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ODYSSEIA Mixed media on canvas 50x70 cm, 2012

Raiber González Hechavarría Raiber González Hechavarría was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1981.Inspired by the letters began philosophy studies at Havana University and later at “San Alejandro” art academy, where he ends his studies in 2005. That year he developed a community (art-therapy) project of exchanging with schizophrenic patients. In July of 2005 he received the prize on the XX edition of “Havana” Art Salon, which supports his membership in the National Arts Council of Cuba and later in the “X Havana Bienal”. “Raiber´s expression is supported by an existentialist approach to creative process; distant from archetypes derived from structural criticism he rediscovers the time, the sensorial experiences, the routine, the memory, and the fake. His essay work supports his analytical position about mechanisms and processes of signal languages transmission. His first stay in Europe, led him to Amsterdam, where he established the platform of artists creation “TARA projects”. In February 2011, in Spain, creates “Funda Mental” project, a documentary records about language systems studies, emphasizing in communicative noises, distortion and transmission processes in general. Funda Mental diffuses these records and try to build a window into the collective work and avoid the obstacle that institutional promotion usually assumes against the young creators’ methods. In the search for these spaces he found another social networks to share his work. Currently also works on documentation and diffusion of community projects in Havana (Cuba)”. (Guacimara Rivero Pérez, sociologist) Some of his recent solo and collective exhibitions are: “Recursos humanos” Hexaedro Rosa Gallery, Havana, Cuba, Sept. 2009, “Background” OT 301, Amsterdam, The Nederland’s, Sept. 2010, Hipercolectiva, “Aperitivos visuales”, Tenerife, Spain, DEC. 2010, Concurso Nacional de videoarte Click&rec PHE10, Spain, July 2010, Funda Mental Opening, “Aperitivos Visuales” Tenerife, Spain, Jan. 2011, Funda Mental public intervention, Havana Book fair, Cuba, Feb. 2011, “Caravan” festival 2011, Tenerife, Spain, July 2011.



Khairy Hirzalla Khairy Hirzalla was born in the West Bank (Jordan) on December 26, 1952. He lives and works in Amman. He attended the Fine Art Institute Jordan-Amman and the Fine Art course at the University of Jordan-Amman . He is Member of Jordan Plastic Art Association, of Alrasafa Culture Institute, of Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, and of the Jordanian Association of Environment. He exposed his works in several solo and group exhibitions in Amman, Beijing Biennale, Dubai, Qatar, Los Angeles, Tehran (Iran), Morocco, Beirut, Hanover (Germany), Al- Shareqa (UAE), Baghdad (Iraq). His sculptures can be found in the Spanish Culture Center– Amman (Cervantes), in King Hussein Gardens Amman, in Hanover Expo (Germany). He realized Great Arab Revolution monumental Al Tafila, Farwa Juthami Martyr Monumental Ein Afra, the Memorial and Monumental Muta, Muta University Gate and Al Hussein sport city Jordan memorial. He got the Second prize in Amman municipality fine arts competition (2005); Second prize in Mamdooh Bsharat Fine Arts Competition Amman treasures (2005); he was the First winner Poster Competition Jordanian Palestinian cultural days (1990) and in al sha’b Newspaper logo competition (1988).


Sacha janzee Sacha Janzee was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, in 1965. She took a BA in art and design at Windesheim, Zwolle. She exposed her artworks in solo and group exhibitions in Renesse, Steenwijk, Almere, Lelystad, Baarn, Dronten, Nagele, Barchem, Amersfoort, Emmeloord, Vienna and Athens. She lives and works in Marknesse, The Nederlands. With color, space and personal symbolism I search for a certain feeling, deeply rooted emotions, not bounded to culture, religion or race, but universal and recognizable for every human being. I hope the spectator finds something of himself in my work. My search is not spectacular or shocking, I am searching in the world of silence. Paintings and objects showing large color fields, with small figurative elements in it, like a leaf, a jacket, or a child. Approximate formed squares and circles are connected with thin lines to each other or to the space outside the painting or object. Glass is a material that gives me the opportunity to enter light literally into the work. Paper looks vulnerable and transient. These materials are becoming more and more important in my work.

Just a thought acryllic on canvas 20 x 20 cm 2006

JASPALS Jaspals was born in India in 1958. He lives and works at Hoshiarpur, India. He has had earned an M.A. in Fine Art and an M.A. in Art History at Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is now doing Research on “Kushana Art of Sanghol� (A Buddhist Art Center of Second and Third Century A.D. in Punjab). His interests are photography, archaeology, heritage and astrophysics. He has participated in National Exhibition, New Delhi, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Drawing Biennale, Solid, Chandigarh, World Punjabi Conference, Art Fest, Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab), 2004, World Punjabi Conference, Art Fest, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, 2000, Young artists Art Festival Reggio Emilia, Italy. He has been represented in various all India level Art Exhibitions & State level Art Exhibitions throughout India since 1979. He has exhibited his work in solo shows (Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, 2001, Kala Gram, North Zone Culture Centre, Chandigarh, 2002, Indusind Bank Art Gallery, Chandigarh, 2003) and group shows (TAC Art Gallery, Ludhiana (Punjab), 2003, Young Artist Art Fest Reggio Emilia, Italy, PANJ-AAB: at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Sept. 2004, Colours of India, Common Art Gallery, Windsor, Canada, 2009, Brijindra College, Faridkot, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011). He has received many awards (Punjab Art Heritage Award, Jalandhar (Punjab), 1997 and 1998/Merit Award, Indian Society of Oriental Arts, Calcutta (West Bengal), Honourable Mention in U.S.A. Millennium Hall of Fame, 20th Century Achievement Award and Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to Contemporary Art, North Carolina, USA., 1998, Best Exhibit Award, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, 2009).

Girl with icecream opaque watercolor 13 x 17,5 cm 2010

Maria Karayianni Maria Karayianni was born in Athens in 1965.She studied journalism and worked for many years in mass media. In 2000 begins her artistic research. She followed advanced courses in painting, photography and sculpture. She works mix media technical on her paintings, with oil and acrylic on canvas. She exposed her works in many collective exhibitions in Athens. She lives and works with her family in Athens.

The Trip acrylic and oil on canvas 2008

Mike Katinas Mike Katinas was born in 1966 at Athens, Greece. He is living in Apeiranthos, Naxos since 1995. His interests are photography, music, cinema and sculpture.

FAMILY Bw Film 30 x 40 cm 2002

MARIA KAVVOU VLATAKI Maria Kavvou-Vlataki brings to life a love affair with paint as she abandons herself to the sensuous and sensual nature of her medium. Nude figures bathed in mood and mystery, flowers brilliantly exploding into bloom and glowing visions of natural beauty emerge in these wondrous creations. In a style of both abstract and expressionist realism, Kavvou-Vlataki finds freedom in paint, fearlessly exploring new textures, methods and subjects in watercolors on paper, or acrylic on canvas, with occasional strategic touches of charcoal and mixed media. “My goal is to follow the painting where it leads me!� she exclaims. Maria Kavvou-Vlataki recently renewed her career in painting with a triumphant return after an extended absence spent focusing on family and her work as a guide at various historical archeological sites and museums. Born in Greece on the island of Crete, the artist studied at the Privet Fine Arts School in Crete and Paros islands and now divides her time between studios on the islands of Crete and Paros

Abstract Earth acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2008

Masha Knyazeva Masha Knyazeva was born in Moscow. She is a graphic designer, artist and photographer. She is a member of the Russian Union of Photographers and the Designers Union of Moscow. She is also the Winner of National Award “Best Photographer of Russia-2010”. She has exhibited at Florence Design Week, Lungarno Acciaiuoli, Italy, May 2012, at Central House of Artists, Moscow, April 2012, at “DesignBoom” Gallery, Moscow, March 2012, at “La Pilola» Gallery, Bologna, Italy, December 2011, at “Naberegnaya Tower” Gallery, Moscow-City, Russia, July 2011

Kremlin Digital photo 35 x 24 cm

Eleni Katsoula Koronaeou Eleni Katsoula Koronaeou was born in Athens, Greece, on January 27, 1950. She studied design, painting and batik. She draws her inspiration from a great variety of sources, either mythology or everyday life. Many of her works bear a naturalistic character. She generally uses expressionistic colours; some of her creations have naïve elements and rarely surrealistic ones. She is member of ETEE – Chambers of Fine Arts of Greece, of UNESCO and of DEEL – International society of Greek Writers. She exposed her works in eleven solo exhibition and in more than a hundred collective ones. She has received several commendations and critiques some of which have been published in daily and weekly Press. Her works can be found in museums, institutions, galleries, embassies, philanthropic institutions and in collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens.

Evening comes mixed media batik on silk 11 x 7,5 cm 2005

Sunset in ancient mixed media batik on silk 11 x 7,5 cm 2005

Lihting Li Kostrzewa Lihting Li Kostrzewa has got MFA from Central Michigan University and BFA from National Taiwan Normal University. She has held fifteen solos and participated in many group exhibitions in U.S.A. and around the world. She is an Art Professor in Marywood University, Pennsylvania, USA. Artist Residency as Chinese painting Instructor, Lake Forest College, Illinois, USA. Selected Publication: Open Studio Magazine, Open Studio Press, Boston, Worlds of Art Magazine, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, Important World Artists, Santa Barbara, California, The Art in America Annual Guide, New Art Center, New York, International Dictionary of Artists , Santa Barbara, California, Chicago Art Magazine, International Contemporary Artist, New York. She has created paintings and design for private and public settings for many individuals, businesses and organizations, including the Pier 1 Imports headquarters, Dallas, Spectrum Juvenile Incorporation, Chicago and Hwalien Harbor State Park, Taiwan.

The unbearable lightness of life acrylic on canvas 46 x 36 cm

Pol Koukourakis Pol Koukourakis is an architect. Some of his artworks are: 1) Μetal creations based on verses of nobelist poet Odysseas Elytis (Axion Esti) - Metalification of poetry. 2) Metal compositions based on the principal of Euclidean geometry “π”. 3) Metal creations composed from the remainder material from the construction of Calatrava’s Bridge in Athens, when Pol Koukourakis was the supervisor architect during the construction of the bridge in 2004.

Geometry metal composition

Magdalena Kourkoulos Magdalena Kourkoulos was born in Germany in 1951. When she was 18, after finishing high school, she moved to Colonia, where she studied and get married. She has two children. She has traveled a lot with her husband, George Kourkoulos, at the Greek historic places and the Greek islands. She is learning Greek and the last 8 years she is visiting every summer Corfu. She and her husband had the idea of twinning the Municipality of Corfu with the Municipality of Troinstorf, near Bonne, where they live in winter. She has worked in education for 34 years in Bonne. The last 25 years she is dealing with naïve painting, she is taking photos of Corfu and Greece and often collects her thoughts in poetic form. Since 2004 she suddenly changed her style and painted “furiously” her first abstracted work just with her hands. In her work Magdalena tries to feel the life again and expresses views of eternity, capturing the moment. She considers her work as a presentation of life itself. Life is an interaction field where people put their signs and leave their marks. She often uses findings from the beach, which underline her intention to create a representation, an image of the existence. After all, is there any better way to perform the meaning of human destiny than the sea? From 2008 she is a member of the Corfu Art Union.

Life is a sea acrylic on canvas 80 x 120 cm 2007

Odyssey acrylic on canvas

Astrid Krüger Astrid Krüger was born at Glückstadt (Germany) on May 21, 1966. She lives and works in Hamburg. She has been interested in art for a long time , but she turned to practice it when she saw an African stone sculpture exhibition. She immediately decided to learn sculpture from a local artist. For some years she concentrated in specializing in stone sculpturing. Afterwards she needed to change and to experiment with different materials and different approaches to art. Meanwhile she studied art at the Free Art School in Hamburg – held by former Beuys-Students. In result she became a painter with a great love for Asian wash painting. Nevertheless she mainly paints with oil colours. But I try to create a similar atmosphere of silence, emptiness and space for continuing the painting in mind.

passing Campari Part II oil and acrylic on canvas 100 x 50 2010

René Küng René Küng was born in 1934 in Allschwil near Basel (Switzerland). He lives and works in Schönenbuch near Basel (Switzerland) and in Le Beaucet (Provence, France). Since 1963 he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as commissioned works in Switzerland and abroad. He has a frequent participation at the Art Basel. From January until March 2002 and 2005 he participated in the 7th and 10th International Sculpture Symposium in Aswan, Egypt. From 2005 to 2010he has a regular working period on the Island of Naxos (Azalas, Moutsouna), Greece.

HOMMAGE TO APHRODITE Marmor 195 x 240 x 60 cm 2009

Agnese Kurzemniece Agnese Kurzemniece was born in Latvia, 1973. Printmaker, illustrator, graphic designer and painter, her art is mainly based on emotions and experience transformed in the line and surface saturation. She has got her Artist Degree and Bachelor Degree in the Department of Graphic Art of the Academy of Arts, Latvia. She has exhibited her work since 1990. Her works are found in private collections in Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand, Austria and United States.

We are one 2-color lithography 50 x 40 cm 2012

Beppe Labianca Beppe Labianca was born in San Ferdinando di Puglia, Bari, where he attended Art studies. He is part of the cultural-artistic scene with solo and group exhibitions. In the early seventies he became Professor in Humanities at the Art School of Painting. Since 1975 he directs the cultural center “new workshop,” which in those years became an important meeting place for artists and intellectuals, thanks to events of national and international importance. Meanwhile he traveled, staying for a long time in London. Many art critics have been interested in his work including: Vito Caiati, Marilena Di Tursi, Loredana Rea, Grace De Palma, Antonella Marino, Luigi Carluccio, Raffaele De Grada, Anna D’Elia, Victor Fiore, Peter Marino, Massimo Sgroi, Justine Coda, Roberta Fiorini, Kerstin Moller and many others. His last production was found in RaffaeleNigro, a fascinating and important mentor. Last major exhibition in which he participated was in Venice Biennale in 2011 with the work “Centaur struck by a star.” Some of his works are acquired in numerous public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Mare motus oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2010

Prabhinder Singh Lall Prabhinder Singh Lall was born in Ratainda, Distt. Nawanshahar, Punjab, India, on July 6, 1955. He has a Diploma in applied Art, from the Govt. college of Art, Chandigarh, 1979. He has worked at Alfred Allan Advertising, New Delhi as Graphic Artist (19811982), at Lintas India, New Delhi, as Graphic Artist (1982), at Marketing Mix Group India Limited, Chandigarh as Senior Visualizer (1982-1986), at Elevation Advertising Private Limited as Art Director (2000-2010). He is a painter, graphic designer, and draughtsman. His style is architectural inherited from his architect father. His perception of space is volumetric. Prabhinder Lall is an artist, whose immense interest in experimentation has enabled him to give a new dimension to his vision and modes of expression. The Chandigarh based artist started his career in art in the mid-seventies. He tried his hand at making Drawing collage, Printmaking, Painting and Photography. Lall’s works depict varying moods. His works are marked with brand of vast landscape scenes embedded with architectural arrangements. His works have been collected by many museums, art galleries and private collectors. He has got many awards (the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy Award, the 58th All India AIFACS Award, Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademy & AIFACS Award, 4th Northern Region Camlin Art Exhibition Award). He has participated in many international level exhibitions in museums and galleries in India and abroad.

Naturescape - Midnight Serenity acrylic on canvas 85 x 100 cm 2011

Amalia Lampri Amalia Lampri was born in Thessaloniki in 1952. She is an amateur photographer and for the last 3 years she has developed a great passion for image manipulation and digital creation using Photoshop. Her inspiration comes from life itself. A big part of her work combines elements from different pictures creating in that way a powerful combination. For the last 30 years Amalia has been living in Giannena but travelling around the world capturing every single moment.

Dahlias Image manipulation and digital creation 60 x 50 cm 2012

Bo Suk Lee Bo Suk Lee was born in South Korea. She is an artist of western style, an installation artist, and an exhibition/ performance planner as well as the president of 21C ICAA (International Creative Artists Association), which has over 300 members in 63 countries. She is also the Chairwoman of International Exchange Steering Committee of Korean Fine Arts Association, an Honorary Member of Group El-Kordy in Vienna Austria, an Adviser of NEWA in China and the Representative in South Korea of the AthensArt Odysseia in Greece. She graduated at the School of Fine Arts in Hongik University in Seoul, Korea; She also studied the western painting style under Professor Igor Razdorgin from I. Repin Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has been planning, holding, and participating in many internal and external events such as the International Interchange Exhibition, International Art Fair, International Biennale, International Art Symposium, and so forth. In addition, she has held 27 private exhibitions; many institutions and individuals in numerous countries including America, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, China, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, UAE and so forth, hold her work.

Human Computer 72.7 cm x 60.6 cm Mixed Media 2010

Jong Sook Lee Jong Sook Lee was born in South Korea. She is a member of 21C ICAA (21st Century International Creative Artists Association), Korean Fine Arts Association and Director of Internet of 21C ICAA in Korea. She has participated in many exhibitions, among them the International Exchange exhibition Korea-China, Gallery, Shanghai (China), the “Seoul Int. Art Festival/ Int. Art Forum-The Arts-Therapy, Museum of Chosunilbo, Seoul (SK), the “Korean-Mongalian Exchange Exhibition”, Ulanbator Nat. Museum Ulanbator, the “Quingdao Int. Art Festival/ Int. Seminar-Art Design”, Quingdao (Ch), the Invitation Exhibition of the Galerie bij de Boeken, Ulft (Nl), the Invitation Exhibition of the De Gruitpoort Galerie, Doetinchem (Nl), the Huntenkunst International Art Fair ‘07 Doetinchem (Nl), the Seoul Charity Art Show of 21C ICAA, Bon Gallery, Seoul(S-K).

RED ROOM oil on canvas 53 x 45,5 cm 2011

Christos Macheridis Christos Macheridis was born in Athens on October 25, 1957. He studied Drawing with Vrasidas Vlachopoulos and Sculpture and Plastic Arts at the laboratory of Athanasios Limneos. Some of his works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad: Austria, Germany, Italy, France and America. He was awarded with the 2nd Panhellenic Award for Greek Resistance Monument. Solo Exhibitions:1985 “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; 1989 “V. Milonoyanni” Gallery, Chania, Crete; “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; “Bouzianis” Gallery, Athens; 1992 “V. Milonoyanni” Gallery, Chania, Crete. Group Exhibitions: 1985 “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; 1986 Jewel Competition “Golden Form” 1986; FA CA D’ ORO. Greece; “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; 1990 “Dimito” Gallery, Rethimno, Crete; 1992 “Titanium” Gallery, Athens; “Epoches” Gallery, Kifisia, Athens; “Epipeda” Gallery, Athens; 1994 “Contemporary Chanian Artists Exhibition” ; 1995 “Exhibitions and Visual Events”, Chania Municipality; 1996 “V. Milonoyanni” Gallery, Chania Contemporary Chanian Artists Exhibition”; 2002 Chanian Artists Exhibition for the 750 years since Chania city’s reconstruction; 2004 “V. Milonoyannis” Gallery, Chania.

The two Friends bronze 25 x 18 x 12 cm

Thomas Maes Thomas Maes was born in Brasschaat, Belgium in 1983. He started to discover art in his young years drawing images, making small sculptures...He followed art school in Drawing near his home town. But his real passion for art woke up when he came to live in Greece 2005. He took private lessons in painting and sculpture from prof. Friksos Theodosakis. He is always studying and concentrating on his love for science, psychology, design, painting, drawing, technologies, sculptures... He uses his passion and knowledge for the subjects in all he creates. In 2007 he had his first solo show exhibition in Greece. Some of his previous exhibitions are: 2007 Expo gallery Antwerp (Belgium), Expo Kassos (Greece), 2008 Expo the Greek islands (kassos Greece), Drawings works for archaeology (Greece), 2009 Expo Antverpia Brasschaat (Belgium), Gallery Show Chania Crete (Greece), 2010 Expo Chania Crete (Greece) Under the patronage of the embassy and consul of Belgium at Tm Expo Chania), 2011 Expo Hotel Hermes, Expo paintings-sculptures-photograohy Olympic hotels, Rome/Italy Under the patronage of the embassy of Belgium and Counsellor Permanent Representation of Belgium to the Organisations of the United Nations at Gallery Tondinelli in Rome, Italy. In a world full of hi-tech, I try to give the hi-tech some more soul and natural beauty by designing and making them fit and in a more nature like environment.

A time to smile oil on canvas 90 x 70 cm 2009

Sue mac Dougall Sue Mac Dougall is an established Mixed Media Artist born in New Zealand. She has lived many years in Greece. She has attended Abstract Painting Classes at Howick Centre, Auckland by NZ artist Gae Webster (2008 – 2009), professional Expressive Painting course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London by UK/Polish artist Ewa Gargulinska (2010) and professional Creative Painting course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London by UK artist Ruth Eisenhart (2011). She has exhibited at the Original Art Show, Auckland (2007, 2008), at the Glenfield College Art Exhibition, Auckland (2008), at NZ Art Show, Wellington (2009), at Aegina, Greece, (painting 2009, show of vintage jewellery 2010), and at Jewellery Arm Adornments exhibition along with ‘Chimera’ exhibition, Satellite Gallery, Auckland, NZ (2011). She was a Committee member for AEA (Auckland East Arts) from 2005 to 2009 and a Committee member for Creative NZ Funding committee at Auckland City Council from 2007 to 2009. She is recognised for her bold use of colour, and experimentation of media. Sue uses these to create structure, depth, movement and texture. Light and colour are the two important elements to Sue’s work; she uses these to evoke an emotional response. Mixed media on canvas is her preference, this works well with her experimental and painterly style. Her main influences are the ‘Blue Rider Group’ in particular Wassily Kandinsky and Gabielle Munter. Many of her works are in private collections in New Zealand and overseas. “Art has no ideologies. It reveals without restrictions the beauty of life” Prof. Theodorakapoulos

VOUNO 50 x 20 cm mixed media on canvas 2012

Barbara Marcucci Barbara Marcucci was born in Milan, Italy on 6.6.1976. She attended Arts State Institute ‘O.Licini’ and she is a graphic designer and scene painter. She exhibited in Spain and Italy her painting and photographic works. She lives and works in Ascona Italy. I experienced the art in life, in my every single day. My grandfather, a sculptor, always said: Love the art … of Life. I can say I do not see major studies. Simple diploma as a graphic designer and a simple certificate scenic artist of the theatre. I love the colours. I like to paint a simple day in its simple wonder and my little star loves the colours of the great day that unites us.

One 70 x 100 cm mixed media

John Margaritis John Margaritis was born in Athens on February 17, 1960. He has done law studies and he works as an employee in a private company at Patras. His relationship with photography started back at 1986. He has taken photography lessons for two years in Patras. He really likes landscape photography. He also likes to take pictures of people and nature during excursions and travelling abroad, using an anagogic camera PENTAX SPOTMATIC F and a digital camera NIKON D80. He has taken part in several photo contests and his photos have been awarded in contests in Patras in 1990. Some photos have been published in the magazines “Photography” and “Photographer” and also in 2008 in the book “PATRAS, a city in the literature” written by Kostas Logaras. He and some friends, who share the same passion, have organized the photography club, which is called “IDIFOS” since 2009. Every week they have presentations, they give free photography lessons and they organize two times a year exhibitions for the public at Patras and sometimes at nearby cities.

After the rain digital photo 40 x 60 cm, 2009

Costas Mathioulakis Costas Mathioulakis was born in Athens on May 22, 1979. He came to Naxos at the age of 5. Since he was 18 he is working at the tourist businesses on the island. He started dealing with photography 3 years ago. He had a personal exhibition and he has taken part in various cultural festivals and photo exhibitions on the island.

Naxos 48 x 70 cm Landscape photography 2012

Andrey Mikhaylov Andrey Mikhaylov is a Russian artist, born on December 15, 1988. He studied at the Southern Federal University, Faculty of Visual Arts. Since 2011 he is working as an art teacher to the Children Art School n.a. N. Dobovskoy, Novocherkassk (Russia). He is a member of the All-Russia creative public organization “The Union of Artists of Russia” (junior section) and of the Creative organization of Russia and Belorussia “Our Motherland: Russia-Belorussia”.

Triptych 70 x 70 x 70 cm oil on canvas , 2010

Tatyana Mitaki Tatyana Mitaki was born in Izmail,/Odesa region, Ukraine on 1960. In 1977 she graduated from Art School, Izmail, and in 1992 from the Moscow People’s University. Since 2008 she is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and since 1995 a member of city, regional, national and international art exhibitions. Personal art exhibitions: Art Gallery of Izmail, Izmail, Ukraine (1996), Autohaus Wossidlo, Berlin, Germany (1999), “Millennium”, Berlin, Germany (1999, 2000), “Russian House of Science and Culture”, Berlin, Germany (2000), GFK (Hellenic Foundation for Culture), Odessa. Ukraine (2001), House Council Sharloteburg. G. Berlin, Germany (2005), “Labyrinths of the soul”, the Odessa Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine (2008), Marshall Center. A.Kuindzhi, Mariupol, Ukraine (2010), “Space and Time.” Donetsk Regional Museum of Art. Donetsk, Ukraine (2011). She has also participated in group exhibitions: For the 50th World War II, Izmail Art Gallery, Izmail, in the 4th International Art auction, Berlin (1995), and many other exhibitions in Berlin (1999-2002). She has also participated in exhibitions in Kiev (2003, 2011), Odessa (2004), Berlin (2005), Starobeshevo (2009), Mariupol (2010), Izmail (2010, 2011, 2012). Her works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Romania, Austria, Germany, Greece and Sweden.

THE WAVES AND THE BREEZE oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm 2006

Manousos Nanakis Manousos Nanakis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1969. He has a secondary education degree. He is a student in Photography and Architecture and he is also studying Drawing and Painting. He has published two poetic collections: “Voiceless entreaty” (2000) and “Biography in seven acts” (2005). He graduated from the non commincion officers academy in Greece (1985). He lives and works in Athens.

Puzzle of Colors digital photo 35 x 50 cm 2011

Joas Sebastian Nebe Joas Sebastian Nebe was born in Hamburg, and he lives now in Berlin. He holds degrees in psychology and literature and he is a self-taught artist. The different shades he conjures up haven’t gone unnoticed in the art world, and seem to be on the rise. His paintings, touching on the topic of ritual sacrifice, are part of the Joop van den Ende Collection in Hamburg and “Philosophical Cartoons” is part of the Collection of DIAF (Deutsches Institut für Animations film). He participated in important exhibitions including Intrude Art and Life at the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai in 2008, where Santiago Capriccio, a short epilogue to the Philosophical Cartoon cycle, playing upon the “4th Dimension” Video, was chosen to be one, out of 100 non-Chinese artists, displayed on public video screens in Shanghai. In the same year, the film was shown at the Edinburgh Art Festival. In 2011 “Climate Change Cartoons” has been shown at the exhibition “Letters from the Sky” which accompanied the Durban UN conference on Climate Change 2011 in South Africa. In 2012 Nebe´s “Encyclopedic Cartoons” will be presented on 7th Berlin Biennale.

PepTalk Picture 2m15s Proverb pictures HDV color 2012

Bassey Effiong Ndon Bassey Effiong Ndon was born at Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria on November 6, 1974. Painter, digital artist, experimentalist and motivational speaker, he is currently an art lecturer of fine arts, Painting and Drawing at the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts, at the Faculty of Environmental Studies – University of Uyo, Nigeria. He got a MFA and a BA in Painting at Uyo University. He exposed his works in various group exhibitions at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria among which ‘’Productivity’’ Society of Nigerian Arts (SNA) Exhibition in conjunction with Ministry of Science and Technology, Office of the Executive Governor in 2009. He was awarded with the First Prize in the NFC/Mobil Art Competition of Schools and Colleges in 1992. He is member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), of the Inspirational Association of Nigeria (ISAN) and of the African Missionary Network.

Drummers Acrylic on straw board 61 x 61 cm 2011

Papa Michalis Oikonomou Papa Michalis Oikonomou is a priest in the village Apiranthos of Naxos, where he was born. In his spare time he makes wood artifacts and his love for nature led him to photography.

UNTITLED digital photo 30 x 40 cm 2011

EVGENIYA ONOSOVA Evgeniya Onosova was born at Izmail, Ukraine, in March 1986. She studied at Izmail Art School (1996-2000), Izmail State Humanitarian University, Economy (2003-2007), Izmail State Humanitarian University, Fine Art and Design (2005-2010). She is working as a teacher of Fine Arts at Izmail Art School. She earned honors and awards in several competitions: The international competition “Bulgaria in my dreams”, Incentive award, Bulgaria (2003), The winner of V competition “The convention U.N. of eyes of the child” genre the poster, Izmail, Ukraine (2004), The first round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, II place, Izmail, Ukraine, The diploma “For the original author’s decision in drawing” of the second round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, KryvoyRog, Ukraine (2008), The first round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, I place, Izmail, Ukraine, The diploma “For the author’s decision in painting” of the second round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, KryvoyRog, Ukraine, Scientifically-practical conference “priority directions of a science: search of the student”, II place, Izmail, Ukraine (2010). At 2008 she exhibited her artworks at Izmail, Ukraine (“Vilkovo”), and participated to group exhibitions: “The story of Bessarabiya”, Izmail, Ukaraine 2006, “Beauty created by woman”, Izmail, Ukraine 2008, “Floodlight”, Izmail, Ukraine 2008.

Rain batik 30 x 22cm 2009

Tahar Ouamane Tahar Ouamane was born on the 12th March 1954 in Biskra in southern Algeria. Tahar began his artistic career in 1971 with etchings, frescoes and illustrations and furthering his training of etchings in Bulgaria , Cuba and France. To date he has illustrated more than 250 literary works. He started exhibiting from 1975 in Algeria, Bulgaria and Germany and in 1978 participated at the World Expo of young painters in Cuba. Since then Tahar has exhibited globally from Spain, Switzerland, France, Tunisia and Italy to Washington in the USA, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Cap Town (South Africa) and last participation was in 2010 “ Art for Peace” at Seoul( South Korea)... He has also painted many murals and ceramics in Algeria for specially universities... In 2004 Tahar was invited to participate in the International Exhibition in Barcelona at the ‘Centenary of Salvador Dali’. His works are in several private collections, government and Royal museums around the world. He live and work in Algiers since 1975.

She tells me about Mediterranean 221x297cm monoprint original on bindakotpaper 2009

José Américo de Oliveira Marques Pedroso José Américo de Oliveira Marques Pedroso was born in São Paulo in 1953. He is an artist and designer. He studied Animal Science at the State University Julio de MesquitaFilho UNESP Campus de Jaboticabal (1978). Self-taught in Arts courses and internships in studios of sculptors, potters and paper mills, (1987/1993/94 / 95/98/2002). In 1994 he returned to Maiden Island, within the State of São Paulo, where he decides to work only with design and sculpture in Active · Art Workshop, using carbon steel, stainless steel, wood in organic form, acrylic, handmade paper, stone powder, glass and concrete cell. In August 2002, conceived and founded the Association of Fine Ilhense Artes.2007 start their work in digital art. Collective and individual exhibitions in Brazil, USA, Spain, Portugal, France, England Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Chile (2001,2002,2003,20 04,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010). He has been rewarded many times and his works are found in private collections and museums, sculptures, art books published in Brazil and abroad. Creativity is present in small things. It is, for example, in the act of looking at nature and how it can be reused for patterns plastically always subjective and cultural beauty. It is this mystery that drives the work of Jose Americo in his ongoing research materials. The main feature of his sculptures and wall table is in the mix of types of wood (mastic, for example) with metallic elements (carbon steel, among others). The visual result of the dialogue is marked by the dominance of abstraction and the curved line. Various compositions generally appear in subtle organic shapes. The artist also makes jewelry. Work as studies of larger works, constructed from pieces of wood found on the banks of the Parana River and the shaping of the steel... (Oscar D’Ambrosio).

Wind Rolled mixed media 33 x 34 x 15 cm 2011

Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier is a native of Mexico City (March 20, 1969). Coming from a long line of artists, she studied art at Wright State University in the United States. Her life is full of experiences that have allowed her to develop her talent as an artist. Being born in Mexico she developed a fondness for what most people would label as morbid images. The horrendous reality of war and political instability that Mexicans endured from 1810 to the late1930’s inspired many great artists. Some wanted to use their artistic abilities to attest to the brutal living conditions of every day life in Mexico. Others used their art to express their political opinions. When Gabriela paints or creates sculptures she uses a fusion of influences from her native country, drawing on the influence of Jose Maria Velasco and his landscapes, Posada and his morbid sense of humor, Diego Rivera and his desire to show us the harsh reality of life experienced by the Mexican peasants oppressed by corrupt governments, and Frieda Kahlo, who painted from the heart communicating a sense of physical and psychological anguish. Gabriela aims at raising awareness regarding the living conditions of the Mexican indigenous people who have been marginalized by economic realities and social discrimination. As an activist, Gabriela uses her art as a venue for social commentary in the hope that indigenous people are not forgotten. In an era where Zapatistas have put down their guns and use words as a weapon against tyranny, she uses her art to compliment the messages of peace and respect for human rights emanating from the jungles of Mexico. Her landscapes are memories of her childhood recorded for posterity. As urbanization takes over the Mexican landscape, Gabriela wants to show the world the beauty of Mexico’s countryside before it fades away.

LANDSCAPE WITH MOUNTAIN oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm 2010

Olga Plastira Olga Plastira was born on Mars 25, 1951 in Chalkis Evia (Greece). She attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti-Rome (Italy) and the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts – Bruxelles (Belgium). She learned to carve marble in Pietrasanta – Carrara (Italy). She took part to several symposia in Peyeresq (France) and Oronsko (Poland). She haw exposed her works in Athens, Naxos (Greece), Rathaus Geversberg (Germany), Agullana (Spain). She is member of the Greek Artists Association and the Sculpture Network. Since 2002 she has her studio in Naxos, carving marble.

ORĂŠ marble and bronze 26 x 21 x 110 cm 2011

Tatyana Popovichenko Tatyana Popovichenko was born in Odessa, Ukraine on July 7, 1961. She has finished the Odessa Art School of M.B.Grekova in 1981. She took part in collective exhibitions. Personal exhibitions: Odessa, Kiev, Southern, Izmail, France (Sent a julienne of Zhenevua), Belgium (Mechelen), Hungary (Budapest). Romania and Poland. Took part art plener. Her works are found in private collections in Australia, England, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine and others.

NIGHT DIALOGUE pen on paper 27 x 30 cm 2011

Peter Rademacher Peter Rademacher was born on 22.3.1953 in Hagen. After professional change of his father to Arnsberg, he lived there with his parents and his brother till 1973. During his school time in the high school he developed under the direction of his art teacher R. Pawlik his predilection for drawing. After completing his schooling in 1973 he studied first art, music and law. Drawing, woodcut and etching formed the main focus of his artistic creating. He undertook a lot of study travelling to Paris and Amsterdam to visit old printers which still printed in the traditional technology. In 1979 he began, in addition, his medicine study and did a doctorate at the university of Münster. Peter Rademacher issued his drawings and graphic arts including in Karlsruhe, Weißenburg, Dortmund, Cologne, Bonn, Bochum, Kleve, Treuchtlingen and Amsterdam. In the 80-s he illustrated some issues of the „Kinky Mirror“ (fanzine of the British beatgroup „The Kinks“).Today Peter Rademacher lives with his family in Münster and has long been member of the artist’s community „spectrum“ and the academy of arts of Münster.

Dance into May 36 x 53 cm mixed media on carton 2011

Eirini Riti Eirini Riti was born in Patra in 1991. She is a student of Informatics with Applications in Biomedical. She likes to take photographs as a hobby and she loves to try extreme sports. She does skiing and horse riding. She also likes traveling. She visited Holland in winter of 2010.

The tree of Life digital photo 30 x 40 cm 2012

Claire Sakellaropoulou Claire Sakellaropoulou was born in Athens in 1991. She is an active athlete in artistic gymnastics with national positions, and awarded as the best athlete in Εgialeia in 2008. She is an amateur photographer. She studies Physical Education, Sport Science and training young people in gymnastics. She is also playing piano and writes lyrics. She has visited Poland (Zakopane) in 2010 for a seminar about young people “Find your way”. She has also visited Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Italy participating in various athletic events.

POLISH VIOLONIST digital photo 40 x 30 cm

Aspasia Sigourakou Aspasia Sigourakou was born in Piraeus where she lived till 1980. Since then she is living in Corfu with her family. After academic training in literature, translation and sociolinguistics, she turned to fine arts, her lifelong ambition. She is self trained artist and photographer. Since 2002 she offers voluntary artistic assistance to local schools and held group exhibitions mainly in Corfu. On August 2009 she held her first solo exhibition under the title : “Photopainting : the wild flowers of Corfu”. 2009 -2011 she offered voluntary work to “Enallaktiko Politistiko Ergastiri Kerkyras” teaching faux-bijoux and cheap-art constructions.



acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

40 x 60 cm

45 x 61 cm

Eleni Sishaki Eleni Sishaki was born in December 1972 in the village of Dioni, near the town of Komotini in Thrace-Greece. I have attended the primary school in Dioni and the secondary school in Komotini and finished my studies as a qualified nurse in Heraklion Creta. Since 1995 I live and work in Komotini and since 2005 I have started practising amateur photography. I’m very happy to occupy myself at home with my aquariums and making jewels with alternative and cheap raw materials and painting.

Breathing together digital photography 30 x 40 cm 2011

Andreas Sitorengo Andreas Sitorengo was born on 1972 in Sienna, Italy. He studied painting, engraving and sculpture at the workshops of D. Mitaras, T. Patraskides, and G. Lappas, respectively, at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts. Also, during 1998-1999 he won a scholarship from the Lillian Voudouris Foundation through which he attended classes on cinematography and video art at D. Kozaris’ class, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bergamo (Italy). On 1995 he attended a four-month course at the Winchester School of Fine Arts on a scholarship from the Foundation of State Scholarships at the ERASMUS program. In 2003 he completed his two-year post-graduate studies on digital forms of art, at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts. He participated at the Third Festival for Human Rights, organized by the NGO “Open Horizons” and entitled “wo-man” at the Cheap-Art Gallery (2006) and at a six-artists residence in Istanbul, whose subject was the ancient city of Zeugma. He also participated with his video titled “dry soul”, in a 22 artists joint exhibition named “Fourth Dimension” organized by art historian Anna Hatziyiannaki at the Spyroudis boot camp in Aghia Paraskevi and in a Boston conference, at the “Art Interactive Gallery, 130 Bishop Allen drive, Cambridge”. In 2005 he participated with the video “scream”, at the Fourth Festival of Experimental Cinematographic Video and New Media “Strange Monitor” at the Thessalonica Cinematography Museum. He organized and participated in the show and workshop “den milao ellinika/non parlo italiano” in Lecce, Italy. He organized and participated in “rebirth” a group show of seven artists with their respective interactive works, in the old planetarium of the Evgenides foundation. “Scan Istanbul”, international workshop and show with Greek and Turkish artists in Istanbul. He participated at the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th International Festival Medi@terra, as well at the New European Artists’ Biennale in Sarajevo (2001) and in Athens (2003). He also participated at the International Triennale of Echigo-Tsumari Short Video Festival in Japan.


Gabriella Sterzi Gabriella Sterzi was born in Rome on July 22, 1958. She graduated in Psycology at Università di Roma La Sapienza. After completing her studies in Rome, she studied and lived in New York City for six years. She got her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York. Upon her return to Rome, she started attending classes in Drawing at Scuola Libera del Nudo of Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma in the years 1999-2000. She later attended Scuola di Arti Ornamentali di Roma in the years 2000-2003. In the year 2009-2010 she also attended classes at the Scuola di Nudo at UPTER (Università Popolare di Roma), in the years 2009 and 2010. She lives and works as grade school teacher in Rome. During summer she takes Art classes in Live Painting and she attended the following schools: Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, London School of Painting and Drawing, Angel Academy of Florence, Prince’s Drawing School of London. She has exhibited in several collective exhibitions in Rome (Italy), Palermo (Italy), Paris (France), Fussen (Germany), Mitilini (Greece).

VILLA BORGHESE oil on canvas 53 x 43 cm 2005

Madeleine Strindberg Madeleine Strindberg was born in Cologne (Germany). She is currently Senior Lecturer at Brighton University. She lives and works in London. She received several awards and bursaries in UK. She exposed her works in solo and collective exhibitions in London, Sunderland, Leeds, Coventry, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cambridge, Aylesbury, Farnham, Mostyn – Wales, Spitelfields (UK), Rome, Bologna, Turin (Italy), Quimper (France), Berlin (Germany). Right from the beginning I have always been interested in translating emotions into a visual language, to give feelings form. Thematically the work moves between opposite poles: the personal, things I have experienced, seen, imagined or dreamt; and the political, where secondary source material generates primary images. The underlying subject throughout all my work could best be described with the word CONFLICT. This can be of a political nature or equally inspired by autobiographical events.

Qalqilja oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm 2010

Costas Symiakakis Costas Symiakakis was born in Heraklion Crete in 1959 and studied psychology in Athens. He took his masters degree in Marriage and Family Psychotherapy in the United States in1986. He works as a private practitioner in Heraklion. He has a daughter and a son. He started to shoot at the age of eight with a toy camera and he shoots ever since. His major interest is photographing people. He has spent innumerous hours in the darkroom, but lately he has acceded to the digital word. He is a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete, FIAP and PSA. His pictures have gained four medals and over 200 acceptances the last two years in international exhibitions.

mother and daughter digital photo


NAXOS/cyclades The Island of Ariadne June 27 -July 7