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Terri J. Vaughn, Director of TV ONE’S Original Film

Dear Santa, I Need A Date


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Dear Santa, No, we’re not writing a letter to the guy in the red suit who lives at the North Pole. We’re referencing part of the title to TV One’s Christmas movie, Dear Santa, I Need A Date. It stars Reagan Gomez-Preston (The Parent ‘Hood) and Ray J (Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood). The romantic comedy is directed by Terri J. Vaughn and premieres on the small screen on Sunday, December 8. Speaking of letter writing, what if you wrote one to yourself with a wish list for Christmas. What would it say? Perhaps you desire more family time, or the courage to finally follow your dreams. Maybe writing down your thoughts will remind you of how far you’ve come. Whatever words you write, keep in mind the purpose is to find your happiness. Such as a few of the stories in our December issue. Like Terri J. Vaughn who is creating the life she wants by directing more films. The actress worked behind the camera on four movies this year alone. Remember Reagan Gomez-Preston? The child actor who was seen in a number of shows and movies throughout her young adulthood, is now a 39-year-old wife and mother. A writer and

director as well, her last creative project was nominated for an award. Both women decided to create content that wasn’t otherwise handed to them through film, and television opportunities. This brings us to say, create and build all that your mind can conceive. Make available what is unavailable. Cultivate the things you imagine that are not supported outside of your thoughts. We’ll share a quote from Rikki Hughes, producer for superstar comedian, Dave Chappelle. Her interview is featured in this issue as well. She says, “No matter what projects were brought to me I could create magic, and turn lemons into lemonade.” We leave you with your ability to create magic. Now, fold your letter neatly and place it under the tree. Believe that your words will come to fruition in time to unwrap your Christmas blessing.

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20 Reagan Gomez-Preston


Stars in her first Christmas movie and discusses creating content for television and film

10 Charlana brown The “Cycles” actress on her guest starring role in Will Ferrell’s digital network series ‘Black Coffee’

6 Mimi G

DIY Holiday Gifts, Decor, & Festive Fun Ideas

Terri J.


The actor turned director on her latest film, “Dear Santa, I Need a Date” Photo Credit: PHEAUXTOGRAPHY Blair Devereaux

19 Eva Mendes

New York & Company I Eva Mendes Collection 2019

30 rikki hughes

The Emmy award-winning producer helps to navigate the comedy careers of Dave Chappelle and others

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12 Terri J. Vaughn


Mimi G is behind the hugely popular and award-winning sewing/fashion/DIY blog, and is responsible for making homemade clothes and accessories hip and approachable to her millions of social media followers and subscribers around the world. Just in time for the holidays, Mimi shares her creative and fun DIY sewing ideas for gifts, décor and overall festive fun - please see some ideas below.


Custom Monogrammed Stockings: Make your own custom stockings, personalized with names. Can be made from an old favorite blanket or holiday sweater, or in new unifying fabric for the whole family! Holiday Sweater Pillow: Get a hole or outgrow an old holiday sweater? Turn them into festive déc or by making them into throw pillows. Festive Treat Bag: Throwing a holiday soiree and looking to give your guests a parting gift? These cute little treat bags are easy to make and are great for giving away sweet treats! (as seen on the right) Christmas Fabric Garland: Create beautiful fabric “garland” by tying together your extra holiday color fabric scraps and ribbon - easy to do and makes for fun décor! Felt Ornaments: Nothing says the holiday season like bold and bright Christmas lights, so what a fun idea to turn them into beautiful felt ornaments add a splash of color to your tree. Another idea is to make felt stars, reindeers, Santa Clauses, angels, snowmen, etc. Ear Warmer Headband: The perfect homemade gift for your fashionable friend, a soft and cute ear warmer headband is perfect for the winter season. Bandana Bibs for Toddlers: A sweet and adorable gift for the toddler in your life, these easy to make gifts will come in handy with all of the holiday food! Colorful DIY Felt Coasters! Layer a few


• •

different sizes of felt circles on top of each other and sew them together with a contrasting thread to create beautiful and unique coasters - makes for a great gift! Quilted Tree Skirt & Ornaments: Make a beautiful quilted tree skirt and balled ornaments from old quilts or new fabric. Adds a lovely touch to your tree!! Felt Holly Ascot or Festive Scarf for the Family Pet: Your dogs and cats (and other pets as well!) always enjoy getting into the holiday action. These super cute custom projects make great gifts for the animal lovers in your life! Blanket Jacket: Turn an old blanket into a cozy new jacket! Old Denim Tree Skirt: Do you have a bunch of old jeans laying around that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Turn them into your new tree skirt to give your home a rustic and retro holiday feel! Darling Toiletry Bag & Cat Sleeping Mask: Perfect gift for that person in your life who is always on a plane. Create a pretty fabric toiletry bag and cat shaped sleeping mask so that they are sure to get their beauty rest

Mimi G is a mother of four and a champion of women, but before that she was the victim of sexual abuse as a child, a teen runaway, a homeless teenage mother, and a domestic violence survivor. However, the story of Mimi is not in her challenges, it is in her triumphs. She had a knack for seeing a design on the runway and being able to recreate it herself, for someone that was struggling financially, this was something that helped set her apart career wise and in important meetings. Her blog took off - people were drawn to her hip and cool approach to sewing. Her videos on DIY sewing, self-empowerment, and lifestyle have propelled Mimi G from blogger to an internet sensation. Visit to see additional images mentioned in the article


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‘Tis the season of family, love, and celebration. To usher in the season, six-time GRAMMY nominee, TAMIA releases her soulful rendition of the holiday classic “Someday At Christmas.” Originally recorded and made a household favorite by Stevie Wonder, the song’s meaning still echoes the wishes of all of us during a time when we long to have peace and celebrate with our loved ones. “Someday At Christmas” is available on all digital platforms now.


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Charlana Brown

Interview by: La Trisha and La Tasha | Twins of Media Photos By: Desmond Faison

Q: You studied Broadcast Journalism while taking Theatre classes on the side at Florida A&M University on a full Tennis Scholarship. When did you know that you wanted to pursue acting professionally versus a career in sports?


Charlana will be returning for her second season on the Amazon Prime series “Cycles” where she plays the character Nina. She recently guest starred on Will Ferrell’s digital Network (Funny or Die) series “Black Coffee”. Check out our exclusive interview with Hollywood’s next rising star.

Q: You will be returning to the Amazon Prime series “Cycles” for your second season. Tell us more about your character Nina and what can fans expect to see in the upcoming episodes? A: In Season One, Nina was a firecracker, but she’s also a real Boss! You can see how she took care of her Boyfriend Carl in Season One, but Season Two will be a completely different story for Nina. You’ll have to watch to see. Q: You recently guest-starred on Will Ferrell’s digital Network (Funny or Die) series “Black Coffee” please share what that experience was like in working with Mr. Ferrell himself?  A: I did not get to work with Mr. Ferrell himself. I guest-starred on a digital series that runs on his YouTube Channel (Funny or Die) titled Black Coffee. The show is hilarious, and although I didn’t get to work with Will Ferrell, being able to work on this show with amazing actors is pretty awesome! Hopefully, one day, I will get to work with him. That would be pretty dope!


A: I knew as a kid I wanted to act, but it wasn’t until I was a junior in college, I realized I wanted to pursue it. Sports were always a thing for me. I played tennis almost every day of my life, and being an athlete will never go away. The acting was my priority after college and my dream, and I wanted to go after it. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate to still use my athleticism and work in the Entertainment Business. And that’s what I’m doing. Q: What’s next for Charlana Brown? Also, are you interested in directing for film and television soon? A: I’m currently working on a film I produced and co-wrote titled “Sponsored.” I’m hoping to make it a feature film or possibly even a series. Right now, I’m doing some rewrites and hoping to shoot in the New Year. As far as directing, I would absolutely want to direct in the future. That would be a dream come true! Q: How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? Favorite Christmas movie of all time? A: I will be celebrating Christmas this year with my family. We pretty much do the same thing every year. Wake up, open gifts, and eat eat eat. I love this time of the year! As far as my favorite Holiday movie, it would have to be Home Alone! My nephew and I watch it over and over again. Q: Please share your favorite social media handles. A: Charliiebrowneyes IG and Charlana Brown on Facebook



V au


Cover Story




Terri J. Terri J. Vaughn has always brought laughter into the homes of many. Today, she brings her talent behind the camera as a director. Did you know the San Francisco native got her start in acting while participating in a Miss California Pageant? Fast forward, and she has created an impressive career and directed four films this year alone. We recently spoke with Terri regarding her latest project, a Christmas movie, “Dear Santa, I Need A Date. Q: You direct the TV One original holiday film Dear Santa, I Need A Date. Tell us about the movie. A: It’s a comedy and a competition between sister and brother who make a bet to find love first just in time to bring home for Christmas. It stars Ray J and Reagan Gomez-Preston as brother and sister. The mother is Anne-Marie Johnson and she is hilarious. She is the parent that puts pressure on her children. I’m ready for grandkids, what’s wrong with you guys? Do you need Viagra? Q: This is your second Christmas movie for TV One. Take us through how you became involved with this latest project. A: It’s a fun comedic Christmas movie, which is my favorite. I read the script for this film, and I  Laughed Out 14 | BSM MAGAZINE

VaughN Loud because it was funny, which made me happy. Ray J was the first actor that came to mind when I read the script. I didn’t realize how funny he was until I worked with him on The Rickey Smiley Show. He was on the series, and he was funny and on point. His comedic timing was also on point. I’m like, Ray J, I didn’t know you were this funny. I was so impressed with him. When it came to the sister, there was a list of comedic actresses that I thought were good and TV-friendly (who could deliver comedy), and who could shoot a movie in 12-days and show up. Reagan was the one who stood out for me. For the mother, Anne-Marie was the first person that came to mind too. I was happy when she signed on.

“Creating the life I want.”

Swirl Films is the production company on the project. I have been a part of their family for a long time, but always on the acting side. However, I’ve done a few projects co-producing with my company Nina Holiday Entertainment, but this is the first time they asked me to direct a project. I was their first choice as a director because of the comedy. It is a comedy movie, and they knew that it was my sweet spot. I did a few comedy movies already, and they went to bat for me. They’re super cool dudes over at Swirl Films! Q: Did you always know you wanted to become an actor? Who in your life helped to nurture your dreams? A: I had no desire to become an actor. I didn’t know it was something you could be growing up. I did not get into acting until I was in college. I went to school for advertising. While in school, I was asked to participate in a Miss Black California Pageant. Some of my girlfriends and I did the pageant. One of the judges was a producer of a play that they were casting.

Interview by: La Trisha and La Tasha | Twins of Media” Photos Courtesy of: TV ONE

It was a touring play. After the pageant, I was asked if I would be interested in auditioning for the play. I didn’t know anything about acting, but I was told to show up at the Black Repertory Theatre in Berkley, CA., and bring a picture and a resume. I showed up and met the director and playwright. I read the material they gave me. The director provided notes, and he was like, this girl is sassy with attitude. I got a call that night I had gotten the part in the play. I toured with the production off and on for 2 years. The director’s name was Paul Roach, and he introduced me to all the theatre greats and taught me the craft of acting. I got hit with the acting bug and studied acting from that point on. Q: Why is it important for black women in the entertainment industry to learn as much as they can about the business? A: I think it is important for anyone to learn the business of the business. It’s important not just for the craft, but you need to be able to deliver the work you are hired to do, and I think it is not always good to depend on people or be at the mercy of other people. Q: What is something about Terri J. Vaughn most people don’t know? A: I have allergies, Lol! I would get allergy shots every day for a long time. Q: If you were not acting, or directing what would you be doing today? A: Since I was in school for advertising, I would assume I

would be doing something in that field in Corporate America . Q: For TV One Fans and those that follow you and the talent involved, why should they watch Dear Santa, I Need A Date? A: They should watch Dear Santa, I Need A Date because laughter is good and healing. There is so much going on in our lives that we must deal with, and everything is so serious. We must laugh as often as possible. It’s proven to be healing, and it is medicine. I just try to remind people of that. It’s why I love what I do, and that’s why I do focus on comedy and bringing laughter into people’s lives. I have been told repeatedly examples of the laughter and joy people have gotten from the shows I have been on for them, or someone in their family. It matters that I continue to bring that light into the world, and it’s Christmas time. It’s a Christmas movie, and you want to laugh. It is a great family-friendly movie! Q: Christmas plans? A: I am going to stay home this Christmas and have family over; my sister, cousins, and nieces. We will have dinner and open gifts. Hang out, and the adults will have cocktails. Q: On Instagram, your bio reads, “Creating the life I want.” What does that mean going into the year 2020? A: What I mean by “Creating the life I want.” I want to direct more, so I’m putting myself in a position, and a part of this year was setting that up. The four movies I directed this year were purposeful. They are all romantic comedies. Going into 2020, I want to do more comedies. I’m excited! BSM MAGAZINE I 15


Photo Credit: terrijvaughn (Instagram)

Terri j. Vaughn Director

Anne-Marie Johnson

as Mrs. Vaughn

Ray J as Jason Vaughn 16 | BSM MAGAZINE


Dear Santa, I Need A Date

Jay DeVon Johnson as Mr. Vaughn

Reagan Gomez-Preston as Janelle Vaughn



Photographed by: pHEAUXTOGRAPHY blair devereaux

Photos courtesy of New York & Company | Eva Mendes Collection 2019

New York & Company | Eva Mendes Collection 2019 inspires the everyday woman to add a bit of glam to their life!





Most of us grew up watching actress Reagan Gomez-Preston on the television show The Parent ‘Hood as Zaria Peterson. Today, the wife and mother of two stars in her first Christmas film, Dear Santa, I Need A Date. It is a romantic, comedy directed by Terri J. Vaughn and stars Ray J. Here, we speak with Reagan on her current role, and the importance of creating content as a writer and director when opportunities for black women, in Hollywood, are few. Q: You star in TV One’ original holiday film Dear Santa, I Need A Date. Tell us about the film and how you came on board to play the character, Janelle Vaughn. A: First, I love that you are twin sisters, and you’re working together. I love that. Yes! I star in Dear Santa, I Need A Date with Ray J (Jason Vaughn). My character Janelle Vaughn is an independent business owner. She is a young entrepreneur in Atlanta and the owner of a coffee shop. While she has been conquering the world owning her business, her parents have been a bit upset that they don’t have any grandchildren. Jay DeVon Johnson plays Mr. Vaughn. My character and Ray J’s have been too busy owning things and running our businesses to think about marriage and kids. However, our parents want grandchildren. So, the brother and sister duo make a bet on who will find a date and hopefully love by Christmas dinner. I got involved with the film because of the director Terri J. Vaughn. That is my girl! I’ve known her for decades, and we both got our start on the WB network. I love her as a person, but I am a fan of her work as an actor. Also, I am a director. I have been writing and directing myself for the past 10-years. Terri and I are sisters in this business as well, and the fact that she called me about this film, I was down. I’ve worked with TV One before and Swirl Films, but 20 | BSM MAGAZINE

I realized I had never done a Christmas film in my career, and I love Christmas films. I was excited to be a part of the script. Q: Along with Ray J, Anne-Marie Johnson, Jay DeVon Johnson, MAJOR, Reginae Carter, and B. Simone round out the cast. How was it working with them on this film? A: It was great! I mean Anne-Marie Johnson, she is a legend in the game. We had a lot of conversations outside of the film about politics. She worked at SAG for almost 20-years. (Anne-Marie was elected as the First National Vice President for SAG from 2005 to 2010). She has a lot of insight into the business being an actor, specifically a black actor. She implemented a lot of policies for black people. I love working with her. I’ve known Ray J for years. We were both kids when we started in this business. He is hilarious! I think we have great chemistry on screen. Hopefully, it comes across to those who watch the film. I had a ball, and the cast is great! Q: We don’t want to call Reginae Carter a newbie to acting, but what advice did you provide while you were on set? A: I wasn’t working with her the day that she was there, but I think she knows the lay of the land. She comes from music royalty. She didn’t need any advice from me. She knew what she was doing, and she is great in the film. Q: Terri J. Vaughn, who directs the film, says, Ray J and Reagan Gomez-Preston are so fun as brother and sister. What’s the one thing you like most working with a woman director? A: We both started as actors (black women) many years ago, and we’re still passionate about the business. Not only being actors, but also being

Photograph by: Tv ONE




directors. I guess it shows how big the business is and how many opportunities there are as far as work is concerned. You don’t have to stay in one realm of entertainment. You don’t only have to be a writer or actor. You can bounce around. However, having said that I know being a black woman in this business those opportunities are not always there. Seeing Terri being able to evolve from an actor to a director and myself, being able to do the same, it is inspiring to me. It has honestly given me new life in this business. After your 25th pilot season or your thousandth no, it can get a bit draining. Working with women like Terri in the film and Ava DuVernay with a reoccurring role on Queen Sugar, they are amazing black women in high power positions. It is really an exciting time for black content creators. I loved working with Terri and will work with her again. I cast her in the first short film I wrote back in 2010. It is a full circle moment for both of us. Q: What fond Christmas memories do you have? A: I’ve always loved Christmas movies. My mother grew up watching musicals. These are fond memories of my childhood. My oldest is twelve going on thirteen, so she is a little over Santa Claus but my little one is still into it. Of course, outside of Santa, it is about family. I think that it is the important part about these Christmas movies. I was excited to be a part of this film and, hopefully, I will be doing more. Q: Tell us more about you writing and directing? A: I started writing because I would write characters and stories that I wish I could audition for roles. Years ago, I co-wrote an episode of the The Parent ‘Hood. It was the episode where Zaria wore a short dress to the dance. I came up with the story myself. After The Parent ‘Hood ended, I was nineteen, and I worked a lot in my twenties on TV and film. After I had my daughter, I was on a show called Love, Inc. with Holly Robinson-Peete. The show was not picked up and I began to write stories. The last project I wrote and directed was  “Surviving”  and it was nominated for a Gotham Award for Best Original show in 2016. I’m on my way and I am excited about it! I think when you have been in this business for so long, there are many barriers as a black woman. There is a certain level of control you don’t have that you do have as the person who creates the stories. I love being in control of how a narrative is being shot and finding new talent.


Terri directing the Christmas movie I’m in gives it a different lens then someone else who would have directed it. It brings a sense of home and familiarity to stories about Christmas, family and food. It’s an exciting time. Q: You are vocal on Twitter regarding various topics. What started this community? A: It is funny because I am watching the impeachment hearings (closed caption) so I can do the interview (laughs). I got on Twitter in 2009. I had my daughter in 2007, and I no longer had time to check Myspace. I was like, what else is out there? I was not going on Facebook because my mommy and daddy were on there, and I was not going to be on no app where my parents were (laughs). When I got on Twitter, it was right after Obama was elected President. Then there were the killings of Trayvon Martin 2012, and Mike Brown in 2014. I love engaging with people on Twitter. Listen, I am not Beyoncé or Rihanna. I am somebody that you know from that show from back in the day. I can talk to people about real life like becoming a mother. I remember I tweeted when I was going into labor with my second child, my son. I have also been able to Crowdfund on Twitter. I did three Crowdfunder campaigns on Twitter for my web series. People were interested in participating because they loved me from back in the day. They understood I was a black woman wanting to create and direct content and no one was giving me the opportunities. I love that you can create a community for yourself that involves other people on Twitter. Q: Why should TV One fans tune in to watch this Christmas movie? A: Fans should watch Dear Santa, I Need A Date because you can expect to see lots of heart, laughter and love. We have great cameos. Ray J and I have great chemistry from my perspective. The great Anne-Marie Johnson is in the film. It is a movie you can watch with your whole family and every Christmas season thereafter. I hope you guys love it.

Dear Santa, I Need A Date Premieres on TV One Sunday, December 8.


Photograph by: Tv ONE



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Modular Closets are high-quality and easy-to-design closet systems you can order, assemble and install yourself, in no time at all. Using closet modules (closet pieces you can mix and match to design your own modular closet), homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve the true custom closet look, for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. Find out how you can achieve better organization through better closet design with Modular Closets. For more information, visit https:// Article & Photos By: MARTY BASHER, ORGANIZATION EXPERT FOR WWW. MODULARCLOSETS.COM




Lisa Alexander is the founder and creative force behind Alexander Farm and Orchard a handmade soap company she started out of her love for gardening. Check out our conversation with the successful entrepreneur and DIY visionary. Q: What inspired you to create handmade soaps? A: After several failed attempts at growing something other than weeds, my husband and I finally had a thriving garden. We’ve planted tomatoes, okra, strawberries, blueberries, collard greens, and cucumbers. We also have lemon trees, an orange tree, and a peach tree. I can’t describe the taste of eating food you harvest out of your own garden. In 2018, we had way too many cucumbers. While staring at what must have been 30 or so cucumbers on the vine I got the bright idea to make soap. I liked the idea of a cucumber mint soap and would give them away to my clients as gifts. Now mind you, I had never made soap before. Many first time soapers will use a melt and pour base so they don’t have to work with sodium hydroxide or lye. Being a woman of color who is accustomed to perming her own hair decades ago, I knew how to respect the chemical and felt confident in my ability to make a cold process soap. I made my first batch, designed my own label, and packaged my soap. I took a photo of it and posted it on Facebook and the rest is history as they say. I had a soap order from a woman in Florida who was hosting a conference that Fall. It was my first bulk order! Q: The name Alexander Farm and Orchard is derived from your last name ‘Alexander’ how does it feel to build a legacy that will carry the family’s name for years to come? A: I’m happy it will carry our family name but more important is the actual product name. The majority of the soaps are named after the amazing women in my life. Some are family some are dear friends. My first soap, the cucumber soap is named after my maternal grandmother, Ira Taylor. She was a firm believer in the healing power of things that grew from the earth. Cucumber and aloe vera were two of her mainstays so I named the soap after her, the Taylor-Made Bar. It’s my way of keeping their memories alive.  Q: What is your top seller? A: Our top sellers are the Taylor-Made Soap (the cucumber mint) and the Golden Girl Bar. It’s a lemon-honey soap named after my sister. She passed away suddenly two years ago and this soap is in her honor.  Q: Your soaps are all handmade, hand-cut and are free of animal products unless otherwise noted. Is the line solely vegan? A: Since I use honey in my soaps, I don’t think they qualify as vegan. But the majority of the soaps use plant-based oils like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Two of the products, The Marshall Bar and Cherry’s Soap are made with tallow (animal product) and work really well for people with extremely dry skin. I don’t use micas, pigments or fragrance oils in my soaps. If I color my soaps, I use natural ingredients like sweet potato, carrots, dried oranges or indigo. For scent, I only use essential oils.   Q: What advice do you have for those want to create DIY products or start a home base business? A: Do your research, do something you enjoy and remember it is a business so have your documents in order.  Q: How will you celebrate Christmas? A: I love to bake so the holidays will find me baking for family and friends. I’m looking forward to sharing coffee and homemade butter cookies with a dear friend. We splurge once a year on this decadent cookie because both of us are watching our waistlines! I absolutely love New Year’s Eve. Bidding the old year a fair adieu and welcoming in this new decade is something I’m really excited about. Q: Favorite social media handles? A: You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @lisanalexander and @alexanderfarmorchard.





Ricki Hughes is an Emmy award-winning producer for superstar comedian, Dave Chappelle. In this fun interview, she talks about working with comics and her advice for those who wish to follow a similar career path. Q: Your production company “Magic Lemonade” specializes in television, film and media with offices in Hollywood and Atlanta. How did you come up with the name and tell us about your services? A: The name was simple. One thing, you can’t say it without smiling. My company specializes in a lot of comedy. I realize we aren’t curing cancer here, so we should be able to have fun. I would always get projects and from them I would create magic. Making lemon into lemonade. As a full-service production company, we develop and create shows as well as produce. We are also a management company and we represent comics. It’s a great journey!

Photos by: Elton Anderson

Q: You work with a lot of comedians namely Dave Chappelle. How did get your start in the industry, and are you a comedian that can recognize talent? A: I can recognize talent, but I would never put myself in a comedian’s position (laughs). I cannot tell jokes. I always praise comedians for being able to get out there on stage every day to basically say, like me. I don’t know if my ego can take that. Though I am always excited to help cultivate talent and to protect the voice of Dave Chappelle, as well as anyone that I work with. I am still able to believe in them and see if something has a clear point of view. I do what I do to make sure it looks and sound amazing, and we make it come to fruition. Q: You made history last year when you became the first African-American female recipient for an Emmy. It was for “Outstanding Variety Series” for Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation. It also won a Grammy for “Best Comedy” album. Describe the moment. A: It was amazing and a surreal moment! You sit there and you always hope you win. We was up against some really big names like Carol Burnett. Stan Lathan and I were excited to be in the room for a project we poured so much into, and it was being acknowledged. When it was announced Dave Chappelle won, Stan and I looked at each other and then we got up while they played, “Killing Me softly.” It’s Dave’s favorite song. It seemed like the longest walk to the stage. I have been working with Stan for many years. It was the first time I saw him nervous. It was so cute and beautiful. He was so thankful, and we both were filled with gratitude that we had been acknowledged for something we love. We thanked Dave for trusting us. Q: What is it like working with comedians often? A: They are usually always on (laughs). You have to know at some point you will be the butt of their jokes and accept it. Again, I have a lot of compassion for comedians. It is not the easiest job in the world for someone to sit there and try to make people laugh. Q: You recently worked on Dave Chappell: Sticks & Stones. What’s next for Rikki Hughes? A: I am in the middle of producing the Trumpet Awards which I am really excited about. We tape on December 4, in Los Angeles, at the Dolby Center with Wanda Sykes. It is always great to work with Wanda. Then I have the ABFF Awards coming at the top of next year. Q: When is the last time you laughed out loud? A: I recently worked with the guys from 85 South show and that day, I could not stop laughing. The comics around me say, it is a big deal if you can get Rikki to laugh. Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in a similar career path? A: Write, create, and produce. At this stage in the game, there is nothing that can stop you. There are no barriers because you can get together with your friends, and shoot something on your iPhone. You can get the message out and upload it within minutes through the internet to get an immediate response. I didn’t have this when I started out. I think there is no reason why you cannot create. Young people ask me, how do you get your foot in the door? I say, look! Anyone will let you work for free, so decide who you want to work with. Always stand next to a win. If you want to be the next Steven Spielberg, guess what? You need to go to his office, or write a letter letting him know you want to volunteer. Once you get in there make yourself indispensable. Stand next to greatness. If you are really dedicated, you will do it. Follow @Magic_Lemonade on Instagram


This interview took place before the taping of the Trumpet Awards.







December 2, 2019 3x Grammy-winning, multi-platinum singer, songwriter, poet, and entertainer Miss Jill Scott announced a nationwide, North American 2020 tour to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of her critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated debut album Who Is Jill Scott Words and Sounds Vol. 1. February 7, 2020, marks the kick-off date of the first leg of the tour which includes visits to many smaller markets that fans have anticipated for some time now! The second leg of the tour will come in time for Summer 2020 — adding an undeniable dose of Summer heat across states! Nearing twenty years since Miss Scott introduced the world to her authentic, unapologetic, sultry self, Who Is Jill Scott Words and Sounds Vol. 1, released July 18, 2000, has gone on to be regarded as an album that spawned movements of female self-empowerment and self-assuredness in music at an impressionable time when it narrowly existed — a resurging movement that resonates to the principles of many creative artists we see today more than ever before. Miss Scott had this to say exclusively to BILLBOARD in regards to what

fans can expect on the Who Is Jill Scott Words and Sounds Vol. 1 tour “I’m going to be true to the album set list. I’ll do every song in the order of the album. My audience should bring their cd covers. Some may know the list by heart. I will create musical arrangements for the songs purposes with new energy but keep the integrity of the original songs they love. Expect theatre. Expect incredible musicianship. Expect love.” Eloquently blending R&B, funk, jazz, blues and spoken word, Who Is Jill Scott Words and Sounds Vol. 1. is treasured for many and now fans of all generations will have the opportunity to gather and witness Miss Scott freshly present the hit album with a special, unique performance of all of the records from the album. Including Grammy-nominated tracks “He Love Me (Lyzel in E Flat),” “A Long Walk, and “Gettin’ In The Way” to the widely-popular records such as “The Way,” “One is The Magic #,” and “Love Rain,” and more — this is a setlist that has gone on to stand the test of time and will only add to the enriching and enjoyable sensation of Who Is Jill Scott Words and Sounds Vol. 1 in a monumental way. BSM MAGAZINE I 33





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BSM Media Group 2019 Interns


BSM Journalist Jasmin Urquiza Montiel

BSM Journalist Jasmin Urquiza Montiel on set filming ‘BSM Weekly Take’ before heading to the Presidential Debate at TSU, September 1, 2019









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Twins of Media with actress producer and director Charnele Brown, November 23, 2019

Twins of Media with Sacramento Kings Point Guard and Houston Native De’Aaron Fox, July 18, 2019

Twins of Media with Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter at the Saana Expo, October 5, 2019

Twins of Media with Howard Hewitt, April 13, 2019






Rev Ashley Dunn interviews Tony Rock for BSM Media _Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way Birthday Bash June 30, 2019

BSM Media Journalist Jasmin Urquiza Montiel and Desiree Cantu with Ebony Valdez April 7, 2019 at #ClosetChats launch party


BSM Journalist Jasmin Urquiza Montiel and News Correspondent (ABC 13) Chauncy Glover, April 7, 2019 at the #ClosetChats launch party

BSM Journalist, Jasmin Urquiza Montiel with gospel singer, record producer, actress, entrepreneur and radio host Yolanda Adams, August 26, 2019







view BSM Media (Tedra Chriss and Tiffany Cormier) in Atlanta with comedian, television host (The Real Daytime), actress and author Loni Love, iELEVATE 2019 NATIONAL CONFERENCE, June19, 2019

BSM Media (Tedra Chriss and Tiffany Cormier) in Atlanta for the TV One premiere screening of “The Bobby DeBarge Story, June 11, 2019

Twins of Media with Isiah Carey on Isiah Factor, Fox 26 Houston

Twins of Media with Raymond Santana (Exonerated Five) at the Saana Expo October 5, 2019








BSM Journalist Jasmin Urquiza Montiel interviewing NYT bestselling author and podcast host, Luvvie

BSM Production Assistant Mar’Shayla Thomas with Shantera Chatman March 16, 2019

BSM Journalist Jasmin Urquiza Montiel interviews author and empowerment speaker Shantera Chatman, March 16, 2019

BSM Journalist, Jasmin Urquiza Montiel with Houston Texans Whitney Mercilus, November 27, 2019







view Twins of Media with vocalist, songwriter, and pianist, Oleta Adams

Karla Olvera (Intern), Art Institute (Houston) 2019 graduate

Ryan Nickerson (Intern), Texas Southern University 2019 graduate

Larry Allen (Mentee), Prairie View A&M University 2019 graduate






Oprah Winfrey’s Reimagined Tour Features Michelle Obama & More Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour is on the way, and January can’t come fast enough. According to Live Nation, Winfrey’s Weight Watchers Reimagined tour will have special guests in attendance. The OWN Network founder will share one on one conversations with surprise celebrity appearances, and their views on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. First on tour with Winfrey is none other than Lady Gaga in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on January 4, 2020. “Every city will highlight remarkable individuals who, by taking charge of their health, created a ripple effect of wellness in their communities,” reads a message on Oprah’s tour site. During the rest of the tour, you will see appearances from Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gayle King, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kate Hudson, Tina Fey, and Amy Schumer. Weight Watchers Reimagined will visit nine cities, and each city will have a different

celebrity in attendance, where Winfrey will hold one-on-one conversations with the superstar. Lady Gaga will kick off the event Jan. 4, 2020, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The nine-city tour will also visit St. Paul, Minnesota (Fey); Charlotte, North Carolina (Schumer); Atlanta (Johnson); Brooklyn, New York (Obama); Dallas (Ellis Ross); San Francisco (Hudson); and Los Angeles (Lopez). The tour is more than just business. Attendees will also have a good time with a quick dance exercise from Julianne Hough. There is also a party before the workshops begin. Winfrey will speak about her health journey to encourage the people who are serious about real change. The purpose of the tour that will provide so many beneficial resources— is to “energize audiences with tools and insights to move them toward their healthiest and best lives.” Tickets are now available at and range from $120-$300. The tour will last through March 7 and will wrap with Winfrey’s bestie, Gayle King. BSM MAGAZINE I 41

Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Visitors! And we don’t mean Santa! ‘Tis the season to have family and friends visiting your home. Maybe you’re keeping it low key this year with a holiday party or two or maybe you’re hosting the whole extended family for a three day festivity. Wherever your holiday plans fall on this scale, there are things you can do to prepare your home for your visitors, ensuring that everyone keeps a jolly spirit, including you! The best laid party plans... To quote Robert Burns: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. To avoid your holiday parties going awry, make a plan. TIP: Get your personal Christmas shopping out of the way as early as you can! A last minute dash to stand in line forever at the store is not where you want to be when you’re expecting 20 guests at 6 p.m. When you shop for gifts, get one or two extra presents: you never know when someone will give you an unexpected gift and while they likely don’t expect one in return, you’ll wish you had something to give. A great idea is a favorite book or DVD movie of yours: it’s personal without being overwhelming. Chocolates and bottles of wine stowed away are also easy options. If you’re planning parties, you’ll need to consider: • The food — including things for people with allergies or preferences. • The drinks — including non-alcoholic options for the designated drivers. • The music — because total silence is AWKWARD! • The decor — inside and out, your house can be the perfect backdrop for festive spirit! Using a calendar and working backwards from the date of your event, you need to plan time to clean the house, get in all the ingredients for the food and drinks, a playlist, and all the decorations that you want. A theme often helps with the planning of these events, above and beyond the holiday season. For example, if you go with ‘Silver and Sparkle’, you can choose decorations for everything from your table to your tree that are all about silvery snowflakes and sparkling decorations.


If you’re hosting throughout the holiday season, consider that switching from autumn themed decor to full on holiday sparkle may leave you scrambling! The simple solution is to have a separate plastic bin with decorations for each holiday. You can put away one set while putting up the next set, with little fuss and muss. When you’re entertaining in the evening, it’s a good idea to be prepared for a guest or two having to stay the night. If someone dips their cup a few too often into the spiked eggnog, it’s on you as the host to make sure that that they either have a safe way home or a place to rest their heads until morning. To that end, have a few things stored away that can be useful in these circumstances:

canned goods, soups and water. Don’t forget tape, wrapping paper, and gift bags. Get cleaning — Get yourself the best present ever and hire a team to clean your house before the family descends! If you’re DIY’ing it, catch up on all your dusting and laundry so you don’t have to worry about it, particularly with your mother-in-law roaming your house. Set up the guest sleeping areas — Depending on space and who is sleeping where, set it up for their comfort. A few toiletry items, some hotel slippers—you can buy these at the dollar store—clean towels, and a bottle of water on the bedside table will go a long way. Make room in closets or dressers for clothes by storing some of your stuff in a storage bin for the duration.  A nice touch?  A framed reminder of what the WIFI password is!


For you… Getting through holiday family visits is a lot about being ready for most every eventuality. Your own peace of mind can be achieved by making sure sure you have a few necessities. A last minute, late night trip to the drug store isn’t on anyone’s wish list! • A high quality first aid kit, above and beyond the basic bandaids and antibiotic ointment.

• A couple of extra toothbrushes and mini tubes of paste, soaps / shower gels and shampoo. • A large t-shirt for sleeping in. • Clean sheets, extra pillows and blankets, as well as towels for the guest bedroom, or the sofa, depending on how you’re fixed! For family who comes to stay awhile... Hosting a party for a few hours is one thing. Hosting several members of your family for several days is another thing entirely! Planning here is useful too, but it’s on a completely different scale. Like what? Meal planning  — Making sure you have meals planned for the duration of their stay avoids that awful “what should we have?” conversation that crops up when no one has given any thought to meals outside of the main event. Check in with family that you haven’t seen in a while about allergies.  Stocking up on everything — If Aunt Joan is partial to a gin and tonic or two in the evening, having enough gin and tonic is a good start! Check your pantry twice to avoid a last minute run to the 24 hour mini-mart for all your essentials, including paper products (toilet paper!), spices, favorite snacks,

• OTC products like ibuprofen, cough and cold medication, allergy medication and something to deal with heartburn or other ‘tummy’ issues. Give yourself a gift of your favorite wine or after dinner drink: when everyone else has gone to bed, you can relax a little too! And if you’ve been a whirling frenzy of preparations before the holidays, plan to take a few days off afterwards if you can. It’s the perfect time to get a massage, hire a cleaning service and put your feet up with a good book!

Bio: Home organization expert for ModularClosets. com, Marty Basher, has some great design ideas for setting up your kitchen so that you can always find what you’re looking for, the moment you’re looking for it! Modular Closets has infinite possibilities for organizing any room in your home. From the kitchen pantry to the bedroom, Modular Closets offers  high-quality and easy-to-design organization and  closet  systems you can order online, assemble and install yourself, in no time at all. Using  closet  modules  (closet  units you can mix & match to design your own closet that fits your space and meets your needs), homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve the true custom  closet  look- for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. BSM MAGAZINE I 43

Holiday Decor


Eva Longoria Supports Gabrielle Union

Eva Longoria Slams workplace culture” beNBCUniversal As She fore the return of seaSupports Gabrielle Union son 15 on January 6. After Disputable Firing From AGT The former Desperate Housewives star, took to Instagram on Monday, December 2, to support her friend Gabrielle Eva Longoria is show- Union, about allegations ing a bolster of support of racism behind the for Gabrielle Union in scenes at AGT. light of her controversial departure from “What @gabunion exAmerica’s Got Talent perienced on set at @ (AGT). The NBC netNBC’s #AmericasGotwork fired Union, which Talent is unacceptable,” she called a “toxic


she tweeted along with an article about Time’s Up’s response to Union’s termination. “It’s time for @NBCUniversal to commit to long term, concrete action to fix its toxic workplace culture and ensure safety and equity for all its workers.”

Longoria commended Union, 47, for “speaking up about the toxic culture” at NBC’s

America’s Got Talent and shared a Time’s Up petition “calling for accountability and concrete action from @ NBCUniversal leadership.” Eva Longoria is not the only one. There are other celebrities in support of Union, such as Ellen Pompeo, Ariana Grande, Debra Messing, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Patricia Arquette BY: LESLIE VASQUEZ PHOTO CREDIT: PEOPLE.COM



TARAJI P. HENSON SHARES HER STRUGGLES WITH MENTAL HEALTH Taraji P. Henson opens up about her depression and anxiety in a recent interview with Self. Henson shares her experience with mental health and how she made a life-changing decision to seek help. This, contrary to the 49-year-old actress being known for playing strong roles such as Cookie Lyon on Fox’s “Empire.” “I noticed the mood swings, like one day I’d be up and the next day I’d be down, feeling like I don’t want to go

out in public. Almost agoraphobic, like, ‘Ugh, too much to deal with,’” said Henson. “Feeling really awkward in my skin, feeling out of sorts. And just down, like Debbie Downer, like a dark cloud.” Sharing, “I’m the life of the party and when I go dark, I go dark. I don’t want to leave the house.” Henson’s family and friends recommended outlets for depression, such as yoga, but she felt it would not help her condition. “I had aligned all my chakras, and I still

wanted to head-butt a b****,” Henson quipped. “The therapy came into play out of necessity. It was [a] time where I was like, ‘Oh, I’m just not feeling like myself anymore,’ and my son was going through his issues with becoming a young black male in America with no dad and no granddad. It was like, ‘Okay, I’m not a professional. We both need help.” (Henson’s son’s father was murdered in 2003; her own father died in 2006.) Taraji, felt a sense of relief sharing her encounter with anxiety because she knows other people suffer from mental health, and finding a therapist who understood her problem helped her on her journey to wellness. “In the African-American community, we don’t talk about mental health. It’s a stigma surrounding it,” she explained to Self. “We’re just not allowed to be vulnerable, we have to be strong all the time. This is 400 years of damage, 400 years of trauma, that we have not dealt with.” To promote awareness of mental health, Henson founded The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation and named after her late father, who she believes was bipolar. The foundation exists to decrease the rate of suicides and to connect with non-profits and schools. Also, it is to help children feel okay talking about their trauma. “We have to deal with these traumatic situations [that children experience], and these teachers and therapists and social workers need to be trained in cultural competency to be able to pinpoint [when a] child is having an issue that’s deeper than just wanting to be bad in class.” I applaud Henson for getting the help she needed and educating the community through her experiences and foundation. BY: AALIYAH FORD PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES


“I wasn’t fearful of getting married again, there was just some hesitancy. But Lauren was incredibly patient: ‘I love you, you love me, we have this amazing life together — no presh.” The Rock shared details of him and Hasian tying the knot back in August of 2019. According to the magazine interview, it was a very intimate occasion in Kauai, with only several loved ones invited.

Dwayne Johnson

Said He Hesitated To Get Remarried Again


wayne Johnson is opening up about the time he had doubts getting married again and the love story with his wife, Lauren Hashian. The Jumanji: The Next Level star, 47, also gives a few details of their wedding.

In a recent interview with WSJ. Magazine Johnson admitted how cautious he was to remarry after his divorce from ex-wife Dany Garcia in 2008. “My divorce did a number on me,” Johnson said.

“We had a full security detail in case there were helicopters, but there was no press, no paparazzi. No one knew. I was shocked but so grateful. My life is so loud and noisy; the fact that it was quiet was a big win.” Johnson told the reporter. The couple are parents to daughters: Jasmine, 3, and Tiana Gia, 1. Johnson’s oldest daughter, Simone, 18, is from his marriage to Garcia.




Female Celebrities Tell Women to Value Their Self-Worth at the

L’Oréal Awards Women empowering women to remind themselves of their self-worth took place at the L’Oréal Paris’ 14th Annual Women of Worth Awards at the Pierre Hotel in New York City Wednesday, December 4. The event takes place each year and honors ten women from across the country who volunteer their time and energy to a cause they think is important. Celebrities like Camila Cabello, Viola Davis, Amber Heard, Aja Naomi King, Andie MacDowell, and Helen Mirren attended. “ The one thing all these women have in common is they never told themselves no,” Aja Naomi King, a L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman and How to Get Away With Murder star, told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. “ They constantly found a way to do something that wasn’t only going to impact themselves but others. They recognized something lacking, something missing and immediately decided they had to do something about it. In order to do that, and acknowledge your self-worth, you have to say yes to yourself and yes to others.” This year’s honorees were recognized for everything from hand-making baskets of items for families with babies who have Down Syndrome to teaching healthy self-esteem and safe sex to teenage girls, mentoring immigrant girls about their cultural identity and providing free legal and therapeutic support for adolescents who have survived things like conversion therapy. THR “So many people live in this world with insecurity, with fear, with lack of confidence, especially women,” L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman Helen Mirren told THR. “[L’Oréal has] really expanded that understanding out, and tonight is a manifestation of that.” With all the evil, hatred, antagonism and paranoia in the world, Mirren said, to be able to see women like these, who are doing so much good, is inspiring. “ We need to recognize it more,” she added. Singer Camila Cabello, who was also one of the L’Oréal Paris spokeswomen shared Mirren’s thoughts in her

own response. “Nowadays in the world, our attention is caught by the wrong things and things that don’t really add meaning or value in our lives and this does,” she told THR. “Seeing people who are making such a difference in the world and using whatever platform they have to do good is so powerful.” Viola Davis who also serves as a spokeswoman for the L’Oréal brand admits she struggles with her own selfworth often but looks to her daughter and other things that give her strength to kick it up a notch and keep going. The HTGAWM star expressed to THR, “there’s gotta be something in me that was strong enough and resilient enough and beautiful enough to get me to this position.” L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman Andie MacDowell sees it as women have come far from the oppressive days in history. “ We’re really coming together now and being less jealous and catty towards each other and being more inspirational and supportive,” MacDowell told THR. “I think it’s a really important time for women.” Amber Heard, a spokeswoman as well, emphasized that women should not try to “fit in,” but more so see themselves as individuals who don’t rely on others to tell them their value. “If we’re not committed to celebrating people who are making the world better, then what are we doing with our time?” she asked. “ What are we valuing, if not efforts to make things more fair, more just, more right, more equitable?” The spokeswomen stressed the importance not only noticing women who are fighting for these causes across the country, but for all women to recognize their own self-worth as each of the ladies reminds themselves to do as well, and given true meaning to the brand’s slogan, “Because I’m Worth It.”




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