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CONTINENTAL PRESTIGE for the development of construction in Honduras

Produced by Jassen Pintado Translated by Flávia Brancato Interviewee Luis Eduardo Tovar, CEO for Argos Honduras

Argos Honduras


A commitment to the development of better products that contribute to the sustainability and well-being of its different types of clients is the Argos hallmark


rgos is a

multinational Argos in 2013, through


a purchase valued at about US$ 275

company of

million. Argos Honduras generates

Colombian origin

more than 2,500 jobs, including direct

engaged in

and indirect jobs.

cement, concrete

In addition to the corporate offices

and aggregates

in Tegucigalpa, the capital city,


the Argos Honduras operation is

Throughout 80 years, its presence

supported by a cement plant in

has spread in 16 countries of the

Comayagua, mills in Río Blanquito

Americas. In addition to being the

(city of Choloma) and San Lorenzo,

most important cement company in

and distribution centers located in the

Colombia and its relevance for the

latter and in San Pedro Sula.

whole region, Argos is the second

“We continue to promote innovation

largest concrete company and the

by specializing and improving our

fourth in cement in the United States.

portfolio to deliver extraordinary

The operation in Honduras has been solutions,” said Luis Eduardo Tovar, competitive in the country for almost forty years, and it became a part of the


April 2021

CEO for Argos Honduras. Tovar graduated in Business


Argos Honduras

¿Sabías qué es Argos Honduras?

Administration and Management from

positions. Tovar is a member of the

the University of Lincoln, England. He

Board of Directors of Camacol, an

holds a master’s degree in this field

association that groups together

from Emory University (Atlanta, USA)

companies and entities in the

and has taken different courses at

Colombian construction sector.

different institutions, including one at Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA). His career at Argos dates back


In addition to the fact that

more than 15 years ago, where he

the products manufactured and

has held managerial and strategic

distributed by Argos Honduras are for

w w w.the b os tonb


Argos Honduras


We continue to promote innovation by specializing and improving our portfolio to deliver extraordinary solutions to our clients - Luis Eduardo Tovar, CEO for Argos Honduras


April 2021


Argos Honduras

all types of works, such as residential

according to the project:

property construction and renovation, noteworthy are the major projects that

• General purpose cement

link the company with the creation of

• White cement

infrastructure and, therefore, with the

• Structural cement

country’s development.

• Cement for use in precast work

Argos took part in the construction

• Type I cement

of the CA-5 Highway, the Second Peripheral Ring of San Pedro Sula,

Noteworthy is the introduction,

the Southern Highway, the Palmerola

in the Honduran market, of ECO

International Airport and the new

Multipurpose Cement, Argos’ pride,

building of the Central Bank of

since it is environmentally friendly

Honduras, among other projects.

and contributes to a sustainable

“We have left our mark on Honduras’ construction model. This gray development by taking part in relevant hydraulic cement provides durability, infrastructure projects. We create high water retention and has good value and contribute to the country’s workability in mixtures. dynamic economy and development”, said the executive. PRODUCT VARIETY

Argos Honduras’ product offer

- The ECO Multipurpose production process uses renewable energy in the solar farm of Piedras Azules Plant,

is characterized by its variety,

reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40%

considering different purposes

as compared to other products.

w w w.the b os tonb


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Cement Mixing and Blending with MULTICOR®

Schenck Process is your business partner for cement and alternative fuels systems, maintenance, spare parts, and material testing services.

How we support ARGOS: • coal & kiln feeding • cement blending & mixing • weighing • reception • storage • conveying

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Supplier Profile

N u m b e r o f E m p l o ye e s : S c h e n c k P r o c e s s L LC h a s 72 2 e m p l o y e e s

Ye a r E s t a b l i s h e d : S c h e n c k P r o c e s s L LC w a s f o u n d e d i n 2 0 14

Industr y: Cement, gypsum, mining, chemicals, power generation, food, grain and agricultura, pet food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, rail, aggregate, Steel and non-ferrous metals

Main Ser vices: We i g h i n g , f e e d i n g , s c r e e n i n g , c o n ve y i n g , p u l ve r i z i n g , c l a s s i f i c a t i o n , t h e r m a l processing, automation and dust collection

R e c e n t P r o ye c t s : Coal Feeding Modernization. Calcined Clays and Cement Blending.

President: J ay B r ow n We b p a g e : w w w. s c h e n c k p r o c e s s .c o m /u s

Argos Honduras


When establishing relationships with its suppliers, Argos Honduras seeks their contribution to the company in topics such as efficiency, productivity, service and innovation. The company encourages the development of these strategic partners and promotes good practices in their interactions. “We seek to grow hand in hand with our suppliers. Our management seeks to build and strengthen relationships of trust”, stated Tovar. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

The constant search for unique


of-the-art technology and personnel trained for these tasks, working with the international standards of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). “We understand innovation, and within it Research and Development as the basis for our contribution to wellbeing, the core of the sustainability of our business and a catalyst for competitive strategy”, stated the CEO. ONLINE PRESENCE: CONSTRUYAMOS JUNTOS (LET’S BUILD TOGETHER) AND ARGOS ONE

When Argos Honduras established online platforms to optimize contacts

solutions and specialization in the

with its clients, the company achieved

product portfolio led Argos to create,

goals such as the automation

a long time ago, a Research and

of processes, the development

Development area and a concrete

of artificial intelligence models

laboratory, where new ideas are

and improvement of the general

developed and tested using state-

experience of its users by converting

w w w.the b os tonb


them into clients.

consumers, builders, and foremen. It

Argos ONE is a digital solution

helps to find hardware stores close

where the client can place cement

to the user and their contact details,

orders and transactions easily, quickly

to budget the necessary material for

and safely. The platform permits

their work and to share new ideas for

to check the order status, make

construction and remodeling projects

payments and schedule product

as in a blog.

outputs. Currently, more than 40% of

“Providing updated information to

the cement orders are placed with the

our clients is generating awareness

company through Argos ONE.

to make better-built works, and

The Construyamos Juntos portal was launched in 2020 as a link between hardware stores, end

technology has enabled us to stay closer to them,” said Tovar.



One of the advantages of being a multinational company operating in 16 countries and territories is also a support network in which success N u m b e r o f E m p l o ye e s : 10

stories and good practices are shared. Cementos Argos has transversal excellence networks in areas such as

Ye a r E s t a b l i s h e d : A g o s t o , 2 0 17

Marketing, Logistics & Sustainability, among others, capable of generating

Industr y: Construction

Main Ser vices: Suministro de bentonita y polímero, y productos químicos industriales.

Recent Projects:

synergy. In the case of Argos Honduras, the contribution it provides to other countries and regions on topics like good practices in industrial safety,

A r b u c k l e R e s e r vo i r, W h a r t o n , T X ; S F P U C P l a n t , S a n Fr a n c i s c o , C A

occupational health, waste co-

P r e s i d e n t /C E O : Jeff Kissell

others, stands out.

We b p a g e : w w w. a m i c u s c d p.c o m

processing and solar energy, among “We have the support, positioning and reputation of a brand recognized in the continent,” said the executive.

w w w.the b os tonb


Argos Honduras


Argo’s work environment is characterized by inclusion, respect for diversity, right to free association, and the full development of people. All of this contributes to a sense of belonging, purpose and commitment to the organization. - As an extension of these and other practices, the Yo Prometo (I Promise) industrial security program, developed by the company, is also shared with suppliers. Yo Prometo promotes the prevention of occupational accidents and a culture of care. “We are working to consolidate a team capable of embracing change as an opportunity and creating shared value in collaborative environments,” said Tovar. SUSTAINABILITY AND VALUE CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMUNITY

Argos’ efforts in the sustainability field have resulted in important recognition, such as being included


April 2021


Argos Honduras

We seek to grow hand in hand with our suppliers. Our management seeks to build and strengthen relationships of trust - Luis Eduardo Tovar, CEO for Argos Honduras

w w w.the b os tonb


506 4700-6000

We have been supplying the Latin American, and the United States markets for 45 years with packaging solutions for the food industry, dishwashing paste, electronics, medical and logistics. We have been strategic partners of the Argos Corporation for 11 years with our Slips Sheets, generating significant savings in their production processes.

among the most sustainable

for Corporate Social Responsibility),

cement companies in the world,

among other accolades.

according to the Dow Jones Global


Argos Honduras Foundation has

Sustainability Index; it has also been

collaborated for seven years with

awarded the silver medal in the

different development programs in

S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook;

various communities. And in 2020,

the FTSE4Good recognition from

the company invested US$328,413

FTSE Russells; and, in Honduras,

in these initiatives, of which it directly

it has recently been recognized,

contributed US$195,010 and raised

for the second year in a row, as a

US$133,403 from third parties,

Socially Responsible Company by

generating benefits for more than

FUNDAHRSE (Honduran Foundation

23,000 people.

April 2021


Supplier Profile

In 2020, Argos Honduras’ community work provided support to the population during the COVID-19 pandemic and after the damage caused by hurricanes ETA and IOTA. The Pisos Saludables (Healthy Floors) program has been carried out since 2014, replacing dirt floors with concrete. This initiative has already

N u m b e r o f E m p l o ye e s : 2 10

benefited almost 1,900 families and

Ye a r E s t a b l i s h e d : A g o s to, 1976

people with the construction of more

Industr y: Pl á s t i c a Main Ser vices: Soluciones de Empaque

improved the lives of nearly 10,000 than 60,000m2 of surfaces. In terms of renewable energy, also in 2020, the company started the operation of the first solar farm in the cement industry in Honduras, in collaboration with Celsia - another

President: Jack Liberman Ginsburg

Argos Group company. This was a

CEO: Gar y Liberman Lifshitz

the photovoltaic power plant is made

We b p a g e : w w w. p l a s t i c o s - m o d e r n o s .c o m

giant step in terms of sustainability: up of 32,160 solar panels with a maximum capacity of 10.6 MW. Its power can provide up to 20% of the electricity consumption demand of the cement plant in Comayagua.

w w w.the b os tonb






Pl ay

We provide solutions to pack your reason for being We contribute to the value chain of our clients, guaranteeing the supply with the agreed quality and service conditions; providing industrial packaging that facilitate the processes of packaging, distribution, storage, marketing and image of its products.

(+502) 7929-0000


Argos Honduras assumes its

We will continue to contribute to improve the quality of life of

millions of people - Luis Eduardo Tovar, director general de Argos Honduras


April 2021

role in Honduras’ progress and is committed to contributing to the economic recovery of the country with construction of strategic projects, and to generating social value in different interest groups. The company has the material and human resources to create an increasingly specialized portfolio to get the clients’ preference.


Supplier Profile “We will continue to contribute N u m b e r o f E m p l o ye e s : 93 Ye a r E s t a b l i s h e d : J u l y, 2 0 0 4

to making the dreams of housing and better infrastructure come true, and to improve the quality of life of millions of people,” concluded Luis Tovar, CEO for Argos Honduras.

Industr y: Multi-ply paper packaging, f o r t h e d i f f e r e n t s e g m e n t s: C o n s t r u c t i o n , A n i m a l f e e d , Powd e r M i l k , S e e d s , C h e m i c a l s , e tc Main Ser vices: We p r ov i d e i n d u s t r i a l p a c k a g i n g t h a t f a c i l i t a te t h e p r o c e s s e s o f p a c k a g i n g , d i s t r i b u t i o n , s to r a g e , m a r ke t i n g , a n d i m a g e o f o u r c l i e n t s’ p r o d u c t s Recent Projects: D e s i g n a n d D eve l o p m e n t o f t h e p a p e r s a c k f o r t h e R i o B l a n q u i to Pl a n , A r g o s H o n d u r a s T h i s p r o j e c t wa s c a r r i e d o u t i n conjunction with Argos, from the p l a n n i n g , t h e o b j e c t i ve s , a n d t h e s c o p e , ex p e c te d o f t h e b a g , t h e c o n d i t i o n s that should be met, considering the operation, packaging equipment and p e r f o r m a n c e o b j e c t i ve s t h a t we r e ex p e c te d to b e a c h i eve d i n t h i s n ew o p e r a t i o n . T h e r e s u l t wa s a t a i l o rmade bag with optimal per formance. We c u r r e n t l y s u p p l y s a c k s f o r both operations in Honduras.




General Manager: Mauricio Castillo We b p a g e : w w w. s a c o s d e l a t l a n t i c o.c o m

w w w.the b os tonb


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