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Fun Summer Ideas Inside!

Ciera Payton

Star of Tyler Perry’s “A Madea Family Funeral”

On Movie, Season 2 of Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” and Women Empowerment


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Welcome to our summer issue. It debuts around the season where most families anticipate upcoming travels. It also marks the middle of the year, as a reminder, the months following bring us closer to a new decade. Slow down! Right? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to ‘Dream the Dream’ and make it happen before you have to create a new list of to do’s in 2020. In between, doing so, you can enjoy the stories and interviews we bring to you in this publication. When Tyler Perry announced he was retiring his character, “Madea” it caught many by surprise. It was in fact, the loud and gun-toting matriarch that made him a household name. He ended the movie franchise with ‘A Madea Family Funeral.’ The film debuted in theaters this past spring, and featured a fairly new cast, except for Tyler Perry (Madea, Heathrow, Joe and Brian), Cassi Davis (Aunt Bam) and Patrice Lovely (Hattie). Ciera Payton, who played Silva is our cover story. In our exclusive interview with the actress, she talks the movie, her role in Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It,” and women empowerment. As we mentioned, live your life, but don’t

take it for granted. It saddens us when we hear news of someone no longer here (physically). Music artist and entrepreneur, Nipsey Hussle and Oscar nominated director, John Singleton passing affected loyal L.A. residents as well numerous fans around the country. Both men’s legacy captured in words. Whatever, your plans are for the months ahead, remember who you are and what you were created to be always matters. Be a kind word in the midst of negativity, listen well in the chaos of disruptive noise and love well as if tomorrow was not promised. We believe you will enjoy this bi-monthly edition. Tell us what you think! We would love to hear from you. Send an email to “Happy Mother’s Day,” “Happy Father’s Day,”...”Hello, Summer!”

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11 Miss teen usa

Kaliegh Garris Wins the crown wearing her natural hair

4 Pamela Warner On International Houston Black Film Festival and managing son Malcolm Jamal Warner’s career

19 nipsey hussle 26 Star of tyler perry’s a madea family funeral




Talks movie, Season 2 of Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ & Women Empowerment Photo Credit: Miles Maker

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Hustler of the Game: The Tragic Death of Nipsey Hussle

12 BeyoncÉ

Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce; A Netflix documentary

16 john singleton

The Legacy of a Legendary Director


Pamela Warner

By: BSM Team Photo by: Getty Images

BSM: Why is it important for you to be attending the International Houston Black Film Festival 2019? Pamela: Just receiving the invitation was thrilling. It’s a great opportunity for parents who manage their showbiz kids; especially us “mommygers”- mom’s who manage their children. I’m not sure if there’s actually a term for dads. I’ll also be conducting a seminar for those wishing to manage their children. This will not be my first seminar, however, I’m very excited. BSM: You’ve been a long time manager for your son, Malcolm Jamal Warner. Is there one fond memory that you have? Pamela: I have over forty years of many memories. If I had to think of one in particular, it would probably be when I received a phone call from Malcolm. There was no excitement in his voice. He simply said “Mom, I got it!” I wasn’t familiar with the ratings of the show so I had no idea what this would mean for his future. During that time there was no internet, social media or other sources. When he was 13 years old and the first 4 | BSM MAGAZINE

season was over, I remember thinking that was ittime to go home. My son looked at me and said “God didn’t bring us this far to let us down”. Needless to say, the ratings were good but I had no way of knowing that. BSM: Do you think it’s different being a talent manager in 2019? Pamela: Absolutely! The process is easier as there are various services needed. Now it’s just the click of a button. The service the internet provides saves you at least 4-5 hours. The quality of the actors and expectations are probably the same, but things are definitely much easier. You’ve really got it made in 2019 with the help of social media. It’s not always necessarily a good thing but it’s just the way it is. BSM: Do you think there’s a difference in the way characters are developed? Pamela: Talent is pretty much the same. I do find that no one wants to do theatre. For me it’s the basis of acting. It’s a true test of talent which requires teamwork. Theatre experience makes a big difference. Not many people know this but Malcolm started with children’s theatre. Everyone wants to be a star but many aren’t willing to put in what it takes.

Much is required to create a great foundation.

BSM: In honor of Women’s History Month do you celebrate other women around you? Pamela: Not in any particular way. I support women in various ways. I’m a very good listener. I also offer encouragement to anyone going through a difficult time. It’s important to let them know they will get through tough times. BSM: Where was the last exciting place you visited? Pamela: I would definitely have to say Malta. I went on a 12 day Mediterranean cruise and really enjoyed it. It gave me such a special feeling. It’s like my body and soul connected to it. If I had a past life it was definitely connected to this place. I’ve been many places but this was very special. It was fabulous and I do plan on going back. Thank you for taking the time to interview with BSM_Magazine. This interview took place ahead of the iHBFF schedule of events.

Former GRAMMY Awards M Publicist, Andrea René Willia with Instrumental Sin Music Industry Veteran Relaunches Music Ministry Consulting Firm, Adoration Corporation Last year, Andrea René Williams celebrated 20 years as a full-time industry professional in Gospel music. With her career launch taking place at the GRAMMY Awards’ Washington, DC Chapter in 1998, she is known primarily for her public relations and marketing firm, Tehillah Enterprises, where she was blessed to represent artists such as Pastor Charles Jenkins, Martha Munizzi, Byron Cage, Earnest Pugh, Anita Wilson, Gladys Knight, the late Andraé Crouch and many other talented artists, since its launch as an agency in 2006. What few don’t know about Andrea is that she is a singer, songwriter and musician. A producer and engineer as well, she has released a brand new instrumental single entitled, “Won’t Work”. The single is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and other retail and streaming platforms.

Source/ Photo Courtesy of


“Won’t Work” is an instrumental tune that was penned by Williams, a song that came to her in a dream. She also performed, arranged, produced and engineered the track as well. Containing elements of soul, jazz and Latin music, the song oozes inspiration as well. The title of the song is taken from the lyrical version of the tune, which reminds listeners that the plans of the enemy “won’t work”. Although the future vocal track will be recorded live in 2020, the instrumental version of “Won’t Work” uplifts

Manager & Gospel Music ams, Launches Music Career ngle, “Won’t Work” with its celebratory rhythms and smooth delivery. Currently, Andrea is putting the finishing touches on her debut EP entitled, The Believe Album, which will be releasing next year. Fans of the new artist should look out for her sophomore single, an inspiring power ballad, “Count It As Done”, to drop this summer. A serial entrepreneur, all music will be released on the artist’s Angels Wings Records label. She has also formed a music publishing company, Butterfly Praise Publishing, a music production company, Gotta Praise Productions, as well as Andrea René Williams Music Ministries. A lifetime lover of Gospel music, her training in the genre began as a choir member of the Young Adult Fellowship Ensemble (YAFE) of the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Washington, DC. With Gospel Maestro Richard Smallwood as the group’s accompanist and assistant director, she learned from the best. At her current church, Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD, she’s been honored to sit under and learn from other choir directors and Gospel greats including Byron Cage, Earnest Pugh and Ricky Dillard. A gifted and trained singer and pianist, with 10 years of private lessons under her belt, has been recognized for her musical talents since her youth. “I remember my grandmother sitting me on her knee at four years old and asking me to sing, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’, recounts the songstress.

She said, ‘You have a beautiful voice’ and decided to buy a piano for me. That was the beginning of my love affair with music,” says Williams. Since that time, Andrea has been featured as a soloist in several choirs and has ministered in song at various church events. She has sung the National Anthem for the NBA’s Washington Wizards and for other local sports teams in the Washington, DC area. She majored in voice at Northern Virginia Community College and will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in the Music Business from Berklee College of Music on May 11, 2019. In addition to her new music, the author of Live The Life You Sing About: How To Live With Integrity In The Gospel & Christian Music Industry has relaunched her music ministry consulting firm, Adoration Corporation. Williams says, “In this current DIY music climate, artists want to take control of their own careers and make decisions that will benefit their music ministries. With Adoration Corporation, I want to give them all the tools they need to experience real success, spiritually, practically and musically.” The company offers services such as consultations, one-onone coaching, strategic planning, educational seminars and workshops and artist development. For more information about Adoration Corporation, log on to To connect with Andrea René Williams, log on to her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. To find out more about her music ministry, log on to BSM MAGAZINE I 7

Summer Activity List 50 Fun Ideas For Families

1. Go on a road trip 2. Visit the zoo 3. Visit an amusement park 4. Go to the beach 5. Go swimming 6. Visit a water park 7. Read a new book 8. Run through sprinklers 9. Make homemade popsicles 10. Volunteer 11. Bike riding 12. Watch fireworks 13. Family game night 14. Have a cookout 15. Crafts with the family 16. Go fishing 17. Go to a farmers market 18. Eat snow cones 19. Play volleyball 20. Visit a museum 21. Fly kite 22. Play basketball 23. Hula hoop 24. Go to the movie 25. Play basketball

26. Take silly selfies 27. Play softball 28. Go bowling 29. Have a sleepover 30. Drink frozen lemonade 31. Play mini-golf 32. Write in a journal 33. Plant a garden 34. Do a random act of kindness 35. Finger painting 36. Donate old clothes and toys 37. Go camping 38. Make s’mores 39. Drink milkshakes 40. Create a summer Vlog or blog 41. Visit a playground 42. Outdoor concert 43. Make a scrapbook 44. See a parade 45. Play Frisbee 46. Go to a lake 47. Visit an aquarium 48. Skate party 49. Visit a nearby city 50. UNPLUG for 24 hours or more!!! BSM MAGAZINE I 9


COMING TO AMERICA 2 By BSM Team Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

ddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Reunite to Confirm ‘Coming To America 2’ Prince Akeem and Semmi are together again and it feels so good!

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall recently reunited to confirm the news that Coming To America 2 is actually happening. It’s been 31 years since Coming To America showed us black royalty with plenty of humor. Murphy and Hall were part of a costume fitting by none other than Oscar winner Ruth E. Carter. Her work was seen in the movie Black Panther. Both comedians and actors, are seen in an Instagram photo with Carter who had this message for her fans. “GOOD MORNING MY NEIGHBORS! It’s official! Preliminary fitting for Coming to America 2 with Prince Akeem, Semmi and Oscar,” Carter announced. Hall himself responded to the post, writing: “Luv you Ru’ #woofwoofwoof.” Coming to America was released on June 26, 1988. The sequel is set to hit theaters in 2020.



Kaliegh Garris Wins Miss Teen USA Crown Wearing Her Natural Hair

K Kaliegh Garris has already shown America the true essence of beauty. Love who you are naturally!


The Miss Connecticut Teen was crowned the new Miss Teen USA Sunday, April 28, 2019. While much attention was focused on what she brought to the competition, there was also the confidence she displayed wearing her hair just the way she liked. “I know what I look like with straight hair, with extensions, and with my curly hair, and I feel more confident and comfortable

with my natural hair.” Garris has been a competitive dancer for the past 10 years, trained in tap, jazz, ballet, pointe and hip hop. The 18-year-old created a movement called “We Are People 1st” in honor of her sister, who has multiple disabilities. “During the contest you know you have self-doubt because there are so many great people,” Garris said in a release. “I am just happy, proud, and grateful

for the support system I have.” After graduating high school, Garris plans to attend Southern Connecticut State University’s nursing program to one day work as a trauma nurse. She currently volunteers at Yale New Haven Hospital

By BSM Team Photo Courtesy Of Miss Teen USA, Inc.


IN TRUE COLORS Beyoncé Goes to College with Homecoming By: Ryan Nickerson

It’s hard being Beyonce. This was apparent in her latest culture changing endeavor, Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce, a Netflix documentary that explores “the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement” of her legendary 2018 Coachella performance. The documentary/traditional concert film captures her awe-inspiring performance, along with her role as creative director, taking audiences behind the scenes of what it takes to pull off such a massive creative feat.

Photos by: Parkwood Entertainment/Netflix

Drawn from hundreds of hours of footage, Homecoming celebrates the often rough and dedicated preparations that went into making the performance possible, all in the wake of her twins’ birth. Homecoming is a celebration of historically black colleges (HBCUs) and the homecomings that bring alumni back each fall, packing streets with marching bands, tailgates, football games, and step-dancing. In fact, Beyonce gave HBCU students an advanced screening of Homecoming, including students from Texas Southern located in Third Ward, the area of Houston Beyonce grew up in. “I always dreamed of going to an HBCU,” Beyonce says. “My college was Destiny’s Child. My college was traveling around the world and life was my teacher.” Homecoming has quotes from Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, W.E.B. Du Boise (all HBCU graduates), and more, celebrating the temples of education that produced some of the world’s greatest minds. But Homecoming doesn’t stop at the documentary. Beyonce simultaneously dropped a surprise live album that accompanies the documentary, featuring two unreleased tracks at the end. “Above all,” Aisha Harris wrote for the New York Times, “Homecoming” is about Beyoncé, who served as the writer, director, and an executive producer, asserting, yet again, her power and control.” “It’s Beyoncé exactly as she wants us to see her and has always wanted us to see her,” continued Harris, “as a perfectionist, and as the hardest-working person in show business.”




Nicki Mic Drama (Television Series) Queen

BY: BSM Team PHOTOS BY: Bobby Quillard


BSM: What can you tell us about “Good Trouble” - the spin off of “The Fosters” five years after the finale? Nicki: Lots of interesting things to be excited about. The Adams-Fosters ladies have graduated from college and moved into an apartment together. Callie has secured a new job as a clerk for a conservative federal judge. Mariana is also starting a new job as well. They are no longer under the watchful eyes of their mothers. My role is that of Sandra Thompson. I am the mother of Jamal Thompson who was shot and killed by the police while unarmed. I then become a political advocate for Black Lives Matter on behalf of my son. BSM: How did you prepare for this role?

Nicki: We are facing the same issues today. I had to walk into the pain that mothers experience when they go through this. I can’t imagine the toll this actually takes on families. I also have a passion for criminal justice reform. At one point in my life I was actually studying pre-law. BSM: What do you want people to walk away with from viewing this new episode? Nicki: To not be silent. To know the time is now. If you see something, say something. Take a stand. Move forward. Lastly, keep in mind that there are different ways to protest. BSM: Were you always interested in acting?

cheaux “ I had to walk into the pain that mothers experience when they go through this. I can’t imagine the toll this actually takes on families.”

Nicki: No, I actually went to school to become a doctor. I then studied law. I did some acting in college and realized I truly enjoyed being on stage. This wasn’t exactly what my parents sent me to school for but the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it. If you love something, go for it. You will find a way to make it work for you; if you’re passionate enough about it, and if it means that much to you. BSM: What’s next for Nicki Micheaux? Nicki: “In the Dark” on CW. It’s a murder/mystery. I play the bad guy and I’m really excited about this character. Also, I will have a recurring role on NBCs “Chicago PD” as Alicia Price.

BSM: When was the last time you laughed out loud (LOL)? Nicki: During the weekend with friends. We had game night and it was so much fun. BSM: How can fans stay connected? Nicki: Instagram@nickimicheaux Twitter@nickimicheaux BSM: Nicki, thank you for taking the time to interview with BSM. We wish you continued success. Nicki: Thank you for considering me.



When John Singleton helped cut the trailer for ‘Boyz n the Hood’, he purposely enticed audiences with the majority of the film’s gunplay and violence, hooking potential moviegoers without focusing on the father-son relationship that the film is actually about. Why? Because “it got motehrf*ckers in the theater,” he said in a RollingStone feature in 1991. “People went with lower expectations,” he continued, “they thought it was the same old bullsh*t action-adventure in the streets of South Central L.A. But when they saw it was more, they really watched it.”

By : Ryan Nickerson Photos: Getty Images

With John Singleton’s passing on Monday, April 29, his importance to African American cinema should not be overlooked. His films helped black cinema surmount stereotypical black cinema into black cinema that is three dimensional; films portraying black characters looking outward and inward, with a society that often looks the other way. To understand why Singleton is important to black cinema and how ‘Boyz n the Hood’ is able to grip the hearts and minds of America to this day requires a brief look at the history of black cinema after the civil rights movement in the late 60s. “In the late Sixties and early Seventies, everybody was asking questions of themselves and the society around them,” Singleton says in the same interview. “So we had films that were serious and tackled issues, and it was profitable to do that because that was in vogue. Then in the Eighties we were told, ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ by our government, and cinema reflected that. Now, they’re still trying to tell us that, but we know we’ve got a lot of problems. Thought went out of vogue in the Eighties, but I think it’s coming back.” Born on January 6th, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, Singleton grew up seeing rapid change in America– from its politics to its music, and inevitably to its films. Amongst the ashes of the civil rights movement, black cinema took a spectacular right turn with the emergence of blacksploitation films. This was a time when black filmmakers were eager to break down the white gates of Hollywood, yelling “black power” into ears that were finally starting to listen. The films that started to come out in the 70s often portrayed hyperviolent and cliche-ridden stereotypes of African Americans but were nonetheless a result of the anger and resentment left over from one of the most important times in African American history. During all this, Singleton absorbed the fascinating yet dangerous culture milieu that was South Central L.A. It was a region that was at the forefront of The Great Migration, when a relentless flux of African


Americans took to urban areas for the promise of the American dream. Instead, however, South Central L.A. became a region plagued by racial inequality, poverty, and violence, all of which Singleton saw traveling between his mother and father’s house in the 70s, leading into the 80s.

in the seats. Once he got past that hurdle, he presented audiences with an unsettling, raw, realistic and unforgettable look at the era Singleton grew up around in South Central L.A. It also offered a complex view of father and son relationships that was indicative of the rapidly changing times the film came out in.

With the Reagan administration in the 80s and the Bush administration in the early 90s, both furthering of the “War on Drugs” that mainly focused on the so-called crack epidemic, America shifted in a new direction with star-spangled glasses and moral agency. Unfortunately, this included devasting incarceration rates among low income and minority neighborhoods, with African American men being the main targets of a brutal legal system.

From the film’s opening title sequence with a warning that reads: “One out of every 22 black American males will be murdered each year” to the cultural landmark of having Ice Cube play one of the film’s lead characters, the film cut itself into the history of black cinema by being nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay during the 64th Academy Awards in 1991.

With a new political landscape, black audiences and filmmakers in the 80s looked for something new– films that did not rely on stereotypes that reinforced white prejudices about black culture. That’s why when John Singleton went to go see Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ in 1986, it, “was the turning point in [his] life,” Singleton said. He met Spike Lee at the opening night in L.A. and at that point, he knew he wanted to write films. With Singleton seeing ‘She’s Gotta Have It’, the idea that black culture could still be told in a compelling way without abiding by cultural stereotypes inspired him, along with an entire generation of filmmakers to do something nobody else has seen before. “I wasn’t into film to get money,” he said, referring to him enrolling into USC’s film writing program. “I just wanted to make classic films about my people in a way no one had ever done.” So when Singleton cut the trailer to ‘Boyz n the Hood’, he knew he first had to get audiences

Singleton became the youngest person ever nominated for Best Director (he was 23) and the first African-American to be nominated for the award. Although it didn’t win either award, it proved a film depicting hard truths about African Americans can be commercially successful while not having to pander what white audiences expect. “Singleton went on to be a successful Hollywood director, making films that depict and consider the implications of inner-city violence, like ‘Poetic Justice’ (1993), and action films like ‘Shaft’ (2000) and ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ (2003). He also helped open the door for many other contemporary African American directors that make films that are equally challenging as they are entertaining. On April 17th, Singleton suffered a stroke and it was reported that he was in a coma. He was then removed from life support on Monday, April 29th and died at the age of 51 at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. The world of cinema will miss him as not only a pioneer of African American cinema but as a quintessentially American artist that pushed boundaries and asked America to finally wake up.


Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre Wed in Morocco BY : BSM TEAM PHOTOS BY: BRITISH VOGUE

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre are husband and wife. The couple wed in Morocco on Friday, April 26, 2019 at the Marrakesh’s Ksar Char Bagh hotel. The ceremony was part of a threeday celebration.

dress with pearls and gemstones and finished with couture lace.” The newlyweds met in 2017. Elba was filming “The Mountain Between Us” in Canada where the two began dating shortly after.

British Vogue captured the actor and his beautiful new The wedding events started bride in a stunning wedding Thursday, guests attended a photo. “Colours of the Souk” themed dinner. An all-white party British Vogue reported that was held at the Mandarin Elba wore a bespoke suit Oriental on Saturday. by Ozwald Boateng while Dhowre, a model and former The theme will “emulate the Miss Vancouver, wore two atmosphere of a festival,” custom dresses by Vera Wang. according to British Vogue. Dhowre’s dress for the ceremony was a white, offthe shoulder, A-line design. She later changed into a ” V-neck style embroidered 18 | BSM MAGAZINE

Elba proposed to Dhowre at a screening of his film “Yardie” in London in February 2018. Congratulations!!


HUSTLER OF THE GAME: In February he was in a tuxedo at the Grammys, living it up with some of the world’s most famous and critically acclaimed musicians. In March, he was shot dead in a parking lot on the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw, right in front of a clothing store he owned. It was on the same corner that he once passed out free mixtapes at red lights, years before his life and death would turn into a monument for those who refused to allow their black lives to stop mattering. Nipsey Hussle was a thirty-threeyear-old father, Grammy-nominated rapper, entrepreneur and hardworking businessman before he was gunned down in the Hyde Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles on Sunday.

Born Ermias Asghedom in Crenshaw in 1985 from an Eritrean father and African American mother, Hussle’s life was seemingly set up to walk the same path as others who have been conditioned to gang violence. He stopped going to school at fifteen and fell into gangbanging, pledging allegiance to the famous Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips gang. Like many others trapped in the cycle of violence and poverty, Hussle found his creative freedom in rap music, allowing the circumstances he lived in to flow through his lyrics. His lyrics talked about loss and betrayal, of working tirelessly to make ends meet, as well as sending the message about being who you are, despite the circumstances.

By: Ryan Nickerson Photo by: Shareif Ziyadat/ Getty Images

The Tragic Death of Nipsey Hussle But all of this was ahead of Hussle as he pushed his mixtapes wherever he could, “putting all putting [his] money into posters, and started saturating the streets,” Hussle told Complex magazine in a 2010 interview. Between 2005 and 2013 Hussle produced eight mixtapes, the eighth, titled “Crenshaw”, was creatively priced at a hundred dollars each, sparking the interest of Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation. “I got an email that came through my team and it just was like, ‘Roc Nation, on behalf of Jay Z wants to buy 100 units. Who do we pay? When can we get the shipment out?’” he told MTV News at the time. “They sent us $10,000. We sent them 100 CDs. … I didn’t get the chance to holler at Jay, but through his people, he made it clear that he respects the move and everything, so I was just humbled by it.” Hussle is known to maneuver his way around record labels, viewing them gatekeepers that control the opportunities for young artists. Although he worked hard to put out a solid body of work, he also dedicated the money he made towards entrepreneurial efforts in South L.A. “One day before the February release of his highly anticipated debut album “Victory Lap,” the L.A. Times reported in 2018, “L.A. rapper Nipsey Hussle cut the ribbon on a combination co-working space and STEM center in the Crenshaw district. He told the Los Angeles Times he hoped the center, named Vector 90, would give young people more options and opportunities than he had as a kid. “He was known to buy shoes for students. He repaved basketball courts and freshened up playgrounds,” Gerrick D. Kennedy wrote for The L.A. Times, “He provided jobs and shelter for the homeless, and he paid for funerals for those who struggled to bury their loved ones.” His flagship purchase, the clothing store “The Marathon”, was ultimately the place he would be gunned down himself. As of late, the alleged murderer, Eric Holder, is in police custody. The loss of Nipsey Hustle is tragic and the world of hip hop has lost an inspirational and purely authentic, true hustler of the game. In his personal life, he and actress, Lauren London were an inseparable couple since meeting on social media in 2013.


Dr. Essie McKoy Contact via email: 20 | BSM MAGAZINE

e McKoy Do you want to know how to create a Signature School- the highest growth school in your district? Learn the techniques to transform a school into a place where educators are passionate, students’ learning increase, parents and the community are engaged, resources are plentiful, discipline improves, wrap-around services provided, and the entire school community benefits from the success! Contact Dr. Essie McKoy and she will assist you in transforming your school or district with GUARANTEED positive success indicators and results! She provides coaching and consulting services in the following areas: Educational Administration, Elementary Administration, Middle School Administration, High School Administration, School Leadership, The Highly Impacted Student Population, Special Education, Higher Education, College Preparation, and Career-College, and Military Readiness! Her specialty areas are in Transformational Leadership, School Leadership Development and Teacher Development! Her researched based strategies and services will allow you to gain the skills to lead effectively and create a model of excellence! You will be able to turn your challenges into opportunities, failures into successes, ensure that responsibilities are fulfilled, and enhance your capacity to lead! She will personalize plans to fit your individual needs, whether it is a small group of educators or an entire school or school district. Dr. McKoy is the President/CEO/Founder of her own Educational Consulting Company, Dr. Essie Speaks, LLC. She is an Award-Winning educator, author, motivational speaker, coach, co-host with thirty years of experience in public and higher education and a Professor at George Mason University! She acquired four degrees and has attended some of the most prestigious universities in the nation, including Harvard University! In addition, she possesses several licenses, qualifications, credentials, skills, and knowledge in the field of education and has received numerous awards for her work! Furthermore, she has appeared on many national and international radio shows. Dr. McKoy has had the opportunity to function in a variety of educational settings where she created constructive changes and took on challenges to produce positive results. Her extensive experience has been noted in the following schools: working in highly impacted schools, Federal School Improvement Grant Schools, Priority schools, Elementary and Middle Schools of Transformation, and twenty years in public-school administration. She has been recognized for her ability to align strategic and comprehensive programs, partnerships, and initiatives to produce sustainable results, thus transforming schools impacting the whole culture! Her motto is, “whole child-whole educator-whole school impact. She believes education is HARD work, but also HEART work!” To learn more about Dr. McKoy’s amazing journey or contact her for services, please visit her web site at! Also, please secure a copy of her book, “The Heart of School Transformation, My Journey into Transforming Urban Schools,” as well as “Coaching Champions: How to Understand the Players Before Giving The Plays, a Guide to Success and Improvement,” where she is a contributing author. BSM MAGAZINE I 21

The Oba

By: Ryan Nickerson Photo: AP/ EX/ SHUTTERSTOCK



The Boss couple

After months of anticipation, Barack and Michelle Obama, partnering with their production company Higher Ground, finally unveiled the details to their exclusive Netflix projects yesterday that encompass a wide range of fiction and non-fiction productions for all audiences.

• Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom: This project will be a feature-length adaptation of the book of the same name by David W. Blight. Blight won the Pulitzer Prize in History for the book this year.

• Overlooked: This is an adaptation of the New York Times’ obituary column, which tells the “stories of There are seven projects that are slated to come out, remarkable people whose deaths were not reported each going to be released over the next several years. by the newspaper.” • Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents: “We created Higher Ground to harness the power of This show, from creators Jeremy Konner and Erika storytelling. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited Thormahlen, will be a series of 30-minute episodes about these projects,” Former President Obama said. targeted at preschoolers. “Touching on issues of race and class, democracy and civil rights, and much more, we believe each of these • Fifth Risk: A nonfiction series aiming to portray the productions won’t just entertain but will educate, “unheralded work” done by everyday heroes who are connect, and inspire us all.” doing the work to guide the government and safeguard the nation. • American Factory: A feature film that takes place in postindustrial Ohio, where a Chinese billionaire • Crip Camp: This is a feature-length documentary opens a new factory in an abandoned General Motors focusing on a 1970s summer camp for teenagers with plant. The film was acquired by the Obamas’ production disabilities, just down the road from Woodstock, which company after its premiere at the 2019 Sundance helped put the disability rights movement in motion. Film Festival. It was directed by the Academy Awardnominated and Emmy-winning duo Steven Bognar and “We love this slate because it spans so many different Julia Reichert. interests and experiences, yet it’s all woven together with stories that are relevant to our daily lives,” • Bloom: This project has been described as an Mrs. Obama said. “We think there’s something here for “upstairs/downstairs drama” that takes place in the everyone—moms and dads, curious kids, and anyone fashion world of a post-WWII New York City. The series simply looking for an engaging, uplifting watch at will showcase obstacles women and people of color the end of a busy day. We can’t wait to see these dealt with “in an era marked by hurdles but also projects come to life — and the conversations they’ll tremendous progress. generate.” BSM MAGAZINE I 23

sive and controlling husband who is constantly cheating. Angela (Angela Blair Jeffries) does not approve of her son dating outside of the family race. Tamara (Deon Q. Sanders) has a difficult battle with breast cancer. Chericia Curtis proudly directed and wrote the award winning play that she hopes viewers see, “Every soul has a purpose no matter what you are going through.” When asked about her inspiration for the play, Curtis shared it came from her being a strong women of faith, Godliness, and His inspiration.

Soul Purpose Stage Play Recap


he Soul Purpose Stage Play has been touring across cities. Saturday, April 13, 2019 they performed for Houston in the Wortham Theater Center with our very own Twins of Media, hosting the play. It is an inspirational story of five women seeking their soul purpose in life. Each woman has a different struggle but the same God to lean on.

Five strong, African American women develop a spiritual bond and sisterhood through their heartfelt journeys. Elizabeth (CeCe Godbolt Domingue) has trouble with the pressures of being the wife of a Pastor, her husband cannot seem to find peace with their son’s sexuality. Brooklyn (Dareia Tolbert-Jacobs) is unable to find the right man for her and her beliefs. Saunda (Rhonda Francis) has an emotionally abu-

BSM Media caught some behind the scenes action during the performances. Actors, backstage were scurrying and rehearsing but did not hesitate to stop and speak with us. Tyrone Betters who plays the role of Joshua, son of the Pastor and Elizabeth, shares that “performing on stage is so live. There is no room for mistakes while feeding off of the audiences energy verses on film. It is much more intimate and you have a chance to recuperate in between takes.”

“Every soul has a purpose no matter what you are going through.”

By: Desiree


Photo: Courtesy of Soul Purpose Stage Play Production


c iera Payton is a woman who is as passionate about acting as she is about wellness and women empowerment. We recently had the opportunity to speak to the star of A Madea Family Funeral and She’s Gotta Have It.


ON Ciera Payton Star Is

The Rise Both In Television & Film


BY: Jasmine Urquiza PHOTOS BY: Miles Maker

How did your acting career start? Did you always want to become an actress? Acting really bit me early on. I was always into my imagination when I was young. My family always moved around and it was challenging to make friends and actually keep them. I had to find a way to entertain myself, so I would read the “Golden Books”and I would love to re-enact them into plays. My dad bought me a karaoke machine when I was 8 and I loved Pocahontas and Little Mermaid, I would sing my heart out. I loved to perform! My parents and Nana saw the acting ability in me, so they enrolled me into an arts-based school in New Orleans called the Magnet School.This was during my middle and high school years. I felt it early on, that urge to perform. Did you ever think you would star in a Tyler Perry movie? How does that make you feel? It’s a dream come true, a very special experience. We shot the movie 2 years ago, it was during Thanksgiving. I was in Florida visiting my aunt, having a conversation about where I was as an actor and trying to figure out my next move. That’s when my Aunt Cam said, “darling I just pray that Tyler Perry puts you in one of his movies because I love me some Tyler Perry!” I just laughed and

said, “yeah that’s wishful thinking” and she kept going on about his movies saying “I just hope he picks you.” Six months later, I was cast in one of Tyler Perry’s movies. I didn’t tell my aunts until the release date this past November. They freaked out! My aunt Cammy spoke it into existence, it’s like a prayer that was answered. Knowing that we are both from New Orleans, the character of Madea mirrors a lot of family patriarch down in the South, you know an old lady who talks slick, carries a gun, is familiar to those who live down here in the South, it’s fun! It was a full circle moment for me, driving around LA seeing billboards and seeing myself on them. It was cool! I was very grateful for the opportunity. Was the set fun? Stressful?

Great experiences, the whole time we were dancing, laughing and just having a good time. It took 8-9 days to shoot everything! Mr. Perry kept it fun and relaxed, it wasn’t a serious or intense set. He let us improv and add our own little spin. As actors/actresses, we don’t experience that because we create characters, but sometimes we want to put our input in it and he allows that. It made it light, no one had big burdens on their shoulders, we were there to have fun, especially seeing Tyler as all the different characters.




Ciera’s Since we just recently celebrated Women’s History Month, who would you say is the woman you admire most?

I have admired and still admire many women. I am an educator so I teach at different LA schools. I’m currently teaching about matriarchs and culture within different families, so we have been talking about our grandmothers. I think about those moments and being in this Tyler Perry movie as I’m often thinking about and honoring both of my grandmothers who passed away. They were women of faith who encouraged me. My grandma Sarah was a strong, bold, fearless woman. She was always a sweet soul, never judged anyone. My other grandma, Nana Carol, came from nothing but always maintained her joy, always a giving person and one of the sweetest women. I always cherished our relationship. We used to live down the street from a halfway house and men who were released from prison would pass every day after school to talk to Nana and sometimes ask her for money. She would say “baby I


can’t give you any money but I can feed you” so we would go inside and make sandwiches for them. Just seeing how strong these women were and how loving they were with people just instilled those values in me. Another idol was Dr. Maya Angelou, a teacher of mine in college. She was a strong, grounded woman who was never pretentious, never judged, always loving and accepted everyone who came into her arena. Those are the three women I admire most.

What would you describe as your perfect Sunday? Well, lately I’ve been running on fumes, but basically just chilling, watching Netflix, scrolling on Instagram or sleeping. I love being around nature. In LA we are a bit spoiled because we have hiking and the beach. I love hiking as you can literally see the whole city of LA. It makes me happy.

What can fans expect to see in the upcoming second season of “She’s Gotta Have It”?

Fans can expect to see more female empowerment and sisterhood in this upcoming season of She’s Gotta Have It. DeWanda Wise does such a great job portraying a young woman who is on a journey of self-discovery. I feel like fans can relate to that on a deep level, so they’ll appreciate this upcoming season. As for my role, they are in for a treat. I get to play a powerful woman who tries to figure out how to do the right thing. What is your favorite Spike Lee film(s) and why?

Wow! Where do I start? My favorite Spike Lee Films are Malcolm X, Crooklyn, Jungle Fever, Girl 6, Inside Man, and Do The Right Thing. I’ve always been a fan of Spike’s work. He’s a filmmaking genius. I love his gritty style and how he presents it in an abstract way (cue: the magic carpet ride shot or the head on direct in your eyes shot). He’s just brilliant. But I would say my all-time favorite of his would have to be Malcolm X. When he and Denzel work together, it’s

Photographed by: Miles Maker

“My father struggled with substance abuse and it was acting and performing on my karaoke machine that gave me an outlet to cope and heal during those times.�


magic. No one else was going to highlight Malcolm X’s journey the way in which Spike did. That movie was groundbreaking and truly honored the legacy of Malcolm X. If it’s on TV, I’ll always stop and start watching it. What inspired you to create Sincerely Cosmetics, an all-natural mineral-based vegan cosmetics company? I’ve battled with sensitive skin and lips for a long time. Whenever I wanted to join the latest beauty trends of wearing a nice red or poppy pink hue, my lips would swell up and I’d just have a horrible allergic reaction. The last time I went to the E.R. to get a steroid shot after wearing red lipstick for a shoot, I said, “Ok I gotta take control of this”. You know makeup artists have a vision when working with the actor, and it was tough going and being like, “I can’t wear that on my face” and disappointing the makeup artist and production. So, I decided to seek out and ultimately create options that I could wear, and present to makeup artists whenever I need a pop of color on my lips. So, I did my research on natural ingredients to create an at-home lipstick. I went to Whole Foods and ordered some ingredients online. I whipped out my pots and pans and got to cooking. And wouldn’t you know, I created a lipstick I could wear. My dad was with me on my first batch and filmed me breaking out the molds and trying it on. It was pretty cool. So, then I had something to share with makeup artists. I would get compliments

on my lip colors and luckily, I kept samples on me so I could give some away for those who were interested. Friends and family loved it and so I decided to go one step and acquire a manufacturer. They helped me refine my recipe and up my packaging game, which was such a blessing because my at-home molds came out lopsided LOL! Then Sincerely Cosmetics was created. I love it and always love to hear back from the customers. I’m out of stock on so many hues that I’m back-ordered for a few weeks, which is really exciting. So, I’m very grateful that I have some that serve consumers with sensitive skin! Why is it so important for you to give back through arts education? The arts played such a huge part in my upbringing. Of course, coming from a city like New Orleans, you can’t help but want to be artistically expressive. I latched on creativity expressing myself at a young age because it was a saving grace for me. I appreciate every part of my childhood; the good, the bad, and the amazing. My father struggled with substance abuse and it was acting and performing on my karaoke machine that gave me an outlet to cope and heal during those times. When I was 16, I was hired as a teaching assistant for the non-profit organization What Girls Know. We worked with girls who came from similar backgrounds as my-

self and taught them how to use performing art as therapy, and as a tool of healing. I saw how it impacted me and helped me build my self-esteem, that I wanted to share that experience with inner-city and at-risk youth. Whenever budget cuts are discussed, the arts are always the first thing to go. This is unfortunate because it’s the best thing for us as humans. We have a burning need to tell stories and connect to one another and that’s what arts education give us. So yes, I’m an advocate for arts and I feel it’s important to give back by using art as a medium because it instills confidence, selfgrowth and self-discovery. This is why I created the Michael’s Daughter Project, that serves youth living in underprivileged areas and allows them to use performing art as a healing tool to tell their stories. It’s an amazing program and I’m always blown away by the work we do. What’s next for Ciera Payton? There’s a lot to look forward to and It’s all going to be fabulous! Favorite social media handle to share. I love Instagram! You can follow me @cierapayton- that’s my favorite social media! Thank you for interviewing with BSM Media Thank you for having me, enjoy the rest of your evening, take care!




By: Desiree Cantu Photo: Courtesy of Anderson Group

Three Reasons To Watch Curtiss Cook on The Chi

Executive produced by Lena Waithe and Common, Showtime’s “The Chi” is an American drama series about life in a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. It debuts Sunday, April 7. Film/ TV/Broadway star Curtiss Cook will shock and mesmerize audiences in the dramatic role of his life as Douda. Read his exclusive interview here.

Hmm, one of the greatest tools an actor/actress has is his/her power to say “no” even in the beginning of your career when your goal is just to work. Know that you have a choice of saying, “no, I don’t think this project is for me right now.” I say that because when you realize what doesn’t work for you, the things that do work become clearer. Now, Shutter Island and The Chi are both no brainers to me, but For many viewers, the story line of The Chi sometimes the projects find you as much as you find/ really hits home and touches many sensitive look for them. You just have to get good at listening subjects. What message do you hope the and trusting, (which is easier said than done, I know.) audience will take away from the show? What do you hope for your character, Douda, in Firstly, I want to thank you for allowing me to share this upcoming season? with you today, and it is very much appreciated. As for the message, what I really hope for is that folks LIFE – full, clear and 3-dimensional. You know things who have been underrepresented on mainstream are not “always” what they seem, in fact they’re “just” television will get the opportunity to see themselves what they seem, they’re not just what you “think” and their lives shown in a honest way. I feel it’s very they seem. Unpack that one, ha! It’s going to be a important to see yourself, as seeing yourself in this great ride this season and I’m sure loyal fans and way lets you know that you matter. new fans of The Chi are going to love it. What Ayanna Floyd Davis and Lena Waithe and the other writers/ Your work with films such as, Shutter Is land producers have crafted is pretty remarkable. Douda and now The Chi have serious undertones and is coming so get ready! deep meanings. What inspires you to work with This interview took place before the season premiere. stories that have more intense plots?


Photograph: BET







More Love, Peace and Soul! The BET The well received series explores original scripted show ‘American Soul’ Cornelius’ sacrifice to leave his family behind and make the dream of creating was renewed for a second season. Soul Train a reality. It was a journey that The one-hour drama chronicles the connected him with the likes of Gerald life and times of Soul Train host Don Aims (Jason Dirden, Greenleaf)—an Cornelius played by Sinqua Walls established gangster and club owner (Power, The Breaks). “The series who becomes Cornelius’ close associate ranks as the top cable scripted drama when he introduces him to the decadent among BET’s core audience of African world of LA. Americans 18-49 and total viewers. It stars Sinqua Walls and hails from Jesse Collins Entertainment.” American Soul also stars Grammynominated Kelly Price, Iantha Season one featured musical legends; Richardson (This Is Us), Christopher Gladys Knight (Kelly Rowland), Diana Jefferson, Katlyn Nichol, and Jelani Ross (Michelle Williams), Rufus Thomas Winston. (Bobby Brown) and Gabrielle Dennis (Tina Turner) as a few of the stars who The season finale aired Tuesday, April helped Cornelius’ show become the 9th 10/9c. popular staple in black american homes.


MICHAEL B. JORDAN STARS IN DENZEL WASHINGTON’S NEW FILM By: Desiree Cantu The movie, penned by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Virgil Williams, is based on the true story of Dana Canedy, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and her love affair with First Sergeant Charles Monroe King. While overseas, King wrote a journal of life lessons for Jordan, their newborn son. When Jordan was only seven months old, his father was killed in Iraq. His father lives on through the messages in his journal for Jordan. Michael B Jordan will help produce through his production company— Outlier Banner

Photo credit: Getty Images

society along with Denzel Washington, Es-


cape Artists’ Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch. Jordan portrayed villain Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther,” the first Marvel movie to score a best picture Oscar nomination. He also recently starred in “Creed II,” the sequel to the Rocky Balboa spinoff series that earned over $200 million at the worldwide box office. This is the first film to feature both Washington and Jordan.

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Garden Gift SetThe Perfect Gift for Gardeners

PittMossÂŽ, as seen on Shark Tank visit:

Black-ish’ renewed for Season 6 Rainbow Spinoff ‘Mixed-ish’ In the Works

Photo: ABC/ Craig Sjodin

By: BSM Team

ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ has been renewed for season 6. The popular comedy is loosely based on the life of show creator, Kenya Barris. What’s more to love? There’s talk of a spinoff Mixed-ish, as reported by Deadline. It is about Rainbow Johnson’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) experience growing up in a mixed-race family in the ‘80s. The actress expressed her joy in an Instagram post. HERE’S TO MORE ISH // MIXEDish & BLACKish ~ happy to announce that #blackish has been picked up for a sixth season! and #mixedish, our spinoff about bow’s childhood, was the first new series order by @abcnetwork for the 201920 season! i’m a first time executive producer! Just the beginning of a new chapter for me, thank you @abcnetwork


and @kenyabarris for yet another opportunity to bring needed and interesting stories to life. Black-ish stars Anthony Anderson as Andre “Dre” Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson, Laurence Fishburne as Pops, Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson, Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson Jr., Miles Brown as Jack Johnson, Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson, Jenifer Lewis as Ruby, Peter Mackenzie as Mr. Stevens and Deon Cole as Charlie Telphy. Mixed-ish will be the second spinoff of Black-ish with Grownish, starring Yara Shahidi, now on its second season on ABC’s cable network, Freeform.

The new “Unstoppable” remix is the latest song from Hawthorne who has had a breakout year. Her debut album, also titled Unstoppable, debuted at #1 on Billboard and the album’s first single, “Won’t He Do It” became a monster hit, holding the #1 spot on Billboard’s Top Gospel Songs chart for a record-breaking 41 weeks overall. Hawthorne made history as the first female artist to hold the #1 position on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart for over 25 weeks. The album also earned Hawthorne her first GRAMMY® nomination for Best Gospel Performance / Song, an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Album, a Stellar Award for Music Video of the Year (“Won’t He Do It”) and a Dove Award for Contemporary Gospel / Urban Recorded Song. On May 1st, she received her first Billboard Music Award for Top Gospel Song. In addition, Hawthorne has graced the stages of the 2018 Soul Train Awards, BET Her Fights Breast Cancer 2018, the 2019 Super Bowl Gospel Celebration and the 2019 Stellar Awards. Following this release, Hawthorne will be gearing up to perform on Kirk Franklin’s 26-city LONG LIVE LOVE Tour kicking off in Austin, TX on July 11th. Additionally, fans can see her in performance at the JoyFest in Charlotte, NC on May 25th and at the Essence Music Festival on on July 5th in New Orleans, LA. Source/ Photo Courtesy of W&W Public Relations


GRAMMY®-nominated and NAACP Image Award and Stellar Award-winning songstress Koryn Hawthorne released a new remix to her hit song, “Unstoppable”. The track features rising hip-hop star Yella Beezy, well known for his 2018 hit, “That’s On Me”. Showcasing Hawthorne’s rich contralto, 16 motivating bars from Yella Beezy and an infectious R&B and hip-hop infused melody, the uplifting anthem reminds listeners that with God’s help, there’s nothing they can’t do.


MISTY BLUE MEDIA CEO JOINS HOUSTON WEST CHAMBER BOARD OF DIRECTORS Misty Starks, president and CEO of Misty Blue Media and 3B Resources Group Public Relations, has been elected to the Houston West Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Starks brings 20 years of experience in corporate communications, public relations, and media to the board position. The media expert already has key insights on the Houston West Chamber’s activities, as 3B Resources Group Public Relations served as the PR firm of record for the Chamber for several years.

Starks is the recipient of various awards for communications excellence including accolades from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA). In 2018, she received a Certificate of Recognition from the office of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner for her television program, Business of Diversity, for which she served as executive producer. She was also awarded the inaugural Brilliance Maker Award from WBEA; the Choice Award for service from the Houston Minority Business Development Agency; and the Power 25 Houston Award from Walker’s Legacy, among others. She has been featured and quoted by various media outlets such as American Express Open Forum, Fox News, and the Houston Business Journal.

“I am excited to join the Houston West Chamber’s board of directors, which includes some of the city’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs. I look forward to making significant contributions that support West Houston’s thriving business community and attract new enterprises A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Starks has a Bachelor to the Chamber,” Starks said. of Arts degree in communications from Howard University in Washington, D.C., and a Master of Liberal Arts degree In addition to leading two media companies, Starks’ in communications from the University of St. Thomas in previous professional experience includes serving as Houston, TX. a communications consultant to several corporations including Motiva, Chevron, Insperity and LyondellBasell. Prior to her work in corporate America, she was a producer for the internationally syndicated television program, Judge Alex; a Web producer for Black Entertainment Television (BET), where she created digital content for the network’s flagship shows; and a television news writer and producer at KRIV-TV in Houston and at New York 1 News in New York City among other roles. Her written work has appeared in various publications in print and online including Essence, Ebony, and The Huffington Post, as well as in national commercials for television and radio. She is also a contributor to

Source/ Photo Courtesy of


Netflix Makes Exclusive First- Look Deal with Director, Producer, and Academy Award Winning Actress

Photo Credit - Diana Ragland

Regina King

Netflix has entered into a multi-year first look deal with director, producer, and award winning actress, Regina King. King’s production company Royal Ties is entering into the first-look deal to produce films and series for Netflix. Her sister, Reina King, will serve as head of production of the shingle.Named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people of 2019, Regina King has had an acclaimed career garnering multiple accolades. She most recently won an Academy Award for her role as Sharon Rivers in feature film If Beale Street Could Talk as well as an Emmy Award for her role as Latrice Butler in Seven Seconds. King has also taken on many roles behind the camera directing episodes of This is Us, The Good Doctor,

and the season three finale of Insecure among others. She is next set to star in Damon Lindeloff’s upcoming series Watchmen.“Regina King is a multi-faceted talent both behind and in front of the camera. She’s been a trailblazer for years, with boundless creativity and impeccable taste in projects, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that she will bring her formidable talents to Netflix,” said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix.Said Regina King, “I am beyond thrilled to join the Netflix family. They are at the top of their game and as an artist I am so excited to come play in this wonderful sandbox they have created for storytellers.”

Source Courtesy of Multicultural Publicity



By: Ryan Nickerson I Photo by: David J. Phillip. The Associated Press

It was an early Friday morning when Tiger Woods was unconscious, laying in the street. His then-wife, Elin Nordegren, was hovering over him, “frantic and upset”. The back window to his Escalade was smashed open by a golf club, the front bumper taken off by a run in with a fire hydrant. Woods was in and out of consciousness. The onslaught of news surrounding his extramarital affairs came pouring in; Woods’ life as the top golfer in the world seemed only downhill from there. But that was 2009 and, for the subsequent decade, Woods would go on to battle scandal after scandal, surgery after surgery, sidelined and observing as golf searched for its next king. Ten years later, Woods is back and has reclaimed his throne. Now a fifteen-time Masters champion, Woods is on track to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of winning eighteen Masters- a record that will immortalize him as the greatest professional golfer of all time. It was a long way to the top for Woods after his spectacular 2009 descent. Before 2009, Woods almost single handily boosted golf’s popularity among minorities and helped the golf industry boom. In Woods’ absence, golf saw a significant decline in viewership and businesses associated with Woods, like Nike, suffered serious setbacks.

“In the nearly 11 years between major wins for Woods, in which he was revealed to be a serial adulterer, pleaded guilty to reckless driving, had four back surgeries and didn’t even enter a major for two years,” wrote New York Times sports reporter Kevin Draper, “numerous segments of the business of golf struggled.” “As an endorser who at one point was collecting some $50 million a year in sponsorship deals, Woods had what marketing experts call a “golden halo effect,” Tim Derdenger, professor of marketing and strategy at Carnegie Mellon’s business school told the Times. “Initially, people wanted to buy products associated with Woods because they aspired to identify with him. Those deals largely went away after Woods’s sordid 2009, but if the halo effect returns, so will the sponsorships.” As Woods let out a triumphant roar after sinking his putt, winning the final round of the 83rd Masters on Sunday, April 14, 2019, the Nike symbol on his famous red golf shirt caught every photograph. The endorsements, it seems, aren’t going anywhere. Although Woods basked in the glory of his win, his words after the tournament would lead one to believe he isn’t that concerned with immortalizing himself as the greatest pro golfer of all time. “I’m sure that I’ll probably think of it going down the road,” Woods said, referring to Nicklaus’s eighteen victories at golf’s four major tournaments. “Maybe. Maybe not. But right now, it’s a little soon, and I’m just enjoying 15.”


Singer, Ciara wore a Peter Dundas emerald green gown to this year’s Met Gala. A statement that said, “I love who I am!” And what better time to celebrate womanhood than with this recent appearance and a new album #beautymarks that debuted May 10.

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