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Issue 69 Summer 2018

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Calne Summer Festival & Carnival 2018 The date has been set for this year’s annual Summer Festival & Carnival. We are delighted to announce this will take place on Saturday June 30th 2018 and will be sporting the theme of ‘Books’. To be able to host such a monumental event within the small market town of Calne is very important not only to the people who attend, but those who organise the event too. Which is why this year we look to make it even better than ever, with a whole feast of decadent



activities, acts and stalls for all the family to enjoy!

path she crosses, letting your imagination run wild and your heart smile.

Why not come along and lindy hop along to the rock ‘n’ rolling’s of ‘The Rockin’ Bandits’, or get in touch with nature and enjoy the animal petting farm with ‘Dave & Ewe’, or simply help support one of your local schools or community groups who are hosting a variety of game and craft stalls.

We would really love to encourage anyone and everyone to get involved in this year’s event, by either hosting a stall or maybe entering the event with a float (provided free of charge with driver) or as a walking entry into the carnival itself.

Beauty will also be bestowed upon us on this day in the form of an enchanting and captivating mermaid, as she glides around in her glistening sea sphere to entertain you all. This enthralling and magical mermaid will bring joy to all those whose

So far we have an amazing 10 entries for this year’s procession including such book ideas as; The Hungry Caterpillar, Aladdin, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The Wizard Of Oz… to name but a few! If you’d like to take part, why not pop along to our website to find out more or contact us on: 01249 814000 – cash prizes to be won. If you know someone who would love to enter as a single entry, and is aged 13 or under, then why not tell them about the opportunity to dress as their favourite book character and enter into the ‘children’s categories’. Cash prizes to be won.

Calne Town Council, Bank House, The Strand, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 0EN 01249 814000 • •

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Issue 69 Summer 2018

CALNE TOWN MAYOR’S ANNUAL REPORT 2017/18 This last Mayoral year has been pretty intense, with many events taking place in Calne which have prompted the residents to be part of and to enjoy the Town in full bloom, as we entered and won Gold in the South West Britain in Bloom awards. The Summer Festival saw an increase in the number of floats and community involvement. The ever increasing Bike Meet gave the Town a lift over the summer months. The successful Firework’s Night started the winter season off, and then the Winter Festival and Lantern parade brightened a gloomy winter. In February the Town Hall decorated and invited companies to take part in a very successful Wedding Fair, attracting couples to book for their special day making use of this historic building. The Calne Lions will be organising the Duck race in May, based on the similar format as they have done in the past. They also organise the Father Christmas sleigh that entertained us all through the streets last December. I must not forget the Calne Rotary group, although small in number, put a huge effort into helping where they can throughout the year, also raising money for those in need. I must mention “Calne Our Place” a group of residents promoting tourism into Calne which had a knock on effect to prompt the refurbishment of The Lansdowne Strand Hotel and the arrival of Antico Roma next door to compliment the eating habits of all those that enjoy good food. All this gives the centre of the Town a lovely atmosphere and has improved our night time economy. That same group has brought new boundary signs, placed on the entrances to Calne showing a more vibrant and welcoming message to visitors along what is now called the Great West Way from Bristol to London, a route which will bring more tourism to Calne. We were in the spotlight earlier last year as our bronze pigs went missing


overnight, which caused uproar with everybody that had been involved with the Harris Bacon factory, and this found Calne in print in broadsheets all over England! Thanks to Calne Lions for generous funding, and Wessington Cabins repairing any damage done to the base, and the Council grounds staff who replaced the Pigs back in their rightful place for all to enjoy once again.

wishes from Calne and supported many of their town charities, and we find that all these Wiltshire Towns like us, are all working through difficult times with financial restraints, trying and most succeeding like us, to balance the books but keeping the main services at the forefront for the benefit of our ever increasing populations. Calne Town Mayor Cllr Tony Trotman

One of the highlights for Calne was the acceptance of the Referendum for our Town Neighbourhood Plan, which saw involvement with residents placing housing and workplaces where it was needed, so giving us the right to accept or refuse further development in areas within our Town boundaries. This will gain the Town additional funding through the Community Infrastructure Levy, as new dwellings are built. My wife Miriam and I have visited most of our neighbour Towns during the Civic season and we have passed on your good

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Civic Awards 2018 Civic Awards are a celebration of people who have made an outstanding contribution to Calne. The Town Mayor also chooses young individuals, who have shown great talent in sports or the arts, to receive grants of up to £250. The Town Mayor also awards a Young Citizen’s award to someone between the ages of 11 and 17, who has had a positive impact on Calne. The Civic Awards for 2018 were presented at the Annual Parish Meeting of Calne on 23rd March.

CIVIC AWARD WINNERS Mercy Baggs – Mercy was a Town Councillor from 1995 – 2017. She has served more than 20 years on the Town Council and been Mayor three times.

Issue 69 Summer 2018

Flynn Day Cather ine Cro fts

Daisy Barrow

YOUNG CITIZENS AWARD Liam Gale – Liam is a volunteer at Calne Community Hub. Since becoming a volunteer, Liam has gained a significant amount of confidence and maturity. Liam is loved by people who seek his help and advice, and his fellow volunteers would like his outstanding enthusiasm and energy to be acknowledged. Liam has been awarded £100 for his efforts.

TOWN MAYOR’S GIFT FUND ARTS Ella Roberts – Ella is about to start a new chapter of her life at Conservatoire – the royal welsh college of music and drama. Ella has been awarded this grant of £250 as a contribution towards music lessons, equipment and software.

SPORTS This grant has been split between two young individuals:

Norma Hamilton – Norma has been a volunteer Brownie Leader in Calne for more than 18 years. Norma is described by the brownies as an unsung hero of Calne.

Flynn Day – Flynn has been selected to represent Wiltshire Cricket for a tour of Sri Lanka in 2019. Flynn needs to raise a total of £1000. He has been awarded £125 towards his trip.

Catherine Crofts – Catherine has volunteered a lot of her time to start a new community group called Calne Clean Up Crew. We have awarded Catherine with a cheque for £100, which can be put towards new equipment or other necessities for the group.

Daisy Barrow – Daisy is a very talented fencer. She is the current under 14 champion for Foil and Sabre. She has also represented South West England at the British Youth Championships in 2016 & 2017. This grant of £125 has been awarded to Daisy to help her pay entry fees into the competitions and buy specialist equipment.

Malcolm Clarke – Malcolm has donated literally thousands of bulbs and trees to Calne. This is an enormous contribution towards making Calne look brilliant all year round. John Skinner – John has been the driving force behind the new boundary signs. John worked very hard to design and fund the new signs, and had to do this while experiencing health issues.

Lily Day – was also nominated for the award. Lily is an outstanding young female cricketer, who has represented Wiltshire 1st Ladies team and been selected to trial for The Southern Vipers.

OUTSTANDING VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS As part of the civic awards, the Town Mayor also recognises people who have made outstanding voluntary contributions. Those recognised are as follows:


erts Ella Rob


y Bag


The CalneCCTV Volunteers – in recognition of their outstanding contribution and continued commitment to the well-being and safety of the community of Calne. Volunteers who run and manage the Original Shout Out Calne and the Real Shout Out Calne pages on Facebook – we appreciate the time and effort of the volunteers in posting information, questions and feedback for the benefit of Calne Residents.

CONTINUED SUPPORT TO THE COMMUNITY OF CALNE Katie Harflett – in recognition of her exceptional creative talent and continued support and commitment in delivering the Santa’s Grotto at the Calne Christmas Festival. Paul Doust of J J & S Transport – in recognition of his generous support and outstanding commitment to the Calne Summer Festival each year. Sainsbury’s of Calne – in recognition of continued support with the town’s events throughout the year. Jennings Funfair – in recognition of their support for the Summer and Winter Festivals and donating the Fireworks for the Winter Festival. Phil Haines, Haines Construction – each year, Phil collects and erects the town’s Christmas tree, donated by the Bowood Estate. He gives his time, equipment and expertise in ensuring that this focal point of the town’s celebrations is in place and safe. After Christmas, Phil and his colleagues return to dismantle and dispose of the tree. Calne Men’s Shed – in recognition of their continued support to people in the community. Calne Men’s Shed gives people of all abilities the chance to meet and carry out personal or group projects, as well as giving them support.

Printed on recycled paper ALL EVENTS BOOKING AND INFORMATION Available in LARGE PRINT format please call 01249 814000

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Issue 69 Summer 2018




Calne C

2018 has been kick started in the best way possible for Calne in Bloom. We have had so much enthusiasm from the community, and two fantastic new community groups have been formed. Our new community groups Calne Clean Up Crew and River Clean Up have been doing some amazing work in and around Calne. They have engaged with so many people and thanks to all those involved Calne is now looking cleaner than ever! Our Calne in Bloom duck, Bluebell, will be entering the Duck Race on Saturday 12th May. Businesses are also donating some equipment and agreeing to litter pick around their premises. Many residents are now adopting the area that they live in to keep clean. Well done to all our brilliant groups of volunteers. If you would like to get involved with these groups, please contact Calne Clean Up Crew via or find them on Facebook! You can also contact River Clean Up via Facebook.

The In Bloom Team The team was formed around 10 years ago, and entered the South West in Bloom competition for the first time in 2010. We were proud to achieve Silver in our first attempt, however since then we have achieved Silver Gilt a number of times, and finally in 2014 we achieved Gold! We are delighted to have achieved the same result in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The working group is made up of Councillors and Council staff, whom work in partnership with a wide range of representatives from local community groups, schools, youth organisations and local residents. Our shared aim is to improve our town by making it a greener, cleaner and more beautiful place to live, work and visit. Events coming up:

EVENTS COMING UP Plant Sale and Swap at the Calne Lions Duck Race – Saturday 12th May, 9am – 1pm at the Wharf Garden and Allotment Competition – Closing date: Friday 29th June 2018 – entry forms will be on the website from mid April.


Rededication of Calne War Memorial The Town’s War Memorial is under renovation and is to be unveiled by The Marquis of Lansdowne, during a Rededication service at 11:30am on Saturday 26th May. Remembering the 133 men who lost their lives during World War 1 and the 45 men who lost their lives during World War 2. A parade will leave Church Street beside the library at 10.45am for St. Mary’s Church and the Memorial where the ReDedication will take place at 11.00am. The Re-Dedication is planned to follow as closely as possible the original Dedication that took place on 18th May 1921. It will hopefully involve as many of the Town’s community as possible, to remember the men of Calne who died in two world wars including many of the descendants of those whose names are inscribed upon the War Memorial. The youth organisations, charity organisations, schools and churches will all be taking part. Some years ago, Calne Branch of the Royal British Legion began an application to the War Memorial Trust for a grant to renovate the memorial in time for the Centenary year of the ending of World War 1. At the same time placing collecting boxes in pubs and shops throughout the town.It was from the generosity of the people of Calne as well as from very generous donations, and a grant from the War Memorial Trust that, renovation work was carried out during April. Calne Branch of the RBL worked collaboratively with the Town Council, and St. Mary’s Church to obtain the permissions necessary to carry out the relevant restoration work. Please do mark the date and time in your calendars and come and see the work that has been done to continue to commemorate the young men of Calne who gave their lives during the two World Wars.

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Issue 69 Summer 2018

Beversbrook Fun fact: It takes a total of 25,262 steps to mark the lines of all 15 football pitches at Beversbrook! Walking Football and Walkball at Beversbrook Walking Football is a developing form of football for the over 50s that challenges participants whilst providing the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Already, the project has seen an increase of health benefits. Walking Football for age 50+ meet at Beversbrook every Wednesday 2.30pm - 4.00pm, for details. For more information please contact:

Calne Town Hall’s Music, Arts & Crafts Extravaganza is now set for Saturday 12th May, from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Entry for audiences will be free, but donations to ‘Calne in Tune’ and the Mayor's Charity would be appreciated. All available and interested Artists, Crafters and Performers, and Bands of all kinds, ages and abilities are welcome. Arts and Crafts will be in the Corn Exchange from Midday onwards, finishing at around 6pm. Acoustic Musicians will be providing some ambiance throughout the afternoon.

What’s on at Beversbrook Monday Chairobics 9:30am – 10:30am

FC Calne Sport Relief Members, parents, friends and managers from FC Calne contributed to Sport Relief by running a mile at Beversbrook. Participants were asked to donate £1, in total FC Calne raised a massive £168.82 for Sport Relief! Bertie took to the pitch and showed his support for Sport Relief too!


‘Calne in Tune’ Live Music, Dance, Drama and Comedy Performances will start from 12.30pm with the Junior/Schools and Youth Entries and progress through Semi Acoustic Solos, Duos and then with Bands until 11.00pm.

Tuesday Slimming World 9am – 12 midday

We need volunteers to set-up and prepare, perform, exhibit, demonstrate, cater, welcome, fundraise, publicise, steward, help with the Bar and clear up afterwards. Any assistance, or equipment provided, would be appreciated.

Thursday Supplecore Pilates 11:30am – 12:30pm Xpression Street Dance 4pm – 6pm

Please register your interest by email: This is a ‘Calne in Tune’ and ‘Calne Community Hub’ Partnership arrangement with Calne Town Council.

Friday Supplecore Pilates 9:30am – 10:30am

Those wishing to sell commercially will have a small charge and donate a percentage of any sales to the project. Businesses willing to sponsor our Creative and Performing Arts Project will have a free display, etc.

Printed on recycled paper ALL EVENTS BOOKING AND INFORMATION Available in LARGE PRINT format please call 01249 814000

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Issue 69 Summer 2018


What’s on at Calne Town Hall Monday Aspire Fitness Juniors 5:30pm – 6:45pm Adults 6:45pm – 7:30pm LAS Fitness Classes 7:45pm – 8:45pm Tuesday Ballroom Dance Classes 6:45pm – 10:15pm



Rebecca Miller Yoga 10am – 11am 5pm – 6pm


LAS Fitness Classes 6:45pm – 7:45pm

The Town Hall hosted its 2018 Wedding Fair on February 17th & 18th – opening the doors to pre planning bride and grooms with an abundance of different stalls, all wanting to help make their big day something special. The day was very well attended and set a presidency for all of Calne’s future events put together for the community. Many brides and grooms enjoyed browsing the beautiful stalls, from dresses to cakes, photographers to toast masters, there was plenty to mull over. Guests enjoyed a cup of tea and homemade cake whilst listening to the very talented Jim Duggan during the Sunday afternoon. We’d like to thank all those that attended and helped to make this day a great success. If you would like to enquire about using the Town Hall, please email or phone 01249 814000

Psychic and Medium Night Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt will be joining us at the Town Hall on August 17th 2018 for a night of Spiritual Mediumship. Nikki aims to provide evidence of life after life by giving messages to people in the audience from


Thursday Calne Larks Choir 12noon – 1pm

Friday Chris Long Boxing & Fitness 9:30am – 11am

Moviola at Calne Town Hall their loved ones in spirit with amazing accuracy in descriptions, personalities and all sorts of personal information. Tickets are on sale in the Calne Information Centre and from The Farmhouse Café.

Mayor Making On Monday 14th May at 7pm the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Tony Trotman, will hand over the title of Town Mayor to Councillor Glenis Ansell. She will be Town Mayor from May 2018 until May 2019. The new Deputy Town Mayor, Councillor Robert Merrick, will also officially become the Deputy Town Mayor at this event.

Wed 16 May – Finding Your Feet Wed 20 Jun – Darkest Hour Wed 18 Jul – The Post

Dog Fouling in Calne To help ‘Keep Calne Clean’, trained Calne Town Council staff are now able to issue fixed penalty notices to those who litter or fail to clean up after their dogs. The cleanliness and welcoming appearance of the town has recently been recognised at the RHS South West in Bloom awards, where Calne was awarded Gold status. It is an offence for a dog owner not to immediately clear up after their dog has fouled in most open areas. This is unsightly and anti-social and also a potential health risk to young children. If there is an area where you think there should be a dog bin, please contact us on 01249 814000 or email

Printed on recycled paper ALL EVENTS BOOKING AND INFORMATION Available in LARGE PRINT format please call 01249 814000

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Calne Springs Showroom What’s happening at Calne Showroom at Tesco, Beversbrook The new Calne Showroom is beginning to be used more frequently by businesses and organisations to promote themselves.

Issue 69 Summer 2018

During the past 3 months, we have had 2 pop-up shops, meetings, Laptop Tuesdays for small businesses and homeworkers to network, 2 indoor markets and lots of enquiries from local organisations and local businesses. The showroom is generally manned for enquiries between 10am and 4pm on weekdays (unless there is something else going on, of course!). It is a lovely flexible space and Tesco management are very supportive and keen to help us make it a success. They will publicise events for us and announce them on the day. We can also, by prior arrangement with the Tesco manager, arrange to have displays, gazebos, etc in part of the car park close to the showroom. The schedule below is a snapshot of what is happening over the next few months. For email enquiries send mail to You can book on-line at Or you can pop in and see one of the team when the showroom is manned.




Every weekday (apart from booked event days)

Open for enquiries & 10am – 4pm bookings

Come and have a chat, find out about the showroom, Calne Town Guide &

Tue 8 May Tue 22 May Tue 12 June Tue 26 June Tue 10 July Tue 24 July

Laptop Tuesday

10am – 4pm

Free for small businesses home workers to work & network together – just bring your laptop & get going

Fri 18 May & Sat 19 May

Art Show

All day both days

Exhibition and sale of art from a local artist

Sun 20 May

Calne Springs Indoor Market

10am – 4pm

A selection of Crafts & Products for sale. Come along, browse and buy

Sat 26 May & Sun 27 May

Boho Medina Pop-up Shop

All day both days

Boho Medina returns to Calne – a Moroccan Artisan shop that also likes to go out on the road to meet its customers, who love the bohemian lifestyle. All products are sourced directly and handmade by talented artisans in Morocco

Sat 2 June & Sun 3 June

Business Showcase

All day both days

Come and meet your local businesses and see what is on offer in Calne & surrounding area

Sat 21 July

Bike Meet Sale (pre-event)

All day

Come and buy your Bike Meet T-shirts and other memorabilia in advance of Bike Meet Day

Sun 22 July

Calne Springs Indoor Market

10am – 4pm

A selection of Crafts & Products for sale. Come along, browse and buy

A number of Calne residents have got together and formed a Neighbourhood Watch group. The aims of Neighbourhood Watch groups are; to increase public participation in the prevention and detection of crime, to promote good citizenship and greater public awareness through Neighbourhood and Home Watch groups, to help increase community safety and reduce the fear of crime, to improve police/community liaison. If you would like to form your own Neighbourhood Watch group for your area, please contact Mike Brandwood on



Printed on recycled paper ALL EVENTS BOOKING AND INFORMATION Available in LARGE PRINT format please call 01249 814000

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Calne C


Issue 69 Summer 2018

CALNE TOWN COUNCIL UPCOMING MEETINGS 2018 2018 Public Holidays 7th, 28th MAY


Policy & Resources

(Tues) 19


(Mon) 4

Town Development & Planning

(Wed) 9, 30

(Wed) 20


(Wed) 11

Annual Parish Meeting of Calne Town Council Annual Meeting of Town Council and Mayor Making

Town Council

(Mon) 14

(Mon) 18(A)

(Mon) 9 (Mon) 16

Finance Working Group


How to contact Calne Town Council You can contact us by phone on 01249 814000, by email via or visit out website or you can contact one of your Councillors.




Town Mayor (Until May 14th) Cllr Tony Trotman* 109 Wessington Park, Calne, SN11 0AZ 01249 816062 or 07816 830873

Cllr Howard Marshall 43 Amberley Close, Calne, SN11 9UP 07464 699113

Town Mayor (From May 14th) Cllr Glenis Ansell 11 Orchard Close, Calne, SN11 8HA 01249 816164 or 07801 270299

Cllr John Bennett 28 St Margaret's Close, Calne, SN11 0UQ 07737 123181

Cllr Heather Canfer 56 Newbury Avenue, Calne, SN11 9UN 01249 822249

Cllr Ian Thorn* 9 Round House, Calne, SN11 0BE 01249 816351

Cllr Tom Rounds* 9 Honeysuckle Close, Calne, SN11 9TE 01249 812464 or 07771 760300

Cllr Alan Hill* 1 Ebor Paddock, Calne, SN11 0JY 01249 821855

Cllr Richard Jones 24 Honeysuckle Close, Calne, SN11 9US

Cllr John Boaler 11 Woodlands Park, Calne, SN11 0JX 01249 819133

Cllr John Fisher 76 Stickleback Road, Calne, SN11 9RB 07557 374550

Cllr Matt Riley c/o Calne Town Council

Cllr Terry Couchman 116 Carnegie Mews, Calne, SN11 0SQ 07910 173336

Cllr Declan Boore 16 Brunel Way, Calne, SN11 9FN 07908 606618

Cllr David Conway 41 Lake View , Calne, SN11 8JA 07973 182646

Cllr Rob MacNaughton 15 Castle House, Calne, SN11 0EY 01249 815777

Cllr Mark Mewett 12 Merlin Road, Calne, SN11 9R1 01249 818835

Cllr Greg Widger 12 Northfields, Calne, SN11 9ED 07901 933755

Deputy Town Mayor (From May 14th) Cllr Robert Merrick c/o 20 Phelps Parade, Calne SN11 0HA 07932 357733 or 01249 816048

*These Councillors also serve on Wiltshire Council


Printed on recycled paper ALL EVENTS BOOKING AND INFORMATION Available in LARGE PRINT format please call 01249 814000

ON 01249 814000

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Calne Connection Issue 69  

Calne Connection Issue 69