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P.E. KIT Grey P.E. Shorts with School Logo House Polo with School Logo White or Black Trainers/Pumps (tennis shoes) Plain Swimming Trunks Towel/Goggles Plain Single Coloured Sandals (no buckles and trimmings). Sandals must have a back in them (no flip flops). Trainers are not acceptable day shoes.


Shirts must be tucked in at all times Polo T-Shirts may be worn out of trousers and skirts Hair slides and bands should be plain – no other hair accessories Jewellery is limited to one pair of small earrings (studs/sleepers) and a plain watch All students will adhere to the P.E. code and will be in full kit for games lessons.

GENERAL UNIFORM – ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • Black polishable leather shoes must be worn. In bad weather, students will need to change into these from their outdoor shoes. These must be shoes and not trainers or trainer-like shoes. • It is expected that students wear the correct P.E. kit. On P.E. days, children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One may wear their P.E. kit to school. Children in KS2 must bring P.E. uniform and change into it for the lesson. KS2 should not be coming into another lesson or returning from lunch or break in P.E. clothes. KS 2 must also change out of their P.E. kit and back into uniform at the end of the day - they should not be leaving school in their P.E. clothing. • You will be informed, by letter, regarding the switch from winter and summer uniform. This may depend on weather conditions, but usually, the academic year begins with summer uniform and winter uniform is adopted for the second half of the Term 1. This usually remains until the start of Term 3, when summer uniform begins. • Girls’ hair should be tied back if it is long or it falls over the face. Hairbands and slides are acceptable, but they must be plain dark colours. Other hair accessories are not permitted. Boys’ hair should be tied back if it is long and the school may request that the hair be cut shorter if it falls over the face and becomes a distraction. Severe haircuts are not acceptable, and a guideline would be no shorter than a Grade 2. Dyed hair for boys and girls is not acceptable. • Outdoor coats and jackets must be plain, and logos should not be visible. Leather and denim jackets are not acceptable.





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Primary School Uniform  

Primary School Uniform