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: HP HP0-205


: Supporting the Enterprise Modular Library

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1. You are at a customer site to repair an EML E-Series tape library. What is the first thing to consider before replacing any defective parts? A. the part replacement procedure B. how the fault was caused C. customer site procedures D. firmware revision levels Answer: C

2. Which EML E-Series tape library FRU has a Command Line Interface port? A. interface controller card B. robotics controller card C. Interface Manager memory card D. Interface Manager card Answer: D

3. Which HP software can be used to calculate the actual compression ratio of backup data? A. Performance Analysis Tool B. Library and Tape Tools C. I/OMETER D. DPMETERM Answer: B

4. What is the most critical factor affecting performance at the disk subsystem during a backup? A. disk connection speed B. disk fragmentation C. tape feed speed D. compression ratio Answer: B

5. An EML E-Series tape library is powered on. Before opening the library front door, _____.    

A. operable robotics must be parked B. the library must be powered off C. the Operator Control Panel must indicate "service request" D. cartridges must be removed from the load ports Answer: A

6. Excessive R/W-head wear due to tape repositioning is a result of not providing the correct ____. A. feed speed B. block size C. file size D. compression ratio Answer: A

7. Which component of the EML E-Series tape library is located in the top cPCI slot in the library base module card cage? A. Interface Manager memory B. robotics controller C. interface controller D. Interface Manager Answer: B

8. Compared to an Ultrium 460 tape drive, the transfer rate for native data of an Ultrium 960 drive is ____. A. slightly lower B. approximately the same C. approximately 2 times higher D. more than 2.5 times higher Answer: D

9. Which option of Command View TL is used to collect configuration information and execute a Device Analysis test on the selected device or devices for an EML E-Series tape library?    

A. backup configuration B. get config C. report event logs D. generate support ticket Answer: D

10. Which file factor does NOT affect performance of tape devices in a SAN environment? A. extension B. compressibility C. directory depth D. size (larger is better) Answer: A

11. Where do you find information regarding backup performance in a SAN environment? Select TWO. A. SAN Design Guide B. EBS Design Guide C. EBS Compatability Matrix D. Performance Troubleshooting Guide E. EML E-Series User Guide Answer: BD

12. You are at a customer site to repair an EML E-Series tape library. What is the last thing you must do after replacing any defective parts? A. Identify the cause of the initial fault. B. Close the front and rear doors. C. Test the library functionality. D. Check the cabling. Answer: C

13. Which HP tool is used to measure sequential performance?    

A. Performance Analysis Tool B. TapePerf C. I/OMeter D. HPReadData Answer: A

14. When replacing a failed Ultrium tape drive in an EML E-Series tape library, the library ____. A. must be offline with no I/Os going to any other drives B. must be powered off before replacing the new drive C. automatically recognizes the new drive without rebooting D. must be rebooted to recognize the new drive Answer: D

15. When replacing a failed Interface Manager card in an EML E-Series tape library, what must you do to preserve the original configuration information? A. Save the configuration to floppy disk and recover the configuration using the serial Command Line Interface. B. Print the configuration to file and then restore using ftp. C. Backup the configuration and then restore it using Command View TL. D. Move the memory card from the old to the new Interface Manager card. Answer: D

16. Which HP document provides the most current supported configurations for EML E-Series tape libraries in a SAN environment? A. SAN Design Guide B. training course documentation C. EBS Compatibility Matrix D. EML E-Series Service Guide Answer: C    

17. Which component of the EML E-Series tape library supports up to four Ultrium tape drives? A. Interface Manager B. interface controller C. library robotics controller D. universal tape interface controller Answer: B

18. For data file sizes less than 64 KB, it is advisable to perform ____ backups. A. direct access B. snapshot C. file-by-file D. sequential Answer: D

19. Which tape drive supports WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality in an EML E-Series tape library? A. Ultrium 460 B. SDLT 320 C. Ultrium 960 D. SDLT 600 Answer: C

20. Which Fibre Channel connection speed option is available for the host connection ports of an EML E-Series tape library interface controller? A. 1 Gbps fixed B. 2 Gbps fixed C. 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps auto sense D. 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps manually selected Answer: D    

21. How many cartridge slots are available in the card cage expansion module of an EML E-Series tape library? A. 0 B. 48 C. 60 D. 95 Answer: B

22. What is NOT a default feature of HP EML E-series tape libraries? A. modularity that is expandable as customer data increases B. direct backup support C. easy installation into an existing customer SAN D. ability to accommodate up to 16 tape drives Answer: B

23. What is NOT a feature of the HP Extended Tape Library Architecture of which the HP EML E-Series library is a part? A. provides a cost effective replacement for enterprise storage arrays B. provides an architectural platform for future library enhancements C. enables device-level security with Secure Manager access control D. delivers complete library manageability through web and telnet interfaces Answer: A

24. The HP recommended method to verify device operability for an EML E-Series tape library is to use _____. A. cleaning tapes only B. cartridges with production data C. Command View TL D. a serial connection and the Command Line Interface Answer: C    

25. When completing the installation process in an EML E-Series tape library, how can you verify that the Fibre Channel links are functioning properly? A. Disconnect and reconnect the cables and check the link indicators. B. Execute the fcping diagnostic utility from the management station. C. Power cycle the tape library and check the OCP messages. D. Issue the "diaggetput" command from the command line interface. Answer: A

26. What does NOT necessarily require verification when adding a Fibre Channel HBA to a host? A. configuration and load of the associated PCI bus B. version and operating system compatibility of the firmware C. registration of part number and module description D. identification at BIOS/console and operating system level Answer: C

27. What are the main considerations when choosing a location for an EML E-Series tape library? Select THREE. A. room height B. floor space C. lighting requirements D. power requirements E. grounding requirements F. distance to disk storage Answer: BDE

28. Which action is highly recommended to prevent personal injury, component damage, or fire when installing an EML E-Series tape library? A. Schedule company wide safety instruction meetings at regular time intervals. B. Implement a proven monitoring and health care system at the library location.    

C. Avoid overloading the AC supply branch circuit that provides power to the library. D. Choose a location for the library where smoking, eating, or drinking is not allowed. Answer: C

29. What do you check to verify the interface controller configuration in an EML E-Series tape library? Select THREE. A. host access B. robot arm movement C. LAN connection D. Fibre Channel speed setting E. power redundancy F. Fibre Channel connection type Answer: ADF

30. What are the minimum requirements to use the Command View TL graphical user interface (GUI)? A. interface controller and Command View TL B. management station and Command View TL C. interface controller, Command View TL, and GUI client with a supported Web browser D. management station, Command View TL, and GUI client with a supported Web browser Answer: D

31. What should you verify to be able to quickly connect to the Interface Manager of an EML E-Series tape library for management purposes when the network is down? A. IP address and subnet mask B. serial port configuration settings C. Fibre Channel speed and topology D. connections to interface controllers Answer: B

32. What should be present in an EML E-Series tape library equipped with redundant power supplies?    

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