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of individual events, programs, meetings, coffee dates, CHOCOLATE TIKKUN OLAM:That’s the number GRADUATION celebrations, learning sessions, meals, and initiatives at the Brody Jewish PASSOVER SEDER RIVER CLEAN-UP COCKTAIL PARTY Center this year. Every one of which made possible by your generosity. 637. 637 opportunities for students to feel connected to their Judaism. 637 chances to learn about themselves and their traditions. 637 moments to build community and give students a place to belong. (SNOWY) BAGELS INTERN ALTERNATIVE But knowing about our year by the numbers only tells part of the story.AEPI PASSOVER ON THE LAWN CHANUKAH AROUND GROUNDS BREAK: BERLIN So here’s our year: By the people. PARTY








LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Over the past number of years Hillel has become a data driven organization. We measure the number of times students engage with Hillel, the types of engagements they participate in, and we measure impact. We do this because it gives us a sense, in real time, of how effective we are at reaching students, and because it shows us trends that inform how best to deploy our resources. And though it’s important as ever that we keep track of our numbers - it’s always been clear to me that individual relationships with students display the real depth of impact Hillel is having. It’s long been one of our core principles at the Brody Jewish Center to know each student by name and story. It is through truly knowing our students and what they are passionate about that we are able to serve as resources and mentors as well as create compelling programs to engage them Jewishly. From students and staff to alumni and donors - this work is all about relationships. This year I’ve watched as those relationships have flourished: whether in peer-to-peer cohort-based learning, in relationships developed between networks of students, or in personal one-on-one interactions between students and staff. And while we can track those interactions with numbers, it is the individual stories each student has about their connection and relationship with Judaism and Hillel that details the success of this organization. This year we want to share their stories - the stories behind the numbers with you. As always I want to thank you. Your generosity enables us to do this incredibly important work. Together, with your support, we continue to nurture a strong and vibrant Jewish community on Grounds one story at a time. I hope you enjoy reading about our amazing students and the work they are doing.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Fed Cohen President Scott Rosen Vice President/Treasurer Lorraine Fischer Secretary Sherrill Berk Immediate Past President Kate Belza Stuart Berman Daniel Brody Gwen Goodkin David Haas David Leblang Amy Levy Jake Lichtenstein Debbie Poliner Peter Sheras Mark Sisisky

Rabbi Jake Rubin Executive Director

STAFF YEAR END BUDGET JULY 1, 2018 - JUNE 30, 2019 Income: Contributions.....................................................................................................................$282,078 Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life........................................$38,983 Jewish Federations and Foundations...............................................................$90,663 Partner Agency Grants................................................................................................$94,435 Rent.................................................................................................................................................$6,745 Miscellaneous......................................................................................................................$20,402 Total: $533,306 Expenses: Salary.........................................................................................................................................$301,217 Benefits......................................................................................................................................$48,103 Israel Fellow Program.....................................................................................................$32,186 Programming.........................................................................................................................$67,217 Professional Development.............................................................................................$8,579 Maintenance and Utilities...........................................................................................$49,150 Office Expenses......................................................................................................................$11,172 Development............................................................................................................................$11,665 Security..........................................................................................................................................$6,115 Total: $542,404

Rabbi Jake Rubin Executive Director Paige Simunek Assistant Director Marissa Jachman Director of Development Danielle Buynak Director of Donor Relations Carole Bibas JAFI Israel Fellow Lisa Zangla Operations Manager



First year Jewish students Hillel at UVA staff and student leaders met and introduced to Grounds MEET: RENA



Individual students brought into the Jewish community by our cohort of six engagement interns. MEET: ZOE



Unique students to utilize Hillel’s new building in the first two weeks the Larry W. Berman Student Center opened. MEET: ALLY,



Students, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who engaged with Israeli cultural programming during Israel Week. MEET: ADAM



Jewish students who participated in small cohorts and cohort-based learning this year. MEET: ESTER



Students who participated the week of remembrance after Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. MEET: ZACK


SPOTLIGHT Throughout this report, you’ll find quotes from our students and summaries of programs that are having an incredible impact on the way students at UVA experience Judaism in college. Behind each student and student quote are full and complex stories about Jewish connection and exploration, stories we couldn’t imagine fitting in just the 12 pages of this Impact Report. But here’s one. Meet Matt.

Matt Gillam, a second year student from Long Island, has coined a term. He calls it “College Judaism.” “I’ve never thought about it before,” he said, “but College Judaism is something specific. Always when I was growing up, Judaism was about checking the boxes, going to Hebrew school. It never felt like my own to claim or form or create. But College Judaism - it meets you where you are.” During his first year, Judaism met Matt in a dining hall. Matt had been asked to meet for lunch by Josh, a second year Engagement Intern with Hillel. What Matt didn’t know, was that Josh had asked to meet as part of his internship, and that that experience would serve as his first informal introduction to Jewish life at UVA. “I remember leaving and thinking [lunch] was fun,” Matt said, “but don’t think I registered it as a Jewish interaction. It wasn’t a deeper conversation about Judaism - it was just a hang out. And that really is because Judaism is about values, it’s about friendship. There are more ways to be connected than just through religion and God. A Jewish interaction can be as simple as a friendly lunch.” A year after his lunch, Matt followed in Josh’s footsteps and himself took on the role of Engagement Intern. He has carved out a leadership position for himself welcoming other Jewish students into the community. He’s experiencing what he calls an epiphany. “Hillel and Judaism as a whole met me where I was at. It took coming to college and engaging with Hillel as an individual for me to understand and claim Judaism as my own.” For Matt, it was the realization that Judaism could be more than services or holidays or religious tradition. “It’s really whatever you need in a given day or week,” he said. “College Judaism during finals is a study space and friends to lift me up when I’m feeling run down. During the year it’s AEPi and my brothers. College Judaism during Birthright - it’s this inquisitive thing where I’m exploring Israel with other people who are doing the same thing.” “It’s the beauty of College Judaism,” he said. “It gets to be all these things and all these different parts at the same time. I never saw Judaism as so full until I got to college and allowed myself to have these experiences.” “Hillel really encourages us to explore,” he said. “It gives us the chance to be inquisitive and explore what Judaism can be.” For Matt in his second year, that exploration focused on community building and relationships. “I was engaging with other students and getting to know people in this community. I was finding where I fit.” But next year, he’s got different plans. “My third year will be about exploring Jewish religion,” he said. “I feel like now that I’ve connected with the Jewish community, the next step is to sit down and explore my relationship to God and the religious aspects of my Judaism. My positive experience with the nonreligious aspects merit me taking the time to really explore what the religious traditions mean to me.” And while Matt’s story of his Jewish college experience, or his coined “College Judaism” is unique, it also proves the model Hillel at UVA has been working with for some time. Find low barrier ways to reach out to and connect with students, invite them into the community, show them the different ways Judaism can fit into their lives, and provide a spark that ignites an active lifelong interest in exploration, ownership, and connectedness to Jewish people and traditions. “It was wildy unexpected that I find this at UVA,” he said. But with two more years on Grounds, Matt still has quite a bit of time to explore, to lean on Hillel experiences and staff for learning opportunities, and to fully live out his College Judaism. He’s already thinking about the future though. About his Post-College Judaism. “When I go into young adulthood and I’m in whatever city doing whatever job, I know the Jewish community will be there,” he said. “And for the rest of my life, Judaism gets to have whatever place I want and need it to have in my life. That’s exciting.” College Judaism. Maybe Matt coined the term. But Hillel empowered it.



WELCOMING FIRST YEARS From the time we sent off our first year welcome packet in August 2018 - we knew that the Class of 2022 was going to be a special one. There were more than 80 incoming first years on our outreach list before classes even began - and they were already actively engaging with Jewish life, asking questions, reaching out to staff, and creating activities and spaces for themselves at UVA.

Individual conversations over coffee to welcome and engage first year students.

From bringing more than 50 students up Carter Mountain to go apple picking in the rain for Rosh Hashanah to upperclassmen offering their services as “Jew-ber” and bringing first years to Hillel for Shabbat dinner, the Class of 2022 wasted no time getting involved from the very beginning. “It hit me,” said a BJC staffer, “after a Shabbat dinner in October when a group of first years were still talking in the lobby after everyone else had left. They wanted to be a part of this community, and it was special to help them think through ways to actively contribute.”





“I feel like for any first year the beginning of the year is really hectic: going to activities fairs and events and not really knowing where you fit in yet. I saw Hillel at the activities fair and it was really nice for me. Before coming, I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I knew Jewish life was going to be a central focus and I was worried UVA Jewish life might not be active and vibrant. Don’t worry about that. It is. You get what you put into it. “My advice to first years would be don’t be afraid to try everything. It can be overwhelming but I am really glad that I pushed myself to go to anything that I had even a little interest in.”





“Hillel really provided me with a social foundation. Some of the first people I met and became friends with were through Hillel events. It helped me find a sense of belonging. “As a first year for a few weeks you’re kind of lost and don’t really know anybody. If you have this kind of community to help you out and give you advice and talk to in an easy way, that’s really helpful. “I felt like Hillel was one of the main ways I first connected with upperclassmen at UVA. I became friends with them and they’d invite me to events. It just allowed me to meet more people and network better at UVA from the beginning.”

13 First years students slated to take leadership and internship roles for the 2019-2020 school year.

33 Families of first year students who donated to help make all the Brody Jewish Center does possible.


260 Individual interactions between Engagement Interns and Jewish students.

11 Engagement Interns hired for the upcoming school year. This number has almost doubled from this year due to the success of the program.

64 Individual and group trainings and support meetings between interns and Jewish Educator staff member.

ENGAGEMENT INTERNS The formula for a successful Engagement Internship program is simple. Hire six outgoing and thoughtful interns, give them a list of names of less-involved Jewish students on Grounds, and through one-on-one interactions and coffee dates, have them help build our Jewish community. And while this has always been a successful program at the BJC, this year’s cohort of interns and the addition of our new Assistant Director Paige Simunek and her background in Jewish studies and organizational psychology helped the program thrive. Where in the 2017-18 school year, the five engagement interns were able to meet 77 individual students, during the 2018-19 year six interns were able to engage 201 students. The efforts of the engagement interns over the past school year have truly proven that with the benefit of innovative training, Jewish values of community, and staff resources - Hillel at UVA can broaden our community and reach to include more peripheral Jewish students.





“I was the type of person who needed to be engaged first year. Coming from New York, I grew up in a big Jewish community so it wasn’t something I was seeking in college. I didn’t seek the Jewish community but I knew it existed. I had shown interest but faded out, so those are the kinds of people I focused on in my internship. “Interning with Hillel taught me how to navigate conversations that I might not be comfortable having. I learned how to openly admit to someone that I may not know enough about a topic, but that I do know about resources in the Jewish community that I could pass along. It helped me grow and showed me I wasn’t afraid to have difficult conversations.”



Miyah will be an Engagement Intern with Hillel at UVA in the coming year. “I wanted to become an Engagement Intern right after I met Zoe. I was like, I wanna do this. I love coffee, but I also like to reach out to people and make them feel welcome. To do that for something I really love and care about my Jewish identity - just sounded like it would be a really great opportunity. Zoe explained to me that’s how she got involved in Hillel too. I felt like it was exactly what I needed and what I wanted. “I’m excited for everyone to be back and to have that sense of community again. I’m also excited to bring more people into Hillel and see it grow.”




OPENING OUR HOME When we began our Capital Campaign and historic renovation of what is now the Larry W. Berman Student Center, we knew it would drastically change the way Hillel at UVA interacts with Jewish students in their everyday lives. What we couldn’t have foreseen though, was how quickly students would embrace their new space. Construction on the inside of the building finished up just in time for spring finals and students took full advantage of the space to finish the year strong. From the student lounge to the library to the reading room to the group collaboration spaces to the kitchen rooms were constantly filled with students. And it wasn’t just busy in the afternoons - the 24-hour swipe access systems enabled students to use the building around the clock. “It’s really special having a space made for us,” a student said. “I realized while I was walking around that every single room in this building was designed with us in mind.”





“I’ve always had a really strong Jewish identity and my struggle has been how to practice that. It wasn’t until getting more comfortable with Hillel that I could start focusing on that. “Before, I was always at Hillel for a purpose, I wasn’t there just to be social. The new place opening up gave me such a social aspect where I could study and take breaks and eat snacks during finals and then be around other Jewish people casually - which I hadn’t had since being in Jewish day school. I met a lot of people those last few weeks of the semester. I would sit in the sun room talking to people because everyone wanted to be there. That couch got me through finals.”




Jake: “It’s really nice to have a place where Ben and I can interact because he’s my actual brother but we’ve developed this extended family with the rest of the Jewish community. We’ve started seeing the same people in the new building and it feels like a new family and home for us.” Ben: “The new building is a more informal place to hang out. Even though I’d call our services and Friday night dinner casual, it can sometimes be intimidating if you don’t know anyone. With the new building and swipe access, it’s just like ‘This is a space we can all share as a community,’ and that’s really cool.”

Cups of coffee Hillel provided students during the last two weeks of study hours in the Berman Student Center.

25 Families that have donated to support the Capital Campaign to ‘Make Our House a Home’ and revitalize the historic home of Hillel at UVA.

24 The number of hours in a day students, through swipe access, will be able to study and relax at the BJC.


28 Events and initiatives created specifically to engage students around Israeli culture and politics.

631 Individual student interactions with Israel programming: from fundraisers to speakers to cooking classes and more.

41 Students who went with Hillel staff to Israel on their Birthright trip.

ISRAEL PROGRAMMING This year, student leaders took a new approach to Israel programming: making it regular and woven into students’ everyday lives. By offering a constant mix of small social events and large community events that attracted Jewish and non-Jewish students alike, Hoos For Israel worked to educate the community and bring Israel to Grounds. Larger events included Food of Israel and Israel Week, which saw close to 400 students and community members, while smaller events included a panel of Israel Fellows from colleges around the country, a hummus bar, and guest speaker and musician Shaa’nan Streett who discussed his work on Israel advocacy and how music reflects the diversity of Israel. In December, 41 UVA students traveled to Israel with Assistant Director Paige and Jewish Agency Israel Fellow Carole to experience their Birthright trip. The relationships and lessons students came home with in January further strengthened our community and gave many students their first experience with Israel.





“Being in a leadership position this year with Hoos For Israel was a really great opportunity. Leading HFI was probably one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have had at UVA because I was creating the Jewish experience around Israel that I wanted to have. Just having that sense of agency, I could make my own Jewish experience and create whatever I wanted. And having a supportive group of people to help make it happen was really amazing. “It was a really transformative year in regards to my religion, no doubt. I feel very proud to be Jewish and I talk about it a lot more often”




“I think that being involved in Hoos For Israel and Hillel has provided me a lot of insight into how being Jewish connects to my relationship with Israel and how that relationship should be expressed on Grounds with Jewish and nonJewish students. “I didn’t want to just connect with the Jewish community about Israel but the larger UVA community. I think that for a number of reasons this past year we hit a lot of diverse groups and involved a lot of people on Grounds who that wouldn’t normally be exposed to Israel through our large events.”




STUDENT COHORTS This past year, Hillel had the chance to focus on growing and creating cohort experiences for small groups of students to explore different aspects of Judaism. These groups not only inspired interesting conversation and deep dives into text, but also created group dynamics that will sustain students through their time at UVA. For the first time this year, Rabbi Jake and Assistant Director Paige led a Jewish Learning Fellowship in the fall and spring which offered a deep dive into Jewish texts, theories, and traditions each week over dinner. Jewish Women’s Group continued to thrive this year, as it provided more than 50 women in our community an intimate space to discuss secular and Judaic topics from a women’s perspective. This year was special for the women’s group, as a generous grant from the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater allowed the group to head to DC for a retreat that included Havdalah with UVA alumni and attending Jewish Women International’s conference.




“I always had a small Jewish community and a place to lean on at home, and I was looking for the same thing at UVA. When I came to UVA, I wanted to have a Jewish group and I knew Hillel was the immediate choice. “Getting involved with the Jewish Learning Fellowship really helped expose me to new things because it was analyzing Jewish texts and applying them to everyday life. I didn’t know a lot about specific Jewish values so being able to read texts and talk about them with other people allowed me to get more into the technicalities. It was really great that Rabbi Jake helped us find what resonated with us the most.”




“The way Paige worked with our cohort of interns, we’re kind of like a family. We were really able to share our experiences together. We all had our different struggles as interns, and being able to share that and reach out to different members of the Jewish community made me feel like we were actually having a meaningful impact. I would say in our Engagement Intern cohort we learned how much Jewish values bring us together. We all have similar values and we have that connection of Jewish culture. Being Jewish feels like it brings us together in a way that is different than other communities.

Cohort meetings and programs throughout the year with a Jewish Educator staff member.

3 Retreats led by staff throughout the year: Leadership Retreat at Triple C Camp, Jewish Women’s Group Retreat in D.C., and the Fourth Year W(h)ine.

7 Cohorts of students who learned together while deepening relationships to each other and Judaism.


27 Student leaders who rallied to create a week’s worth of programming and events to heal as a community.

400 Letters of love and support written by students and sent to the Tree of Life Synagogue, Hillel at Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Police Department.

8 Student designed and led programming initiatives throughout the week to honor lives lost in Pittsburgh.

REMEMBERING PITTSBURGH Last October, when a gunman entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 people, our students reacted swiftly and deeply. Within hours, students mobilized to show the UVA community as well as the Pittsburgh community their support of Jewish people and their condemnation of antisemitism in any form. Student leaders began by planning a vigil that moved and inspired healing for the entire community, including many Jewish students who had not yet connected with Hillel. Students then organized a week of events to remember Pittsburgh and encourage others to reflect. From a group hike to Humpback Rock to breakfast in a Lawn room to a bracelet sale fundraiser for the synagogue, students created opportunities to heal and come together as a community in a dark time. The largest event of the week was a letter writing event held in the Amphitheater, where passersby stopped to write notes of love and well wishes to the Pittsburgh community, responding officers, and Hillels in the Pittsburgh area.





“Moments of crisis really build leadership. It felt good to know when there was urgency, the students on the Jewish Leadership Council had the resources and the know-how to plan eight events in five days for everyone to feel connected. “I learned that sometimes you need to pretend you’re comfortable so that you can make others comfortable. You ultimately find comfort in that. “Hillel has taught me that leadership isn’t necessarily knowing how to do something, but helping other people figure it out and figuring it out with them.”




“I saw on Facebook that someone posted about a vigil for Pittsburgh. I went not really expecting to do anything. Maybe one other Jewish student from Pittsburgh was there, and I recognized no one. I decided I would go up and talk about the synagogue and the impact it had on people I know, myself included. “It was pretty emotional. Afterwards Zoe, who was an intern for Hillel, came up to me and invited me to dinner. That was kind of my first experience with Hillel. I want to be an engagement intern because I want to give people the option to be more involved in the Jewish community. I was given that option.”



140 The number of parents and families of young alumni who still support Jewish life on Grounds even after their students have graduated.

18 Current students who donated themselves to help support the activities and programs they love.


David Goldsmith Cheryl & Todd Graber Susan Glatt & Marc Greenberg Jodi & Doug Berman* Greenman Family Philanthropic Phyllis & Melvyn Leffler* Fund Robert & Shirley Gross Philanthropic Fund Builder Sonia & Yacov Haimes $25,000+ Michele Becker-Hamou & Dan Anonymous Hamou Hillel International Helene & Kevin Hechtkopf Supporter Jewish Federation of Greater Gina & Daniel Hirschhorn Washington $500+ Jennifer & Jay Hochman Kathleen & Stephen Baker Clara Jaeckel Roberta & Ed Brownfield* Halley & Adam Josephs founder Eva Brummer Sonnia & Bradley Kesser $10,000+ Michael Caplin Samantha & Joshua Klein Jill Lukeman & Doug Brody* Joshua Cohen Margaret & Erich Kosowitz Cheryl & Robert Byron* Deborah & Eric Diamond Joan Laderberg Blechman-David Foundation Benjamin Edgar Deborah & Douglas Leifert Jewish Community Federation of Beth & Fred Epstein Maite & Evan Leo Richmond Stephanie & David Gilson Amy & Don Levantin* Carol Silverman-Johnston & Mark & Alice Goldstein Terri & Steven Levine Charles Johnston* Samuel Green Diana & Charles Lisner Lisa & Alan Kava* Jane & Joel Herz Rachel & Jim Loeffler Mary Pat Brown & Joel Kleinman Barbara & James Katz Jeanne & Julius Miller Leon Family* Hana Vratna & Alan Kurland Karen & Jonathan Morton Susan & Todd Mayman Betty & Larry Lappin Stefanie & Daniel Newman Molly & Joe Nizhnikov* Ellen Sigman & Howard Marget Jill & Michael Posner Marcy Gringlas & Joel Greenberg, Kate Moore & S. Todd Weinberg Sherry & Ronald Powell Seed the Dream Foundation Angela Natale & Ira Weinstein Sheri & Michael Preston Sandra Sisisky* Susie & Mike Norton Edwin Rafal Tina & Albert Small* Melanie & Lawrence Nussdorf Jill & Jeremy Rider United Jewish Federation of Debbie Oswalt & Mark Rubin Heather & Joe Romagnoli Tidewater Suzanne & Craig Packer Jeanette Rosenberg & Russell United Jewish Fund for Jacquie & John Pickering Perry Charlottesville Debbie & Alan Pollack Randi & David Sadugor Tzina & L. J. Richman Richard Samuelson Regina & Neil Rose Michael Schulman patron Lindsay & Jake Rubin Holly Shulman $5,000+ Sarah & Milton Rubin Ann & Michael Silver Lori & Edwen Belza Lynchburg Jewish Community Edward Silver Sherrill Berk & Jeffrey Swartz* Council Roseanne & Bill Simon Ileana & Stuart Berman Diana Cummings & Jeremy Simon Samantha Sisisky & Ben Winik Arnold Leon Lauretta & Jeff Skigen Pam & Brian Socolow Debbie & Mike Poliner Meryl & David Spigelman Lora Spiller Louis Silverman & Silverman Paula & Nathan Ticatch Lesleigh Strauss Schoenbaum Fund of Rodef Enid & Frederic Waller Leon Szlezinger Shalom Eta & David Weiss Sherri Edgar & Leonard Susan & Mark Sisisky Rebecca Winerman Wasserman Tidewater Jewish Foundation Gretchen Gehrett & Larry Zippin Lewis Weber Debs & Joe Weinberg Jenna & Eric Weiss Jeffrey Weiss CONTRIBUTOR Mark Weissman Sponsor


146 Individuals and families who made their first donation to the Brody Jewish Center this year.


Tina & Steve Price Sharon Ritt Sheryl & Barry Schwartz Jennifer Scoler* Marcus Scoler Mary Helen & Gerald Smith Amanda & Matthew Towerman Dorman Weiss Family Fund Donald Wolman


Anonymous Greg & Jordana Ashe Susan & Arnold Auerhan Lori & David Balaban Herbert Bangel Cynthia Bascetta Zimmerman & Michael Zimmerman Margaret Baumgarten & Max Mirovski Elyse & Jeffrey Bernstein Susan & Louis Bricklin Lenora Pate & Steven Brickman Caryn Goldstein Brissman & Charles Brissman Antonia Chion & Joseph Harkins Partner Carol & Stanley Citron $1,000+ Monica & John Cooper Albert & Lillian Small Foundation Scott Day Kate Belza O’Bannon & Clark Beverly & Alan Diamonstein O’Bannon William & Emma Edelson Susan Kuhn Blank & Jonathan Sharon & Paul Edelstein Blank Rebecca Effron Bernard Bress Martin Einhorn Wendy & Ron Brodsky Deborah Swichkow & Raymond Federico Cohen-Freue Ellis Robin & Todd Copeland Lisa & Mark Ende Harriet & Craig DuBois Barbara & James Finkel Karen & Martin Goldberg Lorraine Fischer & Marc Kremer Dan Goldberg Mindie Flamholz Taryn Torre & B. Mayer Grob Leslie & Robert Frank Nachama & David Haas Susan & Andrew Friedman Mary Anna & Michael Kaplan Gayle & Joel Gardner Mitchell Kassoff Lori & Michael Glasser Phyllis Koch-Sheras & Peter Jacob Glasser Sheras Janie & Ronald Goldberg Mindy & Barry Malkin Lisa & Jacky Goldberg Prucz Suzanne & Jeffrey Breit* Robert Grossman* Michele Goller & David Hyman Sara Morningstar & Philip Katz Malinda & David Krantz Gail & Barry Levin* Joan & Louis Levitt Joan & Tobin Naidorf* Jenna & Benji Rabhan* Regina & Vladimir Rekhelman Scott Rosen* Greg Rubin

DONOR $100+

Susan Stein & Ken Abraham Anonymous Aysegul Acar-Dreyer Leslie & Andrew Auerbach Kerri & Steve Bacall Janet & Ron Baellow Florence Baker William Baker Karen & John Ballen Helene & Abraham Benyunes Debra & Seth Berger Joel Bernstein Matt Blank Karen & Louis Bloomfield Kathleen & Richard Bonnie Washington DC UVA Atlantic Book Club Amy Bornman Ann Brodsky Allison Brody Nan & Dan Brody Adrienne & Julian Brook Joseph Brooke Adrienne & Don Buskard Arlene & Ken Buynak Sabina Weitzman & Michael Camber Evan Cantor Diana & Eric Chafetz Jack Cherin Judy & David Chinn Howard Chwatsky Tod Cohen

Lauren Schlecker Cohen & George Cohen Suzanne & Mordechai Cohen Ai-Ling & Jonathan Cowen Wendy & Stuart Diener Yvonne & Jeffrey Distenfeld Stuart Dornfeld Michelle Doron Jacqueline & David Ellenson Lillian & Robert Epstein Melanie Epstein & Alan Oshinsky Jean & Brian Feinstein Lillian & Herbert Finder Gabriel Finder Libbi Finelsen Paul Freedman Linda French Leslie Friedman Julia & David Frohlich S. Richard Gard Scott Garfinkel Holly & Mark Garman Mary & David Garth Sharon Gelfand Lori & Edward Gillman Louisa Gilson Davis & Drew Davis Ross Glasser Elaine Gold Megan Burke & Mark Goldberg Ruth & Bill Goldeen Scott Golden TobyJoy Gonias & David Boling Paula & Jon Gordon Michael Goretsky Barbara Grandis Sheryl Greene Lois Greisman Pamela J. Handmaker Fern Hauck Wendy & Bruce Heifetz Susan & Howard Hindin Harry Hirsch Jack Hirsch Deborah Hoffman Juliet Goozh & Bill Holtzman Jane Rosenthal Horvitz & Michael Horvitz Mark Huberman Wendy & Barry Hurwitz Elizabeth Imburg Robin & Danny Jackson Jodie & Steven Jackson Margaret & Greg Jaffe Lori & Evan Kalfus Beverly & Randy Kansky Susan Kappel Susan Kasimer Evelyn & Mark Katz Carla & Alex Katzenberg Haley Kaufman Pamela Kaufmann & Eric Zankman Beth Fuqua & Howard Kerbel Mindy Kestenman Jessica & Daniel Kirzane Z. L. Klein Valerie & Richard Knee Michael Kremer Marnie Kremer Gabriella Krohmal Zak Krooks Diane & Peter Kurshan Gaby Laufer Zev Lebowitz Bertrum Legum Donna Oishi & Ian Leibowitz Sandy Levin Jan Levin Phil Levin Anne & Jon Liebergall Lisa & Robert Lippman Joseph Liss Joel Loeshelle Gregory MacDonald Samantha Magnes Freya & David Maltz Elizabeth & James Mandell Stefan Merkel Deborah Meyers Barbara Mogelof

Maureen Morgan Erwin Nachman Leslie & Randy Needham Cindy & Andrew Newman Marla Olsberg Debbie & Andrew Pelletz Lisa Perlbinder & Tom Porter Lisa & Arthur Perlen Paige Perriello Lesley & Andrew Persily Sara Persily Eliana & Jeffrey Pitt Karen & Mark Pomeranz Krista Rand Heena & Steven Reiter Kelly & Greg Ritchie Holly Rodgers David Rosen Dana & Jeff Rosen Shyama & Scott Rosenfeld Marjory Ross Sara Jo & Joel Rubin Shikma & Danny Rubin Geoffrey Rubin Lori Rubin Susan Rubin Arlene & Howard Safer Lauren & Mark Salzberg Andrew Salzman Audrey Goldstein & Douglas Sanderson Susan Sandler & Paul Rohrlich Susan & Mark Schapiro Lisa Draine & Joel Schectman Rachel & Fredric Schneider Sarah Schneider Alfred Schulwolf Lance Shapiro Alyse & Jay Sicklick Lee Silver Janet & Ken Silverman Karen & John Singer Troy Singer Talia Sion Sue & Cliff Sirlin Melissa & Gary Slobin Anayansie Perez Small & James Small Shoshana Spiro Patricia & Norman Sporn Jessica Stamelman Claudia & William Stiebel Mindy Strelitz Eric Strow Lori & Craig Sumberg Leesa & Michael Suzman Erika & Simon Svirnovskiy Amanda Szlezinger Sherri Tarr Marie & Glenn Taubman Susan & Stuart Turnansky Cindy & Fred Warmbier Stefanie Watkins Shari & Steven Wayne Callum Weinberg Arleen Weissman Maureen Wellen & Edward Freeman Brittany Wengel Howard Wilchins Douglas Wolfe Laura Wolinsky Margaret & Richard Zakin Susan & Steven Zimmet Jodi & Phil Zolit Terri Zweig


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Mariya Balakirskaya Barbara & Jay Barchat Ruth & Paul Barolsky Charles Barr Ruth & James Barrens Linda Barash Beeber & Bruce Beeber Tammy Begun Abigail Bellows Nadine & Richard Bendycki Bruce Berger Marshall Berman Philip Bialer Saria & Adam Billet Ben Bissell Rita & Stan Blacker Alyssa Blumenfeld Mitch Blutfield Sue & David Bolen Susan Bond Sandra & Steven Brody Truman Brody-Boyd Eleanor & Leonard Brooke Marcia & Bruce Brown Sheryl Brown & Michael Gertzer Myra Brown Sheri & Matthew Brown Michaela Brown Elan Burman Sam Cafritz Clara Camber Beth & Frank Campion Helen & Scott Carlin Carol Chandross Tamara & Jeffrey Cohen Emma Cohen Sue Cohen Shai Cohen Linda Cohen Jeremy Conover Emily Cowen Colleen Cox Brett Curtis Melissa & Jay Curwin Marci & Benjamin Danzing Lizzie & Lance DaSilva Sarah Davidson Alyssa Brown & Evan Davis Artie DeCastro Pamela & Peter Dewitz Amy Diamond Zachary Diamond Tracy & Jeff Dlott Sophie Dornfeld Jessica Duska Kelly Dye Arielle Effron Lauren Effron Shulamith Reich Elster Jay Epstein Nancy Falk & Ken Garrison Erica & Nicholas Farrell Conor Farrell Hannah Feder Elizabeth Carpenter & Dan Feigert Saskia Feldman Jordan Fingerhut Eileen & Roberto Fischmann Elizabeth Fogarty Diane & Barry Fond Katelynn & Michael Fox Rebecca & John Freed Renee Frishman Hochberg Nathaniel Gaffney Ruth Garelik Lenore & Philip Garon Bruce Garth Zachary Gelfand Susan Gelfand Matt Gillam Brooke Gillman Nancy & Michael Glynn Melissa Goldman Cheryl & Jeffrey Goldstein Laurie Goldsticker Siegel & Gary Siegel

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These individuals have made commitments to help build an endowment for the Brody Jewish Center through their future plans. Danny Abramson Sherrill Berk & Jeff Swartz Rose Marie & William Glazer Lorraine Fischer & Marc Kremer Amy & Kirk Levy Debbie & Michael Poliner Lindsay & Jake Rubin Larry Zippin By joining others in making a gift through your will, IRA, or estate plan, you are investing in the future of Hillel at the University of Virginia.

“When Ben first chose to attend UVA for college I was excited for him but it did cross my mind that attending school in the South might be a bigger cultural change than he anticipated and that UVA would definitely not have the proportionate number of Jewish students that he was accustomed to throughout his life. I was happy to learn that UVA has such a dynamic, vibrant and welcoming Jewish community. It is comforting for Alan and myself to know that during Jewish holidays when Ben is at school he has found meaningful ways to connect with other Jewish students through Hillel. I know Ben has really enjoyed both organizing and attending a number of fun events and that in his role as Greek Engagement Intern he has helped introduce other students involved in Greek Life to Hillel.”


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The Brody Jewish Center 1824 University Circle Charlottesville, Va - 22903







LETTER FROM THE BOARD PRESIDENT On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at the University of Virginia, please accept my sincere appreciation for your generosity and support over the past year. Because of your commitment to our work, Jewish life at the University of Virginia continues to thrive and grow and our Hillel gets closer and closer to our goal of knowing each Jewish student at UVA and being part of their journey.


Speaking of goals - this year saw Hillel achieve some of its key, long-term organizational goals. First and foremost, in May we saw completion of the historic renovation project to revitalize our home on University Circle. The newly-opened Larry W. Berman Student Center has already showcased the transformational effects of a reimagined 24-hour space for students, seeing students swipe in more than 242 times in just the first 15 days it was open. This project has been a dream of ours for many years, and I am filled with pride to see its doors open and its space rethought for modern Jewish students. Another goal achieved this year was in staff-building and retention. For the upcoming school year, the Brody Jewish Center has, for the first time, retained 100% of our full-time staff while adding an additional full-time employee. I remain thankful for the leadership of Rabbi Jake Rubin and his patience in growing our organization substantially from just one full-time staff member during my time as a student to the five committed and talented professionals we have today.


Every year, when I sit down to write these letters for the Impact Report, I find myself thinking about what’s next for Hillel at UVA and the community we’ve worked so hard to nurture. Together with you, our donors, we’ve built an organization that supports, empowers, educates, and welcomes every Jewish student at the University of Virginia. It is now our responsibility to sustain what we’ve built. I ask you to join me, the dedicated individuals that serve on the Board of Directors, and our staff in ensuring that the University of Virginia remains a destination for Jewish life for years to come. I ask that together we commit to maintaining a place for Jewish exploration and learning, for community and comfort, for our communal future. Thank you for joining me in supporting that future, and thank you for all you’ve done to get us to this point.


Fed Cohen, President, Board of Directors

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Brody Jewish Center Impact Report 2018-2019  

Jewish life at UVa is thriving. Read about what the Brody Jewish Center and our supporters are doing to make sure it stays that way.

Brody Jewish Center Impact Report 2018-2019  

Jewish life at UVa is thriving. Read about what the Brody Jewish Center and our supporters are doing to make sure it stays that way.