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Cairns Festival 20th August - 5th September Fun, music, food, entertainment, street party.


Itʼs on again The 2010 timeOut Day in the Park


Special Feature: We chat with fellow adventurer Kyle Wilson about his travels.


DJ Marz- Marcelo. We catch up with this travelling Dj in Kuranda.


The Great Barrier Reef 100% of travellers to North Queensland, come her e for the 8th wonder of the world, The Gr eat Barrier Reef.


MAPS We got regional maps, city maps, suburb maps and real up close maps! So you won’ t get lost and you will be able to find local businesses too.


Party Town: All the pubs and Clubs and a quick rundown on each so you know what to expect.

56 Kate gives us some tips on getting some mone y back.


Eating Out: Meal Deals, Al a carte r estaurants, pub food, breakfast, pizza and cafes are all abundant in Cair ns.


Adventure Capital of Australia: Mild, wild, adrenalin pumpin and downright scary things to do in Cair ns, notoriously known as the Adventure Capital of Australia.


Water Holes: Christina checks out some water holes and points you in the right dir ection both fresh and salt water.


Local Sightseeing Heading North to Cape Tribulation or South to Airlie.


page 6-7 Festival Cairns

Colour, music, entertainment, all throughout the month of August- what a time to enjoy Cairns.


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serene waterholes around the region


welcome Hello happy little travel bugs.

The tropics offer some really unique and beautiful highlights. The heritage listed rainforest creeps right down to the beach fringe; sporadic bursts of heavy rains fill the creeks with fresh flowing water; bizarre looking creatures inhabit the lush greenery; and the reef - our cherry on the cake so to speak. These incredible natural gifts come with the great need for respect. Now without using scare tactics on you I want to focus on the more preventative measures to ensure you keep yourself safe but very aware of real dangers. Firstly, box jellyfish season starts around october and lasts until April, but sometimes jellyfish are found outside these times, so if you want to swim in the ocean stay in the nets or wear sufficient stinger suit coverings. If you are stung domestic vinegar should be applied liberally over the tentacles which can then be removed. Swimming at the creek is an experience I would encourage here in North Queensland, we have some stunning spots. However, do not dive into water that you do not know the landscape of, it could be deceivingly shallow,


hiding rocks or logs. Fast running water like heavy waterfalls can easily trap you under and lodge your limbs into inescapable rocks crevices. Sadly it does happen, but let's hope, not to you. We are home to some pre historic ancestors, crocodiles. They do inhabit the coastal areas in rivers, swamps, mangroves and estrays. They can also be forced out to sea by dominant crocodiles and move around the coast in search of river systems. A crocodile can lay submerged for hours and the lack of warning signs does not guarantee safe swimming (the signs often get stolen for memorabilia). Don't stand near the edge of estrays and rivers where crocodiles could be lurking, they will defend their territory and attack you. If you do find yourself in a crocodile roll, find it's eyes and poke them out. Two other preventatives that are easy yet super efficient are sunscreen and mozzie repellant. It sounds so simple but is something we sometimes forget to do. Ok, enough serious talk - its time to get silly! Cairns Winter Solstice Celebration and Sustainable Lifestyle Gathering is an outdoor art and music festival of the Australian culture, something that locals look forward to every year. There will be hundreds of acts,

performances, healers, artists, musicians and DJ's over four days and three nights in the rugged beauty of the Atherton Tablelands. This will commence June 18th - 21st. Cairns Ukelele Festival starts on the 26th June with an art exhibition followed by a Make your Own Ukelele Course starting on 28th June. On the 2nd July Great Adventures is hosting a Ukelele Island gig and the following day 3rd July there is Ukelele mania on the Esplanade. On the 4th July head to the Tanks in Edge hill for markets, performances and workshops. So with you well informed, I hope your stay is an enjoyable and ultimately a safe one.

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Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a w eek




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Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a w eek





Rent or Buy- Gr eat way to see A ustralia



Travellers tale...

Marcelo DJ Marz


by Christina Roberts C: How long have you been in Cairns? M: I’ve been in Cairns this time for a week. But this is not the first time. It is my third time up in Cairns. The first time was in 2008 when I got a random job, which I was not exactly qualified for. It took me away from Sydney, where I was based for two of the ten years I’ve lived in this country . I started to be a labourer for this five star resort on Fitzroy island. Turned out it would’ve been a two month job and I would have just been living in Cairns for a bit and then going. But then it ended up being a one year thing, where I lived on the island in which twice every week I’d come to the mainland to experience the beauty of this place and the civilized stuf f. C: What are you doing here in Cairns this time? M: This time I’m here to play music. Actually not just that, usually I try to get through music to be able to connect to the people and what I love. And this is why I am here this time. It was Winter Solstice Festival first, which I’ve played for the last three years. This year I have got the chance to play at the Kuranda Roots Festival, so I’m staying a bit longer . Before I head back to my home town which is Mullumbimby. C: How old were you on your first journey away from home and where is home? M: My real home country is Brazil, where I was born and lived for the first thirteen years of my life. I left when I was thirteen and I moved to America for about three months in San Diego. That is where I first learnt to speak English and it was my first experience abroad. I was really young and that was good because when I went back to Brazil, I kind of started realizing I

didn’t want to be in one place. Even though I had my cultural connections there and everything. I felt like I needed something else out there and I needed to know what I saw in other cultures. I was very young though and what I did, I wouldn’ t regret but I would’ve done it dif ferently.. but I pretty much became a little rebel so that I couldn’ t be seen as acceptable in where I was. I would be chosen to be taken somewhere else. That’s the way that happened subconsciously back then. So then my mother decided to send me to England when I was about fifteen. After I started a fair bit of trouble in Brazil. Cause my mother thought ‘he’s either going to fix himself and learn or just come back’. She saw a bit of a dif ference when I came back from when I was thirteen. So then, after convincing my father I went again at fifteen to live in a foreign country . I learnt more English and most things about life that I know today. That’s actually the year that changed my life the most. So I lived there for one year after doing a few things like getting introduced into the music life. After that I thought maybe I have to go home. Which I did and then I was like “F#%* I can’t really stay here right now”, the time in Brazil was really hard, family and everything then. So I saved my own money then and for the first time I made my own trip. I went to work and live in Spain when I was seventeen. In Barcelona, I was based for seven and a half months. I learnt the Spanish language, my third language. After I came back from Spain to Brazil, a year later I decided I needed to go elsewhere. I arranged another trip, at first it was going to be a surfing trip to a nice place which I always dreamed about, Australia. With a bit of help from my family as well, they helped me out to get here and for the first six months. In which after that I decided I could take further studies here and not just the language. Since


Marcelo DJ Marz Travellers tale continued...

I’d stopped school and wasn’t studying at all, except for studying life and traveling. After six months in Australia, doing my thing, surfing and adapting to the culture; I convinced my family to move here. And the four of the rest of my family came to Australia. They sold everything they had there and moved here, so we got a house in Brisbane and we start living a new life as a family in a different country. In order to stay in the country we had to start a business, so we started a cof fee shop for like three years. That gave us residency and after that there was a bit of an unfortunate event where my parents got divorced here. My father had to go back to Brazil and he had a stroke and almost died so he couldn’ t come back to Australia. I was about eighteen then. I had to take over the business with my brother so that it wouldn’ t go bankrupt. My mother was here too but she wasn’ t capable of helping out cause she wasn’t used to the language like we were. It all f#%*ed up a bit in Australia, cause in Brazil we’re very family oriented and pretty much nothing without family . That was a pretty shocking experience but at least we got what we wanted to, living here… That’s kind of sad actually. Since then I got into the music, my brother got into this, my sister got into that. We all live in different places and it’s a pretty happy life nowadays.


C: What do you get out of your travels? M: The cultural baggage is more what I’m about. Knowing different cultures and seeing where they come from and their history. It helps me see my history in a way as well. Teaches me how I should act. As well as being connected to nature, there are some places where you can get.. tropical or sub-tropical. I like to connect a bit with each of those when I’m out there and see how the land has taken

part of how the people are. Culture could be a social nature side of things. What else? Basically the people! I find myself traveling to places where I feel more accepted to talk to people, connect, be more af fectionate and friendly. A lot of eye contact. A lot of places are weird, people don’ t even look at you and you don’ t feel like you should be there if you can’t communicate to the people, not just the land. That’s the two main things, the people and the land. C: What have you learnt in your travels? M: I’ve learnt that life is too precious to regret the things you do and that you should really love everyone and everything as much as you can. In every way embrace and help the communities that are around you. Try and perceive clearly what your perspective is to the situation you are in and don’t distort you’re perception and others as well because if you’re carrying a bad ener gy around you that will pass to other people. That’s not what you want. All that you do here comes back to you so just try to connect to the cosmos. C: Where to from here? M: From Cairns to Kuranda next! Within the next hour! Then back home Mullumbimby. From there I don’t know, I’ve been moving for the past eight years I think. I’m feeling a bit like a nomad. Everything I’ve seemed to have done so far unplanned has seemed to work out better than the planned ones. Plus you get less disappointed if you haven’t planned it and it goes wrong. You’re like “alright sweet didn’t plan that shit anyway”. C: Is there anything you’d like to add? M: Mostly, take care of creation.

Travellers tale...

Kyle Wilson. C: How long have you been in cairns/ QLD? K: I’ve been in cairns since December. I returned from my travels on December the 2nd. So five or six months. C: Where did you travel? K: I started in England, then went to italy , Switzerland, became an illegal immigrant, got sent back to England went to Ireland, Turkey, Iraq, Seria, France and Germany. But I went back and forth between these countries. C: How long were you away from Australia traveling? K: I was away for eleven months and I left with $3500. So basically I left January the 30th 2009 at eighteen years hold. I didn’ t know where I was staying or what I was doing. I was basically preparing to be a homeless person, just for a social experiment for myself. To kind of see who I am. Throughout it I ended up accumulating cash or people would just end up allowing me into their homes. Basically I just lived of f positivity. I’d wake up every morning and just say “you know what today something awesome is going to happen”. It’s really magical. I met a lot of beautiful people who took me in. There were people who just saw me on the street and just of fer me a steak. I lived in Venice for three weeks because this university teacher saw me sleeping on the stairs which was really uncomfortable! So (laughs) basically I just went around the world and let life take me into the direction that it wanted to. I had no particular route but I just knew that postivity would just get me to the places I wanted to be. Sometimes it was really really tough, but it was definitely worth it. I think it was the most amazing trip of my life. I was born again. C: Wow that’s amazing, what were your favourite places? K: This is one of the hardest questions in the world for me at the moment but Cappadocia, Central Turkey. I lived in caves for two weeks

or something. It was amazing. I was hunted by wild dogs, I ended up living in ancient ruins. I found old churches like way of f the tourist trail. It was amazingly unbelievable. But definitely Cappadocia. It’s a great spot too if you want to stay in a hostel, but that’ s boring. C: Yeah, when you could be sleeping on stairs at a university! K: Yeah! Actually funny story; I’ll start with Rome. For the first four days of Rome I slept in a bush and then I found a girlfriend. And she happened to be incredibly financially comfortable. Her mum is a judge and her dad owns the Perroni Beer, which is one of the biggest beers in Europe. (laughs) It was crazy . So I lived with her and her family . But my bush! I loved my bush! It was beautiful, I became pretty insane actually. So Rome definitely and after my bush I met this Turkish girl. I was back in my bush and I met this Turkish girl and I gave her some tea as a present from a friend who knew her. I ended up at her university that night and for a week after that I was pretending to be a university student at the most expensive university and it was amazing, the parties were unbelievable. I had free food and I had my own little university card. (laughs) C: How did you get that? K: A friend gave it to me there was no photo on it. It was okay. That was pretty amazing. Then I was an illegal immigrant because I loved Italy so much and stayed there for too long. Kind of deported myself back to England but they knew about it so I was detained for five hours. I almost lost all of my stuff and this was after I’d been robbed $5000 worth of production gear cause I was filming the trip. Now I’m writing a book about it. But basically I was detained and they did background checks on me. They came back to me and said “look Kyle we’ve stamped your passport and we’re giving you six months with no visa in the united kingdom which was a lot more than the ninety day that I am allowed, so I ended up a present from them?”

I ended up cuddling them. It was pretty nice. That was at Gatwick airport. Another place is Galway, in Ireland that is an amazing place. Absolutely beautiful it’s a backpackers dream, its culture there is young kids playing music on the street. C: What are you doing at the moment? K: I’m studying at James Cook University. Doing a bachelor of creative industries. That involves digital, graphic, design photography and business too. My travels are on hold for a very short time. I’ll be of f again next year as a student. Half as a homeless person half as a student. C: Where to from here? K: So the whole idea is to build up a portfolio in Cairns. Make this my home base in Australia as an artist and start filming a documentary in august. After that I am planning a trip and filming it to Afghanistan, Seria, Turkey, Spain, Norway, all of Scandinavia, Ireland and again England. I’d like to do the eastern Europe too. The reason why I went to Iraq previously was very situational but because I fell in love with the culture and the people were so kind to me. I thought “hey, you know what, I just want to know what its like and how the mentality is”. What is it you want to receive from your travels? K: The first travel was seriously about self discovery, it was really about “what can I do, when I’ve stripped everything that I’ve been influenced by?” Materialistically, even morally, just everything and just be human. In a sense kind of loose your mind but then kind of build yourself back up again to kind of create your core. That was the biggest thing. This time around I will be going as an artist to create art work for people to share, enjoy , experience and eventually in a few years time I plan to film an interactive and collaborative, basically direct me into the ways I should go… I don’t know I might be wearing a pink hat in the amazon. It should be cool.


Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a w eek



Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a w eek



The Great Bar rier Reef

Certifi ea I’ ve lo ng ed to be co m e tim ng lo a ite qu r Fo y d fin all y, I ha ve go t m an r ve di a ub sc n. ed ifi rt ce wa te r di ve ce rt ifi ca tio en op ed iz gn co re lly tr uly in te rn at io na en ta lly de m an di ng , bu t it all m d an y all ic ys ph ty et wh en It wa s pr ye d it all so m uc h th at jo en d an d ve r lo I g! in am az I fe lt so m et hi ng sim ila ng ni or m xt ne e th d, in g ca m e to an en rn ed m e th at af te r be wa dy bo No ! ty xie an n e to se pa ra tio r a fe w da ys I’ d fe el th fo a se at t ou d an er un de rw at fiv e- da y g on lan d is. I di d th e in be d an bl w ho of k sh oc ed ; tw o da ys of th eo ry ud cl in h ic wh se ur co e op en wa te r di ve re e da ys of liv in g on th th d an , ol po e th in g an d le ar ni ng ie r re ef on a gr ea t bi rr ba t ea gr e th at t bo at ou az in g do es n’ t it? ca ta m ar an . So un ds am


I really lucked out by choosing to go for my open water dive certificate with Deep Sea Divers Den. I purely chose it because I love sleeping under the stars out at sea, and I thought a night dive would be awesome, considering more sharks come out at night; and a course that incorporated this was hands down the winner. Little did I know what I was really in for! Deep Sea Divers Den is a highly recognized five and a half star PADI dive course company and most importantly my dive instructor, Oli, was ace at his job! He was very safety conscious and unlike some other dive instructors or masters, he gave us a lot of bottom time (duration underwater). DAY 1: I was required to do my dive medical to see if I was physically capable of diving. The entire class passed their dive medical and then the theory kicked off. We all needed to purchase a thick text book, which gave me the impression of no fun, at least for a few days. But I was wrong! Everything important in text was explained in a dive video that we watched in class. At the end of every chapter Oli went over the text book questions and elaborately explained the answers so we could all completely understand. The most important thing to remember is to never hold your breath! Next was pool school. We had to tread water for 10 minutes and swim 200 metres. It felt like forever. After proving we could swim, we were introduced to the diving gear: - BCD (Buoyancy Control Device, jacket) - Tank (air supply) - Regulator First Stage (reduces cylinder pressure to intermediate pressure) -Second stage/Regulators (sourse of air)- Computer (depth gauge and timer, calculates a safe ascent rate to avoid getting decompression sickness)- Wet suit (avoids loosing body heat, helps buoyancy, feels sausage like)- Weights, snorkel and mask. We were taught how to assemble and arrange all of the dive equipment. When we had all our gear together, we put it on, did buddy checks, deflated our BCDs, sunk into the water and practiced breathing. Oli demonstrated how to get water out of our masks. He did this by filling his mask with water, tilting his head up to the surface, pressing his fingers against the top of his mask and blowing air out of his nose. One by one, underwater he came around and filled our masks so we all had a go at getting the water out. Next we learnt how to continue breathing out little bubbles after taking our regulators out from our mouth, dropping it, finding it and then putting it back in. After that I learnt how to signal underwater that I was out of air. Followed by asking my dive buddy if they could share their air, and all the directions after the ʻokayʼ. A lot for something so simple! This was a bit scary, at the time.

ed! But like everything else, it was fun! My last dive lesson for the day was decending (going down) and ascending(going up) with my buddy at arms length by deflating and inflating my BCD respectively. DAY 2: we went straight into setting up our dive gear. Put on our dive attire and then learnt how to step into the water. It was really simple. Later on we took turns tugging our buddies to the other end of the pool, etc. My favourite part was practicing our buoyancy, watching each other hover under water like genies. Lastly in the pool we learnt an emergency ascent, for when you run out of air and need to get to the surface fast. Pool school was over and then we watched more of the dive video. There was one more quiz and then we sat our final exam! I was a little nervous but all was good. Super relieved and pleased that I passed. Next day we were sent out to sea.

That night I picked up a digital camera from Wet Rez. Located on the esplanade opposite McDonalds and the Lagoon. They are $35 a day, which is a lot cheaper than what most of the dive boats charge per dive! I始m so glad I got the digital underwater camera because I was able to take as many photos and videos as I liked. The flash captured the colour of the coral better than our naked eyes could see it! The deeper the depth of water the more significant loss of colour and contrast is visible when you are scuba diving. Due to the water absorbing the wavelengths of sunlight you lose the colours red and orange, so everything appears to be more of a blue-green colour. Using flash paints in any of the missing colours when close to the subject. Gotta have one! There isn始t a better way to show the amazing experience of being underwater than visually expressing it. Camera, check. Then it was research time.. Reef Teach is a very unique, entertaining and inspiring marine life class that goes for only two hours. 6:30 to 8:30 every night from Tuesday to Saturday. Located upstairs

the Mainstreet Arcade, between Grafton and Lake street. It costs $15 for adults and it includes a few freebies. DAY 3: Eagar and excited we all boarded onto SeaQuest, a two story boat. When we were done with our dive gear we all shifted upstairs onto the sun deck and were split into two groups for our underwater at Clipper Norman Reef. I saw a huge turtle meters below me when I hopped in to do some snorkeling. The visibility was fantastic and I was so pleased that it didn始t take long at all for me to see something delightful and exciting. All the students headed back to the boat to get ready for some scuba diving with our dive instructor. Before we stepped into the sea to head under to 12 metres, Oli told us what we were required to demonstrate everything we had learnt in the pool. Underwater revision so to speak. Back on board, I soaked up some sun and the boat started moving to another part of the reef to give us more variety and again we went for another dive! When we got back to the boat, our boat SeaQuest joined sides with the three level liveaboard catamaran, OceanQuest! we all transfered onto the boat for the next two nights. It was incredible fun! Day 4: Everyone on the boat had the option of doing a 6:30 morning snorkel. The shallow reef at sunrise was glorious! I had a really rad dive at Tropos Norman Reef. The coral surroundings were enticing and huge. We spotted and avoided a Titan Triger fish. The type of fish that can be very aggressive in reproduction season, so we avoided swimming directly above it. I also came across a giant clam, leopard skin sea cucumber and a great barrier aneome fish. I felt so amazed at the end of the dive and to top it off it was our last dive as open water students! We got together on the top deck, filled out our dive log books and high fived for being certified. Day 5: Use your imagination!

Muchas gracias to all the staf f and fellow divers that made my experience enjoyable.


The Great Bar rier Reef

The number 1 way to see the reef!

View From Above If there is one thing about the destination of Cairns, the scenery stands out as simply magnificent. Whatʼs more, the sheer size of the Rainforests sweeping down to the Coral Sea, when viewed from above, will take your breath away. In fact, there is no better way to ʻvisitʼ the Great Barrier Reef than to actually view it from the sky. This is why you will notice the postcards of the area


are nearly always featured from above. If you were ever going to take a ride of you life, then by all means, Cairns is a first class area to try a helicopter ride. The thrill of the ride alone is an adventure, however, the views will give you picturesque memories forever. Heli Charters are available for a quick tour around the city area (10 minutes), to complete visits to the outer barrier reef. A 20 minute rainforest tour, takes

you up the Barron River to the spectacular falls then returns you along the coastline, or you can have your helicopter lift you over the reefs and join Osprey V for lunch and diving or snorkelling. This is by far a ʻcompleteʼ way to really see why The Great Barrier Reef is recognized as the eighth wonder of the world - from above and from under the water. Highly recommended.



The Great Bar rier Reef

Lear n to Dive Wor ldwide

A short dive course will not only give you the chance discover the Great Barrier Reef during your holiday, but will give you a licence to Dive around the World Forever…

Thereʼs the Learn To Dive course, which is a qualifying course that will give you certification as a recreational scuba diver. On completion of the course (which takes an average of 5 days total) you are given a license that is usually valid for life and is recognized around the world. The course usually includes a few days completing pool dives and knowledge development sessions and finish with making four open water dives on The Great Barrier Reef. There are also “Referral Learn To Dive” programs, which give you a chance to get your open water license in two parts theory at home and practice here on the Great barrier Reef!. Once you have all the beginner stuff out of the way, Advanced Open Water courses are the important first step in continuing your dive education. It is designed to give the newly certified or not so experienced diver added confidence and enjoyment in their diving through additional skills and training.

30 30

Further training The Rescue Diver course is where the diver moves beyond recreational diving. By expanding their knowledge of the "science" aspects of diving and rescue/emergency techniques, the diver is now equipped to appreciate and understand the importance of training relevant to diver safety and incident management. On to the “serious stuff” a Divemaster course is the first level of the "Professional" ratings. On successful completion of this program you will be qualified to supervise recreational diving activities, either boat or land based. It also allows you to act as an Instructional Assistant, and is the minimum rating required for employment in the diving industry. And for those of you who love dicing so much you decide to make a career of it: The Instructor Development Course is a two-week program combining a mixture of training in the pool and classroom academic modules presented by yourself, the course director & fellow candidates. So whether you want to take up a new hobby, or carve out an entire career, these courses are designed to take you there. SSI is a worldwide certification program that have a global network of dive operators for all diving activities. For more information: To book a diving course or enquire about SSI International Scuba Schools, call 02 49664877


The Great Bar rier Reef

Day cr uise with Down Under Dive

Friendly faces greeted us, although we were the last to board after running down the wharf because we were late for our day cruise. I was introduced individually to all the charismatic crewmembers that were on deck, and then sorted with flippers and a mask. Everything was smooth and well organized, down to the g neat racks where you stashed your divin inside went then We gear. eling or snork for our dive briefing whilst the boat started and headed out to sea. Mitsy, the dive instructor easily engaged all of our attention by including a bit of seamanly satire in his dive briefing. Time zoomed by and before we knew it we were at the brink of the reef, probably because Mitsy was making us laugh by warning us not to worry if a woman is overboard; of the people we shouldn’t punch on the boat is and for us to not hand signal something wrong underwater and then point at another diver as the problem - also we were on one of the fastest day trip vessels, Osprey V. Before we got into our dive gear we slip, slop, slapped on some sunscreen and sat in the sun on the front d of the boat. I had three dives. The secon dive was incredible, pretty close to my favourite dive so far! We saw a green turtle swimming against the current


beside a high wall of different coral, a huge school of spotted sweet lip fish, clams and a lot of bi-colour parrotfish. It was so rad! I really regret not hiring an underwater camera for the day, especially because the visibility was unreal. The crew happily helped with our dive equipment while we were hopping out and while we were out of the water. Following our second dive was a hearty lunch buffet of steaks, sausages, fish, prawns, salami, pasta, salads and complementary wine. The variety was good! After lunch we relaxed on the boat in for forty minutes, said hello to the capta to red prepa got then and in the cockpit jump back in for another guided dive. Getting a guided dive is the best way to find all the fascinating creatures of the sea. The dive masters generally have a lot more experience on the reef and obviously know where the good spots are. Mitsy, our friendly dive instructor accumulated 600 dives at the Great Barrier Reef, so we swam along with him! He lead us to the ‘castle’ (a castle shaped bombie) getting us there a lot faster by cutting corners. We passed around sea cucumbers, touched the smooth and soft edges of the insides of large clams and held crazy coloured

nudibranchs/sea slugs. The guided dives were only an extra $10 and were definitely worth it. Once our dives were over, my beautiful buddy and I went snorkeling. It was really refreshing to swim around freely without all the gear strapped to us. The reef is a never-ending splendor, beside the beautifully coloured and contoured coral, we spotted a Potato Cod Fish (a large stretched looking spotted fish) and many species of angelfish. Lastly we took turns trying to hold our breath in attempt of getting deeper and closer to a beautiful purple clam. We swam back to the boat and then snacked on some crackers and cheese while we filled in our dive logbooks. Referring to the reef teach marine life charts was a handy way of learning and remembering what kind of ray or fish we saw in our dives. I had fun hanging about the boat and talking to some of the crew. When the cruise was over, out of courtesy I volunteered to help out and clean the boat a little bit, because I had such a beautiful day. Overall the whole day was lovely, relaxing and fun. Osprey V is an unbelievably speedy vessel! It reached the reef quicker than all the other boats which meant we had more time in the water!


Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a w eek



Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a w eek







Jucy this way


1 Tax

2 Van Rental


3 Waxing

5 Medical Centre

4 Pharmacy


Juice bar





4 3

10 Coffee Shop

26 6

12 Girls Hotal

13 Quality cafe



6 Live Music/Restaurant

7 Pasta

9 15






14 Quality cafe

15 Thai Restaurant



17 Cairns Tattoo

18 Music




30 27

2 28 23 Extreme Stuff 25 n





18 28 24

21 25 T-Fashion

16 FASHION & Swimwear

19 Everything Nails

20 Massage

21 Beauty

Cultural Entertainment





Funky Fashion




27 Sushi

28 Bottleshop

30 Great Kebabs

31 Great FOOD

33 Massage

32 Quality cafe

36 Pool Tables


38 City Location Accommodation 35 28 32 n






38 37


41 34




35 Fresh Baked Cafe

34 Fashion & Great Coffee

37 Study English



Fashion Swimwear


33 41 Skateboarding


42 Tattoo Nation

Entertainment Venue

43 Lawyers

44 Adult Entertainment



45 Tattooist







$ 45

43 46 Shiva Moon

47 Ugg Boots Specialists

$ Money Exchange


Enter tainment- par ty places



Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a week

Party famous oolshed Cairns make sure itʼs the world ThehaW crazy ve one night out in , dancing on tables,

ing If you ned for its wild party nday kicks off WOOLSHED renowtrageous competitions and games. Su win yourself a ou d an you can re we n atmosphere titio pe com CKER is not IND DATE with the hilarious BL YDIVE CAIRNS. MR & MRS BACKPAFISH RACING SK LD to GO the original skydive thanks ing!), where ndays, Tuesdays is to be missed on Mo(yes you did read that right, gold fish racT BUNGY S HIP HACKET AJ an es CHAMPIONS elv ms the $1000 worth of jockey gets the winning human start off with TRIVIA from 9pm with aCOMPITITION T ays HIR esd WET T-S JUMP. Wedn BUGS then on to the cash and prizes with TRAVEL ky ladies will win up to $500 worth of treat with MEAL luc you for a real in ʼre you where one of d an HT DIES NIG TV show DEAL prizes. Thursdays LA is THE WOOLSHEDS spin off of the bs from the ich gra wh for AL of prizes up OR NO ME SE, AJ azing $3000 worth or NO DEAL. An am h as CDC OPEN WATER DIVE COURIVES FROM suc n, , SKYD wo ING FT RA R board to be TE WA the gorgeous R&R WHITE HACKETT BUNGY, and many more, hosted by toddy and the newest and S y pla IRN to CA r chance SKY DIVE before 8pm to get youAs in The lonely planet once ginger spice. Be in t MEAL!!! NO OR AL ME , me ʼre never going to ge funniest ga in the woolshed, you laid t ge ʼt can you quoted, “if its SHED has devoted laid”! live imminent THE WOOL 10 me 20 ga P rld CU wo D the RL of erage With the WO viding the intimate cov entire balcony to pro screen. e of big the on resents the very cor alia and with sound E WOOLSHED rep str Open since 1994, THd reveller, making it famous across Au on and kick start backpacking spirit an. Check out the $10 meal deal early rld wo ce. pri the t the best throughou quality huge meal at your evening with a



P.J. OʼB

This Trad rienʼs itional Iris h pub is lo absolute c centre of town, and ated in the itʼs the he come nig art of the ht ti city. Live includes entertainm me the en (Wednes ir famous Coyote da Ugly nig t hts live on th y and Saturday), e bar top . If you a with girls dancing Pole Idol re up for competiti some fun on anyone c , an enter. s are held weekly and Locals te the early n d to meet evening, an the for major sporting e d itʼs a number one re in vents on place screens. th

e large We all lov e the Irish welcome , and this th ve Every nig at only the Irish ca nue offers a n extend. ht Great CNR LAK p E / SHIEL rizes & Promos DS ST


est party venue boasting Gilligan's is the Cairns larg of punters through the thousands upon thousands the Locals as well with r ula Pop ek. doors every we -stop party stamina non as Travellers, Gilligan's has nt to lounge in the wa all week long. Whether you get messy with 'Jelly ', vie mo in e 'Div a for l poo ntry proud with 'Babe Wrestling' or do your cou ss dresser within on 'Flirt Nation' or summon the cro ely have something for Night', Gilliganʼs will definit als are available every you. FREE backpacker me 9pm. From Thursday to night of the week from 6 – pool is home to some the Sunday the back deck by bands and DJʼs. We of Cairns most popular live ir Summer Lovin the recommend you check out Fox – the only ttʼs cke Ha AJ with Sunday Sesh crazy! itʼs ia, tral flying fox in a bar in Aus e done it all; hav y the k thin you And just when heat up with lly rea hts Friday and Saturday Nig erade balls, squ ma , ties par ce dan dress ups and by some of you to t ugh bro fire shows and live acts top Hill The including the worldʼs favourite gigs B Rn nd, Sou of y istr Hoods, Bliss and Eso, Min goes on. list the and et mp Tru my Superclub, Tim is something different, Every weekend at Gilliganʼs all upcoming events! check their Facebook for


BE TREATED LIK E A LOCAL – AT FUNKY MELBOU STYLE LOUNGE RNE BAR...VIBE ! From the street Vib e looks like a tre ndy small cocktai however once yo l bar, u walk through the venue you will be amazed at how big Vibe is, with many rooms to enjoy yo favourite cocktai ur l or beer, whilst su rrounded by amaz artwork. ing Vibe is highly rec ommended with good quality afford food. They spec able ialise in gourmet Wagu beef burge chicken burgers, rs, sate and duck & baco n burgers. They have a range of also seafood on the me nu such as Grille Atlantic Salmon d with steamed ric e and garden sa or the famous NZ lad for $15, beer battered wh iting fillets with ch salad for $12.50 ips and (Thursdays hous e special is fish an for $7.50). Betw d chips een 4pm – 7pm every night you ca a glass of complim n enjoy entary glass of wi ne or pot of beer your burger, plus with a free serve of ch ips, for only $12.5 mention the Back 0. Just packer Xpress Me al Deal when ord Whether you are ering. looking for some where to have a dinner, or to party quiet the night away on the dance floor, Vib caters to everyon e e. Most importa ntly, enjoy the frie service, sit at the nd ly bar and chat durin g the day, or enjoy atmosphere at co the cktail hour. Feel like part of the Cairns family. Ple ase ask staff for weekly specials. our Come in and rec eive your backpa voucher booklet cker with heaps of dis counts. vibebar@optusne


y a d h t r i HAPPY B The Loungeunds,

d e h s l o o W

g intimate lightin surro with its plush e th ts se , ek 's 7 nights a we bar in system and Dj ge un lo st feel certainly the be is at wh r fo all enough to d moo dance club; sm i in m p hi er to a a ly ng tual t inviting a stra Cairns. It's ac ur hips withou yo g in sw I would d to gh mix it up, an cosy, big enou ls and travelers ca Lo n! bar or io ss ge se d is the only loun pump and grin at The Lounge th e at cated st lo ly It's al ric t of the week. have to catego busy every nigh is at n the th ee s tw irn Ca ternal stairs be dance club in Bar (there's in ed The lsh at oo up W t s ou lcome to mee under the Fam e more than we ar s w of er fe a ck in pa ck ba end you induge two bars), so ge we recomm un t Lo gh e ni l Th al at nce up it up Lounge. While a chat and a da ve usic ha m , e ils th ta d ck co merising an their delicous ing system mes ht lig out! it e k th d ec fin ch .. also open in Cairns. long. You will ys the last bar wa al e, nc la just the right ba ET. SHIELDS STRE

now nic, and o Ic , s u mo World fa rning . Gril is tu ic r d n a r Histo a B they are olshed elebrate The Wo c to rs on d n 6a ckpacke a b r sweet 1 fo h g a bas throwin f this month. y want o lves the a h y the 20th b g to do o things anythin e m Not to d tu e in cos imps, Pirates everyon on. ,P r hands - Police with “P” ou can get you aps of ry he whateve , top DJʼs and ic s Live mu ll night. a s e priz e party me for th spent a small ti in t s e Ju ed has om hug Woolsh place fr e e D h E th T L p t r u a g , across the ne doin te of the tu ta r The Pier Bastrenviable location in Cairns, overlooking the waatsteran s fo to s d yachts, ouche mo and incoming bo The Pier has the comfy c arth the lapping water -e of -to w wn vie l do is tifu au lity . be r, the hospita Coral Sea. This lighting t venue. Howeve e whole d tourists as soon ly) Cairnsʼ classies an sib os als (p loc to th g ounge th little wi lon fill L be to e rts sta h ck T de n irs in ed, a ason that the su d on offer, and is and itʼs for this re and char grill foo Downsta been refurbish nge famous pizzeria ld s he ha e It ar t. of a lou s ns se a tio to e eti r h rts mp sta o co e n al su c m ion the ss la as p and out. Profe have rket and Australia, which dern décor inside re upma o and Best Model decked out in mo a m ali str Au y ld Ind he e pstairs. Bartercard Miss offer. These ar l than u e ize packages on regularly including pr fe jor ma th wi the orlds. rious contestants most nights of f both w o place to be seen attracted some se t the s is er e Pi b the y the nday night, and on a Friday or Su So enjo ANADE , THE ESPL week. THE PIER

wery Blue Sky Bre rivia with a twist ednesday Night-T

ist.” yW ht Trivia with a Tw Blue Sky Brewer r “Wednesday nig ou n joi d n an er n od a Buff withi of fun. Itʼs a m Unleash the Trivi interactive night l ua vis of grey dio ns au l rtio and only ful ir unused po Cairnsʼ original ckpackers test the ba d an izes Pr als t ea loc ht that sees from 7.30pm. Gr Wednesday nig d first questions an m d heaps 7p an m ar, fro ge tion is Free Rebel sports matter! Registra verage vouchers, be d an d foo y y Brewer ke St. including Blue Sk night. 34-42 La throughout the s ize pr of random

Party on an iconic double decker Bus - hour travelling party, Ultimate 5 rty ra take you on a C wl style pa

bus will Ultimate Famous Pub The open top t, courtesy of al Party Tour. are a VIP gues u yo venue, free ch st hi Cairnsʼ Origin fir w meal at your e rent venues to fre ffe di a 5 er ith at w s e, with stop ance to win ov unsurpassabl mention the ch for money is to e t lu no on va e, e m nu he Th . ve Party ss and may a at your 4th urs of madne p photo, Pizz t in mes. Itʼs 6 ho ga souvenir grou rty best night ou pa e ur th yo of prizes with aranteed to be gu itʼs . 5, el $1200 worth $2 st r just k your ho rty bus, and fo the bus, or as the Ultimate Pa ok a place on bo to 32 03 4041 Cairns. Call: music. Whether antina C t n eclectic mix of A an n th e wi e re en sc G The Cairns' Indie oustic originals, is the leader of s jamming out ac


Cantina local musician The Green Ant everyone and a Friday night or mic night where um 'n' Bass on Dr en op ing is inn ay sp nd o 's it's DJ d a friend or tw ur music fix. Su ur instrument an e place to get yo yo th is t ing br An n So . ee ne the Gr and give us a tu d to come down anyone is invite ET RE ST A ow! 183 BUND and enjoy the sh


Cair ns Enter tainment- Open 7 nights a week

WAXING while Travelling The Wax Pot and Tanning Studio is a relaxed beauty salon located in the heart of the City, and also at Earlville. It of fers the visitor and locals alike, a unique salon experience by offering a wide range of treatments and services in an upbeat, funky atmosphere. It is a place where people meet and catch up with friends whilst attending to all their beauty needs. To set the scene for you, imagine painted concrete floors, corrugated iron, distressed timber work, bold colours, funky music and crazy, vibrant staff to pull it all together; and you have 驶The Wax Pot始. One of our most popular treatments we offer are our Henna Tattoo始s. You can choose from a wide range of Henna Designs or alternatively, design your own. The Tattoo last on average, two weeks and is applied by piping a Henna mix onto the skin in your chosen design. This product is all natural, made on site by our dedicated staff.



TAX Advice

Backpackers Tax Tips

Australian tax can be very complicated, and gets more so every year. Ask alocal how much tax you will pay on a certain amount, and you will get a blank, distant gaze... so most Aussies still go to a Tax Agent. However, it is important to know the basics so you comply with the tax laws and maximise your refund. The basics

Basically tax is levied on your net taxable income at marginal rates, then any tax of fsets are credited, resulting in a tax payable amount. This is then compared to the tax deducted from your wages or other income for the year , and the difference is your net tax refund or payable.

Net taxable income

This means all income earned, less all deductions claimed. Deductions are costs you paid for work-related expenses, or in earning your income or attending to tax af fairs. Increasing your deductions can derive a healthier tax refund. The checklist at right provides the common types of income and deuctions.


For locals, income includes what they earned in Australia and worldwide. For temporary visa holders, they can exclude income they earned overseas. The most common type of income will be your PAYG Summaries from employment, showing the gross income (before tax) and the amount of tax deducted.

Work deductions


There are many types of work-related costs, depending on your occupation. Strict rules apply

to limit certain claims, and in specific occupations. If your claims exceed $300, you also need to substantiate these with receipts, although reasonable estimates are allowed for some items. No alcohol...unless a wine-taster .

Other deductions

These are non-employment costs that are deductible, and the most common will be tax preparation fees. Note that only deductions actually paid in that year can be claimed, so this years fee gets claimed in your next return.

Tax rates

Tax is then applied to your net taxable income at marginal rates. This means the rate increases for dif ferent thresholds of your income. For residents, the first 6000 is free, then 15% up until $35,000, and then 30%, and so on. For non-residents, the rate is 29% on the first 35,000, then it goes to 30% and so on....ugh!

Medicare Levy

Another 1.5% tax is also applied to the net taxable income, subject to income thresholds. This includes non-residents who aren't even entitled to Medicare benefits, so if applicable your Agent will need to apply for an exemption certificate from Medicare...hmmm.

Tax offsets

Once tax payable is calculated, of fsets are applied. There are numerous types, and these depend on your tax residency or visa status, living circumstances, income levels, and other factors. The most common will be the low income offset and the Zone offset for people living in Cairns and remote areas. Cool.

Tax Refunds

Finally, the difference between net tax payable

and tax previously paid results in a net refund. Your agent provides an estimated refund that rarely changes, and these are received direct to your bank in 7-14 days. This is fairly standard so beware of operators charging high fees or a proportion of your refund for essentially the same, and without the proper advice.

Resident for tax purposes

This is a critical concept that is different to your visa or migration status. A tax resident will be entitled to the lower resident tax rates as well as substantial tax of fsets. Your tax residency status can be easily changed, however the legal definition is very technical so ensure you get a Tax Agent assessment to ensure no comeback.

Due dates

You have until the 31st October to lodge your own tax return, although an Agent has later dates. Mid-year returns can be lodged at any time, so don't forget to submit your final return prior to departure. Paperwork for your superannuation refund should also be submitted at this time, as certified copies of passports etc are usually required.


Many don't realise that they can always amend a return, if you've missed something or been led astray with your tax status or medicare. Under the self-assessment system, no penalties apply if corrections are volunteered, and you are also protected if relying on Tax Agent advice. Good luck :)

Information provided by the Express Tax Office from BC Accountants. These and tax estimates & returns are also online in 5 languages at


Food around town


In Cairns, you will never go hungry. From hostels meals, to al la car te seafood, this tropical city is teaming with restaurants and pubs serving quality food. And with the many ‘meal deals” available, each venue has realised they need to keep the quality up if they are to satisfy the backpackers. Look at These! PJ’s New $10 Meal Deal PJ OʼBrienʼs have launched a brand new $10 meal deal which includes a Beer, wine or spirit. The menu is great and PJʼ s street-side dining area is right in the middle of the City Centre where Shield and Lake Streets meet. Itʼ s a meeting hub frequented by divers, rafters and skydivers and a great sports venue too (big screen TV). Backpackers luv the place, and the new menu is a real winner! BULL BAR The Steaks are Flaming Wonderful, accompanied by some of the best seafood on offer. On Tues & Wed before 7pm. you can try your luck at scoring a free meal if you order the ONE KILO steak and finish your plate within 20 minutes. Great Atmosphere for backpackers and located right in town on Lake Street, just past the pedestrian centre. Blue Sky “we love beer so much we put it in our food!” Want some real food with your microbrew beer? Blue Sky restaurant has new chefs and a fresh new menu and its CHEAP! Light Lunch meals from $12.50 that arenʼt mass produced. All your favourites, fish and chips battered in our


very own Cairns gold beer batter, Beef potted pie marinated in our True blue Stout and gourmet Pizzas with, you guessed it, beer infused pizzas bases made with our very own Blue Sky Pilsner. Eating Beer never tasted so good! Our Beer Buddies snack menu runs all day for quick bites on the go, or stay and enjoy a Tully taster beer sampler paddle! Try 9 different internationally awarded boutique beers brewed onsite while you finish your succulent rib eye fillet on the bone and watch your favourite sports on one of the 5 huge screens. 34-42 Lake St Spectacular Ochre Local seafood and native ingredients have top billing at this elegant spot that specializes in bush dining. Try the Australian antipasto platter of emu pâté, crocodile wontons, and smoked salmon for starters, followed by kangaroo sirloin with quandong-chili glaze. Some dishes have a Pacific Rim flavor , like the tea-smoked duck with mango or the twice-cooked pork. Red Ochre's signature dessert, wattle seed Pavlova with Davidson plum sorbet, makes a fine finish; or you can linger and sip a glass of Australian wine while nestled into a violet velvet booth.



Green Ant The Green Ant Cantina is Cairns' longest running Mexican restaurant. Since 2001, its cult-like following keep coming back for more! Authentic, fresh Mexican meals as well as fantastic steaks, salads and the best kangaroo burger in town! The venue has a tropical beer garden and is covered in amazing artwork by local artists, so go and check out the Green Ant for great food and great fun! The Green ant is located in the heart of a traditional backpacker Haven, surrounded by old queenslanders and although very much IN town, it feels outta town!. Bunda Street (over the rail tracks just behind Cairns Central).

Gilligan’s for Dinner!! Where else can you relax by the pool, indulge yourself in live music and enjoy our backpacker meals... Sample our NEW MEAL DEAL menu for $12! Join us for our Cancun Sundaze with our FREE BBQ from 3pm and live music on the deck ! Gilligan’s: 57-89 Grafton Street

Woolshed Famous Meal Deal Renowned backpacker Chargrill and Saloon Bar, the Wooly holds bragging rights for maintaining an incomparable level of consistency in food quality. Prime cuts of meats, pizza, pasta, Indian, Thai curries and vegetarian options are on offer at 6pm every night of the week. Just ask any staf f at your hostel desk for your meal deal voucher and their stamp of approval for the famous meal deal that every backpacker comes to Cairns to eat. At the one and only Woolshed (City Mall) La Porchetta Cairnsʼs number one pre-movie eatery, la Porchetta is a superb café-style, Italian Pizza and Pasta Parlour, and located right next to the movie theatre on Grafton Street. Perfect for the ʻfirst dateʼ meal and even more perfect for large groups, La Porchetta prides itself on using fresh ingredients and boasts a huge menu. You can receive 25%


off your bill with Cairns Backpacker Xpress (thereʼs a voucher in the Map Section of this magazine), however the prices are already cheap so you will find this an easy choice for a good quality meal at a budget price. Fasta Pasta This is Cairnsʼ Locals favourite pasta restaurant. Simple, Real Italian food served quickly - this is the ONL Y restaurant I go to if I am on a tight schedule as their service is second to none and always reliable. Specials are always pleasing, prices are just right and the ambience is casual and fresh. They also do take-away. Simply choose your dish and pick up 10-20 minutes later located centrally on the corner of Shields and Sheridan Street. Call 4041 0388. VIBE Restraurant and Bar Vibe is a funky Melbourne style bar , with art filled walls and lots of lounges and comfortable areas to relax and enjoy your glass of New Zealand or Australian premium wine and beer. Vibe is highly recommended with good quality affordable food. They specialise in gourmet Wagu beef burgers, sate chicken burgers, and duck & bacon burgers. They also have a range of seafood on the menu such as Grilled Atlantic Salmon with steamed rice and garden salad for $15, or the famous NZ beer battered whiting fillets with chips and salad for $12.50 (Thursdays house special is fish and chips for $7.50). Between 4pm – 7pm every night you can enjoy a glass of complimentary glass of wine or pot of beer with your burger, plus a free serve of chips, for only $12.50. Just mention the Backpacker Xpress Meal Deal when ordering. Vibe is open 7 days a week, the dance floor commences at 9pm each night, and they are open till 5am Fri and Sat nights (free entry). So if you are looking for a place to enjoy a cocktail, a delicious dinner , or a place to kick your night off, Vibe is the place to be. 39-Lake Street Cairns PH 40 521 494




Cairns, Port Douglas, Yungaburra- They all have...


Local attractions- Markets 64

Every week there are markets in and within reach of the Cairns city. Here are a number of them, where you can find them and what you’re in for. The Pier shopping centre on the marina holds the environmentally friendly Farmgate every Saturday from 7:30am to 2:00pm. Sourced from local farmers Farmgate Market offers locally grown and made seasonal organic & non-organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, breads, cakes, wines, liqueurs, coffees, teas, chocolates, dried fruits, bio-dynamic dairy nuts, muffins, honey, native conserves & pickles, potted orchids & chillis, sulphur free seafood, organic beef, dips & spreads, spring water, coconut and sugar cane juice. Cairns City Markets in the city centre between the sound shell and the bus terminal. Open every week day 9:00 to 4:30pm. Selling mostly beaded, bones and shell jewelry perfect for gifts and souvenirs. Cairns’ most popular and successful market Rusty's Market is beneath Gilligans backpacker Hotel & Resort (between Sheridan and Grafton street). Stalls are covered in lush fruits and

vegetables, organic and locally grown produce, asian cuisine, flowers, delicatessen and bric-a-brac. Open: Friday – 5am to 6pm;Saturday – 6am to 3pm; Sunday – 6am to 2pm A forty-five minute scenic drive amongst the beautiful rocks and beaches out of Cairns on a Sunday leads you to the Port Douglas Markets. Every Sunday 8am to 2pm the market place is held between the Dickson Inlet and Wharf Street on Anzac park. The Port Douglas markets is an excellent place to pick up a painting by a local artist, some organic food, jewellery and other products. Kuranda Markets are a popular attraction for locals and visitors tucked in the trees beyond a bendy half hour drive. Sculpture, pottery, hand made clothing, flora styled crafts, hand painted plates, art work, oils, gemstones, organic coffee, locally grown coffee, home made tropical fruit ice cream, aboriginal artifacts, toys and handcrafts are only a number of the things you will find. There are two markets in Kuranda - the Kuranda Heritage Markets and the Original Rainforest Markets (est 1978). Both markets are open 7 days a week from 9.30am to 3.30pm. The Original

Rainforest Markets host predominently handmade or handcrafted goods and most artisans are available to discuss their wares with shoppers. The Original Rainforest Markets are located adjacent to the Honey House - the first tourist attraction in Kuranda and celebrating 51 years of operation this year. The Honey House offers free honey tasting and a live bee display. In the market complex there is also a gemstone museum and replica dinosaurs; as well as specialty shops such as Leatherman, Boongar Aboriginal Art and Craft; Ezy Rider Harley merchandise stockists; fantastic food; jewlers creating in their workshops; hemp clothing designer and lots of other interesting stalls. Kuranda Homemade Icecream is actually located in the Original Marker complex. Yungabarra Markets is an hour and eight minute drive out of Cairns passing Gordanvale. This market has been running for twenty two years and has over 250 stalls including local made wines, clothing, flowers, home made crafts and more than you could imagine. Running hours are 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.


Mild to Wild- Things to do around Cair ns

to th rill se ek ing Ca irn s is a Dis ne yla nd wh en it co me s sur d no t an d ad re na lin ad ve nt ure , all in ec o- ro un ds an a tra shy ro lle r co ast er in sig ht . Where else can you raft the rapids amid glorious rainforest? Our Tully River has some hard core rapids and is a wet and wild adventure that will have your heart racing and some serious laughs in between!

Have you ever taken a BMX bike of f the roof of a purpose built bungy tower, glimpsing the coral sea on the horizon as you go? Here in Cairns our Bungy site has devised 16 dif ferent ways to bungy including the minjin swing and traditional swan dive, plummeting 164 feet with elastic strapped to your legs! How about taking the controls of a helicopter under the instruction of a professional pilot? Quad biking around dirt tracks in the Kuranda Rainforest, or horse riding over creeks


and through the forest? Or take the ultimate adrenalin rush when you freefall from an airplane, and then sweep to the ground under the safety of your parachute? Our own cable ski park is owned and operated by professional wake-boarders and you can try knee-boarding to get you started, or fly over the professional ramps if you are more experienced. Cairns also offers mountain biking, go-karting, hand gliding, absailing, kite surfing, and sea kayaking! Often referred to as an Eco-tourism haven, Cairns is one place you can get together with nature and test your nerves doing activities in a unique environment that will become lasting memories of your holiday in Australia.


AJ Hackett Bungy Jum Ruby

Gravity challenge


Christina Ruby

hugging Pelita


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e tried it out first!” ternoon in Cairns. Exotic escapade, an af e to get to the trees on the other es Did you know saltwater crocodil up to can survive many month, even a year without eating? They can r soak up the suns rays for theie saltenergy. A four metre estuarin on water crocodile, a spotted pythof the and a cuddly koala are a few animals we encountered in our forest afternoon in cairns. In the Rain I Dome, of course! Jolene and to ventured up the Casino elevator the beautiful man made jungle habitat. The zoo was filled with sizes. birds of different colours and top One of which flew close to the of my head. There were nas and kookaburras, cockatoos, igua fresh water crocodiles too. The layout of trees, vines, rocks and forting water fountains created a com illusion of a natural habitat. rent Following the veranda to diffes of heights gave us different viewals. I the jungly dome and its anim of an sat on a bench taking photos when it iguana and got so frightened started to lurch towards me. I laughed at myself not long g afterwards for quickly scurryin so away. Pelita, the cute koala was a small inquisitive crawling through

Ruby, it with a friend of mine, For my first jump I did g vin Ha . nce erie exp g inin and it was a really enterta le. rab mo me re de the day mo mates there with me ma ane ins s wa h hig ters me fifty Leaping off the platform te to any normal human and the complete opposi jump so t the only one in on the beingʼs instinct. I wasnʼ felt I e. like a piece of cak it surprisingly seemed excited! both high-spirited and re we we and invincible the en wh actually kicked in The feeling of fear only , began er, tow the of top at the guys handling the ropes or id ano er. Ruby being par tying up our legs togeth sure re we y the if ed s up ask either just stirring the guy re tight we s leg our und aro e that the towel and rop into the have our torso dipped enough. We wanted to ve our abo ds han our put to us water so they directed before st che our on d down head and our chin presse of us two the e tim s wa it we hit the water. When s platform, peering our toe scuffled to the end of the n at the dow ds hea ked sto our over the edge and facing there ind us counted to three, water. When the man beh to push ng goi t snʼ wa he d lize rea was a pause when we her ! Ruby wrapped both of us over. Then we jumped annoying an ed eam scr h bot arms around me and we s jawfalling with someone wa amount. The feeling of sa wa It r! ulia pec so s wa k dropping and the pull bac we ter wa the r our dip into different level of fun! Afte live bait hanging off the like und aro ing irm squ were heads was unbearable. our to od blo rope. The rush of . He J hael and his rescue raft Thank goodness for Mic dle pad his of d we grabbed a hol paddled out to us and t. boa his ed onto so we could be loosen r bungy se of achievement afte The adrenalin and sen ther ano for nt us pretty impatie jumping left the both of r, we hai our of out ter wa king the jump! Smiling and sha was ich wh ly, jumped individual went again! Except, we er tow the off hop to f sel g my more frightening! Pushin ped off to get it lea ckly qui I but der on my own was har on my ed swinging to and fro over and done with. I lov be rescued. It to h rus a in t snʼ wa I own. This time round water pretty bar lady gave us was so good. Erica, the eaming. The scr the from ats thro which helped heal our chable and good-natured employees were approa re to be in. asu making the scene a ple

spac side and crawling towards new who unfamiliar faces. The people came worked in the wildlife dome hug into her space to check on and her. She was so adorable and affectionate. We sat through afilled ‘Reptile Rap’ by Karina who us to us in on the facts and allowedand pat the fresh water crocodile she spotted python. After her show ted generously let me hold the spots got python, Darth Vadar. My palm an sweaty from fear but it was such zing! exotic experience. It was ama dome The humidity of the rainforestng cold left us quenching for somethi ured and refreshing. Thus, we vent some down to the esplanade to have m lemon and lime sorbet ice crea mery from the New Zealand ice-crea fix! in the night markets. Perfect k Jolene wanted to pick up a boo an from the Cairns city library on so we Australian artist Brett Whitely walked to the library. It was a pleasant change into a quiet and there calm atmosphere. When we gotbooks she rounded up a great pile of and we just relaxed writing and ing. reading in the silent air condition

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s ett Cairn yourself! AJ Hack e worlds the plunge fos rfro m 1pmh ay t nd l Su features pose built So to visit if 6pm is the time r u p ck ba t d s lai fir u want a ower, yote t local e p liv ith m W u n. oo J af rn Bungy e ping h jum e t in music and a fre y not nestled wh s, kid e th y castle for t n e w t t th s a lunch at eir rainfore s from purchase u could Aussie BBQ. Yo minute wer and to e . th b y clim Cairns Cit even p or two. Before y Itʼs the only bung planet that e th operation on ferent jump offers sixteen dif ditional tra styles from the off the ing rid to swan dive e. So roof on a BMX bik st time fir a wether youʼre to just y pp ha d jumper an or a get off the edge eker se seasoned thrill p style jum e iqu un thereʼs a vered. co u that will have yo y ng bu a Watch out for gle jun in inj m a jumper or take uld co u yo or er swing

try a jum lf off into throwing yourse the time ke ta e, open spac erful scenic to see the wond can you e els view. Where worldʼs e th of w see a vie rrier famous Great Ba Reef? s: AJ Operating hour is open s Hackett Cairn for ar ye a ys 364 da d se lo (c n io at er op m fro y) Da Christmas pm 00 5: – m 10:00a


High Energy Activities

! i k S e l b Ca n Anyone can do it. Everyo

Only a 15 minutes drive from Cairns is the cable ski facility where you can try kneeboarding, wakeboarding or waterskiing. Operated by professionals you get a good introduction at the beginning what makes the whole start easier. Also, if you have experience the staff can always provide you with more knowledge on how you can achieve a better technique for gliding over the rails or for the different turns and jumps. It was my first time on a kneeboard and wakeboard this week and I have to say, If I can do it, everyone

wakeboard. So if you have some can do it! :-) surfing, kite surfing or For beginners, it takes a few snowboarding experience; better laps on the kneeboard to get to and easier for you. The cable know how fast it goes and how machine is not too fast so it's you have to handle the board perfect to try some 180's, 360's under you to guide it in the or other tricks. One thing: after direction you want. After a your first hour of cable skiing be couple laps I switched to a prepared for aching arm wakeboard. First attempt: I muscles! Take the next failed! Second Attempt: opportunity and go for a ride on Yeeeaaaah, I was wakeboarding! the water at Cable Ski Cairns, So cool, the feeling to glide on you will have lots of fun! The the water and to lie into the turns park is open 7 days a week from is just amazing. My friend who 10AM until 6PM. CBX went with me can do kite surfing and for him it wasnʼt a problem to go from the start on the

S Y A D S R U H T R E K iing BACKSEPSSAIOC r and 2 hours of sk ne in D Q B B es ud cl N, in

hours of Skiing for ht which gives you 2 nig er ck pa ck ba ial ec sp BBQ dinner Thursday nights is the cker Special night a pa ck Ba on us Pl 0. Just $39.0 Free of Charge the price of one hour. u will be picked up Yo p. ea ch e ar ks e drin at 9.00 PM. Book is included and th 6.30 PM and ends at ts ar st It ) rn tu from your hostel (re Ski Cairns directly: ception or call Cable now at your hostel re


Tel: (07) 4038 1304.

e is doing it!

HOW TO GE T T H E R (Read this, be Eed cause you ne

directions) Cable Ski is up the Cap located just 10 minut es tain Cook H ighway. Buses arrive ou ts id e Tj leaves you apukai whi ch w car park to ith a walk through th e find the ca ble ski park Alternativel . y bus which you can catch a Sun is means you a “hail and ride”. Th is ca at the cable n ask to be dropped off ski slip road across the , and walk grass. CABLE SK I PICK UP Gather 4/5 fr Cable Ski w iends or more, and ill How easy is come and pick you up ! th to arrange a at! Just call 4038 1304 time.

Tell the bus driver, and he’ll stop right outside!!! 72


r o f n io t c e ir d ht ig r e h t in u o y W e p o in t

Natural wonders

t & c e f r e p e Beaches th s l o o p k c o r Freshwater rockpools and creeks: Crystal Cascades

33 minutes by car. Head north of sheridan street to Freshwater, then Redlynch until you reach the large brown Crystal Cascades sign. Stunning water holes and refreshing icy cold water cascading down huge, smoth boulders into shallow pools. When you reach crystal cascades, instead of following the footpath on the right, you can venture to the left and find a dirt track to Fairy Falls. A small secluded fresh water waterfall and pool.

Stoney Creek

24 minutes by car, via Captain Cook highway, take your first exist at the last roundabout across from Tjapukai onto Brinsmead Kamerunga road. Follow the road through caravonica till you meet a right turn down Stoney creek road.

Lake Placid

24 minutes by car from the city. This rainforest lake is the home of a multitude of birds and wildlife. Feed ducks, swim in the lake and hire a canoe. With live music at Jungle Jackʼs Boathouse on specific times of the week.

Sandy Beaches: Stretched over 26km of beautiful coastline, Cairns has seven stretches of beaches to choose from. Itʼ s easy to get to the northern beaches via bus or car. Simply follow captain cook highway up north and keep an eye


out for the road signs directing you to the beach you desire.

Machans Beach is the

first beach out of Cairns city. Followed by Holloways beach, Yorkeyʼs Knob, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach and Palm Cove. If you decide to continue driving you will find yourself cruising along one of the most scenic drives in Far North Queensland heading to Ellis Beach, Pretty beach and Port Douglas.

Machans Beach

15 minutes away, just a few kilometers out of Cairns, Kewarra is easily the closest beach to the city, However, it is the most eroded beach out of the seven.

Holloways Beach

18 minutes from Cairns with coconut palm trees overhanging the beachfront. With BBQ facilities and the closest beachfront accommodation in Cairns.

Yorkeyʼs Knob

23 minutes from the city with beachfront parks, a beautiful marina and boat ramp. BBQ facilities and amentities.

Trinity Beach

26 minutes away from the city, Trinity Beach is one of the most popular beaches. Including bars and variety of restaurants along the esplanade.

Including free BBQ facilities, amenities, and water sports equipment for hire.

Kewarra Beach

28 minutes from the city, Kewarra is more of a private and idyllic beach with picnic tables with very little room for tourism development.

Clifton Beach

30 minutes from the city and one minute from Cairns Tropical Zoo. Untouched by tourist development it retains a very laid-back atmosphere.

Palm Cove

35 minutes from the city, this popular destination has small beachfront cafes, 3 of the top 200 restaurants in Australia, nearby shopping centre and a camping ground a short stroll away from the jetty. Sugarworldʼs man made water park of slippery water slides is located in Edmonton, 23 minutes south of Cairns. Admission price for adults is $12.00


CAPEt i o n

Tribula Cape Tribulation: ancient forests, curious and fascinating wildlife, cool watering holes sprinkled with waterfalls, all sitting pretty on a stretch of pristine, white sand beaches and blue/green ocean that houses The Great Barrier Reef. This is what travellers dream of, and is where those lovely picture books of Australia get those wonderful images that entice you to ‘paradise’.

The Daintree has some spectacular attractions and excellent accommodation choices making this World Heritage Listed Rainforest far more accessible than its competitor - The Amazon. For this reason, backpackers have always included a trip to Cape Tribulation in their Cairns itinerary staying at popular backpacker resorts. Self-drivers love the trip up to Cape Trib (approx 2 ½ hours) with the impressive coastal road throwing a photographers dream of endless landscape shots (transfers are also available with PKʼs). Eco-tourism is high on the agenda in Cape Tribulation, and it has won many awards for sustainable tourism to protect the


location with miles and miles of sandy coves. Cape Trib is a quiet and relaxing environment, but you can still party with the Paradise Parties at PKʼs Jungle Village.

Some History:

ancient rainforest that has more than 3000 plant species and is home to about a third of Australiaʼs mammal species. As 13 of these species are found nowhere else in the world, you should try one of the many wildlife spotting adventures on offer in the region. Getting high in the Rainforest is also popular… with Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours. 6 high platforms and 5 flying fox runs – THIS is the most exciting way to see the Rainforest from a distinctly different view! Another way of seeing the WILD side of the Daintree is to jump on an Ocean Safari adventure where you can be whisked to the Reef super fast. Beach Horse Riding, Fruit Tasting, 4 WD Driving, Night time Wildlife Spotting Walks, and Sea Kayaking are also popular pastimes, and itʼs a great beach

In 1770 Captain Cook was sailing the Endeavour up the east coast, and making a chart of the coastline. He struck a reef about 40 kilometres north east of Cape Tribulation, now called the Endeavour Reef, and he named the point he had charted earlier in the day “Cape Tribulation because here began all our troubles.” There are great views of Cape Tribulation and the fringing reef as you descend into the Cape Tribulation Valley from the Noah range. This road follows the Aboriginal walking trails. There were once 200–300 Kuku Yalanji people living in the region, who had an abundant food supply from the rainforest and the reef. The Mason family was the part of the first group of Europeans to settle at Cape Tribulation in 1931 and they progressively tried to earn a living from fruit and vegetables, timber cutting and cattle. Produce for the Cairns market was transported by boat to Cairns on a weekly basis. It was not until 1962 that a real road reached Cape Tribulation,


Discovering Cape Tribulation

It’s a Jungle out There! and it initially ended at the southern end of Coconut Beach, meaning that to get to Cape Trib, cars had to drive along the beach! Mt Sorrow looms over the Cape Tribulation valley at 850m high, and is responsible for Cape Tribulation having one of the few tropical climates in Australia, with high temperatures, high humidity and high rainfall occurring throughout the year. This climate provides the right conditions for rare tropical fruit trees which are normally only found near the Equator, which is why two commercial fruit orchards are located here. Don't miss the opportunity to sample some rare tropical fruits from farms, cafés and roadside stalls in the area.

Cape Tribulation became famous amongst young travellers and backpackers in the early 1980s, on the trail from Goa, Katmandu and Bali and is now one of the most recognizable tourist icons of the world. There are many things to do at Cape Tribulation, including diving and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef; exploring the rainforest with guided walking tours, on horse back or independently. To appreciate the wonderful view of the coastline and see where the rainforest meets the reef, paddle the coast in a sea kayak, and to learn more about the area visit The Bat House and eyeball a bat. If you just want to relax and enjoy the surroundings you can wander the

deserted beaches which stretch for miles, meditate in the rainforest, or book a massage or spa therapy, and join yoga on the beach in the early morning. Cape Tribulation has a range of different types of accommodation to suit every visitor, all in superb natural settings — four star, three star and budget resorts, backpacker hostels, bed and breakfasts, holiday houses, and camping grounds. There is a small cluster of shops at Cape Tribulation which includes a pharmacy, two small supermarkets, an interpretive centre,a cinema and four restaurants within walking distance.

“Rainforest wilderness like nowhere else in the World- with all the amenities tucked neatly in t he j ungle- A ccommodation, c onvenience s tore, A TM, p arty b ar, t ours a nd l oads m ore. Give it a go!!” Lance (publisher)



it's not just a bus ticket! Greyhound Travel Base Packages make holidays a breeze Travellers can now jump from one beautiful city to another thanks to Greyhound Australia’s new Travel Base Packages, which include hop on, hop off luxury coach travel and accommodation in selected hostels along the way. Greyhound Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Thomas said these unique packages were the result of a partnership between Greyhound and Base Hostels stemming from discussions at the Australian Tourism Exchange expo in June 2010. “Greyhound Australia is proud to be working with Base Hostels to present four new exciting travel and accommodation packages to travellers,” Mr Thomas said. “Base Hostels are located throughout Australia and New Zealand and are specially designed for the modern day travellers. They boast state of the art facilities, superior comfort and friendly services.” “The Travel Base Packages are great value for money for backpackers travelling on a shoestring budget with prices starting from as low as $660.” “Passengers can choose from the Sydney to Cairns and Melbourne to Cairns packages and take in some of the most picturesque and scenic views along the coastlines, with the added option of starting their holiday from any of those cities. “The package also includes 10 nights accommodation in any one of the Base Hostels located along the East Coast including Brisbane Central, Magnetic Island and many more..”


“Our 3,000 and 10,000km packages give travellers more flexibility and the opportunity to travel anywhere on the Greyhound Australia network within 365 days. And when the Kilometre Pass is combined with Base accommodation option, it creates an ultimate flexible travelling pass.” “In addition they can exchange kilometres for any of the 250+ Greyhound Adventures tours and experiences available.” “The activity options such as camping on Fraser Island, sailing on the Great Barrier Reef or surf camps in Byron Bay will

definitely deliver unforgettable holiday moments.” Mr Thomas said as well as being an economical choice, travelling on Greyhound’s luxury coaches was ideal for those looking for greener travel options. “Greyhound is one of the most environmentally efficient travel operators in Australia,” he said. “One Greyhound coach produces five times fewer CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre than a jet aircraft and is equivalent to 16 fewer cars on the road.”


When you’re headi ng down South ... Heading South... 82

Despite being a small and slightly bohemian café precinct on the beach, Airlie is equivalent to the massive Bondi Beach in popularity – especially for backpackers. Itʼs tight-knit, fun loving and carefree community marries with itʼs stunning beach – the gateway to The Whitsundays – and has become the “Must Stay” spot when travelling South from Cairns or North up the East Coast of Australia. Whichever way you are going, Airlie will no doubt become part of your itinerary and you will take some magic memories from there. People relax in Airlie… itʼs got the “Manjana feel”, and as a result, people are themselves in Airlie, which consequently means you will meet some great people! Thereʼs plenty of partying, yet in a laid-back style, if you can possible imagine how those two contradictories nestle together! Diving is fantastic, with the Whitsundays within 3 hours sailing from the Airlie, lots of activities and really cool and welcoming bars too. The appeal of Airlie is no doubt the fact that it is the epitome of a beach town , and embraces everyone who visits, sometimes enamouring stop-over tourists so much that they stay for many weeks! With the sand streaming through your toes, youʼll love everything about Airlie. Plus you may get to stay at Magnums, the worldʼs best backpackers! Sometimes we wonder whether people flock to Airlie to see Airlie – or to stay at Magnums! Itʼs located right over the road from the main meeting hub – The Lagoon, - and has a famous “Party Boardwalk” as well as itʼ s entertainmentstacked Bar. Dorms, private rooms and even tent sites are all available and from eighteen bucks too.


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