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GOLDOBTENTION AND SILVER Produced by Jassen Pintado

Written by Mateo Rafael Tablado

Interviewee Ángel Meza Vice-President of Mines for Gran Colombia Gold

A series of investments resulting in efficiency and improved safety are key factors to place Gran Colombia Gold along the most important gold and silver mining operations in its territory


Gran Colombia Gold


ran Colombia Gold

both in exploration and extraction

is a company with

phases. Gran Colombia Gold is listed

origins in Canada

in the Toronto Stock Exchange. These

whose main goal

and other achievements make Gran

is gold and silver

Colombia Gold the most important

prospecting and

gold and silver extraction company

extraction. Since

in Colombia.

2010, the company’s

run has allowed its consolidation as a reliable business with stability and responsibility toward its main operations in Colombia.

SPECIALIZED LEADERSHIP WITH KEY EXPERIENCE Angel Meza is the vice-president of mines for Gran Colombia Gold.

Gran Colombia Gold’s work in recent He graduated as a mining engineer years has experienced high production from Central Peru National University levels. Just in 2018, the company

(UNCP) in the higher average class.

surpassed 200,000 oz. production for

Meza also earned an MBA from

the very first time, increasing by 25%

Centrum, the business school of

the previous year’s accomplishments.

the Pontifical Catholic University of

In 2019, production reached 240,000

Peru (PUCP); and in 2019 finished a

oz. of gold, besides a cash balance of

master’s in International Leadership

$84 million by December, 2019.

from the EADA Business School

Besides the Colombian operation, the company also has assets and investments in Canada and Guyana,


(School for High Management, Spain). Meza has developed his mining experience in areas such as


Gran Colombia Gold

BEYOND GOLD exploration, perforation, explosive

in Peru; and also to Kamoto Copper

demolitions and mining project

Co. and Katanga Mining, both in the

management. Work has taken him

Democratic Republic of the Congo,

to Retamas, Minas Buenaventura,

Africa. Meza is also an international

Barbastro (a subsidiary of Minsur),

speaker and consultant in mining,

Los Quenales and Perubar (both of

taking part in these activities in Peru,

the Glencore group), Minera Aruri

Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

and Tamboraque mine, all of these

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WHO ARE WE? We are a Colombian Company with qualified experience, consisting of several business units, specialized in engineering, construction and project development.

VISION H.D.S.T.M COLOMBIA SAS desires to become recognized nationally and internationally as a leading company in management and engineering in the mining and construction industries by being successful in project execution with a high degree of responsibility in safety and the environment

Expansion of the mining project in de-quilling processes, installation of metal arches, concrete launching, reinforcement with helical bolts and electro-welded mesh in Gran Colombia Gold Minas Carla –ProvidenciaSilencio and Sandra K

Construction of Apique in rock types IV and V on the Bieniawski scale, installation of metal arches with 28 MPa reinforced concrete

Construction of Bocamina access for the entry of personnel and materials for the Sandra K mine in the Gran Colombia Gold mine

Contact us: H.D. STM COLOMBIA. S.A.S. | Calle 26B # 74 - 29 Medellin Antioquia, Colombia | | NIT: 900888766 - 9

Gran Colombia Gold


The path we’ve been on has allowed us consolidation as a reliable

stability and responsibility business with

- Ángel Meza, Vice-President of Mines for Gran Colombia Gold

HIGH PRODUCTIVITY FROM EACH ZONE IN OPERATION Gran Colombia Gold’s main activity is carried out in the Segovia and


Frontino Gold Mines company from the Colombian government, as well as those in Segovia, Remedios, and also

Remedios municipalities, both in

the El Zancudo mine, located in Titiribi

the northwest of the Department

(Antioquia) between 2009 and 2010.

of Antioquia, in central Colombia.

Gold production from the company

The company has also grown by

averages 17,000 to 20,000 oz. of gold,

acquisition, after purchasing the old

monthly, delivering a yearly average


Gran Colombia Gold

of 200,000 and 220,000 oz., and achieving a 220,194 oz. production in 2020. During 2021, Gran Colombia Gold’s


efforts have been destined toward the

One of the latest findings for Gran

exploration of three gold deposits: in

Colombia Gold is the Sandra K mine,

southern Cali (in the Cauca Valley),

in Segovia. Currently, levels 6 and

Marmato (Department of Caldas) and

7 of the 7-level facility are being

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What you need is what you get! All people and all clients have needs. We are pleased to say that in the northeast of Antioquia, in the ambit of mining, Montajes Civiles has the best solutions for people and their clients.

Contact us Corporate mobile number: (0054) 312-881-5084 Email:


Gran Colombia Gold

furnished with important investments:

enabling technology in our operations

an elevator has already been installed,

in all fronts,” Meza declared.

easing the tasks of 506 workers (374 part of the company staff and 132 from outside contractors), avoiding a 935-step staircase after a $1.6 million injection, reducing the run across the stairs to four minutes, delivering a positive impact in time, productivity and -mostly- the workers’ safety. Other investments have been made

GUARANTEEING SAFETY IN UNDERGROUND OPERATIONS Maintaining its staff’s wellbeing and safety is a top priority for Gran Colombia Gold, after investing in the installation of underground refuge chambers for every operation. Since 2017, more than $1 million has been used for the construction of four

at Sandra K to obtain underground

refuge chambers in Segovia and

machinery and equipment with a

Remedios. At the El Silencio mine, a

$1.5 million budget, resulting in the

40-person refuge has been recently

acquisition of a Sandvik DD210 drill

deployed as an addition to the three

rig, a Sandvik LH307 low profile LHD

previous refuge chambers in the El

(load haul dump) and a 15 ton Aramine Silencio, Providencia and Sandra K truck for underground operations. mines, each with a capacity to host up This investment also considered the

to 60 persons for up to 72 hours. And

required training in heavy mining

currently, research is being conducted

equipment for the staff dispatched at

to consider deploying a fifth refuge

Sandra K.

chamber in the El Silencio mine which

“Constant improvement is in Gran Colombia Gold’s DNA, as well as

would have capacity for 100 persons. It must be noted that underground

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Gran Colombia Gold


We highlight the positive impact created by alliances among government agencies, local mayors, communities, NGOs and the private sector - Ángel Meza, Vice-President of Mines for Gran Colombia Gold

refuge chambers in every Gran Colombia Gold mining site are built under high global mining standards, such as those observed by the MSHA (Mine Safety and Health


A DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIER NETWORK Gran Colombia Gold’s success and leadership in gold and silver mining in its territory is supported by

Administration, from the US), besides

a vast network of purveyors which

complying with the Safety Regulations

includes brands known worldwide

for Underground Mining Labors -part

as well as domestic companies.

of Decree 1886 from Colombia’s

The network includes Colombiana

Ministry of Mines and Energy-, and

de Distribuciones Mayoristas de

with regulations from the National

Antioquia, Distribuidora de Químicos

Mining Agency.

Industriales, Eléctricos de Colombia,

Gran Colombia Gold


Gran Colombia Gold operates under global standa rds and compliance with local regulations

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Gran Colombia Gold


Eléctricas de Medellín (EDEMSA),

Collaboration with these companies

Epiroc, Explomín, Ferrocortes, IG

is a labor source for more than

Representaciones, Kaeser, Sandvik

4,000 workers.

Colombia and Synergy Supplies, among others. Also, Gran Colombia Gold works


hand in hand with local companies

community outreach programs, each

near their operations, incorporating

one facing different subjects and

them to its supplier network.

problems, and each of them aligned

Smart Mining United. Inspired Contact us


Gran Colombia Gold

Wo m e n’s e m p o w e r m e n t is not just a C SR s u b j e ct, i t ’s co m m o n practice at Gran Colombia Gold

to the United Nations’ development

providing scholarships and benefitting


more than 180,000 inhabitants with a

The “Small Mining Productive Incorporation” initiative has allowed

$2 million investment. Efforts to bring the gender

the affiliation of more than 2,500

gap closer are addressed by

miners, besides combating illegal

the “Entrepreneurial Women in

mining and contributing to the

Leadership”, which offers training for

environment. On its behalf, “Education different skills, benefitting women in for Development” is a program

areas surrounding Gran Colombia

focused on refurbishment of schools in Gold’s operations. different areas and also on developing

To these and other health, cultural

learning programs along with the

and environmental campaigns, the

“Angelitos de Luz” foundation,

company also adds more than

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Gran Colombia Gold







Gran Colombia Gold

Recent i nvestments have been desti ned to the acquisition of new underground machiner y

$3 million investments to improve and create new roads, benefitting transit in these territories. “We highlight the positive impact created by alliances among government agencies, local mayors, communities, NGOs and the private sector,” Meza pointed out. A SHINY HORIZON The future for Gran Colombia Gold will rely on the support and infrastructure to achieve goals such as reaching a leadership position in the underground mining sector worldwide at profitable costs. At the domestic level, the company’s intention is to contribute to the country’s economic recovery in collaboration with neighboring communities and local governments, keeping a lasting, stable relationship with its stockholders to strengthen its position among society and reach the top ten list of the most productive mines in the territory, with reserves of one million oz. of gold through sustainable practices.

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