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AthensArt International Arts Festival Bispg책rden/Sweden in collaboration with Hardeko 2/5 - 11/5/2014

CENTRE OF ARTS 4 SEASONS AthensArt International Arts Festival 4450 Members 7 Continents 151 Countries

Bispg책rden/Sweden 2014

Prof. Dr. Takis Alexiou 39, Salaminos Str., 153.43 Ag. Paraskevi / Athens Tel./Fax: 0030-210-6011904, e-mail: Oropos / Sykamino / Pano Laka, 190.15 Nea Palatia / Attica Mob.: 0030-6944128460, e-mail:

CA4S-ATHENSART SHORT CV CA4S-AthensArt is a non-commercial and non-profitable International Artists and Art Lovers Community. There are no fees either for inscription or participation in all Events, in Greece and abroad. Our philosophy is based on the “Positive Side of Life”, as well as in the “Power of Friendship” that can change through Art the World peacefully. For the last 30 years, the Centre of Arts 4 Seasons (CA4S) created various cultural Events like “Kavafia”, “Iaponia-Japan-Japon”, “Multispectacle 4 Seasons”, “Multispectacle Aristophanes Androgyne”, Philanthropic Art Exhibitions in Greece and abroad, published books and produced CDs, organized numerous Conferences, etc. In the year 2010 we realized our first International Arts Festival AthensArt, in collaboration with the Cultural Organization “Technopolis” and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Athens, with the theme “The Positive side of Life” and “Friendship through Art can change the World”, and participation of 300 artists from 5 Continents and 65 countries of the World. During 2011 AthensArt has been present in Monterrey/Mexico with Prints for Peace, in London/UK to support victims of HIV in Tanzania and to assist children in Zambia, in Vienna/Austria with a philanthropic exhibition for the victims of Earthquake-Tsunami in Japan, in Piraeus/Greece in collaboration with UNESCO’s Association for Peace, in Rostov Region/Russia with our International Arts Festival and in Ubá/Brazil. In Greece, besides our Syntagma Square exhibition and participation in the Egyptian Cultural Week dedicated to Naguib Mahfouz in Athens, we started our AthensArt Odysseia in “Ambelonas” Corfu, making a second stop in the “House of Culture” of Rethymno /Crete. For 2012 we were present in the State Picture Gallery of Izmail/Ukraine and in the 2nd Egyptian Cultural Week in Athens, dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in collaboration with the Embassy of Egypt. Our AthensArt Odysseia continued its journey in Greece in Naxos in the Former Ursuline School and in Corfu in the Patio of Corfu’s Psychiatric Hospital. For 2013 we have been in Gallery Apartment No 10 of Odessa/Ukraine, and have postponed our invitation from Bibliotheca Alexandria/Egypt for next year, due to political situation. For 2014 we have been officially invited in Bispgården/Sweden, Vienna/Austria, Monterrey/ Mexico and Suzhou/China. Our AthensArt Odysseia in Greece will continue its route in the island of Corfu.

CA4S ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our journey to Bispgården/Sweden, started with the willingness of our good Friend and Representative in Sweden, Geert Weggen, to organize, in collaboration with HARDEKO, an AthensArt International Arts Festival, in this beautiful area, from 2/5/2014 - 11/5/2014. Later on two more Friends, Magnus and Solveig, joined us in this wonderful project. The Administration’s Council of the Centre of Arts 4 Seasons CA4S-AthensArt would like to thank them all, as well as our Friends who will open their houses and guest our Friends from Greece and abroad that will visit Bispgården. We thank, also, our good Friends Andromeda and Panos for their contribution in preparing our e-catalogue, in collaboration with the head of our AthensArt Designers’ Group. For 2015 we are already officially invited from Finland, remaining open our official invitation from Bibliotheca Alexandrina of Alexandria/Egypt. Further on, we are in discussions with Dayton/Ohio USA, Albania, Madagascar, Mexico and Brazil and we plan to renew our presence in Athens and Thessaloniki. Finally, we would like to invite all our Friends for 2014 to our next stop of AthensArt International Arts Festival in Vienna/Austria (8/8-31/8), Monterrey/Mexico (1/9-30/9) and Suzhou/China (15/10-15/11), continuing in these troubled times, to spread our idea of FRIENDSHIP through Art that can change the World Peacefully. Litsa Marandi, CA4S-AthensArt Secretary

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD PEACEFULLY THROUGH ART, SELF-KNOWLEDGE, FRIENDSHIP AND PARTICIPATION As we all know, in AthensArt, we embrace everyone, who wishes to be part of our International Artists and Art Lovers Community, based on FRIENDSHIP… We love children creations… We find impressive the achievements of animal paintings… We say YES to everyone, who is neglected, by our today's society… We do not select artists but only artworks, trying to find something exceptional in everyone's piece of Art… We all have the right and the obligation to express, honestly, ourselves through Art… We think that the first duty of every Human Being, especially of an Artist, is to be HONEST with himself and with the others… Something that it's not as simple as it's sounds… Something, most of the times, we are not… Being Honest doesn't mean to be "holy"… It simply means trying honestly to be TRUE, without fear and without anger… It means to experience the PRESENT time, beyond our traumatic past… Otherwise the Creative Right Part of our Brain is totally blocked… And there is no real Art and there is no Real Life… One calls Friendship; real, sincere, old, strong, good, actual, fine, unique, deep, heart-felt etc. As many artists, philosophers and scientists have stated, Friendship is an essential ‘I-You’ relationship, which requires a substantial ‘I-Myself’ relationship (Knowledge of Self), extends into a substantial ‘I-We’ relationship (Participation). In Friendship’s case (I-You) it represents one soul in two bodies, that is, a relationship in which explanations are unnecessary and rhetoric, debates, disputes and rivalries (with which all politicians have inundated us) are completely absent. One ages internally, when he ceases to maintain friendly relationships, which are based on affectionate silence that is by carefully listening to each other. Thus Friendship cannot be but a sweet obligation, which contains love, trust, security and naturally happiness. The opinion that Friendship and Philosophy are as unnecessary as Art, is not true because nowadays even the World Health Organization finds that Happiness (which is included in Friendship) constitutes a basic factor for health. The view that we are connected, does not constitute an innovation. That is, among other things what Goethe’s quote says. It emphasizes that "if you treat people the way you should, you will help them become how they should be". However, one will enjoy the real value of happiness only if they share it because the soul rejoices in the thought of good Friends as well as with the affection that we feel towards them. We should not forget that a Friendship that was destroyed was

never real and that true Friendship is only built on foundations of Truth and Knowledge, and under the Sun's light… Friendship, if present, accompanies the sum of man’s functions. It requires Self-knowledge and leads to Participation, which is the most important prerequisite for the foundation of a better society... In earlier days, happiness constituted a module of poetry and philosophy, later extending into Literature, Sociology, Psychology and more recently into Medicine and Economics. The preference of the term ‘happiness’ to ‘Friendship’ is by no means random within the framework of today’s ego-centred society. That is due to the fact that happiness is directly connected to infinite individualism and the fundamentalism of financial markets whereas ‘Friendship’ escapes the narrow bounds of one’s ‘self’ and extends into ‘You’ and ‘Us’. Happiness is an individual’s matter unlike Friendship, which requires at least two or more conscious individuals... When we understand that today’s political structure has unconditionally surrendered power to financial markets and that it is exclusive responsible for today’s crisis, we will be in a position to radically change things and bring hope and our smile back to our faces. We ought to exclude any form of violence, re-evaluate some meanings such us the ones of Friendship, Participation, Democracy (State), whilst fully utilizing modern computer technology and especially social networking... Free will simply means responsible life attitude that characterizes the behavior of the individuals who consciously cultivate substantial relationships with: a. themselves, b. their neighbor and c. society, Prof Martin Buber. Individuals who sincerely accept their limitless individualism ego and desire to participate in politics through substantial relationships of real Friendship... I am talking about the tetrad: Art, Self-Knowledge, Friendship and Participation. I am talking about the need for peaceful transformation of society through participatory procedures rather than through the conquest of state power... Such meanings as those of Love and Friendship which in the past originated from the sphere of religions and had metaphysical content, were later incorporated in Psychology-Psychotherapy- Psychiatry, mainly due to the recognition of the important role of Emotional Intelligence and especially of the positive emotions not only in physical health but also generally in the evolution of Life. The scientifically regulated meanings of Love and Friendship that follow as well as their major importance in overcoming the deadlock and creating a better society should not alienate us. We therefore, consider, I repeat, that the best society will not arise from the ruins of the old one but rather by building the new one on new land, Peacefully!!! Prof. Dr. Takis Alexiou, Chairman of CA4S-AthensArt


It is an honor to be able to organize this event along with our friends from Greece and Italy, and from Bispgården: Solveig and Magnus. Art has always brought people together. Art wants to be seen and shared. It’s not the art that you see behind a work, but the artist's self. Everything the artist has seen is expressed in his/her art. Strangely enough, the beauty in art is easier to see than the man behind it. This applies to the Nature’s beauty too. All these wonderful creations: animals, flowers, trees, mountains, fire, wind, sun ... but what a beauty behind this all. How is it possible that it is harder to see the beauty behind everything? People are wonderful. I come from a world of demons, ghosts, fear, and violence. Sometimes I could escape this world: I did this, through nature and the world of magic. I did not see it among the people. Until I was 13 I was sick, angry, alone and afraid. I did not want to live here on this earth. In a dream I dreamed why we truly live. What the purpose is of living, and that was "life is about  light", above and below, and in the middle there is always light. It does not matter to live in a hell, there is always light, but that is not to be found without love, beauty and peace. My life had a purpose after this dream. I knew why I was alive. My life began and

everything changed. I thought I could change the world. I thought I knew what other people should see. It was a painful experience to find out that I could not change the world. The harder I tried the more resistance there was. It is strange that the basis of change lays in me, because everything starts there. The first thing was to forgive myself and love myself. As a result I had to follow my heart and accept myself. What a hard thing. Strange that the fear is not really all fights, wars, pollutions, money, violence the devils, but the real fear lies in peace, harmony, friendship and light. So afraid to be whom we really are. All that little I can contribute to this world is to follow my heart, all that will change the world. A footstep in a sea can touch an entire world, a sea, a universe. Until now, I have not met one person who is really in harmony, because I 'm not in harmony myself. It's up to me to accept who I am, light in the universe of light. Even in the garbage there is light. If I see myself as a lonely person, I separate from the world, but if I see myself as a unique particle that is part of the universe, I am filled with love and light. It is strange that the person who is responsible for everything that happens in life is me. It is I who always look in a mirror and I who decide what to see. It is I who make me sick, I who live in anger, in disharmony. With open eyes, I have an open heart. Fortunately, friends are there. They can help to open and see, to unclose the heart and see what I really am. To step into the mirror of myself and be one with all that is. It is fantastic that we may share friendship here and share love with all those wonderful people we do not know, but always have known. And what better to do this with friendship through music and art. Without it, we would find ourselves in a different place and path on earth. Greetings and in love and light, Geert

HARDEKO BISPGÅRDEN / SWEDEN PROGRAM Our Gallery will be open from 11:00-16:00. Tuesday 29 April: Arrival of artist from Italy Thursday 1 May: Arrival of CA4S-AthensArt Administration's Council members Friday 2 May: Visit to Nämforsen to see and learn about Rock Carvings. This is one of Northern Europe's largest, of the islands in the rapids are at least 1400 figures carved into the rocks. Lunch. Arranging artworks in exposition room. At 19:00 Lecture about Friendship and projection of AthensArt activities Saturday 3 May: Organizing exposition room. Paint light project. Stone carving project. Opening day of the Exposition at 11:00. Sunday 4 May: Gallery between 11.00 and 16.00. Visiting artist’s workplaces in Östersund / Jämtland and dinner in Restaurant. A late fire. Monday 5 May: Gallery between 11.00 and 16.00 Tuesday 6 May: Leaving day Tuesday 6 to 11 May: People can contact us if they wish to visit us.

HISSAN MOHAMED ABBAKAR Mohamed Abbakar Hissan was born in Omdurman in 1969. He is a sculptor and has a Bachelor in Fine Arts (B.F.A) of the College of Fine & Applied Art of the Sudan University for Science & Technology. He completed his second B.A. Bachelor of Art, Philosophy Department at the El-Neelain University in 1993. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Khartoum/Sudan such as: Italy Ambassador's house, Graduation exhibition, College of Fine and Applied Art, Flowers Festival, Friendship Hall, Group exhibition (Sponsored by Ageb Gas), Sibyan Magazine exhibition (magazine 50th anniversary), Sudan National Museum. He has also participated in Joint exhibition, Swakin/ East Sudan, Exhibition (Five Hundred Years for the Fonj Kingdom establishment), Sinaar/Sudan, National Culture & Arts Corporation, Omdurman/Sudan, International Exhibition of Sudanese Art, Temple of Peace, Cardiff Wales/Great Britain, Group exhibition at St. David Hall Cardiff/U.K, Group exhibition at Sudanese Restaurant Marawi in London/UK, Group exhibition with Sudanese plastic artists association, at Sudanese national council for culture and Arts. Group exhibition with others Sudanese plastic artist at M.Mokhtars museum, in Cairo/Egypt. Mohamed has also created solo exhibitions in Sudan and participated in many workshop and activities such as: Lino cut workshop (with German artist Michel Huth), Amal Society workshop (slogan was "Children Right Agreement"), Drawing and Painting, Goethe Institute, Khartoum/Sudan, Subiean Magazine 50th anniversary workshop, Painting workshop in France Cultural Center in Khartoum/Sudan (with French artist Zenat), He is also an active member of Sudanese Environment Conservation Society, the Sudanese plastic artists' society and the Sudanese Sculptor's society.

WARM MOM Acrylic on board 25x25cm - 2013

MARIYA ALEXANDROVA ALEKSIEVA Maria Alexandrova Alexieva studied Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius, and has a master degree in Iconography. Her solo exhibitions so far have taken place in Bulgaria, Germany and Ireland. Furthermore she has participated with her artworks to several exhibitions such as: Class of 95" BHG Burgas, Group exhibition of icons in Stara Zagora, A collection of icons in Pleven, Eco Fest in Veliko Tarnovo, Youth exhibition in the gallery of Matthew Town in Veliko Tarnovo, Project "Space" in Veliko Tarnovo, Theology in colors- exhibition iconography with Emilia Stoev at the art territory Natura, Saint Nicholas traditional exhibition,1st Balkans exhibition "Roots" BSU."Women" gallery in Burgas, Exhibition "Sea" CSR in Burgas, Evangelism paintings at the gallery Bulgarka city, International Biennial of Humor and Satire, Regional Exhibition Allianz in Bulgaria. She was also awarded with National Awards Allianz Bulgaria from 2011 to 2012 for painting, sculpture and graphics. Furthermore, she has completed many workshops during the years 2000-2013, such as: Art Colony St. Nicholas Monastery in Kavadarci, 1st Pedagogic Workshop in Kableshkovo, 2nd Teaching Workshop in Sozopol, Art Residence "The Old School" - Collectors of legends in Gorna Lipnitsa, Ceramic Work Shop in Kutahia of Turkey, International Workshop Byala. Restoration and Murals in several churches schools and temples are also an interesting topic of the artwork that Maria represents.

THE WAY 20x20cm

TAKIS ALEXIOU Takis Alexiou, born in Alexandria of Egypt, studied architecture in Germany and completed a pioneering Dissertation linking architecture to psychology. He has given lectures at European Universities and was Professor at the HFG Offenbach/M. in Germany and at the AUA University of Athens. He has held many private and group art exhibitions: TU Dresden, S&S Basil, Forum des Halles & Maison International du Théâtre Paris, Palazzo Venezia Venice, Royal Festival Hall London, Greek Press Center New York, NTOG Tokyo, Attatürk Cultural Center Istanbul, Art Addiction Stockholm, Melina Merkouri Hall Nicosia, Salvagos and Kavafis Halls Alexandria, Kreonides Gallery – Polyplano – Adam Gallery Athens, Old French Knights’ Quarters Rhodes and many others. He is active in music composition: Under one’s Breath, The song of the birds, Voices without a Face & Red Wind. He was granted first Diploma at the International Art Addiction, Stockholm. ABI (USA) included him amongst the 5000 personalities in the world and awarded him with the International Peace price 2010 for practicing peace in thought, action and example locally and globally and IBC of Cambridge (UK) awarded him as one of the 2000 Intellectuals of 20th century. On 2006 he was awarded with the “International Cavafy prize”. His name is mentioned in various Encyclopaedias and Art Diaries. He has written numerous articles, studies and books.

BEING DIFFERENT Mixed media on canvas textured paper 2x30x40cm - 2013

PANOS ARVANITIS Panos Arvanitis was born in Athens 1991. He is a student of Civil Engineering and member of CA4S-AthensArt Administration’s Council, representing the Young Generation. Among his hobbies is photography and Video.

SECRET WINDOW Photo 30x40cm - 2013

ALESSIA BABROW Alessia Babrow was born in Rome (Italy) in 1979. Her mother is from Naples with Trentino origins – an art history teacher and hostess for Alitalia. Her father is from South Africa – a rugby player of a Russian origin. Africa inspires her love for freedom and for Mother Earth. Her work, which began at the age of 14, can be found in a multitude of different media: restoration, radio, film, fashion, theater, television, concerts, magazines and galleries around the world. She has begun a course of study, still in full development that includes theology, physics, quantum mechanics, energy, transcendental psychology, and hypnosis, leads her to travel and experience first-hand her theoretical knowledge. She is currently working with magazines and exhibits in European and American galleries. Her life includes both between traumatic events and the growing love for art in all its forms. She makes art a bridge between matter and spirit as a means of processing for human suffering. Her art seeks to expand the consciousness of mankind, because every change that we want to see in this world must begin first within ourselves.


KIKI BARDANI Kiki Bardani was born in Athens on January 29, 1962. He graduated from the School of Athens and the University of Rhodes in pedagogical studies. She has been working as a teacher in elementary school for the last 15 years. Her first presence at a group exhibition was in AthensArt International Arts Festival 2010 in “Technopolis� of Athens. She lives and works in Athens.


30x40cm - 2010

LELLO BAVENNI Lello Bavenni lives and works in Vico Equense. Since 1958 he participates in the national artistic life by taking part in numerous events and getting major awards. His work is associated with a certain type of surrealism, "to the degree that surrealism may still exist today" (Ferdinando Bologna). From figurative to the abstract through the informal, the feeling of nature redefines the boundaries of existence in the breakdown of plans where the vital impulse penetrates the material and causes a meeting with him. Environments, objects, landscapes of the soul, dream situations, blurred reflections, perceptions of space and intuition of the spirit, are the contents of the works of Lello.

FORMA GOTICA 30x40cm - 2010

LUCILLA CAMPIONI Lucilla Campioni was born in Rome in 1952. She studied Graphic Advertising at the Academy of Costume and Fashion of Rome. She attended courses of Engraving, Painting and Decoration and she has graduated with honors in Decoration Experimental Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She is currently dealing mostly with xylography, photography, computer and mixed techniques. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She deeply believes in intermingling the various arts techniques and using materials outside the rules. She lives and works in Rome.


ELENA CANDOLI Elena Candoli was born in ForlÏ (Italy) on April 27, 1960. She studied Architecture at IUAV in Venice. She exposed her artworks in solo and collective exhibitions in Italy at Cesena, Ferrara, Capo di Ponte (Brescia), Florence. She realized the set design for 'Spring in Winter' The Winterreise of Franz Schubert and for 'Through the Door' of Robert and Clara Schuman 1854-1856. She lives and works at Cesena. Mine is a long time research on the matter of colour and on the background on which it lay and acts. The landscapes of nature and man are the home of these alchemies. My aim is - quoting Florenskji - to reach <<the mystic perception of the world, the special gift of a spiritual end aesthetic understanding...the revelations of a pure, childish and at the same time very archaic conscience.

MEMORY 29x29cm - 2010

ELENA CHIRDARIS Elena Chirdaris was born in Colombia from Greek parents. In 1994 she finished Fine Arts in La Verne University in Athens and continued her studies at Sotheby’s Institute of London finishing in 1996. She has participated in eight solo exhibitions and in more than 25 group exhibitions in Greece, Spain, Denmark, Miami, NY City, Belgium, and Colombia. Some of her work now constitutes part of the permanent collection of the Corfiot Gallery (‘Kerkyraiki Pinakothiki’), the American College in Greece and private collections in Colombia, United States and Europe. Furthermore, one can see her works in volume 4 of ’20 Contemporary International Artists’ published in Spain.

NIGHT SAILING Oil on canvas with gold leaf 30x30cm

DALIBOR DADO CETKOVIC Dalibor Dado Cetkovic was born in Montenegro in town Bar 22.11.1982 year. Four-year secondary art school "Petar Lubarda" was completed in Cetinje(MNE) 2001 by Professor Goran Sekulic, department of painting. That same year he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje(BiH). He graduated in 2007 in a class by Professor Marko MusoviÄ&#x2021; on the painting department. From 2008 he became a member of the Association of Fine Artists Montenegro â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ULUCG. Until now he had twelve solo exhibitions and over twentyfive group exhibitions at home and abroad. He lives and works in the Bar.

AFTERNOON Oil on canvas 24x18cm - 2014

ADRIANA DALY-PETEROVA Adriana Daly-Peterova was born in 1983 in Slovakia, ethnic Hungarian, lives and works in Vienna / Austria. She graduated in Fine Art at the Matthias Bel University in Slovakia. She works with different techniques in drawing, painting and photograms. She is also a Cultural Manager and Art Specialist. She works with more than 500 artist from 27 countries and she organized (bis jetzt) 350 Exhibitions. The search of the “self” is the eternal, never to be seen in full, a road I must take. A significant component of my “self” deals with lines, colors, and movements.  Colors should embody harmony; for the viewer they should arouse agreeable feelings.  With my lines, I would like to show a high level of accuracy contrasting the photo-gram-movements that mirror autonomy. My art serves realization, not entertainment, transfiguration or the play.

BULGARIAN ROSE Acrylic on canvas 30x30cm - 2012

DANIEL DE CULLA Daniel de Culla is born in 1955. He lives between Burgos, Madrid and North Hollywood. He is a poet, writer, painter and photographer. Being a member of the Spanish writers association, founder, editor of the reviews of BodyArt, art and Culture Gallo Tricolor and Robespierre, he participates in many Cultural Acts of Theatre and Performances. He has published more than 66 books among them: Prose, Poetry, Hand Written, Drawings, theatre. His next performance will take place the next 12th December in Minden “Coevolution and the Old Train”. He has created many performances in the cities where he lives and also in Zürich, Sintra, Evora/Portugal. He participated in Amsterdam Zine Jam 2013 with his Zine “Hand She As” ( Dadle a la Burra). He is also an active member of The Creative Thinkers, Amis-Robespierre, The Australian Haiku Society, member & friend of The Blake Society and friend of the Swedenborg Soc.


AMEL DJENIDI Amel Djenidi was born in Algiers on June 19, 1983. After attending the High School of Fine Arts in Algiers where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design, she obtained an educational grant in Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, Italy and a Master of Art and Sciences in the High School of Fine Arts in Algiers. She worked as graphic designer in advertising agencies and animation studios. She realized the poster for the Hergla Festival of short movies in Tunisia and was voice off in Unicef advertisement for Algerian Channel. She took part to group exhibitions in Saronno (Italy) and Algiers and in some festivals with her videos. In 2010 she obtained a Nomination in Africa Movie Academy Awards in Bayelsa, Nigeria.

CAFEE Ink on craft paper 21x29.7cm

TAMMY DUFFY Tammy Duffy – New York, USA. She exposed her works in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Mariana (Brazil), Amsterdam, London and New Mexico. I like to think that somehow, some of my fascination with creating abstract art has come from the love I have for my father as well as for the people I create my art for. I started painting 15 years ago and have grown as an artist through experiences and formal training. I am an accomplished physicist who switched to art but still dabbles in physics. The physics informs the art.  I make abstract paintings that help me to reveal what I feel about the natural world: its colors shapes, textures, lines, and forms. My background in science supports my visual expressions on the canvas where my goal is to make a connection between myself and the observer. I hope my work inspires the observer, subconsciously or not, to develop his or her own special vision and see beauty where one might not even know to look. My mind is my brush and I use it to create images that transcend the ordinary.

BLUE Photo


HENGAMEH FARAHMAND Hengameh Farahmand was born in Shiraz (Iran) 1962 and lives and works in Hamburg (Germany). The most striking element in Hengameh’s paintings is her passion for vivid colours and oriental motives which she explores through the use of a wide range of unique mixed media techniques. She often explores themes of love, aspiration, dreams and compassion, often blurring the boundaries between imagination and reality. The surfaces of her paintings are also a very important aspect of her work; the marks and textures and the play of light onto metallic surfaces brings a third dimension to works which often leave viewers transfixed. Hengameh has exhibited her works widely with a prominent exhibition at the Open Air Gallery in Berlin in 2008. In Athens (AthensArt-2010) it was one of her greatest experiences regarding International Art Exhibitions. She has also participated in Group Exhibition: in Vienna TravelGallery (June 2011, Vienna/Austria) in Acquire Arts Gallery (August 2011, London/UK), in Grekof Museum (September 2011, Rostov on Don/Russia). As a member of AthensArt she participated in UNESCO Association’s Event, dedicated to PEACE, in Veakio open air Theater of Piraeus/Greece. She has also exhibited her works in “Ambelonas” (October 2011, Corfu/Greece), in “Spiti Politismou” (House of Culture (December 2011, Rethymno/Greece) and in the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of Egypt in Athens during the Egyptian Cultural Week, which was dedicated to the Nobel prize winner Naguib Mahfouz.

UNTITLED Acyrlic on canvas 50x50cm

EVA FIDJELAND Eva Fidjeland is born in Stockholm 1955. Her art reflects cultural influences from her childhood years which she spent in Portugal, Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan. In 1978 she went to live in the artists' village Ein Hod/Israel were she learned the art of making stained glass from Professor Joseph Chaaltiel.  Returning back to Stockholm she was approached by the Vasa Museum and appointed  to reconstruct parts from glass for the Vasa Ship. The New Vasa Museum was inaugurated in 1990. The element that makes Eva’s work unique is her ability to create pieces of art using natural, earthly tones while maintaining a commitment to photography, digital art, and traditional visual art and the ability to see the elements of the world as they are, including the beauty that comes from the nature and its creatures, which she use to recreate in the form of art that has cultural relevance to audiences across the world. Her cultural pieces would fit seamlessly in any gallery or museum in any part of the world. Eva has exhibited her art work at numerous museums and galleries in Sweden and abroad.


RED LADY Digital photopainting 30x40cm - 2013

MARIO FOIS Mario Fois was born in Nuoro in 1971 where he lives and works. Since the end of the 80s, he begins operating around aerosol art and street culture. After several years of intense activity - without detaching from the artistic spirit that has marked the first expression – he comes to traditional painting techniques on canvas, with particular attention to the use of colour of American abstract expressionism. At half-90s he is one of the founders of “Kentu Concas Kentu Berrittas” an artistic movement characterized by the maximum individual freedom and an intense exhibition activity. In recent years Fois has been protagonist of various solo exhibitions, which prove his ability in using effectively different techniques and formats - moving from micro to macro without ever losing sight of the meaning of painting as a gesture of liberation. He took part to various collective and solo exhibitions in different places including MAN - the Museum of Nuoro and Berlin. His works are in public and private collections.


GIULIANO GIULIANI Giuliano Giuliani is painter. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in many cities of Italy and abroad. His recent international participations were in: Galerie Art' et Miss, Paris/France, AmArt Gallery, Brussels/Belgium, Algo mas que realismo...II, Sala de exposiciones de la Agrupación Artística Aragonesa de Zaragoza, Zaragoza/Spain, XPower Gallery - Beverly Hills, California/USA, Galerie Artitude – Paris/France, OpenArtFair - Utrecht/Netherlands, MarbArt - Marbella/Spain, Carrousel du Louvre – Paris/France, SantaFe Art District – Denver/USA, Bashimi Art House – Salzburg/ Austria, Berlin Art Show 2009 – Berlin/Germany, Ateneo de Montevideo – Montevideo/Uruguay, Marc de Puechredon Galerie – Basel/Switzerland, VII Bienal Intenacional de Arte Suba – Bogotà/ Colombia, Art Fair WestLake – Hangzou/China, Cow Parade – Rome/ Italy, Galerija Tir Mostovna - Nova Gorica/Slovenia, Art Meeting in Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo/Brazil, Marziart Internazionale Galerie – Hamburg/ Germany, Galeria EcoFusion - Buenos Aires/Argentina, Christchurch Earthquake Exhibition, Marton/New Zealand, Acquire Gallery LondrArtExhibition London/UK, Broadway Gallery - The International Artists At Home & Abroad exhibition series, New York/USA, La Dolce Vita Fair - BusinessDesign Center, London/UK, Tramareas, Club El Timon, San Luis/Uruguay, Art Meeting in Barcelona, BCM gallery, Barcelona/Spain, Art Meeting in Portugal, Galeria GS, Porto/Portugal and Nirvanavan Foundation - Fundraising Exhibition, Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa/New Zealand. His name is also mentioned in various publications and reviews of Italy, USA and France.

DONNA CON VIOLINO Mousepad 18x23 cm

JULIA GUERRERO Julia Guerrero was born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1969 and took the Greek nationality on the 2003. From 1987 to 1990 she studied Plastic Arts at University Los Andes, in Bogota Colombia and from 1990 to 1992 she studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Italy, and during the same period she follow the school of art restoration in the Italian Institute Arte Artigianato e Restauro Roma. Her individual and collective expositions have been numerous, mainly in Greece, Italy, England, Brussels, Colombia and Turkey. She has participated in the Athens Biennial and her works of art belong to numerous collections of museums, Foundations and Cultural centers in Colombia, Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil, and in Greece such as Contemporary Art Center of Larisa, Multicultural Center Athinais in Athens, in the Foundation Pieridi in Athens, in the National Gallery of Lefkada, in the National Gallery of Piraeus, in the Borre Museum in Peania, in the Maria Callas Museum in Athens and in the DOGA Foundation of Istanbul, Turkey.

COMPOSITION WITH TREES Acrylic on canvas 12x13,5cm - 2014

RAIBER GONZÁLEZ HECHAVARRÍA Raiber González Hechavarría was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1981. Inspired by the letters began philosophy studies at Havana University and later at “San Alejandro” art academy, where he ends his studies in 2005. That year he developed a community (art-therapy) project of exchanging with schizophrenic patients. In July of 2005 he received the prize on the XX edition of “Havana” Art Salon, which supports his membership in the National Arts Council of Cuba and later in the “X Havana Bienal”. “Raiber’s expression is supported by an existentialist approach to creative process; distant from archetypes derived from structural criticism he rediscovers the time, the sensorial experiences, the routine, the memory, and the fake. His essay work supports his analytical position about mechanisms and processes of signal languages transmission. His first stay in Europe, led him to Amsterdam, where he established the platform of artists creation “TARA projects”. In February 2011, in Spain, creates “Funda Mental” project, a documentary records about language systems studies, emphasizing in communicative noises, distortion and transmission processes in general. Currently also works on documentation and diffusion of community projects in Havana (Cuba)”. Some of his recent solo and collective exhibitions are: “Recursos humanos” Hexaedro Rosa Gallery, Havana/Cuba, “Background” OT 301, Amsterdam/The Nederlands, Hipercolectiva, “Aperitivos visuales”, Tenerife/Spain, Concurso Nacional de videoarte Click&rec PHE10, Spain, Funda Mental Opening, “Aperitivos Visuales” Tenerife/Spain, Funda Mental public intervention, Havana Book fair/Cuba, “Caravan” festival 2011, Tenerife/Spain.



JASPALS Jaspals was born in India in 1958. He lives and works at Hoshiarpur, India. He has had earned an M.A. in Fine Art and an M.A. in Art History at Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is now doing Research on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kushana Art of Sangholâ&#x20AC;? (A Buddhist Art Center of Second and Third Century A.D. in Punjab). His interests are photography, archaeology, heritage and astrophysics. He has participated in National Exhibitions, Drawing Biennale, Solid, World Punjabi Conference, Art Fest, Punjabi University, World Punjabi Conference, Art Fest, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, Young artists Art Festival Reggio Emilia, Italy. He has been represented in various all India level Art Exhibitions & State level Art Exhibitions throughout India since 1979. He has exhibited his work in solo shows (Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, Kala Gram, North Zone Culture Centre, Chandigarh, Indusind Bank Art Gallery, Chandigarh) and group shows (TAC Art Gallery, Ludhiana, Young Artist Art Fest Reggio Emilia/Italy, Punjab: at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Colours of India, Common Art Gallery, Windsor, Canada, Brijindra College, Faridkot). He has received many awards (Punjab Art Heritage Award, Jalandhar (Punjab), 1997 and 1998 / Merit Award, Indian Society of Oriental Arts, Calcutta (West Bengal), Honourable Mention in U.S.A. Millennium Hall of Fame, 20th Century Achievement Award and Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to Contemporary Art, North Carolina, USA., 1998, Best Exhibit Award, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, 2009). He has also participated in many art organizational works, campaigns, seminars and workshops for AIDS, Ecology, Heritage, painting demonstration etc.

BODY ART opaque watercolor

LILY KAPETANAKI Lily Kapetanaki was born in Athens . She has an extensive series of studies in painting both at the Byam Show School, London and at the School of Fine Arts, Athens. Her painting teacher was D. Kokkinides. She has worked as a skipper in sailing boats between 1981-1991,[summer time]. She has fourteen solo exhibitions in Greece (Athens, Corfu, Lavrio, Syros, Patras) and Brazil (Maceio, Rio De Janeiro, Salvador), and she has participated in thirty-five group exhibitions in Greece, Brazil, France, Germany and Italy. She has received a scholarship from I.K.Y. for her studies in Fine Arts and she has taken part in the Biennale of Marseilles, France, as well as in the international Exhibition of the Guzzard Museum, Italy. A leader member of BGS art group from 1991-2001.She has been a member of the panel for the Panhellenic Art Competition for High School students [2005-2009]. Her work has been presented and commented on, in several books and newspapers, especially abroad. Her works can be found in Pinacoteca Ufal, Maceio, Pinacoteca Candido Mendes, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Museu Guzzard, Italy and in many private collections. Today she lives and creates her art in Athens.

FOLEGO AZUL Mixed technique on canvas 38x50cm - 2012

MIRSAD MIRSO KOLJENOVIC Mirsad Mirso Koljenovic was born in Podgorica, Montenegro on May 04th, 1963. Mirsad graduated from elementary and middle school in Gusinje, Montenegro. He also studied in the Machinery High School in Podgorica. Mirsad had 9 one man shows and was part of many group shows in Montenegro as well as outside of Montenegro. He wrote a book named “Mirso’s Treatise about Painting” which was published in year of 2007. Miros one man shows have been exposed in many galleries such as :Gallery “Most”, Podgorica in Montenegro,Center for Cultural Events in The City of Plav in Montenegro, Balsic’s Tower in Ulcinj of Montenegro,Gallery of “UILUCG”, Podgorica in Montenegro,Center for Cultural Events “Malesija”, Tuzi in Montenegro,Blue Palace, Cetinje, in Montenegro,Gallery “Zenit”, Tirana in Albania,Gallery of “UILUCG”, Podgorica in Montenegro,Center for Cultural Events of Gusinje, Gusinje in Montenegro.

RED ROSE Papyrus 46,50x27cm

AGNESE KURZEMNIECE Agnese Kurzemniece was born in Latvia, 1973. She is printmaker, illustrator, Graphic Designer and painter. She got her MFA in the Department of Graphic Art of the Academy of Arts, Latvia. She has exhibited since 1990. Her works are found in private collections in Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand, Austria and United States. I have always been interested in art - rather feeling about things, not the same things. The base is a line that inspires the next stroke and visualize ideas. And the most important in the work is directly process - search, research, creating a layer-by-layer.

SESSILE Intaglio on paper 20x18 cm - 2014

PRABHINDER LALL Prabhinder Lall is born on July, 6th 1955 in Punjab/India. He has a diploma in Applied Arts, equivalent to Master degree in Applied Art from the Govt. college of Art, Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has been awarded in many sections, such as: All India Exhibition of Original Drawings, in Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy Award in 1981, in the 58th All India AIFACS Award All India Exhibition of Art Award by IAFA Amritsar, in the 63rd All India AIFACS Award, in all India Exhibition of Himachal State Museum in Shimla, in the Annual Exhibition Award, Punjab LKA Chandigarh in 1993,in the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademy & AIFACS Award and in the 4th Northern Region Camlin Art Exhibition Award (Professional Category, Mixed Media). He has also participated in many international and regional exhibitions in India. His personal collections are the bellow: Lalit Kala Akademy, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi Untitled 33, HP State Deptt. of Art, Culture & Languages, Shimla. (H.P) Mother & Daughters, Himachal State Museum. Shimla- DrawingSerenity. He has a wide job experience and currently is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Applied Art and Animation under Lovely Faculty of Business and Applied Arts.

URBANSCAPE Acrylic on canvas 60x60cm - 2014

LITSA MARANDI Litsa Marandi was born in Athens in 1966 and graduated in 1990 at the University of Athens, in Mathematics. During the period 19951996 she participated as Secretary to the Organizing Committee of 4 conferences, held by the Panhellenic Historical and Philosophical Society at Zappeion and at National Technical University, Athens. Her first presence at a group exhibition was in AthensArt International Arts Festival 2010 in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Technopolisâ&#x20AC;? of Athens. She lives and works at the City Planning Office of Ag. Paraskevi/Athens.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Photo 30x40cm - 2011

BARBARA MARCUCCI Barbara Marcucci was born in Milan, Italy on 6.6.1976. She attended Arts State Institute ‘O.Licini’ and she is a graphic designer and scene painter. She exhibited in Spain and Italy her painting and photographic works. She lives and works in Ascona Italy. I experienced the art in life, in my every single day. My grandfather, a sculptor, always said: Love the art … of Life. I can say I do not see major studies. Simple diploma as a graphic designer and a simple certificate scenic artist of the theatre. I love the colours. I like to paint a simple day in its simple wonder and my little star loves the colours of the great day that unites us.

SHADOWS Digital photo 35x45 - 2010

EFI MARKOU Efi Markou is born in Fier of Albania on the 26th of February 1985. She spend her childhood in a small village until the age of 12. In 1997 the family moved in Athens where she joined school immediately. Later on she studied Hotel Management in a private school in Athens. Currently she lives in Corfu and works in a hotel located in the south part of the island . Her relationship with Art is a relationship of Love that accompanies every single day of her Life.

KERKINI LAKE Photo 30x40cm

ANTONIA MANTZOUKA Antonia Mantzouka was born in 1985 in Athens. Between 2003 and 2008 she studied at the Polytechnical School of Fine Arts (ASFA) of Athens having as her professors the famous artists Mr. John Valavanidis, Mr. Michalis Manousakis, Mr. Panos Charalambous and Mrs. Daphne Angelides. At 2008 she graduated with honors, having already two specializations: in painting and mosaic. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad with the Groups of “UNESCO” and of “Athens Fine Arts Festival” winning awards and prizes for her artistic creations. Her first solo exhibition was held in September 2008 - during the European Geoparks Conference - at the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest in Sigri, which is a European and Global Geopark. From September 2009 to 2010 she had her postgraduate studies specializing in "Artistic Creation, Editing and Research" at the University of Barcelona with a scholarship from the Foundation Maria Kassimatis. At the same period she got another specialization at “Art therapy” and in “Special Education”. Since 2010 along with her exhibitions she works at the Greek Ministry of Education in special schools and she, also, creates illustrations for children's publications.

ON THE ROAD OF REVOLUTION Oil on canvas 30x45cm - 2013

DAN MC CORMACK Dan McCormack studied Photography from 1962 - 1967 at the Institute of Design in Chicago and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1967 to 1970. I began photographing the nude with Wendy, my wife, while in graduate school. Then for over forty years I explored various techniques and processes while photographing the nude as a central theme. In 1976, I joined the Board of Directors of the Catskill Center for Photography and served as Vice President of the Board for ten years. One of my responsibilities was the installation of every show during those formative years. I have taught photography at Purdue University, Pratt Institute, SUNY New Paltz, Bard College, Ramapo College and Mercy College before I came to Marist College twenty years ago. I currently head the photography program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1998 I began to work with pinhole photography. I use an oatmeal box pinhole camera to make 8x10 inch B&W negatives. With its extreme wide angle and distortion, the camera gives me results that are constantly a surprise. These newest photographs of mine are a hybrid of Photography and Digital Printmaking. From January to February 2010 I had a solo show at the Photography Center of the Capitol District in Troy, NY. I showed over fifty images from ten diverse series made from 1990 to 2010. And in May 2013 I have a solo show, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nude at Homeâ&#x20AC;?, twenty-six images made from 2003 to 2012.

ALLISON FAY Pinhole camera Digital pigment print 40x50 cm

ANTONIETTA MONTEMURRO Antonietta Montemurro was born at Anzi-Potenza (Italy) on March 29, 1954. She is a creative, self-taught artist, a poet and she is interested in interior design. After a long time of silence she started doing arts again. In 2008 she published a poetry collection and she won the first prize in National Awards “Calicanthus” and the only one prize for Basilicata Region in National Award “Histonium”. She mainly expresses through oil and mixed media on large canvas and exposed her art-works in solo and collective exhibitions. She lives and works in Potenza-Italy. Mine is a trip through the force of creation before elements take a definite form. It’s a search of the line separating what’s known from what’s unknown, through a steady tension towards balance and harmony. The invisible thread, separating the inside from the outside, breaks. Trying to understand the unintelligible we discover to be thrills in the heart of chaos.

LOVE DANCE Pencil Drawing 30x40cm - 2010

MANOUSOS NANAKIS Manousos Nanakis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1969. He has a secondary education degree. He is a student in Photography and Architecture and he is also studying Drawing and Painting. He has published two poetic collections: “Voiceless entreaty” (2000) and “Biography in seven acts” (2005). He graduated from the non commincion officers academy in Greece (1985). He lives and works in Athens.

TOGETHER Digital photo 30x40 cm - 2012

JOAS SEBASTIAN NEBE Joas Sebastian Nebe was born in Hamburg, and he lives now in Berlin. He holds degrees in psychology and literature and he is a self-taught artist. The different shades he conjures up haven’t gone unnoticed in the art world, and seem to be on the rise. His paintings, touching on the topic of ritual sacrifice, are part of the Joop van den Ende Collection in Hamburg and “Philosophical Cartoons” is part of the Collection of DIAF (Deutsches Institut für Animations film). He participated in important exhibitions including Intrude Art and Life at the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai in 2008, where Santiago Capriccio, a short epilogue to the Philosophical Cartoon cycle, playing upon the “4th Dimension” Video, was chosen to be one, out of 100 non-Chinese artists, displayed on public video screens in Shanghai. In the same year, the film was shown at the Edinburgh Art Festival. In 2011 “Climate Change Cartoons” has been shown at the exhibition “Letters from the Sky” which accompanied the Durban UN conference on Climate Change 2011 in South Africa. In 2012 Nebe´s “Encyclopedic Cartoons” will be presented on 7th Berlin Biennale.


BRANISLAVA NIKOLIC - BRANSHA Branislava Nikolic - Bransha was born in Vienna, Austria, on October 28, 1981 and grew up in Serbia. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. After working in galleries and giving lectures, she decided to open up to new cultures and challenges by moving to Turkey, Italy and finally back to Vienna where she presently studies Art Therapy and Romance Languages. Her artworks are characterized by her unique painting style and convey a high plasticity, which nonetheless does not inhibit the real expressions of warm colours and emotions. She exposed her artworks in 40 exhibitions around the world in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and USA. She was awarded with the “Ribbon Award’’ in Chezh Republic in 2007. Her works can be found in numerous private collections, as well as public places, such as Contemporary Art Museum in Romania, Old Townhall in Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna. I paint and create pictures from pure love as an expression of the positive flow of ideas reflected in life as in my art

LISBOA Photo 2012

OMADA 7 Omada 7 is an artistic union and has been performing as a theatrical group since 2003.The members of Omada 7 (Group of 7) are Vicky Mastrogianni, Giorgos Zafiriou, Marta Binikos and Giorgos Kalogeropoulos. As a name Omada 7, refers to the number of mortal sins, which have been the theme of the first show presented in 2003 at the Experimental Stage of the Greek National Theatre. During the years, Omada 7 has been expanded as a team with the participation of more actors, theatrologists, visual artists, photographers and musicians that perform and cooperate in many ways. In a permanent researching process that aims to combine modern and postmodern theatrical methods by highlighting the inherent cultural diversities, Omada 7 is experimenting in finding new forms of expression through the use and sometimes overthrow methods and techniques. The function of the text within performances is a subject that she investigates as a part of dialogue with contemporary dramaturgy, particularly at the level of the search of what may “be” a text representation and how this composition can be used as an answer in the constant need of the public to hear and see a “true” story. Omada 7 finds important to express themselves towards contemporary Greek reality and interaction with Greek theater. Omada 7 has the strong belief that something new and exciting will be born in the times we live in, and not only in the theater, hoping to be part of it. Omada 7 has been presented till now several performances such as: Do not kill the Angels, Plastic People, Time machine Cavafis, Operation ‘09, From the beginning..., Waiting, Bordel, The Seagull, With the train...of my mind, Yapi, A very nice place, Within the walls.


ANNA PATROU Anna Patrou is born in Athens in 1966. She studied painting at the National School of Fine Arts in Athens from 1986 to 1992 with professors Panagiotis Tetsis and Chronis Botsoglou. Additionally Anna studied Fresco and Byzantine icons painting with professor Kostas Xinopoulos. Since 2002 Anna lives and works in Holland. During the time Anna has attended many group exhibitions such as: Exhibition students of Fine arts in Crete, Exhibition Athens University of Fine arts Graduates in the National Gallery of Athens, Landscapes in the Opus 39 Gallery in Cyprus, Trees Stadhuis Gemeente in Gorinchem in Holland, AAF Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, Summer exhibition in Holland, Kunstroute Woudrichem in Holland. Anna has also created Solo exhibitions such as: Greeks Byzantine Icons in Holland, Angels chemical Blond Art Gallery and Matzoumatzou in the Art and Design of Amsterdam, "Believe it or not in’’ the Gallery Gorinchem in Holland, Anna Patrou Paintings in the Folklore Museum of the Nikolaos Dimitriou Foundation of Samos in Greece.

DUCKS ON ICE Oil on multiplex 10x15cm 2014

ANDREAS SITORENGO Andreas Sitorengo was born on 1972 in Sienna, Italy. He studied painting, engraving and sculpture at the workshops of D. Mitaras, T. Patraskides, and G. Lappas, respectively, at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts. Also, during 1998-1999 he won a scholarship from the Lillian Voudouris Foundation through which he attended classes on cinematography and video art at D. Kozaris’ class, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bergamo (Italy). On 1995 he attended, on a scholarship, a four-month course at the Winchester School of Fine Arts. In 2003 he completed his two-year post-graduate studies on digital forms of art. He participated at the 3rd Festival for Human Rights, organized by the NGO “Open Horizons” entitled “wo-man” at the Cheap-Art Gallery and at a six-artists residence in Istanbul. He also participated with his video titled “dry soul”, in a joint exhibition named “Fourth Dimension” in Ag. Paraskevi/Athens and in a Boston conference, at the “Art Interactive Gallery, 130 Bishop Allen drive, Cambridge”. In 2005 he participated at the Fourth Festival of Experimental Cinematographic Video and New Media “Strange Monitor” at the Thessalonica Cinematography Museum. He organized and participated in the show and workshop “den milao ellinika/non parlo italiano” in Lecce, Italy and in “rebirth” a group show of seven artists with their respective interactive works, in the old planetarium of the Evgenides foundation. “Scan Istanbul”, international workshop and show with Greek and Turkish artists in Istanbul. He participated at the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th International Festival Medi@terra, as well at the New European Artists’ Biennale in Sarajevo (2001) and in Athens (2003). He also participated at the International Triennale of Echigo-Tsumari Short Video Festival in Japan.


OLEG TARASSOV NICKOLAEVICH Oleg Tarasov Nikolaevich is born on the 6th of January 1967 in Kamensk-Shakhty (the region of Rostov). He graduated from faculty art and technical graphics Kuban State  University in 1994. Oleg is a member of the Artists Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists in painting. He participated in many exhibitions such as: Center of the Union of Artists of Russia, the South Russian Venue, Business Model, World collection, the All-Russia Exhibition Center, Celeste Prize in 2009-2010, Art Moment in 2010, Contemporary Art Russia in 2009, Russia is our common home in 2010, X-International Biennials engravings in Aqua Therme. He has applied as a candidate in the Pedagogical Sciences of the Pedagogical Institute of the Southern Federal University. His works are currently available in Russia and in the near future will be available abroad as well.

LIPOV PEREKAT Oil on canvas

JOHANNIS TSOUMAS Johannis Tsoumas was born in Piraeus and has conducted a wide range of studies both in the field of Fine Arts and the History of Art and Design (HND (Design Ceramics) Harrow College of Higher Education, BA (Hons) Fine Arts / 3D Design, Middlesex University, London / Master of Arts in the History of Design, Middlesex University, London / Ph.D in Art History, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki). His painting work has been distinguished mainly because of its originality, not only in terms of thematology, but also in style. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in many art centers and art galleries in Greece and Great Britain. Many of his works now belong to private and public art collections around the world. He works both as a freelance artist and as an academic, teaching Art History and Decorative Arts (Hellenic Open University), and artistic disciplines (T.E.I. of Athens, Department of Interior Architecture, Decoration and Design). He is the author of two important books on the History of Art and Design.

LA FOULE Mixed technique on canvas 25x35cm - 2013

DEV UDAIYAN Dev Udaiyan. My art is figurative, conceptual and abstract – i.e. it is Fabtual and I am an exponent of Fabtualism. My main role is a facilitator between the philosophical works of Deleuze and Guattari, semiotic theory, the bridge between syllogistic logic and symbolic logic and modality as per the self defined axioms of my own artistic confines. So in other words I am a bridge, ‘a neutral’ between syllogisms and symbolisms, between vernacular art and conceptual art (as practised by Sol de Witt, On Kawara and Joseph Kosuth in the late 60-70s). I am currently extending this bridge to capture the theorems outlined by Edgeworth Johnstone’s and Charles Thomson’s figurative paintings. So in other words, you can refer to me as 'The Neutralist' or my art as Neutralic in nature. Coupled with these various dyadic or binary relations, the media I use also has a dualistic/multiplistic nature. I used to be a pure oil painter but I am shifting my technique and consciousness in parallel with the theorems that I am engaging in on a daily basis. I am mixing digital art, traditional art, oil/acrylic/pigment painting and modern curatorial and archival practise to disseminate a series of dualisms or neutral standpoints that I am attempting to question. So Neutralic Tradigitalism could be a word you'll be hearing in the near future.

THE HAYMAKERS Pigment ink acrylic and oil on canvas 40x50 cm - 2014

VICTOR VALQUI VIDAL Víctor Valqui Vidal is a Mathematician, Engineer, Sociologist, Poet and Visual Artist.For him Art is a way to express his ideas, reflections, socio-political concerns and visions about a better World. He names it ‘’ storytelling’’ when he uses different kind of materials, techniques, images, symbols and mixed media. He do not seek a specific style, but combine in creative ways different symbols, styles, schools and techniques to tell his story. For Victor the creative aspect in Art is more essential than aesthetics. In his creative work he seek to break boundaries and constraints due to material, traditions or routines. He usually seek in his work ambiguity, humour, criticism, playfulness and weirdness. He makes Art for the brain not for the eyes. Victor pieces of art usually demand participation and involvement of the viewer, they are though provoking.

POEMA ARBOL Visual poems 20x29cm - 2007

BERNARDINO VENANZI Bernardino Venanzi was born in Rome where he lives. He had his photographic education in New York and travelling and working in Africa. He spent summer of 2011 in Shama – Ghana working at the photo studio of Philip Kwame Apagya. His main interest is the portraiture. He showed his work in solo and collective exhibitions from whom : Scatta il riscatto (2008), Roma is white no longer and it will never be white again (2009), Libera-Azione (2010) focused on migrant communities of Rome. He showed “Boda Boda” “Sguardi Incrociati”, and “Nyanya Ya Kiafrica”, series of African portraits, in several intercultural meetings in Italy, in London, In Wien.. Some of his photos received an Honourable Mention at IPA – International Photographic Award , Celeste Prize International and Photographer’s Forum Magazine, International Loupe Awards. The series A lake carries you into recesses of feeling. I took the pictures of the series cause I was attracted by the immobility and the fixity, at least illusory, of the water of the lake. I was also seduced by the levity of the silent presences that slide on the water.


GEERT WEGGEN Geert Weggen is born in Assen a Dutch town. He is a man who lives with and in magic. Creation and to create is his life. Living in love and light are his goals and his living. He trained in cultural work especially in creative and spiritual fields. He educated in photography, music, masonry, wood art and other creative areas. He gave workshops in creativity, spirituality and performed concerts in different countries: Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. During his life he had many different jobs: healer, shaman, artist, builder, social worker, actor, photographer, masonry, carpenter, garden designer etc. After having traveled extensively and has lived in Srilanka, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, he reached Bispgården a little village in Jämtland. Here in Sweden he has his workshop, gallery, company and his education school. He exhibited in Holland, Sweden and in Italy. He has a permanent exhibition room at his home. He won different prices in photography: National Geographic, newspaper Vlt and in other places. Different photos are published.  His company is focused on photography, digital art, carpentry and masonry. Beside this his company; Hardeko, is busy with natural architecture, nature and spirituality. The last 10 years he has been living and working in Sweden and he uses the name Hardeko to his company. He evolves continuously in new technologies and new ideas.

RELAX Photo 30x40cm - 2014

SHANGLIE ZHOU Shanglie Zhou (BE) is Born in Shanghai of China in 1958. She lives in Belgium and is a contemporary conceptual multimedia visual artist. Shanglie studied art and design at Shanghai Light Industry University and did advanced studies of multimedia-computer art. During the 80s, she did various in-situ researches on ancient Asian cultures as well as anthropological research. Her paintings and mural paintings were engaged in Chinese avant-gard movements and have been exhibited at the Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Denmark and in major cities in Japan. She received national art awards from the China Fine Arts Museum in Beijing and the Shanghai Fine Arts Museum. In 1991, she moved to Belgium and studied at The National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp and was a Researcher in Ghent University. Since then, her drawings, paintings and multimedia works have won prizes internationally. She is best known for her 1997 art event in a Delhaize supermarket in Antwerp. In 1998, she realized the art project â&#x20AC;&#x153;Turbulence, a water projectâ&#x20AC;? in the City Swimming-pool Wezenberg in Antwerp. In 2003 and 2004 she staged a performance theatre piece with underaged refugees from refugee-camps in Belgium. She gives philosophical lectures at the FVG in Belgium and multidisciplinary workshops in Europe. She is doing researches on the interrelationship between art and philosophy in cultures; the interrelationship between art and public spaces, art and science. In recent years, she has been working for IYMF European art projects in Belgium, France, Scotland, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Finland etc.

COSMIC MOTIONS (part ten) Full HD video, black & white silent, 6 min 30 sec - 2013-2014

AthensArt Bispgården/Sweden 2014  
AthensArt Bispgården/Sweden 2014  

AthensArt International Arts Festival Bispgården/Sweden 2014 2/5 - 11/5/2014