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Most recent books from Argentina : fiction / coordinado por Patricio Fayó. - 1a ed. - Buenos Aires : Cámara Argentina del Libro, 2010. 32 p. ; 23x14 cm. ISBN 978-950-9394-50-6 1. Producción Editorial Argentina. 2. Catálogos I. Fayó, Patricio, coord. CDD 011

Fecha de catalogación: 20/08/2010

Comisión Frankfurt 2010 Ana María Cabanellas Daniel Divinsky Héctor Dinsmann Gustavo Canevaro Coordinación general: Patricio Fayó Comisión Frankfurt 2010: Héctor Dinsmann Diseño de tapa: Eduardo Ruiz Diagramación: Vera Ridge ISBN 978-950-9394-50-6 © Cámara Argentina del Libro Av. Belgrano 1580 piso 4º C1093AAQ – Buenos Aires – Argentina Tel: (54-11) 4381-8383 Fax: (54-11) 4381-9253

Hecho el depósito que marca la ley 11.723 IMPRESO EN ARGENTINA – PRINTED IN ARGENTINA 2

Introduction Argentina was chosen Guest of Honour for this year’s Frankfurt Bookfair because of the liveliness of its publishing industry and the richness of its literary production. The present catalogue is proud to show a small sample of this output. On one hand, it includes classical authors like Roberto Arlt, Macedonio Fernández, Horacio Quiroga or Ernesto Sabato. Some of them are well known and have been translated into several languages around the world, supported in part by the generous subsidies of the Programa Sur. Others still remain a secret –like Sara Gallardo or Enrique Wernicke–, and hopefully this fair will help them to be discovered. But there are also surprising new voices that summarize the best of contemporary Latin American writing: Félix Bruzzone, Elvio Gandolfo and Gustavo Nielsen, to name just a few. And powerful writers who manage to reach wide publics with their sweepingly told epics: Jorge Fernández Díaz, Mempo Giardinelli, H. Lanvers and María Rosa Lojo, among others. The subjects are varied ¬–the tango milieu couldn’t be absent, but the curious reader will also find gripping crime stories, mysterious mythological tales, hilarious short stories, avant-garde theatre, subtle love stories… We invite you to stroll through the coming pages, as a small introduction to a whole world of thoughts and imagination that is being created and published in Argentina right now. We hope you enjoy it!



Cámara Argentina del Libro Executive Commitee President Carlos de Santos (Manantial) 1st Vice President Isaac Rubinzal (Rubinzal y Asoc.) 2nd Vice President Gustavo Canevaro (Albatros) Secretary Graciela Rosenberg (Lugar Editorial) Pro Secretary Andrés Telesca (San Benito) Treasurer Martín Gremmelspacher (Bonum) Pro Treasurer Carlos Díaz (Siglo XXI Editores Argentina) Plenary Members Rep. Ezequiel Leder Kremer (Librería Hernández) Regular Active Members Verónica Riera (Dédalo SRL – Biblos) Michelle Kenigstein (Gran Aldea Editores) Horacio García (Catálogos) Jaime Rodrigué (EDHASA) Constanza Brunet (Marea editorial) Marina Malfe (Asunto Impreso) María Teresa Carbano (Imaginador) José Néstor Pérez (Homo Sapiens) Ana María Cabanellas (Heliasta) Jorge Testero (Inst. Movilizador) Osmar Buyatti (Osmar Buyatti) Carlos Payaslian (EUDEBA)

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Kabarettistinnen (Cabareteras) Registros de Santiago Solís / CABARET LADIES - Accounting records by Santiago Solís Longhi, Luis

Kabarettistinnen. Aufzeichnungen von Santiago Solís, by Luis Longhi is set in the breathtaking tango universe, which practically belongs to the past and which, for that very reason, tends to confuse us so much. The main character, Santiago Solís, together with Eugenio Rataplán, throws himself into the dubious adventure of searching for his loved woman, who ran away from him or was kidnapped or maybe even got lost in some shady cabaret. ISBN 978-3-939871-15-6 Year of publication: 2010 Abrazos Pages: 154 Format: 21 cm x 15 cm German

OTUMBA Montenegro, Rafael Flores

ISBN 978-3-939871-17-0 Year of publication: 2010 Abrazos Pages: 150 Format: 21 cm x 15 cm German

Roberto returns to his home country Otumba after spending several years abroad. However, lots of things have happened since he crossed the ocean to build a new life. Is Juana still going to be the same woman? And his friends? He must realize that while he has tried to leave the past behind, dark memories are catching up with him. Rafael Flores Montenegro wrote an excellent Latin American novel, gloomy and tragic, its pages filled with the terrible ghosts of passion and death, memories and dreams, exile and the uncurable obsession of his return, the continuously present impossibility of oblivion.



In his novel Der Dolmetscher, Néstor Ponce leads his readers into the mysterious world of Buenos Aires in 1870, characterized by chaos, love, and death. There, destiny unites a lovely French lady, an old and rich ex-judge, and a young interpreter. The fascination of the encounter of these three people soon mingles with jealosy and the delusion of a city haunted by yellow fever and powerlessness.

ISBN 978-3-939871-16-3 Year of publication: 2010 Abrazos Pages: 260 Format: 21 cm x 15 cm German


With Postkarten, for the first time the famous socio-critical vignettes full with sarcastic humor by Miguel Repiso, alias Rep (* 1961, Buenos Aires) have been dispatched in German. You will have a chance to meet the author live at the Frankfurt Book Fair at the beginning of October, where he will participate in the design of the Argentine pavilion.

ISBN 978-3-939871-02-6 Year of publication: 2010 Abrazos Illustrator: Miguel Rep Pages: 150 Format: 21 cm x 15 cm German 8

MARTÍN FIERRO Hernández, José

This is the most popular argentinian gauchesco poetry , in its full version with both parts: El gaucho Martín Fierro, originally published in 1872, and La vuelta de Martín Fierro, in 1879. The gaucho’s life, jobs, uses, virtues and vicious are described here. This edition with the original versos plus the biography of Hernández and several original addendas.

ISBN 978-9871306312 Year of publication: 2010 Andrés Bello Illustrator: Angriman Christian Pages: 168 Format: 21 cm x 15 cm CDD: A861 Poetry

POLICIALES ARGENTINOS La bolsa de huesos y otros cuentos De Santis / Holmberg / Peyrou / Pérez Zelaschi / Ayala Gauna

Fascinating argentinian thriller short stories, classic ones like La bolsa de huesos, from Holmberg, Julieta y el mago, from Manuel Peyrou, Las señales, from Adolfo Luis Pérez Zelaschi; a typical one like El regreso de don Frutos, from Velmiro Ayala Gauna and a modern one like Los números primos, from Pablo de Santis.

ISBN 978-987-22269-1-6 Year of publication: 2005 Andrés Bello Illustrator: Pereyra Emiliano Pages: 158 Format: 19 cm x 12 cm CDD: A863 Short Stories 9

VIAJE DE BODAS Pérez Sabbi, Mercedes

Short stories taking place in different places, where fright and strange characters live in an atmosphere of the unavoidable and terror, with a bride dressed in black, a stony voice in the phone, an elegant mysterious blue suit, a dead girl who visits the past... Pérez Sabbi is an Argentinian writer who writes novels and short stories for children and young adults.

ISBN 978-987-1306-29-9 Year of publication: 2010 Andrés Bello Illustrator: Angriman Christian Pages: 98 Format: 13 cm x 20 cm CDD: A863 Short Stories


ISBN 978-987-614-109-3 Year of publication: 2008 Capital Intelectual Pages: 144 Format: 15 cm x 21 cm CDD: A863 Narrativa Argentina 10

When this book was published for the first time, it produced a literary phenomenon, unique for that time: it became what is now called a bestseller. In Setenta veces siete (Seventy times seven ) Dalmiro Sáenz deployed his capacities as a profound observer and portrays brilliantly solitary, violent creatures, in need of love, captive of fate and bewildered when facing injustice. These are stories written in a sharp, scathing prose, in fair words, inhabited by extreme love and extreme hatred. God is the protagonist of this heretical and violent volume, Sáenz says, and the book is dedicated to “those who need his absence to confirm his existence.”


ISBN 978-987-614-130-7 Year of publication: 2008 Capital Intelectual Pages: 132 Format: 15 cm x 21 cm CDD: A863 Narrativa Argentina

This book was once a bestseller and, according to Abelardo Castillo, is one of the most hilarious argentine books. The truth is that in these amazing stories the reader will find streets of Buenos Aires, horse races, medical vicissitudes, hospitals, pensions: in other words, Jobson‘s world and Jobson’s irreverent, enormous, sometimes scatological humor, through which he saw his own reality and his characters’ as well. Until this version of The world’s longest noodle was published, Jobson stories couldn’t be found in bookstores. This edition provides an appendix with a portrait of the author from three voices: Jobson himself in his unique style and two of his friends’, writers Isidoro Blaisten and Vicente Battista.

ENERO / JANUARY Gallardo, Sara

ISBN 978-987-614-160-4 Year of publication: 2009 Capital Intelectual Pages: 104 Format: 15 cm x 21 cm CDD: A863 Narrativa Argentina

This little masterpiece was conceived by the author when she was 20; she wrote it down when she was 23 and she had it hidden several years; when at last the story was published, it earned Sara Gallardo immediate critical acclaim. January dramatizes a rural environment “this wild America, impossible to catechize”an atmosphere Sara Gallardo deeply knew and where she locates many of her stories. Her lucid and sensitive look reveals domination, manipulation, class prejudices: social relations that appear in her work as essential details of the plot. She was a writer who knew firsthand those characters that passed each other in Argentina’s cultural and social boundaries while the country was still looking back into the nineteenth century.



ISBN 978-987-614-189-5 Year of publication: 2009 Capital Intelectual Pages: 120 Format: 15 cm x 21 cm CDD: A860 Literatura Argentina

In austere prose, away from any easy literary effect, Enrique Wernicke dives into the riverbank world: cheap restaurants, workshops, clandestine communist militants, an unruly child and a young girl who ignores her own beauty, a violent but subtle environment and a landscape with its own rules that must be discovered and conquered. On the other hand, the main character’s former urban world remains with its commitments, the law, a failed marriage and a son who is a stranger. First published in 1955 La ribera (The riverbank) was considered Wernicke’s capital novel and one of the best in Argentina’s literature.


ISBN 978-987-602-118-0 Year of publication: 2009 Comunicarte Illustrator: Mónica Weiss Pages: 91, Format: 20 cm x 13 cm CDD: 868A Young Adult, Teenager - Fiction (Age: 13-19) 12

Who says ghosts do not exist?! They are invisible to the eyes, this is true, but there are so many things that we can not see and they are there, revolving around us! Higinio Curucheta is one of those specters who comes back to Esperanza´s guesthouse hoping to see María again, his old and beloved wife. He comes back right for the carnival, but he does not come alone, he is accompanied by a delegation of specters... and their own funny little ways: Clara with her stardom eagerness, Maluco the thief, Domingo Cocha the chronic cougher... And what is such a journey for? will you wonder. Higinio has a specific purpose: to complete an unfinished work so that he can rest in peace, after so much sleeplessness.


Noton –a peculiar character that hardly speaks– tastes others’ words, and their taste and aroma somehow enable him to understand them. He uses the words of others; he then learns to read by repeating phrases; he copies words until he writes by himself; and, when he can finally speak, it turns out that he does it in rhyme. This is not strange at all in a novel that reminds readers that the matter of literature is language.

ISBN 978-987-602-080-0 Year of publication: 2008 Comunicarte Illustrator: Mónica Weiss Pages: 203, Format: 20 cm x 13 cm CDD: A 863.928 3 Young Adult, Teenager - Fiction (Age: 13-19)


ISBN 978-987-602-130-2 Year of publication: 2010 Comunicarte Illustrator: Mónica Weiss Pages: 119, Format: 20 cm x 13 cm CDD: A863.928 3 Young Adult, Teenager - Fiction (Age: 13-19)

Can an informatics program design the ideal boyfriend? Can you madly fall in love with a virtual being, losing control of the mouse? Can a person live connected to the monitor the whole day? And in a society under a strict police and technological control, where human beings have lost the ability to get in contact, is it possible to find love only by looking into someone´s eyes? Many different persons pass through the computer´s screen: murderers and detectives, old people looking for their past, humanoids and teenage hackers... They are the main characters in stories where tenderness, fears and horror take turns, surrounding us with the sensation that something strange is increasingly fencing us.



It’s summer. In a small town by a river, a boy, a girl, their aunt who is in love, her gentleman caller and a dog named What spend their vacations. What’s the dog’s name? Precisely What. The perfect touch for a pup who is no fool. So at siesta time, with restless paws and tail, this pup will join the gang to spend some unforgettable adventures of the kind that we have on those joyful days that taste like freedom.

ISBN 978-987-1151-87-5 Year of publication: 2005 Comunicarte Illustrator: Mónica Weiss Pages: 121, Format: 20 cm x 13 cm CDD: A 863.928 3 Young Adult, Teenager - Fiction (Age: 13-19)

VILLA Gusmán, Luis

Emblematic novel about the seventies; Villa tells the story of a dull man, a doctor who works at the Department of Social Welfare and who, almost accidentally, ends up collaborating with the illegal repression of militaries. Surely, the best Argentine novel about repression.

ISBN 978-950-900-952-3 Year of publication: 2009 Edhasa Pages: 264 Format: Rústica 22,5 cm x 14 cm CDD: A863 Fiction Poetry 14

EL OTRO LADO Consiglio, Jorge

ISBN 978-987-628-065-5 Year of publication: 2009 Edhasa Pages: 176 Format: Rústica 22,5 cm x 14 cm CDD: A863 Fiction Literary

In a man’s or woman’s life, there is at least one moment which allows imagining a completely different existence. That door to another place sometimes is right in front of us, so one can decide, or believe one can decide, to cross it or not. Jorge Consiglio’s stories are exemplary portraits -which often take one’s breath awayof those moments and what comes after them. His characters are people who have abandoned the path they once imagined as theirs, and all of a sudden find out they are helpless, without strength to go back, unable, due to inertia, to go on where destiny takes them, barely capable of understanding why life has done this to them. With sparse prose, which seems to tear language apart and turns sharp and emblematic every detail and gesture that comes out during the story; with a pious look on his characters, but without granting them a fate or rescue they haven’t earned.

LA PIEZA DEL FONDO Almeida, Eugenia

As in her first novel El colectivo (The bus), Eugenia Almeida places her eyes on characters that are at the margins of history. In this case, action doesn’t take place in a town, but in a small city, and the story develops around an old man who mysteriously disappears. As if determined by fate that old man, who occupied a peripheral position in the lives of the other characters, now is at the very centre. Obsession with finding him connects people who used to be strangers, and the path taken to locate him shows them that the life they were leading was barely an obstacle to the life they should actually have. ISBN 978-987-628-098-3 Year of publication: 2010 Edhasa Pages: 192 Format: Rústica 22 cm x 14 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Literary 15


ISBN 978-987-627-154-7 Year of publication: 2010 Ediciones B Argentina Pages: 336 Format: 13 cm x 22 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Literary

Bernardo, a priest, falls in love with Miriam, a pregnant teenager who recently lost her memory. Fernando gets dazzled by Juana, a beautiful gipsy victim of a strange curse. The love affair of Professor Jeremías with his student Tamara unleashes a tragedy. Bishop Camilo Borghese is overwhelmed by his lustful desire for María, the niece of his maid servant. The Truth about the Devil’s Son is a brave, lucid work about the everlasting struggle between good and evil. It is a novel that portrays human hell in a provoking way. The story takes place in Mar del Plata, where the characters sail in an ocean stirred up by God and the Devil, that is, by love and hatred, passion and grudge, truth and lie, reason and superstition.


ISBN 978-987-627-129-5 Year of publication: 2009 Ediciones B Argentina Pages: 160 Format: 13 cm x 22 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Literary 16

Nine stories intertwined to create other new stories, in which men and women try to be happy facing a world of increasing intolerance, violence and hypocrisy. And they are nine, not ten, because true love is always in need of a bit more; an unfulfilled desire, an imperfection or a trifle usually interposes to achieve the whole. Mempo Giardinelli, a master storyteller, skillfully deploys his theatrical tricks to represent the unique and at the same time universal rite of love. 9 Love Stories creates the ineffable joy of discovering a secret, special bond between the writer and the reader.


A dazzling allegory about the difficulty to preserve innocence in a threatening, deceiving world: a fifteen year old girl is raped; the man must pay with imprisonment. Nonetheless, nothing is what it seems, but the damage is already done. Tantas maneras de vivir is a cruel modern fable, with nuances of thriller and detective story. Silvia Miguens invites the reader to follow the steps of a new “Lolita” and, in doing so, poses a strong moral and intellectual dilemma. ISBN 978-987-627-117-2 Year of publication: 2009 Ediciones B Argentina Pages: 160 Format: 13 cm x 22 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Literary

FURCA Del Río, Fernando / Chilano, Sebastián

“The world is ruled by smart people, consumed by stupid people and suffered by the most of people”, says one of the characters of Furca.

ISBN 978-987-627-132-5 Year of publication: 2009 Ediciones B Argentina Pages: 240 Format: 15 cm x 23 cm CDD: A683 Fiction, Literary

Fernando del Río and Sebastián Chilano depict a sordid environment where the main character, a disabled man, makes sense of the world through a resented gaze. A disturbing ethic creates an aesthetic of sour humor bordering on cruelty and horror in front of the “propriety” of everyday life. Instead of the customary sympathy to the unfortunate, the novel may arouse anger, annoyance, uneasiness, simply because it peeks at a world usually ignored by both authors and readers.


INFORME SOBRE CIEGOS - Y otras historias / REPORT ON BLINDS - And other stories Sabato, Breccia y otros

ISBN 978-950-563-480-4 Year of publication: 2007 Ediciones Colihue Illustrator: Alberto Breccia Pages: 136 Format: 22 cm x 31 cm CDD: 741.5 Comics, Cartoons

Informe sobre ciegos (Report on blinds) is an autonomous and, at the same time, central chapter of Ernesto Sabato’s renowned novel Sobre heroes y tumbas. The report tells the story of Fernando Vidal Olmos, who, based on apparently random facts, convinces himself about the existence of the powerful Sacred Sect of the Blinds, which everyday adds new followers to its organisation. Alberto Breccia planned for years the adaptation of this chapter of the novel to comic, and this resulted in a well-known masterpiece. This book collects as well adaptations by Breccia to other important works, such as Horacio Quiroga’s La gallina degollada.


ISBN 978-950-563-510-8 Year of publication: 2008 Ediciones Colihue Pages: 320 Format: 14 cm x 22 cm CDD: A 862 Performing Arts, Theatre 18

Los verbos irregulares (Irregular verbs) is a collection of four of the most famous and succesful plays by the renowned Argentinean playwrithg Rafael Spregelburd: Lúcido, Acassuso, Bloqueo y Buenos Aires. All of them belong to the same period of his work and carry the author’s personal style. Yet, each of them is inspired on different situations, treats different subjects and has diverse tones. As Spregelburd himself says in the preface, he wrote these plays “as if he was four different persons (and all at the same time)”. The result is a book that goes from pessimism to unlimited euphoria in a couple of pages, that simultaneously explores comedy, melodrama and grotesque.

LA CASA M / THE “M” HOUSE Barberis, Alicia

ISBN 978-950-581-160-1 Year of publication: 2009 Ediciones Colihue Pages: 160 Format: 13 cm x 18 cm CDD: A 863.928 2 Young Adult, Teenager - Fiction (Age: 13-19)

Clara, a teenager who, due to reasons beyond her will, had to return to Argentina along with her family from their exile in Spain, has to begin a new life in a small town. The new environment, where the past becomes omnipresent, triggers conflicting interests, old resentments and forgotten silences. The argument flows around an old mystery concerning the Dictatorship in a particular house of the town. To unveil this mystery, the novel appeals to suspense and detective’s logics, with characters that grow and are transformed as they establish new ties. Eventually, the truth allows overcoming the distress of the past and allows justice to be done.


ISBN 978-950-563-474-3 Year of publication: 2008 Ediciones Colihue Illustrator: Luis Scafati Pages: 320 Format: 17 cm x 24 cm CDD: A 864 Fiction

The renowned Argentinean anthropologist and writer Adolfo Colombres portrays and classifies in Seres mitológicos argentinos (Argentinean Mythological Creatures) five hundred and fifteen Argentinean supernatural beings representative both from indigenous and creole culture. Here can be found the deities that created the world and the stars, the ones that preserve nature or heal diseases. There is no other Latin American book this complete about a country’s mythology. Skillfully illustrated by Luis Scafati, it gives visual form to beings that had not been represented before. Myths, far from being something with no current meaning, keep their validity and maintain the capacity to amaze and to move.


ADRIANA BUENOS AIRES - Última novela mala / ADRIANA BUENOS AIRES - Last bad novel Fernández, Macedonio

ISBN 978-950-05-1595-5 Year of publication: 2010 Ediciones Corregidor Pages: 240 Format: 14 cm x 20 cm Francés CDD: A863 Fiction, Novel

Adriana Buenos Aires, as “the last bad novel”, was conceived by Macedonio Fernandez in relationship with Museo de la novela de la Eterna. In spite of its folletinesque nature – the love triangle through a single conception –, it predicts the improvements and innovative proposals of Museo de la novella de la Eterna, the “first good novel”, by displaying the trite procedures of the ruling realism in 19th Century´s Argentinean narrative. It is said, even more if we consider that both were written simultaneously, that one served as a basis for the other in that aesthetic search for the future novel.


ISBN 978-950-05-1867-3 Year of publication: 2010 Ediciones Corregidor Pages: 272 Format: 12,5 cm x 19,5 cm CDD: U863 Fiction, Anthologies 20

The originality and strangeness of the literature of Felisberto Hernández and the imaginative richness of his style –marked by poverty and self-learning– does not arise only in contrast with the prevailing nativism in Uruguay in the thirties, but even transcends temporal and programmatic juncture of avant-garde, so much so that several decades later, critics and writers continue to assert that Felisberto is not like anyone. Although his writing draws on autobiographical material, his stories go beyond the anecdotal, causing a different estrangement from the fantasy genre and that, rather than its themes or motifs, derived from specific formal operations and a figurative level closer to the poetic language.


ISBN 978-950-05-1805-5 Year of publication: 2010 Ediciones Corregidor Pages: 382 Format: 12,5 cm x 19,5 cm CDD: Cu863 Fiction, Anthologies

Virgilio Piñera was an indefatigable writer and an author of memorable poems, awesome plays, strange and exciting short stories and novels, lucid and even prescient essays, many of them published in such prestigious cultural projects as Orígenes magazine directed by Lezama Lima. While the generic classifications (poetry, drama, story, novel, essay) give the possibility of establishing boundaries in his vast work, it is probably also true that only a global consideration gives a measure of a sustained writing project for nearly forty years; even so, we hope that the selection of stories that this anthology offers can contribute to the creation of these total readers that Virgilio Piñera’s work still needs, thirty years after his death.


ISBN 978-950-05-1873-4 Year of publication: 2010 Ediciones Corregidor Pages: 128 Format: 12,5 cm x 19,5 cm CDD: B869.3 Fiction, Novel

This book contains thirteen titles, a northeastern girl named Macabea, a desperate writer named Rodrigo S.M., a fortuneteller who used to be a prostitute, a doctor who hates his job, an impatient boyfriend, a rooster that unexpectedly sings in the port of Rio de Janeiro. All these characters are united by Clarice Lispector’s unique writing style that manages to transmit silence and desperate screaming at the very same time. The Hour of the Star is the last book that was published before her death on December 9, 1977. Given the imminence of her death, just like her character Macabea, Lispector gave us with this novel, her most powerful glow.



ISBN 950-24-1067-X Year of publication: 2005 Editorial Albatros SACI Nahuel Alén Batic Format: 21 cm x 26 cm CDD: 398,21 Fiction

Second Journal: Northwest. It belongs to the collection known as `Mythological Argentinean Creatures´, a saga of three travel journals written by Evaristo Villiers, a Frenchman who sets off to Argentina looking for his father, a researcher on fairies and goblins. By means of these three journals Villiers gradually discovers the mythological life of three regions of our country: Patagonia, the Northwest and, finally, the region known as Litoral. An adventure that attracts both adults and children, combining fantasy with the description of mythological creatures from Argentina.

PUNTOS DE FUGA - Antología de cuentistas argentinos / VANISHING POINTS - Anthology of Argentine short-stories Trebucq, Josefina (comp)

ISBN 978-950-586-252-8 Year of publication: 2010 Editorial Ciudad Nueva Pages: 176 Format: 20 cm x 13 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Short Stories 22

Fifteen short stories. One very different from the other but with something in common that makes them remarkable: the value of the instant in each of them. Stories that allow us and, we could say force us to experience the instant. Some of the most relevant Argentine writers, gathered in a remarkable way, and guided by the skilful hand of Josefina Trebucq. The authors included in the anthology are: María Teresa Andruetto; Vicente Battista; Raúl Brasca; Rosalba Campra; Reyna Carranza; Abelardo Castillo; Pedro Chappa; Liliana Heker; Sylvia Iparraguirre; Alejandra Laurencich; Elena Marengo; Guillermo Martínez; Carmen Nani; Ana María Ramb; Carlos Schilling.


El juguete rabioso, Los siete locos, Los lanzallamas, El amor brujo, Mad toy, The seven madmen, The flamethrower, The wizard love

ISBN 978-950-03-5323-6 Year of publication: 2008 Editorial Losada S.A. Pages: 840 Format: 22,5 cm x 14,5 cm German,English, Italian, French, Portuguese CDD: A863 Literary

Roberto Arlt, one of the most renowned authors in Argentina, was born in Buenos Aires in 1900 and died in 1942. In 1926 he published his first novel “Mad toy” (El juguete rabioso) and also began writing for newspapers. His novels, stories and theatre plays became classics in the domestic literature and have been translated into several languages. In this volume, the author elaborates on the identity and circunstances of peculiar characters with utopian ideals in a universe of humiliations and failures, eagerness and hope.

ÓMNIBUS / BUS Gandolfo, Elvio

Elvio Gandolfo, a great storyteller, travels several times between Rosario and Buenos Aires, making mental notes before starting to write. On the relatively short journey, which is repeated several times, he focuses only on the vehicle’s interior, on the dialogues between passangers, on things he sees trough the window, silent disasters, people sitting across the aisle, people meditating, laughing, philosophizing and writing poetry. Neither novel nor diary, this unusual book unites stories in a very personal style that could previously only be found in journals and anthologies. ISBN 978-987-1180-30-1 Year of publication: 2006 Interzona Editora Pages: 136 Format: 14 cm x 21 cm CDD: 914.4 Fiction, Short Story 23


A life in the middle of the Argentine crisis. The crossing of introspection and politics, between desire and reality. Written in diary form. Intelligence and melancholy as a shelter for prose. A superb first novel. It was worth waiting for it all these years.

ISBN 978-987-1180-55-4 Year of publication: 2008 Interzona Editora Pages: 256 Format: 14 cm x 21 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Literary



ISBN 978-987-1180-32-5 Year of publication: 2008 Interzona Editora Pages: 128 Format: 14 cm x 21 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Literary

«“Nielsen narrates through the eyes of a criminal, a psychologist, an erotomaniac, an entomologist, an artist, an architect –he is an architect–, and with the smell of a chemist who percibes the scent and the bottom stench in human relations… “ I wrote these lines over a decade ago to celebrate the appearance of the first collection of Nielsen’s stories. It was a time when many fiction authors were published and Burnt Beach seemed the work of a real author - one who works with the truth of his imagination and who, instead of fearing them, admires and cherishes his monstrosity and intelligence to put together the pieces of the best contemporary literature.» Fogwill


ISBN 978-987-21109-6-3 Year of publication: 2004 Marea Editorial Illustrator: Pablo Temes Pages: 205 Format: 20 cm x 13 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Gay & Lesbian

A cult novel about homosexual love, which has already had three editions published in Argentina. …And One Day Nico Left is an amusing and decidedly out of control story, with a frenzied pace and naive romanticism, about a universal and inevitable experience: the unhappy love affair. With illustrations by Pablo Temes. “...And one day Nico left is not just a novel of homosexual love but also a novel of how the great Argentine family gradually transforms the way they view homosexuality”. Daniel Balderston, from the foreword of the book.

APU! Arias, Leonardo

In six small scenes and with the patience of all great storytellers, Leo Arias presents a story that anyone can understand. With the grace of all great cartoonists he builds up an unusual narrative before destroying the reader’s expectations in the last image. Apu! is ideal for reading alone or for sharing with others.

ISBN 978-987-1374-14-4 Year of publication: 2010 Pequeño Editor Illustrator: Leonardo Arias Pages: 28 Format: 16 cm x 15 cm CDD: 741.5 Comics


LOS SUEÑOS DEL AGUA / WATER’S DREAMS Colombo, María del Carmen

What does the water in a puddle dream about? It is a mystery that all children in the world wonder about and that only poetry and can reveal.

ISBN 978-987-1374-13-7 Year of publication: 2010 Pequeño Editor Illustrator: Cristian Turdera Pages: 36 Format: 20 cm x 21 cm CDD: A861,928 2 Picture Books


One day, Theo’s dad tells him about his trip to the jungle. It was the biggest and greatest of all jungles, with such tall trees and such big tree trunks that it would take all the children in Theo’s class to form a circle around one… Nothing is the same as it is at home in the region of the world where the Zápara people and Harpy Eagle live. ISBN 978-987-1374-06-9 Year of publication: 2008 Pequeño Editor Illustrator: Anne Decis Pages: 36 Format: 20 cm x 21 cm CDD: A863,928 2 Literary


BARREFONDO Bruzzone, Félix

ISBN 978-987-658-050-2 Year of publication: 2010 RHM - Mondadori Pages: 216 Format: 13.5 cm x 23 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Novel

Tavo is a pool cleaner, until one afternoon he thinks to have witnessed a crime. From then on, everything revolves around that episode for him. The stifling sun, his past, his marriage, his future, the contradictions of a life lived to the limit and nearing an end, all interweave in a giddy and sunstroke story, only interrupted by the electricity of the tools Tavo works with a few inches away from the water. Félix Bruzzone was born in 1976 in the city of Buenos Aires. He studied Literature. His short stories have featured in anthologies, such as En celo, Uno a uno, Buenos Aires / Escala 1:1, Hablar de mí (Spain), and Asado verbal (Germany). He has also been published in magazines—Mu and La mujer de mi vida, among others—and websites such as No retornable, El interpretador, and Los topos.


ISBN 978-950-644-168-5 Year of publication: 2009 RHM - Plaza & Janés Pages: 448 Format: 15.5 cm x 23 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Novel

Only Tom Grant, a South African veteran of the Angolan War and uncle to one of the youth who have been kidnapped together with his friend Samuel Tabbs can try to stop the caravan before it is too late. From the lost city of Timbuktu to the Kenyan plains, traffickers will fight to death. Haruj is assisted by the experience of a whole life devoted to slave trade, a thousandyear-old practice which he considers to be supported by a verse in the Sacred Writings -the Koran. South African Grant and Tabbs, however, set about rescuing the victims, only believe in the strength of friendship and the power of a bullet. Hernán Lanvers is a surgeon and one of the few people in the world to have climbed alone the two highest mountains in Africa- Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. His first novel, África. Hombres como dioses, sold almost 20,000 copies in two months. He is now considered by many to be the successor of renowned author Wilbur Smith. 27


ISBN 978-950-644-183-8 Year of publication: 2010 RHM - Plaza & Janés Pages: 656 Format: 15.5 cm x 23 cm (con solapas) CDD: A863 Fiction, Romance

Elizabeth O’Connor, one of the North American teachers brought by Sarmiento to Argentina, does not imagine to what extent the undertaking exceeds her expectations. A courageous, learned, and determined woman, her Irish blood is put to the test more than once, both in the large village that Buenos Aires still is at the time and in the brave pampas, where the echo of the Indian raids still reverberates under the light of the great Calfucurá’s star. The young teacher brings with her a whole new education, but is unaware that under the Southern Cross there are other lessons she must learn, in a wild society where rules are written with blood y love codes are quite different from her hometown’s, back in Massachusetts. Gloria Casañas is an attorney. She has always been passionate about writing and, as a small child, she tried her hand at poems and short stories that slowly led her to the field of the novel. Her dedication to the Law History chair at the University of Buenos Aires enabled her to delve into some topics that she usually touches upon in her novels, such as political struggle, wars, or the daily life back in our past. LUCY - Novela Suarez, Patricia


ISBN 978-950-644-189-0 Year of publication: 2010 RHM - Plaza & Janés Pages: 267 Format: 15.5 cm x 23 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Woman

Lucy has gone sour after her husband left her. She went looking for him, thinking she could win him back, but she failed. At the airport, on her way home, she meets a man, they flirt, and she invites him over. When she wakes up, her new man is gone. Somebody is knocking at the door, a police officer who asks her about a Mr. Sino Crocifisso Leone, seemingly linked to the Sicilian mafia. Lucy swears she knows nothing, but ends up in jail anyway. Lucy will try to emerge unscathed from this whole situation to move on with her life. But will she finally be able to find love? Suárez is a narrator, writer, and playwright. She has also worked as a journalist specializing in cultural issues. She first published one of her works in 1997, winning several awards. In 2003 she received the Clarín Award for her novel entitled “Perdida en el momento.”

ÁRBOL DE FAMILIA - Novela Lojo, María Rosa

ISBN 978-950-07-3178-2 Year of publication: 2010 RHM - Sudamericana Pages: 288 Format: 15.5 cm x 23 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Novel

This novel is like a tree of intertwining stories, as well as a photo album opening windows to other worlds. Each of these photos, each of these stories, has a value of their own, but at the same time, is an indispensable leaf in the foliage. The family is the great protagonist here. The two main sides, the father’s (the Galician “Terra pai”) and the mother’s (the Castilian “Lengua madre”), mirror from different social backgrounds, and even political inclinations, the fragmented account of the Spanish diaspora, the narrative of emigration since the late 19th century, and also the exile following the Civil War tragedy. María Rosa Lojo is the author of an outstanding literary and academic oeuvre, in the form of twenty fictional and research works. Several of her books will soon be published in Thailand, England, Canada and Italy through the Sur Translation Support Program.


ISBN 9789500731072 Year of publication: 2009 RHM - Sudamericana Pages: 256 Format: 15.5 cm x 23 cm CDD: A863 Fiction, Novel

This is a novel about love and feelings, about how and why men and women look for, avoid, catch, or leave each other throughout their lives. A picture that makes us ponder on the disease of not living, the difficult love meanders, the tyranny of passion, and the irrational attraction for the slippery and unstable. La segunda vida de las flores is not only that, however. It is also a breathless thriller that immerses readers in an intrigue, taking them from one unexpected event to the next until the mystery is solved. Jorge Fernández Díaz is a writer and journalist. For almost thirty years, he went alternatively from police reporter, to research journalist, to political analyst, to newspaper chief editor, to magazine director. Among other works, he has written El dilema de los próceres, Mamá, Fernández, Corazones desatados, and La logia de Cádiz. 29


ISBN 978-987-612-246-7 Year of publication: 2010 V&R Editoras Illustrations: Colour Enrique Alcatena Pages: 80 Format: 27 cm x 18 cm CDD: U863 Fiction - Literary, Classics

A Russian Prince turned revolutionary and bacteriology specialist, an Italian doctor who sacrifices his love for a woman in pursuit of scientific investigation, and an engineer member of the aristocracy of Buenos Aires, join talents in an attempt to create life. What will be the outcome? Where do the limits of science lie? Are there ethics regarding human creation? Horacio Quiroga, with his characteristic harshness and skill to narrate conflicts and dilemmas between men and nature, brings us an amazing nouvelle, as electrifying as his classic Cuentos de amor, de locura y de muerte (Tales of Love, Madness and Death).


ISBN 978-987-612-267-2 Year of publication: 2010 V&R Editoras Illustrations: Cover / Backcover Marcelo Orsi Blanco Pages: 400, Format: 21 cm x 14.5 cm Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil) / CDD: 863.928 2 Juvenile Fiction, Young Adult / Teenager - Fiction 30

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. His memory is blank. But he’s not alone. When the lift’s doors open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by kids who welcome him to the Glade, a large, open expanse surrounded by stone walls. Like Thomas, the Gladers don’t know why or how they got there. All they know is that every morning the stone doors to the maze that surrounds them have opened. Every night they’ve closed tight. And every 30 days a new boy has been delivered in the lift. Thomas was expected. But the next day, a girl is sent up, the first girl to ever arrive in the Glade. And more surprising yet is the message she delivers. Thomas might be more important than he could ever guess. If only he could unlock the dark secrets buried within his mind.


ISBN 978-987-612-134-7 Year of publication: 2008 V&R Editoras Illustrations: Cover Sue Hellard Pages: 176, Format: 20 cm x 13.5 cm Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil) / CDD: 823.928 3 Juvenile Fiction, Young Adult / Teenager – Fiction

Meet India Jane. Know to her friends and big, chaotic family as Cinnamon Girl. Born in India, she’s lived all over the world. But what she really wants is to stop travelling and have a real home. Just when it looks as though she’ll get her wish, her father lands a job which means the family are on the move again. So India Jane is sent off to her aunt’s new age holiday center for the summer. It could be paradise – but India Jane feels alone and confused. Should she party with her rebellious cousin, Kate? Or search for inner peace with the meditation crowd? And will mystery boy Joe help India Jane discover where her true happiness lies?

NERDS - Núcleo de Espionaje, Rescate y Defensa Secretos / NERDS - National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society Buckley, Michael

ISBN 978-987-612-242-9 Year of publication: 2010 V&R Editoras Illustrations: Black & White Ethen Beavers Pages: 336, Format: 21.5 cm x 14.5 cm Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil) / CDD: 823.928 3 Juvenile Fiction, Young Adult / Teenager – Fiction

Meet the NERDS, a team of fifth-grade super spies: Duncan “Gluestick” Dewey. He’s a paste-eater who can stick to walls. Ruby “Pufferfish” Peet. Her allergies help her detect danger and dishonesty. Heathcliff “Choppers” Hodges. He controls minds with his buckteeth. Julio “Flinch” Escala. His hyperactivity gives him super speed and strength. Matilda “Wheezer” Choi. Her inhalers enable her to fly and blast enemies. Jackson “Braceface” Jones, the new recruit. The fourteen pounds of metal in his mouth make him the team’s go-to gadget guy… if only he can get over becoming a NERD. Can this team of misfits save the world from their secret headquarters in the basement of their elementary school? Can you read NERDS without laughing? Go ahead and try! 31


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CAL - Catálogo de libros de Ficción 2010  
CAL - Catálogo de libros de Ficción 2010