’re a similar age. We can deliver a level of service to him and anticipate what he wants.”

“He was there from the outset as someone who I could rely upon to help and advise on fashion and


“Matt could go anywhere in the world and shop - but he likes good service and chooses to support us, which is brilliant.” It’s clear that much of their shared early experience has rubbed off on them – for example a mutual love of cars might help explain their transition into business. Jan explains: “We used to buy and sell Minis when we were teenagers to make a few extra quid, because we were both on YTS schemes. We’d do them up in our dads’ garages.” Whilst Jan’s YTS scheme was as a trainee plumber, Matt’s career started with local business, FH Brown, a local office equipiment company. “I did two years as a YTS then went on into sales. I left there when I was 22 and went to work for a German corporate,” says Matt.

Philip’s association is with retail - a sector more akin to Scruples than Daisy - does Matt think that Scruples meets Sir Philip’s standards and, in relation to customer service, does he draw comparisons between the values of Daisy and Scruples? “It’s really interesting,” says Matt. “Obviously Sir Philip’s interests are on a very large scale compared to Scruples, but it’s clear he still has the same attention to detail and that’s why he’s been so successful. He expects his shops and staff to be welcoming and he expects the product to be good – which is also something that you’d associate with Scruples.” “Our values are really basic ‘home-driven’ ones. In terms of customer service, if someone walks into your shop or business, you want to give them the best possible service. I think that’s what you get here at Scruples and I hope that’s what customers get out of Daisy.”

By 2001, Matt had established Daisy - last year named the UK’s 18th fastest growing technology company in the 2008 Deloitte Fast50 chart. Via organic growth and a series of acquisitions – including Redstone, ATC and Eurotel - the group now has a thousand employees.

“It’s nothing complicated and it’s nothing corporate - it’s about a good, basic, polite service. When you walk in you want someone to say hello with a smile on their face, you want someone to ask if they can help you. And, that’s exactly what we want to do on the telephone.”

It’s well reported that Matt has a business mentoring relationship with Sir Philip Green, one of the country’s most eminent businessmen. Green owns the Arcadia Group, which boast high street chains such as Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topshop/Topman and Wallis - he was also reputed to be the BBC’s first choice to do The Apprentice, ahead of Sir Alan Sugar. Sir

“So when somebody rings our service centre, I say that’s our shop front. You’ve got to meet people with a smile – so even though you’re not meeting them in person, you should still be able to communicate that smile. I think that’s what you get here at Scruples too – good service and friendly people. You actually like calling in and seeing the guys. I think that’s what Jan and Stephen have built up over the years.”

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Scruples’ RISING STAR! Currently working part time at Scruples, GIorgia Smithies is set for a career as a fashion designer. Here she talks about her tastes and influences ahead of her show at the GHD Centre in Leeds. eighteen year olds have barely started M ostworking out what it is they want to do with

their lives, never mind successfully acting upon it. Giorgia is the exception to the rule - she says customising clothes started when she was little and since then she has always wanted to go into fashion design.

Whilst studying in further education, she’s produced three collections for fashion shows, so she’s now planning to delay higher education due to the demands of her current schedule.

“At the moment I’m just launching my own clothing line within Joja Designs so I’m going to concentrate on that for the time being. For that range, I’m doing purely design and employing professional tailors for the technical side.” She sees her work at Scruples as an introduction to menswear, as most of her design work has focused on women’s lines. “I’ve got a lot of experience of the buying and selling side of things being here, we tend to get quite


involved in that so that’s been really good.” “I love all the Italian lines especially Pal Zileri, they have such good lines and shapes and fittings, I think I’d like to do something along those lines if I went into menswear – and William Hunt as well, is really modern and different.” “Also I think the lines we do in Hugo Boss are really good. They’re quite different, so we’ve got something for everybody, as we have designers that are quite versatile and for all ages.”

A frequent visitor to London where she checks out the latest looks and styles, Giorgia is keen to broaden her horizons with Milan and Paris in her sights. She is planning a trip to New York too, as there she sees more of a ‘street-wear’ influence – but her preference is definitely Italy, where she loves the lines and cuts of menswear.

Beyond the shows that Giorgia is currently working on, she is planning her own business.

“When the tailors from Pal Zileri came over here, Alessandro had quite short trousers and a very fitted jacket - it was a totally different style to what we’d expect here and I really like that.”

“I also have a bespoke dress service for special occasions – so for example, a Scruples customer’s wife could order a one off piece if they were attending a special event.”

“I’m launching my line at the moment and I’m trying to keep that stocked in boutiques in the northwest. Within the next year or so I want to take it to London and new high end boutiques.”


“Eventually, I’d like to see my lines in boutiques all around the UK, maybe even in some chain stores but keeping it as one-offs - I don’t want to be doing bulk. Ultimately, the dream would be getting on London fashion week, or even Milan, with my own show and then who knows?”

Joja Designs jojadesigns@googlemail.com

OWEN COYLE : A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS The global media glare and the intense pressure of the Premiership has seen some managers wilt. Yet Burnley’s young manager, Owen Coyle, thrives on it. When he came for his made-to-measure suit, we asked what makes Owen Coyle tick? breezes into Scruples, still in his training kit C oyle from the morning’s session. It’s only a few days after the derby defeat to bitter local rivals, Blackburn Rovers, but if you’d expected Coyle to be licking his wounds, think again.

“March can’t come round quickly enough,” he comments in reference to the Turf Moor return fixture. The positivity and enthusiasm of the man is infectious and clearly he’s cast a spell over Burnley’s players, staff and supporters. That magic has seen a middling championship side transformed to a team that went on a superb run culminating in May’s championship play-offs, a swashbuckling display at Reading, and a trip to Wembley to blunt the Blades of Sheffield United in the final. As Wade Elliott’s wonder goal hit the back of the net that afternoon, the realisation that Premiership football was coming to Burnley started to dawn on Burnley supporters, who were still pinching themselves as the season started with home victories over the giants of Manchester United and Everton. That’s some testament to the power of Coyle’s positivity and charismatic leadership – but where did it all start?

“I was at Dumbarton when I was thirteen - I had a chance to sign for Dundee United but my family felt that it would be best for me to serve my apprenticeship at Dumbarton and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was allowed to just develop without any pressure.” For youngsters coming into the game there’s a high failure rate, so what is it in the make-up of those that succeed? “There are a lot of elements – ability, desire, hunger and getting the right break at the right time. When kids at sixteen are cast aside, one of two things happens they either say well it’s natural or they try and go and get careers at other clubs.” “We have sixteen youth team players and fortunately we’ve taken five first year professionals on this year and that’s not commonplace. So one thing I always say to young players at our club in particular is that this is a job of work and you’re privileged to be doing this. So, don’t let failure be through lack of effort.” “If we decide you’re not to be a first team player, let it be because you’ve worked your socks off and we just


don’t think you’re quite good enough. It’s the most difficult part of football, I know we lose games and this and that, but when you have to relinquish the dreams of young players and tell them there’s no contract there for them, for me that’s a really difficult part of the job.”

Regarding his own motivation it’s interesting to hear Coyle comment on what helped see him through.

Burnley tops. You didn’t see Man U or Liverpool. And I thought to myself, this is my type of place.”

“First and foremost I had a very good upbringing and a tremendous support system. I’ve got five brothers and two sisters, so when it’s going well, you never get carried away or you get a clip round the ear and they make sure you remain grounded.”

“I believe when you walk through the front doors of a place, you know if there’s an atmosphere conducive to a good working environment. And I felt that the first day I walked in at Turf Moor - so I’m big on that, I’m big on atmosphere, trying to build a family club. So, as a manager - as opposed to being a player - I think that it’s important not to just represent your club but your town well.”

Family is a recurring theme and it clearly informs his thinking. He cites coming from The Gorbals in Glasgow, where his mother still lives, as a profound influence and he goes back as often as possible. It certainly gave him a notion of overcoming the odds and succeeding – themes he frequently returns to.

“We have an unbelievable fan base – when Turf Moor’s full as it invariably is now, it’s the best possible atmosphere. I mean I’ve played at Wembley and all these 60,000 and 70,000 capacity stadiums, but I’m telling you when Turf Moor’s at capacity, it’s the best atmosphere you’ll find in football. And that’s been driving us on.” “We’re now in the Premier league and our town’s population is less than Old Trafford’s capacity. But we’re in there and we made it and we don’t want to give it up. Burnley’s support in terms of percentage of population… we’ve got the biggest support in the world. Nearly one in three comes out to watch us - no other place has that, we’ve got an unbelievable fan base.” Coyle clearly takes his responsibility to the town and area very seriously – he wants success for the team, but expresses a wish that it can have a ‘trickledown effect’, create positive headlines about the place and help with moves towards regeneration.

“I played weighing ten stones, which is unheard of as a striker. I knew I was playing against bigger, physical players. So I had to find ways of overcoming and getting the better of my opponent and hopefully I made the most of what I had.” It’s been a long journey for the kid from The Gorbals, who dreamt of emulating his idol, Liam Brady. His playing career saw him enjoy highlights such as playing for the Republic of Ireland in 1994 against Holland, knowing how much it meant to his Irish parents; he was co-manager at Falkirk when they won the first division title – he was still playing at the time and scored a hat trick on the day; and scoring in the play-off final for Bolton in 1995, to see them promoted to the Premiership.

“There’s a perception that Burnley’s some sort of back water, well it’s not. Anybody that gives us the time of day, both in terms of the club and the town and surrounding areas will see that there are a lot of not only nice people, but quality businesses.” “We’ve all known difficult times, so I think when you have a chance to be in the limelight for whatever reason, one you don’t give it up and two you look to maximise that. It irks me that people who have never set foot in Burnley want to write us off - and it’s the same with the football team, they’ve never seen us

“And I have to say the achievement as a manager at Burnley totally surpassed the achievements as a player winning at Wembley, no doubt about that,” he adds. For somebody so keen to play the game there must have been difficulties in the transition to manager – even this season he’s turned out for Burnley’s reserves! In addition to that, there are a range of different responsibilities. “As a player you know that if you do well the manager’s going to pick you. As a manager, you’re not only responsible for eleven players and the team, you’re responsible for a whole town - particularly at this club.” “I absolutely love everything about the town. Most of my career was in Scotland and you’d see buses leaving to support Celtic or Rangers from every part of the country. I love the fact that the first day I was in the job, I went through the town centre and all I saw was


play, but they want to write us off. So all I can say is, if it’s the football or if it’s the area, come and see the quality that’s on show - I think it’s important everybody recognises that.” “In all things, I want to be the very best I can be. And equally I want the very best for this football club. First priority is to maintain premier league status, and put a plan in place that will serve the club well for years to come.

AS A MANAGER, YOU ARE NOT JUST RESPONSIBLE FOR 11 PLAYERS AND THE TEAM, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR A WHOLE TOWN “Who’d have thought I’d be offered the Celtic job and turn it down? Celtic’s my team and they’ll always be my team because that’s what I grew up with, but I recognise we’re in the best league in the world we’ve got a fantastic football club, that gave me the platform.” “Brendan (Flood) and the Chairman saw enough in me to see I was the right person to take the club forward and I respected that and I said that in the summer that it was important that I showed loyalty to the club.” “I want Burnley to flourish and I want to be the manager who does that.” “I believe I can take this club on and with the right backing - not meaning to put the Chairman and Brendan under any pressure - but come January we’ll obviously need money to push things on and give us another kick again. But if it does put pressure on them, then so be it,” he jokes. “We all want the best for Burnley Football Club and I want to make sure we make a real go of this and we’ll leave no stone unturned in our efforts.”

Coyle on style Best and worst dressed players in the Burnley squad? Worst dressed? We could be here for a while - Brian Jensen’s got to be up there! Best dressed - Stevie Jordan is always smart. Chris Eagles likes his clothes - he likes to be a wee bit flamboyant! Tyrone Mears is quite smartly dressed – but I need to say wee Robbie Blake is worst dressed – only because it’ll annoy him! Now Steve Jones has left Burnley, who’s got the worst haircut in the squad? Well Joey’s (Gudjonsson) trying to grow his just now I don’t know how that’s going to end up. Chris Eagles - when it’s all gelled back, that looks brilliant - but when it doesn’t he morphs into Liz Taylor. Most style conscious player or manager you’ve ever worked alongside? Bruce Rioch was always immaculate - his father came from an army background, so his shoes were spotless and his suits were always very tailored and smart. In terms of yourself, any brands you like to wear? When you’re going out, you wear a nice suit and you want quality - and Scruples is full of it. My personal choice would be Boss, but as long as it’s quality I don’t mind putting it on. You did a quick change at the Wembley play-off final – you led the team out in a suit, then when the game kicked off you were in your tracksuit Everybody knows I’m a track suit manager and I wear exactly the same stuff religiously every week - so I didn’t know what to do. Do I lead out Burnley Football Club at Wembley wearing that or do I go with a nice suit on? Anyway, I watched the league 2 play-off on the Saturday and I was able to time that I would have two and a half minutes from the end of the national anthem until the actual game kicked off. So I made the decision to lead the team out in a suit as soon as the national anthem finished, scarper down the tunnel get changed into all my stuff and get back out. I did it, but because I had new shoes on, I slid by the door because of the new soles. I managed to get back on track, but I’m quite superstitious - I’ve been wearing 2 badges all year and one was an agent football badge and one was Marie Curie cancer care and I ended up having to put them in by the dugout. I just got there in time for kick off. I always get a bit of stick about my Casio watch - but it’s a stop watch that’s why I use it. I have got a couple of really nice watches at home but for the games this is the be all and end all. Track suit or suited manager? In my infancy as a manager at St Johnstone, I wore a suit a couple of times but a suit’s a nice thing for an occasion and to feel good about yourself - I feel far more comfortable pitch side in my old training gear.




HERE COMES THE GROOM Traditionally weddings have been the domain of the bride – but why shouldn’t the groom feel like a million dollars too? ReEgan Haigh (pictured) had the right idea and got married in a Pal Zileri made-to-measure suit.

So Reegan and his best man, brother Ryan both wore Pal Zileri suits, whilst both fathers and the ushers wore Hugo Boss. Groom and best man both wore Jeffrey West shoes too. It makes sense that the Groom should wear something that fits superbly and that a bit of thought should have gone into it. You should savour your wedding day and remember it for all the right reasons. You should feel happy and comfortable – so you can, for example, have something made in very lightweight fabric – great if you’re getting married mid-summer, and even better if you’re considering getting hitched in sunnier climes!

Scruples customer Reegan Haigh got W hen married in July 2009, he decided – rightly

– to do it in style! With Bridal gowns routinely costing thousands and only ever being worn once, it does beg the question, why shouldn’t the groom get to wear something in which he looks and feels fantastic?

There’s nothing to stop you coordinating with your best man, ushers, page boys – even the father of the bride (good to get him on side early!) – and, for this you should consider matching waistcoats and/or tie. You could get your suit linings to match up with the general colour scheme of the wedding - so why not get your prospective ‘better half’ to come along to your made-to-measure session with Pal Zileri’s tailors


– she could help you choose your linings and the colours could match the bridesmaid’s dresses. So, if you get all this sorted like Reegan did – all you’ll need to worry about is getting to the church on time! Images by Hayley Louise Photography 01282 606064

Sugared Almonds Maggie Sottero • Ebony Rose Bridesmaids • Ellis • Sincerity • Justin Alexander • Tara Keely • Sottero & Midgley • Dessy Maternity Range • Alfred Sung • Marylise • Sasha James • Donna Solado • Alfred Angelo

bridal wear wedding dresses bridal couture accessories

Sugared Almonds Bridal Couture, 12 Skipton Road, Earby, Lancashire BB18 6PX Phone 01282 844800 Fax 01282 841133 1 Crescent Court, Ilkley, Yorkshire LS29 8DE Phone 01943 600075 Email sugaredalmonds@tiscali.co.uk



XFEEJOHT "5  4 5" /-& :)06 4 & )05& -



t: 01282 696317 f: 01282 611632 e: info@electricalsales.co.uk a: 63 Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Lancashire

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LMC Cars Whalley Industrial Park Clitheroe Road Barrow Tel: 01254 246663 Email: enquiries@lmccar.co.uk

EL t: e: f:

Executive transport for the discerning client “At LMC Cars we’ll go the extra mile - from corporate customers to private clients. Our smart, professional and experienced drivers will deliver you a first class service.”



www.thetoolwarehouse.co.uk Hodge Bank Business Park, Reedyford Road, Nelson, BB9 8TF. Tel: 01282 615 734 Web: www.thetoolwarehouse.co.uk Email: sales@thetoolwarehouse.co.uk


Improve the appearance and value of your property • Natural stone paving - random or course • Pre-cast concrete paving • Block paving and cobbling • Tarmac laying • Foundation and floors for extensions or out buildings • Septic tanks and land drainage • Excavations for ponds and water features • Personal and professional service and design advice given

All types of commercial groundworks and civil engineering • Road and Sewers • Septic Tanks • Land Drainage • Bulk Excavation • Foundation • Concrete floor slabs - pre cast or in situ • Flagging, kerbing, block paving and tarmacadam Customers include Barratt, Lowry, Lovell, Wainehomes and many other national organisations.

Bough Gap Farm We currently have 3 available properties in our stunning Bough Gap Farm development. Bough Gap is set in the beautifully scenic Trawden Valley between the villages of Trawden and Laneshaw Bridge, and within walking distance of historic Wycoller. Additionally, the immediate area is served by three very good junior schools. Each 2000 sq. ft. barn conversion boasts four bedrooms, two with ensuite bathrooms. These luxury living spaces benefit from truly impressive lounge areas and high spec interiors. There are also a range of outbuildings and parking with gated entry. With early involvement potential you could be the proud owner of a fabulous home with a bespoke feel.

Office 4 & 5, The Rock Business Centre, Keighley Road, Trawden, Lancashire. BB8 8AP

Email: clark@crsplant.co.uk Tel: 01282 870491 Clark - 07808 330176 Simon - 07739 262451 Paul - 07802 238448


Creators of spectacular bespoke children’s furniture

A child’s imagination is magical and we strive to create something to match.... . We design all our furniture to individual requirements and each piece is handmade and hand-painted in our own workshops to the highest standard.

Little Treasures Toy Shop Is a magical and enchanting experience for both children and parents. We pride ourselves in selecting only quality toys, sourced from around the world, that inspire and delight inquisitive minds. Awarded the Best Independent Toy Shop for the North of England and Scotland 2008.

Tel: (01706) 828644 Email: enquiries@yourlittletreasures.co.uk Web: www.yourlittletreasures.co.uk Address: Little Treasures, 47 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, Lancashire. BL0 9HU

STEP RIGHT UP Oliver Sweeney, the business that has carved out a name for extremely stylish, beautifully hand-made shoes, has just been taken over by Amery Capital AND TIM COOPER, OPS. Here we speak to retail mogul Maurice Helfgott, the founder of Amery Capital. Helfgott’s a man on a mission – and M aurice in the world of retail investment, you could

be forgiven for thinking that the pressure of the moment, would generate sufficient stress to make everything dead serious. Judging by Maurice’s tone, you’d be wrong. His friendly, ebullient and enthusiastic tone is disarming. But then he has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years, starting his career at M&S, working his way up to be on the board of Directors. He gained an MBA at Harvard, which he describes modestly as “a sabbatical”, but he maintains, “retail was always my passion.”

At various times he’s worked in menswear, womens wear, Brooks Brothers and around the M&S food business - then five years ago he set up Amery Capital to invest in various businesses, of which he describes Oliver Sweeney as “the latest and most exciting.” “We invest in interesting situations where our skills experience, connections and vision can combine with a little bit of money to help the situation,” says Maurice. “That might be a turnaround for businesses financially broken or it might be a growth opportunity where there’s additional capital required to fulfill its ambitions.” This sounds like standard investor-talk, but Maurice’s friendly ebullient tone, suggests there’s a bit more to it than that, especially given the notorious difficulties in making retail work.

“Well, my partners Maurice and Michael Bennett founded Warehouse, Oasis, Coast, turned round Phase Eight - and I’ve been in this business for 20 odd years myself. So basically we have over 100 years of experience in this sector so it’s natural to focus on this.” “The thing is, we’re not deal junkies, we’re interested in developing the businesses we’ve invested in so we’re very excited about the focus there is on Oliver Sweeney and we’re going to work very hard to build that brand.” In asking Maurice about the Oliver Sweeney product and why the business was a good acquisition target, you get a feel for his passion about what he does, as he advocates the brand so enthusiastically. “It’s an absolutely marvelous brand - it has incredible integrity. It’s all about the quality and design of the product. I spent time in the factory before we bought the business looking at how we build the product up, from the sole through every element of production and it’s just extraordinary quality, beautiful craftsmanship.” “Oliver Sweeney stands for fabulous British shoe design and wonderful manufacture. They are worn by self-made men - people that have achieved something and who are achieving something. Whether they are in their 20s or in their 50s I think they understand quality and fashion.” Maurice may exude enthusiasm for the product, but he’s a businessman and he wants to see a healthy return on his investment. Does this mean that they


will look to extend the brand in order to exploit new opportunities? If this is the case, is there not a risk that they could dilute the brand and those values that Maurice is so passionate about? “Of course we can extend the brand - we’ll do it steadily and thoroughly and ensure integrity. But at the moment we’ve got a lot of work to do to develop the shoe brand and range - and make that broader and better. We’ve always done some accessories leather jackets and outer wear, so that’s going to be our focus. In time perhaps the brand can be extended further than that but, that’s where our core starts.” In terms of future priorities, Maurice has one immediate goal in mind: “There’s a new boot called Hedge in blue suede and I’ve got to run to the store and get it myself, because I’m very worried we haven’t made enough, so if you fancy those I would go and get them very quickly.” However, he sees the future strategy of the business being determined by getting out the message that they are focusing on building “an absolutely beautiful range of shoes, accessories and outer wear”, and offering them to customers in the best locations and with the best service. He seems genuinely excited by the possibilities: “I’m having a lot of fun developing Oliver Sweeney, as well as some of my other businesses, but Oliver Sweeney is a real passion at the moment - and there’s plenty to be passionate about in helping it fulfill its potential.”


....... ............ .......... ............ ........... ..............

£20.00 £25.00 £12.00 £8.00 £15.00 £25.00

FAKE BAK E SPRAY TAN For the instant tan. The ultimate treat in self tanning. This revolutionary treatment offers a safe, sun-less tan in minutes. Fake Bake Spray Tan is a self tanning treatment which is applied to the skin by spraying the body with a fine mist. Suitable for men and women. full body


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(with three touch the

120 minutes

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With all treatments an extra 15 minute consultation and p

• C en tral H ea tin g • P lu mbin g • Gas s afe in s taller • B oi ler repair an d s er vice • B a th ro o m in s taller • G en eral plu mbin g wo r k

  Tel : 01 28 2 4 1 3 2 2 3 Mob i l e : 0 7 9 8 0 264333 1 Go r ple Ro ad, Wo r s th o r n e, BB10 3N N



Semi Permanent Make Up for your eyebrows, lip and eyeliner, allows you to create a subtle, natural looking cosmetic effect that will last from morning to night, day after day.

This is a revolutionary new product that will extend your eyelashes for a beautiful and natural look and feel.


Trained with

Full range of salon treatments available for both men and women - artificial nails, manicures, pedicures, massage and Fake Bake spray tans.

Purchase a gift voucher for the lady in your life






Tel: 01282 448118


Barrowford’s new ladies and gentlemen’s leisure wear store. Scruples is delighted to announce the opening of its new sister store in Barrowford – Wellies! he launch of our new leisure wear store, Wellies, is set to provide people with day to T day fashion that comes with a distinctly outdoor feel

– ideal for those who have come to expect Scruples commitment to style, quality and service – but who fancy something slightly more robust to wear for their leisure pursuits. The store is set to boast a large selection of outdoor wear, providing a practical purpose but retaining the modern cutting edge look that customers associate with Scruples. The aim is to provide exceptional variety of garments for everyday wear at affordable prices.

Amongst the brands we will be stocking are: Aigle, the French boot manufacturer – perfect for work and garden; Barbour, the country lifestyle and country sports brand; Joules, with their sporty take on a classic equestrian look; and Hunter, manufacturer of high quality wellington boots. Commenting on the opening of the new Wellies store, Scruples owner, Stephen said: “We’re really looking forward to this new Chapter in the Scruples story. Our main store has been trading for twenty five years and we felt that we could extend our offering – but this time there will also be an emphasis on ladieswear.”


“The Wellies idea came from the fact that we have a large and loyal customer base and we felt that we could offer them new lines beyond the normal ranges typical of Scruples.” “We know that a lot of our customers lead very active lives – and there’s a large number of people who are looking for quality leisure wear for when they’re enjoying themselves in the outdoors. We’ve tried to bring these two elements together and we’re sure our customers will like what they see!”

101 Gisburn Road, Barrowford, BB9 6DX Tel: - 01282 618914

With all our works carried out by time served craftsmen and our large stock of dimensional stone, you can be reassured that our high standards of work will meet your expectations. From cut and fitted custom built fireplaces to monumental stone work – whatever the job – our quality and levels of service are designed to satisfy the most discerning customers.

Office Address - 11 Station Road, Foulridge, BB8 7LB Telephone - 01282 862872 Mobile - 07814 768794 Web - www.pendlestonesupplies.co.uk

• Deli with a huge variety of fine foods • Delicious home-made light lunches to eat in or take away • Relaxed coffee shop • Specialists in home-made bread and cakes • A fabulous selection of fine organic wines and Spirits and speciality beers • Wide range of local produce, plus mediterranean delights • First class outside catering available • Cater for special diets (wheat and gluten free for Coeliacs) • Enthusiastic supporter of fair trade • Specialist hampers made to order • Speciality Cupcakes and Cupcake Parties • Free WiFi

Opening times: Tues-Fri 9.30-4.30 Sat 9.00-5.00 Taste @ Clitheroe, 2 Swan Courtyard Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2DQ Telephone: 01200 442006 Web: tasteatclitheroe.co.uk

Barrowford Dental Practice Craig Farrell, Mark Pearce and the whole team are committed to improving and maintaining healthy smiles for you and your family. New patients are welcomed on a private pay-as-you-go basis. We also have our own monthly maintenance plan.

59 Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Tel: 01282 611844


Let our location sell your property

Old Birchenlee House, Colne.

Oakfield, Cliviger.

Ivy Mount, Burnley.

Specialist in prestigious properties & village locations Based in the up-market village of Barrowford, a quarter of a mile from the Scruples store, Broden Lloyd Estate Agents - the first agents to be located in the village - offers you an outstanding service when you are considering prestige properties in prime village locations across Pennine Lancashire and the Ribble Valley. Discerning home buyers value the service provided by our efficient, friendly and experienced staff – who will handle all types of inquiries. So, whether you are trying to buy, sell or even if you are looking for property management or to rent a property, Broden Lloyd will only market selected properties based on quality and location - unlike other agents. Consequently, you can rest assured that we will give you the quality service that you expect. In conjunction with Broden Lloyd, Prime Mortgage Solutions offers: • Mortgages, • Re-mortgages • Buy-to-let mortgages • Life and general insurance

6 Cromwell Terrace, Gisburn Road, Barrowford Tel: 01282 602000 Fax: 01282 616040 www.brodenlloyd.co.uk

INCH PERFECT FOR BIG STU Moving into the area from Newcastle in 1996, Stuart Ashman, confesses he didn’t know his way around Manchester...then he discovered Scruples. originally moved into the area to be a H aving marketing manager at Smith and Nephew, Stuart is

now the Chief Executive of the Turkington Industries group of companies. Initially, the prospect of shopping in Manchester was an unknown and slightly daunting prospect, but then Stuart discovered Scruples, a local outlet for all the brands he wanted to wear. “I can say that since then I haven’t really shopped anywhere else, everything I need’s right here. It’s a one-stop shop, but also my lastminute.com - I can call these guys if I’m away on business on a Wednesday or a Thursday and say “help! I’ve got to go to a wedding or christening” and I can trust them to sort it out.” Given the nature of his work and the fact that he had a military background, serving as a marine officer, it’s fair to say that being smart and presenting himself well would be important considerations. Nevertheless, Stuart sees the Scruples service as having broadened his tastes. “Jan’s probably brought me more out of my shell - the north east may be progressive in its clothing, but it’s not pastel pinks and lemons and that sort of stuff - so Jan’s got a way of changing the names of colours, he just makes colours up. Pink becomes Salmon!” “I haven’t started wearing paisley shirts to work, but I was wearing brighter colours and different linings. And that’s the great thing about the made to measure lines here - they’ll do whatever you want without you having to go to London to Saville Row.” Being six feet and five inches, it’s fair to say that Stuart might struggle with an off-the-peg suit service - and that’s one of the reasons he enthuses about the made to measure service. “The guys from Pal Zileri give a flawless service - and Stephen and Jan have learnt from them over the years. I’ve never had a badly fitting suit from here…the quality is fantastic - you get what you pay for. If you want to get a suit from the High Street, I’m sure the quality’s fine and I’m sure it fits there or there abouts. But if you want it perfect absolutely inch perfect - then you come here.”



Est a b l i s h e d 1 9 6 8

We are a family firm and have been providing support for local businesses for over forty years.

• Tax Advice • Self Assessment • Accounts • Payroll • Book-keeping • VAT returns • Company Formations 137 Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Lancashire, BB9 6EP Tel: 01282 564416 Email: enquiries@dymondashworth.co.uk

Heating that doesn’t cost the earth..

Air Source Heat Pump Ground Source Heat Pump Solar Panels Underfloor Heating Bespoke Heat Recovery Systems Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration Plumbing & Heating Services Boiler Installations/Repairs


Join Scruples on Facebook! social media, we have just launched a Facebook F group for the Scruples store.

or those of you au fait with online networking and

Whilst we take great pride in our history, as we look back on our twenty five years in business, it’s fair to say that we also try to be as forward looking as we can be. So with this in mind we thought that a facebook group would be a good method to keep people up to pace with new lines, dates for the diary (like the Pal Zileri made-to-measure service) and new developments, such as Wellies, our new store in Barrowford. Facebook is now a global phenomenon – this year it’s been ranked as the most used social network in terms

of worldwide monthly active users. There are currently over 300 million active users worldwide! Not only can you access the site at home or in the office, there is now an iPhone application, so you can keep in touch whilst you’re on the move. All this adds up to making the site the 7th most visited website in the world and it’s by some distance the most popular social networking site in the UK. In short, what are you waiting for? Get online, join the Scruples Menswear group and be amongst the very first to know what’s happening!


Interiors designed by arc interiors Leona & Joanne

The Launch Par ty

Leona and Joanne welcome Scruples customers to their newly opened salon in Colne. Our fresh new interior, relaxed informal atmosphere and years of experience – means that you can permanently wave goodbye to bad hair days. And, as we specialise in colour why not be a bit more daring, or even treat that special someone?

Tel: 01282 866886 41 Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire


A real country pub in a great rural location... Nestling in Pendle’s magnificent countryside located on the Lancashire Yorkshire border above the village of Laneshawbridge, this rural coaching inn was originally built in 1725. Following a very careful and sympathetic renovation, the inn, with stone floors, original beams and real fires welcomes all for dwelling, drinking and dining. In a relaxed setting with friendly service, we offer seriously good local ingredients and fayre, cooked well and accompanied by a noteworthy selection of real ales and good wines. Dining at the inn is available in the bar, lounge and garden room and our full menu is available in each, with food served every day of the week from 12 noon until around 9pm.

The Alma Inn Laneshawbridge

The Alma Inn, Emmott Lane, Laneshawbridge, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 7EG Tel (01282) 857830 Fax (01282) 857831 Email reception@thealmainn.com Web www.thealmainn.com

WHY CHOOSE ORDINARY, WHEN YOU COULD HAVE EXTRAORDINARY? MORE GRACIOUS. MORE ELEGANT. MORE PREMIUM AMBIENCE. The new 2010 Land Rover Range stands without peer. With enhanced comfort, refined form and extra performance, they easily retain their mantle as the most advanced, most powerful, most complete vehicles in their classes. They are unmatched in any environment with their unrivalled capability and uncompromising luxury. There’s nothing ordinary about the Land Rover collection, every model is a leader in its class and there is just so much to tell you about them. You need to discover the next generation Land Rovers from Hillendale, visit us or call us on 01282 728715 to arrange a test drive.

Hillendale Land Rover Lomeshaye Business Park, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 6LL

01282 728715 www.hillendale.co.uk D R I V E



GENERATI N RANGE OF FUEL ECONOMY FIGURES FOR THE LAND ROVER RANGE (L/100KM): URBAN 30.6 (9.2) - 12.4 (22.8), EXTRA URBAN 45.5 (6.2) - 23.1 (12.2), COMBINED 37.7 (7.5) - 17.8 (15.9), CO2 EMISSIONS 376 - 194G/KM. E&OE.


Profile for Camilla Statham

Scruples 2009/2010  

Fashion at Scruples Menswear. Designed by www.BrandSpankin.co.uk

Scruples 2009/2010  

Fashion at Scruples Menswear. Designed by www.BrandSpankin.co.uk