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A Catalogue for ‘Vaitasa’ a Pop-up and Online Exhibition Featuring Eko Bintang, Trio Muharam, Mutiara Riswari, Putu Surya Dharma Putra, Prayogo Yoedo, and Andre Yoga 3 April 2021 - 15 May 2021 at T Lofts and Co-Living, and Curated by Aksu Cakravala Text by Adella Bahar

Photography by Dennis Arthur Adrian Mawardi Exelsius Adam Wasis Sri Pangestu Muhammad Fahmi Ramdhani Nadira Suarga Published by Issuu Catalogue Design by Brina Paska Digital Catalogue



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Curator’s Introduction Featuring Eko Bintang, Trio Muharam, Mutiara Riswari, Putu Surya Dharma Putra, Prayogo Yoedo and Andre Yoga, ‘Vaitasa’ opens at T Lofts & Co-living in Bali from April 3rd, 2021 until April 24th, 2021, and online at from April 10th, 2021 until May 15th, 2021.


Vaitasa: ( vetasa } ) (Sanskrit) made of or peculiar to a reed ( - sI vRtti }, `reed-like action’ i.e. yielding to superior force, adapting one’s self to circumstances; or a basket made of reed. Vaitasa brings together six emerging artists who respond to the pandemic’s global upheaval, as the syncretic collection of works narrate the personal journeys and experiences we’ve encountered throughout this continuous pause. Using art as a form of escapism, this multidisciplinary exhibition draws on social, political, and cultural references to explore and highlight a transformative period of adjusting and adapting through creativity. The world has borne witness to the devastating impacts of the pandemic. Yet, although we are situated apart, our lived experiences seem vastly similar. As the human mind wanders when we sit in stillness, we become more in-tuned with our inherent

consciousness, emotions and beliefs. Separated from others, this pause is a time for introspection and self-reflection. These artists create a common thread by combining subjects and colours to convey an overarching story of a life made up of finite moments. As Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli puts it – “the entire evolution of science would suggest that the best grammar for thinking about the world is that of change, not of permanence. Not of being, but of becoming”. Creating a stronger sense of community as we spent this last year apart, the artists worked in symbiosis from different cities to produce a collection of works that analyse and embrace change by balancing the bad with the good. While examining the impacts of the pandemic on contemporary society, Vaitasa mediates on our resilience and eternal bond as we navigate through uncertain times.



Desa Tenganan, Karangasem, Bali


BALI AGA Central to Vaitasa is the philosophy of Balinese culture and tribe – Bali Aga, where the notion of duality and balance is embedded deeply throughout their everyday life. This belief lies at the core of the Geringsing (Balinese textile). Carried out by members of the tribe, the traditional weaving technique uses natural colours and stitching in a horizontal direction. The result is a symmetrical pattern that symbolises our balance with the creator, with nature and all living things. Stretched between two villages, Desa Tenganan and Desa Trunyan, Bali Aga is known to be one of the oldest existing tribes in Bali. Grounded in the island’s social surroundings is Rwa Bhineda, the philosophy of balance, meaning ‘two opposites’. The Balinese incorporates this into their daily lives by wrapping black and white fabric around large Banyan trees and shrines. Where there is fear, there is hope; where there is sorrow, there is joy; where death occurs, birth takes place. For them, understanding this balance means accepting that everything is temporary.



Comfort Anxiety by Eko Bintang

EKO BINTANG Jakarta, Indonesia



Solitary Solitude

Born in 1984, Eko Bintang is an illustrator and art director based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His works have long depicted our day-today experiences as they reflect on the attachments we have with our surroundings. Drawing towards objects with a nostalgic value, his illustrations exist as a time capsule that holds a collection of lost and found memories. Coalesced against vacant backgrounds are muted expressions of the male figure that evoke tranquillity and introspection. Eko’s use of faded colours creates a timeless effect – a poetic imagery that reminds us to hold on to the things we love. In this exhibition, the artist works with paper and wood board detailing the new habits he discovered amidst quarantine to find the balance between angst and comfort. Eko studied at Trisakti University, Jakarta and has showcased his works in exhibitions around Asia-Pacific. They include ‘UNKNOWN ASIA’, Osaka, Japan (2016), ‘YOUTH’ exhibition, ISA Art Advisory, Jakarta (2017) and ‘WOMAN/WANITA’, Swoon Gallery, Bali (2012).


Safety Measures by Eko Bintang


“In my opinion, right now we’re at a point where we have to accept, adjust, and adapt to the ongoing situation.” EKO BINTANG



Slow Grower ~ Ariocarpus by Eko Bintang


Life in Confinement by Eko Bintang


TRIO MUHARAM Bandung, Indonesia


Pindai Anomali

Trio Muharam is an emerging artist based in Bandung, whose distinctive style is identified through his use of yellow tones. His works are an in-depth exploration of our internal and external issues projected through a mapping technique. Capturing all kinds of social distortions and finding the middle ground between beauty and chaos, he views art as a spectacle media that can nurture dialogues and facilitate social spaces. For this exhibition, Trio’s works speak of his experience in understanding our current situation. The large action paintings focus on exposing the different stages of desolation during the pandemic, as creating helped the artist steer himself towards acceptance. As an artist, designer, writer and project manager, Trio has joined several art communities in Solo, Jakarta and Bandung. Born in 1990, his latest exhibitions include ‘SOUTH AS FUCK’, NISKALA Artspace, Bandung (2020), ‘The Cube’ 3D Gallery, (2020) and ‘Bijaba’, Biennale Jawa Barat (2019).


Pindai Anomali #1 by Trio Muharam


We’re in a time when going face-to-face is a danger, so space is always between us. We’re in a time when we should only greet in front of the monitor, to keep us safe. We’re in a time when flesh meeting flesh is no longer necessary, as we become suspects to each other. We’re in a time when hugging and kissing turns into murderous weapons, that’s our present day. We’re in a time when moving is wrong, so it makes us motionless. We’re in a time when we’re forced to be wary of each other, so let’s be the righteous one. We’re in a time where we are losing our power, so it makes us fearful. We’re in a time when everything we have is no longer meaningful, so it is useless. We’re in a time when numbers are the determinants of life, so the human value is lost. We’re living in uncertain times. Times we didn’t expect. Indeed, we’re forced to wear a mask, so we no longer recognise ourselves and we can no longer be identified. That turns us into terror.



Pindai Anomali #2 by Trio Muharam


“In the midst of all this chaos, I try to adapt to everything that’s going on.”



Pindai Anomali #3 by Trio Muharam


MUTIARA RISWARI Yogyakarta, Indonesia


“How do I accept the situation? How can I overcome the situation by accepting it gracefully?” MUTIARA RISWARI


Born From Drought by Mutiara Riswari


Mutiara Riswari is an emerging artist born in 1998 from Semarang, who is now based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by Jagat Alit’s philosophy, which originated from Javanese culture, her work is a gestural tale that describes humans as microcosmos – beings who are an inseparable part of the universe. The artist reveals a visual poetry of the interconnectivity between humans and nature where painted lines bleed and submerge into neighbouring colours. Further encompassed within her work are themes of spirituality. The spontaneity of her strokes is a form of release and therapy where a transferral of energy occurs. For this exhibition, Mutiara’s works convey a sense of hope and enlightenment towards our current situation.

The artist studied at the School of Art Yogyakarta and was a finalist at the ‘UOB Painting Of The Year’ for emerging artists in 2019. Her past exhibitions include ‘Salon 2’, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta (2020), ‘Tribute to Basquiat’, Langgeng Art Foundation (2020) and ‘Virtual Exhibition Art Jakarta’, Equator Art Project (2020).



‘Land Of Silent’ is the second body of work Mutiara created from a two-part series that visualises a sequel of life’s events. From creation to restoration and our return to the fundamentals of existence – it depicts our innate ability to tether feelings and thoughts to establish connections. Using nature to guide us in understanding the roots of humanity, she uses earth tones to simplify this interpretation as they are fundamental colours of life itself.



Land of Silent #2 by Mutiara Riswari


Bali, Indonesia


Putu Surya Dharma Putra, also known as Surya, was born in Denpasar, Bali and is a contemporary, abstract and surrealist illustrator. His work expresses the chaotic yet alluring nature of our surroundings – communicating the invisible forces of our existence. His use of vibrant colours is a binary between Balinese and Japanese traditional art, as they are literate representations of mythical creatures from these cultures. Working with different mediums, the series of work he creates for this exhibition interlaces our historical, societal and personal narratives in contemporary form. Surya was born in 1992 and studied his bachelor’s degree at Udayana University, Bali. He works with murals, fabrics and hand-stitching for Sin and Sun Sewing Syndicate. His recent exhibitions and projects include ‘KORABO’, Voila x Joged Art House, Bali (2020), ‘Prthvi Mata’ mural, Sidakarya Neighbourhood, Bali (2020) and ‘Wave Particles & Lines’ solo exhibition, The Alleway Café, Bali (2018).


Shakti Samhara by Putu Surya Dharma Putra



“How I overcome this situation is by creating and being creative, so I never stop contemplating.”



Mara / Desire by Putu Surya Dharma Putra


‘Pijar Magna’ illustrates the artist’s emotions assembled in patches that are secured with parabolic threads (thoughts). This work represents the concept of duality which adopts the nature of light and darkness. As it illuminates – glitches, random thoughts, the darker sides of life and light spaces are projected. In Surya’s own words – “Challenge the dark and welcome the light. When darkness comes, so does light. When there is light, there is a shadow that accompanies it. Fear not.”


Pijar Magna by Putu Surya Dharma Putra


PRAYOGO YOEDO Jakarta, Indonesia



Prayogo Yoedo is a Jakarta-based artist working in visual art and photography. Inspired by life objects and contemporary society, he creates still life images that challenge human personalities. His use of over-saturated colours that entail a hyperrealistic mood reflects on the visual elements of the advertising industry. The artist’s series of work photographed during and post-quarantine reveals a period of self-exploration – questioning the viewer to form their own meanings associated with these objects. Prayogo Yoedo was born in 1996 and studied at the University of Indonesia majoring in Advertising. His projects include ‘Menjadi Manusia Art Installation’, Artweek, Jakarta (2019), as well as several commercial photography works for Vulture Mag Singapore and Dewi Magazine.


Ziarah I by Prayogo Yoedo


Ziarah II by Prayogo Yoedo



“But now I’m scared, because death doesn’t seem too far off. So, death inspires me and it becomes a trigger for me to create.” PRAYOGO YOEDO


Zinah Kecil by Prayogo Yoedo


Besar > Besar ; Kecil = Kecil by Prayogo Yoedo


ANDRE YOGA Bali, Indonesia


Andre Yoga is a Bali-based painter and illustrator who gathers observations from his everyday life. Gradually moving from different mediums, his practice began with dot works and pointillism to paintings that incorporate collaging techniques. As Andre’s works revolve around modernday mythologies coiled with idiosyncratic views towards society, they project current social issues and cultural values. His subjects are often compounded with contrasting imageries, where the polarity of elements are symbolic references of our surroundings. Subtly nuanced by Balinese influences, the work he creates for this exhibition take you on a self-imposing journey to explore your own unique view of the world. Born in 1994, Andre was a finalist on 32C Art Award at Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem (2017) and winner of a mural competition in 2016. His past exhibitions include ‘12’, Sika Gallery, Bali (2020), ‘STANDED’, The Slow, Bali (2020) and ‘Walking Canvas’, NON Space, Bali (2019).


Revolution by Andre Yoga


As the artist takes the time to contemplate and dissect past and present events, the work details the fourth and fifth industrial revolution trajectory, where we seem to be controlled by satellites. Inspired by Indonesia’s contemporary society, Andre reflects on the speedy global culture against our nation’s, where we choose to “just relax” and divert from working hard. This contradiction between differing worlds is fixtured by a man relaxing on his buffalo whilst still being controlled by satellites.


“I always see change as material. As artists, we can’t stray too far from ongoing issues. We have to convey the things that are currently happening.”





Slow Grower ~ Ariocarpus (2021) Eko Bintang Pastel on paper, gold stainless frame 60 cm x 56 cm 18,000,000 IDR


Comfort Anxiety (2021) Eko Bintang Pastel on paper, gold stainless frame 40 cm x 50 cm 12,000,000 IDR


Life in Confinement (2020) Eko Bintang Acrylic on woodboard, gold stainless frame 30 cm x 40 cm 8,500,000 IDR


Safety Measures (2021) Eko Bintang Pastel on paper, gold stainless frame 30 cm x 42 cm 7,000,000 IDR


Pindai Anomali #3 (2020) Trio Muharam Acrylic and spray paint on canvas 140 cm x 140 cm 22,000,000 IDR


Pindai Anomali #1 (2020) Trio Muharam Acrylic and spray paint on canvas 100 cm x 140 cm 18,000,000 IDR


Pindai Anomali #2 (2020) Trio Muharam Acrylic and spray paint on canvas 120 cm x 120 cm 16,000,000 IDR


Born From Drought (2021) Mutiara Riswari Mixed media on canvas 100 cm x 100 cm 18,500,000 IDR


Land of Silent #2 (2021) Mutiara Riswari Mixed media on canvas 170 cm x 110 cm 17,000,000 IDR


Shakti Samhara (2021) Putu Surya Dharma Putra Digital art, print on suede fabric, wood hang 130 cm x 172 cm 15,000,000 IDR


Mara / Desire (2021) Putu Surya Dharma Putra Acrylic on canvas 60 cm x 84 cm 7,000,000 IDR


Pijar Magna (2021) Putu Surya Dharma Putra Five panel lampshades, patchwork printed on canvas, hand-stitched patchwork on cotton linen 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm 6,900,000 IDR


Ziarah I (2021) Prayogo Yoedo Photography, printed on fine art paper 59.4 cm x 84.1 cm (A1) 5,000,000 IDR


Ziarah II (2021) Prayogo Yoedo Photography, printed on fine art paper 59.4 cm x 84.1 cm (A1) 5,000,000 IDR


Zinah Kecil (2021) Prayogo Yoedo Photography, printed on fine art paper 42 cm x 59.4 cm (A2) 4,000,000 IDR


Besar > Besar ; Kecil = Kecil (2021) Prayogo Yoedo Photography, printed on fine art paper 42 cm x 59.4 cm (A2) 4,000,000 IDR


Revolution (2021) Andre Yoga Acrylic on canvas 140 cm x 140 cm 20,000,000 IDR


About Cakravala

Cakravala is a digital platform showcasing the works of new and emerging artists. Holding solo and group exhibitions, the platform highlights Indonesia’s diverse art and culture scene by representing it through a contemporary narrative. The platform highlights Indonesia’s diverse art and culture scene by representing it through a contemporary narrative. ​ o different than a physical gallery, we N aim to traverse the offline to an enriching online experience with a means to nurture the connection between you and our artists, without being restricted by the absence of physical space.

Defining Cakravala

Cakravala is derived from the Indonesian word ‘Cakrawala’ which translates to ‘the horizon’. The horizon is defined as the line where the surface of the earth and the sky appear to meet - a sight of a line that divides two substances. Cakravala teaches the notion of looking at things from more than a one-dimensional perspective and raising curiosity toward other worlds. Cakravala is the horizon through which people can access and experience a heterogeneity space, making art accessible for younger generations and beyond.




About Aksu

AKSU was first debuted at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 by Arintha Vysistha and Nadira Suarga. The following year, its ready-to-wear collection was launched. The brand is targeted to young fashion and art enthusiasts who appreciate originality, uniqueness and conceptuality that are kindled by culture, art and music. The name, which stands for Akar Suara, reflects on the clothes’ raw- contemporary characteristic that maintains an essence of strong roots and originality - the Indonesian heritage. It as well tells how the pieces would convey a “voice” of identity and self-expression. AKSU has a vision to become a distinctive fashion line that also serves conceptual, cultural, and innovational elements behind its designs. AKSU aims to express the art, explore the curiosity of diversity in nature and Indonesian culture, while embracing the pleasure of music, all through conceptual pieces that reflect a bold creative individuality. AKSU’s mission is to incorporate every collection with handmade details, surprises of innovation and stories of Indonesian culture while maintaining true versatility in each pieces. Not only that these qualities are aimed to value as the brand’s signature elements, but also in improving social matters such as the sustainability in fashion and the awareness of local arts in Indonesia.





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