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Sifu Alfred Johannes Neudorfer and Sifu Rosa Ferrante Bannera, founders of Wing Tsun Universe - WTU, a movement which characterizes not by the use of techniques, but of qualities, exchanges, principles and concepts of movement - focus their first DVD in Siu Nim Tao (SNT) or "9 ways". The SNT is the basis of Wing Tsun, Wing Chun and WTU. The understanding thereof is the basic condition for everything that comes after, because if you observe the way people perform the sequences of this movement, you can easily deduce what they will be able to do. If something is wrong with the movement, everything the practitioner will later develop will be erroneous. WTU movements (forms) involve inherent functions from which can derive applications. The significance of the primary movements makes them derive in other movements and to generate applications based on the principles and interactions that help to their understanding. The WTU also incorporates an extra "set" its founders considered necessary due to the current circumstances. The DVD includes the Movement (form) Siu Nim Tao, its 9 sequences and applications, sequences 1 to 3 of the first movement with a training partner (Chi Sao) and a revealing interview with the founders of the WTU.


All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


"If you see me in some of your thoughts, hug me, I miss you." Julio Cortazar.

hat is left, what remains at the very end, is often all there is in reality. Our personal history programs us; facts are forgotten but the marks stay. We can forget about the facts themselves, but the ruts by which water flowed one day remain printed in our personal and unique orography. What makes up our own landscape are often those paths; what makes us act in one way or another are not so much our highly valued knowledge and different skills that overlap like small highways drawn in a cyclopean landscape of immense marked canyons, tilled by emotions, patterns and quite often by situations unconsciously lived. Thoughts, reasoning, reflections, our esteemed modern brain in a word, perhaps is not as important as it itself thinks. How many times have we acted in a way completely opposite to what it tells us? In this sense we are all bipolar, we are all sailing in contradiction, because we live immersed in a world of opposites, where perceiving the value of the complementary is not always easy to appreciate. The best example: tastes, that usually whimsical decision that decants us in front of any person or situation in the first seconds of the meeting. If we can be so categorical in the small things, why can't we see that we are so also in the big things? Reason, logics, even what we call moral, much too often have the same value as that of a fart to fend off a lion. The lion, the mighty lion, is much more basic, older and less malleable that our prefrontal cortex. The roads started on the eve of our existence established primitive guidelines that sanction the


"What matters are not the low blows we receive, but the print they leave on us." Yasmina Khadra

territory of our truths with immense power. Roads for synapses to pass precisely thereabouts and not right next; to decide the opposite to what we think that is good, or to what others have agreed in the form of rules. Knowing yourself starts with knowing that we are sailing in a continuous sea of doubts; certainty is just an illusion, a decision that perhaps comes from another place and another hidden will that it would displease us to accept if we came face to face with it. But we like to feel important, scanning the horizon from the command deck, sailing the storm of life, because accepting our smallness and the scarce maneuverability of our choices, and of the one that takes them, would be even worse. Who is really on the command deck? In the end, that is at every moment, the remainder, the dregs, are all we have to face our present, to decide about the future, that monster we face from the self-imposed certainty in a sea of considerations chosen much more arbitrarily than the way we would like to accept. The Being itself, what pulsates and flows behind all that is what the ancients called the spirit, the breath that fills every corner of this complex biological gear, this network of roads, synapses and electric shocks that is the brain. Without it, the empty shell is only a pretense; death is the certainty that teaches us that truth, the price we have to pay to see beyond the obvious, the evident. The brain is not what we are... it's the mechanism, and its roads are the dregs of past experiences, and you know: Water that has passed by can't move the mill... but it sure sets out a path!

“Thoughts, reasoning, reflections, our esteemed modern brain in a word, perhaps is not as important as it itself thinks. How many times have we acted in a way completely opposite to what it tells us?�

“But we like to feel important, scanning the horizon from the command deck, sailing the storm of life, because accepting our smallness and the scarce maneuverability of our choices, and of the one that takes them, would be even worse. Who is really on the command deck?�

Self Defense

Whatever your style, if you do Martial Arts or not, some day or another you may be faced with danger ous situations in the street. God willing it will never happen, but if it does, we have prepared an instructional video with the best experts in the world and with a class A presenter - Don "The Dragon" Wilson, who has agreed to be involved after learning about the project and wished to be part of it. It is a work filled with the most important ingredients in dangerous situations: A heap of common sense! With the help of our experts we have come up with guidelines to strategic, tactical and psychological action in order to be able to confront scenarios that believe me, if you have not lived them, they will be completely unimaginable. Training on the tatami guarantees nothing more than the necessary attributes for combat; the sure thing is that when the situation arrives, it is normally not enough that we have trained, you have to be prepared, that is to say you have to have thought about it previously, so that your reactions are well conditioned and you avoid doing something foolish that you will regret all your life, especially if your life is shortened because of it.


Self Defense

Experts herefore, pay good attention to the advice that we give you in this article and if you want to learn more, don’t miss the video or DVD, prepared by the best Martial Arts instructors on the planet teaching formulas for the most frequent aggressive situations. These are formulas that you will know how to manage better if you are familiar with the disciplinary arts, but if that is not the case, you will also be able to use it with a little basic training. Don Wilson is an exceptional fighter and he has one of the longest careers in KickBoxing history. He is also a magnificent actor, and although few people know this, he is a writer, author, director and producer of many of his movies. He wanted to lend his face to a project that has the healthy goal of educating citizens about some facts that unfortunately are repeated every day with more and more frequency - street violence and robberies. It is evident that the situations that can be presented are infinite, however it has been statistically demonstrated that assaults are almost always developed in very similar forms. This has allowed us to make a series of basic scenarios and to develop a series of guidelines, and effective techniques and advice with which to confront them. The whole group of experts that participated in this production are people who because of their profession are accustomed to teaching others or to being confronted with these situations on a daily basis. We want to thank all of them for their good work and their dedication and we understand how important this work can be for a person who finds himself in a difficult moment.


Self Defense "This is the worst possible scenario! There is no escape from coming face to face with that troop of individuals; they don't want your money but your life and there are a lot of them! What can you do?"


Nothing can guarantee your success or survival, but like the great Chinese strategist Sun Tsu said, "He who makes plans and prepares his troops appropriately has a good chance to conquer he who doesn’t." In urban warfare, the forces of good and evil meet each other face to face on a daily basis. We must be prepared. It is essential because of the society we live in today. Like the sergeant said in the magnificent series: " Hill Street Blues": "Hey! You, be careful out there! "

General considerations on self-defense Hello, I am Don The Dragon Wilson and I want to show you some situations and formulas for confronting moments of danger. Things in the street are not the same as in the movies. Don't try to be heroes. True victory in a dangerous situation is to survive without getting hurt and to protect your loved ones. All the experts teach us that it is always necessary to stay calm. Whatever the situation we have to breathe deeply and try to remain conscious of all the details. Where is the possible exit? Where does the biggest danger lie? Is there a third party nearby that could help us? How strong are our opponents? Might you cause damage or injury to innocent people by the action that you take? In the street there are no rules except the

"That day somebody left their house wanting to hunt and today you are the victim! You were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Experts absence of rules so you have to be alert and be ready for the unexpected. When you are relaxed and aware of the situation you can evaluate your possibilities and the force of your opponents. When we do martial arts we are more prepared than most people to act in an effective way when faced with aggressors. If you have never trained in these selfdefense forms be cautious because your armed or unarmed enemy may have done so. Numeric superiority is an essential fact. If there are more of them try to break their concentration and escape. Don't face a superior enemy, because a small fish is only a mouthful for a big fish. If on the contrary you are well trained and your enemy is smaller, face up to him until there is an exit and you can request help. If this is not possible fight with all your force until you neutralize him. If your attackers are weaker, are unarmed and if you are better trained and more numerous then you have tactical superiority. Even in this case you should still remember that the forces of law and order are those that have the right and the capacity to proceed against criminals in all countries and although you have the right to legitimate defense, try to warn them and simply save yourself. Your obligation finishes when you defend yourself, your loved ones or innocent bystanders, whenever you can. Don't try to be a hero and never underestimate the enemy. All the techniques that we have prepared in this video are techniques to apply in situations where your only alternative is to fight. Don't try to apply them if there is another alternative like those that we have already mentioned. Remember, we only have one life and it is beautiful! No object of value deserves to be lost.

Self Defense

Experts choreograph the techniques you see in the movies and in real confrontations what works is always the simplest and most direct thing. Get out of your enemy's attack distance whenever you can, like Bruce said if they cannot touch you they can’t hit you! Always remembers that your opponent is afraid, too. Nobody starts an aggressive action without being nervous about it. We all fear suffering, so keep calm and remember he is also vulnerable and he knows it.

The Action Nobody can run if his leg is broken him and we all hurt when they kick us in the calf. If he has closed the distance and you have to fight, these are the areas of easy access for anyone. Hit with all your force and get out of there. The masculine genitals are another very sensitive area. In the very short distance a blow can annul an opponent giving you enough time to escape at full speed. In the medium distance boxing blows to the face are very effective; close your fist hard and don’t just deliver one, deliver a series; it is very difficult to knock down someone with a single blow. Maintain your central line and your center of gravity low and advance if the way is open. Napoleon said that the best defense is a good attack.


Self Defense

Don't try to imitate complicated movements, if you have to act, trust your instincts and let your adrenaline flow, scream like someone possessed when you attack and this will confuse your opponent who will feel all the force of your desire to live, of your fear, of your power. It breaks his concentration and increases your attack, but remember that your objective is not to defeat him but to survive, therefore don't trust your advantage, when your situation allows you to, attack and then save yourself.

In the short distance When the distance is broken and your opponent is close upon you, remember that your objective is still the same, to put ground between you and your aggressor. So breathe deeply and try to make him loosen his extremities and then attack his sensitive areas. If he grabs your trunk breath in and fill up your lungs to the maximum, then let the air out and try to slip out of his hold while you hit him. Your fingernails and your fingers are terrible weapons if they attack sensitive parts like the eyes, you can also bite, claw or kick everything at the time. If the position is held for too long then hit with whatever you have free, including your head; in this case try to hit his less resistant part, the temples, or the nose which are always less strong and resistant than the front bones.

Self Defense But remembers that in the short distance he may use the same weapons as you. A tacit agreement exists even among crafty types, there is an unspoken rule if you bite he will surely bite back, if you attack his eyes he will do the same so if you are going to raise the temperature of the fight do it when you are sure he will be surprised by your action and give you enough time to save yourself.

The best strategy is not to be there! The best strategy is not to get to a moment of confrontation. So avoid dangerous places, follow your instincts and stay alert if you don't know the neighborhood and watch your level of alcohol intake if you are at a party in a strange place. All cities have areas that are more dangerous than others: "He who avoids the opportunity avoids the danger! ". However, even with this recommendation in mind, life gives us surprises and the bad guys don't rest. We have all suffered or heard stories about somebody who has had a problem with criminals or punks. If this happens try to figure out what are their intentions. Do they want your watch? you give it to him and run! Do they want your wallet? Well take it! But if you suspect that their intentions

Experts are to hurt you, stay alert and offer him bait to get his attention and then counterattack. When you are the victim That day somebody left his or her house ready to hunt and you are his victim! You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, there is nothing that you can do now to avoid it so don't get angry with life, stay calm and look at it this way: this guy doesn't want problems, he just wants to take something that is yours, and if you remain alert you will be able to negotiate. Speak calmly to him and ask him what he wants and make sure that he understands that you will collaborate and that you don't want problems. If the motive of the assault is robbery as most often happens you will be able to get out of the situation without being hurt. The attackers are not stupid but they can be tricked and so it is important that you keep some extra money in another place when you travel to a foreign country. Distribute your money in your pockets and leave a small quantity in your wallet, and so when they ask for money you can give them your wallet. If you see that he is calm ask him if you can keep your documents, after all they are not worth anything to him. Make sure you have written down the numbers of your credit cards in the hotel in some corner of your suitcase so that you can cancel them as soon as possible. If you are lucky he won't ask you to empty your pockets but if he does collaborate with him and give him the rest swearing that you don't have anything else.

Self Defense “Always remembers that your opponent is afraid, too. Nobody starts an aggressive action without being nervous about it. We all fear suffering, so keep calm and remember he is also vulnerable and he knows it.�

Experts Never take your eyes off your attacker even when you put your hands in your pocket. When you are the victim you cannot take your eyes off your predator.

When faced with several attackers You are in the worst possible scenario! There is no escape except going by this troop of

individuals that are coming upon you. They don't want your money but your life and they are many of them! What can you do? Well, the only thing left is to fight and to hope that you will be lucky. What is the best strategy? The first thing to do is to make sure that you can cover your back to the maximum, go back until you are near the wall and it becomes your ally. Look for the most insecure of your attackers, the weakest one and wait for him to come closer, when you have him close jump on him and try to hit him throwing him on the nearest of your opponents. Let them get as messed up as possible, break their defense and look for an escape. Avoid getting involved in close quarters with anyone and avoid by all possible means them taking you to the floor, if you do you are lost and they will kick you to death. One on one techniques are not for these occasions, my friend!

Use what you have at hand One of the most important things in a combat is to surprise the enemy with unexpected weapons. There are three types of weapons. Firstly, the throwing weapons, stones, sticks, bottles, or any object that you have at hand and that you can reasonably throw. Secondly, the piercing ones: knives, broken bottles, canes, etc… and thirdly the hammers: all those that you can use to hit your opponent, a hammer, a metal bar, etc… The first ones allow you to keep the enemy at a long distance but you have to have aim and be able to run at the same time, which is always difficult.

“Descubre entre todos al atacante más inseguro, al más débil”

Self Defense

“But above all remember that an enemy can be armed even when he has not shown his weapon.�

Experts The piercing ones are not easy to have on hand and on the contrary your opponents will usually have them. And the third are a great resource… if you are lucky! Beyond the multiple self-defense devices that are sold in specialized stores, some objects that we usually carry on us can in the event of necessity become offensive weapons. That mobile phone that cost you so much money can be of great help… for hitting your attacker of course! Some policemen usually prefer the older heavy models… why would that be? A key in your hand can convert a punch into a piercing weapon and the effect is very surprising. A pen is a definitive piercing weapon in the event of necessity. A very heavy group of keys can be a terrific throwing weapon.

Conclusion But above all remember that an enemy can be armed even when he has not shown his weapon. Remember that our object is not to reduce him but to survive and to leave unharmed. And mainly… that there is nothing more valuable than to be able to see the sun come out again, to hug your loved ones again, and of course that unique experience of breathing deeply when everything is over. No matter how traumatic it has been, talking about it afterwards is the first step to being able to enjoy your daily life again. Remember that the reason you program your mind with this video and the reason you do your daily training will all your might will make sense when the occasion arises. Always choose life and don't be a dead hero! These things only happen in the movies! I am Don "The Dragon" Wilson and remember… take great care out there!

Some of the experts that have participated in this video Jim Wagner is one of the most renown experts in the world in military and police self defense. He has taught the most elite security corps and immediate intervention corps from all over the world such as the GSG 9 of Germany, the Brazilian G.A.T.E., the Unit of Special Operations of the Spanish Legion, the British TGS, the Argentinean Special Forces, the FBI SWAT, the US MARSHAL SOG, the North American DEA, the US NAVY SEALS, the US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES, etc.

Self Defense • Colonel Santiago Sanchis is an expert in self, military and police defense. He will teach us some simple techniques to free us from a hold as well as from other dangerous situations. • Victor Gutiérrez is one of the greatest WingTsun exponents in the world. This is the style that Bruce Lee learned in China, and Victor will teach you some key techniques to keep in mind when in a dangerous situation with an unarmed attacker. • Marco De Cesaris is the world representative of Muay Boran, the Thai system of self-defense. He will explain to you different solutions to situations of danger. • Paolo Cangelosi is a magnificent expert in Kung Fu and he will demonstrate to you how to defend yourself from the perspective of the Chinese Martial Arts. • Maurice Elmalem has several records in the Guinness Book of Records. He is a Taekwondoka author of several books and an expert in Krav Maga - the Israeli self defense techniques. • Thierry Delief is an expert in police defense, and he is in charge of the training of the agents of the Paris Metro in France and of other organisms dedicated to security in that country. • Joaquín Almeria is an expert in JKD. Master Almería is a student of Dan Inosanto and he has given his services to the American Army as an instructor. • Omar Martínez Sesto, expert in the rapid reaction forces and extreme situations in the service of the American Federal Government. • Hock Hochheim. Few people know the weapons techniques like this Texan expert who has been training the public law enforcement and order forces for years in the USA. He is the editor of the magazine "Close Quarter Combat" in the USA. • MIKE Faraone: With his SEAL program and his personal style of working Mike Faraone has earned a position of honor among the teachers of combat forms and defense forms over the last few decades. His experience is the result of years of learning under the guidance of well-known teachers like Paul Vunak or Dan Inosanto.

Experts • Olivier Pierfederici, Formerly with the French military, has a long experience in self-defense educational programs for managers in several South American countries. He has trained the armed forces of different countries in the Southern Hemisphere. • Davide Ferreti: Professor of Ruas Vale Tudo and well known Italian expert in self-defense forms that include Wing Chun combined with Jiu Jitsu. • Jerome Kadian: Representative in Europe of SYSTEMA an innovative formula of the special Russian groups for self-defense that is has been creating some interest over the last few years. The fall of the iron curtain has allowed us to learn a lot about the rocky and pragmatic systems that have been taught in the old Soviet Union. • Bryan Cheek: Reputed British professor of Jiu Jitsu. The effectiveness of his work has been acclaimed by the police and the Special Forces in different countries. His style is a highly effective Jiu Jitsu although its roots are immersed in tradition. • Cuspinera is a Master of Kansen Ryu, the system used by Cuban operative groups. The ability of these experts has been apparent throughout long years of tough testing. From Angola to the Cuban leader Fidel Castro's own protection, the experts of this country have been trained in this combat form. • Angel García. One of the most outstanding professors at world level in the Kajukenbo system, he represents this system all over Europe; a style famous for its effectiveness. • Alfredo Tucci. Director of Budo International, expert in strategy.

We must be prepared. It is essential because of the society we live in today. Like the sergeant said in the magnificent series: " Hill Street Blues": "Hey! You, be careful out there! "

“Remember that the reason you program your mind with this video and the reason you do your daily training will all your might will make sense when the occasion arises.”


This DVD is the result promoted by the Spanish subsidiary of the Zen Nihon Toyama-Ryu Iaido Renmei (ZNTIR - Spain Branch), to publicize the technical content of the ToyamaRyu style as practiced in the ZNTIR Honbu Dojo in Machida, Tokyo, unchanged, with no alterations. The loyalty of the program is such that is its president and maximum technical manager, Yoshitoki Hataya Sensei, who, accompanied by some members, executes personally the entire compendium of the current style program. In him you can find the basic structure of the methodology that is applied, from the coded exercises of warming up and preparation and through the cutting exercises; the guards; the school Katas, including those corresponding to the Toyama Army Academy, the Gunto Soho and its explanation; work in pairs, both in Kumitachi and Gekken Kumitachi, and the cornerstone on which the Toyama-Ryu is based, i.e., Tameshigiri or cutting exercises on a real target. Zen Nihon Toyama-Ryu IaiDo Renmei (ZNTIR) is the body that currently - once reviewed and adapted the concepts and methodology of a school that comes from a method of actual combat intends to maintain alive this tradition and the original forms through a system that unifies body, mind and spirit in a realistic and effective way. Thanks to the commitment of a few graduates of the Toyama Army Academy (Rikugun Toyama Gakko), who continued secretly keeping alive the art until the lifting of the bans and the return of sovereignty to the Japanese people, today can learn a fencing style framed among the current schools of Iai-Do. This is a meticulous DVD in different languages, which proves to be a valuable source for researchers and practitioners of Japanese sword, and for martial artists in general or interested in the history of Japan and its last world war. It's a real stroke of luck being able to observe the techniques it contains, and at least for serious researchers, is well worth having it in your video library. We practitioners of the style want to share loyally the knowledge of our Japanese fencing school, in the hope that at the same time, the own inter nal values of those armed men impregnate the new generations and allow to glimpse a revulsive, in a traditionally way very different from the current approach to combat disciplines of Japanese origin. All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


Common Errors and disarming techniques Krav Maga Israeli Survival System: the new Krav Maga frontier. After the success of the first DVD, Grandmaster Marco Morabito appears unprecedented in Budo International with a DVD dedicated to weapons: Morabito knowledge in both civil and military defense fields, intertwine in an explosive mixture of technology and innovation. Nothing is left to chance and there are no secrets: with "experimentalis cognitio", that is, the knowledge based on experience and logic demonstration, the most common armed attacks are examined with great care and abundance of details.


Self Defense et's see together now the most commonly used weapons. The types of weapons that we might have to deal with depend on the historical period and the place of reference. Just think of the sword, a weapon of first importance in the Middle Ages which, when gunpowder was invented, it soon tur ned into something rather useless. I always bear in mind the very famous battles fought in the New World, where the natives responded to the fire with bows and arrows. This brief introduction intends initially to make the reader reflect on the following fact: the best way to defeat the adversary is to have useful and enough weapons to fight against him. This means having the right equipment is the ideal situation to counter the aggressor. But between this "ideal situation" and us, there are strong limitations,


especially at the legal level. In Italy, for example, the solution of the legal problem is not easy because from the moment that a person carries any instrument which is openly intended for self-defense against crime, the law equates it to an undue weapon and the user will have to answer before the authorities of carrying an instrument suitable to cause harm without a justifiable reason. The same applies to the carrying or use of an object which by its nature, is not intended for an offensive action; it can also become something illegal even if the function that can convert it into an improper weapon can be less immediate. To cite an example, a glass used to threaten and cause injury, undergoes a metamorphosis from being a bar accessory to become a suitable object to attack. Therefore, being unable to fight the battle in the technological / instrumental

field, we must learn to use our body as a weapon. Learning how to use our body has many advantages, for example, versatility and immediacy in defense. No need to think about pulling out a weapon: we are the weapon. We can forget about carrying a knife or gun, but not our hands. Always ready, the travel with us, and properly used are an excellent compendium even for those who use their service weapon. And even if we're optimally equipped, we can always use our body to face the opponent. For this reason, a good self-defense system is also suitable for military and security personnel. Just think of the bodyguard who can't make use of his weapons to "deter" the admirers of his V.I.P. Imagine what newspapers would say! Instead, by using some effective non-invasive techniques, you can repel the most stubborn fans without creating scandal. But law enforcement and


Self Defense

Self Defense security personnel are not the only ones who can take advantage of learning to defend them. Civilians too can benefit from it, since in most cases, you cannot rely on the protection provided by the different types of weapons. In the first DVD of Krav Maga Israeli Survival System we saw several techniques of hand to hand combat, now in this new DVD we will see some armed hand defense techniques. Various techniques will be analyzed with the most common weapons, but we must bear in mind that there is no "universal pattern of aggression", the types of attack are unlimited and, consequently, so are the forms of defense. Technique is only the base of study to develop fluency and conscience of the movement, but the purpose is that of making our defense instinctive shortening the reaction time. Like when you step into the ring, you never have the mathematical certainty that you will come out from it as a winner, but you can increase your chances of success. "He who fights can lose, he who doesn't fight has already lost". In self-defense, as in any other discipline, two main ingredients are necessary for success: a good master and time. A valid teacher is the one that will guide you onto the right track and will lay the foundations on which you will


New DVD be able to build your own values and knowledge. Time will make you more skillful, instinctive and sharp. The main objective of Krav Maga Israeli Survival System is that of trying to reduce the gap between action and reaction. Much too often, in real life there is no time to think. The normal thought process is too long and we must learn to shorten the time. Often in the street, the fate of the encounter is decided in seconds and it is normal that the outcome of the battle gets determined in the first reaction. If we can't avoid the confrontation, it is necessary that at one point we, the abused ones, become abusers. An instinctive reaction doesn't mean however having an excess of "selfconfidence". Having "self-confidence" is being self-confident, that is, being secure in yourself and your abilities; it's the security that gives us a situation that apparently is to our advantage. However, it can turn into a danger to our security. Even when we think we have the situation under control, the cards on the table can suddenly change. This is true for us ... but also for the adversary; thus, if it's the case, to take advantage of an apparent advantage of the aggressor who, feeling "in command", may make some mistake. In the marine environment, we think of a "quiet" group of castaways, perhaps with women and children adrift, to whom we make come on board our own ship to guarantee a minimum of attention. Some of these, once on board, if not properly controlled, may prove to be bandits prepared to storm the ship. Therefore you must never ever lower your guard in an excess of self-confidence: even situations in our favor can become a disadvantage for us. On the other hand you should never underestimate your enemy, because it's in here where the greatest danger lies. A seemingly harmless person threatening to try to get a few coins, may be more dangerous to your safety than the professional robber who is able to control emotions and knows exactly what he wants: if his intention is to rip you off in the street, he will hardly go any further to risk getting in trouble other than the target he had set. Also, let us not forget to learn how to evaluate and use the environment around us: anything can become a weapon .... on our favor or to our disadvantage. A bottle, a chair, a glass, a table, even a pen, can become tools with which we can be attacked, or with which we can defend ourselves. Why not using these items to increase our defense possibilities? So, let's pay attention to what is around us. Being aware of the space around us can also help us prevent a showdown! Let's talk now about the author of this colossal work: Marco Morabito. Much has been said and written about this worldrenowned martial artist, so there is little we can add

Self Defense “In the first DVD of Krav Maga Israeli Survival System we saw several techniques of hand to hand combat, now in this new DVD we will see some armed hand defense techniques.�

Self Defense

Self Defense “Martial Arts, combat sports and self-defense, all of them depict life itself: falling and rising, exchange of ideas and opinions, growth and personal development, social relationships, personal fulfillment, meetings and disagreements, management of emotions, the solving of problems...�

New DVD about a character from whom there's been so much talk in magazines and newspapers around the world... In this article we want to see him not only through his trophies, medals and awards, but delving introspectively into the role he plays in the world of Martial Arts. What characterizes him is the relentless pursuit of excellence and that he never stops: "When you think you've reached the summit, stop and look back". You never stop lear ning and the growth possibilities are endless. "You'll never get to the top," but that's the beauty of the road: is not to arrive, but to follow it. Martial Arts, combat sports and selfdefense, all of them depict life itself: falling and rising, exchange of ideas and opinions, growth and personal development, social relationships, personal fulfillment, meetings and disagreements, management of emotions, the solving of problems... The path of apprenticeship, therefore, is not always easy, and the instructor besides being an excellent technician, must be also a good orator: conveying concepts and maintaining high the students' attention is not simple and involves a lot of responsibility, more so when we are speaking about returning home safely A task not always easy, but thanks to the enthusiasm of the technicians and students, it provides many satisfactions and is the main reason for the constant study and personal development. With his Krav Maga Israeli Survival System, he wants to break the schemes and show the public something completely new, far away from the usual techniques, obsolete and emulated for decades. So in this DVD you will see something completely new, where technology merges with the experience and everything acquires clear and defined contours. Nothing is left to chance and the most common mistakes are analyzed and unmasked without delay. In Krav Maga Israeli Survival System you will find a new, exceptional and authentic defense method. Write to us, write to us and write to us! Any opinion, idea or constructive suggestion is a source of growth for us and a reason to share.

Self Defense


In this DVD, Master Marco Morabito, with exclusive rights for Budo International, presents a preview of the Israeli Krav Maga Survival System. In this colossal work, the basic method and techniques of this discipline are illustrated in a clear and transparent manner. That is, no secrets, but in an extraordinary job that will take you to the very core of self-defense. The techniques are illustrated so that they are easily understood by all. A truly unique opportunity to approach selfdefense or improve your knowledge on the subject. The author is one of today’s top self-defense exponents worldwide and has to his credit an extensive experience both in the military field and in security companies; awarded several times in various countries and acclaimed by his courses and seminars around the world, he has become an international spokesperson for different combat and self-defense systems, little known but highly effective. He has learned and studied all over the world, from Japan to the US, via Poland, Spain, Cape Verde, Germany, Israel, France and Russia, a continued research in remote areas of the world, such as Siberia or the desert of Texas, without stopping at any point in his tireless search for new knowledge without ever stop asking questions. The Israeli Krav Maga Survival System is not a discipline or a set of rigid rules, but a method, a process of continuous and constant evolution. This makes it adaptable to any situation and circumstance and permeable to any changes, and then be able to take stock of its mistakes and use the experience as an opportunity to improve.


All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


The self-offense Given the many advertising and articles about self-defense, I think it’s important for practitioners and non-practitioners to notice the difference between self-defense and self-offense. In the current climate of insecurity, we can read more and more articles, and watch television programmes about a current sensitive topic : how to protect yourself effectively in case of aggression?

Jeet Kune Do

f it is necessary to talk about this vast subject, we can see a confusion between selfdefense and self-offense. Sometimes, it’s unintentional, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s deliberate. We will try to sort out both these practices to see things more clearly. The purpose of self-defense is to protect us and fight back during a physical aggression. It means that we will protect ourselves, of course, but by respecting the right of self-defense ; which means to do everything to defend our physical integrity, even our life, but by avoiding a useless exaggeration. By “exaggeration”, I mean that it is not necessary to kill an aggressor to defend ourselves. Of course, if the aggressor is determined and seeks your life, the first objective is to be alive at the end of the confrontation. But we will do everything to avoid hurting, or killing the aggressor. Too frequently, one asks us to hit like a brute, without thinking, and on any body parts of the aggressor. Yet, as I mention it in a previous article, aggression consists of several phases that need to be considered, and cleverly used. The first is the dialogue, in order to try to neutralize the situation by the conversation. Of course, people will say that it is better not to talk, because it is not warlike, so it is not sales-oriented. But those who have already had to endure a real aggression, know perfectly well that a situation worsens very quickly and that the outcome of the fight is never assured.


So in my opinion, it is better to avoid the confrontation by leaving if it is possible, or by discussing and avoid the physical contact. But it’s surprising and sad, even sometimes revolting, to notice that in order to be distinguished from other selfdefense teachers, some of them play with violence and fear of aggression, by exaggerating their response, during their classes. While a self-defense class, we can show everything, demonstrate and pretend, since everything is standardized (and fortunately, in order to avoid serious injuries). But people who had been really attacked in the street know

Jeet Kune Do “We have to learn to handle fear and use this rush of adrenaline so that it is useful.�

that what has been learnt during classes can be used to develop reflexes, but may not be brought up again in a real-life situation, because we can end up stupefied by fear. We have to learn to handle fear and use this rush of adrenaline so that it is useful. However, there is no guarantee of results while a real confrontation : every aggression will be lived and apprehend differently. Indeed, sometimes, while aggression, we defend effectively, and while another, we won’t move for various reasons (fear, don’t want to, many opponents, our family is here, …) So a few teachers obscure all these parameters, and will show a real “butchery”, sometimes useless, in order to reassure the student who will feel invincible and impossible to aim at, because he thinks that he surpasses the aggressor with his strong and precise punches. Unfortunately, the street is not an established pattern, nor a rigid scene. First thing : the aggressor will respond to our punches and he is on his territory. Namely, he knows perfectly his target, he chooses his victims because they are isolated, weak, old, young, vulnerable, ... The student who will discover the violence of aggression will often be shocked and paralyzed, and won’t be able to reproduce what he learnt in class.

Furthermore, fear is usually hidden during the class, because according to some teachers, only weak people are afraid. But everybody is afraid while aggression, in different ways, but fear is present, and has to be tamed. Nowadays, one of the answers is self-offense, presented as selfdefense. We have to hit very hard and

slaughter our opponent, without respect for life. As I said above, we actually have to protect our life at any cost, if we are aggressed. And we will take our aggressor’s life only if it is needed in an extreme case. But we have to remember that an aggressor chooses his victim, he will choose someone that seems weak and easy to rob, for him.

“In Jeet Kune Do class, we intercept, observe, predict the opponent’s punches.”

This parameter is very important because as soon as the victim defend himself, numerous aggressors are cowards and run away when they are mistreated by the person they chose. So why desperately attempt to give everything at this moment, and risk to ruin our life by hurting, killing the aggressor, or make him disabled, if it was not strictly necessary? Hitting first, which is the first advice in the street, is a part of the selfoffense teacher speech. We must hit first, and punch until the aggressor stops moving, even seems unconscious. How can we put in danger students who may apply this advice, if by chance they are not frozen by fear, and will end before the Court, or in jail, depending on the seriousness of their act ? In Jeet Kune Do class, we intercept, observe, predict the opponent’s punches. It is practicable while sparring, but the danger of the street is to become the aggressor if we hit first. Of course, there are stratagems that I won’t reveal here, but we cannot hit first an aggressor who insults us, because it would mean that we are the trigger of the aggression, and we would become the aggressor. And this is reprehensible by the law. On the other hand, the self-offense rub it in by mentioning the aggressive self-defense. How can we put these terms in opposition, even though they are antagonists to each other?

Indeed, self-defense means protecting ourselves, and “aggressive” come from the word “aggression”. But, if we aggress, we cannot mention self-defense anymore since we are the aggressor. I will never understand why some teachers lie to their students, who come in class to reassure themselves with reflexes and control of speech, in

order to avoid the aggression as much as possible. Let’s not forget that in case of aggression, we need to protect ourselves and the best thing to do is run fast before the first hit or after the first hit we will make, and not to “finish” the aggressor on the ground. I am shocked to see that we can develop a market through aggression endured by people, by promising

Jeet Kune Do

“I will never understand why some teachers lie to their students, who come in class to reassure themselves with reflexes and control of speech, in order to avoid the aggression as much as possible.�

Jeet Kune Do

“So in my opinion, it is better to avoid the confrontation by leaving if it is possible, or by discussing and avoid the physical contact.�

“it is not tolerable to show techniques that may serve to kill innocent people, to civilians, and on videos, watchable by everybody.”

invincibility dreams, and by lying about the dangerousness of a real aggression. I will finish this article by talking about this new trend, which consists to use, for the self-offense, a machete, a tomahawk, a karambit or a knife in front of an empty hands opponent, and still talk about “selfdefense”. If we are aggressed by someone bare hands, we cannot respond with this kind of sharp weapons, because the jail for manslaughter will be the only penalty incurred. On the other hand, in these times when we can find all the techniques on the Internet, it is really smart to show to aggressors, terrorists and

others degenerates how to kill with bladed weapons someone who will defend himself with bare hands ... T he teachers s ho uld hav e an ethical code and show those kinds of things only to military forces, on a bat tlefield, in o rder fo r t hem t o neutralize an individual, even if he is not armed. Sifu Dan Inosanto reminded us, during an instructor seminar, that it is

not tolerable to show techniques that may serve to kill innocent people, to civilians, and on videos, watchable by everybody. But of course, facing the desire to make more money, to the renown sought by many and in order to pretend to be the biggest warrior in the world, the ethic, the respect of life and the respect of the moral code, are nothing.

GM Pellegrini


Combat Hapkido

I had already picked an interesting topic for this month’s article and was getting ready to write it when my wife showed me something she had seen on the Internet because she felt I would find it amusing. But I did not. I thought it was outrageous and offensive and it prompted me to write this article instead. But first a little disclaimer: everyone who knows me, knows that I am extremely open-minded, I respect ALL Martial Arts styles (traditional or eclectic) and that I always welcome innovations and evolution in the field of Self-Defense. What I cannot tolerate is a fraud mixed with stupidity with a shot of ego added. It makes for a very dangerous cocktail. At this point, you are probably wondering what it was that got me so infuriated. So here it is.

GM Pellegrini

here is this video clip titled “How to get out of standing joint-locks” featuring a very young, unknown, clearly inexperienced guy wearing shorts, demonstrating how to “reverse and escape” from martial arts joint-locks. Not only are the techniques shown laughable, they are falsely made to appear to work because the “partner” applies the jointlocks in a totally fake and, I believe, intentionally incorrect manner. What makes this pathetic and disgraceful presentation particularly offensive is the accompanying commentary where this ignorant and arrogant young man tells the audience in a self-assured and condescending tone that “all the standing joint-locks of Aikido, Jiu-jitsu, Hapkido, etc.. just NEVER work in real street self-defense”. So, in a few sentences, this “genius” has revealed to the rest of us how wrong, naïve and truly misguided we have been for learning and teaching all those useless, easily-escaped joint-locks. We must realize how fortunate we are to be living at this time in history when this longawaited martial arts messiah has finally appeared to expose our incompetence and the folly of our ways. And now he will generously show us the true and only path to enlightenment: his totally new, invincible, scientifically proven fighting style, which, according to his website, is already “spreading around the World”. Did I mention that he is available for seminars? I could spend a long time discussing how an extensive, comprehensive variety of “standing jointlocks” has been an important part of many Martial Arts for over 2000 years, and not just Aikido, Jiu-jitsu and Hapkido. Russian Systema, Filipino Kali, Chinese Chi-Na, Greek Pankration, Korean Kuk Sool and Hwarand-Do are just a few examples of effective, respected and widely practiced Martial Arts that employ joint-locks. There are many more. I could spend a long time discussing the extreme lack of respect that this individual has demonstrated toward the Founders, Grandmasters and Masters of the Arts and Styles he so condescendingly criticize as “not working”. It takes an incredibly shameless ego and astonishing arrogance to dismiss historical Martial Arts figures such as Morey Ueshiba O’Sensei, Prof. Wally Jay, Grandmaster Choi Yong-Sool, Dr. He-Young Kimm, Grandmaster In Sun Seo, Prof. Remy Presas and many, many others, in fact, too many to mention here. To observe the total lack of humility


displayed by this jerk would almost be comical if it wasn’t so disgraceful. But, thanks to his words and actions, he will never be confused with areal Martial Artist. I could spend a long time discussing how Police, Correction and virtually all Law-Enforcement and Security personnel around the World use joint-locks thousands of times every day and have been doing so to successfully restrain, subdue, control and transport resisting suspects for a hundred years. And, while on this subject, given the fact that police officers often rely on joint-locks to safely perform their duties, I could make a case that even if those fake escapes did actually work, they should not be so openly demonstrated to a general audience that no doubt includes many criminals, gang members, convicts, terrorists and other assorted dangerous and antisocial individuals. I could spend a long time discussing how anatomically correct joint-locks, applied at “street� speed, with the proper energy and at the right angle and direction, are virtually irreversible and almost impossible to escape, excruciatingly painful and devastatingly effective. I could also spend a long time explaining to this ignorant, incompetent and obviously inexperienced young man that joint-locks are

Combat Hapkido almost never executed in a vacuum as a stand-alone, complete response to an attack. In other words, they are not the whole tactical defense: beginning, middle and end. Depending on the thousands of variables of an attack, joint-locks can be applied at the beginning OR in the middle OR at the end of the defensive response. The joint-lock will often be preceded by a strike or kick to “soften and distract” the attacker and may be followed by another strike or kick to insure continued non-resistance. I could spend a long time lamenting the

fact that, inevitably, freedom of expression (that I strongly support) often allows and encourages egotistical buffoons to spew and disseminate stupid, false and outright dangerous garbage. But the only reason I felt compelled to write about this particular case, is my concern for those who, without experience, may fall prey to the false promises, the fake shows and the ridiculous nonsense being peddled. It is a dangerous cocktail that can get s o m e o n e seriously hurt. Interestingly, the ancient Romans summed it all up with two simple words: “caveat emptor” or “buyer be aware”. Truly timeless wisdom.

VACIRCA BROTHERS JIU-JITSU: The Origins and Development of Jiu-Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu VS Submission Wrestling: who invented it? The marketing slogan “Wer hat’s erfunden?” (English: who invented it?”) used for so many years by the Swiss company RICOLA before changing it to “Chrüterchraft” which means in English “Herbal Power” would match perfectly to my next question to the readers of this text. I am a huge fan of this fine herb pastilles, even if they are from Basel and I am from Zurich, but beside from that, RICOLA is with me everywhere I go like my Kimono.


iu-Jitsu and other types of Submission wrestling have been long time in our country (Switzerland). You do not believe it? Well it is really not a secret that in the homeland of Sherlock Holmes and his British Majesty where trained by the Swiss Jiu-Jitsu expert, named Armand Cherpillod from a small town named St. Croix; Mr. Cherpillod wrote one of the really first books around 1906 about “Jiu-Jitsu for women and girls”. He also moved to London where he taught his fighting techniques in one of the most prestigious Athletic clubs of all times. Not only because I was born in Switzerland – and in many things I know to be more like a Swiss than an Italian or Spaniard, it was a must for me to tell you about this champion of those old good days. An article in my possession dated August 24, 1908, Armand Cherpillod told to the medias in Lausanne, that after winning his last fight against Maurice Deriaz, he was the new World Champion. The newspaper reports: “In front of an extraordinarily large audience Cherpillod had arranged at Theatre in Lausanne to compete against Deriaz. Cherpillod was 30 years old at that time and his opponent seven years younger, born in Baulmes also a city in northern part of the Jura, crowned with the World title in London in 1908.” The reporter explains furthermore that that his opponent Deriaz was less corpulent but more alert and awake. The two Champions exchange respect with a strong handshake and the fight started almost immediately. Deriaz vigorously attacked Cherpillod who seems to know exactly how to parry the attacks. Cherpillod countered with a terrible leg kick that put Deriaz to the ground. However, before Cherpillod had time to enjoy his advantage over his opponent, Deriaz was already up on his feet and countered the assault.

The first round finished after 30 minutes of a non-stop fighting and with a draw. The second round started after a small break and Cherpillod attacked right away and suddenly had his opponent on the ground again, but this time holding him tight on the waist. Deriaz legs were in the air and his back on the floor. Deriaz desperately tried to defend from that incredible strong hold by Cherpillod but without success, which also forced Deriaz to surrender. The audience was enthusiast by Cherpillod quick move and fighting spirit against his younger opponent. Very humble and quiet both fighters walked to each other and extended their hands. Lausanne had at that night a new Champion.

But who was this man, who brought Jiu-Jitsu to Switzerland and many other countries? Armand Cherpillod was born on November 25, 1876 at Vraconnaz, a small town near Sainte-Croix, in the Canton of Vaud. He was the eldest of nine children of a modest family, who were confronted with the harsh reality of existence at very young age. He developed a very fighting spirit and confronted himself with numerous regional, national and international Competitors from all over the World. Between 1901 and 1926 he fought several times in freestyle wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu and brought the Japanese art of fighting to Switzerland.

In 1901 he became professor of gymnastics and wrestling to the world famous Bartitsu Academy of Arms and Physical Culture, in London, where he taught on the side of two Japanese masters Yukio Tani and Sadakazu Uyenishi the art of Jiu-Jitsu. He became so profound with this art, that the two Japanese Masters request from Cherpillod to visit Japan and to train there, but Cherpillod hat another dream. After retiring from competitive sport, he started as Professor of gymnastics and sports and took the role of chief instructor of the Athletics section in Lausanne. That gave him the opportunity to train the Swiss police forces and develop the first ever official self-defense program. He also wrote several books on Jiu-Jitsu and became to be known all around the world. Cherpillod died at St. Croix on August 26, 1940; he was married and had a daughter. This pages are dedicated to all the “silence” teachers and trainers in our Jiu-Jitsu community around the world, that have been great contributors not only for the development and progression of our self-defense and self-improvement art… they have helped that Jiu-Jitsu continued to stay alive for decades and that we all today can benefit in so many ways.

“This pages are dedicated to all the “silence” teachers and trainers in our Jiu-Jitsu community around the world, that have been great contributors not only for the development and progression of our self-defense and selfimprovement art… they have helped that Jiu-Jitsu continued to stay alive for decades and that we all today can benefit in so many ways.”

RaĂşl GutiĂŠrrez

Smiling with a Broken Heart Every morning when I wake up, I give thanks for a new day, for the opportunity to start over again, for the grace of becoming incr easingly noble, r espectful, prudent and appreciative of the beautiful things of life. Everyone has the right to choose how to live, what to fight for, what to suffer for. Comprehension, honor and dignity of being on this planet, which is like a school for our apprenticeship, evolution and contemplation of the Divine Greatness.

o have clearness of mind and be quiet so as to live in peace and harmony... to share with our fellow men the good things and to overcome the bad things... to give all we can, getting rid of all our vanities, materialism, consumerism and mediocrities... to be happy seeking happiness for others... respecting our nature, our family, friends, pets, companions all, in our brief stay in this world so incredible; without blaming God, or fate, or our fellow human beings by the rough patches that every so often stop by and visit us, but rather understanding that this is necessary to remind us that nobody is better than anyone else and how vulnerable we are, and then we will discover that we can get the better of us from within, and we will understand that actually, we are part of the Whole, and therefore we are almost the builders of our own destiny. There are so many times in which, involved in the worst circumstances of our existence, we are forced to "Smile with a Broken Heart", overcoming our fears, worries, mistrust and insecurity. Waking up each morning, being able to walk and feel that we are full and complete, is better than the greatest fortune in the world, since the latter cannot give us the satisfaction of being alive and healthy. Many relatives, friends, companions and pupils, have already crossed the Great Divide; they are gone, as they say, "to the other side", "to the other world", "to a better life". Some young people do not reach the old age, which means they failed to enjoy it. Fulfilling years, as I usually say, is the best way to "live life", no matter if it's raining, it's cold, it's snowing or the sun is shining. Everything is beautiful, sublime‌ MAJESTIC! And if we manage to enjoy every moment getting into these different vibrational frequencies


“Rome is one of those towns that I think I will never get tired of visiting with happiness and satisfaction.�

Raúl Gutiérrez

Raúl Gutiérrez in harmony with the Universe, then our soul, body and mind "will live in peace and health." Sometimes, or rather often, man suffers and wraps himself in banal things, selfishness, scorn or challenges to our very existence. Errors are paid, and sometimes the price is too high. Friends, it's worth it for our own sake and for our loved ones that we wake up as soon as possible. We must realize that there are so many good and beautiful things out there, anywhere in the world. And if, unfortunately, we were born in places of conflict, wars and evil, let's do everything in our power to get out of all that and seek other places that offer us peace, harmony, prosperity, gentleness and kindness. Recently, I had the great chance to travel once again to the beautiful city of Rome, Italy. And no matter how many

times I have already visited it, it still surprises me. Thanks to Martial Arts, sports and friends, I have visited a few countries in our world. I went to Italy for the first time in the 80's. Alessandria was the first town. Then I could enjoy Genoa, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Livorno, Rimini, Latina, Massa, Legnano, Fiumicino, Anzio and Rome. Rome, for example, is a city in which I have a magnificent representation of my own style, the Fu-Shih Kenpo, and therefore there have been periods in which I've had to visit at least 6 times on the same year. Returning to Rome then, could turn out to be a bit heavy or boring for me, but friends, not at all! Rome is one of those towns that I think I will never get tired of visiting with happiness and satisfaction. And almost every time I go, I keep repeating the same photos, or at least in the same

“There are so many times in which, involved in the worst circumstances of our existence, we are forced to ‘Smile with a Broken Heart’.”

Raúl Gutiérrez places, places with a long and interesting history behind. Rome is a city that attracts visitors from around the world thanks to its impressive monuments and archaeological remains from antiquity. There are plenty of reasons to visit Rome, to fall in love with the city and to want to return to it. Gastronomy and a lively atmosphere are some of them. Walking around Rome is not just touring an ancient city full of archaeological remains; Rome is the memory of gladiators fighting for life or death in the Coliseum, quadrigas undertaking swift races in the Circus Maximus, and also the vision of the Roman sages walking in the Roman Forum while talking about democracy. But in Rome there is much more to see: the Roman Coliseum, la Fontana de Trevi, the Pantheon, la Piazza Navona, Vatican City, etc. This time I went with my companion, Maria Antonia, to attend the "First International Budo Masters Meeting", organized by Budo International Publishing Company, and more specifically, by my friend Alfredo Tucci, genius creator of this World Society of Martial Arts and contact sports publications. We, 60 Masters of half the world, gathered there in an unforgettable encounter. Which for 16 and April 17 were getting to know each other in person, rediscovering some of them, which had been years since we met. Martial exchanging knowledge, also enjoying a night Gala Teachers, chaperones and students. Finally, a new brilliant idea of Alfredo Tucci, who gave us this wonderful opportunity for companionship, friendship and fellowship, which for sure none of us will ever forget. Live and let live. Celebrate the successes of your friends. Forgive and forget past grudges. Congratulate others on their triumphs. Respect everyone and you will be respected. Love and BE HAPPY. Raúl Gutiérrez


“Rome is the memory of gladiators fighting for life or death in the Coliseum, quadrigas undertaking swift races in the Circus Maximus, and also the vision of the Roman sages walking in the Roman Forum while talking about democracy.�

Como hemos documentado en los últimos 6 años, el Kyusho se traduce como “Punto Vital" y es el estudio de la condición humana y de su fragilidad. Aunque es similar en apariencia a la antigua Acupuntura y a los métodos de masaje sobre puntos de presión, el método Kyusho también puede tratar los problemas inmediatos y hacer desaparecer las dolencias comunes del cuerpo. En segundos podemos empezar a aliviar las molestias asociadas al dolor de cabeza, de espalda, los tirones musculares e internos, el hipo, el asma, las náuseas, la congestión nasal y otras muchas enfermedades comunes, tanto por causas naturales como provocadas. Estos efectos se consiguen rápidamente y de manera eficaz, sin necesidad de recurrir a pastillas o medicamentos que puedan tardar 20 minutos o más en hacer efecto y que pueden provocar graves efectos secundarios en otros órganos o funciones corporales. Las ramificaciones son muy amplias y creemos que merece la pena seguir investigando y logrando beneficios para la sociedad. Este tipo de enfoque holístico ha resultado eficaz durante muchos miles de años en diferentes culturas de todo el mundo y ahora hemos querido hacerlo posible para ti. Una vez que aprendas estos métodos simples de Kyusho Primeros Auxilios, tu también podrás ayudar a tu familia y amigos con muchas de estas dolencias comunes que todos sufrimos. Esto te servirá para tener un breve resumen histórico de cómo se desarrollaron estos métodos y otras posibilidades de salud que se necesitan en el día a día. Sin embargo y como cabría esperar, aquí no está el programa completo, pues los conceptos más profundos y complejos sólo pueden alcanzarse con las manos, aplicándolos y practicando bajo la atenta mirada de un instructor. La práctica regular de estos métodos no sólo aumentará tus habilidades para aplicar las fórmulas aprendidas, sino que te enseñará la aplicación intuitiva de muchas otras técnicas de salud. No deberían considerarse fórmulas aisladas, sino caminos para corregir ciertos problemas en el cuerpo humano, basados en los conceptos presentados. En los siguientes capítulos de Kyusho Primeros Auxilios veremos primero el origen inmediato o la necesidad de curar muchos problemas diarios. ¡Qué disfrutes del viaje!

Come abbiamo documentato negli ultimi 6 anni, il Kyusho si traduce come “Punto Vitale” ed è lo studio della condizione umana e della sua fragilità. Benché sia simile in apparenza all'antica Agopuntura e ai metodi di massaggio sui punti di pressione, il metodo Kyusho può t rat tare anche i problemi immediat i e far spar i re le problematiche comuni del corpo. In pochi secondi possiamo alleviare i disturbi associati al mal di testa, di schiena, gli stiramenti muscolari e interni, il singhiozzo, l'asma, la nausea, la congestione nasale e molte altre malattie comuni, sia per cause naturali che provocate. Questi effetti si ottengono rapidamente e in maniera efficace, senza la necessità di ricorrere a pastiglie o medicine che possono richiedere 20 minuti o più prima di fare effetto e che possono provocare gravi effetti indesiderati in altri organi o funzioni corporali. Le ramificazioni sono molto ampie e crediamo che valga la pena continuare a investigare ottenendo benefici diretti per la società. Questo tipo di impostazione olistica è risultata efficace per molte migliaia di anni in differenti culture di tutto il mondo ed ora abbiamo voluto fare il possibile per te. Quando impari questi metodi semplici di Kyusho Primo Soccorso, anche tu potrai aiutare la tua famiglia e i tuoi amici con molte di queste patologie comuni cui tutti sono affetti. Questo ti servirà per avere un breve riassunto storico di come si svilupparono questi metodi e altre possibilità di cura che sono necessarie nel quotidiano. Tuttavia, ovviamente, qui non c'è il programma completo, perché i concetti più profondi e complessi si riescono a capire solo con le mani, applicandoli e praticando sotto l'attento sguardo di un istruttore. La pratica regolare di questi metodi non aumenterà solo le tue abilità nell'applicare le formule imparate, ma ti insegnerà l'applicazione intuitiva di molte altre tecniche di salute. Non si dovrebbero considerare formule isolate, bensì vie per correggere determinati problemi del corpo umano, basate sui concetti presentati. Nei seguenti articoli sul Kyusho Primo Soccorso vedremo in primo luogo l 'or igine immediata o la necessi tà di curare mol t i problemi quot idiani . Godetevi questo viaggio!

Comme nous l'avons vu ces six dernières années, le Kyusho se traduit par « point vital » et est l'étude de la condition humaine et de sa fragilité. Bien que similaire en apparence à l'ancienne acupuncture et aux méthodes de massage sur les points de pression, la méthode Kyusho peut également traiter les problèmes immédiats et faire disparaître les douleurs physiques communes. En quelques secondes, nous pouvons commencer à soulager les troubles associés aux maux de tête, de dos, les crampes musculaires et internes, le hoquet, l'asthme, les nausées, la congestion nasale et de nombreux autres troubles communs, surgissant aussi bien pour des raisons naturelles que provoquées. Ces effets sont obtenus rapidement et efficacement, sans avoir besoin de faire appel à des médicaments qui peuvent prendre vingt minutes ou plus à faire de l'effet et peuvent provoquer de graves effets secondaires sur d'autres organes ou fonctions corporelles. Les ramifications sont très vastes et nous croyons que ça vaut la peine de continuer la recherche afin d'obtenir des bénéfices pour la société. Ce type de point de vue holistique a été efficace pendant de nombreux milliers d'années dans différentes cultures du monde entier et nous avons maintenant voulu le rendre possible pour vous. Une fois que vous aurez appris ces méthodes simples de Kyusho de Premiers Secours, vous pourrez également aider votre famille et vos amis et soulager beaucoup de ces maux communs dont nous souffrons tous.Cela vous permettra d'avoir un bref résumé historique de la manière dont ces méthodes se développèrent et d'autres possibilités de santé dont nous avons besoin au jour le jour.Cependant, comme on pouvait s'y attendre, le programme ici n'est pas complet car les concepts les plus profonds et complexes ne peuvent être atteint qu'avec les mains, en les appliquant et en pratiquant sous le regard attentif d'un instructeur. La pratique régulière de ces méthodes augmentera votre habileté à appliquer les formules apprises, mais encore vous enseignera à appliquer intuitivement beaucoup d'autres techniques de santé. Elles ne devraient pas être considérées comme des formules isolées, mais comme des voies pour corriger, certains problèmes affectant le corps humain, en se basant sur les concepts présentés. Dans les prochains chapitres de Kyusho Premiers Secours, nous verrons d'abord l'origine immédiate de la nécessité de guérir de nombreux problèmes quotidiens. Prenez plaisir à ce voyage !

As we have documented over the past 6 years, Kyusho translates as "Vital Point" and is a study of the human condition and it's frailties. Although similar in appearance to the ancient acupuncture and pressure point massage methods, the Kyusho method can also deal with immediacy for certain trauma as well as easily rid the body of common ailments. Within seconds we canm begin to relax and ease the pain associated with headaches, backaches, muscle and internal cramps, hiccups, asthma, nausea, sinus congestion and so many more common maladies both of natural causes as well as trauma inflicted. This is all performed quickly and efficiently without expensive pills or drugs that can take 20 minutes or more to work or have serious side effects on other organs or body functions. The ramifications are enormous and we believe to be of such worth for continued research and societal benefit. This type of holistic approach has been effective for many thousands of years in cultures throughout the world and we have added even more possibility and purpose to it for you. Once you learn these simple methods of Kyusho First Aide, you too can help your family and friends with many of these common ailments we each suffer through. Let this serve as an historical record of how these methods developed and the other health possibilities they hold for day-to-day living. However it is not the full curriculum, as one would expect, the depth and intricacies can only be conveyed with hands on application and practice under the watchful eye of an instructor. The consistent practice of these methods will not only increase your abilities to relieve the practiced formulas, but also instruct you in the intuitive application of many other health issues. They should not be considered standalone formulas, but rather ways to correct certain problems within the human body based on the foundation presented.

Wie wir in den letzten 6 Jahren dokumentiert haben, übersetzt sich Kyusho als „Vitalpunkt“, es ist das Studium der menschlichen Beschaffenheit und ihre Zerbrechlichkeit. Auch wenn es dem Anschein nach der alten Akupunktur und den Massagemethoden auf Druckpunkte ähnelt, so kann die Kyusho-Methode doch auch sofort Probleme behandeln und die normalen Leiden des Körpers verschwinden lassen. Innerhalb von Sekunden können wir anfangen, die Beschwerden im Zusammenhang mit Kopfweh, Schmerzen der Schulter, Muskel- und innere Zerrungen, Schluckauf, Asthma, Übelkeiten, Verstopfung der Nase und vielen anderen normalen Krankheiten lindern, egal ob sie natürlicher Ursache haben oder hervorgerufen sind. Diese Effekte werden schnell und effizient erreicht, ohne auf Pillen oder Medikamente zurückgreifen zu müssen, die 20 Minuten oder länger brauchen, um Wirkung zu zeigen, und die starke Nebenwirkungen in anderen Organen oder Körperfunktionen haben können. Die Verzweigungen sind sehr breit gefächert und wir glauben, dass es der Mühe wert ist, weiter zu forschen und so Nutzen für die Gemeinschaft zu erzielen. Dieser Typ der holistischen Zielsetzung war über viele tausend Jahre hinweg und in verschiedenen Kulturen auf der ganzen Welt wirkungsvoll, aber jetzt wollen wir es zugänglich machen. Wenn Du einmal diese einfachen Kyusho-Methoden der ersten Hilfe gelernt hast, kannst auch Du Deiner Familie und Deinen Freunden bei vielen der gewöhnlichen Leiden helfen, unter denen wir alle leiden. Es wird Dir dabei helfen, eine kurze historische Übersicht darüber zu erlangen, wie diese Methoden und andere Möglichkeiten der Gesundheit, die man Tag für Tag braucht, entstanden sind. Aber wie erwartet liegt darin nicht das komplette Programm, denn die tiefsten und komplexesten Konzepte können nur über die Hände erzielt werden, indem man sie unter dem aufmerksamen Bl ick eines Ausbi lders anwendet und übt . Das regelmäßige Ausüben dieser Methoden wird nicht nur Deine Fähigkeiten wachsenlassen, die gelernten Formeln anzuwenden, es wird Dir darüber hinaus auch die intuitive Anwendung vieler anderer Techniken der Gesundheit lehren. Sie sollten nicht als allein stehende Formeln betrachtet werden, sondern als Wege, um gewisse Probleme im menschlichen Körper zu korrigieren, auf der Basis der vorgestellten Konzepte. In den folgenden Kapiteln von „Kyusho - Erste Hilfe“ werden wir zuerst den unmittelbaren Ursprung der Notwendigkeit sehen, viele tägliche Probleme zu heilen. Genießt die Reise!


Conscious or unconscious? (First part)

"Wing Tsun is a style of Chinese Boxing specially designed for short distance". "Our system is focused on the Real Combat". "The true and authentic Wing Chun is based on principles that make it completely different from other systems."

Taows Academy urely, this type of statements will sound quite familiar to the follower of this Wing Tsun column. Such arguments are frequently used by many practitioners. I must recognize that, sometimes, I feel really upset hearing hobbyists or practitioners who defend heartedly such approaches, trying to sustain the unsustainable with phrases that are not even theirs. Let me explain ... Frequently, one takes the quotes of his master or counselor and perpetuates them over time. It is perfectly normal, and I would even say positive (at the end, respect for elders is essential in Kung Fu), but I must affirm that, in the vast majority of cases, those who use these sentences fail to understand the real depth of the claims. Being "correct" these three initial sentences, we can only look with depth at the WT system and its evolution in recent years, to affirm without blushing that many of those who keep repeating phrases like “WT is for combat in the street” and pearls of that type, actually they wouldn't be able to defend themselves in the street or in any other place. They are in "another dimension". Something miles away from the scene of serious Martial Arts, which are supported by convincing grounds. I am fully aware that my assertion will generate controversies among some practitioners with closed mentalities... (mainly those who claim to have or practice "Authentic Wing Chun"). The root of the problem is that an exceptional system of Chinese Boxing, that had conquered its place among the other styles of Chinese Martial Arts, has "de-evolved" in its training system and methods in such a way that, what it once was an outstanding fighting style, has turned into a system that sometimes looks more like popular folklore than what it should never have stopped being: Chinese Boxing.


“Believe me that the vast grandeur of the Wing Tsun system is precisely that it can be practiced by people of very different backgrounds, physical condition, etc., or even with very different OBJECTIVES in the practice.”


“In my opinion, the vast majority of traditional systems focus their training on the CONSCIOUS part.”

“Those who follow me know that I am deeply respectful of all options and choices. I would never dream of judging the work of any teacher or school.”

WingTsun After this critique (those who follow me know that I've been saying these same things for years), don't think that I believe that everything is a desert. Fortunately there are schools and masters who are making an outstanding job in terms of practice, teaching and transmission of the system. But in general, the natural tendency is going in another direction. Now it seems more important to be a good person, to have a good heart, benevolence and the knowledge of Wing Chun of 1900 (and other fantastic things that should be part of people themselves) than what it actually is, i.e., a Martial Art. For reasons of fate, I began practicing fighting systems (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) being over forty, and therefore I had to start interacting with practitioners of contact sports and fighting systems about which I probably would never have known anything if I had not started with the other "soft art", that always had caught my attention. I am introducing this small inconsequential information in this article to launch a reflection that surely will surprise you: I have never found more respect for tradition, for the master, for the classmates and for the family spirit, and even for the OPPONENT, than in the world of Grappling / BJJ. More, much more I would say that in the world of "classic" Self-Defense systems. The reason is simple ... the Tatami brings every day every practitioner to the floor. It is an incredible lesson in humility. No one would dare to harm or attack an old master of BJJ even if the level of the younger exceeded that of the master. Everyone

Taows Academy

respect absolutely his trajectory, his knowledge and his effort to teach them in the past. I put this reflection so you can think about the concept of RESPECT so poorly understood in Martial Arts. In the world of Grappling, nobody considers sacrificing the hard training, the sacrifice and sincere sparring with a partner, understanding that fighting well is a "lack of respect"! A good friend told me a few days ago: "Wing Tsun is the only combat system in the world where if you beat a partner in a free sparring, he can tell you ... Yes, it is true, you have beaten me, but that’s not AUTHENTIC Wing Tsun ..." Funny¡¡ But while this has surely made you smile, it personally makes me feel very sad. The question is ... What can we do? How can we change these dynamics of wrong training and approach that have remained for so many years? When we affirm that we have to change these dynamics, we are not suggesting that we should begin to practice full contact fighting or enter the world of MMA to prove how good our system is. Oh, no! Believe me that the vast grandeur of the Wing Tsun system is precisely that it can be practiced by people of very different backgrounds, physical condition, etc., or even with very different OBJECTIVES in the practice. When I pose this reflection I mean much more than this. We must practice on principles, on fighting concepts, on "space control", on attributes, on strategies... understanding why, for what, how and when to use every technique. Now about fighting, and especially the intensity with which it must be carried out, will always depend on each of you. But we don't believe that the current practice some Lat Sao, a few applications and some Chi Sao among friends, can be the best dynamics if we really seek to practice Martial Arts.

Taows Academy

Above all, I believe that the most important thing is that the practitioner feels that what he makes fills him both personally and martially. I think that in this particular aspect, Wing Tsun has a lot to offer those interested in practicing this ANCIENT ART. Those who follow me know that I am deeply respectful of all options and choices. I would never dream of judging the work of any teacher or school. But I do like to pose these reflections with the "intention of improving" that to which I've devoted much of my life. I am aware that my period of improvement is no longer very large. I am equally certain that later generations will overcome us to a great extent if we are able to teach them well and give them the needed tools for that. Can there be a greater greatness for a teacher? What kind of master would I be if I wasn't able to form better practitioners than myself? One of the things that strike me most about the combat systems that are constantly evolving, is the work on the "unconscious" part, just as (or even more) that on the conscious part. The title of this series of articles is very graphic in terms of its approach. In my opinion, the vast majority of traditional systems focus their training on the CONSCIOUS part, i.e., on everything that I can train while being aware and having control on it: hand techniques, movements, turns, combinations, forms, etc., which is, also in my opinion, the origin of almost all the evils of the classical systems as Wing Tsun. The first phase of study and apprenticeship at the technical level is extended for several reasons. Already from the beginning, the period of learning the system, the tools and the strategies of the system, is too long (over 10 years), thus the practice period turns out to be short. It doesn't seem too logical that learning the techniques of Wing Chun system should take us more than six or seven years of study. The most practical thing would be a short learning period and a period of long practice where to evolve basing yourself on the understanding the full potential of an excellent system.

Taows Academy “Finally, knowledge does not belong to anyone. It passes down from one generation to another and it must serve so that the next can EVOLVE.�

WingTsun I must admit that in the most "classic" Wing Chun systems, that period of learning techniques is much shorter (four or five years), but at the same time, I think that after this, they don't do too many innovations and practices. Everything is limited to some drills in Chi Sao, Da Lat Sao, everything performed in a structural way. As a game to see who touches before the other... In both cases, there are aspects of training that are certainly positive (improvement of the structure, position, elastic force, etc.) but the question is: Is this enough to fight in an efficient way? In my opinion, evidently, IT'S NOT. Needless to say that I respect any other point of view, but in our institution we want to take training a step further. And of course, if it serves so that other practitioners can benefit and improve the overall level, we will feel deeply satisfied. Finally, knowledge does not belong to anyone. It passes down from one generation to another and it must serve so

that the next can EVOLVE. When we want to generate an improvement, we observe carefully the way contact sports and MMA (largely responsible for improvements in training systems in

recent years) have used their methods of UNCONSCIOUS training. The training of the structures, steps, turns, etc., must join the training of the UNCONSCIOUS in a dynamic way. The significance of this concept is obviously considerable, since the problem of any fighting system is not precisely in the controlled situations that may arise in a training hall with someone who is collaborating (sometimes in excess), but when the situation turns chaotic and adrenaline takes over; when our muscles and coordination start becoming clumsy and slow because of stress produced by an extreme situation. This tension is generated by the impossibility to control the situation or loss of balance by colliding two forces. In any case, this loss of control, like fear, generates automatic responses of our body. Generally, these responses, result of reflex movements, are usually very negative for the fighting styles! When we talk about training of the UNCONSCIOUS, we refer precisely to educate these responses to try to take advantage of it. In other words, we cannot avoid that situation of tension and lack of control, but we can RE-EDUCATE our neuromuscular system to react in certain ways. In order to change this, we can't start with big changes. At first it's very important to undertake very simple exercises on simple goals. For example, the first grades of students on Classic Lat Sao, or avoid getting blockaded on having been overcome by an attack of our training partner (even when being struck). Simple exercises that should transform gradually our way of understanding the practice and giving room to what we call UNCONSCIOUS training. Should we replace this type of workout by the conscious training? Definitely NOT. As almost always in Chinese Martial Arts, we must focus the practice to a "midpoint". A right training of positions, structures, twists and turns, shifting, etc., but always keep in mind situations such as those I comment in the video (very basic work) that accompanies this article. The difficulty level of this unconscious training should increase gradually on the basis on the mastery thereof. But it should always be based on the CONFIDENCE and technical mastery. As you can see ... it's just a first step, but every long way must start with small steps. To be continued‌

What happens when two people practice Chi-Sao, what is the meaning of their practice and what the objectives? In this 3rd DVD, "Chi Sao from the base to an advanced level," Sifu Salvador SĂĄnchez addresses perhaps the most important aspect of Wing Chun: ChiSao, the soul of the system itself, which provides the practitioner with some special characteristics which are completely different from others, and gives him great virtues. This role deals with some aspects quite basic in principle, but as you delve into them, they'll be surprising to you. It is a very clear feature traditional Chinese culture; what it's very obvious at first glance, it nevertheless contains a second or third reading, which will surely change your approach, practice and understanding. We will discuss how to practice Chi Sao through our working drills and how to apply those drills, that ability in a sparring, linking certain concepts, perhaps not so much tied to traditional Kung Fu, such as biomechanics, structures, knowledge of physics, etc., in order to obtain better results in our practice.

REF.: • DVD/TAOWS3 All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


Kali is a very versatile and old system of fighting that includes empty hand as well as weapon training methods. It is a devastating Art unto itself, but when you add the Kyusho you become even more efficient, effective and advanced in disabling an opponent. Kali has always taught what is called "Gunting" for strikes to weaker aspects of the arms, in volume #1 the Kyusho added even greater potential and a perfect starting point for the Kyusho or Kali practitioner. Many arm destruction methods were demonstrated as well as Kyusho Knockouts using only the nerves of the arm. This second volume expands on these powerful Kyusho targets by working from the arm traps of volume #1 and demonstrating additional and even more powerful head targets for incapacitation of the opponent. This video compilation will bring you far more advanced skills, even if you do not practice Kali... the two methods were meant for each other. Several KO's are demonstrated so you can see the efficiency and affect Kyusho brings to Kali.

REF.: • DVD/KYUSHO 25 All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


“A profound knowledge of the human body and its functions has given rise to the discovery of latent potentialities that we find in Martial Arts applications as well as in demonstrations of circus ability.�

Silat Internal Energy in the Indonesian culture As the cradle of one of the largest religious cultures in the world, Indonesia is one of the most diverse, interesting and mysterious places on the planet. The Indonesian archipelago with its endless islands - of which only a few are inhabited - represents one of the most intriguing phenomena that still fascinate the world’s anthropologists. After the last big Kingdom of Java and Sumatra, merchants from the Middle East took Islam with them and it began to spread and in fact its expansion began in Sumatra. Some of the towns on the islands - Bali among them – remained unquestionably part of the Hindu Kingdom; other towns became Christian due to the Catholic and Protestant missionaries' work there, for example Flores Island and Timor. This subdivision is very much a simplification and if we do an analysis of the situation from a global point of view, we discover that it is indeed much more complex. In fact, the already existing animist religion didn’t disappear completely from the archipelago, but rather it

Budo Classics

found a way to survive by mixing with the new dogmas coming from other cultures. The Buddhist culture, and in some cases even Taoism was introduced by the constant

flow and movement of the Chinese. For years, the Islamic culture prevailed all over Indonesia and the initial mysticism of the Sufi Muslims has begun to accept modern fundamentalism, with the now notorious effects for the whole world. Within this mixture of information certain methodologies which develop inter nal energy are bor n, transmitted and transformed or TENAGA DALAM – a literal translation in the Indonesian language. The Hindu Kingdom carried out an in depth investigation of meditation and of man's latent possibilities and it created systems - Yoga is the best known of them that are still astonishing for their wealth of information about man's biophysical aspect, their profound knowledge of psychology and mature spirituality. Nowadays it is not unusual to find medical physiologists and even nuclear physicists reappraising the ancient knowledge of the Indian culture. In addition certain athletes who want to achieve a world record, in their attempt to overcome the limits of apnea, lear n the Indian practice of Pranayama or the control of breathing to improve its benefits. In Taoism, the Chinese culture – which is understood at least superficially by Martial Arts specialists - has developed a suggestive alchemy for the transformation of raw energy into subtle energy that is

Budo Classics

needed for the study of deep and secret sciences. These include appropriate postures, control of breathing, techniques of visualization, and so on. The Buddhist version has also made a contribution to the individual's knowledge, primarily by eliminating hope from man's life and by liberating men from pain: Buddha created a form of practical knowledge, which is currently being studied in all its different variations by many of his followers throughout the world. On the other hand, the Muslim world has adopted techniques for the development of subtle energy and the amplification of the human conscience. Sacred dances, rhythmic breathings, Zikir, and power words that are repeated incessantly during the day - like Indian Mantras - are some of the techniques used by the Sufi or wise men who have left numerous

literary and poetic works with differing meanings, and in order to be able to read them you need a multilevel decoding system. Therefore, the Indonesian sages had the opportunity to collect together the inheritance of the most important schools in the world (not all of them by the way: Jewish mysticism doesn't appear in this synthesis). As a function of its geographical location in the archipelago, the school of internal energy and meditation will have more influence on one

Budo Classics specific tradition or another. At the moment it is not clear if the traditional schools - sustained by a few wise men - have survived or if there are still fragments throughout Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East. In my presentations on the profound influences of these important traditions in Indonesia, a lot of people ask me if a common denominator exists. The answer is a very difficult one, but a hypothesis can be put forward, although on occasions there is quite a big risk of entering into a fantasy world. Most specialists hold that a great culture existed prior to the ancient forms of known civilization and that everything that the hidden tradition transmits are old fragments of the knowledge of a forgotten tradition. Depending on the sites and the local customs, ancient knowledge assumed different forms, but its single common denominator is evident to the wise expert. However, other specialists who are more ingrained in the historical discoveries found in the lands that extend along the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in the area known as Mesopotamia hold that civilizations were born there that achieved a profound knowledge of man and his superior powers. It even seems that the mystical Pharaohs and the Judea derived from this ancient form of knowledge. It seems too obvious to mention that experts of the Jewish Cabal, and specialists of the science of the Pharaohs will be in firm disagreement on this.

What is internal energy? The generic term embraces both activities related to the mystical world as well as unusual psychophysical benefits. A profound knowledge of the human body and its functions has given rise to the discovery of latent potentialities that we find in Martial Arts applications as well as in demonstrations of circus ability. What really calls powerful attention is the ability with the help of hard training of certain people who lack strong musculature, or even old men who are able to develop an incredible explosive force, identical to that of any young person or trained athlete: How is this possible? Breathing exercises, coordination exercises to different parts of the body, as well as the right kind of concentration permit the achievement of a deep knowledge of the body and the use of one’s potential that not only doesn’t diminish with age, but rather increases with experience. In Southeast Asia I have discovered and collected methods for the development of internal energy and superior abilities that seemed to have disappeared definitively from the global panorama. I have also been able to verify the truthfulness of the legends with regard to "superior knowledge" in unusual places and from extravagant people - that had nothing to do with my preconceived conception of a Master of internal energy. I had the opportunity to meet several different Masters who nevertheless shared similar aspects and that I have synthesized in the following way: 1. They are surprising for their normality, fulfilling their daily routine with great interest: their broken motorbike, discussions with their wife and children, getting angry with or smiling at people with whom they related. 2. They rarely stick to their premises and change ideas continually on any subject matter. They discuss everything, especially themselves and their behavior. Certainty is nonexistent: if you look for a secure path, you quickly move away from them, believing that they are deceiving you.

“In Southeast Asia I have discovered and collected methods for the development of internal energy and superior abilities that seemed to have disappeared definitively from the global panorama.�

Budo Classics 3. If you flatter them, they make fun of you or offend you, but if you are rude or arrogant you won't be able to speak with them again. 4. They don't like to give classes about their knowledge, and they are indifferent to fame and success. They only let you photograph them because they think that this will make you happy. 5. In front of other people they are always ready to tease you mainly when you visit them with someone else and they believe that you are doing it to show off the fact that you know them. They act as if they are incapable so that you stop bothering them forever. 6. Their extraordinary abilities are not always within their reach, on certain occasions they can use them and on others they cannot. Their powers are more of a burden to them than anything else and they are convinced that they can help anyone who needs it, but whoever possesses this power risks distancing himself from knowledge. Power and knowledge are dissociated one from the other. 7. They are not interested in the historical roots of knowledge, since each form of power and knowledge is derived from God. The tradition transmitted by the Master has jealously guarded methods in order to come closer to that wisdom. 8. Anyone can come to the school if he can find it and if he is seriously interested, but only a few can overcome the difficulties. The obstacles are always unexpected and unforeseeable. 9. Not all the systems have the same power, although some are more appropriate for the masses and others are restricted to smaller groups. The chosen method should be the appropriate one for the specific type of spiritual evolution. 10. A student owes respect to his Master, who will, however, never ask for it. Instead, he will do everything possible to find out if he is sincere and how far he is willing to go.

In this DVD, G.M. Larry Tatum (10th Dan) develops techniques of the Kenpo program at the highest level. Particularly, some of his “favorites” like Flashing Mace, Parting Wings, Entwined Lance… Masterfully executed and based on the experience of the movement, G.M. Tatum incorporates his innovative teachings in these techniques that will help you add and complement your training in the Kenpo system. Besides, they provide the individual with the best choice for selfdefense, based on the logical and practical thinking, and place him in the path of understanding the art of Kenpo. These are the self-defense and fighting systems of the modern times we live in. They are designed so that the practitioner gets all the benefits that training these techniques can provide. This DVD has the support of Master Adolfo Luelmo (9th Dan), who goes on with a series of techniques performed in a smooth and strong way, for situations of extreme aggression, in which can be appreciated different states of the movement, in a logical and effective way. As a conclusion, Master Camacho Assisi (8th Dan), displays a technique that combines the strength of the arms and his expertise with legs.


All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


In this comprehensive instructional video, Andreas Weitzel, founder and head instructor of the SYSTEMA Academy Weitzel (Augsburg, Germany) and one of the leading SYSTEMA Instructors in Europe explains the most important fighting fundamentals. First he vividly elucidates how to walk naturally focusing on the correct execution of steps. He then shows how to use this work in combat applications. A variety of different topics are explained in this movie including: How to unbalance an attacker; How to strike and kick correctly; How to defend against, grabs, throws, strikes and kicks. The explanations in this video are simple but clear with the aim for easy comprehension and lear ning for everyone. During his explanation Andreas always includes and focuses on the most important principles and fundamentals of SYSTEMA by showing how different topics are tightly linked to each other. Furthermore free and spontaneous work against different attacks including weapons is shown under realistic conditions and full speed. In this video Andreas is assisted and supported by Michael Hazenbeller (Rastatt) and Thomas Gößler (Augsburg), two experienced Systema Instructors.


All DVDs, wichi is produced by Budo International, si provided and alone in the formats DVD-5 or MPEG-2, in VCD, DivX or the like is however neves offered with a special holograma sticker. Besides our DVD is characteristed coverings by the hig quality in pressure and material. If this DVD and/or the DVD covering do not corespond to the requirements specified above, it concerns illegal pirat copy.


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