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- The Future

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Our Town... Calne is a lively market town, the perfect place to while away a few hours, be it browsing the independent shops, enjoying a tasty lunch or unwinding in Castlefields Park. We are well connected to other Wiltshire towns along the A4 and are neighbours with Cherhill White Horse and Avebury. The earliest known reference to Calne was in AD955 in the will of King Edred, but its origins are likely to be much earlier. The name is thought to be derived from the Celtic “col aun� meaning a current of waters; it is from the river that the town derives much of its early importance. The town prospered in the Middle Ages producing woollen broadcloth and the affluence of the town at that time is reflected in the many beautiful buildings you will encounter as you walk around.


The ‘In Bloom’ Team... The team was formed around eight years ago and entered the South West in Bloom competition for the first time in 2010. We were proud to achieve ‘silver’ at that first attempt, since then we have achieved ‘silver gilt’ a number of times and finally in 2014 we achieved the ‘gold’ that we had been working so hard for. We were delighted to achieve the same result in 2015, 2016 and 2017. On the working group are councillors and council staff working in partnership with a wide range of representatives from local community groups, schools, youth organisations and local residents. Our shared aim is to improve our town by making it a greener, cleaner and a more beautiful place to live, work and visit. We do this in a number of ways:     

Introducing more sustainable planting into the town flower beds. Organising the planting of the town’s flower beds, roundabouts and placement of barrier and hanging baskets. Co-coordinating our efforts with local groups and liaising with businesses and organisations. Welcoming all sections of the local community who are able to offer help either practically or financially. Encouraging residents, schools and clubs to become involved with the Calne in Bloom project regardless of disability, age or ethnicity.


Horticultural Achievement IMPACT... As with previous years we are trying to use less annual planting in our schemes to reduce the environmental impact. The roundabouts and large beds at The Pippin and Town Gardens are now all a mix of sustainable herbaceous perennials, shrubs and grasses, many of these plants have been donated by local residents making Calne in Bloom a real community effort and our grounds staff also divide perennials to fill in gaps where needed. Each year Calne in Bloom looks at ways of reducing cost and increasing the number of permanent displays within the planting schemes. This then reduces the amount of watering and maintenance tasks that the grounds staff have to undertake. The Beach Terrace is a particularly beautiful part of the town with many water tolerant trees, shrubs and water plants attracting wildlife along with many visitors. It is a focal part of Calne life when events are taking place such as The Lion’s Duck Race in May, Summer Festival in June, Bike Meet in July, Town Crier’s competition in August and the Christmas Festival in December.


Horticultural Practice... TOWN GARDENS... Town Gardens is a haven for bees, butterflies and other insects due to the prevalence of the nectar beds, trees and shrubs. Many of the plants have been donated from local residents’ gardens. Located within the town centre, Town Gardens offer residents shady benches for lunches and a moment of tranquility.

SHADE BEDS... One of the beds in Town Gardens is located under some Whitebeam. The shade created has been used to create a perennial bed with different types of planting. First to come into flower are snowdrops with Erythronium, Primrose, Pulmonaria, Brunnera “Jack Frost” and Hellebores. Several varieties of Hostas and Ferns begin to unfurl in March. Also in the spring the Beringina is in flower together with Geranium Pheum, Anemone Blanda in blue and white and Dronicum. Flowering later are Aquilegias, Astrantia and Heuchera. 6

INSECT BEDS... To encourage the early insects in spring we start with Pulmonaria, Hellebores (Hybrids and H. foetidus), Fox Gloves, Geranium Pheum and Wallflowers. From mid-summer the insects love Marjoram, Echinops Bannaticus, Verbena Bonarensis, Stachys Byzantina and several types of Buddleia including B. Globosa. Several of these plants will give nectar and pollen well into the autumn and there will also be Sedum Spectabile (the Ice Plant) Caryopteris with its piercing blue flowers.


AUTUMN TO SPRING DISPLAY... Winter planting, with species such as Pansies and Polyanthus is conducted using our nursery beds at Beversbrook over the summer months to enable them to be grown on ready for the following winter’s planting. These are then displayed around the town using the beige beehive planters and containers. Spring bulbs such as Crocus and Narcissi are planted in various locations including St Mary’s Churchyard, Town Gardens and near to the River Marden. GROUNDS STAFF YEARLY CALENDAR OF TASKS... Autumn Diary Stripped out summer bedding, weed and  tidied ready for winter bedding Planted winter bedding of Polyanthus, Pansies  and Wall flowers in all beds, tubs and 5 tier beehives Leaf clearing around town  Hedge cutting, pruning of shrubs and trees  Pruning and weeding of all roundabouts, wood  chip to assist with weed control. Planning summer bedding for the town centre  and outskirts Winter Diary Painting and repairing of street furniture and  seating areas around the town Assisted Bristol and Avon Rivers Trust  planting 50 new native trees at Calne Nature Trail Winter hedge cutting, pruning and weeding  Edging pathways at Castlefields Park and  Curzon Street Cemetery Spring Diary Perennial splitting and planting in all  sustainable beds Pruning and weeding or roundabouts, wood  chip to assist with weed control Creating new cremation space in Curzon  Street Cemetery General maintenance of Cemetery and St  Mary’s Church grounds Planting seed plants donated by residents   Assisting with the community plant swap event 8


Begonia Bossa Nova Red and Calibrachoa Kabloom Yellow in the five tier, beehives, floral fountains, pole baskets and Town Hall self watering baskets.

Osteospermum Voltage Yellow and Osteospermum Serenity Red in the Town Garden Beds and Roadside beds

Bergonia Bossa Nova Red and Osteospernum Voltage Yellow in the riverside barrier baskets and tubs.

The theme is to keep the displays simple but bold with blocks of colour punctuated with splashes of red on yellow or yellow on red. The displays are watered, weeded and deadheaded on a regular basis and fed with blood, fish and bone slow release fertiliser giving 3-4 months release in the soil and peat-free compost. All barrier, pole and hanging baskets have a wetting agent in them which helps to reduce watering. These are watered twice a week and are fed with a liquid feed once a week.

Begonia Bossa Nova Red

Calibrachoa Kabloom Yellow

Osteospermum Yellow

Osteospermum Serenity Red


Environmental Responsibility... CONSERVATION AND BIODIVERSITY… In Calne we are very fortunate to have green spaces and beautiful countryside on our doorstop. Along with Abberd Brook there are many other areas tended by volunteer groups including Penn Wood and Bentley Woods. NATURE TRAIL… The River Marden Nature Trail is situated five minutes walk from the town centre. It is an oasis of wildlife in an otherwise urban and mostly residential area. The trail is owned and maintained by Calne Town Council and lies within Calne’s Conservation Area. Some improvements have been made and these include the clearing around crack willows and the rebuilding of the entrance steps at the Brewers Lane. The Bristol and Avon Rivers Trust have planted 50 new trees in the area and also created a bug hotel. The Wiltshire Badger group have also been involved in discussions and offering guidance. A grant application has now been sent to Calne Area Board to provide match funding to replace the footpath through the Calne Nature Trail, we are very hopeful that this area will be improved very soon. The interpretation board at Abberd Brook is another example of conservation in the area. 10

PENN WOOD‌ This nature reserve has seen many transformations in its history since it was farmland. It was bought by The Hills Group in the 1930s to be worked as a sand quarry and then used as an inert landfill site (holding materials such as bricks and rubble) until the 1950s. Following this it was restored to pasture for grazing livestock. In June 2003 we worked with Hills Homes to relocate 500 slow worms from Newcroft Garden allotments to Penn Wood to make way for a development. Hibernation mounds and heat traps were created for the slow worms, along with two ponds for frogs and toads - this area is now well established. Grass snakes and southern marsh and common spotted orchids are also regularly seen. In 2010 Wiltshire Wildlife supported The Hills Group and local people in planting some of the 10,000 young blackthorn, oak, ash, lime, black poplar, downy birch and a few Norway spruce and Scots pine trees that make up the wood. Scattered between the saplings are poles where kestrel, buzzard and owls can perch and some of them have bat boxes attached. Roe deer and badgers already use the site. Look up to see skylarks, lapwings and red kite. At the entrance a wildflower meadow has been planted and will be cut annually for hay. This area will be monitored and further flower plugs will be planted if needed. A fishing club uses the private lake. 11

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT‌ Calne Town Council uses Blaise Nurseries own mix consisting of a reduced peat compost combined with insecticide, herbicide, a slow release fertilizer and a wetting agent. The plants are grown from seed in this mix and so when transplanted causes less stress on the plants. Winter bedding is recycled into new areas and is also offered to local school gardening groups and community groups. The ground staff collect water from the River Marden which in turn is pumped into a bowser on the rear of one of our tipper trucks enabling Calne to be environmentally friendly when it comes to watering. Most of the planters now have water reservoirs therefore reducing the need to water as frequently. This system cuts down on vehicle usage to ensure we have a less detrimental impact on the environment. We recently purchased an environmentally friendly vehicle which uses diesel that has had the addition of Ad Blue, this is the common name for a substance called AUS32, also known as Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%. The rest of the AUS32 is made up of de-ionised water. This solution is scientifically formulated to help make certain gases like diesel much more efficient, so it reduces emissions that would otherwise go into the atmosphere. Calne has a dedicated full time member of staff to collect litter and clean the streets. He also reports any issues which need attending to. We work in closely with Wiltshire Council via the Parish Steward scheme, this enables us to come up with a list of tasks for each time the steward is in Calne.

Dave, Our Street Cleaner


Dave is also our resident photographer when he’s around the town and has taken some of our best pictures for Calne in Bloom!

PRIDE OF PLACE... The town is cared for by Town Council staff, who are often helped by dedicated volunteers. Calne is well known for the events and festivals which take place regularly. The planting schemes enhance these areas for visitors and residents alike.

Calne Lions Duck Race

At the end of every event a team comprising town council staff, councillors and volunteers litter pick the whole town, you would never know what had had taken place the next day!

Calne Spring Sing

Castlefields Bunny Hunt

Summer Festival

Christmas Festival


Community Participation and Involvement... ALLOTMENTS‌ Calne Town Council facilitates the three allotment sites at Newcroft, Beversbrook and Cherhill View which is recently opened. The allotments are fully utilised and in order to keep the waiting list to a minimum regular inspections are carried out to ensure the plots are being maintained in a satisfactory manner. Should any allotments become untidy then the holder will be asked to bring it up to a reasonable standard. If this does not happen then the holder will be asked to relinquish the plot so that one of the 75 on the waiting list can be offered one.

Our allotment capacity has grown through 2017-2018 by 24 new plots situated on the south side of Calne on a new housing estate, Cherhill View allotments have now all been allocated and we have lots more happy allotment tenants looking forward to tending their vegetables and fruit.


GREEN SPACES - CASTLEFIELDS AND OTHERS… Pictures include school groups helping with summer planting, community groups helping with Calne Clean Up and local areas during Calne in Bloom.

Castlefields Canal & River Park Association

Guides at Castlefields Park

Castlefields Canal & River Park

John Bentley School

Fynamore Primary School


Holy Trinity Academy

St Edmund’s RC Primary School

St Margaret’s Preparatory School

St Mary’s School

Restored War Memorial

Cherhill White Horse

Holy Trinity Church

The Green

Zion Chapel



CARP Bunny Hunt

Calne Free Church

Friends of Abberd Brook

Heritage Centre

Page Close

Baptist Church

Baptist Church

Mill Race Activity Club


Mill Race Activity Club

CALNE CLEAN UP CREW & RIVER CLEAN UP At the beginning of 2018 we gained two more amazing community groups, Calne Clean up Crew and River Clean Up. Both groups have successfully engaged with many residents, businesses and schools in the town. Many areas have now been tackled and the town is looking cleaner than ever. The River Marden and Abberd Brook both have regular volunteers litter picking. Calne Clean up Crew have tackled many of the grot spots in the town and turned grey areas green. There are now vast numbers of volunteer litter pickers, young and old who go out regularly in their own neighbourhoods as well as tackling big transformations. Calne Town Council have provided rubbish sacks and lend out litter pickers and hoops which are always available for the public. As well as this Calne Clean Up Crew have successfully engaged with local businesses on an industrial estate, supermarkets, building suppliers and waste management companies to provide litter picking equipment and high visibility waistcoats emblazoned with their logos. The Clean Up Crew also tackle weeding, cleaning the soil from gutters and footpaths and have planted up some very dismal areas. The Crew also successful in being granted money for equipment from Calne Area Board. Any waste collected is bagged up and Wiltshire Council contractor Iverde collect it when notified. Apart from the town itself much work has been done to improve the outlying areas on the routes into the town.


RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS‌ Calne in Bloom is extremely proactive in raising awareness for the group’s various projects throughout the year and has established various channels of communication to reach a variety of audiences. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT... Often, speaking to people face to face is the most effective way to gather support and understanding about Calne in Bloom projects. The plant swap event on Duck Race day was very successful in raising our profile, many residents visited the stall to ask questions and offered their time to volunteer.

CALNE CONNECTION... The Calne Connection is a quarterly newsletter which goes out to all residents and businesses. Calne in Bloom uses this as a method of advertising and highlighting our successes and those of other community groups including schools and residents. We use photographs to send out positive messages about what is happening around the town and to engage people to sign up to become volunteers for future projects


SOCIAL MEDIA... Calne in Bloom is doing more to advertise and promote their activities. Our Facebook Page has become very popular, currently we have 514 residents and other ‘In Bloom’ groups liking, commenting, posting and sharing our posts. Through the page we have made positive connections with other ‘In Bloom’ towns and influential people such as Barry Cruse, MBE, Bath in Bloom and Patti Pinto, guest speaker on youth gardening. The purpose of the page is to increase community involvement and promotes Calne in Bloom in a positive way in the local area. If groups are having working parties or events and would like them promoted on the page they can send their details and advertising by email to the administrator who will share and promote them through the page and other associated pages on the group’s behalf. ONLINE… Calne in Bloom has a section on the Calne Town Council website which is regularly updated with news, events and campaigns. The latest news is then shared with other community websites, ensuring a wider coverage and greater engagement.


BEVERSBROOK SPORTS & COMMUNITY FACILITY… Calne Town Council owns and runs this award winning facility. The 94 acre site was opened in 2009 and has been transformed into a top class sports facility with a state of the art pavilion, community hall and grounds that include fourteen football pitches, two floodlit 3G pitches, four floodlit tennis courts and two cricket squares. 40,000 people visit Beversbrook each year and the facility is home to 60 football teams ranging form 3 year olds to seniors and 25 other sporting, non sporting and governing organisations. During the past year 570 tournament football matches have been played with the 3G pitch providing 4461 hours of use.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AT BEVERSBROOK... The facility is proud of its ‘green’ credentials. The vehicle wash down facility uses only recycled water, which is constantly recycled. As the machinery is washed the grass clippings are collected and then used for compost as are the clippings from mowing. Beversbrook is not connected to any sewage network; sewage is treated on site using a biodigester system and released back into the river. Rain water collected from the grounds is held in an irrigation pond and during dry weather this water can used for irrigating the pitches. Water butts collect water around the facility for watering the flowering displays. All the chemicals that are used on the pitches are environmentally friendly. Trials are being carried out to re-use composted grass clippings. All ditches are maintained between September and March, out of the nesting season. Around the ditches an area of three metres is left untouched to allow wildlife and wild flowers to seed freely. 21

FUNDING AND SUPPORT… Calne Town Council, Calne in Bloom and many of the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ groups work with our local primary authority, Wiltshire Council, the Environment Agency, Wessex Water and many local businesses large and small. Most of the neighbourhood groups hold fund raising events to help their campaigns and to engage with the community. Under the Calne in Bloom umbrella we work together for the good of the whole town. We always looking at more ways to reach out for funding opportunities and as a working group we advise our many groups and new volunteers getting involved.

SPONSORSHIP... Many local businesses support Calne in Bloom with annual sponsorship of the town roundabouts, permanent flower beds and the town welcome beds. This enables the supply of all plants and materials, maintenance and watering of these areas. Calne in Bloom are very grateful for these donations which enable the town to look as beautiful as it does. New businesses regularly contact us to enquire about further option, there is currently a waiting list but we are investigating other sponsorship ideas which do not detract from the planting schemes. Our sponsors this year have been: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Carlton Business Centre J & D Funeral Directors Integrated Electrical Security Ltd Riverview Portfolio White Horse Veterinary Clinic BIL Group WEC Ltd St Margaret's Preparatory School JPO Construction Ltd G & M Building Contractors Rotary Club of Calne Eco Assist Mrs. M Baggs Wilkins Builders McTimoney Chiropractic Emma Boatman Financial Property Tax Advice Ltd Chilvester Financial Whitehall Garden Centres 22

CALNE IN BLOOM 2017 GARDEN COMPETITION HIGHLIGHTS… Categories include, front garden, back garden, container, hanging basket, school or youth project, café or licensed premises, community or residential home garden.

Fynamore Gardens

Fynamore School


Shelburne Road

Stokes Croft

St Edmund’s


Trinity Park

Marden Court

Wood Street


SUMMARY OF 2017-18... It has been another challenging 12 months for all involved in Calne in Bloom. Calne Town Council have had staffing changes which has impacted on many areas of what we are trying to achieve. We have also had several schools and community groups drop out of the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ this year. Lack of resources, volunteers and time often the reason. On the plus side we have two amazing new voluntary groups in Calne Clean Up Crew and River Clean Up. They have engaged with the whole of our community, involving schools and local businesses and we see many more people keeping Calne and the surrounding area looking clean and beautiful. THE FUTURE... The many groups and schools that we are working with are going from strength to strength. The enthusiasm and input that they provide is invaluable and we couldn’t do what we do without them. The Town Council will have all key areas staffed soon so our aim is to focus more attention to the management of the Nature Trail project and revamping of some of the beds and roundabouts, which need more attention, and to ensure sustainability for the future.


Calne in Bloom 2018 Portfolio  

As part of the RHS South West in Bloom Awards, Calne Town Council produces a portfolio with the achievements of the year, which forms part o...

Calne in Bloom 2018 Portfolio  

As part of the RHS South West in Bloom Awards, Calne Town Council produces a portfolio with the achievements of the year, which forms part o...