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“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the JCC Camp Ruach this past summer. Our son had such a wonderful time -- it's all he talked about! The experience is one that he will not forget. You cannot imagine how much it means to know that there are organizations like yours helping families financially so that kids have an opportunity to participate in such a well organized camp that is truly about the kids.” “Camp Parent” “I can justifiably look back with joy on the day my husband and I stepped foot inside the JCC. We moved to Bridgewater in 2001 and found the JCC, and soon after, we both became members for its convenient location and its first-class facilities . I remember our first day at the JCC. We received a warm welcome from the staff who always gave their 100 percent to make us feel at home. We also joined the senior fitness program and enjoyed our workouts with the instructors who always kept us motivated with their funny stories and jokes. Besides utilizing the swimming pool and fitness center, we loved to come to the JCC for the family atmosphere and support from the staff. My husband cherished their friendly smiles when he was alive. In 2008, my husband became ill with jaw cancer. During his illness we received an incredible amount of support and kindness from the JCC staff. I can never thank them enough for their love, generosity, and thoughtfulness. My husband passed away in 2011, but we are so grateful to have shared so many moments and memories with our JCC family. Everybody, including my exercise buddies, gave me tremendous moral support to overcome my grief and start living again. To this day, I always keep extra minutes in my day to talk with them and they always cheer me up. I tell all my friends if they need a friend or family- join the JCC. My best wishes are always for the center and its staff.” “Senior Member” “Our very lucky children had the privilege of spending time together under the watchful eyes of their extremely talented teachers at the Blaustein Early Childhood Center. While they play, they learn the most important life lesson- how to get along. Our children are blessed with opportunities to make good choices about treating everyone with respect and kindness. Our hearts melted when, as a family, we read their class ‘book.’ It served as a window to peek into the world of our ‘Fabulous Fours’ and the accomplishments they achieved. We are so grateful that our daughter had been nurtured and loved in this amazing class!” “Pre-School Parent”

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