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Graduating Class of 2015 Tyler Adams’ Amazing Race 2014-2015 Benefactors & Donors


The Most Reverend Frank J. Dewane Msgn. Stephen E. McNamara Dr. Volodymyr Smeryk Directors

John Petracco, President Maria De Santo, Vice President Peter McPartland, Treasurer Denise Da Silveira, Secretary Vito Manone ~ Janet Beach ~ Michele Tromble George Browning, Esq. ~ Dave Ryan ~ Barbara Caldwell

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BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015



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Photos (from top down): Boys Varsity Baseball Team Junior Class at Spellamania Taylor Graeber, Kayla Schrickel, Andrea Eid 1990 Football team with the Class of 2015 Football players from at the Hall of Fame Banquet

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD




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DENNY DENISON denny.denison@bvhs.org director of development

GINA LOMBARDO gina.lombardo@bvhs.org alumni director

MIKE GILL ‘68 mike.gill@bvhs.org athletic director

JOHN GULLEY john.gulley@bvhs.org sports editor

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With the frenetic events surrounding the close of one school year and the planning for the next, I realized I needed to take a moment and appreciate all we have accomplished as a school. God grants us many gifts; He lifts us up so we can reach our goals, He pushes us on to victories, and He stands beside us in the mundane simplicity of the everyday. So as I walked in silence through the quiet halls and looked at trophies and lockers, lunch tables and desks, bookshelves and banners, I wanted to stop and be thankful for all He has given us this year. Members of our elite community have earned state swimming championships and STEM Team victories. We have been recognized publically for our athleticism and our coaching. One of our outstanding students even earned the distinction of fourteen years of perfect attendance. We are artists and musicians, volunteers and scholars, performers and educators. The list of our accomplishments is very long and shows we are more than just a team or individual. We are a core of strength and intellect. We are an aggregate of poise and integrity. But what I realized while quietly reflecting on the lives lived in these halls, is we are more than just our successes. We are so much greater than our awards and achievements because we are a family who has shown strength in adversity, and we stand together in good times and bad. Life is not all pomp and circumstance. Living is hard and entails difficulties and frustrations. What makes us different, is in our darkest hours and our greatest struggles, we stand together and lift each other above our fears. The true sign of a life well lived is one which goes beyond ourselves and positively impacts those around us. And I saw that life lived in those who graced our halls and cheered us on to every form of victory, whether it be in a classroom, on a field, or quietly in a hallway. We are a united front, founded in our faith in God, and in each other. God has granted us many triumphs, but He stands by us even when we falter. With His strength, we came together as a community to say prayers for one of our own as he faced medical difficulties. When a team soared but missed the top ranking, we united in solidarity by linking arms and singing our alma mater. And we spread our spirit beyond our school by volunteering in efforts to better our community, and by setting the example of grace and determination to those who hope to one day become a Viking. There are just as many examples of support as there are of achievement, and for this I am proud. A great man, when asked about the potential of our students to succeed, said something which has stuck with me. He said “Ask me again in ten years. Then we will see how they turn out as men.” This was the perfect summation of what I truly wish for every student who has, and will, attend our school, and what I see reflected in our faculty, alumni, parents, and donors. By sharing in our accomplishments and supporting each other in our difficulties, we are helping to form men and women of integrity. We are learning that as a group we can achieve, as a team we can soar, and with the help of God and each other, we can overcome. This has been a year of amazing victories, but more importantly, of lives joined together to form one Verot family. His Blessings,

Denny Denison Denny Denison MISSION STATEMENT

Bishop Verot Catholic High School, building on more than 50 years of tradition and excellence in Catholic education, is a community of faith and learning dedicated to service and centered on Christ. An educational ministry of the Diocese of Venice, Florida, Bishop Verot serves students from Southwest Florida, as well as international students, in a co-educational college preparatory environment. Bishop Verot provides students with opportunities for lifelong learning and leadership, teaching skills for college and values for life.

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


Congratulations Class of 2015


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015


Non Excidet ~ “We will not fail � James Marcel Gomez Alday Florida Gulf Coast University

Charles Joseph Alexander Ball State University, IN

Patrick James Alicante*

University of Central Florida

Angeline Allan

Florida State University

Hannah Rose Arcentales*

University of Notre Dame, IN

Kelly S. Baker*

Florida State University

Patrick John Banick

Florida State University

Jacob Alexander Bay

Florida Gulf Coast University

Alan Michael Beck

Florida Gulf Coast University

Ashton Nicole Beer

Tallahassee Community College

Margaret Barlow Bell* Florida State University

Alec Lucius Bellino

Florida Gulf Coast University

Hannah Christine Bergau* Florida State University

Jennifer Marie Bertrand

The Culinary Institute of America, NY

Anthony Mario Bonacolta* University of Miami

Sophia Angelina Borghese New College of Florida

Jaryd Andrew Brady

Florida Gulf Coast University

Kelsey Lynn Bromwell

Florida Gulf Coast University BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


James Aloysius Dwyer* University of Florida

Justin Ecelbarger*

University of Florida

Ashley Janine Edwards

Florida SouthWestern State College

Ann-Kathrin Effenberg* The University of Tampa

Andrea Eid

Florida State University

Quinn Farrell

Mount St. Joseph University, OH

Molly Jude Buck*

Griffin Anthony DeCarli

Anna Lisa Fortier*

University of Florida

Saint Mary’s College, IN

Wentworth Institute of Technology, MA

McKenzie Dinkel Campagnolo

Savannah Olivia DeCarufel

University of Missouri Columbia, MO

Cory Joseph Castellano

Marco Antonio Garcia

University of St. Thomas, MN

Danielle Nicole Dickey*

University of Central Florida

Florida Gulf Coast University

Kiera Michelle Clay

Scott Patrick Duffy

Elizabeth Nee Gardner

Florida State University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Weston M. Cole

University of South Florida

Santa Fe College

Kinzie Marie Frey

Florida SouthWestern State College

University of South Florida

Hailey Marie Dwyer*

Thomas Benedict Gargano

Florida State University

Ave Maria University

Courtney Kathryn Conwell

Columbia College Chicago, IL

Ryan Mark Cooper

Florida State University

Conor McLane Crep*

Florida State University

Kathryn Gorham Crowley

University of Central Florida

Gabriel Custodio-Gautier

Florida Gulf Coast University

Thomas Stanley Dean III

Wittenberg University, OH


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015


Candace Rose Getgen

Florida Gulf Coast University

Andrea Alyse Globetti

The University of Alabama, AL

Taylor Alexis Graeber

Florida State University

Patricia Mary Gras*

University of Central Florida

Preston Chase Gregg

Florida Atlantic University

Connor Patrick Gregory Florida State University

Vincent Guerrieri

The University of Tampa

China Haisley

Ashley E. Holleran

Gabrielle Sarafina Jacobelli

Florida State University

Florida SouthWestern State College

Chesnee Ann Holly

John Ryan Janiak

Florida SouthWestern State College

Michigan State University, MI

The University of Alabama, AL

Hunter Johnson Hand

Oklahoma State University, OK

Lauren Ashley Homolka* University of Florida

Luke Kane

Florida State University

Samuel I. Haskins

Jared Ross Horowitz

Samantha Anne Kane*

Florida Gulf Coast University

Jacksonville University

Jordan Alexandra Hodges

Mirella Mary Jane Hurst

Berklee College of Music, MA

Florida Atlantic University

Florida State University

Tracey M. King

Saint Leo University

Karyne Dana Kozar

Florida SouthWestern State College

Christopher Marti Kukla

Florida Gulf Coast University

Daulton Joseph LaGrave* Florida State University

Long Dai Lam

Houston Community College, TX

Sarah J. Lambert

Florida SouthWestern State College

Nicholas S. Lambros


Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


Mary Bridget Medovich*

San Jose State University, CA

Clinton Charle Mitchell

Florida Gulf Coast University

Michaela A. Morris

Florida Gulf Coast University

Gregory Donald Moyer* Florida State University

Andrew Joseph Murray

Florida SouthWestern State College

Dillon Joseph Nemeth* Florida State University

Michael Lee

Saint Leo University

Cassian Levinson-Peterman

Florida SouthWestern State College

Connor Francis Linden

Florida SouthWestern State College

Lin Liu

Pennsylvania State University

Jordan Lyndsey Locke

Florida Gulf Coast University

Austin E. Maurer

Florida Gulf Coast University

Keelin Amanda McKenna* Florida State University

Kyle Mitchell McKenna* University of Florida

Rachel Leah McLaughlin

Florida Gulf Coast University

Richie Nizza

Florida State College of Jacksonville

Spencer Vincent Nowell

Tallahassee Community College

H. Austin James Olbekson* Florida State University

Bailey Jane Owens*

Purdue University, IN

Lauren Makenzie Oyer* Florida State University

Lauren Jo Lukasik*

New College of Florida

Tess Malik*

Florida State University

David Connor Malt

Florida Southern College

Alexander Richard Mantz

The University of Arizona, AZ

Tyler Dean Marshall*

The Ohio State University, OH

Ricardo Felix Martinez*

University of South Florida


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015


Brooke Marion Palmer

Florida Gulf Coast University

Andrea Nicole Pendergrass* University of Central Florida

Madison Taylor Pergakis* University of South Florida

Nicholas Ryan Petrozzi* Marietta College, OH

Flornaldine Pierre

Florida Atlantic University

Eric P. Poland

Wagner College, NY

Nicolas Jackson Powell

Benjamin Quimby

Thomas Peter Rizzo

Florida State University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Seminole State College

Francisco Prado-Barker Florida State University

Tiffany Reyes

Alec Wayne Rose

Netzy Preciado

Antonia Marie Rich


University of South Florida

Andrew Lenox Ryan

University of South Florida

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Nitzel Preciado

University of South Florida

Jeffrey Dean Richards University of Florida

Austin Saunders

Florida Gulf Coast University

Lauren Diane Proce

Nicholas James Rieske

Natalie Lauren Schol

Tallahassee Community College

SW Florida Public Service Academy

University of Central Florida

Kayla Ashley Schrickel

University of South Florida

Philipp Jerome Seibert* Florida State University

Nima Shirooni

Florida SouthWestern State College

Julia Catherine Signorelli

Florida Gulf Coast University

Matthew Charles Signorelli*

United States Naval Academy, MD

Kathleen Marie Smith

Florida Gulf Coast University BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


Michael Harrison Snyder

Garrison Alexander Thomas* University of Florida

Florida State University

Madison Rose Soto

Matthew Thomas Thompson*

Connor Patrice Woodburn

Casey Jane Stephan

Ashley Marie Truax

Ziyan Xu

Florida Atlantic University The University of Tampa

Florida State University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Hillsborough Community College

Foothill College, CA

Aleczander Michael Suarez

Lauren Elizabeth Tuffo

Logan Lamar Youmans

Florida State University

University of Mississippi, MS

Florida Gulf Coast University

Yitong Sun

Natassia Madeline Tuhovak* Canisius College, NY

Janine Marie Zayas

The Catholic University of America, DC

Peter Even Swafford

Alexis Briana Verwoert*

Guibin Zheng

Fordham University, NY

Santa Monica College, CA

Huayuan Tang

Siqi Zheng

Northeastern University, MA

Nicholas Carmelo Vinci

Florida Gulf Coast University

Foothill College, CA

David Garrett Taylor

Stephen Pierce Wagner

Cornell University, NY

Anthony Edward Tejeda

Kerry Elizabeth Waldron*

Elle Aline Thomas*

Thaddeus James Ward

University at Albany, NY Florida State University

Florida Gulf Coast University Triton College, IL

The Ohio State University, OH


Florida State University

Julia Marie Weber*

BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

LaGrange College, GA

Florida State University

Joseph Paul Zolik* Peter John Zolik

The Citadel Military College, SC * denotes member of National Honor Society

University of Central Florida


SENIORS SERVICE DAY As freshmen, the Class of 2015

began their time at Bishop Verot with a day of service during their Freshman Retreat. This long-standing tradition is a great way to bring the freshman class together, for a unified purpose, and while they form lasting relationships, they also learn the importance of giving back. And what better way to conclude their four years at Verot, than a Senior Service and Retreat Day? Four years older and wiser, the students headed out into the community, to make a difference. They worked outdoors at LARC, Special Equestrians, Habitat for Humanity, and Special Populations. Students also helped out at Salvation Army and Harry Chapin Food Bank. After putting in several hours of hard work, the class gathered downtown at Centennial Park for lunch and prayer. Father Goodyear spoke of their time here and offered inspiration for their future. The high school years will always be remembered for their academics and athletics, as well as the monumental events like Homecoming Week, Theater productions, class trips, clubs, and Prom. It is our hope the time spent in the community will also be as impactful and an experience that will carry on in their adult life. BG

Take a break from the Ordinary Try the Extraordinary

A Truly One of a Kind Dining Experience

Extraordinary Since 1978

239-332-2065 Lunch Mon - Fri Dinner Mon - Sat Closed Sunday Valet Service at Dinner

Photos from the top down: Sorting food at the Harry Chapin Food Bank Striping the parking lot at LARC Landscaping at LARC Washing the Special Population’s vans Prayer and lunch gathering at Centennial Park to end the day


Reservations Recommended Downtown Fort Myers River District www.verandarestaurant.com

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


A LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT My Fellow Vikings, It is hard to believe yet another school year has come and gone. We have accomplished so much in this last school year. Our pride in the accomplishments of our students cannot be measured. The community of Bishop Verot is an integral part of our students’ success. This community is comprised of so many thoughtful, caring and generous people. Beyond the faculty and staff, we have our parents, alumni and friends. At any event, academic, athletic, or fundraising, you will see our parents and alumni alongside volunteers whose only connection might be their commitment to quality Catholic education, giving of their time, talent, and treasure. We are continually thankful for the blessing of this comradery. In this issue of the Black & Gold, you will see the recap of our fundraising efforts for the 2014-2015 school year. Your support helps continue the mission of Bishop Verot. Your gifts to the Annual Appeal, sponsoring and attending our fundraising events, support of the Athletic Booster Club, and volunteering in so many ways helps our students today while also helping future generations. As we prepare for the new school year, please keep our school community in your prayers. Non Excidet, Gina Lombardo Director of Development


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015




700 Students 5,978+ Alumni



of families have demonstrated need of $1.3 million

of students go on to post secondary school

students received donorfunded scholarships and other aid in fiscal 2014-2015


Average SAT Score

FUNDRAISING BY THE NUMBERS $259,422 $15,000 $893 $25,000

General gifts

Technology & Innovation


Revenue from Fundraising Southwest Florida $11,900 Community Foundation

Average Alumni Gift

$5,803 Gifts In Kind


$8,500 Memorial Funds


Gifts for Adopt-a-Student

BVHS ENDOWMENT FUNDS held at the catholic community foundation of southwest florida

Market Value as of March 31, 2015: $1,518,038 funds included in the endowment:

The Bishop Verot High School Foundation Fund - Est. 1995 Income from the fund is used to support the operation of BVHS. Jacob Alderman Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2003 Income used to provide Financial Assistance for needy students to attend BVHS. Joseph Grabsch Scholarship Fund - Est. 2005 Income used to provide Financial Assistance for worthy students to attend BVHS. Carl Kistel Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000 Income used to provide Financial Assistance for needy students to attend BVHS . John and Mimi Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund - Est. 2004 Income used to provide Financial Assistance for needy students to attend BVHS. Preferred use is to provide scholarships for strong academic minority students, however it is not required that the award go to a minority student. Judy Springston Scholarship for the Arts - Est. 2014 A partial scholarship for a student wishing to focus on the Arts. BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Rob Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000 Income used to provide Financial Assistance for needy students to attend BVHS. Edward and Esther Kuss Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2010 Income used to provide Financial Assistance for needy students to attend BVHS. Dick Stahl Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2008 Income used to provide scholarship for needy incoming freshmen from St. Francis School. Spirit of 1974 Scholarship Fund - Est. 2011 Income used to provide scholarship for a well rounded high academic needy student. The Spirit of 1974 BVHS Scholarship is supplemented annually by the distribution from the Jay Sheppard Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 1980 at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation. Pursuant to the Endowment Agreement with Catholic Community Foundation, income distributions from the Spirit of 1974 Scholarship Fund do not begin until July 1, 2015.

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


Lifetime Benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Pete Odell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farnham Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Pirrello Dr. Rick Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Pritchett III Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fletcher Mrs. Marjorie Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ray Dr. and Mrs. Mason Goss Mrs. Nancy L. Dwyer Dr. and Mrs. David M. Reardon Mr. Rodney Godwin and Mrs. Mary Q. Eller Dr. and Mrs. James A. Reeves Mrs. Sally Bohn Mr. Leonardo Santini Mrs. Rica Richardson Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Grumbach Mrs. Cookie Swanson Miss Margaret E. Ritchie Mr. Adam L. Hall Southwest Florida Community Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Sedgwick Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hall Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Brett Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Marty Harrity Mr. and Mrs. John Sheppard Mrs. Helen Hoffman De Sales Society Mr. and Mrs. Duane R. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hooper $200,000+ Mr. Ronald J. Vecchie Mr. and Mrs. John G. Huether Rev. Raymond J. Wahl Church of the Resurrection of Dr. and Mrs. Abbott Kagan Mrs. Joan M. Weiffenbach our Lord Mr. and Mrs. Noopie Khemkhajon Mrs. Catherine Yakimchick Mr. and Mrs. Robb Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knox St. Francis Xavier Parish Mr. Eric Weise Mr. Hyuk Sub Kwon St. Andrew Parish Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kyle Legacy Circle Carol Jo Vecchie Memorial Drs. Paul and Judy Liccini $20,000+ Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Lozano Edison National Bank Dr. Constantine Mantz and Dr. and Mrs. Jack G. Beaulieu B.V.H.S. Athletic Boosters Dr. Christina Hodges Mr. and Mrs Gerald A. Bilski Sexton Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Maribona Mr. and Mrs. John Boler B.V.H.S. Academic Boosters Drs. Charles & Cynthia McCurdy Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bretton G. L. Homes Mr. and Mrs. Quinton McNew Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brueck St. John XXIII Catholic Church Mr. and Mrs. John Naumann Dr. and Mrs. John S. Bruno St. Columbkille Thrift Store Dr. and Mrs. John M. Petersen Mrs. Alice A. Burnett St. Columbkille Church Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Rieck Mrs. Katherine Dougherty Vein Specialists at Royal Palm Dr. Jasper Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Dwyer Square Inc Mr. and Mrs. Reid R. Schaefer Dr. and Mrs. John S. Fifer State Farm Mutual Automobile Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott Mrs. Barbara Garratt Insurance Company Mr. Christopher J. Shields Mr. Curt Hackett BVHS Yearbook Mr. George C. Steckel Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hafele St. Katharine Drexel Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Steenhausen Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Halucha St. Leo Catholic Church Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stejskal Mr. and Mrs. Kim P. Hart Mr. Ron Throgmartin Dr. and Mrs. Lowell L. Hart Vahlhalla Circle Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tienstra Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Holland $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Terry Tincher Mr. and Mrs. John Hotchkiss Dr. and Mrs. Joel Van Sickler Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huether Mrs. June Verona Dr. and Mrs. James A. Aurelio Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Inge Dr. and Mrs. Steve West Mr. and Mrs. William D. Baker Mrs. Linda Jones Mrs. Helen T. West Mr. and Mrs. Robert Batson, Jr. Mr. Stan Kashnig Mr. Robert Wigley Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boisvert Dr. and Mrs. Michael Katin Mr. Joseph N. Wyble Dr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Al Krause Mr. and Mrs. Ronald York Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Brooks Mr. Robert J. Kretschmer IBM Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buntrock Mr. and Mrs. William E. LaMothe Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Carrasquillo The Bunny Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lause St. Isabel Parish Mr. Leo LeBlanc Mr. Joseph Crimaldi Our Lady of Mercy Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Lee Mr. Lee J. Crowther St. Cecilia Catholic Church Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Peter Curcione Rotary South Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Linnehan Jr. Mr. Richard R. Del Favero Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Middendorf Bank of America - Sheila Jeffrey Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle

Founders Circle $500,000+


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

Our Lady of Light Church Ascension Church Doc Ford’s Restaurant Classic Basketball Inc.

Platinum Circle $5,000.00+ Mrs. Evelyn A. Allen Mr. and Mrs. James K. Arnold Mr. Raymond Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Geoff M. Becker Ms. Diane Bloomhall Dr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Charles Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Corso Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cull Dr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Cullen Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Danehy Mrs. Nancy Diamond Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Dupay, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eisenman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fair Mr. Philip Fenner Mr. and Mrs. E. Ray Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gargano Mr. and Mrs. Scot D. Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Harrelson Ms. Chrisanna Harrington-Wright Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Henderson Mrs. and Mrs. Bob Holder Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holmes Mrs. Laura A. Holquist Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holway Mrs. Patricia Huether Mr. Sid Jacobsen Mr. Timothy M. Janson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Jeckering Mrs. Denise A. Keating Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Keys Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kiddy Dr. and Mrs. Brian K. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kirby Dr. and Mrs. F. Richard Kirley Mr. and Mrs. Kit A. Klingensmith Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Kordonowy Dr. and Mrs. Blaise Kovaz Dr. and Mrs. Subhash Kshetrapal Mr. and Mrs John F. Lang, Jr. Mr. Ron Larson Mr. and Mrs. Vito Manone Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mast BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Mrs. Gertrude McCloud Mr. and Mrs. Darin McMurray Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Giles Meyer Drs. James and Yolanda Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mitchell, Jr. Mrs. Ruby Moore Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Niehaus Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Norris Mr. and Mrs. Vince Nowell Oblates of St. Francis deSales Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Onorati Mr. and Mrs. David A. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Plecha Mr. and Mrs. Michael Raymond Mr. and Mrs. Terry Reid Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Riera Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Rodi Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey W. Roepstorff Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers Mr. Robert Schaffstein Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schlotterbeck Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sedlak Mr. and Mrs. James Sloan Drs. Douglas and Teresa Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stewart Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sublett Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Tavares Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Teufel Mr. and Mrs. John Toggweiler Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Tripp, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William H. Truax II Mrs. Catherine Uhl Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Vogelbach Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walsh Mrs. Danette J. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Whitley Ms. Susan Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Zell Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Zeterberg Mrs. Linda Ziegler Chico’s FAS, Inc. David Plummer and Associates Wells Fargo Target Sanibel Golf Tournament 2005 South Florida Bank Health Force BVHS Summer Enrichment Class - John McMurrin Our Lady of Miraculous Medal SunTrust Bank Orthopedic Specialists Cellular One of SW Florida BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

BVHS Class of 1999 BVHS Class of 2005 Florida Cancer Specialists Price Foundation

Gold $2,500.00+ Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adams Dr. John Agnew Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Aloia Dr. and Mrs. Jaime A. Alvarez Anonymous Mr. Phillip G. Avery Mrs. Gayle Baetz Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Birnbaum Mr. and Mrs. Wally Bixby Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bloy Mrs. Nancy Brickner Mr. John W. Burden Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Carron Mr. and Mrs. Todd Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Case Mr. and Mrs. W. John Chuplis Ms. Alice Craven Mr. and Mrs. Ron Davis Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Davis Ms. Nannette E. Dean Mr. Edward Delizia Dr. & Mrs. Kanacasabat Devacaanthan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Devereaux Mrs Stacey DiDonna Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Doragh Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Duca Mrs. Virginia E. Dwyer Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Fell Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Finch Mr. and Mrs Jeffrey S. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fitzgerald Mr. Arthur Fleck and Mrs. Mercedes Lima Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forget Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Forsyth Dr. and Mrs. David G. Gaar Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Galang Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner Mrs. Kathy Georgeson Dr. and Mrs. Randolph S. Geslani Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greco Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Greco Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Greco, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Harris Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Hensen Susan J. Hickenlooper Mr. and Mrs. Frank Higginbotham Mr. William C. Hughes and Dr. Judi E. Hughes Mrs. Misty Ireland Mr. and Mrs. Chad S. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Karim Kafei Dr. and Mrs. George Kalemeris Mr. and Mrs. Randy Keim Mrs. Rosemary Q. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John Keyes Dr. and Mrs. Tom Kowalsky Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kuehner Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lautenbach Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lavender Mrs. Gloria J. Lazor Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Leslie Mr. and Mrs. John R. Linden Mrs. Betty Lose Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lounsberry Mr. Ricardo R. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maschmidt Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Maughan Mr. & Mrs. James W. McCaughan Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McGee Mr. Jim McGowan and Mrs. Tonia Batchelor Dr. and Mrs. Daniel McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKinlay Mr. and Mrs. Scott Metzger Mrs. Susan T. Meyer Mr. Anthony Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Eric Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Osvaldo Morales D’Castillo Mrs. Ann Moran Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mosher Dr. and Mrs. Emilio Mufdi Mr. and Mrs. Tim Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Abel Natali Mr. James D. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Peter Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peplowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peters Dr. and Mrs. Mark Petrites Mr. and Mrs. Robert Puls Dr. and Mrs. Jorge M. Quinonez Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Rakowski Ms. Ida Rasnake

Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Redovan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reese Mr. Lawrence Rickert and Dr. JoAnne Rickert Dr. and Mrs. Julio L. Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Rokki Rogan Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rollings Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Roney Mr. Donald Roode Mr. and Mrs. Axel Ruiz Mrs. Angela Rupcich Mr. Mike J. Scarry Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Schrotenboer Mr. Richard Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Shevlin Dr. and Mrs. Desmond Smith Mr. and Mrs. Chris Spiro Ms. Kathryn A. Stephanoff Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Stickford Mr. George Suter Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sweeney Mr. Vincent Tolisano, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Don Trummel Mr. and Mrs. John Turco Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Turnbull Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Unglaub Mr. Stephen E. Upton Mr. and Mrs. James Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wells Mr. Wayne T. Wiles Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Wnukowski Ms. Gloria Wood Rev. Mark Wrightson Pavese Garner Haverfield Kiplinger Foundation, Inc. Eyeland Telemedia, Inc. Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Lutheran Community Foundation FACTS Management Co Scraptique, inc. Raymond Building Insurance Fire & Water Restoration Gartner Saint Leo Catholic Church Better Buildings Southwest Florida Oral & Facial Surgery Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest Florida, Inc. Gora McGahey Associates in Architecture Scanlon Lexus of Fort Myers Sun Coast Automobile Group

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


B & I Contractors Inc. Support Services Corp Minnesota Twins Baseball Club Cloud 9 Sleep Shop The Celebrate Foundation Private Wealth Consultants Stanton Door Company Oney Sheet Metal, Inc. Lazy Flamingo Houghton Mifflin The Alvera A Funderbunk Trust Wayne Wiles Flooring

Silver $1,000.00+ Mr. Ron Addington Mr. and Mrs. Craig Albert Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Alderman Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arcentales Mr. and Mrs. John Armenia Mr. and Mrs. James Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Martin Arnowitz Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Atkinson Mr. John P. Attwood Mr. and Mrs. Will Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Baker Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Banta Mr. and Mrs. Tony Barber Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Barnette Mr. and Mrs. William J. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Baugher Ms. Betty Berthold Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bidwill Mr. and Mrs. Ray Birck Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bligh Mrs. Sally Bohn Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Bonacolta Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boscov Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Boyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Bradley Mr. Brian M. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Tim A. Brown Mr. Bob Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brunotts Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Burnside Mr. Chuck Bush Dr. James F. Butler Dr. & Mrs. Deogracias L. Caangay Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cain Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Callans


Mr. Robert Campbell Mr. Stephen Canzano Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Carr Ms. Tanya Carrar Mr. William J. Casagrande Mr. and Mrs. Robert Casey Mr. and Mrs. J. David Cassilly Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Ceurvels Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Clark Mr. and Mrs. William Clementz Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Collier Mr. and Mrs. David Collins Drs. Jeffrey and Norma Colon Mr. and Mrs. Craig Conklin Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore J. Cossentino Mr. Lawrence Cremia Mr. and Mrs. William C. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Peter Curcio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D’Alessandro Mrs. Margaret D’Arpino Mr. and Mrs. Tom Daugherty Mr. James De Lap Ms. Marda J. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Bernard DeWolfe Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. DiBenedetto Ms. Tina Dicharia Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dignam Dr. and Mrs. Frank DiPlacido Dr. and Mrs. John A. Distasio Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Dohm Mrs. Diana D’Olica Reverend Stanley J. Dombrowski Mr. Philip H. Doragh Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dorchak Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dougherty Mrs. Margaret Dunn Dr. Michael Echols Mary L. Edmondson Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ehret Mr. Craig Ellis Mr. and Mrs. David Esoldi Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Faubion Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fewster Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Flack Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fluharty Mrs. Elizabeth D. Francis-Stieber Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Fransway Mr. and Mrs. Alan Freeman Mrs. Aimee R. Frey Mr. and Mrs. David T. Fryzel Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Furlong, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Domingo E. Galliano

BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

Mr. and Mrs. David Galloway Dr. and Mrs. Gerardo A. Gamez Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Peter Garda Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gargiulo Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Geegan Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gelormine Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gembecki Mr. Patrick Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. Gilford W. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gill Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gillis Mr. and Mrs. John R. Globetti Mr. Thomas F. Glodek Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gowing Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graettinger Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Graff Ms. Mena Granatino Mr. and Mrs. Michael Granatino Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Green, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Gregory Mrs. Lynnan Grissinger Mr. Bay Gruber Dr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Gulde Mr. and Mrs. David Haas Mr. Howard J. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Halsey Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hamann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Hannan Mr. Clarence E. Hanthorn Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Harper Mrs. Dolores Harper Mrs. Sandra J. Harris Mr. Paul Harris Ms. Leigh Hayes Mr. Steve Haywood Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Healey Dr. Michael Hedden Mr. Victor Hein Mrs. Diane Hilinski Mr. John A. Hillenbrand II Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hinkle Dr. and Mrs. Roger E. Hirchak Mr. Bruce Hoovis Mr. and Mrs. Tom Horton Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Hupperts Dr. Gary P. Hussion Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Iannini Mr. Terence Igo and Ms. Cristin Bishara Dr. and Mrs. Rolando C. Jamilla Mrs. Brenda S. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher. D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jones Mrs. Joyce Jurkowski Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Q. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kennell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kerkes Mr. and Mrs. Scott King Mrs. Mary L. Kinnaman Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kinsey, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kistel Mr. Timothy R. Kistel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kleman Dr. and Mrs. Chris Klimowich Ms. Sharon Klump Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Knezek Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Knight, Jr. Mrs. Veronica D. Koepke Mr. and Mrs. Cletus A. Krater Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kreinbrink Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krichbaum Mr. and Mrs. Philip Krieg Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Lacovara Mrs. Jill Lampley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lancellot Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lane Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larrea Mr. and Mrs. James Lavender Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Laws Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Lee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lehnert Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Lepley Mr. and Mrs. Terence G. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lipscomb Dr. Thomas P. Lo Mrs. Sara Long Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Luta Mr. Paul Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Lyons Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Magnant, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Maitland Mr. and Mrs. Delano W. Mann Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Marino Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Maxwell Dr. and Mrs. Keith A. May, DO Ms. Virginia McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCleod Mr. Jack McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Dan B. McGahey Dr. and Mrs. John McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Jim McLinden Dr. and Mrs. Gregg F. McNeal Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Melloh Mr. and Mrs. Keith Melvin Mr. Phil Memoli BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Mr. Don Mendrick Dr. and Mrs. George Mestas Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Meyerson Mrs. Ursula W. Michel Dr. and Mrs. David Michie Mr. David L. Miller Dr. Alan Mishael Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Pedro E. Monserrate Mr. Joseph T. Mooney, Jr. Mr. Robert Moossy Mr. Michael Morris Mr. Abram H. Nalibotsky Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Nero Mr. David F. Neville Mr. and Mrs. James H. Nolan, Sr. Mr. John Noland Mr. and Mrs. Tom Noldan Mr. and Mrs. David C. Noller Mr. and Mrs. David Norton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nugent Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Nychyk Mr. and Mrs. John W. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. O’Halloran Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. O’Keeffe Mr. Raymond G. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Martin Owens Drs. Florentino and Lillian Palmon Mrs. Mary Parker Mrs. Cheryl C. Parnell Dr. Robert Pascotto Mr. and Mrs. Mario G. Patrizi Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paul Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Pavese, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pease Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Petrozzi Ms. Veronica Pheney Mr. and Mrs. Rick Pino Mrs. Jeanine Plummer-Quake Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pooley Mr. and Mrs. Ward Posey Dr. Michael Price Mrs. Lisa C. Puls Mr. and Mrs. Richard Purtz Mr. and Mrs. Ed Puthuff Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Quattrone Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ravenna Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Reefe Mr. and Mrs. John Reingardt Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Richards Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ritter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Rivadeneira Mr. and Mrs. Reno Rizzo BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Ms. Mary J. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Royston, Jr. Dr. Luis Ruilova Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ryan Mrs. Valerie Sadd Mrs. Irene H. Savage Mr. and Mrs. John Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Jim Scarry Mr. Nicholas Schiefelbein Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Schuman Mr. and Mrs. William Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sheffield Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shipley Ms. Nanette Simon Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Skupny Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Snider Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Spake Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Spotts Mr. and Mrs. George Sprehn Ms. Judy Springston Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Staehle Ms. Margaret Starling Mrs. Susan Stickles Mr. and Mrs. Josef Strauss Mr. and Mrs. John Stroemer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Suarez Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Sullivan Mrs. Ellen Sushil Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Szabo Dr. and Mrs. TJ Tejera Ms. Allison Y. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. W. Wood Tinsley Mr. and Dr. Philip M. Toppino Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick T. Trelli Mr. and Mrs. Hans W. Trinler Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Turner Dr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Usberghi Mr. and Mrs. William Valenti Drs. Frank and Catherine Valenti Mr. and Mrs. John Van Voorhis Dr. and Mrs. Joe Vasconcellos Mr. Mark Vertich Mr. and Mrs. Manuel G. Vieira Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Waddell Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wade Ms. Donnis Walterhouse Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Walters Dr. and Mrs. James S. Walters Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ward Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wareing Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Watchey

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond F. Weglarz Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wells, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Tom Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Wisehart Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wood Mr. John E. Woods Mr. Mickie Woods Mr. Jim Finan Prof. Judy Wynekoop Dr. Mary C. Yankaskas Mr. and Mrs. John G. Zadrovitz III Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zahn Ms. Agnes Zatkovich Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zavada Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Zebley Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zengel Mr. and Mrs. John O. Zipperer Pediatric Orthopedics of Southwest Florida Nolan Family Insurance Agency, Inc. Busey Bank, N.A. General Electric BVHS Class of 2000 First Union Capital Management 21st Century Oncology Balfour-Student Service Center Greg Fenlon & Assoc. Inc. Knights of Columbus The GE Foundation Valhalla - Project Graduation Matter Bros. Colonial Bank St. Vincent De Paul Church Val Ward Cadillac Southwest Florida Urologic Assoc. Option Care Fifth Third Bank Pavese Law Firm MCBLT Ventures Inc Surgery Center of Southwest Florida, Inc. The Quinton B and Beverly H McNew Foundation, Inc. Miromar Outlets BVHS National Honor Society BVHS Class of 2012 - Parents Radiology Regional Center, P.A. Gene’s Auto Frame Renegades Sportswear Resurrection Men’s Club

St. Columbkille Knights of Columbus Council 11425 Notre Dame Club of Lee County SGA - Class of 1998 BVHS Project Graduation Class of 1999 Modern Tile and Carpet, Inc. Wiltshire, Whitley, Richardson, & English, PA Thornburg Corporate Accounting Clingen Foundation Gary David Design Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal of FL, Inc California Closets Margaret E. Stejskal Trust Help Me Buy My Auto, LLC Absolute Law, PA Knights of Columbus-Blessed Pope John XXIII, Council 13624 Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A.

Bronze $500.00+ Mr. Andre Abi Khalil Mr. John P. Acuti Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. John H. Adler Dr. and Mrs. John Adler Mrs. Rose J. Albert Mr. and Mrs Nilo Alday Mr. and Mrs. Alan Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Andrews Mrs. Barbara Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Tom Armshaw Mr. and Mrs. Matt Asen Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M. Atkins Mr. and Mrs. William Augustus Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Azis Mr. and Mrs. Sal Baldi Dr. and Mrs. David Ballestas Ms. Maria Barbato Mr. William M. Barnes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Barry, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Darryll R. Bauchert, Sr. David and Jean Bauerly Family Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John H. Beaulieu Mr. Thomas P. Berlinger Mrs. Diane Berry Mr. and Mrs. Dana Bessette Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bevillard Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biel

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bilodeau Mrs. Florence Birchter Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Blackwell II Mr. Robert F. Boies Mr. and Mrs. Casey D. Breen Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Breen Mr. Jeff S. Brown Ms. Mary Budreck Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buttner Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cain Mr. and Mrs. Tom Callinan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Campbell Mr. Douglas P. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Dave Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Tim I. Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Chew Ms. Kathleen Choquette Mr. Donald Cicero Mrs. Jane Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coleman Dr. Jeff Comer Mr. Lee V. Comfort Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conti Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Cowan Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Cozza Ms. Glory Crampton Mr. William A. Crane Mr. Richard Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Currie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curry Mr. and Mrs. Rex Dakos Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Darmanin Mr. and Mrs. Michael De Leon Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Dearden Mr. Richard DeBoest Mr. and Mr. William P. Demkow Mr. Patrick K. Denson Mr. Matthew Devereaux Mrs. Patti D’Hondt Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DiNicola Mr. and Mrs. Greg DiTomaso Mr. and Mrs. David Dodd Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. John Donnelly Mr. Stephen H. Doragh Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dorn Dr. Paul F. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Dunton Mrs. June M. Durand Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Eagle


Mr. John G. Ebenger Mr. and Mrs. William Eggers Mrs. Catherine Elliott Mr. Lon Elliott, Chairman Ms. Stacey Elmeer Mr. and Mrs. John L. Engelbrecht Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Engelhardt Mr. and Mrs. James Fantaci Ms. Catherine Flynn Mrs. Katie M. Ford Mrs. Helen J. Forster Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fortier Mr. and Mrs. Martin Foye Mrs. Janet M. Frane Mr. Michael J. Gadaleta Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Gadigian Mrs. Lisa Gadonniex Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Craig Galbraith Mr. Robert W. Galloway Mr. Joe Gaulin Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Gavin Mrs. Beth Gavin and Mr. Ronald K. Gavin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geiger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gendron Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gilkey Mrs. Karen A. Globetti Mrs. Karen E. Gowen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Griffin Mr. and Mrs. George P. Grimm Dr. and Mrs. Ed Guttery Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Hall III Mr. and Mrs. Kearney Hall Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hanaburgh, Sr. Mr. William Harrop Mr. Christopher L. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Erik G. Heben Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Helgemo Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Hennen Mrs. Mona L. Henry Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hinds Mr. John Honc, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. George Hoop Dr. and Mrs. Fred Hormozdi Father Chris Hudgin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Hurson Mr. and Mrs. Issac Iskander Mrs. Sue Ivy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jablonski Mr. James D. Jackman Mrs. Mary Jacobs

BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. William Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jones Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Ken E. Kavanagh Mr. Colin F. Kelly Dr. Jason Kempinski Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kenniff Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Kerver Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kerver Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kessinger Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Kiesel Mr. Carl J. Kistel Mr. Daniel J. Kistel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Klug Mr. and Mrs. Jim Knepler Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Kollmann Mr. Vernon L. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kreber Mr. Scott Kreiling Miss Joy A. Kretschmer Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kuehlmann Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kukol Honorable and Mrs. Kevin A. Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lamneck Mr. Daniel Leffin Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Leger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. LePera Mr. Edward Loewe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Louth Mr. and Mrs. Karl Magg Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Magrino Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Mahle Mr. Greg Margerum Dr. Edward J. Marineau Ms. Shirley A. Marineau Mr. and Mrs. William S. Marsden Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Martin Mrs. Pat Martin Mr. John Martin Mr. and Mrs. James G. Matey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mattfeld Mr. and Mrs. John McCreary Mrs. Patricia A. McGann Mr. and Mrs. Andy McKelvey Ms. Karen McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Knox B. McMasters Mrs. Nancy McMurrin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Melvin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mercurio Mr. Richard L. Michel Dr. and Mrs. William Miles

Ms. Sandra Miller Mrs. Cynthia Mitar Mr. Mike E. Mitchell Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Doug Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Molleur Mr. Joel A. Moroney Ms. Paula M. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Morris Mr. and Mrs. David Mourick Ms. Jean E. Mullen Mr. Mark H. Muller Mr. Mike Mullin Mr. and Mrs. James C. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William Murray Mr. and Mrs. Brad Nash Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Navarra Mr. and Mrs. William Nellans Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nemeth Ms. Deborah B. Neville Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Noel Mr. Thomas M. Nolan Ms. Christine M. O’Brien Mrs. Candace O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. David F. O’Brien Mrs. Joan O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Odaniel Mrs. Suzann O’Grady Mr. Sean O’Halloran Mr. Marc Orlando Dr. and Mrs. Louis D. Orosz Mr. and Mrs. James F. Orr Mr. and Mrs. James E. Otzko Mr. and Mrs. Carl Palermo Mr. and Mrs. Prisco Panza Mrs. Joan Paradise Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patricelli Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Paul Mr. Greg Peak Dr. and Mrs. John Pelland Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Peterson Mr. Thomas Pino Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Pirog Mr. and Mrs. Bonne Posma Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Powell Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Quigley Ms. Doris L. Ray Mr. James J. Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Ken Reese Mr. and Mrs. David L. Reno Mr. and Mrs. Edward Resch Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reynolds BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rice Mr. Matthew B. Roepstorff Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rohn Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rook Ms. Mary Jo Ruilova Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Sadighi Mr. and Mrs. James Sauer Mr. Michael R. Scarry Mr. and Mrs. John Scheer Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schimpf Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schindling Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmitz Mr. Marcus A. Schultz, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sergeant Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shantz Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Slawson Dr. and Mrs. Ken Smith Mr. and Mr. Thomas Smith Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snapp Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Raul L. Sosa Mr. and Mr. Charles Spilman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stawicki Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Steele Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Steele Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stewart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Strayhorn Mrs. Melody Streeter Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Jim Suter Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sutkowski Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Swosinski Mr. Raymond Thibodeau Mrs. Lori Timson Mr. and Mrs. Julio R. Trelles Ms. Kristine C. Trelles Mr. David Uhlar Mr. and Mrs Troy T. Vaccaro Mr. Lee Van Asten Mr. and Mrs. Peter Verhulst Mr. Patric M. Verrone Mr. Richard Vitali Mr. and Mrs. Goran Vlahovic Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Snell Mr. and Mrs. Ed Vogt Mrs. Ellen von Arx Mr. and Ms. Robert Wagner Mr. Gary Wallace Mrs. Motoko Walz BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Webb Mr. and Mrs. Terry Weber Mr. Michael F. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Martin Weiland Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Wells Ms. Mary Jane Wenner Dr. and Mrs. E. Whittwell Ms. Carolyn R. Wicker Mr. and Mrs. Howard Willis Dr. and Mrs. David L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Reed Wilson Mr. and Mrs. William Winterer Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wood Mr. and Mrs. John Wright Mr. and Mrs. Randal J. Zavada Mr. and Mrs. John W. Zerolis Mr. and Mrs. James Zukowski Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Barnes & Noble Booksellers BVHS Spanish Club BVHS Project Graduation Classes 2003 & 2004 Schuman Family Insurance Paragon Flight Cape Coral Irish American Club, Inc. Goldberg, Racila, D’Allessandro & Noone, LLC Cardiac Care Group LLC Burger 21 Rick’s Sound and Light, Inc. McHale, Caruso, Scullion & Knox The Bagel Factory Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre Gap Inc. Home Team Marketing E.F. Gaines Surveying Services, Inc. Southwest Truck Caps & Accessories, Inc AmSouth Bank Fitness 2000 St. Columbkille Women’s Guild Good Wheels, Inc. St. Katherine Drexel - Council of Catholic Women Knights of Columbus-Council 2596 Knights of Columbus-Council 11425 Dixie Buick Pontiac GMC Lee Physician Group Orthopedic Assoc. of SW FL Southwest Florida Reg Med Center Realmark Development Oswald Trippe and Company, Inc

Sanibel Captiva Community Bank Wachovia Securities Sanibel Kiwanis Rotary Foundation of Fort Myers South, Inc. St. Theresa Church Whistle Cleaners, Inc./dba Dolphin Cleaners Institute of International Education Eident Sports Marketing LLC Knights of Columbus #10498

Friend $250.00+ Mrs. and Mr. Clare M. Abaray Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adcock Mr. and Mrs. James H. Agger Ms. Alisa B. Alexander Mark and Katrina Allison Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo E. Amengual Mrs. Mary C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Matt L. Andis Mr. Richard Androsko Mr. Greg Anerino Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Arrington Mr. and Mrs. James Attwood Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Attwood Mr. and Mrs. Art Atway Mr. Louis Aurelio Sue Backstrand Mr. Forrest Banks Mr. and Mrs. John Barone Mr. and Mrs. John F. Barry, Jr. Mr. Steve Barton Mr. and Mrs. Preston C. Bassett Mr. and Mrs. David Bautista Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bell Ms. Patricia Benner Reverend J. C. Beretta, O.S.F.S. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Berry Mrs. Joan Bielak Mr. Joseph P. Birnbaum Mrs. Betty Jane Blanchette Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boger, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Armando De Leon Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Boomer Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boulton Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bourgeois Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bouyea Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Bowen Mr. Richard Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bramwell Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Brauer Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bredahl Mr. and Mrs. Casey Breen

Mr. and Mrs. William Brill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brodbeck Mrs. Judith Buck Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burns Mr. and Mrs. G. Keith Cary Dr. and Mrs. Rahul Challapalli Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cheetham Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cheney Mr. Kevin J. Cherry Brother Frederick J. Chiappone Mr. Bruce Clark Ms. Sarah A. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clarke Mr. Eugene Collins Mrs. Candace Colter Mr. Michael Connor Dr. and Mrs. John Cossu Mr. Keith Cotton Mrs. Linda Cox Ms. Beatrice A. Coyne Ms. Martha Crane Mr. and Mrs. Morton Crane Mrs. Francine Dale Ms. Cathy Daniel Mr. and Mrs. John Darling Mrs. Cynthia S. D’Artagnan Reverend Francis Dauss Mrs. Paula Davis Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Day Ms. Celeste Day Mr. Robert De Gennaro Mr. and Mrs. Manuel C. De Sousa Mr. Thomas S. Dean Mr. Stanley Dean Mr. John V. Debitetto Ms. Beth DeCarli Dr. and Mrs. Paul Deleeuw Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Delrose Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dennis Mr. Mark DeSantis Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Desguin Mrs. Jane Devaney Mr. and Mrs. Ned E. Dewhirst Mr. and Mrs. James DiDonna Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dinsmore Mr. Christopher J. Dodrill Mr. and Mrs. Noel R. Dominguez Mr. and Mrs. Edward Donlin Mr. and Mrs. Larry Donovan Mr. Francis P. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. James Drury Mr. and Mrs. Armando Dungo Dr. and Mrs. James A. Duplass

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Duval Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Eagle Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich Eisenkeck Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Elliott Ms. Judy Ess Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Everett Mr. J. Michael Everett Mrs. Therese Everly Mrs. Cynthia Ewald Mrs. Mara S. Fanok Mr. and Mrs. Suheil A. Farah Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Farrell Mrs. Margaret M. Feeney Mr. and Mrs. Lou Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Filar Mr. and Mrs. David L. Finley Mr. and Mrs. Matt Finn Mrs. Patricia Finnegan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flint, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Flottman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Flynn Mrs. Ann Forconi Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Frederic Mr. and Mrs. Chris Freeland Mr. John S. Freund Mr. and Mrs. Harald Fromm Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Galante Ms. Katrina Gamez Mr. Frank Gammardella Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Garmager Dr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Garrelts Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gayer Mrs. Christine Gegeckas Ms. Annamarie D. Gehm Mrs. Eleanor A. Gembecki Mr. Jack Gill Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gill Mr. James Giltner Mrs. Carolyn A. Gish Mr. Dennis Gould Mr. Stanley Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graziano Mrs. MaryBeth Grecsek Mr. Maureen E. Green Ms. Patricia M. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. James Grissinger Mr. and Mrs. Angus Gunn Mrs. Judy Haataja Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haffenden Dr. and Mrs. Dale L. Haggman Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Haley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Halizak Ms. Bonnie Hall


Mrs. Carol R. Hanau Dr. Stefanie Hart Mr. and Mrs. John Hennebery Mr. and Mrs. John Herman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hermreck Mr. and Mrs. Al Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Kent Hinebaugh Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Hodges, Jr. Ms. Sandra Hodonos Mr. John Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Holtz Mr. and Mr. Carl E. Holzworth, Jr. Mr. John Honc Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Huberty Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hulton Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hurson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Hutler Mr. and Mrs. Rino Imponenti Mr. and Mrs. Jeff T. Jackman Dr. and Mrs. Allen Jacobs Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. James Ms. Kathleen Janssen Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lyman G. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Judah Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kampf Mrs. Ann Keiffer Ms. Gertraud Kellner Mrs. Sarah Kercheval Mr. Thomas C. Kessel Mr. and Mrs. William Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kiesel Mr. and Mrs. John E. Klaas Reverend & Mrs. R. Brien Koehler Drs.Thaddeus and Teresa Kostrubala Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Kowalczyk Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kretsch Mr. and Mrs. Gary Krueger Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kujawa Ms. Carmen Lahan Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lane Mr. and Mrs. John Lavender Mr. and Mrs. Brad Lear Ms. Barbara Leddy Ms. Regina Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Loomis Mr. and Mrs. James Lukitsch

BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

Mr. Todd Macke Mr. and Mrs. Donald Magiera Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Maher Mr. and Mrs. William T. Maher Dr. Luis Maramara Mr. John W. Martin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Martineau Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marzella Mr. and Mrs. Roy Masquelier Mr. and Mrs. Jim Matura Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mauceri Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mazur Mr. and Mrs. James Mazzulla Mrs. Shannon McAleavey Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. McCaw Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. McHale III Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. McKenna Mrs. Emily B. McLean Mr. and Mrs. Jim Meehan Ms. Michelle Meeks Mr. and Mrs. Scott Messinger Mrs. Debbie Messmer Mrs. Barbara Miller Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miller Dr. and Mrs. John Mina Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. John Molinari Mr. and Dr. David Montalvo Mrs. Noelle M. Montgomery Mr. Robert P. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Len Morehead Mr. and Mrs. Hartley D. Morey Mrs. Betty Jane Muench Mr. Jay Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John Musser Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Myers Mrs. Audrey Natarajan Mr. and Mrs. James R. Neel Mr. and Mrs. Terry Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Garret Norris Mrs. Marilynn Nuckols Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nugteren Mr. and Mrs. John Obermiller Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ochsner Ms. Frances A. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. O’Malley Sr. Prof. and Mrs. William O’Neill Mr. Paul Paiyappilly and Dr. Rose Pothen Mr. and Mrs. George M. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Norman Parks Mrs. Denise C. Paulus Mr. and Mrs. David Peck

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peden Ms. Janet Perez Mrs. Valerie Petracco Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Pieretti Dr. and Mrs. Angel O. Pietri Mr. Kenneth E. Pike Mr. and Mrs. Mario W. Pino Dr. Shelly D. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Ken Plonski Mrs. Ellen Poage Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pohlman Mr. William Poinsatte Mr. George Ponzio Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrence Porter Mr. and Mrs. William Proce Mrs. LaVerne Pusatera Dr. Jose’ R. Quero Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Radelat Mr. and Mrs. Bob Radigan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ragain Mr. and Mrs. Randy H. Rainbolt Mr. and Mrs. Grant Ralston Mr. and Mrs. Robert Range Mr. and Mrs. Earl Raven Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rawson Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Recca Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Reed Ms. Lynn Reinecke Mr. and Mrs. Hernan M. Reyes Mr. Gerald Risch Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roberts Mr. Todd H. Roberts Mrs. Elizabeth Roth Mr. and Mrs. Peter Routsis-Arroyo Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Sanderford Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sawyer Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Scanlan Mr. Donald Scarcello Mr. and Mrs. George Schippereit Mr. Donald E. Schleicher Honorable Lee A. Schreiber and Mr. Joe Papp Mr. Mark Schuetz Dr. and Mrs. Louis Scoma Mr. and Mrs. Grant Setzer Mr. and Mrs. George Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sheer Dr. William Shorack Mrs. Lynn Shunk Mr. and Mrs. Randy Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Pat Smith Mrs. Ellen Smith BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Ms. Carol Sofko Mr. and Mrs. Robert Souders Mrs. Debra Sovich Mrs. Jacquelyn Speas Mr. Don Springer Mr. John Springston Mr. Joe Stack Mr. and Mrs. David J. Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stancel Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stead Mrs. Maureen Steger Mrs. Margaret Stejskal Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stephan Mr. Bruce Stephens Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stewart Dr. Terry Stone Mr. and Mrs. John L. Streubert Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stuckemeyer Mr. John T. Subak Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sullivan Mr. William S. Sushil Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Sushil Mr. & Mrs.Thomas M. Swartzwelder Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Swerdlick Ms. Carolyn Swift Mr. and Mrs. Edward Switlik

Mrs. Marguerite Tansacha Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Testa Mr. and Mrs. Willard S. Thomas Mr. Larry Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Timpanelli Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Tischler Glenn Tovar Dias Mr. Mark Townley Mr. Don Treise Mr. Bolanos Truxton Mrs. Shiela H. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Vernon G. Underwood Mr. and Mrs. John Ustica Mr. and Mrs. Gary Van Sciver Dr. Fernando Vieira Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Visone Mr. Wallace Von Arx Mrs. Therese T. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Gene Walters Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Ward Mrs. Louise M. Wayne Mr. William M. Weathers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fran Weinaug Dr. and Mrs. David Weinstein Dr. and Mrs. David L. West Mr. Mark Westra

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wheatley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Donald Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williamson Mr. Edgar L. Willig Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Willoughby Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wilson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Winkleman Mrs. Karin E. Winter Dr. and Mrs. James Wolper Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wright Mr. and Mrs. Pat Yasparro Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. York Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zavada Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Zeigler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zoyhofski Florida Mortgage Processing Group LLC Pelletier Rickert Physical Therapy Inc Cape Royal Community Foundation, Inc William H. Truax, III, D.M.D. Uska’s Salon & Spa Harley Davidson of Southwest Florida Leadership Disciples, LLC-Faith &

Ale Fort Myers BVHS Class of 1986 SAGE Dining Services, Inc. BVHS Class of 1998 Merck Partnership for Giving Green Thumb Garden Club Winter Wonderland Dance Community Bank of Cape Coral D & S Home Improvements, Inc. The Joann M. Macke Memorial Fund Suncoast for Kids Foundation Gary M. Price, M.D., F.A.C.P., P.A. Flint Financial Investments Management Corporation Florida Gulf Coast University Commerce Bank of Southwest Florida Jason’s Deli Hughes, Snell & Co., P.A. Spiro & Associates

Here For All Your Family’s Dental Needs Services Provided: Bonding Dental Cleaning Fillings Night Guards Root Canal Veneers

Crowns & Bridges Extractions Implant Restoration Oral Hygiene Sealants Whitening

William H. Truax, III, D.M.D. 2041 McGregor Boulevard Fort Myers, FL 33901



BVHS Alumni Class of ‘00

www.DrBillyDentist.com Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


2014-2015 Donors Mrs. Deanne Barbato Ms. Maria Barbato Dr. and Mrs. Eric Baxmann Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Becker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biel Mrs. Lisa Boron Mr. and Mrs. Casey Breen Mrs. Kim Butler Mr. and Mrs. Jason Castaldo Bronze Viking Chico’s Society $250+ Mrs. Jessica Cole Dr. and Mrs. Michael Collier Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mrs. Donna Marie Collins Mrs. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Marc Comisar Ms. Carrar Commander and Mrs. Randy Crone Dr. and Mrs. Charles Crowther Roofing Dr. and Mrs. Cullen Mr. James Cudahy Mrs. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dakin Mr. Thomas S. Dean Mrs. Suzanne DeLeon Mr. John V. Debitetto Dr. and Mrs. Denny Denison Mr. Mark Dinsmore Mr. and Mrs. Chris Duca Ms. Catherine Flynn Edison National Bank Ms. Maureen E. Green Ms. Stacey Elmeer and Mr. Ralph Haffenden Mr. Derek Pagan $1,000+ Silver Viking Society Mr. and Mrs. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Engels Father Chris Hudgin $500+ Mr. Phillip G. Avery Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fair Mrs. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Becker Mrs. Alice Fletcher Mr. Barnes Dr. Kempinski Better Buildings Ms. Heidi Frederic Cardiac Care Group LLC Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Boisvert Mr. and Mrs. David Fry Dr. and Mrs. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Otzko Dr. and Mrs. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner Mr. David Collins Ms. Pheney Mr. Stephen Canzano Ms. Meagan Gargano Patrick K. Denson Mr. and Mrs. Redovan Mr. Crimaldi Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gargano Eident Sports Marketing LLC Dr. Rizzo Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal Mr. and Mrs. Gargano Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gill Mr. Schiefelbein of FL, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gendron Schuman Family Insurance Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Danehy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graettinger Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Sedlak Mr. Del Favero Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gregory Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A. Mr. Thomas Sheehan Ms. Tina Dicharia Mr. John Gulley Institute of International Education Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard Father Stan Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haffenden Mr. Daniel J. Kistel Dr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Chris Duca Mr. Matt Herting Knights of Columbus #10498 John Springston Mary L. Edmondson Father Anthony Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Knox Mrs. Streeter Mr. Craig Ellis Mr. Craig Hildebrand Mr. and Mrs. Lavender Mr. Glenn Tovar Dias Mr. and Mrs. Farnham Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holmes Dr. and Mrs. Maribona Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Mrs. Kathleen Houghton McHale, Caruso, Scullion & Knox Mr. and Mrs. Williams Mrs. Barbara Garratt Dr. Judi Hughes Mr. Nolan Dr. Yankaskas Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Mrs. Crystal Josza Nolan Family Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. Hackett Ms. Kathryn Kelly Mr. O’Halloran Mardi Gras Mr. and Mrs. Harrity Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kiesel Mr. Orlando supporters Kiplinger Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Knox Pediatric Orthopedics of Mr. and Mrs. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Richard Akin Mr. David Kohn Southwest Florida Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Archambault Ms. Beth Kyle Renegades Sportswear Mr. Brian Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Atkins Mr. and Mrs. LaMothe Mr. Jim Reynolds Honorable & Mrs. Bruce Kyle Mr. Bill Banfield Dr. and Mrs. Shannon Dr. and Dr. Liccini Mr. and Mrs. Linden Dr. and Mrs. Magnant Mr. Ricardo R. Martinez Church of the Resurrection of Mr. Michael A. Morris our Lord Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Peter Curcione Mr. and Mrs. Nugent Mrs. Mary Eller Mr. and Mrs. Odell State Farm Mutual Automobile Mr. Owens Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Quattrone Mr. and Mrs. Duane and Dr. and Mrs. Quinonez Jill Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reese Mr. and Mrs. Axel Ruiz Platinum Viking Scanlon Lexus of Fort Myers Society $5,000+ St. Francis Xavier Parish St. John XXIII Catholic Church Dr. and Mrs. Bretton Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick Edison National Bank Mr. Christopher J. Shields Mr. and Mrs. Hafele Dr. and Dr. Stevens Ms. Chrisanna Harrington-Wright Mr. and Mrs. Stickford Mrs. Keating Mr. and Mrs. Suarez Mr. and Mrs. Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Schlotterbeck Mr. and Mrs. Vecchie Gold Viking Society Wells Fargo

Viking Scholar Society $10,000+


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Spake Mr. and Mrs. Stejskal Mr. and Mrs. Snell Val Ward Cadillac Vein Specialists at Royal Palm Square Inc Mr. and Mrs. Whitley


Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kyle Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larrea Drs. Paul and Lynn Liccini Ms Gina Lombardo Ms.Olivia Macke Mrs. Patty Magnant Drs. Ricardo and Aymee Martinez Mr. Bob Mastro Mrs. Ena McGrattan Father Hugh McGuigan Mrs. Margaret McWreath Ms. Marie Mengle Mrs. Diana Metzger

Mr. Michael and Dr. Cherrie Morris Mrs. Kim Murphy Mrs. Jessica Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Oakley Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Grady Mr. Jim Orr Mr. Donny Overholser Mrs. Jacque Owens Paragon Flight Hangar Mr. and Mrs. Norman Parks Mrs. Vicki Parks Mr. and Mrs. Robert Puls Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Quattrone Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reese

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Richards Dr. and Mrs. Axel Ruiz Drs. Darrick & Mary Beth Saunders Ms. Melissa Schaerf Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schoensee Mrs. Claudia Scuilla Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sedlak Dr. and Mrs. Brett Shannon Mr. Chris Shields Mr. and Mrs. Brad Shipley Ms. Nanette H Simon Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Snell Dr. Jennifer Springer St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

St. John XXIII Catholic Church Drs. Douglas & Teresa Stevens Ms. Lisa Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ron Vecchie Mr. Bruce Waddell Mrs. Teri Wade Mrs. Jennifer Wade-Howell Drs. Matthew and Lauren Walsh Mrs. Sarah Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. Aaron White Mr. And Mrs. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wolf Dr. Mary Yankaskas

Alumni Gifts Shelly Pittman ‘67 Thomas Berlinger ‘69 Melody Streeter ‘69 J. Michael Everett ‘70 William Stejskal ‘71 Patrick Everett ‘73 Mary McGillicuddy ‘74 Kevin Murphy ‘75 Ronald Vecchie ‘75 Mike Frost ‘75 Ronald Vecchie ‘75 Eloise Sarlo ‘76 Anthony Sarlo ‘76


Joan O’Connell ‘77 George Klos ‘77 Helen Forster ‘79 Paula Davis ‘79 Teresa Stevens ‘80 Chris Probe ‘80 Julie Fisher ‘81 John Ebenger ‘81 Therese Everly ‘83 Lori Burton ‘85 Marc Orlando ‘85 Angela Clark ‘86 Tanya Carrar ‘88

Duane Swanson ‘90 Michelle Rosenberg ‘90 William Barnes ‘91 Sean O’Halloran ‘92 Joseph Crimaldi ‘92 Nicholas Schiefelbein ‘92 Jason Kempinski ‘92 Thomas Nolan ‘94 Adam Hall ‘94 Lisa Finn ‘95 Jeannine Guidry ‘02 Matthew Roepstorff ‘03

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD




t has been a while since the Anderson Theater stage has included song and dance in its performances, but this Spring, Conrad Birdie shook up the theater. Bishop Verot’s rendition of Bye, Bye Birdie was the first in what Director Lisa Stevens hopes will be a long list of musicals. Her passion for the stage, and musicals specifically, dates back to the days she was center stage as a student herself. She was taught under the direction of Miss Celeste Day, with help from long time Verot teacher, Theater Director and friend, Miss Judy Springston. On opening night of Bye, Bye Birdie in April, Miss Stevens addressed a group of supporters. She shared the dream of a 15 year old Viking, with a goal she was about to see come to fruition as the curtain opened that night. As she spoke of the impact Miss Day and Miss Springston had on her teenaged self, and the experience of facing the challenges that come with being a performer, especially in front of peers, her passion was evident. And the desire to work with today’s Vikings sharing that experience was clear. In addition to Bye, Bye Birdie, with Vikings sharing their gifts of singing and acting, Art Department students also shared their talents through photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, and woodworking.


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

Students were recognized in local art competitions, with a win in the Art Chalk Block competition at the Fort Myers ArtFest and placing in the Lee County Language Art Fair and the Alliance for the Arts Young Artists Juried Visual Arts Show. Photography students also received honors in the Ding Darling Theodore Cross High School Photography Competition.Viking performers appeared center stage with the band, drum line, and chorus entertaining several times this year. The High School years are so important in the development of BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

NTER STAGE to make a career out of it. After high school, I continued studying theatre at University of Michigan where I earned a BFA in Acting. I now live in Los Angeles and am working as an actor in commercials, film, television, and voiceover. The experiences that I had in high school definitely helped me get started on the right foot for my career and for that I am very grateful.” And Ashley (Harris) Talbert ’05 says, “My favorite memories at Bishop Verot are from the plays and musicals I participated in. I loved meeting new people each production while also having a blast with my old friends. I learned so much about being part of a team and how to be reliable.”

successful young people, and the experiences outside the classroom become just as important as the time spent in the classroom. A vibrant arts program including band, photography, studio arts, and performing arts all help in the forming of a well-rounded successful Viking. Memories of former students and their experience on the stage bring inspiration for the future. April Moreau ’08 shared, “My involvement in the theatre program at Verot helped me realize from a young age my passion for acting and my desire BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Miss Stevens, an alumni herself, hopes that she can offer Bishop Verot students the same experiences, fun, and friendships that changed her life. BG

Photos from top left clockwise: Bye, Bye Birdie, Bye, Bye Birdie, Children of Eden, 2006, One Dead Dolly, 2005, Drum line, and Chorus.

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD



ack in April, Tyler Adams ‘06, was joined by family, friends, past teachers and coaches to watch the fifth episode of The Amazing Race. Tyler had a starring role, with his ‘blind date” partner, racing around the world, accepting every challenge that came their way, in a quest to be the last team standing and winning big, $1,000,000! What no one knew that evening was that he had already finished the race the winner! How hard was it to keep that a secret? Keeping the secret was almost as hard as racing! I could not tell anyone where I had placed or any of the countries I had visited for nearly

5 months. Having an experience that incredible that you can’t share with friends and family is really tough but knowing they were all going to get to relive it with me each week made it a little more bearable. Can you tell us the story of how you came to be chosen for the Amazing Race? Was this a dream of yours? Since I was a kid I thought it would be such a cool experience to travel and compete on The Amazing Race. In early 2014, Colin Rady ‘04 and I applied for the show but never heard back. Then in May 2014, I moved to LA and, in my first week of living in Santa Monica, the lead casting director approached me at a bar in my neighborhood. She

▼Tyler Adams at Nagano Train during the Amazing Race


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

asked me if I wanted to be on Survivor, I politely declined and then interjected “but I would love to be on The Amazing Race.” It turned out she worked on both shows and we started chatting and exchanging information. Next thing I knew, I was at an on camera interview later that week. What was your greatest challenge in High School, and how do you suppose that experience has helped you? When I was a junior at Verot, my friends and I did an all day scavenger hunt around SWFL. We had 4 teams of 4 and a list of over 200 things that we had to do or find in order to earn points. The competition lasted for 8 hours and when we all got back to the finish line we were a mess. We had chugged milk, eaten every item on the McDonald’s dollar menu, shaved our heads, climbed trees at the Edison home, the list went on and on. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was definitely the best training I could have asked for! Was there any one person here at Verot that made a significant impact on you, or whose influence was helpful in the challenges of the Amazing Race? I played basketball all 4 years at Verot and my time in the gym holds some of my favorite memories. Coach Herting always had an BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

▲Coach Matt Herting, Tyler Adams ’06, John Keim ’06, Mrs. Lynn Knox, Leighton Elliott ‘05

incredible balance between working hard and having fun. Basketball was serious and we were playing to win, but we always found time for a good laugh. I approached The Amazing Race with a similar attitude. I wanted to win, but I also knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and I wanted to try my best to have a little fun and enjoy the ride! Another Verot influence I have to mention is Mr. Boulton. He always had incredible stories to tell and pictures to share from his trips. My Spanish might not be the best reflection of his teaching but he inspired my initial curiosity for travel. Can you share a story from the show that your classmates/bv alumni would be interested in? We were in Africa and for the final challenge that day we had to walk the animal of our choice to the finish line. There was a camel, donkey, zebra, and a gazelle. We picked the BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

zebra because it appeared to be the fastest of all the options. We had about 150yds to walk and within about 50 ft our zebra started going nuts! It was bucking and jumping, it almost kicked me in the shoulder and almost kicked Laura in the face. Through it all, I refused to let it go and we ended up winning the leg and a trip to New Zealand. It was the one story I couldn’t hold back from telling to a few of my friends when I got home. They would ask how the race went and I would just say….”It was incredible, I wrangled a zebra.”

Besides work…I’d love to plan a trip to South America for next year, but all my friends from Verot keep filling up my calendar with weddings!! BG

Tell us about what you are doing now? What’s next? After the race, I returned to working on my most recent venture, 2 Truths and a Lie, a mobile app that helps you break the ice with someone new. It has gotten some great traction with users, now all we need is some traction with investors! www.2Truthsapp.com Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


It is our pleasure to introduce the newest members of the Bishop Verot Athletic Hall of Fame, Christen Spake ’02 (pictured near right), RC Campagnolo ’87 (pictured far right), and the 1990 Football team (pictured below). On April 15, 2015, at the 10th Annual Hall of Fame Banquet, Christen Spake ‘02, an outstanding athlete in both Basketball and Softball, along with the late RC Campagnolo ‘87, a founding member of the first Boys Soccer team at Bishop Verot, and the 1990 Football team were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Christen, joined by her family, received her award and RC’s family, including his daughter, MacKenzie ‘15, accepted his award. Coach Shields honored his 1990 Football team with stories of their successes and the positive influence they had on the school and coaching staff during their years of playing together. Several of his players shared stories as well. Congratulations to these new Hall of Fame inductees and their tremendous accomplishments in Viking athletics. BG


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015


ALUMNI Gary Riccardi ’66 & Dan Vogelbach ’11

Dan Vogelbach ‘11, was drafted by the Chicago Cubs out of High School and currently plays First Base for the Cubs’ farm team the Tennessee Smokies. Gary Ricciardi ‘66 played on the first Bishop Verot Vikings Baseball Team. The two met at a game in Kodak, with Gary wearing his Verot alumni t-shirt. Dan was impressed to know that a fellow BV alumni lived in the area to support him.


Andrea Noack Dillon ’06

Andrea Noack ‘06, married John Dillon on May 2, 2015. Andrea is a CPA, working as a Tax Manager with Noack and Company, and John is a Utility Operator at Covanta. The couple resides in Fort Myers.

Monica Gargano ’08

John Edwards ‘10

John Edwards ‘10, just completed his first year at Stetson University School of Law. He is interning this summer with the Florida Innocence Project in Tallahassee.

Jason Edwards ‘10

Mary Eileen Philbin Clay ‘81

Mary Eileen ’81, and her husband Gordon, are the proud parents of Bishop Verot graduates Breanna ’06, Brendan ’08, Kayley ’10, and Kiera ’15. The family was honored at the Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony for their commitment to Catholic education and Bishop Verot. BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

Monica Gargano ‘08, is announcing her engagement to Greg Hartman. Monica is an account executive with Gartner and Greg is a sales representative with US Pipe and Foundry. The couple is planning a January 2016 wedding at St. John XXIII.

Jason Edwards ‘10, graduated in May from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors Degree in Education, majoring in Health and Physical Education. Jason was honored to be named “Outstanding Major Student of the Year” for the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Education.

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


ALUMNI James Lebert Cudahy ‘11

James Cudahy ‘11, graduated on Saturday, May 30, 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. He plans to pursue a career in animation.

Sean Driscoll ’11


John Gargano ’13

John Gargano ‘13, a rising Junior at Ave Maria University, working towards his Humanities and Liberal Studies Major with a Minor in Economics, was voted Student Government President for the 2015-2016 school year at Ave Maria. After finals, John was one of 12 students to accompany President of Ave Maria University, Jim Towey, on a 10 day mission trip to Calcutta, India to serve with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Missionaries of Charity. While there, the group worked at Kaligaht (home for the dying) and Daya Dan (home for physically and mentally handicapped children). John is also working to obtain his Real Estate License.

Martin Ebenger ’14

Martin Ebenger ‘14, is finishing up his first year at University of Central Florida, studying Political Science. He was the 2014 LCBA Scholarship recipient, administered through the Uncommon Friends Foundation. In his first year at UCF, Martin earned a 3.9 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society. His goal is to be accepted to the top four law schools in Florida. ▼BVHS was honored to have the first graduates of Bishop Verot Catholic High School in attendance at the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2015. Pictured are the alumni from the Class of 1965 as they were recognized during the Commencement Ceremony.

Sean Driscoll ‘11, University of Miami graduate, has been offered a Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant to Indonesia for an English Teaching Assistantship. Sean is one of over 1,900 U.S. citizens who will travel abroad for the 2015-2016 academic year through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic and professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential.


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015






Date and Time TBD Please contact Gary Ricciardi ‘66 for more information or to help with the reunion at penguin.ysu@att.net.

Reunion date tentatively set for September 26, 2015. Please contact Molly ‘Stalter’ Konieczny at mollykonieczny@livenation.com or Katrina Gamez at Katrina.gamez@gmail.com for more information or to help with the reunion, or visit our Facebook page, BVHS Class of 1995.



Alumni, please help our organizers by sharing this information with your contacts. Thank you!

Congrats to Scott Rasmussen for making the U.S. Sailing Olympic Development Team He will represent US ODT at summer regattas and at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship in Kingston Ontario in August among 150 boys from 53 countries. Scott was also invited to go to Rio for the 2016 summer Olympic Games as a training partner with current US Olympic Team.


Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


ALUMNI Katie Mosher ’10 FSU Volleyball

Following her outstanding career with the Florida State Volleyball team, the 2014 All American has joined the USAV sanctioned Pro Volleyball team, the Florida Wave, for the 2015 season. She competed in May 2015 at the PVL national championships in Detroit where she helped her team to a 4th place finish. Katie was the recipient of the 2015 ACC Post Grad Scholarship and is currently enrolled in graduate studies at FSU, completing her masters in Sports Management. She has also joined the coaching staff with the indoor volleyball team at FSU as a Volunteer Assistant Coach for the 2015-2016 season.

Talia Barraco ‘11

Embry-Riddle Softball The senior started every game for Embry-Riddle, .273 with thirteen extra-base hits and 25 runs batted in. Her .371 on-base percentage was second best on the team, as she reached base 20 times on walks and hits by pitches. Barraco was also named to the Sun Conference All-Tournament Team after driving in three runs and hitting .533 in the conference tournament.

Paris Prusak ‘11

USC-Upstate Softball Prusak played a major role in Upstate’s 44-win season, which included an Atlantic Sun championship and a trip to the NCAA Tournament. Prusak recorded a .319 batting average with three home runs and 14 runs batted in. She appeared in 41 of the team’s 54 games, making 33 starts. The senior was also a stalwart in the field, converting each and every one of her 193 chances.


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015

SPORTS Josh Garcia ‘12

Embry-Riddle Baseball Garcia aided the Eagles in advancing to the NAIA World Series, starting in all but one game. Garcia hit .336 with 17 extra-base hits and 50 runs batted in. He also added 42 runs scored with 13 runs scored. Garcia and his Embry-Riddle teammates won the Sun Conference championship and a regional to advance to the NAIA World Series, where they won two games.

Nick Rivera ‘12 FGCU Baseball

Rivera had another stellar season for the FGCU Eagles, which ended in him being drafted in the 38th round by the Houston Astros in the Major League Baseball Draft. Rivera will return for his senior season with the goal of sending the Eagles to their first ever NCAA Tournament. In his junior campaign, Rivera was named first team AllAtlantic Sun and a third team All-American. He hit .341 with ten home runs and 70 runs batted in, nearly 30 more than the closest Eagle hitter.

Frankie Romano ‘12 Stetson Baseball

In his redshirt sophomore campaign, Romano blossomed into one of Stetson’s best relief pitchers, making 26 appearances with a 2.64 ERA. Romano struck out 20 hitters in 30.2 innings, helping Stetson to a 29win season with a 1-0 record on the mound. The pitcher allowed just nine runs in his relief appearances, and opposing hitters batted just .231 when Romano was on the mound. BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

ALUMNI Kevin Jordan ‘10

Verot Viking 5K Paint Run Kevin ‘10, took 1st place at the Verot Viking 5K Paint Run in April. Kevin is Verot’s only 3 sport coach, coaching track & field, cross country and basketball. He joins the faculty this year in the classroom in the Social Studies Department.

Jesse Mitchell ‘13

Mount Olive College Lacrosse Mitchell played in all but one game in his sophomore season as an attacker at Mount Olive, including one start. He scored seven goals on the season, including two-goal performances in wins over Florida Tech and North Greenville. He also had two assists in the Mount Olive victory over Lees-McRae on March 17. He recorded seven ground balls on the season, in which his team won 11 of 16 games.

Jeff Passantino ‘14 Lipscomb Baseball

In his first season for the Bisons, Passantino quickly became one of Lipscomb’s most dependable starters. The freshman went 5-1 with a 2.69 ERA in seven starts and sixteen total appearances. He worked 67 innings on the mound, and struck out 64 hitters with just 14 walks. Passantino was selected as a second team All-Atlantic Sun pitcher, as well as a first team All-Freshman selection. Lipscomb advanced to the NCAA Tournament as champions of the Atlantic Sun Conference.


SPORTS Linda Kornienko ‘12

Nova Southeastern Tennis Kornienko became a regular in the Sharks lineup in doubles, teaming with Iryna Serdyuk to win five of eight matches, including wins over doubles teams from ranked schools St. Edward’s and Rollins. The victory over the duo from Rollins was a dominant 8-0 victory. Kornienko also made two appearances in the Nova Southeastern singles lineup during the month of March.

Alexis Parks ‘13

Birmingham Southern Lacrosse Parks started all thirteen games for Birmingham Southern at midfield. The sophomore scored a goal and added an assist, scoring in the team’s 14-12 victory over Huntingdon on March 31. She recorded seven ground balls and earned a draw control in five of Birmingham Southern’s seven games.

Evan Dougherty ‘14 Duke Baseball

Dougherty immediately made an impact for the Blue Devils, starting in 45 games for Duke in the outfield. Dougherty drove in sixteen runs and scored another 23, recording seven extra-base hits. The fleet-footed outfielder was perfect in the field, converting all 99 of his fielding chances for the Blue Devils, who won 31 games, including a 25-8 record in Durham.

Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD



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BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015


Bishop Verot Artists win in the Alliance for the Arts Juried Art Show Bishop Verot artists participated in the Alliance for the Arts Young Artists Juried Visual Arts Show. Out of over 200 entries and 17 competing schools, two of our student’s works were chosen as winners, placing in the top 3 of their category. Congratulations to Candace Getgen, earning 2nd place for her work in the Mixed Media category. Congratulations also goes to Lin Liu, earning 3rd place for her digitally edited photograph in the Photography category. Anthony Bonacolta and Shelby Morris also had exceptional works in the show.

Bishop Verot Sign Language students participate in the Lee County Foreign Language Fair Bishop Verot Sign Language students participated in the Lee County Foreign Language Fair on March 14, 2015. This was Verot’s first year participating in the fair. Students created pieces for competition in several categories; Signed Music Video, 3D Art, Poster, and Art. Congratulations to participants Jennifer Dickey, Patrick Magnant, Andrew Ryan, Rachel McGaughlin, Casey Stephan, Tracey King, Makenzie Dolan, Jordon Soto, Sarah Williams, Jaret Rusnell, Trevor Glasgow, Joe Merando, Sara Hannon and Riley McAtee. Riley’s 3D art received a 3rd place award. Great job students!

Academic Team The Academic Team took the 2nd Place trophy in the John Schudel Memorial Academic Team Tournament at Arcadia High School in DeSoto County. The A Team, led by Mrs. Lori Shriner, competed against seven high school teams. The Viking team of three juniors and two seniors were competing with one less teammate for this tournament. In addition to the team’s 2nd Place accomplishment, Alex Simon, junior, received an individual 1st Place, earning him a $750 college scholarship. Congratulations to the Viking team of five, Anthony Bonacolta, Alex Simon, Margaret Bell, Tiffany Matyja and Haley Cerratani.


Summer 2015 | BLACK & GOLD


27th Annual Scholars Banquet

Bishop Verot held the 27th Annual Scholars Banquet in April, honoring students that had achieved academic excellence in the 2015-2016 school year. Students receiving this honor had maintained a 4.25 GPA for the first three quarters of this school year, earning them Principal’s List all three quarters. First year recipients received an Academic letter, with students receiving a pin for more than one year. Congratulations to all 74 students honored this year, with special congratulations to two seniors, Hannah Arcentales and Danielle Dickey, for achieving Principal’s List for all four years.

Scholars Academy visits FGCU The Bishop Verot Freshman Scholar’s Academy students spent a day of learning at Florida Gulf Coast University. This was an educational field trip, working in the University’s library and receiving instruction on how to work with all the resources at their disposal. This great opportunity allows for collaborative learning and preparation for post-high school education.

STEM team takes 1st place at the Annual Solar Go-Kart Challenge

The Bishop Verot STEM raced their solar go-kart to victory at FGCU in March, defeating 12 other teams. The Vikings took 1st place in the speed race, 1st place in the endurance race and 2nd place for presentation, giving them the overall victory. The STEM team also captured 1st and 3rd place in the year long STEM tour sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. This is the second year in a row that Verot has won the STEM tour. This year’s competitors were Travis Miley, Anthony Bonacolta, Haley Cerratani, Connor Gregory, Alec Rose, Alex Avery, Geraghty Anne Ellis, and John Kauffman.

Photography Students participate in the Ding Darling Theodore Cross High School Photography Competition Bishop Verot Photography students were chosen to compete in the final selection of photos in the Ding Darling Theodore Cross High School Photography Competition. Applicants had to write a 100 word explanation of their submitted photographs in order to compete and submit 2 of their best works of art. Out of 430 submissions, Anthony Bonacolta (shown at top right), Isabella Cossu (shown right middle), and Christopher Bine (shown at right bottom) made the top 30 with these great photos. Nice work!


BLACK & GOLD | Summer 2015


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