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December 2016


n Volume 35 n Number 10

Building Products Digest

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Building Products Digest



December 2016

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ACROSS the Board By Patrick Adams

Can I sell you a car? A

LTHOUGH IT WAS before my time, there no doubt was a day that when asked what a gentleman does for a living, if he responded, “I sell cars,” it would be the start of a great conversation. I love cars and always have. When I find someone else who loves cars, the conversation flows and I find that I have a ton in common with them. However, if I meet someone who sells cars, well, I suppose I just start looking for the exit! How does a business go from something that once was respected to being a four-letter word? Do people in that trade see the change happening or does it happen so slowly that they don’t realize it? I think about this a lot because I’ve fought being that guy and working in those industries my entire career. I was raised to believe that your word means something, that your work is a reflection on your character, and that your customers become friends. I haven’t heard of many car salesmen with that mission statement, and lately, I haven’t heard that mentioned about media either. Among countless other things, the recent election placed a spotlight on media and perhaps what they have become. To someone who has dedicated his career to publishing and loves how it can serve an audience when it’s done with ethics, this is a concerning observation. From the earliest of days in our country, it was the media who looked out for their readership. The people who got into journalism were hard working, blue collar individuals who shared the values of their readership. They researched, probed and investigated to assure that corporations, unions and politicians were held accountable to their promises and did not take advantage of the population. Something has clearly changed because now, some media act like a combination of celebrities, lobbyists and used car salesmen. As a result, the “power of the press” has been diminished and what has replaced it is “noise” that very few listen to anymore. Perhaps their audience is also to blame however because they failed to hold the media accountable for their jobs—honest and fair information provided to serve their readership. The last time you bought a car, did you choose it because you trusted the salesman and dealership because you planned on doing a lifetime of business with them or was it only based on price? Did quality or value or relationship play any role in your decision? If not, then aren’t you telling the dealership that you really don’t care about

those things and the only thing you care about is price? And in my experience, price is only relative to what you get for it, and rarely are those things equal. In this void of values that we now call media, I believe there is still a thirst for what is real. Even though most people couldn’t define what is missing, they know the real thing when they see it and when they do, they devour it because it has become so rare and yet, valuable. I believe that things like this in life are cyclical because you can only be so cheap until what you offer is so common that people are willing to pay more for a true, quality product that provides what it promises. In the sea of fast-talking salespeople and media promises that are never kept, I refuse to go down that road. Perhaps someday I’ll share company with Don Quixote, but I take very seriously our role in serving this industry. I still believe that our words mean something, that my work is a reflection on my character, that my customers will be lifelong friends and this is the foundation for our business that someday, my children will take over and continue. I hope everyone looks at what has become of some industries and continues to fight to hold ours to the higher standard that is still the norm in our industry. I look forward to my family growing up around an industry of ethics where people still do business on a handshake and the only contract we need is our word. All of us here continue to be humbled by your support and honored in the privilege of serving you, your business, and your family. May you all enjoy the happiest of holiday seasons! “Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Patrick S. Adams Publisher/President



Building Products Digest


December 2016

Holiday gifts for the lumberperson in your life The holidays are here and so begins the search for that special gift for a colleague, boss, customer or any loved one in the industry for that matter. Stumped for ideas on what to buy? Consider these items that are sure to bring a smile to every lumberperson’s face.

Lumber Art There is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, according to Connecticut-based artist Bryan Nash Gill. His book Woodcut is compiled of large-scale relief prints from the cross sections of trees. The artist reveals the sublime power locked inside their arboreal rings. Gill creates patterns not only of great beauty but also year-by-year records of the life and times of fallen or damaged logs.

n BRYANNASHGILL.COM (860) 469-2207 n $29.95

The Perfect Hunt With the Trophy Cam HD by Bushnell, hunting has never been more convenient. The camera has an all-new aggressive design, removable “ARD” LED cover, strengthened cable lock channel, and an improved latch for maximum ruggedness. On the inside, the technology ups the ante with an 8-AA size case, No-Glow Black LEDs, extended night vision capabilities, and 1080p HD video with audio recording.

n BUSHNELL.COM (800) 423-3537 n $89.99- $150.00

Burgers Anywhere, Anytime The Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press is the perfect grilling accessory to help you make delicious, perfectly proportioned stuffed or regular burgers every time. The mini grill is a durable, professional grade, heavy duty, non-stick plastic burger press that makes perfectly round burgers like a machine, making patties or stuffed burgers with ease. No matter how many burgers you make, clean up is easy with its dishwasher safe elements.

n GRILLAHOLICS.COM (800) 892-5579 n $14.95 8


Building Products Digest


December 2016

Engrave Their Whiskey Crystal Imagery’s engraved personalized etched scotch glass is the perfect gift for the whiskey and scotch lover. Deeply carved using its sand carving technique, each glass is meticulously custom made to order, making it the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for whiskey lovers—men and women alike.


Worker’s Hand Protection The Hand Stuff is designed as an all natural hand balm and moisturizer to heal and protect the skin from harsh elements. An all-natural hand salve made from only the finest and purest ingredients, the balm is created from a unique combination of shea butter, lanolin, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E. The unique combination of ingredients offers the ultimate protection against chapped hands.

n THEHANDSTUFF.COM (888) 779-8976 n $11.99

Ride with Wood Ronovo, a bicycle manufacturing company made up of engineers/designers, chose wood as the material of choice for bicycles because of its excellent engineering properties. Because the bikes are made with wooden frames, they have unique engineering properties that deliver superior ride quality and durability compared to man-made materials.

n RENOVOBIKES.COM (503) 231-4888 n $2,000-$6,000

Stylish Coasters Wood is an ongoing interior and exterior design trend that’s pleasing to the eye and durable, which is why World Market is always selling out of its fourpiece wood bark coasters, made of mango wood with protective sealant.

n WORLDMARKET.COM (877) 967-5362 n $14.99

The Gift of Warmth The versatile water repellent Polartec fleece Workman Jacket by Carhartt is lightweight and provides the right amount of warmth for a variety of weather conditions. The jacket comes with a Rain Defender durable water repellent finish that resists rain, mist and snow, helping it bead up and roll off to keep you drier. It also comes with a zippered left chest map pocket to keep items secure.

n CARHARTT.COM (800) 833-3118 n $99.99-109.99 10


Building Products Digest


December 2016

Music on the Job With the Braven BRV-X, tradesmen, lumber laborers and everyone else on the jobsite can listen to their favorite music without having to worry about the typical delicate nature of most bluetooth speakers. The speaker comes with an IPX-7 rating for its waterproof and shockproof exterior, so a little rain, dirt or tumbles won’t mess up your groove. When a call comes in, the speaker’s microphone allows you to take it hands-free.

n BRAVEN.COM (877) 927-2836

n $49.99-160.00

Wooden Tabletops Blue Leaf Hospitality’s Natural Trunk Table brings the outdoors inside with its organic, tactile charm—a popular trend that is hitting the market. The table is ideal for any hospitality space, adding a natural tone to any living area.

n BLUELEAFHOSPITALITY.COM (305) 668-3000 n $40.00-75.00

Stay Charged The Crave Portable Battery Charger is a great gift for the LBM professional, whether they’re buried in projects at the lumberyard, at a tradeshow, or on vacation. The charger provides universal compatibility with most favored smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. The external battery charger is not only powerful, it fits in the palm of your hand, your pocket, or your purse.


Smoke Signals The custom engraved cigar box by Swanky Badger is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good cigar. Personalized with the name of your choice, the custom boxes have a beautiful swinging latch and are made from birch plywood, giving them a nice solid weight. Each box also contains a bed of wood excelsior (wood straw).



Building Products Digest


December 2016


PRODUCT Spotlight By Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association

Norway spruce inclusion marks industry first E

FFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY , Norway spruce will join NELMA’s SPFs (spruce-pine-fir south) grade group-

ing, marking a lumber industry first: Norway spruce is the first new, major, U.S.-grown, softwood species to be fully tested for strength values since the initial process for assigning design values by way of lumber testing of wood samples began in the 1920s. The inclusion of Norway spruce was approved by the American Lumber Standard Committee on October 20, 2016. “This is a momentous occasion for the building industry,” said Jeff Easterling, president of NELMA. “The addition of a new species hasn’t happened in almost a century, and it’s been a very exciting year as we’ve worked to shepherd it through testing and bring it into the mainstream.” Easterling estimates upward of 1,000 man hours of staff time has been spent on this important effort.

Testing Norway spruce strength value testing was completed in partnership with the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures & Composites Center, and lasted from Oct. 21, 2015, to Feb. 2, 2016. A total of 1,320 full-size pieces of

2x4s, 2x6s and 2x8s were tested in the process. The testing results were submitted to the ALSC beginning in early 2016 for review. The Norway spruce samples were destructively tested and lumber strength data calculated for the entire spectrum of design values: Modulus of Elasticity (MOE), Fiber Stress in Bending, Tension Parallel to Grain, Horizontal Shear, and Compression Parallel and Perpendicular to Grain.

The Look In the forest, Norway spruce is easily recognizable by its large, drooping “branchlets.” Fun fact: the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been a Norway spruce the vast majority of times over the last several decades, including the 2015 tree, a 78-footer from Gardiner, N.Y., and this year’s 94-footer from Oneonta, N.Y. Once cut into logs, Norway spruce is virtually indistinguishable from native eastern spruce species, with even the most experienced of graders not able to discern one species from the other. Grade-wise, approximately 65% of Norway spruce is expected to be graded at #2 and above, making it a strong, promising addition to the SPFs category. The primary market focus for the lumber will be on home construction applications such as wall studs, floor and ceiling joists, and industrial applications.


NORWAY SPRUCE has become the first new, major, U.S.-grown softwood to be fully tested for strength values since the process was created 90 years ago. (All photos courtesy NELMA)



Building Products Digest


December 2016

In the 1930s, FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps was tasked with planting Norway spruce across the Northeast on abandoned agricultural properties for the purpose of soil stabilization. More than 113 million seedlings were provided by state nurseries for this government project. Looking back even earlier, a Harvard University study on the species, authored in 1936, recorded evidence of the first Norway spruce plantings at Woods Hole, Ma., in 1860 by immigrants who brought stock from Europe. Fast-forward to 2014, when NELMA members began to ask in earnest about the procedures necessary to gain acceptance of the species for use as a resource to manufacture construction lumber. Recognizing a need, the association began the process of identifying locations where the Norway spruce was growing, cutting test logs from a broad geographic area, then testing the lumber to determine its appropriate strength values for proper end-use applications.

Who’s Affected & How While the vast majority (upwards of 50%) of Norway spruce is located throughout New York state, the species can also be found in Maine, down into New England, and as far west as Wisconsin. Introducing Norway spruce into the SPFs category will benefit everyone along the chain, from landowners to loggers (additional markets for their trees and logs), lumber mills (an added log resource), to retailers and builders (increased inventory of a locally grown, strong building product).

mill, it’s simply part of the SPFs group. Introducing a new species is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but our goal is for it to blend seamlessly with the other wood in its category, benefitting our industry all the way down the line.”

Norway Spruce Q&A What is Norway spruce? Norway spruce is a non-native species from Europe with tracked roots in America as early as 1860. It is the first new U.S.-grown, fully tested softwood species to be tested for strength values since lumber testing began in the 1920s. Where is it grown? The vast majority (upwards of 50%) of Norway spruce is located throughout New York state, but it can also be found in Maine, down into New England, and as far west as Wisconsin. Who will grade it? NELMA, the not-for-profit rules writing agency and steward of the lumber industry in the Northeast, has been overseeing the entire Norway spruce testing process. It will be graded by NELMA-member mills throughout the growing region of the tree.

TEST SAMPLES of Norway spruce from western New York.

Economic Impact The economic impact of Norway spruce will be felt throughout all levels of the forestry industry. The state of New York will benefit from the 900 million bd. ft. of Norway spruce waiting to be harvested around the state, while NELMA dimension mills in New England anticipate impacts as strong as the potential need for a second shift with the added resource, as markets dictate.

The Future “As strange as it may sound, our goal for Norway spruce is for it to simply disappear as a singular species name,” concluded Easterling. “Once it’s in a dimension

What does it look like in the forest? Norway spruce has many specific traits which set it apart from other conifers, including easily identifiable large, drooping branches. In a plantation growth setting, Norway spruce will naturally de-limb itself almost to the top of the tree. What does it look like once cut into dimension lumber? Once Norway spruce has been harvested and processed into dimension lumber, it is virtually indistinguishable from white spruce. Even the most experienced of graders has not been able to discern one species from the other in log and lumber form. What grades can we expect from Norway spruce? Approximately 65% of Norway spruce is graded at #2 and above, making it a very strong addition to the existing SPFs (spruce-pine-fir south) category. What does the recent ALSC approval mean? The ALSC approval allows Norway spruce to join the nine other species in the SPFs grouping, which means that Norway spruce may now be harvested and milled into dimension lumber and utilized in home construction and industrial applications. How will Norway spruce be used? It is approved for use in home construction applications such as wall studs, floor and ceiling joists, and in various industrial applications.

FUN FACT: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is typically a Norway spruce, including this year’s 94-footer from Oneonta, N.Y. The tree, currently adorned in 50,000 lights, will be on display until Jan. 7. Afterwards, the center's trees are usually milled into lumber to build Habitat for Humanity homes.

What is its potential economic impact? In areas where Norway spruce is grown, harvested, and milled, the economic impact is present for job growth along the entire log and lumber chain of command. The introduction of Norway spruce to lumber inventories across the growing region means increasing the availability of a locally grown, renewable, strong building product.

December 2016


Building Products Digest



COMPETITIVE Intelligence By Carla Waldemar

Open for (big) business Q

: HOW CAN A lumberyard do close to $10 million in business in a sleepy little town of 26,000? A: Do business everywhere—anywhere—else. That’s what Jim Cappano had in mind when he bought LumberTown in flyover Zanesville, Oh., in 2012. The yard, dispensing lumber and hardware on its 17-acre site, had been a staple of the community for 40 years, but its retail business was falling away. And its clutch of small contractor customers brought in only small change. Add in two giant boxes

only 20 minutes down the road to suck away at its draw. Jim—a big-picture man, an entrepreneur with no previous experience selling sticks—had no room for sacred cows on his new turf. He put them out to pasture, cutting some departments entirely and adding others in order to turn the focus to serving contractors in general, but essentially a particular corps of pros: builders of multi-family commercial buildings in markets that morphed to include South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia and beyond, with a big push

in the booming city of Columbus, Oh., a significant hike down the road. So, how’s it going? “Business is booming,” Jim proclaims. “Trade usually drops way off in the cold months, but last winter? No slump. Especially in the multi-developments, driving a lot of our business. Columbus is attracting tech companies from the West Coast, kind of a ‘new Houston,’ and they all need housing.” Thus LumberTown’s piece of that tasty pie enabled it to double its accounts receivable. “When I bought the company in 2012, after the reces-

A $100,000 drive-thru warehouse receives rave reviews from LumberTown’s pro customers.



Building Products Digest


December 2016

PRO JOBS are an increasingly larger share of LumberTown’s sales.

sion, it was doing $5 million—its best year in a long time, due to a lot of repair work following a significant storm. We did $9 million last year and will surpass that in 2016,” he projects with confidence. Jim rapidly expanded an inherited staff of 14 to 36, wisely hiring for attitude, ease with technology (“As we speak, the staff is in a meeting focusing on emails”) and desire to grow with the company. Experience ranks fourth on his list of attributes. After all, Jim came in with next to none, himself. “I knew nothing about the lumber industry, and it turned out to be a lot harder than I’d thought. I did a lot of study and relied on the staff; they’re light years ahead of me. What I’m good at,” he laughs, “is going out to dinner.” AKA people skills: “I’m a people person, a motivator. And I’m open. I share everything with our staff—sales and profits numbers. I’m not stuck in the lumber-business mode. Salaries are up, we’ve started a 401/k plan, and [new hire] Christine [Pfleckl, VP of operations] is working on a bonus program.” Morale had sagged before Jim’s ownership. Today, it’s off the charts, thanks to his infusion of enthusiasm. Christine jumps in with an accolade her boss is too humble to offer: “Jim has a super-positive attitude. He treats everybody like family, invests in personal treatment, and makes sure everyone knows and shares his vision.” And that vision, in a nutshell, boils down to “Yes!” As the company’s website declares, “We have no official mission statement, but our unofficial motto is ‘It’s what we do!’” As in: selling a really, really huge lumber package: check. Pulling the entire staff to work overtime to clean up the yard: check. Driving to South Carolina overnight because a customer left a window off his order: check. Spending all evening looking at other yards’ websites and texting back and forth for input: check. Reinventing the company involved some hard decisions on Jim’s part. “We’re a building materials supplier. A lumberyard. A design service,” he enumerates. “But we’re not

a hardware store,” he makes clear. Scrap the electrical and plumbing departments. (“You need a plunger at 8 p.m.? Go to the boxes; we’re not open that late and we don’t sell little things.”) Add a paint department. (When that addition didn’t carry its weight, it, too, was scrapped to make better use of that space.) Instead, LumberTown counsels, “Come to us with your project because we have the best displays, the product knowledge, the best designers and estimators to get you where you want to go.” But what that takes is cold, hard cash. Jim is no pennypincher. He added a covered drive-thru that, with racks, cost $100,000 (and the pros love it). He’s getting set to add a machine to manufacture stairs on site (he maintains an in-house crew of installers, who also work to install the shower doors and closet fixtures he sells to builders of those multi-units)—another $100,000 investment aimed “to address problems we can control and fix.” Clearly, LumberTown is pivoting toward dealing exclusively with the pros in the business (presently 85% and climbing). What, Jim says, they love about the company is this: the timely delivery service, which utilizes forklifts, boom trucks, and semis. The start-to-finish service leading from take-offs through delivery of the lumber package to meetings with architects and everyone else involved in the project all along the way. The showroom and the private conference room, available for their use with clients. What keeps them coming back? “Our excellent service. Our ability to work through the whole process.” And probably the seats for Browns games at FirstEnergy Stadium Jim sometimes offers as host. “Our largest customer is a multi-builder in another state, which leads to more new business for us.” Yet he hasn’t shed the DIYs entirely. LumberTown’s Ladies Nights are legendary, attracting 600 femmes (“It gets a little out of hand”) for pizza, demos, substantial door prizes, and more. “We’re not in it for instant gratification,” he explains. “But in a year or two when they need a new kitchen….” When it comes to attracting other new business, remember those restaurant dinners: “I constantly pull business in. And Christine is developing a new marketing program.” (She’s also at work formatting a two-year outlook projection to use in planning.) “Unlike the boxes, we bang our heads every day; we build relationships.” Current building trends Jim keeps an eye on include the increasingly rigorous standards dealing with energy; the green movement (LEED to silver and platinum); and the growing demand for ADA Universal inclusions as Baby Boomers age. Looking into the future, Jim expects more golden years ahead. “When it comes to multi-family housing, in Columbus you can’t build them fast enough. But I agree,” he addresses a listener’s observation, “that there may come a time. Shifts always happen. The residential market may return to custom homes eventually, but right now, there’s no end in sight.” And none for Jim, either. “I’m not going anywhere!” he swears. Carla Waldemar December 2016


Building Products Digest



OLSEN On Sales By James Olsen

The Order Not Taken R

FROST won four Pulitzer Prizes for poetry. At 38, he uprooted his family and moved to England to dedicate his life to poetry. In “The Road Not Taken,” Frost discusses the choices we make and how those choices shape our lives.

In every interaction with our customers there will be decisions to make. Most of those will come down to how timid or bold we will be. Many sellers are too timid or so badly want to be liked that they cannot push through at the moments of truth. Many confuse being polite and servile with being charming and a great partner.

Master Seller: “When do you need that to ship?” Customer: “Two weeks.” Master Seller: “What’s your order number?” Objections & Closing. Most salespeople present product and wait for the customer to decide. These sellers never overcome a customer’s objection. They are charming, work hard, give great service, and bring expertise and market information hoping customers will buy from them. And some do. But Master Sellers get a much larger portion of the pie because they do everything the Quotron does AND then make the decision to overcome objections and close. Customer: “I appreciate the price. I’ll get back to you.” Master Seller: “John, I’d love to let you wait, but that’s the last car we have and definitely the last one available at that price. What’s your order number?”

The Y’s in the Road

The Order Not Taken


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference

These “Y’s in the road” happen from our first interaction with customers. According to Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker (yes, I am quoting Robert Frost and Patti Stanger in the same article), “The first date has more to do with how the relationship will go than any other date.” The same holds true in sales. The Prospect Call. The biggest mistake in prospecting is the failure to qualify on volume. If customers do not use the kind of volume we sell they will not be a good partner. Sales is difficult enough without trying to sell customers that are too small. Us: “How much do you use per month?” Customer: “A fair amount.” Or “It varies.” Or “All depends.” These are “non-answer” answers. Most sellers are overly concerned with appearing “too pushy” and will let this obfuscation go. The Master Seller chooses the other path. They ask their question again. They are charming and calm: Master Seller: “I’m sure it varies, but could you give me a ballpark? It could be a Yankee Stadium ballpark number, but give or take, how much do you use per month?” Master Sellers won’t pursue customers who are a bad fit. Inquiry. The majority of sellers treat the Inquiry/RFQ portion of the sales call as an opportunity to show the customer what great service they can give. Master Sellers treat Inquiry as closing time. Customer: “Hey, Bob, can you get me a number on a 2x4 16’?” Quotron: “Sure. I’ll get back to you soon.” Customer: “Hey, Bob. Could you just email that to me?” Quotron: “Sure.” Quotron (next day): “Gosh darn it. I can’t get my customer on the phone!” Consider instead: Customer: “Hey, Bob, can you get me a number on a 2x4 16’?”



Building Products Digest


December 2016

Sales call, responses anticipated And sorry I could not make both And be one salesman, long I waited And thought of sales growth To where the silence bent unabated Then said my thought, that seemed the same But having perhaps a bolder way Because most effort spent not to enflame To these worn responses few orders came In sales it’s the bold that slay In every sales call these choices play In the responses of a hack Oh, I kept those for another day! Yes knowing how way leads onto way I knew I would ne’er go back I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two responses diverged on a sales call, and I — I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference Like Frost, let’s take road less traveled—by qualifying volume when prospecting, closing on inquiry/RFQ and overcoming objections. It makes all the difference. James Olsen Reality Sales Training (503) 544-3572

EVANGELIST Marketing By Alex Goldfayn

Sales techniques for 2017


HE ELECTION IS over. The holidays approach. And the new year is just around the corner. Let’s talk about your plan to grow sales in 2017. Do you have one? How much time have you spent thinking about how you will grow your revenue next year? Because here’s the thing about revenue growth: it’s a proactive pursuit. We must make time for it. Sales might grow if we go through our days and weeks reactively, from one incoming customer inquiry to another. But we can’t plan for this kind of growth. If the right customers call, we might grow. If the wrong inquiries come in, we won’t. The only planful, strategic, repeatable way to grow is to be proactive and purposeful about it. So, here are four specific actions you can implement to grow your business in 2017. Which ones will you do? In general, pick up the phone. Call instead of email. Call instead of text. We don’t like to use the phone because we do everything we can to avoid rejection, and rejection on the phone is intimate. It goes into your ear. We’d rather not call—and not know—than call and risk rejection. Want to stand out? Pick up the phone. Default to the phone. I have to say, it’s somewhat embarrassing how much I get paid to tell people to use the phone. But what do you think happens when we implement systems that double or triple salespeople’s phone hours per week to each sales person’s phone time? Sales have no choice but to go up! Specifically, make the follow-up phone call: Tom, it’s Alex. How are you? How’s it going with that thing we talked about (or that quote I sent)? Just like that. When we follow up, we show people that we are interested, that we care. We are not bothering them, or imposing on them, or taking their time. Do you think people get a lot of follow-up phone calls during their day? Do you? Exactly. Most people don’t get follow-up calls because most salespeople don’t like following up! Ask for referrals: Tom, who do you know like yourself who would enjoy working with me like you have? Then, let



Building Products Digest


December 2016

Tom answer. Be quiet and listen. Blink if you have to. Sing a song in your head if you must. But don’t talk first. Tom wasn’t thinking about your referral for hours, like you have been thinking about asking him for it. So, let Tom think, and come up with a referral for you. One note here: people love giving referrals. Because it makes them look good. To the person they’re referring, and to you. If our customers would love to give us referrals, why don’t we ask them for them? Because they would if we would. We don’t ask because of fear. It overwhelms us. What if they don’t give us one? What if they don’t like us as much as we think? What if I make them uncomfortable? What if I lose the customer! It doesn’t work that way. People want to help friends and colleagues, and you are of tremendous value to them. Of course they’d refer you, if only you asked. So, ask! Write handwritten notes: Not thank you notes, but personal notes. Thank you notes are easy. But personal notes, which mention something you’ve recently talked about or experienced with the customer or prospect are truly rare. I have to say, I hear from nearly every single person who gets a handwritten note from me about how grateful and appreciative they are. Why? Because people don’t get hand-written notes any more. Ask the Did You Know question: Your customer only knows about 20% of what they can buy from you. Isn’t that tragic? They need much of what you can do for them. In fact, they probably buy it elsewhere, from your competition. And both you and the customer know they’d be better off if they bought from you. So ask them, Did you know we also do x? Ask. Even if you’ve asked them before, ask again. Just because we’ve told customers we do something, doesn’t mean they know! Now look over this list of techniques to grow your sales. Do they cost a lot of money to execute? No. They cost no money. Do they take a lot of time? No. Each takes mere moments. Revenue growth is easy. The more that people hear from you, the more they buy from you. Here are five ways for your customers and prospects to hear from you. Which of these actions will you take now, today, and in the new year? Alex Goldfayn The Revenue Growth Consultancy

THINKING Ahead By Anthony Muck, DMSi

All in the family

Multi-generational companies find success through shared values T HERE’S A

well-known, yet grim, adage that “The first generation starts a business. The second generation runs it. And the third generation ruins it.” While this isn’t true in every case, research by the Family Firm Institute confirms that only 13% of family businesses succeed in their third generation. A family business—just like any other business—can fail for a number of reasons, but there are unique challenges that family businesses must overcome to succeed. Conflicting opinions, resistance to change, sloppy transitions, and a lack of passionate leadership are common problems that often arise by the third generation. Remarkably, Robbins Lumber Co. and Huff Lumber Co. have beaten the third-generation curse. Both companies are in their fifth generation of family ownership.

Motivated by Pride Most people want to succeed in their jobs, but imagine the pressure of working in a business your family created and has sustained for decades. You wouldn’t want to let down your entire family tree. Alden Robbins, vice president and sales manager of Robbins Lumber, feels this pressure firsthand. “If we make the wrong decisions, not only do I affect my job and



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life—and my employees’ jobs and lives—but I would have to look my children in the eye and let them know I blew their future and look my father and uncle and the eye and let them know I squandered their life’s work as well,” he says. But more than the fear of failure, the leaders of successful multigenerational family companies are propelled by pride. At age 12, Troy Huff started working in the yard of his family’s business. Now he’s the sales manager at Huff Lumber and, more than anything, he just wants to see his company continue doing

December 2016

business. “One of my big drives is I want this company to be around for as long as I’m alive,” he says. “I’m motivated by the idea of passing the business down onto the next generation. It’s a prideful factor.”

The Business of Relationships Pride aside, if you can’t get along with the family members you work with, your business will likely suffer. Mark Huff, the owner of Huff Lumber and father of Troy Huff, doesn’t remember his father and

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grandfather disagreeing openly about the business, but he does recall certain differences in leadership style. “My grandfather was old school,” he says. “His mantra was ‘This is my business, and I’m going to run it the way I want.’ He was pretty stern. When we decided to do engineered wood, I don’t think my father could have convinced my grandfather to do it, but I was able to convince him we needed to do it.” When Troy graduated college and began working in the family company full time, Mark felt himself following his grandfather’s ideas about the business. “I was falling into my grandfather’s steps, not so much running the business that way but in the sense of ‘This is the way we’ve always done it,’” Mark says. “My son got a business degree and I thought, you know what, just because this is the way we do things doesn’t mean it’s the best way. I encourage Troy to come to me with ideas and changes.” Relationships within the family business are one thing; relationships with the people outside your business—your partners and customers—are a completely separate, and equally important, issue. People say all the time that industries like the wholesale lumber industry are “relationship businesses.” Is this still true in today’s digital world? According to both Huff Lumber and Robbins Lumber, absolutely. Jim Robbins, retired owner and president of Robbins Lumber, says relationships are the key to any successful business—and they will continue to be that way. “I don’t want to sell someone a load of lumber. I want to be their regular supplier because of the relationship we have with them,” he says. His son Alden agrees, and argues

that relationships are more important than ever. “Consolidation has changed the face of the industry. Big boxes have changed the face of the industry. There are fewer mills and wholesalers playing their traditional, separate roles. In this environment, if a person needs to procure fiber, they need to have that relationship to even get a look at it, regardless of price. It isn’t always easy, but the relationship-driven facet of the business requires that you form bonds with your customers that go beyond your basic scope,” Alden Robbins says. Mark Huff also emphasizes the importance of relationships, even in the age of increasingly present technology. “There are a lot of people out there that say the younger generations are trying to buy more things online. Because of what we do, it would be very difficult to transition our business into something you could go online and purchase because we are on the wholesale side of it. There may be some industries where internet purchasing works well, but I don’t see that happening in my line of business,” he says.

“What excites me is getting orders away from the competition because we can do something they can’t or we can service the account better,” he says. As for Huff Lumber, both Mark and Troy Huff cite the process of implementing a new computer system for the office. This type of change might scare a leader who is stuck in their ways, but Huff Lumber is focused on improving its practices and keeping up with the times. “There are a couple ideas that I may [suggest], but the one nice thing is [my dad] either trusts me or is willing to let me make my own mistakes, so I haven’t run into an issue where I come to an idea and he shuts me down,” Troy says. There’s not much stopping a family business where every member is on the same page and willing to do what it takes to succeed. – Anthony Muck is manager of customer support for DMSi, Omaha, Ne., and 2016 chairman of North American Wholesale Lumber Association’s marketing committee.

Eyes on the Future Good relationships with customers are clearly still important, but multigenerational family businesses sometimes fail not because of poor relationships but because of a fear of change. Both Robbins Lumber and Huff Lumber see evolution of their businesses as an important aspect of success. Alden Robbins says their company knows it needs to be flexible and adapt to the times while keeping grounded in the company’s traditional areas of excellence of quality and customer service. Despite being in retirement, Jim Robbins is enthusiastic about developing new products and markets.

December 2016

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Arrow Snags Fullerton Cos. Stores Fullerton Cos., Plymouth, Mn., has completed the sale of its lumber and building materials supply centers to Arrow Building Center, Glencoe, Mn., a division of Consolidated Lumber Co. The deal includes stores in Glencoe, Watertown, Mn.; and Ellsworth and Osceola, Wi. “The sale of our building supply centers allows us to further support, with all of our resources, the growth and evolution of our two subsidiary companies operating at the leading edge of construction industry techniques—Fullerton Building Systems, a premier provider of panelized building packages, and Fullerton Finish Systems, the leading U.S. manufacturer of custom exterior factory-applied finishes for the construction industry,” said chairwoman Marna Fullerton.

McCoy’s Runs Forklift Competition Ten competitors recently battled it out in the Ultimate Forklift Challenge Championship at the McCoy’s Building Supply headquarters in San Marcos, Tx. When all was said and done, Zach Redwine, a member of the yard crew at McCoy’s Odessa, Tx., location, was crowned the champion. Andrew Camp, yard crew leader from the Gainesville, Tx., store, captured second place, while Jacob Guerrero, a member of the yard crew in southeast San Antonio, placed third. McCoy’s held over 88 competitions in five states with 700 certified forklift-driver contestants before narrowing it down to the 10 challengers. Participants took a written test, then tackled the 2,500-sq. ft., timed obstacle course with determination and enthusiasm, navigating pylons while

TEN REGIONAL competitors battled in McCoy’s Building Supply’s recent Ultimate Forklift Challenge.

picking up basketballs and avoiding penalties. The courses changed slightly and became tougher as the competition progressed. “My favorite part of the contest was watching the finals at headquarters,” said David Strom, McCoy’s director of loss prevention and operations support. “One part of the course required the forklift driver to lift a pallet carrying a basketball over a board placed between two ladders—and then angle the pallet so the basketball rolled into a trash can to make a basket. That was pretty exciting to watch!” McCoy’s has held a few forklift competitions in years past, but never anything as elaborate at the Ultimate Forklift Challenge. The Risk & Safety division and the Loss Prevention team facilitated the events, which were designed to promote a healthy competition while emphasizing the importance of safety on the jobsite.

DEALER Briefs R.P. Lumber has acquired Southeast Missouri Builders Supply, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Mayfield Ace Hardware, Covington, Ga., is moving Jan. 2 to a 24,000-sq. ft. storefront—nearly 2.5 times the size of its current location. Spellers True Value Hardware opened Nov. 1 in Waterloo, Ia. (Allen and Wendell Speller, owners). Ace Hardware is liquidating its 18-month-old store in Bloomfield, Ct., due to disappointing sales. Owner Andy Grant will continue his other Aces in Norwich, Rocky Hill, and Middletown, Ct. New Buffalo True Value Hardware, New Buffalo, Mi., has been opened by Mitch Willis, part-owner of Coloma True Value, Coloma, Mi. The new business sits across the street from the former New Buffalo Hardware, which closed in 2014. Twins Ace Hardware, Arlington (Courthouse), Va., held its grand opening Nov. 11-13. Carolina Ace Hardware, Hendersonville, N.C., added an in-store Hallmark Gold Crown outlet. Saeman Lumber Co., Cross Plains, Lumber Co., Eighty Four, Pa., 60th … T&M Hardware & Rental, Ellwood City, Pa., 25th. Anniversaries: Wi., 140th … 84



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December 2016

Find more details at Email or call (512) 472-1194

Huber to Restart OSB Mill Huber Engineered Woods, Charlotte, N.C., will reopen its Spring City, Tn., OSB facility in 2018 pending completion of various state and local incentives processes. The mill, located in the Tennessee River Valley northeast of Chattanooga, is currently undergoing facility upgrades in preparation of manufacturing specialty panel products including AdvanTech subflooring and ZIP System sheathing beginning in April 2018. The facility is one of only five

continuous press operations in North America dedicated to the production of oriented strand board products. The facility originally opened in 1997, but halted production during the housing market downturn in 2011.

Sherwood Increases EWP Distribution in Northeast Sherwood Lumber is now distributing the full line of LP SolidStart Engineered Wood Products from its locations in Holtsville, N.Y.; North Bergen, N.J.; and Palmer, Ma.

The increased distribution of LP’s products—including LP FlameBlock I-joists—brings in-demand building products to the Northeast and provides a tremendous footprint for distribution in a very dense market. Starting this fall, Sherwood will be rolling out a new Milk Run distribution model, where trucks are sent on dedicated “milk runs” in five select regions throughout New England, with additional routes in New York and New Jersey planned. Customers can call up the day before and have LTT items included for next day delivery.

Algoma Hardwoods to Close Next summer, Masonite International Corp. will close its Algoma Hardwoods division in Algoma, Wi. Masonite purchased the 60+-yearold company in 2012, but is now trying to transform itself into an architectural business. The closure—set for Aug. 31, 2017—will affect 180 employees.

SUPPLIER Briefs Atlantic Forest Products will move its headquarters/Baltimore DC to neighboring Sparrows Point, Md. The new location offers two warehouses totaling 160,000 sq. ft. of covered space on 16 acres, 6,500 sq. ft. of office space, and access to a deepwater port, auto terminal, and both CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads. Woodstream Hardwoods , Knoxville, Tn., will liquidate by Dec. 30, after owner Jim McNutt was unable to find a buyer for the 38-year-old wholesale operation. Arauco North America got the final go-ahead to construct a $325-million particleboard plant in Grayling, Mi., to start up in late 2018 (see Oct., page 26). Boise Cascade, Milton, Fl., is now supplying Boral TruExterior siding & trim to Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The Pensacola-area facility is Boise’s first DC to carry the poly-ash products. Coastal Forest Products , Bedford, N.H., is now distributing CertainTeed’s new STONEfaçade architectural stone cladding system in the Northeast. 24


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December 2016


2 0 1 7

Decking & Railing Buyers Guide

PVC DECKING Advantage (352) 401-0880 Advantage Reinforced Plastic Decking – commercial grade HDPE resin plus pigments, UV inhibitors, AO stabilizers. Sizes: 5/4x6, 5/4x8, 2x4, 2x6, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: cedar, cool gray, saddle, sand, weatherwood ___________________________

CertainTeed (800) 233-8990 EverNew Vinyl Deck – co-extruded vinyl with hollow cross-section. Sizes: 1-1/2x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: almond, gray, white ___________________________

CPG (877) 275-2935 Azek Vintage Collection – capped polymer protected with Alloy Armour Technology featuring a rustic texture. Profiles: grooved, square shouldered. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’ (grooved only), 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: cypress, dark hickory, mahogany Azek Arbor Collection – same composition, profiles & sizes, but in warm, vibrant tones. Colors: Brazilian walnut, hazelwood, morado, mountain redwood, silver oak Azek Harvest Collection – same profiles & sizes, but in soft shades. Colors: autumn chestnut, brownstone, island oak, kona, slate gray ___________________________


Genova Products (888) 329-7428 Endeck Decking – capped cellular PVC with embossed woodgrain, in two series: darker Forest Series, softer Woodland Series. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: ashwood, beechwood, cedar, chestnut, olivewood, sable, sequoia, slate Endeck Air Decking – lightweight capped cellular PVC with lower price. Size: 16’ lengths. Colors: dawn, dusk, olivewood ___________________________ 800-521-7488 Genovations PVC Decking – co-extruded cellular PVC. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’ lengths. Colors: chestnut, dark oak, driftwood, sandalwood, sandstone, weathered wood ___________________________

Fiberon (800) 573-8841 Paramount PVC Decking – featuring 4-sided PermaTech technology & color streaking for hardwood look. Profiles: grooved, square. Sizes: 1x5-1/2 in 12’ (grooved only), 16’ (grooved), 20’ lengths. Colors: brownstone, earthstone, flagstone, fossil, mineral, sandstone

Gossen (414) 228-9800 Reál Decking – cellular PVC with look of exotic hardwoods. Profiles: kerfed, solid. Sizes: 1x51/2 in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Color: Brazilian ipe Passport Decking – cellular PVC with look of multi-shaded tropical hardwoods. Same profiles, sizes. Colors: London grey, Moroccan cedar, Spanish walnut, Tuscan cherry Trailways Decking – cellular PVC with recycled PVC core, creating natural core variances similar to composite, at popular price. Profile: solid. Same sizes. Colors: acorn brown, alpine grey, sierra walnut, summit gray Trailways SV (Special Variegated) – Trailways with woodgrain accents. Same profile, sizes. Colors: delta brown, desert beige, harbor grey ___________________________

Homeland Vinyl Products

Paramount PVC Decking in Sandstone (800) 999-6813 Gorilla Deck G3 – PVC decking. Sizes: 1-1/4x6 in 16, 20, 24’ lengths. Colors: adobe, gray, green teak, honey maple, mocha walnut, tan, white ___________________________

___________________________ December 2016


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PVC, Fiber Cement, Wood Composite

Inteplast Group

Tapco (361) 874-3000 Variegated Deck – solid cellular PVC with scratch-resistant shell on all 4 sides. Sizes: 1x51/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: Brazilian teak, burnished maple, gray walnut, hickory, red cedar, warm walnut Solid Color Deck – Same composition and sizes. Colors: acorn, espresso, gray, sage, sahara, sandalwood ___________________________ (844) 700-0870 Clubhouse Decking – cellular PVC core with acrylic capstock. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: brookstone, clay, cobblestone, ipe, ironwood, mahogany, sandstone, walnut ___________________________

LB Plastics (704) 663-1543 SheerGrain Decking – vinyl decking with acrylic SheerGrain Finish. Profiles: punched (for water drainage), non-punched. Sizes: 1-5/8x5-5/8, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: driftwood, oak Uni Deck – extra-wide vinyl deck plank. Surfaces: residential, textured. Sizes: 1-5/8x12, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: beige, clay, gray, white ___________________________

Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products (540) 891-5072 WeatherWise Quality Decking – Lengths: 16’, 20’, 24’. Colors: brownstone, slate gray, tan ___________________________

Nebraska Plastics (308) 784-2500 Country Estate Decking – 100% virgin PVC. Colors: adobe, almond, gray, white ___________________________

VEKA (800) 654-5589 VEKAdeck – 100% cellular PVC. Colors: almond, cayenne, gray, khaki, mocha, walnut, white ___________________________

Westech Building Products (403) 279-4497 Deck Lok Systems – 100% vinyl decking. Colors: almond, clay, stone, white Brock Dock – 100% vinyl dock plank. Colors: almond, clay, stone, white ___________________________

Wolf Home Products (800) 234-9653 Wolf Decking – PVC decking in bold Tropical Collection or cool Seaside Collection. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: amberwood, black walnut, cypress, driftwood grey, harbor grey, rosewood, sand castle, silver teak, teakwood, weathered ipe ___________________________


Renew Plastics (920) 845-2326 Evolve – polyethylene dimensional lumber. Profiles: square edge, groove & groove, tongue & groove, C-deck groove & groove. Sizes: wide range of widths, thicknesses. Colors: 30 colors in smooth or woodgrain, including whites, browns, grays, blues, yellows, red ___________________________ (844) 425-5872 Allura Deck – fiber cement decking. Size: 5/4x6, in 12’ lengths. Color: woodgrain cedar Allura Fiber Cement Decking



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AERT (866) 729-2378 MoistureShield Essential Collection – embossed woodgrain texture on both sides. Sizes: 1x5, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: Cape Cod gray, desert sand, seasoned mahogany, tigerwood, walnut Vantage – solid profile, reversible with woograin texture both sides. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: bridle, Cape Cod gray, desert sand, earthtone, rustic cedar, seasoned mahogany, tigerwood, walnut MoistureShield Pro – capstock. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: Brazilian chestnut, graystone, ipe MoistureShield FR UL (special truckload orders only) – UL-tested WUI-approved fire-rated composite decking. Sizes: 5/4x6, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: bridle, Cape Cod gray, desert sand, earthtone, rustic cedar, seasoned mahogany, tigerwood, walnut Modernview (LMC only) – Sizes: 1x5, 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: amber, auburn, java, slate ___________________________

CPG (877) 275-2935 TimberTech Collections – capped composite in Legacy, Tropical, and Terrain collections. Profiles: grooved, square shouldered. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’ (grooved only), 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: Amazon mist, Antigua gold, antique palm, ashwood, brown oak, Caribbean redwood, mocha, pecan, rustic elm, sandy birch, silver maple, stone ash, tigerwood TimberTech TwinFinish – featuring VertiGrain slip-resistant surface on one side, serrated pattern on the other. Same profiles, sizes. Colors: cedar, gray TimberTech ReliaBoard – affordably priced composite. Same profiles, sizes. Colors: cedar, gray ___________________________

EP Decking (626) 888-6108 EP Composite Decking – Profiles: hollow, solid, various groove patterns. Sizes: various widths, thicknesses, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: ashwood, brown, castle gray, royal gold ___________________________

Royal Building Products (855) 769-2585 Zuri – cellular PVC core capped with clear acrylic & photo-realistic woodgrain print. Profiles: grooved, square. Sizes: 5/4x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: brazilia, chestnut, pecan, walnut, weathered gray ___________________________



___________________________ December 2016 (800) 573-8841 Horizon Symmetry Decking – capped composite with 4-sided PermaTech technology,


Wood Composite ing most natural look. Profiles: grooved, square. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’ (grooved only), 16’ (grooved only), 20’ lengths. Colors: burnt umber, cinnabar, warm sienna Horizon Decking – 4-sided PermaTech technology with exotic wood look. Same profiles, lengths. Size: 1x5-1/2. Colors: castle gray, greystone, ipe, rosewood, Tudor brown ProTect Advantage Decking – 3-sided PermaTech technology with subtle color streaking. Same profiles, lengths. Size: 1x5-1/3. Colors: chestnut, gray birch, western cedar Sanctuary Decking – 3-sided PermaTech technology with rich color streaking for natural wood look. Same profiles, lengths. Size: 1x51/4. Colors: Earl grey, espresso, latte Good Life Decking – prefinished/capped on 3 sides. Same profiles, lengths. Size: 1x5-1/2. Colors: cabin, cottage, villa ___________________________

Geolam (416) 548-7450 Duo – hollow-cell deck boards for high-end residential/light commercial 18” oc, with one side smooth, one side grooved. Size: 5/6x5-5/6, in 12’ lengths. Colors: ebony, rosewood, teak Qualita – hollow-cell, heavy duty boards for commercial 24” oc. Same profile, size, colors Ipeo – solid board for high-end 16” oc. Same profile, length. Size: 7/8x6-3/4. Colors: ebony, moleskin, rosewood, teak Bounty – heavy duty solid board for commercial 24” oc. Same profile, length, colors. Size: 1-1/4 x 5-3/4 Ponto – hollow-cell, narrower, heavy duty board for commerical 24” oc. Same profile, colors. Size: 1-1/4 x 4-1/8 ___________________________

Integrity Composites (800) 866-8101 DuraLife Siesta – capped composite with variegated color & woodgrain patterns, in Hardwoods and Landscapes collections. Profiles: grooved, MVP grooved (maximum value), starter grooved, square edge. Sizes: 51/2x9/10, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Hardwoods colors: Brazilian cherry, garapa grey, golden teak, tropical walnut. Landscapes colors: coastal gray, mahogany, pebble, slate ___________________________

Master Mark Plastics (800) 535-4838 Armadillo Decking – solid capped composite. Profiles: grooved, solid. Sizes: 4/5x6 in 12’ (grooved only), 16’, 20’ (grooved only)

lengths. Colors: canyon gray, foxtail, painted desert, rustic red, tumbleweed Armadillo Lite – 20% lighter composition. Same profiles, sizes, colors Rhino Deck (limited availability) – uncapped composite ___________________________

NewTech (281) 570-6450 UltraShield Naturale – capped composite offering maximum protection against water & stains. Profiles: solid, solid with grooves, hollow with grooves, more pronounced grain. Sizes: 5-1/2x9/10, in 16’ lengths. 10 colors UltraShield QuickDeck – interlocking capped composite timber tiles. Size: 11.8x11.8. Colors: Brazilian ipe, Peruvian teak, Spanish walnut, westminster gray UltraShield Naturale Deck Tiles – Size: 11.8x11.8. 14 colors NewTech’s UltraShield Naturale Composite Decking in Antique

Tamko (800) 641-4691 EverGrain – compression-molded composite. Sizes: 1x6, 2x6, in 12’ (1x6 only), 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: Cape Cod grey, cedar, forest green, redwood, weathered wood Envision Distinction – multi-colored variegated. Sizes: 1x6, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: greywood, rustic walnut, shaded auburn, spiced teak Envision Expression (begins shipping Jan. 2, 2017) – 4 solid color boards ___________________________

TherraWood North America (804) 632-1903 Therrawood – reversible. Size: 1x5-1/2 ___________________________

Timber Holdings USA (888) 932-9663 Boardwalk HCX – high-traffic commercial deck ___________________________



Renew Plastics (920) 845-2326 Revolve – woodgrained capped composite. Profiles: groove & groove, square edge. Sizes: 1-1/4x5-1/2, in 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: California redwood, coastal driftwood, weathered cedar ___________________________

TruNorth Composites (905) 265-0022 TruNorthDeck Gold – capped composite in woodgrain colors featuring Slide & Go fastening system. Profiles: side-grooved Accuspan, solid Northernlite. Sizes: 15/16x5-1/8, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: Amazon grey, Brazilian cherry, tigerwood, tropical walnut Silver – solid colors. Same profiles, sizes. Colors: bordeaux, caramel, sable, stone grey Bronze – solid-colored, uncapped hollow board. Same profiles, sizes. Colors: cedar, heritage grey ___________________________ December 2016 (800) 289-8739 Transcend – premium 3-sided capstock. Profiles: 1” grooved, 1” square, 2” square. Sizes: 4/5x5-1/2, 1-1/3x 5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. 10 colors Enhance – mid-level capstock. Profiles: grooved edge, square. Sizes: 1x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: beach dune, clamshell, saddle Select – affordable capstock. Profiles: 1” grooved, 1” square, 2” square. Sizes: 4/5x51/2, 1-1/3x 5-1/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: madeira, pebble grey, saddle, winchester grey, woodland brown ___________________________

Universal Forest Products, (800) 332-5724 Deckorators Vault – premium capped composite with Eovations technology. Profiles: slotted edge, solid edge. Lengths: 12’, 16’, 20’. Colors: dusk, hickory, mesquite Deckorators Heritage – capped composite with rustic overtones. Same profiles, lengths. Colors: barrel-aged oak, milled maple, riverhouse, smokehouse Deckorators Vista – capped composite with tropical look. Same profiles, lengths. Colors: ashwood, driftwood, ironwood, kingwood, rosewood, sandalwood Deckorators Classic – traditional style in earthtones. Same profiles, lengths. Colors: cedar, n

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Non-Wood Composite, Aluminum

gray, redwood, walnut Frontier – capped composite with Eovations, traditional colors, embossing for look of painted wood. Same profiles, lengths. Colors: prairie, ridgeway, woodland ___________________________

Wolf Home Products (800) 234-9653 Wolf Decking – capped composite in multiple collections. Profiles: slotted, solid. Sizes: 1x51/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. 14 colors ___________________________

NON-WOOD COMPOSITES Cali Bamboo (877) 352-2254 BamDeck – bamboo composite with one side flat, one side ridged surface. Sizes: 13/16x51/2, 13/16x8-1/4 (3G Wide), in 8, 16’ lengths. Colors: bronze, caramel, charcoal, coffee, copper, graphite, slate GreenClaimed – certified sustainable. Same size, colors 3G TruOrganics – woodgrain. Colors: royal gray 3G, sienna 3G ___________________________

Engineered Plastic Systems (800) 480-2327 Bear Board – recycled HDPE plus mineral-fill, with one side woodgrain, one side smooth. Sizes: 5/4x6, 5/4x6 T&G, 5/4x6 Groove & Groove, 2x5, 2x6, 2x6 T&G, 2x6 G&G, in 6’, 8’, 12’, 16’ lengths; 1x3, 1x4, 1x6,1x10, in 8’ lengths; 2x8, in 12’, 16’ lengths. 12 colors ___________________________

Fortress Deck (844) 909-4999 Infinity Decking – bamboo-based capped composite. Profiles: grooved, square. Sizes: 1x51/2, in 12’ (grooved only), 16’ (grooved), 20’ lengths. Colors: exotic, distressed hardwood

Green Bay Decking (920) 435-1526 I.Dekk – hollow profile T&G composite. Sizes: 5/4x6, in 12’, 16’, 20. Colors: cedar, driftwood, mahogany, walnut GeoDeck Classic – same sizes, colors. Both lines can incorporate TerrainDeck etched graining technology ___________________________

InnoTech (913) 438-3366 InnoDeck – 60% bamboo fiber, 30% HDPE, 10% additives. Size: 4/5x4-1/4, in 12’ lengths. Color: brown ___________________________

Lumberock (800) 480-2327 Lumberock – recycled HDPE plus mineral-fill, one side woodgrain, one smooth. Sizes: 5/4x6, 5/4x6 T&G, 5/4x6 G&G, 2x6, 2x6 T&G, 2x6 G&G, 2x8, in 6’, 8’, 12’, 16’ lengths; 1x10 (8’ only); 2x4 board (12’, 16’). 12 colors ___________________________

Natures Composites (877) 810-4029 Premium Deck – made from wheat straw cellulose and HDPE. Profiles: grooved, square edge. Sizes: 1x5-3/8, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. Colors: charcoal gray, rosewood, timber brown Classic Deck – Scalloped board with grooved edge. Same sizes, colors ___________________________

Westech Building Products, (403) 279-4497 TruGrain with Resysta Platinum Decking – made with rice hulks and synthetic polymer, in more than 20 surface finishes. Sizes: 1x51/2, in 12’, 16’, 20’ lengths. 27 colors Gold Decking – same sizes, colors Jetty Decking – Size: 1-1/2x5-1/2, in 12’ lengths. Same colors ___________________________


Fortress Deck’s Infinity Composite Decking in Exotic Hardwood (800) 607-2414 ZomeTek – snap-together bamboo composite deck tiles. Styles: mosaic, parallel. Size: 12x12, 4/5” thick. Colors: chestnut, coffee, copper, slate, teak ___________________________

ALUMINUM DECKING Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd. (905) 619-1234 Craft-Bilt Aluminum Decking – Size: 1x6, in 24’ lengths. Colors: desert sand, grey ___________________________

GutterDeck (800) 849-5511 GutterDeck – Sizes: 5-1/2 starter, 6” main board, in 2’-32’ lengths. Colors: almond, grey ___________________________

Last-Deck (507) 847-4111 Last-Deck – aluminum decking in Series 100 & watertight Series 200. Sizes: 1x6, in 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’ (200 only), 24’ (200 only) lengths. 9 standard and 7 woodgrain colors ___________________________

Nexan Building Products (888) 739-61721 LockDry – waterproof, powder-coated aluminum decking. Sizes: 1x6, in 12’-32’ lengths. 7 finishes NextDeck – same features as LockDry but does not create the waterproof area below the deck. Sizes: 1x5-3/4, in 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’ lengths. Colors: buckskin, granite grey, light grey, saddle brown, dakota oak woodgrain ___________________________

Versadeck (651) 356-1870 Versaplank R-40 Plank Decking – residential decking in standard or heavy polyurea coating. Sizes: 1x5-5/8, in lengths up to 40’. Textures: coarse, medium, standard. Colors: dark slate, light clay, light slate, rustic brown, terra cotta Versadry R-40 Watertight Decking – same sizes, textures, colors Versamods R-40 Modular Decking – modular deck panels. Sizes: 2x2, 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 8x2, 1” thick. Same textures, colors Versaplank C-60 Commercial Plank Decking – thicker with fire-safe deck coating. Sizes: 11/2x5-5/8, in lengths up to 40’. Same textures, colors Versamods C-60 Commercial Modular Decking – Sizes: 2x2, 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 8x2, 11/2” thick. Same textures, colors ___________________________




Building Products Digest


December 2016


Aluminum, Hardwood

Wahoo Decks (877) 270-9387 AridDek – waterproof, interlocking tongue & groove aluminum deck boards. Sizes: 5-1/2” starter board, 6” main board, in 2’-26’ lengths. Colors: artisan clay, granite, sandstone Fortis – durable aluminum deck boards for high-traffic uses. Sizes: 1x8, in lengths to 24’ ___________________________

HARDWOOD DECKING Advantage Lumber (877) 232-3915 Tigerwood Decking – Profiles: standard, grooved one side, grooved two sides. Sizes: 3/4x3-1/2, 3/4x5-1/2, 21mm x3-1/2, 21mm x51/2, 1x3-1/2, 1x5-1/2 ___________________________

Boston Cedar (800) 222-6255 Outback Decking – KD & sealed dark red meranti. Profiles: eased edge, T&G. Sizes: 1x4, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 ___________________________

DeckWise (866) 427-2547 WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tile – Species: cumaru, ipe anti-slip, ipe smooth, tigerwood. Sizes: 20x20, 24x24 (ipe smooth only) ___________________________

East Teak Fine Hardwoods (800) 537-3369 Ipe Decking – Profiles: standard, pre-grooved, T&G. Sizes: 1x2, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 5/4x8, 5/4x10, 5/4x12, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, in 8’-20’ lengths Cumaru – same profiles. Sizes: 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, in 8’-20’ lengths Garapa – Sizes: 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, in 8’-18’ lengths Massaranduba – same profiles. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 Admiral’s Choice Teak Decking – KD S4S E4E. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x custom specs Teak Decking Tiles – unfinished. Size: 20x20 Ipe Decking Tiles – smooth or non-slip finish. Sizes: 20x20, 24x24 (smooth only) ___________________________

Kayu International (888) 558-5298

Kayu-Batu – red balau. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12 S4S kerfed, 2x4 S4S E4E, 2x6, 2x8 S4S E4E kerfed, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 S4S E4E Kayu-Borneo Mahogany – dark red meranti. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 S4S E4E Kayu-Siap – red meranti prefinished with Mesmer’s UV Plus Kayu-Golden – balau Kayu-Mas – golden brown Indonesian wood Kayu-Genuine Teak – old growth teak from Southeast Asia Kayu-Sapphire – merbau. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 S4S E4E, 2x4, 2x6 Kayu-Tigerwood Kayu-Ipe Kayu Hardwood Deck Tiles – constructed of Kayu-Batu. Sizes: 20x20, 24x24, 40x40 ___________________________

Mataverde (860) 444-7524 Mataverde Premium Ipe Decking – some dimensions available KD, pre-grooved, FSC certified. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 21mm x4, 21mm x6, 5/4x6 Cumaru – KD Brazilian teak. Same sizes Garapa – KD Brazilian ash, FSC available. Sizes: 21mm x4, 21mm x6, 5/4x4 Machiche – FSC certified, available pre-grooved. Sizes: 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 5/4x8 Santa Maria – jacareuba from South/Central America. Same sizes Cambara – lower-cost wood from South America ___________________________

Overseas Hardwoods Co. (251) 937-8100 Ipe – Profiles: S4S E4E, grooved. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 5/4x8, 5/4x12, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12 Garapa Tigerwood – KD Cumaru Fijian Mahogany – Profiles: standard, edge grooved. Size: 5/4x6 ___________________________

Pau Lope Company (866) 811-7318 Pau Lope Ipe – Profiles: S4S EE, S4S EE edge grooved. Sizes: 1x4, 5/4x4, 1x6, 5/4x6 Pau Lope Massaranduba – Brazilian redwood Pau Lope Garapa – golden ash Pau Lope Cumaru – Peruvian teak ___________________________

Redwood Empire (800) 800.5609 Ipe Brazilian Redwood – massaranduba. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 5/4x8, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6 (1x6 and 5/4x6 offered in clear-coat prefinish) Cumaru – Sizes: 5/4x6, 1x6 Tigerwood – Sizes: 5/4x6, 1x6

Northwest Hardwoods (800) 555-5345 African Redwood – Sizes: 5/4x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 20x20 tiles ___________________________ Redwood Empire’s Ipe Decking

Nova USA (504) 756-8876 Nova Ipe – Sizes: 1x4, 5/4x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 2x2, 2x4, in 8’-20’ lengths Nova Batu – red balau. Same sizes Nova Cumaru – Sizes: 1x4-2x12, lengths to 20’ Cambria Hardwood Decking – available in three grades. Sizes: 1x4, 5/4x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 2x2, 2x4, lengths to 18’ Tigerwood Decking – same sizes Garapa Massaranduba – available FSC certified. Sizes: 1x4-5/4x6 Jatoba – Brazilian cherry. Sizes: 1x4-2x12 Meranti – dark red mahogany. Sizes: 1x4-1x12, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 ___________________________

December 2016


Robi Decking (336) 365-2850 Black Locust – Chinese teak. Sizes: 5/4x6, in 4’, 6’, 7’8” lengths ___________________________

Sabra International (305) 868-3663 Sabra Brand Hardwood Decking – Species: angelum pedra, Brazilian cherry, cambara, cumaru, ipe, massaranduba, red balau. Lengths: 3’-20’ Tigerwood – Sizes: 1x4, 1x6 ___________________________ n

Building Products Digest




Hardwood, Redwood, Cedar, Cypress, Treated


Mendocino Forest Products DNA Lumber – certified legally sourced timber. Species: bulletwood, merbau, red balau, yellow balau. Sizes: 4/4x4, 4/4x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 ___________________________ (707) 485-6800 ___________________________

Tata Enterprises (510) 865-8888 Mangaris Diamond – merbau. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 2x4, 2x6. Mangaris Red – red balau Mangaris Gold – yellow balau ___________________________

TigerDeck (503) 625-1747 TigerDeck Tigerwood – Sizes: 1x4, 5/4x4, in 8’20’ lengths; 1x6, 5/4x6, in 6’-20’ lengths ___________________________

Timber Holdings USA (888) 932-9663 Iron Woods Ipe Decking – Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6 Garapa Gold – lower cost alternative to ipe. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6 Iron Woods Cambara – Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4 Iron Woods Deck Tiles – made with Iron Woods Ipe. Size: 12x12 ___________________________

Universal Forest Products (800) 332-5724 Abaco Tropical Hardwood Decking – Profiles: solid edge, pre-grooved, T&G. Sizes: 5/4x4, 1x4, 5/4x6 (solid and pre-grooved only), 1x6 (solid only), in lengths from 3’-22’; T&G lengths 4’-14’ ___________________________

Agwood Mill & Lumber (707) 468-5486 ___________________________ (831) 457-5015 ___________________________

Humboldt Redwood (707) 764-4472 ___________________________ Building Products Digest

Redwood Empire (800) 800.5609 Sequoia Premium ___________________________

CEDAR DECKING Bennett Lumber Products (208) 875-1121 8/4 Decking ___________________________

C&D Lumber Co. (541) 874-2281 Incense Cedar Decking Port Orford Cedar Decking ___________________________


Western Forest Products’ Premium Select Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Forest Products (604) 648-4500 Western Red Cedar Decking – Classic Clear, Prestige, Premium Knotty, Performance Knotty ___________________________

Weyerhaeuser Co. (888) 453-8358 CedarOne – Premium Clear, Premium Knotty ___________________________

Woodway Products (800) 459-8718 Deck Squares – Clear western red cedar, 1’x1’ ___________________________

Potlatch Corp. (509) 835-1500 Inland Red Cedar RADEC Decking ___________________________

Selkirk Specialty Wood (250) 837-7444 Estate Knotty Decking ___________________________

Sierra Pacific Industries

Stimson Lumber

Big Creek Lumber Company

n (707) 433-3313 ___________________________ (530) 378-8000 Sierra Patio Decking –incense Cedar 5/4x6 RED ___________________________



Nu Forest Products (503) 478-1540 StimPro Western Red Cedar Decking – 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 2x4, 2x6, in 8’-12’ lengths; 4x4, 2x2, in 8’, 10’ lengths ___________________________

CYPRESS DECKING Custom Lumber Mfg. (334) 793-1527 Plantation Cypress Decking – Grades: Select, #2. Sizes: 2x6, in 8’-16’ lengths ___________________________

US Lumber (800) 443-8806 Blackwater Cypress Decking – KD RED. Sizes: 5/4x6, in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’ lengths ___________________________

Williams Lumber Co. of NC (252) 442-2136 Wilco Cypress Decking – KD. Grades: Select, #2&Btr. Sizes: 5/4x6, 8/4x6, in R/L 8’-16' ___________________________


Terminal Forest Products

Cedar Creek (604) 717-1200 Cascadia – KD knotty western red cedar ___________________________ (405) 917-8300 XGuard – MicroPro CA-treated, brown option ___________________________

December 2016


Treated Wood, Bamboo, Thermally Modified Wood


Viance (800) 476-4401 DuraPine – Wolmanized CA-C with BARaminetreated southern yellow pine. Sizes: 5/4x6, 2x4, 2x6 DuraPine Premium KDAT Decking DuraPine Classic – C&Btr. Sizes: 2x4, 2x6 ___________________________ (866) 410-4190 EcoLife – stabilized weather-resistant wood (5/4 RED sold as Top Choice with Severe Weather Protection at Lowe’s) Preserve ACQ Preserve CA DesignWood – pre-colored ACQ-treated wood ___________________________

Great Southern Wood (334) 585-2291 YellaWood – Sizes: 5/4x4, 5/4x6,2x4, 2x6. Grades: standard, premium (5/4), #1, 2 Prime, #2 (2”), C&Btr., 8’-24’ lengths. Profiles: bullnose, radius milled edges, square edges. Specialty treatments: KDAT, water repellent MasterDeck – Grades: #1 & Btr. Profiles: radiusmilled, twin stress relief grooves, Florida-style stress relief groove, Conyers’style. Size: 2x6 RainWood – premium select grades, with factory-applied water repellent. Sizes: 5/4x6 RED, 2x4 #1, 2x6 #1 ___________________________

Koppers Performance Chemicals (770) 233-4200 LifeWood – micronized copper azole treated. Colors: natural, MicroShades Cedar, Redwood NatureWood ACQ NatureWood CA ___________________________

Lonza Wood Protection 404 362-3970 Wolmanized Outdoor Wood – Type C dissolved CA, utilizing Wolman E CA, optionally with BARamine. Specialty treatment: Lumbrella Plus water repellent. Colorants: Tanatone incylinder colorant (cedar, western red cedar), TanaShade pre-stain concentrates (cedartone, cinnamon, clove brown, gold, redwood) Wolmanized EraWood – Wolman AG metal-free for above ground ___________________________

BAMBOO DECKING Bamking, LLC (214) 646-8868 Bamking Bamboo Decking – Profiles: grooves one side or two. Sizes: 3/4x5-1/2, in 12’, 16’ lengths. Colors: dark walnut, golden tone, seal brown. (Sold in Pacific Northwest as Tru Bamboo by International Wood Products) ___________________________

grade southern yellow pine. Profiles: standard (1-1/4x5, 6-3/4, 8-1/2), crown (1-1/4x5 with a 1/16” crown) grooved (to accommodate EcoDeck clip system) ___________________________

Kebony (540) 904-6781 Kebony Decking – Species: maple, Nordic pine, radiata pine, southern yellow pine. Sizes: 25x142mm, 38x140mm, 22x142mm (terrace smooth with side slits or comb-faced) ___________________________

Sunset Moulding (530) 695-1000 Pakari TMD Decking – Species: radiata pine. Sizes: 1-7/32x3-7/16, 3-15/32x3-15/32, 17/32x5-7/16, 9/16x7-1/4

Dasso.XTR (877) 740-9420 Fused Bamboo Decking – reversible, with one side smooth, one side grooved. Profiles: single or double edge grooved. Sizes: 3/4x5-3/8, 11/2x5-3/8, in 6’ lengths ___________________________

MOSO Bamboo Products MOSO Bamboo X-treme – decking made from compressed bamboo strips. Sizes: 20x137mm, 20x155mm, 20x178mm, in 6’ lengths ___________________________

Sunset Moulding’s Pakari Thermally Modified Decking



ThermalWood Canada Accsys Group (972) 233-6565 Accoya – Species: alder, radiata pine. Sizes: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4, 12/4, in 7’10”, 9’10”, 11’9”, 13’9”, 15’9” lengths ___________________________ (506) 548-9126 ThermalWood Decking – Species: ash, birch, oak, pine ___________________________

Thermory USA

McFarland Cascade

Arbor Wood Co. (253) 572-3033 Outdoor Select – CA-C-treated hemlock, DF ___________________________ (877) 970-7877 Thermally Modified Timber – Species: ash, red oak. Finishes: unfinished, oil finish ___________________________ (847) 256-8828 Thermory Decking – Species: white ash. Profiles: grooved, non-grooved. Sizes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 6/4x6 Slim, in lengths to 16’ ___________________________


Wahoo Decks (230) 670-1150 EcoDeck – decking & railing systems that can be prestained, in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’ lengths, #1 (877) 270-9387 Rockwood – American hardwoods ___________________________

Universal Forest Products (800) 598-9663 ProWood – micronized CA treated, with options of KDAT, Dura Color ___________________________

December 2016


Building Products Digest





VINYL RAILING AFCO Industries (800) 551-6576 Vinyl AFCO-Rail – Styles: classic, colonial. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Color: white ___________________________

Finyl Vinyl Building Products

Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products (877) 933-6846 Vinyl Railing – Colors: tan, white ___________________________ (540) 891-5072 WeatherWise Vinyl Railing – 9 styles. Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ . Colors: tan, white ___________________________

Genova Products

Berger (800) 523-8852 ProDeck Vinyl Railing System – Styles: classic, colonial. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: clay (classic only), sand, white ___________________________

CertainTeed (800) 233-8990 EverNew Oxford Vinyl Routed Railing System – Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: almond, clay, white EverNew Oxford Vinyl Bracketed Railing System – same lengths, colors EverNew Kingston Vinyl Railing System – same lengths, colors ___________________________

ColorGuard Inc. (920) 467-8640 ColorGuard Vinyl Railing – 6 styles. Lengths: 4’10’. Colors: clay, tan, white ___________________________

Digger Specialties (800) 446-7659 PolyRail Systems – 4 styles. Lengths: 4’-10’. Colors: tan, white LXT Vinyl Railing – same lengths, colors TRX Vinyl Railing (wholesale only) – same lengths, colors ___________________________ (800) 521-7488 Genovations PVC Railing – co-extruded cellular PVC with PVDF capstock. Styles: colonial, glass, square, square deluxe. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’ sections. Colors: cherry, walnut, white ___________________________

Nebraska Plastics


Perfection Fence Corp. (414) 228-9800 Performance Railing System – cellular PVC railing. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Colors: cherry, walnut ___________________________ (800) 972-5380 TailorMade/ForeverVinyl Vinyl Railing ___________________________

Great Railing Inc (888) 975-9436 Contour Rail – Colors: khaki, sandstone, tan, white Standard Rail with Decorative Cap – Colors: khaki, sandstone, white T Rail – Colors: khaki, sandstone, white Standard Rail – 6 colors ___________________________ (856) 875-0050 Vinyl Railing – 13 picket styles including glass. Colors: khaki, tan, white. ___________________________

Homeland Vinyl Products (800) 999-6813 Vinyl Railing – Colors: adobe, gray, green teak, honey maple, mocha walnut, tan, white ___________________________ (800) 866-8101 Rockport – extruded PVC railing system. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Color: white ___________________________

Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions

LB Plastics



Building Products Digest


RDI Vinyl Railing (800) 339-3362 Vinyl Railing – Styles: Classic Series (beige, gray, white), Landscape Series (8 colors), Estate Series (24 low gloss colors), Designer Series (4 woodgrain colors). Lengths: 6’, 8’ ___________________________ (888) 329-7428 Enrail Railing – PVC. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: khaki, tan, white ___________________________ (800) 598-5245 Fairway Railing – multiple styles. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: khaki, tan, white Grand View Railing – vinyl railing with glass. Same colors ___________________________

Ply Gem

Illusion Vinyl Fence

Integrity Composites

Enduris (308) 784-2500 Country Estate Railing – 100% virgin PVC reinforced with aluminum & wood. Several sizes, styles ___________________________ (704) 663-1543 Sheerline Railing Systems – Series: 3000 (square, colonial pickets), 3250 (4 picket options), 4500 Series Railing (4 picket options). Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: beige, clay, gray, white ___________________________

December 2016

RDI (877) 420-7245 Titan Pro Rail – vinyl. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: earth, sahara, white Endurance Original Rail – vinyl. Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’. Same colors Transform – made from resin-based Resalite core. Lengths: 6’, 8’. 5 colors ___________________________

Superior Plastic Products (800) 633-7093 Vinyl Railing – 5 series. Colors: almond, clay, white ___________________________


Vinyl, Composite

Tapco (844) 700-0870 Clubhouse Plus Vinyl Rail – Rail types: classical, standard, vertical, T, 42” commercial. Spindles: colonial, square. Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: clay, sandstone, white ___________________________

VEKA (800) 654-5589 VEKArail Pro V Series Railing System – economy railing. Styles: Conrad, Regal, Whitman. Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’. 9 colors Pro Z Railing System – Styles: Majestic, Stanfield, Trustin. Same lengths, colors Signature Railing Options – Glass slats, metal balusters, curved rail, ADA rail ___________________________

Vinylast, Inc. (732) 367-7200 Palisade Contour Vinyl Railing – Options: mahogany top rail, vinyl T-rail. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: khaki, sandstone, white ___________________________

Vision Outdoor Products (877) 550-9971 PVC Railing – 5 styles, in up to 6 colors each ___________________________

Wolf Home Products (800) 234-9653 WOLF PVC Railing – Traditional & Designer profiles for rail, square and colonial balusters. Colors: almond, khaki, mocha walnut, white ___________________________

Xpanse (877) 362-3410 Vinyl Rail – Styles: value Select Series, stronger Premier Series. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Colors: white, wicker (Premier only) ___________________________

COMPOSITE RAILING AERT (866) 729-2378 MoistureShield Railing – Length: 8’. 8 colors ___________________________

CertainTeed (800) 233-8990

EverNew Panorama Capped Composite Railing – Lengths: 6’, 8’ ___________________________

CPG, (877) 275-2935 Azek Rail – capped composite. Styles: classic Premier (white only), Reserve with extra-wide top rail and caps, colonial Trademark (white). Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’.Reserve colors: black, brownstone, kona, slate gray, white RadianceRail – smooth lines. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Colors: black, brownstone, kona, mountain cedar, slate gray, white RadianceRail Express – quick installation. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Colors: black, kona, white Evolutions Rail – modern looks. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Colors: brick, classic black, traditional walnut Evolutions Rail Builder – clean, flat lines with metal in-fills. Same lengths, colors ___________________________

EP Decking EP Composite Railing ___________________________

Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions (800) 598-5245 Fx2 Composite Railings – Lengths: 6’, 8’ . Colors: black, walnut, white ___________________________

Fiberon (800) 573-8841 Enclave Veranda Railing – composite railing kits. Length: 6’. Color: white Symmetry Railing – capped composite with permanent PVC surface. Balusters: square, round metal, ClearVision. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’. Colors: black, brown, white Horizon Railing – flat-top composite rail with permanent bonded finish. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Colors: black, bronze, dark walnut, white Good Life Railing – composite with permanent bonded finish. Balusters: square, ClearVision. Color: white Natural Railing – composite with wood finish. Balusters: square, ClearVision. Colors: mahogany, redwood ___________________________

Green Bay Decking (920) 435-1526 GeoRail – composite railing. Length: 8’. Colors: cedar, driftwood, mahogany, walnut ___________________________ December 2016

Integrity Composites (800) 866-8101 RailWays – PVC/hardwood composite railings. Lengths: 6’, 8’. 8 colors ___________________________

Lumberock (800) 480-2327 Non-wood Composite Railing ___________________________

NewTech (281) 570-6450 UltraShield Railing – capped composite. Length: 6’. Colors: gray, teak, walnut, white ___________________________

Tamko (800) 641-4691 Marquee Railing System – co-extruded composite. Lengths: 6’ 8’ . Colors: burgundy, cappuccino, dark walnut, shadow grey, white Tam-Rail Railing System – PVC inner layer, middle layer composite wood/foam core, outer solid capstock. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Color: white ___________________________

Trex (800) 289-8739 Transcend – premium composite railing. Lengths: 6’, 8’. 7 colors Select – shelled composite railing. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Color: white ___________________________

Universal Forest Products, (800) 332-5724 CXT Architectural Railing – capped composite. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Colors: black, dark walnut, white Deckorators CXT Architectural Railing in Black


Westech Building Products (403) 279-4497 Non-wood Composite Handrail – Length: 12’. Can be stained a wide range of colors ___________________________ n

Building Products Digest






Digger Specialties (800) 446-7659 Westbury Aluminum Railing – 11 styles including glass and VertiCable. Lengths: 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’. 12 finishes

AERT (866) 729-2378 MoistureShield Pro Aluminum Railing – Length: 12’. Colors: black, white ___________________________

Digger Specialties’ Westbury Aluminum Railing

AFCO Industries (800) 551-6576 Aluminum AFCO-Rail – 5 designs. Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’. 7 finishes ___________________________

Atlantis Rail Systems (800) 541-6829 NOVA System – powder-coated aluminum posts, handrails and footrails with cable in-fill. Length: 6’. Finish: black Atlantis Rail Systems’ NOVA Aluminum Cable Railing

___________________________ (800) 667-8247 ProBuilt – various styles. 15 colors ___________________________

ColorGuard Inc. (920) 467-8640 Lincoln Aluminum Railing – Lengths: 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, 10’. Finishes: black, bronze, white. Option: Over-the-post railing ___________________________

CPG (877) 275-2935 Azek Impression Rail – Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Finishes: black, bronze ___________________________ (905) 619-1234 Craft-Bilt Structural Railing – choice of 3 pickets, tinted or frosted glass. Finishes: earthstone, sand, satin black, white Craft-Bilt Strutural Glass Railing – frameless. Same finishes ___________________________



Building Products Digest

n (844) 724-5001 Colonial Picket Railing System – Length: 8’. Finishes: black, bronze, white Colonial Glass Strip Railing System – Length: 6’. Same finishes Colonial 1/4” Full Tempered Glass System – Length: 6’. Same finishes ___________________________

InvisiRail (905) 852-3733 InvisiPosts – powder-coated aluminum with glass (20 standard sizes). Finishes: black, white VistaPosts – Finishes: black, white ___________________________

EP Decking

Key-Link Fencing & Railing (888) 704-7130 Aluminum Railing – 4 styles. 10 finishes ___________________________ (800) 598-5245 Solutions Aluminum Railing – Lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’. Finishes: black, bronze, white Slimline Aluminum Railing – Lengths: 6’, 8’. Finishes: textured black, textured bronze ___________________________


Feeney (888) 739-6172 RailingWorks – Styles: cable, glass, picket, privacy. Lengths up to 8’. 10 finishes ___________________________ (800) 888-2418 DesignRail – use with CableRail in-fill. Length: 6’. Finishes: black matte, bronze matte, white ___________________________

Fortress Railing Products

Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd.

Harmony Railing (206) 372-8864 Easy Railings – 5 styles. 7 finishes ___________________________

Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions

BW Creative Railings (503) 356-0959 Aluminum Railings – with cable in-fill, glass, pickets. 8 finishes ___________________________

Easy Railings (626) 888-6108 EP Aluminum Railing ___________________________ ___________________________

Hansen Architectural Systems (844) 909-2999 Al13 Aluminum Railing – Lengths: 69”, 93”. Finishes: black sand, gloss black, white Pure View Pre-Slotted Rail – with glass Aluminum Round Handrail – Length: 97” ___________________________

Great Railing Inc (856) 875-0050 Aluminum Railings – 7 finishes ___________________________ December 2016 (507) 847-4111 Last-Rail – Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’. Finishes: 9 standard, 7 woodgrain ___________________________

Nexan Building Products

RDI (877) 420-7245 Avalon – Option: glass. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Finishes: black, satin black, white ___________________________

Regal Ideas (800) 819-4344 Regal Railing Tempered Glass Panels – 5 finishes Aluminum Picket Railing System – 5 finishes QuickKit – ADA-compliant handrail system. ___________________________


Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Iron


Wahoo Decks

Atlantis Rail Systems (800) 289-8739 Reveal – Lengths: 6’, 8’. Finishes: bronze, charcoal black, classic white ___________________________ (877) 270-9387 Wahoo Rail – prefabricated aluminum rail sections. Finishes: antique bronze, mocha, white Wahoo Glass Rail – 4’-wide pure or twilight-tinted glass panels ___________________________ (800) 541-6829 Sunrail Nautilus – stainless steel rail & posts with cable in-fill RailEasy – polished or brushed stainless steel rail with cable in-fill, vinyl posts RailEasy Spectrum – stainless steel square railings with cable in-fill ___________________________

Universal Forest Products, (800) 332-5724 ALX Pro Railing – heavy-gauge aluminum. Lengths: 6’, 8’. Finishes: black, white ___________________________

Versadeck (651) 356-1870 Versadeck Aluminum Railing Systems – Styles: tempered glass, wind wall glass, cable, standard picket , colonial , vermillion, slatted privacy, Isabella, magnetic privacy. Lengths to 19’. Finishes: black, white, sandalwood, brown ___________________________

Vision Outdoor Products (877) 550-9971 Aluminum Railing – 4 styles. Finishes: black, bronze, white ___________________________

Xpanse (877) 362-3410 Aluminum Rail – Lengths: 6’, 8’. Finishes: black, white ___________________________

STEEL & IRON RAILING AGS Stainless (888) 842-9492 ClearView Railing – stainless steel Rainier Cable Railing – flat, round or wood top Glacier Stainless Steel Glass Railing – with flat, round or wood top rail Olympus Horizontal Bar Railing – with flat top rail or wood top ___________________________

December 2016

EP Decking (626) 888-6108 EP Stainless Steel Railing ___________________________

Fortress Railing Products (844) 909-2999 Fe26 Iron Railing – Lengths: 69.5”, 93.5”. Finishes: antique bronze, black sand, gloss black Pure View Iron Pre-Slotted Rail – with glass balusters Cable Railing – with steel rails. Lengths: 69.5”, 93.5” Fe26 Plus Commercial Railing ___________________________


Building Products Digest




Wood, Cable & Other In-Fill



Feeney (877) 420-7245 Excalibur – steel/wrought iron railings. Lengths: 6’, 8’, 10’. Finishes: bronze, satin black ___________________________ (503) 625-1747 Tigerwood Rail Components – handrail (5/4x6, 6’-16’), rail (2x4, 2x6, 6’-16’), subrail (5/4x4, 6’16’) ___________________________ (800) 888-2418 CableRail – cable assemblies. Lengths: 5’-70’ in 5’ increments ___________________________

Timber Holdings USA (905) 852-3733 InvisiRail – glass system for wood posts ___________________________

WOOD RAILING Advantage Lumber (877) 232-3915 Tigerwood Railing System – hardwood components ___________________________ (888) 932-9663 Iron Woods Post & Rail Components – Species: garapa (2x3, 2x4, 2x6), ipe (2x3, 2x4, 2x6 in 4 grades), western red cedar (clear, knotty) ___________________________

Universal Forest Products

BW Creative Railings (800) 667-8247 RailSimple – Styles: Clearview glass panels, metal balusters. Species: primed lodgepole pine, valueline green knotty cedar, treated lodgepole pine, ultra premium clear western red cedar ___________________________

EcoVantage (260) 337-0338 EcoDeck Thermally Modified Railing Systems – wide variety of components in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’ lengths ___________________________ (800) 332-5724 Massaranduba Deck Railing – Length: 6’ ___________________________

Woodway Products (800) 459-8718 Architectural Deck Rail System – western red cedar in 2 styles. Lengths: 6’, 8’ Pre-assembled Panels – clear western red cedar in 5 styles. Lengths: 6’, 8’ ___________________________ (334) 585-2291 YellaWood Railing Accessories – 6’, 8’ handrails ___________________________ (860) 444-7524 Mataverde Ipe Deck Railing Systems – 5/4x6 top rail, 2x2 balusters, 4x4 posts ___________________________

Overseas Hardwoods Co.

Regal Ideas (800) 819-4344 Wood In-Fill System – for glass panels, aluminum pickets, curved, round balusters Regal Ideas’ Black Aluminum Curved Balusters

CABLE & OTHER IN-FILL (888) 842-9492 Cable – stainless steel for cable railing, in 50’, 100’ rolls ___________________________ (800) 541-6829 RailEasy Cable Railing – in 25’, 100’, 500’ rolls Sunrail Latitude Cable Rail – for wood handrails RailEasy Glass – stainless steel top and bottom rails, glass in-fill for wood or vinyl posts. ___________________________ (251) 937-8100 Ipe Components – handrail (2x4, 2x6), cap rail, spindle cap rail ___________________________

Dolle USA

Redwood Empire

Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions (800) 800.5609 Ipe Railings & Accessories Redwood Components – 2x6 handrail, 2x4 subrail ___________________________ Building Products Digest (866) 955-0355 Galvanized Steel Tubing Balusters ___________________________

Atlantis Rail Systems



Nuvo Iron

AGS Stainless

Great Southern Wood Preserving



n (855) 365-5387 Insta-Rail – vertical cable railing insert kit ___________________________ (800) 598-5245 Fairway Cable Fittings – secure directly to structural post mount ___________________________ December 2016


The Cable Connection (800) 851-2961 Ultra-Tec – cable railing. Lengths: 5’-60’ in 5’ increments ___________________________

Universal Forest Products (800) 332-5724 Cable Railing – for CXT Pro, CXT Classic, ALX Pro railing systems. Lengths: 34.5”, 40.5” ___________________________

Viewrail Systems (574) 742-1030 Cablerail – for metal posts ___________________________



Wild Hog Railing (800) 221-7671 Wild Hog – 6-gauge steel insert with welded cross points, 4x4 mesh pattern for wood or metal rails. Lengths: 6’, 8’ Tahoe Hog – .375-gauge steel insert with woven crosspoints. Finishes: raw steel, black powder coat. Lengths: 6’, 8’ ___________________________

FASTENERS Black Talon Universal (503) 780-2876 BlackTalon – standard & angled 301 stainless steel universal deck fasteners ___________________________

Cobra Deck Fasteners Cobra Stainless Steel Clip – 304 stainless steel in 18, 20, 24mm ___________________________

DeckWise (866) 427-2547

Ipe Clip – plastic polymer clip for hardwoods, composites, PVC Ipe Clip Extreme – polypropylene with stainless steel black oxide insert for 2mm gap spacing Ipe Clip Extreme4 – for 4mm gap spacing Ipe Clip Extreme KD – for KD lumber & composites for 6mm gap spacing Deck Screws – Trim-Head #8 stainless (hardwoods, thermally modified wood), Bugle-Head Deck Screws #10 in 305 & 316 stainless, Composite Deck Screws 305 grade with painted heads, HTSS Heat Treated Stainless Steel Screws , Metal Joist Decking Screws ___________________________

Eva-Last (844) 909-4999 Hulk Screws Torpedo Clip Screw – for wood Hidden Clip – for grooved boards ___________________________

Fasco America (256) 381-6364 InvisiDeck I-CLP Clip – stainless steel clip to blind fasten grooved boards 1” or thicker InvisiDeck Scrail – collated fasteners ___________________________

December 2016

FastenMaster (800) 518-3569 HeadLOK Structural Wood Screw LedgerLOK Structural Wood Screw ThruLOK Through-Bolt Replacement Cortex Hidden Fastening System – for PVC, composites Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Clip Systems – ConnectClip (for Tapco’s Clubhouse Decking), TC-G (grooved boards), TC-1 (softwoods), TC-2 (stainless steel for softwoods), TC-4 (hardwoods), TC-120 (grooved hardwoods) TrapEase 3 – composite deck screw, auto-feed available TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw – for softwoods FusionLoc – collated hidden fastening system ConceaLOC – pneumatic clip system for Tiger Claw gun TopLoc – color-matched dense board fastening solution ___________________________

Fiberon (800) 573-8841 Phantom GT Hidden Fastener – for Fiberon composites Phantom EC End Clip – for Fiberon composites


Building Products Digest



ACCESSORIES & TOOLS Phantom 20EC End Clip – for Fiberon’s Paramount PVC ___________________________


Master Mark Plastics

Geolam (416) 548-7450 Cliplam Decking Fasteners – single-screw hidden mounting clips ___________________________

Grabber (800) 477-8876 Barracuda Exterior Decking Screws – colormatched for composites Grabbergard – buglehead, flat head Type XT II Flat Head Star Recess Deck Screws ___________________________

GRK Fasteners (877) 489-2726 Kameleon Composite Deck Screw – for PVC, composites R4 Multi-Purpose Framing Screw – also offered in 305 and 316 stainless steel ___________________________

Hilti USA (714) 230-7410 PBH S CRS – ceramic wood decking screw PFH WD – wood decking screw Collated Self-Drilling Screws ___________________________ (800) 535-4838 Armadillo Decking Clip – for grooved Armadillo decking boards ___________________________

Maze Nails (815) 223-8290 Hot-Dip Galvanized PTL Nails – plain shank, ring shank, spiral shank PTL Nails – plain shank, ring shank, spiral shank 0˚ Hot-Dip Galvanized Decking & Bridge Nails – plain shank, ring shank 20˚ Hot-Dip Galvanized Nails – heavy-duty applications 20˚ Stainless Steel Nails – 304 & 316 for composites Bright Ring Shank “Skinny Spikes” Hot-Dip Galvanized – common nails, Phillipshead decking screw Stainless Steel – 304 decking nails, 304 postframe nails, 316 PTL nails 28˚ Tri-Coat Hi Galv Ring Shank Framing & Decking Nails 33˚ Tri-Coat Hi Galv Ring Shank Framing & Decking Nails ___________________________ (800) 866-8101 Fastenator Hidden Fastening System ___________________________


National Nail Corp.

Integrity Composites (800) 762-2004 305 Stainless Steel Star Drive Flat Head 305 Stainless Steel Star Drive Trim Head ___________________________ (800) 968-6245 CAMO Hidden Fasteners – 316 stainless steel or ProTech-coated carbon steel CAMO Clip – stainless clip & fastener for most grooved deck boards CAMO Premium Deck Screws – color-matched buglehead or trimhead. Structural Screws in multi-purpose or ledger. Color-matched Composite Screws. Stainless Screws in 305 & 316, in buglehead, trimhead, composite ___________________________

Kreg Tool Company (800) 447-8638 2x Protec-Kote Deck Screws Stainless Steel Deck Screws ___________________________

Leola Fasteners

NewTech (717) 656-0256 Prisma – Azek Deck ColorMatch screw Ceramic Screws Stainless Steel Screws ___________________________ n

Building Products Digest

OZCO Building Products (469) 916-7503 OZ-Deck – timber & cedar anchors ___________________________

Screw Products Inc. (877) 844-8880 Ultimate Deck Clip Hidden Fastener System – marine grade aluminum clip for most decking tpes with stainless steel screw C-Deck Star Drive Composite Deck Screws DeckLock Advanced Lateral Anchor System – deck bracket in galvanized or 316 stainless RailLok – deck railing bracket system in 316 stainless & powdercoat white & black finish D2W Deck2Wall Spacers – thick fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene ___________________________

Mitek Builder Products (800) 328-5934 ADTT deck tension tie BD bolt down anchor DC50-TZ deck clip DTB-TZ deck tie back SDPT strap post tie CSH-TZ concealed stair-stringer hanger SDJT14-TZ joist tie ___________________________


TC-2 CEC Clip – TPO polymer clip system Composite Deck Screws – stainless steel with colored heads ___________________________ (281) 570-6450 MG-1 CEC Clip – stainless steel mini-gap system MG-2 Locking Clip – stainless mini-gap system TC-10 Locking Clip – stainless steel clip system n

December 2016

Simpson Strong-Tie’s QuikDrive Fastening Products

Simpson Strong Tie (800) 999-5099 Dexxter composite decking screw Deck-Drive Decking Screws – DCU composite, hardwood, DCSD composite-to-steel, DSV wood, DWP wood (all also available collated) Trim-Head Wood Decking Screws – square drive, 6-lobe drive, sharp point, Type 17 point Composi-Lok composite decking screw (available collated) EB-TY – hidden biscuit fastener for wood & composites 15˚ Wire Coil, Full Round Head, Ring-Shank Decking/Framing Nail (also painted) Bugle-Head Wood Decking Screws – square drive, 6-lobe drive, SS3DSC collated Preservative-Treated Wood Decking Nail – annular ring shank Strong-Drive Screws – WSNTL wood, SDWH timber-hex, SDWS timber DJT deck joist tie DTT deck tension tie DBT Deck-Tie connector DPTZ deck post tie PB non-standoff post base


Fasteners PBS standoff post base LSC adjustable stringer connector ML angle deck connector TA staircase angle connector Ipe Wood Plugs ___________________________

Spax (800) 443-7937 Spax Stainless Steel Deck Screws Spax Exterior/Deck Screws with HCR-X Coating ___________________________

SplitStop (888) 578-3273 Square Drive Wood Screws Star Drive Wood Screws Star Drive Titan III Composite Screws Collated Star Drive Titan III Composite Screws DeckEase – hidden clip for wood, composites ___________________________

Spotnails (800) 873-2239 Tebo Fastener hidden clips ___________________________

Starborn Industries (800) 596-7747 Cap-Tor xd – color-matched screws for PVC and composites Collated Screw Systems – for use with the Muro Ultra Driver and Speed Driver Tools (Cap-Tor xd, Deckfast Epoxy, Headcote) Deckfast Fascia System – fastening system for PVC and composite deck fascia boards Deckfast Epoxy – color-matched screws for pressure treated decking Deckfast Metal – color-matched screws for PVC, composite and hardwood decking on steel and aluminum framing Deckfast Stainless – 305 & 316 stainless steel screws for hardwood, cedar, redwood, treated Headcote – 305 & 316 stainless steel screws with color-coated heads for hardwood, cedar, redwood, treated Pro Plug System – integrated plug fastening systems for PVC or hardwood ___________________________

SureDrive USA (828) 469-1088 CCDS – color-matched capstock composite deck screws

Copperguard Deck Screws – for treated & redwood Rustguard Deck Screws – in Phillips or square drive recess Seamaster Stainless Steel Deck Screws – flat & trim head designs, in square or star drive Mantis 396 Hidden Deck Fasteners – for MoistureShield, ChoiceDek, Gossen grooved decking in 4 profiles, coated high tensile steel and coated stainless steel Mantis 385 Hidden Deck Fasteners – Fiberon, TimberTech, Latitudes, Wolf Mantis 345 Hidden Deck Fasteners Mantis TRX Hidden Deck Fasteners – Trex Shadoe Track – track-style hidden deck fastener The Hidden Link – clip system for solid edge composites & hardwoods Coyote Clip – polypropylene clip for grooved composites, cedar, hardwood ___________________________

Tamko (800) 641-4691 EG1•2•3 Hidden Fastener – two-screw clip exclusively for EverGrain composite decking EverClip Hidden Fastener – for EverGrain grooved boards ___________________________

Call us for details!

December 2016


Building Products Digest




Fasteners, Tools

ThermalWood Canada

FastCap (506) 548-9126 ClipJuAn clips ___________________________ (888) 443-3748 FastCap Jig-A-Deck ___________________________

Thermory USA

FastenMaster (847) 256-8828 Thermory Hidden Clip System ___________________________ (800) 518-3569 Tiger Claw Installation Gun – for grooved decking Tiger Claw Slot Cutters – for cutting grooves into square edge decking PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Systems – P13KUE & for stand-up jobs P13KDE ___________________________

U2 Fasteners (807) 345-3119 Universal Screw – in hardened or 316 grade stainless steel Construction Screw – in hardened or 316 grade ___________________________

Universal Forest Products, (800) 332-5724 Stowaway Hidden Fastener – clip with preloaded screw ___________________________ (785) 597-5618 Deck Clip – marine grade aluminum clip ___________________________

DECKING TOOLS Cepco Tool (800) 466-9626 BoWrench BW-2 Decking Tool Universal BoWrench BW-90 Decking Tool – includes adjustable gripper and Combi Cam Monster BoWrench BW-1 – for thicker boards ___________________________

Crescent (919) 362-1670 Bull Bar – 44” indexing decking removal tool ___________________________

DeckWise (866) 427-2547 Deck Board Straightener Drill & Drive Deck Board Spacers ___________________________

Fasco America (256) 381-6364 InvisiDeck F36 RHN33-38 DT – air-driven tool ___________________________ n

Building Products Digest The Gutster Demo Tool ___________________________


Wood Haven, Inc.


Gutster Tools


Edge Pro – high-speed, collated hidden deck fastening system for use with treated & other softwood lumber Marksman Edge – drill attachment for wood Marksman Pro – screw guide tool for treated, hardwood, cedar, composite & PVC Marksman Pro-XI – for woods susceptible to shrinkage Marksman Pro-NB – for narrow boards Marksman – for single-deck application ___________________________

Pony Tools (312) 666-0640 Board Boss Decking Tool ___________________________

Power Tools Center Duckbill Deck Wrecker – demo tool ___________________________ (603) 772-9649 HIDfast – collated, pneumatic, stainless steel hidden fastener system EDGEfast – collated, pneumatic tool with interchangeable decking guides ___________________________


Hilti USA (800) 999-5099 Quik Drive PRO300S Decking System Quik Drive PRO300S Decking Attachment Quik Drive Decking Nose Clip Quik Drive PROSDD Multi-Purpose Combo System Quik Drive PROCCS+ Multi-Purpose Combo System ___________________________ (800) 879-8000 DX 860-ENP – fully automatic powder-actuated tool, decking productivity stand-up version for driving collated nails DX 860-HSN – longer version ___________________________

Kreg Tool Company (800) 447-8638 Deck Jig Deck Jig Drill & Driver Bit Sets Deck Jig Spacer Rings ___________________________ (800) 543-4596 SHD150XP Mantis Hidden Deck Clip Nailer – pneumatic nailer ___________________________

Simpson Strong Tie

Spotnails (800) 873-2239 Tebo Decker – for driving Tebo Fasteners ___________________________

Max USA Corp.

Stanley Tools (516) 741-3151 CN665 Decking Coil Nailer ___________________________ (800) 262-2161 Board Bender Deck Tool ___________________________

Mayhew Steel Products

Starborn Industries (413) 863-4860 Select Deck Wrecker ___________________________ (800) 596-7747 Smart-Bit Depth Setter – driving tool for setting screws Smart-Bit Pre-drilling & Countersinking Tool – for hardwood decking ___________________________

National Nail Corp. (800) 968-6245 December 2016


Deck Drainage Systems, Stains & Finishes

Vaughan Manufacturing

Palram Americas (805) 278-2555 Bo-jak Board Straightening Tool Dalluge Curved Handle Decking Hammer Dalluge Straight Handle Decking Hammer ___________________________ (610) 285-9918 DuoDeck – corrugated PVC panels ___________________________


Rain Tight (636) 357-8385 RainTight – aluminum panels ___________________________ (800) 233-8990 UnderShield Water Diversion System – vinyl panels, 6”x16’ panels. Styles: beaded, chamfered. Colors: colonial white, savannah wicker, sterling gray ___________________________


CPG (800) 777-7663 Tuftex DeckDrain – Polycarbonate & vinyl panels ___________________________ (877) 275-2935 DrySpace – extruded vinyl sheets & gutter system. Lengths: 12’, 16’. Color: bone ___________________________

DEK Drain (443) 535-0249 DEK Drain – top-side panels/water diversion system for new construction & under-side for existing decks ___________________________

Dexerdry (732) 551-9969 Dexerdry – flange that fits into grooves at edge of deck boards ___________________________

Dry-B-Lo, Inc. (770) 521-5404 Dry-B-Lo – interlocking galvalume panels & gutter ___________________________

Green Bay Decking (920) 435-1526 DuxxBak – composite under-deck drainage system. Colors: cedar, driftwood, mahogany, walnut ___________________________

MP Global Products (402) 379-9695 Zip-Up UnderDeck – interlocking ceiling panel, rail & trim system ___________________________ (800) 289-8739 RainEscape – plastic trough sheets & downspouts ___________________________


UnderDeck (888) 353-3347 UnderDeck – PVC rails/ceiling panels ___________________________

Under Deck Oasis (616) 425-8188 Under Deck Oasis – aluminum underdeck ceiling & drainage system ___________________________

Wahoo Decks (877) 270-9387 DryJoistEZ – structural deck framing & drainage system. Lengths to 24’ ___________________________

DECK STAINS & FINISHES Armstrong-Clark (800) 916-8211 Armstrong Oil Based Wood Stain – 3 transparent, 4 semi-transparent, 4 semi-solid colors Hardwood Stain – amber, mahogany ___________________________

Cabot (800) 877-8246 Problem Solver Wood Cleaner Problem Solver Wood Stripper Problem Solver Wood Brightener Problem Solver Wood Primer December 2016

Cabot Gold Wood Stain – 4 colors Australian Timber Oil – 5 colors Wood Toned Deck & Siding Stain – 5 colors SPF Deck & Fence – 10 tones Semi-Transparent Deck & Siding Stain Express Deck Wood Stain –1 ready-mixed color & up to 100 custom colors Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Stain Decking Stain Solid Color Decking Stain DeckCorrect – covers/corrects worn surfaces Clear Wood Protector ___________________________

CorteClean (415) 924-9500 CorteClean Composite Deck Cleaner ___________________________

Cutek (844) 442-8835 Cutek Extreme – 10 colors Cutek ProClean Stain Remover ___________________________

DeckMAX DeckMAX E2 PVC Deck Revitilizer DeckMAX Professional Grade PVC Cleaner Concentrate Composite & Wood Deck Cleaner DeckMAX PVC Revitalizing Wipes ___________________________

DeckWise (866) 427-2547 Ipe Oil Hardwood Finish Ipe Seal End Grain Sealer Cleaner & Brightener Deck Restoration Kit ___________________________

Duckback Products (800) 825-5382 Superdeck Exterior Wood Cleaner Superdeck Exterior Wood Brightener Superdeck Exterior Wood Stripper Superdeck Transparent Stain – 10 colors Pressure Treated Stain – 6 colors Semi-Transparent Stain – 64 colors Exotic Hardwood Stain – natural, cherry, walnut Semi-Transparent Waterborne Stain – 100 colors Waterborne Stain – 7 colors Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating – 55 colors Solid Color Stain – 80 colors Duckback Composite Cleaner Duckback P-3 Peeling Paint Primer ___________________________ n

Building Products Digest




Stains & Finishes

Dumond Chemicals

Hemp Shield (800) 245-1191 Peel Away Deck Cleaner Peel Away Deck Restorer Peel Away Deck Brightener Peel Away Deck Remover ___________________________ Hemp Shield – wood finish/deck sealer. 6 colors ___________________________

Home Armor (888) 326-7743 E-Z Deck & Fence Wash (formerly Mold Armor) ___________________________

EaCo Chem (724) 656-0753 LCS Water-Based Stripper ___________________________

Eco Chemical (800) 677-7930 Eco Chemical Fence Stain ___________________________ (800) 321-3444 CWF-UV Clear Wood Finish – cedar, honey gold, natural, redwood Pro Series CWF-UV5 – 7 colors CWF Oil Pentrating Oil Wood Finish – cedar, natural Pro Series CWF Multi-Surface Waterproofing Clear Sealant Pro Series CWF Hardwoods – 8 colors Pro Series Spa-N-Deck – 6 colors Pro Series Semi-Transparent Alkyd/Oil Stain – 40 colors Pro Series Semi-Transparent Acrylic/Oil Stain – 40 colors Pro Series Solid Color Stain – tintable to over 120 colors Pro Series Resurfacer Acrylic Stain – tintable to over 120 colors Pro Series All-Purpose Deck Wash Pro Series Wood Cleaner Pro Series Wood Stripper Spa-N-Deck Finish Coat ___________________________

Gemini Coatings (405) 262-9310 Restore-A-Deck Wood & Deck Cleaner Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper ___________________________

Gulf Synthetics (248) 858-8900 PermaBond – primer coat Deck Revive – acrylic-based polymer deck coating ___________________________ n

Building Products Digest

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions

Penofin (321) 984-9777 Super Seal – water repellent coating ___________________________ (800) 736-6346 Penofin Verde – Brazilian rosewood oil. 18 colors Ultra Premium Formula Wood Stain – Brazilian rosewood oil in 10 transparent colors Penofin Hardwood Formula – transparent, ipe, tigerwood Penofin Redwood – all heart Premium Blue Label Penofin – Brazilian rosewood oil in 10 transparent colors Penofin for Pressure Treated Wood – Rainier, Tahoe, Yosemite Knotwood Composite Deck Finish – knot cedar, knot mahogany, knot redwood Penofin for Thermally Modified Wood Penofin First Step Prep for Hardwood Pro-Tech Wood Stripper Pro-Tech Gel Stripper Pro-Tech Cleaner Pro-Tech Brightener ___________________________


Flood Company


Penofin Stain

n (800) 731-3669 UV Plus Deck Stain – 12 colors UV Plus for Hardwoods – natural, mahogany UV Plus for Pressure Treated Wood – 9 colors Wood & Deck StainStripper Wood & Deck Cleaner & Brightener Wood & Deck Liquid Renewer & Brightener Liquid Cleaner by Messmer’s Composite Deck Finish – 7 colors Deck & Siding Stain – 24 semi-transparent, 24 solid stain colors Caribbean Extreme Teak Oil Finish ___________________________

One Time (866) 663-8463 One Time Wood Stain & Sealer – 6 colors ___________________________

Owatrol Coatings USA (305) 779 3390 Antislip Non-slip Protection – light oak Aquadecks Water-Based Finish – graphite, honey, teak Aquanett Wood Oil Remover Aquatrol Wood Oil – clear, golden, rustic oak Compo-Care Composite Wood Reviver – brown Compo-Clean – composite cleaner & degreaser Cosmobois Wood Filler – light oak D1 Pro Hardwood Oil – honey Decks Olje D1 Hardwood Oil Net-Trol Wood Cleaner & Restorer Prepdeck Wood Stripper Seasonite – new wood protection Solid Color Stain – 10 colors Textrol Oil Finish for Weathered Wood – clear, light oak, medium oak, weathered gray Tropitech Semi-Transparent Finish – cedar, movingui, redwood, sedona Deck Cleaner ___________________________ December 2016

Perma-Chink Systems (888) 838-5070 Vista Deck One-Coat Wood Deck Finish – 5 colors Cedar Wash Surface Prep Cleaner for Cedar Wood ReNew Wood Restoration Cleaner ___________________________

PPG (800) 426-6306 Olympic Maximum – clear waterproofing sealant Olympic Wood Protector – waterproofing sealant. Clear, toner, semi-transparent, 174 solid colors Olympic Deck, Fence & Siding Stain – toner, transparent, semi-transparent, 174 solid colors Olympic WaterGuard Waterproofing Sealant – clear for wood or multi-surface Olympic Elite Advanced Stain & Sealant in One Toner – red cedar Olympic WaterGuard Wood Tinted Waterproofing Sealant Toner Olympic Elite Woodland Oil – 4 colors Olympic Elite Advanced Stain & Sealant in One – 14 semi-transparent, 14 semi-solid, 42


Stains & Finishes solid colors Olympic Maximum Stain & Sealant in One – toner, semi-transparent, 174 colors Olympic Rescue It! Max Maintenance Wash Olympic Rescue It! Max Prep Cleaner Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner Olympic Premium Deck Brightener & Wash Olympic Stain Stripper Olympic Rescue It! Resurfacer & Primer & Sealant - Max, Moderate or Light ___________________________

RainGuard (949) 515-8800 Advanced Waterproofer Advanced Tinted Waterproofer – brown, cedar, honey, redwood Premium Grade Wood Sealer Water Repellent ___________________________

Ready Seal (972) 434-2028 Ready Seal Wood Stain & Sealant – 7 colors ___________________________

Rhino Hide (863) 665-0203 UltraMean Exterior Stain Remover UltraMean 2 Cleaner & Stain Remover UltraBan Mold Barrier ___________________________

Rust-Oleum (877) 385-8155 Deck & Concrete Restore 10X – 60 colors Restore Semi-Transparent Stain – 60 colors Restore Deck Start Wood Primer Restore 4X Deck Coat – 60 colors Restore 2X with Cool Touch Technology – chocolate, timberline Restore 2X One Coat Solid Stain – 60 colors Restore 10X Advanced Resurfacer Restore 2X One Coat Solid Stain Restore 12X Transparent Stain & Sealant – 6 colors Restore 10X Advanced Resurfacer – 60 colors Restore 12X Clear Coat Sealer Restore Metallic Semi-Transparent Stain – brilliant bronze, silver slate Restore Rejuvenator Deck Cleaner & Sealer Restore Deck & Concrete Cleaner Watco Exterior Wood Finish Watco Teak Oil Finish for Teak, Rosewood, Mahogany Wolman F&P Finish – 4 colors Wolman RainCoat One Coat Clear Sealer Wolman Clear Water Repellent Wolman DeckStrip Stain & Finish Remover

Wolman DeckStrip ASR – acrylic stain remover Wolman DeckBrite Wood Cleaner & Coating Prep Wolman Deck & Fence Brightener Wolman Woodlife Classic Clear Wood Preservative Wolman DuraStain Solid Color Stain – 24 colors Wolman Woodlife Coppercoat – green wood preservative Wolman DuraStain One Coat Solid Stain – 24 colors Wolman E-H-T Exotic Hardwood Treatment Wolman RainCoat One Coat Transparent Stain – 3 colors Wolman RainCoat Tinted Water Repellent – 3 colors Wolman DuraStain One Coat Semi-Transparent Stain – 24 colors Wolman DuraStain Low VOC Semi-Transparent Stain – 24 colors Wolman RainCoat Clear Water Repellent RockSolid Wood Primer RockSolid 2x One Coat Resurfacer RockSolid 4x Deck Coat RockSolid 6x Deck Refinish RockSolid 10x Deck Restoration RockSolid 10xDeck Resurfacer RockSolid Wood Cleaner & Brightener RockSolid Wood Stripper Zinsser Jomax Deck Wash – for wood & composites Zinsser Jomax Stain & Finish Deck Stripper Krud Kutter Deck & Fence Wash Krud Kutter Deck & Fence Pressure Washer Concentrate ___________________________

SaverSystems (800) 860-6327 DEFY Extreme Wood Stain – 7 colors DEFY Extreme Clear Wood Stain DEFY Wood Oil for Decks DEFY Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer DEFY Composite Deck Cleaner DEFY Deck Stain for Hardwoods – cedartone, light walnut, natural pine DEFY Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain – 7 colors DEFY Original Water Repellent Wood Stain – 6 colors DEFY Wood Cleaner DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper DEFY Wood Brightener ___________________________

Seal It Green (800) 914-1440 Seal It Green Xtreme Composite/PVC Wood Sealer & Restorer ___________________________ December 2016

Sikkens (866) 745- 5367 ProLuxe Cetol SRD Wood Finish – 8 colors ProLuxe Cetol SRD RE Wood Finish with UV Protection – 8 colors ProLuxe Cetol Semi-Transparent Stain – 60 colors Rubbol Solid Stain – 53 colors ___________________________

Simple Green (847) 318-8888 Simple Green Deck & Fence Cleaner ___________________________

Spray & Forget (281) 494-2919 Spray & Forget House & Deck Cleaner ___________________________

Structures Wood Care (218) 963-4660 NatureOne Acrylic Water-Based Stain– natural, cedar, pecan, teak, walnut NatureBlend One Step Deck Finish – rustic natural, rustic brown, rustic cedar ___________________________

Texas Wood Products (972) 423-0211 Baker’s-Gray-Away Wood Seal – 23 colors ___________________________

TexCote (800) 454-0340 Cool-Tec Heat-Reflective Concrete & Wood Deck Coating ___________________________

Thermo-Shield (650) 851-1859 Thermo-Shield Wood & Deck Coat ___________________________

Thompson’s WaterSeal (800) 367-6297 3 in 1 Wood Cleaner Maximum Strength Deck Stripper Heavy Duty Deck Cleaner Deck Cleaner & Brightener Waterproofing Stain-Aerosol – 5 colors ___________________________


Building Products Digest



ACCESSORIES & TOOLS TWP–Total Wood Preservative (800) 969-4811 TWP 1500 Series – semi-transparent oil-based wood stain & preservative in 9 colors TWP 100 Series – semi-solid wood & deck stain and preservative in 8 colors TWP Water Series – water-based semi-transparent in 4 colors ___________________________

Stains & Finishes, Deck Lighting Phoenix Recessed Lighting Kit Corona Recessed Riser Light – aluminum, in black, bronze, white Pyxis Pathway Light – 5 finishes ___________________________

ColorGuard Inc. (716) 833-9366 Anchorseal End Sealer ___________________________ (920) 467-8640 Neptune Solar Caps 4x4 – antique gold, clay, hammerstone black, tan, white Neptune Solar Caps 6x6 – black, white Neptune Side Light – black, clay, tan, white Neptune Dome Light – black, clay, tan, white Apollo 4x4 Cap with Downward Light – hammerstone black, white ___________________________

Woodrich Brand

CPG (866) 536-7393 Woodrich Brand Timber Oil – amaretto, brown sugar, honey gold, western cedar Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain – amaretto, brown sugar, honey gold, cedar Woodrich Brand Wood Deck & Siding Cleaner/Stripper Woodrich Brand Citralic Wood Deck & Wood Siding Brightener ___________________________ (877) 275-2935 Accent Lights – architectural bronze, white In-Deck Lights – architectural bronze Post Cap Lights – black, brownstone, kona, mountain cedar, slate gray, white Riser Lights – architectural bronze Under-Rail Lights – architectural bronze ___________________________

UC Coatings

DECK LIGHTING AERT (866) 729-2378 Post & Post Cap Lights Bullet Lights Rail Strips Stair Lights ___________________________ (888) 842-9492 StarLight Solar-Powered LED Accent Lights – classic, black, with various patterns ___________________________

American Lighting (800) 880 1180 Brick Light – 120v or 12v, in 3 styles, 3 finishes ___________________________

Aurora Deck Lighting (800) 603-3520 Post Top Lights – 12 styles, in up to 7 finishes Odyssey Strip Light Vega Rail Light – full-size or mini, 4 finishes


Building Products Digest (800) 258-0344 Outdoor Recessed Lights Dek Dots LED Post Cap Lights – aluminum, 6 sizes, 7 finishes Post Lamps – aluminum, 3 sizes, 7 finishes ___________________________


AGS Stainless



n (800) 573-8841 Post Cap Lights – 4x4, 5x5 Post Side & Post Sleeve Lights Riser Lights Accent Lights ___________________________

Fortress Railing Products (844) 909-2999 FortressAccents Post Caps & LED Lighting – aluminum in 4 finishes ___________________________

Highpoint Deck Lighting (303) 582-5850 Endurance 1” Round Mini LED Brick Lights – 5 styles, each in up to 7 finishes Railing Fixtures – 14 styles Deck Step/Stair Fixtures – 10 styles, 6 finishes Post Cap Lights – 4 styles ___________________________ December 2016

Kichler (866) 558-5706 Landscape 12v LED Deck Lights – 9 styles in various finishes Brick Lights – pure-white, warm-white Deck Step Lights – full-size, mini, in 5 finishes ___________________________

Nexan Building Products (888) 739-61721 Orion Post Lights – 4 styles Pyxis Pathway Lights – Nebula, Pyxis ___________________________

Regal Ideas (800) 819-4344 LED Lighting System – for Regal picket & glass ___________________________

Tapco (844) 700-0870 Clubhouse Post Caps – 4” & 5” Iris Anello Pyramid Top LED, Sirius Pyramid, in black, walnut, white Endurance Ultra Think Down Light – black, white Step Lights – Berkley Round, Genesis, in antique bronze, black, white Phoenix Recessed ___________________________

Trex (800) 289-8739 Trex Post Cap Light Deck Rail Light & Wedge Deck Rail Light Stair Riser Light Recessed Deck Light Aluminum Post Cap Light ___________________________

Universal Forest Products (800) 332-5724 Under-Top-Rail Light – 24” long, in black, white Pierce System Recessed Lighting – black Solar Accent Lights – 4” Labyrinth, Leaf Traditional Solar VersaCap Post Cap – 4x4 or 6x6. Black, bronze, copper, dark walnut, white ___________________________

VOLT (813) 978-3700 VOLT Deck Light – solid brass, solid brass with white powder coat finish Guardsman LED Post-Top Light – aluminum/black, aluminum/bronze ___________________________

Huttig Adds Fastener Division Huttig Building Products, St. Louis, Mo., has formed a new division to expand its private label construction fastener and specialty building products line. The HuttiGrip Division will be led by David Fishbein, Robert Furio, Ken Fishbein, and Mona Zinman, all former chief executives of PrimeSource Building Products. Their focus will be on expanding the HuttiGrip private label product line nationally.

New Ace Has Family Ties The new Ken’s Ace Hardware in Jackson, Mo., held a grand opening Oct. 10, featuring some familiar faces. Owners Ken and Monica Fluegge began construction on the building in March, not long after his parents, uncle and aunt sold their local Ace store, Pocahontas Lumber & Hardware to RP Lumber. Ken will manage the new business, with his son, Matt, as assistant manager. Do-it-yourselfer focused, the store features a newly constructed 12,000sq. ft. retail sales floor, with 25% of the space dedicated to paint and painting accessories.

TEAM BUILDING is critical in rowing—and in business—learned attendees of LMC’s recent 2nd annual Leadership Summit in Baltimore, Md.

Fire Slows Weyerhaeuser Mill

LMC Builds Teams on Land and Sea For its recent 2nd annual Leadership Summit, LMC looked outside the industry to where leadership skills are notably developed for excellence: the U.S. Naval Academy. The summit in Baltimore, Md., was nothing like the classroom conferences that attendees are so often accustomed to. Following the instructive words of the senior midshipmen in the Academy’s Memorial Hall,

how to row on the Patapsco River. Rowing in sync is a must to be successful as a team in this sport. The group spent just as much time in teambuilding exercises on land as they did with oars in hand on the river. The analogy of rowing to illustrate the importance of teamwork was very insightful. “When we found our rhythm as a team, it was great to be working at that higher level,” said Ida Ross Hicks, Swift Supply, Atmore, Al. “The whole experience was really inspiring.” Out on the water the group was rewarded for their efforts with a surprise flyover by the Blue Angels!

attendees were also in the Baltimore Ravens locker room for a presentation on team building and participated in a high energy session covering “Onboarding Teammates” from the entrepreneurial company Under Armour. The theme of the summit, “Leadership & Team Building,” also brought attendees to embark on a very physical and hands-on training for December 2016

Weyerhaeuser’s particleboard plant in Heaters, W.V., was off line and unsure when it would restart days after suffering a Nov. 15 fire. The blaze started in the drying area, located in the building’s upper level, and was contained to that section. Two people were injured—an employee who sustained minor burns and an independent contractor who was treated for smoke inhalation. n

Building Products Digest



MOVERS & Shakers Greg Fitz, ex-Canfor Southern Pine, has joined Interfor’s southern yellow pine sales & marketing team, Peachtree City, Ga., as a senior sales mgr. Ron Box has retired after more than 18 years as sales mgr. for Lummus Supply, Atlanta, Ga. Kevin Scussel succeeds him as the new sales mgr. Darin Marks is new to purchasing at Hawkeye Distribution, Sioux City, Ia. John Hannan, Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., Dubuque, Ia., is retiring Feb. 28 after 25 years with the company, the last 12 as president and CEO. Trey Gantt, Everwood Treatment Co., Spanish Fort, Al., has been promoted to outside sales for South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Ricky Ford succeeds him as shipping mgr. Chris Dumas will continue his role in marketing, with an added emphasis on inside sales for the Florida Panhandle and South Alabama. Jeff Baumgartner is new to sales in Princeton, N.C., for Patrick Lumber Co., Portland, Or.



Building Products Digest


David Cline was promoted to mgr. of 84 Lumber, Natrona Heights, Pa. Mark Hicks is now general mgr. in Fort Myers, Fl. Jeff Taake, ex-Millard Lumber, has been named VP of manufacturing & commercial sales/regional mgr. of Mead Lumber, Columbus, Ne. Jeff Rettig, ex-Murphy Cos., has been named VP supply chain-specialty building products at Builders FirstSource, Dallas, Tx. Matt Pedrone has formed FinishFirst Consulting, Antrim, N.H. Rey Moreno has been appointed store mgr. of McCoy’s Building Supply, Odessa, Tx. Christie Brown is new to Service Building Supply, Raleigh, N.C., as purchasing mgr. Sean Riley has joined BlueTarp Financial, Portland, Me., as regional sales mgr. for N.J., Pa., De., Md., Va., and W.V. Nick Talarico has been named VP of sales & business development for Do it Best Corp., Fort Wayne, In. He replaces Jay Brown, who is retiring Dec. 31.

December 2016

Robert Arthur is a new kitchen design & outside sales specialist with Builders’ General Supply Co., Little Silver, N.J. Brooke Duran, ex-Builders FirstSource, is a new outside sales/windows specialist at Deford Lumber Co., Duncanville, Tx. Jayme Michnya, ex-Barrons Lumber, is now Baltimore, Md.-based business development mgr.-Atlantic/ Northeast for Metrie. Bart Belshan, ex-Alamco Wood Products, is new to Rush Creek Lumber, Owatonna, Mn. Matthew Pringle has joined Sterling Lumber Co., Phoenix, Il., as director of materials management. C. Richard Peterson was appointed chairman of the board for Pennsylvania & Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Companies, Philadelphia, Pa., completing the unexpired term of J. William Lee, who passed away recently. Jayson Darula, ex-Seaboard International, is now running the fir plywood department at Atlantic Forest Products, Ayer, Ma. George Stout has been promoted to store mgr. of Lowe’s, Lancaster, Oh.

Mitchell Ayers is new to inside sales at Boise Cascade, Orlando, Fl. Laurie Chauvin Jewell has been appointed store mgr. of Home Depot, Mobile, Al. Amanda Rosselle, ex-Allied Building Products, has joined the sales force at Coastal Construction Products, Miami, Fl. Ross Porter Jr., ex-Chamberlain, is now senior VP-Apex Tool Group, Sparks, Md., and president of its Global Power Tools business unit. Kyle Little was promoted to chief operating officer at Sherwood Lumber, Islandia, N.Y. Bruce Kennedy, ex-MCS Industrial Supply, is now Houston, Tx.-based sales mgr.-industrial fasteners for Mid Continent Steel & Wire. Jim Hooper, US LBM, McKinney, Tx., has been promoted to VP of mergers & acquisitons. Andy Stanke is a new project designer and estimator with Seymour Lumber, Seymour, Wi. Ben Battaglia has been promoted to VP-sales for Ace Hardware, Oak Brook, Il. Dave Pirwitz has been appointed sales mgr. of the Northwest region for Deceuninck North America. Scott Ricke has moved back to the fenestration side of Deceuninck North America as customer experience mgr. Blake Reynolds joined wood floor care firm Bona, as territory mgr. for Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Tim Post, co-owner of 6-unit T&M Hardware & Rental, Ellwood City, Pa., was elected to the Do it Best Corp. board of directors, filling the seat of Dick McCoy, Orme Do it Best Hardware, New Concord, Oh., who passed away in March. Andrew Miller, CEO, Stimson Lumber, Portland, Or., was elected 2017 chairman of the American Wood Council, succeeding Tom Corrick, Boise Cascade. Allyn Ford, Roseburg Forest Products, is 1st vice-chairman; Danny White, T.R. Miller Mill Co., 2nd vicechairman; and Furman Brodie, Charles Ingram Lumber Co., new board member. Brian Ward, ex-Pleasant River Pine, is a new inspector with the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Cumberland, Me. Anita Knapp is new to the third shift at Mungus-Fungus Forest Products, Climax, Nv., report owners Hugh Mungus and Freddy Fungus.



Michael Culbreth hass been a Loss Control Services Consultant with PLM/ILM for over 13 years. Over these years he has vissited thousands of lumberyards, sawm mills and wood products manufacturiing operations. He lives and breathess the lumber and building g material indu ustries. Michael’s specific knowledge allows him to provide our customerrs with relevant and practical recomm mendations to protect their businesses. He understands that as a business owner there is no good time e to experience a loss or disruption. M Michael aims to prevent risks that are avoidable and to make sure you are adequately prepared for what ma ay come. He cares about your business. Let him and PLM/ILM help yo ou keep it safe.



On loccation at Edwards Wood Produ ucts, Inc. in Marshville, NC

December 2016


Building Products Digest



NEW Products

Aluminum Post Cable Railing Atlantis Rail Systems has developed its first aluminum post cable railing system, The Nova System, which features powder-coated aluminum posts, handrails and foot rails and horizontal cable in-fill. The cable in-fill utilizes HandiSwage fittings with 1/8" cable. The system is offered in a standard black color option and includes everything needed for installation, excluding post mounting hardware.

Insulation Solutions JetSpray Thermal Insulation System by Knauf is a high-performance, spray-on glass mineral wool. The product can be applied in a net-less, side wall application—creating a custom insulation solution for projects ranging from residential and multi-family dwellings to modular or light commercial structures.

n ATLANTISRAIL.COM (800) 541 6829


Strong Barriers Perm-A-Barrier by GCP Applied Technologies is a self-adhering, self-sealing waterproofing membrane for air and vapor barrier applications. When combined with a structural substrate, it produces a near-impermeable air, vapor and water barrier on concrete, masonry, gypsum and wood walls.


(617) 876-1400

Handy Foam Sealants

New & Improved Bar Clamps

ICP Adhesives & Sealants’ low-pressure HandiFoam is a high density spray polyurethane foam. The product is ideal for applications where higher compressive strengths are required, such as sealing around faulty flashings, vents or equipment, building up low-lying areas where water pools, repairing cracks and more.

Irwin Tools has updated its line of One-Handed Bar Clamps and added new clamping accessories. The clamping line now includes a quick-change push button for easy conversion into a spreader or for quickly attaching accessories. The swivel jaws are now removable to reposition it for different jobs.



(330) 753-4585



Building Products Digest

(800) 464-7946


December 2016

Enery Efficient Windows & Doors EOS patio door and window system by Deceuninck is an affordable, energy-optimized system that is easy to manufacture. The product is highly energy efficient, meeting the criteria for Energy Star 6.0. The system performance achieves a .27 U-factor with double pane glass configuration.

n DECEUNINCKNA.COM (800) 573-8841

Insulation Choices LBM professionals can help homeowners choose the best insulation system for their home, using CertainTeed’s mobilefriendly, web-based Insulation Selector Tool. The tool works by recommending a personalized selection of insulation solutions based climate data, budget and the homeowner’s specific needs for their home and family.

n CERTAINTEED.COM (800) 233-8990

December 2016


The Merchant Magazine



Hickory-Hued Decking Deckorators has unveiled Deckorators Vault Hickory, a new light brown hue with natural wood tone variegation. Made with patented Eovations technology, Deckorators Vault is a unique composite decking that offers the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio and unmatched stability.

n DECKORATORS.COM (800) 332-5724

Rotary Hammers with Options The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer offers 1-inch diameter capacity and three modes for maximum versatility: drilling only, hammer drilling and chiseling. The user can optimize the chiseling angle with Vario-Lock positioning. A pistol-style, ergonomic handle with a soft-grip provides superior user comfort and a rotating brush plate provides equal power in reverse and ensures long brush life.


(917) 421-7209



Building Products Digest


December 2016

NAWLA Traders Market keeps growing The North American Wholesale Lumber Association hosted its 20th anniversary Traders Market Oct. 26-28 at The Mirage in Las Vegas. The event attracted nearly 1,600 attendees, a 6.5% increase over the 2015 event in Dallas, Tx., and exceeded goals for sponsor and exhibitor sales. “The Traders Market is known throughout the industry as the best place to connect with buyers and suppliers of forest products because it brings together all the leading firms across the supply chain,” said Kip Fotheringham, VP of Hampton Lumber Sales Canada and chairman of the 2016 Traders Market Committee. “The growth we witnessed in attendees and supporters, along with the feedback we heard at the event, is a testament to the value it provides our members and the industry as a whole.” The 2016 Traders Market featured multiple opportunities to connect with more than 250 manufacturers, wholesalers and providers of related products and services, including a day and a half of dedicated tradeshow hours, networking receptions, and a grand opening luncheon. “Nine of us had meetings with over 40 current suppliers and half a dozen potential new ones, plus we got to spend some quality time with our key vendors and get to know them better,” said Tom Le Vere, president of Weekes Forest Products. “We’d spend a fortune flying around the

country to do the same thing without a forum like the Traders Market!” The event also provided educational opportunities directly on the tradeshow floor via the Learning Lounges, plus presentations on recruiting, lumber grading, building memory skills, and creating a strong workplace culture. Next year the Traders Market will be Nov. 8-10, 2017, in Chicago.

EXHIBITOR [1] DMSi attracted a crowd at its booth’s Oxygen Bar. [2] Art Morales, Bill Hetland, Jose Gaitan. [3] Mike Mangiardi, Mark Bernstein. [4] Steve Jones, Kelly Repko. [5] Bruce Kulzer, Clark Wiens, Mike Wilson, Paul Lyle. [6] Dan Paige, Crystal Oldham. [7] Larry Yepez, Kathy Apps, Dan & Lynnette Schellenberg. [8] David Hanson, Jill Brewer. (More photos on next 6 pages)

December 2016


Building Products Digest




NAWLA (continued from previous page): [9] Raul Sanghera, Jameson Craig, Suki Sanghera, Paul Dedl, Tyler Moore, Adam Hazelwood, Addison Ross. [10] Carsten & Catharina Kullik. [11] David Stallcop, Shawna Dalrymple. [12] Niall Crehan, Gary Chapman. [13] Chuck Casey, Ed Langley. [14] Robb Shrader, Katie Mowery. [15] Matt Hamilton, Rick Stout. [16] John Smart, Jim Tittle. [17] JR Virnich, Steve



Building Products Digest


December 2016

Nielsen, Scott Connor. [18] John Lentz, Judy Haney, Kristie McCurdy, Dave Wilderman, Scott Lyons, Rich Mills. [19] Patrick Adams, Max Jones. [20] Grant Phillips, David Bernstein. [21] Steve Brandt, Jake Burns. [22] Dave Farley, Randi Walker, Ken Kalesnikoff. [23] Alden Robbins, Chuck Gaede, Tonia Tibbetts, Scott Elston, Jim Robbins, John Ritz. [24] Patrick Hanulak. (More photos on next 5 pages)


TRADERS MARKET (continued from previous 2 pages): [25] John Georgelis, Greg Haupt. [26] Deanna & Tyler Freres. [27] Will Donoho, JK O’Brien, Jim Tipton. [28] Marty Hawkins. [29] Jontue Devlin, Bob Loew, Jim Dermody. [30] Matt Ensworth. [31] Zack Brannock, Thomas Mende, John Hyde. [32] Ryan Kline, Gunnar Brinck, Raquel Albee, Tyson Sands, Mark Kleps. [33] Michale Shisler, Sabrina Seccareccia. [34] Brian

Johnson, Greg Johnson, Matt Campbell. [35] Seth Hokit, Steve Burdick, Kent Duysen, Roger Burch. [36] Craig Crafton, Alicia Powell, Steve Rouse, Mike Logelin. [37] Toby Pineo, Doug Chiasson. [38] Tom Hackman. [39] Jim McGinnis. [40] Jared Carroll, David Hurley, Leo Colantuono, Brandon Desyatnik, Nikki Robbins, Mike Burley, Dustin Wood, Kim Glaesser. (More photos on next 4 pages) December 2016


Building Products Digest




NAWLA executive director (continued from previous 3 pages) [41] Marc Saracco welcomes attendees to the show. [42] David Warford, Jason Mann, Dave Cochenour, Bill Hurst. [43] Brett Slaughter, Mike Herrema, Mark Kelly, Mark Swinth. [44] Eric Ortiz, Bob Maeda, Ted Freres. [45] John Pasqualetto, Chuck Casey. [46] Stuart Dimery. [47] Bryan Lundstrom, Al Fortune. [48] Michael Parrella, Janet & Nestor Pimentel.



Building Products Digest


December 2016

[49] David Elenbaum. [50] Tracy Trogden. [51] Bill Griffith, Tara Murray. [52] Matt Trullinger, Tim Hummell, Steve Brown. [53] Chase Morrison, Krissy Putland, Mark Westlake, Jim Lovell. [54] Eric Sullivan, Alex Witcpalek. [55] Chad Warren, Chris Bartimioli, David Seymour. [56] Darrell Hungerford, Matthew Hungerford. [57] Jeff Donohoo, Doug Willis. (More photos on next 3 pages)


TRADERS MARKET (continued from previous 4 pages): [58] Bill Sullivan, Jeff Wolgemuth, Mike Thelen. [59] Brooke Beissel, Sarah Madonia, Maria Frigo, Elizabeth Connor. [60] Leslie Southwick, Ron Hanson, Kris Lewis. [61] Gib Gibor, Paul Owen. [62] Tom Taylor, Brian Buck. [63] Ted Whitehouse, Ken Scott, Warren Orsted. [64] Greg Carter, Jeff Morrison, David Smith. [65] Mark Reum, Jason Varney, Tyler Borst.

[66] Julie Rowan, Roger Roatch. [67] Steve Firko, Tricia Kilrain. [68] Jay Hudson, Joe Flemming, Steve Cheatham. [69] Kyle Loveland, Kim Pohl. [70] Randy Moshinski, Kathy Tennant. [71] Tony Butler, Curt Allen. [72] Patrick Gallagher, Mary Kittrell, Larry Boyts. [73] Dave Durst. [74] Paul Waldon. (More photos on next 2 pages) December 2016


Building Products Digest




NAWLA Traders Market (continued from previous 5 pages): [75] Justin Storm, Doug “Dancing Bear” Heryford, Chris Schofer. [76] Buck Hutchison, Steve Hollingsworth, Michael Colgan. [77] Anthony Muck, Reed Rediger, Scott Davis. [78] Kevin Dodds, Marc Saracco. [79] Jim Brady, Mike Boone. [80] Kip Fotheringham, Lawrence Newton. [81] Connie Baker, Lori Byrd, Kelly Matthews. [82] Josh Goodman, Kyle



Building Products Digest


December 2016

Little. [83] Bart Bartholomew, John Percin. [84] Jeff Easterling, Frank Stewart. [85] Steve Osterman, Avery Chua, Brett Kelly. [86] Bob Mai, Mike Flynn, Bill Nocerino, Matt Kelly. [87] Matt Caissie, Rebecca Richey, Dan Semsak. [88] Kathi Orlowski, Mark Erickson. [89] Matt Kolar, Andy Faircloth, Mike Mischke. [90] Doug Calvert, Ken Caylor. (More photos on next page)


NAWLA CHAIRMAN (continued from previous 6 pages) [91] Jim McGinnis updated members on the association’s recent growth during a session leading to the opening of the annual Traders Market. [92] Dina Fuller, Hunter McShan. [93] Lauren & Mike Holm, Ryan Holwege. [94] Pat Lynch, JT Taylor, Devin Stuart, Kevin Murray, Gary Pittman, Gary Hayes, Bob Clark. [95] Steve Clitheroe, Jennifer Raworth, Dirk Kunze,

Norma Bird, Patrick Sinai, Donna Whitaker. [96] Win Smith. [97] Preston Johnson, Jim Vandegrift, Joe Buttice, Matt Ensworth. [98] Alex Darrah, B Manning. [99] Cami Waner, Lee Jimerson, Tom Rogers, Aly Kingsley, Joe LaBerge, Eric Schooler. [100] Paul Adolphe. [101] Kaycee Hallstrom, Raymond Luther. [102] Peter Krihak, Nils Dethloff. [103] Tom McGreevy, Garrett Cole, Jeff Dill. December 2016


Building Products Digest



Southern producers meet in Virginia SOUTHERN FOREST Products Association held its annual meeting Oct. 19-21 at the historic Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, Va. [1] Pam & Richard Wallace. [2] Jeff Miller, Tami Kessler. [3] Dennis Scianna, Sarah McLawhorn. [4] Bill Craig, Mark Richardson. [5] Robert Slater, Gero Springer. [6] Ron & Brenda Coker. [7] Mark Culpepper, Kay Renolds, Tony Stringer. [8] Bob Girardi, Dan Young. [9] Lon Sibert, Steve Singleton. [10] Chad Smith, Bob Smith, Rubin Shmulsky. [11] Rachel & Richard Elton. [12] Pat & Ardis Almond. [13] Cheryl & Bob White. [14] Vicky & David Burns. [15] Vernon & Rosalynn Barabino. [16] Mike Swift, Brandon Garner. [17] Mike Hubbard, Chris Brown. [18] Suzy Kennerly, Claude Gregory. [19] Harry & Ellen Hardin. [20] Vicki & Ben Crim. (More photos on next page)



Building Products Digest


December 2016


SFPA ANNUAL MEETING (continued from previous page): [21] Chris Matier, Kenzie Church, Todd Kurle. [22] Joey Nelson, Mike Sims. [23] Kirk Forbes, Maeve Gagnon, Tim Brown. [24] Renee & Jay Galloway. [25] Bob Tweedy, Dave Gagnon. [26] Kathy & Terry Roberts, Beth Singleton, John Rhea. [27] Tom & Ethel Rice. [28] Keith Long, Jerry

IN Memoriam Richard N. Biewer, 85, former president of John A. Biewer Lumber Co., St. Clair, Mi., died Nov. 7. After serving in the Air Force, he joined the family business, rising to VP in 1980 and president in 1989. Robert H. “Bobby” Lummus Jr., 96, co-founder of Lummus Supply,

Hingle. [29] Vince & Tayja Almond, Patrick & Michelle Harrigan. [30] Faye & Ross Lampe. [31] Alan Robbins, David Conner. [32] Rebecca & William Almond. [33] Brian Via, Kerlin Drake. [34] Bill LeGentil. [35] Eric & Lauren Gee. [36] Robert Slater, Dave Adams. [37] Jerry Schoendienst, Donna Whitaker, David Conner.

Atlanta, Ga., died Aug. 1 in Atlanta. A WWII Army veteran, he and his father started the business in 1961. He helped to guide Lummus Supply into its current fourth generation of owners, before retiring in 2000. Roger “Gus” Gustafson, 70, former co-owner of Gustafson Ace Hardware, Princeton, Il., died Nov. 5. He joined his parents’ store fulltime in 1976 and retired in 2012. At December 2016

the end of 2014 he and his brother Allen sold the store, which now operates as Neighborhood Ace Hardware. Donald “Donny” Schultz, 93, longtime manager of EricksonHellickson-Vye Lumber Co., Rothsay, Mn., died Nov. 1 in Fergus Falls, Mn. He began his career at EricksonHellickson-Vye, serving as manager for over 30 years. He left in the late 1970s, but returned a few years later. n

Building Products Digest



ASSOCIATION Update National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association elected its new leadership team at its recent industry summit in Charleston, S.C. George Lester, The Lester Group, Martinsville, Va., was installed as the new chair, succeeding Scott Yates, Denver Lumber Co., Denver, Co. Others on the 2016-2017 NLBMDA executive committee are chairelect Rick Lierz, Franklin Building Supply, Boise, Id.; 1st vice chair Bob Sanford, Sanford & Hawley, Unionville, Ct.; treasurer Scott Engquist, Engquist Lumber, Harcourt, Ia.; man-

ufacturers & services council chair Dena Cordova-Jack, BlueTarp, Portland, Me.; Federated Association Executives chair Lynn Schwarz, BMSA; and president/CEO Jonathan Paine, NLBMDA, Washington, D.C. Southern Forest Products Association board of directors elected its 2017 slate of officers during its recent annual meeting in Williamsburg, Va. They are chairman Kerlin Drake, Canfor Southern Pine, El Dorado, Ar.; vice chair Donna Whitaker, Interfor U.S., Peachtree City, Ga.; treasurer

CLASSIFIED Marketplace Rates: $1.20 per word (25 word minimum). Phone number counts as 1 word, address as 6. Centered copy/headline, $9 per line. Border, $9. Private box, $15. Column inch rate: $55 if art furnished “camera-ready” (advertiser sets type), $65 if we set type. Send ad to Fax 714-486-2745 or Checks payable to 526 Media Group. Deadline: 18th of previous month. Questions? Call (714) 486-2735.



Natural Wood Without Compromise: Still specifying Cedar and Ipe? Step up a class in Performance, Durability, and Conscious Beauty with CFP Thermalwoods. The new standard for your next indoor and outdoor wood requirement.


WE’RE LOOKING for new recruits: Bring your expertise in selling the Design, Build and Architectural community to our dynamic sales team. Email your resume to

• Norfolk Southern Mainline Served • Easy Access to I-85, I-77 & I-40 • Company Owned Truck Fleet • Outdoor and Indoor Storage • 12 Acres Fenced with Security Lighting • 25+ years Reload Experience



Shaver Reload, Statesville, NC

(704) 872-3148 • Fax (704) 872-3146 Email Tom Lakeman

Steven Mason, Deltic Timber Corp., El Dorado. More annual meeting coverage and photos can be found on pages 58-59. Northeastern Retail Lumber Association presented David Moore, Wiley Brothers, Schaghticoke, N.Y., with the Paul S. Collier Award, recognizing his nearly 30 years of service to NRLA in nearly every capacity. On Feb. 16, 2017, during NRLA’s LBM Expo in Providence, R.I., affiliates’ recently named Lumber Persons of the Year will be honored, including New York & Long Island Lumber Association’s Edgar Goodale, Riverhead Building Supply, Riverhead, N.Y.; Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut’s Evan MacDermott, Coastal Forest Products, Bedford, N.H.; Mid-Hudson Lumber Dealers Association’s Arden Dean, Superior Building Supply, Neversink, N.Y.; Massachusetts Retail Lumber Dealers Association’s Tom McNulty, Hingham Lumber Co., Cohasset, Ma.; Rhode Island Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association’s Ray Angell, L. Sweet Lumber, Providence, R.I.; and Vermont Retail Lumber Dealers Association’s Joe Miles, r.k. Miles, Manchester, Vt. Picking up Lifetime Achievement Awards were Sterling Golder, Britton Lumber Co., Fairlee, Vt., and Michael, Gerard and Jack Moynihan, Moynihan Lumber Co., North Reading, Ma. During its recent annual meeting, Northern New York Lumber Dealers Association gave its 2016 Industry Excellence Award to Joe Vernon Lamb III, Lamb Lumber Co., Lake Placid, N.Y.; Vendor of the Year Reeb Millwork Corp.; Salesperson of the Year Rick Maroney, PrimeSource Building Products; and Outstanding Customer Service providers Dereck Dodd, Triple A Building Supply; Ray Gregory, White’s Lumber; and Kelly Taillon, Bicknell Building Supply. Northeastern Young Lumber Execs will hold its next board meeting Jan. 8 in Rensselaer, N.Y. Missouri Forest Products Association holds its annual winter meeting Jan. 10-11 at the Capital Plaza Hotel, Jefferson City, Mo. Lake States Lumber Association is looking forward to discussing the year ahead during its annual winter meeting Jan. 11-13 in Green Bay, Wi.



Building Products Digest


December 2016

DATE Book Listings are often submitted months in advance. Always verify dates and locations with sponsor before making plans to attend. Eastern New York Lumber Dealers Association – Dec. 6, holiday trade show, Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; Northwestern Lumber Association – Dec. 6, business management seminar; Dec. 7-8, yard & delivery managers workshop, St. Paul, Mn.; (763) 544-6822;

Handy Hardware Wholesale – Jan. 5-7, spring dealer market, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Tx.; (713) 6441495; United Hardware Distributing Co. – Jan. 5-7, market, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Mn.; Charlotte Build, Remodel & Landscape Expo – Jan. 6-8, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, N.C.; Ft. Myers Home & Garden Show – Jan. 6-8, Harborside Event Center, Ft. Myers, Fl.; (866) 466-6300;

Building Material Suppliers Association – Dec. 7, inventory control seminar, Raleigh, N.C.; (800) 849-1503;

Madison Home Expo – Jan. 6-8, Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, Wi.; (800) 374-6463;

Western New York Lumber Dealers Association – Dec. 9, board meeting & holiday dinner, Rochester, N.Y.;

Philadelphia Spring Home Show – Jan. 6-8, Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia, Pa.;

Northwestern Lumber Association – Dec. 13-14, blueprint reading & material take-off, Omaha, Ne.; (763) 544-6822;

Volusia County Home & Garden Show – Jan. 6-8, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Fl.; (877) 663-3186;

Northeast Retail Lumber Association – Dec. 14, holiday board meeting, Ogdensburg, N.Y.;

Charleston Remodel & Landscape Show – Jan. 7-8, Exchange Park Fairgrounds, Charleston, S.C.; Mid-America Lumbermens Association – Jan. 7-8, Missouri winter meeting; (800) 747-6529; Northeastern Young Lumber Execs – Jan. 8, board meeting, Rensselaer, N.Y.;


Missouri Forest Products Association – Jan. 10-11, winter meeting, Capital Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, Jefferson City, Mo.; (573) 634-3252;

Atlantis Rail Systems []


ClearSpan Structures []


International Builders Show – Jan. 10-12, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fl.;

Cox Wood Preserving []


Crumpler Plastic Pipe []


New Hampshire Retail Lumber Association – Jan. 10, board meeting, Manchester Country Club, Bedford, N.H.;

CT Darnell Construction []


Digger Specialties []


Do it Best Corp. []


Woodworks – Jan. 11, Courtyard by Marriott Downtown, Minneapolis, Mn.; (443) 531-9753; .

Engineering Services & Products Co. [] 45 Everwood Treatment Co. []


International Beams []

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19 December 2016


Building Products Digest




lated during the war years. Also reported 71 years ago: • Nearly 13,000 veterans of World War II, a number just short of a full division, were employed by subsidiary companies of United States Steel Corp. as the veterans reemployment figure continued to increase daily. Of the number employed, 8,907 were former employees and 3,963 were veterans not previously employed by the companies. More than 110,000 employees of U.S. Steel subsidiaries left their jobs during the war to enter the armed services. • A plywood sign, the largest sign in the world, was constructed in Seattle to proclaim Washington’s welcome to returned veterans from all over the Pacific. Made of 1/2-in. waterproof Douglas fir Weldwood, the giant sign was 40 ft. high and 270 ft. long. It was built to withstand all weather. The sign read “Welcome Home” in 18-ft.-high letters along with the seals of the State of Washington. Half the cost was financed through state funds, and the other half was raised by a Seattle newspaper sports editor through a banquet for sportsmen. The 6,000 sq. ft. of plywood was supplied by the United States Plywood Corp. • The Corps of Engineers purchased 23.2 billion bd. ft. of lumber needed during the war, which cost over $1 billion, and purchased through a low-cost auction system.

71 Years Ago This Month

SEASONS GREETINGS: Since The Merchant played such a prominent role in the industry, it was common for companies to use their ads to pass along best wishes to their customers and industry friends during the holiday season.


was a year of recovery for our country and that means the lumber industry as well. As the year neared its end, so did World War II—and the country and its LBM industry were optimistically looking ahead. BPD’s sister publication, The California Lumber Merchant, reported in December 1945 that the lumber industry appeared to have a post-war future as bright as that of most other industries. It cited a big unfilled demand for lumber and wood products, which had accumu-



Building Products Digest


LONG BEFORE companies were able to express themselves via social media and email, their print advertisement was their opportunity to honor those coming home from the war and to encourage peace, much like this ad from L.A.’s W.B. Jones Lumber Co.

December 2016

BPD December 2016  
BPD December 2016  

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