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Facing 2 weeks ahead of our departure back to Indonesia, We found the lovely Indonesia families living in Louisiana, the Acadiana & French culture state in US. They’ve been here for years away from the country with the spirit of traditional Indonesia family hood. I proved to my self , the interaction and the root culture is still there.

Everybody visited this community will feel the senses that I felt. Away from home will never the same again. Seeing the smile of the children with their pure heart was excruciatingly feeling that me and all Indonesia people need. If I asked the best moment ever, Absolutely I will say finding this community with their beloved people.

Pureness, I love..


When I see your eyes

Dynamic Duo..

Negara akan kuat

jika kaum wanitanya kuat

Keluarga Muslim Indonesia Louisiana  

Society of Indonesian Moslem Family at Louisiana US

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