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EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR ASPHALT Your California Cat ® Dealers are your source for your compaction, paving and road rehabilitation needs. Cat Paving Products include a full line of asphalt paving equipment ranging from compaction products built for your specific application, to smooth riding pavers. Our equipment is proven in the industry to provide the best value for durability and dependability. • Asphalt Compactors • Asphalt Pavers • Cold Planers

• Pneumatic Compactors • Road Reclaimers

• Soil Compactors • Soil Stabilizers

If you’re looking for the industry’s best paving equipment, backed by the industry’s best dealer network, contact your local California Cat Dealer today. San Diego 800-437-4228

2 Inland Empire 866-686-3810 Central & Southern California 888-553-1907

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2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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(Above L-R) John Scheck, President, Standard Industries with Buck Baird, Branch Manager, Coastline Equipment. (Left) Standard Industries added a brand new Hitachi ZX380LC-5 excavator to their fleet.

Family owned and operated since 1988, Standard Industries has truly established the ‘standard’ for recycling services in California. They are centrally located in east Ventura on 10-acres of land that is uniquely designed to accommodate every facet of the industrial recycling community. A big part of properly serving their demolition and recycling customers is choosing the right equipment. Standard Industries relies heavily on Coastline Equipment for much of the heavy equipment they need each day to expedite production at their facility. In addition to the John Deere, Liebherr and Hitachi machines acquired, they have also purchased several very important attachments from Coastline Equipment. Most recently, Standard Industries has taken delivery of three new Hitachi hydraulic excavators including: a Hitachi ZX380LC-5 and two Hitachi EX350LC-5 units, along with various attachments. John Scheck, President of Standard Industries has this to say about their newest purchase, “Making our fleet CARB compliant with the new iT4 engines in these Hitachi machines played an important role in our decision to buy these three units. We were also impressed with the new JD Link and GPS system, which lets us know when we are due for service, while tracking the machine’s utilization and location. In addition, the factory plumbing was pre-set for multiple attachments, allowing our operators to switch out attachments faster and more simply.” John has been a customer of Coastline Equipment for many years and he adds, “Reliability and service are what have kept us with Coastline Equipment for all these years. They have numerous locations that are conveniently located throughout the state and they have always given us excellent support. The Oxnard branch in particular is easily accessible from our facility, making parts and service trouble-free, which keeps our downtime to a minimum. Our relationship with Coastline Equipment is vital the success of our business.”

Long Beach


Santa Maria

Santa Ana

562.272.7400 714.973.9220










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2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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Asphalt Construction Issue



Features 06 CITY OF SAN DIMAS Performs Street Improvements Utilizing Terminal Blend Hot Chip Seal Technology



Three Generations Combine to Bring Over Six Decades of Dedication and Hard Work to Southern California Clients



Growing to Serve the Needs of a New Generation


Provides Sustainable Construction and Superior Service for the Long Haul

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an Dimas is located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, right along side the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. Their historic downtown is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike with a variety of family owned restaurants, antique shops and even a model railroad store. San Dimas also offers a beautiful network of parks and recreation facilities that provide activities, classes and events for residents of all ages. Their more than 33,000 residents is their greatest asset and the San Dimas Street Maintenance Division of Public Works Department works very hard to maintain the City’s infrastructure, which includes approximately 123 centerline miles of roadways and streets. Operating on the basis of the City’s Capital Improvement Plan, the division performs routine repair and construction tasks on the City’s streets. John Campbell is the Street Maintenance Superintendent for the City of San Dimas and part of his job is coordinating and working with the Director of Public Works, Krishna Patel. Both work together to stretch the available 6

budget as far as possible, to improve the City’s infrastructure, while utilizing only the very highest quality solutions and viable pavement preservation techniques. Public Works goal is to undertake the right treatment, of the right pavement, at the right time without compromising the integrity of the streets. The Engineering Division is responsible for the management of construction contracts as well as Public Works maintenance activities. “We just recently completed a Terminal Blend Chip Seal project on Puente Avenue, where we were able to rejuvenate the distressed pavement at a considerable cost savings when compared to conventional remove and replace methods,” said Campbell. There are several variations of chip seals including: single chip seals, double or triple chip seals, cape seals and chip seals with fabric. There are also several types of binders including: PME, PMA and AR. Through the use of the Terminal Blend conventional Single Chip Seal, San Dimas was able to prolong the lifespan of the existing pavement for up to 10 years. Simply put, Chip Seal is the application of asphalt binder on existing pavement followed

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by a layer of aggregate chips. The treatment is then rolled to embed the aggregate into the binder. Some pavements may be too far-gone and thus require a more invasive solution. The Terminal Blend Chip Seal process is typically used on roads that endure light to medium traffic and it is important that the proper binder is utilized with clean hotcoated aggregate chip material. In addition the existing surface should be properly swept and prepared. The street improvements for the City of San Dimas utilizing the Terminal Blend Hot Coated Chip Seal process began in Mid-June and were finished just a few days later. The main section of the contract focused on about ½ mile of Puente Avenue from west of Via Verde Avenue to the western city limits. The process was also implemented on a few other residential roads with a total of 327,000 sq. ft. of Terminal Blend Hot Chip Seal being installed on all job sites combined. The contract was awarded to Pavement Coatings, Co. who oversaw the entire project and specifically performed the spreading of the chips with a Bearcat chip spreader and the rolling of the chip seal

7/3/13 5:11 PM

(Above & Below Right) Pavement Coatings applies the Terminal Blend Hot Chip Seal on Puente Avenue in the City of San Dimas. (Inset) Terminal Blend Hot Chip Seal. (Below Left) Starting L-R: Mike Acosta, Blue Diamond, Tony Caserma, Pavement Coatings, Bryan Boudreaux, Pavement Coatings, John Campbell, City of San Dimas.

with rubber tired rollers and one steel drum roller to aid in the seeding of the hot chip aggregate. Blue Diamond Materials manufactured and delivered approximately 400 tons of 3/8” hot-coated chip material. Additionally, 10,900 gallons of PG76-22 TR terminal blend with ½ percent oil and 18% tire-rubber content was provided by Paramount Petroleum Company. The City of San Dimas was awarded a grant from Cal Recycle intended to promote the use of recycled tire-rubber from tires generated in California. The grant covers roughly one-quarter of the cost of the terminal blend binder. As part of an ongoing

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contract, Doug Martin Contracting came in soon after the Chip Seal and applied a tire-rubber modified slurry seal, effectively making this a Cape Seal application. Both the chip seal binder and the tirerubber modified slurry seal utilize ground tire-rubber from tires recycled in California. Bryan Boudreaux works as a Superintendent for Pavement Coatings Co. and he oversaw this project for the City of San Dimas. Bryan is also currently working with the County of Los Angeles where he is evaluating each street in order to determine the most durable cost effective solution. “Pavement preservation is what we do each and every

day. We worked on Puente Avenue on the Friday of June 14th and finished up in a residential neighborhood on the other side of town at San Dimas Avenue and Foothill Boulevard. We are seeing municipalities coming back to the chip seal process and through education, the general public is buying in as well. They are realizing that they are getting a very good product and a great wear surface that will serve their needs for many years. The difference with today’s Terminal Blend Chip Seal is that you get very little raveling, requiring much less sweepings compared to older conventional chip seal methods. The City did do some

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(Above) Two Cat PS-150C Pneumatic Rollers compact the chip seal on Puente Avenue. (Below Left) Western Oil Spreading Services applied the oil. (Below Right) A sweeper gets the road ready for the Terminal Blend Hot Chip Seal.

localized remove and replace in areas that were badly alligatored, as well as weed abatement where necessary. The Terminal Blend did a great job of taking care of the remaining smaller cracks. You may pay a little more for Terminal Blend than you would for a conventional Chip Seal or Scrub Seal, but in my opinion the result is a longer lasting pavement that is well worth the difference in cost,� said Boudreaux. Pavement Coatings Co., which is a division of Pavement Recycling Company, is doing a Scrub Seal for the County of Los Angeles this next week and Reclaimed Aggregates, another division of PRS, has provided quite a bit of recycled asphalt material to the City of Lancaster for use in Chip 8

Seal projects on their City streets and roads. Pavement preservation is now big business in Southern California, because it allows a City, County or Municipality to prolong the lifespan of a pavement through the use of a relatively inexpensive cost effective method. In addition, local residents are able to get back on the roads quickly, with as little disturbance to their daily life as possible. Companies like Blue Diamond Materials, Pavement Coatings Co. and Paramount Petroleum have made all of this possible through their years of research and commitment. For more information on Blue Diamond Materials, the Hot Chip Terminal Blend process and their full list of

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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products, please visit them at Pavement Coatings Co. was started in 1975 and acquired by PRS in 2007, to fulfill their pavement preservation division. Today Pavement Coatings offers everything from slurry seals, chip seals and cape seals to micro surfacing and in house patching and sealing services. Paramount Petroleum is a leading manufacturer and marketer of asphalt in the Western states. The heart of the company is their 54,000 BPD day refinery located in Paramount and their 35,000 BPD refinery in Long Beach. Please visit them at for more information. Cc

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4701-B Little John St. • Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: 800-813-8232 • Fax: 626-813-1594 Email:

The Largest Attachment Rental Inventory in Southern California



Additional Equipment • Breakers • Auger Motors From Mini to Large Ex, Bits (8” Up To 60”) and Extension • Hydraulic Shears Mechanic and Hydraulic Pulverizer • Vibratory Compactors • Compaction Wheels

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Hydraulic Breaker

• New and improved 8,000, 11,000, and 13,500 ft. lbs breakers.

Mini Shear

• No high oil flow required. • No need additional circuit to rotate

• Can be mounted on SSL, Mini-ex or even backhoe with proper plumbing

New Reverse Cylinder & Reconditioned Crushers Available!

• Rod inside of the frame no need guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on 120, 130, 140 model

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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Hardy & Harper, Inc. has been providing Southern California clients with exceptional service since 1946. In the early years, before the Maas Family purchased the company, the work was primarily made up of small patch and repair jobs. Then in 1979, Fred T. Maas Sr. purchased the company and quickly brought on Steve Kirschner as an Estimator. Steve continues to proudly serve and help lead the company today, as the Vice President. By 1984 Fred, and his two sons, Tom and Tim Maas were working together to transform the small business into a large-scale asphalt paving company. Eventually, Tom purchased the company from his father and brother, becoming the sole owner by 1994. It was around this time that Tom began to teach his young son, Dan about the business, instilling a sense of dedication and responsibility along the way. Dan eventually joined his father in the business in 2002 after graduating from USC. Dan brought with him a new vision and with the addition of Corey Kirschner, as a new principal estimator, they began taking on large public works projects. 10

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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Trench repair in the City of Garden Grove.

Widening of the 60 Freeway.

Street rehabilitation in Canyon Lake.

7/3/13 5:12 PM

Street rehabilitation in Costa Mesa.

Hardy and Harper grew dramatically between 1998 and 2008, with an increased business revenue of more than 450% in that time period. The company continues to grow under Dan’s leadership, building on the commitment to quality that was made possible by Fred’s vision, Tom’s inspiration and Dan’s innovation. Today, Hardy & Harper continue to perform both large and small-scale jobs. They offer a variety of services including: full asphalt remove and replace, new grade and pave, skin patching, overlays, striping, slurry seals, a variety of other preventative maintenance solutions and much more. They also maintain several concrete crews that excel due to the fact that concrete is all these crews focus on. Their training and experience in work on curbs and gutters, sidewalks, flow lines, ADA compliant handicap ramps, concrete cutting and grinding, demolition and reconstruction are second to none.

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 11

Dennis Beyle is the General Superintendent at Hardy & Harper and he oversees a variety of projects both large and small each and every day. “The vast majority of our work is in the public works arena, however we are also constantly working on small patch jobs and lots of maintenance work every week. For instance, we recently completed a $7 million plus job out at Canyon Lake where we installed around 80,000 tons of asphalt overlay and quite a bit of miscellaneous concrete work. During this same time period, we were also doing small patch repair work for a water district, as well as trench paving for a small plumbing contractor. The point is, we do a variety of work and every job is just as important to us and we pride ourselves on doing it all on time, on budget and to the very best of our ability,” said Beyle. Through the leadership of Dan Maas, Hardy & Harper has remained busy and in the black, even over these past several

years. Recently they have been performing a lot of street reconstruction work in places like Laguna Niguel, City of Anaheim and City of Cypress, in addition to plenty of trench paving projects and grind and overlays for cities like Rancho Mirage. “Our work load is split primarily into three basic divisions. Our public works division, where we take on each project as the prime contractor and perform everything from full depth reconstruction to cement treating, but sub out things like slurry, cold-in-place recycling and chip seals. Next we have a segment of our business where we do mostly private work and perform primarily as a sub contractor for companies like Riverside Construction, Powell Construction and VCI. Here we focus mainly on paving and the occasional concrete job. The last main area of our business is dedicated to maintenance and this segment cannot be overlooked. In today’s economy most everyone is looking to get

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


7/3/13 5:12 PM

Residential street improvements in La Mirada.

as much as they can from the existing infrastructure and we are experts in helping our clients choose the proper solution,” continues Beyle. A quick snapshot of recent work would include Hardy & Harper’s work in Garden Grove for Alabasi where they are working as a subcontractor, trench paving over a 3-mile section of road after Alabasi’s underground utility construction was completed. They also just finished a one month long job where they performed 2,500 tons of remove and replace work in specific deteriorated asphalt areas prior to slurry for prime contractor, Roy Allen Slurry for the County of Orange. In the City of La Mirada, they have three concrete crews doing 550 cubic yards of remove and replace on various flotation’s within a neighborhood there. This includes flow lines, sidewalks, handicap ramps and curb and gutter work in isolated areas that need replaced. When this concrete remediation work is finished, Hardy & Harper will then move in and reconstruct various asphalt areas, then grind and overlay the same neighborhood streets with around 5,000 tons of hot mix asphalt from R.J. Noble Company. 12

Hardy & Harper is also currently working on Slover Ave. in San Bernardino where they are milling out .30’ and replacing that with .13’ of conventional asphalt and .17’of rubberized asphalt. Approximately 4,600 tons of asphalt will be installed by jobs end. Other smaller projects recently completed include subcontract work for Powell Construction doing pave only work on off-ramps on the 60-widening project in Moreno Valley and trench repair in Garden Grove. “We are on 12 to 15 different jobs on any given day and because of this fact, scheduling is most likely our biggest challenge. In the public works area, we are currently finishing up our Rancho Palos Verdes project and are right in the middle of jobs in Redondo Beach and La Mirada. In addition we just finished one big job in Riverside and are getting ready to start another. We also have a night job in Glendora and the list just goes on and on. We operate with around 100 employees and because we are not a supplier, our profits come solely from our job performance. It is imperative that we complete all of our work on time and on budget, and that we do everything we can

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 12

Street improvements on Slover Avenue for the County of San Bernardino.

to keep our crews lean and mean. We are extremely busy, but it would be nice to see the job prices go a little higher and closer to what it was four or five years ago. Until then however, we must remain diligent and do the very best with the resources that we have at our disposal. Part of this process requires that we constantly update our fleet in order to remain CARB compliant. We currently have around (25) 10-wheel dump trucks, (10) skip loaders, (15) rollers, (3) backhoes, (25) light duty trucks, a wheel loader and three paving machines including our brand new Cedarapids CR552 paver. We buy only the best equipment because we know that at the end of the day the production and efficiencies you get from working with the best will pay off in the long run,” concludes Beyle. With over 60 years of experience in asphalt paving, Hardy & Harper prides themselves on developing long-lasting relationships with all of their customers through courteous, efficient and professional service. For more information on Hardy & Harper, please visit them online at www. or call (714) 444-1851. Cc

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Trench Shoring Company’s SBH Slide Rail System replaces conventional sheeting systems. Fast and easier installation results in major savings. Square or rectangular pit shoring can make any configuration possible, accommodating all linear pipeline and excavating applications. Our standard design features depths of up to 36’. Trench Shoring Company is the authorized distributor for:

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2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


7/3/13 5:12 PM


Frank, Frankie, Chris & Michael, SealRight Paving.



Written By: Brian Hoover


rankie, Christopher and Nathan Vasquez represent the new generation of leadership at SealRight Paving located in Spring Valley. Their father and company President, Frank Vasquez has been in the business for 35 years, getting his start working for his father from the age of 16. “I started SealRight Paving 23 years ago and at that time we made our living in the Sealcoating business. Then one day a customer needed a small patch job done and instead of subbing that out I went ahead 14

and did it myself. Some time later, a client decided against slurry seal in favor of a full overlay. So I rented a roller and one thing led to another and it didn’t take me long to see that there were better margins in the actual paving end of the business. We still do quite a bit of Sealcoating work, however our emphasis today is public works,” says Frank Vasquez. Once Frank’s boys completed school, he asked each one of them if they wanted to be part of the family business or take a different route. They all

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 14

enthusiastically chose to join the company, knowing that it would not be an easy road to success. “All three of my sons started from the ground up, shoveling, raking and eventually running the pavers. This is how it was for me when I was young and I credit this for my work ethic today. It had to be the same for my sons as well,” said Vasquez. Today, Frankie (29), Christopher (26) and Nathan (19) have all mastered each and every piece of equipment in the SealRight Paving fleet. This includes the new Volvo PF6170 with Omni

7/3/13 5:12 PM


Above Left: Alberto, Frankie, Octavio, Frank, Michael, Freddy, Joey & Christopher. Above Right: Frankie, Scott, Frank & Nathan. Bottom: Frankie on 8500 LeeBoy.

318 Screed recently purchased from Volvo Construction Equipment & Services out of their Lakeside branch. “We are getting into larger contracts and we needed a larger paving machine for a new 3-year street overlay contract with the City of San Diego. We have only owned the Volvo for around 30-days, but my boys put a thousand tons through the hopper the very first day. They are all three out on the Volvo today as a matter of fact at a road-widening job on Camino Del Sur in San

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 15

Diego. One is operating the paver, while the other two are operating the screed in the back. They really enjoy this new paver, but the next step is getting newly trained operators on the larger pavers so the boys can focus on managing the heavy workload that we have ahead of us,� said Vasquez. Frank does his homework when he makes a decision to add a new machine to the fleet. Frank decided that he wanted to go with Omni Screed and Volvo offered that on their machine.


Volvo has also treated SealRight Paving very well in the past when they purchased rollers and Frank points out that they have very good parts and service availability. SealRight also owns and operates four LeeBoy paving machines, as well as a Neal (BlawKnox) DM 5500 path paver, which they use on their trench paving projects quite regularly. They also recently purchased a new Vogele paver from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. In addition, SealRight has a variety of rollers

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


7/3/13 5:12 PM


including Ingersoll-Rand, Volvo and a new Caterpillar, as well as several Bobcat skid steer loaders. “Every machine has its specific purpose. We choose to work with quality equipment distributors that offer high-end customer service. This is what will keep us up and running now and in the future,” says Vasquez. The asphalt business has changed a lot since Frank Vasquez got his start and things are sure to change for his sons in the next 30 or so years. One thing that will not change, if Frank has anything to say about it, is their commitment to integrity and quality towards each individual customer. To prepare his sons for this new future, Frank is allowing them to get more involved with the running of the company on a daily basis. “Adapting to change is important and all three of my sons have already shown me that they are ready to handle the future of this company. My theory when I started out on my own and even today, was not to be the biggest, but to focus on quality and always be financially strong enough to weather all of the ups and 16

downs that come with this type of business. My sons have decided that they want to take the company to another level and I want to support them in this endeavor. We have always been self-sustainable and that will continue through this growth period. My sons run the jobs and I spend my mornings driving from one site to the next supervising, but they are in charge. They jumped in with both feet and they are experiencing it all first hand. Not to say they have not or will not make mistakes. They already have and probably will in the future. I sit back and let them run the jobs and make the daily decisions. I also let them live with the consequences, good or bad. Of course I will never sacrifice quality to make a point, but I have sacrificed profits in order for them to learn. The knowledge they took forward was well worth the cost. As the jobs get bigger, they will rely on these experiences,” says Vasquez. Today, SealRight Paving specializes in commercial and residential paving, with 85 percent of their business being

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 16

John, Frank, Monique, Jennifer, Elizabeth & Lizette.


in public works. They also still perform a lot of seal coating, striping, patchwork and other general maintenance. “We will never forget our roots and the companies that were there for us at the beginning to allow us to grow to where we are today. My sons have already helped to bring our company into a new era of growth, with the addition of larger paving machines and larger jobs that include new roads, road widenings, full grind overlays, shopping centers and bigger maintenance contracts. Every job comes with a different challenge, but we thrive on each and every experience. Fun for us is just getting up every day knowing that we get to go paving. We truly enjoy it. I mean, how can a father not enjoy spending time doing what he loves with his three sons every day? We are a family here at SealRight, even beyond the bloodline. I want to thank John Whiteley (Lead Estimator), Jennifer Allen (Estimator Assistant), Lizette Delgado (Administrative Assistant) and Elizabeth Gutierrez (Payroll Administrator). I also want to thank all of our field crew for working so hard every day and of course my wonderful wife, Monique for her hard work, dedication and support since day one. She is also an amazing wife and mother,” concludes Vasquez. For more information on SealRight Paving, please call (619) 465-7411 or email them at Cc

7/3/13 5:12 PM

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2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


7/3/13 5:12 PM


ATP is a San Diego based family owned and operated paving company that focuses on the use of warm-mix asphalt (WMA). Providing sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional methods significantly mitigates the impact on our environment, without sacrificing quality. As a matter of fact, WMA has been documented to allow for longer transport, facilitate the compaction process and extend the paving season. Because WMA technologies are produced at lower temperatures, they help to cut fuel consumption and decrease the production of greenhouse gases, and ATP incorporates a high percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) into their WMA as well.

Conventional hot-mix is typically loaded into trucks at around 280F to 325F, where warm-mix can be produced at temperatures in the range of 180F to 260F. ATP’s green asphalt pavement services include new construction, repairs and maintenance. In addition to a quality, green end product, ATP can also help you and your project receive LEED® certification. ATP also provides conventional Hot Mix Asphalt services for clients that prefer a more traditional product. ATP utilizes California Air Resource Board compliant trucks and paving equipment, allowing for a more environmentally friendly process. In addition, ATP’s fleet is powered by clean burning Biodiesel, which allows for a significant reduction

of pollutants and passes every Health Effects Test of the Clean Air Act. ATP invests in innovative high tech equipment in order to achieve the highest levels of workmanship. Caterpillar ACERT paving machines with EGR technology are US EPA Tier 3 compliant and in addition to these machines, ATP uses Caterpillar clean smokeless electric screeds that eliminate burner smoke, as well as the need for open flame diesel burners. Whether you choose the more environmentally friendly WMA or the traditional HMA, you can always count on ATP to do their very best to provide you with the greenest technology, the highest quality and the most knowledgeable crews.

ATP uses a Wirtgen milling machine on a Mossy Automotive Group project.


2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 18

7/3/13 5:12 PM

ATP crew on site.

Rolling and compacting the new asphalt.

Paving in front of the service bays at Mossy Automotive Group.

ATP proudly works for everyone from small private businesses to large government entities. They sustain their business by building strong, genuine relationships with their customers. One of their premiere clients is The Mossy Automotive Group out of San Diego. Mossy is family owned and operated and has been helping their valued customers since 1921. With multiple locations, Mossy Automotive Group offers a variety of top of the line car makes, including: Nissan, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Scion, Toyota, Volkswagon and Honda. Recently, ATP finished a job at Mossy Nissan in El Cajon, where they performed various paving and maintenance applications. The job began at the beginning of June and the finishing touches will be completed by the middle of July.

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 19

The job called for ATP to remove and replace specific alligatored areas, do a 3” grind primarily in the customer and service parking areas, followed by the installation of a 2” overlay and 1” leveling course. After all of this is done, ATP will return to the job site to apply GuardTop, necessary striping and all ADA requirements. Rick Fouquette is the General Superintendent at ATP and he oversaw all of the operations at Mossy Nissan. “We have done several jobs for The Mossy Automotive Group over the past several years and they are truly a great company to work with. This particular job and most of the paving jobs that we do for car dealerships are a bit more challenging due to the logistics of moving all of the cars, with as little disturbance as possible to our customer and their clients.

We were able to do most of the service department parking area work on Sunday, because there is no service work being done then. We first removed all of the distressed asphalt areas, recompacted the base material and then paved it all back with a ½” Type B asphalt concrete with our Caterpillar AP655 paver. I think we put down around 280 tons of asphalt over a 28,000 sq. ft. area. Mossy did a great job of having their people move the cars at night to their other lot down the road. We did it all in three phases, focusing on one third of the lot each day. This allowed Mossy to only have to move a portion of their inventory each night. Then they would come back the next night and do it all again. After all three paving phases were completed; we let the job sit for a month. We will come back in mid-July

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


7/3/13 5:12 PM

to seal each phase with GuardTop and then finish with striping,” said Fouquette. The HMA was provided by California Commercial Asphalt and delivered by DIII Transport. GuardTop from California Commercial Asphalt was utilized for final seal coating. “We go with GuardTop because it offers a deeper and longer lasting color and in our opinion is the best asphalt seal coating available in the industry today,” said Fouquette. ATP performs everything from new construction and new developments to overlays for agencies and cities like National City, City of Chula Vista, County of San Diego and the City of Carlsbad, just to name a few. They are kept busy with work

for the Otay Ranch Company building new roads and other new construction projects. “We are currently paving Heritage Road for Otay Ranch Company and are getting ready to start a large overlay project for the County of San Diego. We are also preparing to work at a high school for the Poway Unified School District and will soon start a subgrade and pave job in 4S Ranch for Echo Pacific, in addition to many other jobs large and small,” said Fouquette. Some of the higher profile jobs that ATP has recently completed include a nearly $3 million resurfacing job on various streets in National City, a $1 million plus overlay project in Carlsbad, a nearly $9 million grind and overlay for the County of San Diego in 2011

and a more recent $5.5 million overlay in 2012. They also have a long list of private parking lot and school district projects including a subgrade, base and pave job for Echo Pacific in Oceanside. ATP is invested in the paving business for the long haul, with vibrant and energetic owners at the helm. Donald Daley III serves as the Company’s President and Frank Coakley as Vice President. Both work together, along with the rest of the well trained and supported ATP team, to bring the very best service and product to the market for sustainable construction. For more information on ATP, please visit them online at or call them at their Chula Vista office at (619) 777-8100. Cc

ATP uses a 246C Cat skidsteer to remove the existing asphalt.


2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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7/3/13 5:12 PM

CC_Asphalt_2013.indd 21

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7/3/13 5:13 PM

HERRMANN EQUIPMENT NAMED BOMAG ROAD BUILDING DISTRIBUTOR IN CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA BOMAG Americas, Inc. and Territory Manager, Tom Watson, announce the signing of Herrmann Equipment, Inc. as the authorized BOMAG Americas road building equipment distributor in the states of California and Nevada. Herrmann Equipment now offers asphalt contractors in both states BOMAG’s line of cold milling machines, the CMI RS series of reclaimer/ stabilizers and Cedarapids pavers and material transfer equipment. In addition, the heavy equipment distributor now offers BOMAG’s line of MPH series recyclers/ stabilizers, light and heavy tandem vibratory and combination rollers, and pneumatic tire rollers throughout the northern two-thirds of California, which includes the Fresno and San Jose markets northward. “Herrmann Equipment,” says John Hood, director of sales, heavy equipment for BOMAG Americas, Inc., “knows the asphalt market, the equipment and the contractors and has earned a dominant market share for paving equipment sales. This is a good fit for BOMAG and Hermann Equipment.” Watson adds, “Offering a deep knowledge base, excellent aftermarket support and thorough application training, Herrmann Equipment has elevated paving to a new level and takes a back seat to no other distributor within the assigned territory.” As a BOMAG road building equipment distributor, Herrmann Equipment carries the broad range of reliable equipment contractors require for asphalt paving, compacting and preservation. The offering features the Cedarapids line of commercial and mainline paving equipment, including material transfer devices and vehicles. The CMI RS series of 22

L-R: Matthew Herrmann, Ellen Herrmann and Frank Herrmann.

L-R: Jackie Allen and Mike Allen

reclaimer/stabilizers boast full-depth reclamation capabilities of asphalt roads with cutting depths ranging from 16 to 20 in (406 to 508 mm), widths from 96 to 120 in (2438 to 3048 mm), and power ratings of 415-, 600and 950-hp (309-, 447- and 730-kW). BOMAG also manufactures a range of high performance utility and half-lane milling machines with cutting widths from 11.8 to 98.4 in (300 to 2500 mm) in horsepower classes ranging from 125 to 590 hp (92 to 440 kW). “BOMAG is a major player for mainline paving and asphalt rehabilitation and has an excellent commitment to the market,” says Frank Herrmann, president of Hermann Equipment. “The partnership between BOMAG and Herrmann Equipment is an excellent fit, as good as it gets.” For 25 years, Herrmann Equipment has served mainline asphalt contractors in California and Nevada from its two offices – the Roseville, Calif. headquarters location in the north and Southern California branch office in Bloomington. Herrmann Equipment has developed long term

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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relationships with its asphalt customers by keeping a firm commitment to service and parts support. “The dedicated people at Herrmann Equipment fully understand that if one part of the paving train is down, this affects the entire train’s productivity,” says Watson. “Their knowledge and service of the product is second to none, and the service technicians are dedicated to keeping the equipment operating at maximum uptime.” Beyond providing sales support and operating training for the broad BOMAG road building equipment line, Herrmann Equipment is also a partsstocking distributor for the milling, reclamation, paving and compaction equipment. Service technicians averaging more than 10 years of heavy equipment maintenance experience make field service calls to keep downtime at a minimum. The company’s shop also offers rebuild services to keep equipment with many hours operating at peak efficiency. More information on Herrmann Equipment, Inc. can be found at Cc

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CATERPILLAR ADDS AP300D PAVER TO THE PAVING PRODUCT FAMILY Caterpillar announces the addition of the AP300D paver to its paving products family. Many integrated features make this paver extremely productive for paving parking lots, urban streets, cycle and walking paths, trenches, narrow shoulders, as well as other small and medium job sites. Contractors will appreciate the new hydrostatic drive system that delivers tight turning capability, excellent traction, and high travel speeds for efficient maneuverability around the job site. Flexible paving widths and precise mix control to the electrically heated screed make this machine extremely productive.

The mix delivery system has many unique features including independent hopper control for working near buildings and other obstacles. Independent control of each auger and conveyor offers precise delivery to each side of the screed when paving at varying widths. The augers and conveyors are reversible, limiting spills and reducing handwork at the end of the paving pass. The powerful Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meets applicable European Union emission standards and produces 55.5 kW (74.4 hp) of power. A high capacity cooling system provides cool intake air that maximizes fuel efficiency and minimizes

emissions. The system also promotes comfort by directing warmer exhaust air away from the operator. Cc

CATERPILLAR INTRODUCES 1.7 TONNE D SERIES COMPACT RADIUS HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR The powerful, versatile, zero tail-swing 301.7D CR mini-excavator is ideally suited to working in restricted work areas and is the latest addition to the expanding range of Cat® mini excavators which feature powerful hydraulics and excellent service features. Productivity in Confined Areas The zero tail swing Cat® 301.7D CR can work comfortably in confined work areas with the machine upper frame able to slew within its track width. Fitted with an extending undercarriage as standard, the machine can gain access into most areas when fully retracted to 990mm (3’ 3”) wide and once extended to its full 1300mm (4’ 3”) working width, the undercarriage affords excellent stability for even 24

greater digging and loading performance. Powerful Performance The 301.7D CR has a powerful 17.8 kW engine down-rated to 13.2 kW that provides smooth, fuel efficient running with ample torque for all digging, loading and work tool tasks. The variable displacement pump and flow sharing main hydraulic valve give smooth and effortless operation. Functional Design The 301.7D CR has two sturdy hoisting brackets on the canopy roof allowing the easy and rapid relocation of the machine. Easy Routine Service The durable steel panels are hinged and removable providing easy access for both routine and deeper maintenance. Interval

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changes of 500 hours for engine oil and 3,000 hours for hydraulic oil save time and reduce operating costs. A Cat S.O.SSM hydraulic fluid-sampling port allows accurate, period assessment of the fluid condition during its life. Cc

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JOHN DEERE ADDS NIMBLE 75G AND 85G REDUCED TAIL-SWING EXCAVATORS TO G-SERIES LINE The John Deere 75G and 85G excavators are the latest models to join the successful, customerdriven G-Series line. Both models feature reduced tail-swing configurations to maneuver and work around congested jobsites in efficient fashion. The machines feature a wide variety of improvements, to increase visibility, operator comfort, and productivity. “The 75G and 85G were designed to handle a variety of jobs, including landscaping, light residential excavating, site development or underground work,” said Mark Wall, product marketing manager for excavators, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “Their compact size

and pinpoint metering combined with the reduced tail-swing design allow the machines to rotate freely within a small radius, increasing productivity in confined spaces and around obstacles.” The 75G and 85G boast a 53 hp (39.6 kW) Final Tier 4 diesel engine outfitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that cleans automatically without impacting the machines’ productivity. The FT4 design is based on John Deere’s IT4 strategy that has a track record of exceptional reliability. Like all G-Series excavators, the 75G and 85G include an unsurpassed operation environment with spacious,

comfortable cabs and easy-to-use enhanced LCD monitors. Another benefit of the 75G and 85G is the ability to reduce daily operating costs. Daily and periodic maintenance is quick, easy, and convenient. Large fuel tanks and 500- and 5,000-hour engine and hydraulic oil-service intervals decrease downtime and expense. Cc

NEW VÖGELE SCREED WITH FRONT-MOUNTED EXTENSIONS Stability and variability are not mutually exclusive, as the frontmounted Extending Screed from VÖGELE proves. This screed has been specially developed for VISION pavers and is the ideal tool for multivariable width applications like parking lots with multiple traffic islands and light poles, residential and city streets with storm sewers, gas and water mains, intersections on major highways and county roads with multiple obstructions. The VÖGELE VF 500 provides high precision across the full paving width. Over decades, VÖGELE has gained a wealth of experience in electric screed heating, which has been installed in all screeds since 1952. It is the combination of 26

many years’ experience and continuous further development that resulted in the innovative heating system for our screeds. Electric heating provides that the screed plates are heated to an ideal temperature for paving. While paving, the heat output is controlled automatically. The VÖGELE VF 500 Extending Screed is extremely easy to operate thanks to ErgoPlus. Both the paver operator’s and the screed operators’ workstations

2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

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are ergonomically designed. The height and angle of the screed console can be adjusted. All functions are logically arranged on the console. An additional remote control is provided. What’s more, the compact design of the screed ensures that the operator always has an optimum view of the material flow – including augers, bolt-on extensions and end gates. Cc

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3 Years - 4,000 Hours - Full Machine Warranty

BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY! 19618 South Susana Road • Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 Serving Southern California

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Quality you can rely on


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For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor.

7651 Ronson Rd. San Diego, CA 92111 Office: 858-278-8351 Fax: 858-492-9959 San Diego 4726 Convoy St. Office: 858-278-8338 Fax: 858-278-4845 Escondido 1330 Mission Rd. Office: 760-739-9100 Fax: 760-739-8888 Fontana 8520 Cherry Ave. Office: 909-429-9100 Fax: 909-429-9397 Imperial 440 West Aten Rd. Office: 760-355-7700 Fax: 760-355-7704 Indio 81-501 Industrial Place Office: 760-863-5558 Fax: 760-863-0959

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POWER FOR THE MID-RANGE The HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i are the new models in the HD+ series of articulated tandem rollers. HAMM is entering the 7 and 8 t class with a total of nine machines. Both weight categories will feature one machine each with double vibration, a combi roller and an oscillatory roller plus a high-frequency machine for the USA. Rounding off the product offering is an 8 t roller with split drum for tough tasks. The XXL cabin The XXL cabin with its spacious interior, a laterally adjustable driver’s seat and optimum visibility is a real highlight for every driver. The operating panel is permanently attached to the driver’s seat, ensuring that it is always in the right place: in the driver‘s fi eld of vision! Unrestricted view From the cabin, the driver has a clear view of the construction site and the drums with the water sprinkler system. Bright halogen lights on the cabin as well as a main headlight with low and full beam ensure greater safety at night. An even better overview is offered by the new rear-view camera, available as an optional extra. Driving and handling characteristics The three-point swivel joint ensures optimum weight distribution and exceptional directional stability. Another bonus is the automatic reverse transmission for smooth braking and acceleration. The result: perfectly level asphalt surfaces free from bumps or dents! Engine technology for the future Under the engine cover, state-ofthe- art engine technology is at work. The 55.4 kW 4-cylinder diesel engine employed in the HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i already meets the extremely strict requirements of the EU IV / Tier 4f exhaust gas directive that comes into force in 2014. The cooling system also meets the most exacting requirements: two separately controlled fans ensure optimum cooling of charge air, hydraulic oil and engine coolant. At the same time, the load-dependent fan control for the engine cooling saves fuel and reduces noise emissions. Variants for the entire world The new HD+ rollers are tailor-made for Europe and the USA where the Tier 4i / EU III B regulations are already in force. There’s no need for customers in any other markets to forgo HAMM compaction technology however. The tried and tested HD series models will be available there for many years to come. Cc 2013 Asphalt Construction ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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ADVERTISER’S INDEX A.S.A.P. Heavy Equipment Rentals ... 25w

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. .....Back Cover

CAT Group ..............................................2

RDO Equipment Co. ...............................5

Clairemont Equipment ....................28, 29

Savala Equipment Rental .....................13

Construction Marketing Services .........13

Trench Shoring Company .....................13

Coastline Equipment ........................3, 31

UB Equipment Corp. ..............................8

Coastline Equipment Crane Div............23

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs. ..........17

Heavy Equipment Rentals ....................30

Westrax Machinery ...............................27

Herrmann Equipment ...........................21


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