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A Hardshell man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly stole an ambulance. Police say the accused, Shane Hale, of Hardshell, took the ambulance while the EMT’s were dropping off a patient at the Hazard ARH. Witnesses say that Hale drove the emergency vehicle to Highway 476 in Breathitt County, where an off duty police officer pulled him over by flashing his headlights. Hales allegedly told police that he had taken the vehicle because he needed a ride home and that he was going to call the service and tell them where the ambulance was the next day.

City limit workers to now pay 3%

A Kragon family lost Council votes 5-1 to raise tax everything they owned in a Friday morning helpCity with debt a 5-1 vote, Theto Jackson Council has officially fire that took threeInfire City Council Votes To Increase Payroll Tax to 2% raised the city’s occupation tax rate to 2%. departments over two In the regular monthly meeting of the Jackson The council held a public hearing on Thursday, March hours to extinguish. City Council, a measure to pass an increase in the for any resident who wanted to voice their opinion on A mobile 3home occupation tax another 1% passed on a vote of 5-1 theand proposed tax hike. belonging to Randy with Councilman JasontoHall thewith no vote. Over a dozen citizens came thecasting meeting only Dorothy Collins located The council voted to also hold a public hearing three across the KY May Coalmaking a statement about the increase. and the second reading and adoption on the matter The public hearing ended after 30 minutes with Mayor Bridge near Kragon on Thursday 3 at 5:30 PM and to have a stating thatMarch at 8:15PM the ordinance would was reported on Rose fire toWolfe meeting at 8:15 PM to vote on the matter. be read for the second time and voted upon. officials around 9:30 This means that those working the city limits At the evening meeting, a motion wasin made and a.m. Friday February paying 2%increase city tax and countyvoting tax for a secondedwill to be pass the tax with 1% everyone 25. total of $3.00 per $100 paid to an employee. for the increase except for Councilman Jason Hall. No one was at home Even thoughwith the stipulations council wasthat hesitant on passing The tax was passed the increase at the time of the blaze. the it appeared to be only solution from in order could only betax, used for past debt onthe bond payments Jason Hall voted no against

See “FIRE” increase recently. Jackson Fire Department firefighters attemptPage to extinguish areatax recently. See “Stolen Ambulance” 3 a fire in the Kragonthe Page A3

Rains Cause Minor King Returns $25,000 To Heavy TRUCK CRASHES INTO YARD Flooding Over a dozen county County For Overpayment On Rain Slicken Roads employees & officials testify Joe Little Fork FEMA Project Blamed For Accident FEDERAL GRAND JURY MEETS

Over a dozen witnesses appeared before a federal grand jury on Friday, March 4 in Lexington to answer questions pertaining to the 2010 county elections. The names of those who testified have not been released due to the pending investigation but sources tell the Advocate that many of those who testified were cpounty employees and elected officials. According U.S. Attorney Ken Taylor, the names of those testifying can not be released and his office could not divulge anything about the case

See “Federal Court” Page 3

Man Arrested For Assaulting His Mother

A contractor, who three members of the Fiscal Court voted to pay $75,000 for FEMA road repairs, has returned a portion of the money to the county because it was found that he overcharged the county. A Clayhole man has been arrested after he According to FEMA his records, a total of $24,771.45 allegedly assaulted mother. was awarded to fix damage done Joe Little Fork Leslie Wayne Southwood towas arrested Road during the May 2009 flood, but the contractor, recently on charges he committed the offense King Crete Ready Mix of Beattyville, sent a bill to of Aggravated Assault when he struck Katherine the court for the amount of $75,000. Residents of Southwood in the head several times, causing the area and two Magistrates, Ellis Tincher and Tim injury to her. Spencer expressed the high He also allegedlyconcern hit her over in other partsinvoice, of her saying wasn’t $75,000 worththat of work done on body. there The warrant also states Southwood the and thatofthe work was poor gun. quality. A hadroad possession a pistol and of a shot local paving company certified do paving Southwood was arrested bytoState Policework and visited Fork area Detention and found that the lodgedthe in Joe the Little Three Forks Center entire have said been paved for approximately whereroad jailcould officials he was released on



Hi Hi 56° 58° Low 35° Low 44° Sunny 50% Rain


Hi Hi 57° 52° Low 35° Low 39° Nice! 30% Rain

Water levels rose this week after over two inches of rain fell in parts of Jackson on Sunday. Snow also was seen on the ridge tops when An accident dropped in the Clayhole damaged temperatures to below area freezing. The property last week after an 18 wheeler swerved above photo was taken on South Fork.

on a rain slickened curve to avoid striking a school bus. The driver of the truck, Kenny Smith, said he lost control of his truck in a rain slickened curve in the Clayhole area and swerved to miss a school wants to then signwent up into on The Breathitt bus taking children home. The truck water. The payments County District the yard Water of Clayhole resident Lawrence Molands, will be $25.00 a monthit has developed a plan whose sons were inside the home remodeling for 12 months. to help citizens of the when the accident occurred. Theof theprogram is county afford the cost No one was injured as a result accident, but everyone says they count their scheduled to blessing begin of a waterinvolved hook up. that it wasn’t worse. The program, April 1, 2011 and can It took as overthe three hours to downed beremove applied for attrees the known Water from the accident andwill to tow the truck away. Office Water District Assistance Fund, No charges against driver as located onthethe third offer a loan have of upbeen to filed of press time but State Police are still investigating $300.00 to anyone who floor of the County the accident.

See Increase” Page 3Page A3 See“Tax “TAX INCREASE”

Indoor Grow Operation Raided State Legislature

HelpKSP WithArrests Snow Days

Wolverine Man For Marijuana Cultivation

FRANKFORT – Legislation to assist school districts that have missed an excessive number of days because of inclement weather or illness has been sent to Governor Steve Beshear to be signed into A law. Wolverine man was arrested on Sunday Last week, Senator was Johnny Turner, evening after marijuana foundRay growing in D-Prestonsburg, amended House Bill 427 with a his home. Senate Committee Substitute include According to a State Police(SCS) presstorelease, the school calendar language. There was a bill officers arrested 38 year old Joe Vee Lyttle addressing this issue, but it failed to pass through Rader of 1896 Wolverine Road after 131 the process.plants In order to keep sizes the legislation alive in marijuana in various were allegedly the final days of the 2011 Session, Senator Turner found growing in his home. Rader was charged used the language as an amendment. with cultivating marijuana and possession of a HB 427 requires a certified or classified staff firearm by a convicted felon. He was lodged in member to accompany students on non-athletic the Three Forks Detention Center. trips. Senator school-sponsored or school-endorsed Turner’s SCS did not change the original intent of that legislation, but rather made provisions for makeup days and alternative instruction days.

Tornado Warning Issued Monday For Jackson See “School Days” Page 3



Obits Obits Court Records Court Records Feature Page Feature Page Sports Regional Tournament Bracket Classifieds Classifieds

4 4 3 5 2 2 9 13 12 11

Courthouse. by the Fiscal Court. The water district The district is adopted the program planning to offer this because of a less than program each April 50% sign up rate. As of and will be available this month, over 2200 on a first come, first residents access serveofbasis. Picturedhave above is a view the sky above to water, but less than For more Jackson on Monday morning whichinformation prompted 1100 are hooked up. Service call 606-666-3800 ext. the National Weather to issue a Tornado The funding this 250. Warning for the for area. No tornado sightings were program was reported. See provided more damage Pg. A3


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Breathitt Life BHS Student Page In Kentucky Senate

Thursday, March 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung In Downtown Jackson

Above: Senate Page Dakota Johnson (right) and Senator Johnny Ray Turner (left)

Breathitt County Senior Citizens Director Jack Niece, above, is planting flowers in front of the Senior Center just in time for spring. Photo: B.Thorpe

sion. Dakota enjoyed his time as Senator Turner’s page. The Family Resource and Youth Services Center Coalition of Kentucky wishes to thank Senator Johnny Ray Turner for his graciousness and participation in the Legislative Page program. Dakota, a sophomore at BHS, was accompanied by his mother, Tonya Gross, and BHS Youth Service Center Coordinator, Henrietta Sheffel.

JCS Students Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

A Breathitt High School student, Dakota Johnson, watched the Kentucky Senate in action on February 23, 2011 when he served as a page for Senator Johnny Ray Turner. Dakota represented BHS and Region 8 on the Family Resource and Youth Services Coalition of Kentucky’s Legislative Page Day. Senator Turner was very gracious and introduced Dakota to the other senators during the Senate legislative ses-

Work On Phase 2 of HWY 15 Continues...

Photo: EastKYMedia

A Little Good News Among the Bad Gas is rising to almost $5.00 per gallon AND THE GED TEST IS OFFERED FOR FREE! Did you know that if you’re working toward your GED, you’re in good company? Well, for the most part, we try not to judge, but we were not surprised to find Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears on the dropout list. We were surprised by some of the other famous people who dropped out of high school and later earned their GED credential. Everyone knows Bill Cosby. He earned his GED. So did actor, Christian Slater and comedian Chris Rock. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s Restaurants, was a GED graduate, and so was Ruth Ann Minner, governor of Delaware. Mary Lou Retton, Olympic gymnast, musician Waylon Jennings, and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead—ALL HAVE GEDs! So does Michael J. Fox. That’s good company!

People from all walks of life have left school for various reasons and gone on to earn their GED credential. The sky’s the limit! GED attainment has a significant impact on the economy, as well as on the lives of GED graduates. In 2010 alone, the 9,357 students in Kentucky who earned a GED will potentially increase their earnings by more than $2.4 billion over a 30-year career given the average salary gap between high school dropouts and those citizens with a high school diploma! Now, to even better news….Kentucky Adult Education will offer FREE GED testing for tests taking place March 15 through June 30, 2011, to encourage and support adults in earning a GED. KYAE will reimburse test centers $55 for each new test taker completing the full battery and $25 for each person retesting in a particular subject area.

If you didn’t finish high school, please take advantage of this FREE opportunity! We’re waiting for your call.

The Breathitt County Adult Education Center 606-666-7351

JCS elementary teachers participated in Read Across America Day, which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, on March 2nd. The elementary teachers who participated include: Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Hollan, Mrs. Robinson-Riley, Mrs. Tincher, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Arrowood. Mrs. Hollan and some of her kindergarten students dressed up as the Cat in the Hat. Mrs. Pugh’s K-1 class made a graphic organizer about their favorite book. Both Mrs. Pugh’s K-1 class and Mrs. Hollan’s kindergarten class prepared green eggs and ham for snack time. Mrs. Tincher’s 1st grade class celebrated by having a student’s grandparent come in and read a story to the class using props. She also gave her students a family project for homework. To complete this

project, students chose their favorite book by Dr. Seuss, discussed the book with their parents, and made a story map. They also made their own hats and painted faces to resemble the Cat in the Hat. Mrs. Arrowood’s 2nd grade class paired up with Mrs. Hollan’s kindergarten class to share a variety of stories written by Dr. Seuss. Mrs. Robinson-Riley’s 2nd grade class completed an activity in which the students answered the question, “If the Cat came to my house, I would…” All classes read Dr. Seuss books, decorated bulletin boards, and participated in a birthday celebration for Dr. Seuss at the end of the day with cake, ice cream, and drinks. Each class had a wonderful time celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and would like to thank Mrs. Arrowood for the delicious cake!

Mrs. Hollan & Trey Creech

Students Celebrate Dr. Seuss Birthday At Riverside If he were living he would be 107 years old. Actually, in many ways he does live on through his stories, his characters and his books. Yes, we’re talking about Dr. Seuss and his birthday was celebrated in a unique way at Riverside Christian School. All the students in grades 1-6 gathered in the library for an afternoon of stories, some competition, and a variety of fun activities. It ended with “green eggs and ham”…well, not exactly. “Few people realize books can be fun,” said Miss Kendra Kiser, a Riverside teacher, who planned the whole afternoon program down to the minute. “Dr. Seuss made things interesting for kids,” she said. Upon entering the library each student was given a partner. The younger students were partnered with older students. The first book Miss Kiser read was The Boy on Fairfield Street, a biography about Dr.

Seuss. Afterwards the students, with their partners, answered questions about him at stations around the library. She also read And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. The program included different activities related to Dr. Seuss books. Some were done with crafts. One included creating a comic strip. Students also had opportunities to earn RIF-tastic medals from time to time. [RIF stands for Reading is Fundamental or Reading Is Fun.] Near the close of the school day the group gathered in the home economics room for a snack. The students enjoyed sugar cookies which had icing that looked like “green eggs,” pretzels, and juice. While they were eating, Miss Kiser read to them Green Eggs and Ham. Then it was back to the library where each student had the opportunity to select a book for their own. Miss

Riverside elementary students made hats to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. Kiser expressed her appreciation for the youth in the summer reading program at Grace Bible Church in

Greencastle, Pennsylvania who furnished the new books for the Riverside students to take for their own.


The Breathitt Advocate

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Three Forks Jail Intake Report

Darren Alexander, age 28 of Campton, KY, public Intoxication-controlled substance Fred Allen, age 55 of Beattyville, KY, alcohol Intoxication in a public place Willie E. Baker, age 38 of Jackson, KY, no or expired KY registration receipt, no or expired KY registration plate, No insurance 1st offense Mary C. Begley, age 32 of Jackson, KY, weekender Sharon Campbell, age 28 of Jackson, KY weekender Diana Childers, age 27 of Jackson, KY unlawful transaction w/a minor 3rd degree, parent or custodian to send child to school Jerry D. Cockerham, age 27 of Booneville, KY, nonpayment of fines

Rickey Creech, age 47 of Beattyville, KY, Failure to produce insurance card, no insurance 1st offense, possession of open alcoholic beverge container in MV prohibited, DUI ALC/Drugs/ Etc. .08 (aggg. Circum) 1st Shelby Ray Donahue, age 36 of Clearfield, KY, Flagrant nonsupport, serving Bench Warrant for court Adam Fugate, age 28 of Jackson, KY, Flagrant nonsupport Franklin Gabbard, age 31 of Beattyville, KY, Serving Bench warrant for court Taryn D. Hall, age 25 of Jackson, KY weekender Tracey C. Henson, age 25 of Jackson, KY, public intoxication-controlled substance, serving warrant for

other police agency Gary S. Herald, age 28 of Haddix, KY, theft by unlawful taking or disp-shoplifting Johnny Marshall, age 48 of Boonville, KY, serving Bench Warrant for court, theft by unlawful taking or dispshoplifting Bryan Mayes, age 36 of Beattyville, KY, alcohol intoxication in a public place Eric S. McIntosh, age 30 of Beattyville, KY, serving Bench Warrant for court Timothy S. McIntosh, age 30 of Jackson, KY, operating on suspended or revoked operat George Miller, age 56 of Jackson, KY, serving warrant for other police agency, traf cont sub 1st offense drug unspecified Joel G. Moore, age 28 of

Whick, KY, alcohol intox in public place 3rd Cynthia L. Morris, age 45 of Jackson, KY, traf cont sub 1st degree 1st offense Buford Noble, age 52 of Beattyville, KY weekender David Noble, age 43 of Beattyville, KY serving bench warrant for court, serving bench warrant, alcohol intoxication in public place 3rd Vee Lyttle Rader, age 38 of Jackson, cultivate marijuana (5 plants or more) possession of firearm by a convicted felon Ricky Robinson, age 35 of Jackson, KY, failure to produce insurance card, no insurance 1st offense, DUI ALC/Drugs/ETC-.08 1st offense, prescription cont. sub. not in proper container

Sharon Tutt Shuler, age 42 of Beattyville, KY, alcohol intoxication in a public place Lesley Wayne Southwood, age 46 of Clayhole, KY, serving warrant for other police agency Gary G. Stacy, age 52 of Beattyville, KY, no insurance 1st offense, no operator’s license Darren Paul Stamper, age 36 of Jackson, KY, disorderly conduct Melissa Sue Stamper, age 28 of Jackson, KY, theft by unlawful taking or dispshoplifting Joseph Jr Strong, age 50 of Jackson, KY, alcohol intoxication in public place Donnie L. Wilson, age 56 of Jackson, KY, driving DUI on suspended license-1st

Jackson Police Department Weekly Report





Accident Reports

Traffic Stops

Arrests Made

Logs & Assists

LAWSUITS AND DIvoRCES World Finance Corporation, Vs. Hall, Earl, ET AL Jefferson Capital Services, LLC, Vs. McIntosh, Lisa M Capital One Bank, Vs. Neace, Barbara LVNN Funding LLC, Vs. Watts, Elvis Capital One Bank, Vs. Roberts,

Sherry E Capital One Bank, Vs. Fugate, James B Capital One Bank, Vs. Hudson Calvin D COK & Arnett, Elaine L Vs. Arnett, Jessica F Hall, Crystal Dianna Vs. Hall Jeffrey

New Drivers Loren McIntosh Sasha Hunter Ted Napier Jordan White Jennifer Noble

Divorces Vires, Polly Ann Vs. Vires, Jessie Lee


A free report reveals how even minor accident injuries can have major health consequences Southeastern, KY—Minor injuries from car accidents are often misunderstood. A recent free report reveals how minor accidents can cause hidden injuries that may take weeks, months, even years to surface. There are currently thousands of auto accident victims who are living a life of misery and because they did not learn their rights and options as an auto accident victim. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved one. To receive your free report entitled “What you need to know if you have been in an auto accident,”

CALL THE TOLL-FREE 24-HOUR RECORDED MESSAGE AT 888-790-1929 The call is free and so is the report! By Councilman Buford Williams

Last Thursday March 3, we passed a 1% occupational tax which I am sure upset many people. The reason we did this was to keep the city of Jackson from being taken over by a multitude of state agencies; whereas, they would have called all the shots and we would have little, if any, say about it. By doing what we did, we saved the jobs of 38 city employees. We also saved property owners tremendous increases in home insurance. Had we not had the increase, the water plant would still pump water, but in our ever changing weather, broken pipes would not have been fixed because there would have been no workers to make repairs. We would have had roughly 5 city employees left if the increase had not passed. Fire insurance on a typical home in Lakeside

and Jetts Subdivision would have risen tremendously. We understand, more than anyone would think, how gut wrenching it was to see the audit that we had to look at for 5 weeks and try to come up with any other solutions than we did. Bonds are due May 1 and June 1 totaling $330,000.00 we didn’t have the money. There was enough money in the bank to cover 6 more paychecks for city employees. That would have run out in June (City employees are paid twice a month). We did as Mr. Gary Sewell had asked. We explored every option we had. Unlike previous promises that were not kept, it is our hope to have this 1% payroll tax taken off by early 2012. Today, Monday, March 7, I have personally been in contact with 3 new

businesses that we hope will bring their services to Jackson. (These are not restaurants or business that we already have). There is also a discussion with a theater owner that is interested in bringing a 2 or 3 Screen Theater to Jackson if details can be worked out. Kim Clair Trusty and Stephen Bowling are also recruiting new businesses. We hope to show the people of Jackson progress instead of just talk. Mayor Wolfe and Vice Mayor bowling are working to correct the Fema situation. We, as a council, are all working together to put into effect the 16 suggestions made by the Blue Ribbon Committee that was formed in January. We have completed 13 and are working day and night to implement the other 3. This 1% increase has 4 strings attached: 1. No new hiring, 2. Only pays down on debts, 3. Requires that checks no longer be rubber stamped, and 4. No raises for anyone

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Advocate Staff BOBBY THORPE, JR. Managing Editor/ Publisher RANDALL COMBS Advertising Manager & Graphic Design

Little, Omer Vs. Bell Lexene Brown, Clyde Jr. Vs. Brown, Kristie Dawn Chase Bank, Vs. Richardson, Wanda L

suBsCriBe tOday

Inside the City Council

The Breathitt Advocate

while the budget is being balanced. I would hope that the rest of the council (of whom I am personally very fond) and I will be able to show the citizens of Jackson by our works that we can earn back the respect that may not have been there in recent years. Should there be any suggestions or anything that would help us balance that budget more quickly, please feel free to call 666-5738. Questions often asked of me are: •Why are policeman allowed to take their cars home? So they can more quickly respond to an emergency. •Why is the wall on Railroad Street being allowed to crumble, putting so many people in danger? Because no one seems to think it is their problem, not the fiscal court nor the state department of highways, and we, as a city, don’t have the money to repair it ourselves. •Why can’t the gates on

Railroad Street between the former Omer Hatton home and the new water plant be opened to serve as an alternative route to town? Because CSX has not responded to our request with a yes or no answer. •Why not put parking meters back on the streets? Even though it would produce some revenue, a prior administration decided it would hamper businesses that may come to downtown. We are unsure about what happened to the meters. •Why are there not more handicapped parking spaces near the courthouse? Good question! Some handicapped people with stickers cannot park on Main Street because people without stickers take the few spaces available. •Why do residents of Jackson who do not work in the city not have to pay the extra 1% tax? That was one of the 16 Blue Ribbon Committee recommendations that we are still working on.

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The Breathitt Advocate

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Obituaries and Devotions

Ella Light

Ella Carlene Light, age 72, of Mt. Carmel passed away Sunday, March 6, 2011 at the UK Medical Center in Lexington. She was a member of the KMHA and Gideon’s International. She attended the Five Mile Community Church. She is survived by her husband, Gene Light of Mt. Carmel; three sons, Tim Light of Columbus, Ohio, Daniel Light of Louisville, Craig Light of Albion, Texas; two daughters, Laura Vaca of McAllen, Texas and Lynnea Williams of Herndon, Virginia; two sisters, Rachel Light of Goshen, Ohio and Karan Barre of Newtonsville, Ohio; two grandsons and five granddaughters. Funeral services will be Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 2PM at the Matthew Luce Chapel at Kentucky Mountain Bible College at Mt. Carmel with Rev. Tom Lorimer officiating. Burial will follow in the Lawson Cemetery at Mt. Carmel. Serving as pallbearers will be Christopher Light, Daniel Light, Jim Light, Kelly Light, Jamie Light and Steve Lorimer. Breathitt Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.

Hazel Herald Hazel Turner Herald, age 86, of Jackson, KY departed this earthly life on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at the KY River Medical Center in Jackson, KY. She was born August 25, 1924 in Breathitt Co. and was the daughter of the late James Can and Arminda Herald Turner. She was preceded in death by her husband, Aophir Herald; five sisters: Elizabeth Raleigh, Mary Herald, Rachel Deaton, Grace Stamper and Jennie Griffith; two brothers, William H. Turner and Dave Turner. She is survived by one sister, Martha Turner of Jackson, KY and a host of nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 11:00AM at the Deaton Funeral Home Chapel with Patrick Turner, Jr. and Dustin Benge officiating. Burial followed in the Buck Herald Cemetery at Talbert, KY. Deaton Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

Place your church announcement or memorial in the Advocate... Call 606-693-0170

triNity MONuMeNts & MausOLeuMs 1176 Main St. Jackson, ky

Phone-666-8426 or 2333863 Buy a double monument and receive a set of vases free!

Five Loaves and Two Fish


By: Pastor Tracy A. Mitchell


Hello, again. I pray all is well with you and your family. Please be praying about my radio broadcast. I would like to get started the beginning of March. This will be a call-in show devoted to helping people with spiritual problems and answers from a Biblical point of view. I need your financial help. If you would like to contribute to this broadcast please contact me or Doug Neace at WJSN. It is very frustrating when we see our legal system fail It is a shame when the guilty seem to be able to get away with evil. Whether it is the large corporation or the small time crook that breaks into your house, it seems like people are getting away with murder. The police and court systems let the guilty walk fee. They turn a blind eye and deaf ear to wickedness. Wrong will be righted, there will be no pulling of strings to avoid judgment. There will be no getting off because of your family name. There is coming a say when the righteous, almighty Judge will make all things right. Like my Grandma use to say, “It will all come out in the wash”. I want to talk to you this week about “Who Goes to Hell?” what does a person do that causes them to go to Hell? Is there a way to avoid Hell? Hell is a place most people want to believe doesn’t exist, but the Bible clearly teaches us that there is a Hell. The truth of Hell is taught in both the old and new testaments, it is described as a place of death, fire, torment, and eternal punishment. If the Bible is true, there is most definitely a place called Hell. The Bible never feels the need to prove the existence of Hell; it just states it as a fact. Hell is there, and it is waiting. It bears down upon us like a train with no brakes. It gets closer every minute. Since there is a Hell, then what kind of person goes there? The Bible clearly tells us in Revelations 21:8, “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murders, and whoremongers, and sorceress, and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second”. Let’s take a few minutes to define some words. “Fearful”-this is the person who refuses to turn to Christ out of fear. Perhaps it is the fear of prosecution or loss of social standing. Perhaps it is the fear of not being able to live the Christian life. Whatever it is, it is a fear that will take them to Hell. Are you afraid to give your life to Christ totally? Are you afraid you might lose your friends or be mocked? Don’t let fear cost you your soul. “Unbelieving”-this is the person who hears the gospel, but refuses to bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This person may be a church member, a good person, but they never fully place their soul into Jesus’ caring hands. This is a refusal to accept Christ. This person is more concerned with the here and now than with eternity. This person doesn’t feel the need to repent and turn to God in saving faith. Is there something keeping you from salvation, today? “The Abominable”-this refers to explicit sexual sin. This is the child molester, this is the rapist, and this is the homosexual. This is the person involved in ungodly and unnatural sexual behaviors. Now let me say this: God hates these sins but he loves the sinner. I am not bashing the homosexual; I have known many homosexual people who are kind and good people. But being kind and good won’t get you into heaven. Are you involved in some sexual behavior that is ruling and ruining your life? There is hope and help for you. “Murderers”-this is the act of going out and killing the innocent. It is not applicable to the soldier or the policeman, who is acting to prevent further death. It does not apply to the person defending their family when a crook breaks into their home. These are not murders in God’s eyes. There is a huge difference between murder and selfdefense. When you have no regard for human life you are treading on dangerous ground. I am one preacher who believes in the death penalty. If you don’t commit the crime you have nothing to worry about. But if you take the life of an innocent, woe be unto you! And let me say this: if you put your hands on a little child and harm it you deserve whatever punishment comes your way! Matthew 18:6 says that you would be better off with a millstone wrapped around your neck and dropped into the sea! If I can be of any spiritual help, please call me at 606-693-0596

The Chronicles of Narnia Three Day Spring Break Bible Study Sponsored by Jackson Christian Church College Avenue, Jackson, Ky 41339 March 18, 19, 20-Friday-Sunday 5:00-7:00 each evening Ages Preschool to Adult Movie will be shown and participants will be divided into appropriate age groups for instruction. Come see the Biblical themes in Disney’s remake of C.S. Lewis’s The Loin, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Good food, Fellowship, and Fun provided each night; as well the church will also feature a concert by a live religious band! Come join us!

For more information or to set up transportation means, contact Mike Cox at 606-438-9221 or email questions to:

Anna's Flowers L.L.C.

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WHAT SHoULD MovE US? By showing us what moves God, the Bible also shows what should motivate our goodness. Jesus commends the one leper who returns to give him thanks. The commendation teaches us not only the importance of honoring God but also that such honor should not spring primarily from a desire for personal gain but rather from the delight of selfless gratitude. Turning from a Desire for God. The thankful leper displays his lack of preoccupation with his own gain by returning to Jesus. Because of our familiarity with this account we may fail to observe the potentially great dangers the leper hazards by his return to Jesus. He willingly risks both a change in his health and a change in the Physician’s demeanor. Not for self-promotion. The leper risks a health change, because he offers thanks for his healing before he has it certified by the priests. One aspect of the miraculous nature of this healing is its swiftness. Jesus commands the lepers to go to the priests, who will declare them cleansed of their disease (v. 14a). The lepers are healed while they are on their way to the priests (v. 14b). Then, the one leper turns back to thank Jesus, before even getting the priests’ official declaration that he has been cured (v. 15). The risk in doing this, of course, is that what has changed so quickly could change back just as quickly. We should consider what the leper risks by placing a higher priority on thanking Jesus than on first securing his certificate of health. The diseased man has not known family, affection, or worship for months or even years. He has been denied the warmth of his family’s arms, the security of his home, and the comfort of his church. Now, all he has to do is see a priest who will declare him clean, and the former leper can return to his home, neighbor, and faith fellowship. He has only to go a few more steps to stand before a temple official who has the authority to restore all that is precious in the leper’s life, yet he does not. The man whose healing is so recent as to be suspect, returns to thank the One who made him well (v. 16a). Something more powerful than pursuit of his own gain motivates this former leper. Self-promotion cannot be his motive, for he risks a return of his leprosy by returning to Jesus before going to the priests. But a change in health is not all that the healed man risks. Not for self-protection. The leper also risks a change in Christ’s demeanor. Initially this Jewish holy man, named Jesus, addressed and healed the lepers as a group. But the one who returns to offer thanks is not Jewish (see v. 16b). He is a Samaritan, a race that traditionally hates the Jews and is hated by them. In returning alone to Jesus, the Samaritan can now be singled out. Jesus could now say, “Oh, there was an infidel among those I healed,” and then undo the miracle for this foreigner. But self-protection is absent from the Samaritan’s motivations. There is no apparent maneuvering for personal gain in his return to Jesus. The losses the thankful leper risks indicate that neither self-promotion nor self-protection drives him. The message implicit in the account of the lepers coordinates with the one already made clear in the preceding parable: what we do for God cannot make God our debtor, and should never be done primarily for our gain. For if we are serving God primarily for our personal gain, then whom are we really serving? Only self. Too many Christians fail to realize this. They serve God in order either to get favors from him (in which case their real motive is self-promotion) or to keep “the ogre in the sky” off their backs (in which case their real motive is self-protection). In each of these cases the motive behind the service is nothing more than sanctified selfishness and, thus, the efforts do not actually honor God. What such people think is gaining them “brownie points” with God is actually to their demerit in heaven’s accounting, which considers the motives of the heart as well as deeds of service. Dealing with God according to his grace is hard to conceptualize for Christians used to thinking that they must broker God’s affection with their deeds. However, we can understand how such self-seeking offends God when we consider relationships beyond the spiritual sphere. For instance, I occasionally desire to honor my wife by giving her flowers. If she were to say to me, “Thank you, Sweetheart. Why did you give me these flowers?” and I were to answer, “Mostly because I want some favors or forgiveness from you in return,” then I would not be surprised if her smile vanished. While there may be wonderful benefits for me and for our marriage in honoring my wife, if my primary motive for giving her flowers is my own gain, then she will recognize the selfishness of my actions even if I do not. God is no less astute than my wife. He knows whether the primary motivation of my obedience is his honor or my gain. Thus, I should understand why he would not find delight in what I might offer him to buy favor for myself rather than to honor his love. This does not mean that I cannot desire to be blessed by my service to God. In fact, God promises to bless our obedience according to his loving purposes, and in some measure he uses these blessings to encourage us to honor his standards. The point is not that his blessings should never motivate us at all, but they cannot be the driving force of our service. His blessings are the oil that helps the machinery of obedience operate, but love for God and desire for his glory are the pistons and wheels. God Bless You, Reverend James A. Campbell


The Breathitt Advocate

“Federal Court” from Front at this time. The FBI confirmed last year that they were investigating election fraud in the county. Other sources tell the Advocate that several sealed indictments exist but the US Clerks office could not confirm nor deny their existence. The Advocate will continue to follow this ongoing news story.

“Tax Increase” From Front the past and that the tax would be receded immediately when the debts and bond are paid off in full. Also, the council said in the stipulations that no new spending, pay increases or new hiring will be done with monies raised through the tax increase. The increase began immediately after the vote, which means anyone working in the city limits must pay 2% of their wages earned to the city and 1% to the county.


“Stolen Ambulance” from Front Page He was charged with theft by unlawful taking, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, criminal mischief, and driving DUI on a suspended license. “He was highly intoxicated. He wouldn’t say how much he’d been drinking. He did admit he’d smoked some marijuana,” said Napier, the off duty police officer who apprehended Hale. The accused remains jailed at the Kentucky River Regional Jail in Hazard in lieu of a $40,000 cash bond.

Class Of 1961 Reunion The 1961 class of Breathitt High School will have its 50th reunion on April 16, 2011, and trying to locate the classmates listed below. If someone is aware how to contact any of these individuals, it would be most appreciated if you would contact: Phyllis Holbrook, 973 Lakeside Est. Jackson, KY 41339. Phone 606-6662731; or Gary Ison, 4540 Cranbrook Court, Lexington, KY 40515. Nancy Allen James Ginter Plina Howard Evelyn Johnson James Johnson Mary Ann Johnson J.B. Miller Vickie Miller Henry Neace Donald Noble Hershell Noble Glenn Smith Grace Spencer Mildred Taulbee Virginia Taulbee Lela Grace Turner

Remember to set your clocks up one hour before going to bed Saturday night

“School Days” From Front The SCS permits the commissioner of education to grant up to the equivalent of 10 instructional days for the 2010-2011 and 20112012 school years. To qualify, school districts must have missed an average of 20 or more days in the previous three years and use alternative methods of instruction, including virtual learning, on days when the school district is closed for health or safety reasons. The legislation requires an average daily attendance to be calculated in compliance with the Kentucky Board of Education regulations. In addition, it requires that if the days in the approved calendar designated as makeup days are used, the commissioner of education shall grant a request made by a local board of education to waive the makeup of all remaining instructional days scheduled to occur on or after June 21. It also permits a local board of education to amend its 2010-2011 school calendar by adding not less than 30 minutes to any remaining instructional day to make up time missed due to weather or illness. “With only a few legislative days remaining, I thought it was imperative that we address this issue,” said Senator Turner. “We had a bad winter and some of our school districts were out a lot for safety reasons. We do not want to endanger our students by having them on unsafe roads. While it is very important that students be in school, most educators will agree that the students

also need a break in the summer. Districts also need that time to do maintenance to the school buildings and buses.” During his tenure in Frankfort, Senator Turner, a retired teacher and school administrator, has made improvements to education and the working conditions of teachers and classified personnel a key focus of his work in Frankfort. He said the school calendar issue is particularly important in eastern Kentucky, where schools are sometimes closed for weeks because of snow. “In the mountains, a little bit of white stuff goes a long way toward making roads impassable for school buses,” Senator Turner explained. “The mountain school districts are already starting school at the beginning of August and use any days that were scheduled off as makeup days. Because of the inclement weather this past winter, many of the schools were looking at not releasing well into June. School attendance is very important, but at the same time, it does not benefit these children to have them in class in July. They need some time off as does staff.” Senator Turner worked with his local school superintendents in crafting the language and provisions of the SCS. HB 427 as amended by the SCS includes an emergency clause directing that it take effect upon passage and approval by the Governor.

Breathitt County’s most awarded newspaper in 2010 by the Kentucky Press Association

Senior Citizens News By Jack Niece

Mollie Napier, left, and Thelma Watkins were pleased with the bees wax candles they made last week when Granville and Erma Griffith (beekeepers) visited the center. Erma is a sister to Angela Deaton, a much loved member of our senior citizen family. What a fun day we had at the center last Thursday, the 3rd! Granville (the Bee Man, as he is commonly called)) and Erma Griffith came to the center and Granville held everybody spellbound as he told interesting fact after fact about honey bees. He put his total self into his presentation. He used his voice, hands, body, eyes, and a wealth of information to get the undivided attention of the 52 seniors present that day. He enhanced every body’s appreciation of the honey bees as he explained how dependent we are on the bee for crops, fruit, gardens, and flower production. He talked about techniques of bee keeping including some of the pleasures of bee keeping is harvesting the honey, mixing it with a little butter and spreading in on a good hot biscuit. “It can’t be beat,” smile Granville to which all the seniors present agreed. Following his oral presentation, he and Mrs. Griffith explained and showed how to make a simple bee’s wax candle. Everybody who wanted to make one took it

home with them. The y also gave each person present a straw of honey. One of the sad things that happened to our center over the weekend is that we lost our dear family member, Hazel Herald. Hazel had been a regular for years. She will be greatly missed. She passed peacefully Sunday evening at the nursing home. Next week, March 14-18, is “Lunch with Your Leaders” week, we’re looking forward to having some of our city and county leaders come and have lunch with us. In fact they have been asked to serve lunch, socialize some, get to know the seniors better and let the seniors get better acquainted with them. In addition to that emphasis James Johnson from the Attorney General’s Office will be here on the 15th to talk about senior safety. The Gospel Gals are singing the 16th at 11:00. On the 17th we have a representative from Blue Cross coming to talk about insurance, and we end the week with Etta White on the 18th. Seniors anywhere are welcome to all these activities. Have a good week, everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Public Notice


The Breathitt Advocate

Ted’s Frankfort Report By Teddy Edmonds, State Representative

FRANKFORT – By now, legislators have returned home from the Capitol, giving the governor 10 days to sign bills into law or else veto them. We’ll be back in Frankfort at the end of the month to consider any of those vetoes. I’m really proud of the work we accomplished during this session, although there is always more we could have done. I want to focus on two fronts, though, both of which promise to save taxpayer money long into the future and allow for reinvestment in a better Kentucky. The first is House Bill 463, which I’ve mentioned before. This comprehensive reform of our criminal system will not only focus our harshest penalties where they can do the most good — with violent offenders and others who need to be cut off from society — but it also makes some drastic changes to the treatment programs we use to help drug addicts and others who need help turning their life around. We spend tens of millions of dollars each year on these programs, and yet more than half of the people who go to jail for drug offenses end up re-offending. HB 463 puts an emphasis on programs that have been proven to work and have the data to back them up. Especially in these tough budget times, we don’t have money to throw around on programs that don’t work. Even after reinvesting money in probation, parole, and treatment programs, we expect to save around $12 million each year.

We also passed Senate Bill 8 this week, which will be a huge boost to our businesses. SB 8 will create a one-stop online shop for all the paperwork and forms that companies have to fill out. That includes tax forms, licensing, and all number of other forms that take too much time to fill out. In several cases, we have multiple state agencies requesting the same information. That costs time and money, which could be better spent hiring more Kentuckians. The website will also appeal to those who want to start a new business, with access to the wide range of economic development incentives the state offers. One bill that remains to be finalized — and I hope the House and Senate can come to an agreement — is SB 151, which would address the sharp increase in electric rates we’ve seen this winter. The Senate plan would create an elected Public Service Commission, so that you have a say in the people who approve rate hikes. The House prefers to study the issue, because in some states will elected utility regulators, rates are still growing too quickly. I expect we’ll come to some resolution one way or the other, because we all agree that something must be done to protect our citizens from the prices. The session is nearly over, but I need you to stay in touch year-round. Call the toll-free Legislative Message Line at 800-372-7181. You can also call me directly at 502-564-8100, ext. 818.

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O n c e again folks Perry County delivers on a promise to their kids, to bring a skate park to their county. We stopped by t h e skate park in Haza r d , to let Jaron ride a little bit, happy birthd a y Jaron f r o m Jaron Campbell m o m and dad. It will actually surprise you the people that where there skating, they built the skate park right in with their city park. There was some kids there as well, riding bicycles doing tricks on them. Some wore helmets though they where all well mannered and watched out for each other. The county of Perry seems to be doing so well; there is not one business that they turn away. A county is either on the growth, or it is on the decline, there is no in between. It is good to see elected officials working together so well, to help every body. It would make a man proud to live in a county like that. Some counties deliver a promise and a blank check, though if you get a check from the good people of Perry, it will have a signature on it. There was talk of a skate park in Breathitt at one time? So folks if your children enjoy skating head on up to Perry, where dreams become a reality. Or if you are

up that way, stop in. They will be glad to have you, and they wont treat you like an outsider. TRASHY BREATHITT It is a shame really to drive through the great county of Breathitt, and see all the road side trash. I know some times people may travel through our county, and throw trash out. Though for the most part it is the good people off our county, that is throwing out all this trash. Looks to me like we would have more pride in our county then we do. Most people instead of waiting until they get home, will throw their restaurant bags out the window. Yell, your cry might be clean but look what you have left behind. There are a few people in the county working to clean things up, Calvin Suam who works with the solid waste. I think what it boils down to, is that people are just to lazy to throw their trash out at home. Maybe alot of them don’t have a garbage bill, I don’t know. Though we all can make a difference, by just keeping the property clean that you own. Some times people throw trash out where I live, though we keep it cleaned up. Had a big wind storm in Jackson the other day, and I couldn’t hardly see the road for all the trash that was blowing. The water is up big in wolverine, you should see the trash floating down the river. South fork, and Quicksand river banks are a mess, surely we can do better than this? God Bless. JHC.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joe’s Views By Joe Profitt

Return Good For Evil When a child is born, there should be mourning. When someone dies, there should be rejoicing. That's a paraphrase of what the Bible says. It's difficult to do this. In fact, we do the opposite. I rejoiced when my son was born. And right now, I'm mourning the loss of two beautiful and wonderful people--my sister-in-law and my mother. They passed away within eight days of each other. They were both kind, peace loving, and God fearing women. Being able to return good for evil is their legacy. Never, did they seek revenge for those who wronged them. Here is a

poem in their memory. Do you harbor bad feelings? Is it hard to let them go? Do you feel you must get even with the one who hurt you so? Take my word--it's not worth it; no not at all. But, in the end, it's up to you to make the call. So stop and think what you really need to do. You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad and blue. Return good for evil and you will surely see What a blessing to everyone that you will be.


You can visit Alonzo’s website at His old rusty pickup truck was burning oil like crazy as Ray Smith drove into Jackson. Cussing and grumbling all the way, he knew just what he had to do to get rid of those dang ladybugs. He needed to make a quick run to True Value and get some poison…something to spray on those bugs and get rid of them once and for all. After chowing down on a bowl full of soupbeans and ladybugs earlier, he had made up his mind once and for all….the ladybugs had to die! Belching smoke, his truck lurched into the parking lot, narrowly missing a black Ford Focus that was pulling out onto Highway 15. He shot his finger up and yelled at them for being so stupid as to get in his way…but they were already gone. He had recognized the man…a teacher and a writer for a local newspaper. People like that were always going around with their mind somewhere else. Ray didn’t care much for teachers or for writers. He had only read the Mountain News once. He didn’t really like to read. It made his head hurt. Lurching toward the section of the store that held the pesticides, Ray quickly scanned the shelves. It looked like everyone else in town must have had the same idea. There wasn’t much to choose from, and what was left was too expensive for his light pockets. He didn’t get his check for another two weeks…and he still had to buy cigarettes to get him through until then. “Can I help you sir?” came a low voice from behind him. It was that Douthitt guy… he couldn’t remember his first name. There was just something about him that Ray didn’t like. But then, Ray didn't like most people. “Naw,” Ray said, turning to go and then stopping, “Well, yeah…you don’t have anything that doesn’t cost so much do ya’?” “Ummm,” the Douthitt man stumbled, scanning the shelves. What was his name? Ray couldn’t quite place it. “Let me go and check in the back. Hold on.” Ray felt sweat breaking out on his forehead. It was so hot in here! He didn’t like being around a lot of other people, and Jackson seemed like it was packed today. What was going on? It wasn’t check day. Why were there so many people out? He started to shuffle from foot to foot. Maybe he should check Wal-Mart…of course, he never could find anything he wanted in that store. Well, maybe cheap cigarettes. He usually got those from the discount tobacco place though. “Sorry sir,” the Douthitt fellow appeared again, “This is all that we have at the mo-

ment. In fact, these are the lowest priced pesticides that we carry. If you need something less expensive, you might want to look at Wal..” “I know…I know,” Ray grouched, stomping off. People were so incompetent in this town! It seemed like everything was against him today. He needed a beer! “Ladybug problems?” came a small voice from behind him as he made his way back to his truck. Ray turned around and saw a little old woman smiling at him. She was standing beside a big pile of pumpkins that were in front of the store. “What’s it to ya’ lady?” he snarled back at her and started to get into his truck and head toward the county line. He really needed a drink. “Well…” the old lady continued, “It’s just that I heard you in the store just now. You needed something for bugs. I just assumed that you had the same problem that most all of us are having…those little pests are everywhere.” “Yeah,” Ray said, one leg in the truck, “Well…they don’t have what I need here, and I can’t afford it anyway! Everything is so dang expensive anymore. It’s a wonder that they don’t charge us to breathe the air!” The old woman laughed. It wasn’t what one would call a pretty laugh. In fact, it sounded a little rough…like she had been a smoker for most of her life. But there was something in that laugh that made Ray take his leg out of his truck and turn around. She was staring at him with the bluest eyes that he had ever seen. “Yeah…it takes money to live in this world,” she said, her eyes never once leaving his, “Unless you know the secrets…that is.” “What are you talking about?” Ray asked, his interest rising. Maybe this old broad was going to give him some money or something. “Ray…I know a way that you can get rid of your problem and not have to pay one penny,” she said, “How does that sound.” That sounded great to him…but… “Hey!” he snapped, “How in the heck did you know my name?” The old woman started to bark out her laughter again, “Oh now…you probably don’t remember me. I was a good friend to your grandma when she was still alive. Don’t you remember me…Elsbeth Warding?” A cold shiver went down Ray’s back. Something about the name was familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it. The old woman darted a tongue across her dry lips, “Listen to me Ray Smith. I’m gonna’ tell you something that will change your life forever.” Until next week….class dismissed!

yOur heaLth & yOu By Wayne (StrongBear) Hall omega 3's

Anyone with even a tiny bit of interest in health matters knows how important Omega 3 is. Fitness enthusiasts stock up on it because of the numerous benefits that it provides. However, in the unlikely scenario that you haven’t heard of Omega 3 or its benefits, here’s a quick look at some of the wonderful ways in which it can help you: Benefits of Omega 3 * Heart disease – The risk of heart disease goes down significantly with Omega 3 since it helps in lowering LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, and increases levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. Omega 3 lowers the amount of triglycerides and prevents their accumulation as well. * Cancer – Omega 3 is reputed to reduce the occurrence of cancer, curb the growth of tumors, and boost longevity. * Immunity – Better immunity is one of the more wellknown effects of Omega 3, and those who consume it regularly will know how wonderful it is to fall ill so rarely. * Improved circulation – Omega 3 also boosts blood circulation in the body. * Neurological effects – Studies are being conducted on the efficacy of Omega 3 in warding off conditions like Alzheimer’s and ADHD. * Weight loss – Omega 3 has helped numerous women lose weight, and when

taken in one’s diet and supplemented with exercise, it can keep the excess pounds from piling up. * Pregnancy – Pregnant women can prevent preeclampsia and premature birth by taking Omega 3. This amazing nutrient can also significantly reduce postpartum depression and helps make the fetus healthy. * Fertility – Omega 3 is being considered as one of the ways in which the quality of sperm can be improved to enhance fertility and increase the chances of conception. * For Women – Many women have found Omega 3 to be beneficial when it comes to curbing menstrual cramps and even preventing osteoporosis. Omega 3 is also known to help women with menopausal problems. * Better vision – Omega 3 also affects vision and improves eyesight significantly. * Reducing inflammation – Most people suffer from pain in the joints and arthritis because of inflammation. Omega 3 can significantly cut down inflammation and the pain associated with it. * Sharper mind - Omega 3 is food for the brain. It keeps you alert, boosts mental processes, and helps you remain focused even as you age. *Note this is not to cure or treat any disease: Contact you doctor before taking supplements.

BUILDING A HEALTHIER BREATHITT CO. ONE STEP AT A TIME By James Elliott turner II, Breathitt Co. Health department

Nature’s Best

Nature offers many sweet choices for eating well: juicy red cherries, plump purple plums, and orange, luscious tangerines, just to name a few. In fact, all fruits fit into a colorful and healthy diet. You can enjoy fresh fruits as they come: whole or perhaps sliced. But with minimal work, you can transform fresh fruit into lively snacks, side dishes, desserts and meals. Here are 10 ways to reinvent and rediscover these sweet options.

Grilled fruit slices. Cut apples, pears or peaches into chunks, brush lightly with canola oil and sprinkle with cinnamon. Place on skewers or wrap in foil. Grill on low heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Peach honey spread. In a bowl, add 1 sliced peach, 2 tablespoons honey and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Mash with a fork until the mixture is the consistency of chunky applesauce. Serve as a topping for pancakes or French toast, or serve it over roast chicken or pork. Lemon-lime fruit dip. Mix together 1/2 cup lowfat, sugar-free lemon yogurt, 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice and 1 teaspoon lime zest. Serve with pineapple chunks, strawberries, diced kiwi, sliced bananas and grapes. Frozen fruity pops. In a blender, add sliced strawberries and bananas, 1/4 cup orange juice, and 3/4 cup low-fat strawberry yogurt. Blend until smooth. Pour into 2- to 3-ounce molds or paper cups with sticks placed in the centers. Freeze for 3 hours or until completely frozen. Romaine and fresh strawberry salad. Combine 2

cups romaine lettuce and 1/2 cup sliced strawberries in a bowl. Drizzle with 1 1/2 tablespoons raspberry vinaigrette dressing and toss well. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon cashews. Blueberry-banana smoothie. In a blender, add 2 fresh or frozen bananas, 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, and 1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt. Blend until smooth. Plum salsa. Mix together 1 cup chopped plum, 1 teaspoon dried cilantro, 2 tablespoons chopped onion, 2 teaspoons cider vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon hot sauce and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Serve with roasted or grilled chicken breasts. Broiled fruit kebabs. Place cubed fruit, such as cantaloupe, pineapple, mango or honeydew, onto skewers. Place skewers on a baking sheet and sprinkle with brown sugar. Broil until slightly bubbly, about 2 minutes on each side. Berries a la mode. Place 2 cup berries, such as raspberries, blueberries or strawberries, in a baking dish. Sprinkle with 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/3 cup low-fat granola. Bake at 350 F until fruit is bubbling, about 30 minutes. Top each serving with 1/2 cup fat-free vanilla ice cream. Mango salsa pizza. Mix together 1 cup chopped red or green bell peppers, 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 cup chopped mango, 1/2 cup chopped pineapple, 1 tablespoon lime juice, and 1/2 cup fresh cilantro. Spread over a 12-inch prepared pizza crust. Bake at 425 F until the toppings are hot and the crust is browned, about 5 to 10 minutes.


The Breathitt Advocate One of the greatest compliments a believer could give his Pastor is to take what the Pastor has put in to the Believer and the Believer take it to the world. One of the first things my Pastor put in to me and still continues to do so is the understanding of and the operation of “Faith” Four times in the word of God it is written, “The Just Shall Live by Faith” As with other scriptures when God brings it up more than one time he is relaying its importance to the believer. When I was a child when my mom told me something more than one time I knew I’d better listen. In Habakkuk 2:4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith. Romans 1:17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Galatians 3:11 But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith. And Hebrews 10:38 Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man drawback, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. Faith is used 231 times in the King James version. It is listed with Hope and Charity as three spiritual forces the believer should abide in ( I Corinthians 13:13). Faith according to Hebrews 11:6 God even says that

last example occurred this past fall season, before winter even began. This particular day everyone woke up with cooler temperatures along with some moisture in the air. The weather forecast for that day was snow flurries with no to little accumulation. So, what do you think everyone was talking about throughout the whole day? You guessed it, “SNOW!” Despite the fact that it was still too warm of weather for snow to stick on the ground; when it did start snowing, if a person did not know better, listening to everyone talking, you would have thought we where in the midst of a blizzard. The actual outcome: We received only a small amount of flurries (as forecasted). One man asked me earlier in that same day, “Do you think this (the snow flurries) is a sign that we are in for a bad winter?” My answer was, “I try to be optimistic. The way I see is; if we don’t have a serious snowfall before Thanksgiving, we’re doing alright!” This positive reply ended the conversation. I walked away thinking, if I would have indulged in the negativity, would the

conversation went further? As I close, let me clarify that this revision and the other previous articles are not about the weather (good or bad). For me the real issue is about how negative words can and do cause unnecessary fear. I have found more often than not, pessimistic words carelessly used are about things, which have not occurred, nor will occur. I encourage each and every one of us to make an assertive effort to use our words to be uplifting, instead of being detrimental to others and ourselves. Whenever this subject of which words should be used and how, I am reminded of these following words of wisdom spoken over and over again by my mom, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all”. We all need to practice this little bit of wisdom. Please continue to read upcoming articles, as I continue to share THIS ONE MAN’S OPINION on subjects that matter to my God and to all of us, and to all of our families. For comment I may be contacted by email

By Phillip Cochran


Don’t Be So Negative In the last two articles titled: Perception (Where I Come From Matters) and Rain Is A Good Thing, I wrote on the subject of how rain is used as a metaphor of a bad thing. In the first one of the two I stated that it reminded me of an article I wrote last year by the same title of this week’s. As in the original article so in this revision, they both have the same purpose: It is my hope that the articles will cause the readers to watch what words they allow to come out of their mouths; as previously stated, for The Bible warns us, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18: 21). Once again the focus is on how words that are not necessarily negative in and of themselves; but depending on how they may be used, they may have a negative result. Because people tend to be more negative than positive, I could use any given

men and women that lived by faith and showed victory in their faith. Faith is not just a belief system like the Christian faith, the Muslim faith or the Jewish faith. Faith is a spiritual force or spiritual substance that can manifest things we hope for. In fact the Bibles definition of Faith is in Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is spiritual substance that is shaped and molded by our hope and manifest here in our lives. If you need a healing in your physical health, faith is needed, If you need a financial breakthrough, faith is needed, if you need to step out and do what God called you to do then faith is needed. Faith is substance, It is a substance that comes through Gods revealed word, Rom 10:17 say, Faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Faith is a product of God’s word being revealed to your spirit through revelation as to the understanding of it. Faith is what enabled you to become born again. Think

back to when you were lost. Someone shared with you the word of God by quoting a scripture and a revelation from Gods word. After hearing what they had to say you received Faith and you were born again. “The Just Shall Life by Faith” Just as with the salvation experience the same faith that created life with in your spirit is the same faith that shall cause your needs to be met. This came faith shall cause your body to be healed. It is this same faith that shall be a tool to full fill your calling and your purpose in life. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So faith comes from the Word of God. So if faith comes by the hearing of the word of God then it can also be said that, “the Just shall live by the hearing of the Word of God.” When I have a need I can hear my Pastors voice in the back of my head, “No Word No Faith. No Faith No Word, Need Faith Get Word.” You know the saying, “Got Milk” well the phrase should say, “Got Word.” Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith comes by hearing and hear by the word of God. Without Faith it is impossible to please him. For by it the elders obtain a good report. And of course, “The Just shall live by Faith.”

LIVING BY FAITH by Faith it is impossible to please him. This reinforces his statement in Hebrews 10:38 if any man drawback, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. Faith is clearly a very important matter to God. “The Just Shall Live by Faith” So if we want to truly live we must do it by Faith. Only through Faith shall we live and by Faith we shall please God. God being a God of Love and our Father, not only wants his children to live a life full of the things of God, when we go to Heaven but also to live a life full of the things of God, here on earth. A life of Faith takes the very best God has and gives the believer access to receive it. This is why it pleases God. Just as a child that has food or other substance placed in front of it by a parent, the parent is pleased when the child receives it and uses it. When the Child doesn’t use it the parent finds no pleasure in it. Hebrew 11;2 says, “For by it the elders obtained a good report.”. In this chapter, Hebrews 11, it shows how believers took faith and used it to change their lives. Hebrews Chapter 11 is the hall of fame of

subject to show how words are far too often used negatively; as in the past articles, I once again use the weather as a metaphor for how people, without even realizing it, project their negativity in their words. For whatever the reason may be, it seems that people really enjoy talking about “Bad Weather”. Yesterday we received a much-needed rain; instead of people being grateful for the rain, it seemed all that was being spoken about the rain were remarks like, “Do you think it will flood?” Thank God, it did not flood. Conversations about bad weather are not limited to just rain. Here are a couple of further examples: If it is warmer than normal, people will make remarks like, “Is it hot enough for you?” and, “Do think we’re going have a blistering summer? If it snows you will hear, “Do you think it’s going to become a blizzard?” A prime example of this

Thursday, March 10, 2011


By Tamara Cochran Have you ever really wondered what is it that determines whether or not you go to heaven when either you die or the rapture of the church takes place? The bible gives us answers. Though over the years even hundreds of years man has developed there own theory’s each different and each wrong. There is one stating that it is pre determined wheatear or no you go to heaven or hell and God has already made up his mind. That’s wrong; Because God is not the one to make that choice you are. Another theory is that whether or not you go to heaven or hell is based on the things you do on earth good or bad. That’s wrong too it’s based on wheatear or not you except Jesus as lord. Many Christians today aren’t living Christian life styles but will go to heaven anyway. They just aren’t as happy as they could be right now. Another theory being that is that there isn’t a hell, if you believe that one you’re calling God a liar because throughout the bible he speaks of hell. Hell is real, very real but so is heaven. God says they are so they are and that should be the end of it. This could have left you asking “so what is it then?”, “what is it that determines that?” The answer is simple and is found in the bible. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with your mouth the lord Jesus, shalt believe with thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. This scripture along with others say that if you believe in your heart and speak it with you mouth that Jesus is lord and that he died and God raised him from the dead then you are saved. That’s all it takes, one prayer one sentence even. That’s all. That is what separates you from heaven or hell. So now you know it’s that simple. It wasn’t meant to be difficult. God did didn’t want to make something that could be this easy difficult so he didn’t. So now you know how it is a person gets saved you need to know about the faith it takes to do so. That faith is the same faith you use

for healing, prosperity, your calling and just living. The just shall live by faith. You get this faith as you would with anything else . The bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the world of god. So to get the faith to be saved or born again you must hear word concerning it. When you hear it with your ears that Jesus did these things for you from Gods word you have the faith needed to be saved. Without faith we can’t do anything including this as far as the life of God goes, faith is in everything. With faith when the devil comes knocking trying to whisper in you ear that “your not really saved” you have the ability to say…“I know that I know I am too saved now buzz off devil. Gods word said so that’s the end of it” if he tries to remind you of your past try reminding him of his future. Tell him all about how God is going to wipe him out, how Gods people will stomp on him. Just skip on to the end of the book tell him that we win and he loses. He always looses. The devil has no right to bully you. He can only use what’s in the past he has no creativity. As long as you let him remind you of what’s in the past he can keep you there in chains. But when you know that the past is behind and you are forgiven, the past looses its hold on you and with it the devil. The past is only in your mind let it go and move forward .What God has in store for you is way better than any memory. When you are born again everything before is forgiven and not held against you by God. The world might, the devil will, but God wont. Any sin you commit as a believer is forgiven when you confess it to God. The past is only a collection of memories. The person you are before you are born again is not the same person after you are recreated or reborn . At that point you have done no wrong in Gods eyes. You are innocent like a baby, you have no past. So don’t let the past or even a lack of knowledge keep you from entering into the very best relationship you will ever have. A relationship with God the father.

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Marie Roberts-Caney


Breathitt COuNty sChOOL News BHS Birthday Corner

On March 3, 2011, Breathitt High School celebrated with our students and staff that had a birthday in the month of December. The birthday staff members,

Ms. Sloas’ Rousseau Preschool

young men and young ladies were treated to birthday cake and drinks during 6th period. Happy Birthday again to our students and staff celebrating December birthdays!

Waylon Adams visited the dentist and shared his experience with his classmates. Waylon’s mom Tina sent pictures of the visit to help the students acquire a better understanding of his visit. We would like to thank Waylon and Tina for helping teach our current standardsbased unit of study: Community Helpers. Waylon is the son of Warner and Tina Adams of Rousseau.

Freshman Computer/ Technology Applications Tackle Excel

Highland-Turner Students of The Week

Above: Brooklyn McIntosh, Sandy Turner, Whitney Turner, Kaitlin White, and Casey White The freshman Computer/ Technology Applications classes are now learning to use spreadsheets. The students are using Microsoft Excel to make these spreadsheets. At this time they are learning to for-

mat spreadsheets and to sort cells. These are useful techniques that will help them as they continue on with their education at the middle school, high school, and on to college or at the workplace.

A Strange Green Breakfast

Front L-R- Richard Blanton, Riley Mullins, Nathan Stamper, Gary Crank, Katherine Petty, Gage Griffith, Samantha Crank, and Larah Spicer; Back L-R- Joseph Poff, Kimberly White, Rolland Turner, McKenzie Mullins, Abigail Chaney, and Sammantha Noble. Principal Robert Stewart and Highland-Turner Faculty would like to recognize, and honor these students who exhibit outstanding character for student of the week. Congratulations on your selection to represent our school!

Calculating Speed In 7th Grade Science

Mr. Neace & His 7th Grade Science Class

Preschooler Natalie Moore enjoys her Green Eggs and Ham breakfast prepared by our wonderful lunchroom staff on March 2nd Breakfast Wednesday morning was a little peculiar at Rousseau Elementary! As students approached the lunchroom serving line they noticed that their eggs were GREEN! Our lunchroom ladies prepared a wonderful green eggs and ham breakfast for everyone. This lunchroom special kicked off Rousseau Elementary’s

Read Across America celebration on Dr. Seuss Birthday. After breakfast students filled the bleachers and listened as different students read Dr. Seuss’s famous book, GREEN EGGS AND HAM. Rousseau’s Family Resource Center would like to thank our lunchroom staff for giving us a very wacky start to our celebration day!

At LBJ Elementary School our teachers are constantly sharing information that engages the students in their classrooms. The FRC would like to spotlight Mr. Kenneth Neace’s 7th grade Science class and all the extra work he has been doing to help them learn. He had been teaching his students about Sir Isaac Newton and the many contributions he made to the world we live in. In this unit the children studied Newton’s Laws of Motion, Acceleration, Momentum, Force, Velocity and everyone’s

favorite Calculating Speed. Since all of the students in his Science class are athletes involved with organized school sports they enjoyed completing this assignment. The rate of speed is the distance traveled divided by the time they learned how to use the formula s=distance divided into /time to calculate their own speed in running. Little assignments go along way on the road to success in school. Great Work Mr. Neace, keep inspiring our students with your teaching gift!

Marie Roberts-Caney Celebrates Black History Month

On February 18, 2011 the Bright Star Children’s Theater visited MRC and performed their production Struggle for Freedom: The Life Of Dr. King. The program was presented as a living history program in which the audience got a wide angle view of the life of Dr. King and his many contributions –from his early days as a minister to his work to bring equality to all Americans. One very important fact given was that perhaps the most famous of Dr. King’s addresses, the “I Have a Dream” speech which he gave on the steps of the

Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963, had not been prepared prior to stepping up to the podium. Overcome with the emotion of the day, Dr. King put aside his prepared remarks and offered his dream of a better America. Racism, segregation and the tension between races can all be very challenging issues to understand and hear about as a student. Struggle for Freedom: The Life of Dr. King sought to bring important material to life while being sensitive to the difficulty younger audiences may have with comprehending the material.

UK Puts The Tears In The Volunteers, 64-58

UK Head Coach John Calipari (seated) takes a timeout during the second half to motivate the Cats. Kentucky finished the season 22-8 with a 10-6 record in SEC play. UK earned a first-round bye in the SEC tournament and will play the winner of the Ole Miss/South Carolina game on Friday at 3:30. Photo: T.Hamblin

Cats Knock Road Monkey Off Their Shoulders As They Head To Catlanta Has UK Reached It's Peak For NCAA Seed?

By - Ira D. Combs Director / Syndicated Columnist Tri State Sports Media Services Inc. Finally, after writing and predicting for three weeks that Cal's Cats would reboot and finish strong down the stretch I can crow a little. The rest of the way it's " Neutral Court City " and time for Big Blue Nation to step up to the plate once again. Not only did the cream finally come to the top in the last two weeks with wins against the only two SEC teams ranked above UK (Florida & Vanderbilt) but the cherry on the top was an even more impressive come from behind win 6458 in Knoxville against a Tennessee team that had a classic underachieving season, possibly Coach Bruce Pearl's last. UK improves to 22 - 8 on the season while finishing SEC play with a 10 - 6 record in sole possession of 2nd place in the East and more importantly can rest during the first day and entire 1st round of the SEC tournament this coming week. Kentucky's first game in this weeks SEC tournament will be on Friday at 3:30 p.m. against the winner of Thursdays game between South Carolina-Ole Miss. All SEC tournament games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be televised on (WKYT Ch. 27 - Lexington and WYMT Ch. 57 - Haz-

ard) as well as the rest of the SEC television network. The championship game Sunday at 1:00 p.m. will be televised live nationally on the ABC network which is channel 36 in Lexington. Miller Time Down The Stretch Let's give a little love to a player ( Darius Miller ) that in my opinion has been unjustly criticized on many occasions this year and a few times last year. Last year Miller played on a team that had five first round NBA draft choices but occasionally was criticized for not bringing anything to the table. Never was mentioned that you can only play with one ball and it was going to be in John Wall or Eric Bledsoe's hand and then tossed inside to "Big Cuz" or Patrick Patterson . It's kind of hard to (score the ball ) as they say these days if it's always in someone else's hands. Then we drifted into this season and all Miller did was float thru the first 10 games averaging double figure's 10.6 ppg. and 6.7 rpg. but somehow everybody established that double figures in points for the teams third option was bad on a team that already had two players averaging 17.5 and 17. 7 ppg. It began to grow on Miller mentally around the holiday break in my opinion . By that time freshman guard Doron

Lamb had become a darling in the eyes of the fan base and Coach Cal became more vocal in his opinions of Darius Miller. As I watched Miller and Harrellson have a few private words before a game at Rupp Arena during pre game warm ups in the early part of February it appeared to me that Miller finally got tired of the undue criticism and basically said "to !!!! with all of them it's me against the world" I'll sink or swim my way the rest of the way. The last seven games Miller has averaged 16.5 points and finished the regular season in Knoxville with an effort of 15 points, four rebounds, and two steals. Not to mention a back breaking and game saving three against the Vols when the Cats clinched 2nd place in the East . Personally, I hate to see where this team stood today if Miller wasn't with them, probably headed toward another N.I.T. Two Down and Two To Go Most NCAA Div. 1-A basketball coaches break their seasons into four parts when they start official practice on Oct. 15th each year. The pre-season, regular season, conference tournament, and NCAA tournament. We are about to embark on the least important one. The SEC tournament.

I've never liked the conference tournament set up it's a cheap way for a team to get a cheap bid to the Big Dance. If you haven't earned a bid thru a 28 game regular season schedule I think you should be forced to hang up the ole jock strap and start planning and preparing for next year. However, in today's college sports world money has to be made in various ways to pay the ridiculous salaries of coaches and athletic directors among other athletic department personnel. So, conference tournaments came on the scene in the early to mid 90's and are here to stay it appears. I know that Big Blue Nation loves the SEC tournament and especially in Atlanta but this particular year even with winning the two seed bye it may come back to haunt UK.

Why? Because I think this particular UK team is tired. Coach Cal has fussed, cussed, preached, chastised, and on occasion berated his players publicly until he's squeezed every ounce of energy possible out of them. They've looked extremely tired the last few games in particular to me when they had a 13 point lead against Vandy last tuesday early in the 2nd half only to luckily hold on to a two point win . Then against UT on Sunday they took complete control of the game midway of the 2nd half with an eight point lead with two straight possessions but couldn't finish strong because they had no energy. Luckily, you can stand still and shoot free throws while giving your teammates a rest at the same time or the UT game may have had a different ending. Call me crazy but I think

the best thing that could happen for this team is an early exit from the SEC tournament and five or six good days rest in the Joe B. Hall Wildcat Lodge before they start on that six game gauntlet it takes to win an NCAA championship. But it won't happen because when Coach Cal and the players enter the Georgia Dome next Friday for their first appearance, trust me, Big Blue Nation will rise as one and probably about 35,000 strong then the competitive juices will start flowing in the players and the hunt for another conference championship will be on. I just fear it may drain the last drop of energy left in this thin seven man rotation. You can go online at www. combsbrothersonkysports. com for more UK basketball and football as well as KHSAA basketball and football.

Bobcats Track To The 14th Region Championship Derailed By Engineers BY MICHAEL WATKINS Advocate Sports Editor For the first time in three years the Breathitt County Bobcats entered the 14th Region Tournament as the 55th District Champion. By the luck of the draw, Breathitt was matched up with a familiar foe in the Estill County Engineers. I say a familiar foe because this season the Bobcats and Engineers had squared off on three occasions

with Estill holding a 2-1 record in those games. However in the last game of the regular season Breathitt won 60-59 at home. It has been while since a Bobcat team made a run at the 14th region championship. Not since the 2007 tournament had a Breathitt County basketball team advanced passed the first round. But after winning

three straight games including defeating rival Wolfe County in the District Championship game, the Bobcats had momentum and were on the side of the bracket where they could make a run. One of the best games of the season Breathitt took a 16 point lead into the fourth quarter and looked as if they were on their way to a second round matchup with Knott County Central. However in that fourth quarter Breathitt saw the lead shrink and two of their best players

foul out (Wes Noble, and Bobby Fraley). The bench came into the game cold and Estill County took advantage, forcing turnovers and converting at the other end. Still the Bobcats had victory in their hands until a foul call in the final seconds put Estill on the free-throw line with a chance to send the game into overtime. They hit both shots and Coach Noble’s young Breathitt County team entered OT with only three starters in the game and two if

its best scorers on the bench. Alex Hamilton stepped up big and was awarded the player of the game however Estill County would pull away for a seven point victory defeating the Bobcats 73-66 to advance to the second round. For the fourth straight year Breathitt County is eliminated in the first round of the 14th Region Tournament. It was a good year however. A young team made strides every game, and Coach Noble won

his first District title as a head coach. The future once again looks bright for a team that only loses one player, Billy Hayes, and returns its top four scorers, its top rebounder and a talented group of players who will have a bad taste in their mouth for the way the season ended. Entering next season, I guarantee the Breathitt County Bobcats will be one of the top teams in the Region and will have a chance to hang a banner in the Coliseum.

Baseball and Softball Preview and Schedules Coming In Next Week’s Advocate


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Look Back In Breathitt’s History

Past Mayors of Jackson Photos courtesy of the Jackson City Council

Lewis Hays 1912-1923

Charles Davis 1947-54

Erica C Pelfrey 1966-69

Franklin Noble 1981-89 & 93-97

Price Sewell, Sr. 1923-25

WH Reynolds 1954-58

John T Staton 1969-70

Lester H. Smith 1990-92

WM Bailey 1936-47

AW Brown 1926-36

JPhil Smith 1958-60

BC Short 1960-66

SC McCoun 1970-73

Leonard Noble 1973-81

We welcome your old photos. Email them to news@ breathittadvocate. com or drop by our office and we will scan them.

Mike Rose 1992

Michael A Miller 1998-2010


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Tire Works 615 HWY 15 NORTH JACKSON, KY

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COZY CORNER CAFE We Deliver Breakfast Anytime Daily Specials Open M-F 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

JUNE ABADALLIA, M.D. Internal Medicine- Pulmonology ALLYSON FUGATE- ARNP 4 Jackson Heights Dr., Jackson, KY Phone- (606)-66-7040 Fax-(606)-666-7088 Walk-ins Welcome- Mon-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Griffith pLuMBiNG & heatiNG

Family Eye Care & Optical Center After Hours Emergency Care Available Treatment for Eye Diseases and Injuries North Jackson Plaza (Behind the Post Office)


Family Pharmacy Of Jackson 265 Highway 15 South, Suite 2



Deaton Funeral Home DR. R. B. GRIFFITH Dentistry & Monument Company General 1462 Highway 15 606-666-2413

North, Jackson 606-666-2966

Walk-in’s Welcome Always Accepting New Patients

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Breathitt Advocate

Breathitt County’s Marketplace To Buy, Sell, or Trade

DRIVERS Commercial Building For BUS NEEDED The Breathitt County Board Sale In Downtown Jackson of Education is seeking 1600 sq. ft. (times three) Commercial Building For Sale located across from the Judicial Center. Contains 6 units upstairs and 3 business currently occupied downstairs. Currently occupied by a beauty salon, restaurant, game room, and some apartments upstairs. GREAT INCOME POTENTIAL!

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qualified applicants for the position of bus driver. The position has excellent benefits including health and life insurance; and extremely competitive pay. Training is provided to you, and you may pick up an application at the Board Central Office or visit the bus garage for further details.

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For Sale- Irrigation system completely portable. Will cover acre or 1 row, 2 power sources, tractor PTO pump 2006 model, 14 h.p. B/S bought in 2008-1600-2000 feet 3 inch aluminum line with fittings. Call Connie McQuinn, 1-606668-6337.


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Mail completed form and payment to: Breathitt Advocate, 100 HWY 15 South, Ste. 132, Jackson, KY 41339

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Kentucky River Medical Center, A 55 bed acute care hospital in Jackson, KY is seeking a Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant. This person shall be responsible for the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of patients according to policy and procedures. Prescribes appropriate medication and treatment, completes progress notes and patient charts. Confers with sponsoring physician on individual cases and arranges for referral of patients to specialists or other facilities. Enforces and adheres to all clinic and KRMC policies and procedures, State and Federal laws and regulations. Must be a graduate from an approved and accredited Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Program and certified by the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioner. For more information or to apply for this position please contact Kentucky River Medical Center Naomi Mitchell, Human Resources Director 540 Jett Drive Jackson, KY 41339 (606) 666-6407

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All items stored in the below listed storage units at EZ STOR 1&2 56&80- Jetts Drive, Jackson, Kentucky, 41339 will be removed on March 14th 2011 and disposed of as abandoned property for non-payment of storage fees. Trash picked up by waste management. If any questions, call 606-666-7097. #3 Tonya Orr #4 Jackie Duncan #9 Justin Caudill #20 Ray McIntosh #25 Cora Wyrick #33 Debbie Sebastian #35 Penny Allen #37 Ann Helvey #50 Mina Allen #59 Tonya Orr #62 Lee Allen #64 Lynnis Landrum #72 Thelma Fortnay E Z STOR • P O Box 196 Jackson, Ky. 41339

Breathitt Community Bulletin Board Register for the 2011 Youth Baseball/Softball League Register at Douthitt Park Monday- Friday 9-5 Tee Ball: Children ages 4-5 Mighty Mights: Children ages 6-8 Pony Tail: Girls ages 9-12 Little League: Boys ages 9-12 $45.00 March 7-March 18 Child will not be placed on a team until payment is received. NO EXCEPTIONS! Birthday cut-off is whatever age your child is as of May 1. Registration ends March 18, 2011 at 5pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! Draft League. A valid birth certificate must be presented at registration. Call 606.666.8980 for more information.

Copeland Bridge Dedication March 21, 2010 • 11am Public is invited to attend. Guest Speakers Include: Governor Steve Beshear (Invited) Congressman Hal Rogers Colonel Keith Landry, Commander of the Louisville District Corps of Engineers Kentucky State Senator Johnny Ray Turner Kentucky State Representative Teddy Edmonds

If you didn’t finish high school, we are here to help! Getting your GED doesn’t have to be hard. Call us today for more information!

The Breathitt County Adult Education Center 606-666-7351

BHS Football Banquet Sunday, March 13 • 1:30pm BHS Cafeteria

BHS Open House

Open House for Breathitt High School has been set for Thursday, March 10, 2011 from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Report cards for the fourth 6 weeks will be available to parents. A FREE chili supper provided by the BHS Youth Service Center will be served in the cafeteria. There will be an information table for parents, which will include a parent newsletter, ACT and other important information for parents. Parent involvement is a part of a child’s successful educational experience and BHS invites parents to come to the Open House and talk to their child’s teachers. If you have any questions, please call BHS at 666-7511.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

JCS Elementary Academic Team Places 2nd In District Governor’s Cup

JCS 2nd Grade Completes Indian Project

By Ashley Burton JCS Student Reporter

By Amanda Barnett JCS Student Reporter On Saturday, February 26th, the JCS Elementary Academic Team competed in the district Governor’s Cup competition. The team finished in 2nd place overall and several people won individual medals. The results are as follows: Emily Baker finished

1st in English composition and 2nd in language arts. In mathematics, Matt Coots finished 4th and Julie Hollan placed 5th. Zach Strong won the 4th place medal in science and Megan Ernst finished 5th. Jeremy Strong was 2nd in social studies and Caleb Spencer finished 3rd. Keegan Snowden won the 5th place medal in lan-

guage arts. Amber Riggs was 2nd in English composition. Slayden Sizemore finished 1st in arts & humanities. All of these students will move on to the regional competition on March 19th. This district competition was different because of the 3rd grade students. Usually only a few third

graders compete on the elementary team because the questions come from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. This year, however, five third graders qualified to compete and two of them, Caleb Spencer and Slayden Sizemore, won medals. Everyone at JCS would like to wish the students advancing to region good luck!

This week, Mrs. Robinson-Riley’s and Mrs. Arrowood’s 2nd grade classes completed a project over the different types of Indians. They let their students pick what Indian group they wanted to cover. The students were allowed to choose from the following: Shawnee, Pueblo, Cheyenne, Huron, Algonquin, Navajo, Iroquois, Crow, Cherokee, and Chickasaw. Each group consisted of four to five students. Each group had two reporters who researched books for tribal information. They also had one pho-

tographer who looked for pictures to go with their information. Last, they had a scribe who wrote down the information that the reporter received. Then, they had to put the photos and information onto a poster and presented them in front of both 2nd grade classes. They were graded by inclusion of the following: location of the Indians, their shelters, what food they ate, what clothing they wore, their goods that they made, and their transportation. “The students worked together really well and worked really hard on their projects,� said Mrs. Robinson-Riley.

JCS Spring Break

March 18-25

JCS 7th Grades Complete Invasive Species Project

JCS Students Ty Griffith & Ally Spencer By Rader Davidson JCS Student Reporter Last week, Mrs. Davidson’s 7th grade science class completed an invasive species project. Their projects were due on February 23rd, after having a week to complete them.

The project was about invasive species in the U.S. In their projects, students had to list problems that the invasive species had on the environment that they were introduced to. Students were required to have the name of the species, its distribution, the ef-

fects on people, effects on its ecosystem, its reason for success, and issues it may cause in the future. Look on her class website for pictures of the projects. Mrs. Davidson said she is proud of how well all of her students did on their projects.

JCS Senior Spotlight: Ryan Lovins This week’s Jackson High School Senior Spotlight is focused on Ryan Lovins. Ryan is the 17-year-old son of Roger and Melissa Clemons. He has attended JCS for 11 years. While at JHS, Ryan has participated in basketball, soccer, and the chess team and has received an award for chess. Ryan was voted “Most Dramatic� and �Best Smile� in the 2010-2011 Senior Favorites. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend. After graduation, he plans to attend college. Everyone at JCS would like to wish Ryan the best of luck!







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Thursday, March 10, 2011

happy Birthday

Congratulations to Allison and Russell Hollon on the birth of their son Zachary Lee Porter Hollon February 2, 2011, weighing 5 lbs. 5 oz., 18 ½ inches long. Love Nana and Paw Thompson

From Your Crazy In-Laws and Out-Laws

Her parent are Timothy and Tina Keeton Grandparents are Harold and Dessel Keeton, Brother, Travis, Uncle Audie, Cousin Raonda, and special friend, TJ.

GOd’s speCiaL aNGeL

happy 6th Birthday



aNGeLiNa March 14th

Josh & Jessica

LOVE YA! papaw BiLL & MaMaw Gerry

Thomas Mullins

Love, Mom (tonya), and kenny

Introducing Ariana Devae Craft was born on March 7th at Whitesburg ARH, weighing 9 lbs. 8 oz. proud parents Audrianna and Patrick Craft, Maternal Grandparents Harriett and Harold Clemons, Paternal Grandparents Wilma Hamilton and Stonewall Craft, Paternal Great Grandparents Mae and David Caudill and Rader and the Late Francis Craft.

Casseily Paige Keeton is celebrating her sweet 16th birthday March 8th

Love You Guys, Cousin Bobby

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March 10, 2011 Edition