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We’ve been pounded in recent months with rain, which is a nice change after years of drought. We Californians are babies when it comes to weather, breaking out the big coats and gloves when we dip below 60. But, luckily, all this rain has brought beautiful green hills and wild flowers, which is so healing and inspiring after the fires we had this past fall. Spring break gives us something to look forward to, and this year, we discovered another well-kept secret for us to get away from it all: Rancho Valencia Resort, a Mediterranean-inspired oasis with casitas, boasting 45 acres of verdant gardens and olive groves. From the award-winning clay tennis courts to the fitness classes, pools, and rejuvenating spa ready to help you unwind, you won’t know what to do first. In this issue, we celebrate delectable cuisine with our Grub and Gastronomy section highlighting the best places to dine around town. Satisfy your culinary cravings in epicurean style by finding new restaurant ideas instead of being stuck in a rut at the same old places. We are lucky to have so many great restaurants in our midst, offering everything from authentic Italian fare to delicious seafood to vegan cuisine. The Levin Bunch is our cover family in this issue. Sometimes serendipity can intervene in life. In this case, it brought together two families to become the Levin Bunch. Jennifer’s battle with cancer has taught them the negative effects of stress and how to live a healthier lifestyle as a family. Also in this issue, we’d like to introduce three young entrepreneurs: Cole Thomas, Brynn Tiano, and JD Slajchert. Being an entrepreneur is choosing the road less traveled and is not always the easier path in life. Yet, when people have a calling, they take chances and push themselves to step out of their comfort zone, and we commend them for that.

Gayle Barnes Publisher/Editor


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Readers... From our

Calabasas Style receives many phone calls, emails, Instagram comments, and Facebook posts from our readers. We would like to share some of them with you. I just gave your magazine a good read through. Wow the fires and the shooting came more in focus. How sad yet inspiring. Besides the stories, the magazine really flows well. It’s a beautiful publication. Calabasas Style magazine stands out in many ways! — Paul Saw the magazine for the very first time tonight while dining at Anarbagh Indian Cuisine on Ventura. We looked through the magazine while waiting for our food. What a beautiful, classy magazine you put together. Wonderful articles. Great ads/services/homes. Just wanted to let you know I'm hooked! — Evan I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how impressed I am with your latest issue. It is fabulous that you chose to highlight a firefighter family on your cover, and they are a real family with real pictures and a down-home feel, instead of some of the glam photos we have had in the past. I loved it! And I continue to be impressed with the way you constantly take the magazine to the next level. — Beth Just returned from our family holiday and I’m so happy to see your cover featuring the firefighters. Well done! Makes me proud to be a reader! — Bettina Hi team Calabasas Style, Thank you for all your coverage of the fires, very touching. — Stephanie Your magazine is beautiful! Very prestigious! — Denise

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SILVER STAR CADILLAC 3601 Auto Mall Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 Sales (877) 274-3127 (877) 274-3127 Service (877) 813-1334 © 2017 General Motors. All rights reserved. Cadillac ®

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Blended Bunch: The Levins

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On the Other Side of the Camera… Recovery, Growth, and Spring Renewal Earth Day Made Easy Outdoor Activities for Families Teen DIY Tattoos Young Entrepreneurs: Brynn Tiano Young Entrepreneurs: JD Slajchert YoungEntrepreneurs: ColeThomas Adopt a Fur Baby

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Grub & Gastronomy Guide The Delectable Benefits of Cheese How to Know if You Are a Foodie Malibu Wines & Beer Garden Satisfy Your Culinary Cravings My Stomach Is Growling Marvelous, Miraculous Mushrooms Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Garlic Celery Juice Our Local Favorites

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Rancho Valencia Resort

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Mark Haberman Remedy Skin + Body’s Calabasas location hosted a Night of Beauty mixer to celebrate its ribbon cutting with the West Valley – Warner Center Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, February 7. Dr. Talia Emery, founder of Remedy, and Christina Shallenberger, nurse practitioner, thanked Robert Goodman for the warm welcome to the Calabasas community during the official ceremony. Remedy staff, including nurse practitioners and estheticians, showed off the latest trends in skincare and noninvasive esthetic treatments, including live demonstrations of Botox, Voluma,



IPL and laser treatments, Hydrafacial, and medical-grade skincare. Guests enjoyed wine, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert along with special product and




the evening. Complimentary consultation appointments were made as the community was excited to learn how the Remedy experts could make them look as good as they felt in a natural, healthy way. For more information or to book an appointment, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


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HIDDEN HILLS VALENTINE'S DAY MUSICALE ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Bret Katz

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without the annual Hidden Hills Valentine’s Day Charity Musicale. Thanks to Prop Heaven and the Jacobson Family, the stage was decked out as the “Hidden Hills Diner,” where local residents performed rock-and-roll hits of the 50s and 60s, entertained three sold-out shows, and raised money for California Strong to help those adversely affected by the recent California wildfires. Presented by the HHCA Theatre Committee and produced and directed by David Stanley and Palmer Davis, cast members included Britt Aaronson, Michael Bloom, Elizabeth Chang, Patrick Finn, O'Hara Fottrell, Catherine Gourdier, Eric Jacobson, Helena Jacobson, Lucia Jacobson, Jeff Kessler, Jill Landon, Jennifer Lopata, Lesley Marvin, Mike Resnick, D. Jay Ritt, Biff Sherman, Renee Sherman, David Stanley, Chase Stoddard, Megan Sweeney, and Alexander Werner. The HHCA Parks and Recreation Department hosted a rockin’ party with jukebox music and dancing, and a good time was had by all.

For more photos of our events, please visit


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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photgraphy by Getty Images ACM Lifting Lives ® and Borderline Bar & Grill teamed up to present a special night of musical performances at the Fred Kavli Theatre in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza on Monday, February 11. The evening was dedicated to Help, Hope, and Healing, as the country music community, families of previous gun violence, and the Hollywood entertainment community united to support victims and their families via the Ventura County Community Foundation’s Conejo Valley Victim’s Fund, where all net proceeds from the event will be donated. Hosted by Charles Esten, the event featured




Adkins, Jimmie Allen, Deana Carter, Charles Esten, Morgan Evans, Gone West featuring Colbie Caillat, Cassadee Pope, Tyler Rich, and Runaway June. Surprise appearances were made by Hailee Steinfeld, Casey Affleck, and Arnold Schwarzenegger who introduced performers to the stage. For more information or to find donation opportunities, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


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By Pax Ansley Photography and cover by Marvin Steindler

Family doesn’t end with blood—it’s made up of the

gan Hunter, who both attended Bay Laurel Elementary

people that choose to be together during the good

School, just like Brad's kids.

times and the bad. It is in the bad times, though, that unconditional love is put to the test. For Brad and Jen-

Then in 2013, serendipity! Young Olivia was 9 years old and

nifer Levin of Calabasas, the love they have for each

her brother Logan was 6. Logan, like Jake, loved playing

other sparked the creation of a family—an instant

basketball at Calabasas’ Parks and Recreation. So, one

family of six.

fine day, Jennifer took Logan to basketball practice, not knowing that their lives were about to change.

Brad was born and raised in Encino,

Just like the Brady Bunch! Because…


California. A Financial Planner, Brad moved his family to Calabasas in 2006, Lexi was 3 and Jake was born later that year. Fast forward to 2013. Brad — now a single dad — and his kids were happily living and thriving in the Calabasas community. Lexi, then 9, started developing a stunningly

Here’s the story of a lovely lady,


bringing up two very lovely kids. All of them living in Calabasas, and


artistic perspective on the world,

and outgoing—was enjoying life like any 6 year old would. Back then, Jake was into building legos,

story of a man named Levin, who was busy with two kids of his own. They were three Levins living all together; yet they were all alone. Then one day the lady met this fellow, and

revealing her incredible talent for art. Six-year-old Jake—athletic, charismatic,

very happy too. And here’s the

they knew that it was much more than a hunch—that this group must somehow form a family. And that’s the way they all became the Levin Bunch.

hanging with friends, and playing basketball at Calabasas Parks and Recreation, which he still does today.

The Levin Bunch blended their two families into one in

Then, one day in 2013, as Brad was getting ready to

2014 when they all moved in together into a beautiful

take Jake to his basketball practice, the same way

house in Calabasas Park Estates. Lexi and Olivia are—in-

he’d done a dozen times, something quite serendip-

credibly—the same age, and Logan and Jake are only

itous happened. But you’ll have to hold on a minute

six months apart. And Brad and Jennifer began living

while we tell you about Jennifer.

in complete bliss and enjoying every minute of their blended bunch. Then, just one year later, the lives of


Jennifer, a Woodland Hills native was working in Cal-

this happy family took an unexpected turn and tested the

abasas with two children of her own, Olivia and Lo-

limits of their newfound love.

Calabasas Style

Continued on p. 40

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Continued from p.38

BLENDED BUNCH In 2015, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast

ing on. As members of Calabasas Country

ment advisory firm. Through Jennifer’s bat-

cancer. After finding out the news, Brad did

Club, they enjoy the many family events

tle with cancer, the pair learned about the

something entirely unexpected. He pro-

that take place there, as well as Jennifer’s

negative impact of stress on health and its

posed. While Jennifer was in the midst of

weekly yoga classes and Olivia’s frequent

connection with cancer. As a result, Brad’s

the torture that is cancer treatment, Brad

trips to the member gym. Olivia is also an

firm has a vision to help improve the qual-

decided that he wanted to spend forever

avid photographer and can be found

ity of clients’ lives by reducing stress and

with her. Through 18 months of treatment

out and about in the community with her

increasing financial confidence. The firm’s

and surgeries, midnight ER trips, and a bac-

family capturing the world on film. Jake is

slogan, “Less stress equals more life,” re-

terial infection that almost took her life,

passionate about music and DJs often for

flects this focus, and the company’s holis-

Brad stood by Jennifer’s side—“through it

his family. Logan is a fearless scooter rider.

tic approach even includes healthy living

all,” she says. Soon after the misery of can-

They love to see movies together in The

activities hosted for clients, including yoga

cer treatment ended, Brad and Jennifer

Commons. The boys enjoy riding scooters

and cooking classes. Brad recently started

were married at the Santa Barbara court-

down to Corner Bakery for weekend break-

a new company, NextPhase Divorce Advi-

house in a small ceremony officiated by

fasts, and Brad and Jennifer love going to

sors, to assist divorcing couples in reducing

Brad’s father and with the four elated kids

Pedalers Fork. The Levins also love to trav-

the emotional intensity of settlement nego-

as witnesses.

el. Since Jennifer beat cancer, they have

tiations and help them make better-quality

been all over the world and are planning

financial decisions.

The Levin Bunch loves living in their Cal-

to travel to Indonesia this summer. Each

abasas Park Estates home. They love

year, the Levins also participate in philan-

Being a breast cancer survivor, Jennifer is

the “small town feel” and the gorgeous

thropic activities to provide support for

passionate about becoming an advocate

backdrop that the area has to offer. From

local needy families during the holidays.

for women facing cancer and navigating

family trips to the Saturday farmer’s mar-

Patriarch Brad is the CEO and founder of

the same dark road she had to travel back

ket to the summer concerts on the lake,

Legacy Wealth Partners, a local boutique

in 2015. She has turned her “pain into pur-

this active family always has something go-

wealth planning and independent invest-

pose” and has become an ambassador


Calabasas Style

for a cancer charity she is very passion-

to her whole family through daily home-

It isn’t often that two existing families

ate about, Cancer Schmancer. She has

cooked meals. Lexi often assists as Jen-

can blend as seamlessly together as

also started a blog site for women called

nifer's sous-chef in the kitchen. With only

the Levin Bunch. They enjoy spending

“YouGotThis.Life,” which aims to educate

the best organic ingredients, Jennifer

time together, be it at a summer con-

women on how to maintain a healthy

has married her love of cooking with her

cert here in Calabasas or one of their

quality of life and prevent disease with

knowledge of nutrition and her love of

annual family vacations. This family’s

healthy lifestyle choices. Now a licensed

a healthy lifestyle—for mind and body.

bond is solidified by the dark times

nutritionist, Jennifer has completely taken

Brad and Jennifer practice daily med-

they experienced together and the

control of her health. She is well-educated

itation together, to help them keep all

joy they have found being together

on nutrition and supplements and is hap-

the facets of their busy lives in proper

on the o t h e r s i d e . n

py to pass on her healthy eating habits


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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Zac Wasserman Friday, February 15 was an amazing afternoon as the American Heart Association hosted their annual Go Red for Women Luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village. Members of the Ventura and Los Angeles counties joined together to raise awareness for women’s heart health. Speakers shared inspiring stories including individuals from families affected by heart disease, physicians who work tirelessly to raise proceeds and support new research in the field, and volunteers who dedicate so many hours to fundraising for all of The Heart Foundation’s efforts. From neonatal heart defects to full cardio-thoracic surgeries every effort is being made to improve procedures and save lives. The AHA executive leadership team extends a special thank you to Katie Beck for countless hours of hard work and dedication to the program. For more information or to make a donation, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Lydia Gable

The 9th Annual Coats for Casa Pacifica winter festival and charity event was held on Saturday, January 12 at Three Springs Park in Westlake Village. Participants brought new or gently used winter clothes of all sizes, including coats, sweaters, hoodies, gloves, scarves, and hats, to benefit the foster and at-risk youth of Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families in Camarillo. Over the past eight years, more than 13,000 items in total have been donated and distributed. With 30 tons of faux snow imported to form an icy hill in the park, parents and children alike were invited for sledding and playing. Complimentary coffee and smoothies were served, and craft booths were set up for all to enjoy. The fun-filled day was made possible by Lydia Gable Realty Group with Compass and Rick Winters of Winters Financial Group, Inc., hosting for the ninth year. Casa Pacifica is a crisis-care and residential treatment facility for abused, neglected, or at-risk youth children of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. For more information or for a schedule of future events, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Debbie Vaccarello Nearly 250 design enthusiasts and patrons of the arts attended the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts’ (PSHA) annual Empty House Party on Friday, January 25. Held at the Boddy House on the grounds of Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, the event marked the debut of the 55th Pasadena Showcase House of Design. During the event, guests mingled among the design spaces glimpsing the various design concepts while enjoying culinary offerings from the Patina Restaurant Group. The soiree, chaired by Marilyn Anderson and Vikki Sung, treated guests and media to a sneak peak of the Hollywood Regency-style, 12,000-squarefoot historic mansion. In the upcoming months, 26 design firms will transform the historic estate into the 21st Century. The 2019 Showcase House will be held from April 21 through May 19. Tickets went on sale January 31. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

For more photos of our events, please visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 47


____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Debbie Vaccarello On Saturday, December 22, Momentum invited the community to join them in supporting the Borderline and California Wildfire victims in a benefit event at the Palm Garden Hotel in Thousand Oaks. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to dance and listen to live bands and DJs who performed throughout the afternoon while vendors offered art, activities, and more. The highly anticipated silent auction included signed sports memorabilia from Wayne Gretzky and the Brewers’ Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun. Food and drinks were provided by Brendan’s Irish Pub. Momentum is a collective of local musicians in Ventura County seeking to bring the community together through music. They are dedicated to taking care of their friends and families impacted by the recent tragedies. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Ventura County Community Foundation and CA Strong to directly benefit the victims of the tragic Borderline shooting and recent wildfires.

For more photos of our events, please visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 49

The Secrets of Ageless



Calabasas Style

By Anna Guanche MD FAAD Board-Certified Der matologist Bella Skin Institute How do celebrities seem to be ageless? Well, the media is constantly asking how it is possible to look so vibrant year after year. JLo comes to mind as an exemplary specimen of beauty, talent, and agelessness. What are her beauty secrets? Inquiring minds want to know. Because we want to be ageless too! In all the interviews there are recurrent themes, and I will review some of them. Drink plenty of water. Drinking water is very important for a healthy body, organs, and skin. When celebrities claim that drinking water is keeping them young, it is true to some extent. Although it might be impossible to drink eight glasses of water every single day, maximizing your daily intake is youth-enhancing. Get plenty of sleep. According to one article, JLo sleeps 10 hours per night! This would be a personal dream of mine. For now, I’ll have to suffice with six to seven hours. Sleep is a time of renewal for your body. As it rests, cells are refreshed and tur ned over, your neuronal synapses are replenishing neurotransmitters, and your liver is filtering your blood. Sleep is so important, and we know that a lack of sleep makes you look haggard (just check out a pair of new parents). So, it would make intuitive sense that plenty of sleep makes you look great! Cleanse. All makeup must be cleansed thoroughly from the face before bedtime. Makeup particles can enter the eyes overnight, causing them to become irritated. When eyes become puffy and then settle repeatedly day after day, the skin around them becomes wrinkled. Also, makeup on the skin leads to congested pores and breakouts. Diet. Study after study shows that high-sugar diets cause accelerated aging via glycation of the tissues. Sugars attach themselves to the blood vessels and tissues in various forms, essentially hardening them. Hardened tissues crack and wrinkle whereas supple, flexible skin does not. It is important to follow a balanced diet and limit refined sugars.

young but also about feeling youthful and happy. Happiness radiates in the smile, in the energetic movements of a person. This is often what we are perceiving when we see ageless celebrities. Genetics. We know for sure that longevity is genetic. In addition to that, skin aging is inversely proportional to the amount of melanin in the skin. Darker skin types age more slowly and can tolerate more sun exposure before photo-aging becomes apparent. Genetics, indeed, plays a strong role in aging, but at least 60% of it is deter mined by personal habits, as we are describing here. Sun protection. Aha! You knew it! How could a der matologist write an article and not include a word about sunscreen, sun avoidance, and sun protection? Well, she couldn’t! Sun protection is a power ful anti-aging tool. Twin studies show that regular use of sunscreen can reduce the appearance of aging by leaps and bounds. Even drivers notice more aging, wrinkles, brown spots, skin cancer, and volume loss on the left side of the face—the driver’s side. Which is the best sunscreen to use? Whichever one you are willing to consistently apply every day. Well, there you have it. Celebrities are basically staving off aging by clean living. Do they avail themselves of injectables and energy devices? Routinely! But the raw materials of having high energy, positivity, and vibrancy come from a series of consistent, healthy choices. n

The statements in this article are for general informational purposes only and do not substitute for individual medical advice.

Exercise. Increasing blood flow to the entire body via exercise, including organs and skin, is a wonder ful way to rejuvenate the body. Sweating cleans out the pores from the inside out. Cortisol levels decrease, and stress is easier to manage. The celebrity favorites are yoga and Pilates. Both incorporate deep breathing, which is excellent for stress management. Both are low impact on the joints and allow the body to stay flexible and strong without much joint or ligament damage. This is anti-aging! Meditate. Deep breathing and meditation is known to promote health via the mind-body connection. Positivity and gratitude when practiced regularly improve coping skills. Longevity, or anti-aging, is not just about looking

Calabasas Style 51

STYLES OF THE SEASON » Mixed prints and natural tones are the new florals and pastels this spring.

By Kaylie Carafelli





Calabasas Style



Calabasas Style switches up soft-hued shades for earth tones to keep your closet contemporary.







EJING ZHANG Calabasas Style 53

FOCUS ON: Spring EL MIO BOUTIQUE Chic, comfy, and unique clothing made in the U.S.A., France, and Italy. Jewelry, bags, and accessories from all over to match your style. Private shopping available upon request. Friendly little shop in the corner. Inside Regency Salon Suites 23361 Mulholland Dr., #21 Woodland Hills 818.515.6793 IG: @elmioboutique

DÉJAUN JEWELERS Whether realistic or geometrically abstract, each Serpenti prestige watch is able to wind Bvlgari’s hallmarks together: a love of color, the juxtaposition of materials, innovative artisanal techniques, and subtle wearability. Brilliant Bvlgari jewelry creations available at Dejaun Jewelers. The Village at Westfield Topanga 6320 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., #1650 Woodland Hills 818.888.8292

SUGAR You can always find something special at Sugar. Shop all of the newest head-to-toe fashions from laid-back chic to date-night elegance with unique jewelry. With their complimentary gift wrapping, gift giving is a breeze. 982 S. Westlake Blvd., #4 Westlake ViIlage 805.373.0243 IG: @shopsugarstore


Calabasas Style

The Oaks Mall 424 W. Hillcrest Dr. Thousand Oaks 805.495.1425

AMAZING LASH Enhance your natural beauty this spring with beautiful eyelash extensions from Amazing Lash Studio. Wake up beautiful each morning with longer, fuller lashes without the hassle of mascara, or store bought strip lashes – and let your soul shine through! 21785 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills (Warner Plaza) 818.862.6749

THE KINGDOM The premiere destination for luxury shoes and accessories, carrying new designs straight off the Milan and Paris runways. Whether it’s a beautiful pair of heels, a limited-edition sneaker, or an exclusive handbag, this high-end boutique has something for every fashionista. The Commons at Calabasas 4719 Commons Way, #G Calabasas 818.912.6990 IG: @shopthekingdom

RAIMAN ROCKS Timeless jewelry created with perfection in mind, Raiman Rocks designs unique jewelry pieces that fit your wildest imagination. Specializing in large colorless and fancy color diamonds and precious gems from around the world, they are sure to help you find the diamond of your dreams. 23622 Calabasas Rd., #111 Calabasas 818.224.2222

Calabasas Style 55

By Lori Berezin

Is Expanding...

Photography by Pristine Portraits The Kingdom at the Calabasas Commons is growing. For

The current plush-yet-relaxed showroom feels like a comfy

the past two years, this luxe boutique has offered a per-

castle overflowing with charm and elegance, with everything

fectly curated collection of designer shoes and accesso-

from velvet couches and a pink and mauve rug to delicate

ries to make any woman feel like a queen. Now, co-owners

shagreen and chinoiserie wallpaper. The store’s unique sig-

David Lipp and Jason Salstein have decided to branch out

nature elements include tiger velvet benches and pillows, a

in early 2020 to add women’s clothing to the mix. In addi-

posh marble fireplace, and inlaid Fornasetti tile. This amazing

tion, they will be bringing in men’s shoes to turn the local

space will soon be transformed into a men’s boutique while

SoCal man into a king.

the women’s store grows even larger a few doors down.


Calabasas Style

The new location will continue to cater to the iconic Calabasas area woman. “Although we can’t reveal too much yet, we can say that it will be very designer and luxury driven,” notes Salstein. “It will carry core basics and pieces that the everyday women can wear, such as jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts. Our loyal customers have real lives and are quite casual and effortless in their dress. They think about their outfits but don’t want to be fussy and overthink them.” The men’s store idea was born of necessity. The owners received countless requests from customers’ husbands asking, “What about us?” They decided to comply. Since menswear is one of the hottest categories right now, The Kingdom stylists will have plenty of room to showcase the evolution of men’s fashion, offering both classic and current trends. The store will focus on footwear with a versatile mix of sneakers, sartorial shoes, and driving loafers, plus leather goods and ready-to-wear pieces, such as hoodies and tees, all designed to fit customers’ eclectic lifestyles. “These guys are both businessmen and athletes who leave the office early to head to Malibu, the golf course, or a Lakers game,” says Lipp. “We need to make sure they have the dress shoe for their executive meetings, as well as the hottest sneaker for courtside seats.” Both stores will carry a mix of designer and contemporary fashions, including existing brands such as Saint Laurent and Off White plus a variety of up-and-coming designers to round out the mix. As they do now, The Kingdom owners pride themselves on providing a chill shopping experience without overly aggressive sales people buzzing around. Personable, knowledgeable stylists are always on hand to help customers find their perfect styles, colors, and sizes, making sure the shoe fits in every sense of the word. The Kingdom sells one-of-a-kind runway pieces alongside Gucci New Ace sneakers. Since Salstein, who has been designing and buying luxury brands for decades, works in the store, he and longtime friend Lipp know their customers individually and shop specifically for them while in Paris and Milan. They strive for luxury without pretentiousness, uncovering fashionable items that appeal to everyday, down-to-earth SoCal princes and princesses. n

4719 Commons Way, #G Calabasas 818.912.6990 INSTAGRAM @shopthekingdom

Calabasas Style 57

BLUES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD AT CCC Calabasas Country Club knows how to make you feel good while listening and dancing to the blues! Members and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of authentic blues music with the Bruce Garnitz Blues Band on Saturday, February 9, and got to show off their fancy moves on the dance floor. Featuring vocals evocative of many of the great singers and bands ranging from Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye, this great band had everyone smiling, laughing, and swooning the whole night through! Calabasas Country Club has become the social hub of the community, with a number of great social events each month. The combination of great food, drinks, friendships, camaraderie, and live entertainment all close to home makes Calabasas Country Club the place to be. For information about upcoming social events, visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 59

ROLLING THE DICE AT CALABASAS COUNTRY CLUB The Club Room at Calabasas Country Club was transformed into a Las Vegas Style casino in February for a night of great gambling fun. Members and guests enjoyed an evening of great food, drink, and casino-style black jack, roulette, and craps where everyone was a winner. Calabasas Country Club hosts a full schedule of social events each month where members and guests can come together and enjoy the camaraderie of being with old friends and new in a fun and festive environment close to home. For more information on the great number of social events and activities at Calabasas Country Club, visit or call 818.222.8111 to find out about their social memberships. Calabasas Country Club is located in the heart of Calabasas at 4515 Park Entrada.


Calabasas Style

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OAKS CHRISTIAN TO LAUNCH NEW INSTITUTES ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Oaks Christian School is launching three groundbreaking institutes in fall 2019 to prepare students for colleges and careers in a 21st-Century world. Augmenting its college-preparatory curriculum, Oaks Christian will open the Institute of Arts and Innovation with pathways for songwriting, filmmaking, and music production; the Institute of Engineering with pathways in rocketry/aerospace, robotics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science; and the Institute of Global Leadership focusing on finance, law, human behavior, global studies, and entrepreneurship. “Our students and teachers are passionate about learning,” says Associate Head of School for Academics Dr. Matt Northrop. “These institutes will allow students who are interested in music, film, visual arts, engineering, or leadership to pursue these passions in ways that are meaningful and purposeful—in ways that will bring them joy while impacting the community.” The institutes feature real-world internships, guest lectures and master classes by industry experts, outside-classroom educational opportunities, and a capstone project completed during senior year. For more information, please contact For more photos of our events, please visit


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FIT & FABULOUS EVENT AT ILLUMINATE FACE & BODY BAR Illuminate Face & Body Bar and Better Body Pilates & Fitness joined forces to host a “Fit & Fabulous� event to awaken inner and outer beauty. Illuminate Face & Body Bar offers the latest nonsurgical face and body treatments, skincare, and wellness modalities to help clients achieve a beautiful and natural result. Better Body Pilates & Fitness has been serving the Calabasas Community for over 19 years, and its experienced and nationally certified instructors are dedicated to helping clients achieve health and fitness goals. Guests and attendees enjoyed learning about the great beauty procedures and fitness classes available to local residents in the Calabasas community. For more information, visit and to learn how you can become both fit and fabulous in the year ahead.

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CALABASAS CHAMBER INSTALLATION GALA ____________________________________

Photography by Marvin Steindler The 2019 Calabasas Chamber of Commerce Board Installation Gala was held at Founders Hall in Calabasas on Friday, January 25. It was an extraordinary evening of celebration and dancing. The 2019 award recipient for the “Spirit of Calabasas� was Jeff Rubin, who started with the chamber in 1995 and has served on the City Managers Executive Team since 2001. Raychel Harrison, founder and CEO of Salon Nuuvo, was the recipient of the 2019 Chairman's award. The 2019 officers and directors were called to the stage and officially sworn in by Mayor David Shapiro. The 2019 new officers are Chairman Mark Levinson; First Vice Chair Dr. Iris Stone; Vice Chair of Finance Kirk Bell; Vice Chair of Business Development Steven Weiss; Director Bonnie Mulholland; Director Rachel Podor; Director Raychel Harrison; Director Gina Lapiner, CFP; Director Billy Solano; Director Shari Ross; Director Hector Ramos; Director Mike McNutt; Director Mark Miller; Director Mary Atherton; and Director Barbara Fabian. For more photos of our events, please visit


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Light therapy for fat loss, healing, and so much more! By Lori Berezin Spring is when we start looking for new ways to shed excess winter weight and inches in order to feel healthier, look better in our clothes, and get ready for summer. The compassionate staff at Westlake Body Contouring in Agoura Hills offers a great solution. Owner Dr. Dianne Lalena Sandberg provides noninvasive fat reduction using a state-of-the-art Contour Light low-level laser therapy (LLLT) with a patented reflective coating, making it the most power ful on the market today. In 25 minutes, patients lose inches without pain, scarring, or downtime caused by more invasive techniques such as liposuction or CoolSculpting. LLLT does not cause cell damage, rather it opens up the fat cell wall and the fat drains out. We asked Dr. Dianne some pertinent questions to help readers better understand the Contour Light process.

What happens during a session? Patients consult with me prior to their initial treatment to address their goals and concerns. I’ll also take your measurements before and after treatment. You are then covered with and comfortably lie upon LED pads for 25 minutes. After the treatment, you stand on a vibrating platform for 10 minutes to help drain the fat through the lymphatic system. Afterwards, you can go about your day’s normal activities. In fact, you can come in on your lunch break and return to work immediately after your treatment.


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What areas of the body can it be used on?





the following day. You’ll not only lose inches and pounds

You can lose inches and tighten skin on virtually any area

but your skin will look healthier due to naturally increased

of your body where fat accumulates. This includes hard-

collagen and elastin production.

to-lose places such as hips, waist, thighs, back, and upper arms. The state-of-the-art face mask is used for facial reju-

Other uses of the light

venation, rosacea, and acne.

Because the light increases blood flow, it is used for many conditions, including:

Are there any side effects?

* Neuropathy

The treatment is 100% noninvasive. Low-light laser red light

* Arthritis and joint pain

therapy is not a form of radiation or UV. It is the safest ways

* Migraines

to sculpt the body. Plus, there’s no swelling, burning, pain,

* Concussions/brain trauma

or bruising. The only real side effect is inches lost.

* Autoimmune diseases

A little history Low-level laser therapy has been used for over 50 years for wound healing because it stimulates collagen and elastin for mation and it increases blood flow. Initial studies for wound healing were per for med by NASA. The side effect was fat loss. Dr. Dianne Lalena Sandberg’s extensive career includes 20 years as a professional dancer before attending medical school for urology. In 2000, she graduated from chiropractic college. Combining 18 years of clinical experience with a lifelong passion for fitness and dance ultimately led to the creation of Westlake Body Contouring. While a healthy diet and exercise is a key component for losing weight and inches, Westlake Body Contouring offers extra help in all the right places to help you achieve your goals faster and easier. n

How quickly will one lose inches? Patients will notice the slimming effects after the very first session and lose inches immediately. It’s so effective that you’re guaranteed to lose up to two inches on your first treatment or you get your money back.

How does it work? When exposed to a certain wavelength of light, fat cells

Westlake Body Contouring 30423 Canwood St., #205 Agoura Hills Mediterranea 1 Building 818.852.7352

collapse, releasing nearly all their fat. It drains through the lymphatic system as free fatty acids and is eliminated from the body. Patients typically lose around three to five inches in just one treatment overall, from the waist, ar ms, hips, and thighs. Even more reduction can be seen

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Décor CALABASAS ST YLE ’ S FAVO R ITE ELEM ENTS WESTSIDE TILE AND STONE Create an oasis in your bath using porcelain tiles with beautiful designs, patterns, and colors. At Westside Tile & Stone, you'll find a huge assortment of designs with tiles that resist moisture, are easy to clean, and never need refinishing! 7631 Canoga Ave. Canoga Park 818.704.9222

ALDIK HOME Live that fabulous outdoor life with help from Aldik Home’s gorgeous line of Summer Classics patio furniture. Impeccably made and undeniably stylish, this is outdoor furniture for those with an eye for detail. Start designing your dream furniture today at Aldik Home. 7651 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys 818.988.5970

ELEGANT FIREPLACE MANTELS Elegant Fireplace Mantels offers the largest collection of fireplace mantels in North America. They have the ability to create and recreate many different styles and designs to meet every client’s goal in materials like French limestone, Turkish travertine, and Italian Carra cast stone. 11949 Borden Ave. San Fernando 800.295.9109


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style has perused the local area to locate some of our favorite home dĂŠcor elements, and we are excited to share them with our readers!

GLOBAL SOURCE LIGHTING Featuring the world’s finest lighting and accessories, they are proud to bring the beauty of their lighting collections to your home. From crystal fixtures and chandeliers to exterior lighting and fans, Global Source Lighting caters to your needs and specific design vision. 28501 Canwood St. Agoura Hills 818.707.6000

PATIOWORLD This exclusive daybed is part of a bestselling collection that features powder-coated champagne aluminum, padded sling seating, and teak accents. This attractive and functional daybed will add a dreamy focal point to a large outdoor space. 419 E Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks 6021 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Woodland Hills 888.777.2846

PTS FURNITURE This sleeper sectional is made in Finland. Luonto Furniture designs are based on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Many styles and sizes are available in multiple fabrics. Visit PTS Furniture in Thousand Oaks. 250 Conejo Ridge Ave. Thousand Oaks 805.496.4804

Calabasas Style 73

e l y t S C

Wine and Dine Design

Since the living and dining rooms are of-

room for deep, bulky, or wide sofas and

Ready for your guests to arrive? I recent-

ten the most formal rooms in a home, my

chairs. Upright and more-firmly uphol-

ly made an “emergency” house call to

clients often allocate a large amount of

stered furniture is more comfortable for

a client desperate to make her seating

their budgets to them and then tell me

socializing. Try to create seating for a

arrangement perfect before her formal

they never use them. Oh no, not okay!

minimum of six. Smaller chairs and even

cocktail party. She complained that

Often, the living and dining rooms are the

benches will allow you to maximize your

everyone always gathers in the kitch-

first rooms guests see since this is where

seating. As for tables, the same rule ap-

en and it drives her crazy that they stay

they are welcomed as these rooms are

plies. In addition to cocktail tables, make

there all night. So I asked her where she

usually right off the main entrance. So, I

sure there are enough small martini tables

put the hors d'oeuvres. Her answer: the

design these rooms to be inviting, lively,

that each person

and, most importantly, lived in. After all,

has a place to put

it’s called a living room for a reason.

his or her appetizer plate, cocktail, and wine. If you are lucky enough to have a large living room, you


kitchen island! So,

To break up a boardroom feeling, opt to differentiate the head chairs from the side chairs.


with a simple, little like

adjustment, moving


ty trays of food to where she wanted her party to take place,


as the first guests arrived, she could

multiple seating areas. In one very large

have the party she wanted. Later guests

living room I designed, I floated two sofas

always take the visual cue and gravitate

back to back in order to create one seat-

to where the party is happening. Other

ing area facing the fireplace and another

touches can draw the crowd to the liv-

facing the gorgeous grounds.

ing room, like creating the perfect vibe. So dim the lights, put the music on, and

If you are less formal, design the room

light a wonderfully scented candle to

There are many opportunities to live in

with casual rugs and bright cheery colors

create the perfect environment.

these spaces, and to properly wine and

so the space is friendly and inviting. If you

dine there, they just need to be designed

want to make it kid friendly, then formalize

One more tip. If you have family antiques

for your purpose and lifestyle. Do you love

the lighting, mirrors, and things that don’t

packed away gathering dust in storage

to have fancy gatherings with everyone

get wear and tear. If you entertain with

or the garage, the living room is just the

dressed up or is a casual buffet the way

more formality, then go for it and make

place to showcase them. Antiques are

you roll? Do you have couples and as-

a statement.

often one of a kind and unique to your

sociates over or the ladies for a fun girls’ night? Is it a holiday tradition for you to host your entire extended family at your home? Even if you prefer just a relaxing area where you can “escape” with a good book and a cup of tea, the living room can be the ideal place. But as this issue is all about wining and dining, let’s set the stage there!

Living room – wine Whatever your style, make sure you have plenty of seating. Pull the furniture away from the walls and float it in the room to encourage conversation. This isn’t the


Calabasas Style

family, making them especially great

er. No matter the shape, it’s a must to

conversation starters, perfect to discuss

have a table with leaves so that you have

over cocktails or wine.

the flexibility. When it comes to seats, make sure they are truly comfortable for meals that go all night. In order to break up a boardroom feeling, opt to differentiate the head chairs from the side chairs. Most importantly, let go of feeling the need to match the chairs to the table. As long as the room is well designed, the chairs can be of a different period and finish and still appear to be the perfect fit. I love using an unexpected piece for the main lighting fixture—something unique and artistic. I love lights that cast beautiful shadow patterns on the ceiling to create a vibe. As lighting is everything in the dining room, in addition to an overhead, add lighting in other areas, such as sconces or table lamps at different heights so that everyone


brilliantly beautiful. And don’t forget the dimmers here as well! The most important thing to note is that there’s nothing worse than a bare-walled dining room. One of the strongest ways to make a dining room inviting is to treat the walls.

Dining room – dine

This is where to go bold with color. Use a deep or dark shade. Try a metallic or pearl

The dining room is one of my favorite

finish on the ceiling for some glamour. For

rooms to design, and there is an obvious

sophistication, panel the walls in gorgeous

place to start. First, determine the shape

wood grain, like rosewood or white oak, or

of table that best serves the room and

even new wall coverings that are made

your entertaining style. Sometimes a round

of wood.

or square table is most ideal for parties of eight or more that love to converse.

With the proper living room and dining room design, and of course the right guest

I had one client whose family of five ate

list, your hosted events are sure to be the

supper in the dining room every night, but

hit of the neighborhood.

they also frequently had larger gatherings. So, we did two tables in her dining room, which served dual purposes. They could remain apart, creating two separate-but-more-individually intimate tables, or they could be placed together for an extended table to seat everyone togeth-

Maya Williams MAYA WILLIAMS DESIGN 818.854.6031 instagram/mayawilliamsdesign

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Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 77


Help Build the Homes for the Brave By Lori Berezin

Did you know that many of your neighbors have helped to

gether in a different context, build camaraderie, and spend

build homes for low-income military families? They have done

a day outside.

so through their generous donations and have physically helped build with their companies and schools.

Another one of Homes 4 Families’ volunteering programs is

Homes 4 Families’ TEAMBuilds is a teambuilding program for

can students earn volunteering hours but they also learn the

corporations and association groups. For a contribution to fit

importance of giving back. Youth builds are huge leader-

their needs, participants have the opportunity to build a home

ship-building opportunities and bring together people from all

for a military family.

walks of life.

Recently, Anchor Loans of Calabasas completed its first TEAM-

Louisville High School of Woodland Hills is one of the youth-

Build. A team of 50 employees built on Homes 4 Families’ Santa Clarita Veteran project. They completed framing, painting, and drain installation. With their sponsorship, they enjoyed breakfast and lunch onsite and were able to build alongside a veteran who will soon move into one of the homes. During lunch, this veteran spoke to the group about his time in service and what having the opportunity to own a home means to him and his family. We think every group, of any size, can benefit from an empowering and skills-learning afternoon spent giving back. TEAMBuilds is a great opportunity for employees to work to-


Calabasas Style

geared towards high school and college groups. Not only

build groups that volunteers multiple times a year. The school’s senior class builds four times a year as part of its senior project, and Louisville teachers build at least once a year as their philanthropy project. Homes 4 Families is based in Woodland Hills and builds Veteran Enriched Neighborhoods®, an outcome-proven model that provides housing and services tailored to veterans’ specific physical, emotional, and mental needs. To get involved, please contact Donielle DeLeon at 818.884.8808 x209 or n

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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Zac Wasserman A high-energy morning assembly welcomed students, sponsors, community firefighters, police officers, lead district educators, and the principal and teachers of Woodlake Elementary School in Woodland Hills on Monday, January 28 to kick off national kindness week. Hundreds of students spelled “KINDNESS” with a unique display of art, while participants enjoyed handson kindness activities. Time 2 Dance provided live music and engaged the crowd with their dance moves, and a colorful display of healthy foods was provided for all to enjoy by Cookin’ Kiddos. The assembly culminated with special celebrity guest appearances by School of Rock stars for a meet and greet. The Great Kindness Challenge is one week where students do as many kind acts as possible, choosing from a 50item checklist. It provides an opportunity for students to unite and demonstrate that kindness matters. Schools and families may get involved by visiting

For more photos of our events, please visit


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An Elevated Cannabis Experience in the Heart of Woodland Hills

By Lori Berezin

Photography by Marvin Steindler A store carrying bath bombs, topicals, tinctures, and lotions sounds like an upscale beauty boutique. Add vaporizer cartridges, delectable edibles, cannabis flowers, and CBD-only products and it soon becomes clear that the recently opened Atrium in Woodland Hills is actually a high-end cannabis retailer. More luxury day spa than dispensary, Atrium feels special from the moment you walk through the door. Its friendly, knowledgeable staff has curated a collection of the best cannabis products designed to ensure every customer, from diehards to canna-curious newbies, finds the best goods around. They even offer the personal service of a “cannabis concierge” to help shoppers.


Calabasas Style

“We’re delivering an experience,” notes Chief Operating Officer Chris Berman. “We see people of all ages and levels of familiarity with cannabis. There are plenty of regulars who come several times per week, but also lots of people who have never been to a dispensary before... By creating a familiar and comfortable retail experience, we’re helping bring cannabis into the mainstream.” The legalization of marijuana continues to expand across the country. While not quite growing like weeds, new dispensaries open regularly. Thirty-three states, plus the District of Columbia, have already passed laws partially legalizing marijuana. The District of Columbia and 10 states—Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts,

Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington—have adopted the broadest legalization. Pot has come out of the closet and into the mainstream as one-stop shops like Atrium pop up in states from California to Vermont. Atrium positions itself ahead of the crowd, offering a more high-end “elevated cannabis experience.” Cannabis is clearly here to stay. There’s even evidence that it was used as far back as ancient times for psychotropic and medicinal purposes. Today, there’s a whole range of qualities attributed to this miraculous plant, from treating the ill effects of chemotherapy to possibly even slowing the growth of cancer-related tumors. According to the National Eye Institute, marijuana helps lower the pressure inside the eyes, which may

lessen glaucoma. It reduces inflammation and can ease the pain of neuropathy and other diseases while assisting with sleep, anxiety, and relaxation. The list goes on. Atrium’s main aim is to elevate the way people explore and interact with cannabis. From the store’s elegant, light-filled space to the top-shelf products displayed in crystal-cut glass cases atop polished marble counters, the store has created a truly unique shopping experience for its discerning clientele. “We saw an opportunity to change the industry,” explains Berman. “Many of the people on our team have been in this industry for more than a decade.” Despite Atrium’s more luxurious approach, its prices remain competitive with other area stores. Atrium is ideal for those curious about cannabis but perhaps intimidated by the process of walking into a typical pot shop. The knowledgeable and friendly sales associates do their best to ensure that each customer has a positive experience. Clearly, there is a lot more to cannabis than meets the eye as we continue to discover what this magical plant can do. n Atrium 5441 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Woodland Hills 818.810.7379

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NCL GIRLS VOLUNTEER AT GUIDE DOG GRADUATION On Saturday, February 9 the Guide Dogs of America hosted their Guide Dog graduation for the first time since they renovated their Sylmar campus. Eight




graduated this session. Captain, a stalky yellow lab, stole the show with his charm and captain’s hat as he was introduced to his new owner. The girls baked dozens of cookies and served refreshments to all of the guests in attendance, including the families that foster and train the guide dogs from puppies. It is always an emotional ceremony as the dogs change ownership from their loving fosters to their new owners who need them due to their disabilities, to help with daily life tasks. People travel from all over the United States to receive trained dogs for service. The SFV National Charity League is honored to donate their volunteer time annually.


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Med Spa: Cutting-Edge Treatments in the Heart of Calabasas Calabasas Med Spa (CMS) loves to help people look and feel their best, partnering with patients to help them choose the very best nonsurgical rejuvenating treatments. What sets it apart is the expertly trained staff, experience, and wide variety of treatment options. With over 25 years of combined experience and 100,000 treatments performed, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Osman and his team offer a wide variety of cosmetic and skincare treatments, combining state-of-the-art equipment with triedand-true procedures.

Botox and fillers These top treatments for nonsurgical rejuvenation use minimally invasive injections

to reduce lines, brighten eyes, and turn that frown upside down (literally), all with minimal to no recovery. The CMS providers also use them for more than just softening lines. They rebalance facial proportions and contour cheeks and jawlines with natural, harmonious results. It’s no wonder that CMS ranks within the Top 1% of Botox providers nationwide.

Skin tightening CMS combats sagging skin and jowls through a variety of treatments, including Radiofrequency Microneedling and Thermage FLX. Radiofrequency Microneedling (Starlet) heats the collagen layer of the skin using tiny needles, creating a controlled injury that generates new collagen and elastin. This firms skin and treats fine lines, crepiness, and acne scars, leaving skin looking youthful and vibrant. Thermage FLX is the newest and best in class. It also uses radiofrequency to heat skin and stimulate collagen but without breaking the skin’s surface and with no recovery time.

CoolSculpting body contouring Getting the body you want is as simple as chilling out while CoolSculpting chills your fat, causing fat cells to die while other cells are unaffected so you can target unwanted fat or stubborn bulges. Calabasas Med Spa is a CoolSculpting Certified Practice.

Lawrence Osman, MD Board Certified Dermatologist Launa Stone, RN 23659 Calabasas Rd. Calabasas 818.225.0122

Calabasas Style 93

OAK PARK FIREFIGHTER RECEIVES RECOGNITION Mike Williams, a firefighter who is stationed at Ventura County Fire Department Station 36 in Oak Park, has been recognized by his community as a local hero. Although some homes were lost in the Oak Park neighborhood where Williams resides, the damage would have been much worse without his help. Williams and his wife, Lisa, saved homes of their neighbors, only to see their own house burn down to a total loss. Following the fire, both Mike and Lisa Williams received a commendation on behalf of the Oak Park High School volleyball team at the team’s annual banquet. The program named them honorary team MVPs for their assistance to the community during the Woolsey Fire. Additionally, Calabasas residents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surprised the couple with a $100,000 donation to help rebuild their home on The Ellen Show.


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____________________________________ ____________________________________ Photography by Bryan Byrne

For the second year in a row, Calabasas High School’s co-ed a capella group, Unstrumental, took home first prize at the L.A. A Cappella Festival on Friday, February 8 at El Segundo High School. The 15-member group performed “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown, “Dig Down” by Muse, and “Dream On” by Aerosmith. The “Dream On” performance in the mic-drop category featured vocalist Maddi Lasker, a junior, who also won Best Female Soloist. CHS Music Director Joshua Barroll was overwhelmed with pride for his students after their performances. As scholastic competition winners, Unstrumental also performed in the A Capella Festival’s Saturday night professional showcase, opening for The House Jacks and Musae. Second-place honors were awarded to Voicebox, a group from University of Central Florida.

For more photos of our events, please visit


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DENISE DECARO BENEFIT CONCERT AT BOGIE’S SHOWROOM Denise DeCaro hosted her “Christmas and You” benefit concert at Bogie’s Showroom at the Westlake Village Inn. She was accompanied by Barbara Streisand’s World Tour musicians – the Randy Waldman Quartet. The concert benefited the American Red Cross Wildfire Victims of California. Denise DeCaro, a former resident of Westlake Village, shared songs from her Grammy-nominated



“Christmas and You” with the many music lovers in attendance from all over Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and even some guests traveling from the UK and Sweden. Denise and the Randy Waldman Quartet will be returning to Bogie’s Showroom stage on August 27. To see the complete Bogie’s showroom calendar or for more information, visit For more information on Denise DeCaro, visit her Facebook page.


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BAY LAUREL PARENTS ENJOY AN 80s NIGHT OUT Who spends Valentine’s Day with the parents of their children’s elementary school? That’s an easy answer: the fun parents! Bay Laurel Elementary parents A.J. and Sandy Harwin, Todd and Jessica Gillman, and Carrie Brenner hosted an 80’s themed Valentine’s party at the recently opened V Lounge in Tarzana on Thursday, February 14. One hundred percent of the ticket sales went directly to the Bay Laurel PFA. In a two hour set, The Modules played the biggest hits from the 80’s including “Take on Me,” “Jesse’s Girl,” and many other fan favorites. Celebrity Jerry Supiran from the 80’s TV Show “Small Wonder” also joined in on the fun as a special guest. The parents in attendance enjoyed the live music as they danced the night away to celebrate the special holiday – all while supporting their children’s cherished elementary school.

Calabasas Style 99

Ask the

Pharmacist Q

Can you recommend something to help me sleep? I don’t want to take any addictive prescription medication.


When you can't sleep, it's difficult to get through each day. Fortunately, many over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids are safe and effective. Here are a few options you can try.

OTC sleep medications like Unisom, any pain relief “PM” medication, and Benadryl all contain antihistamines. These antihistamines are usually used for allergies but are so sedating that they are also used to induce sleep. They only last for about four hours however, so they are helpful if your problem is falling asleep not staying asleep all night. They can also have side effects, including blurred vision, constipation, dry mouth, and urinary retention. Melatonin is a hormone that is used to regulate your sleepwake cycle. The effects of melatonin are usually mild, but this OTC sleep aid does appear to reduce the amount of time it takes some people to fall asleep. It is especially helpful with jet lag to reset your body’s sleep cycle. The herbal supplement valerian is made from the plant called valerian root. This sleep aid is meant to relax your body, regu late your sleep cycle, and reduce anxiety. There are many essential oils that are relaxing and helpful for sleep, including lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver. They can be diffused throughout the night or applied topically to the bottoms of your feet. CBD oil has also been shown to be an excellent sleep enhancer, especially if your sleeplessness is due to an overactive mind, stress, or anxiety. CBD oil may help you achieve a more relaxed state, allowing you to drift off to sleep. It's important to keep in mind that sleep aids are not a magic cure for serious sleep problems. If you are having long-term trouble falling or staying asleep, talk to your health care provider. Brenda Johnson, R.Ph. Calabasas Pharmacy Owner Inside Gelson’s Market 22277 Mulholland Hwy. Calabasas M – F: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. P: 818.223.8656 F: 818.223.8750

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA YOUTUBE COMPETITION The San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra held an exciting new competition to support students and introduce them to the symphony orchestra concerts. Looking to support and develop great talent and to give students opportunities for the future, the orchestra asked students to make YouTube videos to give them an equivalent experience to performing live. They worked very hard to prepare for the videos. Each participant received two complimentary tickets to attend the symphony orchestra concert at which an awards ceremony took place. The highest caliber students were selected to perform one of renowned composer James Domine’s movements, a Domine Concerto, or solo work during a future San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra concert. For more information on the San Fernando Symphony Orchestra or to purchase tickets, visit


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 101

club life Betting the House and Singing the Blues!

Members and guests gambled the night away on Casino Night, where everyone was a winner and enjoyed a lively night of blues music, dining, and dancing to show off their fancy moves on the dance floor! The Clubs’ social events always provide a lively atmosphere where fun and camaraderie go hand in hand!

Calabasas Junior Golf Academy is in Full Swing

The Calabasas Junior Golf Academy offers classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. The Academy utilizes the Operation 36 curriculum-based approach to progress juniors towards shooting par or better!For information on the Junior Golf Academy, contact Jeff Silverstein, David Franks, or Casey Lum at

For information, please visit General Information: 818.222.8111 |

At Calabasas Country Club Practice Makes Perfection on the Greens!

Wet and chilly weather didn’t deter members and guests from practicing at the driving range, putting green, and short game area during the winter months – and enjoying the pristine conditions on the Robert Trent Jones Sr. & Jr. designed golf course, The only thing these golfers need is more daylight!

Getting Down to Fitness Basics at Calabasas Health & Fitness Center Tim Kinlen, Director of Fitness, helped members kick off 2019 with classes and instructions to build endurance, lose weight, gain muscle, and shape up. The Club offers individual and group fitness classes and a Weight & Shape M.A.P. ™ program to reach each person’s Weight & Shape Destination! Contact Tim at 818.444.5542 to get started!

Planning your private or corporate event? Contact Vanessa, the Food and Beverage Manager, at 818-444-5545 or email

On the other side of the It's not the eye. By E.S. Stahl What makes one photographer good and another one GREAT? Is it the equipment? Is it an eye for composition? Is it the lighting? Or is it an intangible… Most of us, (even in this age of the ubiquitous selfie and constant social media postings) are typically nervous or uneasy in front of a professional’s camera. Yet there are some photographers who, because of the very nature of their personality, know how to make the world disappear letting their subjects, much to their surprise, be totally at ease. This particularly unique “gift” resonates in each pixel captured by veteran photographic artist, Marvin Steindler.

The first Image you see… on every single cover of this very magazine is a STEINDLER original. Ever since the first issue he’s been responsible for photographing every family that has graced our many covers. Marvin Steindler has made a career of capturing family life moments and he’s created over forty for us.

A FUSION of visual literacy with a heaping helping of “heart." Watching this “Horse Whisperer of Portraiture” interact with his

subjects is truly a sight to behold. You soon appreciate that this man’s strength is indeed his humanistic approach to capturing people. "My speciality is not just the technique of creating a TECHNICALLY competent image... I would expect that to be a given when dealing with a professional” muses Steindler. “It’s the ability to connect, while creating a safe emotional space, that enables the person I am photographing to express a level of authenticity that results in a portrait that is the truest reflection of who they really are .”

STOP… Don't shoot! Refined, meticulous, observant and caring, Steindler doesn’t consider himself a shooter, but a visual storyteller. He is, in fact, an interesting mix of Artist, Craftsman, Philosopher, Photographer. .. and Space Creator. Not physical space. But emotional space. “There is a lot more to creating a meaningful portrait than having an aesthetic sensibility and

Photography has ALWAYS been his first and only love. At the age of 12, while at a camp, young Marvin, spent the whole summer in self-imposed solitary confinement, discovering the magic of the photographic printing process. By the age of 20 he knew that there would be nothing else he would have as his career. Armed with a degree in Philosophy from Pitzer College, something that at the time seemed to have no practical purpose at all, a young Steindler set out to capture and leave an impression in the literal sense of the word. Starting his career at a local portrait studio, he learned the technical ins and outs of his profession, and built the foundation for his work in portraiture, weddings, events and commercial projects.

visual vocabulary… beyond an awareness of light, form, space, and proportion… “ according to Steindler. “For me… It’s about touching people’s lives at important and meaningful times and immortalizing that moment in a photograph as an anchor, a touchstone, a reminder of sorts...” Adding,“It’s about making you feel so comfortable that you are

CAMERA It's the Heart... free to explore moments you want to look back at and always remember. That’s not something you learn online or in photography school. That is basically who you are and the result of your life experiences."

A storyteller for families and businesses. Steindler has built a reputation for his uncanny ability to connect with the soul of his subjects in a way most photographers cannot even understand, bringing out an intangible je ne sais quoi that makes a STEINDLER‌ well a STEINDLER. Maybe that degree in Philosophy actually had a purpose all along.

A soulful man, with a warm and caring smile, Steindler exudes empathy. It's self evident the moment you meet him and look into his eyes.

To take advantage of our readers special, call


Grub and

Gastronomy Calabasas Style Presents Our Favorite Local Restaurants, Eateries, and Tasting Rooms


Calabasas Style

IDEAL SPECIAL OCCASION __________________________ MASTRO’S A trip to Mastro's is a culinary adventure of pure refinement and excellence. Recognized among the nation's most extraordinary restaurants, Mastro's offers an unparalleled dining experience. The menu features 16 different steaks and chops, an array of fresh seafood selections, and an extensive wine list. 2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks. 805.418.1811. 18412 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu. 310.454.4357.

AUTHENTIC TRATTORIA __________________________ TOSCANOVA Reminiscing about your last trip to Italy and wish you were back there? Toscanova Calabasas and Toscanova Century City are the next best thing. The authentic classic dishes, innovative specials, impeccable service, entertaining environment, and beautiful patios make Toscanova a favorite for many. Visit website for other location. 4799 Commons Way, #A, Calabasas. 818.225.0499.

LAKEVIEW DINING __________________________ ZIN BISTRO AMERICANA Nestled lakeside in Westlake Village, Zin Bistro Americana features a scenic fire-lit patio, spacious bar, lounge area and lakefront dining. The romantic ambiance and beautiful surroundings are matched by the exceptional dishes and comfort food that reflect the nostalgic cuisine and synergistic blending of cultures that make up America. 32131 Lindero Canyon Rd. #111, Westlake Village. 818.865.0095.

CLASSIC EUROPEAN BISTRO __________________________ MEDITERRANEO Discover their new transformative redesign inspired by the Mediterranean. The all-new décor boasts an expansive bar for socializing and sipping on craft cocktails. Dining highlights include house-made pastas, as well as the new addition of Steakhouse favorites. Weekend brunch offers mouthwatering brunch Benedicts and griddle favorites. The Westlake Village Inn, 32037 Agoura Rd., Westlake Village. 818.889.9105.

RUSTIC WINERY __________________________ THE STONEHAUS This idyllic venue is the area’s most popular meeting place, where guests can relax over coffee or wine and a new menu of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Wine flights range from sparkling wines and champagne to Rhône varietals and cabernet sauvignon, and are perfectly paired with one of their delicious charcuterie or formaggio boards. The Westlake Village Inn, 32039 Agoura Rd., Westlake Village. 818.483.1152.

ULTIMATE BAR MENU NIGHTLIFE & LIVE MUSIC __________________________ BOGIE'S Bogie’s offers the area’s best bar menu and late light dining options sure to please any pallet while you dance the night away! The combination of great food, drinks, and word-class music & dancing makes this hottest bar in town! The Westlake Village Inn, 32001 Ago u ra Rd. , Wes tlak e V i l l a g e. 818.889.2394.


Calabasas Style

OLD WORLD STEAKHOUSE __________________________ MORTON'S THE STEAKHOUSE With focus on quality, consistency and genuine hospitality for over 40 years, Morton's seeks to provide not only memorable cuisine, but a memorable experience. With fresh, succulent seafood and famed USDA prime-aged steak, it's no surprise that Morton's has thrilled diners all over the world. 6250 Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills. 818.703.7272.

AUTHENTIC ITALIAN __________________________ AL MULINO EATALIAN BAKERY & BAR Using fresh, fragrant, colorful ingredients in a relaxed and modern ambiance, Al Mulino creates the perfect atmosphere to experience authentic Italian cooking and delectable seafood dishes. Classic favorite pizzas and pastas are made with organic flour, fresh mozzarella, and tomato sauce – all imported from Italy. 3709 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village. 805.379.0016.

Authentic Indian Cuisine __________________________ LAL MIRCH Enjoy traditional Indian cuisine in an elegant and casual atmosphere. Lal Mirch brings you traditional, great-tasting food, with spices that are imported from India to preserve quality and freshness you can taste. All dishes are made to order. You choose your level of spice. Gluten free and vegan dishes also available. 5146 Kanan Rd., Agoura Hills. 818.532.7532.

Calabasas Style 109

Eclectic Local Eatery __________________________ HATCH CAFÉ & MARKET Family-owned Hatch Café & Market is not your average neighborhood café. Serving rustic California fare from their carefully curated breakfast and lunch menu, everything is made on site with highest quality ingredients. Try Isla’s Fried Chicken Sandwich with a chili-ponzu slaw complemented with a house made organic artisan lemonade. 30651 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Agoura Hills. 818.575.9000.

MOUTHWATERING BBQ __________________________ RIB RANCH BBQ South of the Blvd., BBQ! A family run business since 1970, their down-home atmosphere offers both indoor fireside and patio dining. Visit them to enjoy their family’s mouthwatering BBQ Recipe. Wine and ice cold beer on draft! They also offer catering and FREE delivery within 3 miles! Dine at Rib Ranch today and take home a bottle of Rib Ranch BBQ’s homemade sauce! 4923 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., Woodland Hills. 818.884.7776.

innovative Sushi __________________________ Q SUSHI & KIEU HOANG WINE LOUNGE Q Sushi offers an upscale dining experience with a modern Japanese menu that will appeal to all taste buds! Discover imaginative, refined sushi using the highest quality fish, grilled Robata items, Kobe beef, and more with an extensive sake, wine, beer, and cocktail menu! 30770 Russell Ranch Rd., #A, Westlake Village. 818.540.3231.


Calabasas Style

HOMESTYLE ITALIAN EATERY __________________________ H.O.M ITAERY If you’re looking for a native taste of Italy in an upscale casual venue, the newest concept from the Morra family will taste and feel just like home to you. H.O.M Itaery uses tried and true family recipes to serve fresh pasta, pizza dough, and meatballs made completely from scratch. Specialties include high-quality steak and seafood. 21136 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills. 818.313.9500.

AGED TO PERFECTION __________________________ LARSEN'S STEAKHOUSE L​arsen’s Steakhouse offers perfectly aged steaks and delectable seafood that is flown in daily. Signature dishes include their famous Beef Wellington, perfectly seared filet mignon sashimi, and gigantic seafood towers. Their happy hour bar menu is one of the best in town. 6256 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., #2280, W o o d l a n d H i l l s . 818.704.1226.

Savory Signature Creations __________________________ UMAMI BURGER Located in The Lakes Shopping Center, Umami Burger has a full bar and features gourmet burgers made with the finest ingredients, salads, handmade sides, craft cocktails. Now offering an endless steakfrites prepared in 3 different styles. Serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week, Umami always offers new and innovative dishes. 2200 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks. 805.413.8626.

Calabasas Style 111

Chef-Driven Mexican Cuisine __________________________ TREJO'S CANTINA Celebrity Danny Trejo serves up Mexican food with a Los Angeles flare. From vegan options like the Cauliflower taco to quirky spins on classics like the Sur f & Tur f burrito, there is something to excite every appetite. An O.G. Margarita is the per fect addition to any meal. 21550 Oxnard St., #125, Woodland Hills. 818.805.3165.

AMERICAN CLASSICS REDEFINED __________________________ THE STAND Redefining today’s casual dining scene, The Stand delivers quality, speed, and a diverse menu designed to meet everyone’s needs. The menu is created from a passion for American classics done in their own way that incorporates modern flavors and techniques to make each dish truly unique. 23683 Calabasas Rd., Calabasas. 818.206. 6363. 5780 Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills. 818.710.0400.

MOUTHWATERING Bakery & café __________________________ CAKE MONKEY Cake Monkey Bakery has created a whimsical array of favorite childhood snack treats and mini layer cakes, individually sized, filled and frosted as you like! You’ll also find delicious pies, cookies, scones, muffins, croissants and monkey bread! Now serving delicious breakfast and lunch! 2805 Agoura Rd., Westlake Village. 805.230.2552.


Calabasas Style

Modern Steakhouse __________________________ STEAKOLOGY Steakology is a simple, straightforward new chophouse concept that has turned the traditional steakhouse on its head. Diners can order prime steak by the ounce – where each premium cut is individually selected, weighed, and hand carved in front of you – putting the customer in full control. The Village at Westfield Topanga, 6320 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., #1625, Woodland Hills. 818.630.9899.

DELI-ICIOUS __________________________ BRENT'S DELICATESSEN A family-run business since 1969, Brent’s has grown to become the #1 Delicatessen and Restaurant in the nation, with delivery anywhere in Southern California. Brent’s not only features more than 650 deli and restaurant items, but also offers complete catering for celebrations, events, and corporate events. 2799 Townsgate Rd., Westlake Village. 805.557.1882. 19565 Parthenia St., Northridge. 818.886.5679.

FRESH TWIST ON THE CLASSIC TAVERN __________________________ TWISTED OAK TAVERN & BREWERY From miso-glazed salmon served over warmed red potato salad to a mouthwatering burger made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Twisted Oak Tavern puts a modern twist on traditional tavern fare. They also offer a full bar with over 30 beers on tap, including their own craft beer brewed on site. 30105 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills. 818.735.0091.

Calabasas Style 113

Grub and

Gastronomy Directory

Al Mulino 3709 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Westlake Village 805.379.0016 Bogie’s Bar 32001 Agoura Rd. Westlake Village 818.889.2394 Brent’s Delicatessen & Restaurant 2799 Townsgate Rd. Westlake Village 805.557.1882 19565 Parthenia St. Northridge 818.886.5679 Cake Monkey 2805 Agoura Rd. Westlake Village 805.230.2552

Larsen’s Steakhouse 6256 Topanga Cyn. Blvd. #2280 Woodland Hills 818.704.1226

The Stand 23683 Calabasas Rd. Calabasas 818.206.6363

16101 Ventura Blvd. Encino 818.386.9500

5780 Canoga Ave. Woodland Hills 818.710.0400

Mastro’s Steakhouse 2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks 805.418.1811

The Stonehaus 32039 Agoura Rd. Westlake Village 818.483.1152

Mastro’s Ocean Club 18412 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu 310.454.4357 Mediterraneo 32037 Agoura Rd. Westlake Village 818.889.9105

7807 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles 323.932.1142

Morton’s The Steakhouse 6250 Canoga Ave. Woodland Hills 818.703.7272

Hatch Café & Market 30651 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Agoura Hills 818.575.9000

Q Sushi 30770 Russell Ranch Rd., #A Westlake Village 818.540.3231

H.O.M Italian Eatery 21136 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills 818.313.9500

Rib Ranch BBQ 4923 Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Woodland Hills 818.884.7776

Lal Mirch 5146 Kanan Rd. Agoura Hills 818.532.7532 11138 Ventura Blvd. Studio City 818.980.2273


Calabasas Style

Steakology 6320 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., #1625 Woodland Hills 818.630.9899

Toscanova 4799 Commons Way, #A Calabasas 818.225.0499 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. Century City 310.551.0499 Trejo’s Cantina 21550 W. Oxnard St. Woodland Hills 818.805.3165 Twisted Oak Tavern 30105 Agoura Rd. Agoura Hills 818.735.0091 Umami Burger 2200 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks 805.413.8626 Zin Bistro Americana 32131 Lindero Cyn. Rd., #111 Westlake Village 818.865.0095

Calabasas Style 115

An Ounce of Prevention


Cheese By Lori Berezin

Let’s face it, even if rich, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cheese of-

contractions and increase milk production post pregnancy.

fered no other benefits than glorious taste and texture, we’d still

Although there are other ways to increase your daily calcium

crave the stuff. Fortunately, it’s also chock full of vitamins and

intake—from chia seeds to chickpeas—none taste quite as

minerals, such as bone-building vitamin B and calcium, that

good on pizza. Those suffering from lactose intolerance might

transform it into a healthy menu option.

try over-the-counter tablets to help digest dairy’s lactose.

Ever since the first trader back in 6,000 BCE added salt to milk

There’s probably nothing more crucial to maintaining one’s

that was mistakenly left fermenting too long in the sun, cheese

health than a good night’s sleep. Tryptophan, a naturally oc-

has been a staple of chefs and home cooks alike. A study in

curring amino acid in cheese and dairy products, helps lower

medical journal The Lancet even showed that two small serv-

stress and promote sleep. Did you ever notice the calm expres-

ings of dairy per day might reduce the risk of heart attack and

sion on a breastfeeding infant’s face? Milk and cheese both

stroke. There’s another reason to smile. Loaded with calcium,

contain the protein casein, which increases feel-good dopa-

cheese helps bones and pearly whites grow strong.

mine, triggering the brain’s opioid receptors. That’s another reason cheese and dairy are so addicting.

Cheeses, such as low-fat cottage cheese, contain protein to help hair grow. The vitamin B in cheese also increases cell

Cheese is most beneficial when eaten in small amounts. Wheth-

growth, which keeps skin supple. Cheese lowers blood pres-

er you’re fond of fondue, adore the sharp taste of cheddar, or

sure, and if you choose a low-sodium variety, it is even more

crave milder mozzarella, there are plenty of healthy reasons to

heart healthy. Cheese has been touted for reducing the effects

add a bit of cheese to your diet. n

of PMS, and the calcium content even helps stimulate labor


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 117


Like to Eat? By Irene Marshall and Kaylie Carafelli

There is a difference between eating and actually dining. Taking a moment to savor food and discerning every ingredient are just a couple of the simple pleasures in dining. However, some non-foodies simply consume food as a routine, completely satisfied with a frozen meal. We’ve created a list of qualities so you can decide if you’re a “foodie” or a “non-foodie.”



• You appreciate the quality of your food.

• Cost and convenience are factors in deciding what to eat.

• You appreciate authentic regional cuisine.

• Fast food is satisfying to you.

• You order takeout from a restaurant.

• You order takeout in a drive-through.

• You appreciate homemade food and enjoy cooking.

• You do not enjoy cooking and rarely cook at home.

• You notice imported ingredients.

• You notice the food wrapping.

• You appreciate organic, fresh ingredients.

• You eat mindlessly, with no regard to ingredients or nutrition.

• You would choose food over ambiance.

• You value convenience over quality.

• You appreciate the presentation and attention to detail.

• You are notorious for drenching your food in sauce,

• You order food without substitutions, trusting the chef’s palette. • You are excited to try new, exotic cuisines and go on food adventures. • You read restaurant reviews and are always looking for restaurant recommendations. • You have opinions about your food and often find them come up in conversation. • You dine.


Calabasas Style

like ketchup. • You make substitutions to your entrées when dining out. • You find unfamiliar tastes undesirable and are not willing to try new cuisines. • You repetitively visit restaurants at which you’ve had a mediocre experience. • You believe food should be kept simple and is just fuel for the body. • You eat.

Calabasas Style 119

Malibu Wines & Beer Garden OPENS IN WEST HILLS By Lori Berezin Photography by Steve Geldman

There’s a reason to celebrate in West Hills. Malibu Wines

The impressive line-up of craft beer (both local and region-

recently opened a tasting room there. Complementing its

al) includes Relax IPA from New England, 1903 Lager from

Malibu location, the new Malibu Wines & Beer Garden is

Craftsman Brewing Company in Pasadena, Valkyrie from

now conveniently located in the heart of the Valley. The

Enegren Brewing in Moorpark, Changing Seas w/Pink Gua-

Malibu location suffered slight damage during the recent

va from 14 Cannons in Westlake Village, Matador Red Ale

fires but will be reopening in March 2019.

from 8one8 Brewing in Canoga Park, and many more.

Located on a landmark Los Angeles Heritage Site that was

The family owned Malibu Wines brand offers both the Mal-

once home to 1930’s film star Francis Lederer, the charming mission-style building, formerly stables, provides the perfect venue for the tasting room. Serving Semler and Saddlerock-label wine, the Malibu Wines & Beer Garden expanded its selection to include a variety of local and regional craft beers. Guests can also enjoy tasty treats made to order from Two Doughs Pizza on Friday through Sunday, plus live music on the weekends. Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended on Saturdays and Sundays during peak months: March through October.


Calabasas Style

ibu and West Hills communities a place to enjoy, relax, drink, and eat with friends and family. Open seven days a week in a unique setting, they strive to create lasting relationships with locals and friends as they continue to spread happiness one glass of wine (or beer) at a time. n 23130 Sherman Way West Hills 818.272.8572 @malibuwinesandbeergarden

Calabasas Style 121


Calabasas Style

Discover delicious new eateries and revisit local favorites.

y r a n i Cul s g n i v Cra SATISFY YOUR

In Epicurean Style Calabasas Style 123

Satisfy Your

Culinary Cravings in Epicurean Style

There’s nothing like dining at your favorite restaurant, pub, or

the Inn is home to several restaurants. When you’re in the mood

bistro to reconnect with family and friends. Whether your crew

for a tasty twist on classic Italian, try this tantalizing European-style

is craving juicy, fall-off-the-bone BBQ; scrumptious seafood

bistro. Dine inside or al fresco on the outdoor patio and let the views

plucked fresh from the sea; authentic Italian; or sustainable,

of their private lake transport you to sunny Italy or Provence. Treat

plant-based vegetarian fare, you’re sure to find the ideal spot

yourself to gently poached ravioli nudi, “naked ravioli,” without

since we are blessed with an abundance of choices. Here are

the pasta, dressed in a fragrant heirloom tomato sauce or hearty

a few of our favorite local eateries, serving everything from

rigatoni Bolognese. Enjoy the journey!

comforting grub to gourmet cuisine guaranteed to delight your tummy and make your taste buds sing.

For a lighter take on traditional Italian fare, visit Stonehaus at the Westlake Village Inn. Pair healthy, seasonal dishes resembling

When you yearn for authentic Italian just like mama used to make,

those served in chic European Enotecas with a glass or two of their

head over to Al Mulino in Westlake Village. Owners Gianlucca and

private-label wine, craft beers, or cordials. Enjoy delicate thin-crust

Marta, both native Italians, ensure everything is perfecto, from

pizzas cooked in their outdoor oven seven days a week or such

their traditional, homemade, fresh, organic pasta, created with

melt-in-your-mouth menu items as fig, considered an aphrodisiac

imported ingredients, to their spicy Pizza Napoletana, crafted from

since the days of Cleopatra; goat cheese and prosciutto panini; or

an old Italian recipe requiring a long leavening process and quick

earthy Moliterno black truffle cheese. Join the Stonehaus Cycling

cooking time in a traditional woodfire oven. Try some fresh piadina

Club or Wine Club and share the camaraderie of other like-minded

romagnola, originally from the Emilia-Romagna region, resembling

connoisseurs with monthly cycling and wine-tasting events, first

a panini, with vegetables, cheeses, or salami. Top off your meal

access to limited and small production wines, and more.

with delicious pastries, creamy gelato, and rich espresso. Mama mia, that’s Italian!

From chicken meatballs in a spicy arrabiata sauce and Baja Caesar salad to shrimp in white wine and lemon garlic and mushroom

Delight your palate with French, Greek, or Italian-inspired cuisine at

ravioli immersed in a creamy marsala-reduction, Bogies is the

Mediterraneo’s at the charming, Tuscan-inspired Westlake Village

perfect place to celebrate good times with family and friends. Sip

Inn. Nestled amid 17 acres of lush gardens and fragrant vineyards,

some flavorful concoctions with such unique names as Flight of the


Calabasas Style

Dragon, Tennessee Mule, and Lakeside Martini before boogying

of beauty.” Pair your meal with premium vintages from Kieu

the night away during an endless variety of live music events,

Hoang’s Napa Valley vineyards followed by tempura chocolate

dance parties, and DJ nights. Located at the popular Westlake

dessert for a night to remember.

Village Inn, Bogies clearly knows how to get the party started with a daily happy hour from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. plus lively

Take a virtual trip to New York’s colorful Coney Island via Brent’s

Latin Wednesdays presented by Salseros-LA and more.

Deli in Westlake Village. This friendly, family-owned spot has been serving mouth-watering, mile-high sandwiches, breakfast fare,

Mastro’s Steakhouse and Mastro’s Ocean Club provide the

traditional blintzes, and potato latkes for more than 50 years. Treat

ultimate surf ‘n turf as diners choose between their inland

your family and yourself to Ron’s Special Brunch with two eggs

location in Thousand Oaks or seaside Malibu venue. Whether

any style plus your choice of lox, cod, whitefish, or baked salmon

you feast on delectable seafood towers piled high with sweet

with cream cheese and toast, roll or bagel, tomato, onion, and

morsels of lobster and shrimp, Hamachi sashimi with crispy fried

home fries plus all the coffee you can drink. They’ll even deliver

onions, decadent Gorgonzola mac and cheese, tender filet, or

or cater your next party. Enjoy holidays or special events served

rib eye chops cooked to perfection, you simply can’t go wrong.

with a slice of history at Brent’s, voted #1 in Zagat’s for years.

From lobster benedict or whatever catch of the day catches your eye to the latest sushi creation from renowned Chef Angel

The Adir brothers, owners of Steakology at the Village at

Carbajal of the Nick-San restaurant in Cabo, a trip to Mastro's

Westfield Topanga, vowed to turn the typically high cost of

is a culinary adventure of pure refinement and excellence.

dining at traditional steakhouses on its head by creating one of the area’s first modern steakhouses. Serving some of the

Executive Chef Mikiki Ando and her staff serve assorted delicacies,

finest USDA-prime, local, grass-fed steak on the market, they

such as miso black cod, tender Kobe beef, and a Fire Goddess

also never skimp on quality. Diners can order prime steak by

sushi roll with spicy albacore, yellowtail, avocado, and piquant

the ounce, where each premium cut is individually selected,

ponzu at the popular Q Sushi & Kieu Hoang Wine Lounge. Located

weighed, and hand carved in front of you, putting the

at the Shoppes at Westlake Village, the eclectic eatery offers some

customer in full control. Local steak lovers enjoy their “fast-

of the finest sushi around. Their Dynamite Special Roll, made with

-casual approach to steak.” There’s also a lot to love beyond

forbidden rice, yellowtail, cucumber, and avocado plus crispy

the reasonably priced meats, including signature salads,

shrimp and a mouth-watering sauce, has been called a “thing

yummy sides, and tasty desserts.

Continued on p. 126

Calabasas Style 125

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Cake Monkey Bakery seven days a

Located at The Lakes at Thousand Oaks, guests can sample

week in Westlake Village and Los Angeles. Mastermind Lisa J. Olin

a three-slider flight chosen from such signature burgers as the

and Executive Pastry Chef and Partner Elizabeth Belkind have

Impossible, made from plants on a vegan bun; the Manly, with

been offering youngsters their first taste of sugar and brides their

bacon lardons, crispy fried onions, and melted beer-cheddar

dream wedding cakes for years. Throw a party for one with a

cheese; Truffle burger; and Sam's Crispy Chicken Burger. Or go

signature miniature layer cake bursting with great-big flavors,

all in with a full-sized burger and taste the umami. Try their new

such as chocolate caramel, raspberry red velvet, and Cake

bottomless Steak Frites served with three savory sauces: curry

Monkey carrot cake. Or try their award-winning cider-roasted

compound butter, sweet and spicy hoisin sauce, and a tangy

apple pie, brown butter pecan pie, or chocolate cake pudding

balsamic reduction.

pie, which is even available in a gluten-free version. Cake Monkey Bakery also serves breakfast and lunch. Sweet!

Lal Mirch offers authentic Indian cuisine in the heart of the Valley. Incorporating an array of sweet-smelling spices that perfectly

Enjoy a candlelit dinner, Sunday brunch, or romantic sunset over

complement each dish, the restaurant more than lives up to its

the lake at Westlake Village’s enticing Zin Bistro. This local favorite

name, meaning “red chili.” With a flavorful range of traditional

continues to lure lovers, friends, and families celebrating special

Tandoori (clay oven) entrées and tantalizing favorites to ignite

occasions or just another perfect day. Their menu includes

your palate, such as hearty Mulligatawny soup, creamy shrimp

upscale comfort food, such as fresh Maine lobster ravioli with

tikka Masala, vegetable samosas, and spicy curry dishes, Lal Mirch

creamy Gorgonzola alfredo sauce, gluten-free lamb lollipops in

presents the best of Agra in Agoura Hills and Studio City. From

a tangy mint cilantro pesto, and tender filet mignon. Finish the

aromatic cholesterol-reducing garlic to anti-inflammatory turmeric

meal with Death by Chocolate, New York-style cheesecake,

and immune-building fenugreek, their menu will not only warm your

or crème brulee before dancing the calories away. Zin Bistro

soul but help heal your body as well.

is open for weekend brunch as well as lunch and dinner seven days a week plus live music Thursday through Sunday.

Fresh, local ingredients and elevated California fare make Hatch Cafe & Market in Agoura Hills the hip, new kid on the block. Restaurateur

Umami means “deliciousness,” and that’s just what you will

Mark LaValle, stylist Jordan LaValle, and Executive Chef Isaiah Seay

discover at Umami Burger! Coined by the Japanese, it is the

designed this family-friendly spot with the same distinctive creativity

fifth taste, rich and savory, beyond sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

that their unique food embodies. Their dining room stirs conversation


Calabasas Style

with its array of contemporary art and striking arrangements of china

and onion soup au jus; and El Capitan, though not to scale, piled

plates and ornate mirrors. Comfortable surroundings mimic the array of

high with a beef burger, braised short ribs, pickled red onion, fresh

comfort food on the menu with a one-of-a-kind flare. From gluten-free

guacamole, and chimichurri.

green tea pancakes with matcha syrup to a vegan wrap with black garlic hummus or Mia’s salmon sandwich with basil horseradish aioli,

Toscanova always delights with its modern approach to classic

your taste buds will be forever changed!

Italian fare. Located in the Calabasas Commons and Century City, the sensuously prepared branzino mediterranea, homemade

In 2015, Agoura Hills welcomed the Twisted Oak Tavern to the

pappardelle al cinghiale with wild boar ragù, and luscious

neighborhood and never looked back. Their menu includes a

pollo alla parmigiana will make you swoon. Tie the knot with

modern twist on traditional tavern fare, such as stout braised short

grilled shrimp salad or seasonal grilled veggies. Say “I do” to

ribs and miso salmon. Since 2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig, why

perfectly cooked octopus, delicately steamed Manilla clams, or

not try their pork belly bites or renowned Hogzilla? A succulent half

marinated Scottish salmon. Seal the deal with some decadent

pig’s head is brined overnight in a special spice mix, oven roasted,

tortino al’ cioccolato, refreshing frutti di bosco, or torta di mele

and served on a platter. In case you’d rather not see your meal

warm carmelized apple tart served with cold vanilla ice cream.

gaze up at you, you can still enjoy burgers and seafood dishes

Your tummy will thank you for a heavenly honeymoon.

galore. And what’s a tavern without a bar? Wash down your meal with unique and classic cocktails, house brews, or craft beers.

There’s no place like H.O.M. in Woodland Hills. This upscale yet casual Italian eatery combines the taste of home cooking with

The folks at The Stand in Calabasas stand up for great food, service,

heartwarming surroundings. The saute di mare, overflowing with

and value served in a casual, friendly environment. Serving locally

manilla clams, mussels, and shrimp in a spicy Calabrian chili

sourced produce, fresh-baked bread, and professionally blended

broth, would make any Italian mama proud. Even the eggplant

ground beef, The Stand’s menu is created from American classics

parm comes from an old family recipe. Pastas are made fresh

and redefined to make each dish truly unique. They craft unique

with seasonal ingredients and herbs, such as porcini mushrooms,

burgers, such as the Veggie Goddess, packed with veggie patty,

fresh basil, carmelized onions, and zesty pistachio pesto. Mains

Gruyére cheese, red onion, tomato, avocado, arugula, and green

include luscious branzino seabass, grilled lamb chops, and

goddess dressing; The French onion soup with double parmesan-

tagliata filet mignon. Enjoy your meal with a glass or two of their

-crusted bun, Gruyére cheese, red wine onions, crispy onion strings,

regional wines. Home never quite tasted like this! Continued on p. 128

Calabasas Style 127

A visit to Larsen’s Steakhouse in Woodland Hills, Encino, or one of

they’ll even cart over custom barbeque wagons to cater your

the other popular SoCal locations is always special. Larsen’s dry

event. While it’s easy to fill up on their Eastern baby back pork

ages their prime meats to tenderize them with their own natural

ribs, meaty black angus beef ribs, tender BBQ mesquite tri-tip,

enzymes to make the steaks taste rich and buttery. They unlock full

and flavorful BBQ chicken, leave room for some apple or peach

flavor with a two-week wet-aging process to preserve the flavor

cobbler or classic pecan pie. There are also plenty of sips and

of their marvelous marbled beef. This time-honored technique

suds, from fruity zinfandels to flavorful amber ales to wash it all

ensures guests receive the most tender, delicious steaks every

down and relax with good friends over great grub.

time. Larsen’s also serves up fresh seafood, sushi, chicken, chops, and a range of mouth-watering sides and salads. They also have one of the best happy hours in town. Larsen’s also offers catering

The colorful food at Trejo’s Cantina in Woodland Hills is as vibrant as the turquoise walls. Serving up a tapestry of flavors,

to make your own special occasions truly memorable.

the impressive list of traditional tacos includes steak asada

Visit Morton’s The Steakhouse in Woodland Hill’s bustling Warner

slaw; spicy shrimp with diablo sauce, pickled onions, verde

Center for juicy prime-aged beef, perfectly cooked seafood,

slaw, and cool avocado cream; and Baja fish with beer-battered

traditional cocktails, and decadent desserts plus private dining

cod, pineapple salsa, and chipotle slaw on a flour tortilla.

with your choice of silver, gold, platinum, and diamond

There are also unique twists on vegan tacos, such as young

menus. They’ll also cater to your every whim with a variety

jackfruit with avocado cream, pico de gallo, verde slaw, and

of gluten-free and soy-sensitive menu items, plus a range of

tortilla strips and cauliflower with cashew cream and pickled

specialties to let your inner Paleo lover shine. Make your next

onions. And don’t forget to try the yummy burritos, bowls, and

home or office event an affair to remember with prime platters

quesadillas. Oh, my!

full of colossal shrimp and lobster cocktails, miniature prime cheeseburgers, steak sandwiches, and more. It’ll quickly be clear why this restaurant won Zagat’s prestigious honor of Best

topped with tangy citrus marinade, pepita pesto, and verde

With so many exquisite options in our community, we hope you find something to satisfy your every craving. If you have yet to

Los Angeles Steakhouse Restaurant.

visit any of the dining locales, do give them a go as they more

You’ll want to lick your lips and shout “hallelujah” once you

yourself. Don’t forget to keep our restaurant directory handy

taste the finger lickin’ ribs and chicken at the Rib Ranch BBQ of

for each restaurant’s address, phone number, and website.

Woodland Hills. In case you want to take the party on the road,

Buon appetito from Calabasas Style! n


Calabasas Style

than deserve your business and you definitely deserve to treat

Calabasas Style 129

My Stomach Is By Marc Cohen


Do you ever get excited about your upcoming restaurant

Not sure what goes with what? Hello Vino allows you to

visit, as you anticipate the great food and drink ahead?

enter the name of the dishes you are about to eat and will

Then, as soon as the meal is over, you feel full, yet ready

suggest the best wines for a complete dining experience;

for more? If so, is anticipation better than the actual

it’s like having your very own sommelier at your fingertips.

meal? Of course, not! We all love to eat and drink, so let’s

For a new way of cooking, check out the Brava; it uses

take a look at what the world of technology has to offer

light waves to cook both the interior and the exterior of the

when it comes to satisfying our pallet.

food independently. It looks like a microwave oven and includes six individual lamps so light hits specific areas of

If you are a home chef waiting to get a spot on Master

the oven as needed. It includes a thermometer with five

Chef, then the BigOven app will help. It has over 350,000

detection points that are accurate to 1/10 of a degree.

recipes, allows you to save a digital copy of your own

Want to cook a frozen pizza? Brava has you covered in



just 10 minutes ver-

even provides a built-


sus 25 in a conven-



tional oven; steak


and potatoes cook

share your recipes on

in 15 instead of the

the app’s social me-

usual 45 in a tra-

dia platform. If you

ditional oven. The

opt for the premium

gadget is not inex-










per year, you can sort,


create, and upload

$1300, depending

an unlimited number

on the bells and

of recipes.


Mark the

Bittman book





Don’t want to go






Grubhub, Ubereats,

Cook Everything; the

or Door Dash. These

companion app gives you 20,000 recipes and includes step-by-step instructional

services deliver from just about any restaurant, and you

videos. The book works well for both beginners and ex-

don’t even need to get out of your jammies. Just be pre-

perts. As a nice bonus, it includes a built-in timer so you

pared to pay a premium for the food and cost of delivery.

know how long to cook your food. Hot trend alert: ghost restaurants! There are no store fronts If you like wine with your meal and you happen to be a

to sit down and enjoy and no

vegetarian like my wife and daughter, here is big news:

pickups, just delivery.

Vegan wines are actually a thing. You can now find them on many websites and in restaurants. Speaking of wine,

I think I gained 30 pounds just

Vivino is an app that scans wine labels and gives you all

writing this article, but what a

the details about the wine you are about to purchase.

way to go. n

It gives ratings, prices, and features and tells you where


to buy the wine, with the option of ordering directly from

See you on the radio!

your phone.

Marc Cohen

Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 131


Mushrooms By Lori Berezin

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere these days,

sipping lemon juice tea with mushrooms or munching

in everything from chocolate bars and hot cocoa to

on mushroom jerky to enhance wellness. Enjoy rich hot

beauty products, tea, and coffee. While they’ve al-

cocoa with reishi or cinnamon chaga tea. Powdered

ways been a great addition to pizza, omelets, and

mushrooms are also available to enhance drinks or

veggie burgers, they’ve recently experienced a surge

even brush onto your skin for a more vibrant look and

in status, starring in a variety of intriguing beauty elixirs

less acne, rosacea, and eczema.

and foods. Loaded with healthy antioxidants, mushrooms are Why this present rise in popularity? They’re incredibly

considered a superfood. These culinary superheroes

versatile, for one thing, with a delicious capacity to

are able to increase energy, reduce brain fog, and

blend in with a myriad of flavors. Hearty portobello

restore skin’s natural beauty in a few brushes or bites.

mushrooms, for instance, provide a great substitute for

Even the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates con-

meat, mixing well with tomato sauce and cheese.

sidered mushrooms anti-inflammatory and used them

They can even change the property of certain foods,

to cauterize wounds. There are many books outlining

transforming coffee into a smoother, less-acidic drink,

their medicinal properties, which include chaga, for

decreasing the need for additional milk or sugar.

shiny hair and less inflammation; cordyceps for increased energy; and lion’s mane to boost memory

Consuming medicinal mushrooms has long been a

and concentration.

mainstay of holistic medicine. It was only a matter of


time before they started showing up in novel ways.

Although there are more than 38,000 varieties of mush-

Many varieties, such as reishi, cordyceps, and shiitake,

rooms, only about 20 species are actually edible. They

make our favorite foods even healthier. Lion’s mane is

offer a delicious, healthy option no matter how you

thought to slow the growth of cancer cells. Consider

incorporate them into your beauty regimen or diet. n

Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 133


Garlic By Lori Berezin

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates For more than 5,000 years, garlic has been used throughout the world to ward off everything from diseases to Dracula. The renowned Greek physician Hippocrates even prescribed this “stinking rose” to his patients to prolong their lives. Fast forward to the 21st century. Science now confirms much of what chefs and healers already know—garlic is one of the best foods to ward off illnesses and other

Additional health benefits: • Prevents and reduces the severity of flus and common colds • Reduces total and LDL cholesterol, particularly in people with high cholesterol • Its antioxidants may promote brain health, reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease • Lowers high blood pressure and regular supplementation may be as effective as medication, with fewer side effects • May increase estrogen levels in women, which can assist bone health

medical conditions. The fact that it is also delicious,

Since garlic is a food, it causes far fewer side effects

low in calories, and rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, man-

than drugs. It is most potent when eaten raw but can

ganese, and other nutrients is an added bonus.

still provide benefits when cooked in a delicious sauce or soup. One of its most noticeable side effects is mal-

Garlic produces a chemical called allicin, which is re-

odorous breath. It can also increase bleeding, so it

leased when the bulb is sliced or crushed. Its antioxi-

should not be consumed in the days before or follow-

dants protect against cell damage and aging. It also

ing surgery. When using garlic supplements, be sure to

kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and more.

consult your doctor regarding any possible contraindications. And mangia in good health!! n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 135


Celery Juice By Lori Berezin

Juicing with celery may be the latest trend but the

the nerves, and even clear up skin problems. Rich in

concept of juicing fruits and vegetables for better

magnesium, organic sodium, iron, and vitamin A, it

health has been around for years. Juicing extracts

also nourishes the blood and helps remove calcium

celery’s most vital nutrients. You may miss out on some

deposits. Not bad for a common vegetable.

of the fiber, which can help with weight loss and regularity, but you’ll receive a powerful tonic in return. You

Many today suffer from low stomach acid, especial-

can always munch on a stalk or two later in the day.

ly those with thyroid problems. The natural sodium in celery helps increase stomach acid to break down

Nutritionists recommend juicing your celery first thing in

food more efficiently. Sluggish digestion makes one

the morning to improve digestion throughout the day.

feel more fatigued, so juicing with celery should im-

Studies have shown celery may lower blood pressure

prove energy levels and reduce bloating. Since it

and cholesterol, impact glucose and insulin levels, and

helps break down amino acids, it also assists with pro-

increase enzyme activity to boost digestion. Celery

tein assimilation, which can lead to a sharper mind.

also contains antioxidants and phytonutrients called


flavonoids that help fight disease. It is loaded with vi-

Food cravings are often the body’s reaction to insuffi-

tamins B2, B6, C, and K; folate; potassium; calcium;

cient minerals. Since celery juicing helps you process

and more to help ward off liver disease and cancer,

nutrients better, you’ll have fewer cravings. Celery

improve cardiovascular health, and lower inflamma-

salts also help eliminate heavy metals and toxins from

tion. Celery also contains coumarin compounds that

the liver. Plus, they’re antifungal and antibacterial. All

enhance white blood cells and support the body’s

in all, celery is a healthy tonic for body and mind. Let’s

vascular system. Celery helps purify the blood, relax

drink to that! n

Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 137

—— our local ——







Malibu Wines & Beer Garden is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite Semler and Saddlerock label wines and a variety of local and regional craft beer. They also offer delicious pizza and live music on the weekends. 23130 Sherman Way, West Hills. 818.272.8572 ext. 6.

More than just an authentic Italian restaurant, Al Mulino offers incredible desserts. Their artisanal gelato, handmade with love and a traditional recipe, is truly to die for. Transport your taste buds to Italy with a spoonful of the salted caramel flavor. 3709 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village. 805.379.0016.

Located inside Twisted Oak Tavern, the LAB Brewing Co. has been brewing award-winning beers on site since the inception of the gastropub and brewery in 2015. Pair a Blonde Ale with your entrée or enjoy a Farmhouse Ale over happy hour. 30105 Agoura Rd., Agoura Hills. 818.735.0091.


Calabasas Style

Choose from 10 luscious Bundt flavors and forty unique cake designs while you browse a treasure trove of unique gifts, charming cards and inspired decorator items. 6524 Platt Ave., West Hills. 818.340.2253. 1610 Thousand Oaks Blvd., #D, Thousand Oaks. 805.446.3082.

A family-owned tasting room and retail store, Olive Alchemy offers seasonally fresh olive oils from across the globe and balsamic vinegars, available on tap in a delicious assortment of rich flavors. 4774 Park Granada #5, Calabasas. 747.226.3767.

Atrium provides an elevated way to experience cannabis by offering the finest curation of delectable medicinal cookies, chocolate bars, macaroons, and more. We’ll help you find the right products to enhance and improve your life. 5441 Topanga Cyn. Blvd., Woodland Hills. 818.810.7379.

Calabasas Style 139

Where Ahh Meets Spa:

Rancho Valencia Resort By Lori Berezin and Irene Marshall

still want more, there’s The Hacienda, a magical 5,000-square-foot adobe home to help you live out your desert dreams. Those who

From the moment you enter the lush grounds surrounding the posh

never want to leave can even purchase a part-time residence in

Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, minutes from La Jolla and Del

one of the 12 Spanish-style villas at Rancho Valencia.

Mar, you naturally begin to unwind. Feeling worlds away from it all, you uncover the well-kept secret of this Mediterranean-inspired, all-

When to roam

suite, pet-friendly property boasting 45 acres of verdant gardens

Still, there’s plenty to do outside your casita. Brush up on your game

and olive groves northeast of San Diego.

with a tennis lesson at the award-winning facilities from onsite pro

Home suite home

Robin White, a two-time winner of the U.S. Open. Warm up first with a fitness class at the Serenity Yoga Pavilion. Afterwards, indulge

You may be tempted to remain in your luxurious casita, with private

body and soul with a rejuvenating spa or beauty treatment.

patio, relaxing Jacuzzi, and fresh-squeezed OJ delivered each

Try a couple’s massage or unique Zen-Touch™, featuring a

morning with the newspaper. These large hacienda-style suites

combination shiatsu, Thai massage, acupressure, and Reiki

range from 900 to 1,300 square feet, with high ceilings, inclusive

energy work. Don’t miss signature activities such as the Wander

minibar, sunken living room, and charming, regionally inspired

Wednesdays guided tour of the grounds, Tequila Thursdays

décor. The luxury three-bedroom villas feature an incredible 3,500

tastings in the Pony Room, and Fitness Fridays, where you can

square feet of indoor and outdoor space reminiscent of traditional

learn foam-rolling yoga balance techniques.

California haciendas with three bedrooms and three and a half marble bathrooms, a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, hand-

A menu for all seasons

painted tiles, jetted plunge pools, private terraces, indoor and

All this exercise and pampering is bound to build up an appetite.

outdoor fireplaces, and opulent furnishings throughout. In case you

Look no further than Rancho Valencia’s onsite restaurants for fresh


Calabasas Style

seasonal produce, herbs grown right on the grounds, and local Temecula honey that’ll keep you buzzing with delight. Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles and Chef De Cuisine Josh Holt oversee the scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine for Veladora, the Wine Cave private dining room with outdoor terrace overlooking a eucalyptus grove, and The Pony Room, serving craft tequilas and cocktails to complement the rustic American fare.

A sure bet When you’re finally ready to venture beyond the resort, how about test-driving a Porsche? Partnering with Porsche of San Diego, Rancho Valencia allows guests to try out one of their Cayennes or Boxsters. We can’t think of a better way to experience nearby activities, such as hiking Torrey Pines Reserve, placing a bet at the Del Mar Racetrack, shopping on eclectic Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach, and golfing at one of the partnering courses. Or you can simply ride into the San Diego sunset in a colorful hot air balloon. You bet it doesn’t get much better than this. n

Calabasas Style 141

Recovery, Growth Spring AND

renewal By Lori Berezin Photography by Steve Geldman The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes

Driving through the Valley or along Pacific Coast

her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.

Highway in Malibu, one notices the beautiful

green hills and tiny flowers blooming across hill-

— Writer and Abolitionist Harriet Ann Jacobs

sides scorched by fire, illustrating the amazing reSigns of spring are blooming across the hillsides of Los

silience of Mother Nature. Healing after a tragedy

Angeles and Ventura counties. After flames scorched

is perhaps best done in nature. During winter, even

thousands of acres this past fall, devastating lives and

in sunny Southern California, we tend towards in-

properties, spring has begun to reveal its miraculous

trospection. After suffering tragedy, we are even

healing power. It is nature’s way of saying “good

more apt to retreat both physically and emotional-

morning” to all its creatures after a long winter’s nap.

ly. Then, spring shows its face, as flowers bloom and

Spring is all about beginnings, saying good-bye to the

hills turn green, and we feel a new burst of energy,

darker seasons of fall and winter, which have long

longing to venture outside and return to normal.

worn out their welcome.


Calabasas Style

People still grappling with all the issues surrounding the fires and other tragedies might not be entirely ready to begin anew. Take long walks in nature and continue to seek out friends and other means of support. Think about how things could have always been worse. While that sounds pessimistic, it actually helps to put things in perspective. n The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.

— Author Sarah Ban Breathnach

Calabasas Style 143

Earth Day Made Easy By Kaylie Carafelli and Irene Marshall


Earth Day may come and go, and many will not even notice. The day was started to get us all to recognize that we have to take care of our planet for future generations. We need to step up and do something for the environment to keep it healthy and sustainable. Here are some ideas for you at home and Earth Day celebrations around town:

PLANT A PLANT OR GARDEN There’s nothing more rewarding than skipping the grocery store and heading into your backyard for fresh, organic, homegrown fruits and veggies. Engage the whole family in the growing process.

TAKE A NATURE WALK Walking in nature is proven to boost endorphins and improve your mood. So step out into nature and clear your mind amidst the beautiful trees and blossoming flowers.

RIDE A BIKE Cruise around the town or on your favorite bike path pollution-free and enjoy the wind in your hair. The earth will thank you and so will your muscles.


Calabasas Style

LEARN HOW TO COMPOST Make your garden happy by creating enriched, chemical-free soil. Reduce the amount of trash you produce by tossing food scraps and yard waste into your compost pile.

RECYCLE Forget the trash can. There are a multitude of benefits for our planet when you choose to toss your plastic bottle, used paper, or aluminum can into the recycle bin.

USE A REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE Decrease your carbon footprint by using a reusable bottle. It’s not only better for the environment, it’s beneficial for our wallets and health also.

Calabasas Style 145

DR. TANYA ALTMANN ON LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN Dr. Tanya Altmann, founder of Calabasas Pediatrics and Wellness Center, made a special guest appearance in a January episode of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, an American syndicated morning talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. The episode was part of the show’s JanYOUary segment where Dr. Altmann gave “New Uncle Ryan” basic lessons in taking care of a baby. A working mother and UCLA-trained pediatrician who practices in Calabasas, Dr. Tanya Altmann is also a bestselling author, network television parenting expert, and entertainment industry and child product industry consultant. Dr. Tanya is an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson, approved by the national physician organization to communicate complicated medical issues into easily understood concepts. Dr. Altmann has recently partnered with Dr. Tiffany Fischman and has relocated Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center to a new larger office at 23586 Calabasas Road to offer an expanded list of services.


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 147

OUTDOOR Activities: For


With flowers in full bloom and the weather getting warmer, there is no better time to spend time outdoors with the ones you love. We hope our favorite activities for spring inspire your family to put down those tablets and smartphones, turn off the TV, and unplug for a bit to cherish the simple treasures of the season.


Have a picnic in the park


Visit a local farmer’s market


Fly a kite in the clear blue sky


Go kayaking


Visit a zoo


Go bird watching


Go camping on the beach


Tour a college campus


Collect leaves, sticks, rocks, and flowers for an outdoor art project


Play a round of mini golf


o Swing on a swing set Have a BBQ with friends and family

o Take a hike in the beautiful green hills


Visit a nature center or botanical garden


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 149


Tattoos on the Rise By Lori Berezin

At-home tattoos are a growing teen trend. In case

system. Armed with only a few supplies easily found or

you’re wondering how they get their hands on the

purchased on the web, such as a bottle of India ink,

tattoo guns, needles, and ink to do the job, look no

sewing needle, and rubbing alcohol, they can create

further than one of the world’s largest online stores.

tattoos that will impress friends and freak out their folks. Many young celebrities helped popularize tattoos. In-

Baby boomers fought for peace and love and grew

stagram displays countless photos of hand-poke de-

their hair long. Millennials like to Snapchat and docu-

signs. Let’s face it, tattoos have gone mainstream and

ment nearly every thought and emotion. Those born

these kids want to join in. The biggest drawbacks to

after 1995 are considered Gen Z, and they’ve never

DIY home tattoos are risks of blood-borne disease and

lived without the Internet. It follows that they would


use the web to purchase home tattoo kits. While these kids, some as young as 10, are still growing up, stick-

Whether these tattoos are an act of artistic expres-

and-poke tattoos are permanent. The tattoo guns are

sion or teenage rebellion has yet to be determined.

completely legal and not age restricted. The designs

They’re probably a little of both. However, kids need to

can be small or hidden on a foot or wrist, under the

realize that even if their friend is a great tattoo artist, a

arm, or behind the neck so parents won’t notice them

stick-and-poke tattoo will always look less profession-

for months.

al than one done by an expert. Both, however, are meant to exist forever. And how many long-term de-


Kids are basically looking to express themselves artis-

cisions should a 15-year-old make? They’re remova-

tically. Younger teens, forbidden from utilizing tattoo

ble but not without a lot of pain. Perhaps, they should

parlors, realized home tattoos were a way around the

think before they ink. n

Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 151

Young Entrepreneurs


Culture of Kindness By Lori Berezin Brynn Tiano continues to inspire others with her new children’s book, Charlotte McGee, Proud to Be Me. The 17-yearold Calabasas High School student already helped create an empowerment group called InnerStar Girl with her mom, Lisa, and younger sister, Mia, after realizing how extensive the issue of bullying was among teenage girls. Based upon her own experiences, Brynn’s new book is about a girl named Charlotte, a second grader who has always struggled with accepting what makes her stand out. The young author explains, “Charlotte comes to learn that, although she may be different when it comes to her appearance, her personality is what truly shines through. When she is teased at school by her classmates, Charlotte is able to turn the situation around, showing everyone that no matter what obstacles are thrown her way, she will always embrace her differences and remain her silly, funny self.” You can find the book at: Brynn is also the founder of the REAL TeenTalk Club at her high school. She hopes to expand the program across the country and beyond. “More importantly,” she says, “I want children to be able to relate to Charlotte and use it as a means to spread the message of creating a culture of kindness.” That’s truly an inspiration for us all.


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 153

Young Entrepreneurs


Literature By Lori Berezin

Twenty-four-year-old Malibu author JD Slajchert’s biggest passion in life was basketball, playing for University of California, Santa Barbara and Oak Park High School. His whole world changed at 17 when he met “a little angel,” a 6-year-old boy with sickle cell disease named Luc Bodden. Luc was JD’s biggest fan, always telling him, “You're going to do it,” from his hospital bed. And the best part was that JD believed him. Luc passed away on September 14, 2016. In order to deal with this tragedy, the student athlete started writing. JD’s debut novel, MoonFlower, was published on October 14, 2018, just four months after his college graduation. Three weeks later, JD suffered another tragic loss when his home burned down in the Woolsey Fire. “The highs and lows of writing prepared me for the unfathomable—losing the place I called home,” explains the author. “I had been to this dark place before—and I knew that there was an opportunity to turn this dark into light; so, I tried.” He also launched a fundraising campaign called #MoonFlowers4Malibu and will donate 100% of his book sales to the Woolsey Fire victims to, once again, fight loss with love. Learn more at


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 155

Young Entrepreneurs


Succeed By Lori Berezin

Local native Cole Thomas met Ken Swegles on a bottling line in 2013. Three years later, after traveling, tasting, and working with wine, they decided to create their own label, Madson Wines. They launched their first bottles in 2018. The seeds of Cole’s inspiration were initially planted while working for Jeff Emery at the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard. “Jeff made wine for 40 years there, and his devotion to the land, the vineyards, and his craft was inspiring,” explains Cole. “Jeff and his winemaking predecessor, Ken Burnhap, would get together and open bottles…from the 70s and 80s. They would discuss the weather that year and the people who made the wine. I was blown away by how much they could remember... I realized that each bottle was a time capsule that told a story. I was inspired to craft my own wine and tell my own story.” Today, Cole and Ken farm small, rustic vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains, crafting wines specifically for their wine club ( Cole’s biggest piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, simply, “Find something that you are passionate about and do that. I have found success in this industry because of my immense passion for growing wine grapes and making wine.” Sage advice from a young winemaker.


Calabasas Style






Girl joined with Athleta Topanga and Cultivate Yoga with Ligia to host their Choose Love event for tween and teen girls. Lisa Tiano, cofounder of InnerStarGirl, brought teen ambassadors to facilitate two unique workshops on “SelfLove & Building Your Girl Tribe,” where girls learned self-care skills and received hands-on tools on how to live a life that focuses on self-acceptance and building a tribe of friends who support, encourage, and empower each other. The morning included a warm-up with yoga instructor




Ligia Floyd as she taught the girls how to embrace their bodies and choose self-worth and love over insecurity and fear. Ligia represents Athleta, a premium fitness and lifestyle brand that has a range of designs including activewear and workout clothes that suit girls’ and women’s lifestyles. For more information, visit

Calabasas Style 157

calendar. march

EVERY SATURDAY, 8AM – 1PM CALABASAS FARMERS MARKET Rain or shine, residents and visitors flock to Old Town Calabasas where a weekly farmers market replaces the old general store. Local vendors bring their fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods, and prepared foods to go.

MARCH 5, 8PM JESSICA LANG DANCE Creating and performing the work of choreographer Jessica Lang, who has “a gift for conveying emotion with exquisite simplicity” (the Washington Post), Jessica Lang Dance seeks to enrich and inspire global audiences by immersing them in the beauty of movement and music. Located at Pepperdine University, 24255 Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu. To purchase tickets, visit

MARCH 16 INAUGURAL CALABASAS SHAMROCK SHUFFLE 5K & KIDS RUN AND ST PATRICK’S DAY FESTIVAL Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Calabasas Shamrock Shuffle 5K & Fun Run along the beautiful roads of Calabasas. With a race start and finish at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, runners will enjoy the post-race St. Patrick's Day celebration, featuring live Irish music, kids’ inflatables/carnival games, face painting, Irish step dancers, beer garden with Irish coffee bar, and much more! 5K starts at 9 a.m., Fun Run at 10 a.m. and St. Patrick's Day Celebration goes from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Located at 27040 Malibu Hills Road, Calabasas. To learn more and sign up, visit or

MARCH 16, 5:30PM PAW WORKS 5TH ANNUAL TIES & TAILS – MARDI PAWS Experience a magical night as Paw Works celebrates five years and nearly 5,000 animals saved. After a fabulous cocktail reception with signature drinks, silent auction, and live music, guests will feast on a vegetarian or non-vegetarian three-course dinner and enjoy live entertainment and a special auction, all to raise money for Paw Works’ life-saving programs and new facility that help abandoned dogs and cats in our community. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit

MARCH 17, 7AM – 9PM FIREBALL TIM’S WHEELS & WAVES CLASSIC CAR EVENT Malibu Country Mart is the official host of vintage and exotic car meet-up Fireball Tim’s Wheels and Waves. The ongoing event series


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is the third Sunday of most months. Auto enthusiasts show their col-


Adopt a Fur Baby! If you are considering a new furry family member, Calabasas Style has partnered with Foxy & the Hounds to bring you the sweetest selection of dogs looking for their fur-ever home. The family that opens their hearts and home to these precious pups is in for a lifetime filled with love and loyalty. All pets are spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.

lections, and the entire community can join in to experience eye-catching automotive inspiration. Families, kids, and guests of all ages are invited to enjoy vintage, exotic, and rare cars of all types. Photo opportunities are welcome, and all events are free and open to the public. Located at 3835 Cross Creek Road in Malibu. For more information, visit

MARCH 17, 3PM – 5PM SUPERSTARS OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley (BGCGCV) will celebrate inspirational youth for their outstanding achievements during the 16th Annual Superstars of the Year Celebration. The event, free and open to the public, will take place at the Performing Arts Education Center at Agoura High School. For more information or to inquire about individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities, contact the BGCGCV at 818.706.0905.

MARCH 23, 8PM MENDELSOHN VIOLIN CONCERTO, SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SYMPHONY Beethoven: Victory Symphony from Wellington's Victory, Op. 91; Weiner: Serenade, Op.3; Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E mi-


T if fany i s a 9 1/ 2 we e k ol d puppy. In person, it is surprising how small she is. She weighs 9 lbs. Since she is so teeny, we really aren’t sure about her breed, but she is ridiculously adorable!


Bianca is such a beautiful love bug! She is happy, playful, and loves long walks. A 1-year-old female Boxer/ Bul l d og m i x a n d w e ig h s about 45 lbs. She has so much love to give.

nor, Op. 64; Blake Pouliot, violinist. Located at Calabasas Performing Arts Center, 22855 Mulholland Highway in Calabasas. Tickets are $45. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

april APRIL 6, 7:30AM – 11AM GREAT RACE OF AGOURA HILLS The Great Race of Agoura was established in 1986 as a way to raise money for local schools. This day of events features the challenging Cheseboro Half Marathon (mostly trails), Pacific Half Marathon (roads), Old Agoura 10K and Olympic Bronze Medalist, and Agoura High School Alumnus Deena Kastor 5K run. There's also a Kids 1-Mile Fun Run (ages 6 to 12) and a Family Fun Run/Walk 1-Mile event. You don't have to run; you can walk any of these races. The Great Races has great everything: music, tons of post-race food, vendors, inflatables, giveaways, and more. Voted "Best Post-Race Party" for years.


Margaret is a beautiful 8- year-o l d Pi t B ul l m i x tha t sco red an A on h e r temperament test. She is incredibly sweet and plays well with other dogs. We are just so excited to find her the perfect forever home!


Grace is a true Cinderella story -- from living a tortured life in Mexico, chained up and starved, to blossoming into a happy, healthy, loving princess. Despite her horrid past, Grace absolutely loves all people and especially cuddling.

Located at 5550 Madea Valley Drive in Agoura Hills. For more information, visit

APRIL 13 2PM – 5PM CITY OF CALABASAS EARTH DAY CELEBRATION/GREEN EXPO Over fifty exhibitors from all over Los Angeles County and Ventura County will be participating to help participants take actions that will save them money through efficiency while protecting

If the dogs pictured have been adopted, there are more dogs waiting for a good home. Foxy and the Hounds.

our planet. The festival is free of charge and the Calabasas Earth Day event will have something of interest for everyone. Located at Las Virgenes Creek site on Agoura Rd. in Calabasas. For more information, visit


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The Porsche Taycan

By Dustin Troyan Photography by Porsche

The Taycan—which translates to “lively young horse”—will boast the drivability of a 911 Turbo. Similar to the Tesla, Porsche will offer different power levels for consumers to choose from. The top-ofthe-line four-wheel-drive 450 kW is expected to better the 0 to 62 mph of 3.5 seconds. This places the Taycan on par with the 911 Turbo for outright accelerative ability. Wow! Up until this point, the choice of going electric has been monopolized by Tesla. The challenge for many future Tesla owners who have been on a waiting list or are considering going Tesla is brand loyalty to Porsche. Porsche owners are tremendously loyal, and it is a brand that is defined by excellence and innovation. The incredible dealer network, supply chain, and quality of the fit and finish make it hard for any brand to compete with Porsche. Musk is going to have to turn on the afterburner for sure. There is no doubt that Tesla set the standard, but as we all know, Porsche is not a brand to sit idly by and take second place. It is going to be a race in the newest automotive space. The future of the automobile is electric, and Porsche is all in. Speaking to Porsche enthusiasts who also tend to be brand purists, the transition from hybrid to electric has been noted, and it seems this new era is being welcomed with open arms. Porsche is smart to balance the Taycan like the traditional 911 and to have the interior feel like a new and innovated cockpit while maintaining an ease of use for current Porsche owners. It drives and feels like a Porsche— the performance is all there. It just doesn’t have the tried-and-true flat four/six boxer engine singing loudly as you press the gas pedal. Suffice to say, I’m sure all Porsche collectors have their names on the Taycan list—orders put in—and are simply waiting for the future to arrive. All others be warned: Porsche is electrified. From what I hear from local dealers, orders are being placed as fast as they can take them, and there is huge excitement about the Taycan. It is a leap forward for Porsche, and there is no doubt that they will be setting the bar very high. For more information, contact n

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APRIL 13, 10AM – 6PM 45TH CONEJO VALLEY HOME REMODELING SHOW Homeowners planning spring and summer projects around the house can talk with professionals for ideas and advice at the 45th Conejo Valley Home Remodeling Show. Over 170 vendors will be on hand with information on everything from kitchen and bath remodeling to interior decorating to landscaping, pools, and spas. Vendors will also be on hand to discuss rebuilding options for those homeowners whose home or landscaping was destroyed or damaged during last year's fires. Located at 880 S. Westlake Boulevard in Westlake Village. For more information, call 805.529.0760 or email

APRIL 13, 1PM – 4PM SPRINGTIME AT THE ADOBE EVENT Springtime at the Adobe at the Leonis Adobe Museum takes place at 23537 Calabasas Road, Calabasas. Event features an egg hunt, ranch animal feeding, spring-themed crafts, live music, and more. It’s $8 per person; under 2 free. Museum members are also free. For more information, visit or 818.222.6511.

APRIL 21ST – MAY 19TH 2019 PASADENA SHOWCASE HOUSE OF DESIGN The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful house and garden tours in the country. The success of the Showcase has enabled PSHA to make donations of more than $23 million to support community music and arts programs throughout the community. For more information, visit or call 714.442.3872.

APRIL 25, 5:30PM – 8PM 18TH ANNUAL MARGARITA MIXOFF The 18th Annual Margarita Mixoff presented by Soroptimist International of the Conejo will be held at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks. Tickets are $45 in advance and $50 at the event. Admission gets you tickets to taste margaritas and appetizers. Beer, wine, and soft drinks included. Adults-only event. Soroptimist International of the Conejo is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization that raises funds to help provide services for women and girls in the Conejo Valley and around the world. The Soroptimist mission is “improving the lives of women and girls in the local community and throughout the world, enabling them to take control of their lives and live their dreams.” For more information, visit

APRIL 27TH 3PM – 7PM SIPURBIA WINE & BEER FESTIVAL SIPurbia will feature UNLIMITED samples of craft beer and wine, delicious food, awesome live music, lawn games, and a variety of vendors. Proceeds to benefit the BumbleBee Foundation.


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Most Investors. Is This You? By Mark Wendell Most investors feel secure with relatively steady upward progress in

should be following. Rather, your investment approach should

their portfolios and no sudden crashes. Of course, they understand

depend objectively on your age, resources, health, deposit rate,

that this yearning sentiment doesn't mean making money every

withdrawal rate, risk/return profile, investment objectives, and your

single year. Rarely does anyone achieve that, not even the invest-

specific goals as defined in a well-thought-out financial plan.

ment greats. But for mindful investors, it's about reducing the swings to a bearable range, which helps to keep emotions in check, regardless of age or experience. It's when we lose emotional control that we make our worst investment decisions. The emotional heart

If investors simply keep their view on the long run, with history as their guide, they won't see all the ups and downs or all the whiplash that can demoralize and provoke their flight from Wall Street. The

is most certainly not a better investor than the logical head.

process of investing inherently involves high points and low points.

The past few months provided a rare short-term stock market

the valleys, rather traumatic. But when you look back, having ar-

roundtrip covering quite a distance in percentage terms. After the

rived at the destination of financial independence, the oscillation

S&P500 market index gained almost 10% last year, it then dropped

that had caused you so much grief can be viewed as an upward

almost 20% from the 2018 high point in September, with a loss of

line. It’s not easy negotiating that perilous ascent, but it may help

9.18% in December alone, followed by a positive 7.87% return in

knowing that in the end, it really will smooth out if you stick with a

January 2019. After a September-through-December plunge and

long-term plan.

a January and February 2019 surge, investors can be forgiven for feeling whiplash. It is specifically during times of extreme volatility that investors conclude, whether on a conscious or subconscious

The views from the peaks are magnificent, the terror of the slide into

Thus, investors must be willing to lose a few battles to win the retirement investment game, to lose a few more gray hairs necessary to

level, that Wall Street is not for them.

win a secure future. Finally, trying to achieve higher returns by tim-

If you were among those who sold, the reason was likely due to

cess on a consistent and repeated basis by selling out and buying

the perception that the stock market and the economy had been

in again and by foolishly focusing on saving pennies in fees rather

weakening since October and were certainly bound to contin-

than seeing the big picture, the forest from the trees. In the short

ue down. Was this feeling because you were bombarded by the

run, stock market movements are completely random, as random

subtle partisan bias of the exaggerated, pessimistic, outraged,

as trying to guess the next card at the blackjack table or predicting

drama-driven, hypocritic mainstream media, with their perpetual

what Congress will do next. You are the captain of your own des-

reminders that the bull market was history and that a Wall Street

tiny, but you don't have to go down with the ship when the stock

apocalypse was imminent? How often have you made this same

and bond markets hit the inevitable rocks. It’s a logical choice.

behavioral error, listening too closely to the credibility challenged

Simply remain invested in a well-diversified, strategically designed

media, especially in this political silly season? How often do you

portfolio that fits your personal risk/return profile. n

get seduced into listening to the desperate desire-to-be-noticed experts espousing their dubious academic rationale that either directly or indirectly endorses a certain political economic platform? Was the media driving a market correction or were they reporting a correction? This isn’t relevant to a personal financial plan you

ing the market is an impossible endeavor, attempting to find suc-

MD Wendell Wealth Partners: A preeminent personal wealth enhancement boutique for select clients. 805.402.8642

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Located at King Gillette Ranch, 26800 Mulholland Hwy. in Calabasas. For more information and tickets, visit

SAVE THE DATE MAY 6, 10AM MONSIGNOR MURRAY GOLF TOURNAMENT In its 19th year, the Monsignor Murray Golf Tournament held at Calabasas Country Club is a celebrated event, with golfing, exciting contests, and raffles and concluding with dinner and an awards ceremony. The annual event brings out community members from the West Valley and adjoining areas, and proceeds benefit St. Bernardine of Siena Parish and School in Woodland Hills. Entrance fee includes golf, continental breakfast before the tournament, lunch on the course, and dinner afterwards. Check-in time: 8 a.m. Golf begins at 10 a.m. T icket and sponsorship information at or contact Paul Levis at

MAY 10, 5PM – 9PM 805 WINE & BREW FESTIVAL The Conejo Simi Moorpark Association of REALTORS (CSMAR) and the CSMAR Public Benefit Foundation invite you to their 805 Wine & Brew Festival, a philanthropic wine and beer event held at the beautiful Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks. Wine and beer tastings will be offered by local wineries and breweries accompanied by food prepared by the chef at Los Robles Greens. The event will also include art and craft vendors, a silent raffle, and live music. Event features unlimited samples of craft beer, wine, and delicious small bites catered by Los Robles Greens. Proceeds support local organizations and students. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit

JUNE 1, 5PM-11PM THE EVENT Guests will enjoy tastings from premier local restaurants and wineries while perusing must-have, one-of-a-kind auction items. The soiree will include a beer garden featuring local craft breweries and the evening will culminate with a live concert performance that will literally had guests dancing in the street! Located at the Calabasas Civic Center. For more information, visit the

JUNE 2, 12 PM CASA PACIFICA WINE, FOOD, & BREW FESTIVAL Join Casa Pacifica at the all-inclusive Festival and taste sweet and savory treats from the finest restaurants, caterers, bakeries and specialty shops from Santa Barbara to the Conejo Valley while sipping on high-end wines and craft brews. For more information, visit Send in any calendar submissions three months in advance to:


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By Dustin Troyan Photography by Lamborghini The ‘J’ stands for “Jota,” the most extreme version of any Lamborghini model, and Lamborghini pushed the limits in every way by taking the flagship Aventador to the highest level. With 770 horsepower and all-wheel steering, this naturally aspirated V12 hypercar has redefined Lamborghini once again as a leader in the hypercar category. With boutique hypercar makers like Pagani and Koenigsegg leading a charge to redefine what exotic, super-exotic, or hypercars are, the ”big boys” in this segment (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren) are pushing the envelope further and further to answer the demand of rare works of art that only the wealthy can own and drive. It has become an all-out race to produce the fastest, rarest, most comfortable hypercar that you can actually drive daily if you want. Crazy as it may seem, daily drivability of your hypercar has become a badge of honor. I have driven every variation of the Lamborghini Avantador with the exception of the SVJ. I remember the first time behind the wheel of the Avantador. The Lamborghini representative warned me that the shifting was “violent” in Corsa mode. I shrugged it off until we used the “Launch Control” setting and not only did I have whiplash but I also saw stars for a few seconds. And yes, every shift is violent. You can search back a few years and find the review. Back then, the car blew me away, and now, after years of refinement, the Aventador has been perfected in the SVJ. Fully loaded, the car is estimated to be in the $600,000 range—a drop in the bucket compared with the contenders from the other hypercar brands. With only 900 to be produced, it is an instant collector piece and is believed to be sold out. If you can get your hands on one, well, you have become part of a truly exclusive club. For more information, contact n

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Real Estate “Before you start trying to work out which direction the property market is headed, you should be aware that there are markets within markets.” Paul Clitheroe


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Sq. ft.

List Price

Sales Price

4357 Willow Glen

Stone Creek




26647 Country Creek

Country Creek




4310 Park Arroyo





26918 De Berry

Saratoga Hills




27061 Esward

Saratoga Hills




3924 Black Bird

Bird Streets (Mulwood)




4116 Pine Hollow

Bird Streets (Mulwood)




22740 Carsamba





25648 Timpangos

Monte Nido




24763 Calle Largo

Calabasas Hills




4436 Alta Tupelo

Vista Pointe




23332 Park Colombo

The Ridge




26731 Mont Calabasas

Mont Calabasas




5711 Lyon

Mont Calabasas




26717 Mont Calabasas

Mont Calabasas




5524 Collingwood

Mountain View




5824 Reefton

Mountain View




5623 Manley

Mountain View




25852 Shady Grove

Mountain View




25473 Prado De Las Calabazas The Oaks




24935 John Fremont

Hidden Hills




6007 Clear Valley

Hidden Hills




24600 John Colter

Hidden Hills




24002 Long Valley

Hidden Hills




*Sales represent closed transactions between 12/17/2018-02/01/2019 (Standard Sales only)

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