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First responder takes on new enemy: His outdated backyard Every good story starts with a challenge. Not always the “here, hold my beer” type of challenge, but we’ve heard your feedback that one of your growing challenges is that homeowners think they are experts. The scenario goes kind of like this—“nice to meet you, now this is product we want, the color we want, here’s a picture of the design. I will handle the demo and I watched a YouTube video and I think I can handle laying down the deck boards. How much to just construct the substructure?” While it is true that the advancement in materials, the access to contractor grade tools, and unlimited access to online information has increased the average homeowner’s knowledge, we believe that nothing can replace the years of on the job training a professional contractor brings to the table. While an above-average job may be possible, when you factor in the time, the mistakes, the corrections and retail pricing on everything, we still believe the contractor wins every time! So, in a late-night editorial meeting, perhaps the lack of caffeine got the better of us and we decided to put it to the test. We found what we call an “average homeowner,” who happens to also be an American hero and an all-around good guy. He is a former combat veteran and a current police officer in Southern California. We 40


Deck Specialist


Summer 2020

How hard can it be? An ambitious D-I-Yer is about to find out as he dares to build his own dream deck.

have looked at other projects he’s done around the house and have to say they turned out pretty good! He has no prior building or contractor experience, but isn’t afraid to jump in with both feet and try something new. When we heard that Ryan was considering tackling his own deck and backyard remodel, maybe we selfishly egged him on a bit and maybe even dropped a dare or two. This summer through our social media channels, website and e-newsletter, Deck Specialist will be following Ryan’s project. We will be giving regular, specific updates and invite you to chime in with your comments, suggestions and evaluation of his skills. We will also give you a glimpse of what he’s about to tackle and invite you to either offer advice—or perhaps a word of warning. In the Fall issue of Deck Specialist, we will reveal the finished product and give it a “grade” along with an assessment of whether this homeowner did himself a favor, or simply wasted his summer vacation! Stay tuned and make sure you’re signed up on our social media and digital platforms to follow along and offer your thoughts! FOLLOW THE PROJECT!

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