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14-28 September 2011 Mitrofana Grekova Museum Novocherkassk

CE NTRE OF ARTS 4 SEASONS AthensArt International Arts Festival 2100 Members 5 Continents 108 Countries

Oropos / Sykamino / Pano Laka, 190.15 Nea Palatia / Attica Mob.: 0030-6944128460, e-mail: Prof. Dr. Takis Alexiou 39, Salaminos Str., 153.43 Ag. Paraskevi /Athens Tel.: 0030-210-6014313, Tel./Fax: 0030-210-6011904, e-mail:

CA4S-AthensArt short CV

For the last 30 years, the Centre of Arts 4 Seasons (CA4S) created various cultural Events like “Kavafia”, “Iaponia-Japan-Japon”, “Multispectacle 4 Seasons”, “Multispectacle Aristophanes Androgyne”, Philanthropic Art Exhibitions in Greece and abroad, published books and produced CDs, organized numerous Conferences, etc. In the year 2010 we realized our first International Arts Festival AthensArt, in collaboration with the Cultural Organization “Technopolis” and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Athens, with the theme “The Positive side of Life” and “Friendship through Art can change the World”, and participation of 300 artists from 5 Continents and 65 countries of the World. Our AthensArt Program for the coming years runs like that: In 2011 we are in Rostov Region and next year 2012 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as in Suzhou/China, Yerevan/Armenia, Algiers/Algeria and Munich/Germany. In 2012 we are planning to be in Lisbon/Portugal, as well as in various islands of Greece, starting by Corfu, Crete, Naxos, Rhodes and Icaria. In 2013, besides Ubá, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brazilia of Brazil are in plan. In 2014 we have Dayton Ohio of USA. In 2015 Milan/Italy is in our program.

CA4S Acknowledgements

The Administration’s Council of the Centre of Arts 4 Seasons (CA4S) would like to thank the Director of Mitrofana Grekova Museum, Mrs. Vera Nikolaevna Lihovidova for her interest in collaborating and presenting from 14 to 28 September 2011 our AthensArt International Arts Festival in the beautiful city Novocherkassk of Russia’s Rostov Region. We would like also to warmly thank our dear Friend and Representative Oleg Tarassov Nikolaevich, who was from the beginning the soul of AthensArt in Russia. Let us also thank our friends Sacha, Amel, Kiki, Panos, Grigoris, Eva and Vache for the nice e-catalogue, invitation-program and poster they prepared in collaboration with the rest of the members of AthensArt Designers’ Group, as well as everyone who helped to the realization of this Event. Finally we wish that this meeting of ours is the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration in the name of Friendship through Art that can change the World Peacefully.

Litsa Marandi, CA4S Secretary

FRIENDSHIP - IF NOT NOW, WHEN? PART A: THE BASIC PREREQUISITE FOR A SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE IN SOCIETY IS FRIENDSHIP “This is the way I consider that things are. This is my theory. Try to improve it.” Thales of Miletus “My friends are my entire property.” Emily Dickinson In earlier days, happiness constituted a module of poetry and philosophy, later on extended into Literature, Sociology, Psychology and more recently into Medicine and Economics. The preference of the term “happiness” to “Friendship” is by no means random within the framework of today’s self-centred society. That is due to the fact that happiness is directly connected to extreme individualism, consumerism and the fundamentalism of financial markets whereas “Friendship” escapes the narrow bounds of one’s “Self” and extends into “You” and “Us”. Our starting point is the full acknowledgement of the fact that the fundamentalist economy of financial markets is founded on our limitless selfishness and is fed by the violence that we thoughtlessly offer it to date. In simple words, modern inhumane society would end up being atrophic without aggression and violence and totally non-existent without individualism and selfishness. So, the matter of the establishment of a better society is mainly a biological-anthropological rather than a political-economic issue and it directly depends on our real Friendship-education.

However, one calls Friendship; real, sincere, old, strong, good, true, fine, unique, deep, heart-felt etc. Friendship is a substantial “I-You” relationship which requires a substantial “I-Myself” relationship (Self knowledge) which extends into a substantial “I-Us” relationship (Participation) Martin Buber. According to Robert McAfee Brown one ages internally, like society, when he ceases to maintain friendly relationships, which in Rachel Naomi Re-

men’s words are based on affectionate silence, that is by carefully listening one another. Because, one will enjoy the real value of joy only if he shares it Mark Twain because in Shakespeare’s words, the soul rejoices only in the thought of good friends as well as with the affection that we feel towards them Thomas Jefferson. Without forgetting that a Friendship that was ruined, was never real St. Jeronimo, and that Real Friendship is only built on the foundations of Truth and Knowledge Henry David Thoreau. I continue with two simple findings: 1st that our age is an age of spiritual and ethical dishonesty in Konrad

Heiden’s words, and 2nd that Philosophy and therefore Philosopher is a judge rather than an exponent of his era Hugo von Hofmannsthal. In Schopenhauer’s words, our goal is not to seduce but rather to teach ourselves and others: to be spiritually liberated. Because only then we will be in a position to change our World. Prof. Dr Takis Alexiou, Chairman CA4S-AthensArt

ANDRÉS ALBERTO AGUIAR ACHI Andrés Alberto Aguiar Achi was born in Havana City on October 17, 1941. He graduated in the Schools of Arts and Crafts in the University of Havana and afterwards he graduated as well in Architecture. He studied Plastic Arts at the University of San Alejandro – Havana. He worked as an architect and design director from 1970 to 2000 in Cuba and the Republic of Mozambique. He is currently an independent artist. He opened an Atelier in Bremen (Germany) in 2004. He exposed his works in several exhibitions in Havana (Cuba) and Germany. Several of his paintings are in private collections in Cuba, Germany, Dominican Republic and Spain. He is Member of the National Council of Plastic Arts in Cuba and in the Newe Kunst Agency in Bremen. My art tries to recreate the Afro Cuban religion theme from a probably never explored angle … based on the approach of Wilfredo Lam – the most universal Cuban painter… I am interested in laying emphasis on the religious system and the ethnic system, both coming from the south east of Nigeria (Calabar)…I hope to express in my paintings the essence of the mysteries living in us, the unknown with everyday, common symbols, from one generation to the next.

LA WEMBA O EL BANO LUSTRAL Oil on canvas 65x50 cm, 2008

TAKIS ALEXIOU Takis Alexiou, born in Alexandria of Egypt, studied architecture in Germany and completed a pioneering Dissertation linking architecture to psychology. He has given lectures at European Universities and was Professor at the HFG Offenbach/M. in Germany and at the AUA University of Athens. He has held many private and group art exhibitions: TU Dresden, S&S Basil, Forum des Halles & Maison International du Théâtre Paris, Palazzo Venezia Venice, Royal Festival Hall London, Greek Press Center New York, NTOG Tokyo, Attatürk Cultural Center Istanbul, Art Addiction Stockholm, Melina Merkouri Hall Nicosia, Salvagos and Kavafis Halls Alexandria, Kreonides Gallery – Polyplano – Adam Gallery Athens, Old French Knights’ Quarters Rhodes and many others. He is active in music composition: Under one’s Breath, The song of the birds, Voices without a Face & Red Wind. He was granted first Diploma at the International Art Addiction, Stockholm. ABI (USA) included him amongst the 5000 personalities in the world and awarded him with the International Peace price 2010 for practicing peace in thought, action and example locally and globally and IBC of Cambridge (UK) awarded him as one of the 2000 Intellectuals of 20th century. On 2006 he was awarded with the “International Cavafy prize”. His name is mentioned in various Encyclopaedias and Art Diaries. He has written numerous articles, studies and books.

MERMAIDS Acrylic on canvas 120x270 cm, 2009-2010

KARIN ANGELE Karin Angele was born in Ulm (Germany) on May 13, 1965. She is an artist and actress. She studied at the Institute of Free Arts, Stuttgart, at the Technical College of Trier. Her major subject is Design II, Certified Fashion-Designer. She studied with Prof. Erich Kraemer at the FH Trier, at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York. She was honored by the Government of Palatinate as class valedictorian of Technical College of Design (1994). She was awarded by the Wilhelm-Lorch-Award, WilhelmLorch-Foundation, Frankfurt (1995) and was nominated for the “Lexmark European Art Prize Award 2004” (2004). She took part to a film Production Colonia Media GmbH and was the costume stylist for a daily-soap opera (1995). She has worked as an assistant at European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier, in the class of life painting (1997-97). She is also a Lecturer in life drawing and painting, Lecturer in figurative drawing and free figuration, Painting – Realism - Abstraction (Since 1997), Lecturer in free figuration (Since 2005). She took part to many exhibitions, home and abroad. She lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

CAMI Digital Art Print, 70x35 cm, 2010

SANYA ARIF Sanya Arif was born in Pakistan in November 11, 1981. She is graduated in Fine Arts, from Visual Study Department, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan (2003-2006), she has also an intermediate in Arts, from Govt. College for Women Karachi Board (2001-2002), one year Diploma in Information Technology, Aligarh Institute of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan (2001-2002). She is specialized in Miniature painting in Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan. She has participated in many exhibitions: exhibition in Alliance Francis Art Gallery, participation in Birmingham Institute Arts and Design (BIAD) Competition (2005), Indian Exhibition Expression in Miniature size, PUNE, International Exhibition M.I.A.D VENADO TUERTO, Argentina (2006), VM art Gallery Karachi, IJAYA International Art Competition and exhibition Ben Uri Gallery London, Colorado Medieval Festival USA submitted art work Awarded 3rd place, Pakistani web portal online Exhibition Yellowfactor, Miniature Painting Show, “New End Art Gallery” London “The Art of Storytelling” (2007), Miniature Painting Group Show. “Collection of Contemporary and Traditional Miniature Art” The Art Gallery “Karach, Competition and Exhibition “Unveil Murree Past and Present” Pakistan national council of Art Gallery PNAC Islamabad, International Art competition and Exhibition Cultural Association Valentin Ruiz Aznar, Spain, Granada (2008), Markem-Image International Art Contest and Exhibition, France, 6th Russian Art Week International Art Exhibition and competition Moscow (2009), Sleep and Breathing Art Competition and Exhibition 2009/2010, Germany, Minimum maximum International art exhibition of Miniature in Banja Luka, 9TH Lessedra World Art Print Annual Mini Print 2010, Lessedra Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria, Penang International Print Exhibition 2010, Penang State Art gallery Malaysia (2010).



Gouache on paper (opaque and transparent watercolor) 23x30 cm, 2011

Gouache on paper (opaque and transparent watercolor) 23x30 cm, 2011

ZAHARJAN ARMEN VLADIKOVICH Zaharjan Armen Vladikovich was born in 1962 in the city of Yerevan, Armenia. He is involved with painting since he was a little child. From 1984 till now, he lives and works in the city of St.-Petersburg.

THE SISTER WITH THE BROTHER Oil on canvas 50x70 cm, 2003

PANOS ARVANITIS Panos Arvanitis was born in Athens 1991. He is a student of Civil Engineering and member of CA4S-AthensArt Administration’s Council, representing the Young Generation. Among his hobbies is photography and Video.


ALESSIA BABROW Alessia Babrow was born in Rome (Italy) in 1979. Her mother is from Naples with Trentino origins – an art history teacher and hostess for Alitalia. Her father is from South Africa – a rugby player of a Russian origin. Africa inspires her love for freedom and for Mother Earth. Her work, which began at the age of 14, can be found in a multitude of different media: restoration, radio, film, fashion, theater, television, concerts, magazines and galleries around the world. She has begun a course of study, still in full development that includes theology, physics, quantum mechanics, energy, transcendental psychology, and hypnosis, leads her to travel and experience first-hand her theoretical knowledge. She is currently working with magazines and exhibits in European and American galleries. Her life includes both between traumatic events and the growing love for art in all its forms. She makes art a bridge between matter and spirit as a means of processing for human suffering. Her art seeks to expand the consciousness of mankind, because every change that we want to see in this world must begin first within ourselves. The memory of the "ONE". All the things are in constantly evolving. Every human being, awakening to his mission contributes to this process through his life. One of my contributions is through art. The real work is that of the "soul". The others are just means that we choose.

THE OWN TRAP : IN THE GOOD.. IN THE BAD... Photography, A3, 2011

MA CAGE DORテ右 Video, 2011

KIKI BARDANI Kiki Bardani was born in Athens on January 29, 1962. He graduated from the School of Athens and the University of Rhodes in pedagogical studies. She has been working as a teacher in elementary school for the last 15 years. It is the first time that she participates in an exhibition. She lives and works in Athens.

SPRING Monotype on canvas 45x50 cm, 2010

BAHRAM (MAHAN) BEHTASH Bahram (Mahan) Behtash was born in Iran in 1990 and lives and works in Hamburg (Germany). I am passionate about photography. In 2009 I took up photography as a hobby, but after a while it became an obsession. My work is a presentation of the real life, which I experience every day.

FRIENDSHIP photography, 45x50 cm, 2011

ELENI BERBERIDOU Eleni Berberidou was born in Serres in 1955. Since 1972 he lives and works in Athens. He studied Byzantine hagiograph,y Mandala Design, Healing Arts (IAMA Bach, Australia and Kallifornias, Reiki II degree, Su Tok Therapy, Crystal Therapy) and Jewel, with which is actively involved till today. In 1991 she was asked by Arsenidis Publishing House in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy for a series of events "For 100 years since the birth of Carl Jung� in Athens, the presentation of the Mandala project entitled:" Symbols of a personalization process�. Since 1993 she is the artistic associate of the publishing house Spageiria for covers designs. Her jewels have been exhibited at the Cultural Center of the City of Athens in May 2009.

MANDALA Fibre pens, 50x50 cm, 2003

BERNANDINO BORONAT Bernandino Boronat was born in Barcelona, in 1968. From 1987 to 1990 he studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Till 1995 he graduated in Fine Arts (Mayor: Paint), at the Complutense University, Madrid and completed his studies at the University Geshamthochschule of Kassel, Germany, thanks to an Erasmus scholarship. He has participated in many exhibitions: Azteca. Madrid, Espacio Valenciano, Valencia, “El Foro”, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Esculptures in Celestino Mutis Park, La Rábida, Huelva, Interart 2000, Valencia, Bac! 2000, Barcelona Art Contemporany (2000), “Work, world, Creativity”, Valencia Metropolitan Museum (sep-nov), Madrid Metropolitan Museum (nov-dic) (2001), “Especiografias”,with a painter Ignacio Escobar, Space “La Despernada”, V. de la Cañada, Madrid, Lupe Catala, Javea, Alicante (2002), Akka, Valencia (2003), Darby Louise, Barcelona, Akka, Valencia, Cajamadrid, Aranjuez, Caixanova, museo de Vigo (2004), Arteara, Madrid, “La Raza” Art Gallery, Sacramento,Ca.USA, Phoenix Gallery, Sacramento,Ca.USA (2005), European Patent Office (EPO), Den Haag, The Neederlands (2009), European Patent Office (EPO), Munich, Germany, Gallerie Marzia Frozen, Berlin (2010). He has been awarded several times and earned scholarships and honors.

NO TITLE Acrylic and ink on solid wood 41x 47 cm, 2011

LUCILLA CAMPIONI Lucilla Campioni was born in Rome in 1952. She studied Graphic Advertising at the Academy of Costume and Fashion of Rome. She attended courses of Engraving, Painting and Decoration and she has graduated with honors in Decoration Experimental Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She is currently dealing mostly with xylography, photography, computer and mixed techniques. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She deeply believes in intermingling the various arts techniques and using materials outside the rules. She lives and works in Rome.

RED BOAT (LET’S SAVE THE SAVABLE) Photos, computergrephics and collage 49x 51 cm, 2011


CARLOTTA CASTELLETTI Carlotta Castelletti was born in Turin, Italy, in 1965. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Together with Giuliana Colbacchini, she founded “Cobakaste” an artistic duo. Giuseppe Penone and Luigi Mainolfi were among her teachers. She initially entered the fashion and television sectors, as a model and a show girl. She has exhibited her paintings in several collective shows in her native town. In 1992 she moved to Vicenza, where she co-operated with TVA – the local TV network – and where she founded a creative painting school for children. As a Brand Manager, she worked with some worldwide-known jewellery manufacturing companies. Carlotta has entered several national art contests, winning prestigious awards. She took part in various collective art gallery exhibitions, as well as art events. In May 2009, Carlotta presented her First Solo exhibition called “Non solo il mattino ha l’oro in bocca”, at the Maison Musique Cocktail Bar at Rivoli (Turin). She lives and works in Vicenza.

DAMAOSCURA Printing on polycarbonate 60x70 cm, 2011

CHRISTINE CEZANNE-THAUSS Christine CÊzanne-Thauss was born in Vienna in 1952. She graduated in history at Vienna University, but works as a teacher at Primary School. She has been skilled in art for many years and took part in various of local and international exhibitions. Christine CÊzanne-Thauss lives and works in Vienna. The main interests of my life have to do with human beings. Working as a teacher I deal with children, with their sorrows and dreams. Being an historian as well, I´m interested in biographies - especially in those of people, who were prosecuted in WW II. As a paintress, my favorite theme is the human being as well - I did a lot of "dream-pictures", being rather surrealistic, but also a lot of nude-paintings. In these I specialize on women and their role in our society. I try to show women-bodies in such an art, that the spectator will be confronted with their suppression, pain and sometimes despair. In other nudepaintings I like to show the other side, women know as well: their strongness, powerfullness and magnitude.

WHY Acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm, 2010

MARISOL FERNANDEZ COLLANDO (SAVANANEGRAS) Marisol Fernandez Collado (Savananegras) was born in Mexico City on October 29, 1975. She approached photography in 1992 at CFM, where she studied photography and also took part - and won – to several contests. In 1996 she studied Technical Artistic Drawing... She has exposed her work in Spain, New York, Chile, Ukraine, Mexico and Greece. She took part to the Soho International Art Competition and her work was for one year in the album of the Agora Gallery in New York. Her work is in the array of the CFM and in the Diego Lozada’s Association (Spain). She has worked for different mass media. She is currently studying humorous drawing. She has an online solo exhibition on Galeria Savananegras. Savanasnegras is a photographer artist developing one’s own style by using different technologies and elaborated skills by mixing photographs and drawing or simply capturing native forgotten images in the streets to form them in paper roles.

RAMBLING SPIRIT Digital photo, 11x15 cm, 2011

DANIELA DA RIVA Daniela Da Riva started painting at age 12. She entered the Seneca advertising office in Milan as a designer. Then she organized some advertising campaigns and she entered the “Convegno” theatre as scene designer, working with Pierluigi Pizzi and Luca Sabatelli. A period of artistic interruption followed in which she took a Physics Doctorate, married and had twins. As soon as possible she went back to painting. Her artistic career was encouraged by Giampietro Maggi and Daniel Schinasi, Italian artists. In 2005 she had the honour to exhibit her work at the “Salon Primo” of the Museo della Permanente (Milan), where she was introduced by the painter Luca Vernizzi of Brera Fine Arts Academy. In 2006 she received her degree at “Scuola degli Artefici” of Brera Fine Arts Academy. Since 2002 she has had several exhibitions in Italy, France and Spain. She teaches at ‘UNI3 University in Milan and works with painter Massimo Zuppelli of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

FIGHT OR PLAY Oil on canvas, 40x50 cm

ELENI DIMOPOULOU Eleni Dimopoulou was born in Athens in 1959. She works in Agia Paraskevi (Athens). She studied in the YMCA and her teachers were Areti Floka in Hagiography, George Barounis in murals and Dimitris Stravolemis in art restoration. She has been teaching the art of Icon painting - Mural in the Metropolis of Attica and in the Western Attica’s Prefecture, adult education department, from 1995. She is an art conservator in Maritime Tradition Museum since 2000,where some of her works can be seen. She worked with the European Institute of Maritime studies and research from 1998 until 2002 for the restoration of its artworks. She has restored frescoes and icons in the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen in Agioi Anargyroi. She has participated in the following exhibitions of Byzantine Iconography: December 1999, in the House of correspondents of foreign press (solo), October 2000 and church species in EKEP (group), July 2003 under the auspices of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi (group), August 2004 at the Maritime Tradition Museum (solo), June 2007 in the Agioi Anargyroi(individual), September 2009 at the Duchess Placentia Palace, Penteli (solo).

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Venetian wood temepera, 39x34 cm, 2011

AMEL DJENIDI Amel Djenidi was born in Algiers on June 19, 1983. After attending the High School of Fine Arts in Algiers where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design, she obtained an educational grant in Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, Italy and a Master of Art and Sciences in the High School of Fine Arts in Algiers. She worked as graphic designer in advertising agencies and animation studios. She realized the poster for the Hergla Festival of short movies in Tunisia and was voice off in Unicef advertisement for Algerian Channel. She took part to group exhibitions in Saronno (Italy) and Algiers and in some festivals with her videos. In 2010 she obtained a Nomination in Africa Movie Academy Awards in Bayelsa, Nigeria.



photography, 21x29 cm, 2009

photography, 21x29 cm, 2009

TAMMY DUFFY Tammy Duffy lives in New York, USA. She exposed her works in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Mariana (Brazil), Amsterdam, London and New Mexico. I like to think that somehow, some of my fascination with creating abstract art has come from the love I have for my father as well as for the people I create my art for. I started painting 15 years ago and have grown as an artist through experiences and formal training. I am an accomplished physicist who switched to art but still dabbles in physics. The physics informs the art. I make abstract paintings that help me to reveal what I feel about the natural world: its colors shapes, textures, lines, and forms. My background in science supports my visual expressions on the canvas where my goal is to make a connection between myself and the observer. I hope my work inspires the observer, subconsciously or not, to develop his or her own special vision and see beauty where one might not even know to look. My mind is my brush and I use it to create images that transcend the ordinary.

ORANGE-YELLOW photography, 2010

JAKE ELDRIDGE Jake Eldridge was born in Yonkers, NY, USA in 1971. He currently lives and works in Chicago. As a digital artist, photographer and musician, he has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Brussels, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. Jake made honorable mention on the Photography/Digital Graphics Short List in the 2009 Celeste Prize run from Poggibonsi, Italy. I believe art connects us all bridging linguistic, cultural and temporal divides. My approach skews towards the abstract. While I do not exclusively create abstract works, I love the style because it actively incorporates the viewer into the aesthetic process. I believe this is more of a two way interaction between myself and the viewer. In my work I concentrate on composition and color embracing entropy, stressing patterns.

EIFFEL Digital photo print 33x48 cm, 2006

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Digital photo print 33x48 cm, 2008

JOSEPH TOUFIC EL-JAMOUS Joseph Toufic El-Jamous (monk Grigorios Sinaite) was born in 1966 in Amman, Jordan. He obtained a BA in English literature – Yarmouk University (Jordan), he studied web design at Ottawa Cultural Centre, Jordan and several foreign languages courses in Jordan and abroad. He studied drawing and free sketch and attended iconography and icon restoration seminars (Mt. Athos, Greece), mosaic seminars in Athens, drawing and painting in Bari (Italy) and mosaic seminars and fresco seminars at the International School for the Study of Mosaics, Ravenna, Italy and the restoration of floor mosaics seminar at Madaba, Jordan. For the last fourteen years he has been living as a monk at St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mt. Sinai. He participated in group visual arts contests and exhibitions in Athens, Andros island (Greece) and in many Italian places. He received several awards in Athens and Italy. He is Member of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists, Ravenna, Italy, Honorary member of Associazione Culturale Galleria Amici dell’Arte, Castelnuovo della Daunia (Foggia), Italy and of Egyptian Translators and Linguists Association, Cairo, Egypt.

SINAI MONASTERY Acrylic on gessoes canvas, 70x50 cm, 2011

CRISTINA FARAGE Cristina Farage was born in 1969 in Cataguases, a small city in Brazil. Now she lives in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, where she works as an art educator, designer photographer, as well as an artist. She has exhibited her paintings, charcoal drawings and photographs many times in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. She had experiences as an educator at Avellaneda (Argentina – Mundiarte, with 15 Latin America countries). As an art instructor she teaches and learns with children through the application of an original methodology to arts, music and drama. She conveys social knowledge to groups of teachers, underprivileged people, besides courses of creative development for a variety of networks. Through my art I am always looking for the evolutional human history, registering material and immaterial patrimony, ecology, environment: using a contemporary language by themes and serial images.

SEA ROSES AND VARIATIONS Image collection on photographer paper, 25x30 cm, 2003-2011

HENGAMEH FARAHMAND Hengameh Farahmand was born at Shiraz, Iran, in1962. She lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. The most striking element in Hengameh’s paintings is her passion for vivid colours and oriental motives, which she explores through the use of a wide range of unique mixed media techniques. She often explores themes of love, aspiration, dreams and compassion, often blurring the boundaries between imagination and reality. The surfaces of her paintings are also a very important aspect of her work; the marks and textures and the play of light onto metallic surfaces brings a third dimension to works which often leave viewers transfixed. Hengameh has exhibited her work widely with a prominent exhibition at the Open Air Gallery in Berlin (2008). Her latest exhibition in Athens (AthensArt-2010) was one of her greatest experiences regarding international art exhibitions.

A TIME OF FLYING POEMS Mixed media on canvas 80x60 cm, 2009

ILDUS FARRAKHOV Ildus Farrakhov was born in Leningrad. He is member of Union of Artists since 1984. He has a Degree in Books Graphics at Epiphanov G.D. and Gubanov G.P. workshops in Moscow Polygraphics Institute. He worked for twelve years as Art Redactor in AURORA Publishing House, Saint-Petersburg. He was for more than six years chief of artists in BIBLIOPOLIS publishing, Saint-Petersburg. He has designed and illustrated more than 100 books issues.

BEFORE THE SUNSET Cardboard tempera 50x60 cm, 2007

EVA FELLNER Eva Fellner was born in Hungary and she is living since 1977 in Vienna /Austria. Eva obtained her first award at the age of 14 by winning the first price of the Budapest school competition in the field of small sculptures. After matriculation, she worked as a restaurateur in the Hungarian National Gallery. Furthermore she also visited courses at Art school Lazarettgasse in Vienna and Seminars by Prof.Fischer / Academy of Fine Arts and Professor Kaiser / Univ. Applied art as well in Vienna. She took part in 60 exhibitions national and abroad, among them participation in the "16-17-21th Seoul Int'l Art Festival /Korea , Biennale Florence, Gallery 24 _Dumbo New York Leopold peace prize nominates Castle Klosterneuburg, Int. Art Festival Kiev ,Seihoun Gallery, LA ,,Athen,Las Vegas ,Santa Fe, Canada ,Germanie, China, Winning Artist "The World’s Greatest Erotic Art Today" Vol3 Book Presentation and Exhibitions Tour/USA. Her art can be found in numerous private and permanent collections.

DANCER Oil on canvas, 75x58 cm, 2010

ANNA FERRI Anna Ferri was born in 1963. After studying in Art school, she took part in different art exhibitions. She took a BA in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. During the period of study, she tried out different pictures-sculptures using same techniques such as the fragmentation. Her picture and sculpture style emphasizes the reality bringing it beyond all limits; so painting becomes introspective.

RETURN Acrylic on canvas, 73.5x61.5 cm, 2010

ERNESTO FERRIOL PEREZ Ernesto Ferriol Perez was born at Holguin, Cuba, in 1971. He studied at the Raul Gomez Garcia Elementary School of Art and at El Alba Professional School of Art in Holguin before majoring in Painting at the High Institute of Art in Havana. His work had been displayed at the Center of Visual Arts in Havana, The Provincial Center of Art in Holguin, The Iberoamerica House, Holguin, Cuba; Caixa Penedes Aula de Cultura, Sant Vicenc Del Horts, Barcelona, Spain; Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan. Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, Promo-Arte Project Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, Gallery Mayha, Takatsuki. Osaka, Japan and many other venues. Ferriol is essentially a draughtsman inheritor of the great Cuban Masters in the field. Drawing is a natural gift for him. A blend of image and imagination driven brightly into private and perverse social terrain, lays at the foundation of his watercolor excursions. His drawings work as pieces of wishful thinking in which the main purpose is to confront the beholder with a fragment of reality and inner thoughts. Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. U.N.E.A.C, he lives and works in Japan.

DREAMERS Watercolor pencil on paper, 32x28 cm

GÔ FLORÈS Gô Florès was born in Lelystad, Holland on May 9, 1956. In her early years she worked and lived in Paris and London, followed by an active period in industry. Even if she attended the Academy of Drawing In Amsterdam in evening hours, she continues to consider herself a self-taught artist. In 2002 she opened her gallery Go4Art in Lelystad and created later on a nice garden studio. This space gives also the opportunity of exhibiting smaller objects and sculptures of artists inside and outside the studio in the garden. Gô prefers to paint with oil on canvas but she also uses acrylics. Over the years her style has evolved from figurative to abstract, but you can also find a combination of both in her paintings creating a special tension. Her works are characterized by her spatiality in applying the pictorial matter, leaving sometimes areas of naked canvas whose position is carefully balanced. She manages the pictorial matter as a mason manages plaster, applying great bulks of colours with her palette knife. She largely uses primary colours, often with black as counterpart. For Gô Florès all colours are a manifestation of a sunny and happy life. Her vision of life largely shapes her imagery.

FROM (TO) RUSSIA, WITH LOVE Acrylic on canvas 65x50 cm, 2011

MARIO FOIS Mario Fois was born in Nuoro in 1971 where he lives and works. Since the end of the 80s, he begins operating around aerosol art and street culture. After several years of intense activity - without detaching from the artistic spirit that has marked the first expression – he comes to traditional painting techniques on canvas, with particular attention to the use of colour of American abstract expressionism. At half-90s he is one of the founders of "Kentu Concas Kentu Berrittas" an artistic movement characterized by the maximum individual freedom and an intense exhibition activity. In recent years Fois has been protagonist of various solo exhibitions, which prove his ability in using effectively different techniques and formats - moving from micro to macro without ever losing sight of the meaning of painting as a gesture of liberation. He took part to various collective and solo exhibitions in different places including MAN - the Museum of Nuoro and Berlin. His works are in public and private collections.

ABYSSAL MONSTER mixed technique on canvas 40x40 cm, 2010

ELMAR C. FUCHS Elmar C. Fuchs began his artistic education during his early childhood with piano, guitar, flute and singing lessons. His first mentor in the art of pastels and acrylics was J. Horner, with whom he created his early drawings. During his later education to PhD in natural sciences, Fuchs remained faithful towards the arts, especially light and color held a permanent fascination upon him. Thus, e.g., a part of his master thesis deals with color rendering of novel crystals under illumination of different white light sources, and his doctorate is about crystals which convert invisible UV light into white and red light. Over the years Fuchs learned the basics of (infrared-) photography from D. Mittergradnegger. One of his declared goals is to catch warmth – in the form of infrared light – from miscellaneous parts of the world – the series “Iguape” may be quoted here as a representative example. As painter, Fuchs is engaged in the combination of the childish-naive with the surrealisticabstract, the combination of landscape and pattern. Starting from that, the style developed over the years somewhat into the direction of minimalism and monochromatic patterns (see e.g. the series “England”) or fantastic realism (see e.g. “Die Verheißung”). His co-operations with other artists often create a symbiosis in style. The early acrylic works with J. Horner (“Der Dornbusch”, “Der Frühling”, “Die Erschaffung des Wassers”), for example, integrate expressionistic elements typical for Horner, sometimes subtle, sometimes almost dominant; whereas sketchy colorful patterns are incorporated in all works with V. Kieslinger (see e.g. “Weibliche Traumlandschaft”).

THE ARTIFICAL TREE Photo print, 84x119 cm

GEORGY GARBUZOV ROMANOVICH Garbuzov Georgy Romanovich was born on November, 14th 1941 in Rostov-on-Don. He studied at the Rostov Art school named after M.B.Grekov (1957-1961) and Omsk Pegagogical College (1963-1968). He worked as a teacher at the pedagogical college in Slavgorod city of Altay Region (1961-1968), at technical college of Rostov-on-Don (1968-1976), and at graphic art faculty of the Rostov State Pedagogical College (1977). Since 2000 he is chairman at the Rostov State Pedagogical College. Currently he is member of the Russian Artists Union and of the international association AIAP UNESCO. He has exhibited his works since 1965, and has received several awards including the medal "300 years of the Russian Fleet" in 1996 and the medal in honor of the 100th anniversary of M. A.Sholohova - "For humanism and service of Russia" in 2005.

YOUNG Monotypia, 60x80 cm, 2010

MANUEL GIACOMMETI Manuel Giacometti was born in Florence on July 9, 1974. He started to take pictures with his uncle’s Reflex camera - as a “call” coming from art - when he was 12. Thanks to his passion for art, design and photography, he had the opportunity to make several photographic reportages and some projects for advertising campaigns. He loves projects, as the one of the Association Sportiva-Mente Liberi, a no profit group who is taking care of Paralympics sport emotions knowledge. They supplied with documents Turin 2006, Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010 Paralympics games. He makes a professional use of digital camera always trying to keep a natural approach to the subject. He’s also prepared to work using a lot of programs, his preferred are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for “pictures use”. Manuel loves experimenting with new equipment and new techniques Some works and many graphic projects are signed by SHAMIRS.

SOULANIMA - LOVING LIGHT Print photo, 40x60 cm, 2008

BORIS GOLAND Boris Goland was born in 1947 in Leningrad. He studied sculpture in Tavricheski Art School (1961-1948). In 1975 he finished University of the press photographers at Union of the Journalists USSR, the chairman of which in Leningrad branch (photo section) was Alecsandr Brodski. In 1981 he finished state Gertsen Pedagogical Institute, faculty of Russian and Literature. From 1971 to1991 he taught in children's photo studio "Globe" in Petrogradski (area of Leningrad). He repeatedly organized exhibitions of children's works in cinemas, houses of culture, houses of the pioneers and schoolboys, published children's photos and compositions on page "Svetlachok" of the newspaper "Electroforce", newspaper "Lenin’s sparks", magazine "The Soviet photo". From 1986 to 1988 he supervised cycles of seminars for children on photography in the House of Culture. From 1993 Boris works in firm "Goland", based on the younger son of well known pictorialist Goland Ilya Borisovich – Lev Goland.


MARINA GOLOVANOVA Marina Golovanova was born in 1979. Has ended the Rostov state pedagogical university is art-graphic faculty, the candidate of pedagogical sciences. The teacher, the senior lecturer of chair of design and it is decorative - a teacher training college applied art of "Southern federal universityÂť. Teaches graphic design and the computer drawing. Is engaged in a list on silk. The candidate for members of the Union of artists of Russia in arts and crafts section. The constant participant of art exhibitions and design exhibitions.

OLD TOWN Batik silk, 50x60 cm, 2010

GEORGIA GRIGORIADOU Georgia Grigoriadou was born in Kozani, Greece, at March 13, 1975. She lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Business Administration. Since 2005 she participated to several national and international exhibitions in Greece, Portugal, Holland, Poland, Nepal, Germany, Mexico. She also took part to lots of Symposiums in Holland, Greece, Italy and France (3d BIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE GRAVURA - DOURO 2005, Portugal, "International Mother Language Day", Nepal Art Council Gallery, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, Nepal,…). In 2009 she organized

the “1st international

Environmental Art Symposium Zone Zero – Gallikos River”, Kilkis, Greece, at 2007 the “1nd International Mail Art – The Philosophy Day”, at Art Space “VLASSIS ART.COM”, Thessaloniki, Greece and at 2008 the “2nd International Mail Art – Elimination of Violence against Woman”, Library of Technological Education Institute, Serres, Greece.

DROPS Etching, 20x20 cm, 2006

GERALD GRÜNWERTH Gerald Grünwerth was born on September 21st, 1961 in Villach, Carinthia. He is a Deputy Chairman of the artist’s group El-Kordy in Vienna, Artist of the Marchfeld Gallery in Lower Austria, Artist of the IG visual Artist in Vienna. He has participated in national and international solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Italy, Hungary and New York. (Gallery 24; Brooklyn / NEW YORK Frontstreet 111, Art fair of Salzburg , Cultural spring Gänserndorf, Work presentation - Mannheim (GER) Army-historical museum in VIENNA, Exhibition Saint Leopold peace prize in the castle Stift Klosterneuburg.). I reach for concrete motives to be able to blur and to deform them again. The concrete form is only more disguising and camouflage and the true message originates while looking the misshapen contours. It touches concreteness and color surfaces are blended together eventually. The work then plays more and more with the contingencies of the newly colored areas and the backlash against order and contour is always stronger. Flickering contours show that reality is not as consistent as our expectations and sometimes it simply goes elsewhere. With these picture worlds I shake the treasuries of the recollections. The aim is to be appealed 3E (emotions, empathy, experience). The internal and concealed forces of the works are to be exposed.

SPHINX WITH GREEN HAIR Oil on canvas, 75x95 cm, 2010

VICTORICA GUADALUPE Victorica Guadalupe was born in 1952. She studied in the Fine Arts School of the University of Baja California and in the University of San Diego, California (USA). She attended specialization courses in several universities in Mexico and the United States. In parallel to her work as an artist she pursued a carrier as a researcher in communication and social studies, receiving her Master’s Degree and PhD by the University of Minnesota. She has presented her work individualy in Mexico, USA and UK. She has participated in many collective exhibitions all over the world. During the last 6 years she participates in the Migrants Project, which has led in exhibitions, congresses, festivals etc. in over ten countries.

BOARD BORDER IN TIJUANA Acrylic on canvas, 40x50 cm, 2006

JULIA GUERRERO Julia Guerrero was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1969 and became a Greek citizen in 2003. From 1987 to 1990 she studied Plastic Arts at University Los Andes, in Bogotá Colombia; from 1990 to 1992 she studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. During the same period she followed the school of art restoration in the Italian Institute Arte Artigianato e Restauro, Rome. Her individual and collective expositions have been numerous, mainly in Greece, Italy, England, Brussels, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Turkey. She has participated in the Athens Biennial and her works of art belong to numerous collections of museums, foundations and cultural centers in Colombia, Italy, France, Mexico and Brazil. In addition, Julia’s artwork has been in the Contemporary Art Center of Larissa (Greece), the Multicultural Center Athinais in Athens, in the Foundation Pieridis in Athens, in the National Gallery of Lefkada, in the National Gallery of Piraeus, in the Borre Museum in Peania, in the Maria Callas Museum in Athens and in the DOGA Foundation of Istanbul, Turkey. She won the First Prize in the Young Artists Exhibition (Salon de Artistas Jovenes) of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano of Bogota, Colombia with a video named “Introspections” (1990) and received an Honorable Mention for the Austrian Humanitarian Organization Albert Schweiter (2011).

WOMEN I Mixed media on canvas 50x60 cm, 2009

ELENA GVARDYUBROVA Elena Vasiljevna Gvardjubrova was born in 1961 in Sterlitomak Bashkortastan. In 1965 her family has moved to the Rostov region. In 1980 she graduated from the Kamensk Pedagogical College. Between 1980 and 1985 she studied in the Kharkov Academy of Design with specialization in decorative art. Between 1985-1993 she was employed as the artist of decorative art by the Rovno Art Fund (Branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine). She has participated in regional and republican exhibitions. Since 2003 she works in Kamensk Pedagogical College as the lead of Graphic Art Department. She is member of the committee of the Ministry of Education, Russia and took part in developing the educational standards on a speciality "Fine arts and drawing". Preferable techniques are manual weaving and a painting on a fabric.


Edmond Haxhiu Edmond Haxhiu lives and works in Albissola Marina, Italy. He has exhibited many times in Italy and abroad: P.F. Galleries Clawson Gallery on third Rochester (2003), Art on the Ave Livernois Detroit (2004), Picture Talk Galleries Southfild, Hotel Tirreno Spotorno (SV) (2006), Studio Arti Visive Artemisia, Largo Matteotti snc, 09010 MUSEI, Prov. Carbonia/Iglesias (CI) (2008), Associazione Culturale Athena Arte – Via Palmiro Togliatti, Genzano Roma (2009), Associazione Culturale Galleria Hesperia, Roma (2010), “Tradizione e Innovazione” Gallery-Catacombe della Subbura, Roma (2011). He was the 1st classified in the competition “Secondo Concorso Internazionale Di Arte Contemporanea “CITTA DI PRAENESTE”.



27 x 38 x 48 cm

55 x 40 x 33 cm





Raiber González Hechavarría Raiber González Hechavarría was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1981.Inspired by the letters began philosophy studies at Havana University and later at “San Alejandro” art academy, where he ends his studies in 2005. That year he developed a community (art-therapy) project of exchanging with schizophrenic patients. In July of 2005 he received the prize on the XX edition of “Havana” Art Salon, which supports his membership in the National Arts Council of Cuba and later in the “X Havana Bienal”. “Raiber´s expression is supported by an existentialist approach to creative process; distant from archetypes derived from structural criticism he rediscovers the time, the sensorial experiences, the routine, the memory, and the fake. His essay work supports his analytical position about mechanisms and processes of signal languages transmission. His first stay in Europe, led him to Amsterdam, where he established the platform of artists creation “TARA projects”. In February 2011, in Spain, creates “Funda Mental” project, a documentary records about language systems studies, emphasizing in communicative noises, distortion and transmission processes in general. Funda Mental diffuses these records and try to build a window into the collective work and avoid the obstacle that institutional promotion usually assumes against the young creators’ methods. In the search for these spaces he found another social networks to share his work. Currently also works on documentation and diffusion of community projects in Havana (Cuba)”. (Guacimara Rivero Pérez, sociologist) Some of his recent solo and collective exhibitions are: “Recursos humanos” Hexaedro Rosa Gallery, Havana, Cuba, Sept. 2009, “Background” OT 301, Amsterdam, The Nederland’s, Sept. 2010, Hipercolectiva, “Aperitivos visuales”, Tenerife, Spain, DEC. 2010, Concurso Nacional de videoarte Click&rec PHE10, Spain, July 2010, Funda Mental Opening, “Aperitivos Visuales” Tenerife, Spain, Jan. 2011, Funda Mental public intervention, Havana Book fair, Cuba, Feb. 2011, “Caravan” festival 2011, Tenerife, Spain, July 2011.



Michael Horne Michael Horne was born in Keighley, UK on December 14, 1953. He lives and works in Hebden Bridge, UK. I have been a practicing artist for the last 5 years, having previously worked as an academic, (social sciences, ethics and social work) in various UK universities and colleges. My art spans 2D, 3D and installation work. My work mostly explores how we see and make sense of the world, inviting quiet contemplation on these processes. Nothing is fixed – everything is open to exploration and interpretation. Whilst using levels of abstraction, my work draws heavily on my own spiritual and meditative reflections encompassing experiences of place, memory, spirituality and social comment. My artwork at the moment mainly takes the form of pen and ink work, exploring my imaginings, based on memory and sky/landscapes. All are to various extents abstracted and ‘free’ in the sense that the finished form often lies deep in my unconscious, only to be revealed at a later time. Much of my work starts with or includes a spiritual element. I have exhibited widely in the north of England as well in the Czech Republic, (International Drawing Biennial).

SEARCHING FOR THE BREATH OF GOD pen, ink and pencil 17 x 30 cm 2011

Sabina Šiler Hudoklin Sabina Šiler Hudoklin was born in Slovenia in 1973. From 1992 to 2002 she is attending art workshops and graphic workshops (ran by Branko Šuster, Janko Orac and Svetlana J. Rodic) and more recently, woodcout workshop by Franko Vecchiet (2007), aquatint, etching and vernis mou by Gorazd Šimenko (2007-2009), woodcut by Dare Birsa (2010), etching, aquatint by Hamo Cavrk (2010). She uses several tehniques: drypoint, etching, kolography, linocut, aquatint, vernis mou, acrylic paintings, collage, photography. Solo exhibitions: Inner Landscapes, exhibition together with Rowena Božic, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Kulturni cener Janez Trdina, Novo mesto and at Sevnica Castle, Sevnica Slovenia , Graphic exhibition, Municipality Straža, Slovenia, Klub Lokal Patriot Novo mesto, Slovenia. Group exhibitions: X Graphic Art Biennial Dry Point, Uzice 2011, Serbia, Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Barcelona, Spain, 10th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria, International Print Biennial Santos 2011, São Paulo, Brazil, 2nd International Print Exhibition 2010, Penang, Malaysia, 30th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Spain, Collage – state exhibition JSKD, Ajdovšcina, Slovenia, Second International Prints for Peace, Mexico 2009, 29th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Spain, 8th World Art Print Annual - Mini Print 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1st International Print Biennial – China, 2009, The International Small Engraving Salon 2008, Muzeul Florean, Romunia, 28th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Spain, BIMPE V, Vancouver, Canada.

My Lollipop 6/10 etching, aquatint

A Cat 3/10 etching, aquarell

Sweet Joy of Rainy Days 6/10 etching, aquatint

A Brolly 2/10 aquatint all 10 x 10 cm 2011

KATERINA KARAGIANNI-IATROPOULOU Katerina Karagianni-Iatropoulou was born in Athens. She was a high school student when she started practicing active journalism, to major Greek newspapers (“TA NEA”, “PROTI”, “ETHNOS”), Greek Radio-Television, etc. as art editor and producer of cultural programs. In 1993, published her novel “The sucker” - Edition: “Nea Sinora –Livani”, presented in the audience by Vassilis Vassilikos. At this point, Katerina was devoted to final painting. She studied to Antonis Politakis Workshop (Draft, Color, Composition, Materials), to Nick Christoforakos-Litsa Martzoukou Workshop (drawing, composition, principles of sculpture), to John Varlas group (theory-analysis-drawing). She works almost exclusively with scoops, canvases manufactured by her own. She first introduced the “One Day’s Exhibition”. Her first exhibition was in “Emily’s Hill”, Lagonisi. She also exhibited at Mykonos:”Fabrika” - “Municipal Gallery,” “House of Galatis” ,”Angellika”, where they are many of her artworks, (Hotel “Tharroe “ City Hall, private collections). At Easter 1999, she organized in the Cultural Center of Athens Municipality the “Great Cultural Event of Eastern”, where presented 33 oils while happening-oratorio in poetry Dimitris Iatropoulos and narrated by Vlassis Bonatsos. In 2006, he presented at “Zygos” gallery, her retrospective work. In 2009 she took part in the Great National Exhibition of Fine Arts Chamber in Athens (“The human figure in art”). In 2010, she took part in major international exhibition of “Athens Art” (“Friendship through Art can change the World “).

A family story acrylic on canvas 35 x 28 cm


Andrey Isakov Stepanovich Andrey Isakov Stepanovich was born in 1953 in Rostov-on-Don and works in the regional tourist board in aesthetics department. During 1980-1986 he studied at the Moscow Open University of Arts and in 1986 he has been trained in the State Hermitage Museum. Since 1981 he works in the Rostov Regional Museum of local lore. He is a member of the Union of Russian Artists. He worked for years in Roma Isakov A.S and he has organized more than 500 exhibitions which have become part of the permanent exhibition, as well as imported from other Russian Museums. In 1996 the exhibition «Gold of barrows» took place in Glasgow (Scotland). He carried out restoration works in the museum – sculpture, painting, weapons. He has done Alan image reconstruction (the skull) and a Scythian burial image on the burial of the «Five brothers». More than 100 posters were published. Isakova A.S.’s works have been exhibited in Japan, Scotland, USA, Germany, Canada, Spain and Russia. He participated in personal, regional, zone and Russian art exhibitions.

The wife of the Cossack chief oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm

Giulia Janach Giulia Janach is a third year student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Aldo Galli in Como. She is a member in one artistic group called “I/con” with many other artists, in Milan. She has already had several artistic experiences. She participated in several competitions, receiving awards and nominations –“Carimate in Forme Plastiche” art competition 05/12/07; Prize for Figurative Extemporary Art where she received the Jury Prize for plastic ability and expressive strength; “Donato da Montorfano 2007” painting competition awarded with 3rd prize “ Libico Maraya”; the International Competition “Epifania 2009” at the Galleria Eustachi. She exposed her works in various collective exhibitions in Milan (“Environment, Nature and the Metropolitan Body”, “Fuori Salone”), Turin (“ Frontiere Visive”, “Artedonna”, “Finestra Figurativa Contemporanea”) and Athens (“Friendship through Art can change the World”). She lives and works in Como.

Children in the bathroom forex 50 x 70 cm 2009

SACHA JANZEE Sacha Janzee was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, in 1965. She took a BA in art and design at Windesheim, Zwolle. She exposed her artworks in solo and group exhibitions in Renesse, Steenwijk, Almere, Lelystad, Baarn, Dronten, Nagele, Barchem, Amersfoort, Emmeloord, Vienna and Athens. She lives and works in Marknesse, The Nederlands. With color, space and personal symbolism I search for a certain feeling, deeply rooted emotions, not bounded to culture, religion or race, but universal and recognizable for every human being. I hope the spectator finds something of himself in my work. My search is not spectacular or shocking, I am searching in the world of silence. Paintings and objects showing large color fields, with small figurative elements in it, like a leaf, a jacket, or a child. Approximate formed squares and circles are connected with thin lines to each other or to the space outside the painting or object. Glass is a material that gives me the opportunity to enter light literally into the work. Paper looks vulnerable and transient. These materials are becoming more and more important in my work.

Just a thought acryllic on canvas 20 x 20 cm 2006

Annelise Jarvis-Hansen Annelise Jarvis-Hansen lived the first part of her life in Copenhagen, Denmark. Then she moved to Los Angeles studied painting with Lorser Feitelson and Harry Carmean at Art Center College of Design, where she earned a BFA in 1975. She next moved to New York City for some years and worked with the CETA Art Project for the Westchester’s Partners in the Arts and exhibited in museums and galleries. In 1984, she obtained a BFA in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen. Annelise has travelled and exhibited in many countries. She lives in Copenhagen but travel often to Athens, New York and Los Angeles. She painted a historic wall painting on the Greek Island of Folegandros in the library and her paintings are included in Women of the World: A Global Collection of Art owned by Richard C. Colton Jr and The World’s Women on Line. She has attended many United Nations conferences on Art and Culture. She founded a NGO (non-governmental organization) named “KIK-Kulturel Information Koordination” in 1980 at the U.N. conference on Women in Copenhagen, which is accredited to the United Nations. She works with other NGOs on UNESCO’s Culture of Peace program for the arts to promote a culture of peace globally. I deal with political and social problems of our time in a way to transform our “cultures of conflict and war” to “Cultures in Peace”. The problem that concerns me are for all human beings to live in a harmonious coexistence with all our differences of lifestyles and beliefs, aiming towards a good and joyful life for each individual and accepting each-other for the human being that each individual is, and regard gender, origin and appearances for the different aspects that it is in life and not to dominate or kill each other over those differences, but to treasure the magnitude of all our rich inherited cultures and preserve them and the beauty of nature to the future generations.

Curvelinear Red

Curvelinear Blue

JASPALS Jaspals was born in India in 1958. He lives and works at Hoshiarpur, India. He has had earned an M.A. in Fine Art and an M.A. in Art History at Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is now doing Research on “Kushana Art of Sanghol� (A Buddhist Art Center of Second and Third Century A.D. in Punjab). His interests are photography, archaeology, heritage and astrophysics. He has participated in National Exhibition, New Delhi, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Drawing Biennale, Solid, Chandigarh, World Punjabi Conference, Art Fest, Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab), 2004, World Punjabi Conference, Art Fest, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, 2000, Young artists Art Festival Reggio Emilia, Italy. He has been represented in various all India level Art Exhibitions & State level Art Exhibitions throughout India since 1979. He has exhibited his work in solo shows (Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, 2001, Kala Gram, North Zone Culture Centre, Chandigarh, 2002, Indusind Bank Art Gallery, Chandigarh, 2003) and group shows (TAC Art Gallery, Ludhiana (Punjab), 2003, Young Artist Art Fest Reggio Emilia, Italy, PANJ-AAB: at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Sept. 2004, Colours of India, Common Art Gallery, Windsor, Canada, 2009, Brijindra College, Faridkot, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011). He has received many awards (Punjab Art Heritage Award, Jalandhar (Punjab), 1997 and 1998/Merit Award, Indian Society of Oriental Arts, Calcutta (West Bengal), Honourable Mention in U.S.A. Millennium Hall of Fame, 20th Century Achievement Award and Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to Contemporary Art, North Carolina, USA., 1998, Best Exhibit Award, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, 2009).

Girl with icecream opaque watercolor 13 x 17,5 cm 2010

MARIA KARAYIANNI Maria Karayianni was born in Athens in 1965.She studied journalism and worked for many years in mass media. In 2000 begins her artistic research. She followed advanced courses in painting, photography and sculpture. She works mix media technical on her paintings, with oil and acrylic on canvas. She exposed her works in many collective exhibitions in Athens. She lives and works with her family in Athens.

Luminus points oil on paper

Walking beside the lake oil on paper

22 x 32 cm

32 x 22 cm



Masha Knyazeva Masha Knyazeva was born in 1976 in Moscow. She is a graphic designer and photographer. She is also a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers and the Moscow Union of Designers. She has won in several International Art Contests and her works are stored in the collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Frida Morning Coffee Portrait Photographic paper 30 x 45 cm 2010

Mina Kordalis Alexopoulou Mina Kordalis Alexopoulou was born in Agrinio. She graduated from Arsakeio School of Palaio Psychiko.She studied Economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and she engaged in business. Her love and passion in art guided her to study art in Paris. She studied Drawing and Painting at the École Nationale de Beaux Arts Ensba of Paris under Frédéric Prat and James Blœdé, Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts Asfa under Chronis Botsoglou, Photography under Manolis Baboussis, Scenography under Christos Palamides, Mask under Vassiliki Psarrou. She graduated Asfa in 2008. She participated in 5 exhibitions at the Athens School of Fine Arts Asfa, International Painting Exhibition at the ex-airport of Elliniko (2005), Cultural event at the Nea Erythrea municipality cultural center, Arsakeion Megaron at the Athens “Stoa tou Vivliou” (2006), Photography Exhibition at the Athens School of Fine Arts Asfa (2007), “Technopolis” Gazi, Athens, Scenography and Mask Exhibition at the Athens School of Fine Arts Asfa (2008), Cultural event, by the Greek Embassy at Abuja and Lagos of Nigeria (2009), Exhibition “Summer Ascent” in Titanium Yayannos Gallery in Athens (2010), Exhibition “With One Drachma In Art” in Titanium Yayannos Gallery in Athens, Cartoon Exhibition in Technopolis of Athens Municipality, Cartoon Exhibition in Cultural Center of Nea Ionia, Exhibition “Summer Ascent” in Titanium Yayannos Gallery in Athens (2011). Her first solo exhibition titled “In the Rhythm of Color”, took place at Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens (2009), her second solo exhibition titled “Music Session” in “Gallerie Catherine Niederhauser” in Lausanne, Switzerland (2010), third solo exhibition titled “Cressendo in Light” in the P.C. Visual Arts Centre “G.Karydes” in Filothei (2011). Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens.

Untitled mixed technique on canvas 40 x 40 cm 2008

Angeliki Korkou Angeliki Korkou, was born in Patra of Greece, studied Fine Arts in Thessaloniki in Aristotelion School of Fine Arts and University Center and in 2000 studied blown glass in a Stazione Sperimentale del vetro.(Research Center of Glass) Murano, Venice. From 2000 to 2001 she studied the process of production of industrial glass at a factories: Carolo Moretti Italy Barovier & Toso Italy Moser a,s.Czech Republic Orrefors ,Kosta Boda Sweden. From 2001 to 2002 studied blown glass in Urban Glass New York Contemporary Glass Center, Brooklyn, New York also studied in Corning Museum of Glass Rakow Research Center of Glass(Rakow), New York. She is a international artist and also well-known in USA as she has studied in N.York glass blowing and is living also there. She has lectured at the International Olympic Academy Apprenticeship in Art Department 2002Olympia, Greece (1991), at the Parsons School of Design N.Y. (2002), at the Intellectual Centre of Eleusis (2003). She has held many private and group art exhibitions (partial chosen): 2008 Brain in the Vat-Screw, Agelon Bima, Greece, Rhythm of Energy Course, Poros Art Center Cephalonian, Greece, 2011 Sofia Paper Art Biennial, Bulgaria, 2010 Athens Art 2010 Inernational Art Exhibition, Greece, 2009 Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale Organizing Committee, Korea, 2008 Silent Dialogues, American College of Greece, 2007 Art,Gotham, Gallery. N.Y. U.S.A., 2006 Auction Chelsea Art Museum N.Y. U.S.A., 2005 Asian Cultural Center, Group Show, Asian Fusion Gallery, N.Y, U.S.A, 2004 Around the world Marathon, Group Show, Titanium, 2001 Auction Urban Glass, N.Y Auction Glass Art Society, Corning, N.Y, 1997 Ad hoc in Situ, Group Show, Rethymnon Center for Contemporary Art, Crete, Greece and many others. She is in many collections, Korea Incheon, Bulgaria Sofia, Corning Museum New York, American College of Greece (Deere), Vorres Museum of Contemporary Art Peania, Athens Greece, Rethymnon Center of Contemporary Art Kanakaki Rethymnon, Crete and private collections.

Analyzing of self respect paper 50 x 50 cm 2011

Eleni Katsoula Koronaeou Eleni Katsoula Koronaeou was born in Athens, Greece, on January 27, 1950. She studied design, painting and batik. She draws her inspiration from a great variety of sources, either mythology or everyday life. Many of her works bear a naturalistic character. She generally uses expressionistic colours; some of her creations have naïve elements and rarely surrealistic ones. She is member of ETEE – Chambers of Fine Arts of Greece, of UNESCO and of DEEL – International society of Greek Writers. She exposed her works in eleven solo exhibition and in more than a hundred collective ones. She has received several commendations and critiques some of which have been published in daily and weekly Press. Her works can be found in museums, institutions, galleries, embassies, philanthropic institutions and in collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens.

1st May batik on silk 80 x 75 cm 2007

Ermioni- Eleni Koutsiafti Ermioni- Eleni Koutsiafti was born at Ioannina, Greece in 1970. She has a degree from the department of Philosophy and Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessalonica. She worked as a substitute teacher at the 3rd Junior high school of Igoumenitsa, during 2001-2002. The last 7 years she is working at an engineer’s office, as a secretary. Her hobby is micro sculpture using clay. She lives and works in Igoumenitsa, Greece.



Agnese Kurzemniece Agnese Kurzemniece was born in Latvia. Superior printmaker, illustrator and painter, her art is mainly based on emotions and experience transformed in the line and surface saturation. From 1991 to 1998 she attended MA and BA studies and workshops in the Department of Graphic Art of the Art Academy of Latvia. In 1991 she took part in the exchange program at Darhem’s Art school in Britain. She has exhibited her works at Group Show, Riga, Group Show Rujiena, Group Show Darlington Museum of Art, Great Britain, (1990), Group Show, Edinburgh and London, Great Britain (1994), “Autumn 2009”, “Happy Art Museum”, Riga (2009), Contemporary Art Exhibition “Switches”, Riga Art Space, Riga (2010), Group Show, “Galerija Centrs”, Riga, Group Show, “Metras Maja”, Aizpute (2010), Art Paris / Prix Saatchi online, Le Grand Palais, France (2011). Her works are found in private collections in Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States.

Blanket 58 x 45 cm colography/etching 1997

Nataliya Lebedeva Nataliya Lebedeva was born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia. In 2007 has graduated from State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov in Moscow with first class degree. She has a Diploma of artist-graphic, specialization - easel graphic. She works with the techniques of oil, acrylic and aquarelle painting, pastel and drawing. She had four years specialization in etching. She is a member of Moscow Art Union since 2009 and a member of Russian Art Union since 2010. She participated in Youth exhibitions of Moscow Art Union in 2003 and 2004, exhibition “Russia’s Youth № 26 “The family and a love” (The Exhibition Hall of the Russian Artists’ Union, Moscow) and exhibitioncontest of Russian Arts Help “Poetry in painting and graphic” in 2006. In 2007 she participated in All-Russian art Exhibition “Young Russian Artists” (The Exhibition Hall of the Russian Artists’ Union, Moscow). She also participated in 7th Lessedra World Art Print Annual - Mini Print 2008. In May 2008 she had a personal exhibition in Center and Fund “Holocaust” and in November 2008 a personal exhibition “Holocaust” within the Days of the Tolerance in the St.Petersburg Library of the Foreign Literatures. She was the Prizewinner (first class degree) of 29 Youth exhibition of the Russian Artists’ Union, Moscow, in 2009 and the Prizewinner of the Third Annual Russian Universities Essay Competition on the Holocaust 2007, nomination – “Art Works”. She was participant at Lettra-Krakow 2009 (International Print Triennial Krakow 2009-2010), at Youth exhibition of Moscow Art Union in 2009-2010 and at the prizewinners’ conference at Unesco Headquarters in Paris on July 2007. Her works are kept in Holocaust Memorial Museum in Paris, France (Memorial de la Shoah), Russian State Library, private art collection of Baron Eric de Rothschild and other private collections of Russia, Israel and France. She has publications in magazines and bulletins.



Etching, aquatint

Etching, aquatint

42 x 30 cm

42 x 30 cm



Charly Lindsay Charly Lindsay was born in London UK in 1964. He lives and works in Manchester. Fine Art Printmaking BA – Manchester. ’91-94. WFA workers film association – Manchester 1996. IDEA – Innovation in Design & Electronic Arts 1997. He exposed his works in London, Manchester, Nottingham, Salford, Newcastle and London. My current practice continues to sublimate & employ natural forms. The two selected images have in common leaves. One directly uses actual leaves as the stencil to create the image, making a virtual pictorialrepresentation of the leaves themselves. The other image is an idealised digital drawing of Japanese cherry-blossom, a totally fabricated virtual image made in 1 take; an image that existed only as pixels, right up until the print was made. The real and the virtual co-exist and create further cross-reference.

SAKURA digital print 20 x 45 cm 2010

Tatiana Lisova Tatiana Lisova was born on September, 12th, 1962 in the Rostov region. She graduated from college, and then studied at the Moscow State Ped. Institute, at the graphic art department. Since 1984 she works as a professor of specialized disciplines at the graphic art department of the Kamensk Pedagogical College.

Garden roses aquarelle on paper

Damian Liszatynski Damian Liszatynski was born in Jelenia Góra, Poland in 1982. He lives and works in Lublin, Poland. He is graduated in photography at the Higher Study of Art Photography in Jelenia Góra (2004) and in philosophy at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (2010). In 2004 participates in individual exhibition „Metaphorical sequences” in Jelenia Góra and in XIII Biennale of Mountain Photography in Jelenia Góra. In 2006 participates in XIV Biennale of Mountain Photography in Jelenia Góra, in 2011 participates in Post-Contest Show of 7th Warsaw Art Photography Festival and in 2011 participates in International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Venice Project 2011” in the Scoletta of San Giovanni Battista in Venice.

Forbidden fruit digital print 40 x 50 cm 2011

Christos Macheridis Christos Macheridis was born in Athens on October 25, 1957. He studied Drawing with Vrasidas Vlachopoulos and Sculpture and Plastic Arts at the laboratory of Athanasios Limneos. Some of his works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad: Austria, Germany, Italy, France and America. He was awarded with the 2nd Panhellenic Award for Greek Resistance Monument. Solo Exhibitions:1985 “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; 1989 “V. Milonoyanni” Gallery, Chania, Crete; “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; “Bouzianis” Gallery, Athens; 1992 “V. Milonoyanni” Gallery, Chania, Crete. Group Exhibitions: 1985 “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; 1986 Jewel Competition “Golden Form” 1986; FA CA D’ ORO. Greece; “Kreonidis” Gallery, Athens; 1990 “Dimito” Gallery, Rethimno, Crete; 1992 “Titanium” Gallery, Athens; “Epoches” Gallery, Kifisia, Athens; “Epipeda” Gallery, Athens; 1994 “Contemporary Chanian Artists Exhibition” ; 1995 “Exhibitions and Visual Events”, Chania Municipality; 1996 “V. Milonoyanni” Gallery, Chania Contemporary Chanian Artists Exhibition”; 2002 Chanian Artists Exhibition for the 750 years since Chania city’s reconstruction; 2004 “V. Milonoyannis” Gallery, Chania.

The two Friends bronze 25 x 18 x 12 cm

Barbara Marcucci Barbara Marcucci was born in Milan, Italy on 6.6.1976. She attended Arts State Institute ‘O.Licini’ and she is a graphic designer and scene painter. She exhibited in Spain and Italy her painting and photographic works. She lives and works in Ascona Italy. “I experienced the art in life, in my every single day. My grandfather, a sculptor, always said: Love the art … of Life. I can say I do not see major studies. Simple diploma as a graphic designer and a simple certificate scenic artist of the theatre. I love the colours. I like to paint a simple day in its simple wonder and my little star loves the colours of the great day that unites us.”

Shadows digital photo 35 x 45 cm 2010

José Américo de Oliveira Marques Pedroso José Américo de Oliveira Marques Pedroso was born in São Paulo in 1953. He is an artist and designer. He studied Animal Science at the State University Julio de MesquitaFilho UNESP Campus de Jaboticabal (1978). Self-taught in Arts courses and internships in studios of sculptors, potters and paper mills, (1987/1993/94 / 95/98/2002). In 1994 he returned to Maiden Island, within the State of São Paulo, where he decides to work only with design and sculpture in Active · Art Workshop, using carbon steel, stainless steel, wood in organic form, acrylic, handmade paper, stone powder, glass and concrete cell. In August 2002, conceived and founded the Association of Fine Ilhense Artes.2007 start their work in digital art. Collective and individual exhibitions in Brazil, USA, Spain, Portugal, France, England Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Chile (2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010). He has been rewarded many times and his works are found in private collections and museums, sculptures, art books published in Brazil and abroad. Creativity is present in small things. It is, for example, in the act of looking at nature and how it can be reused for patterns plastically always subjective and cultural beauty. It is this mystery that drives the work of Jose Americo in his ongoing research materials. The main feature of his sculptures and wall table is in the mix of types of wood (mastic, for example) with metallic elements (carbon steel, among others). The visual result of the dialogue is marked by the dominance of abstraction and the curved line. Various compositions generally appear in subtle organic shapes. The artist also makes jewelry. Work as studies of larger works, constructed from pieces of wood found on the banks of the Parana River and the shaping of the steel... (Oscar D’Ambrosio).

East Wind (Vento do Oriente) mixed media 38,5 X 29,5 X14 cm 2010

Nicola Mastroserio Nicola Mastroserio was born in Italy on October 14, 1972. He lives and works in Italy. He is an international artist – painter, sculptor and writer. He exposed his works in solo and collective exhibitions in Utrecht, Madrid; Bolzano, Rome, Bari, Civitavecchia, Conversano – Italy. He is the founder of ‘Cellulismo’ (2007) conceived as a new Model of Artistic , Scientific and Cultural Innovation, as a new way to interpret Life and Art… it is the Symbolic Artistic Expression of Universal Life; it is the world of infinite intelligences, the imperishable world in its Universality. “Cellulismo” is the new artistic avant garde, a new Culture of thought and of Being... (Nicola Mastroserio).

Tamax oil on cloth 78 X 52cm 2009

Ofer MizraChi Ofer Mizrachi Since I can remember, the Creation took me through music, crafts, painting, photography, poetry, writing and thinking. From the 80’s this journey gained momentum and took me to very special districts. As if I could pass any gate and discover new worlds in the lifetime. Art has allowed learning it and exploring. Not easy to explain it in words, just to let you know that there are a lot of good in this world. Happy to share with you this journey. Pictures are just like taken from nature near Jerusalem, no processed by computer. Taking the seasons, light, & color as nature gives. The only thing that sometimes changes is that I love to see the same picture in black and white, without touching the photo.

ally ylly 70 x 34 cm signed and printed on canvas 2010

Gabriele Montagano Gabriele Montagano was born in Naples in 1960. As a poet he was in the 53rd Venice Biennale - Collateral Events, 2009. He is editorial director of Trimbi, magazine of Art and Communication; he published several books among which For an aesthetics of the rest ... (2008); liquid Visions (2008); The tele@vision indifferent (2008). He has written for The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences (1999). He edited the Italian edition of Aesthetics Disappearance by Paul Virilio (1992). He translated for the Italian types Baudrillard, Maffesoli, Virilio, Chambers. He has written music for solo instruments, chamber music, orchestral, electronic music, music for the theatre. His works have been performed at the International Festivals and in theatres He has held seminars on contemporary music in Hungary and is the author of sound installations including Emulement (Museum of Contemporary Art in Bolzano – Italia). He has published GA(i)EL, music for Environment (2008). He was artistic director for Jezzology: retrospective exhibition of Italian Jazz in Naples and others musical events. He is a consultant for media events including Urban tribes, Triennale of Milan 1997.

THE INTRUDER photography 70 x 50 cm 2009

Antonietta Montemurro Antonietta Montemurro was born at Anzi-Potenza (Italy) on March 29, 1954. She is a creative, self-taught artist, a poet and she is interested in interior design. After a long time of silence she started doing arts again. In 2008 she published a poetry collection and she won the first prize in National Awards “Calicanthus” and the only one prize for Basilicata Region in National Award “Histonium”. She mainly expresses through oil and mixed media on large canvas and exposed her art-works in solo and collective exhibitions. She lives and works in Potenza-Italy. Mine is a trip through the force of creation before elements take a definite form. It’s a search of the line separating what’s known from what’s unknown, through a steady tension towards balance and harmony. The invisible thread, separating the inside from the outside, breaks Trying to understand the unintelligible we discover to be thrills in the heart of chaos.

Beats in the chaos heart oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm 2010

Manousos Nanakis Manousos Nanakis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1969. He has a secondary education degree. He is a student in Photography and Architecture and he is also studying Drawing and Painting. He has published two poetic collections: “Voiceless entreaty” (2000) and “Biography in seven acts” (2005). He graduated from the non commincion officers academy in Greece (1985). He lives and works in Athens.

The red boat digital photo 30 x 40 cm 2011

Free spirit digital photo 30 x 40 cm 2011

Bassey Effiong Ndon Bassey Effiong Ndon was born at Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria on November 6, 1974. Painter, digital artist, experimentalist and motivational speaker, he is currently an art lecturer of fine arts, Painting and Drawing at the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts, at the Faculty of Environmental Studies – University of Uyo, Nigeria. He got a MFA and a BA in Painting at Uyo University. He exposed his works in various group exhibitions at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria among which ‘’Productivity’’ Society of Nigerian Arts (SNA) Exhibition in conjunction with Ministry of Science and Technology, Office of the Executive Governor in 2009. He was awarded with the First Prize in the NFC/ Mobil Art Competition of Schools and Colleges in 1992. He is member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), of the Inspirational Association of Nigeria (ISAN) and of the African Missionary Network.

Drummers Acrylic on straw board 61 x 61 cm 2011

Manuela Nicolini Manuela Nicolini was born in Ghedi (BS) in February 1965 since childhood she is attracted by the magic of colors. After the dress designer school she has experience working in various sectors. Her ongoing research is to give a deeper meaning to her life, always convinced that “there is much more than what we see.� Her great desire is to create and convey to others what she discovers in her journey. She therefore decided to dedicate her life to this. Then combines her inner quest to research and experimentation, by means of courses and experiments with materials and different techniques. Her new artistic expression, Aqvacolor 4D *, is the result of an intuition and of her recent research. Here the colors take shape, transparency acquired volume, different materials are combined, the picture becomes almost a sculpture. Spirit and Matter come together thanks to the consciousness of the artist (hence the name AqvaColor 4D). Vibration of joy, harmony and prosperity are awakened in the observer.

Spirito Libero aqvacolor 4d mixed media on mdf 80 x 80 x 5 cm 2008

Branislava Nikolic (Bransha) Branislava Nikolic (Bransha) was born in Vienna, Austria, on October 28, 1981 and grew up in Serbia. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. After practical works in galleries and lectures , she decided to open up to new cultures and challenges by moving to Turkey, Italy and finally back to Vienna where she presently studies Art Therapy and Romance Languages. Her artworks are characterized by her unique painting style and convey a high plasticity, which nonetheless does not inhibit the real expressions of warm colours and emotions. She exposed her artworks in 40 exhibitions around the world in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and USA. She was awarded with the ‘’Ribbon Award’’ in Chezh Republic in 2007. Her works can be found in numerous private collections as well as public places such as Contemporary Art Museum in Romania, Old Townhall in Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna. I paint and create pictures from pure love as an expression of the positive flow of ideas reflected in life as in my art.

After the Dervish Dance

After the Dervish Dance

digital print

digital print

21x 30 cm




Evgeniya Onosova Evgeniya Onosova was born at Izmail, Ukraine, in March 1986. She studied at Izmail Art School (1996-2000), Izmail State Humanitarian University, Economy (2003-2007), Izmail State Humanitarian University, Fine Art and Design (2005-2010). She is working as a teacher of Fine Arts at Izmail Art School. She earned honors and awards in several competitions: The international competition “Bulgaria in my dreams”, Incentive award, Bulgaria (2003), The winner of V competition “The convention U.N. of eyes of the child” genre the poster, Izmail, Ukraine (2004), The first round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, II place, Izmail, Ukraine, The diploma “For the original author’s decision in drawing” of the second round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, KryvoyRog, Ukraine (2008), The first round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, I place, Izmail, Ukraine, The diploma “For the author’s decision in painting” of the second round of Ukrainian National competition among art high schools, KryvoyRog, Ukraine, Scientifically-practical conference “priority directions of a science: search of the student”, II place, Izmail, Ukraine (2010). At 2008 she exhibited her artworks at Izmail, Ukraine (“Vilkovo”), and participated to group exhibitions: “The story of Bessarabiya”, Izmail, Ukaraine 2006, “Beauty created by woman”, Izmail, Ukraine 2008, “Floodlight”, Izmail, Ukraine 2008.

She Gouache on paper 57 x 77 cm 2011

Tahar Ouamane Tahar Ouamane was born on the 12th March 1954 in Biskra in southern Algeria. Tahar began his artistic career in 1971 with etchings, frescoes and illustrations and furthering his training of etchings in Bulgaria , Cuba and France. To date he has illustrated more than 250 literary works. He started exhibiting from 1975 in Algeria, Bulgaria and Germany and in 1978 participated at the World Expo of young painters in Cuba. Since then Tahar has exhibited globally from Spain, Switzerland, France, Tunisia and Italy to Washington in the USA, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Cap Town (South Africa) and last participation was in 2010 “ Art for Peace” at Seoul( South Korea)... He has also painted many murals and ceramics in Algeria for specially universities... In 2004 Tahar was invited to participate in the International Exhibition in Barcelona at the ‘Centenary of Salvador Dali’. His works are in several private collections, government and Royal museums around the world. He live and work in Algiers since 1975.

Dialogue with Hammamet Monoprints on paper 42,33 x 95 x24 cm 2006

Smail Ouchene Smail Ouchene was born at Aokas, Wilaya of Bejaia, in 1969. He has a degree from LAC (1988), in Industrial Chemistry DEUA “University of Bejaia” (1992), DESA and (Postgraduate Diplome in Art) “School of Fine Arts of Algiers” (2000). He is a teacher of drawing, painting, since 2000 at the Regional School of Fine Arts Azazga, Algeria, teacher of art history and aesthetics since 2007 at the Regional School of Fine Arts Azazga, teacher of art at the University Abderrahmane Mira, Department of Architecture, Algeria, ex president of the association of visual artists of the Wilaya of Bejaia, Algeria. His latest exhibitions are: 2004, Mosaic of the summer, Bastion 23 Algiers, 2005, Algiers meeting of Mediterranean art schools, 2006: Toulon, France sites of the moon, 2007: Carte blanche to Serge Maillet, Toulon, France, 2007: Fahrenheit 451, Carthage, Tunisia, 2008: Algiers, gallery Elios, 2009: National exhibition of Biskra in the south of Algeria, 2010: Autumn Exhibition, Algiers, 2011: National Poetry Festival Berber Ait Smail, Bejaia, 2011, national exhibition of plastic arts of the wilaya of Mila.

between eyes oil on paper 72 x 66 cm 2008

Effi Pania Effi Pania was born in Athens, whereas her father originates from Messinia and her mother from Russia. Her first tutoring of painting lessons came from the well known painter Theodore Drosos, when she was quite young and for ceramics from Nikos Alayiannis (painter ceramist). Since 1980 she is professionally occupied with ceramics. Items of her work are owned as parts of private collections. She has exhibited in El Greco gallery, Athens (1983), Kreonidis gallery, Athens (1983), Antinor, Athens (1988), Chiron Gallery, Zurich (1993), Xenikaki Gallerie (1995), annual participation in the Hellenic Exhibition at Marousi (art department) from 1986 to 2006. Her personal exhibitions were at Ergastiri Tehnis, 1986, Pinelia Gallery, 1990, Prova Club, 1994 and 1995, Politistiko P. Psyhikou, 1996, Kentro Tehnis Gallery, 2008, Myconos Municipal picture gallery, 2009.

Horses ytong 60 x 15 x 20 cm 2011

Lydia Parish Lydia Parish was born in 1984 in California, USA. She studied Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations with concentration in Egypt and Art History at the University of California Los Angeles. She has had 23 group exhibitions in the USA, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Germany and Egypt among them the important exhibition at the Auditorium Al Duomo in Florence, Italy. Her works belong to private and public collections in many countries. She is an awarded artist. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America. She lives and paints daily in Los Angeles, California.

Fall Eve 24 x 36 cm oil on canvas 2011

Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier is a native of Mexico City (March 20, 1969). Coming from a long line of artists, she studied art at Wright State University in the United States. Her life is full of experiences that have allowed her to develop her talent as an artist. Being born in Mexico she developed a fondness for what most people would label as morbid images. The horrendous reality of war and political instability that Mexicans endured from 1810 to the late1930’s inspired many great artists. Some wanted to use their artistic abilities to attest to the brutal living conditions of every day life in Mexico. Others used their art to express their political opinions. When Gabriela paints or creates sculptures she uses a fusion of influences from her native country, drawing on the influence of Jose Maria Velasco and his landscapes, Posada and his morbid sense of humor, Diego Rivera and his desire to show us the harsh reality of life experienced by the Mexican peasants oppressed by corrupt governments, and Frieda Kahlo, who painted from the heart communicating a sense of physical and psychological anguish. Gabriela aims at raising awareness regarding the living conditions of the Mexican indigenous people who have been marginalized by economic realities and social discrimination. As an activist, Gabriela uses her art as a venue for social commentary in the hope that indigenous people are not forgotten. In an era where Zapatistas have put down their guns and use words as a weapon against tyranny, she uses her art to compliment the messages of peace and respect for human rights emanating from the jungles of Mexico. Her landscapes are memories of her childhood recorded for posterity. As urbanization takes over the Mexican landscape, Gabriela wants to show the world the beauty of Mexico’s countryside before it fades away.

Sunset oil on panel 20 x 25 cm 2007

Antonis Pikrakis Antonis Pikrakis was born in Pireaus in 1959. He was raised in Athens where he studied to become an electrical and mechanical engineer while at the same time he took sculpture and art classes from 1978 to 1982. In 1983 he realized his first personal exhibition. It has been 30 years since then. 30 years of painting and struggling to change the world.

Untitled oil on canvas 45 x 75 cm

Untitled oil on canvas 40 x 70 cm

Chiara Pini Chiara Pini was born in 1967 in Padua, Italy. She lives and works as a teacher at Mogliano Veneto. She is a self-taught artist. She began artistic sculpturing in 2008.

Future digital photo 85 x 50 cm 2009

Peter Rademacher Peter Rademacher was born on 22.3.1953 in Hagen. After professional change of his father to Arnsberg, he lived there with his parents and his brother till 1973. During his school time in the high school he developed under the direction of his art teacher R. Pawlik his predilection for drawing. After completing his schooling in 1973 he studied first art, music and law. Drawing, woodcut and etching formed the main focus of his artistic creating. He undertook a lot of study travelling to Paris and Amsterdam to visit old printers which still printed in the traditional technology. In 1979 he began, in addition, his medicine study and did a doctorate at the university of Münster. Peter Rademacher issued his drawings and graphic arts including in Karlsruhe, Weißenburg, Dortmund, Cologne, Bonn, Bochum, Kleve, Treuchtlingen and Amsterdam. In the 80-s he illustrated some issues of the „Kinky Mirror“ (fanzine of the British beatgroup „The Kinks“).Today Peter Rademacher lives with his family in Münster and has long been member of the artist’s community „spectrum“ and the academy of arts of Münster.

Pretty Ziggy acryl and gouache on canvas 60 x 80 cm 2010

Zdenko Radovanic Zdenko Radovanic was born in Croatia, in 1967. He is occupied with painting, installation, graphics and education. He graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, (class of professor Zlatko Keser) and the College of drawing and painting, Zagreb, (class of professor Igor Modric). He has participated in 112 solo and group exhibitions and he has won 7 prizes in drawing and painting. He is a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists), Zagreb, UPAF (Unione Artisti e Pittori Friuliani) Mortegliano, Italy, InAEA (International Art Education Association) Academy Art, Zagreb. The complexity and the multiple facets of the global world are my main fundamentals. Selecting and manipulating images, essentially from the press and popular magazines, I try to create a new suggested reality, a new narrative, open to the viewer. Resorting to the realism of the figures and the gestural abstraction, the paradox, the contrariety, the criticism or irony, what I do is unfold the reality, individual and collective, which is common to us, reconfiguring it in the plan of the canvas.

DISAPPEARED SOUL oil on canvas 90 X110 cm 2011

Laura Rambelli Laura Rambelli was born in 17.09.1980 at Faenza (Ravenna), Italy. She has a Diploma in graphic design (Accademia Cappiello of Florence, Italy) and a High school diploma at the Art school of Ravenna, Italy. Until now she made 4 solo exhibitions in Italy and took part to several collective art exhibitions in Italy like Venice, Florence, Verona, Catania, Naples, and she received one award and several mentions. She took part to artistic residences in the East Europe (Serbia and Macedonia). Meantime, she also works as a graphic designer. She uses paint and drawing to express herself. Through white color, she wants to express the freedom and the detachment from the schemes never belonged to her. White becomes an important graphic element to describe expressionist shapes, in order to portray a personal emotion, maintaining a compositional spirit. Her paintings reflects what she feels, dreams, and catches from her travels. Her last travel brings Laura to Shutka, the biggest Roman people city, in Skopje, Macedonia. She is interested in these people the last years, so her new collections it’s about these people, a sort of tribute to them, whom accepted Laura in their “way of living�. White is still present, like to light up the vitality of Roma people.



mixed media on canvas

Mixed media on canvas

50 x 100 cm

50 x 100 cm



Marina Reiter Marina Reiter exhibits internationally, nationally and locally in conventional and alternative venues. Among them is the personal show at the MOYA (Museum of Young Art) in Vienna, Austria. She was selected by the Museum of the Americas in Doral, Florida and the exhibition was curated by Jackie Mauersberger-Arce, director of JMA-Gallery and ACT Center of Contemporary Art, both in Vienna, Austria. She also participated in Art-Event 2008 in Antwerpen, Belgium and the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart award in Vienna. She was invited by the Museum of the Americas to show her art in many European and American venues. She is a grant recipient from the Washington DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities. Her work was shown at the Red Dot, Art Manezh and Pool Art Fairs. The world is a network of connected beings and experiences. In my abstractions, globular forms move into and out of one another’s orbit, marking brief encounters in some places and becoming completely intertwined elsewhere. This life trajectory of moves speaks to contemporary experiences of a world in which people are more connected than ever, and simultaneously more vulnerable to feelings of alienation than at any preceding epoch. The shapes I paint may evoke human forms, atomic particles and even the very make-up of our social fabric, the very essences of who we are. The forms are being cast into a surreal void, spinning, floating, colliding and bouncing amidst lines and shapes. There is a certain element of unpredictability in these chaotic movements, which at the second glance may actually look quite orchestrated evoking the questions: Is there a certain pattern to our lives even if we don’t notice it? Do we follow a path that we are destined to follow? Or is everything in our lives spontaneous and unpredictable?

Inspiration my wings oil on canvas 122 x 92 cm

Stephanie Rigsby Stephanie Rigsby was born in Torrej贸n de Ardoz, Spain on April 15, 1977. She lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. She has revelled in photography for over 15 years. Predominant themes in her work include architecture, ephemera, portraits, abstraction, and urban decay. Her creative style gravitates toward the capture of reflections, saturated colors, and illumination. Well versed in both analog & digital photography, she also creates in other media including sculpture, painting, illustration, collage, graphics and design. Her portfolio also includes creative writing. Her paintings have been on exhibition in California; her photographs were exhibited in Brooklyn, NY; Farmington, Michigan; others have been featured in print in several magazines and newspapers. Her photography is also featured in several online music magazines and band websites. I attempt, with my art, to allow its viewer to revisit creative possibilities. To strip away the layers formed from the stresses of daily life that can dim a sense of hope or wonder in the vibrancy of life. I aim to reawaken the daydreamer by presenting things that appear out of their element though are in fact, captured in their organic state. The usual association to the subject may then be reinterpreted, allowing for a broadening of perception or reinterpretation to be discovered in things outside of the art itself. (Stephanie Rigsby)

Give us a kiss digital print size may vary

Kerstin Agnes Roolfs Kerstin Agnes Roolfs graduated from Harvard School of Education, Cambridge 2007, (Arts in Education) and from University of Fine Arts (Universitaet der Kuenste), Berlin, as a Master Student of Prof. Wolfgang Petrick. From February to May 2007 she taught art through the Artful Adventures program to 5-12 year old students at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has participated in many exhibitions, some of which are: Salon Show, Messineo Wyman Projects, New York, NY (2000), R.Liberman, K.Roolfs, Sylvia Schuster, Messineo Wyman Projects, New York Up To Now, LL Gallery, New York, NY (2001), Messineo Wyman Projects, New York, NY People, Power, Money and War, Citibank, New York, NY (2002), Poignant, A Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY World Rehabilitation Fund Benefit Auction, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY Cambridge Art Association, National Prize Show, Cambridge juried by Lisa Dennison, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY (2004), ARTE.GO – Feltrecontemporanea – Earth, Italy, Eros und Thanatos, Konzeptraum 19, Berlin, Germany (2005), Little Women, Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2006), Print Exhibit Project, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, The Big Show 6, Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton (2011).

Desire photo/paper 43 x 15 cm 2011 limited edition of 25

Self photo/paper 43 x 15 cm 2011 limited edition of 25

Love&Sex photo/paper 43 x 15 cm 2011 limited edition of 25

Aleksey Rudenko Aleksey Rudenko is a member of Russian Creative Union of Artists since 2010. He is a teacher in the Children’s Art School. Aleksey is a participant and laureate in many City and Regional exhibitions. In May 2011 he had his personal exhibition in the Art- museum of M. Grekov in Novocherkassk city. There are a lot of Aleksey Rudenko’s paintings in private collections in Russia and abroad. He makes his pictures in the genre of realistic landscape painting. His creative statement of belief is fidelity to life, realism and constant self-perfection.

Don fire in Autumn oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm

Olga Rudenko Olga Rudenko has been a member of the Russian Creative Union of Artists since 2010. She teaches drawing and painting in Pedagogical College. She works in ornamental art (still life, scenes made of clay), paints landscapes and still life using different techniques. Olga, beyond her private exhibitions, has also participated in City and Regional exhibitions. In May 2011 she participated in a joint exhibition with her husband Aleksey Rudenko in the Art-museum of M. Grekov. There are a lot of Olga Rudenko’s paintings in private collections and in Don Cossacks History Museum, located in Novocherkassk city.

Song polymeric clay

Nadja Sabbioni Nadja Sabbioni was born in Lugano (Switzerland) on November 15, 1952. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Milan-Brera, where she graduated in painting. From 1980 to 1985 taught visual education. In 1986 she moved to Carrara, here followed a period of growing proficiency in sculpture techniques. Later on she extends her experience to different materials to achieve a synthesis of painting, sculpture and installation. She exposed her works in solo and collective exhibitions in Switzerland, France and Italy. Some of her works are in public and private collections in Switzerland and Italy. She lives and works in Carrara.

Promenade in Haiti digital photo lego 35 x 25 cm 2009

Anna Maria Saviano Anna Maria Saviano was born in Caserta on August 24, 1982. She has exposed her artworks in several solo and collective exhibitions in Italy - Rome, Naples, Bari, Jesolo, Siena, Catanzaro, Sulmona, Aosta, Venice, Torino and others. Her works have been published on various catalogues. “Déjà vu: this is what one instinctively feels when standing before Anna Maria Saviano’s painting. The stiff architecture, the light-filled corners, the sharp shadows, the pictorial mannerism are the lexis created by this artist who, at the centre of her personal quest, sets space.” (Marcella Ferro about the painting “Déjà vu”, Magical Mystery Tour, Wunderkammern gallery, Rome). She is now attending a specialization course in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Mtheory painted papers 50 x 70 cm 2009

Vera A. Shepilova Vera A. Shepilova was born in 1972 in Russia in the city of Rostov-on-Don. She graduated the Rostov college of art of a name M.B.Grekov and Southern Federal University. Shepilova has scientific degree, participates in art exhibitions regularly. Vera works in the technician a batic mainly.

Alkonost batic silk 50Ń…40 cm 2009

Eleni Sishaki Eleni Sishaki was born in December 1972 in the village of Dioni, near the town of Komotini in Thrace-Greece. I have attended the primary school in Dioni and the secondary school in Komotini and finished my studies as a qualified nurse in Heraklion Creta. Since 1995 I live and work in Komotini and since 2005 I have started practising amateur photography. I’m very happy to occupy myself at home with my aquariums and making jewels with alternative and cheap raw materials and painting.

Breathing together digital photography size may vary 2011

Andreas Sitorengo Andreas Sitorengo was born on 1972 in Sienna, Italy. He studied painting, engraving and sculpture at the workshops of D. Mitaras, T. Patraskides, and G. Lappas, respectively, at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts. Also, during 1998-1999 he won a scholarship from the Lillian Voudouris Foundation through which he attended classes on cinematography and video art at D. Kozaris’ class, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bergamo (Italy). On 1995 he attended a four-month course at the Winchester School of Fine Arts on a scholarship from the Foundation of State Scholarships at the ERASMUS program. In 2003 he completed his two-year post-graduate studies on digital forms of art, at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts. He participated at the Third Festival for Human Rights, organized by the NGO “Open Horizons” and entitled “wo-man” at the Cheap-Art Gallery (2006) and at a six-artists residence in Istanbul, whose subject was the ancient city of Zeugma. He also participated with his video titled “dry soul”, in a 22 artists joint exhibition named “Fourth Dimension” organized by art historian Anna Hatziyiannaki at the Spyroudis boot camp in Aghia Paraskevi and in a Boston conference, at the “Art Interactive Gallery, 130 Bishop Allen drive, Cambridge”. In 2005 he participated with the video “scream”, at the Fourth Festival of Experimental Cinematographic Video and New Media “Strange Monitor” at the Thessalonica Cinematography Museum. He organized and participated in the show and workshop “den milao ellinika/non parlo italiano” in Lecce, Italy. He organized and participated in “rebirth” a group show of seven artists with their respective interactive works, in the old planetarium of the Evgenides foundation. “Scan Istanbul”, international workshop and show with Greek and Turkish artists in Istanbul. He participated at the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th International Festival Medi@terra, as well at the New European Artists’ Biennale in Sarajevo (2001) and in Athens (2003). He also participated at the International Triennale of Echigo-Tsumari Short Video Festival in Japan.


Madeleine Strindberg Madeleine Strindberg was born in Cologne (Germany). She is currently Senior Lecturer at Brighton University. She lives and works in London. She received several awards and bursaries in UK. She exposed her works in solo and collective exhibitions in London, Sunderland, Leeds, Coventry, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cambridge, Aylesbury, Farnham, Mostyn – Wales, Spitelfields (UK), Rome, Bologna, Turin (Italy), Quimper (France), Berlin (Germany). Right from the beginning I have always been interested in translating emotions into a visual language, to give feelings form. Thematically the work moves between opposite poles: the personal, things I have experienced, seen, imagined or dreamt; and the political, where secondary source material generates primary images. The underlying subject throughout all my work could best be described with the word CONFLICT. This can be of a political nature or equally inspired by autobiographical events.

Qalqilja oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm 2010

George Syrakis George Syrakis was born in Alexandria (Egypt) on January 30, 1949. He graduated at the University of Athensin 1975. He is Member of the Artistic Chamber of Greece, of the artistic group “EST” and of the artistic group “contemporary art”. He exposed his paintings in Athens with the art group, EST (from 1994 to 2007) and in a solo exhibition in 1993 in Athens. He took part to several collective exhibitions in Avignon (France), Pilsen (Czech Republic), Beijing (China), Alessandria (Italy), Alepi (Syria), Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

FANTASTIC LANDSCAPE ink black and color 80 x 90 cm

OLEG NICKOLAEVITCH TARASSOV Oleg Nikolaevich Tarassov was born in 1967 in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region. He studied at the Kuban State University (1988-1994) and participates in art exhibitions (in Russia as well as internationally) since 1996. From 1999 he teaches at the Graphic Art Department of the Kamensk Pedagogical College (drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, and a number of disciplines on computer graphics) . In 2009 he joined the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the international Federation of Artists (painting section). Preferable techniques are drawing, painting, and iconography. "The personal sight of the Oleg Nikolaevich's world is optimistical and human, and is interesting to the spectator"-(by Garbuzov P)

WANDERERS Pastelle 50x70 cm, 2009

ANASTASIA TERZIDOU Anastasia Terzidou was born in 1980 in Greece and studied Electrical Engineering She is spending her free time in painting and photography. The last couple of years became interested in Indian miniature painting following her internship work in Chandigarh, India, in the field of web design. She came to know of Athens art in 2010 and exhibited for the first time her work at Technopolis. This year, she is joining the group’s event in Russia with two pieces of photographic work.

HAWA MAHAL Digital photo, 25x25 cm, 2009

MAGDALENE THEOCHARIS Magdalene Theocharis was born in Lamia, Greece in 1954. She currently lives and works in Ntaou Pentelis, Attiki. For many years, Magdalene Theocharis studied mosaic art combining her theoretical grounding with the mastery of traditional and contemporary mosaic materials and techniques having mosaic artists, painters, sculptors, and mosaic conservators of high distinction as teachers. She has been actively participating in national and international visual arts exhibitions in Ravenna (Italy), Mykonos Island, Athens and Andros Island (Greece). She was twice awarded by Parnassos Philological Society in Athens. She is member of the Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics (ASPROM), London, of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), S. Carolina, USA, of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM), Exeter, UK, of the Greek Decorators and Morphologists Union, Athens and of AIMC (Associazione Internazionale dei Mosaicisti Contemporanei), Ravenna. She is actively occupied with indoor and outdoor mosaic creations, decorations, applications and restoration, combining the traditional with the contemporary aspects of this art.

CACTI Direct technique on a wooden panel, smalti 21x27 cm, 2007

SABRINA TOMASELLA Sabrina Tomasella was born in Florence in 1967. She lives and works near Florence in the countryside. In 1990 she began her photographic path attending a self- run workshop in a occupied ex television factory in Florence. From 1990 onwards she has done the development and printing herself of black and white prints. Four years ago she started using digital camera taking the photos not to a complete monochrome, with a light perception of natural colours. She likes to take photos of natural details and of panoramic views, too, considered as “inner landscapes”. She is member of the cultural association “Arsomiglio”, born in the late ‘70s, devoted to research, production and increase in value of the photographic image. She exposed her works in solo exhibitions in Florence and Prato. Her works are published in catalogues and books.

THE WIND RODI GARGANICO Digital photo, 30X45 cm, 2010

SEMELI TSIKRITEA Semeli Tsikritea was born in Athens on August 27, 1991. She is high school graduate, candidate for the School of Fine Arts and in the meantime she is attending painting lessons. In the future she wants to work on contemporary visual art as design, photography and Art Therapy but also on the relationship between painting and confectionery. She believes that now is the time for artists to change the world, namely the art to influence the education so that the world fills with colors.

DECEMBER 2008 Digital photo, 20x30 cm, 2008

NICOLE TSITSOPOULOU (NIC) Nicole Tsitsopoulou (NIC) was born in Athens, Greece. She studied in the department of Theatrical Study of National University in Athens and has made parallel studies in stage and costume design. She teaches the course of Theatre and Theatrical Game in the secondary education and she is also occupied with various productions and presentations. She has attended many seminars of self-knowledge and psychology and loves the communication and human contact. Obviously that’s the reason why her painting is turned around the human element and interpersonal relations. She has taken part in many exhibitions in Athens but also in other cities of Greece. Paintings of her are found in private collections in Canada, U.S.A and Austalia. She is member of the PanHellenic Scientific Association Theatrologist and member of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Speech and Art in Greece.

FOREST COUPLE Mixed technique with emossed details, 60x100 cm, 2011

STELLA VELKA Stella Velka was born at August 7, 1965, in Nitra, Slovak Republic. Now she lives and works in the city Martin. She has pedagogical education and private art education at Art Studio T Martin and private art school Martin. She teaches soft skills, makes art workshops and she does publicity works and painting. She has worked with children, teenagers and adults as a teacher and tutor in different schools. In 2001 she started managing international art group ARTil. She has participated in several art shows in Slovakia: Women in the Arts Winner´s Exhibition Artrom Gallery Rome, Italy, T club Martin, Art Spectrum Martin, Art Ružomberok, Art Spectrum Ošèadnica, Darte Auction Company Nižn? Hrušov, Workshop Figure Ošèadnica ,Art symposium Repište, Slovakia, Chamber of commerce Austrians embassy, Moddom & Art, Bratislava Incheba, Workshops: Creative family – lector, Online exhibition in Galleries all world, Dubai art project. I am interested in anything with life around me. In my painting you can see people, flowers, nature, animals, etc., and all what I feel. In my soul the most important is freedom and sun. Maybe for it I like painting butterflies, wings and sunflowers.I want give to every my work positive energy. I love life. Make me happy when my visitors feel it. In my artwork I prefer oil and soft pastel, but I am also creating collages, graphics, mixed media and many others.



Oil on canvas 50x70 cm

Oil on canvas 50x70 cm

VIRGINIA VIDEA Virginia Videa was born in Romania on April 11, 1943. She has Romanian and USA nationality. She attended Bucharest Fine Arts Academy and is member of the Union of Fine Art Professionals from Romania (UAP). She exposed her works all over the world in Romania, Greece, France, Turkey, Bangladesh and China. She realized several monumental fresco painting works in Romania – Fagaras, Sibiu, Bucharest, Tarnaveri, Craiova, Oradea.

ROLLING Oil on canvas, 80x100 cm, 2010

LALA MEREDITH VULA Lala Meredith Vula was born in Sarajevo, 1966, to an Albanian father and English mother. She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College, London University (1985/88) did Postgraduate Studies at Pristina University, Kosova (1988/90). Her first show was in Damien Hirst’s landmark exhibition “Freeze”, London (1988), She has represented Albania in the Venice Biennale, (1999 and 2007). She has exhibited nationally and internationally with many solo shows including at the Photographers’ Gallery, London (1991), Gallery Kohinoor, Karlsruhe, Germany (2003) and Placentia Arte, Piacenza, Italy (1999). The Alberto Peola Gallery, Torino Italy (2002 and 2008), National Gallery of Albania, Tirana (2004 and 2007) She has also exhibited in many group shows “Through The Looking Glass”, New York (1999) and “f – stop”, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland (2004), Museo di Belle Arti, Genoa, Italy (2004), Fries Museum, Holland (2008) “Freeze 20”, Hospital club gallery, London (2008), FotoGrafia, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome (2009). She won the Rome Scholarship to attend the British School Rome (2001). Her work is to be found in several public collections such as Arts Council of Britain, London; National Gallery of Albania; Collezione La Gaia, Busca, Italy; Teseco Foundation, Piza, Italy. Meredith-Vula lives in England and is a Reader in Art and Photography at De Montfort University, Leicester. She is represented by the Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin, and has recently exhibited new work at Palazzio Principi, Genoa, Italy (March 2010) and at the gallery in the 501 Contemporary Art Centre, Chongqing, China (April 2010). Now showing work in exhibition “Beautiful Life” at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, England, opening 9 September. For more information visit

FISHERMEN BUTRINT ALBANIA Black and white photo, 30x40 cm, 2000

CHARLOTTE WENSLEY Charlotte Wensley has studied at Newcastle Polytechnic College, UK (1991 – 1992), Leeds University, UK (Sept 1992 – June 1995), Bath Spa University College, UK (Sept 1999 – June 2000). She has obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education - Art and Design, BA (Honours) in Art and Design, Higher National Diploma in Art Foundation Studies. She took part in many group exhibitions: Undiscovered Artists Exhibition, Martin Galleries, Brisbane, QLD, Artworkers Award Exhibition, Brisbane, QLD, Kenilworth Celebrates Art Competition Exhibition, Kenilworth, QLD, Nundah Art Festival Exhibition, Brisbane, QLD, Dimensions Art Show, Nudgee College, Brisbane, QLD, Gala Art Show, Old Museum, Brisbane, QLD, (2009), Disintegration, ICO Gallery, New York City, USA, Celestial Spirits, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. New York City, USA, Summer Moments, Art Moment Gallery, Sydney, NSW, Choices, Graydon Gallery, Brisbane, QLD, Reason Enough, Martin Galleries, Brisbane, QLD, Finalists Exhibition, Moreton Bay Region Art Awards, Strathpine, QLD, (2010), Beijing Collection 2011, NY Magazine Artspace, Beijing, CHINA, Art In Mind, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK, Artists At Home and Abroad, Broadway Gallery, New York City, USA, Time Is Now, Auditorium Al Duomo, Florence, ITALY, Vibration, White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, Here Now, Museum Castello di Estense, Ferrara, ITALY, Art With A Story, Artwork Network Gallery, Denver, USA, Decorative Arts International, American Juried Art Salon, Online, USA, Embrace, Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo, AUSTRALIA, Finalists Exhibition – Moreton Bay Region Art Awards, AUSTRALIA, (2011). She was Finalist at the Modern Art Community Semi annual Art Competition, USA, one of the Top 100 Finalist at the International Art Search Online Competition, USA (2010), she has got a Merit Award – American Juried Art Salon, USA (2011) and a Honorable Mention Best Art - Art With A Story, Artwork Network Gallery, USA (2011).

LOOKING FOR LIGHT Acrylic on canvas 61 x 51 cm, 2010

GHEORGHE ZAHARIA Gheorghe Zaharia was born in 1952 in Romania. He is a Romanian and an American citizen. He lives and works in Bucharest. He obtained an MA in Sculpture at Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest. He is a member of the Union of Fine Art Professionals from Romania and the International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events. He has exhibited his works in several national and international exhibitions, including Yekaterinburg (Russia), Athens (Greece), Samothrace (Greece), Cannes (France), Bucharest (Romania), Eskisehir (Turkey), Crete(Greece), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Buzau (Romania), Beijing (China) and Sibiu (Romania). He was awarded with the 3rd prize at The Young Artists Gala “The Spring”, Bucharest (2006), the Gold Medal at the Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, Beijing (2008), the Plaquette d’or at the 12th Intl. Art Salon MCA Azur, Cannes (2010), third place at the 2nd International Biennial of Painters and Sculptors, Split, Croatia (2010) and the sculpture prize at the 5th Edition of Little Salon, Art Shelter Gallery, Bucharest.

ASCENSION Bronze, 20x30x20 cm, 2010

BARBARA EVA CATHERINA ZAVODNIK Barbara Eva Catherina Zavodnik was born on 6 September 1975 in Ljubljana in a carpenter’s family with tradition of wood making from 1922. She has a BA in industrial design, MA in printmaking and MA degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She creates on the fields of painting, printmaking, poetry, design, photography, sculpture and editor writing. She lives and works in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Since 2002 she has been a registered independent artist (ZDSLU). After being accepted to the one of the most important open submission exhibitions in Northern Europe, Spring Exhibition 2011 in Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, Denmark), where Zavodnik´s painting September was chosen by The Jury who reviews over 3000 submitted works, Barbara Eva Catherina continues her work with new, different, we could say quite feminine energy. Northern lights left her a dream. Beauty, poetics and seduction. Zavodnik comprehensively interweaves all of her artistic passions and knowledge into the planning and execution of her visual art projects. Various creative techniques democratically take part in her visual art expression. Her work is characterized by a high-level of poeticism and aesthetisation.

ECCE HOMO Gicllee Art Print, 50 x 31 cm, 2011

FOR ONCE YOU HAVE TASTED FLIGHT Gicllee Art Print, 50 x 31 cm, 2011

IN THE NIGHTS WHEN I’M ALONE Gicllee Art Print, 50 x 31 cm, 2011

ANNA ZAYIDOVA FIDJE Anna Zayidova Fidje is a young artist, which focuses on experiment in art. She first created as painter, then as photographer. Her long search for inspiration led her to a new wave of art. And now she creates in a unique technique combining watercolours and photography. Anna creates under the pseudonym of Fidje. She obtained medals at such competition as Trierenberg Super Circuit “Gold medal of excellence” (Austria, 2008); No Borders “Experiment” (Poland, 2005). She is one of the laureate of Russia Art Week 2010 and thrice laureate by All-Russian Pushkin's Festival Of Art (Russia, 2004, 2006, 2007). Her work was submitted to exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Qatar and India.

ECCE HOMO Gicllee Art Print, 50 x 31 cm, 2011


FEELING EDGE Metallico photopaper, 40x40 cm, 2010

SHANGLIE ZHOU Shanglie Zhou was born in Shanghai in 1958 and lives in Belgium. She studied art and design at Shanghai Light Industry University and did advanced studies of multimedia-computer art while she was teaching painting at Shanghai University Fine Arts College. During the 80’s, she did on-site research on ancient Asian cultures along the Silk Road and anthropological research on collective tribal religion, ritual ceremony, social structure, folk art and literature of 18 minorities in Eastern Asia. In 1991, she moved to Belgium and studied at the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium and was a Researcher in Ghent University, Belgium. In 2003 and 2004 she staged a performance theater piece with refugees from refugee-camps in Belgium, “When The Moon Waxed Red – Experiments With Truth And Reconciliation” in Fedasil and Kaaitheater. She has had more than 50 exhibitions and received national and international art awards in China, Belgium, and the United States. She is currently working on the following projects: International philosophical art project “Walking On Thin Ice - experiments with truth, justice and reconciliation”; the scientific research project “Sandscape” (206 BC – 2060 AD); architectural multimedia project “Urban Liquid”; and a multi-media project “Tomorrow Sun”. She is also doing research on the interrelationships between art and philosophy and art and science. In recent years, she has been working with European art projects in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Scotland.


WE NEVER KNOW THE DISTANCE Photography on canvas, 30x40 cm, 1997

Andrés Alberto Aguiar Achi - Takis Alexiou - Karin Angele - Sanya Arif - Zaharjan Armen Vladikovich - Panos Arvanitis - Alessia Babrow Kiki Bardani - Bahram (Mahan) Behtash - Eleni Berberidou Bernadino Boronat - Lucilla Campioni - Carlotta Castelletti - Christine Cezanne-Thauss Marisol Fernandez Collando (Savanasnegras) - Daniela da Riva - Eleni Dimopoulou Amel Djenidi - Tammy Duffy - Jake Eldridge - Joseph Toufic El-Jamous Cristina Farage - Hengameh Farahmand - Ildus Farrakhov - Eva Fellner - Anna Ferri - Ernesto Ferriol Perez - Gô Florés - Mario Fois - Elmar C. Fuchs - Boris Gantselevich - Georgy Garbuzov Romanovich - Manuel Giacometti - Boris Goland - Marina Golovanova - Georgia Grigoriadou - Gerald Grünwerth Victorica Guadalupe - Julia Guerrero - Elena Vasiljevna Gvardyubrova Edmond Haxhiu - Raiber González Hechavarría Michael Horne - Sabina Šiler Hudoklin - Katerina Karagianni-Iatropoulou - Andrey Isakov Stepanovich Giulia Janach - Sacha Janzee - Annelise Jarvis Hansen Jaspals - Maria Karayanni - Masha Knyazeva - Mina Kordalis Alexopoulou - Angeliki Korkou - Eleni Katsoula Koronaeou - Ermioni-Eleni Koutsiafti - Agnese Kurzemniece - Nataliya Lebedeva - Charly Lindsay Tatiana Lisova - Damian Liszatynski - Christos Macherides - Barbara Marcucci - José Américo Pedroso de Marques - Nicola Mastroserio - Ofer MizraChi - Gabriele Montagano - Antonietta Montemurro - Manousos Nanakis - Bassey Effiong Ndon - Manuela Nicolini Branislava Nikolic (Bransha) - Evgeniya Onosova - Tahar Ouamane - Smail Ouchen - Effi Pania - Lydia Parish - Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier - Antonis Pikrakis - Chiara Pini - Peter Rademacher - Zdenko Radovanic - Laura Rambelli - Marina Reiter - Stephanie Rigsby - Kerstin Agnes Roolfs - Aleksey Rudenko - Olga Rudenko - Nadja Sabbioni - Anna Maria Saviano - Vera A. Shepilova - Eleni Sishaki - Andreas Sitorego - Madeleine Strindberg - George Syrakis - Oleg Nickolaevitch Tarassov - Anastasia Terzidou - Magdalene Theocharis - Sabrina Tomasella - Semeli Tsikritea - Nicole Tsitsopoulou (NIC) - Stella Velka - Virginia Videa - Lala Meredith Vula - Charlotte Wensley - Georghe Zaharia Barbara Eva Catherina Zavodnik - Anna Zayidova Fidje - Shanglie Zhou

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