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Ring a-ding-ding! For those preparing to tie the knot (or perhaps just fantasizing or reminiscing) I'm sure you will enjoy

Hair by Tokunai Hair Make-up by Phennapha Model by Lauren

our annual wedding edition. It is all about love, sparkles, and of course finding that perfect dress. If you are ready to take the plunge we have the perfect guide to making your special day special thanks to our wide variety of local businesses many of whom source their supplies from around the world. For more ideas, make sure you visit the NQ Wedding and Formal Expo at The ShangriLa on Sunday the 17th of February - it's free! If on the other hand you've chosen a more intimate affair in order to save for a home, now is the perfect time to enter the property market. With prices more affordable than ever and interest rates at historic lows, there's never been a better time for couples to invest for their future. And for those with a bit more to spent we've launched our Prestige Property section - allowing you a sneak peak into some of Cairns's most

Kate van Eck Anna Daniels Stuart Frost

beautiful homes and units. Keep spreading the love, and remember to support local businesses when it comes to your special day!

Jacqui February 2013

3 I CairnsLife

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11 Ar Arlington lington Esplanade Clifton Beac Beach h

cairns cairns beaches


$2.3 Million

A fusion of natural natural beauty beauty, y, serenity serenity and style, style, creates creates an atmosphere atmosphere of unpretentious unpretentious luxur luxuryy tha thatt makes Clifton Beach location, different where meaning.. Beac h a prestigious prestigious residential residential loca tion, distinctively distinctively dif ffer f ent and w here rrelax elax takes on a new meaning This supreme property thatt seek the ultima ultimate prestige quality. T his supr eme pr operty is ffor or o the discerning discerning few tha te in pr estigee and quality y. presents An opportunity pr esents itself here here with thiss superlative superrla l tive double-level double-level eexecutive xecutive mansion with 560m2 under the views,, cooling sea br breezes symphonyy of the ocean rroof, ooff, commanding ocean views eezes and the sound of the never never ending symphon thatt ggrace property. tha race this pr opertyy. elegance, standards beachside Prime positioned and of timeless eleg ance, it sets new standar ds in beac hside architecture architecture at at one of the most                       three bathrooms, state two-pack kitchen bench, benchtop, thr ee ba throoms, a sta te of the art tw o-pack kitc hen with island benc h, granite granite benc htop, gglass lass splash-backs, splash-backs, gasgas           

Gunther 0421 768 522

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4 The Peak Parkridge Estate Brinsmead

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THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN This is without doubt the jewel of the crown in the Prestigious Parkridge Estate. Perched right at the top of â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Peakâ&#x20AC;? in Brinsmead with spectacular uninterrupted views over the city of Cairns and the inlet to the east, south as far as your eye can see and west over the beautiful Redlynch valley and tropical mountains back drop. The home is also built with quality and grandeur from the minute you step inside, from the marble tiles through out to the stair case leading you up to the bedrooms up stairs all capturing the views and leading to an outside balcony big enough to enjoy with everyone of your friends. The kitchen is huge, modern and well appointed for the most aspiring of chiefs which even includes a built in coffee machine for those perfect cappuccinos. The family, formal dinning and lounge rooms all over look          

                      you and your family deserve. This home is one of Cairns best and will be very hard to beat, I guarantee you of that. For all details please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitate to call Grant Stone anytime 24/7 on 0407147084

First National Real Estate Cairns Central | Suite 1/155, Mulgrave Road, Cairns QLD 4870 | PO Box 930, Cairns North | T 07 4046 9300 | F 07 4031 0996

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Situated at Walkamin on the Atherton Tablelands this 106 Acre farming and accommodation property is 75minutes from Cairns and 15 minutes between Mareeba and Atherton. The farm has many income streams from existing cropping leases in place, lettuce, turf, ti-tree and pawpaw seedling propagation. The soils are of the highest quality and the security of the farming is further enhanced by direct water access from the channel with a more than adequate licence of 191ML. The farm established the accommodation arm of the business over ten years ago and has a licence for On Farm / Off Farm, Rural Worker Accommodation units for up to 40 workers. The staff work in teams on the farms in the region and are transported to the various farms to satisfy the demand for the various crops at the different times of the year.              There is an extensive list of chattels, farm equipment and vehicles included in the sale. The farm has provided the current owners with a healthy, economically sound, and interesting lifestyle, and also has the potential to take the new owners on to much more development. Opportunities abound for extended accommodation,              for business immigration. Price $4.75m including Plant & Equipment [WebID #344]

Premium Property Specialists Grant Freeman | 4055 3278 |

9 Flora Cl Clifton Beach

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This residence has been extensively renovated and extended to provide tropical outdoor living at its best. As soon as you enter the home your attention is drawn through the central lounge room to the outdoor entertaining area and pool area at the rear. The large kitchen / living room, lounge room and master bedroom all open out onto approximately 200m² of outdoor entertaining area. There are high vaulted insulated ceilings that keep this area              the property, and plenty of open space for entertaining. The patio overlooks the 85,000L waterfall featured pool    The owners are highly motivated and have keenly priced the property at $575,000 [WebID #341]

Premium Property Specialists Grant Freeman | 4055 3278 |

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BEAUTY BEA AU UTY ON THE BEACH BEACH Architecturally designed 3 bedr Architecturally bedroom, oom, 2-ba 2-bathroom throom apartment with lar large ge balcon balconyy on beautiful Y Yorkeys oorrke k ys Knob beac beach. h. Your Yoour new property pr operty is fully air conditioned and includes lock up ggarage arage and a pool in the complex. complex. The Cheff in the family will enjo enjoyy eevery sized kitchen.Granite work benches T he Che very moment in this full siz ed kitc hen.Granite w orrk benc hes with gglass lass splash backs and large large pantryy cupboar cupboard. pantr d. The balconyy plus a walk-in robe double bath. T he master suite has its own own balcon robe and the ensuite features features a doub le vvanity anity and spa ba th.                                      hourss notice required for Cooper at today. 24 hour required fo for inspection . Call Susan S at L J Hooker Cairns Cairnss Yorkeys Yoorrke k ys Knob toda y. View online- V iiew our walk wa thru video online-http://y early $400,000â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss All this for ear ly $400,000â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Susan Cooper 0418 187 778 | 40557955

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Friday 8

Comedy House presents Chris Franklin Salt House Book now before you miss out, phone Salt House - 4041 7733

12 I CairnsLife

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Valentine’s Day

Wedding & Formal Expo 11am - 3pm . The Pier Cairns . Free Entry 

Just in

Cool Cotton

Saturday16 & 22

Perfect! (Also available in coral)

Cairns Taipans vs. Adelaide 36ers Cairns Convention Centre 7:30pm Friday 22 Cairns Taipans vs. Townsville Crocs Cairns Convention Centre 7:30pm

Fashion F ashion s tha thatt tur turns ns hea heads, ads ds, si sizes izzes e 8 to 28 14 Spe Spence St, CAIRNS 0406 214 144 13 I CairnsLife

& Lev Level 1, Palm Cove Shopping Village, PALM A COVE 4059 2112

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Amidst the commercial flurry of cards and hearts and flowers and chocolates, there is actually some meaning behind Valentine’s Day. It’s just that all the fun presents and treats distract us and now we can’t really remember why we celebrate it at all. continued over page 15 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:14 PM Page 16

Valentines continued... As millennia pass, its inevitable stories get lost, and there is more than one story to choose from in this case. There was definitely a Saint, many of them actually – in fact the day is called St Valentine’s Day – and the names of all those saints was Valentine. Of course. Many of them were martyrs and there are relics and remains of them scattered through Basilicas all over Europe. Different religions recognize different Saint Valentines on various dates throughout the year. However the most popular story features the Roman Saint in 3rd century AD. At a time when marriage was banned because it was thought to make men bad soldiers, Valentine snuck around marrying couples in secret. Once he was discovered, Valentine was thrown in jail, something happened between him and the jailer’s daughter – love, spiritual connection, who knows - and one of them was marched off to be executed for reasons that are mixed and largely unclear. Just before this happened though, Valentine wrote her a letter to her, signing off with ‘from your Valentine’. So that explains the Saint but not the date. One theory comes from the Roman festival of Lupercalia (it’s always the Romans isn’t it). Held in the middle of February each year to mark the start of springtime, girls names were put into a box and boys drew them out, to then be boyfriend and girlfriend for the duration of the festival. Ah the good old days. This was such a successful event that the church wanted to make it a Christian celebration and give a nod to all the Saint Valentines at the same time. There’s another story too – that Lupercalia was a pagan fertility festival where men would get naked and whip the backsides of the women to improve their fertility. Really? I mean REALLY. Over time romantic connections to this day grew, as poets of the middle ages began to spout their declarations of love, and gradually symbolism crept in. Hand written letters, adorned with flowers and hearts were lovingly toiled upon, and of course that chubby little cherub Cupid was ever present, flinging arrows and perpetuating the joy of romantic love. These symbols now have come to represent romance, and whatever the story is – choose your own adventure with that one – on February 14 all over the world, someone somewhere is being loved, giving love or getting loving – if you know what I mean. It may be a commercial farce to some, but to the less cynical masses, it’s a day to be celebrated and to remember that love motivates us all in one way or another. It’s the day when girls allow themselves to be romanced and boys get their chance to step up and be Mr Romantic. So whether you have a special someone or not, listen to your heart this February 14th and share some love with your fellow Territorian.

16 I CairnsLife

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Spectacular views, convenient location and a hotel renowned for its high standard of cuisine, service #"! #    # ""#"# Fresh from a state-of-the-art refurbishment, our unique function rooms and contemporary ! #   "  #"#!   Ph (07) 4044 1887

###" Cnr Esplanade & Spence Street Cairns Queensland 4870 Australia

the perfect backdrop for your wedding of 50 to   Our professionals will assist you in planning the !!"   !# Contact Modesto Medrano to request a Weddin e edding # #   " " #"!  "#"

isit our booth on 17 February at the Shangri La V Visit  !!" !!"


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Independent herbali

When it comes c to adv &)&%(#+ + &&+ *&+ Jessica Davy D and Clayto need look no further than th The decision to become ind distibutorss for Herbalife be ('&+ &$#) + &)&%(#+ ('&+ as customers. Armed with t and after photos of her own story, Jess ess is now in intr customers s with a range ssues to this nutritional pro

+ +










+ +


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+ +















+ + +

+ +






+ + +

+ +

+ +



+ +




+ +






+ + +




+ +




+ +



+ +


+ + +



+ +



+ + +

+ +


Jessica Davy Ph: 0451182406 | Email:

+ +

+ +

+ +

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Face Today for the perfect bride

Look & feel more beautiful on your special day with one of our Bridal packages especially tailored to suit you and your bridal party. We specialise in face and body treatments to ensure you look radiant and slip into that dream gown.

Face Today Treatments  Anti-Wrinkle  Collagen Stimulator  Dermal Fillers  Digital Skin Analysis  Exilis - Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening  Hyperhidrosis  Intense Pulsed Light  Medical Peels  Medical Microdermabrasion  Medical Skin Needling  Meso Reduce & Tighten  Natural Liquid Face Lift  Nutritional Cleansing & Weight loss  Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty  Permanent Filler  Photo Abrasion  Photodynamic Therapy  Portrait Skin Regeneration  Regen PRP

Enjoy a complimentary consultation and Digital Skin Analysis - contact 40533021

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by K a t e van Eck

David and Carole Forrest

First for Real Estate

While they only established First National Cairns Central four months ago, David and Carole Forrest are no strangers to real estate. Their extensive history in the industry has spanned four decades and three cities, and they are excited to now call Cairns home. With service the backbone of their success, they are optimistic about the year ahead and are excited to offer potential customers an added incentive to kick start the year. After originally meeting at an agency in Melbourne, David and Carole spent 21 years in Alice Springs where they established and still own a First National agency. Motivated by their love affair with Cairns that developed over a number of visits, they relocated in March 2012 – with the arrival of their first grandson sealing the deal. “We loved it from the very first time we came,” David says. “And in the short time we’ve lived here we’ve noticed a significant improvement in people’s attitudes towards the economy which is justified through airport numbers, build starts and interest rates.” After setting up First National Cairns Central from scratch, the Mulgrave Road office is now home to a staff of nine and services Cairns through to the Northern Beaches. “We’re what’s called a First National Dual Branded office which means we do residential sales and property management along with having a commercial side to our business,” David says. While Carole heads administration and David is

responsible for sales and business development, both say they are fortunate to be surrounded by highly professional staff including Sales Manager Grant Stone, Senior Property Manager Jennifer Leighton and Commercial Manager Greg Peck. As part of the third biggest real estate group in Australia, First National Cairns Central offers customers the highest level in customer service along with the latest technology. “In today’s world we tend to try to fit people into computer systems,” David says. “But due to the automated marketing system we’ve developed we can service people’s individual needs.” And for those considering putting their property on the market, now is certainly the time. By simply listing and selling before the end of June this year you will go into a draw to win $5000 towards your next holiday. While David and Carole clearly have a strong work ethic, they also enjoy the Cairns lifestyle. “There’s a great selection of restaurants and bars, and we love the beaches,” David says. “For a place that’s 1600 kms away from the capital it’s got a lot offer!” And while many couples may find it hard to work together, Carole says it comes down to having similar goals and a willingness to work hard, while also crediting David’s tenacity. “We have our moments,” she laughs, “but we handle things at the office and don’t discuss them at home.” While David puts it even more simply, “I just couldn’t do it without her.”

“In the short time we’ve lived here we’ve noticed a significant improvement in people’s attitudes towards the economy which is justified through airport numbers, build starts and interest rates”

20 I CairnsLife

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CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:14 PM Page 22









22 I CairnsLife

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23 I CairnsLife

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Hayley Roberts How long have you been a Hairdresser for? I’ve been Hairdressing for 13 years. Where are you currently working?

I’m currently working at StudioY and SalonZ in Port Douglas. What inspired you to work in the Hairdressing industry? I’ve always been inspired through art and I’ve been creative from an early age. I think it’s amazing sculpting shapes and transforming hair with colours. Hair trends are constantly changing. How do you keep up to date with the latest trends? I keep up with changing trends by attending Wella courses and seminars and with constant training in the salon. I always keep an eye on the latest looks on the catwalk and get a lot of inspiration from UK magazines and the internet. What do you enjoy most about being a Hairdresser? I love being creative. Everyday is different - mixing with the public and feeling rewarded through my work. Who do you look up to and why? I’ve always looked up to my bosses with what they’ve achieved and working with a fantastic, inspiring team. What’s the best thing about being a Hairdresser in Port Douglas? The best thing about being a Hairdresser in Port Douglas is that it’s paradise. Meeting new and local clients and the wedding parties we attend. What current style are you loving at the moment? The current style I’m into is bold, bright colours and faded tones. Undercuts and classic styles with a twist.

24 I CairnsLife

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wedding ISSUE


Romeo and Juliets Bridal Demetrios 3190 Satin Organza Ivory/White

25 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 26

wedding ISSUE

Irene Costa's Devine Bridal Rosa Clarรก 203 Hamelin 26 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 27

wedding ISSUE

Irene Costa's Devine Bridal Two by Rosa Clarรก 101 / DAFNE - Lace and beadwork gown, in ecru

27 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 28

wedding ISSUE

Romeo and Juliets Bridal Cosmobella 7613 Tulle Ivory/ White, White/Black, Ivory, White

28 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 29

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 30

wedding ISSUE

Romeo and Juliets Bridal Cosmobella 7615 Chiffon Ivory/White

30 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 31

wedding ISSUE

Irene Costa's Devine Bridal Two by Rosa Clarรก 121 / DAVINIA - Tulle and lace gown with beadwork, in ecru

31 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 32

wedding ISSUE Irene Costa's Devine Bridal 123/ VERA -Tulle and lace dress, in ercu

32 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 33

wedding ISSUE

Romeo and Juliets Bridal Cosmobella 7587 All Over Lace Ivory/White

33 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 34

wedding ISSUE

Fitness | Confidence | Sexiness | Strength poleplaystudios | | 0410 177 364

34 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:15 PM Page 35

wedding ISSUE Capture the cheeky Goddess within It’s every woman’s right to feel sexy and gorgeous and to have that moment captured forever in a photograph is priceless. Veronica Sagredo of Blueclick Photography is Cairns’ only photographer who specialises in pin up-style photography – unleashing and capturing the goddess within in stunning photographs that will be the envy of all your friends and a cheeky surprise for your partner. While Veronica is a highly regarded photographer of weddings, editorial, commercial and magazine covers, pin up is her passion and she loves nothing more than boosting a woman’s inner confidence by producing images focusing on their best features. With professional hair and make up, stunning costuming and sets, you are guaranteed to walk away not only looking good but feeling great too. Veronica’s warm and friendly manner ensures every pin up shoot is relaxed and fun and most importantly good for a woman’s self esteem. Step into another era – think 50s screen siren, hula girl, retro air hostess – and let your sassy side shine in treasured photographs capturing a truly unforgettable experience. Book your pin up shoot today by visiting or telephone Veronica on 0414 815 286.

The P Perfect erfect e W Wedding edding Sheraton is where people celebrate and we’d like to share in your once-in-a-lifetime memories at Sheraton Mirage Port Port Douglas. Perfectly Perfectly poised overlooking F Four our Mile Beach, the glass walled Crystal Crystal Chapel is bathed in natural sunlight. Our dedicated wedding specialists will ensure your wedding in paradise is a truly memorable event.

SMPD1588/R SMPD1 588/R

F For or inf information ormation and a cop copy y of our special wedding wedding booklet, please call our w wedding edding specialists specialists on (07) 4099 5888 or email portdoug Visit Visit

35 I CairnsLife

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FAMOUS Four Mile Beach

wedding ISSUE Imagine exchanging your vows in our Crystal Chapel overlooking famous Four Mile Beach surrounded by friends and family to share your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Bathed in natural sunlight with the sounds of the Coral Sea serenading you, we'll help you to create everlasting memories for you and your guests. Whether you dream of intimate cocktails overlooking the Resortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lagoons, a fairy tale dinner in our Mirage Ballroom, or a casual gathering in Lagoons Restaurant, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ensure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re every wish comes true. Our Executive Chef and his team pride themselves on delivering the finest cuisine with menus to please everyone! Nurture yourself before the big day with a luxurious beauty or body treatment as you prepare to create memories that will last a lifetime. Record the beautiful memories and have your wedding photos taken on Four Mile Beach, the Resortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lagoons or lush tropical gardens...itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your special day, so allow us to take care of you, so you can savour every moment with family and friends. At Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas you'll experience a quintessential coastal wedding that dreams are made of.

                 on the Great Barrier Reef

WEDDINGS | MEETINGS | BOUTIQUE RESORT | FERRY & DAY TRIPS           Photography by: Nathan David Kelly - Cairns Wedding Photography

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wedding ISSUE


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Special Offer To celebrate the first day of the rest of your life, Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort is offering a very special incentive for couples wishing to say â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;I doâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; in one of tropical Queenslandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most awarded venues. Couples booking their ceremony and reception before the end of December 2013 will receive a tropical poolside ceremony valued at $800 for free. At Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort weddings are infused with a tranquil ambience through the beautiful tropical gardens, sparkling central lagoon pool and cascading water features which can be interlaced with scented flowers and flickering candles. The deluxe resortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enchanting style and variety of venues can cater for an intimate soiree for 40 guests

up to an extravagant party for 130 and can see guests enjoying terrace or poolside cocktails, indoor or outdoor dining complete with dancing under the stars. From a budget poolside affair to an elaborate production with every conceivable trimming, the resortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dedicated on-site event co-coordinator ensures that every detail is immaculately planned and executed.

The free ceremony offer is available to be taken up to the end of 2014. Your dream of the perfect wedding becomes a reality at Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort. For full details about the special offer contact Shaye Fowler, Sales & Marketing coordinator at the resort on 07 4080 1888 or HYPERLINK ""

Weddings W eeddings ed at...

be the backdrop to your most beautiful day day.. Located right on the beach, overlooking           


   partner, surrounded with family and friends exchanging Picture yourself with your partner, your intimate vows in a romantically private venue. Coral Sands Beachfront Resort has the capacity for up to 60 guests with many reception options either self-cater at the resort or choose one of the restaurants within walking distance of the resort.

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Cnr Cnr,, V Vasey asey Esplanade & T Trinity rinity Beach Rd, T Trinity rinity Beach, Qld 4879 07 4057 8800


Let the stunning ocean views from Coral Sands Beachfront Resort at Trinity Trinity Beach

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wedding ISSUE

More than $35,000 in wedding prizes will be up for grabs at this year’s 2013 North Queensland Wedding and Formal Expo at The Pier Cairns on February 17. More than 4,000 people attend the annual event travelling from as far south as Mackay and Townsville. This is now the largest wedding expo in the State, outside of South East Queensland. South Pacific Bridal are offering two complete wedding packages – at The Angsana Great Barrier Reef and the Hilton Cairns Blue Horizon Chapel. The lucky bride and groom will receive a full package valued at $9000 at either of these hotels. The wedding package includes a celebrant, three hour photo shoot, three hour videographer, flowers, hair, makeup, violinist as well as one night’s waterfront accommodation. Ms Whipp also confirmed that Pina Fiorenza would return to this year’s expo with her latest collection.

Imagine a venue where you can feel like a true fairy tale princess, with castles in the background, a waterfall cascading down through the trees behind you, and one of North Queensland’s most romantic stories as inspiration for your own tale of love. In 1935, José Paronella opened Paronella Park, with a vision of making it the premier wedding venue in Far North Queensland. The Park's extravagant ballroom was, for many years, the first choice for weddings and celebrations, however this abruptly ended in 1979 when a fire tore through the building. Now, 75 years on, Paronella Park’s owners have appointed a dedicated wedding planner to ensure that once again, the Park’s gorgeous grounds are filled with

“Having Ms Fiorenza at the Expo for the second year is a real highlight for brides. It is not very often brides actually have the opportunity to meet the designer when they find their dream dress. Ms Fiorenza is extremely giving with her time and loves meeting brides to be.” Ms Whipp said Ms Fiorenza’s presence at last year’s expo was so well received the designer, who originally had a boutique store in Mareeba in the 1970s, has opened Fiorenza, her newest boutique at the The Pier, Cairns. Ms Whipp said the NQ Wedding & Formal Expo would also return to its new home at the The Pier Cairns. This will be the second year it will be held at this venue, but she said attendees could expect some new surprises. “Interest has been very strong for this year’s

expo and our booths are almost sold out. There will be menu sampling, champagne tasting tips, interactive booths with hair and make up displays, massage, spa treatments and more. The event will flow across three levels - the ground and mezzanine of the Pier, as well as the Shangri-La’s Events Centre. There will be two “Fiorenza Presents” fashion parades during the program, showcasing local bridal wear and formal designers as well as the Fiorenza Collection. The NQ Wedding & Formal Expo will take place on Sunday, 17th February at The Pier Cairns from 11am to 3pm with free entry. Money raised will be donated to the Leukaemia Foundation. For more info contact Sarah Whipp on 07 4053 4577

happy wedding guests, beautiful brides, and nervous grooms. Located 90 minutes south of Cairns, the beautiful Paronella Park is sure to impress your guests. Beloved by locals and visitors alike, your wedding will be a talking point for years to come, and the timeless beauty of your wedding photos will speak for themselves. Paronella Park limits the amount of weddings that it holds each year, to ensure that your big day will remain unique and special. For enquiries, contact Bridget Evans on 0437 290 249, or


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wedding ISSUE PULLMAN REEF HOTEL CASINO, HAVE THE BENEFIT OF EXPERIENCE AND HAVE DEVELOPED SYSTEMS TO ENSURE OUR WEDDINGS RUN SEAMLESSLY WITH THE AIR OF SIMPLICITY THAT ONLY EXPERIENCED STAFF CAN PROVIDE. THE COMPLEX IS CONVENIENTLY LOCATED WITH MANY PHOTOGRAPHIC OPPORTUNITIES CLOSE BY. b y J a c i n t a H i l l Our pool deck is an ideal location for that casual, alfresco style wedding ceremony supported by waterways and mountains which provide a perfect backdrop. A luxurious Junior Suite is complimentary on the wedding night and often this suite is used for the preparation of the bride prior to the wedding. Between ceremony and reception, guests can relax with a drink and nibbles on the pool deck or wander down to Vertigo Cocktail Bar & Lounge or even try their luck at The Reef Hotel Casino! Alternatively, they can gather for pre-dinner drinks in the private Arlington Bar on Level 2. Reception venues look stunning with low lighting, chiffon draping, twinkling fairy lights and candles, adding a warm glow and romantic ambience. The wedding dinner will be of the highest professional standards and we have an enviable reputation for style and quality of food presented to our guests. We have a collective of highly professional support services which we can recommend to provide all your additional requirements such as florists, transport, music and the like. We are easily accessible during the planning process making it really very easy to organise a wedding here at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino. 1800 334 683 toll free number

Absolute e beachfront...

Two of the most beautiful Chapels in Australia located right here on your doorstep.

Celebrate your future by having an intimate wedding in a spectacular nature retreat with a private sandy beach, swaying palm trees and balmy tropical nights.

P 4058 4031 | E

Be sure to attend NQ Wedding and Formal Exhibition at the Pier on the 17th February, for your chance to win a fully coordinated Wedding Ceremony package for each of our unique and stunning Chapels.

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wedding ISSUE Getting married...

A Blokes point of view! The lingerie clad Skimpy interrupts Jack just as he’s getting to the whole point of his lubricated dialogue. Her thick Russian accent pours smiling honey on the age old Aussie pub tradition “Vood you like tickets of tray raffle of the meat?” “YA YA YA” I reply a little too enthusiastically. God I love a good Chook raffle. by Stuart Frost

But what am I thinking? By coughing up 10 bucks in a rigged event I will access her magical, heaving, large, errr... delicacies? I quickly shook the delusion out of my head and turned my concentration once more to my old mate. “I’m marring Mary, I mean, we’re getting married.” He blurts. “Why the hell would you do something like that?” my knee jerk reply. “Well, it’s the right thing to do, it’s drawing a line in the sand mate.” The right thing to do? Sounds like something a responsible adult would do, like; re-cycling, flossing or neutering a cat. In days of old there were distinct pressures in getting married. It used to be if you got knocked up, you got frocked up. However unlike the skimpy selling tickets and in no small part thanks to “Sex and the city”, shelling out dosh on a look but don’t touch approach is so last century; women are just as eager to try before you buy, which means one

less thing to go horribly wrong on the honeymoon. So if it’s not about getting a leg over, it’s got to be about getting a leg up right? Well unless both of you excrete cash it’s a financial free fall. The thing about marriage is that it’s all so melodramatic. Two people decide to make something everyone has known about for yonks “official” so they start spending money like a space race so everyone can get frocked up

and shed tears as the bride walks down the aisle in the BIG EVENT. Ahh yes, the BIG GIG. After all it is her BIG day. Look,I get the jewelry thing, I’ve read the Hobbit, I understand the attraction of dragons to gold but why why why??? spend such a large chunk of change on a dress to be worn ONCE and don’t get me started on the photos! But this is trivial isn’t it? It shouldn’t be about the dress, the

42 I CairnsLife

event, and certainly not about religion. Apparently it’s about lines in sand. It all sounds like hard work. Ivor rings out of the blue. “My dad’s gonna die any minute, I’m on the next flight.” The old guy, a rough bloke with an excellent innings, had suffered dementia. His wife and kids stood by him to the end. What a ride. But this stirring and sentimental anecdote isn’t a typical outcome. It’s more like a fairytale. Or is it? Maybe it’s the news hungry statistics of divorce rates that puts up a smoke screen hiding the best parts of marriage. The declaration of companionship. The Skimpy calls out the winning number. I knew I’d lose. I know that in true Skimpy democracy, as usual, the winner will be the old Digger down the end of the bar, the guy who's put the hard yards in, the guy that deserves to win. She comes back around, smiles and says “Being into it to winning it? and I pull out another 10.

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Fresh Savvvy Savvy No N w Now PR Events TTalent aalent al Stalker Has Arrived              

* www STTAALKERonline @STALKERcreative @ST TALKERcrea A tive


Tel: Tel: 07 4051 7770 Email: Address: Shop 8/14 Spence Street

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8/10 Shields Str Street, eet, Cair Cairns, ns, Qld 4870 P 07 40 314675 3/16 Macr Macrossan ossan Str Street, eet, Port Douglas, Qld 4877 P 07 40995526. Like us on

facebook @ The Eye Bou Boutique www Shop Online with The Eye Boutique

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CONFESSIONS OF A WEDDING PLANNER As far as female expectations go, having the perfect wedding day is up there with borrowing your sister’s tops and owning some sort of frizz control. Personally, I just hope he turns up, but for most blushing brides it’s imperative their special day goes off without a hitch, placing extraordinary pressure on one person in particular…the wedding planner. by Anna Daniels

When it comes to couples planning their day to say, ‘I do,’ these extraordinary people aim to answer every request with ‘I can,’….an understandable response when you’ve got crazy eyed women, clad in white, unblinkingly asking you to carry them. Yes, that’s right! According to an article in Huffington Post, brides are not above asking their wedding planners to carry them (well they would be above their wedding planners if such a request is met I suppose.) This is so dresses don’t touch the ground and get dirty before the big ‘reveal’ down the aisle. Admittedly, it’s a US trend and I can’t see it taking flight in regional Qld. Can you imagine? Wedding Planner, Denise: How are you feeling Tanya? Tanya: Pretty good thanks Denise, I was just wondering if you could carry me across the footy field to St Stephen’s before the big reveal. Wedding Planner, Denise: How are you feeling Tanya? Another battle scar story from the wedding planner brigade, concerns brides requesting they don’t see anything ‘ugly’ all day. I know,

the temptation would be to brandish a photo of you pashing their groom, and asking, ‘is this what you mean?’ but then you’d be out of a job and sniffing around the reception in case there’s an extra meal from the alternate drop, and we all know there never is. But doing away with the ugly from the bride’s sight is very subjective don’t you think? What I might deem beautiful (a chicken kiev for example), might be horrendous to her. It could get very tricky. In my research, the one outlandish request of brides that I do particularly love is the

45 I CairnsLife

‘stand in’ request. As it suggests, this involves the bride asking the wedding planner to ‘stand in’ for a critical no show, ie the celebrant, the groom, the flower girl, the gushing mother of the bride, I’m sure the list goes on. Of course ‘stand in’ in my books, includes speaking roles. So, there you’d be, as the groom saying ‘no, I don’t’, when asked by you, the celebrant, if you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife. Obviously, you’d have to be on your toes and there’d need to be tears as we cut to you, the now blubbering mother of the bride, wondering how the day all went so horribly wrong! So, with the nightmare ‘carry me’ bridezillas, it’s not all roses for wedding planners, but in the illustrious company of Santa Clause, Oprah, and the manufacturers of Mint Slices, they are making dreams come true, and, after all my research do I think they deserve a round of applause? I do. Anna Daniels is the Regional and Rural Reporter for The Project, Network Ten, and has recently relocated to Cairns. Follow Anna on twitter @annadtweets

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wedding ISSUE

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wedding ISSUE

Pole Playy

S d Studios


+ + + + + + + 10/.-/0,+*.)+('0&)+,%/$0+%/,+#(/0" + )//&/+)0%(+ %)(&0"+*.)+0/"+&)(',%"+.)+"(+*.)+*/+"&/$0+('0+#)"(+ .0/0,+('0&)+,..)"+&/++ %)(&0"+%(+ .!0+ !%+(,&."+%)0+')"+.* +*/+#!!0,+ 0/(0)(%&/0/(+%(+('0+.)0."+)&%(0+.(& 0+"(,&.+ &('+%+).$ &/+"./,+ ""(0+/&/0+,%/$0+.!0"+%/,+%+&+,&"$.+%!!+('0+"%$0+'%"+00/+,0"&/0,+(.+ ,0!&'(+('0+"0/"0" + /+&,0%!+"(%)(+(.+%+&)!"+/&'(+.(+('0+00/(+0&/"+-&('+%+ *)00+!%""+.* +$'%%/0+./+%))&%!+%/,+('0+0"(+.* +'./.)+)0$0&0"+%+ .!0+ !%+ %)(+ %$ +%!0,+%(+.0)++'0/+'0!+.)"0!0"+(.+('0+-&$ 0,+$."(0+ ,0%)(0/(+%/,+0+&,0,+(').'+".0+"&!0+*/+%/,+"0+,%/$0+.0"+ (.+*.)+%+$'%%/0+)0% +%.(+'%!* +-%+(').'+(% 0+".0+)0%(+'.(."+ (.+)000)+.)+"0$&%!+,%+%/,+('0+ %)(+."(0""+-&&!!+0)*.) +%+"'.- + .!0+ !%+ %)(&0"+%)0+%%&!%!0+&/+ .!0+%/$0+0!!+%/$0+)!0" 0+.)+0()0""+ ('00"+.)+%+$.&/%(&./+.* +('0+%!! +)+.+$%/+$'.."0+(.+'%0+('0+$.0+(.+ %+0/0+.* +.)+$'.&$0+-&('+('0&)+0+.0"+ %)(&0"

Louise Struber is renowned for personally creating stunning wedding looks. A leading makeup artist in the region with over 14 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience. Louiseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Louiseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ouiseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mobile service service will help you get ready to say I do! Styling ser vice packages are available on request uest and include hair service hair,r, spray tans and eyelash extens extensions.

Go to www*.)+.)0+,0(%&!"+.)+$./(%$( w..polepla aystudio y Sophia War arr a en on 0406692877


---.!0!%"(,&."$.%++---*%$0.. $. .!0 !%(,&."

P: 0404 058 287

Cairns U Palm Cove U Port Douglas U The TTablelands aablelands

Happy Wife....

Alll Y Your oour ou Shoe Prayers rayerrs Havee Been Bee werred e Answered


Life! Adult Stores Located at Mulgrave Road, Sheridan and Aplin Street

82 Grafton St | 40314999 4031

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wedding ISSUE Trinity Beach

You deserve the

   & Juliets Bridal has it!

Romeo & Juliets Bridal is a family owned business that has been dressing the brides of North Queensland for over 40 years. As stockists of many leading Australian & International Designers, we offer an extensive range of beautiful Wedding, Bridesmaid, Evening & Formal gowns. We can also assist you with all your wedding needs including that something special for Mother of the Bride and Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Suit Hire. Our highly experienced consultants can help you create your dream look that is as individual as you are.

A wedding gown is more than        


for your personality, your body and your wedding. At Romeo & Juliets bridal we value our customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs and offer a large variety of stunning gowns to suit all budgets and sizes. Exquisite new stock is arriving regularly. So if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for the best customer service in Cairns, fantastic ideas and expert advice make sure you visit Romeo & Juliets Bridal to discover that perfect Wedding Gown just right for YOU!

Wedding Venue Showcase at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino In conjunction with N.Q. Wedding & Formal Expo Saturday 17th February 2013 12 pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4 pm

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino offers affordable 5 Star luxury With over 15 years experience, allow us to deliver the wedding of your dreams! 4 unique wedding reception venues including a tropical pool deck for alfresco-style ceremonies Enviable reputation for quality food Award-winning luxury accommodation Premium entertainment in the heart of Cairns Quote â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cairns Lifeâ&#x20AC;? when enquiring, to receive a complimentary room upgrade from Superior to Deluxe for wedding guest accommodation bookings* | | 4030 8864 *Conditions Apply

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hoose from a range of flexible function areas for your reception, including the Terrace, Temple of Tastes Restaurant and the brand new Garden Pavilion. Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa has a dedicated wedding co-ordinator ready to work with you to bring your perfect wedding to fruition. Choose from our fully coordinated packages including a celebrant, flowers and cake or create your own flexible wedding package to suit your budget and taste. The resort offers everything for a completely wonderful wedding – both for yourself and for your guests. Accommodation is modern, spacious and ranges from studios to one, two and three bedroom apartments. Splurge for a little more indulgence with an additional option to choose one of our feature apartments, including either a private rooftop barbeque area with outdoor spa bath or your own private plunge pool. Packages are tailored for brides, bridesmaids and hens parties at the renowned Mii Spa, where ladies (and gents) can relax and unwind before the big day. Specialised Signature treatments are available to have your skin looking amazing for photos; or why not try a couple’s treatment together after the wedding? For more information on weddings at Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa, please call the resort on 4059 9600 or visit or

• Pullman Sea Temple Beach Wedding. Photo by Matthew Evans Photography

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CAIRNSLIFE 4058 0511

Like us on Facebook

Brigid Lees



Hair Design


Colour Specialis


Make Up Artistr



Each winner will receive a gift pack valued at over $180!

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wedding ISSUE

Experience Counts Local talent Louise Struber has over 14 years experience in bridal, fashion and commercial makeup artistry. With formal qualifications backed by multiple awards in the cosmetic industry, Louise has worked with prestigious international brands including Est茅e Lauder, Lanc么me, Clarins and Shiseido. Her business Celebrations makeup artistry is a mobile service available in Cairns, Palm Cove, Port Douglas and the Tablelands. Styling packages on request include hair, spray tans and eyelash extensions. From contemporary to classic, Louise Struber is renowned for producing stunning makeup. Her passion and flair allow her to personally create and customise the ideal look for your special occasion. Visit to enquire about a booking.

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wedding ISSUE

BESTMAN Being asked to be the best man in a wedding is a great honor. We don’t get bestowed with the title “best” very often in our lives. It shows that your friend or family member holds your relationship in great esteem. You’ve been his go-to guy in life; now he needs you to be his point person during this weighty rite-of-passage. So don’t just shuffle through your role; instead, help your buddy through the most important day of his life by stepping up and fulfilling your duties with competence. Just what are those duties? Here’s a rundown of your responsibilities as the best man: Before the Wedding Plan the bachelor party. This is one of your biggest responsibilities. Luckily, we’ve written up ahandy guide on just how to do it. Get fitted for a tux/suit. In former times, etiquette dictated that the groom pay for rental or purchase of the tuxes for his groomsmen. These days, the groom often expects you to pony up the dough yourself. Personally, I find it in poor taste to ask someone to be in your wedding and then expect them to pay for their own tux, but it’s become a common practice. Whether you’re buying or renting, paying or not, you will likely be expected to get fitted for your tux or suit. You’re responsible for showing up to the appointment and making sure the other groomsmen do as well. Go to the rehearsal. The day before the wedding, there will be a rehearsal held where the actual wedding will take place. It can’t start without you, so be sure to arrive on time. It should only last for a half an hour or so. Go to the rehearsal dinner. After the rehearsal, those in the wedding party (and other family and friends the couple may have invited) will head over to the rehearsal dinner, typically held at a restaurant. There is usually toasting at the dinner, and while you are welcome to make a toast, I recommend holding off until your big speech at the wedding reception. You

them properly. They should be placed in the buttonhole of the left lapel of one’s suit jacket. If there’s no buttonhole, then pin them there. At the Ceremony Enter with the groom. The order of the wedding processional varies by the type of wedding and the couple’s faith tradition, but most frequently the minister or priest, best man, and groom (in that order) come into the church through a side door at the front. Hold onto the groom’s ring. It’s your job to keep the ring safe and sound in your pocket and to fish it out at the appropriate time during the ceremony. This is one thing you absolutely don’t want to flub, lest you end up as a clip on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Don’t faint. See the aforementioned reference to AFV. Escort the maid/matron of honor out of the church at the conclusion of the ceremony. Sign the marriage license. After the wedding, you may be asked to be a witness and sign the marriage license.

don’t want to use up your best material. The Day of the Wedding A wedding day is a whirlwind of activity. Your job as the best man is to take the burden of stress off the groom and onto your shoulders. You’ll be his go-to guy: his support, assistant, and valet. You make sure things are in place, that the groom has what he needs, gets to where he needs to be, and stays relaxed. If you do your job right, the groom will only need to worry about walking down that aisle. Before the Ceremony Hang out with the groom as he dresses for the ceremony. Keep your friend calm and relaxed (although not

with spirits). There may be some downtime before the ceremony, so play some video games and just chill. Skip questions like, “Dude, are you sure you want to do this?” and instead offer calming encouragement. Make sure the groom has whatever he needs. Not just for the wedding but for the honeymoon as well. He may not be coming back to his house/hotel/apartment before heading off into the sunset with his bride. So make sure he has the marriage license, that he’s all packed, and that the luggage, tickets, passport, etc. get put in the car. Drive the groom over to the wedding location. Get there at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Distribute the boutonnieres and make sure the groomsmen are wearing

52 I CairnsLife

At the Reception Dance with the matron/maid of honor and the bridesmaids. Kick off the toasting with the best man speech. This is the job that probably first comes to mind when you think about being the best man. And it’s probably the job you’re most nervous about. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a foolproof plan to knock your speech out of the park. An interesting side note: The best man used to also read telegrams from well-wishers who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Sounds like a nice tradition from bygone days. After the wedding, bring the groom’s tux to the cleaners or back to the rental shop.Take care of this while he’s on the honeymoon.

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wedding ISSUE

50% OFF! Experience Safe & Effective IPL with maximum comfort for

This Month Only $30 Brazilian wax

â&#x20AC;˘ Hair removal â&#x20AC;˘ Pigmentation â&#x20AC;˘ Photo rejuventation Call today to book your free consultation followed by your appointment (the next day)


Cairns Central T: 4031 9099 Ella Bache skincare range is available only at Cairns Central

Please Call Katie on 0432116932 to make your booking. Wax Bamboo Beauty is located at 34 Lake Street,inside Performex Studios (past reception and right at top of the stairs)


CELEBRATE YOUR PERFECT WEDDING AT PULLMAN PALM COVE SEA TEMPLE RESORT & SPA Located in stunning Palm Cove, Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa offers an unforgettable destination for the wedding of a lifetime. We offer four stunning venues for inspired receptions and a variety of private ceremony options, including beautiful beach weddings. First class service and attention to detail ensure your special occasion is spectacular.


54 I CairnsLife


Enquire now: #"!! #!  ! #   â&#x20AC;˘      PHONE:


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Diamonds are forever

Rings from Diamonds & Time

18ct ring with a radiant cut white diamond and argyle pink brilliant cut shoulder diamonds - $12,900


PIER for all your wedding needs

18ct ring golden champagne diamond surrounded by white diamonds - $12,999

Fiorenza Bridal Cairns Shop G1b, The Pier Shopping Centre Pier Point Road, Cairns QLD 4870 18ct ring featuring a brilliant cut diamond surrounded by micro paveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; set diamonds - $4,959 Matching Wedder - $1947

18ct ring brilliant cut diamond - $5,800 Matching Wedding Ring - $2469

Luxurious Romantic Affordable P. 07 4031 5270 | M. 0438 923 188    E.     W.     

weddinghair, Beautiful weddinghair, makeup and nails at Silk Pier. Hair and beauty@ the Pier. Phone Jill our wedding specialist 4041 0037 for a free consultation. free Silk Hair and Beauty The Pier | PH: 4041 0037 W: www | E:

18ct 3 stone with princess and 2 brilliant cut diamonds - $5450

Corsets Lingerie & Swimwear mwear ttoo a K CCup up t BBridal ridal Bustiers Bustiers & Corsets Proffessional e FFitting itting SService ervice Professional 18ct ring with pear shaped diamond and shoulder dias - $2700

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wedding ISSUE E L E G A N C E A N D S O P H I S T I C AT I O N

PULLMAN CAIRNS INTERNATIONAL, A STYLISH WEDDING DESTINATION Celebrate your special day in the elegant surrounds of Pullman Cairns International. From the incredible Daintrees Pooldeck and Grand Ballroom to our more intimate areas, we have the perfect setting to make your wedding simply stunning. With over 22 years experience in weddings, Pullman Cairns International will make your wedding a day to remember.


Enquire now: "!   "   â&#x20AC;˘     PHONE: MORE THAN 60 HOTELS IN 20 COUNTRIES


22 Martyn Street, Parramatta Park | 4031 031 242 2425 Major Brands include:

la Yo ork by Ella Bridal | Alfr Alf ed Ang Rosa Clara | Stella San Patrick | Maggie Sottero 56 I CairnsLife

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wedding ISSUE For a beautiful wedding in the heart of Cairns, inspect Pullman Cairns International (formerly The Sebel Cairns). The professional team at the Pullman Cairns International are dedicated to providing you with your dream wedding at a five star venue, regardless of your wedding size or budget. Located on Abbott Street, the Cairns International is the perfect venue for weddings, with an impressive porte cochere for your arrival, a stunning lobby for your wedding photos and a range of venues for your ceremony and reception. The Gazebo is a picturesque outdoor location for ceremonies, surrounded by tropical gardens and bordered by Daintrees Pooldeck and Thornton Peak â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a covered outdoor function area complete with easy access to the pool deck and lifts. Indoor options for your wedding are endless, from the incredible Grand Ballroom, to the range of flexible smaller function rooms and cocktail areas. The dedicated teams at the Cairns International understand that for most people planning a wedding is a new and once-in-a-lifetime experience. The added peace of mind the hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s large and experienced teams bring to weddings is an added bonus to the high levels of service during the co-ordination period and on the night. For more information about weddings at Pullman Cairns International, please call 4050 2160 or visit

Porte Cochere at Pullman Cairns International

Weddings at Pullman Cairns International

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Wedding You’re engaged...Congratulations! But after the ring starts settle on your finger, the panic sets in; this is very likely the biggest fiesta that you are ever going to throw and you need to know where to start and how!

Better photos WORKSHOP with Stuart Ireland Guaranteed Results book now for next month 6 places per course

Ph 4041 5581

A wedding is a big project so you need to start with the basics and build up from there: • GET ORGANISED! Sit down and set up a folder, either on your computer or in writing. This will be your note central to keep all of your thoughts and wants in one area. • LOGISTICS: Talk to your fiancé and family and work out the important details like, what time of year, what is your budget, who is paying for what, are there any special traditions you want to incorporate? • BUDGET: Weddings are very rarely Carte Blanche, make sure you settle on exactly how much you want to spend and be firm on that number but make sure you are realistic on what you want your budget to do. • HIRE A PLANNER/COORDINATOR: A Planner will be there from day one and will actually save you time and money by using their expert knowledge. A Day of Coordinator ensures that your vision is brought to life and that everything runs smoothly on the day. • RESEARCH: Weddings do cost so make sure you have realistic expectations of what kind of day you want. Look into different vendors and see if what they offer fits your style, personality, and budget. • BOOK: After you have done your research, start booking! Vendors get booked up well in advance so do not hold off on making your

Create a memory Create memorry for life’s life’’s precious precious moments.

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wedding ISSUE

planner b y C la u d e tt e G o o d fr o m C a ir n s W e d d in g

P la n n e r

deposits. A majority of vendors just need a deposit to hold your date and are happy to work out the minor details later (i.e. flower colours). â&#x20AC;˘ PIN YOUR HEART OUT: Pinterest is a god send for the wedding world. Florists, Photographers, and Planners all use this regularly as it gives the vendors an insight into what you really envisage for your big day. It also helps for those great DIY ides! â&#x20AC;˘ WORK OUT A TIMELINE: Now that everything is booked and the details are worked out, set up a timeline so your vendors, bridal party, M.C., etc. are all on the same page. Make sure this is distributed at least a week in advance â&#x20AC;˘ ENJOY!: After all the hard work is done, relax, have a sip of bubbles and enjoy your day and celebrate the fact that these guests are there to celebrate your love and show their support for you as a couple. Happy Planning!

Make an appointment to visit our Studio udio di today t d and d let l t us help h you to design your stationery to suit occasion. it your special occasio

Engagement, W edding e Packages s, Birth notices, Christ Wedding Packages, Christening, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Invitations for all occ occasions

Inside Devine Bridal, Level 1, 22 Martyn St, Cairns |



P: 07 4039 3713 | M: 0427 463 925     


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wedding ISSUE

New Year New You In 2013 Genesis Fitness Cairns is taking a whole new approach, we are taking you on your own Member Journey. We see so many people join for all the right reasons and then over time drop off the fitness wagon with no difference made. We don’t want this to happen to you. You only join a health club if you what to see or feel a difference. So, we’re going to make sure you achieve that difference. From day one you are assigned a “Journey Guide”. They are not personal trainers, they are your very own motivator. Some days you will need a gentle voice that encourages you, other days you will need a damn right annoying nagger to make sure you drag those blistered feet into one of our centres. Yep you want results, we are going to make them a reality. Let’s not go through another year of broken resolutions. When you begin with us you receive a gaggle of tools to help you on your way. A 100% No Bull money back Guarantee. There’s no measurement or weigh ins to prove a change – you simply have to do a little bit of work for 8

weeks. If you don’t feel better and fitter in this time you can have your money back. You don’t bull us we won’t bull you. Along with your Journey Guide and No Bull Guarantee you are given 7 Journey Points to use for Personal Training or Group Personal Training or a combination of both. Use the points as an alarm clock, a buddy, a motivation tool; whatever you need… you choose. If you don’t choose and you don’t start to participate in regular activity from day one your Journey Guide will be calling to find out why. If the why isn’t good enough (and we’ve heard most excuses already this month) then we’ll work out what you need. Let’s hope you won’t need cold water splashed on your face to get you out of bed! One of your Journey Points will be used for a Group Personal Training session at our brand new world class Functional Training Centre that caters for all fitness levels. It is new to Cairns and incorporates the latest in fitness equipment, the Synrgy 360X, TRX suspension, TRX Rip, Box Master and CairnsXFit.

60 I CairnsLife

by Prue Kellahan LLB MBA Again, your Journey Guide will run you through the possibilities, book you in for your session and if needed, go with you. Yes, if you need your hand held then we will do so gladly. Our Group Fitness classes are also included. The classes are motivating, fun and easy to participate in. If you don’t want to go to your first class alone then your Journey Guide will go with you. Seriously, there is always one of us doing something. Over 80 classes are held throughout the week; there’s no excuse there! So welcome……On behalf of our dynamic team, we welcome you into the exciting new world that is Genesis Fitness Cairns. We are here to get you started on the right path towards your fitness goals. Simply email to receive your free guest pass. We agree, you should try before you buy. Oh and apologies in advance if you think any of our staff (receptionists, trainers or instructors) are pushy, annoying or downright confronting at times. We are simply results driven in 2013!

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Lose up to 10kg of ugly unwanted body fat in 21 days and look better then ever before.

Jason Maitland Body Coach

Going to the gym can be a completely terrifying experience, especially if you have never been before. The movies would have us believe that all gym goers are all super tanned muscular people wearing not a whole lot, staring at themself in the mirror. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get us wrong, there are normally one or two of these... however at Your Fitness, the majority of the crowd are regular people like you, just looking to get in shape.

Ph: 0458 731 348 | W:

Family day care for the aged and people who have a disability. Monica Ward

0439 957 093 | 07 4055 1895 |





contact the clinic today on

40 57 5566 or e-mail

Naturopathic Clinic


If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not sure where to start, or have tried and failed to get into a routine at the gym, the team at Your Fitness are here to help. So what does Your Fitness do to help get and, more importantly, KEEP you on track? Firstly, all the staff are fully qualified trainers... So whenever you have a question there is someone around with the knowledge and experience to help. We take pride in the fact that all our staff take the time to get to know our members and are always keen to motivate or give advice. Secondly, variety is the key to success. If you have been doing the same boring routine time and time again, you will not only lose interest, but you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get results. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why at Your Fitness, every member has access to free exercise programming, which is updated for free for the life of their membership. We also have a full range of Group Fitness Classes to spice up your routine and keep you inspired! These include both Les Mills programs and freestyle classes such as boxing, circuit classes and yoga. All Your Fitness members also have access to a 25m lap pool. Convenience! You Fitness is located in the Pier Shopping Centre in the heart of the Cairns CBD, which makes it an easy stop on your way too or from work, so there are no excuses! There are modern and clean showers facilities as well as lockers available for use. All members also have access to free 2hr undercover parking for your convenience. So, if you are thinking about kick-starting your exercise regime, stop in and see the friendly staff at Your Fitness and check it out for yourself. Ph: 4031 5277 | |

There are no pills, no shakes, no secret passwords on your path to awesomeness with CFBR.


Your Fitness @

Squat, jump, climb, throw, and lift your way to a strong, sexy summer body. Get in touch now for your free one-on-one intro. Spaces limited!

The Pier at the Marina, Cair Cairns ns Ph: 07 4031 5277 Fax: 07 4031 5377



P: 0450 664 818     53-55 Boland St, Westcourt, Cairns

62 I CairnsLife

Barrier Reef

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@ the Pier


Pamela Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary     

0437 167 789 | www.guidedsolutions 


 Short $185 ~ $215 Medium $215 ~ $245 Long $245 ~ $275 Shiseido hair s t ra r a i g h te t e n i n g s y s te tem years experience nce in Japan & Austra Australia


Ph) 4032 1812 Shop4/3 Reservoir Rd Manoora Shops @ the cor corner ner of rreservoir e eservoir rrd d & Pease st

PHYSIOHEALTH-LET US HELP YOU WITH: TWO LOCATIONS LOCA ATIONS 26 Toogood Toogood o Woree Road, Woree Ph: 07 4054 7577 Fax: 07 4033 6555 AND 3/193 Bruce Highway Highway,, Edmonton Ph: 07 4045 6800 Fax: 07 4045 6900

% % % % % % % % %

% % % % % % % % % %

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%% % %


% %

% % %

   #    "     !     "   

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Welcome to

Cairns Urology

% ! %  % There are many factors which

765436231 7607/.031 -3,.07+6*)7(*1 '+-1 .1 2+4(,3& %631 '.20+-1 7*1 0).01 +' 1 /.,31 3-3207,31 $#*'46207+6"1 !& &1 0)31 76.7,70#1 0+1

Awareness and early detection is the key to prevention and treatment.

achieve and maintain an erection 0+1 31 .,31 0+1 2+/(,3031 *.07*'.20+-#1 7603-2+4-*3&1 )7*1 7*1 4*4.,,#1 2.,,3$1 7/(+03623&

This clinic provides a full range of Urological services with extensive equipment enabling us to perform procedures here or through the Day Surgery, whereas patients previously required hospitalisation. This is not only more convenient for our patients but is often at considerable cost savings. 98 Spence Street Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia

PO Box 7787 Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia

P (07) 4041 0700 F (07) 4041 4007


*1 /361 .31 0)37-1 6.04-.,1 ,33,1 +' 1


)+- /+63*1 03*0+*03-+631 $32-3.*3*"1 0)3#1 /.#1 (401 +61 37)0"1 $33,+(1


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7603-2+4-*31 7*1 ,73,#1 0+1 0.31 (,.231 +-1

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)72)1 762-3.*3*1 0)31 ,++$1 5+&1 01

$7.303*1 +-1 ).31 )7)1 2)+,3*03-+,&1

.,03-6.073,#"1 *+/31 /3$72.07+61 2.61

7*1 7/(+-0.601 6+01 0+1 +3-$+*31 1 +61

)3#1 /.##1 633$1 0+1 0.31 .-7+4*1

31 0.361 $.7,#1 761 .1 ,+1 $+*31 )72)1

0)3*31 *4*0.623*1 .*1 0)31 3-3207+61 /.##1

/3$72.07+6*1 +-1 /.#1 *4''3-1 '-+/1

.,,+*1 /+-31 *(+60.6370#"1 -.0)3-1 ,731

6+01 +1 $+61 .*1 76036$3$1  770)761 ).,' 1

$3(-3**7+61 +-1 ).31 +0)3-1 ()#*72.,1

3761 +61 0)31 (7,,&1 01 7*1 7/(+-0.601

0+1 +631 )+4-1 .6$1 (3- /.63601 $./.31

2+6$707+6*1 762,4$761 )7)1 ,++$1


/.#1 -3*4,0&1 )31 763207+61 032)67431

(-3**4-31 +-1 (-+*0.031 (-+,3/*1 )72)1

0).01  1 +' 1 0.,30*1 (4-2).*3$1 +61

*)+4,$1 31 0.4)01 #1 0)31 $+20+-1 .6$1 .1


0)31 7603-6301 ).31 3361 *)+61 0+1 31

03*01 $+*31 77361 0+1 .+7$1 0).0&1 *4.,,#1

61 +-$3-1 0+1 .2)7331 .61 3-3207+6"1 701 7*1

2+4603-'3701.6$10).01 12+60.761,3**1

0)31 763207+6*1 .-31 *4((,73$1 .*1 .1 *76,31

6323**.-#1 0+1 ).31 ,++$1 5+ 7761 761 0+1

0).61).,' 10)31$+*31+' 1.2073176-3$73601

$+*3&1 )3-31 .-31 *+/31 2+/(.673*1 +61



0)31 7603-6301 )72)1 *4((,#1 2+20.7,*1

,731 ,,761 .1 42301 )72)1 ).*1 )+,3*1


+' 1 /3$72.07+6*1 0+1 31 763203$1 .01

761 70&1 )31 *76,31 /+*01 2+60-740761

.244/1!6).623/3601 37231 ! 1

-+**,#1 765.03$1 (-723*1 +-1 ).31 .664.,1

'.20+-1 0+1 2.4*31 7/(+036231 7*1 */+761

)72)1 7*1 -.0)3-1 ,731 .1 72#2,31 (4/(1

*4*2-7(07+6*1 '+-1 *4((,#&1 )31 4*4.,1

.6$1 .1 64/3-1 +' 1 *04$73*1 ).31 *)+61

)72)1 7*1 (,.23$1 +3-1 0)31 (367*1 0+1

2+*01 '+-1 .1 *76,31 $+*31 +61 (-3*2-7(07+61

.1 $7-3201 -3,.07+6*)7(1 303361 0)31

(4/(1 701 4(1 .6$1 0)361 .1 -43-1 -761


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7*1 (,.23$1 .01 0)31 .*31 +' 1 0)31 (367*1 0+1

76.,,#"1 761 *+/31 2.*3*1 701 /.#1 31

$7*3.*31 70)761 0)31 *4*343601 *71


necessary foor the man to haave a


0).01 0)31 -761 7*1 +6,#1 ,3'01 761 (,.231 '+-1

(367,31 (-+*0)3*7*1 76*3-03$&1 )7*1

1 7*701 0+1 0)31 363-.,1 -.20707+63-1 7*1

.+401).,' 1.61)+4-1.6$16+01'+-+00361

7*1 .1 $37231 )72)1 7*1 76*3-03$1 #1 .1

0)31 -*01 *03(1 761 *33761 0-3.0/3601 '+-1



*4-772.,1 (-+23$4-31 .6$1 +-*1 4*761

0)7*1 2+6$707+6&1 )31 $+20+-1 7,,1 0.31 .1

24/3-*+/31 .6$1 *+/31 (3+(,31 6$1

.1 )#$-.4,721 *#*03/1 )3-31 0)31 $37231

)7*0+-#"1 (3-'+- /1 .61 3./76.07+61 .6$1


/.#1 31 765.03$1 0+1 2-3.031 .61 3-3207+61




64 I CairnsLife



CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:17 PM Page 65

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Marika Mago: Ceramic Artist

mutant foor ms, they convey a beauty in

Born: Melbourne

the childhood wonder of perception.

I received my Bachelor in Fine Art

Created from plaster cast moulds, I use


stoneware slip to cast each piece and

multidisciplinary degree in ceramics and

sculpt them into foor m. Initially I start

painting I opted to complete my degree

with an idea and concept in mind and

with a major in painting broadening

work toward that. Once I attach the

my oeuvre with printmaking and

headpiece to the body, at this moment




init ini ially



Moving to Cairns I enrolled as a novice

Silk screen printing onto ceramics

potter at the Cairns Potters Club and

is a recent technical development,

proceeded with for o mal training to




Contemporary Craft, continuing with

technique to functional wares. In


addition to my sculptural work, I

Tafe Cairns.


The organic qualities of claay excite me,

contemporary porcelain and macramĂŠ

in the hands of the potter the amorphous


claay is foor med into a vessel to serve


a function or purpose. The ceramic


vessel transffor o ms conceptually in my

At present I am applying to study

recent body of work, I utilise the human

a Master class in Porcelain at the



an immediate response to the human

Hungary, developing a web page to

foor m as subject matter; we connect

launch an online gallery and researching

emotionally and react impulsivelyy.

avenues to market and sell my artwork

Recently exhibited at the Townsville




photograph hy













Ceramic Aw wards and Circa 1907 Gallery in Cairns, my â&#x20AC;&#x153;Children of the Evolutionâ&#x20AC;? series offffers the conceptual

Artworks can be viewed at Mr

idea into aesthetics of beauty. The

CafĂŠ and Catering, City Wolf o


Place Cairns.




mythological creatures and comic book

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CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:18 PM Page 68


Dining out doesn’t have to be a drag! Try Table52 Eating out has become a part of everyday life, but it is easy falling prey to familiarity – the cold comfort of the usual table, same restaurant and safe meal. Sure it’s nice, but it can become a drag. Table52 cards are designed to bring that zing back into dining. Each card not only offers a 2nd main course free incentive, but the deck is a mouth-watering showcase of Cairns’ best venues, hidden treasures and exotic cuisines… a regional guide of where to eat in what area and what to choose when you’re there – it’s the perfect dining companion! A Cairns based, owned and operated company, Table52 offers diners the choice of over 52 venues from Edmonton to Port Douglas offering a myriad of differing tastes, experiences and flair eliminating those dreary blues of the ordinary. For the truly adventurous, just grab a random card and go – take a chance! Each restaurant is chosen to enhance the overall deck - be it their sheer quality, unique style, envious location, nouveau cuisine, chic atmosphere, great price, diamond in the rough impression or combination, they are each unique and form the framework of a simple science: help people alter habits whilst keeping them happy – a change can be like a holiday! Table52 is great for diners, even irregular ones, local restaurants and the newsagents from where they can be purchased – it truly is a win-win product for all involved, so eat, drink (responsibly) and be merry!

Tel: (07) 4051 0399

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FEEL ALIVE NUTRITION NEW YEAR NEW YOU FREE BODY ANALYSIS USUALLY $75... Find out metabolic age, bodyfat %, muscle mass and more weightloss. INCREASED ENERGY and sports performance products

Jessica Davy Ph: 0451182406 | Email:

Tel: (07) 4051 0399

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Chef Jordon Thorpe How long have you been a chef for? 5 years Where do currently work? La Porchetta What made you want to become a chef ? The artistic & creative side to cooing What is the best thing about your job? Sending out food that looks that looks beautiful & seeing people enjoy there food What ingredient can you not live without? Garlic, it makes the simplest food taste great What techniques do you take from the restaurant and put into your own home cooking? Everything cause once you do something for so long it becomes second nature What do you like to do when you're not cooking? Hanging out with friends, the beach, & just enjoying the beautiful weather What is your favourite food? Braised Chinese pork belly What do you love most about cooking in Tropical North Queensland? All the local produce from the tableland area

70 I CairnsLife


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at Paleo Cafe we are proud to be different. We adopt the Paleo philosophy which is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle is about eating and living as mother nature intended. That means eating a good variety of lean meat, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries. Avoid eating dairy, grains, sugars and preservatives which our bodies were not designed to digest. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, play time and laughter. !                     teeth, hair and nails, improved sleep, balance energy levels throughout the day,                     Yes, Paleo is 100% gluten free and it has been around for 2.5 million years so it is not a fad! If this lifestyle appeals to you, then our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Stocking Paleo lifestyle supplies including (but not limited to):  Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grain free granola and trail mixes  Natural medicines  Sports proteins/supplements          Banana Flour  Dairy free ice-cream  Honey, cocoa, coffee beans, oils  Paleo lifestyle literature and wellness books  KORA Miranda Kerrâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Organic Skin Care

Serving breakfast, lunch, snacks & pre-made/ takeaway Paleo meals. Open 7am to 3pm Monday to Saturday Visit us at Shop 15, 62 Grafton Street Cairns QLD 4870 (opposite Rustyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s market) Phone 07 4041 3885 | Like us on Facebook

Detailed information on the Paleo diet and lifestyle can be found at the following websites: Bacon & Eggs and Coffee Combo Deal - $15 Baked Good and Coffee Combo Deal - $7 Loyalty Members â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Every 10th hot drink free and complimentary lunch on your birthday up to $20. Register in store.

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:19 PM Page 72


social Being

Salt House NYE

72 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:19 PM Page 73

The Th he Cof Coffee Cooff ffe ff fee ee Clu Club Cllub Cairns Ca Cair irn rns nss Es Esplanade Esp spla lan an nad ade de invites invi in ittes ite es you yyoou to enjoy en enj njoy jooy oy our urr se selection sel ele lec ect cti tio ion on of restaurant res re est sta taur ura ran ra ant cl cla classic las ass ssi sic ic m meals, ea als ls, s, all s, ll at th the he ffavourite fav fa vour uri riiittee p pla place l ce yyo lace you oou lo love. l ve ve.

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:19 PM Page 74

wine FOOD & WINE


Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc

Style Pale and bright, with great clarity. Aromas of pink grapefruit, with a hint of basil, underline the freshness that this wine has in abundance. On the palate the hallmarks of 2012 come the fore: intensity of fruit, length of flavour, and purity of varietal character. As always the style is a ripe expression of Sauvignon Blanc, reflected in the juicy midpalate texture. Bone dry and unoaked to maximize freshness. Food Fresh prawn salad. Vintage 2012 was a terrific vintage. Beautiful weather, without extremes of temperature, produced pristine fruit with great flavours. The only downside was that crops were lower than expected, but a price we were more than happy to pay for great quality.

Source Shaw + Smithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Balhannah and Woodside Vineyards plus specialised growers throughout the Hills. Vinification Destemmed, crushed, chilled and pressed. Cool fermentation in stainless steel. No malolactic fermentation, to retain crispness. Maturation Bottled early to retain freshness. Cellaring Shaw + Smith has a preference for young fresh Sauvignon Blanc, best drunk within 18 months of bottling. History Sauvignon Blanc is a regional specialty in the cooler Adelaide Hills. First produced by Shaw + Smith in 1990 - now widely regarded as the benchmark for Australian Sauvignon Blanc.

74 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:19 PM Page 75


75 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:19 PM Page 76


Itali a

Taste of La Porchetta is not just pizza and pasta, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a whole lot more. Walking into La Porchetta we were greeted by an aroma of delicious Italian cusine. A fragrant atmosphere left our mouths watering and our stomachs grumbling. The staff and their service were exceedingly punctual and we were delighted to be seated and served without delay. Restaurant manager Irene spoilt us with a selection of signature dishes. We were presented with a smorgasbord of scrumptious Italian food, leaving us wondering where to start. Beginning with an entre of crusty garlic bread, we were already convinced that we were in for a

delectable feast. Our main meals comprised of the renowned Hawaiian Parmigiana, a Super Special Pizza and a light and fresh Caesar Salad. The Hawaiian Parmigiana was a stand out dish, tender and delicious. It was perfectly topped with homemade napoletana sauce, cheesy mozzarella, thin sliced ham and juicy pineapple pieces. Just as we thought we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fit anything else in, the desert arrived. A temptingly rich, whipped chocolate mousse. With our cups scrapped clean, we, who were once extremely full wanted to ask for more!

Modern Moroccan and Middle Eastern Restaurant open Mon- Fri from 5pm Sat - Sun 11am

07 4051 3737 76 I CairnsLife

CairnsLife Feb 2013_Layout 1 23/01/13 5:19 PM Page 77


a The portion sizes were extremely generous, like a true Italian meal. Overall the food was delicious, fresh and very well priced. They have a large range of classic Italian meals bound to please every taste bud. With La Porchetta offering $12 movie tickets with every main meal purchased, I am certain that dinning here will be a frequent occurrence. Open all day everyday; eat in or take-way, deliveries included! Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re even equipped with a large function room, able to cater for any occasion. Delicious food, warm service, great value and a family heart, I believe La Porchetta provides the ultimate Italian experience.

enjoy the view & food at

boardwalk cafe breakfast, lunch or dinner at Cairnsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; favourite cafe on the waterfront

SPECIAL DAILY $15 LUNCHTIME licensed cafe/restaurant




Enjoy a family dinner at La Porchetta and get discounted movie tickets for just $12.00 with every meal pur chased. Condditions i apply apply *Conditions

The Pier at the Marina | 40315496

108 Grafton St, Cair Cairns ns | Ph: 4031 6661

&%$#"!$ ! !%  !" #" !$ ! #  $#" !  ! %

" %!$""  "!" "!$$""!$ ! " $ %#"!!# %"$" !  $ " " 77 I CairnsLife

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Book a Function between now and March 31 and receive a $100 gift voucher!


Level 1, 15 Spence St, Cairns CBD |

Bellavista - the classy way to say ‘Beautiful View’. And, this relaxed by day, funky by night bar could not have been more aptly named. After five years of being Cairns’ favourite after work location and Sunday session rendezvous point, the crew at Bella continue to keep things fresh. Friday’s begin with a local live act. As the offices shut, the Bellavista deck becomes teeming with people keen to relax and unwind and for many, to get the party started. The local DJ talent take the weekend from here, scattered with guest appearances by big names from big places. The Sunday Session, a tradition for Cairns folk, and iconic for Bellavista, never fails to top off a weekend or occasionally (or regularly) lead some astray. There are few destinations that manage to cover all bases. Bella achieves this without much fuss. The Mediterranean influenced menu suits any occasion - a small bite from the bar food menu over a bottle of wine or a quick lunch break during the week, a pizza after the extra beer you weren’t meant to have or a casual but nonetheless impressive dinner. Combine this with 13 premium tap beers and ciders, contemporary wine list, classic but fun cocktail list, a crew that will make you feel at home and the beautiful view, it’s no wonder Bellavista is still the place to meet. Let Bella host your next function. Free venue/area hire with a party tailored just for you. Contact Caz Sydenham 4041 3991

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INTERNATIONAL PARMA MONTH If you love chicken Parmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s you will love this...your choice of International toppings for only $19.90 seven days a week!! Only for the month of January 


                 108 Grafton St, Cairns | Ph: 4031 6661

Sizzler Lunch grill Special Choose from one of our four tasty lunch grill specials for only $7.95* each, available Monday to Friday!


$7.95* Sizzler Cairns - 532 Mulgrave Rd, Earlville Ph (07) 4033 1676 : Sizzler : *Available Mon-F Mon-Fri ri lunch only, onlyy, until u 08/03/13 (excluding public holidays). Not available in conjunction with any other offers/discounts. ts. Valid Vaalid QLD only. onlyy.

79 I CairnsLife

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Tanks Arts Centre Presents Sunday Markets Held on the last Sunday

provided by local musicians.

of every month from April

Get the kids involved in a

to November.




a blend of local art, craft,

the art gallery – it´s all free!



Open 9am - 2pm, Tanks


Market Days offer aslice of

natural health products and

unique cultural life in the

treatments, the markets are

tropics. Come and meet the

a relaxing way to spend a

locals, catch up with friends

Sunday morning.

over cake and coffee and enjoy




81 I CairnsLife





the ambience of Tanks Arts

promenade on Collins Avenue,

Centre in the Cairns Botanic


Gardens Precinct.




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Local projects deliver lasting social legacy         We look at every project, big or small, with a fresh perspective. The result is solutions that work for clients and for the people who use them and live or work in and around them. We are proud of our involvement on many exciting and award-winning projects in the local region. Projects like Cairns Zoom and the Cairns Foreshore Redevelopment allow our team to share our creative and fun side with our clients and their vision â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ultimately helping to deliver the best possible design outcomes, unique to the tropical environment. For more information contact â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Robert Donnan North Queensland leader t 07 4032 6000 e Cairns Foreshore Redevelopment Shed 2: Arupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team was involved in the major redevelopment of a heritage listed shed and the redevelopment of an urban open space in the city of Cairns



82 I CairnsLife

Cairns Zoom: Arupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s North Queensland leader takes on the suspended highwire challenge course in Cairns, following our design input to the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest $1m high-adrenaline attraction

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Land of

Smiles They call Thailand â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Land of Smilesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, and with good reason â&#x20AC;&#x201C; on almost every face there is a welcoming and friendly smile. The country has been a hotspot for o traavellers foor ages and why not, this country has it all. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an intoxicating blend of clear azure seas, white palm fringed beaches, golden spired temples and serene faced Buddhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. From luxury retreats to palm thatched huts, from mountain tops to world class diving and lets not foorget Bangkok, slick, sleek and raunchy; a crazy place which manages to be home !  !    ! !     !   !

!  !   !! !   South East Asia.. Here are some of my top reasons to visit Thailand:The food o â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thai cuisine mayy be Thailandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most well known export, but it is even more delicious there. Choose from high end restaurants to street vendors, the variety is enor mous and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inexpensive. The beaches â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from picture postcard perfect deserted beach shots to some of the biggest party scenes on the planet, Thailandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beaches and islands are a main draawcard to the country. Miles of white sand beaches complemented by aquamarine, clearr, war m waters. Many are fringed by not only the clichĂŠd swaying palms, but dramatic limestone cliffffs. The shopping â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from markets to malls, Thailand offffers a huge arraay of things to barter overr. Big city markets haave everythingg, from shoes to artworks, live fresh foods o , dodgy, to good copies of anything and everything else you can imagine, while the malls are bright, modern and in Bangkok, some of the fanciest in the world. Haave a tailor whip you up a suit in a day.       !

      !   !     !   !   !  ! are very reasonably priced. Trains r are cheap, comffoortable and clean. There is a wide variety of buses. Choose from VIP air-conditioned buses or why not go second class and

immerse yourself amongst the locals ocals for o a bumpy journey. Foor short d distances there are alwaays y motorbikes taxis, tuk tuks, regular taxis and songtheaw (a Ute with benches in the back). The history â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thailand has a unique and long history. Viisit the sites of Sukothai, Lopburi and Ayyutthaaya, windows into their historic past, with ruins dating back centuries that document times when they were ruled by the Khmerr, or the Bur mese. Take a a tour of the wats in Bangkok, or the awesome City Palace. Explore the ancient Lanna temples of Chiang Mai to see the amazing architecture and priceless Buddhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in gold, jade and other precious metals. The adventure â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Faancy riding an elephant, what about kaayaking around a tropical island, trekking in the jungle to hill tribe villages in the mountains. If you are into diving then Thailand has some of the best diving in the world and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an inexpensive place to learn   

  !        !  !! 

   The people â&#x20AC;&#x201C; There is a lot we can learn from the fun loving, notoriously friendly Thaiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sanukâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; generally translate to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;funâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and is an everyday part of a Thaiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life. A spiritual, respectful people with close family bonds the west should be envious off. This is a rich culture with many difffferent waays y of life for o the visitor to experience. Staay with the Hill Tribe peoples or spend some time in rural Thailand. Thailand knows luxury, but it also knows backpackers. All budgets are catered to, so if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a romantic escape, a spa experience or just a bamboo hut on the beach that you are craaving v , youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in luck. Remember err, your dollar goes a long way here and luxury can come at an incredible discount. Where every you choose to traavel this yearr, haave fun!

Treasures of Thailand Escape to the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;land of smilesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and discover the unique history and culture of exotic Thailand. Discover serene sandy-white beaches and lush mountainside or indulge in delectable Thai food or a relaxing massage. The most scenic and beautiful islands in the world are yours to explore with a diversity of amazing wildlife and spectacular picture-perfect natural attractions.

Luxurious Karon Getaway

Secluded Thailand Escape

from $1719

from $1535*


Situated at the most secluded area of Karon Beach, this 5-star resort offers ultimate beachfront access and luxurious accommodation inspired by the SinoPortuguese style of the 19th Century.

Nestled amongst pristine tropical gardens and 26 acres of coconut groves, Rayavadee offers an intimate escape with spectacular views of the crystal clear Andaman Sea.



t t t t t t

t t t t t


Our experience count counts.s.

Egan & TTurner urner TTravel ravel Associates Shop 3, 116 Collins Avenue, Avvenue, Edge Hill

Call 11800 800 889 87 8755


* Travel res tric tions & conditions apply. Please a sk us for fur ther det ails. Prices c or rec t as at 15 J an 13 and subjec t to change without notice. Prices quoted are on s ale until 31 M ar 13 unles s other wise st ated or sold ou t prior. Prices are per per son & are subjec t to availabilit y. A ccommo dation is based on t win share. S easonal surcharges & blackout dates may apply depending on date of travel. Prices shown are fully inclusive of t a xes, levies, gover nment charges & other applic able fees. A ir fare not included. L u xur iou s K ar on G e t away : Valid for travel 1 A pr â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2 6 M ay, 11 J un â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 11 A ug 13. A d ver tised price includes b onus night. ^C redit is per ro om /per s t ay. S e clu d ed T hailand E scape: Valid for travel 1 A pr â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 0 J un 13. A d ver tised price includes b onus night. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC; D ine A roundâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; dinner is for fo o d only. F light C entre L imited ( A B N 25 0 0 3 37 7 18 8 ) trading as Travel A s so ciates. L ic N o. Q L D TA G 2 6 2. TA A DV 5 3213

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Missed Out on University! Taking up education can be a difficult decision to make, but we make it easy for you by helping you select the qualifications that best suit your time and lifestyle. The online platform makes study easy and streamlined, just jump online a few hours a week and step through your course with ease. For those parents that have children that may have missed out on university it is an exciting option for them to enrol and keep in mind our Diploma qualifications can be used as University pathways. The AOT Experience & Guarantee Each of our courses are developed to provide

you with a 100% online experience - this is by far the most convenient way to improve your level of qualifications The AOT Funding team is dedicated to providing you the maximum funding available for any Australian Certificate or Diploma qualification. Once you have decided on the course area and let us know a little about yourself we will let you know how much funding we can access for you and when you can start your course. You would be surprised out how many options are out there for you! On top of that, once enrolled you also have instant access to your trainers who are industry

84 I CairnsLife

experts within their respective fields. You do not even have to wait around for a trainer, you can book them on the day and time that is most convenient to you using our new Live Online Booking System, Monday-Sunday, 8:30am 11pm.

Call one of our experienced local course advisors and let us help you to start achieving your goals today. 07 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4041 3198 Luella Kay Sales and Marketing Manager

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Temporary Skilled Work Visa If you are an employer in Cairns and surrounding regional areas who cannot fill skilled vacancies within your business from the local labour market then there are two employer sponsored visa options available to sponsor overseas workers to fill these skilled positions. The two programs are the subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa and the permanent Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visas. This month we will look at the 457 temporary business visa program and its requirements. The 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) program is available for employers to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia in a skilled position on a temporary basis. The employer may chose the length of the visa sponsorship for the visa applicant, anywhere from 1 day to a maximum

visa time of 4 years. There are three steps to the 457 program process. The first involves lodging a sponsorship application to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). The sponsorship approves the sponsoring business as a sponsor and this sponsorship, when approved, stays in place for three years. There is a list of sponsorship obligations attached to the 457 program that the employer must comply with and these obligations apply to the main applicant and any accompanying family members. The employer must also meet training requirements for the sponsorship. The second step involves lodging a nomination application nominating the position to be filled. The nominated position must meet a minimum skill level and be on the gazetted list of occupations. In addition there is salary

threshold that must be met and it must be shown that the nominated salary is the market salary rate and what would be paid to an Australian Citizen filling the same position. The final step of the 457 visa is to lodge the visa application nominating the person to be sponsored for the position. The visa applicant must have the skills, qualifications and employment background to match those required for the nominated position. The visa applicant is also required to meet English language proficiency, licensing, health and character requirements and also hold private health insurance.

Employers should seek advice from a registered migration agent to discuss their eligibility for the 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa program.

Want Want an Australian Australian Visa? Visa? At V Visa isa Connection we pr provide ovide expert and personalised immigration advice to individuals and corporations worldwide. W We e have a vast knowledge of:  Australian Migration Law  General Migration Advice Family Family sponsor sponsored ed visas Spouse Spouse and Defacto visas General General Skilled Migration  Australian Citizenship and Work sponsored ed visas (457 and RSMS/ENS) Work o sponsor

Migration Agents Registration Number

Call us today on: (07) 4051 9043 to arrange your FREE half hour cosultation

0640004 www

85 I CairnsLife

Register Registered ed Migration Agents Fiona Ryan, Register Registered ed Migration Agent No. 0640004 e www

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* *

* *

* * * * * *



* *


86 I CairnsLife




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The Business of Broken Relationships After the break down of their spousal relationship, many of our clients continue to share a business relationship with their estranged spouses. This ‘business’ association arises as a result of the spouses being company directors, company shareholders of a private company and / or trustees and beneficiaries of Family Trusts and other types of Trusts. When things are good, spouses enjoy the benefits of these business structures, including use of the entities’ assets, income and taxation advantages. However, the breakdown of the personal relationship almost always requires the parties to also end their business relationship. It is also inevitable that the company or Trust property is available for distribution in matrimonial or de facto relationship property settlements. It is irrelevant that the company or Trust legally owns the property. The law allows us to look beneath the corporate or Trust structure and find that the entity is really one or both of the parties. The value of the spouses’

by Jennifer Hartley – Associate Lawyer interest in that property is then attributed to the value of the matrimonial property. Spouses should not attempt to divide the company or Trust property amongst themselves, without consideration of possible taxation consequences. This is especially the case, where the intended recipient spouse is a company shareholder or beneficiary of the Trust. The Australian Taxation Office may (and probably will) rule that the transfer of the

property is a dividend / trust distribution. Therefore, the recipient spouse may be subjected to payment of high personal tax. Improper transfers may also breach director / trustee duties. Capital gains tax and government transfer stamp duties are also important considerations. The transfer of company / Trust property, pursuant to a Court Order, will usually provide some form of taxation or stamp duty relief. This principle also applies when a spouse transfers his or her interest, as an individual, to the other spouse. With the above information in mind, it is quite often a false sense of economy for people to try to save money by effecting their matrimonial / property settlement, without the assistance of lawyers and the Courts. We strongly recommend that people, who have been life partners and business partners, obtain early accounting and legal advice. It simply makes good business sense to get this early advice.

Family Issues? We can help.

Family Law Division

Bev Reaston, Jenny Hartley, Murray Jones


1st Floor Floor,, 59 Spence Str Street eet Cairns. Cairns. Telephone Telephone e 4031 7133 7 Facsimile 4031 4850 Email www

87 I CairnsLife

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ARIES: (March 21- April 20) | Lucky Colour: Silver | Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: %$#"!$" !#  ! $!$! $!"  !$ $ #$##  !$" opportunities for the unattached and generally a happy social period if you can avoid arguments over love and money. Travelling long distances or visitors from far away. A romantic proposition could be a surprise and there could be a secret !#$ " !"   "$ " $!$# TAURUS: (April 21- May 20) | Lucky Colour: Red | Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: Many are in for a stroke of good luck and some will be able to get career opportunities off the ground successfully and some could succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Career wise a very productive period and holiday plans could be altered or revised. Socially you could accomplish more than you think possible. Co-operation will keep your loved ones happy and contented. GEMINI: (May 21- June 21) | Lucky Colour: White | Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: Old friends could give some very valuable advice and new friends bring successful $"!"   ! !"$#   "   " " !   mind about your romantic life. Many could fall madly in love and be making plans for a permanent union. CANCER: (June 22- July 22) | Lucky Colour: Blue | Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: A very successful period in which case some will have more offers than they can handle in their career affairs. Love can become more exciting as well however, !" "  "" $# !$  $ "     "   #  " # !! matched could discover that love is more important to them, than they have !# !   $ !  !$  "" $!$# LEO: (July 23- August 22) | Lucky Colour: Lilac | Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: Unexpected trips are indicated and your love life could be full of surprises. Watch your spending or your extravagances will get the better of you. If you keep your head cool and your heart warm this should be a very successful period. VIRGO: (August 23- September 23) | Lucky Colour: Violet | Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: Big opportunities to upgrade your present career and do not be afraid to take a chance or make changes everything is about to happen at once and if you got into trouble it will be because of too much of a choice. If you play your cards right and do not irritate people you should be able to get more than with nagging. It would be wiser to listen to advice from people who have been there.

LIBRA: (September 24- October 23) | Lucky Colour: Cream | Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers:  $" " $$  ##  !## " $ #" $  ! $ "  $ !"  $" !    $  !$! !$ $ # "$ and different experiences. Plenty of attention from the opposite sex and more invitations than you can handle. SCORPIO: (October 24- November 22) | Lucky Colour: Orange | Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: Something that will have a very important effect on your future plans could be in the pipeline and could involve real estate or building. A surprise concerning money is indicated. Try to keep away from others problems in their relationship matters.   #   !  $!$!  "$"# !$   !"   #  be able to gain something. SAGITTARIUS: (November 23- December 20) | Lucky Colour: Green | Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: A very busy period ahead and will need to be able to relax away from your usual !$"#  $    !$ $ "     ! $ #$   ! !# for concern. Some communication problems could affect your business and delays could be harming your standing in the community. CAPRICORN: (December 21- January 19) | Lucky Colour: Dark Blue | Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: Be careful with money handling and avoid investing in anything that is not sure and safe. Information you pickup during this period could be confusing think well before acting upon it. Not a good time to mix business with pleasure, do your !!$$ $ "   !    AQUARIUS: (January 20- February 19) | Lucky Colour: Red | Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: This period will turn out well, someone you trusted on the past for support may appear to turn away from you, however, this should be just a difference of opinion. Many lasting relationships could be starting now and some of them could become permanent. PISCES: (February 20- March 20) | Lucky Colour: Fawn | Lucky Day: Saturday Racing Numbers: | Lotto Numbers: With positive thought you will get a lot of chores and problems out of your way. Avoid friction at home or with family members and believe in yourself. You might be involved in some overseas connections and this could take some of the pressure   !"  ! !""#   ! "  !  $"  $ ! #"$


$2,990 Ride Away

32-34 Water Street, Cairns QLD 4870

(07) 4051 2741

88 I CairnsLife

$10,490 Unregistered

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REEF HOUSE BOUTIQUE RESORT & SPA One of Australia's best boutique properties in an extraordinary beachfront location, Reef House Boutique Resort & Spa is a muchloved hideaway in Queensland's tropical north village of Palm Cove, just 20-minutes North of Cairns and overlooking the azure waters of the Coral Sea. The plantation style 69room hotel exudes a colonial charm that has kept guests returning again and again, allured by the chic

"beach-house" ambience. Recent renovations throughout the property have been thoughtful, ensuring the Reef House style and enduring charm has been carefully maintained. White timber buildings continue to provide a perfect foil to turquoise pools and tropical gardens of fragrant frangipanis, red hibiscus and pink bougainvillea vines. Amenities are plentiful and include three swimming pools, two spa

pools, a multi-award winning Day Spa featuring L'ltya products which is a firm favourite of the local set and, and an open-air signature restaurant and bar with views of the water. Spacious, tranquil, idyllic and relaxing, Reef House Boutique Resort & Spa has great character, and that certain "je ne sais quoi", and is perfectly suited to travelers who enjoy the boutique style of service that both welcomes and cossets, and provides that intangible quality that is distinctively "Reef House". The Resort shines today thanks to the love and care of the proud owners! Reef House Restaurant is popular amongst guests and locals and Chef Ashe Lewisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; new degustation menu is now available nightly to diners at the resort's award-winning, signature beachfront restaurant, in addition to the a la carte menu. The new seven course set menu combines modern Australian cuisine

with the very best of North Queensland's local produce, showcasing the reef's fresh seafood, as well as local tropical fruits and other regional favourites. Ask about the special localâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deal, $99.00 per person, twin share, including accommodation in a Brigadier room, complimentary welcome cocktail, 2 x $25.00 spa vouchers, complimentary continental buffet breakfast daily, complimentary bottle of house wine with dinner*, 20% off dining for lunch and dinner, complimentary wifi and in-house movies. To book phone Reef House Boutique Resort & Spa on +61 7 4080 2600 or visit Reef House Boutique Resort & Spa 99 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove *conditions apply

Boutique accommodation centrally located on the Palm Cove esplanade.                   95 Williams Esplanade Palm Cove QLD 4879


P: 07 40 595 600 F: 07 40 595 699 E: W:

1139 39 W Williams illiams E Esplanade, splanade, P PO OB Box ox 373, 373, Palm Palm Cove, Cove, Cairns Cairns Q QLD, LD, 44879 879 P Ph: h: 0077 44059 059 00082 082 E Email: mail:

M Mob ob 00428 428 7753 53 8855 55

89 I CairnsLife

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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO CELEBRATE IN THE STYLISH SURROUNDINGS OF PORT DOUGLAS’ NEWEST 5 STAR RESORT – QT PORT DOUGLAS. Set amongst lush tropical palms, surrounding an idyllic lagoon style swimming pool, QT Port Douglas is the perfect setting for your wedding. This vibrant, designer hotel has 170 rooms, including spacious one and two bedroom apartments. You and your guests can enjoy signature concepts such as Bazaar, an interactive marketplace style restaurant, and Estilo our chic cocktail bar. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or an elaborate reception, our wedding packages have been specifically designed to ensure you receive a bespoke celebration that is as unique as you are. With a variety of menu options and unique and flexible venues to choose from,

Celebrate your love in the heart of town. To arrange your Wedding Function, enquire about, or book any events please contact Zinc on 07 4099 6260 or make a virtual visit

QT Port Douglas is the perfect choice for small, intimate weddings or groups of up to 200 guests cocktail style or 150 guests at a seated, banquet style reception. Step into the fairytale with a range of magical indoor and outdoor wedding locations, unforgettable food and drink experiences and a dedicated Wedding Coordinator to assist you every step of the way! For information on weddings at QT Port Douglas please call

07 4099 8900 or email

CREATE CREA ATTE YO YOUR OWN WONDERLAND WONDERL AND ATT QT PORT A DOUGLAS DOUGL AS PORTT DOUGLAS RESOR RESORT IS THE PERFECT PERF QT POR DAYS. SETTING FOR YOUR MOST MAGICAL OF DAYS DA AY This designer oasis will conjure dream eam wedding. conjure up your dr 87-109 Port Douglas Rd, Port Douglas QLD 4877. Ph +61 7 4099 8900

90 I CairnsLife

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Holiday style available at Floral Edge, Port Village Shopping Centre, Port Douglas Ph 07 4099 6094 |

91 I CairnsLife

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Safety in the Home home with familiar pets. Every pet has the potential to bite, especially if he or she feels scared, threatened or overly excited. Here's how you can help keep children safe around your family's furry friends. • Choose a pet that suits your family's lifestyle. Learn how much space and exercise a breed needs, and make sure you are committed to meeting those needs. Never leave your child alone with a pet. • Spay or neuter your pet to help decrease aggression. • Teach children not to approach the dog when he is eating. • Never try to take a toy, bone or treat away from a pet.

Keep Cleaning Materials and Other Chemicals Away from Children From detergent to deodorant, many household products are potentially poisonous to kids if swallowed. To childproof your house, think from a child's perspective, even getting down on your hands and knees to see things from your child's point of view. Store all medicines in a locked cabinet, away from a child's reach. Even cabinets that are up high need a lock, because curious kids might climb up to see what's inside. Keep Sleeping Areas as Bare as Possible, Especially for Babies Suffocation is a leading cause of unintentional injury-related death, and 60 percent of these cases occur in a baby's sleeping environment. An infant's nose and mouth can be covered accidently by soft fluffy pillows, comforters or stuffed animals, restricting his or her ability to breathe. Keep your baby's crib as bare as possible. Use one light blanket and tuck the bottom underneath the end of the mattress to create a pocket. The blanket should only reach to the center of your baby's chest so that it can't be pulled over his head. Cover Electrical Outlets and Protect Children from Electrical Wires Electrical shock causes deaths and injuries each year. Proper grounding, electrical safety devices and avoiding hazardous situations can help prevent electrical shock in children. Childproof your home from electric

shock with these safety tips: • Cover unused electrical sockets with plastic covers • Repair or discard any damaged appliances or electric cords • Keep young children away from electrical appliances Install a Smoke Alarm When a fire breaks out, you have seconds to escape the heat, smoke and deadly gases. Families can increase their chance of survival by installing and maintaining smoke alarms and following a few simple procedures: • Install a smoke alarm on every level of your house • Test the alarms once every month and change the batteries every year • Make sure your children are familiar with the sound of the fire alarm

• Have a fire escape plan that you can discuss. Secure Windows, Block Stairways and Lock Doors Accidental falls are one of the most common types of injuries to children, and taking some simple precautions can help avoid a serious problem. The severity of the injury often depends on the distance of the fall, so be aware of the dangers of heights. Keep stairs and hallways clear and free of clutter that could cause a child to trip and take a tumble, and install safety gates to block a toddler's access to a staircase. Keep Children Safe Around the Family Pet Pets bring love and companionship to families. However most bites occur at

Be Prepared for an Emergency No matter how well you childproof your home or try to prevent accidents, one of the best things you can do is prepare yourself for an emergency. To help keep your kids safe, it's smart to: • Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the abdominal thrust procedure (Heimlich maneuver) • Assemble a first aid kit with emergency instructions • Keep important numbers near your phone such as poison control, your pediatrician, your work and cell phone numbers, and a neighbor or nearby relative And, as soon as your child is old enough to know her own name and address, teach him or her to dial 0-0-0 to call for help in case of an emergency.


Bouncers & Rockers oc

Car ar Seats

es & Hammocks Bassinettes

Boosters ooster

Portacots & Wooden den Cots

S Swings

oggers & Strollers ollers Prams, Joggers


Entertainment Centres & Exersaucers

Breast Pumps mp ps

Safety Gates & Barriers

D Dopplers Dopple

TENS Labour Pain Relief Systems

92 I CairnsLife

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Water safety for children

Drowning is a leading cause of death for toddlers. Always supervise a child around any water including swimming pools, baths, dams, creeks, the beach and irrigation channels. Teach your child to swim but remember this is not a substitute for adult supervision. It is estimated that for every child who dies, seven survive, but often with permanent brain damage. Toddlers are most at risk near water Toddlers aged between one and three years are most at risk, because they are mobile and curious but don’t understand the danger of water. You can considerably reduce the risks by supervising your child around water at all times and by teaching them to swim. Supervise your child around water The most important preventive tactic is to supervise your child around water at all times. This means actively watching them, keeping them within arms reach and not just glancing up every now and then. Don’t assume they will splash and yell for help if they get into trouble. Children can drown quietly in less than a minute.


Learn to swim Children can take formal swimming instruction from the age of four years. Water safety skills make up part of the tuition. Swimming programs are available for younger children and babies, but the emphasis is on building confidence and encouraging the child to enjoy water, rather than teaching them to swim. Flotation devices If you buy personal flotation devices like inflatable vests or ‘floaties’, make sure that they conform to Australian Standards – always check the label. You should think of these devices as something to help familiarise your child with water, not as a safety item. A flotation device is not a replacement for supervision. First aid courses for parents Emergency medical treatment for young children or babies isn’t always the same as for adults, which is why all parents should take an infant or child first aid course that includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

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PetLife Socials

Po Posstt your photos on our Fa Fac ce ebo eb oo ok k pa p ge ge and you ma ay be b included in our next issue!

www w..fa rn ns sllif ife fe em magazine

“Meals For Pets” 94 I CairnsLife

4041 1415

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Don’t be

Scared What a strange place our world must be when you are a young and vulnerable puppy. In the first stage of life they are nurtured by their mother and have the continual companionship of their littermates. Within weeks they are weaned, separated from their canine family and introduced to their new life as our family pet. It is important during this time that they are exposed to numerous different sights and sounds. This crucial learning period allows your pup to become accustomed to its new surroundings and ensures they are able to adapt to the various situations they will face in the domestic dogs world. They should be consistently socialised with other people, dogs and children and be given the opportunity to explore many new and interesting places. Dogs that display anxious and fearful behaviour may have missed this early period of social exploration. In some cases anxious and nervous behaviour can be inherited and is often more prevalent in certain breeds. Even the most placid and well socialised dog can be frightened by something new or unusual. There are numerous indicators to look for if you think your dog is unsure or nervous. These include, tail tucked between the legs, ears flattened back, excessive panting and salivating, and an obvious desperation to run away or escape from certain situations.

It is important to understand how we should respond when our dog is frightened. We should always remain calm and avoid any physical or verbal interaction such as petting and comforting the dog. This will simply reinforce the behaviour your dog is displaying. Some dogs will retreat to a quiet place to hide from the problem and should be left alone. When the dog begins to relax and is less anxious then moderate praise can be given. In severe cases it may mean a gradual process of repeated exposure to the problem that will eventually assist the dog in coping with a situation. Also remember that although it may have been a particular noise or object that caused the initial fear in your dog, everything that is similar in sight or sound may then become a problem. In some cases dogs will become defensive and react with aggression when frightened. These dogs can be very dangerous and will react quickly when they feel threatened. Always seek professional assistance when addressing any form of “fear aggression.” Linda Mair (Trainer/ Behaviourist) Canine Training School 0413 656 626 Linda conducts puppy and dog obedience classes at Earlville Vets

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Skytrans announces more direct flights between Mount Isa & Cairns INCLUDING

New Weekend Services!



Book at your preferred travel agent or call:




1300 759 872

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MONTH Hi Steve! Tell us a little about yourself: Steven Davies, 45 years old, Married with 2 children, James age 9 and Ella aged 7. My wife Paula and I manage our family business - Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises. At what age did you get involved with BMX riding and why? I have ridden a bike since I was a toddler and got involved in BMX racing for many years as a kid. I used to spend every spare moment on a bike and just loved it. I stopped riding at around 18 years old and have only taken it up again in the last 3 years. Do you have a favourite brand that you prefer to ride? Favourite brand is Specialized, just love the range of bikes at Pump and Pedals and the customer service makes shopping there my favourite retail therapy. Are you involved in a club in Cairns? I am a member of the Cairns Mountain Bike Club and want to join the Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club this year with the family. Do you have any sponsors and how do they  Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises has very kindly sponsored me for a few events so far by paying for the entry fees.

What are some competitions youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve participated in and where did you place? Most events I enter are social and fundraising rides. As a team we did quite well in the Port Douglas 1/2 Triathlon and the Cairns 70.3 Triathlon and am training hard to improve this year. I love entering as many events as I can, just to be part of the atmosphere and great social side. Do you have a competition coming up? Next week I am going to Adelaide to do some social riding at the Tour Down Under. The next race I am training for is the RRR mountain bike race in May, followed by the Coral Coast Triathlon and the Cairns 70.3 Triathlon in June in a team. How do you prepare for a race? I have a great personal trainer Michael Crawford who is a triathlete and is helping me to improve my strength      in around work and family.

      Bike riding has so much variety. I love exploring on the mountain bike to places I would never normally go to. Riding on the road in big events or groups is a great thrill as well. I just love riding with friends and am              while having fun.

Civic Shopping Centre 113-117 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870 Ph 4051 6853 |

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The new Audi A4 quattro ÂŽ. The only luxury car in its class with permanent all-wheel drive.# From


Drive away *


The Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro - dynamic handling is just one of the features that comes as standard: ÂŽ Navigation plus Â&#x161;'.Ă&#x2C6;Wbbeom^[[bi     Â&#x161;CC?  Â&#x161;N[ded^[WZb_]^ji    Â&#x161;<kbb[b[Yjh_Y\hedji[Wji     ÂŽ Â&#x161;9edl[d_[dY[a[o Â&#x161;gkWjjhe    

Book a test drive at Audi Centre Cairns today.

5 minutes with

Jeff Harrop General Sales Manager Audi Centre Cairns

How long have you been in the industry? '&%$#"! %!!&%!"$ What made you want to join the motor industry? #$! &%! ! ! $%! %! ! %#$"!  ! #%! &

#Class based on the VFACTS Medium segment > $60k when compared to BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS F, Lexus IS250, Lexus IS350 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. *$67,990 is the driveaway price for a new A4 2.0 TFSI quattroÂŽ manual transmission excluding metallic paint (no other added options). While stocks last. Private buyers only.

Special event value on a select range of Audi demonstrators. M^_b[ijeYaibWij"iel_i_jkijeZWo$

Audi Cen Centre tre Cairns ) )&/Ckb]hWl[HeWZ"9W_hdi &/Ckb]hWl[HeWZ"9W_hdi F F^0&-*&*,,)((rWkZ_Y[djh[YW_hdi$Yec$Wk ^0&-*&*,,)((rWkZ_Y[djh[YW_hdi$Yec$Wk 7 \j[h^ekhi0J_c9Whjb[Z][&*)(/+&()7\j[h^ekhi0J_c9Whjb[Z][&*)(/+&()-

$36,990 Zh_l[#WmWo

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;12 Audi A1 3 Door Ambition 1.6TDI S--Tronic 7cWb\_M^_j[%:WojedW=h[o" J[Y^d_aFWYaW]["Yec\ehj a[o"C[Z_WIjob[FWYaW][" /,aciI%D7(',($ $39,750 Zh_l[#WmWo

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;12 Audi A1 Attraction Sportback 1.4TFSI I S--Tronic - Samoa Orange/Daytona =h[o"J[Y^d_aFWYaW][" C[Z_WIjob[FWYaW][" c[jWbb_YfW_dj"'"'()aci

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;12 Audi A1 3 Door Ambition Sport 1.4 TFSI S--Tronic - C_iiWdeH[Z% IceI_bl[h"c[jWbb_YfW_dj" Yebekh[Zhee\WhY^[i"7kZ_ Cki_Y?dj[h\WY["(,,aci

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;12 Audi A1 Sportback 1.4TFSI Manual - ?Y[I_bl[h" J[Y^d_aFWYaW]["C[Z_W Ijob[FWYaW]["',Ă&#x2C6;Wbbeo m^[[bi",)aci I%D7('.+$



$42,500 Zh_l[#WmWo

$44,850 Zh_l[#WmWo

What is your favourite part of your position? %!  ! #! %$#! # $! ! # ! #! &%! #&%$! %$! results What is your vehicle of choice and why? %! !  $%#!%#!%!$ !$%!$"#&%!! %!$ % !&%!&!  Is there any new technologies that you are looking forward to seeing in 2013? $#&$!  #! !  #"! #&"! #! #! #&! #%$! motor industry                      vehicle as the big cities? '&! $ % ! %! &%! &$ ! %! %$! %! ! #! "&$!%!$%%! #$%!!'&!% %%#"! !$ % !$! %!$#$!!#&!$!  $!#&$&!#&!$!#$ As a customer why would I come and see you to purchase a vehicle? #!! !!$#%#"! $! " !!!# !#!&! #&! %! $!  ! &%! ! %! "$! %$#%! #! ! ! $ % ! %!&% What is the best thing about your role? %! !#!&$! "!%%!%#&!$!%#!# !!#&!$! $%%! !#&! %!$! !#$

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With the wet season being thrust upon us it is the perfect time to insure your new home is well prepared to what lies ahead. The extreme weather that we are use to up in the north can prove extremely harmful to your home. Flooding and wet weather, not to mention cyclones can potentially cause longterm damage. Mold and erosion are two of the largest damage causes in the far north and frequently causing costly damage to infrastructure. Try these handy tips to keep your North Queensland home safe this wet season:

Prepare your new home for the wet season

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1. Check your roof. Look for any current damage and check for any areas that look vulnerable to leaks and repair these immediately. 2. Clear our your gutters. It is important these are clear in case of heavy rain to prevent any possible flooding. 3. Make your windows waterproof. Check the edges of your windowsills to see if they need a waterproof sealer or rubber on the edges. This will help to prevent any rain from leaking through the cracks and potentially damaging objects in your home. 4. Trim foliage. Plants and trees with overgrown branches can pose a danger to your household in harsh winds and rain. Remove any unstable plants and prune back any flyaway branches. 5. In case of extreme weather it can be helpful to have a torch, batteries and first-air kit in a designated area in case of emergency. Stay Safe this wet season!

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It is hard to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;talkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; property now without paying respect to those who have stories !    !  ! and whose families are not on the way !       envisioned. There is no doubt that the property market was recalibrated after the 20042008 values were driven up by investment banking strategies. It could be debated that in nearly every market and in almost every type of business, disaster comes from the business model rather than the business market and it is no different in real estate and property. The business model that created the GFC was not because of the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;marketâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; it was because of the strategies that created a false market and then promptly fell apart when questioned. Great for those who understood the nature of the wave they were riding â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not so good for those who did not. But now that they have gone (both the strategies and the prices) there are opportunities everywhere. There are always opportunities in real estate. I love Trumpâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quote of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Well real estate is always good, as far as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m concernedâ&#x20AC;?. He goes on to add â&#x20AC;&#x153;Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing     !      million or so no doubt) The point is it sums up the enthusiasm of property. It is about being well informed of your sector of the market, being comfortable that you know almost everything in that sector. It is all about ! !!! ! ! are when you are in it.  !  !   completely fascinating. It is wonderful to see them change and evolve and how the opportunities available morph with the latest trends. Predicting the direction of the property      â&#x20AC;&#x201C; even for those who are experts. The decade ahead is unchartered territory for property prices and all the information you can read is only as good as both your own understanding and goals and that of the writer. A lot of economists and real estate experts donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make decisions based on what drives the market but rather on what indicators they see happening in the market. Now these are obviously linked in a major way but have distinct and very different realities if you are in the property market to make money or secure a house to live

in that will perhaps become a secure asset in the future. Owner occupiers tend towards a lifestyle property and whether or not they can afford a home that they can enjoy and grow in. Investors on the other hand tend towards properties that will give them the best return in capital growth and returns, as well as income and possible future use. One of the key â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;driversâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of the property of course is affordability for both investors and owner occupiers. After all who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want that beautiful house for a tidy sum? Or that great property to tenant for ! !! growth, interest rates, availability of money and cost of credit, construction costs and market sentiment. Indicators are more along the lines of capital growth, rental returns and yields on property cost, the amount of properties available for sale, the amount of days properties stay on the market before selling and discounting on listed prices by sellers. Whether you are buying, selling, renting or investing the market is always positive in some way. These actions, of course, are intertwined but how you focus on and develop them, individually or as a whole can make each process completely unique. If you have been interested in property        !   the best time of all to start â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the market isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t going anywhere too quick and it allows plenty of time to learn the basics before investing. And there is just a whole world of information out there to learn from and I can assure you that once you start you may well be agreeing with The Donald that â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the real excitement is playing the gameâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. In the next few months we will visit property concepts and trends and how to generate more money, create more wealth  !! ! ! develop, demolish or simply give it a quick coat of paint!!

Lisa Costa 0432 084 781|

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Controlling dengue outbreaks While mosquitoes breed in obvious stagnant water sites such as tyres, buckets, pot plant bases and boats under the mango tree, they also exploit hidden, flooded â&#x20AC;&#x153;cryptic containersâ&#x20AC;? that are even harder to remove or treat. These include sump pits, telecommunication pits, septic tanks, roof gutters and rainwater tanks. Dengue cases are also hard to isolate, especially the all-important index case (the initial case imported from overseas that kicks off an outbreak). Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love affair with Bali has resulted in hundreds of cases among cash-flushed youth seeking a brief tropical holiday. And the epidemic in India could have a strong impact unless controlled before the end-of-year holidays. All of Queenslandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recent large outbreaks, from over 1,000 each year, were initiated by a traveller who was not detected by the health system for over four weeks. By the time Queensland Health knew about the ignition point for the outbreak, several other people had been infected, and had spread the virus throughout the Cairns area. Dengue control involves careful synchronisation of a multidisciplinary team of public health nurses, epidemiologists, entomologists and mosquito control experts, and health promotion workers. Loss of any part of this team can seriously

impact the overall success of a control program. While some control methods in development hold some promise â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Wolbachia bacteria that blocks dengue infection in mosquitoes, for instance, and Sumitomoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s smokeless mosquito coil that repels and kills mosquitoes in the house â&#x20AC;&#x201C; theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still in some years away from becoming available. Given the increase in dengue activity overseas, the need to support current dengue infrastructure has never been greater.

design your dream home

specialising in: #" #" #"

conceptual budgets sloping sights ! !"!! "!

#" #" #"

narrow or irregular land tailored specialist knowledge individual design requirements

 """ "

" """!" """"  192 Mulgrave Road, Cairns | ph: 07 4051 8866 | fax: 07 4041 3388 102 I CairnsLife

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Now o is the th season to

plant, plant & plant The T hhe dif difference ffeerrence e between the wet sseason and the dry drr y season seas is dramatic. Wee have prolonged normal dry dr ramatic a c. W c. have seen a pr rolonged olon o drier than nor mal dr r y season sunshine, now us. w the wet season is upon us with bblue luee skies and sunshine e, and an no s.

Love it or hate it, it is a necessity so take full advantage of it. Now is the time to plant especially fruit trees, trees and scrubs. Foor splashes of colourr, p plant old and new varieties of crotons, cordylines, angelonas and pentas . To maximize the health of your garden, attention should be given to the condition of the soil and plant resilience. During the wet season, to prevent major leaching of the soils use a soil based l rly l apply l dolomite dolo d l to the garden to help keep it sweet ( alkaline ) fertilizer every 4-6 weeks. Regular '&%$#"$%! $!$'%"!%%"'&%"%&%'%!&%!% %& $&!%$#%"!$'%&!%!$&% '#% r grow so apply liquid fertilizers ( Triple Boost) to the fooliage weekly boosting plant resilience and minimise fungal diseases. Any pruning should be only on the tips, with any larger wounds being painted with acrylic water-based paint to help seal the wound and prevent infection. With outdoor pot plants, it is important to apply a slow release fertilizer more often (say every 4-6

Neil Hughs

Reenowned horticulturalist at Limberrlost l Nursery and Garden !$%  

'%$#"!%'% %$#% "! "$ % %$&%$#%##%$ "$ %"!%##%"!%"% !' % that pots have good drainage and prevent any water collecting in the bottom of the saucerr, both foor $#%'"%& %$#%"!$%"!% &''%!%'$'% '" %" &%' "$!%&$' Happ py plant planting!

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Northern Property Valuers Property Report

Hello readers last month we discussed the trends in the property market before, during and after the Global Financial Crisis. We would like to focus this month on what affect the increase in Chinese tourist visiting our region may have on the property market.

What did the Japanese tourism market do for this region in the 1980â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s?

Another statistic to be aware of is that in 1985 the population of Japan was

I think it is a good idea to look back in time and compare the numbers with

127,463,611, when the Japanese tourist market was booming.

what is expected when the Chinese market increases.

population in China was 1,351,657,890.

Japans Nikkei stock average hit an all time high in 1989 after a decade of

I believe the potential for increase in Chinese investment to the region, not just

dominating manufacturing in the electronic and car industries. From this

in property is enormous and 2013 should show a rapid increase, providing we

high demand in Japanese manufacturing came wealth, tourism numbers and

have no repeat of the GFC.

property investment. Increased development to this region with Companies


In 2012 the

such as Daikyo building resorts and golf courses. The Japanese tourist numbers rose to over 200,000 per annum. Chinese tourist numbers are expected to reach 190,000 per annum in the short term and investment from Chinese developers are increasing, we have already seen large scale properties purchased recently such as Double Island. We are also aware of a number of other Chinese investors looking into large developments in the region.

104 I CairnsLife

Trevor Gard

Director Northern Property Valuers. Bachelor of Business â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Property Studies AAPI

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Bring Your

++,5&2&0/ &2 1/

Imagine stepping through the front door of your new home for the 65432 310/.2 -,+*1)(2 3'5&%('2 $&%52 bedroom, putting your feet up in $&%52)/#2+&%)(/25&&0"2/)3/53,1)1)(2 &)23'/2!, *2,31&2&52 &&*1)(21)2$&%52 )/#243,3/&3'/,532*13 '/).2 In 2013 you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to imagine ,)$0&5/2 2 4132 !, *"2 5/+,2 ,)2 3,*/2 $&%52 65432 153%,+2 43/42 1)3&2 $&%52 5/,02 '&0/2 ,42 ++,5&2 &0/42 !51)(42 132 3&2 +1/2 1)2 5/,+2 "2 %432 +1*/2 3'/20&1/4 ,/2 &441!+/2 #13'2 4&'1431 ,3/2 4&3#,5/"2 ++,5&2 2 &/542 ,2 35%/2 representation of what your home #1++2!/2+1*/2&) /2 &0+/3/ ++,5&2 2 0,*/42 %2 3'/2 &%53'2 /+/0/)32 1)2 3'/2 ++,5&2 /41()2 %13/2'/24%13/214240,53"2%)"2%4/5 51/)+$2,)23,*/423'/2'&0/2!%1+1)(2 //51/) /23&2,2#'&+/2)/#2+//+ %1+1)(2,2'&0/2142,2+&32& 2%)"2,)2 3'/2 ++,5&2 /41()2 %13/2 /0!5, /42 3'142 '142 ',42 )//52 !//)2 &)/2 !/&5/2 &)2 3'142 4 ,+/2 ,)2 #1++2 (1/2 +1/)342 3'/2 &)6/) /2 3'/152 5/,02 '&0/2 142 /, 3+$2 ,42 3'/$2 +,))/2 2 to perfection,â&#x20AC;? managing director -,$)/2 ,,++,5&24,$422

4/542,5/2,!+/23&243&5/2,)24',5/23'/152 1/,42%41)(23'/2++,5&2 1)!&,5"24//*2 inspiration from a range of designs 1)23'/2 &53&+1&"2*//2,235, *2& 23'/152 !%1+1)(2 4/+/ 31&)42 %41)(2 3'/2 '/ *2

1432,)26),++$24//23'/152'&0/2 &0/2 3&2+1/2%41)(225/)/51)(24&3#,5/2 -,$)/2 4,$42 ,2 40,532 '&)/2 ,"2 #'1 '2 142 %55/)3+$2 %)/52 //+&0/)3"2 #&%+2 ,+4&2 ,2 ,)&3'/5210/)41&)23&23'/2++,5&22 //51/) /2 -/2 ,5/2 ,+#,$42 +&&*1)(2 ,32 #,$42 3&2 /)',) /2 3'/2 %43&0/52 &%5)/$2 ,)23'1421423'/265432& 2,2)%0!/52& 2 1)131,31/42#/2#1++25&++2&%323'142$/,5 22 -,$)/2 4,$42 132 #,42 ,)2 / 131)(2 310/2 &52 ++,5&2 &0/4"2 #'&2 ',/2 !//)2 1)&+/2 1)2 3'/2 )&53'2 %//)4+,)2 '&0/2 !%1+1)(2 1)%435$2 &52 0&5/2 3',)22$/,542 -13'2 ,)2 &%343,)1)(2 5/%3,31&)2 &52 / /31&),+2 %,+13$"2 1)3/(513$2 ,)2 4/51 /"2 ++,5&2 &0/42 4/342 3'/2 !/) '0,5*2 &52 %,+13$2 '&%4/2 !%1+/542/)4%51)(2,26543 +,442 %43&02 //51/) /2+1*/2)&2&3'/522 -13'2 &6 /42 1)2 ,15)42 ,)2 &#)41++/2++,5&2&0/421425/,$23&2 +,)2$&%52)/32'&0/23&2/5/ 31&)

,++23&,$2,)2//51/) /23'/2++,5&2,)3,(/2 ++,5&2&0/4222222###,++,5&'&0/4 &0,%



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Planned to perfection

Allaro Homes brings together four generations of building Allaro heritage and has been the leading custom home builder in North Queensland for over 30 years. Building a custom home doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tt have to cost you mor more e so why not make the most of your land, lifestyle and budget and enquir enquire e today. today.

07 4031 0022

cair www BSA: 1008032

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How To Prevent Mildew In Your Bathroom By far the most important mildew control remedy is to increase the ventilation in the bathroom. Leave the bathroom door open after you shower or bathe, and use the bathroom exhaust fan. If you live in an older home without an exhaust fan, install one, and be sure it is vented to the outside, or you may transfer your mildew problem to the attic! Existing mildew on most surfaces can be killed with a mixture of 50% household chlorine bleach with 50% water. Use a hand sprayer to apply it to the surface, allow it to remain for a few minutes or until the blackish, dirty-looking mildew color disappears and then rinse thoroughly with water. If the surface is covered with soap scum, the mildew might be more difficult to kill. In that case, perform a thorough cleaning first with either TSP, a TSP equivalent or a commercial soap scum remover. Then use a mildew wash, even if it "looks" as though the mildew is all gone. There are commercial cleaners that combine bleach with a cleaning product. I have found them to generally be less effective at killing the mildew so my advice is to keep your killin' and cleanin' separate! Unfortunately, the mildew will return eventually unless you seal the walls by proper repainting. Mildew attack increases the porosity of the paint film, making reinfestation a certainty. Applying the proper paints after killing the mildew will assure longer-term mildew resistance.

Call 07 4032 0149 for a Free Consultation. | Fax 07 40531253 | PO Box 1032N Cairns North 4870 424 Sheridan Street Cairns North QBSA 1180632

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ts. ments. em ire uiir qu q eq c ums for all rre s ck vacc We sto CIAL ERRCIA ME OMM #OM s# C STICs ESTI ME OM s$O s$











169 16 1 69




199 19 1 9


GODFREYS CAIRNS Shop 1, 304-308 Mulgrave Cairns Te el: 07 4041 13 1345 Fax: 07 4031 0441

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2013 is the year of the black Snake, begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius, the humanitarian of the zodiac. This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. The Snake is the sixth sign of                         collected of the Animals Signs. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.

(Happy New Year in Chinese)

Shop 2, 90 Aumuller Street Portsmith QLD 4870 Ph 07 4035 3899 | F 07 4035 2899 | M 0418 194 848

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Now is the time to invest in building a new home Our clients are saying that now is the time to build a new Affinity home or even an investment property.

Roslyn Smith Affinity Designer Homes Building Designer and Licensed Builder Phone : 40518866 mobile : 0439 855851

The rental vacancy rate in Cairns hasn’t been this low for many, many years and this is pushing the rental prices higher and higher. The low interest rates and cheap land prices make it a sound investment. We have even seen some mortgage repayments less than rent! We currently have some great land prices but these will run out. Once gone, new land will take some time to come on line and, of course, be more expensive. It’s all to do with ‘supply and demand’ and Cairns has been in over supply for quite some time. Suppliers in the Cairns market can see the shift in supply and demand and are starting to increase their prices. Cairns is poised for an increase in building activity. ‘m not talking about a ‘boom’, or anything like we saw 10 years ago, but we’ve been lacking construction in all areas for the last few years. The commercial sector has had some good news on development projects starting soon and this will flow on to the residential market.

Look at the equity you have in your current family home, talk to your financial institution and then come and see me for the best House and Land package to suit you. I have access to good land for a variety of requirements around Cairns. Cairns has one the fastest growing populations (percentage wise) in Australia and these people moving to our city need somewhere to live. Having built many rental properties for clients over the years I am happy to discuss options with prospective clients on what are the best inclusions for rental properties. It’s good to talk to an experienced builder in this area so that you will know what to include that maximizes your rental return and what not to include that minimizes your rental return. Inclusions will differ compared to what you would choose for your own home So if you are thinking about an investment property my advice is to get moving on it asap.

24 HRS S LOCKSMITHING G Em gency Emer ncy Lockouts All Locksmithing Services S Key Cutting Restricted Key Systems Re-Keying of Locks Safes Supplied & Fitted FIRM SECURITY LIC. 3511359

AUTOMOTIVE Auto Transponder r Keys Cut Keys-Cut Programme / ECU Resetting Auto Ignitions / Door Locks Repaired & Replaced



Keyless Keyle ss Access Control Replacement Repl cement Gate Rem motes Obligation ion Free Quotess on all Security To otal Locksmithing ksmithing S Ser Services

Security Screen Windows Wi & Doors,, Manufactur f ed, Supplied & Fitted Patio Enclosures Competitive Rates Call For A Quote QBSA 1137757

GLAZING Glazing Glass Replacement Shower Screens

M Membership No: 9060

We Offer Competitive Rates On All Our Services Visit Our Shopfront OPEN 6 DA DAYS AYS Y 55 McLeod St, CAIRNS (Easy P Parking) arking) f: 4041 7957 | e: 112 I CairnsLife

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Sunburst Cloc

Now is a great time to set the tone foor the year with playful pieces and sun-kissed shades from Coast Living, and owner Alan Blake says seasoning your living space neednâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come at a huge cost. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new at Coast? 2013 is taking offf in style with great statement pieces such as our Coast Collection Avviator chairs, panelled aluminium shell with ribbed top grain leather upholstery. Matching coffffee and bar tables are cutting-edge style and due in-store any time now. We make no secret about lo oving v an oceanic palette, breezy blues, and sandy timbers. A touch of the seaside infuses our rooms with easy elegance. What are you currently working on? We haave some exciting commercial development projects in the making, which Cairns needs at the moment. Foor these, we collaborate with innovative textile printers to bring a unique style into commercial spaces, as well as homes. Cairns homebuilders and architects are creating truly beautiful places, and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re enjoying working with these design-ffocussed, o like-minded teams to inject a real point of difffference into their eir interior stylingg. We are also designing dining tables and sofas of

the highest quality by haaving v them handmade by local craftspeople. This is an exciting process and great for o the local economy. Where did your love of desig gn n come from? Art and design haave always been part of my life. I started out in creative industries as a photographerr, cameraman and television producer beffoore mooving v to Cairns and delving into business. I love the revival of iconic designs of past greats such as Eames, Eileen Grayy, Wagner a and F lo Bro (Broadhurst). If you had one stylliing g tip what would it be? Foocus on a few key pieces, and the integrity of their design and manufacture, then accessorise. If choosing just the right accessories â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or even their colours â&#x20AC;&#x201C; seems a bit of a challenge, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t agonise. Come to Coast. Yoour home makeover can start nowâ&#x20AC;Ś we are offfering fferin a free consultation service until the end of March to Cairns Life readers! We make the most of your treasures. Decorating by combining much cherished possessions with new items is not only easy on the purse strings,            

INTERIOR STYLING CONSULTATION VALUED AT $150* Book now with the design-focussed Coast styling team for an in-home or in-store consultation. This is a great opportunity to work with creative and qualified stylists who will integrate your treasured pieces to create a rejuvenated sanctuary youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll love to live in.

) )0.&45:-*/($0..&3$*"-'*50654tOPEN 0 . &  4 5 : - * / (    $ 0 . . & 3 $ * " -  ' * 5 0 6 5 4  t  O P EN 7 DAYS DAY S 2 Industrial I ndustrial Avenue, A venue, Stratford P: 07 4055 1241 *Valid until 30 March 2013 on presentation of this voucher.

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You needn’t fear the needle anymore!

Needle Free! FELLOWSHIP OF THE INTERNA TERNA ATIONAL T CON CONGRESS OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGISTS P (07) 4041 3234 F (07) 4051 5089 24 Hour Emergency: (0457) 052 379 W:

CALL NOW! (07) 4041 3234

Level 2 Cair Cairns ns Squar Square, e, Cnr Abbott & Shields Str Streets eets Cairns Cairns Qld 4870

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My Vale alentine IMG SCANDI 1 only - Latte $950

IMG Lord c 1 only - Black $1850

Stressless Vegas Sand 1 only - Sand $3250 Stressless Oslo 1 only - Light grey $8499 IMG Jade 302 1 only - Vanilla $950 Manh Stressless Manhattan 2 & 3 Seater 1 only - Khaki $7498

IMG Nordic 40 Pebble $1499

I llove myy new lounge! 206 MULGRA MULGRAVE AVE VE RD, RD CAIRNS - NEXT TO FORTY WINKS. 07 40 31 19 35

w w w . s t y l e n l e a t h e r. c o m . a u


Stressless Chelsea 1 only - Kitt $1695

*Conditions apply see in store for details

IMG Nordicc 21s na Havana $995

Images are are for for illustr illustration ation purposes es only, onlyy, colours colours may may differ. differr.

CairnsLife Magazine February 2013  

CairnsLife Magazine February 2013