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Empower, and Enrich” feature, covering the best schools, classes, and programs in the area to help you plan ahead for the year and years to come. We also would like you to meet the Menteers of Calabasas, a family that is very busy—with two daughters and two doctors’ schedules—yet still makes time to be together. Whether you want to travel abroad or stay close to home, we have two adventurous ideas for you: La Dolce Vita in Florence, Italy, the birth place of the Renaissance; and a walking tour of Los Angeles, featuring iconic buildings like the Bradbury Building and the Last Book Store. Mark your calendars for the 5th Annual Calabasas Film Festival, September 12 to 16, and expect a few days full of entertainment. Another great event to put on your calendars is Fran Drescher’s Health Summit on October 23 in Los Angeles. She continues to teach us to be medical consumers to help fight cancer.

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Calabasas Film Festival ----- LIGHTS, CAMERAS, AND A WHOLE LOT OF ACTION -----

SEPTEMBER 12TH - 16TH 2018 Roll out the red carpet for the 5th Annual Calabasas Film

are looking forward to experimenting with exciting pop-

Festival (CFF). Join your neighbors and some of Calaba-

up events throughout the year to keep awareness and

sas’ most talented residents for the highly anticipated,

momentum strong and continue to expand the brilliant

five-day, fun-filled event, complete with hand-selected

future of their film festival.

film premieres and lively, catered afterparties. Created as a nonprofit platform for avid movie-goers, studio ex-

In the spirit of promoting the arts, supporting filmmakers,

ecutives, and key players in the entertainment industry,

and inspiring film lovers, the Calabasas Film Festival tra-

CFF celebrates all things film in the city where the heart

ditionally dedicates its last day to honor and educate

of film lives.

the future of the industry—local high school students who have submitted their films for judging by a panel

This year, sisters and festival co-directors Kelley and Ni-

of movie industry personnel. They firmly believe in the

cole Fries are emphasizing support for diversity and fe-

importance of keeping film alive within the education

male empowerment within the film industry as a proudly

system by providing future directors, producers, and

female-run festival, striving to effect change and put

writers a path to accomplish their dreams and share

change in motion. With so many wildly talented Calaba-

their stories.

sas residents working in the entertainment industry, the Fries sisters have taken advantage of the opportunity to

With new sponsors and a fresh film lineup, this year is sure

bring together like-minded individuals and passionate

to be one for the books. Visit

filmgoers within the community to connect over mutual

for more information.

passions for film and television. The innovative founders


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Photography by Alexander Yellen

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Fall Finds Styles of the Season

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Walking Tour of Los Angeles La Dolce Vita in Florence

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Victoria Elizabeth

Hyatt Regency Westlake Bridal Premiere celebrated its 35th anniversary on August 5, 2018, with a fun-filled day of ideas, expert advice, and plenty of prizes for lucky brides-to-be and their grooms. The event offered wedding-related exhibits throughout the entire lower level of the hotel, with over 100 exhibitors on hand to answer questions and assist future brides with all aspects of wedding planning. Attendees were encouraged to stroll the aisles to check out the latest in wedding attire, sample tasty treats from caterers and bakeries, snap photos in the photo booth, and register for thousands of dollars in prizes, including a Las Vegas package. New and fun activities this year included Spades Casino Events, where every bride won a prize at the roulette table. In addition, the Gazebo Lawn featured a BBQ, lawn games, love signs, and reggae sounds.

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Linda Perry

Members and guests enjoyed a spectacular evening of music and camaraderie under the stars on July 19 at Calabasas Country Club. The outdoor patio at the club provides an ideal venue to enjoy the fabulous summer weather and spectacular views of the course while enjoying food, drinks, dancing, and laughter. Music was performed by James Domine, the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra’s music director and conductor, and his classic rock band, who delighted the crowd with music from the 60s and early 70s. Band Domine

members (guitar

included and




Domine (keys and guitar); Larry Muradian (bass); Nick Scarmack (drums); and Rebecca Ray (vocals). They had the crowd up and dancing the night away. Calabasas Country Club has become the “Social Mecca” for the greater




fering a wide variety of great entertainment events and activities each month, where members and guests can enjoy all the fun so close to home. For more photos of our events, please visit


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JOHN HEUBUSCH CELBRATES SECOND NOVEL ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Picsolve

John Heubusch, the executive director of the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library and author, was honored at a reception, lecture, and book-signing event at the Reagan Library on Tuesday, August 14, for the release of his second novel, The Second Coming. The Second Coming is a sequel to Heubusch’s first novel, The Shroud Conspiracy. Over 500 people attended the event where Heubusch discussed his book. In addition, 100 people were invited to a VIP reception held in President and Mrs. Reagan’s Private Quarters, the area of the library where President and Mrs. Reagan had their last working offices and entertained foreign dignitaries and special guests. Attending the event and VIP reception were Congressman Elton and Janice Gallegly and Judge Lee and Susan Harris. At present, The Second Coming is listed as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the “Religious Mystery” genre.

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ The West Valley – Warner Center Chamber of Commerce annual inauguration gala was held on Saturday, July 28, at Westfield’s Goldwater Community Center. An award-winning performance by Dennis DiBiase earned the evening’s most prestigious award—the Joseph Staller Memorial Award. Other award-winning performances were by Director of the Year Dick Bublitz and Ambassador of the Year Lee Levy. The new board of directors’ president, Donald Weissman, and the new 2018-2019 board members were inducted. The evening festivities included a hosted reception by Hilton Woodland Hills, dinner catered by Alligator Pear Catering, entertainment by Jazzy Boy Jeff Entertainment, lots of dancing and photo opportunities, silent and live auctions, and a raffle provided by the local community. The West Valley – Warner Center Chamber of Commerce extends its gratitude to its many sponsors, including




Realty & Investments, Fairwinds West Hills Retirement Community, West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, and Malibu Wines.

For more photos of our events, please visit


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Each Other By Pax Ansley Photography and cover by Marvin Steindler

Many people go through life just trying to get by, but

there were plenty of research labs to apply to when

developing passion can take one from simply surviving

looking for summer employment,” remembers Fran.

to fervently thriving. For the Menteer Family of Calaba-

After graduating high school, Fran attended the Uni-

sas, passion seems to be coursing through their veins.

versity of Maryland for her undergrad studies. “I ended

Though the Menteers find themselves busy with their re-

up getting a job at the National Institutes of Standards

spective packed schedules, they never lose sight of the

and Technology working in their Radiation Physics De-

thing that is truly most important: family.

partment during my summers throughout college,” she says. After earning her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, she was offered a job as a research chem-

Jondavid Menteer—JD to those who know

ist. Yet, after spending countless hours

him—has been a Calabasas resident since 1975. Growing up in Calabasas, most loved schools. He started at Chaparral Elementary, went on to A.E. Wright, and ended up graduating from Calabasas High as a part of the class of 1986. Before he knew it, he was off to college. JD’s excellent academic


sequestered in her lab, she came to


JD attended some of the area’s

realize that something seemed to



heart seemed to be leading her elsewhere. After some soul searching, freshly graduated JD began his journey to his true calling in the halls of his local hospital. JD longed for a


profession where he could help peo-

him to attend UC Berkeley for his

ple and be the best version of himself. To

undergrad education. After earning his degree in biopsychology, JD began to ask

be missing in her life and that her

make sure the medical field was truly the path

the age-old question: “What’s next?” After spending

for him, JD started out in hospital housekeeping and

some time pursuing business, JD quickly realized he was

security. He found that he felt at home in this world.

at a stand-still in his career. A long talk with his mother

After finishing his pre-med classes, JD enrolled in med-

prompted him to start asking himself the right questions,

ical school. In 1993, three years after graduating from

such as: “What would I do if I could really do anything?”

college, JD Menteer moved to St. Louis to begin his graduate studies at Washington University School of

The daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, Francoise was


born in the United States and grew up in Maryland, just outside of the nation’s capital. This bright and curious

Fran decided that hiding away in the lab was not the

young lady took an immediate interest in science, es-

right path for her. She loved the interactions with peo-

pecially biology and chemistry. “Growing up around D.C.,

ple and patients that she just could not get in a lab.

Continued on p. 48


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 47

Continued from p.46



Fran was determined to go back to school, this time to study

cardiovascular system to me.” And with that, JD had found his

medicine at the graduate level. In the fall of 1993, Fran, too,

calling. He did his pediatric residency at Harvard’s Massachu-

began her studies at Washington University in St. Louis.

setts General Hospital.

The two aspiring doctors met while in their first days in medi-

Fran, too, was well on her way to finding her specialty. “I found

cal school at Washington University and became inseparable.

that I was interested in all of the specialties,” she says. “So, even

After they finished med school, the pair decided to move to

though I could have chosen to specialize in cardiology or gas-

Boston to train at Harvard and complete their residencies. In

troenterology or dermatology, I decided to pursue my career in

1998, five years after they met, this power couple tied the knot.

general internal medicine as I prefer to treat my patients as a

During his clinical rotations in medical school, JD was deep-

whole, not just one part or organ system.” Fran completed her

ly affected by his time in pediatrics. “I was amazed at the

internal medicine residency with an emphasis on women’s health

strength of the children with severe illnesses, fascinated by the

at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

tremendous variety of different problems that could arise and inspired by the impact a physician could have on a child and

After the couple finished their residencies, they were off to

their family…,” says JD. “I was quickly drawn to children with

Philadelphia where JD would complete his fellowships in car-

cardiac problems, as there was something intuitive about the

diology and transplant cardiology at the Children’s Hospital of


Calabasas Style

Philadelphia. When it came time to figure out the next step of their journey, an opportunity presented itself that would have JD going back to his roots. He was offered a job at the famous Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. JD and Fran Menteer moved to Calabasas in 2004. JD took the job at Children’s Hospital L.A. as the newest pediatric transplant cardiologist. And the Menteers soon welcomed the newest member to their growing family. Jaida Menteer was born the same year the couple moved back to Calabasas. She was followed three years later by her little sister, Zoe. Fast forward to 2018. Little Jaida is now 14 years old, a dedicated student, and a gymnastics champ. “She is extremely passionate and committed…,” says JD proudly. “She started at the All Olympia Gym in Calabasas at age 5. Since then, she has become a competitive gymnast, training at the gym up to 25 hours per week.” She has a host of titles and medals, including two State vault championships and a silver medal in the all-around at the State Championships. She recently culminated from AC Stelle with honors and the Presidential Academic Achievement Award. Zoe, now 11, shares her family’s passion and drive. Her sport is

Although this busy family loves to travel, and not just for cheer

cheerleading. She has competed on All Star cheer teams since she

and gymnastics competitions, their home base is always Cal-

was 8. A talented tumbler, Zoe is currently trying to master a back

abasas. From dinner at Corner Bakery to staycations at home

tuck. Her cheer teams have traveled the country for different com-

and visits to theme parks and the beach, the Menteer fami-

petitions and picked up more than a few championships along the

ly loves to be together. This passionate family’s motto is that

way. Her teams were recently included in a very selective interna-

“there are no make-ups in life. If you missed it, you missed it.”

tional competition held at Disneyworld and took second place. Zoe

Though schedules often pull them in all different directions, JD

just finished her sixth year at Bay Laurel Elementary.

imagines the perfect Menteer day: “We’d be together, enjoying each other." n

Fran now has a concierge internal medicine practice, associated with MDVIP, in Thousand Oaks. She is absolutely “dedicated to helping and advocating for her patients,” says proud husband JD. Despite her busy schedule running a successful medical practice, Fran still keeps her wits and schedules about her. She handles the madness of juggling four packed schedules like a pro. She organizes play dates, spearheads carpools, plans guitar and art lessons, and even home-schools Jaida for a portion of the school year. JD is still at Children’s Hospital. These days, he has quite a few more titles. He is now the medical director of transplant cardiology, the director of the heart failure program, and the medical director of the cardiac mechanical support program. When he isn’t busy at the hospital, JD is an associate clinical professor at USC Keck School of Medicine. He will also soon be stepping into his newly elected post of Chief of Staff at Children’s Hospital LA. When this skilled surgeon isn’t saving lives, he likes to unwind and relax in a different kind of operating room. JD loves to work on his beloved Porsche. “He jokes that there is something gratifying about working on things where the stakes aren’t life and death,” says Fran. But despite all his accolades, this busy doctor is still a “chauffeur from cheer and gymnastics practices.”

Calabasas Style 49


____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Melissa Westervelt

Saturday, July 21, was a blast at PTS Furniture as they held their annual Summer Celebration, offering some of the year’s best showroom sales on their beautiful home furnishings. Community vendors participated in the celebration, setting up booths throughout the showroom to share their novelty items with the guests. Wildflower Boutique showcased an assortment of its stylish, quality clothing and accessories, and DoTerra Essential Oils by Jackie Holsclaw offered amazing pure and natural oils in a wide variety of scents. Local artisan Deborah Kay displayed her unique handmade jewelry from Designs by Deborah, and Mireille Fournier of Fine Art by Fournier featured a gallery of her incredible paintings. While attendees perused the showroom and booths during the morning hours, they were treated to Starbucks coffee and snacks. When lunchtime came, La Gordi Catering brought tacos and all of the fixings to the guests. It was a day filled with fine furniture, scrumptious food, and tons of fun for all!

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Calabasas Style 51




Don't miss Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit October 23rd, 2018, in Los Angeles. For more information and tickets, visit Everyone has been touched by cancer. There are so many forms of the disease that every month of the calendar is dedicated to some form or other. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also the month when Fran Drescher hosts her annual Master Class Health Summit. Drescher has been on the front lines of the battle against cancer since having conquered the disease herself 18 years ago. She founded the nonprofit Cancer Schmancer Movement to educate people so they wouldn’t have to go through the struggle that she did. Her Master Class is part of that education effort. Drescher and her team handpick the country’s top doctors and medical experts to share their cuttingedge research into preventing, reducing, and reversing disease. This year’s event takes place on October 23rd, 2018, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.

What do you hope are the biggest takeaways for attendees of this year’s Summit? We want people to understand that how you live equals how you feel. If you’re sick, examine your lifestyle, everything you put in your mouth, what you put on your skin, what you clean and garden with. How much do you exercise? What’s your stress level? What is your spiritual practice? All of these things are connected. We have to stop looking at symptoms and start looking at systems.

What new technology has been developed to detect or fight cancer? Some of our guests are doctors doing ground-breaking research into things like robotic surgery and non-invasive surgical techniques. We’ll also be talking about the microbiome and the role it plays in the health of newborns.

Besides cancer, does your movement address other health issues? Yes, we address many other health issues, like whole-body health, auto-immune disease, heart health, and mental health


Calabasas Style

because what I have learned on my journey from cancer patient to health advocate is that the same steps you take to prevent cancer also prevent a host of other diseases. A lot of it boils down to preventing inflammation, putting the body at ease, and preventing disease. Again, it’s all interconnected.

Who are some of the most notable speakers this year? I’m really excited about Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who’s a worldrenowned expert in gluten disorders; Dr. Christopher Shade, who will talk about his research into mercury toxicity; and Dr. Dean Ornish, who will discuss turning good genes on and bad genes off through lifestyle and nutrition. We’ve also invited back some favorites from past years, like Dr. Zach Bush, who has done ground-breaking work on gut health, and Dr. Antonio Jimenez, who runs a cutting-edge cancer treatment center.

Will there be any special panels? What will they focus on? This year, we have a panel on brain health and Alzheimer’s. We’re going to talk about pet health for the first time with Ty Bollinger, who did a wonderful documentary on pet cancer. We’ll also have discussions on children’s health, focusing on allergies and autoimmune disease, and on cannabis with Dr. Uma Dhanabalan. n

Calabasas Style 53


____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Carl Large

Local realtors Eyal and Anat (Cookie) Erster hosted a spectacular fundraiser at their residence in Calabasas to support Quadrato Motor Training (QMT). The research findings were presented by Dr. Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan, director of the neuro-scientific research unit at the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation. QMT is a structured motor-training technique aimed at increasing cognitive and neuronal functions to improve creativity, problem solving, and emotional well-being. Furthermore, QMT has promising results for the treatment of dyslexia, ADHD, mind-cognitive impairment, and




wine, appetizers, a sushi bar, and learned about this fascinating research under the stars.

For more photos of our events, please visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 55


____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Linda Perry

The 4th of July is always a special day in Calabasas, and this year was no exception. From a morning fun run to the spectacular fireworks display, this year's 4th of July was one for the books. Calabasas families started the day with the 41st Annual Lakeside Fun Run, presented by the Calabasas Park Homeowners Association, and the 4-Mile Run, 2-Mile Run, 2-Mile Walk, and 1/4-Mile Kids Race at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center. Pet lovers had the opportunity to participate in the always adorable annual pet show. The Summer Splash Party was a hit, featuring a family barbecue, tennis,





Calabasas High School opened the Family Fun Zone at 5:00 p.m., featuring games, prizes, stilt walkers, balloons, and more--not to mention a live dance party! The evening concluded with the musically choreographed fireworks spectacular at Calabasas High School.

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Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 57


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 59


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 61


____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Michael Adams

Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman were spotted at University Village on Saturday, August 4. The Caped Crusader and his comrades dropped in to entertain residents and their guests at University Village Thousand Oaks’ Family Day. The event—a highlight of the year for the Thousand Oaks retirement community—drew more than 2,000 residents and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The superhero-themed celebration also featured exotic animals, face painting, crafts, lawn games, a casino, entertainment by Black & Whyte Dueling Pianos, and more. Residents





joyed a delicious display of culinary delights, including a seafood station, Farmers Market cheese and fruit accompanied by artisan breads and crackers, numerous salads, and hot foods ranging from crab cakes, roasted pork loin, and honey-glazed salmon to hot dogs and chicken fingers. A chocolate fountain and ice cream sundae bar topped off the array of tempting treats and desserts. For more information on University Village Thousand Oaks, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 63


____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Debbie Vaccarello

Illuminate Face & Body Bar -- Calabasas officially opened its doors on Tuesday, July 31, with a marvelous celebration. The turnout was outstanding, with over 50 Calabasas locals in attendance. Team Illuminate performed




their most popular treatments: HydraFacials, Coolsculpting, Botox injections, Vitamin IV therapy, and Visia skin analysis. Clients got to experience treatments that nurture and uplift their bodies, minds, and souls. Their expert staff of nurse practitioners and registered nurses performed treatments live so that clients could ask questions and see the results delivered from the variety of treatments offered. Illuminate’s



Sarah Berkman, was elated to raffle off amazing prizes, which included a year of Botox, HydraFacials, skin care goodies and more. Of course, they also shared a few of their wellness treats, including Kombucha and crystals, because Illuminate believes in beauty from the inside out.

For more photos of our events, please visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 65


It's time to swap your strappy sandals for sophisticated boots By Kaylie Carafelli






Calabasas Style



Calabasas Style chooses apparel and accessories to fall in love with this season






FENDI Calabasas Style 67



Inspired by celestial shapes, the IPPOLITA 18K Yellow Gold Nova Graduated Cultured Freshwater Pearl Threader earrings unify the classic with the contemporary. They’re feminine with an edge, as pearls orbit rings of gold on earring threaders. Visit Polacheck’s Jewelers to see more of this IPPOLITA collection. The Commons at Calabasas 4719 Commons Way Calabasas 818.225.0600

THE KINGDOM The premiere destination for luxury shoes and accessories, carrying new designs straight off the Milan and Paris runways. Whether it’s a beautiful pair of heels, a limited-edition sneaker, or an exclusive handbag, this high-end boutique has something for every fashionista. The Commons at Calabasas 4719 Commons Way, #G Calabasas 818.912.6990 @shopthekingdom

SUGAR Sugar is the place to enhance your personal style, be authentic, and enjoy your experience. Shop all of the newest head-totoe fashions from laidback chic to date-night elegance and unique jewelry. Their stylists help you achieve your best you! 982 S. Westlake Blvd., #4 Westlake ViIlage 805.373.0243 IG: shopsugarstore


Calabasas Style

SHARON SEGAL NINA SEGAL From the daughters of Fred Segal, Sharon Segal Nina Segal is Westlake Village’s premier shopping destination. It’s the perfect spot to find unique jewelry and accessories and the hottest fall finds. The Promenade at Westlake 160 Promenade Way, #E Westlake Village 805.777.7019 @sharonsegalninasegal

DÉJAUN JEWELERS The Chopard Happy Sport watch sparkles with femininity. It is a true must have for free-spirited women who like to differentiate themselves. Stunningly crafted from 18k rose gold with a diamond-set bezel, Chopard’s signature moving diamonds dance in a joyful display of light. The Village at Westfield Topanga 6320 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., #1650 Woodland Hills 818.888.8292

The Oaks Mall 424 W. Hillcrest Dr. Thousand Oaks 805.495.1425

THE SHOP AT THE CHAIR With an exclusive selection of high-end swimsuits solely made in Brazil, The Chair Calabasas carries the exclusive swim line So de Mel. So de Mel is a Brazilian-inspired label with a perfect mix of functional Brazilian and modern European fits. The Shop at The Chair 26527 Agoura Rd., #112 Calabasas 818.912.6769

Calabasas Style 69



Your destination for classic, chic, quality clothing. Love shopping and giving back to your community? Owner and wardrobe stylist Gerie Davies donates generously to over 20 local organizations. Need a fashion fix? Call to look and feel your best! Private shopping is available for individuals or groups. Photography by Katrina Kearns. 818.426.7631 @GerieDavies @GeriesFashionCloset

SPA LOURDES Nestled in the heart of Agoura Hills, Spa Lourdes is a unique blend of contemporary elegance with a casual vibe, specializing in the latest spa treatments for face, body, and spirit. Coolsculpting special: $585 per area! 5015 Cornell Rd., #D Agoura Hills 805.277.4808

EL MIO BOUTIQUE Chic, comfy, and unique clothing made in the U.S.A, France, and Italy. Jewelry, bags, and accessories from all over to match your style. Private shopping available upon request. Friendly little shop in the corner. Inside Regency Salon Suites 23361 Mulholland Dr., #21 Woodland Hills 818.515.6793


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 71

Dermatologists Discover Botox Cosmetic | Lip Filler | Laser Hair Removal | CoolSculpting FotoFacials | Chemical Peels | Kybella | Tattoo Removal | Fraxel and More 速

By Anna D Guanche MD FAAD Board-Certified Dermatologist Founder, Bella Skin Institutee Have you ever wondered who invented or discovered the procedures that help to keep us looking our best? Who discovered revolutionary BOTOX for cosmetic use? What about fillers like collagen and hyaluronic acid? We now have Kybella and


Calabasas Style

CoolSculpting, both noninvasive ways to reduce fat. Someone had to have developed these innovations. Who discovered the FotoFacial (intense pulsed light) that is a popular procedure for removing sun damage? What about laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, vascular lasers for birthmarks and rosacea? What about the oh-so-popular Fraxel laser? All were invented or adapted for skin rejuvenation by dermatologists.

BOTOX: As the story goes, a dermatologist

ered that fat cells are more susceptible to

now, Fraxel is still arguably the gold stand-

named Dr. Alistair Carruthers was married

damage from cold than skin is, and voila,

ard for skin resurfacing.

to an ophthalmologist named Dr. Jean

CoolSculpting was born! Vascular laser for scarring: Dr. Tina Alster, a

Carruthers. Jean treated eyelid twitching with BOTOX and noticed a strange phe-

Laser hair removal: How many have ben-

dermatologist in Washington, D.C., did the

nomenon. Patients were asking her to in-

efited from the gift of laser hair removal?

research and wrote articles pertaining to

ject the unaffected eye area because

There are spas everywhere offering this

the use of vascular lasers, or pulsed-dye la-

wrinkles were disappearing. She explained

procedure. Rox Anderson, MD, dermatol-

ser VBeamÂŽ, for reducing the appearance

this occurrence to her husband at home

ogist, invented it.

of red scars, stretch marks, and acne scars.

ic was born. The medication is known the

Vascular laser: Pulsed-dye laser helps with

Dermatologists are at the forefront of aes-

world over as a powerful antiwrinkle treat-

redness, rosacea, red birthmarks, and col-

thetic innovation. Training to become a

ment, and its adaptation for use in the cos-

lagen stimulation. Rox Anderson, MD, der-

board-certified dermatologist takes 12

metic world began with Drs. Carruthers.

matologist, invented it.

years of rigorous schooling—four years

one evening, and voila, BOTOX Cosmet-

of undergraduate, four years of medical Filler: Lip fillers were pioneered by Dr. Ar-

Laser tattoo removal: Unwanted tattoos

school, and four years of residency. The

nold Klein, a celebrity dermatologist, who

of various colors were irreversible until this

requirements for maintenance of certifi-

started with collagen injections. His work

technology came to light. Rox Anderson,

cation are strict and demanding. Ongoing

inspired other dermatologists and aesthet-

MD, dermatologist, invented it.

learning and testing modules are required.

ic practitioners to adopt and perfect the

Right now, dermatology is the most com-

technique. Now, we use hyaluronic acid,

Photodynamic therapy: People who have

petitive residency to be accepted into.

the newer generation of filler that has the

many precancerous skin changes, that

Some practitioners label themselves der-

added benefit of being less allergenic and

we call actinic keratoses, benefit from this

matologists, but unless they are board

reversible, to plump lips and restore vol-

treatment. Rox Anderson, MD, dermatolo-

certified, they have not gone through the

ume to other aspects of the face.

gist, invented it.

in-depth training process. Dermatologists

Chemical peel: Dr. Ferdinand Ritter von

A lifelong learner and incredibly astute re-

dures mentioned here do not encompass

Hebra, a dermatologist from Austria, dis-

searcher, Dr. Anderson has brought value

the myriad of peels, skin medications,

covered the resurfacing effects of chem-

to innumerable individuals.

and treatments that have been brought

are inventors and innovators. The proce-

ical peels in the 19th Century. Chemical

to light. A generally humble group, most

peeling is a technique used to improve

Kybella: Dr. Adam Rotunda, a dermatol-

people do not realize who is inventing and

and smooth the texture of the skin. Since

ogist from Newport Beach, initiated the

devising protocols for the many aesthetic

the 19th Century, peels have evolved to

studies on fat-dissolving injectable deox-

techniques available to you today. Trust

be safer. We understand more clearly now

ycholic acid. This compound is normally

your skin to the best. n

which skin types or conditions respond to

released from the gallbladder and allows

each peeling agent.

us to digest dietary fat. It turns out that when injected into fatty areas, such as

FotoFacial: Dr. Patrick Bitter, a dermatol-

the double chin, bra fat, or any other ar-

ogist, described, perfected, and trade-

eas of the body, small to medium pock-

marked the FotoFacial. It employs a bright

ets of fat can be noninvasively and per-

light, or intense pulsed light (IPL), to reju-

manently reduced.

The statements in this article are for general informational purposes only and do not substitute for individual medical advice.

venate the skin. When this bright light is pulsed near the skin while cooling the

Laser resurfacing: Dr. Larry David, a der-

surface, it acts somewhat like a laser. It is

matologist, developed the CO2, or carbon

excellent for removing sun damage in the

dioxide, laser resurfacing, while Dr. David

form of freckling and discoloration on the

Goldberg, also a dermatologist, devel-

face, neck, chest, arms, and legs. The pro-

oped the technique for Erbium YAG laser

cedure stimulates collagen as well.


CoolSculpting: Dr. Rox Anderson, a der-

Fraxel: Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, a dermatol-

matologist trained at MIT and Harvard, is

ogist practicing in San Diego, developed

credited with many discoveries in the la-

and perfected fractionated resurfacing, a

ser and device category. CoolSculpting is

way to laser the skin more safely and with

a noninvasive, nonsurgical way to reduce

decreased downtime. With three addi-

fat permanently. Dr. Anderson discov-

tional iterations and many spinoff devices

Calabasas Style 73


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 75


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 77

Décor CALABASAS ST YLE ’ S FAVO R ITE ELEM ENTS KOUROSH RUGS For over 130 years, Kourosh Rugs has cultivated a family business offering a stunning collection of intricately designed and handcrafted Persian rugs. Visit their store to see the additional in-store exclusive collectibles like antiques, crafts, and arts. 22540 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills 818.272.9611

BRONT MATTRESS At Bront Mattress, their goal is to provide you with the perfect bed so that you sleep well tonight to bring on tomorrow. With a wide range of beds to choose from, you can shop with confidence to find your perfect bed. Bront Mattress features the most luxurious and technologically advanced materials. 22110 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills 818.914.4061

ELEGANT FIREPLACE MANTELS Elegant Fireplace Mantels offers the largest collection of fireplace mantels in North America. They have the ability to create and recreate many different styles and designs to meet every client’s goal in materials like French limestone, Turkish travertine, and Italian Carra cast stone. 11949 Borden Ave. San Fernando 800.295.9109


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style has perused the local area to locate some of our favorite home décor elements, and we are excited to share them with our readers! PATIOWORLD These exclusive chaise loungers and side table are part of a best-selling collection that features powder-coated champagne aluminum, padded sling seating, and teak accents. The high-quality materials and modern design come together to produce ultimate comfort, style, and durability. 419 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks 6021 Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Woodland Hills 888.777.2846

GLOBAL SOURCE LIGHTING Featuring the world’s finest lighting and accessories, they are proud to bring the beauty of their lighting collections to your home. From crystal fixtures and chandeliers to exterior lighting and fans, Global Source Lighting caters to your needs and specific design vision. 28501 Canwood St. Agoura Hills 818.707.6000

PTS FURNITURE Enjoy a great night’s sleep every night with the Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather®. With 14 styles available, from transitional to modern, you’re sure to find the stylish centerpiece you want. Visit PTS Furniture today to save 10% through October 1. 250 Conejo Ridge Ave. Thousand Oaks 805.496.4804

Calabasas Style 79


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 81

e l y t S C

Construction & Remodel 101

It always pains me to hear about families

Interview the candidates for your team

selecting every permanent item/material

having a stressful or failed experience when

thoroughly. Make sure you understand the

for your project and how it will be installed.

remodeling their homes. It’s supposed to

process and their processes from beginning

So, you need someone very well-versed.

be such a well-earned and well-deserved

to end. For contractors, ask how often they

Your designer must not only be an expert

treat. So, when I hear the horror stories of

will be at your job site and reiterate that you

in picking aesthetically proper and visually

remodels gone bad, it’s hard to hear. If your

will insist that

family is planning on doing a remodel, an

they keep to

addition, or new construction, there are

their word. Ask

definite must-dos and don’ts to know about

if they will be

before breaking ground. For nearly 20 years,

overseeing the

I’ve performed and rescued every level of

project or if it

new construction and remodel project, and

will be a proj-

I’ve seen them all: the good, the bad, and

ect manager.

unfortunately, the ugly.

Will permits be needed, and if so, will they

work in the style you are going for? How

pull them or will that be the architect’s re-

does the designer educate her or himself


Interview thoroughly. Often, it’s very telling how they answer the more trivial questions.

appealing materials, but she or he must also be knowledgeable installation,


about and

quality of the materials. Ask what the designer’s collaborative process is like? Has he or she done

sponsibility? And get an idea of how much

on the newest products? Top design pros

While it may be fun to surf Houzz, Pinterest,

the permits will be as they can add thou-

are treated to factory headquarters and

and Angie’s list, a personal referral is always

sands to your budget. Ask about the time-

manufacturer events to see all the latest

the best way to find quality builders, archi-

line and the daily work hours their crew will

products. And keep in mind, every designer

tects, and designers. Luckily, referrals are

keep. In addition to a current license, ask if

bills differently so have a clear understand-

easy to come by in Southern California. So,

they have workmen’s comp. And be sure

ing of his or her fees during construction and

interview those friends and contacts who

to ask if their team cleans up at the end of

furnishing phases; it may vary.

have gone through the process to learn

each workday. Often, it’s very telling how

firsthand how their remodel process went.

they answer the more trivial questions.

Find out what they liked and didn’t like

ESTIMATES AND CONTRACTS If you are starting a large build project, read

and who they liked and didn’t like working

For designers, you’ll want to make sure they

your proposals and contracts carefully. Or

with. Check out portfolios and comb web-

have extensive construction experience

better yet, have an attorney look them over

sites and social media to find the style you

since some focus on furnishings only. On

before signing to make sure scope of work,

connect with, and be sure to meet with as

remodels, a designer’s duties are elevated

payments, and warranty information are all

many talented people as you can.

because he or she will be responsible for

noted appropriately.


Calabasas Style

For each hire, narrow it down to three

A great designer will go

choices and get three estimates. Once

well beyond the selection

you’ve received the estimates, carefully

of materials and fixtures. He

make sure they all include the same scope

or she will advise you where

of work. Often, homeowners make the mis-

to save and where it makes

take of going with the lowest bid for the sole

sense to splurge. She or he

reason that it’s the lowest, only to find out

will know the cost of all items

later, when it’s too late, that items were left

and help you keep with-

off the original estimate to keep the bid low.

in your budget. And that’s priceless! Your designer will

Finally, when making your selection, keep in

also make sure everything

mind that you really do get what you pay for.

is selected on a planned

Going with the lowest bid often gets you the

schedule and that deliveries

lowest-quality work and materials and the

arrive on time so the remod-

longest timeline. You’ll end up spending the

el is never held up.

money you “saved” when fixing all the avoidable mistakes. And you’ll be left with an infe-


rior final result. That stress and headache, not

Once work has begun, your

to mention disappointment, just isn’t worth it.

design pro will be the coor-


dinator on the project, communicating directly with the

Hiring an interior design expert early is the

contractor and trades so

secret to success. She or he will know ap-

you won’t have to worry

propriate contractors, architects, landscap-

about the 200 inevitable

ers, and subs for your scope of work. And

questions that come up ev-

these will be people he or she has worked

ery day. You can imagine

with previously and can vouch for.

how invaluable this is. He or she will keep you stress-free,

Honestly, the most disciplined projects are

keeping the project moving

the ones where I’m brought on at incep-

in a timely manner. I like to

tion. So, I feel strongly about hiring a design

meet at least once a week

professional first. Big emphasis on profes-

onsite during construction

sional. This will not cost you more; it will save

to meet with the subs and

you money. I can’t tell you how often I get

make certain installations

calls for remodels after the construction has

are completed to the high-

been completed. At that point, the budget

est level. A design expert

is almost depleted and there’s very little

also knows when to start the

patience left. An awful combo. Further, the

furniture selection phase. So

materials have already been selected and

the day after construction is done, all your

purchased by the contractor or architect.

furniture arrives and is installed. Viola!

A big no-no. A reputable contractor or architect will have zero desire to select your


materials. If this happens, it’s a red alert. The

If you’ve done all your planning and team

best ones will want to bring on a designer

selection well, your project will be a breeze

ASAP so the project moves along swiftly.

and a really exciting and worthwhile adventure. Trust your instincts and don’t sec-

At the earliest stage, the designer will cre-

ond-guess everything. Take a few leaps

ate the style concept and overall look of

and have fun. If it’s not fun, then some-

your project, keeping the entire team in

thing’s wrong.

sync with the vision. She or he will be able to implement your specific needs for your furniture, storage needs, and lighting plan while collaborating with you and your architect. A design pro will make sure your space is fully customized and functional for you.

Maya Williams MAYA WILLIAMS DESIGN 818.854.6031 instagram/mayawilliamsdesign

Calabasas Style 83

Calabasas Style 85

Sweet Dreams WITH BRONT MATTRESS By Elena Richards

What is new in the mattress industry? Are there any specific new trends with mattresses?

How can a client decide which mattress works best for them?

More companies are working to provide cooling technol-

best fits their bodies and lifestyles while working within their bud-

ogy for many of their beds. This is important especially in

gets to provide the best option for each customer. It is important

this area since the weather routinely gets over 100 degrees.

to remember that sleeping habits are not only important during

Trends are also leaning towards people purchasing more

the eight hours or so of sleep but also play a huge role in a per-

adjustable beds along with their mattresses, as they learn

son’s whole day. Customers should remember that when buying

about the comfort of an adjustable mechanism as well as

a mattress, they aren’t only investing in sleep but lifestyle as a

the health benefits of being able to sleep in anti-snoring and

whole. Customers can always find a plush or firm mattress in any

zero-gravity positions.

category but the differences in layers and mattress construction

What mattress styles and options do you offer?

We work with all customers to figure out the type of bed that

dictate the type of person each mattress is best suited for. To decide which mattress works best, it is important to think about the types of sleep problems the person is experiencing, like whether

We offer traditional-style mattresses with coils; hybrid mat-

someone runs hot while sleeping or feels pain after waking up.

tresses (coils with advanced foams); and foam mattress-

The materials that go into building a mattress all have their own

es. There are several different options for foam mattresses,

strengths in regards to sleep problems. n

including memory foam, latex foam, tempur foam, and a combination of these.


Calabasas Style

22110 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills 818.914.4061

Calabasas Style 87



a double wedding By Kaylie Carafelli Photography by Stacey Shipp

On Sunday, August 12, a mother and daughter shared

Greg learned that Paula was deaf since birth and,

the spotlight as they wedded their spouses to be at

upon meeting her, learned a few words in sign

the Warner Center Marriott. Barbara Pfeifer, 86, met

language. By the next date, he was practically

Roger Clarke, 91, when they were visiting their much-

fluent. For their wedding, Greg cast both of their

loved spouses at a nursing home, two doors apart.

hands, signing “I love you.” He turned the sign into a

After both Barbara and Roger lost their spouses, and

beautiful vase to use as their centerpiece.

much to Barbara’s surprise, Roger contacted her. It was a year later, and they instantly fell in love.

And so it was—the two couples learned they were planning a wedding simultaneously and decided to

Paula Nemiroff, Barbara’s daughter, met a skilled sculptor, Greg Polutanovich, on a dating website.


Calabasas Style

share their joy together. n

Calabasas Style 89

90 Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 91


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 93


Los Angeles By Kaylie Carafelli Photgraphy by Debbie Vaccarello Downtown Los Angeles has so much history, and many of us never venture over there. You can do a historic walking tour to learn about the city and its growth told through architecture. There are so many iconic buildings to explore, all within walking distance from each other or a short Uber ride away. While you are there, be sure to grab a bite at the Grand Central Market or one of the terrific restaurants surrounded by the dramatic skyscrapers.

The Bradbury Building Built in 1893, the Bradbury Building is the oldest commercial building in the city to remain standing. This landmark offers a magical atmosphere with a light-filled Victorian court, open-cage elevators, marble stairs, and ornate iron railings. The building has not been shy to the silver screen. Throughout its lifetime, it has been featured in many films including Blade Runner and Marlowe. locations/bradbury-building

Grand Central Market Hungry? Hop, skip, and jump over to Grand Central Market, opened in 1917, the ultimate food hall in the heart of


boasts food












bud, with 37 vendors in total. Be forewarned: Lunch hour is the most popular so to avoid thick crowds, visit midmorning or nighttime. They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

94 Calabasas Style

Fashion District With bellies full, head over to the hub of the L.A. fashion industry. Sample sales, the ultimate Fashion District experience, are held every last Friday of the month. If you’re looking for a great selection of fabrics, you’re in luck standing amongst the largest selection of textiles and notions in the country. Over 1,000 stores sell to the general public at wholesale prices.

Walt Disney Concert Hall In your trendy new ensemble, continue trekking to the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Walt Disney Concert Hall. Built in 2003 by Frank Gehry, this stunning concert hall is a tribute to Walt Disney’s devotion to the arts and to the city. There is something marvelous to be said about the deconstructivist architecture and the jaw-dropping acoustics inside the building.

Angels Flight Save two dollars for the next iconic stop of the tour where you can rest your feet with a roundtrip ticket on the world’s shortest railway. Built in 1901, Angels Flight has given over 100 million rides along its hillside track. The 117-year-old funicular takes passengers on a quick ride between Hill Street and Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill. Albeit short, it is a sweet DTLA experience.

The Last Bookstore Feed your brain at the last stop of your tour, the largest used and new book and record store in California, located in a 22,000-square-foot loft in the Spring Arts Tower. The Last Bookstore is arguably one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world with the rarest of selections of hard-to-find books and vintage records. They buy, sell, and trade tons of books, CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records.

Calabasas Style 95

club life Dancing the Night Away at Dueling Pianos Show

Oh, what a night! Members and guests at the Club had a blast singing, dancing, and requesting their favorite hits at this sold-out event. The Dueling Piano Show is always a fun, high-energy party with clap-a-long and singa-long music and high-octane comedy!

Summer Fun for Kids of all Ages

The enthusiastic staff at the Club made sure that kids and families had a fun and memorable summer at the Club! Kids loved the thrill of water slides and bounce houses, bar-b-ques, parties and the great summer movie nights on the driving range! No wonder the Club is a favorite destination for fun family experiences!

For information on membership, please visit General Information: 818.222.8111 | |

At Calabasas Country Club Boost Your Motivation & Fun with Great Group Fitness Workouts!

The Club members are losing weight and getting in shape with the M.A.P.™ program. The Club offers over 30 group fitness classes a week-- so getting fit is convenient, easy, and fun! With spin, yoga, mat pilates, boot camp, and stretch & mobility group classes, there is something for everyone!

The Best Ways to Improve Your Game

The key to lower scores is practice. The Club provides a great short game practice area designed by Dave Pelz and full driving range on natural grass with no limit flight balls. Golfers can also improve their game in the Callaway Performance Center with the latest technology to evaluate their swing. The Club ordered a new fleet of Club Car "Tempo" golf carts to be delivered in October!

Planning your private or corporate event? Contact Vanessa, the Food and Beverage Manager, at 818-222-8111 ext. 773 or email


A Path to Change


In all likelihood, you are one of half of Americans who

desire for improvement is real. A University of Scranton

makes a resolution on New Year’s only to forget about

survey in 2013 found that only 8% of people who

it within months, weeks, or even days. Why is it the case

made New Year’s resolutions satisfactorily achieved

that the people who make these vows are usually sincere

their goals. There are many reasons for this high rate

about wanting to change? Whether it is eating better,

of failure, but statistics indicate that an unbelievable

exercising, or repairing an estranged relationship, the

80% fail by the first week of February.

Calabasas Style

From my perspective, one of the rea-

these 10 Days of Repentance, we are

We live in a world in which people

sons for this high rate of failure is that

supposed to reread our “book” that

have become immune to the pow-

we don’t really perceive New Year’s

has been recording our deeds and

er that words have in shaming peo-

as a time of personal transformation.

deter mine what actions we need to

ple that brings real pain. We live in a

While wearing funny hats and blowing

atone for and in what ways we need

time in which social media provides a

party horns are considered an essen-

to change our lives for the better.

platfor m to bully people from a safe

tial part of the New Year’s experience,

This process of teshuvah (the Hebrew

distance. We live in a community in

working on personal growth is not.

word for “retur n”) requires that we

which people are often valued (and

recognize these wrongful deeds (in


In contrast to our American celebra-

religious ter ms, we often call these

money they have or how many “likes”

tion of New Year’s, the Jewish new

sins), express regret to those we have

they have on social media. Most re-

year, Rosh Hashanah, is seen as the

wronged, and actually make amends

cently we have lost the ability to hear

beginning of a process filled with res-

when possible. For nine days, we are

each other. We refuse to acknowl-

olutions and self-reflection. The 10

supposed to focus on the process of

edge that someone with a different

days from Rosh Hashanah that cul-

transfor ming whom we are; it is this

political view than ours can have an-

minate on Yom Kippur are known as

epilogue to our book that will deter-

ything valid to say and believe that

The 10 Days of Repentance and are

mine the kind of year we will have.

he or she is unworthy of our friend-

more commonly known as the High

For those of us who don’t believe that

ship. If these types of actions don’t

Holy Days. This period begins on Rosh

God will actually punish us for our

represent a need to change, I don’t

Hashanah with the joy of welcoming

misdeeds, there is the belief that our

know what does.

in the new year. With festive meals,

deeds deter mine the lives we live. It

apples dipped in honey, and the

is the idea that our actions create

What does it mean to have a shanah

blowing of the shofar (ram’s hor n),

consequences that will serve as the

tovah—a year of goodness? It means

we celebrate the precious nature of

framework of our lives (some peo-

that we do our part to bring good-

time. According to a 2000-year-old

ple call this kar ma); by changing our

ness into the world. How much good-


deeds, we change our lives.

ness do you bring? Can you bring




marks the day on which Adam and





more? This is the potential of the High

Eve were created. We therefore are

On Yom Kippur, we initiate the most

celebrating not only the gift of life,

serious part of the process of change

but creation itself. When the apple is



On these High Holy Days, I pray that we all

dipped in honey, a blessing is recited

our sincerity), and during services,

reflect on the ways that we can change

praying for a year of goodness and


ourselves to bring goodness to our fami-


Heavenly Court to plead our case.







Holy Days.

lies, communities, and the world. n

Have we shown true remorse for our On Rosh Hashanah, Jewish people

mistakes? Have we truly begun to

greet one another with the expression

change our lives? Are we moving in

“shana tovah”—“a good year” (some

the right direction? And the most im-

people say “l’shana tovah”)—a type

portant question of all is: Do we de-

of wish that we will all have a year of

serve the precious gift we call life?

Rabbi Stewart L. Vogel Temple Aliyah, Woodland Hills

goodness in our lives. But many people don’t know that the full greeting

When taken seriously, the process of

is “l’shanah tovah tikateyvu”—“may

teshuvah that takes place during the

you be inscribed for a good year.” It

High Holy Days is much more likely to

is a reference to the Book of Life and

elicit personal change than the reso-

the idea that our deeds are recorded

lutions promised on New Year’s Day.

in this book and our actions will deter-

The Ten Days of Repentance allow us

mine the kind of year we will have. But

the opportunity not just to promise

in truth, the advent of Rosh Hashanah

change but to reflect on the patter ns

does not mark the end of our story for

of behavior in our lives that lead us to

the year. We are given the opportuni-

bad decisions and to see the bigger

ty to write an epilogue for 10 days to

picture of what we need to change.

create a different conclusion. During

Calabasas Style 99


Transports Your Taste Buds to the Heart of Tuscany By Lori Berezin

By Lori Berezin Photography by Marvin Steindler No one could have imagined that when The Stonehaus at the Westlake Village Inn first opened it would become the most popular wine tasting and communal gathering place in the entire Conejo Valley. This year marks two important anniversaries—the 50th Year Celebration of the Westlake Village Inn and the 6th Anniversary of The Stonehaus, where family and friends are transported to the vineyards of Tuscany and Provence in a unique setting. Surrounded by 17 pristine acres of vineyards, waterfalls, and lakes at the renowned Westlake Village Inn, The Stonehaus enoteca sends all your senses to the stunning vineyards of Tuscany and Provence. Conceived six years ago by the boutique inn’s owner, philanthropist John Notter, and Chief Operating Officer Chris Cuilty, this local favorite is truly a labor of love. Their decision to create a vineyard amid an urban setting and the pristine hotel grounds sparked the restaurant’s creation. Today, the vineyard boasts rows of cabernet, cabernet franc, Grenache, and Syrah grapes. Built on the grounds of the former herb garden for the Inn’s adjacent Mediterraneo restaurant, The Stonehaus boasts 3,100 square feet of indoor and outdoor space replete with a bocce ball court, romantic fire pits, and rustic picnic tables perfectly suited for wine tasting and casual dining. Its 500-bottle wine cellar and private tasting room that seats 50 people provide the ideal venue for anniversary parties, wedding receptions, and other festive occasions. The piece de resistance is its private wine cave, which seats 30 guests, features stone

100 Calabasas Style

floors and walls, and captures the feel of an authentic cave. The room is complete with a concealed state-of-the-art audiovisual and sound system. Since opening six years ago, the restaurant continues to offer a popular mingling and dining spot for family and friends in Westlake Village. Patrons can sample artisan fare, including such Italian favorites as charcuterie, fresh salami, prosciutto, fromaggi, and thin-crust pizzas made to order in their authentic outdoor oven. Plus, the spot is dog friendly, so diners can share their experience with their best pals, too. In the morning, the aroma of freshly brewed privatelabel coffee and scrumptious pastries wafts through the air. The chef offers seasonal delicacies for lunch and dinner plus a host of local and international wines. The outdoor French limestone fireplace and vineyard provide a mesmerizing ambience full of European flair. Live music on Thursday through Saturday evenings and during the day on Sunday further entertains. They also offer a wine club, where members can be first to sample an array of limited and small-production wines as they participate in festive gatherings and tasting events with fellow connoisseurs. Owner John Notter, a native of Zurich, Switzerland, clearly succeeded in bringing a slice of the European countryside to the Conejo Valley. The restaurant’s rustic wood, stucco, and limestone façade, designed by the renowned Aarons

Architects of Westlake Village, evokes the feeling of an Italian villa in Tuscany. A 100-year-old oak tree, lush waterfall, bocce ball court, and enticing picnic area complete the picture. Those seeking the perfect venue for their wedding or special event will find the restaurant’s indoor and outdoor spaces complement any type of celebration, large or small. From the enticing tasting room to the festive outdoor patio and adjacent wine cave, there’s a spot for any occasion. If you’re simply looking for an intriguing locale for your next meal, The Stonehaus is also the place to sip and sup. From mouthwatering fig, goat cheese, and prosciutto paninis to build-your-own pizzas freshly baked in an outdoor oven, they offer the perfect palate-tempting menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Charcuterie items include such authentically delicious fare as Moliterno black-truffle cheese and prosciutto di Parma

from Italy, St. Agur bleu and pave d’affinois cheeses from France, and sweet and nutty Manchego sheep’s milk cheese from Spain. Pair your charcuterie with a flight of wine from the hillsides of Califor nia and Oregon or from France, Spain, and Italy for the per fect repast. Feast your eyes on the idyllic scenery reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside. Strains of guitar music fill the air as you share la dolce vita, the sweet life, with friends and family at The Stonehaus in Westlake Village. It simply doesn’t get much better than this. n The Stonehaus 32039 Agoura Rd. | Westlake Village 818.483.1152 |

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La Dolce

Vita in


By Lori Berezin and Irene Marshall

Florence, Italy, is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities to experience the sweet life, la dolce vita. Capital of Italy’s sun-blessed Tuscany region, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. From exquisite art and architecture to enticing food and enchanting sunsets, this colorful city has it all.

See it all from on high Climb the daunting 463 steps to the Brunelleschi’s red-tiled dome, or Cupola, and bell tower of the Duomo for incredible views of the city. Visit early in the morning to avoid long lines. Michelangelo’s statue of David is also a mustsee at the nearby Galleria Dell’Accademia. Created at the beginning of the 16th Century, this 17-foot-high masterpiece was actually carved from a single piece of Carrara marble. Those looking to bring home their own piece of fair Firenze can shop along the city’s oldest bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, for gold and other jewelry. The original bridge was built during the 10th Century and reconstructed in 1345 following a flood.

A living, breathing canvas The city itself is a work of art, from mouthwatering pasta, gelato, and cappuccino to an amazing array of statues and architecture. For the past 25 years, a Hapsburg prince and his family have shared ancient family recipes at their La Giostra restaurant, once the site of a colorful carousel. The succulent steak Florentine at Trattoria Zà Zà, near the San Lorenzo Market, also reigns supreme.


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Visitors hungry for more can explore the San Lorenzo Market for leather goods, pottery, souvenirs, and tasty local treats from olive oil to cheese. Those in search of art will find it everywhere. Madonnari, or street painters, even create vibrant chalk and pastel drawings directly on city streets. Since the 16th Century, artists have been creating these al fresco drawings, mostly inspired by the Madonna. A visit to the immense Uffizi Gallery, housing masterpieces from such renowned Renaissance artists as Giotto, Botticelli, and Michelangelo, is also a must.

The fine art of hospitality Florence is a city that stays up well past midnight. When you’re finally ready to sink your head on a fluffy pillow and call it a night, you’ll find a wide range of 4- and 5-star hotels, VRBOs, and boutique lodgings, such as the Monna Lisa (yes, the spelling is correct) on the Borgo Pinti walkway. This historic hotel lies at the convenient city center. Formerly a monastery, it later served as the Renaissance-era residence Palazzo Marzichi Lenzi until the Dupre family converted it to a charming hotel in 1956. Wherever you roam in Florence, the art, cuisine, and culture of this ancient city will remain forever in your heart. n

Malibu Canyon

Med Spa

gives back what life takes away

Those seeking a modern-age fountain of youth need look no further than the Malibu Canyon Med Spa in Calabasas. Sporting the latest in pain-free regenerative medicine and weight loss, the Malibu Canyon Med Spa has helped clients naturally replenish their health and beauty since 2012.

PRP to the rescue Under the supervision of Dr. David Vesco, MD, and Director and Consulting Spe-

By Lori Berezin Photography by Marvin Steindler

cialist Nelly Rock, Malibu Canyon Med Spa was the first in the community to offer regenerative medicine. They initially introduced platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and nano fat procedures, which transfer fat from one area to another. Since then, the doctor and his staff have administered stem-cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments to more than a thousand clients seeking facial cosmetic rejuvenations and joint treatments. Platelets containing substances called growth factors activate and rejuvenate cells in the body. This process promotes tissue repair, angiogenesis (capillary formation), and collagen production to minimize wrinkles, acne scars, saggy skin, eye bags, and more. PRP is also an effective hair-loss treatment. Since it uses your body’s own cells, there is no risk of allergies or infections.

No pain, less gain The Med Spa also offers stem-cell nano fat transfer for the face, hands, and other parts of the body to create a more pleasing, fuller look. Those seeking to reduce problem areas will find Strawberry Laser Liposuction—named for the


Calabasas Style

red lasers used on a belt surrounding your waist, arms, or thighs—a great option. Pioneered in England, this painless procedure has helped shrink the fat of millions of patients around the world without pain or surgery. The Strawberry Lipo Laser is the perfect way to jumpstart fat loss for both men and women. The Med Spa also offers a comprehensive weight-loss and hormone-balance program, complete with a personal trainer for whole-body fitness.

Turn on the radio for facial rejuvenation Another painless procedure utilizes radio frequency waves to boost blood circulation and cell renewal. The process also helps lift facial muscles over time for a surgery-free mini-facelift. Combined with microneedling, which employs tiny needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production, it improves fine lines, pigmentation (brown spots), acne scars, and overall appearance.

Vitamin therapy Dr. Vesco has also created the ultimate vitamin cocktail to help rejuvenate the body with essential nutrients to restore optimal health. Additional pain-free procedures include Smart CO2 Laser, PRP hair restoration, dark-spot therapy, and laser hair reduction. Dr. Vesco and his business partner, Nelly Rock, also offer a natural skincare line called L’ACRIMA®, which uses antioxidant catechin compounds to improve the skin’s Dermal Density Factor (DDF). Years of anti-aging research led to Dr. Vesco’s development of the DDF index, which determines the strength and elasticity of the skin, and subsequent line of L’ACRIMA skincare. The Malibu Canyon Med Spa provides a natural approach to enhancing one’s beauty. Dr. Vesco, Ms. Rock, and their highly trained staff help boost patients’

Malibu Canyon Med Spa 4937 Las Virgenes Rd., #104 Calabasas 310.903.2784

confidence so each patient can put her or his best face forward each day. n

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High -Water -Content Foods By Irene Marshall

Summer may be over, yet it’s still hot outside and we tend

nutrient-rich water source. Stick with broccoli, celery,

to neglect our hydration when we get busy. Our bodies

cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, jicama, beets,

are 60% water, and every system we have depends on

carrots, and Romaine lettuce. Some hidden sources for

water. Water is important for healthy skin, hair, and nails,

water are yogurt, soup, smoothies, and oatmeal.

and it controls our body temperature, eliminates toxins, and helps our heart rate and blood pressure. Still, many

Parents tell their kids to avoid soda since it is all bad, yet

people are not properly hydrated, which can cause fa-

it can still be a little hydrating, and juices or sports drinks

tigue, moodiness, and headaches.

are full of sugar yet can also be hydrating. The myth that coffee and tea are dehydrating has been disproven

What many people do not know is that many foods and

over the years, so go ahead and have that second

drinks are a good source for water and that 20% of our

cup of coffee. Alcohol is a big dehydrator, so limit your

water intake comes from food. You can stay fully hydrat-

intake, and drink a glass of water after ever drink.

ed during the day by not only drinking water, but by eating foods that are hydrating. Fruit can be an excellent

Before starting any new health related treatment or sup-

source for extra hydration; for example, watermelon is

plement, please consult your doctor. n

90% water. Other fruits that are good as water sources are oranges, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Vegetables are not as full of water yet they are also a


Calabasas Style

(Source: WebMD)

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Southern California Sinus Institute HELPS PATIENTS REDISCOVER THE BREATH OF LIFE By Lori Berezin From the moment we take our first breath, the importance

“Early in my career, I realized that patients were being

of healthy sinuses and lungs remains clear. Dr. Alen N.

given the runaround with various antibiotics, nasal sprays,

Cohen, MD, FACS, FARS, and the Southern California Sinus


Institute help patients maintain sinus health throughout

their chronic nasal congestion, sinus pressure/pain, sinus

their lives.

headaches, and recurrent sinus infections with no solution






or cure in sight,” says Dr. Alen Cohen. “So, I developed this A premier center in West Hills, the Southern California Sinus

center as a one-stop shop to determine the cause of their

Institute specializes in minimally invasive, office-based

problems with various sinus CT scans, scopes, and allergy

and outpatient surgical procedures to relieve nasal and

tests.” He vows to fix his patients’ problems once and for

sinus obstruction, recurrent sinus infections, and sinus

all with minimally invasive, office-based and/or surgical

headaches. They treat a variety of nasal conditions from


deviated septum to chronic sinusitis and polyps.


Calabasas Style

Dr. Cohen is a board-certified otolaryngologist (a physician who treats ear, nose, and throat and related structures of the head and neck) who primarily specializes in rhinology (nose and sinus disorders). He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and the American Rhinologic Society (FARS). The doctor is on the clinical faculty at UCLA and has been chief of surgery at West Hills Hospital and Medical Center since 2013. He is also CEO and founder of the prestigious C/V ENT Surgical Group, with offices in Encino and West Hills and one opening soon in Westlake Village. One of a dozen designated Sinus Centers of Excellence nationwide that trains other ENT doctors in the art of in-office Balloon Sinuplasty ™, the Southern California Sinus Institute offers a full range of sinus care, from allergy testing to sinus CT scans. Dr. Cohen has performed more sinus balloon procedures than anyone in Los Angeles, so patients come from miles and miles away for his expertise in this and complicated revision cases. Those plagued with recurrent or chronic sinusitis can receive speedy relief with Balloon Sinuplasty, a minimally invasive, in-office technique. Tiny balloons are placed in the sinus openings and inflated for just a few seconds and then removed to permanently expand the sinus pathways. Dr. Cohen’s in-office Balloon Sinuplasty is done under local anesthesia, needing essentially no recovery time. It is crucial to breathe through the nose. Even yoga instructors recommend nostril breathing, which moistens and warms the air to make it better received by the lungs. Another popular procedure at the Institute is turbinate reduction for those suffering from such sinus conditions as chronic nasal congestion, sinus headaches, sinusitis, and even snoring and sleep apnea. The turbinates, which are bony shelves within the breathing passages, filter and humidify air as it enters the nostrils. When functioning properly, the turbinates screen out dirt, pollen, allergens, and other airborne irritants before they reach the lungs. Patients with

Doctor since 2013 and holds a clinical professorship at UCLA, where he instructs the next generation of otolaryngologists. The renowned doctor remains at the forefront of his field as he continues to offer patients at the Southern California Sinus Institute the chance to breathe easier. n

enlarged or inflamed turbinates can suffer from chronic nose and sinus congestion, recurrent sinus infections, facial pain,

services, including Balloon Sinuplasty; deviated septum repair;

Alen N. Cohen, MD, FACS, FARS Southern California Sinus Institute 7345 Medical Center Dr., #510 West Hills 818.888.7878

turbinate reduction; 30-second sinus CT scanning/imaging;

and discomfort. Turbinate reduction helps clear the air. The Southern California Sinus Institute offers a range of

minimally invasive nasal and sinus image-guided endoscopic sinus surgery (MIGSS™); allergy testing; and nasal and sinus cultures. In today’s increasingly hectic lives, it’s even more crucial to tune out the world for seven to eight hours each night with restful sleep. Many affected by chronic snoring and sleep apnea can benefit from a variety of procedures offered by Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen has been named a Castle-Connolly Nationwide Top Doctor since 2017 and a Los Angeles Magazine Super

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In Adults By Irene Marshall

Some of us joke around that we are ADD/ADHD as we

• Depression, anxiety, or obsessive compulsive disorder

find ourselves distracted easily, forgetful, and losing

• Smoking, drug abuse, or excessive drinking

things. Are we really ADD/ADHD or just busy and overwhelmed? ADD/ADHD is not just limited to children; 30 to 70% of children who grow up with it continue to have symptoms as an adult. Also, many adults don’t learn that they have ADD/ADHD until they get help for another problem, such as anxiety, depression, troubles at work, or relationship conflicts.

Some signs of adult ADD/ADHD: • Being chronically late for work or important events • Being easily distracted while driving a car • Often speeding, having accidents, or losing one’s drivers' license • Trouble prioritizing, starting, or finishing tasks • Being disorganized and restless • Self-control issues, like difficulty controlling anger, impulsive behaviors, and blurting out rude or insulting thoughts • Able to hyper-focus on enjoyable things while struggling to pay attention to boring tasks


Calabasas Style

Adults with ADHD don’t outgrow the condition, but many learn to manage it successfully. There are tools to help, such as counseling; "organizer" apps on your phone for appointments, tasks, and errands; alarms on your phone with reminders; or Post-it notes at your desk. By getting your own ADD/ADHD under control you will be setting a good example for your children since it can run in the family. Some experts believe foods that provide quality brain fuel could reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD. These foods include high-protein foods such as nuts, meat, beans, and eggs to improve concentration. Complex carbs, like whole-grain pasta or brown rice, can help ward off mood swings and stabilize energy levels. People who think they might be ADD/ADHD should talk to their healthcare professional if they choose to seek treatment. n

(Source WebMD)

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Overcome Addiction. Live a Life you Love

By Lori Berezin

Compassionate Holistic Care to Help Overcome Addiction

Located within a tranquil canyon in West Hills believed to be a holy site for indigenous Chumash tribes, Crystal View

Crystal View Canyon’s holistic treatment facility offers

Canyon offers a serene, natural environment optimal for

an integrative approach to conquering addiction that

healing. The program helps detox the body through healthy

combines Western medicine and Eastern philosophy.

food and exercise. It frees the spirit with breath work and

Anyone hoping to recover from addiction must under-

dream work encouraging reconnection to one’s higher

stand the underlying issues that go far deeper than

self. And it refocuses the mind by challenging self-destruc-

dependency upon a substance. Founders Dr. Sharilyn

tive thought patterns and obsessive behaviors. Instructors

Adams and Dr. Shannon Dobbs, both licensed psy-

trained in addiction therapy provide fitness sessions in yoga,

chologists, incorporated their life experiences and

weight training, cardio fitness, martial arts, boxing, and

training in addiction therapy to create a multifacet-

self-defense. Chef Ker, in collaboration with a certified nu-

ed drug and alcohol treatment program specially tai-

tritional counselor, prepares delicious and nutritious meals

lored to each participant.

designed to rebalance the body. And a caring team of professionals help reboot minds.

Growing up in families ravaged by addiction, Dr. Adams and Dr. Dobbs strove to develop a facility capable of healing body, mind, and spirit. They offer individual and group psychotherapy as well as treatment planning and case management. At its core are these two compassionate doctors and their well-trained staff who provide a range of healing options, including yoga, meditation, skin care, dream work, and breath work. There is also a large pool, spa, and gym, plus an on-call medical doctor on staff.


Calabasas Style

Crystal View Canyon provides residential treatment at the West Hills location. Recognizing there is no “one-size-fits-all” protocol and that recovery is a lifelong process, they also offer outpatient support through Mystic Recovery IOP (intensive outpatient program) in Woodland Hills, where clients can continue to see their Crystal View Canyon therapist for ongoing care. Crystal View Canyon West Hills 747.230.4001

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Our House By Nancy Scrofano

In October of 1993, Jo-Ann Lautman founded OUR

This year marks the 25th anniversary of OUR HOUSE. In

HOUSE Grief Support Center to help people who are

honor of this milestone, OUR HOUSE planned an en-

grieving the death of a loved one. OUR HOUSE pro-

tire year of events and activities to commemorate the

vides a home away from home for grievers to experi-

success of the past 25 years.

ence the healing process in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.

On Saturday, October 6, the House of Hope Gala will honor the legacy of OUR HOUSE. Among award recip-

With the mission of providing grief support services, ed-

ients, This Is Us creator/executive producer Dan Fogel-

ucation, resources, and hope, OUR HOUSE has helped

man will receive the Good Grief Award for normalizing

thousands of children, teens, and adults grieve the

the grieving process with honesty and dignity.

death of someone close. Grief support groups are specific to the age of the griever, period of time since the

The longest-serving OUR HOUSE volunteers will also be

death, and the relationship to the deceased.

recognized at the House of Hope Gala. Each year, over 450 volunteers contribute more than 20,000 volunteer

OUR HOUSE has three locations in the greater Los An-

hours to OUR HOUSE as group leaders and event volun-

geles area, including Woodland Hills, West Los Ange-

teers. OUR HOUSE is always looking for more volunteers.

les, and mid-city/Koreatown, as well as dozens of satellite locations. OUR HOUSE hosts three weekend-long

Other OUR HOUSE events include the Run for Hope,

grief-camp sessions as the Los Angeles and Orange

the Associate Board’s Night for Hope, and the Valley

County partner of Camp Erin, the largest national be-

Advisory Board’s Game Day.

reavement program for grieving youth. School-based


grief support groups, medical and professional grief

If you are grieving or someone you care about is griev-

education, and onsite grief-response services for busi-

ing, OUR HOUSE can help. For more information, visit

nesses and the community are also available. n

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Sydney Carr, Dinuli Manikka-Baduge, and Steve Sherman

The ALS Association Golden West Chapter’s Inaugural SoCal Ride to Defeat ALS and Run/Hike/Walk was a beautiful day filled with action needed to conquer Lou Gehrig’s disease. Held at Dos Vientos Park in Newbury Park, more than 220 participants came together as a community and exceeded




goal, raising over $53,000. The morning began with a program co-emceed by NBC-4 weatherman Fritz Coleman and KOST 103.5 host Mark Wallengren. The event offered many ways for the community to participate, including a 40-mile ride, 25-mile ride, 2.9-mile run, and Powerline Trail hike. Fritz Coleman lead the 5/10-mile riders out on their route, and the ¾-mile park walk was led by Niall Foley and Dean Hartman, both of whom are living with ALS. Participants were welcomed by Billy D’z BBQ, Lagunitas beer, an assortment of wines, and live performances. Donations are still being accepted at

For more photos of our events, please visit


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Ask the

Pharmacist Q


I have been told my son needs the HPV vaccine. I thought this was only for girls. Does he need it?

Yes, he does. Every year in the United States, HPV causes 32,500 cancers in men and women. HPV vaccination can prevent most of the cancers from ever

developing. Almost 13,000 of the cases occur in men. HPV is a very common virus; nearly 80 million people are currently infected in the United States. About 14 million people become infected with HPV each year. HPV is a group of more than 200 related viruses, of which more than 40 are spread through direct sexual contact. Among these, several HPV types cause genital warts, and about a dozen HPV types can cause certain types of cancer. Most people with HPV never develop symptoms or health problems. Nine out of ten HPV infections go away by themselves within two years. But, sometimes, HPV infections last longer and cause certain cancers or other diseases. The HPV vaccine is recommended for females through age 26 and males through age 21. All kids who are 11 or 12 years old should get two shots of HPV vaccine six to 12 months apart. Adolescents who receive their two shots less than five months apart will require a third dose. In addition, if your child is older than 14 years, three shots will need to be given over six months. Three doses are also recommended for people with certain immunocompromising conditions aged 9 through 26 years. Like any vaccine, HPV vaccines can cause side effects. The most common are pain, redness, or swelling in the arm where the shot was given. Dizziness, fainting, nausea, and


headache may also occur. The benefits of HPV vaccination

The CHIME Institute in Woodland Hills celebrated a much-need-

far outweigh any potential risk of side effects.

ed drinking fountain and new filtration system which was donated in part by Bristol Farms’ Mulholland store location. The school children at the CHIME Institute worked hard to fundraise and get the community involved to make this installation happen, and

Brenda Johnson, R.Ph. Calabasas Pharmacy Owner Inside Gelson’s Market 22277 Mulholland Hwy. Calabasas M – F: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. P: 818.223.8656 F: 818.223.8750

Bristol Farms was honored to help by donating proceeds from a special shopping day to complete the project. The ribbon cutting and presentation of the fountain included a special address from Dustin Bowen, store director at Bristol Farms Mulholland, in addition to fun giveaways from the store. The CHIME Institute, a nonprofit organization established in 1990, is a national leader in the development and implementation of a unique model of inclusive education. Inclusive education at CHIME Institute means that children who reflect the demographics of the surrounding region—including children who develop typically, children with special needs, and children who are gifted—learn side by side.


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20TH ANNIVERSARY OF CALABASAS LIBRARY Saturday, July 14, was a special day of celebration as the community was invited to celebrate 20 years of the Calabasas Library, providing free and equal access to materials, information, and technology. The library has become a town center for the residents and visitors, from toddlers to seniors, over the past two decades. Supporters, patrons, and past and present staff gathered together to enjoy cake, giveaways, and a drawing for a Kindle Fire. Interesting events, including a virtual reality experience, 3D printing demo, crafts, yoga & meditation, face painting, and tours of the library, were offered to attendees of all ages. Storytime and pet partners reading was also offered. There were stage per formances throughout the day from Dinna Pitt, Harmonic Youth Orchestra, and Chef Steph. The city librarian, Barbara Lockwood, also offered her remarks and presented the celebratory cake.

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5 Tips to Help Wealthy Children

Become Financially Healthy Adults By Dan Nguyen, Private Banker The Private Bank at Union Bank While it’s true that family wealth can make life easier, it poses

Here are five tips to help prepare your children to take

its own set of challenges when it comes to raising children.

responsibility for their own financial futures:

Like all parents, the affluent want their offspring to grow up to be self-sufficient, responsible, and driven. Many fear,

1.Break the silence

though, that their wealth will do the exact opposite, causing

The first crucial step in raising money-wise children is

potential negative effects, including entitlement and a lack

sometimes the hardest: talking to your children about money.

of motivation and accountability.

Many affluent parents avoid such conversations, fearing that if they are open about their financial circumstances, their

But a negative outcome isn’t inevitable. By having frank

children won’t be motivated to succeed on their own terms.

conversations, being clear about your own values, and allowing space for children to make mistakes, you can

But keeping younger generations in the dark comes at a

raise independent, resilient children—and form stronger

price. Children may make incorrect assumptions about

relationships along the way.

family wealth—even assuming that funds are infinite. In short,


Calabasas Style

shying away from conversations about money can result in some of the same problems as avoiding talking about the birds and the bees.

The Bottom Line Whatever unexpected events life might throw at you, it’s important that you’re surrounded by a team of experts to help you protect the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to

2. Define your values, goals, and expectations

attain. The right team will help you create a plan so that you

The best conversations about money don’t stop with dollars

can enjoy the present knowing that whatever comes your

and cents; they engage deeper subjects, too. Parents can

way, your financial future will be protected.

use discussions about family finances as an opportunity to share their own values, while allowing children to reveal their

Whether you’re the steward of family assets or want to protect

own hopes and fears for the future.

the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build, The Private Bank can help. To learn more, please contact Dan Nguyen, Private

For these conversations to go as well as possible, you might need to do a bit of homework in advance by defining your values, goals, and expectations around money. This will help you be more clear and confident in the conversations you have with family members.

3. Set the tone for an open, respectful conversation One way to set the right tone is to think of money talks as

Banker, at 818.437.6572 or n Wealth planning strategies have legal, tax, accounting, and other implications. Prior to implementing any wealth-planning strategy, clients should consult their legal, tax, accounting, and other advisers.

conversations rather than lectures. You might share your own money story with your children, focusing not just on your successes but also on your failures.

Opening up about the choices you’ve made and how

How to have effective family meetings

you’ve arrived where you are today can help your children understand you better—and also provide guidance as they

While informal chats may suffice for many financial topics,

begin to write their own financial narratives.

if you’re particularly anxious about discussing money, you may want to consider a more formal structure:

4. Learn to embrace boundaries, limits, and failure Many parents facing the task of raising money-wise children did not come from wealthy backgrounds themselves; even those who did have likely faced challenges and setbacks along the way.

It can be tempting to want to protect your children from having to endure the same struggles you went through. However, encouraging an attitude of self-reliance—rather than entitlement or dependence—means allowing children to make mistakes along the way.

Enlist an independent third party. A professional such as a financial advisor, accountant, or even a therapist can help guide a conversation and diffuse conflict. Create an agenda. Start by consulting all participants in advance to ask what topics they feel are most important. Then, ask yourself what the ideal outcome of the meeting would be and adjust the agenda to reflect that. Make sure everyone gets a say. For everyone to buy into the family meeting, they need to feel that their voices are heard. Create a system or structure that ensures that no one

5. Prepare for a lifetime of conversations

is left out of the conversation.

Raising money-wise children who treat the family finances with respect isn’t something that happens through a one-

Don’t forget about fun. Spending too much time sitting

and-done conversation. Instead, it’s a process that deepens

around a table talking makes people shut down or start to

and evolves over time.

tune each other out. To keep energy levels up, try including brief breaks, like playing a trivia game or taking a walk

By opening up about your own money story; framing your decisions in terms of values and goals, not fears and anxieties; and learning to embrace failure, you can help your children sidestep many of the potential negative effects of growing up with wealth.

together. Keep a long-term perspective. Remember that one meeting isn’t enough to make every decision or solve every conflict. Consider planning regular meetings every quarter to make sure everyone is still on the same page.

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Video Games By Lori Berezin Many parents today obsess over their children’s vid-

crease a child’s brain speed. Many schools even

eo game preoccupation and continually question

implement certain games to increase learning and

whether it’s doing more harm than good. We dis-

problem-solving skills. And children with little athletic

like leaving for work or a day out while our kids are

interest can learn to compete and make friends with

home sitting on the couch playing and communi-

other gamers.

cating with their friends through microphones and headsets. Although it’s not exactly antisocial, they

Parents can perhaps find a happy middle ground

are still not speaking face to face or doing anything

by limiting their kids’ gaming sessions to an hour or

we consider constructive.

90 minutes per day. If you force them to leave in the middle of a match, you may still encounter their frus-

The latest video game to capture kids’ minds is Fort-

tration since they may have to leave fellow team-

nite, played by around 40 million people through-

mates hanging and lose precious points earned up

out the world. This and others have taken on great

to that time.

importance for our kids. They share their stories and refuse to move an inch until they finish each round.

Video games are clearly here to stay. If your kids are already hooked, suggest they self-monitor their on-


There are two sides to gaming. Solitary gaming

line time for a week to see how much time it actually

can lead to video game addiction. The violence in

takes up. Perhaps you can wean them away slowly

many popular games is also troubling. On the oth-

by suggesting specific long-term projects and capti-

er hand, these games can improve concentration

vating activities involving family and friends, such as

and hand-to-eye coordination. They can boost

hiking or building something tangible. It usually helps

memory, multi-tasking, and even self-confidence.

to use respect and cooperation to cope with this

Processing an array of visual and auditory cues

situation. And rest assured, this too is likely a passing

and making split-second decisions can actually in-

phase they’ll eventually outgrow. n

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Making a Difference

TREY SPELLMAN RECEIVES STAMP OF APPROVAL Trey Spellman, a recent high school graduate from Hidden Hills, received a prestigious full scholarship from Stamps Scholars to attend the University of Southern California this fall. One of only two incoming USC freshmen to receive this scholarship, Trey’s outstanding academic excellence, leadership experience, and exceptional character make him a worthy recipient.Only 230 students were selected to join the 13th class of Stamps Scholars from nearly 300,000 applicants pursuing paths in medicine, education, engineering, history, public policy, and visual and performing arts. Penny and Roe Stamps initially created merit scholarship programs in 2006 for undergraduates at their alma maters—the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech. Since then, the Stamps Scholars community has grown into a nationwide network of colleges and universities with more than 1800 current scholars and alumni. The value of Stamps scholarships to the new class of scholars over their time in school is worth up to approximately $36 million. “Through our strong partnerships with 40 exceptional colleges and universities across the country, we take great pride in our support of these remarkable young people,” notes Roe Stamps, founder and chairman of the Stamps Foundation. These students will also benefit from the Stamps community on campus and nationally. The scholarship also includes an enrichment fund that Trey and the others can use for academic and professional development, ranging from study abroad to internships and independent research.


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Making a Difference

SINGER/SONGWRITER SOPHIE ROSE SERENADES THE STARS Many of us grew up with stars in our eyes hoping to become a famous singer, actress, or musician. Sophie Rose actually made her musical dreams come true. Since age 9, she has been singing and writing songs. She started performing at community events in Calabasas as a young teen. Sophie attended Round Meadow Elementary in Calabasas until age 10, when she began homeschooling to fully focus on music. In May 2014, Sophie was signed as the first songwriter to a new publishing joint venture between Grammy-nominated producers and writers Ester Dean and Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs. Sophie’s songs, such as “Limitless” with Sam F, “Wavy,” “Time Machine,” “Run Away,” “Pink Lipstick,” and others continue to receive millions of streams. This past December, her pop idol, Taylor Swift, even added one of the teen’s new singles, “Two Young Lovers,” to her favorite playlist on Apple Music, Spotify, and others. At only 18 years old, Sophie has already written over 500 songs and has had many placements with major artists and in film and television. She also uses her talents to support such charitable causes as ACT Today! Autism Care and Treatment and Girls Rock Santa Barbara and will be headlining both organizations’ annual fundraisers this fall.

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Making a Difference

JESSE LONDON SHARES HIS STORY WITH CREATIVITY AND WISDOM Ten-year-old Jesse London has been handling his autoimmune disease, alopecia, which causes extensive hair loss, with incredible creativity and dignity. His mission, to educate everyone about alopecia, has already taken many forms. Jesse and his brother Dylan created a comic book about a superhero with alopecia. Jesse was also recently a guest on the Hallmark Channel, where he discussed the comic book and helped raise awareness for the disease, encouraging others to be kind and embrace differences. “I hope people who read my book will learn not to judge a book by its cover, that we are all different and that's what makes us unique,” says Jesse. Autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia, can occur anytime in one’s lifetime and are not contagious. Although nearly 2% of Americans have some form of alopecia, the public is barely aware it exists. There is still no cure. Jesse wants people to know that he is the same person with or without hair. Clearly an old soul, Jesses advises, “Next time you see someone different, smile don't stare! Be kind! You never know what they may be going through or dealing with. I want to tell people who look different or feel different not to be scared to share their own story.” We look forward to hearing about the next chapter in our young hero’s life.

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Across Generations By Irene Marshall In America, we have six living generations, with six very dis-

Generation X (born 1960 and 1980)

tinct and often different characteristics. Each generation

They are the product of work-driven Baby Boomer

has different likes, dislikes, and attributes. A person’s birth

parents. Watergate, MTV, single-parent homes, and

date may not always be indicative of his or her genera-

latchkey experiences played influential roles in their

tional characteristics, but as a group, each generation of-

development. They were the first generation to em-

ten has similarities. And each generation—with its strengths

brace the personal computer and the Internet. They

and weaknesses—can teach us something.

welcome diversity, are motivated by money, believe in balance in their lives, are self-reliant, and value free

The Depression Era (born 1912-1921)

time and having fun.

There are not many left nowadays. They are conservative, compulsive savers and have usually maintained a low

Generation Y/Millennials (born 1980 and 2000)

debt. They are patriotic, have a good work ethic, respect

Gen Y tends to be well organized, confident, resilient,

authority and have a strong sense of moral obligation.

and achievement oriented. They are excellent team players, like collaboration, and use sophisticated tech-

Veterans (born 1922 and 1943)

nology with ease. They grew up with it all and have been

These were the children of the Great Depression and

exposed to it all since early childhood. Raised in many

World War II. They lived through the Korean War and are

dual-income or single-parent families, they are flexible

recognized for their strong traditional views of religion,

and aware and have a voice on what they like.

family, and country. Their core values include respect for authority, loyalty, hard work, and dedication.

Generation Z (born after 2001) We are still learning about Gen Z. They have never known

Baby Boomers (born 1943 and 1960)

a world without cell phones. This generation outgrows

They did not experience the same difficulties as their

traditional toys at a younger age, choosing electronic

parents. They grew up during a time of great econom-

toys, computers, and cell phones instead. For example,

ic growth and prosperity. Their lives were influenced by

the average age of a child who plays with Barbie is now

the civil rights movement, women's liberation, the space

3 years old when it used to be 10. They are savvy con-

program, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. They

sumers and know what they want and how to get it. n

place a high value on youth, health, personal gratification, and material wealth.


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Educate. Empower. Enrich. Calabasas Style shares the best schools, learning centers, activities, and resources as we start the new school year.

Our children are our community’s most precious resource, and providing them with the best education possible is a top priority. We are fortunate that we live in an area that offers so many exceptional public, private, and alternative schools; excellent tutoring and consulting resources; and some of the best enrichment activity options. The process of selecting the perfectly suited school for your child can be an exciting but challenging process. To help, we’ve created a guide featuring some of the top preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in and around the area. We’ve also included a number of resources that empower both parents and children so that our children can excel in all academic aspects with professional guidance. Besides academics, we also want our children to be healthy and happy so we’ve included fun and stimulating enrichment programs that focus on sports, the arts, music, and afterschool activities. It is our privilege to share all of these amazing options available so close to home.


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School Directory Agoura High School 818.889.1262 28545 W. Driver Ave. Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Alice C. Stelle Middle School 818.224.4107 22450 Mulholland Hwy. Calabasas, CA 91302

Arthur E. Wright Middle School 818.880.4614 4029 Las Virgenes Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302

Bay Laurel Elementary School 818.222.9022 24740 Paseo Primario Calabasas, CA 91302

Buttercup Preschool 818.597.2153 Located on the campus of Yerba Buena Elementary School Agoura/Calabasas, CA 91302


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Calabasas High School

Round Meadow Elementary School

818.222.7177 22855 Mulholland Hwy. Calabasas, CA 91302

818..883.6750 5151 Round Meadow Rd. Hidden Hills, CA 91302

Chaparral Elementary School

Sumac Elementary School

818.591.2428 22601 Liberty Bell Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302

818.991.4940 6050 Calmfield Ave. Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Lindero Canyon Middle School

White Oak Elementary School

818.889.2134 5844 Larboard Ln. Agoura Hills, CA 91301

818.889.1450 31761 Village School Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91361

Lupin Hill Elementary School

Willow Elementary School

818.880.4434 26210 Adamor Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302

818.889.0677 29026 Laro Dr. Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Mariposa School of Global Education

Yerba Buena Elementary School

Alternative School 818.707.7144 6050 Calmfield Ave. Agoura Hills, CA 91301

818.889.0040 6098 Reyes Adobe Rd. Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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Educate CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CHANNEL ISLANDS 1 University Dr. Camarillo, 93012 805.437.8400 California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) is reimagining higher education for a new generation and era. CSUCI is an innovative higher-education institution that enables students to succeed and thrive, serves as an engine for social and economic vitality, and provides the intellectual resources necessary for a thriving democracy. The campus is nestled on 1,200 acres at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, blending striking 1930s’ mission-revival and Spanish colonial-revival architecture with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Students benefit from small class sizes, close collaboration with faculty and peers, and a strong sense of community. The curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary, real-world approach in which students tackle community problems, conduct meaningful





difference in our communities. With more than 7,000 students, 1,200 employees, and 16,000 alumni, CSUCI is poised to grow in size and distinction while maintaining one of the most studentfocused learning environments in public higher education.

OAKS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 31749 La Tienda Dr. Westlake Village, 91362 818.575.9900

de TOLEDO HIGH SCHOOL 22622 Vanowen St. West Hills, 91307 818.348.0048

Oaks Christian School is a non-denom-

Students from de Toledo High School

inational, co-ed, college-preparatory

(formerly New Community Jewish High

school serving grades 5 through 12. The


high school was founded in 2000. The


school is committed to the promotion

academic and professional success. It is

of academic excellence, artistic expres-

a hidden gem of a school with dynamic

sion, and athletic distinction within the

teachers and rigorous academics. Engaged

context of Christian values and leader-

students discover their greatest potential

ship development. An impressive 100%

in a values-driven environment. The de

of graduates receive college admission,

Toledo journey instills a strong foundation for

often to highly selective, top-tier schools.

meaningful lives based on Jewish values.

The high school hosts 22 sports and 48

Founded in 2002, de Toledo High School

school teams. Teams have earned 148

is a coed, 9th to 12th-grade, college-

league titles, 43 CIF titles, and nine Cal-

preparatory Jewish high school that offers

ifornia state titles. The middle school has

rigorous academics, 70 electives, 18 AP

also won several league titles and boasts

courses, STEAM, championship athletics,

student participation rates as high as

award-winning musical theatre, leadership

92%. The visual and performing arts de-

opportunities, extra-curricular activities,

partments stage numerous performanc-

comprehensive college counseling, visual

es and exhibits, many which garner pres-

and performing arts, summer programs,

tigious awards.

and travel opportunities to four continents. Bus


an that


inspiring prepares


educational them


Calabasas Style


In fall 2018, the school will open an un-

Westside and Valley locations, and the

precedented IDEA Lab– innovation, de-

average class size is 15.

sign, engineering, and aeronautics-- unlike any other in a California high school.

At de Toledo High School, they educate

The lab will focus on the development


of 21st-Century skills. Additionally, a

leaders who will shape our collective

new, on-campus residential hall will

future and make the world a better place.

open in 2019 to both domestic and

They cultivate students’ unique gifts so

international students in a dorm-style

that after graduation, each one may

community setting.

navigate his or her own path with wisdom,





compassion, and good character.



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Educate FAITH BAPTIST SCHOOLS 7644 Farralone Ave. Canoga Park, 91304 818.340.6131

CHAMINADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY Middle School 19800 Devonshire St. Chatsworth, 91311 818.363.8127

LOUISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 22300 Mulholland Dr. Woodland Hills, 91364 818.346.8812

High School 7500 Chaminade Ave. West Hills, 91304 818.347.8300

Louisville High School in Woodland Hills

Chaminade College Preparatory inspires

hundreds of young women each year.


young people to love, learn, and lead




ing classes with exceptional one-on-

Two-year-old children are introduced to

traditions of a living faith, academic

one attention from faculty. It has a



wide-ranging arts program where stu-

Chaminade is a coeducational Catholic

dents can discover and develop their

school serving more than 2,000 students

talents and has numerous athletic

in grades 6 to 12. Chaminade’s unique

teams which instill the values of person-

seven-year learning experience offers

al discipline and sportsmanship.

Faith Baptist Schools is one of our nation’s top-private schools, and it has pioneered excellence in Christian education since 1963. Over the last 55 years, the school’s educators have developed cutting-edge curriculum and teaching

letters and numbers and are given lessons on kindness, forgiveness, sharing, and waiting their turn. Three-year-olds are taught to write the alphabet and recognize each sound and to write from one to 30 and their own names. The


Catholic and



is a Catholic college-preparatory high school founded by the Sisters of St. Louis in 1960 that continues to grow as a center for the academic enrichment of provides



a rigorous academic curriculum and diverse extracurricular activities. Students

On campus, students are invited to join

are actively engaged in their learning

clubs and activities promoting campus

and read up to the second-grade level.

through a curriculum that emphasizes

and community involvement. There is

student-centered learning. Chaminade

also a strong focus on campus ministry

The high expectations of Faith Baptist

issues tablet PCs to all students, and

to encourage spiritual growth and lead-

course content is delivered relevantly

ership in each student. Each year, enroll-



ment at Louisville ranges between 350

to take an active role in their learning.

and 400 students, and graduates attend

Chaminade offers the AP Capstone

top universities and colleges throughout

Program, an innovative and engaging

the United States.

accelerated curriculum enables 4 and 5-year-old children to add and subtract

are enriched by a warm and welcoming environment. The teachers believe that people will be able to see the difference Jesus Christ makes by the love we show toward one another. At the very core of the school’s philosophy is the conviction that loving people the way Jesus did is truly the greatest way to serve them. Faith Baptist Schools currently enrolls over 1,100 students from 22 different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.



two-year college-level program for high school students that complements and

The 8th Grade Visit Day on November 2

enhances discipline-specific AP courses.

is an opportunity for incoming students to experience a morning at Louisville.

Chaminade’s graduates are prepared,

Open house will be on December 2 and

inspired, and equipped to share God’s

is open to all 6th through 8th grade fam-

love by caring for others and seeking

ilies who wish to attend. Register online

justice and peace and to learn, adapt,

for both events.

and grow with the world around them.

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Educate SIERRA CANYON SCHOOL Pre-K to grade 12 11052 Independence Ave. Chatsworth, 91311

VIEWPOINT SCHOOL 23620 Mulholland Hwy. Calabasas, 91302 818.591.6500

20801 Rinaldi St. Chatsworth, 91311 818.882.8121

Viewpoint School is committed to inspiring leadership in students in all forms, one student at a time. There are as many ways of being a leader as there

Sierra Canyon School is a complete

are individuals, and their mission is to rec-


ognize and develop the individuality in









School (VIP) is a new public (free) charter high school, opening on the southern end of the Chatsworth Charter High School

each student.

campus. Teachers, administrators, and

unknown. It is a place where ingenious

Walk on campus and you will feel it—a

the population and culture of iLEAD North

teachers, intrepid students, and forward-

caring community that inspires, supports,

thinking leaders work together to shape

and challenges students to be their best.

an education on the adventurous edge.

The school's 40-acre campus is located

Teachers create meaningful, hands-on

in the scenic foothills of the Santa Moni-

learning experiences in the classroom,

ca Mountains and provides young peo-

on the stage, on the playing field and

ple in kindergarten through 12th grade

court, and on life-changing journeys.

with an ideal setting to grow and learn.

and popular and unique contemporary

finest colleges and universities, forge

Explore the school’s programs and you

graduating classes are attending colleges

purposeful careers, and employ their

will find endless ways for students to en-

unshakable optimism to improve the

gage in new and favorite activities and

wider world.

subjects with a breadth of offerings to

experience that fully equips students to rethink the familiar and embrace the

Graduates are primed to excel at the

challenge children and develop their Sierra Canyon is a private, independent,

talents and interests.

non-sectarian, co-educational, college-

many students at VIP formerly comprised Hollywood, which produced nationallevel speech and debate championships (a 2018 Top 10 program in the nation); the 2018 Los Angeles County Mock Trial team championship; "Get Lit" poetry team championships for two years running; music and theatre programs. The three throughout including








Georgetown, UC Berkeley, Dartmouth, Brown, UCLA, Bryn Mawr, and many more. VIP’s mission is to prepare students for college






Step into the classrooms and learn about

school where cultural, ethnic, and

the community and you will find a founda-

socioeconomic diversity are celebrated.

tion of core values of excellence, respect,

At its core, Sierra Canyon develops

responsibility, service, and compassion.

of talented and award-winning educators.

potential as their teachers are to inspire

Visit the campus and programs to see

counseling process that focuses on “right

it. At Sierra Canyon, students gain

how Viewpoint encourages students

unstoppable momentum to learn and

to “find your voice, give your best,

explore, propelling them toward a

and go beyond.”




students who are as keen to realize their

lifetime of self-directed success.


Calabasas Style

engaging-yet-challenging courses and learning experiences designed by a staff Add to this mix an extensive college fit” for every student and a school culture that fosters and values self-reflection, selfexpression, and self-actualization and you have VIP. Enroll at

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Educate HALSTROM ACADEMY 30700 Russell Ranch Rd., #180 Westlake Village, 91362 21800 Oxnard St., #220 Woodland Hills, 91367 866.925.4258

WESTMARK SCHOOL 5461 Louise Ave. Encino, 91316 818.986.5045 Westmark





sparks the imaginations of our youngest learners,





Discover a better way to learn with

school students, and illuminates futures


for high schoolers. Westmark students








from grades 2 to 12 have diagnosed

schedules and more—all while being part


of a connected community. Halstrom is

like dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia.


an accredited private school for grades

They also have bright minds and unique

6 to 12 offering over 170 courses including

learning styles but have not been fully

over 70 innovative electives. Halstrom’s

served in a traditional school environment.

transformational teachers tailor instruction

Since the students learn differently, the

to each student's skills, needs, and

school teaches differently. The college-

learning style. Offering an alternative to


the traditional classroom, Halstrom fosters

proven research-based methodologies

academic achievement and personal

that differentiate instruction and build

development in an atmosphere where

on individual student strengths, allowing

students feel safe and confident. Halstrom

them to learn and achieve academically,

believes students can reach their full

socially, and emotionally. Westmark’s

potential with personalized instruction


that instills character, and a lifelong love

assistive and educational technologies to

of learning. They also boast an impressive

promote executive functioning and help

record with 96% of Halstrom students who

students access the curriculum, enabling

applied to a four-year college or university

them to explore their world; learn to love

being accepted.

learning again; develop new interests,








character, and confidence; and fulfill their

WOODLAND HILLS PRIVATE SCHOOL Toddler & Preschool 22322 Collins St. Woodland Hills, 91367 818.712.9966 Preschool & Elementary 22555 Oxnard St. Woodland Hills, 91367 818.348.6563 Woodland Hills Private School (WHPS) offers a boutique experience individually tailored to the talents, interests, and learning styles of each student, with a focus on the development of the whole child. For over 40 years, WHPS’s award-winning program places equal emphasis on rigorous academics and social-emotional learning and focuses on




reliance, mutual respect, creativity, and critical thinking in students 18 months old through 5th grade. WHPS’s campuses blend state of the art with the natural environment. The school's exclusive animal and nature center and outdoor nature classrooms enhance the science and character education curriculum. WHPS’s preschool program


potential. Westmark students discover

open enrollment for full-time or part-

their personal academic style, affinities,

time schedules. Halstrom is WASC and

and areas of need and learn to advocate

NIPSA accredited and UC, CSU, and

for themselves.

elementary program’s STEAM-enriched

information session or schedule a campus

The school’s Open House will be held

into project managers learning through

tour online or by phone.

Sunday, October 21, from 11:00 a.m.




NCAA approved. RSVP for an upcoming

until 1:00 p.m. Please RSVP online at


Calabasas Style

offers a warm, caring place for your child to grow, learn, and discover. The and leadership curriculum turns students cross-curricular projects and fostering creativity and scientific argumentation.

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Educate THE BOULEVARD SCHOOL 23022 Victory Blvd. Woodland Hills, 91367 818.883.0607

ST. PATRICK’S EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL 1 Church Rd. Thousand Oaks, 91362 805.497.1416

MONTESSORI OF MALIBU CANYON 4029 Las Virgenes Rd. Calabasas, 91302 818.880.0555

academic foundation and a love

St. Patrick’s Day School is a private,

Montessori of Malibu Canyon is a

of learning has been the goal of The

independent elementary school that is

Calabasas based early childhood

Boulevard School in Woodland Hills

committed to the education of the mind,

education center that offers daily full-day

for more than 40 years. The Boulevard

body, spirit, and heart of each student.

and half-day program options for children

Helping each child develop a strong

School offers programs for children

2-6. They offer a variety of programs

ages 10 months to 6 years, including

For over five decades, St. Patrick’s has

including a mommy and me, toddler

mommy/daddy and me, a toddler

provided students in kindergarten through

and preschool program, and transitional

program, preschool, and a transitional

6th grade with a high-quality academic

kindergarten program. They also offer

kindergarten. There is also a summer

program enhanced by opportunities

extended AM and PM care at no

camp. The school has developed

for creative expression in the visual and

additional charge. The beautiful campus

a unique curriculum presented in a

performing arts. Students exercise civic

is nestled in the Malibu Canyon scenic

supportive environment. Values and

responsibility, compassion, and leadership

corridor with over an acre of flat, tree-

morals are incorporated into the

through a fully developed community-

shaded playground space! The school

monthly calendar.

service program, which is thoughtfully

features large open classrooms outfitted

integrated into the academic curriculum.

with Montessori materials and lead-free

Music, arts and crafts, science, cooking,

Small class sizes allow caring, experienced,

furniture and paint to create a safe and

and special events, combined with

and credentialed teachers to give greater

nurturing environment.

a strong academic program of math

attention to each student.

concepts, phonic skills, and computer

They are proud to present an interdiscipli-

skills comprise the enriched curriculum.

St. Patrick’s welcomes families of all

nary approach to early childhood educa-



traditions and faiths, for there is something

tion that incorporates and celebrates the

family involvement, encouraging family

to be valued and respected living in a

best of Montessori coupled with the Reggio

members to volunteer as room parents

community that proclaims the unique

Emilia and Waldorf Pedagogies. The teach-

and participate in Mom’s Day, Dad’s

worth and beauty of all human beings.

ers are highly educated career educators

Day, and Grandparent’s Day.

Along with the finest schools in California,

who are also passionate and nurturing.




St. Patrick’s is the only elementary school in The campus features an outdoor heated

the Conejo Valley that is CAIS accredited.

They offer a rich and diverse program that

pool, four age-appropriate, park-like

The school is also WASC and NAES

provides children with a solid foundation in

playgrounds, and a camera security


math, language arts with language labs






in Spanish, French or Farsi, geography,

yearround. The Boulevard School strives

Please visit or call

science, music, dance, fine arts, cooking,

to give all children a successful start so


gardening, yoga, and more.

they may contribute in constructive ways to the world of the future.


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 147

Educate FUSION ACADEMY 21650 Oxnard St., #100 Woodland Hills, 91367 818.712.9521

KADIMA DAY SCHOOL Evenhaim Family Campus 7011 Shoup Ave. West Hills, 91307 818.346.0849

Fusion Academy Warner Center is a

Kadima Day School provides an integrated

revolutionary community of learning

general and Judaic studies education

where positive relationships unlock

that fosters whole-child growth and

academic potential. Classes are one-

development. Within a community of

to-one: one student and one teacher

talented and caring educators, Kadima

per classroom. This allows them to

delivers a comprehensive, hands-on, and

personalize and customize curriculum

academically challenging curriculum.

for each student’s unique strengths,

Student engagement, in all dimensions,

interests, and learning style.

is visible across the four-acre campus. Featuring an Early Childhood Education

The supportive staff and campus

Center, and an elementary, and middle

environment provide a safe space

school (EC-8th Grade), Kadima encourages

for students to flourish emotionally,

students to maximize their academic, social,



physical, and spiritual potentials. The Kadima


Early Childhood Education Center, for ages

recording studio and mixed-media

2 to 5, provides children with creative and

art studio for students to express their

fun learning opportunities and focuses on

creativity. The Homework Café® is

building self-esteem, independence, social

where students complete homework

skills, confidence, and responsibility. Students

with supervision and help from a

in the ECEC are also introduced to science,

teacher before they leave for the

mathematics, language arts (English and

day. Classes are offered at three

Hebrew), social studies, music, and art.


and includes

academically. a

levels: essential, college prep, and honors. From algebra to yoga and

Kadima Day School focuses on a

everything in between, they have

differentiated, balanced, and holistic

a wide variety of classes to choose

education for each child. The classrooms in

from. Students can enroll full-time,

the elementary and middle school nurture

take classes for credit, or utilize the

students’ passions and challenge them to

tutoring services.

learn. Their rigorous academic program and robust arts and electives offerings exposes

Connect with Fusion Academy online

students to an integrated curriculum that

at or call

prepares them for high school as well as

the office to speak with the director

fosters their connection to Judaism.

of admissions and outreach.


Calabasas Style

WOODCREST PRESCHOOL Agoura 28370 Roadside Dr. Agoura Hills, 91301 818.889.9841 Newbury Park 107 Teardrop Ct. Newbury Park, 91320 805.375.7788 More than ABC's and 123's Woodcrest Preschool in Agoura Hills and Newbury Park do a superior job educating young children and preparing them for kindergarten.


is often hard to measure, but equally important is teaching empathy, compassion, and kindness. Over the next year Woodcrest Preschool will be implementing a nationally recognized social and emotional well being curriculum called Conscious Discipline. The program was designed by Dr. Becky Bailey to help children communicate their emotions and develop feelings for how actions impact their friends. Please contact the preschool director to learn more about our social and emotional well-being curriculum at 888-788-9491.

Calabasas Style 149

Robots are Taking Over By Marc Cohen


I learned early on that the best tools to use for the education

of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The bot

of children are the ones that don’t appear to be teaching

can be programmed and also has expansion packs so you can

anything. If children think an activity is fun, they are more likely to

add new functionality to your creation.

learn something. Thanks to technology, many of the educational processes are done through computers, tablets, or smart devices.

Littlebits sells some great electronics kits. One of their more

Let’s explore some of the options.

popular kits gives kids or adults the ability to build and customize their own Star Wars R2-D2. You can control the unit with the use

Many of our children are now tablet users, and there are tablet

of a smartphone or tablet. It sells for around $100. The Meccano

programs that they can use to learn. For kids that are interested

Meccanoid G15 builds a four-foot-tall personal robot. Let’s face

in learning about programming, take a look at Logo Draw. This is

it; we all want one of those. It has over 1000 phrases and voice

a free program that gives the fundamental concepts of software

recognition. Be aware that it actually comes with over 1200 parts.

programming, computer graphics, and logical thinking.

It might take a bit of patience and help to put it to together, but the end result is quite spectacular.

Rover is an educational app and browser. It is targeted towards K-12 kids and provides online learning. If you want your children to

If you are looking for online educational programs, check out

learn some of the basics about creating a robot, the Makeblock It has a large library of both videos and projects, like

mBot can help by teaching them how to build a functional

Mad Science, animation for drawings, Lego bricks, and cooking.

robot. It introduces STEM, which is a way to educate in the areas

You can get a 14-day free trial with unlimited access. From there, it is fee based. Most of the videos come paired with an actual project. If you need a more hands-on approach to learning, there are a number of online tutoring companies. One of the most respected and famous is Berlitz with its language-learning programs. It offers programs geared for ages 8 to 17 and tailors programs based on skill, goals, and timeframe. Berlitz offers four 45-minute sessions via online with a live instructor. E-learning for kids is an online tutoring service that covers language arts, life skills, math, computer skills, and a number of other topics. It also has some offline programs if you don’t have internet access. Just for fun, no education needed, go to the museum in downtown Los Angeles or the observatory. Or better yet, take your kids to a water park; it’s been way too hot this year. In conclusion, make the process fun, and they will learn. In fact, buy the robot and you may get away with having nothing to do but make the purchase. Be careful because one day a robot might be your next-door neighbor and you won’t know it. n See you on the radio! Marc Cohen


Calabasas Style

CCC JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP The Junior Club Championship took place on August 11, with kids ages 17 and younger showing off their amazing golf skills. Congratulations to Adam Stiller, this year's Junior Club Champion, and Caroline Canales, the Girl's Club Champion in the 14–17 division. Ryan Mattivi took first place in the 11–13 division, and Audrey Chang took first place in the 10-and-under division. Calabasas Country Club offers the perfect environment for young golf enthusiasts, with plenty of options to learn the game. Over 400 children have gone through the club’s Junior Academy and summer camps. Many have qualified for their middle school/ high school golf teams, and many are competing at local or national events. The Junior Golf Academy program is structured using the Operation 36™ Developmental framework to progress juniors age 7 to 17 towards shooting par or better.

Calabasas Style 151

High Schoolers

GET A BOOST By Elena Richards

New LVUSD class for high schoolers covers important life skills.

middle school to high school. Students will learn about public speaking, mental and physical wellness, bullying prevention, navigating high school, study skills, financial literacy, and collaboration and will learn additional skills that target college and career readiness.

Ninth-grade students in the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD) are starting off high school in a very dif-

Freshman Seminar exemplifies the principles of LVUSD’s

ferent way. These are the first high schoolers for whom

district-wide social-emotional learning framework, Stu-

the new Freshman Seminar course is a graduation re-

dent 360, aimed at proactively shaping and supporting

quirement. This is another example of the innovative ap-

students throughout their time in school. “The addition of

proaches teachers and staff at LVUSD take to support

Freshman Seminar demonstrates our leadership’s support

students and ensure their success.

of health and wellness, which is particularly critical for students at this age,” says Steve Scifres, director of cur-


In two semesters of Freshman Seminar, all first-year high

riculum and athletics for LVUSD. “Our intention is to give

school students will be guided through several top-

students a solid foundation to begin their high school

ics meant to support them through the transition from

careers and inspire them to develop interests that will

Calabasas Style

feed their curiosity and desire to learn,” adds Superintendent

their time and improve their study skills; in addition, the friendly at-

Dr. Dan Stepenosky.

mosphere in the classroom encouraged them to share and form friendships with their classmates.

Freshman Seminar’s emphasis on addressing the needs of students as they navigate the 21st Century and its unique cultural

“Teachers have contributed significantly to the success of the

and social demands is a growing movement in high school ed-

course, and that’s something we learned through feedback

ucation. But while other schools use a curriculum designed by

from students,” says Clara Finneran, assistant superintendent of

a textbook company, LVUSD’s is the first course of its kind devel-

education. In a survey conducted toward the end of the year,

oped by a team of its own teachers, counselors, administrators,

the committee found that 85% of students reported enjoying

students, and parents. Kirby Welsh, the chair of the committee,

the class and shared positive feedback in the comments. One

says, "The group met to discuss what our students really need to

student wrote: “It is an interesting class, and I'm glad that this

learn, practice, and internalize as they enter high school. The

school has it because self-empowerment and stress manage-

course was then further developed by a team of teachers who

ment are very important.”

wrote the curriculum and chose books and materials essential to a successful first year in high school.”

Noah Inbar, who took the pilot class at Agoura High School, recounts her own experience: “We covered real-world situa-

Last school year, three classrooms at each of LVUSD’s two high

tions and discussed our problems. When we first started out,

schools were able to experience an initial pilot of the Freshman

nobody really knew each other, and now, everyone’s friends

Seminar course. Students appreciated learning how to organize

in the class.” n

Calabasas Style 153

Ask the

Pediatrician Dr. Tanya’s Back-to-School Checklist

Maybe it’s because you have limits during the school year and now your kids are

6. Stress Back to school can be a stressful time

binge-watching Netflix or watching viral

for both kids and adults. Talk to your kids

videos on YouTube. Either way, it’s time

about any concerns they may have and

to sit down as a family and decide your

run through the school-day routine. Re-in-

media-use and screen-time rules for the

troduce them to old friends they may not

school year. In my family, we have a rule

have seen over the summer and encour-

of no recreational screen time on school

age them to make new friends, too. A

nights. That means computer school work

few days before school starts, go to the

and texting friends appropriately is fine.

school together, walk around, and get

Dr. Tanya’s Seven Back-to-School Ss

Some of my families use one to two hours a

a “lay of the land” so your children are

night, which is the official American Acad-

more comfortable on that first day back.

1. Sleep

emy of Pediatrics maximum recommen-

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to start prepping your kids to go back to school. Getting ready for a new school year is about more than just new sneakers and school supplies. This checklist will help you keep your kids on track for a healthy and happy school year.

During the summer, kids tend to stay up later. Whether they’re running around the neighborhood or playing Fortnite, it’s now time to start moving that bedtime earlier by 15 minutes every few days until you hit the appropriate bedtime for school. All kids need at least 10 hours of sleep (tweens and teens too!). Sleep is very important for a growing body and learning brain. Three days before school starts, set the morning alarm, wake your kids up lovingly, and practice that morning routine. With a few days of practice, that first morning of school will run smoothly for everyone.

2. Sugar and snacks During the summer, I often see kids eating more sugary, colorful “fun” foods, but on school mornings, protein is very important. Decrease sugar and artificial colors, especially in the morning, and feed your kids a healthy and protein-rich breakfast of eggs, dairy products, or nut butters on whole-grain bread. Protein-rich foods help your kids focus and concentrate during the school day and keep them full and energized longer. Pack a few healthy snacks and refillable water bottle in your child’s backpack. This is especially important as the heat in Southern California lasts well into late fall.

3. Screens During the summer months, the amount of screen time kids get usually increases.


Calabasas Style

dation for recreational screen time a day. Most importantly, keep screen-free zones

7. Study Start working on the “brain drain” of sum-

in your house, such as the kitchen table

mer and have your kids read a book or

and the bedroom, and have a media cur-

study up on something fun, like the his-

few, which means an hour before bedtime

tory of their favorite sports team. Get

all screens turn off and charge in a central

their brains back to thinking and learning

location, so as not to interfere with sleep.

before that first day of school. It’s also a

4. Shots

good idea to take a day to clean, declutter, and organize so your kids have

Every child needs to be up to date on

a set space to do their homework and

vaccines—it’s a California state law. A

study in quiet, without distractions.

lot of parents are emailing me to get shot records for school or to get caught up on

Enjoy the last few days of summer and

needed vaccines, so be sure to check

start putting your family’s back-to-school

with your doctor to see if anything is rec-

plan in motion now to ensure a smooth

ommended for your child or teen. Now is

transition for all this fall.

also the time to have a full physical exam from head to toe, including vision, hearing, depression, concussion, nutrition, sleep, and exercise evaluations. There’s a reason why a full physical takes so long and often needs to be scheduled ahead of time.

5. Supplies Be sure to pick a backpack that isn’t going to be too heavy when it’s full of books. The rule of thumb is that children’s backpacks should not be more than a quarter of their body weight. You also want to make sure that backpacks have padded straps, and really encourage your kids to wear their backpacks using both straps. Some prefer rolling backpacks, but they don’t always fit in lockers and can be very heavy to carry up stairs.

Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP, is the founder of Calabasas Pediatrics. She’s also a best-selling parenting book author and assistant clinical professor at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP 23480 Park Sorrento, #109A Calabasas 818.914.4429

Calabasas Style 155

Empower SYNERGY ACADEMICS 6700 Fallbrook Ave., #101 West Hills, 91307 818.888.8665 Synergy Academics is a comprehensive learning center serving students at every educational level. From elementary school through college, “Synergy Students” benefit from knowledgeable and compassionate tutors who truly care about their happiness and success. The objective is to build confidence in students by developing their natural strengths, turning challenges into triumph. Synergy Academics determines the unique ways each student learns and matches them with a tutor who truly understands his or her learning process. Combining nurturing tutors with a positive and focused environment, Synergy Academics helps students achieve more than they might ever have thought possible. The revolutionary approach to educating students is only part of what makes Synergy Academics unique. They distinguish themselves by allowing students to select from any number of exceptional tutors to find the perfect combination of personality, knowledge, availability, price, and even location. Sessions are easily booked online or on a smartphone with a proprietary scheduling app. With just a few clicks, students pick their tutor, location, and appointment. Synergy Academics makes it easy to be a great student!


Calabasas Style

THE STEDGE GROUP: COLLEGE PLANNING & FINANCIAL AID 23901 Calabasas Rd., #1030 Calabasas, 91302 818.222.0515 Did you know that every item you enter into the FAFSA form counts? The Stedge Group provides expert assistance by helping families streamline the collegeentrance and financial-aid process with a focus on federal and state funding, scholarships, and grants. The college enrollment process is a complex and daunting one. Fortunately, their expert college counselors discuss your child's college options while providing customized financial solutions. Whether you think you have ‘too much’ money or equity or whether you have financial challenges, they create a solid strategy which maximizes the ability of obtaining grants and scholarships for you. Their college-selection process can further enhance financial aid while simultaneously being a better fit for your child’s choice of major. Their one-on-one student mentorship program concurrently provides student support throughout the process from essays to SAT / ACT preparation. The emphasis is on minimizing your costs for college and ensuring that you get as much financial aid as possible to make your child’s college dreams a reality while protecting your retirement.

GR8NESS BUILDING OFFICE OF ROSALINDA O’NEILL 23622 Calabasas Rd., #102 Calabasas, CA 91302 818.222.5469 | 310.277.1908 As a psychotherapist, successful life builder, and business and relationship mentor, Rosalinda O’Neill has an outstanding career working with people to help them achieve greater happiness and success, develop stronger communication skills and relationships, and gain more calmness and confidence. As part of her work, Rosalinda offers courses for boys to help them be successful, happy, loved, loving, calm, honorable, and confident boys and men. Boys do best when they know that they and what they do, feel, and communicate matters. Rosalinda O’Neill’s Boys to Men™ Courses give boys aged 12 to 14 and 15 to 17 confidence in ‘How’ to build a happy, loving, and successful life. Courses of eight boys per class are completed in two four-hour sessions. The important skills taught in the class provide a strong foundation that vastly improves the quality of the boys’ entire lives. Courses are $400 in Calabasas. Inquire at Boys ages 12 to 14 meet Saturday 09/29/18 & 10/13/18 from noon to 4:00 p.m. Boys ages 15 to 17 meet Saturday 11/03/18 & 11/17/18 from noon to 4:00 p.m. ©2018 Rosalinda O’Neill, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Inc.

Calabasas Style 157


CREATIVE LEARNING CONCEPTS 29614 Ridgeway Dr. Agoura Hills, 91301 248.807.0263

KUMON MATH AND READING CENTER OF CALABASAS - WEST   4774 Park Granada, #9 Calabasas, 91302 818.224.3264

Watching a child struggle with learning differences, developmental delays,

Kumon Math and Reading Center’s after-

ASD diagnoses, AD/HD, dyslexia, not

school academic-enrichment program

to mention self-esteem issues, can be

has helped children achieve success

challenging for most parents. That is why

worldwide for over 50 years. Whether your

Lisa Popper founded Creative Learning

child is seeking enrichment, needs help

Concepts, a comprehensive education

catching up, or is just beginning her or

center with services ranging from testing

his academic career, Kumon is designed

and assessments to writing individualized

to help each student become focused,

education programs and advocacy

motivated, and self-reliant. The Kumon

for those who require them. In addition,

Math Program is a comprehensive cur-

parents are educated on what to do to

riculum that develops the necessary skills

become a proactive participant on their

to help children progress from counting

child’s educational journey.

through calculus. The Kumon Reading Program begins with basic phonics and

Lisa received her Master’s Degree in

progresses all the way through advanced

Education with a CLAD credential

reading comprehension.

School of Education and Psychology.


She has additional training in ABA

learning allows each student to advance



through the program at his or her own

Discreet Trials Therapy. Her experience

pace. Kumon center’s vision is to instill

is diverse, involving basic learning

a lifelong love of learning in children

differences to those complex in nature.

and to help shape their futures as well

Lisa leaves no stone unturned when

as the world’s future. This vision is in line

diagnosing a case. Her philosophy on

with Kumon’s mission of achieving world

education encompasses every aspect

peace brought about by education. With

of learning, as learning happens from

a strong academic foundation, critical

the inside out. Educators must treat the

thinking, and problem-solving abilities,

whole child. It is the only way. Schedule

your child has the potential to achieve

a one-on-one consultation with Lisa

whatever he or she desires.




Alison Murphey is proudly providing concierge in-home therapy services designed to help adolescents and teens navigate the stresses of life. Whether confronting areas of depression, anxiety, stage-of-life




Alison will come to you. She has earned certification in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and uses it to help clients cope with phobias, anxiety, performance anxiety, and trauma. Through her work, she has learned the importance of feeling comfortable and safe in treatment

from Pepperdine University’s Graduate emphasis

ALISON MURPHEY CONCIERGE THERAPY SERVICES LMFT #84021 Serving the San Fernando Valley and adjacent areas 747.263.3433


and has turned to providing in-home therapy to help everyone feel the most safe and comfortable. Alison has spent more than a decade working with children, teens, and families. Navigating the stresses of adolescence can be extremely challenging, and Alison helps provide the tools, treatment, and knowledge to move through each stage of life seamlessly. Whether moving up a grade, coping with stress from school, or navigating the process to college admissions, Alison provides an empathic

to find the right learning program for

space to cope and heal. She strives to

pre-K to college students.

ensure the highest level of care and compassion to each individual she meets.


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 159

How to Help a Child with

Learning Disabilities By Lori Berezin

people pay particular attention to the challenges that one in

Can you share some of the latest developments in the study of learning disabilities?

five children face when learning basic skills such as read-

Literature on brain research states that 85% of brain growth

ing, writing, and/or math. Predominantly, children diagnosed

concludes by age 5; therefore, traditional screening and di-

with learning disorders (LD) are of average or above-aver-

agnosis for learning disabilities happens too late to use the

age intelligence, but there is an apparent gap between their

most effective interventions for preventing long-term deficits.

potential and actual achievement. With appropriate support

Currently, Dr. Nadine Gaab, in collaboration with other re-

and intervention, they can achieve success in all aspects of

searchers, is working on developing an app that will exam-

life. We asked Westmark School to share with us some of the

ine early predictors of dyslexia and reading impairments in

latest findings on learning disabilities and advice for parents.

children as young as age 4, giving them the opportunity to

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, a time when

reach their full reading potential.


Calabasas Style

T h e U C S F D y s l e x i a C e n t e r, k n o w n f o r i t s n e w e s t n e u -

It is important for both the parent and child to embrace

roimaging and genetic techniques, is studying indi-

their lear ning differences so they can not only get the

viduals and families to evaluate neurobiology as it

accommodations that they need, but also lear n to

relates to cognitive and biological phenotypes (the

self-advocate and build confidence in their own intelli-

neural, genetic cognitive, and behavioral expression)

gence and creativity. With the appropriate support and

of dyslexia. One of their focuses is to work closely with

the right intervention, the student will be able to achieve

schools and educators to apply the knowledge gained

social, emotional, and academic success.

from this unique program to develop early interventions and educational strategies to help children with dyslexia thrive.

How does individualized/personalized/ differentiated instruction impact different learning disabilities? Te a c h i n g i s n ’ t a o n e - s i z e - f i t s - a l l p r o f e s s i o n . A l l s t u d e n t s

What are the most common learning disabilities you see? Lear ning disabilities is an umbrella ter m often used to describe more specific lear ning disabilities such as dyslexia. The most common ones are auditory processing disorder (APD); dyscalculia; dysgraphia; dyslexia; and language processing disorder. Other related disorders

learn differently, and all students can be successful,

include executive functioning and ADHD.

but for students with learning disabilities, differentiat-

What are the most common symptoms or signs you see in children with learning disabilities?

ed instruction is an opportunity for teachers to 'level the playing field'. It's important that instruction be tailored to the needs of each child.

Is it important to use these different types of instruction to make impact with LD? In the right environment with the right research-based methodologies, these students can achieve, realize their

The symptoms or signs in students with lear ning disabilities, while varying from child to child, affect development and achievement. Some students show difficulty following directions, poor eye-hand coordination, sensory difficulties, short attention span, disorganization, and/ or difficulty discriminating between letters or sounds.

unique strengths, and reach their potential. In the pro- is an excellent resource for parents of chil-

cess, they come to understand what their strengths are

dren with learning and attention issues. is anoth-

and how to advocate for themselves both inside and

er good online resource. IDALA (International Association

outside of school. This sets children up for success, and

of Dyslexia in Los Angeles) offers local support, workshops,

that can change the trajectory of their entire lives.

and referrals. These online resources and support groups and services designed for these purposes can provide

If children are struggling to do well in school, what are some of the first steps they and their parents should take in seeking assistance? Parents are their children's best advocates. It is critical

personalized resources and tools, access to experts, and practical tips to support families on their journey. n For more information

that the parents, teacher, and school are a team that works collaboratively in the best interest of the child. Parents should be in touch with their child's teacher and school and arrange for someone to observe the student to deter mine the supports needed for success. Clear communications should be established to develop and support the best plan for the child’s lear ning profile.

Do you have any suggestions for parents who are new to handling learning disabilities? It is important for parents to remember that a learning disability cannot be cured or fixed; it is a lifelong journey. It is also important for parents to know that they are not alone! Parents need to know their rights and ask their school to conduct an evaluation to determine a potential learning or attention issue. Once the signs have been identified, the appropriate assessment and evaluation will guide the right strategies and environment to help the student.

Calabasas Style 161


College & The Workforce By John Jell

Here are some statistics high school counselors and college

1. Make the best grades possible. In today’s world, a

consultants probably have not shared with you:

post-secondary, four-year, undergraduate degree is a prerequisite for many of the best-paying jobs. That means

• 45.2% of those who start undergraduate college programs

graduating from high school and having the needed

will not graduate within six years.

grades to be admitted.

• 28% of college graduates move back home. That

2. Figure out potential career areas before starting college.

number is closer to 50% in high-cost-of-living markets (like

We all have to go through a journey of discovery to find out


what we are passionate about and good at. If anyone is going to get out of bed to work at something for 40 years,

If you would like your child to graduate in four years and be

it might as well be something she or he enjoys too! Students

situated in a position where he or she has multiple job offers

should try different jobs and call employers of interest to set

on graduation day, here are 10 things to help better prepare

up informational interviews while in high school so that they

him or her for college, transitioning into the workforce, and life

can start college on the right track.

as an independent young adult.


Calabasas Style

3. Narrow it down to a career area that truly interests the

8. Build a strong resume. In follow up to #6, many students

student. After doing some homework, students need to

do not see the value of getting involved in campus or

narrow their focus to one area that excites them the most.

community activities because they don’t get paid. Yet,

From an academic standpoint, if students did well in high

the less money an organization needs to spend on training

school in a subject area, they can anticipate that they will

someone, the more attractive that person is to a recruiter

do as well, or possibly even better, in college in that same

and the higher probability of a better starting salary. I have

area. If they struggled in a subject area, they will not likely

seen 1,000 resumes come in for an entry-level position.

flourish in college in that area. In other words, if they disliked

We interviewed five. All had relevant skills, education,

math, why would you or they think they would do well in

and experience. The best jobs go to the best-prepared

an engineering or finance program? Being interested in a


subject makes it easier to excel in studies. 9. Know how to interview. As good as their resumes may be, 4. Pick a post-secondary institution with a good program

students still must go through the interview process. They

in the student’s area of interest and have a plan to pay

need to do homework on the company and the interviewer

for college expenses. High school counselors and college

and have intelligent questions prepared beyond: “What’s

consultants can provide great insight to the first part of this.

the starting pay?” Many interviewers are looking to see how

For the second part, student loans, summer and part-time

interested candidates are in their organization. Roleplaying

jobs, co-operative education programs, scholarships, and

with a friend, sibling, or parent helps. Tip: Many interviewers

the U.S. Armed Forces provide many alternatives to fully

love to boast. A statement and questions your child will want

paying for college. If your child has a college fund, you may

to bring up are: “I aspire to grow within the organization;

wish to make the boundaries clear regarding what happens

where did you start and how did you get to where you are

once that money is used. Having a prior understanding will


make sure everyone is on the same page, especially if your child will be 100% responsible for additional funds. This gives

10. Students need to take full responsibility for their futures.

her or him the opportunity to plan accordingly. I knew three

When your child turns 40, will he or she be miserable because

students who had 0.0 grade point averages in our freshman

of decisions made at 18 to make you happy or to continue

semester. All dropped out. All had college funds and no

to see a high school sweetheart or friends? Upon college

issues happily spending their parents’ money!

graduation, will he or she be moving back to your home because he or she did not build relevant skills, education,

5. Balance book learning with the development of people,

and experience for a desired career? The sooner each

leadership, time-management, and organizational skills.

person takes responsibility for the decisions he or she makes,

There are three types of smarts needed to be successful:

and corresponding actions, the more the likelihood of

1) book smarts; 2) people smarts; and 3) street smarts.

success grows exponentially. n

Employers, especially the ones that pay the best, are looking for graduates with a relevant education, relevant skills, and relevant experience. All of the things mentioned in

Author John R. Jell is the President of JELL Training & Consulting.

this suggestion are skills that are transferable to any industry.

He spent 25 years with The Coca-Cola Company® and Nestle®.

All of them can be gained while in college, albeit from

He is the author of two highly acclaimed youth career prepa-


ration books entitled “From School To A Career” (8th-10th graders) and “So…You Want A Great Job When You Graduate!?”

6. While in college, get involved in campus and community

(high school juniors to college sophomores). Both are available

activities, groups, and clubs. Every campus has a student

on John has

government and multiple clubs. Students can learn a lot

been lecturing on this topic

through such groups while in college that, in addition, don’t

for over 25 years at national

cost anything. Whether one gets paid to get experience

and state conferences, col-

or not, all relevant experience counts on the resume. Also,

leges, and high schools.

those who hire graduates know students can pay $5 to join a club and never show up. Leadership positions matter! 7. Learn how to network. Many great jobs are not advertised other than via word of mouth. I and many other students I know landed great jobs and internships thanks to networking. A great mantra: Your network = your net worth.

Calabasas Style 163


35TH ANNIVERSARY ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Zac Wasserman

Susi and Yacov Sherman established My Gym on the foundation of lifetime memberships, which is why My Gym’s patrons include grandparents who first brought their children and are now bringing their grandchildren. On Saturday, August 18, the Sherman family opened the doors of their Woodland Hills venue to celebrate 35 years of business. Families were invited for a day of laughter, surprises, activities, new friends, and super sign-up deals. Children from infants to 13 year olds discovered why kids and parents alike love My Gym’s programs and parties. The Sherman’s attribute the help of their three children—Talia, Yael, and Ceevan—to the huge success that My Gym has become today. Their son, Ceevan, has taken over the Thousand Oaks location, pursuing the family vision. To see all of the locations and find out more, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 165

Enrich CALIFORNIA DANCE THEATRE 2282 Townsgate Rd., #4,5,6 Westlake Village, 91361 818.707.3267 805.906.2087

BELL CANYON RIDING ACADEMY 29 Baymare Rd. Bell Canyon, 91307 818.346.9879

Founded in 1985, California Dance Theatre

(BCRA) at the newly refurbished Bell

(CDT) celebrates 33 years of dance

Canyon Equestrian Center (BCEC) can

excellence. Recently moving to Westlake

teach anyone, from first-time riders to

Village, their beautiful new facility houses

experienced riders ready to get back

five studios spanning 10,000 square feet.

in the saddle. Their goal is to create a

With 30 instructors teaching students


of all ages and levels–from beginners

the correct principles are taught from

to professionals–CDT encourages and

the beginning and where safety is a top

trains both recreational students as well

priority. The BCRA program is designed to

as career-minded dancers. California

build a solid foundation from the ground

Dance Theatre seeks to inspire dreams of

up, beginning with private lessons to

movement, dance, and performing style

ensure all students have a common

in boys and girls. The school offers a full

baseline of strength and skill level before

curriculum in classical ballet, jazz, lyrical,

moving into semi-private or group options.

contemporary, modern, tap, musical

In addition to learning riding techniques,

theatre, and hip-hop, with a special

students also learn the fundamentals of

emphasis designed to introduce these

horse care, riding equipment, and equine

dance forms to young children.


gineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.).

The daily pre-professional ballet program

The BCEC’s serene and picturesque

ticing games, robots, puzzles, and the

grooms the advanced dancer for a future

setting also limits distractions—students

career or an exclusive university dance

unplug from the world and concentrate

program. California Dance Theatre offers a

on learning to ride and care for the

highly credentialed faculty with experience

horses. Boasting award-winning trainers

in international ballet companies, Broadway

chosen for their experience and passion,

credits, television, and film backgrounds.

BCRA takes pride in the riders that they

In addition, select students perform with

create and the relationships gained in

Pacific Festival Ballet, the resident ballet

the process. Schedule a lesson with Kelly,

company at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts

Dakota, or Kiana today.

Plaza Performing Arts Center.









MIND CRAFTERS ROBOTICS 6729A Fallbrook Ave. West Hills, 91307 747.263.0821 The future for our children is now, and there's no time to waste. Mind Crafters, a family business established only a year ago, has already helped countless students learn the art of robotics and programming. They use the time-honored method of having so much fun that students don't even realize they're learning. The more they learn, the more they want to learn. Kids from 6 to 14 have attended Mind Crafters classes and learned problem-solving skills that will stay with them the rest of their lives in whatever field they choose to enter. The curriculum is focused on science, technology, enThey fire young imaginations with enknowledge that they have accomplished something wonderful and worthwhile. It's thrilling to see children master programming and coding with software and robotic kits. Mind Crafters makes learning an exciting experience that trains with confidence and enthusiasm and gives kids the tools they need to unlock their potential. Kids are smart. They want to succeed. Mind Crafters Robotics helps them along the way.


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Enrich MY GYM 22027-B Vanowen St. Woodland Hills, 91303 818.702.6946

DANCE DIMENSIONS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 23241 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, 91364 818.999.3262

PREGNANCY BABY & BEYOND 23480 Park Sorrento, #221A Calabasas, 91302 818.914.4429 FB: Pregnancybabyandbeyond IG: pregbabyandbeyond

Dance Dimensions Performing Arts Center

Pregnancy Baby & Beyond is now open

(DDPAC) is a place where the love of

for classes conveniently located near

dance is fostered in a supportive and

The Commons. The informational and

Founded in 1983 by Susi and Yacov

enthusiastic environment. Specializing in

play classes were founded by Polly

Sherman and Bill Caplin, My Gym

a variety of styles, DDPAC offers beginning

Gannon, CCBE, CLE, who offers over

Children’s Fitness Center began with six

through advanced classes for all ages.

26 years of experience as a lactation

locations and has grown to over 600

Their vision is to enrich the community

and newborn specialist at the world-

locations worldwide. Susi and Yacov’s

through the discipline of dance, building

renowned Cedars-Sinai Hospital and

son, Ceevan, now owns the Thousand

self-confidence and creativity to lead a

all over Los Angeles. Polly established

Oaks location, following the family

successful life. They offer a wide variety

this class to create an environment

passion. My Gym establishes a safe and

of classes, from aerial silk, hammock,

where she could share her passion and

loving place where children can grow,

trapeze and harness, and acro to ballet,

knowledge to help moms, dads, and

explore, and learn while having a blast.



caregivers take the very best care of

Every day, enriching classes are offered

pointe, hip hop, and technique. DDPAC

their children during pregnancy and

in gymnastics, sport skills, relays, puppet

has an award-winning competitive dance

continuing through the toddler years.

shows, songs, dancing, and more to

team. Auditions are every spring.

Her non-judgmental and education-

2701 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, 91362 805.494.4154



keep each child engaged.

based classes include Labor & Delivery, Acting





Originally created to get kids moving,

Wendee Cole teaches acting classes for

Susi and Yacov combined their back-

children and teens. DDPAC also offers a

grounds in dance, gymnastics, acrobat-

master class series throughout the year.

ics, physical and special education, and

Lactation Support, Parent & Me, and Parent & Toddler Time. Local





caring personality and the incredible

movement to foster a lively, fun-filled en-

At DDPAC, they instill the idea that dance

knowledge and tips she shares for

vironment for children ages 3 months to

is not only movement but a way of life, with


13 years. Adults looking to join in the fun

lessons that can be applied to an ever-

calming fussy babies, and tackling the

can join FitFab fitness classes. And there

changing and culturally diverse society.

potty-training milestone. Come check

are always plenty of smiles for everyone



out Polly’s amazing, fun, educational

at kids’ birthday parties featuring ac-

View the 2018-2019 schedule online and

classes conveniently located near The

tion-packed activities, games, pup-

register through the website today.


pets, and songs.


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Private and semi-private

classes are also available by request.

CHAMBER HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP Over the past year, the Chamber has sponsored numerous events, including the annual “Cal Cup Challenge� Bowling Tournament that raised $3,000 for educational scholarships. These scholarships honor exemplary graduates of participating local elementary, middle, and high schools. Students are chosen based on community service, philanthropic work, grades, and extracurricular activities. Congratulations to Jayden General, and Elijah Stewart.

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Enrich MONARCHS GYMNASTICS, PARKOUR & PRESCHOOL 5331 Derry Ave., #C-I Agoura Hills, 91301 818.889.3634

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF GREATER CONEJO VALLEY 30343 Canwood St., #200 Agoura Hills, 91301 818.706.0905

Monarchs is a children’s center dedicated

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo

to inspiring kids to grow through developing

Valley offer quality programs throughout

their minds and bodies. Visit them at Agoura

the school year and summer, serving

Hills or Newbury Park or catch a Mobile

over 4,400 members annually. They

Gym bus around town. Monarchs offers

have a total of nine clubs located in the

curriculum-based, physical-instruction

Conejo Valley and Las Virgenes School

programs designed to cultivate your

Districts, with seven middle school clubs

child’s active lifestyle through kinder gym,

and two elementary clubs located on

recreational and competitive gymnastics,

school campuses. They also offer low-

tumbling, cheer, trampoline, flips and tricks,

competitive, coed Sunday basketball

parkour, and free running, all for children

leagues for ages 3 to 12.

ages 15 months to adult. They also offer daily preschool.

learning through fun. Camp is also offered

arts, and sports, as well as leadership

year-round during the summer, winter,

programs, educational classes, and

spring, and holidays. Monarchs offers

more. Each day qualified staff work with

private birthday parties in addition to

students on homework. The clubs are

weekly themed Friday-night “Parent’s Night

equipped with the latest technology that

Out.” They also have Open Play offered

ensures members can learn techniques

daily. MonarX Parkour, a specially designed

in STEM programs.

skills through foundational gymnastics, sports, and life skills. Happy Kidz Preschool is a full-service preschool open 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays.


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is the only program in Southern California with level-4 certified Hank Haney instructors. Hank Haney is a professional golf instructor best known for coaching Tiger Woods. The Junior Golf Academy program is structured using the Operation 36™ Junior Development Framework. The mission is to provide a programming roadmap to progress juniors towards shooting game from a hole-out perspective.

including science, fine and performing

the gym to you! They help kids grow motor

asts. The Junior Golf Academy program

clubs give members the opportunity programs are geared towards fostering

and freestyle options. Monarchs Mobile brings

fect environment for young golf enthusi-

par or better and to have them play the

Additionally, the non-curriculum-based

traceurs ages 6+, provides curriculum-based

Calabasas Country Club offers the per-

Afterschool programs at each of the to participate in enrichment classes,

indoor parkour complex, for budding

JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY CALABASAS COUNTRY CLUB 4515 Park Entrada Calabasas, 91302 818.444.5547

With the main focus on scoring, juniors progress through six divisions and compete against themselves by trying to shoot 36 or better for nine holes. The program also includes fitness training with Titleist TPI-certified professional Nikos Starks. The Junior Golf Academy welcomes ages 6 to 17 and players varying in ability from beginners to col-

Clubs provide a safe place to play,

lege-bound competitive players. Classes

laugh, discover, and learn. Caring,

are offered for different levels Tuesday

trained staff and volunteers work with

through Saturday. Calabasas Country

members in a supervised, safe, and

Club also offers “Golf for Tots” for chil-

structured environment. No child is ever

dren age 3 to 6 from November through

turned away due to an inability to pay.

April. This program focuses on tots learn-

Scholarships are available.

ing putting, chipping, and full swing, with games every week.

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Enrich KIDS WORLD L.A. 618 Lindero Canyon Rd. Oak Park, 91377 818.338.8888

BLAST CITY® 618 Lindero Canyon Rd., #B Oak Park, 91377 818.233.8944

AGOURA HILLS TEEN CENTER 29900 Ladyface Ct. Agoura Hills, 91301 818.597.7361

Kids World Family Fun Center offers

Blast City offers kids and adults plenty

the perfect array of entertainment

of playtime year round with a two-

The City of Agoura Hills offers a

options for every child to enjoy. The

level laser-tag facility, delicious food,

teen program for its neighbors and

indoor playground for kids features

exciting arcade games, vibrant party

surrounding communities. The teen

a four-level play structure with foam

rooms, and more for dynamic birthday

program currently encompasses Teen

ball cannons, giant slides, a modern

parties and out-of-this-world fun. You

Hangout, teen trips, teen nights, and

arcade, a basketball room, bumper

can even host a glow-in-the-dark

annual teen events. Teens can get a

balls, and interactive exhibits for the

party! Blast City Laser Tag is perfect

teen membership for a one-time annual

entire family. It’s a great location for

for ages 5 and up and features 18

fee of $10. Membership gives access

after-school playdates, family outings,

different missions, which means you

to registration for all teen activities

birthday parties, and family fun. Their

will never get bored of playing. It is the

and early notice on all upcoming

onsite restaurant offers plenty of kid-

only Arena-X laser tag in the country.

programming. A big part of the program

friendly meals and delicious pizzas, and

Blast City gameplay consists of three

is the teen center. It is a two-story space

they did not forget the parents, offering

different game chapters that move

with a loft, perfect for studying, and a

an elevated menu of tasty, small bites;

players from beginner-level recruit to

game center that includes two TVs, Wii

some fresh, lighter fare; and beer and

high-tech warrior. Players begin having

U, Nintendo Switch, an Xbox console, a

wine options for the adults.

fun while learning the arena layout and

Foosball table, an air-hockey table, and

laser-tag equipment then advance

a ping-pong table, perfect for friendly

Want the place all to yourself? Reserve

through the levels to become a laser-

competition. The teen center provides

the entire location, with its 800-guest

tag overlord, in complete and total

both indoor and outdoor spaces that

capacity, for a few hours or overnight.

command of the arena.

help create memorable and lasting experiences.

Admission is free for adults and infants, and you can also purchase passes

The center provides the perfect spot

and memberships to save even more.


With healthy food options, laser tag, a

family outings, after-school activities,

Teen Hangout, every M/W/F.

secured toddler area, and a multilevel

and more. Check out their unlimited

Teen nights, 9/7, 9/21, 10/26, 11/9

play and climbing structure, Kids World

laser-tag and arcade packages. It’s

Universal Studios Horror Nights trip, 10/7

offers a cool place for kids to create

not just laser tag. You can even get

Lip Synch Competition event, 12/7

special memories and have a blast in a

strapped into giant inflatable balls and

* Additional fees apply per program.

safe, clean environment.

bump into each other for a great way

Like us on Instagram @AHTeens.



to round out the day.


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Things you don’t want to miss:

THE VOICE OF THE ARTS LEGACY SCHOLARSHIPS On Sunday, June 24, the Arts Council of Conejo Valley celebrated six high school and college student winners of its inaugural Thousand Oaks Arts Festival Legacy Scholarship at an evening reception held at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. This year’s first-place winner in the per for ming arts category, Fer nando Grimaldo, will apply his scholarship to graduate school at the University of Michigan. Ballerina Kara Coveleski came in second place for a video featuring her lead per for mances and studio work, showcased at the reception. Third-place winner Teodelina Martelli debuted her original piano composition at the reception. Margaret Rouse was awarded first place for visual arts. Samantha Alexander won second prize, and third place was awarded to Fiona Bonn.

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Rain or shine, residents and visitors flock to Old Town Calabasas where a weekly farmers market replaces the old general store. Local vendors bring their fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods, and prepared foods to go.

september YOGA FOR RECOVERY EVERY TUESDAY 4PM – 5PM Classes are free—however, donations are welcome to cover expenses. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. If not, extra mats are available. Classes taught by certified yoga instructor Brian H. Located at New Hope Lutheran Church, 29295 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills. For more information, visit

SEPTEMBER 7TH – 9TH THE CARNIVAL FOR LAS VIRGENES SCHOOLS Free admission. To purchase ride tickets or a wristband for unlimited rides, visit Located at Whizin Market Square, 28914 Roadside Drive in Agoura Hills.

SEPTEMBER 12TH – 16TH CALABASAS FILM FESTIVAL The Calabasas Film Festival (CFF) showcases major film premieres, student films, documentaries, and top-quality film selections from all genres guaranteed to entertain. CFF provides the community an opportunity to connect over mutual passions for film and television while enjoying local culinary arts and entertainment. CFF will always be where the heart of film lives. For more information, visit

SEPTEMBER 20TH 7PM 21ST ANNUAL CALABASAS STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS Mayor Gaines will review the city's accomplishments from the past year and outline goals for the future. This event is free and open to the public. To RSVP or for questions, contact Anita Mair at 818.224.1607 or The State of the City Address will be archived for replay on-demand.

WEST HILLS HOSPITAL NEW CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER West Hills Hospital & Medical Center welcomed Yale D. Podnos, M.D., MPH, FACS, as its new chief medical officer on August 1, 2018. In his new role, Dr. Podnos will provide leadership and serve as the liaison between the medical staff and the hospital administration, reporting to the CEO. In addition, he will oversee numerous hospital initiatives focusing on patient care and quality measures.


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SEPTEMBER 21ST 7PM UN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE CONCERT & EXPO Featured presentations and proceeds to benefit education-based organizations. Hosted by The Build A Better World Foundation. General admission $25. Children and students $15. Located at The Performing Arts & Education Center at Agoura High School. For more information, visit

TASTE OF TARZANA To kick off the month of June on Friday, June 1, the West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce invited the community to discover Tarzana’s best eats and drinks. The Taste of Tarzana at the Tarzana Community and Cultural Center showcased the best-loved of the community, with over 15 of the best local restaurants offering bites of their menu favorites, while over 15 local businesses poured sips of fine wines and microbrews to all in attendance. A silent auction offered Malibu Wine Safaris and Malibu Wine Hikes, sporting events, an opportunity to hang with Godiva Chocolatier, Eric Roberts, and more! The crowd danced away to live entertainment from Jazzy Boy Jeff Harris. Councilmember Bob Blumenfield was the main sponsor of this fabulous event with food offerings from Blu Jam Café and Greco’s New York Pizza. For more information, visit

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october OCTOBER 7TH 2PM SMOTHERS THEATRE, PEPPERDINE Through his live performances, recordings, film and television appearances, and songwriting, Michael Feinstein has established himself as the Ambassador of the Great American Songbook. Over the three decades of his career, Feinstein's five Grammy Award nominations, Emmy nominated PBS-TV specials, and critically acclaimed concerts spanning the globe have established him as one of the most important musical forces of our time. Located at 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. For more information, visit

OCTOBER 11TH – 14TH REYES ADOBE DAYS AND RAD RUNS Celebrate the 14th Annual Reyes Adobe Days with free fun for kids and adults including live music, Adobe tours, food trucks, craft beer, a petting zoo, and the RAD Parade. Participate in the one-of-a-kind RAD Runs 10K and 10-Miler featuring historic and scenic views of the Santa Monica Mountains and Agoura Hills. Visit for more information on the runs. For information on the festival, visit

OCTOBER 13TH AVANTI CALABASAS LA DOLCE VITA Discover the best of Calabasas living at Avanti’s LA DOLCE VITA. Tour model residences and experience a modern day Italian village on Saturday, October 13th! 23600 Park Sorrento, Calabasas, CA 91302. For more information, visit nwhm. com/region/los-angeles/avanti.

OCTOBER 16TH 7:30PM LOLA & THE BACK-BEATS Multi-award-winning jazz singer Lola Haag, Bryan McCann on sax, Kevin Fox on keys, Tom Etchart on bass, and Tyler Hammond on drums. No cover. Located at Bogie's Showroom, Westlake Village Inn. For more information, call 818.889.2394.

OCTOBER 18TH 6:30PM – 9PM B'YACHAD TWILIGHT TEA Featuring Dr. Kristi Funk, board-certified breast cancer surgeon and co-founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, as guest speaker. The evening also includes an art project, silent auction, raffles, snacks, tea and coffee, wine, gifts, and more. Donations will go to Hadassah Hospital’s Oncology Division for Breast Cancer Research. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Reiser at

OCTOBER 19TH – 28TH SHREK THE MUSICAL The Tony-Award-winning musical based on the 2001 DreamWorks film Shrek is coming to the Civic Arts Plaza stage for the first time ever. With animated songs by Jeanine Tesori


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26TH ANNUAL CARE FOR KIDS GOLF CLASSIC The 26th Annual Care for Kids Golf Classic hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Camarillo took place on Monday, July 16, at Spanish Hills Country Club. The funds raised benefit Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families and its programs that serve foster and at-risk youth, along with other Rotary Foundation charities. Throughout its 26-year run, the golf classic has raised over a million dollars for local charities. Several on-course competitions throughout the day included longest-drive and closest-to-the-hole contests. Tournament favorite “Demolition Derby” pitted golfers against each other—all putting at the same time for a position closest to the hole. The winner received a coveted pair of tickets to the 2019 Casa Pacifica Angels Wine, Food & Brew Festival. The evening culminated in a cocktail reception and awards dinner featuring raffle-prize opportunities and a live auction.

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and comical lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire, fairy tales will be coming true at 5-star theatricals. Located at 2100 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard. To purchase tickets, visit

OCTOBER 20TH & 21ST 10AM – 5PM CALABASAS PUMPKIN FESTIVAL The Calabasas Pumpkin Festival, a Calabasas legend since 1972, will be held at Juan Bautista De Anza Park, 3701 Lost Hills Road, Calabasas. Building on past success, the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce and the City of Calabasas are proud to present two days of family fun and community celebration. Parking is free; shuttle service is available. The event offers families with children of all ages an opportunity to enjoy an affordable and fun-filled experience. An estimated 15,000 children and adults will join with local businesses, vendors, and residential communities for a weekend of entertainment and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

OCTOBER 21ST 5PM THE SUNSET BALLROOM AT THE LOS ROBLES GREENS The Thousand Oaks Philharmonic will host a fundraising gala featuring American pianist Sean Chen, who obtained international fame throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. A gourmet dinner and auction are part of the gala. Proceeds from this event support the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic’s mission to present the young talented musicians of our community on stage with a professional orchestra. Tickets are $150 and can be reserved online at or by calling 805.377.1416.

OCTOBER 31ST 8AM – 12PM TRUNK-OR-TREAT HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR Dress up your little monsters in their Halloween costumes and go to the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center to trick-ortreat in a unique way. Trick-or-treat from trunk to trunk of local businesses/organizations and students that have come out to show their support for their community. Event includes candy, prizes/games, live DJ by Party Zone, a corn maze, Fire Station 125, Calabasas Trolley, and much more! Free admission.

SAVE THE DATE NOVEMBER 11TH 8AM – 12PM CALABASAS CLASSIC RUN Get your sneakers on and celebrate community, fitness, and fun! Hosted by the Community Center Alliance with a timed 5K and 10K run course and a 1-mile Fun Run through the beautiful roads of Calabasas. Competitive and noncompetitive runners will enjoy the challenging course ending with a post-run party expo. The race will begin and end at Calabasas City Hall, 100 Civic Center Way. There is still time to register. And when you do, a portion of your registration goes towards Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Visit calabasasclassicrun. com for details on how to sign up and to help support. Send in any calendar submissions three months in advance to:


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CALDERA MEDICAL VOLUNTEERS AT MY STUFF BAGS FOUNDATION Caldera Medical recently continued its community outreach effort when it partnered with My Stuff Bags Foundation. Over two days in July, Caldera volunteers helped to make blankets and hair ties and stuffed and packed 600 My Stuff bags. The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides new belongings, comfort, and hope to thousands of children each year who must be rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment across the United States. The Westlake



rallies widespread individual and corporate involvement through its unique program, which addresses the immediate physical and emotional needs of rescued children and helps to support the agencies that care for them. To find a way to donate to the foundation or for more information about its mission, visit

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Melissa Westervelt

It was a whimsical yet elegant afternoon on August 4, 2018, when the Woodland Hills Woman’s Club hosted its 4th Annual Summertime Tea at St. Bernardines Parish Hall. The event began at 11:00 a.m. with the sound of vendors, shoppers, and the setting of china, while a lot of warm greetings were exchanged between old friends and new. Ladies were dressed to theme in gorgeous fascinators or their best summertime tea hats. Following pre-tea shopping, lunch was served at beautifully set tables personally decorated by club members and their helpers. The afternoon continued with music, dancing, drawings, and a silent auction. The much-anticipated winners of the decorated tables were announced for Most Whimsical and Most Elegant Table. It was a lively, enjoyable afternoon for almost 150 club members and their guests in attendance—the highest turn out yet! For more information, please visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


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The Hurácan Performante Spyder

By Dustin Troyan Photographed by Lamborghini

“The Huracán Performante Spyder takes the zenith of Huracán developments, combined with the enhanced emotion of driving a convertible,” says Stefano Domenicali, chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “The Huracán Performante already provides the most heightened feedback and emotion from road and track, and the Huracán Performante Spyder puts the driver even closer to asphalt and air, as well as the unique resonance of a naturally aspirated Lamborghini engine.” The Huracán Performante Spyder is an absolute tribute to Lamborghini Performance. With 631 horsepower, this convertible will achieve top speed at 201 miles per hour and a zero-to-sixty time in just a touch over two seconds. The quarter-mile time is absolutely incredible for a production vehicle, traveling at 136 mph in 10.2 seconds. Lamborghini has focused on driver and passenger comforts and drivability. Even though it’s such an exotic and performance-driven vehicle, you can drive the Huracán Performante Spyder daily. With the top up or down, the car is exactly what you want it to be—a fire-breathing dragon or a sophisticated, luxury vehicle. Lamborghini has redefined the exotic car market by being at the forefront of materials and technology. Lamborghini has not only “lightened up” the car, but added strength and rigidity—a winning combination that increases driver safety and performance. The Huracán Performante Spyder is the flagship of the Huracán Performante line-up. It is rare; it is exotic; and it is incredible. My suggestion is, go drive one. For more information on the Huracán Performante Spyder, please contact


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BREAKFAST WITH GRANNY RED CARPET PREMIERE On July 26, 2018, the cast and crew from the new Amazon Prime series Breakfast with Granny gathered at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood to view the first four episodes. Written and directed by local resident James Maynard Rambadt and produced by Westlake Village-based 405/Sunset, the series centers around streetwise Granny and her naĂŻve grandson, Barry, who has just moved to Hollywood to break into the business with his podcast, The Funkhouzer. Barry Funkhouser, star of the show, is also a local resident. Breakfast with Granny is an innovative talk show wrapped in a reality show concept that features guests from the world of entertainment, including film, television, music, and more. Guests include former Miss U.S.A. Tara Conner, recording artist Chanel West Coast, and award-winning actor Michael Jai White. Starring Granny and Barry, the two join forces each Sunday for breakfast and delve into the minds of Hollywood talent.

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Financial Terms USE By Mark Wendell


Asset-Backed Securities

liability company. Hedge funds are lightly regulated compared to

An asset-backed security is a security whose income payments and

heavily regulated investments, such as mutual funds, making them

value are derived from and collateralized by a specified pool of un-

a high-risk, high-loss, high-reward proposition, and they are typical-

derlying assets. These asset-backed securities are bonds or notes that

ly limited to wealthy individuals and institutional investors.

are backed by assets such as credit cards, accounts receivable, auto loans, commercial loans, home equity loans, and commercial assets.

Securities A security is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds

Capital Asset

some type of monetary value. It represents an ownership position

A capital asset is also known as a fixed asset, or as property, plant and

in a publicly traded corporation (via stock); a creditor relationship

equipment, i.e., computer systems; warehouse or storage facilities;

with a governmental body or a corporation (represented by own-

heating and A/C systems; and robotics but excludes receivables

ing that entity's bond); or rights to ownership (represented by an

and inventory. For firms, a capital asset is an asset that has a useful

option). Hybrid securities combine some of the characteristics of

life longer than one year and is not intended for sale during the nor-

both debt and equity securities. Generally, securities represent an

mal course of business. For individuals, a capital asset typically refers to

investment and a means by which municipalities, companies, and

anything the individual owns for personal or investment purposes, i.e., a

their commercial enterprises can raise new capital.

home, car, tools, valuable artwork and collectables, stocks, and bonds.


The Federal Reserve In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act established the Federal Reserve

A derivative is a contract between two parties which derives its value/

System, an independent governmental entity that would serve

price from an underlying asset. The most common types of derivatives

as a central bank of the United States. Under the Federal Reserve

are futures, options, forwards, and swaps. Derivatives are consid-

entity, this Congressional act established the Board of Governors,

ered a category of security, with several different kinds of deriv-

the Board of Directors and the Federal Open Market Committee.

atives available. Originally used to help ensure a more balanced

In addition, 12 Federal Reserve Banks were formed within defined

exchange rate for internationally traded products, derivatives are

districts across the country to function as a bank’s bank that would

used in a variety of situations today, including insuring against risk

provide support and services to member banks. Together, the dis-

or speculating on the future price of a specific investment asset.

trict banks’ mission would provide the nation with stable monetary policy and a secure financial system, independent of political in-

Dow Jones Industrial Average vs. S&P 500

fluence, but be subject to Congressional oversight and work within

Created in 1896, and later named after founder Charles Dow, the

the framework of the government’s economic and financial poli-

Dow Jones Industrial Average is the price-weighted average of 30

cy objectives. Overall, the regional banks would be involved with

large, publicly owned company’s stocks traded on the New York

four general tasks: formulate

Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ. The S&P 500 index is a mar-

monetary policy, supervise

ket-capitalization-weighted index of 500 large companies having

financial institutions, facilitate

common stock listed on the NYSE and the NASDAQ.

government policy, and provide payment services.

EBITDA An acronym, EBITDA—earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization—is a measure of a company's operating performance. Essentially, it's a way to evaluate a company's performance without having to factor in financing decisions, accounting decisions, and company-specific tax situations.

Hedge Funds Hedge funds pool funds for investment purposes from accredited investors and are typically set up as a limited partnership or limited


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Copyright © Mark Wendell 2018 All Rights Reserved. MD Wendell Wealth Partners: A preeminent personal wealth enhancement boutique for select clients. 805.402.8642

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By Dustin Troyan Photography by Steve Geldman The theme of the day was “Hot Rods.” Classic Americana on display at Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills. Supercar Sunday is one of the longest-running weekly car shows in California, if not the world. Having started on the border of Woodland Hills and Calabasas, Supercar Sunday is considered an “institution” in the community. Supercar Sunday has monthly “Marque” days that feature a specific brand or type of vehicle. The “Hot Rod Marque Day” is a favorite to many, and it was a huge success. Hundreds of Hot Rods from all over California were driven or towed in to be on display at the show. The show went off without a hitch, and some of the most classic and iconic Hot Rods were on display. Some would consider it the best that Detroit ever had to offer. From mild to wild, every car told a story and so did the owners. With tens of thousands of horsepower on display, owners were chatting about the “old Van Nuys Boulevard days” and “Bob’s Big Boy” and all the good friends from the past. In story after story, the cars were the magnet that brought all the friends together. They talked about the old race tracks that were now gone, the modifications and customizing, and of course, all the cars they owned over the years. It was one giant high school reunion for the car guys and gals—American Graffiti, alive and well at Supercar Sunday. For more information on Supercar Sunday, please visit: or contact Dustin Troyan at n


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BELMONT VILLAGE CONVERSATIONS WITH ART Belmont Village Senior Living Community in Calabasas recently teamed up with UCLA Emeriti Retiree Relations Center on a joint art initiative, sparking a conversation about art among residents, the community, and eight artists in a special art exhibit. UCLA emeriti and retirees who chose to explore their artistic sides in this next life phase were selected to create pieces for the new Belmont Village gallery located in the Town Hall of the recently opened Belmont Village Calabasas. The opening reception offered attendees wine and hors d’oeuvres and an opportunity to hear firsthand from the artists about their inspirations and processes. The artists featured in the gallery are Sharon Belkin, John Edmond, Dorothea Frederking, Snehendu B. Kar, Barbara Lippe, Katalin Radics, Elaine Svenonius, and Jill Waterman. The gallery is available for viewing by calling Belmont Village concierge at 818.222.2600.

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By Irene Marshall

Dogs and humans have been best friends fur-ever, so they definitely deserve a day of recognition and appreciation. We reached out to our readers to collect photos of them with their canines in celebration of National Dog Day. Don't miss out on submitting your photo for next time by joining our mailing list today at 1. Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin and Zane 2. Drs. Anna and Carlos Guanche, Apollo, and Chumba 3. Jeffrey Capco and Sky Girl, 4. Vanessa Jones and Violet 5. Dr. Josh Lepore and Otis 6. Jacob Adler, Chewie, and Penny 7. Mehdi Ansari and Medy 8. Lisa Edwards and Cooper 9. Debbie Vaccarello, Buddy, and Cooper, 10. Luca and Dante de la Peùa and Eiche 11. Alex Chamorro, Elise Kramer-Chamorro, and Bodhi 12. Lola James Olmes and Dagger 13. Lane Karsh and Brooklyn 14. Lisa O’Laughlin and Buster 15. Ashley Rosenblum, Penelope, and Tiger 16. Mark Ossola and Max 17. David Lipp and Nola Bear 18. Patte Gilbert and Maggie Mae.



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NATIONAL Dog Day But wait! There's more... 1. Brenda Foltz and Frankie 2. Sheva Linick and Bella 3. Kelsey Nichols and Bella 4. Rosalinda O'Neill and Duchess 5. Dr. John Chaves, Marco, and Polo 6. Mila Radovic and Uba 7. Donna Petracca and Daisy 8. Billy Solano, BIlly Jr., and Chester 9. Doriana Richman and Leone 10. Hanna Watkins, Gracie, and Coco 11. William Lee of the Oakridge Boys, Simone Golden, and Sampson 12. Olivia and Deacon Corbett and Kota 13. Jessica and Scott Mikoli, Lucy, and Hunter 14. Larissa Wohl, Muppet, Maple, and Charlie 15. Anastasia Carter and Champ 16. Daisy Clark and Tucker 17. Rachel Laber and Baxter 18. Madison Lieberman and Benson 19. Bailey Baio and Bugsey Malone.

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Love Their Dogs By Lori Berezin Photography by Alexander Yellen, styling by Kelli McNeil, model is Bogie the Westie, taken in Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC.

Dog Is God Spelled Backwards. “If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am.” — Charles Yu People clearly love their dogs and other pets with a passion that goes right to their souls. Why are folks so enamored with these furry creatures? Some say they adore their pups because they warm their hearts and are always loyal. Others feel safer with dogs around or that dogs can make even the saddest person smile. From their little wet noses to the tip of their furry tails, dogs are essentially 100% companion and friend. Petting a dog also releases certain “feel good” hormones in humans, such as serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin. Oxytocin is actually the same hormone that binds parents to their newborn infants. When these “fur babies” stare at us with their soulful brown or sparkling blue eyes, they stir our hormones and loving emotions. They also lower our cholesterol and stress levels and boost self-esteem. Service or therapy dogs can help people with autism and post-traumatic stress disorder. Some can


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even anticipate certain physical events, such as epileptic seizures, and warn their companions ahead of time. No wonder so many people travel with their pets. Regardless how wonderful the trip, it’s still stressful to be away from familiar territory. Bringing your faithful companion is like taking a piece of home with you as you head towards the unknown. Dogs seem to understand us better than any other animal (or human, for that matter). Like people, dogs gravitate towards their favorite someone. From birth to six months, their brains are most receptive. They will usually form the strongest bond with their primary caregiver or whoever gives them the most physical and emotional attention. Certain breeds, like certain people, tend to form closer bonds with a single person, while others readily show affection to a variety of people. Whether you dress them in fancy sweaters or let them parade around au naturel, their loving licks and wagging tails make us feel more wanted in a world where unconditional love can be hard to find. n


Pet Adoption Fund By Irene Marshall Pet Adoption Fund is an all-breed, no-kill, dog and cat rescue and adoption organization that's been finding animals forever homes since 1983. Currently, the shelter has a wide variety of dogs, cats, and kittens up for adoption. All pets are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Bon Bon:


This beautiful, purebred Border Collie is a rare find.

Happy is how we describe this 2-year-old Chihuahua

This sweet girl does well with medium and larger

with a heart as big as his ears. Weighing in at less

dogs but is looking to be a one-dog woman when

than 25 pounds, he is the perfect compact friend for

it comes to her forever home. She knows basic

anyone big on love but low on space. This little guy

obedience commands and likes to play and walk.

loves to play both with people and other dogs.

Mrs. McCheese:


This adorable 4-year-old Australian Kelpie/Corgi mix

Luna is a purebred, blue-nosed pitbull with a huge

loves cuddling. She is super sweet, loves to play, and

smile and an even bigger capacity for love. She is

is on the lookout for an active home where she can

super friendly and loves people and kids. She is not the

enjoy lots of walks and love. Great with other dogs!

best with other dogs but loves long walks, belly rubs, and dips in the kiddy pool.

To see more available animals, visit or contact them at 818.340.1186,, or 7507 Deering Ave., Canoga Park.

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MORTON’S THE STEAKHOUSE 6250 Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills 818.703.7272 |

DAVENPORT’S RESTAURANT 16120 Ventura Blvd., Encino 818.855.1203 |

Morton’s The Steakhouse Woodland Hills is the perfect destination for dinner with an extensive wine collection, USDA prime-aged beef, succulent seafood, and decadent desserts.

Enjoy fresh seafood, steaks, sushi, and chef-inspired cocktails in a comfortable atmosphere. Dine on the patio with fire pits, a wonderful place to relax and enjoy good food and friends.



BRENT’S DELI 2799 Townsgate Rd., Westlake Village 805.557.1882 | for additional location

THE STONEHAUS 32039 Agoura Rd., Westlake Village 818.483.1152 |

Free appetizers from 4-6:30 p.m. Mon-Fri, $5 well drinks and appetizers from 3-6:30 p.m. on weekends. We didn’t invent Happy Hour, we just made it better!

This venue is the area’s most popular “meeting place” where guests can relax over coffee or wine– New menu with healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. On the grounds of the Westlake Village Inn.



SADDLE PEAK LODGE 419 Cold Canyon Rd., Calabasas 818.222.3888 |

MEDITERRANEO 32037 Agoura Rd., Westlake Village 818.889.9105 |

Romantic mountain lodge with a scenic patio, offers upmarket new American fare, including wild game.This is one of LA’s most iconic fine dining and private event destinations.

Mediterraneo is a top Zagat-rated restaurant and bar serving fresh, European-style cuisine with unparalleled quality and value. Located on the grounds of the beautiful Westlake Village Inn.


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Wine & Dine FRENCH DINING CAFÉ BIZOU 30315 Canwood St., Agoura Hills 818.991.9560 | Cozy and candlelit, featuring an extensive menu of Francophile favorites including sweetbreads and steak frites. A favorite with wine buffs for its $2 corkage fee.

STEAKHOUSE MASTRO’S STEAKHOUSE & OCEAN CLUB 2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks | 805.418.1811 18412 PCH, Malibu | 310.454.4357 | Mastro’s Steakhouse offers a menu of the best prime steaks and premium fresh seafood, served in a sophisticated, classic atmosphere. The result is a truly unparalleled dining experience.

THE STAND GRAND OPENING Members of the Calabasas City Council and the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce were on hand to celebrate the grand opening of The Stand restaurant on July 9. CEO Murray Wishengrad and his two sons, Zach Wishengrad, VP of marketing, and Jason Wishengrad, executive VP, were present for the official ribbon cutting. Redefining today’s casual dining scene, The Stand delivers quality, speed, and a diverse menu designed to meet


everyone’s needs. The restaurant has broken fast-casual stereo-

ZIN BISTRO AMERICANA 32131 Lindero Cyn. Rd., Westlake Village 818.865.0095 |

for unique, high-quality, classic American food at an afforda-

Nostalgic cuisine with a synergy of cultural flavors. Beautiful lakeside setting. Sunday brunch is popular with locals. Thursday through Sunday evening for live music and dinner on the lake!

types by catering to both families and young millennials looking ble price. The Stand’s menu consists of custom, made-to-order, original burgers and grilled-chicken sandwiches, as well as locally made sausages and hotdogs, all that can be enriched by a selection of more than 20 Stand-made toppings. The Stand also offers a large selection of salads, sides, and veggies. The Stand is located at The Courtyard at the Commons.

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Real Estate “There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land.” Harriet Martineau


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Sq. ft.

List Price

Sales Price

24626 Vista Cerritos

Calabasas Hills




3722 Camino Codorniz

Calabasas Hills




24702 Cordillera

Vista Pointe




23730 Park Madrid

Classic Calabasas




4371 Park Milano

Classic Calabasas




23925 Park Belmonte

Classic Calabasas




4378 Park Monte Nord





24937 Palmilla

Calabasas Park Estates




24935 Bella Vista

Calabasas Park Estates




24907 Marbella

Calabasas Park Estates




4119 Vicasa

Calabasas Country Estates




4684 Luna

The Colony




22438 De Kalb





4016 Magna Carta





4032 Towhee





22215 Via Leonardo

Mulholland Heights




25015 Abercrombie

Abercrombie Ranch




3935 Prado De Verde

The Oaks




25561 Prado De Las Bellotas

The Oaks




4270 Prado De Los Ciervos

The Oaks




5808 Hilltop

Hidden Hills




25003 Jim Bridger

Hidden Hills




24344 Rolling View

Hidden Hills




23726 Long Valley

Hidden Hills




25045 Ashley Ridge

Hidden Hills




*Sales represent closed transactions between 6/20/2018-7/30/2018 (Standard Sales only)

Information based on information from the CRIS-Net Regional FT MLS as of 10/1/17. Display of MLS data is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate by the MLS. The Broker/Agent providing the information contained herein may or may not have been Listing and/or Selling Agent. CALBRE#01491245 Š2018 BHH Affiliates, LLC. An independently operated subsidiary of HoneServices of America, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, and a franchisee of BHH Affiliates, LLC Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 202 Calabasas Style symbol are registered service marks of HomeServeces of America, Inc.Ž Equal Housing Opportunity.

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Almost 8000 square feet on 2 acres with views and room for horses.

4000 square feet, 1+ Flat acre with guest House, pool/spa.





Remodeled designer beauty on the water.

Almost 3700 square feet of luxury living.



KELLER WILLIAMS CALABASAS Director of Luxury Estates CalBRE#00966153

Thank you for entrusting me with your real estate needs for the last 29 years.


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