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THE LOGO’S FROM C-ROOTS identity | strategy | creativity © Amsterdam october 2013



LOGO’S from C-Roots A logo is not an organisation, but every organisation needs a logo. A logo is nothing more and certainly nothing less than a graphic representation of the core of the organisation. A reflection of its purpose and ambition in its simplest most elementary form. Created to convey and connect the organisation to its audiences. Capturing that essence is the strategic and creative craft of the people designing the logo. Hereafter some examples from the creative past and present of C-Roots.


It’s the roots that make the fruits The identity of an organisation is multifaceted, only one aspect of it is the physical appearance. The bare essence is formed by the logo. A good logo not only encapsulates the roots and identity of the organisation but also give a clear signal towards its values. A good logo is able to build associations over time with its audiences. Both internally as well as externally. A name and logo get meaning over time by how they are used and in what context they are used. The word apple has certainly nothing to do anymore with the fruit it represents. The same goes with names. John is never the same representation of the person carrying that name. And yet there are many John’s around. Therefore, when having the opportunity to start from scratch, the decisions you make on name and logo need to be able to carry you and your organization a long way. Enabling a continuous build in the awareness and perception of the brand. Starting with the essence of the organisation is therefore a wise strategy. The essence will only change little over time. What the essence does will undoubtedly do! So start digging for the roots when developing a new name or logo. Irrespective of being a small start-up or a big national on the verge of merger, the process remains the same. The best way to look at a logo is in it’s simplest application. In black and white. And even more so on a T-shirt. The best logo’s stand out as you simply want to ware that T-shirt. Proudly!


Content Upfrnt 9 Eurofiber 15 Civolution 21 Zwart hout 27 Direct aviation 33 Wolkenridder 39 ECF 45 A-Lief 51 INND 57 LB-IX 63 Teleplan 69 440Hz 75 Incompany 81 Vonka 87 Digi-brains 93 SpUp 99


Upfrnt Architects who regard the creation and realization of a building as a big opportunity to add something back to Nature and the scarce energy resources. Up-cycling instead of energy neutral or cradle to cradle. They want to be the forefront in architecture and make this belief grow into a movement.



ir. Linda Buijsman Architect +316 14 810 848

Upfrnt The cooperative for up-architecture Hamerstraat 3 1021 JT Amsterdam +3120 260 0145





Eurofiber A glass fibre company with an ambition, to be moulded from three different cultural backgrounds. A true merger and clash of cultures. Yet the choice for the symbol and name of the new organisation stemmed from one of the three original companies. Than better develop those into an inspiring, outspoken and proud identity for everybody to gather behind.



Erik Gulitz System Engineer m +31(0)6 2956 0008

Eurofiber Zonnebaan 1, 3542 EA Utrecht postbus 7072, 3502 KB Utrecht t +31(0)30 242 8700 f +31(0)30 242 8765





Civolution What happens in Philips Natlab stays in Philips Natlab. And sometimes it doesn’t... That’s when you have the opportunity to start with a blank sheet of paper and simply start defining what the essence of the new technology truly is. And quickly you recognize the potential. Digital watermarking and fingerprinting.

Essential technology for content owners to monetize their digital content. Extremely important to illustrate that content can be seen yet is protected. That’s how a revolution in content identification became Civolution.



Mark T. Lawson Senior Director of Sales and Marketing M +31 6 52 532 694

CivoLuTion Identify Manage Monetise High Tech Campus 48 5656 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands

T +31 40 27 40 333 F +31 40 27 43 600





Zwart hout Already in the middle ages people in Japan understood the need for clever cladding of buildings. At that time it was essential to prevent fires from spreading through the community, today it is all about conserving facade’s. Both extreme’s are captured in the ancient technique of shou-sugi-ban.

Architect and entrepreneur Pieter Weijnen translated this technique to nowadays requirements and we simply called it what it is; zwarthout. With a logo that is immediately recognizable for its fiery outlook.



Pieter Weijnen +31 (0)6 21 294 727

ZwartHout shou-sugi-ban Edmond Halleylaan 46 1086 ZV Amsterdam





Direct Aviation Sometimes an organisation grows organically and acquires new activities. Bringing them all together in a clever and transparent branding system supports the ideas of cross- and upselling of the individual propositions. For Direct Aviation we did so and in the designs tapped in to the glory days of the romantic feel of traveling.

Giving the company a style that was easy recognizable for their customers as well as capturing the associated quality image.



Robert-Jan Haarler Sales Executive

Thermiekstraat 17, 6361 HB Nuth The Netherlands t +31(0)45 573 2200 f +31(0)45 573 2201 m +31(0)6 2043 6609 e i





Wolkenridder The name of the internal magazine of KLM. Seen as the voice of the board of directors instead of a magazine for and from all KLM’ers. We revitalized the brand and broadened its portfolio considerably. From a magazine only it became the internal press-agency for all departments of KLM.

Sharing and collecting true newsworthy facts and distributing them in a wide variety of media. Online and offline. Nevertheless, even after revitalizing the name and brand identity it still carries the ‘blue’ KLM family feel. Proudly!



opiniĂŤren relevantie verbeteren interactie initiĂŤren verbinden inspireren 41




ECF The European Cultural Foundation undertakes all kind of projects to bridge the cultural differences between the people that make up the current European Union. Not only via their own activities but also by participating in others sharing their purpose.

A new identity based on the insight that where borders are drawn new spaces come into existence. And in these spaces connection can be made. The logo is open for the program to present itself, yet the strong recognizable lines form an easy reminder of ECF itself.



Martine Willekens Head of Communications a.i. European Cultural Foundation Jan van Goyenkade 5 NL-1075 HN Amsterdam The Netherlands t +3120 573 3868, m +316 5360 0431





A-Lief What happens when doing good meets doing business? When a background in Morocco meets an education in the Netherlands? When fashion is mixed with developmental work? You get A-Lief. A fashion brand founded by Nassira Boudhan.

Where designs are firmly rooted in todays trends but are manufactured in Morocco to give women an income and education for their family. The identity reflects the duality of the brand and its founder.



Nassira Boudhan 06 4408 0775

Fashion for Education





innd Innovation is only something when it is delivered into a working industrial process. So when you create a company that is willing to invest in innovations, the name represents its vision; INND. Innovation industrialized. A catchy promise to both the innovators and to potential buyers/producers of the new technology.

The arrow in the brand not only indicates the way forward but is also illustrative of the activities of the company. Bridging the gap between the innovation and the industrialization.



Maarten Kelder Managing Director m +31 (0)6 1095 6126 t +31 (0)71 887 6076 e

> > > > > > > > > > > > >

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> > > > > > > > > > > > >

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> > > > > > > > > > > > >

> > > > >INND, innovation industrialized > >Luzernestraat 15 >2153 GM Nieuw Vennep >The Netherlands > > > >





LB-IX Two man starting a new business on the basis of their experiences in the operational processes of large multinational companies. Their initials form the first part of the name, the roman IX indicates their 9 principles in delivering the value of their expertise.

And at the same time the I stands for internal and the X for the connection they make across the departments to deliver on their promise. And the name is of the category once heard, never forgotten.



Niels Bogman

+31 (0)6 1962 7650

142 00 003 visite7.indd 1

28-02-12 12:25

Closing the value gap in operations Saturnusstraat 60 - unit 96 2516 AH The Hague The Netherlands +31 (0)70 204 04 07

142 00 003 visite7.indd 2

28-02-12 12:25


Closing the value gap in operations 66



Teleplan 21 locations around the globe, over 5000 people repairing or recycling electronic devices for all the major brands in the world. From navigation to game devices and from mobile to set top boxes. If it is electronics they now how to repair but also build the logistics needed to service this truly global market. Just repair is still a low cost driven operation.

How to move into a value operated business? Creating new opportunities and reflecting it in the design of the company. A challenge done within four months. A worldwide rebranding and re-strategizing operation. Lifecycle care for electronics is a far cry from the former industrial repair brand.



Katarina Trnovcova Corporate Treasury Manager

mobile +31 6 25 04 75 31 e-mail

Teleplan International NV, Schiphol Boulevard 201, 1118 BG Schiphol, The Netherlands, tel +31 85 273 3687, fax +31 85 273 3677,





440Hz The string players of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra also form their own little ensemble to play smaller pieces of classical repertoire and at the same time use this experience to enhance their performance. How to give them a new brand without the Rotterdam association.

To use the simple fact that the very first tone you hear from every orchestra is the A to which all instruments tune. An A that for a modern string orchestra is played at the level of 440Hz. A remarkable name with a strong association with the musicians themselves and with the audience in the know! 75


440Hz Strings Rotterdam Kruisstraat 2 3012 CT Rotterdam The Netherlands 020 - 456 7890

Erik-Jan Stalenberg secretaris 06 - 3456 7890

StringS rotterdam



Geneviève Le Couffe - La Rue Cello



Incompany The authority on the reputation of companies. Founded 10 years ago their annual research is the measure along which companies value their performance. The reputation is measured in three different issues with three different audiences.

The Incompany 200 measures employee satisfaction, the Incompany 100 customer satisfaction and the overall Incompany 500 also adds the willingness to do business to the equation.



RenĂŠ Gerhardus Managing partner

Cornelis Schuytstraat 2 1071 JH Amsterdam T 020 - 7 76 1 5 1 1 F 020 - 7774794 M 06 - 54343205





Vonka For Veronica the combination of yoga and ayurveda has been instrumental to her personal development. Having received a degree in economics, her own curiosity took her into the domain of yoga and further on towards the ancient healing techniques described in the ayurveda, literary meaning the know how of life. Now it is time to share her know how and convictions in her own practice.




Vonka Yoga & Ayurveda Hamerstraat 32 2 1021 JW Amsterdam 020 4216214

Veronika Uhl




Digi-brains Where to go when your mobile electronics malfunction? Your screen has cracked, the audio fails etc. Is there a one-stop shop to repair or revitalize your devices? Where you can find the smart accessories that enhance your connected life. And who understand the essence of being Always On.

As of now there is this true supporter of your connected life. A one-stop shop for all your mobile electronics. Digi-brains. We keep you connected. No matter what!




Digi-brains Werner von Siemensstraat 17 2712 PN Zoetermeer The Netherlands t +31 79 330 4440

m +31 6 53 83 16 62 e

Theo Alkemade VP Operators




SpUp One of the most daring brand names developed. It is funny, recognizable and easily opens up the dialogue. But once explained, it is also the core of the business. SpUp is derived from Speak up. The english phrase to illustrate that strong internal communications need an open environment where people are invited to speak up and share their opinions and ideas to help the organisation.



Marc B. do Amaral Communicatie-adviseur m 06 5181 7500 e

Spup Speak up, let’s start the conversation Havenstraat 23a 3024 SG Rotterdam The Netherlands


Speak up, let’s start the conversation 102


LOGO’S from the Roots We believe that strong logo’s stem from the roots of the organisation. Are connected to the identity and tell a (visual) story never to be forgotten. We hope and trust that the previous 16 examples prove our point.


THE LOGO’S FROM C-ROOTS identity | strategy | creativity © Amsterdam october 2013

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