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AthensArt International Arts Exhibition in collaboration with UNESCO Piraeus & Islands

Dedicated to NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS 1883-1957 Meropeion Philanthropic Foundation 2-6/10/2017

CENTRE OF ARTS 4 SEASONS AthensArt International Arts Exhibition 5620 Members 7 Continents 155 Countries

In collaboration with UNESCO Piraeus & Islands Meropeion Foundation Athens/Greece 2017

Prof. Dr. Takis Alexiou 39, Salaminos Str., 153.43 Ag. Paraskevi / Athens Tel./Fax: 0030-210-6011904, e-mail: Oropos / Sykamino / Pano Laka, 190.15 Nea Palatia / Attica Mob.: 0030-6944128460, e-mail:


was founded in 1914 by Anna Theodoropoulou and a group of well known Athenian ladies, in memory of her late daughter Meropi who died at the age of 11. The purpose of the Foundation was the education of unprivileged girls. The Meropion constitutes of an institution for 95 years of social contribution to the needy. During the country’s difficult times it was present, offering shelter to refugees, helping soldiers’ families during and after the Second World War, and supplying children with food and clothes. It was also a school for poor and illiterate children and women. For these activities Meropeion has been honored with the Athens Academy Award and two gold medals from the Municipality of Athens. Since 1972, following a Presidential Decree, it operates solely as a distinguished Assisted Living Center for old aged ladies. Since 2004, the Meropeion’s Administrative Council, the members of which are volunteers, continue to offer their work daily. Recently the renovation and restoration of the historical building located at Dionyssiou Areopagitou was approved, preserving in this way the Meropeion’s heredity, the activities of which continue unceasingly since 1914. We believe and feel that this restoration will contribute to the re-opening and re-operation of the Meropeion’s original Assisted Living Center.

CA4S-AthensArt short CV

Friendship through Art can change the World Peacefully CA4S-AthensArt is a non-commercial and non-profitable International Artists and Art Lovers Community. There are no fees either for inscription or participation in all Events, in Greece and abroad. Our philosophy is based on the “Positive Side of Life”, as well as in the “Power of Friendship” that can change through Art the World peacefully. For the last 30 years, the Centre of Arts 4 Seasons (CA4S) created various cultural Events like “Kavafia”, “IaponiaJapan-Japon”, “Multispectacle 4 Seasons”, “Multispectacle Aristophanes Androgyne”, Philanthropic Art Exhibitions in Greece and abroad, published books and produced CDs, organized numerous Conferences, etc. In the year 2010 we realized our first International Arts Festival AthensArt, in collaboration with the Cultural Organization “Technopolis” and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Athens, with the theme “The Positive side of Life” and “Friendship through Art can change the World”, and participation of 300 artists from 5 Continents and 65 countries of the World. During 2011 AthensArt has been present in Monterrey/Mexico with Prints for Peace, in London/UK to support victims of HIV in Tanzania and to assist children in Zambia, in Vienna/Austria with a philanthropic exhibition for the victims of Earthquake-Tsunami in Japan, in Piraeus/Greece in collaboration with UNESCO’s Association for Peace, in Rostov Region/Russia with our International Arts Festival and in Ubá/Brazil. In Greece, besides our Syntagma Square exhibition and participation in the Egyptian Cultural Week dedicated to Naguib Mahfouz in Athens, we started our AthensArt Odysseia in “Ambelonas” Corfu, making a second stop in the “House of Culture” of Rethymno/Crete. For 2012 we were present in the State Picture Gallery of Izmail/Ukraine and in the 2nd Egyptian Cultural Week in Athens, dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in collaboration with the Embassy of Egypt. Our AthensArt Odysseia continued its journey in Greece in Naxos in the Former Ursuline School and in Corfu in the Patio of Corfu’s Psychiatric Hospital. On 2013 we have been in Gallery Apartment No 10 of Odessa/Ukraine, and have postponed our invitation from Bibliotheca Alexandria/Egypt for next year, due to political situation. On 2014 we have been in Bispgården/Sweden, Vienna/Austria and Monterrey/Mexico. On 2015 we have been in Oropos/Greece and in Rostov on Don/Russia. Finally on 2016 we have been present in several cities of Colombia. Our official invitation from Bibliotheca Alexandrina of Alexandria/Egypt, remains open.


Building Peace in the minds of People Club for Unesco of Piraeus and Islands is a private body non profit and non governmental organization, aiming to foster intercultural awareness, understanding, cooperation and solidarity according to the principles and ideals of Unesco. The main objectives of Club for Unesco of Piraeus & Islands are: • To promote International Understanding, according to the principles and ideals of Unesco, and to direct the interest of common opinion towards the objectives of this organization. • Το promote the constitution of Study Groups and International Relations Groups that are directly related to the aforementioned objectives of Unesco and to create a Culture of Peace. • To organize Community (EU), National or Regional Programs of informal Continuous Vocational Training, Education, and tackling of unemployment addressed to citizens, to the Repatriated, to the Unemployed and to Emigrants. • To contribute to the Scientific, Environmental / Ecological and cultural training of its members, helping them mainly to adapt to the constant developments and changes of any kind in all sectors of social life, and above all to work towards creating a “Culture of Peace”, which is a basic good of humankind. • To seek to consolidate Free Exchange of Scientific and Cultural data, up to the Free trade of educational and cultural ideas and initiatives, to preserve, save, promote and protect Popular Culture and to develop Peace, Friendship and mutual collaboration and understanding between the people that serve the Popular tradition of each country in an amateur or scientific way.

CA4S Acknowledgements Our this year’s AthensArt International Exhibition in Meropeion Foundation / Athens, organized in collaboration with Unesco Piraeus & Islands is dedicated to Nikos Kazantzakis, one of the greatest contemporary writer, poet and philosopher, internationally recognized. Our Event is organized as part of celebrations in 2017, that the Greek Ministry of Culture has declared as the “Year of Nikos Kazantzakis”. The Administration’s Council of Centre of Arts 4 Seasons CA4S-AthensArt would like to thank everyone who helped to realize this Event, as well as our Friends who opened their houses and ateliers, guesting our Friends, from Greece and abroad that are present in Athens. We thank, also, our good Friends from AthensArt Designer’s Group, who prepared our e-catalogue and Unesco for the preparation of invitation-program and poster. This AthensArt International Exhibition is planned to visit various cities in Greece and abroad, during 20172018, continuing in these troubled times, to spread our idea of Friendship through Art that can change the World Peacefully. Litsa Marandi, CA4S-AthensArt Secretary

The artwork of the cover is of our good Friend Warda Mansri from Algiers.

STEPS TO DEMILITARIZATION You have to become the sun to bright the erased suns of others ... To pain, to be wronged, to struggle and not to fall down ... This is what a man should be ... Blessed is the young one who feels that has a duty to recreate the world, according to virtue and righteousness, according to his heart ... The heart brings together what mind separates, overcomes the palaestra of need and transforms the struggle into Love ... N. Kazantzakis Dearest Friends, Having in mind the consequences of a nuclear war with unknown millions of dead and an estimated number of three hundred millions of environmental refugees, because of the climate change, we demand immediately the demilitarization of Earth and Europe, starting with Greece. Our statement is based, on the one hand, on the European Humanitarian Heritage, and on the other, on the specific Historical & Cultural role of Greece, member of EU… It makes no sense to react against war, but it’s reasonable to act, now, more than ever, for Peace. That is why, we strongly propose the immediate establishment of demilitarized zones, within Europe, and more specifically with the Historical and Cultural, small in population, Countries, such as Greece. Having secured our borders by our Allies, it may be not too late… Always with Love and Friendship... Prof. Dr. Takis Alexiou, CA4S-AthensArt Chairman, Athens, October 2017


Eleni Tzagaraki, Actress, Musician/Lyricist, Stage Director What could someone say more about him than what Nikos Kazantzakis himself was? He passed to Eternity, as one of the greatest creators of the century in which he lived and of those who are following. He was born in the Turkish-occupied Crete in 1883 in the city of Heraklion. Certainly his soul was marked one morning in 1889 when his father, Captain Michalis, took him, a six-year-old boy, in Heraklion square “the Lions”, to kneel down together before the frozen legs of the executed Cretans, who had been hanged from the plane tree by the Turks, ... Freedom was blown up in his heart. His spirit was restless till the end, the route of his life was admirable and difficult, his confessor and favorite pupil was Pantelis Prevelakis. His studies were as important as he was. He graduated in law in 1906 and left for postgraduate studies in Paris in literature and philosophy. His professor was Henrique Bergson. Nietzsche was a open window for the soul and spirit of Nikos Kazantzakis. It followed the paths where the great philosopher had walked in search of the very human side. He was in England on August 25, 1939, the date of his death… Kazantzakis writes: Wherever I am on this day, I dedicate it whole to a man I loved very much in my life, Nietzsche He died 39 years ago, and now in the morning, in the park, on the banks of Thames, the shadow came in the moist air of England and spread over the green grass. His last creation, what he wrote for all languages, the “Report to Greco” is his autobiography in a fictional form, his death prevented him and left it unfinished, experiences, hopes, dreams, visions and disappointments. Kazantzakis writes in “Report to Greco”: You will find, reader, on these pages, the red line made by my bloodstains that marks my route among people, passions and ideas. There were four decisive stairs in my way up and each one brings a holy name: Christ, Buddha, Lenin, Odysseus. This bloody journey from one of the great souls to the other, now that the sun reigns, I fight on the Journey to make a mark. I would like to remind what Nikos Kazantzakis has sent as a message to the Orthodox Hierarchy when the matter of his aphorism was raised: You have cursed me, Fathers, I give you my wish. I wish your conscience to be as pure as mine and be both as moral and religious as I am.


Ioannis Zaglaris, Mathematician-Pregrad University of Zurich The Hellene writer Nikos Kazantzakis with his epic Odyssey is invisibly presenting to all of us a specific design. Which is the design? Write it down; reveal it, if you can. We refer with that challenge to the letters of Einstein sent to Caratheodory at the beginning of the last century. See Constantinos Caratheodory - in Greek - by Stavros Theophanidis, Professor of Applied Economics in Panteion University, Publ. Piraeus Bank, Athens 2002, p. 66, the letter of Einstein, (in German), to Caratheodory in which Einstein says verbatim: “…If, though, you answer the closed time-lines question, I will kneel before you with crossed arms. There is something hidden here, which deserves the best men’s sweat...” See also in the same book, on p. 78, in another letter: “…Would you like to consider something about the closed time-lines problem too? Here is the core of what is still unresolved part of the Space-Time problem...” In continuation we make the allegation that the closed time-lines under question are given with the Kazantzakis epic Odyssey. In fact they correspond with Plato’s definition of time: “in one and the same number for ever going figure” or with Aristotle’s definition: “one now distinctively present among a non end of them.” Thus following Einstein’s forecast, a literal observation of physical phenomena may lead to the revelation of the mathematical/geometrical description of them proving time to be absolute despite his own theory of relativity explaining the nature of time as being relative. One and the same point of view exists in an eternally identical way between the writer and the reader, no matter if they are dead or alive. Only one of them or both. - Read also the same meaning in an other way: Keeping in mind the well known function f(x)=ax2+bx+c and using the spatial dimensions of the epic poem ODYSSEY written by N. Kazantzakis how is one able to reveal the squareroot of spacetime? That is, describe, if you can, in a completely covariant form with the one invisibly presented by the writer the physical phenomenon of the Hellenic or cosmic soul being immortal. Write copyright or in order to live a fantastic experience, prove the existence of perpetual motion.

TAKIS ALEXIOU Takis Alexiou, born in Alexandria of Egypt, studied architecture in Germany and completed a pioneering Dissertation linking architecture to psychology. He has given lectures at European Universities and was Professor at the HFG Offenbach/M. in Germany and at the AUA University of Athens. He has held many private and group art exhibitions: TU Dresden, S&S Basil, Forum des Halles & Maison International du Théâtre Paris, Palazzo Venezia Venice, Royal Festival Hall London, Greek Press Center New York, NTOG Tokyo, Attatürk Cultural Center Istanbul, Art Addiction Stockholm, Melina Merkouri Hall Nicosia, Salvagos and Kavafis Halls Alexandria, Kreonides Gallery – Polyplano – Adam Gallery Athens, Old French Knights’ Quarters Rhodes and many others. He is active in music composition: Under one’s Breath, The song of the birds, Voices without a Face & Red Wind. He was granted first Diploma at the International Art Addiction, Stockholm. ABI (USA) included him amongst the 5000 personalities in the world and awarded him with the International Peace price 2010 for practicing peace in thought, action and example locally and globally and IBC of Cambridge (UK) awarded him as one of the 2000 Intellectuals of 20th century. On 2006 he was awarded with the “International Cavafy prize”. His name is mentioned in various Encyclopaedias and Art Diaries. He has written numerous articles, studies and books.

TRAVELLING Mixed media on canvas, 70x100cm, 2017

THEODOSIA ARGYRAKI-ASSARGIOTAKI Theodosia Argyraki-Assargiotaki was born in Heraklion, Crete, where she lives and works. She has studied fine arts, art design and psychology. She mainly writes children’s literature, poetry, novel, theater. She is active in volunteering, in education of people with disabilities, in social and cultural non-profit organizations. Her literary and visual work has been edited and published in books, albums, poetry collections, art magazines, scientific studies, conference reports etc. She has been honored with Greek and international awards: Parnassos Philological Association Prize, Hellenic Children’s Book Association, IBBY of Cyprus, EPOC, Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, PAODAN, Association of Friends of Chania, Union of Theatrical Writers of Cyprus, UNESCO Group, Writers Panhellenic Union, Municipality of Heraklion, Greek Writers Association and other cultural, artistic and social institutions. She participates as a speaker in international scientific seminars and conferences of historical, folklore, literary and artistic education. She has presented her work at solo and group exhibitions, international biennales, and arts festivals. Her works are found in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.

TOUCH Acrylic on canvas, 70x80cm

GIORGOS ARGYRAKIS Giorgos Argyrakis was born in Malia where he lived his childhood. He finished high school in Athens. For two years he was assistant to the stage designer Tassos Zografos. In 1963 he left for Munich and attended the School of Free Design and Scenography “Von Paris». In 1966 he entered the School of Fine Arts in the Department of Engraving and Applied Graphics in Berlin. In 1971 he continued his studies in History of Art at the Technical University in Berlin. During the dictatorship his anti-dictatorial posters and cartoons have been published and circulated throughout Europe. In 1974 he returned to Greece and since 1979 has been living and working in Crete. He has published the book “Etching - Engraving” and has been awarded two times for the posters “Thessaloniki Exhibition 1975” and for the “11th Youth and Students Festival” in Havana, Cuba in 1978. Since 1970 he exhibits his work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and Germany

NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS Engraving, 33X46cm

PANOS ARVANITIS Panos Arvanitis was born in Athens in 1991. He is a graduate of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Department of Structural Engineer. He is also member of CA4S-AthensArt Administration’s Council, representing the Young Generation. He has attended series of workshops about video creation, photography and digital image processing. Among his hobbies is guitar and journeys. Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels. Nikos Kazantzakis

WAY TO HEAVEN Digital photo, 40x30cm, 2017

ALESSIA BABROW Alessia Babrow has directed her work towards an investigation of the concept of art as a social function, in the face of an existential crisis in the collective enterprise of humanity, questioning issues ranging from environment to society, to cite the words of Moni Ovadia, (Filosofarti 2016), “of a fragile humanity, broken by his convictions, in a denunciation with a tone of dissent from all that is commodification of the heritage and dignity of living beings”. In the sphere, Babrow received the certificate of Unesco Artist. Since 2010, she participates in AthensArt. In 2013, she launched the Fragile project, dedicated to the role of woman to couple, immigration, pollution and agriculture. She made the Time / Life shot, among Amnesty International’s favorites, in defense of Gezi Park at Instabul. Babrow has reported the pollution of the seas and oceans and she actively collaborates with Sea Shepherd. “Now I fix this country” in 2014, is a work of Street Art denouncing the poor management of public works. In 2015, she makes the photographic image “Thirst” for the Ong Thirst Project and Beauty Gives Back in Los Angeles, they work on development projects for the construction of water wells and irrigation systems in third world countries. She is involved in the social, trying to raise awareness of violence against women and an anti - violence culture, collaborating with AV Emotional Events, realizing the awards for the Think Pink Award. She supports Julian Assange, for free information and she is often called as an artistic director for social background events or for restoring abandoned public spaces. She has received prizes and awards for her work in the social field (Sightsaver, Don Bosco Missions etc.). Its 360° work has developed so that it can contribute wherever it is necessary to bring attention to creating new realities. She collaborates mainly with institutions, embassies and NGOs. Carlotta Degl’innocenti

IN THE END... I CAN FLY Mixed technique, 28 X 28cm

SENITA BERGSMAN Senita Bergsman is a painter, born in St. Kopparberg Falun/Sweden, who lives and works in Gothenburg/Sweden I´m more or less autodidact. For many years I only used acrylic as a medium working with texture and structures. Just starting to explore the world of dry pastel. The feeling of flow in creating a painting is existential for me - without expression the colours of my inner world I would be lost. I had several exhibitions in Sweden and abroad.

SPLITTING IN TWO Acrylic on canvas, 50x50cm, 2010

MARY BOUZAKI Mary Bouzaki was born and raised in Ilioupoli, Athens, where she lived her childhood. She studied computer science and “Hellenic Civilization - History” at the Hellenic Open University. She worked at the Economic Service of the Regional Unity of Rethymno from 2000 to 2013 and from 2014 until today, in the Economic Service of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection. She spends her free time painting. She studied painting with pencil, charcoal, acrylic and oil. She has participated in several exhibitions: Cretan Folk Art Center, Rethymno (2010, 2011, 2012), Summit of Culture, Rethymno (2013), “Expressions and Art Creations”Technology, Cultural Center of Flisvos (2014), Gallery 88, Rethymno (2015), Time -Show in the way- Art select works, Boo Art, Athens (2015), International Union of Police, Melina Cultural Center (2015), “Villa Tsiropina”, Poseidonia, Syros (2016).

SNAKE AND LILY Oil on canvas, 35x45cm, 2017

FLORA DIAMANTI Flora Diamanti studied painting at Athens School of Fine Arts – 2nd laboratory of Painting, from 1989 to 1994 and ceramic studies (create ceramics, pottery wheel, pottery materials technology) at X.E.N. Athens from 1987 to 1989. Since 1994 she works in her laboratory in Kareas and teaches ceramics to children and adults. Since 2012 she is teaching visual arts in public primary schools. She has presented her work in solo exhibitions, (Aquamares-Aquadreams, in Art Park Rhodes, organized by Art Park, 2006, “On the occasion of the mask”, Stathopoulio Cultural Center of Byron Municipality, organized by “Association for the promotion of traditional and modern ceramics and crafts” and Municipality of Vironas, 2017). She has also participated in group exhibitons, installations (Project 3 sadness, organized by “Nomads Artcore”, Municipality of Piraeus, Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, Old train station in Drapetsona, Piraeus, 2017), International Workshops (Kakslauttanen Arctic Arts Week LaplandFinland, organized by Lapland Arts Council, 2006, Art Park, Rhodes, 2006, Mediterranean Ceramic meeting, Municipality of Ymitos, Athens, organized by Psaropoulou Museum, 2008, Visual Arts festival “pass across” Cultural Center Nice ,Athens, organized by “Ash in Art Gallery, 2009, Municipality of Byron Festival (ceramic workshop), Rocks theater, Athens, 2009. Since 1995 she is a member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and since 2013 member of the Association of Art teachers. Since 2008 she is General Secretary and art teacher of “Association for the promotion of traditional and modern ceramics and crafts”.

I AM FREE Ink on paper, 40x30 cm, 2017

ELENI DIMOPOULOU Eleni Dimopoulou was born in Athens in 1959. She works in Agia Paraskevi (Athens). She studied in the YMCA and her teachers were Areti Floka in Hagiography, George Barounis in murals and Dimitris Stravolemis in art restoration. She has been teaching the art of Icon painting - Mural in the Metropolis of Attica and in the Western Attica’s Prefecture, adult education department, from 1995. She is an art conservator in Maritime Tradition Museum since 2000, where some of her works can be seen. She worked with the European Institute of Maritime studies and research from 1998 until 2002 for the restoration of its artworks. She has restored frescoes and icons in the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen in Agioi Anargyroi. She has participated in the following exhibitions of Byzantine Iconography: December 1999, in the House of correspondents of foreign press (solo), October 2000 and church species in EKEP (group), July 2003 under the auspices of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi (group), August 2004 at the Maritime Tradition Museum (solo), June 2007 in the Agioi Anargyroi(individual), September 2009 at the Duchess Placentia Palace, Penteli (solo).

MOTHER OF GOD Mixed media on wood, 39x56cm

AMEL DJENIDI Amel Djenidi was born in Algiers on June 19, 1983. After attending the High School of Fine Arts in Algiers where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design, she obtained an educational grant in Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, Italy and a Master of Art and Sciences in the High School of Fine Arts in Algiers. She worked as graphic designer in advertising agencies and animation studios. She realized the poster for the Hergla Festival of short movies in Tunisia and was voice off in Unicef advertisement for Algerian Channel. She took part in group exhibitions in Saronno (Italy) and Algiers and in some festivals with her videos. In 2010 she obtained a Nomination in Africa Movie Academy Awards in Bayelsa, Nigeria.

UNTITLED Digital photo, 36x44cm

HENGAMEH FARAHMAND Hengameh Farahmand was born in Shiraz (Iran) 1962 and lives and works in Hamburg (Germany). The most striking element in Hengameh’s paintings is her passion for vivid colours and oriental motives, which she explores through the use of a wide range of unique mixed media techniques. She is often blurring the boundaries between imagination and reality. The surfaces of her paintings are also a very important aspect of her work, the marks and textures and the play of light onto metallic surfaces brings a thired dimension to works which often leave viewers transfixed. Hengameh has exhibited her works widely with a prominent exhibition at the Open Air Gallery in Berlin, followed by several international exhibitions around the globe such as, Athens (Athens Art- 2010), Vienna Travel Gallery , the Acquire Artsgallery in London, Grekof Museum Rostov on Don/ Russia, Veakio open air Theater of Piraeus in Athens dedicated to Peace and other group exhibitions in Crete, Chora of Naxos and Corfu, International prints for Peace in Mexico, International Arts Festival Bispgarden in Sweden (2013 and 2014) and a group exhibition in Masoumeh Seyhoun Gallery in Los Angeles. Her last works were exhibited for International Arts Festival Oropos in Greece in 2015.

SUNSET Acrylic on canvas, 40x40cm, 2007

EVA FELLNER Eva Fellner was born in Hungary and she is living since 1977 in Vienna /Austria. Eva obtained her first award at the age of 14 in Budapest in the field of small sculptures. She worked as a restaurateur in the Hungarian National Gallery. In addition, she took five times a week courses in Desi Huber’s Artist circle. She also worked in graphics and china paintings (porcelain) and ended successfully the course as a shop-window decorator. Furthermore she attended several courses and seminars in Vienna. She took part in 60 exhibitions national and abroad, among them participation in the “16-17th Seoul Int’l Art Festival 2007 & 2009” Korea, Biennale Florence, Gallery 24 Dumbo New York April 2008 Leopold peace prize nominates Castle Klosterneuburg, Int. Art Festival Kiev, Seihoun Gallery, USA, Athens, Santa Fe, Germany, Barcelona, Mexico, Hungary, Colombia, Argentina, Russia, China Winning Artist “The World’s Greatest Erotic Art Today” Vol3 Book Presentation and Exhibitions Tour/USA. Peace Project Exhibitions Tour/USA. New York Billboard Times Square. Räresentantin for Austria in the Museum of the Americas Miami and Director of International Artists Association in Hungary 21C ICAA. Her art can be found in numerous private and permanent collections. I put the person in the centre of my creating. I scoop on the one hand from personal experiences and, on the other hand, from my observations. The basic idea is present that every living being with his environment interoperates and rules an Interdependez. The interlinkings which arise from it become visible in my pictures.

UNTITLED Mixed media on canvas, 40X50cm

KATERINA GIAZITZOGLOU Katerina Giazitzoglou lives and works in Amaroussio, Athens. She graduated in Art History from OU of England (BA Hns). She has been studying for years with important painters. She has taken part in many group exhibitions. The main ones are: 2004 Cultural Center of Amaroussio / 1991, 92 Musical Association of Amaroussio / 1989 Cultural Center of Athens, National Bank Building / 1987 in Parnassos Club, receiving award of a Panhellenic Competition. Solo Exhibitions: 2013 Cultural Center of Chora Andros / 2011 Ermoupoli Syrou, Emmanouil Roidis Hall / 2007 Gallery Zygos / 2004 Rethymno, Lyceum of Greek women / 2002 Town Hall of Amaroussio / 1998 Town Hall of Rethymnon / 1994 Town Hall of Rethymnon. Beautiful, Beautiful Crete, murmured Captain Michalis. N. Kazantzakis

BEAUTIFUL CRETE Oil on canvas, 100x40cm, 2017

DIANA HĂ–DING Diana HĂśding was born on November 1974 in Ukraine. At the age of five she begun to paint and work with oil paint as well as learning the art of harmonizing colors, that has been tradition in her family for four generations. She attended courses of painting and drawing. After her secondary school diploma, she completed her studies in fashion and textile design In 2004 she had her first employment in Magdeburg, Germany after the birth of her daughter. Since 2006 she is freelancer with private studio in Magdeburg and Wolmirstedt in Germany.

FRAGILITY OF INNER PEACE Mixed Media on paper, 31x39cm, 2016

ANASTASIA HONDROS Anastasia Hondros is a self-taught painter, who was born during World War II in Manna Korinthias of Greece and lives in Australia. What I remember most was saluting Hitler before I could talk. When I finished Primary School, I was very creative and I began making my own clothes. At school we were asked to sketch a still life of a cup on a table - from my angle I could not see the handle and my teacher tore up my work. So I thought I could never draw or paint as a result. My cousin helped me with clothes making / designing and then she left for Canada in 1958 and she still resides there. In 1962 I migrated to Australia and worked in a clothes making factory and then continued this at home! I got married in 1964 and I have two children. My children are both very creatively minded! My son especially!! He has won awards for his paintings! I discovered painting in 2011 at the age of 70. I absolutely love landscapes this makes me relax and I have discovered that my portraits are also of good quality!! I have produced many pieces of flowers, trees, houses and abstracts!! I am in another world when I paint!! I wished started earlier!!!

THE RIVER Acrylic on paper, 21x30cm, 2012

moniKa IATROU Monika Iatrou is a painter who lives and works in Vienna/Austria. According to Albert Schweitzer “Reverence for life” is her view of daily living, protection of environment and species and a critical view of the development of society is part of her life and work, focusing on fine arts, ghostwriting, cultural management and projects. She particularly criticizes inappropriate livestock farming methods as an inacceptable development, which on the other hand also represents a corporate image whose lack of respect is manifested in many ways, especially in dealing humans behavement with themselves.Strong colors dominate her paintings, especially the color red as the blood of life. She does not give any title to her paintings, because: “The less we get influences from outside, the stronger is our own perception.” Since 2002 she presents her works in numerous group and individual exhibitions in public institutions, cultural centers and museums in Austria as well as in New York, Athens, Germany, Spain and Mexico. She was represented at the International Bienniale of Florence and implements projects in the context of the creative economy.

MOZAIK KAZANTZAKIS Tiffanyglass on wood, 20x 20 cm

PÄIVI IHAMÄKI Päivi Ihamäki is an architect and visual artist who lives and works in Finland. She has exhibited her artworks in solo exhibitions: Sampola Library, Tampere, 2016 / Main Library Leija, Ylöjärvi, 2016 / Sari’s Art Seinäjoki. Paintings and Bronz sculptures, 2016 / Main Library Metso, Tampere, 2017 / Main Library Apila, Seinäjoki, Bronz sculptures, 2018. She has also participated in international group exhibitions: Jean Sibelius 150- anniversary, Finland, 2015 / European Cultural Association Kalevala 180 anniversary, Finland, 2015 / Centro Arte Contemporanea Cittadella ‘Oggi é tutto molto strano’ Italy, 2015 / Tone International Art Miniature Exhibition, Bangladesh, 2015 / European Cultural Association & Finroart XXI ‘Countrylife, Finland, 2016 / Scandinavian Art Association ‘Fracture, Loviisa, Finland, Bronz sculptures, 2016 / European Cultural Association ‘Finland 100 anniversary, New York, USA, 2017 / ‘World Art Games’- International Artistic organization, Croatia, 2017 and many others of national level. She was President of Virtain Taideyhdistrys ry (2010-2015) and Suomenselan Taiteilijaseura ry (2015-2016). She is member of Finnish Art Association, Finish Artist’s Association, Art Group “Four Palettes”, AthensArt International Artistic Organization, WAG International Artistic Organization and President of the European Cultural Association.

THE SECRET OF MIND Watercolor on canvas, 4 parts, 95x20cm, 2016 THE THREAD OF LIFE Watercolor on canvas, 4 parts, 75x10cm, 2016

ANNELISE JARVIS HANSEN Annelise Jarvis Hansen lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a BFA degree in fine arts and exhibited in many countries. She painted a historic wall painting in the library of the Greek Island of Folegandros. Her art statement is: “I deal with political and social problems in order to transform our cultures of conflicts and war, into Cultures in Peace. For us it is important to live in harmonious coexcistence with all our different lifestyles and beliefs and towards a good and joyful life for each of us. To treasure our rich inherested cultures and to pass it on in peace to our future generations.�

WONDERING Oil on canvas, 30x30cm, 2015

VASILIS KALETSIOS Vasilis Kaletsios is 11 years old, student of the 6th grade elementary school. He has a particular love for painting and drawing, with which he has been involved for about 4 years. He attended painting lessons for a year. He also deals with music by playing harmonium.


Constantina kontopoulou Constantina Kontopoulou (Connie Kont) is born in 1987. My studies focus on a wide range of sciences and specialties. I have worked as a private tutor, teacher, adult educator and qualitative researcher. I am a PhD researcher and my main goals in life are to constantly reinvestigate knowledge and gain new perspectives. As an artist I have worked in various different projects in Thessaloniki. My first public work as an artist was when my photographs were part of the annual exhibition of the ΦΟΑΠΘ group in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2008-11.In 2012-13, some of my digital works were exposed in the Contemporary Museum of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. In 2015 I had the opportunity to present my works at an individual exhibition that took place in the popular Art-Gallery/Cafe De facto in Thessaloniki. One of my collaborations was with Democritus University of Thrace that used one of my photographs for the website of a faculty in the university. I have more than two projects ready for future plans and exhibitions and I am always looking forward to new chances and collaborations in Athens and abroad. A power in you, superior, breaks through your body and your mind and shouts: “Play the present and sure, play for the future and uncertain! Do not hold anything for later. I like the danger. We may be lost, we may be saved. Do not ask! Nikos Kazantzakis

PLAY Digital photo, 32x42cm

PRABHINDER LALL Prabhinder Lall was born and raised in Ratainda, Distt. Nawanshahar, Punjab, India. He got his Diploma in applied Art from the Govt. College of Art, Panjab University, Chandigarh in 1979. He obtainted his Master in Applied Art at College of Art, Chandigarh in 1979. He worked as a Graphic Artist, as Senior Visualizer, as Art Director and as Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, Applied Art and Animation in Lovely Professional University in Punjab (Phagwara). He has participated in numerous national and international events of art and attended prestigious art camps & workshops. He has been awarded with the Senior Fellowship (Ministry of Culture / India 2012-13) in the field of Painting (Visual Art), for his project on the subject Environmental Art & Architecture related to Rural & Urbanism in Landscape. He has been awarded in All India Exhibition of Drawings at Chandigarh and many others. His works are in important art collections and museums. Prabhinder is well known for his contribution in the field of Environmental Art and has evolved an inimitable stamp that stands for a synergy between art and environment. Prabhinder’s art works are vibrant and pulsating, always pushing creative boundaries and setting design standards. He reminds us of the social responsibility to not only utilize architectural structures for convenience but to preserve and enjoy them aesthetically as well. Prabhinder’s art works inspire and can lend character to the surroundings! Jang S. Verman

TWILIGHT-Naggar Acrylic on canvas, 50x40cm, 2016

JAGODA LESSEL Jagoda Lessel was born in Serbia and studied Philosophy at the University in Serbia. She lives and works in Vienna, where she graduated from the Academy for Physiotherapy. Her artistic profession began in the 1990’s and since then has been working with professors Anton Lehmden, Daniel Fischer and Awad Krayem. She attended inernational summer academies and art symposiums. The real theme which has always occupied Jagoda were people. People leave impressions which become alive through colour and form. Her paintings try to show on one hand energy, vitality, happiness, satisfaction and on the other pain, grief and the death. In her paintings one sees the direct connection to her profession as a physical therapist. Her exhibitions in Austria, Hungary, Slowakia,, France, Turkey, Czech, Korea- Saul and Serbia have brought her paintings closer to a large public.Jagoda Lessel is a member of the Professional association for painters in Austria and The Artist-group Arte MIX. Jagoda’s paintings were amongst nominated works in 2008 and 2009 for the St. Leopold-Peace Award of Klosterneuburg Monastery. She also participated in the Dorotheum-Caritas beneficiary auction, the Artist competition in Baden “Art and Medicine” 2000, and designed a CD cover for the Philharmonic Orchester, Satu Mare, Romania in 1999.

REMEMBRANCE Acrylic and rammed, 31,5x25cm, 2015

WARDA MANSRI Warda Mansri was born and raised in Mostaganem in Algiers. She has obtained a Certificate at the General Technical Education, the National Certificate of Fine Art Studies (SHDFG) and is also a certified designer for conservation and restoration of monuments specialized in sculpture. She is a painter, miniaturist and teacher at the School of Fine Arts of Mostaganem since 2006. She has participated in several residencies concervation in Algeria and has exhibited in several wilaya and tunis with chouftouhonna in 2016. She has worked on several frescoes, for example in Marniya, Oran or Polisario. Trained in the restoration and conservation of works of art at the National Museum “Ahmed Zabana” in Oran in collaboration with the Spanish group “Restauration sans Frontière”, she is also a photographer, scenographer and decorator.

THE LETTER Acrylic on canvas, 70x50cm, 2017

BARBARA MARCUCCI Barbara Marcucci was born in Milan, Italy on 6.6.1976. She attended Arts State Institute ‘O.Licini’ and she is a graphic designer and scene painter. She exhibited in Spain and Italy her painting and photographic works. She lives and works in Ascona Italy. I experienced the art in life, in my every single day. My grandfather, a sculptor, always said: Love the art … of Life. I can say I do not see major studies. Simple diploma as a graphic designer and a simple certificate scenic artist of the theatre. I love the colours. I like to paint a simple day in its simple wonder and my little star loves the colours of the great day that unites us.

LIFE Acrylic on canvas , 50x70cm

TATYANA MITAKI Tatyana Mitaki was born in Izmail/Odesa region, Ukraine in 1960. In 1977 she graduated from Art School, Izmail, and in 1992 from the Moscow People’s University. Since 2008 she is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and since 1995 she participates at city, regional, national and international art exhibitions. Personal art exhibitions: Art Gallery of Izmail, Izmail, Ukraine (1996), Autohaus Wossidlo, Berlin, Germany (1999), “Millennium”, Berlin, Germany (1999, 2000), “Russian House of Science and Culture”, Berlin, Germany (2000), GFK (Hellenic Foundation for Culture), Odessa. Ukraine (2001), House Council Sharloteburg. G. Berlin, Germany (2005), “Labyrinths of the soul”, the Odessa Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine (2008), Marshall Center. A.Kuindzhi, Mariupol, Ukraine (2010), “Space and Time.” Donetsk Regional Museum of Art. Donetsk, Ukraine (2011). She has also participated in group exhibitions: For the 50th World War II, Izmail Art Gallery, Izmail, in the 4th International Art auction, Berlin (1995), and many other exhibitions in Berlin (1999-2002). She has also participated in exhibitions in Kiev (2003, 2011), Odessa (2004), Berlin (2005), Starobeshevo (2009), Mariupol (2010), Izmail (2010, 2011, 2012). Her works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Romania, Austria, Germany, Greece and Sweden.

THERE IS NO VOICE, NO THOUGHT Oil on canvas , 60x70cm, 2009

TAHAR OUAMANE Tahar Ouamane was born on 12 March 1954 in Biskra in southern Algeria. Tahar began his career in 1971. Paintings, Etchings, Frescoes, and Illustrations of literary books and furthered his training of etchings in Bulgaria 1975, Cuba 1978 and 1993 and France. To date, he has illustrated more than 250 literary works. He started exhibiting from 1975 in Algiers, Bulgaria and Germany. Since then Tahar Ouamane has exhibited globally at Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Tunisia, to Washington in USA, Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, South Korea, Greece, Russia, China, Austria, Mexico, Turkey, etc. He painted also many murals and ceramic in Algeria for especially for Cultural institutions and universities. He worked at Ministry of Culture from 1978 to 2000. He obtained some awards in Algeria, Cuba, Russia and Arabic world. His works are in several private Collections, governments and museums around the world. He is member of artistic associations around the world. He lives in Algiers since 1974. Everything in this world has a hidden meaning. Nikos Kazantzakis


Monoprint, 30x63cm, 2017

STJEPAN PERKOVIC Stjepan Perkovic is an artist who lives and works in Zagreb of Croatia. I have been painting and writing since 1992 in order to express the spirit that moves me from inside. My poetry collection called ‘Prints of Depth’, which I illustrated myself, was published in 1998. I also illustrated seven other books of different authors. Since 2001 I have been a member of the international Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. I graduated painting at Free Academy of Art in the class of Mr. Donald Hall in Split, Croatia, in 2007. I have participated in three-year painting workshop in Medjugorje, led by Professor Carmelo Puzzolo. I have been a participant of great number of art colonies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and I have led art workshops for children in kindergardens and schools and for children with special needs. Every year I regularly participate in Festival of Equal Opportunities in Zagreb. I had 14 private exhibitions and over 20 collective ones. I’ve always felt the strong need to express myself, to connect with people and the world around me. During childhood, playing with toys, I developed the ability of using legs. Later, first unconsciously, I tried to find the meaning in my physical situation. Eventually I discovered painting. I let the colors to live on my canvases and to lead me to the next level. For me color itself is the ideal I try to reach and communicate with the help of my left foot holding a paintbrush. That process is a constant conversation, starting from the first brushstroke through the reaction that colors induce, leading me to the realization of the artwork. Working with children is also very important to me, as well as to tear down prejudices in those little people helping them to develop tolerance and creativity in everything they want to do in the future.

FIRE Acrylic on canvas 20x60cm, 2015 WATER Acrylic on canvas 20x60cm, 2015

GABRIELA Z. PICKETT-mOSIER Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier is a native of Mexico City. Coming from a long line of artists, she studied studio art at Wright State University in Dayton, OH. Her life is full of experiences that have allowed her to develop her talent as an artist. Being born in Mexico nurtured a fondness for preHispanic metaphors blended with graphic images of the persecution of Mexico’s indigenous people. The horrendous realities of war and political instability that Mexicans endure have inspired Gabriela to use her artistic abilities to attest to the brutal every-day living conditions suffered by most Mexicans. She paints and creates sculptures that fuse all these influences from her native country. Gabriela aims at raising awareness of the living conditions of the Mexican indigenous people who have been marginalized by economic and social discrimination. Gabriela uses her art as a venue for social commentary in the hope that indigenous people are not forgotten. She uses her art to compliment the messages of peace and respect for human rights. Her landscapes are memories of her childhood. As urbanization takes over the Mexican landscape, Gabriela wants to show the world the beauty of Mexico’s countryside before it fades away.

EMPTY BOWL Oil on canvas, 16x20cm

KIRSTEN WORK RASMUSSEN Kirsten Work Rasmussen was born and raised in Fyn, Denmark. She has studied classic drawing in Glyptotek, Copenhagen and attended the Academic Art School in Copenhagen (1973-1976). She got her Diploma in art history, design and fine arts from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark, Odense. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Denmark and abroad (Southafrica, Polen, Slovakia, USA, Greece) and is a member of Fyns Grafiske Vaerksted, Nordic Pastel Forum, BKF (Association of Visual Artists) and KKS (Association of Women Artists) as a board member during 2013-2016.

MORNING LIGHT Softpastel, 32x42cm, 2015

IGOR ROSSET Igor Rosset was born in Bologne, Italy in 1969. His Teacher was Vasilis Chalkidiotis, student of Salvador Dali and De Chirico. He had a unique style, called Halkidism and played a great role in the career of Igor. He has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and Italy and organized several personal exhibitions in: Gallery Laskaridou (Athens), Pinakotiki Pireaus, Museum Home El Greco (Crete) and Filologikos Sillogos Parnassos. Artworks of his are to be found, as donations, in several galleries and museums.

APOSTASY Acrylic & Ink, 70x100cm

TRIADA SAMARAS Triada Samaras is an interdisciplinary artist whose work has been featured in numerous national and international exhibitions and venues. Samaras is a New England born, Greek-American who has family members living on both sides of the Atlantic. She has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York for many years. Samaras creates works in a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, drawing, street art, photography, texts, poems, essays and social media. Samaras is a vocal artist and activist whose artwork often grapples with contentious issues in New York City and Athens, Greece, including identity, house/home, the human body, environment, land use and development. Her art work has also been featured in: Vital Space/ Nature and Humanity, Brooklyn Historical Society; Brooklyn Old Stone House; Kentler International Drawing Center; A.I.R Gallery; AthensArt International Art Festivals: Odessa/Ukraine, and Vienna/Austria; Macy Gallery, Columbia University; Millbank Chapel, Columbia University; Nancy Dryfoos Gallery, Kean University; James Howe Gallery, Kean University; Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, Brooklyn; Governors Island; Long Island University, Brooklyn; Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Samaras’ poems, texts, and projects have been highlighted in publications and venues including: Gowanus Lounge, Brooklyn; Vital Space/Nature and Humanity; Erato; Inter-view Bulletin, Columbia University; Carroll Gardens Coalition for Respectful Development Blog, Brooklyn; Athens Journal of Social Sciences, Athens, Greece etc.

WIND BLOWS THROUGH ME Acrylic on canvas, 157x127cm, 2015

CHristina savvatianou Christina Savvatianou was born in Athens, in 1965. She started her creative journey by exploring creatively everything she touched. She met with photography in 1986 when a colleague of hers, saw in the photos she shot during an excursion that she has a “good eye and a good hand” and urged her to cultivate it and study. After that, she attended seminars under the instruction of Fotis Kazazis and learned from him to observe the world through the lens. Shortly after, she became a member of the Hellenic Photographic Company EFE and participated in many competitions and exhibitions both in Greece and abroad with distinguished results in many of them. She worked as a photographer in advertisement for some years, but art won her soul, so she devoted herself into exploring the world of light and expression through photography. For many years she found herself lost in her darkroom printing her thoughts and soul on photographic paper. All her years, she follows the paths of light through her lens observing closely the life itself through it, and trying to portrait her dreams thoughts as well as finding and recording all those things most do not notice in the frenzy of our modern way of life. She says she wants to show in photos, all those things she isn’t talented enough to draw with paint, dreams, thoughts, hopes, fears, along with emotions that people don’t dare to share. She participates in exhibitions and photographic events as well as being a member in photographic communities and help in organizing exhibitions and photographic events. We come from a dark abyss, we end up in a dark abyss. The bright space in between, we call it Life. Nikos Kazantzakis

A PROMISE OF LIFE Digital photo, 30x40cm

KONSTANTINA SKAPETOULIA Konstantina Skapetoulia was born in Agrinio, Greece in 1968. She studied painting and Stage design at Athens School of Fine Arts as well as “computer graphics and animation” at Vocational Training Center DIMITRA. She completed her postgraduate studies “Digital Art Forms”, at School of Fine Arts, Athens (2002-2003). Since 2002 she is working in Private and Public Education, while 2016 had a posting to Athens School of Fine Arts. Her artistic work is been exhibited in solo and group events, and is also found in private collections and publications. She lives and works in Athens.

UNTITLED Acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm

JOAN Tinamisan CATOLICO Joan Tinamisan Catolico was born in Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines on January 15, 1980. She took up Business Administration major in Management Accounting at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City Philippines in 2000. She worked in Manila for 6 years then relocated to Bangkok, Thailand where she now works as a Financial Controller for Logonet Thailand and Hong Kong. Her frequent trips to some parts of Asia present her a great opportunity to pursue her passion in Photography. She loves photographing flowers, insects, portraits of people and anything she finds interesting. She had her first group exhibit in 2014 with Kolour Asia' “Bridging Cultures in Southeast Asia� in Bangkok and 2015 in Thepsatri Rajabhaat University, Lopburi Thailand. She has also exhibited in 2016 with AthensArt International Arts Festival at Oropos, Greece and with Colours of Asia at Bangkok, Thailand.

BARE Digital photo, 42x28cm, 2016

METIN TOPA Metin Topa is an artist, born in 1950 in Istanbul. In 1992 he begun to study art, taking courses in drawing and painting at the workshops of Turkish masters - abstraction with Hasan Kavruk, human figure and composition with Mehmet Güleryüz, and colour harmonies and composition with Temür Köran until 2002. Since then he focused on painting in his studio in İstanbul. If they were asking me what road leads to heaven, I would answer them the most difficult. Nikos Kazantzakis

UNTITLED Acrylic on mdf, 50x50cm

VICKY ZAGOURI Vicky Zagouri is an artist who lives and works in Greece. She studied Drawing, Painting and Art History at School of Fine Arts “Art Eorgon” in Athens. She attended a seminar on Aesthetic Education materials, painting techniques, organized by the Museum of Greek Children’s Art in Athens and also a Scientific Conference on “Children’s ArtModern Art” at the Auditorium of Benaki Museum. She has also studied Byzantine Iconography. She is a member of the Society for Literature and Arts of Piraeus, member of Group UNESCO Piraeus & Islands and founding member of Association of visual artists “IRIS” She has presented the radio program: “A painter and a musician are meeting at the same time.” For many years she teaches drawing, painting and art history to children and adults. She had many individual exhibitions in Lavrio (Old Machine’s Center, Old Town Hall), in Cultural Center of the Municipality of Syros, in Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, in Cultural Center of Kalyvia, in International Cultural Centre of Municipality of Voula, in “Art Café” Playground. She also participated to many group exhibitions: In the city of Lavrion, Cellar Papachristou, Pallini, GreekFrench Association Hall of Athens, Greek Center of Art and Culture, Koropi, Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, Arts Center of Athens, Artistic Agency “Forms of Expression”, Center of Art and Culture etc. As an island, slowly, with a terrible struggle, man’s work rises through the ocean of the non-existent. Nikos Kazantzakis

AS AN ISLAND Mixed media on paper, 50x40cm

agnes borsa-zirinis Agnes Borsa-Zirinis was born in Paris (France) in 1956. She came to Greece in 1980 after she met her husband and lives in Athens since then.She begins her studies of art in 1991, learning to draw with Colette Darras (French sculptor, graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Paris), and studying oil painting with Pete Engelman (Dutch painter). She opens in 1994 her own art studio and completes her studies under the guidance of Pavlos Samios (Greek painter, teacher at the School of Fine Arts of Athens). Since 1996 she participates in numerous group exhibitions, exhibits online (Saatchionline) and various of her artworks can be found in private collections. Why Kazantzakis? I read “The last temptation” during some vacation I took alone in the Greek island of Koufonissi. Passionate about Kazantzakis and his writings, in which I was catching the “Greek spirit”, so rich and complex, I felt he was talking to my senses as well as my soul. A small paragraph, where Jesus falls asleep and sees a dream in which he flies over a big city together with Maria-Magdalena, when an old man stops them and shout at them “I’m creating the Messiah” , retained my attention and created images in my mind I knew I had to put into painting. And so did I, from 2003 to 2008.

laST TEMPTATION Oil on canvas, 43x33cm, 2003

CENTRE OF ARTS 4 SEASONS - AthensArt International Arts Festival

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