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ON THE COVER: The Gaines Family Photographed by: Marvin Steindler

Calabasas Style Profile with Fred and Jill Gaines


Calabasas Style

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Calabasas Style Profile

ill Gaines red & F J

Giving Back to the City

By Beth Cone Kramer Photographed By Marvin Steindler

Calabasas Style Profile with the Gaines Family


power couple Fred and Jill Gaines relocated their young family from Sherman Oaks to their Mulwood home following the 1994 Northridge earthquake. In the 19 years since, the couple has committed to giving back to their hometown. Fred, an attorney, was elected to Calabasas City Council in 2011 and now serves as the city’s Mayor for 2013-2014. This follows 13 years on the Calabasas library commission and five years on the civic center task force. Fred was a member of the civic center’s building committee, a $25 million project that included the city hall and library. The mayor serves on the city council’s budget and open space committees and has served as President of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association and of the Executives of the Los Angeles Jewish Home. He is a longtime member of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce and an active member of numerous local organizations. Since moving to Calabasas, Jill has been a fixture in Las Virgenes schools, serving as a PFC president and active volunteer at local schools before being elected twice to the district’s board of education, starting in 2007. Jill launched her campaign after serving as co-chair of Measure G, the successful 2006 school bond issue. She began her professional career as a special education teacher working with the deaf and educationally challenged before earning her MBA at UCLA.


Calabasas Style

Fred shares, “The Las Virgenes Unified public schools were the No. 1 factor in our decision to move to Calabasas,” and the couple’s three daughters graduated from Calabasas High with honors. Danielle (Northwestern ’10) is a New York-based actress/singer and current lead performer on the Disney Dream cruise ship in the Caribbean. Stephanie (Colorado ’12) is a Denver-based commercial pastry chef. Youngest daughter Allie is a junior at Cornell where she majors in computer engineering. Danielle and Stephanie were active in the CHS music and theatre programs; Allie competed in varsity soccer and track. Not to be outdone, the family’s twelve-year-old bearded collie, Mimi, won the 2004 Calabasas 4th of July Pet Show “Best in Show.” Fred, from North Hollywood and a Grant High alum, met New Yorker Jill in Boston where he was working on a master’s in public policy at Harvard. His future wife had just earned a B.A. in childhood development from Tufts University. They have been married for more than 25 years. Fred’s political career was foreshadowed by his tenure as UCLA Student Body President. A graduate from the University of California Boalt Hall School of Law, Fred has been practicing for 27 years, specializing in land use, zoning and environmental law. For the last 16 years, he has had his own firm, Gaines & Stacey LLP, with offices in Encino and Newport Beach. Jill is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer.

Calabasas Business Style Spotlight Profile

When the couple isn’t hard at work running the city, Jill and Fred are world travelers. They have been on safari in Kenya and Tanzania, sailed the Greek Isles and visited India, Israel, Costa Rica, Europe, and Alaska, in addition to frequent visits to Jill’s native New York. An avid baseball fan, Fred has seen games in 23 of the 30 Major League Baseball parks throughout the country. Fred and Jill hike each Sunday in the local mountains. Their favorite Calabasas restaurants include Toscanova, King’s Fish House, and Pedalers Fork. Fred shares, “Jill and I love Calabasas for the schools, the safety, and the incredibly beautiful natural environment.” n If you know a great family or individual to profile, please contact us at:

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Style Trends

Summer Trends By Fred Levine of M. Fredric Summer is in full swing, and while we’re gearing up to battle the three-digit temperatures, it’s impossible to think of buying anything but a bikini. But the stores will soon be bringing in their fall lines, so to get you through the next couple of months, here are some trends that will be strong in fall 2013 but are completely wearable now. BILLABONG $89

We all know the rule: You can’t wear white after Labor Day. Wrong. Throw the rule book away once and for all! While white is known as a summer staple, fashion is going Whites Out this fall with the achromatic hue. A white suit, structured dress or blouse tucked into some sleek slacks will have you turning heads now and well into the cooler months. For the love of Luxe Leather, we are happy to see the acceptance of vegan (aka: faux) leather across the board from shoppers and trendsetters to the designers and clothing connoisseurs. Leather, and the like, will keep its lead spot in your transition from summer to fall. Play with its simplicity and seek out items that have leather detailing mixed with other textures. Pair your summer leather shorts with a slouchy knit to complete your fall look.


We’re taking on the style that few would have thought would make a comeback; Yes, it’s the Grunge Movement inspired by the 90’s approach of layering, iconic plaid and treated denim. Keep an eye out for a great denim vest reworked with vintage bodies and set in sleeves of flannel, camo, thermal and fun knits. Think of it as artificial grunge rather than the true lifestyle of your Pearl Jam or Nirvana days. And while silhouettes and themes tend to shape our fashion trends, you can’t shy away from the impact of color. Watch Your Tone with fall’s showing of head-totoe tonal ensembles in jeweled hues and grayed earth tones. On the vibrant end, we have emerald, sea blue, acai purple, candy red and deep fuchsia. Yellowed moss, mercurial gray and glamorous brown will act as your sophisticated alternatives to basic black. n Over the years, Fred Levine has been one of the ‘goto’ people for fashion reporters looking for the fashion direction as it emerges from the streets of L.A.

BAILEY 44 $284


Calabasas Style

LEVEL 99 $116

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Design & Style

How to avoid By Wayne Duling

Decorating Disasters

Home decorating, for most people, is a rather highly discretionary expenditure. So, it can be rather frustrating when people make mistakes during the process. When the finished project falls short of expectations, it can be downright depressing. Anyone can avoid potentially costly decorating disasters and end up with a very satisfying home interior. It just takes some planning and following a few sound decorating rules. Plan your project and follow your plan. No matter how big or small, or how long it will take to complete the project, you need a plan. It can change along the way, but whenever you wish to make any improvements to your home interior, refer back to the plan. This project planner, at a minimum, must include a color chart, style guide and floor plan. It helps if you have a scrapbook of images, whether from your photos or magazine tear sheets, of rooms you like. Once your project is under way, you should document your progress by keeping samples, cuttings and photos of your work. Pick your style and be faithful to it. When not followed, this is one of the most common disasters. You should resist making home interior purchases until you’ve defined your style. I recommend that when deciding on your look, first define your home’s architecture and be true to it. Being moved by lovely rooms or pieces you see and then wanting to incorporate them into your home can be a big mistake. As a solid starting point, get to know the major interior style groups: traditional, transitional, period, and contemporary. There are many sub-styles, but you can create a very satisfying home interior by understanding these main groups and how they relate to your home’s architecture. It is beyond the scope of this article to define the connection between the many types of architecture and the best interior design group, but the simple rule of thumb is to connect your home’s principal architectural style with one of the major groups. If your home is traditional or contemporary, use the interior style with that name. If your home is mildly traditional, or not well defined, then transitional could work well. You get the idea. Define your color palette. The mystery of color: sublime in effect, complex in execution. Here’s a simple rule to get you through it without a hitch. Start with a patterned fabric you like, one that has all, or most, of the colors you envision in your home, and use this as your color blueprint. 12 Calabasas Style

Professionals know and understand the subtle relationships between colors, so why not take advantage of this? Later, you can apply this fabric, or fabric correlates, to future upholstered pieces. From your local paint store, pick up a color hue book or tear sheet and find a principal color that’s in the fabric, which will then present the many associated hues. This will help you select subtle tonal variations to your theme color. The last thing to do before painting an entire wall or room is to test the color. Paint a sample – you can get these from the paint store – over a 12-inch x 12-inch area. You’d be shocked at how much lighting affects how a color will appear on a given wall. If you like it, do it. The rest of your home should follow the color palette you initiated with the fabric sample. When you’re done, you’ll have a very pleasing professional look. Plan your space. If you don’t want clutter, here’s where a floor plan comes in handy. It doesn’t have to be super professional looking. Measure your room, with openings and fixed features, and draw it to some scale on grid paper. Once you have your floor plan, unless this is a clean-slate project, draw in the pieces you plan to keep. Any new piece(s) of furniture you’re considering incorporating should be drawn to scale on a copy of your plan for visualization. Another space planning tool: With some string, lay out the perimeter of a questionable piece on the floor where you intend to put the piece. See if it flows with or obstructs the room. There you have it. Follow the rules and save time, money and therapy sessions. If your project is beyond a single room, I recommend visiting a local full-service furniture store or design center and seek out a professional. There are a few enterprises in the community that don’t charge for this in-store service. Since you only pay for the furniture, accessories or custom work you purchase, you know you’ll be getting the best overall value. n

For more information contact Wayne Duling of MODEL INTERIORS (805) 499-0678 1171 Tourmaline Drive Newbury Park, CA

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Health Update

Quality Care, Close to Home

West Hills Hospital and Medical Center The Grossman Burn Center The

summer’s recreational activities we all enjoy carry some of the hottest dangers. If you don’t know what to watch for, you just might get injured or burned! Take all necessary safety measures to have a burn-safe summer. Fire and burn injuries do not make a summer vacation. The pleasure of family reunions, picnics, traveling, sunbathing and boating can come to a sudden end unless we protect ourselves against fire and burn injuries. The Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center treats burns that occur from summertime activities every year: Fire pits, barbecues, gas grills, fireworks and sunburn are the worst offenders. Fire-pit injuries are often caused when accelerant is poured onto a fire, unsafe activity ensues around the bonfire, or the coals are not extinguished properly. Barbecue or gas-grill burns can occur when then gas is turned on and the automatic lighter ignited before the cover is opened. A sparkler burns at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and can cause a third-degree burn in less than a second. Please take care this summer not to get burned.

Summertime burn prevention tips from The Grossman Burn Center: • Keep your summer holiday activities enjoyable and safe by leaving all fireworks to the professionals. • Maintain gas grills for injury-free cooking and open the cover before turning on the gas. • Never add a flammable liquid to a fire or hot coals. • Completely extinguish campfires, fire pits and bonfires with water. • Wear shoes when walking on hot pavement to protect your feet from burns. • Supervise children closely around all cooking and firework activities. • Wear sunscreen for outdoor activities and remember to reapply throughout the day. 14

Calabasas Style

The Grossman Burn Center has been the leader in burninjury care for more than 40 years. The flagship center at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center boasts a state-of-theart acute unit, intensive care unit and outpatient clinic. Here, the Grossman team cares for all types of severe burns using techniques that have made it world-renowned. Founded in 1969 by Dr. A. Richard Grossman, the Grossman Burn Center is the largest plastic surgery-based burn practice in the western United States and has received global recognition for its comprehensive treatment of burn injuries, from expert acute and reconstructive care to rehabilitation and post-treatment emotional and psychological support. Some of the most difficult and highprofile burn cases in the world have been treated at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. For more information: n

Health Update

Calabasas Style 15

Fashion Scene

Styles We Love This Summer: 1. Calabasas Jewelers

Dazzling! Luxury Fashion Jewelry from Tanelli created with Genuine Silver and Diamond Cut Crystals and Simulated Diamonds with a high quality Rhodium finish. Stunning Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, and Pendants priced form $200 - $500. Available exclusively at Calabasas Jewelers – your local jewelry designer and manufacturer for over 20 years! 23504 Calabasas Road (Next to Pedalers Fork Restaurant) Calabasas, CA 91302 818.222.5191



2. Blush

Blush Boutique specializes in contemporary fashions from the hottest designers - all at affordable prices. This Veronica M Drop waist pantsuit is a best- seller and flatters all body types. Pair with great accessories and you’re set for summer fun! Shop Blush with 30-40 new styles weekly! Blush Calabasas The Courtyard at the Commons 23671 Calabasas Road Calabasas 818.222.5874


Blush Encino 16101 Ventura Blvd. Encino 818.788.3893

3. California Swim

It’s summer - It’s time to wear that perfect fitting swimsuit and cover up to the beach or the pool. California Swim has the famous brands in the latest styles and colors. Take advantage of their unparalleled fit knowledge & service whether you need a Bikini, Tankini or One Piece. Larger cup sizes are their specialty. Unbeatable prices always well below retail - so don’t miss out! California Swim 22201 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Phone: 818.347.7946

4. Past Perfect Resale Boutique Gently used authentic designer handbags – at prices 40% below retail. Call to Sell – or Shop to find designer apparel, shoes, and bags from designers like Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and more. Past Perfect Designer Retail Boutique 22565 Ventura Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 818.591.0101


Calabasas Style


Fashion Scene 5. Tempt

For all the Things You Can’t Resist. This timeless collection embodies a blend of rare and unique jewelry from international locales, with the “hot” look that all women want to capture. Pieces range from $28 to over $3000. Tempt has something for well as the perfect gift. Tracy and Allison would love to help style you.


4774 Park Granada #5 (in the old Dash location) Calabasas 818.225.8758

6. California Cozy

Shop at our luxury boutique featuring award-winning baby, children’s & adult gifts. We specialize in quality blankets, clothing, furniture, throws, & bedding. Visit our new store location or shop online. VIP Home Appointments Available. California Cozy 22743 Ventura Blvd. (near Fallbrook) Woodland Hills, CA 91364 818.222.GIFT


7. Escentials

Find everything you need this summer for your body, face and well-being! From aesthetic skin luxurious bath and body exclusive hair care and cosmetics... to oneof-a-kind jewelry and unique gifts. Escentials also hosts a scent bar with an assortment of 60 perfume oils, including Nectarine’s China Rain.


Escentials 26527 Agoura Road Suite 106 (Next to Albertsons) Calabasas, CA 91302 818.880.5411

8. Dungarees

DUNGAREES, Los Angeles’s original denim boutique, is an active-wear boutique for both men and women with today’s hottest brands! Known for its great men’s selection, you’ll also find fashion-forward and cutting-edge women’s jeans, along with the latest trends in reversible shorts, tops & tees for summer! Dungarees Calabasas The Courtyard at the Commons 23655 Calabasas Road Calabasas 818.222.5326


Dungarees Studio City 12230 Ventura Blvd. Studio City 818.508.5326


For inquires about “Styles We Love:” Contact us at 310-494-6250 Shop Local for the Season’s Best Styles!

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P ortugal... Travel in Style Local Tours

...has experienced a Renaissance in recent years Written and Photographed By Irene Marshall

Deciding to try a different destination based

on rave reviews from other travelers, we set our sights on Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. It has experienced a renaissance in recent years, with a contemporary culture that is alive and thriving and making its mark in today’s Europe. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is one of the rare Western European cities that faces the ocean and uses water as an element that defines the city. Lisbon enchants travelers with its beautiful tile, white bleached limestone buildings, intimate alleyways, and an easygoing charm, making it a popular year-round destination. One of Europe’s most unsung cultural capitals, Lisbon is a magical city, where the imperial past and an independent present come together to make it unique. Lisbon’s cultural dynamics and nightlife are marks that lend a fascinating and multifaceted existence. Lisbon is a city bursting with life. Cultural events, feasts, festivals and fairs are a constant part. The city’s museums celebrate Lisbon’s vast diversity, including its rich maritime past and its decorative Portuguese tiles, and everything in between. Dining can be an amazing experience at La Brasserie de L’Entrecote, known for its history as the sleeping quarters for the local monastery. La Brasserie de L’Entrecote offers no menus. One featured dish is a delicate steak drizzled in a delicious sauce of 16 secret spices, accompanied with frites and a salad. The candelabras set the atmosphere.


Calabasas Style

Our hotel, the Leading Hotels of the World Bairro Alto Hotel, is situated within walking distance to this restaurant, as well as many shops and galleries. The alleyways come alive at night with bustling charm and energy as tables and chairs are set up throughout the cobblestone streets, making it one endless party from storefront to storefront with Fada bars adding ancestral flavor and music for entertainment. The castle of Sao Jorge, located on the top of a hill overlooking Lisbon, is a beautiful and majestic backdrop to the city. Other must-see sights include the Monument to the Discoveries, Jeronimos Monastery in Belem, and the Vasco de Gama Bridge that allows an unobstructed view of the magnificent Cristo Rei statue. While in Belem, allow time to stop at the Pasteis de Nata pastry shop for scrumptious treats. We spent a few days in Sintra, staying at the Penha Longa Resort, a Ritz Carlton property, which was once old farmland with its own monastery. On one memorable evening, we were serenaded by the monastery monks as they chanted beautiful ancient melodies. Sintra stays true to its 19th-century Romantic-era architecture and landscapes, transporting you back in time. The Sintra parishes are surrounded by royal retreats, estates, castles and buildings from the 8th and 9th centuries, in addition to many buildings completed between the 15th and 19th centuries. These include the Castle of the Moors, the Pena Continued on p. 20...

Calabasas Style 19

Travel in Style ...Continued from p.19

National Palace and the Sintra National Palace. The poet Lord Byron spent many years here, and it is documented that Christopher Columbus was blown off course on his route to Lisbon, spotting the rock of Sintra as a possible landing. The Sintra Royal Palace is undoubtedly the dominant architectural feature of Sintra, situated in the center of the town with an interior of painted and tiled decorations. The Pena National Palace, high on a peak in the Serra, is a work of pure Romanticism and architecturally resembles a fairytale castle. The Montserrate Palace, originally designed for Sir Francis Cook, combines neo-Gothicism with substantial elements derived from the architecture of India. Montserrate is renowned for its gardens. The Moorish Castle, also located on a high peak of the Serra, may be of Visigoth origin, as it was used in the 9th century during the Moorish occupation. Now in ruins, the remaining walls vividly illustrate the challenges of constructing a fortress on a rocky outcrop of this kind. A last stop in Sintra must be the Quinta de Regaleira, A magnificent summer estate featuring the neo-Manueline style complete with underground tunnels. There were very few tourists when we visited, making this vacation choice absolutely fabulous. The charm of the towns, the wonderful people, the rich ancestry, the amazing architecture, and the welcoming feeling throughout our trip made this a truly special destination. n

20IIICalabasas Style

Calabasas Style 21

Community News

s ’ k c e h c a l o P

Mother’s Day Trunk Show at

Of all the year’s holidays, Mother’s Day seems to be one of the most special! Polachecks’s Jewelers in The Commons of Calabasas helped inspire busy shoppers looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift by hosting a Penny Preville & Emily Armenta Trunk Show. It featured a dazzling assortment of the finest jewelry designs and timepieces found anywhere in the world. Shoppers also enjoyed the warm hospitality of Stephan and Brent Polacheck, and design specialist Vanie Vanerian, who provided an afternoon of champagne and sushi by Niko to make the Mother’s Day shopping experience all the more enjoyable. n


Calabasas Style


Calabasas Style 23

Giving Back

LOCAL heroes

It’s going to be a long, hot fire season, are you ready?

By Beth Cone Kramer Photographed by Marvin Steindler

Written by Irene Marshall Photographed by Marvin Steindler and Irene Marshall


have our own local heroes in the Calabasas Fire Department. Along with 1,900 firefighters from all over the state, these brave men and women recently battled the Camarillo Springs fire in the neighboring communities of Hidden Valley, Newbury Park and Camarillo. They courageously fought a fire that burned more than 28,000 acres without losing a single home. Seeing the parched land and burned areas, we felt truly amazed by the skill and dedication of the many firefighters. You can still see the many “thank you for saving our homes!” signs proudly posted in the Hidden Valley and Newbury Park neighborhoods. 24

Calabasas Style

We Californians know that we have to live with the annual threat of wildfires. Some have even shared personal accounts of having to evacuate when fires threatened Hidden Hills and Calabasas estates. It is easy to become lazy about fire prevention until we experience firsthand the threat of fire, the massive smoke that can engulf our neighborhoods, and the fear of evacuation. We have a long, hot summer ahead of us, with less rainfall this year than in the past, making this a prime year for fires. We all need to be prepared. There is nothing worse than hearing

Giving Back a police bullhorn in front of your home informing you of a mandatory evacuation and to leave immediately. What do you take? We suggest you keep a short list on your phone of what to grab in an emergency. Some advice from firefighter Kevin Harmon is to “have a plan, including, an outof-state contact. Know where your important documents and photos are located to quickly grab in a hurry, and have a designated place to meet. You should also have an evacuation plan for your animals.” You may want to grab your laptop, iPad or hard drive, since we depend on our computers so much these days. Preparation helps with fire prevention. The fire department does its best to help with this, yet it is not always easy to enforce. Fire Captain Steve Srott shared, “Every February, a notice is mailed to all homes with a May 1st deadline to clear their brush.” This should give homeowners plenty of time to prepare for fire season. Unfortunately, the fire season started even earlier this year, and this is a strong reason to do everything we can to help the fire department do its job. The rules on good brush clearance are simple. All flammable vegetation identified as a fire hazard must be mowed or cut to a height of three inches for 50 feet around any structure in a high-hazard area, which is all of Calabasas and Hidden Hills. A firebreak must be created for 200 feet around any structure by clearing any trimming, thinning and dead vegetation. Sadly, the fire department has to spend too much time checking up on homeowners who have not complied with the May 1st deadline. This rule exists for a reason: to help save your home, and perhaps your neighbors’ homes. The first and second times the department cites you, you are given time to clear the brush. A third citation brings fines of about $500 in administration fines, $648 in abatement enforcement costs, and possibly other legal action. In addition, the county may then clear the property in question at the owner’s expense, which may cost around $1,400. Other tips to keeping your home safe include reducing the risk of falling embers igniting debris around your home’s exterior. Clean your rain gutters, keep your roof clean, put a 1/8” screen vent to your attic, remove dead trees and brush, and keep wood furniture away from your house. If you leave your home during a fire, leave on all your lights, as this

helps the firefighters see through thick smoke. You should also leave your windows closed, your gates unlocked, and move your patio furniture away from the house. It’s helpful to leave your house unlocked to provide the firefighters quick and easy access, although the fire department will find a way to enter, if necessary. Hidden Hills still has some wood roofs, which can be very dangerous. The fire department is very aware of these homes and has a map of their locations. If there is a fire, the best place for updates is the news channel, or even liking the County Fire Department on Facebook. You can also check the County Fireline for updates as well. This way, you can ascertain the location and progress of the fire without calling the various stations. While we visited station #68, also known as “the house of fangs” due to all the snake calls they receive, the firefighters had two emergency calls, and their non-emergency phone rang off the hook. Between the emergency phone calls for everything from medical help to rattlesnakes; and to the nonemergency calls for issues such as an escaped parakeet on the roof and someone who did not know how to turn off the sprinklers, it’s a huge job, the largest part being checking on brush clearance. However, the firefighters also constantly test hydrants, do commercial inspections, maintain their vehicles, check their gear daily to make sure it is ready to go, do housework around the station, maintain their fitness and agility to meet the physical demands of their job. That is all on top of fighting fires and responding to all other emergency calls. Some last advice from firefighter Scott Rosenfeld: “If you are asked to evacuate your home, it’s best to leave. Pack ahead of time, as soon as there is any threat in your area, so that you are ready and prepared to leave should there be a mandatory evacuation.” We need to let the fire department do its job and stay out of the way. It is shocking to know how many fires are still set by cigarettes, car backfires, arson, sparks from hot refueling tools, bonfires and carelessness. Add the sudden gusts of Santa Ana winds and a few simple sparks can become acres and acres of devastation. Preparedness is the key and you can find more information at n Calabasas Style 25

Luxury Tan & Makeovers Business Spotlight

Brings the Red Carpet Treatment to Calabasas

By Beth Cone Kramer Photographed by Marvin Steindler


alabasas is home to a roster of celebrities and stars for whom pre-red-carpet pampering is par for the course. Experience star-caliber personal care close to home. Whether you want to wow former classmates at your high school reunion, pull out the stops for date night or a special event, or are in the mood for some TLC, let the team at Luxury Tan & Makeovers provide you with the ultimate in beauty and personal care services.

which hydrates and moisturizes your skin, especially important in our low humid Southern California climate. Each session in the Sybaritic Hydration System burns 200-300 calories.

The owners of Luxury Tan & Makeovers opened the day salon two years ago to provide Calabasas residents with an unparalleled personal care experience. The salon offers the highest quality and latest, cutting edge products and services in hair care, cosmetics, and tanning.

and experience in the best salons and academies including Warren-Tricomi Salon, Paul Mitchell Academy, Tobi Britton Makeup, and Napoleon Perdis. Enlist the salon’s team of experts to provide you with the level of service they have provided to esteemed clients in the world’s fashion capitals. The salon uses PhillipB hair care products, a line developed by celebrity hairstylist Phillip B featuring botanicals and essential oils. Why not add hair extensions for a longer or fuller look? The salon offers award-winning Great Lengths hair extensions from natural human hair as well as Xtreme lash extensions from the global leader in lash extensions. Celebrity makeup artists are on call.

Get ready for summer pool parties, beach days, or your Maui vacation with a UV-free spray tan or custom airbrushed spray tan. Luxury Tan & Makeovers uses highly rated Norvell solution sunless tanning products in state of the art Versa Spa® automated spray tan booths as well as in custom airbrushed spray tans. Customize your UV-free experience in The Versa Spa® spray tan booth by including a pre-spray tan pH balancing treatment, one of two bronzing treatments, or a post-tan hydrating treatment. Versa Spa booths also offer Comfort Dry Technology. For those who prefer to use UV tanning beds, the salon features Ergoline beds, the preeminent manufacturer in the industry. Luxury Tan & Makeovers offers a beauty angel red light therapy machine, which minimize pores, improve skin tone, clear skin pigmentation, reduce signs of aging, and even reduce cellulite. Try the salon’s Sybaritic Hydration System, 26

Calabasas Style

Complement your golden California girl look with a luxury hair conditioning treatment, styling, cut, or blowout. Stylists and makeup artists in the Makeover Salon have received training

Whether you want a bronzed look for an upcoming vacation, hair styling, or complete makeover, enlist the expert team at Luxury Tan & Makeovers to provide you with the red carpet treatment in Calabasas Courtyard at the Commons. n Luxury Tans & Makeovers 23689 Calabasas Road in Courtyard at the Commons Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 225-TAN4

Business Spotlight

Calabasas Style 27

Health & Beauty




A Good Night’s Sleep Written by Linda Jackson

We know that there is nothing more important to our health, beauty, fitness and well-being than getting a good night of sleep. The problem is that there are literally thousands of different mattresses to choose from; and the information, claims, and downright “hype” about what goes into buying the perfect mattress can be overwhelming to even the most discriminating consumer. We became intrigued when we discovered a crowd of people at the new Cellupedic Showroom, located next to Neiman Marcus in the Westfield Topanga Mall, who were hoping to discover a mattress that delivered on the promise of a better night of sleep. We learned that the most common sleep concern is that people experience pain in the leg, back, and neck areas while asleep. Other sleep issues include the inability to fall asleep quickly, constant tossing and turning, and not being able to awaken feeling totally rested and refreshed. Given the scientific and technological advancements, one would think these problems would be relatively easy to solve. Yet the challenge is how do you manufacture a mattress customized for a person’s individual needs when every single body is different? The Cellupedic Sleep Solution is the first consumer product to offer the patented “Zone Cell” technology. Unlike rigid steel coils found in most mattresses, Cellupedic use specifically engineered air cells to increase or decrease pressure to distribute a person’s body weight more easily across the entire sleep surface. The air cells gently contour to each body’s weight and frame, providing the correct support from 28

Calabasas Style

head to toe. In addition, each Cellupedic mattress has six unique zones, controlled by 144 individual air cells, which allow people to adjust their heads and necks separately from the lumbar areas to relieve spinal pressure. The lumbar area can also be adjusted independently to one of 3,500 different support combinations. The Cellupedic Sleep Solution is also a responsive system. So, even if a person or his/her sleep partner’s body changes over time, people can use updated SBMI data to re-optimize and reconfigure their support. Current research studies also show that consumers give their Cellupedic sleep experience a 98% overall consumer satisfaction rating. Each Cellupdeic mattress also comes with a 20year warranty, something that no other mattress manufacturer provides. Our guess is that with this kind of research and guarantee, your friends and neighbors who are sleeping on a Cellupedic mattress never lose sleep. n

Cellupedic Westfield Topanga Mall 6600 Topanga Blvd. # 77 Canoga Park, CA 91303 818.883.5900

Calabasas Style 29

On the Town

Guys Night Out

t p m e T at

Tempt, Calabasas’s hottest

new jewelry boutique, is known for all the things you can’t resist... but owners Tracy Dekel and Allison Kanter know that guys need shopping to be way more fun! On May 7th, Tempt hosted a Guys Only “Tequila Night”... an invitation-only evening to drink, nosh and hang out with their friends…while enjoying special jewelry discounts just in time for Mother’s Day. The guys had a blast… and their wives now have a whole new attitude about a Guys Night Out! 4774 Park Granada #5 (in the old Dash location) Calabasas 818.225.8758 n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 31

West Side Story Written by Irene Marshall Photographed by Patrick Garrett Calabasas High School’s recent West Side Story production earned a Best Musical nomination for the Jerry Herman Awards. Director Bill Garrett said, “We were really proud of what our students were able to do with West Side Story. The cast, crew and pit band worked extremely hard to put on the best show possible. It was an incredible experience getting to have our premiere production in the beautiful new Performing Arts Education Center.” n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 33

Luxury Living

Luxury Living:

he ethF amily


Bell Canyon Mediterranean Dream Home

By Irene Marshall Photographed by Marvin Steindler Situated atop a hill, this amazing home offers spectacular views of the canyon and beyond. On a clear day, you can even spy Van Nuys in the distance. The owners start their day on their vast balcony, savoring their morning cups of coffee while enjoying the beautiful sunrise. As their kitchen faces this same vista, it makes cooking that much more enjoyable! This Mediterranean-style home has three different levels, making it perfect for entertaining family and friends. The 34

Calabasas Style

bottom level features a soundproof room for playing music. They recently added a huge deck and fire pit overlooking their vast property as well as, a five-hole putting green with sand traps. They are looking forward to spending many more memorable years in this amazing home. n Luxury Homes is sponsored by Robin Lucas of Rodeo Realty. If you know of a Luxury Home to feature, please contact Robin at 818-339-2022 or (Disclaimer: The homes and land featured in Luxury Homes are not for sale and not being represented by the sponsor of the page.)

Luxury Living

Calabasas Style 35


contacts CITY OF CALABASAS (818) 224-1600 (818) 880-2993 (818) 225-7616 (818) 880-6461 (818) 224-1600 (818) 222-2782 (818) 224-1600

City Hall Community Center Library Parks & Recreation Shuttle Service Tennis & Swim Center Trolley (weekend)

CITY OF HIDDEN HILLS (818) 888-9281

City Hall

36iiiCalabasas Style

URGENT 911 (818) 508-5205 #68 (818) 222-1107 #125 (818) 880-4411 (818) 833-6648 UTILITIES (818) 889-9400 (818) 889-0363 (818) 767-0675 (800) 675-1171 (800) 655-4555 (800) 427-2200 (800) 310-2355 (818) 880-4110 (888) 892-2253 (800) 964-4844

Emergency Dial General Office Calabasas Fire Station Las Virgenes Fire Station Brush Clearance Atlas Consolidated Disposal Service Calabasas Landfill Crown Disposal G.I. Waste Management Southern California Edison The Gas Company AT&T Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Time Warner Cable Charter Communications

Calabasas Style 37

Giving Back

Canine CLASSIC Dog Walk & Festival 2013, April 21

Thousands of local residents and their adorable “fur children” attended this fun-filled family fundraiser benefitting the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, the Calabasas Rotary, L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue and New Directions for Youth. The activities included a two mile walk-a-thon through the rolling hills of Calabasas complete with rest stops with plenty of water, food and fun for pets of all kinds and their human companions. Festivities included dog adoptions, pet-industry vendors, celebrity guest judges, food trucks, the Anza Wine & Beer Garden, kid’s activity zone, Zoom Room Dog agility area, and a silent auction. Attendees had a howling great time! n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 39

On the Town

Debutantes of 2013 with previous Debutantes

Local Patronesses

10th grade Modelettes. Jane of Tarzana provided this year’s ensembles. Photo by Curtis Dahl.

National Charity League’s Annual Promenade The San Fernando Valley Chapter held its annual

Promenade at the Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village on May 19th. NCL SFV draws mothers (Patronesses) and daughters (Ticktockers) together to develop members as leaders and to improve local communities through hands-on support.

Seasons of Love Photographed by Irene Marshall and Debbie Vaccarello

At Promenade, individual members were recognized for successfully completing or exceeding the Chapter’s service hour requirements. Together, the members of NCL SFV volunteered a total of 10,621 hours of community service this year at the various philanthropies supported by the Chapter. Promenade celebrated the culmination of the 12th grade members’ years of dedicated service and included an announcement ceremony for those who will be presented as debutantes at the annual Charity Ball in November. The event concluded with the 10th grade Modelette Fashion Show. For more information about the organization, visit n 40

Calabasas Style

12th Grade Culminating Ticktocker Class of 2013 . Photo by Curtis Dahl.

Hannah Hirsch and Jennifer Harlow

Promenade Co-Chairmen Mary Todd-McGinnis (left) Denise Kellogg (right) Chapter President Victoria Black (center)

Barbara Dourian Advisory Council Archivist

Jordyn Hurwitz

Alexandra Wayne

Volunteer service hour award winner, Katrina Franklin, with her mother, Monique Franklin

Emily Glavin

Local Patronesses

Jane Terlesky and O’Hara Fottrell

Jessica Leonard and Erica Gould Calabasas Style 41

Calabasas Style Tribute

Under theS tars at Photographed by Marvin Steindler and Debbie Vaccarello


THE Event Came Back! On June 8th at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center, there was an unforgettable night of food, wine and entertainment that included an online silent auction, live auction, a concert performance by “Band from TV” and an evening hosted by Chris Harrison of “The Bachelor.” It was a fun-filled night for the community to support our schools while having an amazing time with family and friends. All proceeds from the event benefited T.H.E. Foundation for Las Virgenes schools, which supports the teachers and counselors who make a difference in our children’s lives daily. For more information visit: n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 43


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 45

Financial Brief

W By Mark Wendell


Wealth is not only a matter of money.

Sometimes, it’s about freedom, love, attaining long-held aspirations, sentimental asset ownership, or simply continuity: the sense of security that the inevitable change or a loss along the long road of life won’t set off an out-ofcontrol cascade of sometimes avoidable disruptions and losses. We have no control over earthquakes and tornadoes, hostilities in distant parts of the world, or breakthroughs in technology that render one industry obsolete and give birth to another. And death will come to each of us, one day, though it’s natural to avoid thinking about it and concentrate on living. We can’t control specific disruptions in the unforeseeable future, but we can think about general categories of risks and put in place strategies for managing predictable outcomes. The loss of the head of a family or a business can be very disruptive, but prudent planning for the inevitable can prevent many avoidable setbacks and provide options for coping with those that can’t be avoided. If you own a business, identifying a suitable successor is a crucial step in ensuring the continuity of the enterprise and the security of those dependent on its ongoing success. If you’re a service professional such as a medical doctor, litigation need not end your practice or take away your security with proper asset-protection trust structures and retirement-fund planning. If you’re the head of a family, trusts, contingent powers of attorney and up-to-date insurance coverage can do much to ease the burden on loved-ones and preserve a legacy for future generations. “Plans are worthless,” said Dwight D. Eisenhower, “but planning is everything.” As the supreme commander of the Normandy invasion, he knew that the only thing guaranteed about D-Day was that the unexpected would happen. He knew the value of rehearsals: stepping through real-world scenarios and developing an array of alternatives for dealing with the unexpected. On a family scale, financial planning isn’t just about working out monthly budgets. Sitting down together and asking, “What will you do if...?” cannot only pinpoint


Calabasas Style


gaps in financial arrangements, it can often expose subtle family-dynamic issues that might affect selecting trustees or naming beneficiaries, or bring to light the need for alternative structures to accommodate specific family-legacy wishes. A typical response among family members to the topic of contingency planning is that many potential risks are too abstract and extreme to be worth spent planning a course of action for something that may never happen. The truth, however, is that even modern investment portfolio oversight, a familiar part of institutional wealthmanagement strategies, involves constant, complex calculations to identify risks, weighing even impossibleto-predict future events, and then applying proactive measures to cover alternatives and proceed down the paths most likely to produce the best outcomes. If that degree of risk-anticipation is possible with investments, why should it be any less desirable when it comes to reviewing paperwork about estate planning, i.e., trusts, wills or taxes? Thinking through various possible scenarios and rehearsing responses to head off future problems is simply a smart and caring part of assuring that your heirs enjoy the kind of freedom from worry that money alone can’t buy. Some real-world scenarios worth considering: 1. Tax audits – There are horror stories of families or businesses, following the death of a key individual, enduring endless IRS audits intended to turn up irregularities so funds can be extracted from an estate. Since the owner or manager is no longer able to defend himself/herself, the successors might be left oblivious to necessary facts and figures that bring an audit to a quick close. The solution is simply to impose a strict transparency discipline involving multiple family members and professional advisors to assure a distributed awareness of financial activities and applicable tax laws. Ignoring the need to share information is selfish and sets up beneficiaries for potentially severe consequences that could have been easily avoided with a more generous attitude.

Financial Brief 2. Family dynamics – In every family, there are unique dynamics, some minor and manageable, but also some potentially major ones that a death might expose. Whether we’re speaking of a single family member who has failed to make contingency estate plans or friction arising among multiple family members, the prescription is the same: Think through and rehearse potential scenarios in advance and be willing to address complications arising out of relationships and personalities. Sometimes, the solution will be simply a matter of making concrete plans to handle an obvious situation, such as taking care of a special-needs person, planning care for a late-in-life incapacity, funding trusts designated for a specific purpose such as charitable donations; the education of a minor or multi-generational asset protection. Also, allow for a trustee’s possible incapacity or inability and find a suitable replacement. 3. Business ownership – Frequently, a business owner will not establish realistic succession arrangements, causing family members to feud following an undisputed leader’s death. Succession planning should include scenario rehearsals covering even the short-term incapacity of the business owner. Even with a succession team identified in advance, there can be insufficient attention given to insurance or credit arrangements necessary to preserve monetization of the business and assure its continuity. If these issues are successfully addressed with a contingency structure, however, an unanticipated event need not be stressful or result in a tragic outcome.

generations. By using a scenario-rehearsal strategy to identify potential risks, in collaboration with appropriate professionals, fewer complications are likely to erode or destroy a family heritage. n Copyright © Mark Wendell 2012-2013 all rights reserved

MD Wendell Wealth Partners is a Registered Investment Advisor in Westlake Village, California and provides a broad range of investment and estate planning services in a multi-family office business model. The information contained in this article is not a solicitation to purchase or sell investments. Investing involves risks and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest. Specific investments may not be suitable for all investors as the appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an individual investor’s circumstances and objectives.

MD Wendell Wealth Partners: A multi-family office personal wealth boutique for select clients. P: 805.402.8642

4. Trust/will structures and their ongoing management – An excellent method of ensuring some degree of certainty following your death is by unselfishly imagining the future without you. Understandably, many families choose not to communicate fully or share personal goals around the time of a loved one’s death, so it’s useful to invite communication long before that moment arrives. A scenario rehearsal can uncover possible pitfalls in the trust structures and beneficiary arrangements identified in your documents. This is most effective by making use of the many professionals available who can collaborate with you on such things as conducting family meetings, preparing documents, trust structures, tax planning, risk and insurance issues, assisting in issues resolution, and providing creative strategies to express family-heritage wishes. When a family’s values include security and fulfillment rather than just the accumulation of money, wealth management ought to address the many risks that can threaten stability. While uncertainty can never be entirely eliminated, it’s often useful to envision how future events might play out. Once family wealth is considered broadly, beyond typical investments, there are numerous pitfalls that may trip not just the accumulation of assets, but also the transfer to next Calabasas Style 47

Health & Fitness

Teague Pilates Open House Photographed by Amy Barton On May 18th, Teague Pilates in Agoura welcomed the community to a free pilates demonstration to show visitors the “pilates way of life.” Guests enjoyed free introductory classes and inspiring student demonstrations using the Classical Pilates Universal Reformer, The Pilates Wall Unit, Turbo-Pilates, and Pilates Corelink™ workouts – along with an informative lecture on muscle matters. Owners Gerald & Cathie Teague also provided great refreshments and door prizes that everyone enjoyed. n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 49

Summer Style

The 16th Annual Calabasas

Fine Arts Festival

at the Commons

Photographed by Irene Marshall Over 140 artists were on hand with jewelry, pottery, sculpture, photography, glass work, wall art, woodwork and more. The festival also featured an array of live musical entertainment and free youth art activities. n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 51

Health & Beauty


Shedding Light on Sun Damage.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy: It’s like a laser, but different!

By Anna D Guanche, MD


sunshine is the hallmark of California living. It is a wonderful place to ski, hike, surf and golf, to say the least. These enjoyable activities allow us to have a great lifestyle; however, the flip side is the accumulated sun damage. Freckles, brown spots, redness and wrinkles tend to develop in sun-exposed areas. The damage is most often seen on the hands, neck, chest and face. Fortunately, the effects of sunlight can be corrected with a special type of light.

“I’m tired of seeing these brown spots on my face,” says my 42-year-old patient, inspecting the sides of her cheeks in the mirror. “I feel like an old ship with barnacles on it. … But I’m not gonna quit tennis!” I reassured her that we could take care of those spots with minimal down time. Intense Pulsed Light, commonly known as IPL, Fotofacial or Photofacial, delivers high-intensity computer-controlled pulses of light that penetrate the skin and target the subsurface layers. We use IPL to reverse unwanted spider veins and brown spots caused by sun damage while stimulating healthy, new collagen. Unlike a laser, which emits one specific wavelength of light, IPL emits a broad spectrum of light with each pulse, which allows us to treat a variety of skin imperfections at the same time. The state-of-the-art Lumenis M22 device with multi-pulse technology allows for increased safety and effectiveness. Treatments are quick and effective. 52

Calabasas Style

“It feels like a rubber band snap with a bright flash of light,” the patient says from behind goggles. “Not too bad.” Treated areas can be numbed and made most confortable with a strong topical cream and cool gel. The technique is important as well: Pre-cooling the skin minimizes pain and side effects. After the treatment, the skin may appear slightly flushed. Brown spots appear darker. Makeup can be applied right away. Over the following 7-14, days the dark spots wash away, leaving a smoother, more even skin tone. Usually, a series of four treatments are recommended, with the most dramatic change occurring after the first treatment. “I love it!” the 42-year-old patient says during her 10-day follow-up. “I can’t believe those spots just fell right off!” Indeed, she had a smoother, more even complexion. The procedure is safe and effective when performed on the proper skin types and correct skin conditions, and with the correct settings. According to spa advice columnist Anitra Brown, “The training and ethics of the person doing the treatment is the single most important thing to look for.” The Intense Pulsed Light photofacial, when done with care, is a great option for rejuvenation with minimal down time. Always choose a trusted professional to perform this treatment. n

Calabasas Style 53

Dining in Style

Written by Elena Richards Photographed by Marvin Steindler

In Southern California, restaurants seem to

Every dish is made

fresh to order

come and go. So when a restaurant can boast of having been open for almost 23 years in the same location, that’s worth writing about. Fins Seafood Grill in Westlake Village has been serving the freshest and creatively prepared seafood since opening its doors in October 1990 – much to the delight of local residents and out-of-town guests! Nestled between the charming and unique boutiques in the Townsgate Shopping Center, Fin’s diners can enjoy delightful Europeanstyle outside seating or generously sized booths and intimate tables inside for more private dining. At Fins, every dish is made fresh to order and is prepared using the freshest fish, meat and poultry available. All soups, sauces and dressings are made in-house from scratch with no preservatives. If you crave something not on the menu, just ask. If they have the ingredients, the Fins folks will prepare custom dishes upon request. Jalapeño-spiked ceviche or rich lobster bisque get things started. Diners move on to the likes of wasabi-crusted Hawaiian ahi tuna in edamame sauce, bacon-wrapped jumbo scallops, and bouillabaisse, in which all the labor-intensive ingredients have already been shelled for easy eating. The house favorite is the macadamia halibut, served in a rich and flavorful Thai peanut sauce with steamed jasmine rice – a recipe that many other restaurants have tried to imitate but can never quite match! Locals and visitors have made Fins one of the most consistently favorite choices for happy hour. At the lively bar, guests sip generious cocktails while enjoying a wide variety of “small plates” including delicious filet mignon


Calabasas Style

bites with a gorgonzola dipping sauce, fresh and tasty cod bites served with homemade tartar sauce, Fin’s scrumptious lobster tacos served in crispy shells, or a fresh ahi tempura sushi roll. If you want to book a larger party, Fins offers private rooms with Price Fixe menu packages for parties of 10 or more. You are always welcome to bring your own cake, which the wait staff will be happy to serve along with other inspiring dessert choices. Fins can also create special separate menus for any vegetarian guests. The most consistent praise for this restaurant is that Fins takes great care and pride in creating the best dining experience for everyone. Fin’s owner Moez Megii and his son and General

Manager, Karim, believe that they should welcome and care for guests in the restaurant just like at their homes. And when planning a party at Fins, you can be sure that the smallest details will be given great care so you can enjoy the event as much as your guests. In a world of increasingly noisy, brassy, trendy see-and-beseen restaurants, it is a true pleasure to know that you can always count on Fins for a great lunch, dinner, or happy hour experience! n Fins Seafood Grill 982 S. Westlake Blvd. Westlake Village, CA 91361 805.494.6494 Calabasas Style 55

Health & Fitness

ercedesB enz


of Calabasas

Debuts Remodeled Showroom On May 16th, Mercedes-Benz of Calabasas hosted

a VIP grand opening to debut the dealership’s newly remodeled showroom along with a total redesign of the exterior facade of the Mercedes-Benz dealership located at 24181 Calabasas Road. General Manager Sean T. Fortier welcomed local guests, celebrities and city officials, including the Honorary Mayor Fred Gaines, to enjoy an exotic car show along with great food, cocktails and festivities. Said Fortier, “Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority, and we are sure that our redesigned showroom will only add to the exceptional Mercedes-Benz experience.” n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 57

Giving Back

Calabasas Relay for Life at A.E. Wright Middle School Written and Photographed by Irene Marshall


he Calabasas Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program, held its 11th annual event at A.E. Wright Middle School. This year’s goal was to raise $165,000, which the teams and volunteers met with hard work and determination. Besides the typical relay activities, Luminaria bags were released to honor the memory of loved ones lost to cancer. There was live music and many booths including t-shirt cutting and bra pong as well as food trucks. More than 47 teams comprised of approximately 848 team members participated. The money raised will help pay for free bus rides for patients undergoing cancer treatments. Other programs offered by the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery include beauty counseling, free hotel lodging for patients and breast cancer counseling services. Calabasas, through 11 years of monetary support, should reach $1 million in contributions this year. The 2013 fundraising season runs until the end of August, so if you would like to make a donation, or for more information, please refer to n


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 59

Wine Tasting 18th Annual

& Silent Auction

Presented by the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce and the City of Calabasas Photographed by Marvin Steindler


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 61

Community News


iewpointS pringL uncheon and Fashion Show at Sherwood Country Club

Back row : Mia Boudreau, Karen Schetter, Tracey Gronemeyer, Alexis York-Malek, Claudia Barnes, Julie Waldorf Front row: Jessie Wolfson, Deborah Gustafson, Miwon Halt, Nancy Alpert

On April 24, Viewpoint School held its annual Spring Luncheon at Sherwood

Country Club. Viewpoint senior Noelle Geckle was honored with the Viewpoint School Service Association Award for her remarkable service to the School and to the community. The event also featured a boutique and informal modeling of clothing from M. Fredric in Calabasas by several Viewpoint mothers. n

Fashions provided by M. Frederic. Hair/Makeup provided by Centre Salon –Aveda.

Luncheon Co-Chairs Rubina Habis and Amy Riz with Rebecca Senhauser in the middle 62

Calabasas Style

Noelle Geckle, recipient of The Viewpoint School Service Association Award

Jodi Tennenbaum and Karen Schetter



e want to thank the following advertisers and sponsors who support Calabasas Style and make it possible. Through their advertising they demonstrate their support for Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Bell Canyon and Agoura Hills residents and communities. We can show our appreciation through the enjoyment of their products and services! Thanks! ~ Calabasas Style Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center Agoura Sash and Door Aldiks Arizona Leather Arthur Murray Bella Skin Institute Blush Calabasas Car Care Tire Pros Calabasas Jewelers California Cozy California Swim Cellupedic Centre Salon Cerise Charline Cheryl Collins Signature Style Dougherty Vision Dr. Hoffman Orthodontics Dr. Terino Dungarees Escentials Fairwinds Fast Frame Fins Fusion Academy Harris House Jillbert Design Laguna Furnishings Luxury Tans & Makeovers M. Fredric Marvin Steindler Photography MD Wendell Wealth Partners Mercedes Model Interiors Montessori Malibu Mountain View Dentistry NW Rugs Oaks Florist Pacific Patio Furniture Past Perfect Resale Boutique Pedalers Fork Polacheck’s Jewelers Raiman Rocks Riviera Restaurant Robin Lucas Rodeo Realty Salt Restaurant Silverado Teague Pilates Tempt The Sofa Guy Ultimate Skin University Village of Thousand Oaks Val Punwar Prudential Realty Vitality Institute of Agoura West Hills Hospital & Medical Center

Calabasas Style 63


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 65

Calendar of Events

calendar of

events July ~ August 2013



Every Saturday, 8 am -1 pm Calabasas Farmer’s Market

Rain or shine, residents and visitors flock to Old Town Calabasas where a weekly farmers’ market replaces the old general store. Local vendors bring their fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods and prepared foods to go.

Every Sunday, year-round 10 am - 3 pm Cornucopia’s Farmers’ Market in Malibu 23519 Civic Center Way, Malibu

June 17th – August 16th AHCCC Summer Camps

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer? Come to the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center for Sports N More, LEGO Camp, Rock Climbing, Spy Kids, Improv 4 Kidz, iPLAY, Cupcake Kids and much more! Visit or call Brandon at (818) 880-2993.


4th of July Fireworks Spectaclular at Calabasas High School The City of Calabasas will once again proudly host the community’s annual 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular at Calabasas High School. Gates open at 5 p.m. and the fireworks show begins at 9. The familyoriented, fun-filled event will feature live music from “Mrs. Robinson,” the ultimate entertainment band, a free family fun zone with a balloon artist, inflatable rides, crafts, games and the grand fireworks display! Tickets went on sale June 3 and must be purchased in advance at City Hall (100 Civic Center Way), Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center (23400 Park Sorrento) and Juan Bautista de Anza Park (3701 Lost Hills Road). The $10 admission price includes parking, entertainment and all activities. Children under 2 years of age are admitted free!

Before the fireworks The city will feature a day full of free events. It starts with the 36th annual Lakeside Fun Run, sponsored in part by the Calabasas Park Homeowners Association, which will take place along Calabasas Lake behind the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center beginning at 7:45 a.m. Registration for the Fun Run is $15 for adults and $12 for children before July 1. After the Fun Run, a pet show will be held at 11 a.m. at the greenbelt adjacent to the Tennis & Swim Center and will feature pet adoptions and pet contests. A Summer Splash Party, featuring games, swimming, free use of tennis courts, a barbecue, music and dancing will take place at the Tennis & Swim Center from noon until 5:30 p.m. http://

July 14th at 6 pm Ronnie & the Classics - Calabasas Lake

Get ready for evening of retro rock ‘n’ roll hits from the 1950s and ‘60s. This high-energy quintet is known for flashy attire and equally hot moves! 2013


Calabasas Style

Sun Sets Concert Series at Calabasas Lake. All concerts begin at 6 p.m. and are free to the public. Located on the Greenbelt at Calabasas Lake (open to public during concerts). Enter at The Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center (23400 Park Sorrento) Parking – 2 locations. • The Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center • Free park & ride shuttle from the Calabasas Inn (23500 Park Sorrento) • Shuttle hours: 5–8 p.m. Seating & Food: • Field seating on grass - bring picnics, lawn chairs & blankets • Limited chaired seating available on a first-come, first-served basis (kindly reserve for those in need)

august August 11th at 6 pm Fantastic Diamond - Calabasas Lake

Back by popular demand, we are bringing another “Hot August Night” to Calabasas and experiencing a journey through 40 years of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits! 2013 Sun Sets Concert Series at Calabasas Lake. All concerts begin at 6 p.m. and are free to the public. Located on the Greenbelt at Calabasas Lake (open to public during concerts). Enter at The Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center (23400 Park Sorrento). Parking – 2 locations • The Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center • Free park & ride shuttle from the Calabasas Inn (23500 Park Sorrento) • Shuttle hours: 5–8 p.m. Seating & Food: • Field seating on grass - bring picnics, lawn chairs & blankets • Limited chaired seating available on a first-come, first-served basis (kindly reserve for those in need)

August 25th Car Show Starts 1 pm Concert Starts 7 pm

Hot Canyon Nights Car Show & Concert - The Mighty Echoes. Hot Canyon Nights Car Show & Concert promises to be a one-of-akind event. Come see a lot filled with classic cars of all shapes and makes, followed by a fantastic concert by The Mighty Echoes. The Mighty Echoes are Southern California’s most accomplished a cappella vocal group. They have performed for President Bill Clinton, entertained at the Super Bowl, and have appeared on many television shows. Singing together since 1986, they are true brothers in harmony, preserving the doo-wop oldies of the 1950s and 1960s. Join us for an evening filled with nostalgia featuring a treasure trove of memories for listeners of every generation. Pre-Registration: $25 (includes two free concert tickets for each car registered). Same Day Registration: $35. Concert Only: $15. If you’d like to make a dinner reservation, call the box office at (818) 879-5016.

Send in any calendar submissions 3 months in advance to:

Calabasas Style 67

Real Estate


Calabasas Style

Calabasas Style 69

Tech Talk



By Marc Cohen

is always BETTER

I admit it, I’m a TV freak.

I spend entirely too much time watching television. From networks to cable and Netflix, I need another twelve hours in the day just to watch my favorite programs. In fact, I’m only working about thirty five minutes a day, just so I have time for more important things like television. Fortunately I have my iPad equipped with a great Dish Network app that allows me to watch my receiver and all my DVR programs remotely.

cost of technology drops dramatically within the first couple of years after the release date. Lastly, despite my burning desire to be the first early adopter of all things with a battery or plug, it simple doesn’t make any sense to buy a product that will not improve or enhance your life for years to come. The bad news is that it will require some type of new 4k player. That’s right, throw out that Blu-ray player you just converted to last year. The blu-rays cannot play 4k content.

So here comes the latest dilemma; 4K televisions. What is that you ask? Let me explain. It’s essentially the beginning of the end of watching television without HD programming. “4K” means that it is four times the high definition resolution of 1080p (also known as Ultra HD or Ultra High definition). It takes your picture from 1920x1080 pixels all the way to 4096x2160. So why should you care? As TV’s get larger (remember bigger is always better), you get greater details and less pixel’s images.

Don’t get me wrong; the pictures are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, it’s so crisp and clear that it’s like looking out your window and almost being able to touch those flowers in your garden (assuming of course, that you have crystal clean windows to begin with).

As always with new technologies, the cost can be staggering, as these televisions can run upwards of $25,000. The worst part is that there isn’t any content available on these TV’s at the moment. A few of the manufacturers have included the ability to stream 4k movies. Sony has included an external media server while Red Ray has a 4k media player. So knowing all this, what should you do?

Bottom line… If you have unlimited expendable income and want to be first on the block with your new 4k, by all means go for it. Personally, I think I will wait it out until I can actually watch reruns of the Rockford Files in 4k. Sorry, gotta run. That’s the video store on the phone with the delivery time for my new 4k TV. (Wait, did I say that out loud?) See you on the radio. n Marc

First, understand that network programing will take years to catch up and change over to 4k. Remember how long it took for programing to go to HD? For years, all you could really watch on HD were tours of the wine country. Second, the 70

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Calabasas Style: July/August 2013  
Calabasas Style: July/August 2013  

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