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GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY GOING HAND IN HAND Bimbo Europa-África-Asia is taking giant steps towards sustainable growth through well-developed strategies and its staff’s talent in different territories

Interviewee Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia for Grupo Bimbo Produced by Jassen Pintado Art Direction Omar Rodríguez

Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia


he Bimbo group was created in Mexico in 1945 and is currently the best-known Mexican food brand worldwide. Its expansion within the

Americas began during the 1980s

EVOLVING TOWARDS BIMBO EUROPE, ASIA AND AFRICA (BIMBO EAA) Bimbo Iberia was born from Bimbo’s operations in Spain and Portugal, working on its own until 2016. Its evolution continued in 2019,

as the brand began exporting to the

when Gabino Gómez, CEO for

United States and Central America,

Bimbo, pushed for the creation of

later venturing into South America

an organization similar to the one he

during the 1990s.

leads from Mexico -which supports

Overseas, Bimbo first ventured into

the company’s operations in the

Spain when Mr. Jaime Jorba, one of the United States and Latin America-, also brand’s founders in Mexico, returned to incorporating Bimbo UK, China and the his home country.


brand’s assets in India and Morocco,

Food & Beverage

thus becoming Bimbo. “Bimbo was pretty set in the

Business Engineering and Chemistry Engineering at the Technical University

Americas and decided to grow in the

of Catalonia (in Barcelona, Spain). He

continents where it lacked presence:

also earned an MBA from the IESE

Europe, Asia and Africa,” commented

Business School (also in Barcelona).

Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of

Among postgraduate studies,

Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia

Cabeza obtained a Certificate as a

for Grupo Bimbo.

Breadmaking Technologist from the

LEADERSHIP: BEYOND LEAN MANUFACTURING Javier Cabeza is near completion of his second decade of work for Bimbo,

American Institute of Baking and a Leadership program from the Harvard Business School. Before joining Bimbo at 22, Cabeza

which means he was also part of the

worked for Synthesia Technology, a

Bimbo company in Spain before being

Spain-based leader in polyurethane

acquired by the Mexican business

solutions, and also for the Benetton

group in 2011.

clothing brand. Once in Bimbo, Cabeza

Cabeza earned Bachelor degrees in

has practically experienced every area

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Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia

“The company’s a heavyweight in Europe for its business in Spain, Portugal and now in Asia” Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia for Grupo Bimbo


Food & Beverage

in the company from operations to

approximately 16,000 workers serving

technical positions. The deployment

more than 200,000 clients.

of lean manufacturing systems and

Bimbo’s UK business was added

continuous improvement processes

to the operations performed from

highlight his tenure in the company.

Bimbo Iberia towards all of Europe.

Besides his outstanding work in Spain,

The UK branch’s business consisted

Bimbo also took Cabeza to Belgium,

mainly of bagel and croissant bread.

the United States and Netherlands,

In Africa, Bimbo arrived in Morocco

until being in charge of, probably,

by acquiring a small company,

the most diverse of Grupo Bimbo’s

growing its presence from the initial

operations, globally.

four production facilities and also

“I wanted to become part of an

expanding its product portfolio.

enterprise so big as to not know

“The company’s a heavyweight

in which part of the world I would

in Europe for its business in Spain,

find myself the next day, and that’s

Portugal and now in Asia,” said

why I like Bimbo a lot,” the executive declared.

Cabeza, who is familiar with the highly competitive European market which, sooner or later, ventures into

CONSTANT GROWTH IN EVERY TERRITORY Bimbo’s endeavors in Europe, Africa

Latin America.

and Asia encompass 32 facilities

Positioning Bimbo EAA as this

-used both as corporate offices and

clockwork operation able to replicate

as storage facilities-, involved in the

the model and reach of its parent

production of 15 brands, operated by

company overseas is a very complex


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Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia

Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia for Grupo Bimbo


Food & Beverage

task which requires aligned strategies

• Quality-focused operations.

such as:

Quality has become the determining

• Inorganic growth. The group

factor even for decision-making, from

acquired companies in Spain, India,

being a tactic to become a strategic

Morocco and the UK, which have

factor. No matter how favorable aspects

resulted in a longer reach and a

such as costs and revenue become,

strengthened portfolio within the

no decision is made if it affects the

food market.

products’ quality.

• Managerial structures

• Talent detection and

deployment. These offer detail into

positioning. One of the most

the business alignment level obtained,

important strategies is getting to know

and they also measure efficiency,

the talent’s capabilities in every country,

capabilities, business contribution

enabling them to develop the roles each

and adaptability.

territory requires, matching capable individuals with the tasks necessary to

• Investment in production

different countries, as well as to develop

capacity. This has implied great

the company’s talent or sourcing

investments in every country,

enabled staff to fulfill areas in need.

contributing to each territory’s growth. “We do make a great difference • Implementation of Lean

by relying on staff from China, India,

Manufacturing. This improvement

Morocco, Portugal, Spain and the

system has been able to detect all

UK, such variety provides a big

contributing and non-contributing

contribution,” the vice-president

elements in bringing value to clients.

pointed out.

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Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia

“We want to keep being a force in innovation. In every country we must fulfill the group’s philosophy: Feed better world” Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia for Grupo Bimbo


Food & Beverage

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Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia


This network support has been key


to take solid steps in relatively new

Bimbo EAA makes the most from

territories such as India or Morocco.

resources provided by Grupo Bimbo,

“Grupo Bimbo is always at the top of

especially those involving knowledge

our list, providing us with influence and

and products, as well as personnel,

knowledge,” Cabeza remarked.

experience and contact with tech and


raw materials suppliers, considering


Bimbo has become the largest bakery


company worldwide.

An enterprise the size of Bimbo EAA

Food & Beverage

couldn’t be exempted from adapting

value of products, plastic packaging

to the consequences of the COVID-19

and other trends previously detected,

pandemic, deploying timely measures

which simply took off as the pandemic

preventing the disease internally,

began, such as online retail, to

reducing its spread to zero.

name one.

However, the company is aware

“We’ve learned to become more

that changes didn’t take place only

open, faster, to make the most out

within different companies, but also

of business opportunities, to become

in consumer habits, becoming more

leaner toward decision-making,” the

conscious regarding the nutritional

executive said.

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Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia


globally, has experienced progress

Taking Grupo Bimbo toward

in solar power.

sustainable operations is a top priority, globally. Up until now, Europe has been

other brands, clients and distributorswith the Marcas Waste Warrior

the ideal ground to reach different

association, whose purpose is to

goals, considering the territory’s

eliminate food waste. The association

regulations, policies and culture,

created the Too Good To Go campaign,

which allow for significant advance

in which different brands offer

in purposes such as bringing CO2

attractive food packages near their

emissions to net zero by 2050 and

expiration date at very low prices with

other intermediate goals related to the

the purpose of feeding more people

use of plastics in packaging, among

instead of wasting food, aligning the

other things. In countries such as

company to reduce food waste in 50%

Spain, Bimbo’s vehicle fleet boasts 20% of electric vehicles, an amount that will undoubtedly grow in the short term also in other countries. In Mexico, Bimbo has the largest electric vehicle fleets in Latin America. The company offers different

in respect with their 2016 figures. “Sustainability is one of the group’s strategies. These goals must be accomplished, it’s fundamental to our group, there are no excuses for unfulfillment,” Cabeza expressed.

packaging, including biodegradable


solutions such as D2W. Also, Bimbo,

If there’s a word describing the

recyclable options for plastic


In Europe, Bimbo is involved -along

Food & Beverage

“Sustainability is one of the group’s strategies. It’s fundamental to our group” Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia for Grupo Bimbo

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Bimbo Europe/Africa /Asia

future purposes of Bimbo EAA, it is undoubtedly “growth”. Asian territory is poised to become the grounds for such a purpose, specifically in India, where the company’s challenge is to reach more population. In Africa, on its behalf, growth purposes also persist, but not in the short term. The market is evolving and it is very important to remain aware of its development. The operation in Europe is consolidated, but the plan is to keep strengthening the company’s finances and enter categories yet to be explored by Bimbo. Along with the brand’s efforts overseas, the company improves the fulfillment of its purpose to contribute to a better world by providing quality foods to a quantity of people that keeps growing. “We want to keep being a force in innovation. In every country we must


Food & Beverage

Founded: 1945, in Mexico Industry: Food & Beverage Employees: 16,000. Contact:

fulfill the group’s philosophy: Feed a better world,” finalized Javier Cabeza, Vice-president of Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia for Grupo Bimbo.

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