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Reimagining Business

As we navigate through this era of unprecedented change, it’s crucial to rethink traditional business models to address the dynamic challenges of a globalized and digital world. Companies must pivot from purely profitdriven approaches to those that balance profitability with social responsibility and sustainability. This shift is essential in a landscape where consumers and employees alike demand ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

Additionally, building resilient and flexible supply chains is crucial to withstand disruptions. This involves diversifying suppliers, investing in local production, and leveraging data analytics for proactive risk management.

Innovation plays a critical role in this transformation. Businesses need to harness cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to enhance efficiency, transparency, and customer engagement. Embracing digital transformation enables companies to adapt swiftly to market changes and personalize their offerings, providing a competitive edge.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning and agility is vital. Organizations should empower their workforce through upskilling and reskilling initiatives, promoting a growth mindset that encourages creativity and adaptability. Collaborative leadership and inclusive decision-making processes can drive innovation and employee satisfaction.

In this special edition, “Top 10 GameChanging Leaders Driving Business Evolution in 2024,” we celebrate the visionaries who are at the forefront of this business evolution. These leaders exemplify the essence of reimagining business, blending innovative strategies with a profound commitment to sustainability and social impact.

From pioneering sustainable practices to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, they are not only shaping the future of their organizations but also setting benchmarks for others to follow.

Their stories provide valuable insights into how bold leadership and a forwardthinking approach can unlock new opportunities and drive substantial growth. Join us in celebrating these trailblazers who are not just responding to the present but are actively designing the future. Their achievements inspire us all to rethink our approaches and embrace the limitless possibilities of reimagining business.

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Director, Behari lal Ispat Pvt Ltd
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Excellence in Steel Manufacturing: Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd and the Leadership of Dinesh Garg

The vision of Behari Lal Group for Special Iron and Steel stems from a collective aspiration to enhance public infrastructure and industry standards. The group aims to become the foremost choice for world-class steel products by excelling in quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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DINESH GARG Managing Director
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Behari lal Ispat Pvt Ltd


Punjab’s industrial hub thrives as a center for steel manufacturing. The region boasts a dense network of steel mills, where sophisticated machinery and highly skilled workers churn out tons of steel products daily. This concentration of expertise and infrastructure positions Punjab as a key player in India’s steel industry.

Among the luminaries shaping this landscape is Dinesh Garg, the Managing Director of Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd. His leadership has steered the company through a decade of expansion and technological advancement, cementing its reputation as a leader in specialized steels and engineering castings.

Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd (BLIPL) stands as a distinguished entity in the realm of Special Iron and Steel manufacturing. The company is unwavering in its commitment to satisfy its customers by consistently delivering quality products tailored to meet specific requirements.


Over the years, BLIPL has evolved from a modest beginning into one of India’s leading Integrated Foundries. This growth has been fueled by the adoption of automated, state-of-the-art production technology and the cultivation of a highly skilled workforce. These advancements ensure BLIPL remains competitive while fulfilling genuine customer demands.

The company’s products are known for their consistent superiority, modernity, reliability, and timely delivery. This dedication to quality is encapsulated in BLIPL’s Quality Centric policy, driving the organization towards its ultimate goal of Customer Delight.


BLIPL leverages a state-of-the-art facility that includes a fully integrated digital steel melting shop with vacuum degassing, foundry operations, heat treatment facilities, and a precision machine shop. These capabilities enable the company to produce a wide range of high-quality products, including alloy steel base rolls, spheroidal graphite cast iron rolls, and engineering castings tailored to the rigorous demands of industries such as steel manufacturing, power generation, and cement production.


The family business, originally founded by the late Sh. Behari Lal Garg Ji in 1910 in Patiala, Punjab, has a rich history. His son, Sh. Parkash Chand Garg Ji, further expanded their enterprise by establishing Behari Lal & Sons in 1958 as a Steel Commodities Trading Concern in Mandi Gobindgarh.

Through the years, the company has consistently broadened its horizons. The trading concern, which deals in Steel Billets, Sponge Iron/DRI, and Ferro Alloys, now boasts a significant presence across North India with an impressive turnover of 650 Crores.

BLIPL’s manufacturing operations have also seen considerable growth. The facility at Village Salani, Mandi Gobindgarh commenced operations in February 2012. More recently, in March 2022, a new facility at Village Tooran, Mandi Gobindgarh began its operations, marking another milestone in the company’s ongoing expansion.


The vision of Behari Lal Group for Special Iron and Steel stems from a collective aspiration to enhance public infrastructure and industry standards. The group aims to become the foremost choice for world-class steel products by excelling in quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

They are determined to establish themselves as a world-class integrated facility for automotive and engineering products, and to lead the Indian steel business by creating value and delivering innovative results for all stakeholders and communities. Their goals are encapsulated in several key objectives:

• Manufacturing Excellence, Quality, and Safety Commitment : The group emphasizes manufacturing excellence, maintaining high-quality standards, and a steadfast commitment to safety and reliability.

• Sustainable Practices for Green Steel: They are dedicated to moving towards Green Steel by sustainably utilizing the Earth’s natural resources.

Through these initiatives, the Behari Lal Group aims to solidify its position as a leader in the steel industry, ensuring long-term benefits for its customers, stakeholders, and the environment.


Behari Lal Ispat caters to a wide range of industries with its diverse product portfolio. The company manufactures:

• Metal Rolls: Behari Lal Ispat’s Rolls division is renowned for its competence and efficiency in manufacturing high-quality rolls and rings. With a team of seasoned professionals and technical experts, BLIPL produces rolls and rings up to 1200 mm in diameter and 14 M.T. in weight, catering to diverse rolling mill requirements.

• Engineering Castings: BLIPL specializes in Engineering Castings produced in various grades for industries such as Steel, Mining, Railways, Construction, Power, Automotive, and more. The casting process involves comprehensive steps including Engineering, Pattern Making, Moulding, Heat Treatment, Fettling, and Machining, ensuring products are delivered in both As Cast and Machined Conditions.

• Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars: Behari Lal Ispat serves the Automobile & Engineering sectors with a range of Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars. These bars, including grades like EN19, SAE8620, EN24, and more, are customized to meet specific customer requirements, reflecting BLIPL’s commitment to precision and quality.


Behari Lal Ispat’s manufacturing capabilities are bolstered by its robust infrastructure and advanced technologies. The Steel

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Melting Shop (SMS) features a fully digital medium frequency electric furnace, twin shell, digital immersion pyrometer, vacuum degassing unit, and insulating vermiculite pit, among others. These facilities ensure precise control over production processes and contribute to the superior quality of BLIPL’s products.

• Machine Shop and Heat Treatment: BLIPL’s Machine Shop is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools to achieve high standards of dimensional precision and surface finish. Multiple stage heat treatments are conducted to optimize physical properties for various applications, incorporating technologies like Fully Automatic PLC Controlled Cycles and Multi-point Temperature Control.

• Moulding and Fettling: The Moulding Shop utilizes advanced systems like the No-Bake Alphaset Binder System, Continuous Sand Mixer, and Automatic Sand Reclamation Plant to maintain efficiency and sustainability. The Fettling process employs automatic shake out machines, shot blasting machines, and pneumatic grinders to ensure highquality finishing of castings.


Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd (BLIPL) maintains stringent quality assurance practices to ensure that their products consistently meet high standards. These practices are integral to their commitment to delivering reliable and superior quality products to their customers.

BLIPL’s Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to adhere to international standards and best practices. The company has implemented a robust QMS that covers all aspects of their manufacturing processes, from raw material procurement to final product delivery. Key elements of their QMS include:

• Quality Control Checks: Comprehensive checks are conducted at every stage of production to verify that products meet specified requirements and standards.

• Testing and Inspection: BLIPL employs advanced testing and inspection techniques to ensure the mechanical and chemical properties of their products meet stringent criteria.

• Certifications: The company holds various certifications that attest to their adherence to international quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems. ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and PED 2014/68 EU.


BLIPL is committed to continuous improvement in their quality assurance processes. This includes:

• Feedback Mechanisms: Implementing feedback mechanisms to gather customer insights and improve product quality.

• Training and Development: Providing ongoing training and development opportunities for their workforce to enhance their skills and knowledge in quality management.

• Technological Integration: Leveraging advanced technologies to optimize quality control processes and improve overall product quality.

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BLIPL’s quality assurance efforts are driven by their commitment to customer satisfaction. They aim to exceed customer expectations by consistently delivering products that meet or exceed quality standards.


The company maintains a collaborative approach with customers and suppliers to ensure transparency and mutual understanding of quality requirements. This collaborative effort helps in delivering products that align with customer specifications and expectations.


Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd prides itself on its robust human capital, which plays a pivotal role in the company’s operations and growth. The plant operations are managed by seasoned technocrats with decades of shop experience in their respective fields, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of manufacturing processes.

The company boasts a team of over 100 B.Tech and M.Tech qualified metallurgists and engineers, who bring specialized knowledge and expertise to their roles. This skilled workforce is complemented by a total workforce exceeding 1000 employees, which includes both corporate and professional staff as well as labor workforce.

In terms of corporate and professional staff, Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd employs more than 250 individuals who contribute to the administrative and managerial functions of the company. On the production side, the company employs over 500 skilled laborers who are integral to the manufacturing and production processes. Additionally, there are more than 250 contractual workers who support various operational needs.

This diverse and skilled workforce is essential to maintaining the company’s high standards of production quality, safety, and efficiency. Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd values its employees and invests in their development to ensure continued growth and success in the industry.


Under Dinesh Garg’s stewardship, Behari Lal Ispat has achieved significant milestones, including a five-fold increase in turnover since its inception in 2011. The company’s products are not only crucial to the domestic market but also hold a strong foothold in international markets, supplying public sector enterprises and exporting to various countries.

Recognition for Behari Lal Ispat’s contributions to the industry came prominently at the Invest Punjab Summit in 2019, where the company was awarded the “Best Engineering Company” accolade. This acknowledgment underscores their commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, values championed by Dinesh Garg and his team.


Apart from business success, Dinesh Garg and Behari Lal Ispat are active contributors to Punjab’s social and environmental fabric. The company’s adoption of solar energy and participation in rural and urban development projects highlight their commitment to sustainable growth and community enhancement.

Dinesh Garg’s leadership is characterized by a dedication to transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction, principles that continue to guide Behari Lal Ispat’s trajectory as a leading force in the steel industry. His vision for the future includes further expanding their product lines, increasing global market presence, and continuing to innovate to meet the evolving needs of their diverse customer base.


Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd has implemented several sustainability initiatives that underscore their commitment to environmental stewardship. These initiatives include:

• Solar Energy Integration: The company has adopted solar energy to power its manufacturing processes. With a roof-mounted solar panel capacity of 2 MW, Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd can offset approximately 3000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

These efforts demonstrate Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd’s proactive approach towards sustainability, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and promote renewable energy use within their operations. Such initiatives not only align with global environmental goals but also reflect the company’s dedication to responsible business practices.


The early stages of Behari Lal Group’s journey were marked by several significant challenges. These included:

• Securing Raw Material: The company faced difficulties in obtaining a reliable and steady supply of raw materials essential for their production processes.

• Establishing Trust: Gaining the trust of customers regarding the authenticity of their organic products was a critical hurdle. Ensuring that their products met high

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standards of quality and authenticity was paramount.

• Consistency in Supply and Quality: Maintaining a consistent supply and quality of organic raw materials posed ongoing challenges, which the company had to address to meet customer expectations and industry standards. Overcoming these challenges was crucial for the company’s growth and success, enabling them to establish a solid foundation for their operations and reputation in the industry.


Behari Lal Group successfully overcame numerous obstacles by adhering to several key principles:

• Strict Quality Control: The company maintained rigorous quality control measures to ensure their products consistently met high standards.

• Transparent Business Practices: Upholding transparency in their business operations helped in building trust and credibility with customers and partners.

• Commitment to Core Values: A steadfast dedication to their core values of organic and sustainable production was central to their strategy, reinforcing their brand’s authenticity and appeal.

These efforts collectively enabled Behari Lal Group to navigate challenges effectively and achieve sustained success.


A significant turning point for Behari Lal Group was the expansion of their market presence internationally. This strategic move allowed the company to reach consumers in the Gulf countries and beyond, validating their business model and products on a global scale.

This international expansion not only opened new markets but also reinforced the company’s reputation and credibility worldwide. This milestone demonstrated the global demand and acceptance for their high-quality products, marking a major achievement in the company’s growth trajectory.


Behari Lal Group employed several growth strategies to expand their market presence and strengthen customer relationships. One key strategy was direct engagement with consumers through exhibitions. This approach included:

• Direct Consumer Engagement: Participating in industry exhibitions and trade shows allowed the company to interact directly with consumers, showcase their products, and gather valuable feedback.

• Showcasing Product Range: Exhibitions provided a platform to display their diverse range of products, highlighting their quality, innovation, and adherence to organic and sustainable practices.

• Building Brand Awareness: These events helped in increasing brand visibility and awareness, attracting potential customers and partners from various regions.

By actively participating in exhibitions, Behari Lal Group was able to enhance their market reach, establish stronger connections with their audience, and drive their growth forward.


Behari Lal Group implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that blended grassroots initiatives with digital marketing to educate and engage a wider audience. This approach included:

• Grassroots Marketing: The company actively participated in local events and exhibitions. This grassroots approach allowed them to connect directly with the community, raise awareness about their products, and build trust among local consumers.

• Digital Marketing: Behari Lal Group utilized digital platforms to expand their reach beyond local markets. They employed strategies such as social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance visibility and attract a broader audience.

• Emphasis on Product Quality and Purity: Their marketing efforts focused heavily on promoting the best quality and purity of their products. This emphasis helped differentiate their brand in the market and establish credibility among consumers.

By combining these marketing tactics, Behari Lal Group effectively educated consumers about their products, expanded their customer base, and reinforced their brand reputation for quality and purity in the marketplace.

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According to Dinesh Garg, Managing Director of Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd, the most valuable lessons learned include:

• Adherence to Vision and Values: One of the most important lessons is the significance of staying true to the company’s vision and values, especially during challenging times or periods of slower-than-expected growth. This commitment to core principles provides a guiding light and helps maintain focus and direction.

• Transparency and Quality: Another crucial lesson is the importance of transparency and maintaining highquality standards. In a market that is often uncertain and competitive, transparency builds trust with customers and stakeholders. It also fosters loyalty, as customers recognize and appreciate the consistent quality and honesty in business practices.

These lessons have shaped Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd’s approach to business, guiding their decisions and actions as they continue to grow and expand their presence in the industry.


Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd’s future plans are centered around ambitious goals to expand their business and meet the evolving demands of the market. These plans include:

• Expanding Product Line: The company aims to diversify and expand their product offerings to cater to a broader range of customer needs and preferences. This expansion will likely involve introducing new products or variants within their existing product categories.

• Increasing Global Market Presence: Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd plans to strengthen their presence in the global market. This strategy involves exploring new international markets, establishing partnerships with distributors and suppliers worldwide, and leveraging their reputation for quality and reliability to attract international customers.

• Innovating Production: Innovation in production processes is a key focus area. The company aims to adopt advanced technologies and techniques to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. This includes embracing sustainable practices and technologies to minimize environmental impact.

These strategic initiatives reflect Behari Lal Ispat Pvt Ltd’s commitment to growth, innovation, and meeting the expectations of their customers in a dynamic and competitive market environment.


Dinesh Garg’s advice is rooted in his own experiences and successes. Here’s what he recommends:

• Stay True to Your Core Mission: It’s crucial to remain committed to your company’s core mission and values. This consistency provides a clear direction and purpose, guiding all decisions and actions.

• Focus on Building a Quality Product: Quality should always be a top priority. Consistently delivering high-quality products builds trust and credibility with customers, which is essential for long-term success.

• Understand and Address Customer Needs: Genuinely understanding your customers’ needs and preferences allows you to tailor your products and services accordingly. This customer-centric approach is key to maintaining strong relationships and fostering loyalty.

• Resilience in the Face of Challenges: In a competitive and uncertain market, resilience is crucial. Stay adaptable and responsive to changes, and view challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement.

• Emphasize Transparency: Transparency in your business practices builds trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders. Being open and honest fosters a positive reputation and strengthens relationships.

By adhering to these principles- staying true to your mission, focusing on quality, understanding customer needs, maintaining resilience, and practicing transparency-one can pave the way for long-term success and sustainable growth for the company.

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CHALLENGES AND Navigating the Landscape of Building and Leading Remote Teams

The digital age has ushered in a new era of work: the remote revolution. Organizations worldwide are embracing geographically dispersed teams, unlocking a treasure trove of benefits—flexibility, global talent, and cost savings. But leading these scattered squads presents a distinct set of challenges.

Join in to understand the complexities of building and leading remote teams, exploring both the theoretical underpinnings and practical strategies for success!



Effective communication lies at the heart of remote team dynamics. Without face-to-face interaction, the risk of misinterpretation and misunderstanding escalates. Drawing from communication theory, leaders must adopt clear, concise, and inclusive communication channels to foster cohesion and collaboration among team members.

Utilizing various mediums such as video conferences, instant messaging, and project management tools can bridge the geographical gap and promote transparency within the team.

Trust and Relationship Building

Building trust within remote teams requires intentional effort and consistency. Social exchange theory posits that trust develops through reciprocal interactions and shared experiences. Leaders must cultivate a culture of trust by encouraging open dialogue, acknowledging individual contributions, and demonstrating reliability.

Regular team-building activities, virtual coffee chats, and informal check-ins can strengthen interpersonal relationships and mitigate feelings of isolation among team members.

Goal Setting and Performance Management

Setting clear goals and expectations is essential for remote team performance. Goal-setting theory emphasizes the importance of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives in driving motivation and productivity.

Leaders should collaboratively establish performance metrics with team members, providing regular feedback and recognition to reinforce progress and alignment with organizational objectives. Leveraging performance management tools enables remote leaders to track individual contributions and identify areas for development effectively.


Establishing Remote Work Policies

Developing comprehensive remote work policies lays the foundation for a successful remote team. These policies should delineate expectations regarding work hours, communication protocols, cybersecurity measures, and performance evaluation criteria. By clarifying roles and responsibilities upfront, leaders can mitigate ambiguity and promote accountability within the team.

Leveraging Technology

Technology serves as the backbone of remote team collaboration. Investing in reliable communication and collaboration tools facilitates seamless interaction and knowledge sharing among team members. Platforms such as Slack, Zoom, Trello, and Asana streamline workflow management, task delegation, and project tracking, enhancing overall team efficiency and effectiveness.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

Remote work blurs the boundaries between personal and professional life, making it imperative for leaders

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to prioritize work-life balance. Encouraging flexible scheduling, promoting self-care practices, and discouraging overwork cultivates a healthy organizational culture and prevents burnout among team members. Leading by example and advocating for holistic well-being reinforces the importance of maintaining equilibrium in the remote work environment.


Building and leading remote teams necessitates a nuanced understanding of both theoretical frameworks and practical strategies. By prioritizing effective communication, fostering trust and relationship building, setting clear goals, and leveraging technology, leaders can navigate the complexities of remote team dynamics successfully.

Embracing these principles empowers organizations to harness the full potential of remote work, driving innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Dev

The post-incubation phase includes access to a wide network of alumni and industry connections, facilitating partnerships and collaborations that can drive further growth. Virtual incubation ensures that even those who cannot be physically present at the university can benefit from the resources and support provided by Anveshan.


Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

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Educational institutions play a pivotal role amidst the everevolving landscape of technical education. Innovation and entrepreneurship have shifted from optional to imperative, aligning students with dynamic industry standards. These institutions nurture critical skills, empowering students to not only adapt but also lead in a swiftly progressing technological environment, thereby enhancing their global competitiveness.

At the forefront of this educational revolution stands Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW), an institution dedicated to empowering and nurturing female talent in STEM fields. Founded with a clear vision to bridge the gender gap in technical education and entrepreneurship, IGDTUW has emerged as a beacon of excellence and empowerment for women in India.

With a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, IGDTUW has created a unique ecosystem that encourages women to explore their potential and pursue their dreams. Through state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research initiatives, and comprehensive support systems, the university has become a hub of creativity and innovation, attracting talented students and faculty from across the country.

At the helm of this pioneering institution is Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Dev, whose visionary leadership has transformed IGDTUW into a powerhouse of innovation, research, and entrepreneurship.


Dr. Dev has been the driving force behind IGDTUW’s remarkable journey. Her profound expertise in technical education and her passion for empowering women have catalyzed significant advancements at the university.

Dr. Dev’s journey in academia is marked by a series of significant achievements. With a solid foundation in engineering and a deep understanding of educational dynamics, she has been instrumental in steering IGDTUW towards a path of excellence.

Dr. Dev’s contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including:

• National Level AICTE Young Teacher Career Award

• State Level Best Teacher Award by the Government of Delhi

• National Level Best Engineering Teacher Award by ISTE

• International ECONS Education Excellence Award

• Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan Award by the HRD Minister of India

• Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation

• New Code of Education 2022 Award

• Institution of Happiness Award presented by the Minister of Women and Child Development

• Lifetime Achievement Award by the Delhi Management Association


In 2016, IGDTUW took a monumental step by incorporating the IGDTUW Anveshan Foundation, a dedicated entity aimed at nurturing entrepreneurship among its students and aspiring entrepreneurs. The foundation was born out of a clear vision: to propagate an entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem among women, thereby bridging the gender gap in the startup world.

Supported by the Government of NCT of Delhi and various central government ministries, including the Department of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Ministry of MSME, Anveshan has become a cornerstone of IGDTUW’s entrepreneurial initiatives.


Anveshan Foundation operates through four key phases, providing end-to-end support to women entrepreneurs: Pre-Incubation

In the pre-incubation phase, Anveshan focuses on motivation, ideation, proof of concept (PoC), proof of value (PoV), innovation, prototyping, minimal viable product (MVP) development, feasibility studies, prior art searches, intellectual property rights (IPR) education, and pitching skills. These activities are designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to transform their ideas into viable business propositions.

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Dr. Dev has emphasized the importance of this phase by ensuring that students and entrepreneurs have access to a range of resources and mentorship opportunities. Regular workshops, guest lectures by industry experts, and interactive sessions are organized to inspire and guide young innovators.


During the incubation phase, Anveshan offers comprehensive support, including assistance with company incorporation, fully furnished office spaces, ICT resources, and free consultancy services in technical, business, and strategic areas. The foundation’s commitment to facilitating the growth of women-led startups is further underscored by the provision of seed funding, with more than INR 2 Crores disbursed to date, benefiting numerous startups.

The incubation phase also involves close monitoring and mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. These mentors provide invaluable insights and guidance, helping startups navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses. Regular progress reviews and strategy sessions ensure that the startups stay on track and achieve their milestones.


Anveshan’s acceleration phase is characterized by an extensive network of over 250 consultants and mentors who provide crucial guidance in product development, marketing, human resources, supply chain management, franchise models, and investor relations. This phase aims to scale up the businesses and ensure their long-term sustainability.

The acceleration phase is designed to prepare startups for rapid growth and expansion. Intensive training programs, pitch preparation workshops, and investor meetups are organized to equip startups with the skills and knowledge needed to attract investment and scale their operations.


Recognizing the need for continued support beyond the initial stages, Anveshan offers post-incubation and virtual incubation services. These initiatives ensure that startups receive ongoing assistance and can thrive even in the virtual landscape, reflecting the flexibility and adaptability of the foundation’s support system.

The post-incubation phase includes access to a wide network of alumni and industry connections, facilitating partnerships and collaborations that can drive further growth. Virtual incubation ensures that even those who cannot be physically present at the university can benefit from the resources and support provided by Anveshan.


Anveshan Foundation has forged significant partnerships to enhance its support ecosystem:


Through CSR funds, Cisco established the IoT and robotics lab ‘ThingQbator’ in collaboration with NASSCOM Foundation, Defy, and Li2. This initiative has benefited over 300 students across six cohorts, fostering innovation and hands-on learning in cutting-edge technologies.

The ThingQbator lab is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest tools and technologies. It provides students with the

opportunity to work on real-world projects, gain practical experience, and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.


A partnership with GiZ India, a German organization, has strengthened the startup ecosystem, particularly benefiting over 5,000 attendees nationwide. This collaboration underscores Anveshan’s commitment to global best practices in fostering entrepreneurship.

GiZ India has brought in international expertise and resources, enhancing the quality and impact of Anveshan’s programs. Joint initiatives and projects have provided students and startups with exposure to global markets and trends.


With grants from DC-MSME, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Anveshan has successfully conducted Women Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programs, providing crucial support to women entrepreneurs over multiple cohorts. These programs have empowered women entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to start and grow their businesses. The focus on practical training and real-world applications has made these programs highly effective.


Under the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme of DPIIT, Anveshan has funded 18 startups, offering a blend of grants and debt support to catalyze early-stage ventures.

This scheme has been instrumental in providing startups with the initial capital needed to develop their products and scale their operations. The funding, coupled with mentorship and support from Anveshan, has enabled these startups to achieve significant milestones.


IGDTUW’s commitment to entrepreneurship extends to its academic programs, with entrepreneurship courses integrated into both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. The university’s E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) is an active hub for student engagement, organizing workshops, hackathons, mentorship sessions, and industrial visits to foster entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

The E-Cell plays a crucial role in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among students. It serves as a platform for students to interact with successful entrepreneurs, participate in

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innovation challenges, and develop their business ideas. The cell’s activities are designed to provide students with practical experience and exposure to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


IGDTUW’s dedication to student success is evident in its impressive placement statistics. For the 2024 graduating class, the university achieved over 1,200 job offers, including preplacement offers, full-time positions, and internships. The highest national and international salary packages reflect the high-quality education and industry relevance of IGDTUW graduates.

The university’s strong industry connections and proactive placement initiatives have ensured that its graduates are highly sought after by top companies. Regular industry interactions, placement drives, and career counseling sessions help students prepare for successful careers.

• Training and Placement Cell: The university’s proactive Training and Placement Cell works tirelessly to establish industry partnerships, organize job fairs, and coordinate oncampus interviews. This cell plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the workforce and securing employment opportunities.

• Industry Expert Talks and Interaction Weeks: Regular sessions with industry leaders and dedicated “Industry Interaction Weeks” expose students to real-world experiences and trends, enhancing their readiness for the job market.

• Active Coding Club and Technical Activities: IGDTUW’s active coding club and technical societies regularly organize hackathons and codethons, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. The annual tech fest “Innerve” is a showcase event that highlights cutting-edge technology and student projects.


IGDTUW’s social outreach initiatives, spearheaded by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), demonstrate the university’s commitment to societal impact and sustainability:

Education Mentoring Program (EMP): The EMP aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM by mentoring underprivileged schoolgirls, encouraging them to pursue higher education in STEM fields. This program has positively impacted the lives of thousands of girls, fostering a culture of mentorship and empowerment.

• Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA): Under the UBA initiative, IGDTUW has adopted five villages in Delhi, working towards their social and economic development. This community-driven project leverages the university’s resources to bring about transformational changes in rural areas.

• Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Through various campaigns and projects, IGDTUW actively promotes the attainment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The university has been recognized as a “Zero Waste and Zero Plastic Campus” by MCD Delhi, reflecting its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

• COVID-19 Relief Efforts: During the pandemic, IGDTUW engaged in extensive COVID-19 relief efforts, distributing over 150,000 meals and personal protective equipment to those in need. This initiative underscores the university’s

commitment to social responsibility and community support. The relief efforts included partnerships with local organizations and government agencies to ensure the effective distribution of resources.


Dr. Dev has been instrumental in forging strategic international collaborations, enhancing IGDTUW’s global presence and providing students with invaluable international exposure:

• Partnerships with Foreign Universities: Collaborations with prestigious universities in countries such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Hong Kong facilitate student exchanges, joint research projects, and global networking opportunities. These partnerships provide students with the opportunity to study abroad, participate in international research projects, and gain exposure to different cultures and educational systems. They also facilitate faculty exchanges and collaborative research initiatives.

• ICT and Student Mobility Programs: The university’s emphasis on ICT and mobility programs has led to fruitful exchanges, bringing a global perspective to IGDTUW’s academic and research environment. These programs include joint degree programs, summer schools, and shortterm study tours. They enable students to gain international experience and develop a global outlook, enhancing their employability and career prospects.


Looking ahead, IGDTUW aims to significantly expand its student intake and academic programs, targeting a growth to 15,000 students by 2030. The university plans to enhance its research infrastructure, establish more Centers of Excellence, and foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by expanding its Technology Business Incubator and establishing a Technology Park.


A second campus at Narela, with state-of-the-art facilities, is in the pipeline. This campus will support the growing academic community, with a focus on ICT-enabled facilities, residential amenities, and research infrastructure. IGDTUW has been allotted 50 acres of land for this development, which will further cement its status as a leading institution in technical education.

The new campus will feature advanced laboratories, research centers, and collaborative spaces designed to foster innovation and interdisciplinary research. It will also include residential facilities for students and faculty, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

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*Person name of the above list is according to alphabetical order

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“ “

Teamwork represents the foundations for a prosperous company, while leadership is required to instigate cooperation. Working as a team will drive the success of a business, increasing productivity, performance, and profit.

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Choosing the Right

Success | 28 |

Right Fit for Your Startup


The startup world is a whirlwind of innovation and disruption. Here, effective leadership is the linchpin for success. Different leadership styles leave distinct footprints on a startup’s journey, shaping its culture, employee engagement, and innovative potential.

This article equips startup founders and leaders with the knowledge of leadership styles and their applicability in burgeoning organizations!


Leadership scholars have identified various leadership styles, each with distinct characteristics and effects on organizational dynamics. Some of the most prominent styles include autocratic, democratic, transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership.


Autocratic leaders make decisions independently, without consulting their team members. While this style can result in quick decision-making and clear direction, it may stifle creativity and innovation, leading to decreased employee morale and engagement. Autocratic leadership is often effective in crisis situations or when quick decisions are required.


Democratic leaders involve team members in the decisionmaking process, soliciting their input and feedback. This participative approach fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among employees, leading to higher morale and productivity. Democratic leadership is well-suited for startups that value collaboration, innovation, and employee empowerment.


Transformational leaders inspire and motivate their team members to achieve extraordinary results. They lead by example, articulating a compelling vision and empowering others to contribute towards its realization. Transformational leadership fosters innovation, creativity, and a sense of purpose within the organization, making it ideal for startups aiming for rapid growth and disruption.


Transactional leaders use a reward-and-punishment system to motivate their team members. They establish clear goals and expectations, rewarding performance and addressing deviations through corrective action. While transactional leadership can drive short-term results and accountability, it may discourage risk-taking and innovation, limiting longterm growth potential.


Laissez-faire leaders adopt a hands-off approach, providing minimal guidance and oversight to their team members. While this style can promote autonomy and creativity, it may result in confusion, lack of direction, and inefficiency, particularly in fast-paced startup environments where clarity and decisiveness are essential.


When selecting a leadership style for their startup, founders should consider various factors, including organizational culture, team composition, industry dynamics, and growth stage. For instance:

• In the early stages of a tech startup, where innovation and agility are paramount, a transformational or democratic leadership style may be more effective in fostering creativity and collaboration among team members.

• In a crisis situation, such as a product launch delay or financial setback, an autocratic leadership style may be necessary to make swift decisions and restore stability.

• As a startup scales and matures, transitioning from a laissez-faire to a more structured leadership approach may be necessary to maintain alignment, efficiency, and accountability.


Choosing the right leadership style is essential for the success and sustainability of a startup. By understanding the characteristics and implications of different leadership styles, founders can cultivate a leadership approach that aligns with their organizational values, goals, and growth trajectory.

Whether it’s fostering innovation, promoting collaboration, or navigating challenges, the right leadership style can empower startups to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

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ANGAD AND BCD GROUP Refining Strategies, Achieving Triumph:

Competitive real estate consulting requires a meticulous balance between a laser focus on current market dynamics and a strategic vision for the future. Success in this realm requires leaders with a rich blend of experiences. These individuals combine a breadth of knowledge with an unyielding dedication to excellence, establishing themselves as the trusted advisors shaping tomorrow’s real estate landscape.

Embodied by such exemplary leadership, the BCD Group stands as a name synonymous with innovation and reliability in the real estate sector. It is with this standard of excellence that the group proudly presents Angad Bedi, Managing Director.

Angad’s journey in the business world exemplifies his extensive expertise and strategic acumen. His career commenced at esteemed consulting powerhouses such as KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he honed his skills backed by an MBA and credentials as a Chartered Accountant.

During his tenure at these firms, Angad mastered the intricacies of crossborder mergers and acquisitions, navigated the complexities of taxation, and led intricate restructuring initiatives, showcasing his comprehensive grasp of multifaceted financial transactions. However, Angad’s true calling lies in the dynamic realm of real estate. His fascination with the industry was ignited early on, and after achieving significant milestones in his consulting career, he made a pivotal decision to transition into the family business at BCD Group.

This move to Bengaluru marked the beginning of a new chapter, driven by his passion for transforming the real estate landscape with groundbreaking innovations. Under Angad Bedi’s leadership, BCD Group continues to flourish, integrating cutting-edge strategies and visionary planning to elevate the industry standard. His profound understanding of financial intricacies and his deep-seated passion for real estate propel the organization towards sustained growth and success.


BCD Group is one of India’s largest and oldest real estate construction conglomerates. It has developed over 8,000 homes and is currently engaged in 9 million square feet of development. The group has spearheaded India’s largest stressed assets fund, managing 700 crore and deploying 500 crore across various asset classes. BCD Group pioneered senior living in India by launching the first rental accommodation for the elderly, offering a holistic lifestyle with amenities, care, and quality community experiences.

With operations across seven Indian states and internationally in the UAE, Mauritius, Nepal, Iraq, Africa, and Singapore, BCD Group’s diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, hospitality, schools, IT parks, warehousing, high-end residential, bespoke homes, affordable housing, senior living, and student living. Their expertise also extends to turnkey construction and design-build services.


Angad faced numerous challenges in his entrepreneurial journey, but he describes it as a roller-coaster ride. One significant challenge stood out, teaching him valuable lessons. He took on a large township project from a developer, a stuck venture poised for a million square feet of development, with an overall plan for five million square feet in various proposed stages.

Angad envisioned giving the project new life. However, the real challenge lay in turning around the reputation and easing customer angst caused by the previous developer’s failure. “This challenge also gave us a lesson on how a clear vision and a strong resolve can transform perspective,” Angad shares.

Through determination and strategic vision, Angad and his team revived the development, ultimately delivering the final product. This transformation transforms once-disgruntled customers into goodwill ambassadors for BCD.


BCD spearheaded the establishment of the first-ever SEBI-regulated real estate fund, dedicated to financially stressed ventures, in collaboration with Nissus. This initiative demonstrated their commitment to fostering sustainable growth and contributing to the overall development of the real estate sector.

Moreover, the company launched the largest and first-ever SEBIregulated real estate Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) over INR 500 crores for distressed real estate. This initiative provided funds but also offered resolutions to stalled projects. Significant investments in upcoming projects underscore BCD’s ambition and financial strength, with a promising pipeline of projects worth close to Rs 1000 crore.


Angad shares the journey of pioneering the senior rental model and launching Educity, which aims to offer quality student housing. These initiatives expand their footprint in almost all prominent Tier-II markets. They managed to create a strong network and spread their wings across markets like Dubai, Bahrain, and Vietnam. “These are some of the special moments that contributed significantly to our success,” Angad says.


Angad reflects on the inevitability of setbacks and obstacles in any business, especially in real estate, where the stakes are high. “When faced with challenges, I rely on our core values, which drive us to conduct business transparently and fairly while focusing on making a meaningful difference,” he shares.

This commitment propels him to go the extra mile and overcome hurdles. Angad emphasizes the importance of taking regular breaks to meditate and practice positive thinking and mindfulness, enabling him to devise logical solutions.

Business Success Story | 30 | MAY-JUNE 2024
“When faced with challenges, I rely on our core values, which drive us to conduct business transparently and fairly, while focusing on making a meaningful difference.”
Business Success Story | 31 | MAY-JUNE 2024

Furthermore, he credits their team of professionals for adeptly managing various crises, statutory challenges, and operational hurdles.


BCD Group prides itself on possessing the largest skilled in-house labor force in India, a distinctive feature within the country’s real estate sector. This unique asset enables BCD to deliver unparalleled and timely results by consistently training, housing, and retaining their workforce on a regular payroll.

Over time, strategic partnerships with international collaborators from Italy, Germany, the USA, and Great Britain have further enriched BCD’s engineering and construction capabilities. Moreover, their extensive network of national and international allies adds value to projects across the globe.

Collectively, these factors contribute significantly to the overall growth narrative of the BCD Group.


Angad acknowledges that competition is inherent in any thriving market. While acknowledging its intensity, he highlights the plethora of opportunities awaiting exploration. “We have advanced tech, talent, and a positive investment ecosystem at our disposal,” Angad notes.

He emphasizes that competition motivates them to continuously enhance their services and offerings, adopting a consumer-centric approach to stay ahead. This drive pushes them to become the best versions of themselves in the dynamic real estate landscape.


Angad discusses how they leverage innovative and targeted real estate marketing strategies to maximize the digital landscape. In a digitally dynamic ecosystem where vast amounts of data are consumed in the blink of an eye, potential customers search for properties through multiple digital mediums, generating numerous queries.

Amidst this sea of information, real estate companies often find it challenging to identify specific needs and create value-added offerings based on those needs. Angad states, “While there are numerous ways leads can be generated, we use the right digital strategy that actually helps in generating qualified leads that have high potential for conversion.”

To adopt a more targeted approach, they enhance their service offerings through inorganic campaigns, which increase overall visibility and reach the right audience. They complement this with well-thoughtout content marketing strategies to establish authority and domain expertise. Through this mix, they position themselves as an authentic brand.



Angad emphasizes that, for an entrepreneur, accountability is everything. The onus of every decision related to people, processes, and business lies on the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship teaches him to take a 360-degree view of everything, especially since they are a large company with over 3,000 employees. He notes, “It is not just business but the larger scheme of things that create true value.”


Angad describes how BCD Group embraces a profound sense of responsibility by prioritizing impactful corporate Social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. During the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the group ensures the stability of 5,000 workers and their families, exemplifying unwavering support.

Over the past two years, BCD’s CSR endeavors have created employment for over 500 individuals, fostering economic growth and community prosperity. Their commitment extends beyond housing solutions, delivering 5,000 apartments to homebuyers in distress and tailoring Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for Fortune 500 companies. This contributes not only to BCD’s business portfolio but also to the broader economic landscape.

By addressing the needs of the elderly and championing the revitalization of the real estate sector, BCD Group exemplifies responsible business practices, leaving a lasting impact on both the industry and society.


Angad outlines BCD Group’s future plans, centered on growth and expansion. They are actively expanding their footprint in the UAE, with offices in Bahrain, Riyadh, and Dubai. “We are excited to start something very soon in Dubai under the BCD banner,” Angad says.

Additionally, BCD is working on an education-based project in Tier II cities, with more details to be shared soon. These initiatives reflect their commitment to continuous growth and development in new and existing markets.


Angad offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, acknowledging that entrepreneurial journeys can be both exciting and challenging.

“Firstly, have a plan. Always know what you are set out to do,” he advises. He emphasizes the importance of starting small, understanding finances, seeking help from professionals and subject matter experts, and extensive networking.

Angad highlights the need for a customer-first approach and taking feedback seriously in today’s dynamic business ecosystem. “The voice of customers is the real foundation of a sustainable business,” he says. Most importantly, he stresses that having faith, belief, and conviction will make all the difference in an entrepreneur’s journey.

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The Inspiring Journey of Bindhu Ann Thomas and Kochi Business School

Kerala’s educational sector is filled with diversity and excellence, adorned with a rich tradition of learning. With a focus on holistic development, it offers a plethora of institutions ranging from top-notch universities to community-driven schools. This vibrant ecosystem fosters innovation, critical thinking, and a commitment to social progress.

One institution stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation-Kochi Business School (KBS). Nestled in the heart of Kochi, India, KBS has carved a niche for itself as a premier MBA college, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. At the helm of this institution is Bindhu Ann Thomas-the Director and a visionary leader whose passion for education and unwavering determination have propelled KBS to new heights.


KBS exemplifies excellence in MBA education in Kochi, India, boasting a 13-year legacy of quality education. Affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, and recognized by both the Government of Kerala and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), KBS is a top choice for aspiring business leaders. The MBA program, meticulously crafted and led by industry experts, ensures students are well-prepared for the professional world.

Bindhu proudly states, “Our commitment to nurturing future leaders for the professional world is unwavering, making KBS the ideal destination for recruiters seeking top talent.”

In 2023, KBS was ranked as the No. 1 emerging B-school in Kerala by The Week and No. 34 in South India. Additionally, KBS received accolades for its green eco-friendly campus from R World Ranking and was ranked No. 3 in Kerala by the Higher Education Review in 2022. In the All India survey for Non-IIM best MBA colleges, KBS secured the No. 33 spot, elevating it to a global standard.


Bindhu notes that establishing an MBA college is driven by societal needs and a passion for making a difference as an Edupreneur. The primary motivation is to address the growing demand for skilled business professionals in a complex and competitive global economy. MBA programs equip students with essential skills like leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving, which are highly sought after across industries.

Bindhu explains, “By training future business leaders, an MBA college can significantly contribute to the economic development of the region, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that drive job creation.” The aim is to provide high-quality education meeting international standards, focusing on academic knowledge, soft skills, ethics, and a global perspective.

Strong industry connections ensure the curriculum remains relevant and up-to-date, enhancing graduates’ employability. The institution serves as a platform for research and innovation, contributing to business and management knowledge. Bindhu’s vision includes “creating leaders with a global outlook, making a positive social impact, and establishing a legacy of educational excellence.” Achieving national and international accreditation and top rankings enhances credibility, attracting highcaliber students and faculty.


The field of education has always inspired Bindhu, driven by the belief that a nation develops when its citizens are educated and have the opportunity to pursue their passions. Pursuing a doctoral program provided Bindhu with the necessary conceptual knowledge about academics, especially management education.

Bindhu says, “I became not only passionate about teaching the younger generation but also building a team of professionals who will be leaders in various fields of activity and contribute to community welfare.”


When Bindhu took over the MBA college, it was managed by another institution and was loss-making, on the verge of closing down. Bindhu explains, “It was this time that I was directed to take over the college and make it a profit center by my management.” Admissions had dropped from 120 to less than 25, and results and placements were also concerns. Bindhu states, “From there, making 120 is the biggest task and that too during the pandemic in 2020. Another biggest challenge was placement and I had to justify the confidence.” Despite these challenges, Bindhu’s leadership and dedication transformed the college, revitalizing its admissions and improving placement outcomes.


The turning point in KBS’s journey came when it transformed from a loss-making institute to achieving 100% admission and 100% placement in the first year itself. Bindhu notes, “This milestone was a testament to our strategic reorientation and commitment to excellence.”

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“Our commitment to nurturing future leaders for the professional world is unwavering, making KBS the ideal destination for recruiters seeking top talent.”
MAY-JUNE 2024 Business Success Story | 35 |

Initially facing low enrollment and inadequate industry recognition, KBS undertook a comprehensive overhaul. Bindhu explains, “By enhancing our curriculum to meet international standards, fostering strong industry connections for practical learning opportunities, and investing in state-ofthe-art facilities, we significantly improved the quality of education and student experience.”

Dedicated efforts in career services ensured that every student was well-prepared and connected to potential employers. This remarkable turnaround established KBS’s reputation as a premier institution for business education, validating its vision and hard work.


A specific moment that significantly contributed to KBS’s success was the decision to stand firmly by its vision and prioritize the benefit of students, even during tough times and facing intense criticism. When the institution struggled with low enrollment and skepticism about its potential, many advised adopting conventional methods or cutting corners. However, KBS chose to think outside the box and bring a fresh approach to quality education.

Bindhu recalls, “One pivotal decision was to revamp our curriculum to align with international standards and industry needs. We introduced innovative teaching methods, integrated technology into our classrooms, and focused on experiential learning.” Additionally, KBS forged strong partnerships with leading companies, providing students with realworld exposure through internships, live projects, and guest lectures from industry experts.

Despite doubts and criticism, KBS remained steadfast in its commitment to top-notch education. The turning point came when the first batch of students achieved 100% placement, validating the approach and silencing critics. Bindhu notes, “Holding on to our vision and passion, even when it seemed like an uphill battle, was the greatest decision we made.”


Overcoming obstacles and setbacks along the way is a journey of resilience, support, and unwavering faith for Bindhu. She notes, “Behind every successful woman, there often stand supportive men, and in my case, there were two: my partner and my mentor, our chairman.” Her mentor was a strong pillar who encouraged risk-taking and bold decisions, always backing her out-of-the-box ideas.

Bindhu adds, “Even when I made mistakes, he was there to correct and support me.” Additionally, her father’s strong willpower played a crucial role in navigating criticism and adversity. His advice to “be strong at the

core and grow deep roots” instilled in her the importance of resilience and inner strength. Bindhu’s firm belief in God also provided ultimate strength, helping her face and overcome numerous struggles.


For expansion, Bindhu employed strategic tactics focusing on quality education and student employability. She notes, “Central to our approach was offering current, value-added courses equipping students with skills needed in today’s job market.” Activities and gamification techniques were integrated into the curriculum for engaging and practical learning. Bindhu organized corporate programs like cricket leagues and marathons, serving as hospitality partners for industry events, providing substantial exposure and networking opportunities. “Involving students in large-scale events,” she explains, “helped them develop critical skills such as decision-making and understanding industry needs.”

Mentorship from industry professionals shaped their careers. “These efforts ensured our students were well-prepared for the workforce,” Bindhu emphasizes. This comprehensive education and industry integration significantly contributed to business growth and success.


In differentiating themselves from other institutes, Bindhu’s strategies focused on maximizing student outcomes and fostering a supportive environment. “We offered the best placement opportunities with a high return on investment,” she explains, ensuring graduates quickly found meaningful employment. Understanding each student’s strengths allowed for customized support and tailored guidance.

“Our campus culture was friendly and inclusive,” Bindhu emphasizes, providing a supportive atmosphere where students thrived academically and personally. Faculty offered personalized mentorship, and students were empowered through involvement in decision-making processes, preparing them for leadership roles.

“This unique approach equipped our students with essential decisionmaking skills and practical experience,” Bindhu elucidates, setting them up for success in their future careers and setting the institution apart from others.

Bindhu reflects on her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and forward momentum. “The most valuable lesson I’ve learned,” she shares, “is to never give up and always keep moving forward, even in the face of failure and criticism.” She advises entrepreneurs to think long-term, celebrating achievements while staying focused on bigger goals and learning from mistakes.

Business Success Story | 36 | MAY-JUNE 2024

“Surround yourself with the right people,” Bindhu advises, highlighting the significance of supportive associates and mentors. Learning from those who have already succeeded can shape one’s mindset and lead to better decisions. Entrepreneurship demands discipline, passion, and risk-taking. Bindhu encourages seizing opportunities without waiting for the perfect moment, trusting in oneself, and embracing continuous learning. With resilience and a long-term perspective, she believes entrepreneurs can overcome any obstacle on the path to success, embodying the spirit of perseverance and determination.


The institute has made a significant impact on the community and industry by providing opportunities for students from middleincome backgrounds to access quality education and achieve success. She emphasizes, “Our focus on helping individuals from common backgrounds reach their full potential and dream big has not only benefited the students but also their families, creating a ripple effect of success.” By offering a higher return on investment and better placement opportunities, the impact extends beyond the individual to the entire family unit.

“We are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a competitive world,” Bindhu explains. Through a comprehensive approach, the institution provides valuable support, resilience in the face of challenges, and a sense of responsibility, shaping students into both employable individuals and responsible citizens. The goal is to empower students to navigate life successfully, fostering a community of individuals who contribute positively to society.


Bindhu’s future plans and goals are ambitious and focused on achieving the best placements with top companies like McKinsey, BCG, and Goldman Sachs, while also obtaining NAAC accreditation. She states, “Our dream is for our students to start their own businesses, creating more employment opportunities for the nation and addressing the pressing issue of employability. ” Scaling from 120 to 180 students this year positions them as the second-largest college.

To achieve these goals, Bindhu emphasizes the importance of continuing to provide high-quality education and support to students, ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed for success. “We will focus on building strong relationships with top companies,” she adds, “ensuring our students have access to the best job opportunities and resources.”

In addition to academic goals, the institution is committed to making a positive impact on the community and society. By empowering students to start their own businesses, they aim to contribute to economic growth and development. Key metrics such as student placement rates and satisfaction will be tracked to measure progress, with strategies adjusted as needed to align with the long-term vision.


Bindhu offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing resilience and perseverance. She advises, “Never give up on your dreams and vision, no matter the obstacles.” Despite challenges, she urges individuals to stay true to their values and push forward, gracefully accepting constructive criticism for improvement.

Understanding that growth isn’t linear, Bindhu encourages patience and persistence, believing in oneself despite setbacks. She highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive individuals who challenge and aid in personal growth.

“Stay true to your mission and purpose,” Bindhu stresses, cautioning against being solely motivated by financial gain. Instead, she encourages focusing on solving meaningful problems and making a positive impact. With resilience, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, she believes entrepreneurs can overcome any obstacle.

Bindhu concludes by emphasizing the rewards of creating something impactful, underscoring the journey’s challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

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Redefining Wellness with Nutriorg’s Organic Vision

As concerns over health and environmental issues linked to modern lifestyles continue to escalate, the organic food industry has emerged as a beacon for health-conscious consumers. This burgeoning sector offers a pathway to a healthier lifestyle, emphasizing food produced without harmful chemicals and with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Despite the higher price point of organic products, many consumers view them as an investment in their well-being and the planet. The increasing demand for organic options is driving the industry towards greater accessibility, wider availability, and potential future cost reductions.

At the forefront of this movement stands Nutriorg, advocating for organic, nutritious food and holistic wellness. Established in 2011, Nutriorg has rapidly evolved into a leading health and wellness brand, setting new benchmarks in the industry through its unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability.


Nutriorg’s journey began in 2011, driven by a vision to promote organic farming practices and provide consumers with wholesome, nutrientrich products. By establishing direct partnerships with local farmers, Nutriorg not only supports sustainable agriculture but also ensures the highest quality ingredients for its range of offerings.

The brand’s dedication to transparency is evident in its practices, from sourcing raw materials to the production process. Nutriorg prioritizes sustainable packaging, employing entirely recyclable and reusable materials, including jerry cans and glass bottles. This dedication transcends their product line, permeating their entire operation, which incorporates solar energy to power their facilities.

As a result of their efforts, Nutriorg has garnered a loyal customer base, drawn by the promise of food products that are not only good for their health but also contribute positively to the environment. Their success in the organic food sector has positioned them as a pioneer in promoting a sustainable and holistic approach to wellness.

Nutriorg continues to innovate and expand, striving to make organic products more accessible and affordable without compromising on quality or sustainability. With its strong foundation in ethical practices and a clear vision for the future, Nutriorg remains committed to leading the way in the organic food industry.



Satish Raghav, one of the founders, brings over 25 years of diverse business experience in food, real estate, warehousing, education, and

investment. His futuristic mindset and strategic vision were crucial in shaping Nutriorg’s brand and establishing it as a trusted name in organic products. His entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering support have been instrumental in Nutriorg’s success.


Karan Singh Tomar, with over 14 years of experience in organic farming and agriculture, is the driving force behind Nutriorg’s organic initiatives. He firmly believes that high-quality organic food should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Karan’s dedication to organic farming and his extensive travels to promote Nutriorg have significantly contributed to the brand’s growth and recognition.


Mentorship has played a critical role in Nutriorg’s journey. Rattan Pal Singh, an ex-serviceman, provided the strategic guidance needed to navigate the initial challenges. His mentorship was pivotal in promoting Nutriorg through exhibitions and local events across the country, despite the constraints of a shoestring budget.


Starting from Rajasthan, Nutriorg has expanded its reach across India and into international markets such as the Gulf countries and Singapore. This expansion is a testament to the founders’ relentless efforts and strategic promotional activities. Nutriorg’s success story is built on word-of-mouth, personal interactions, and the distribution of free samples, which have generated significant goodwill and trust among consumers.


At the core of Nutriorg’s operations is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The company has established strong backward integration with local farmers, encouraging them to adopt organic farming methods. This not only enhances farmers’ incomes but also ensures that the products are cultivated without harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

“We work directly with farmers and use eco-friendly packaging, like packing our juices and oils in fully recyclable and reusable jerry cans or glass bottles, to contribute to sustainability,” highlights Karan.


In an industry where trust is paramount, Nutriorg has built its reputation on the pillars of quality and transparency. The majority of Nutriorg’s products are produced in Rajasthan, using raw materials cultivated on certified organic farms. These farms, spread across 1000 hectares in seven states, adhere to strict organic standards to ensure unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

Business Success Story | 38 | MAY-JUNE 2024

“We work directly with farmers and use eco-friendly packaging, like packing our juices and oils in fully recyclable and reusable jerry cans or glass bottles, to contribute to sustainability.”

Business Success Story

“Amid the uncertainties and trust issues prevalent in the organic food sector, Nutriorg has unwaveringly upheld its commitment to quality and transparency,” says Karan. “We believe everyone deserves access to healthy, organic food,” he adds.


Nutriorg’s commitment to social responsibility is exemplified by its initiatives to empower women and local communities. Over 80% of the workforce in Nutriorg’s farming projects are women. This emphasis on gender equality and rural development has generated numerous job opportunities, strengthened local communities, and significantly contributed to Nutriorg’s impressive customer retention rate.


Nutriorg offers a wide range of products, including detox juices, ayurvedic herbs, and various health and wellness products. The brand’s excellent connection with farmers ensures fair trade practices and supports sustainable agriculture. This direct connectivity enables Nutriorg to maintain control over the quality and authenticity of its products, providing customers with the assurance they seek.

Nutriorg has forged strategic tie-ups with major companies for raw material sourcing and product development. These partnerships enable the company to access high-quality ingredients and leverage the expertise of industry leaders.

Today, Nutriorg’s products are available in Central American markets through the retail chain Falabella and in Dubai, Bahrain, Malaysia, UAE, and many others through Lulu’s 180 retail stores. The company caters to over one million families, with a retention rate is now over 70%. Serving over 1 million families, with a consistent growth rate of 15% to 20% each month. This is a testament to the positive feedback and trust in Nutriorg’s products.


Customers in the organic food category face several challenges. Nutriorg addresses these challenges by prioritizing transparency and building trust with its clients. The company’s adherence to stringent organic standards and certifications reassures customers of the quality and authenticity of its products.

Nutriorg’s commitment to transparency extends to its communication with customers, providing detailed information about its sourcing practices, manufacturing procedures, and quality control systems. This openness fosters a deep connection between Nutriorg and its clients.


Nutriorg champions the cause of delivering pure, unadulterated, and undiluted food products to consumers. The brand believes that ethical standards should be a global commitment, ensuring that all health and wellness products are free from adulteration. “Nutriorg makes sure everyone can get access to pure, organic, nutritious, and healthy food products,” asserts Karan.


Nutriorg’s excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including:

• Suryaratna National Lifetime Achievement Award 2024: This prestigious award recognizes Nutriorg’s sustained excellence in the field of health and wellness.

• IIAA - Indo International Achiever Award 2023: Awarded for being the best organic health and wellness brand of the year, showcasing Nutriorg’s commitment to quality and consumer health.

• Global Healthcare Achievement Award: A testament to Nutriorg’s impact on global health standards through organic products.

• The Zeon Lifesciences Ltd. Award for Best Organic Food Brand in India: Highlights Nutriorg’s prominence in the Indian organic food market.

• Topnotch Foundation, Iconic Business Summit & Awards 2022: Recognizes innovative businesses and Nutriorg’s role as a leader in the organic sector.

• India Food Safety Summit & Awards 2019, Emerging Nutrition Company: Acknowledges Nutriorg’s role in setting new standards for nutritional products.

• MSME 5000 India Awards (Excellence in Quality): Commends Nutriorg for its high-quality standards and ethical business practices.

• Iconic Brand of the Year (Blossom Media): Celebrates Nutriorg’s status as a leading brand in the organic and health sectors.

• India’s Most Prominent Women Empowerment Award: Highlights Nutriorg’s initiatives for empowering women, particularly in rural areas.

VISION: Nutriorg envisions a healthier future for all, striving to create a better and healthier future for generations through its endeavors.

MISSION: Nutriorg aims to provide healthier alternatives to conventional products, keeping them as close to nature as possible while maintaining high standards of quality.

CAUSE: Nutriorg advocates for a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of detoxification and unadulterated food products. The brand works towards spreading awareness about the downsides of a fastpaced lifestyle and the importance of adopting healthy eating habits.


• Nutriorg’s dedication to sustainability includes:

• Solar-powered manufacturing units

• Zero-waste plants

• Drip irrigation for farming

• 100% recyclable, ethical, and eco-friendly packaging

• Pesticide-free farming

• Use of organic manure


Nutriorg is dedicated to skill training, rural employment, and supporting farmers and underprivileged families. The company promotes sustainable living awareness and supports over 10,000 farmers.

With a decade of excellence and a promising future, Nutriorg is creating a healthier and more sustainable world. The company’s commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability sets a high standard in the organic food industry.

Nutriorg’s journey exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and ethical business practices in creating a brand that not only serves its customers but also empowers communities and protects the environment.

Visit Nutriorg to explore their range of organic products and join their mission towards holistic wellness!

Business Success Story | 40 | MAY-JUNE 2024

SHARON VERMA’S Signature Touch Creating Memorable Conference Experiences:

Business media is a fast-paced ecosystem thriving on constant change. It demands agility to navigate shifting trends and platforms. Leaders who excel here are masters at crafting compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences across diverse channels.

Sharon Verma stands exemplifies excellence in this robust landscape. As the Associate Director heading Conference Production and Learning Experience at Transformance Forums, she brings a blend of research acumen, curiosity-driven vision, and a passion for reshaping the business media industry.

Sharon’s mission is clear—to highlight the crucial role of conference producers in India. She actively collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to deliver value to businesses and give back to the community. Her leadership has led to the launch of some of the business world’s hidden gems, crafting thought leadership journeys that have made significant impacts.

With expertise spanning content development, HR policies, marketing strategies, market research, customer experience, and more, Sharon has enhanced conference brand portfolios across diverse industry verticals. Her academic credentials include a dual MBA degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, specializing in Human Resources and Marketing, along with a PGDM degree from Universal Business School. “I am a Conference Producer” - The Unheard Voice, the Hidden Brain, the Invisible Effort

As a conference producer, Sharon orchestrates vibrant events that serve as the heartbeat of professional networking and innovation. Her mission is to transform ideas into captivating experiences, meticulously curating content and managing logistics to ensure every conference becomes a memorable symphony of knowledge and connections.

Sharon takes pride in the intricate details that make each event unique. She understands the importance of selecting the right speakers, topics, and formats to engage the audience fully. “I focus on every element to create an impactful experience,” she says. Her work involves coordinating with various stakeholders, from speakers to venue managers, ensuring seamless execution.

Behind the scenes, Sharon’s efforts often go unnoticed, yet they are crucial to the event’s success. Her role demands creativity, precision, and relentless dedication. She balances numerous tasks, anticipating challenges and devising solutions promptly. Sharon’s passion for her work drives her to push boundaries, creating events that not only inform but also inspire.


While pursuing her MBA at Cardiff University, Sharon delved into writing research papers on diverse themes, presenting them at various conferences, including inter-college and international exchange

programs. Her proficiency in this area earned her a campus placement for the unique profile of “Conference Producer.” Her professors believed in her potential, and Sharon was particularly excited about the research aspect of this role.

Sharon’s career in the conference industry began in 2018, marking the start of an exciting journey filled with learning, knowledge, innovation, and networking. Her role provides a unique platform to gain insights into the daily work life of CXOs and access to enriching experiences across industries.


The pivotal moment in Sharon’s career was the resounding success of a landmark conference that shattered attendance records and garnered rave reviews for its groundbreaking content and seamless execution. This event catapulted her career to new horizons.

Among her notable successes are events like the CFO, Chief Data Officers Conclave, Learning and Development, and many more. Sharon’s achievements speak volumes. She has been recognized as a university topper in marketing, a star performer, and a Women Leader under 30. Her prowess in content curation earned her accolades from Business Outreach, and she’s been listed among Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women by Diva Planet Magazine.

Certified in media and advertising, Six Sigma, and Business English from Cambridge University, Sharon is well-equipped to lead in this competitive arena. Her research skills have seen her present papers on the future of the banking sector and advertising effectiveness at international conferences.

Noteworthy among her accomplishments are India’s first unique subject conferences, including the Sales L&D Summit, Organization Development Summit and Awards, CRM World Summit & Awards, and the GST Forum across Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities. Her Indo-Cybersecurity Business Summit, representing the Canadian Counsel, showcased her ability to create context and deliver precise statements aligning with industry needs.


The early days were a whirlwind of challenges for Sharon. She had to decipher the diverse needs of various industries, build a robust network of thought leaders, and master the art of event logistics in the vibrant yet complex landscape of India. Each challenge served as a stepping stone to greater resilience and expertise.

Overcoming obstacles requires a blend of resourcefulness and resilience for Sharon. She leans heavily on her network for support, remains agile in the face of unforeseen challenges, and turns every setback into a learning opportunity, emerging stronger and more determined each time.

Business Success Story | 42 | MAY-JUNE 2024


A defining decision in Sharon’s career is to infuse conferences with interactive elements like dynamic round table sessions and role-play panel discussions. This transforms the attendee experience, making conferences informative, truly engaging and impactful. Sharon believes, “This approach makes our events stand out, offering participants a unique and memorable experience.”


To grow, Sharon immerses herself in global conferences, absorbing diverse perspectives and cutting-edge practices. She builds strong alliances with industry titans and continuously adapts to new technologies, ensuring she stays ahead of the curve and delivers unparalleled experiences.

Sharon harnesses the power of targeted digital marketing, leverages the influence of industry leaders for promotion, and builds a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. Engaging social media campaigns and compelling content marketing serve as the pillars of her strategy.

Sharon’s signature touch lies in crafting conferences that resonate deeply with attendees. By delivering highly relevant and thought-provoking content, personalized experiences, and fostering a culture of excellence, she creates conferences that have unique themes and are well-aligned with the industry scenario. Sharon emphasizes, “It’s about creating experiences that leave a lasting impact on participants.”


The most valuable lesson for Sharon is the necessity of perpetual evolution. The business media landscape is everchanging, and thriving within it demands a relentless pursuit of knowledge, an openness to change, and a deep commitment to understanding and exceeding audience expectations. Sharon reflects, “Staying relevant means embracing change and continuously innovating to meet the needs of our audience.”

Sharon’s work has been a catalyst for countless collaborations and innovations. By creating platforms for industry leaders to converge and share insights, she’s played a pivotal role in driving professional growth and propelling entire sectors forward, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Sharon emphasizes, “Bringing people together fosters collaboration and sparks innovation that benefits the entire industry.”


Looking ahead, Sharon envisions expanding their conferences globally, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to elevate attendee experiences, and continuing to lead the charge in thought leadership and industry innovation. She says, “The future is a canvas, and I’m ready to paint it with bold strokes of creativity and excellence.”


For those embarking on this exhilarating journey, Sharon’s advice is to stay insatiably curious and passionately connected. “Embrace change, seek out emerging trends, and prioritize delivering extraordinary value,” she advises.

She emphasizes the importance of building a strong network, welcoming feedback, and remembering that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

MAY-JUNE 2024 Business Success Story | 43 |

Transforming Lives: The Leadership Journey of


LEAD College of Management—nestled in the vibrant city of Dhoni, Palakkad is not just a mere educational institution but a dynamic hub of learning, shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

LEAD is the culmination of a long-standing dream to establish an educational institution that surpasses conventional learning while revolutionizing the management education sector with modern practices to create an environment that molds a student into a holistic being able to put learning into action and create an impact towards betterment.

At the helm of LEAD stands an idealistic leader—Thomas K George, the Chairman and Director of this prestigious institution. With a keen understanding of the needs of the industry and a passion for nurturing talent, Thomas has steered LEAD towards unprecedented growth and success.


Establishing an MBA college was driven by societal needs and the deep passion of the chairman, Dr. Thomas, to be an Edupreneur with a difference. One primary motivation was to address the growing demand for skilled business professionals in an increasingly complex and competitive global economy.

MBA programs equip students with essential skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving, which are highly sought after across industries. By training future business leaders, an MBA college significantly contributes to the economic development of the region. It fosters entrepreneurship and innovation, driving job creation. Dr. Thomas believes, “An MBA college can shape the future by empowering students with the skills necessary to navigate and succeed in a dynamic business environment.”

By offering comprehensive MBA programs, the college aims to prepare students to meet the challenges of the modern business world. The focus remains on nurturing talent that can lead with vision and integrity, ultimately benefiting both local and global communities.


LEAD is the brainchild of Dr. Thomas George—a professional life-skill trainer for various Engineering & MBA students in and around Kerala for years. Dr. Thomas’ training of students at various levels in a culture obsessed with measuring talent and ability opened his sense of creating an institution that gives importance to the inspiration that might lead to entrepreneurship, social commitment, and values.

According to him, inspiration awakens new possibilities by allowing one to transcend his ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility and transforms the way one perceives his own capabilities. The idea of starting a business school in a three-tier city of Kerala was conceived, germinated, nourished, and became a reality in 2011.


Dr. Thomas’ extensive experience in training students, in a culture focused on measuring talent and ability, inspired him to create an institution emphasizing inspiration, leading to entrepreneurship, social commitment, and values.

Dr. Thomas believes that ‘inspiration awakens new possibilities by allowing one to transcend ordinary experiences and limitations.’ This philosophy guided the creation of LEAD College, where the idea of starting a business school in a three-tier city of Kerala was conceived, germinated, nourished, and became a reality in 2011.


The story of LEAD College of Management began in 2010. The college applied for an MBA program with 60 seats and extended to 120 seats in 2011. Initially, affiliation was not granted, but by late 2011, the college received affiliation for 120 seats.

Acting on newspaper reports from the University of Calicut indicating an MBA college was to be sanctioned in Palakkad, the institution recruited faculty members, admitted 120 students, and began classes. By November 2010, they realized that 120 students would not be able to write their first semester MBA examination at LEAD College due to affiliation issues.


Out of the 120 students, 58 chose to remain at LEAD College despite the challenges posed by external rules and regulations. LEAD College displayed remarkable magnanimity and large-heartedness by providing free boarding, lodging, and food to these students, without charging them for their academic pursuits.

This prompt and generous response in handling an unexpected crisis highlighted the college’s dedication to its students’ welfare. The efforts paid off as all 58 students passed with high marks and achieved a 100% pass rate, marking the beginning of LEAD College’s journey in 2011.

Business Success Story | 44 | MAY-JUNE 2024

“We differentiated our business from competitors,” explains Thomas, “through key strategies focusing on maximizing student outcomes and creating a supportive, empowering environment.”

MAY-JUNE 2024 Business Success Story | 45 |


“To grow our business,” says Thomas, “we employed several strategic tactics focused on delivering quality education and enhancing student employability.” Central to their approach is offering current, value-added courses that equip students with today’s job market skills. They integrate various activities and gamification techniques into the curriculum for engaging and practical learning.

Actively involving students in corporate programs is a key strategy. Furthermore, they strengthen academic-industry connections not just through seminars but also by involving students in organizing largescale events.

This hands-on experience helps develop critical skills like decisionmaking and understanding industry needs, ensuring students are wellprepared for the workforce. This comprehensive approach significantly contributes to business growth and success.


“We differentiated our business from competitors,” explains Thomas, “through key strategies focusing on maximizing student outcomes and creating a supportive, empowering environment.”

Thomas and his team at LEAD College encountered obstacles and setbacks along the way. Despite facing criticism from contemporaries, they remained steadfast in their faith and belief in their educational system. Their resilience in the face of adversity ultimately led to the success of LEAD College.


Today, LEAD College of Management is preparing for the decennial celebrations of its first graduating batch. The college is a nonautonomous affiliate of the University of Calicut, AICTE-approved, and both NAAC and NBA accredited. It is undergoing the second cycle of NAAC accreditation in 2023-2024. Additionally, LEAD is ISO 21001:2018 certified and GSAAA accredited and has undertaken green, energy, and environmental audit certifications.

From an initial 58 students in 2012, LEAD College now has approval for an annual intake of 300 students, including an additional quota for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS). The campus currently houses 600 students, supported by 40 faculty and staff members. This significant growth reflects the college’s commitment to excellence and its role in fostering future business leaders.


One pivotal moment in Thomas’s journey to success was the introduction of innovative teaching methods and the integration of technology into classrooms at LEAD College of Management.

This decision, coupled with a focus on experiential learning, marked a significant shift in the institution’s approach to education. By forging strong partnerships with leading companies, and providing real-world exposure through internships, live projects, and guest lectures, Thomas ensured his students received practical industry insights.

Despite facing doubts and criticism, Thomas remained steadfast in his commitment to providing top-notch education. The turning point came when the first batch of students achieved 100% placement, validating Thomas’s approach and silencing the critics, cementing LEAD College’s reputation for excellence.

Firstly, they offered top-notch placement opportunities with high returns on investment, ensuring graduates quickly found meaningful employment. Their individualized approach to understanding each student’s strengths allowed for tailored support. They fostered a friendly, inclusive campus culture where students felt supported, with a dedicated faculty providing personalized mentorship.

Empowering students by involving them in decision-making processes, equipped them with essential leadership skills and practical experience, setting them up for success in their future careers. This unique approach not only sets them apart but also ensures students thrive academically and personally.


LEAD is a gateless institution that has opened doors for hundreds of aspiring students to enter sunrise industries with attractive packages, earning a reputation for nearly 100% placement in top-notch organizations in India and overseas. It’s an ideal place for those who value academic freedom, student-friendly norms, interaction with supportive faculty, and industrially experienced seniors.

With a focus on 360-degree learning, evolved syllabi, global standards, and personality development, LEAD offers promising career opportunities. With about 700 students in a 100% residential campus, it stands out among management institutes in Kerala.

Initiatives like LEAD-BI and LEAD IEDC promote an entrepreneurial spirit, nurturing startups and shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs. LEAD aims to transform young talents into job creators, reinforcing its identity as the ‘Leadership and Entrepreneurial Academy, Dhoni.’


“The institute has had a significant impact on the community and industry,” states Thomas, “by providing opportunities for students from middle-income backgrounds to access quality education and achieve success.”

Their focus on helping individuals from common backgrounds reach their full potential has created a ripple effect of success, benefiting not just students but also their families. By offering better placement opportunities, they ensure their impact extends beyond the individual to the entire family unit.

Business Success Story | 46 | MAY-JUNE 2024

Dedicated to equipping students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive, they emphasize holistic personal development. Through their comprehensive approach, they provide valuable support, teach resilience, and instill a sense of responsibility, aiming to shape students into not just employable individuals but also responsible citizens. Their goal is to empower students to navigate life successfully, fostering a community of individuals who contribute positively to society.


The future plans at LEAD College include:

• Ensuring placement packages of not less than Rs 12.00 lakhs per annum for approximately 80% of eligible students.

• Facilitating placements in top-notch companies, including Fortune 500 firms.

• Achieving diversity among students and faculty by inviting individuals from across India and overseas to join LEAD.

• Securing accreditation from both Indian and international organizations/accrediting bodies.

• Working towards becoming a private university within the next 10 years, offering a range of multidisciplinary courses.

• Establishing a separate entity dedicated to entrepreneurship, fostering innovation and business ventures among our students and alumni.


Based on Thomas’s experiences, aspiring entrepreneurs should:

• Hustle and Network: Success requires relentless hustle and effective networking. Being the smartest or hardest worker isn’t enough without hustle. Identify challenges and push through them. As Thomas learned, hard work alone isn’t sufficient.

View Your Business as a Workhorse: Instead of treating your business like a “baby,” see it as a workhorse meant to provide for you. This shift in mindset can change how you manage your business. Ensure your business is profitable and sustainable by conducting thorough market research and planning beforehand. Your business should work for you, not the other way around.

By embracing these principles, aspiring entrepreneurs can navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and build successful, sustainable businesses.

Business Success Story | 47 |



In recent years, the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship has gained traction as businesses increasingly recognize the importance of balancing profit with purpose. Traditional entrepreneurship often focused solely on generating profits, but today’s entrepreneurs are embracing a broader perspective that incorporates social and environmental considerations into their business models. This shift reflects a growing awareness of the interconnectedness of economic, social, and environmental issues, and the role that businesses can play in addressing them.


Sustainable entrepreneurship involves creating businesses that generate financial returns and contribute positively to society and the environment. This approach recognizes that businesses operate within larger ecosystems and have a responsibility to minimize their negative impacts while maximizing their positive contributions. Sustainable entrepreneurs seek to create value for their shareholders along with other stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and the planet.


One framework commonly used to assess the performance of sustainable businesses is the triple bottom line, which evaluates success based on three dimensions: profit, people, and planet. While traditional businesses focus primarily on financial profits, sustainable entrepreneurs also consider social and environmental factors in their decision-making process. By prioritizing people and the planet alongside profit, they aim to create long-term value that benefits both society and the environment.


Numerous examples illustrate the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship in action. Companies like Patagonia, known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, have built successful businesses while prioritizing ethical practices and environmental conservation. Similarly, TOMS Shoes has established a thriving business model based on the concept of “one for one,” donating a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair purchased. These companies demonstrate that it is possible to achieve financial success while also making a positive impact on the world.

Business Success Story | 48 | MAY-JUNE 2024


While the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship offers significant potential, it also presents challenges for aspiring entrepreneurs. Building a business that balances profit and purpose requires careful planning, innovative thinking, and a willingness to challenge conventional business practices. Sustainable entrepreneurs must navigate complex regulatory environments, overcome resource constraints, and address the skepticism of investors and consumers who may prioritize short-term profits over long-term sustainability.

However, despite these challenges, sustainable entrepreneurship also presents opportunities for innovation and growth. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the social and environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions, businesses that prioritize sustainability can gain a competitive advantage. Moreover, governments and international organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability and providing support for sustainable initiatives through funding, incentives, and policy frameworks.


As the global community faces pressing challenges such as climate change, inequality, and resource depletion, the role of sustainable entrepreneurship in driving positive change has never been more critical. By harnessing the power of innovation, collaboration, and creativity, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create businesses that generates profits and contributes to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Sustainable entrepreneurship represents a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate, emphasizing the importance of balancing profit with purpose. As we look to the future, sustainable entrepreneurship has the potential to drive meaningful change and build a more sustainable and prosperous world for generations to come.

Business Success Story | 49 | MAY-JUNE 2024

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