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About Us BrandSpankin’ is a creative marketing and media relations business based in East Lancashire, offering you high quality, affordable marketing services in a friendly and efficient manner. Whether you are a small start-up or a larger enterprise, we’re sufficiently fleet of foot to be highly responsive, but we also have the experience and scale to help you build awareness, win new business and see a measurable return on your marketing spend. From media relations to graphic design and print, from websites and digital marketing to contract publishing and advertising, our no-nonsense marketing will help your business stand out from the crowd. Our aim is to help your business make more money.

Media Relations Using our media relations services, your business will win consistent positive coverage in your target media. We’ll ensure that you’re seen and heard in the publications that are read by your prospects and customers. Our services are relatively inexpensive and we deliver an independently audited return on investment. The benefits of our programme will see your business significantly increase awareness of your values and your offerings. You’ll be perceived as experts, market leaders and a trusted source. This will help you to build relationships – and when your prospects are making ‘buying decisions’, you will be front of mind.

“BrandSpankin’ have helped us immensely with our media relations. Now, people are blogging about our service and social media activity has increased our website traffic. Most importantly, we’ve generated coverage in trade and business media, regional media and we’ve been in The Daily Telegraph. Building awareness in this way will help us become the first point of reference when people are looking to purchase mobile broadband.” Andy Gott - Managing Director,

Branding/Consultancy Where your brand is concerned, we will help you to determine the values that you want to convey to your prospects and customers. This can direct the “look and feel” of the business as well as creating a business “tone of voice” – this will give you consistency across all your marketing and sales materials, making your business look professional, credible and trustworthy. Following an initial consultation we will work up our ideas and refine your preference to generate a full brand identity. We will present this to you with a brand rationale, as well as a brand guidelines booklet.

“BrandSpankin know what they are talking about when it comes to media engagement and building brand awareness. From the design of a first class logo for my new business venture (capturing the pure essence of the message and personality of the business), to providing tips and tools for maximising media output whilst on a DIY budget. Julian and his team speak in a language which is easy to understand and totally demystifies the process of engaging people via various channels of on-line and off-line media. Very informative, with some good cups of tea thrown in!” Joanne St. Clair - Owner, Ghost Town Records

The benefits of our programme will see your business significantly increase awareness of your values and your offerings. You’ll be perceived as experts, market leaders and a trusted source. This will help you to build relationships – and when your prospects are making “buying decisions”, you will be front of mind. (Andy Gott quote)

Graphic Design Our in-house graphic design services will see your business benefit from sales and marketing materials that will put your competitors in the shade. We can offer design and print services of all shapes and sizes – from business cards to brochures, from letterheads to sales packs. We’ll listen to you to ensure you get a result that suits your tastes – but critically that reflects the values of your business and meets the expectations of your prospects and customers. Our graphic design work isn’t aimed at winning awards in Cannes – it’s about giving your business cut-through in a world of “me-too”’s about helping your business to make more money!

“I love the look BrandSpankin created for our packaging. I think theyll help our product appeal to savvy girls everywhere from the beach to the bedroom!” Urmi Patel - Managing Director, Myumi

Web Design Our no nonsense approach extends to web design, as we believe that your site should work hard for you. It should look good, it should read well – but it should be more than just an online brochure. Your website should bring in leads and generate sales - thus paying for itself! For this reason, we will fully optimise your site to ensure you’re highly ranked with all the major search engines. Once the traffic’s there we’ll ensure that your site is compelling and generates the response you’re looking for.

“We’d seen another website that BrandSpankin’ built and we were impressed. Their process was very consultative, so there were no shocks. Their price was competitive and we were delighted with the outcome – our site looks excellent and reads very well. More to the point, the site was generating leads from the moment it went live and it took just a fortnight to pay for itself. Our website is a profitable sales channel!” Gary Dawber,

Planning/Strategy If you can’t see the wood for the trees where your marketing is concerned, we may be able to help you. Many businesses engage in ad hoq, tactical marketing, but we can help you to formulate a strategy to get the best return out of your spend. We’ll also help you understand how to set your objectives, we’ll look at which channels give you the most success versus what you spend - and we’ll show you ways to measure and evaluate your successes! That way you’ll generate more leads and convert more business. With this approach, you might find you spend less and make more!

Strategy/ Planning

Social Media Modern marketing isn’t simply about shouting the loudest. Increasingly, the businesses that succeed are the ones who engage clients and prospects in a dialogue. Social Media is an increasingly important means of communicating and an ideal way for businesses to initiate this dialogue – in the last quarter of 2009, Dell made $7million from Twitter alone! Our approach uses social media to enhance your website’s traffic and search engine ranking, as well as supporting your media relations efforts by creating a “ripple effect on steroids”! Our approach will seriously impact on your website traffic, help you build awareness and generate leads!


Direct/E-Marketing As a means of marketing to your database, or as a form of customer communications, e-marketing is highly efficient, cost effective and measurable. We can manage one off e-shots for you, or a more comprehensive campaign. The outcome is a tailored message delivered to a precise target audience. We can provide you with detailed information about who opened your e-shot, when and how many times they opened it.

The benefits of our programme will see your business significantly increase awareness of your values and your offerings. You’ll be perceived as experts, market leaders and a trusted source. This will help you to build relationships – and when your prospects are making “buying decisions”, you will be front of mind. (Andy Gott quote)

Contract Publishing If your business is considering producing a publication, we can offer you extremely cost effective editorial and design services. Alternatively, we can offer you an end to end managed service, including advertising sales, editorial, design, print and distribution. A beautifully produced publication will present your business to your customers and target market as a highly credible, knowledgeable and professional. What better way to deliver your brand and your propositions to prospects? What better way to retain the business of valued customers? “BrandSpankin’ have taken the Scruples magazine to the next level for us – we’re delighted with the outcome. It presents Scruples in the light that we want and in the manner that our customers have come to expect over the years. We’ve had excellent feedback from people on our database, as well as businesses who have supported the publication through advertising!” Stephen Collins, Proprietor Scruples Menswear

Training Courses BrandSpankin’ can offer your business PR and social media marketing training. In many cases we can also get this fully funded for you. In addition, we offer bespoke training for clients with a specific marketing need. Our courses are designed to give you the means to manage campaigns yourself. You can work in confidence that you’re deploying a proven method that incurs very low cost, is measurable and delivers a tangible return on investment, as well as enhancing the skills within your business.

“The atmosphere on the course was relaxed and friendly. I learned how to write and distribute strong press releases - and monitor coverage. Since the course we’ve had stories in the Nelson Leader, Lancashire Telegraph, Bolton Evening News - plus online coverage. The social media elements have helped with lead generation, so we’ve seen a real return. Overall was thrilled with the course and better still it was fully funded by Business Link!” Victoria Evans - Office Manager, Uno Coffee, Nelson

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