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SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION FOR A BETTER TOMORROW At Atlas Copco, our mission is to achieve a sustainable, profitable growth, seeking to empower our customers and drive society towards a better tomorrow

Interviewee Julio Hernández, General Manager for the Compressor Technique Business Line at Atlas Copco Peru and Bolivia Produced by Jassen Pintado Art Direction Omar Rodríguez

Atlas Copco Perú

Atlas Copco, worldwide group

development of projects in different

leader in compressed air, vacuum,

markets; from applications in new

energy, and industrial tool solutions,

mining seams and expansions, to

has operations in over 180 counties

industrial installations for penumatic

around the globe. Its customer center

transport and wastewater treatment

in Peru, that along with Bolivia are


known as the Andean region, was

Aside from providing the latest

the first office of the Group in Latin

in compressed air technological

America and has been working in

innovations, Atlas Copco advises its

the development and execution of

customers in the choice of the best

industrial projects since 1950. Julio

solution from its wide equipment

Hernández, new General Manager

portfolio. “Our business is always

for the Compressor Technique

focused on operational efficiency,

Business Line at Atlas Copco Peru and Bolivia, tells us more about the vision and development plans for the division in the region. INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION During 2021, Atlas Copco experienced a growth in the demand

sustainability and the responsible use of resources. Therefore, the correct choice of a compressor for an air installation is key for energy savings and the reduction of the carbon footprint at any operation” says Hernández. “We advise our customers about the difference between a 4-bar pressure blower, versus a 5 to 11 bar

of compressed air technologies for the pressure compressor, and how with


February 2022


Our business is always focused on operational efficiency, sustainability and the responsible use of resources - Julio Hernández, General Manager for the Compressor Technique Business Line at Atlas Copco Peru and Bolivia

the choice of the right equipment according to a particular application, they can get up to 50% of energy savings”. Usually, these low-pressure solutions are recommended due to its high efficiency and low energy consumption for wastewater treatment plants, flotation processes and pneumatic transport. Atlas Copco always looks to

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Atlas Copco Perú


February 2022


Hogar de las Ideas Industriales

provide added value to its customer

goes hand in hand with energy

during their project development

efficiency. Keeping a machine in peak

process. The accompaniment during

operational performance turns into

the implementation of such projects

energy savings. To achieve this, we

goes beyond the installation itself,

have intelligent central controllers that

focused on prevention and energy

regulate the demands and fluctuations

efficiency. “We have seen growth in

of compressed air machines

the awareness about the importance

connected to our network, thus

of preventive maintenance, which

increasing their efficiency”.

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Atlas Copco Perú

The industry 4.0 and connectivity

maintenance since it helps reduce

tools are not foreign to the

possible failures that may cause

compressed air world. Due to the

production losses to our customers.

confinement situation caused by

Also, it allows us to be proactive

COVID-19, remote monitoring

towards any alert sign the machine

platforms have been key for Atlas

may send, which goes straight to our

Copco customers to anticipate

customer and our specialists”.

their maintenance needs. “All of

“Industrial innovations, like our

our compressors come with remote

third-generation variable speed drive

monitoring technology or can be

technology VSDs and SMARTLINK

easily connected to our worldwide

for remote monitoring of compressed

network through SMARTLINK. This

air installations, allows our customers

tool supports us with preventive

to maximize their investment and

“Our mission is to achieve a sustainable, profitable growth, seeking to empower our customers and drive society towards a better tomorrow” - Julio Hernández, General Manager for the Compressor Technique Business Line at Atlas Copco Peru and Bolivia


February 2022


optimize the operational times at their

environment and society in general.

installations in a responsible way with

“At Atlas Copco, our mission is to

the environment”, says Julio.

achieve a sustainable, profitable

COMMITMENT WITH THE SOCIETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT Sustainability and innovation are key for the Atlas Copco Group. Its

growth, seeking to empower our customers and drive society towards a better tomorrow”, says Julio. And so, the Atlas Copco Group

sustainability strategy is focused

in Peru and Bolivia contributes with

on providing its strategic partners

sustainable development through

with added value, not only through

corporate projects aligned with

its products and services, but also

the United Nations Sustainable

through responsible actions with the

Development Goals, and its

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Atlas Copco Perú

commitment with science-based

differential value from other offers, are

targets. Julio tells us more about

sustainable, efficient and can generate

one of their initiatives: “Water for All

saving in the short, medium and long

is a corporate global initiative that

term”. This year, an organic growth in

develops projects to provide access to drinkable water in places where is needed. This initiative was born from a project promoted by our own staff, to later be adopted by the Group and executed worldwide through strategic partners and Atlas Copco volunteers in every country”.

the business volume is expected for the division in the region, based on tailor-made solutions for the customer and intelligent connectivity tools for service proactivity. “Solutions based in innovation and advanced technology will be key this 2022, and at Atlas Copco we are

OUR VISION FOR THE REGION IN 2022 For Julio, this 2022 arrives with several growth and project development opportunities that will


more than ready to take on these new challenges the market has for us. With nearly 150 years of experience in compressed air technologies

need Atlas Copco solutions. “We are

worldwide, our machines have

in a highly dynamic market that has

proved to be efficient and sustainable

increased its demand for products

no matter the industrial project

and services that, aside from having a

they operate in”.

February 2022


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