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Winter 2018-2019

Brambleton Gives Back

Booker Parrott with his contribution to Cards for Soldiers; find more opportunities to give back inside!1

Premier Preschool Teaches Little Hands to Make a Big Difference Compassion, generosity and kindness—it’s difficult to define these traits for young children, let alone determine how to teach them. However, these are essential traits to instill in the next generation as research shows socialemotional intelligence is one of the best indicators of future success in school and life. “At Primrose®, our goal is to help children build the foundation they need to succeed later on, and we believe who children become is just as important as what they know,” said Mike Hummer, Franchise Owner of Primrose School at Moorefield Station. “That’s why our Balanced Learning® approach includes classroom experiences that are intentionally designed to nurture children’s social-emotional development in fun, age-appropriate ways.” Although it takes time for children to fully develop complex social-emotional skills and character traits, parents and caregivers can help encourage them early on. According to research from child development expert Dr. Gail Gross, young children start observing the adults in their lives from a young age, picking up social cues that are absorbed into their behavior. Children also start to develop skills that are the building blocks for empathy at as young as 6 months old. At Primrose School at Moorefield Station, character development—which is the development of social-emotional skills and traits that make up a person’s character—is emphasized and nurtured on a daily basis. Children start to learn and practice generosity, compassion, kindness and more through engaging activities, modeling by teachers and experiential learning. For example, children

participate in various Primrose PromiseSM Giving Events throughout the year that allow them to apply concepts like giving and sharing in authentic, hands-on ways. One such event is the annual Caring and Giving Food Drive, which has more learning opportunities built in compared to a typical food drive. Children in Primrose classrooms learn the importance of giving back to their community along with lessons in civics, business, budgeting and nutrition. During the week-long activity, children are asked to earn money through chores at home. They bring their donations to the classroom where they count the money and develop a budget and shopping list for healthy food items. Teachers reinforce the importance of giving through related songs and books. Children further connect with the idea of selflessness through art and story-writing projects. The children then take a field trip to a grocery store to shop for the items on their list, which are donated to local charities and distributed to those in need. In the days that follow, teachers and children discuss how shelters and food banks help people in the community to ensure the lessons come full circle. “Activities like the Caring and Giving Food Drive help young children learn firsthand the joy and fulfillment of lending a helping hand to others,” said Hummer. “By purposefully nurturing compassion and generosity early on through hands-on activities and daily classroom experiences, we hope to instill a lifelong desire to make a positive difference in the world.”

Learn about the Primrose Schools Balanced Learning approach and Primrose School at Moorefield Station by visiting or calling 703.726.9306. 1

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

High-Quality Preschool Experiences Lead to Future Success in School and Life


Growth and Change Continues


always enjoy this time of year, especially when looking forward to the adventures that the New Year will bring to the Association. We have accomplished a lot, but there is always more to achieve. I would like to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and embrace the changes ahead of us. First, I would like to congratulate Brian Viola on his reelection and Samarendra (Sam) Nandi on his election to the BCA Board of Directors. I look forward to working with them and the rest of the Board in 2019 to achieve the vision and goals of the Association. I would also like to thank Ram Venkatachalam for his involvement and support over the last three years while serving in his position as a Director. There are countless highlights from the past year that I would like to touch on, but I don’t have the space to include them all. From the Association’s financial perspective, one great achievement in 2018 was lowering our delinquency rate. The current delinquency rate for our community is at an all-time low of 1.39%; a typical acceptable delinquency rate is between 3-5%. BCA also completed an update to its Reserve Study, is operating within 1.5% of its projected 2018 Budget, and is seeing significant increases on investment income. Financially, the Association couldn’t be in a better position. Another Association accomplishment is the creation and distribution of our Quarterly Magazine. Since its inception, BCA has relied on electronic communications to share information with residents. We were ahead of the curve when BCA was founded, but with inboxes overflowing with emails, it was time for us to put our message in print and mail it to all of our residents. Our magazine has been well-received by residents and advertisers who completely cover publishing and mailing costs. I would like to thank Paul Gentine, Communications Coordinator, for his tireless efforts in constructing the magazine. Without his

talent and patience, our vision for the magazine would not have been achieved. The Operations Department was reorganized in 2018 to provide improved customer service. A dedicated department administrator has provided timely responses to incoming questions and concerns, coordinated daily jobs, overseen purchasing, and performed other related tasks. A new work order and scheduling program was also implemented to help track all of the operational tasks for maintaining a 2,500 acre property, hosting numerous events, and tracking Developer-related concerns. There are also plans to hire a new field maintenance technician in 2019. The continued growth of the Operations Department is necessary to keep up with the demand and growth of our community. The Community Standards Department has been busy approving exterior changes, performing comprehensive inspections, and following up on violations that impact our community. They have also been focused on reviewing and updating the Design Standards to address new materials, desired projects, and various other changes that impact our growing and aging community. Community Standards Manager Andrea Martin has made great strides in keeping up with our community’s needs, and the department will add a new position in 2019 to provide further assistance. I would like to recognize the entire Community Standards staff – Nikki Jessup, Sam Bourdelais, and Mirtha Robles – for performing their oftenthankless jobs in a professional and upbeat manner. Without their efforts, Brambleton would not be the beautiful place that it is today. The Lifestyles Department continues to look for ways to improve the events and programs offered to Brambleton residents. As the community grows, so does the demand for use of our community buildings, and our event venues continue to shrink as well. We constantly consider new and creative ideas in order to account for these changes and

demands. A Programming Survey was sent earlier this year and received over 600 responses, and the input from this survey is already being implemented in order to shape program offerings in 2019. A similar Events Survey will also be sent in the near future in order to receive feedback on how we can grow or modify Brambleton’s events. Change is constant; change is good. These are two themes that I have experienced in Brambleton since I became General Manager in 2006. It is important that we embrace and manage change. Staff can do this on a limited level by participating in training and education, observing best practices, and performing daily interactions. We rely on the Board as well as residents to be open to and accept change. The Board needs to make decisions and set policies that incorporate change, and residents need to provide feedback to staff, committees, and the Board. I would like to recognize and thank the Board and our residents for accepting change over the years. Without everyone’s commitment to change, Brambleton would not be the community that we see before us. Sincerely, Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM




Community Association Vision & Mission Vision

Leading a hometown community with high tech traditions where everyone can connect with life.

Mission BCA is committed to proactively leading a quality community for its residents through stewardship of resources, advanced technology, and enhanced lifestyle opportunities.

Board of Directors Kim Adams President

Tom Gurganous Vice President, Resident Director

Meryl Bisaga Secretary/Treasurer

Pat Martin Director

Samarendra Nandi Resident Director

Ric Spencer Director

Brian Viola Resident Director

Management Office 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148


Growth and Change Continues A MESSAGE FROM RICK STONE, GENERAL MANAGER The Association reflects on its accomplishments in 2018 and embraces the changes ahead in the New Year.

(p) 703-542-6263 (f ) 703-542-6266

Rick Stone General Manager, PCAM, LSM

Rosemarie Linder Editor, Director of Administration & Services, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Paul Gentine Communications Coordinator To advertise in the Brambleton Community Magazine, contact Paul Gentine via email at or call 703542-6263. The community magazine is published quarterly by the Brambleton Community Association, distributed via email and can be viewed on our website.


Snow Operations in Brambleton

BCA Update: Verizon


A new agreement is pending for broadband and cable television services in Brambleton.

The BCA snow team is prepared to handle snowfall in Brambleton.



Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019









Growth and Change Continues



Review, Revise, Refine: Design Guidelines and the Covenants Committee

March 2: Comedy Night, 7:30 & 10:30 PM

Board of Directors



March 9: Brambleton House Hop (aka Roving Dinner), 6 PM - 12 AM

Committee Updates


Ground Works: Winter Activity

Resources for Proper Disposal of Unused Medications

Snow Operations in Brambleton

Wintertime Pond Safety


Brambleton Dog Park

Brambleton Library Overview

Snow Stakes

Programming Highlights





BCA Announces Partnership with Ring & Promotion of Neighbors App

Christine Thompson




Payment Options


Bram Life Pass

Upcoming Events

Brambleton Maps

Thank You 2018 Sponsors

Important Contact Information

Thank You Brambleton Volunteers



Bram Gives Back

Lace Up For Learning

Winter Programs



Comedy Night/Brambleton House Hop

Loudoun County Resources






Donate, Recycle, Resell



What's Going to be Hot in 2019?




Resident Spotlight: Terra Saunders

BCA Communications

New BCA Staff: Ara Galang

Loudoun 40 Under 40: Tom Colatosti




April 13: Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt, 10 AM - 2 PM April 27: Ribbon Run, 8 AM April 28: JDRF One Walk, 8 AM

MEETINGS Board of Directors Meetings: Feb. 5 at 8:15 AM Covenants Committee Meetings: Jan. 14, Feb. 11, Mar. 11 at 7 PM Grounds & Facilities Committee Meetings: Jan. 8, Feb. 12, Mar. 12 at 7:30 PM Safety & Security Committee Meetings: Jan. 8, Feb. 12, Mar. 12 at 7:30 PM Finance Committee Meetings: Jan. 22, Feb. 26, Mar. 26 at 7:30 PM Asphalt Sub-Committee Meetings: 2019 Dates/Times TBD

DMV2GO Brambleton Town Center, Harris Teeter Parking Lot: 9 AM - 4 PM • Thursday, January 3rd • Monday, February 4th • Monday, March 4th *DMV2GO now offers REAL ID compliant licenses and IDs.



BCA Board of Directors Back Row (l-r): Brian Viola - Resident Director; Ric Spencer - Director; Tom Gurganous - Vice President, Resident Director; Samarendra Nandi - Resident Director Front Row (l-r): Kim Adams - President; Meryl Bisaga - Treasurer & Secretary; Pat Martin - Director

The BCA Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and success of the Association. The Board meets regularly to discuss BCA business, set policies and procedures, and take action on various Association matters. The Board last met on October 2nd, 16th, and 30th, and took the following actions in accordance with its governing documents, state statute, and federal laws:

October 2, 2018 Meeting: • Held an executive session to discuss legal and owner obligations. • Jordan Crotty, Chair of the Ad Hoc Technology Community Services Committee, reviewed the committee’s recommendation to the Board. • Approved the August 7, 2018 Board meeting minutes. • Mr. Stone advised the Board that Loudoun County denied the request for traffic calming on Olympia Drive. • Reviewed several management, collections, and financial reports. • Approved the purchase of a new truck and plow that will replace the aging 2007 Ford F350. • Appointed Darryl Lansey and Andrea Painter to the Covenants Committee. • Mr. Stone presented the 2019 Budget and Assessments to the Board. The Board held off on adopting the budget due to active negotiations with Verizon. • Agreed to remove the black fence at Belmont Trace that runs parallel to Belmont Ridge Road. • Agreed to a process to dispose of unused and out-of-service Association equipment; Sell, Donate, Dispose. • Took action on several Covenants Committee appeals.

October 16, 2018 Meeting: • Special Meeting for the purpose of receiving the Ad Hoc Technology Committee’s recommendations and hearing resident input.

October 30, 2018 Meeting: • Held an Executive Session to discuss matters related to Verizon contract negotiations. • Approved the proposed rates, general terms, and implementation plan for a new bulk agreement for Verizon FIOS internet and cable television services as discussed in Executive Session. • Approved the 2019 Budget and Assessments as presented.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS Tuesday, Feb. 5, 8:15 AM, BCA Management Office Visit www.brambletonhoa. com or the BCA Facebook page for any meeting schedule updates.




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BCA Committee Updates


Responsibility: This Committee completed its chartered scope of work in October 2018 and met for a final time in November 2018. To review the results of the Committee’s surveys and to view their recommendations, please visit their page on the BCA website listed below. One of the Committee’s recommendations to the Board was to appoint a standing Technology Committee, and it is anticipated that this Committee will be established in late 2018/early 2019. Website:

COVENANTS COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing submitted design review applications, considering violations of BCA documents, and taking enforcement actions. Meetings: Second Monday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 1/14, 2/11, 3/11 at 7:00 PM Website:

GROUNDS & FACILITIES COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board on issues related to rules, policies, maintenance, upkeep, and the use of the common grounds and facilities. Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 1/8, 2/12, 3/12 at 7:30 PM Website:

SAFETY & SECURITY COMMITTEE Responsibility: Serving as a resource for residents with concerns and making recommendations to the Board regarding safety and security matters in Brambleton. Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 1/8, 2/12, 3/12 at 7:30 PM Website:

FINANCE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing financial reports and audits, monitoring investments, reviewing funding for capital projects, and developing financial policies and resolutions to the Board. Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 1/22, 2/26, 3/26 at 7:30 PM Website:

BRAMBLETON KIDS CARE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Empowering the next generation of Brambleton’s residents and facilitate their development and growth towards becoming compassionate, service-minded citizens. Meetings: Meets as needed, typically during the school year. Website:

GET INVOLVED – JOIN A BCA COMMITTEE Serving on a BCA Committee is a great way to learn more about the Association’s operations and to become more involved in the community! Visit for more information, including a committee member application.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019


Ground Works: Winter Activity As a steward of the land, Brambleton Community Association is continually performing various upkeep and service tasks to maintain a healthy environment and great looking community. These are the highlights that will occur over the next few months:

Common Area


Trash & Litter Removal

January - December

Mulch Application

February - April

Fertilizer & Weed Control

February - November

Street Sweeping

March - April

Pond Maintenance

March - December

Leaf Removal

October - February

Snow Prep

November - March

Email Operations@ with any questions related to planned winter activities.

The Association will focus its winter grounds maintenance on the following tasks: • Shrub & Tree Replacement: All maintained common areas will be inspected for dead plant material. Replacement plants will be considered based on location, quantity, and current and future growth. • Leaf Removal: Common areas will be monitored for leaf removal. • Perennials: Perennials will be cut back and managed. • Mulch Beds: Mulch beds will be cut back and defined. In late winter, mulch will start to be applied to all previously mulched beds. • Fertilization: Plant fertilization and pre-emergent will be applied to common areas and townhome grounds maintenance homes in late winter. The Developer will be performing similar winter tasks on the Developer-owned common areas.



Snow Operations in Brambleton Shantil Moyer - Operations & Assets Manager


he daylight hours have gotten shorter, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the wind has picked up – these are signs that winter in Brambleton has arrived. Winter brings so many amazing experiences for us all to enjoy, including holidays, winter sports, cozy days around the fireplace, and time to just slow down and relax with family and friends. Winter in Brambleton also brings the possibility of snow, but don’t worry – the Brambleton snow team is ready to handle any amount of snow. Snow removal and ice management in Brambleton are the responsibility of many different people and organizations, including homeowners. It is important that everyone is aware of their responsibility and does their part when it comes to cleaning up during and after a winter storm so that we all can travel safely through the community. Do you know who is responsible for your street or the sidewalks in your neighborhood?


Homeowners: Townhome and singlefamily homeowners are responsible for shoveling snow on their driveway and on the sidewalks located on and adjacent to their property. This includes VDOT sidewalks or BCA common area sidewalks in front of or to the side of their property or between two properties. Once the sidewalk has been cleared of snow, then non-corrosive, environmental-friendly material, such as sand, should be applied for traction purposes. Do not apply salt or a salt-based product to concrete sidewalks and driveways aprons. The salt can damage or shorten the useful life of the concrete. Residents are responsible for damage to aprons and sidewalks as a result of salt applications. *Please Note: Brambleton residents can assist the snowplow operators by parking in driveways or designated parking spaces during snowstorms. This practice will increase the amount of asphalt plowed,

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

improve the efficiency of the operator, and reduce possible damage that can occur to personal property. Brambleton Community Association: BCA is committed to expeditious management of snow and ice on the common areas and common drives in sections of the community that have been final paved and are no longer under construction. BCA also removes snow on sidewalks and trails that are located on common areas not adjacent to residential lots. Please report all common area and common drive related concerns to Please review the Association’s Response Standards based on Forecast below: Developer: The Brambleton Group or Developer will perform snow and ice management on all future VDOT streets that have been constructed but not yet accepted by the state, as well as on all

common drives that have not been final paved and accepted by BCA. Please report these concerns to so that they can be assessed and reported to the Developer accordingly. VDOT: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will perform snow and ice management on public streets (those topped with the final coat of asphalt and released from bond). These streets typically have a 4-digit number on the street name sign. The following Sections have been turned over to VDOT: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16 (SFD), 17, 21, Belmont Trace (SFD), and Ryan Road Property. Please address all concerns regarding these streets to VDOT at 1-800-367-7623. Residences and Residences II Condominiums: There are several organizations responsible for snow removal throughout the Residences. Unit owners are responsible for clearing the driveways that serve their unit. Condominium associations are responsible for clearing all sidewalks serving each building (Concerns to: Katie Halfhill at BCA is responsible for clearing and treating the common streets throughout the Residences, and they are also responsible for clearing hard surfaces around the Beacon Crest Pool

FUN FACT: Why does BCA plow Association-owned streets? • To save residents from paying high contractor overhead/rates. • To give BCA more control over the level, quality, and timing of service. along with the trails and sidewalks along Ryan Road and Belmont Ridge Road. To simplify this, all concerns should be sent to and will be addressed accordingly.

is responsible for clearing and treating all common hard surfaces on the property. Please forward all questions and concerns to Summerfield Manager Wes Schroeder at or at 703-327-4818.

Summerfield Condominiums: The Summerfield Condominium Association

Forecast Calls for... BCA Private Street Standards are... 0-2 inches

Salting as needed, with a focus on streets with grades and intersections.

2-4 inches

Plowing begins at 2". Clearing of all BCA streets to be completed 6 hours after the snow stops falling.

4-8 inches

Plowing begins at 2". Clearing of all BCA streets to be completed 8 hours after the snow stops falling.

8-12 inches

Plowing begins at 2". Clearing of all BCA streets to be completed 12 hours after the snow stops falling.

12+ inches

Plowing begins at 2". Conditions of VDOT streets could delay or suspend BCA clearing efforts on private streets. Clearing of all BCA streets to be completed 1 to 2 days after the snow stops falling.

Ice/Freezing Rain

Salting of streets will occur during and/or after the storm depending upon conditions. Pretreatment of road may occur if significant ice is predicted.

Other Amenities...

Summary of Actions...

BCA Trails & Sidewalks Snow accumulations greater than 2" will be cleared once the streets have been completed. This work may occur the day following completion of the streets. BCA Commuter Lot

It is the desire to clear the commuter lot prior to the arrival of the first vehicle. This may not always occur due to the timing of the storm. The lot will be plowed and treated with salt as conditions dictate.



Wintertime Pond Safety Isaiah Marsh - Operations & Assets Administrator


rambleton has a number of ponds and water features throughout the community. While they bring a certain charm and beauty to the community, residents need to be safe when they are near these ponds and water features, especially during the winter. Please educate your families on winter pond safety and observe the following

safety practices when near a neighborhood pond or other body of water this winter: • Frozen ponds should never be used for recreational purposes. Do not skate, play, ride, or step foot on a frozen pond. • If you observe someone on one of Brambleton’s frozen ponds, please take initiative and remind them of hazards and prohibited use of the pond. Immediate action is necessary to prevent a hazard from becoming a tragedy. • If the individual(s) remain on the frozen pond, please report the incident to the proper authorities depending upon the day and time. Report incidents to the BCA Management Office during business hours (M-F, 9 AM to 5 PM) or the Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office after business hours, on weekends, and on holidays at 703-777-1021. • If a person, a pet, or personal item accidentally falls through the ice, do not


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

try to recover them; you could become a victim too. • If someone does fall through the ice and you are alone, instruct the victim to keep calm while you call 9-1-1 immediately. Hypothermia can start immediately and can cause exhaustion or unconsciousness in only a few minutes. • It is important to let the rescue crew know the victim's age, circumstances of the incident, time it occurred, and where the victim was last seen. This information will help the rescuers assess the type of rescue needed. • If you are with other people, make sure that someone stays on the shore next to the victim while another person calls 9-1-1. Try to keep an ongoing conversation with the victim in order to keep them calm and to aid in the rescue. • Of course, the best safety message we can offer is to stay away from frozen ponds.


Brambleton Dog Park We are excited to announce that the Brambleton Dog Park has finally arrived! The dog park is located along the trail that runs from Creighton Road to Ryan Road, not too far from Madison’s Trust Elementary School and Brambleton Middle School. Residents can access the dog park by parking in the Creighton Road Tennis Courts/Basketball Courts parking lot and crossing over Creighton Road onto the trail. Just follow the signs at the trail leading you to the dog park entrance. The dog park contains two separate areas: one area for dogs 25 pounds and under, and another area for dogs of any size. Upon entering the park, it is important to read the dog park rules which are listed at the entrance. The Brambleton Dog Park has been made possible through donations from Heritage Landscape Services and affiliates of KT Enterprises, Inc. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at

Snow Stakes You may notice our Operations team placing blue stakes throughout the community at the edge of the turf close to the roads this winter. These blue stakes are called snow stakes, and they serve a good purpose. The Association uses these reflective fiberglass markers to indicate the edge of the road to VDOT and other contractors while they are plowing snow. By understanding where the edge of the road is located, snow plow operators will stay on the roads and off of the turf, saving the Association from expensive turf repairs come spring time. The snow stakes will be removed in the spring as soon as warmer weather approaches.



BCA Announces Partnership with Ring & Promotion of Neighbors App Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


arlier this year, a Brambleton resident with a personal connection to the founder of Ring posted a question to “B_Alert” asking if there was any community interest in partnering with Ring to improve security and to potentially offer a discount on Ring products. This inquiry was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Dave Pavlik, Chair of the Safety & Security Committee, invited this resident to a committee meeting, and after learning more about Ring and their offerings, committee members were impressed with the resources that Ring has dedicated to helping communities deter and solve crimes. Ring representatives shared that in one community, they helped to install security cameras in 10% of the homes and were able to


measure a 55% crime rate reduction. This prompted the committee to launch a quick survey on “B_Alert” in order to learn more about the current use of security cameras in Brambleton. After receiving some concerns about the potential for misuse of information provided via Facebook, the survey was relaunched using an anonymous platform to gather information about security camera usage and to ask the community where they get their safety and security information. The survey achieved an 8% response rate and provided helpful information about the use of security cameras, suggestions for other safety considerations, and strong support for a community-based resource for sharing safety and security information. BCA will begin promoting the Ring Neighbors app. This is a service offered through Ring’s nonprofit division which is open to anyone and available to download from the App Store or Google Play. Ring has branded this app as the new Neighborhood Watch, and Brambleton will include information about the Ring

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

app on our new Neighborhood Watch signs which will soon be placed throughout the community. The app provides residents with the opportunity to share alerts with neighbors, keeping our community ahead of local crime activity and providing subscribers with safety alerts. Content is moderated by Ring in order to ensure that it is focused on safety information. Ring will also work with local law enforcement to help solve crimes by sharing video with media. BCA has also joined the RingMaster program which offers residents exclusive discounts on Ring products. The program requires that residents opt in and make their purchase through a unique link. Email “Invite Me” to for a link to access BCA’s exclusive offer.

For questions about our promotion of the Ring Neighbors app or participation in the RingMasters program, contact

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Brambleton Community Association

Bus Tour

Q1 2019, Date TBD, Brambleton Welcome Center See Friday Flash & Website for Updates Join us for a guided bus tour of everything Brambleton has to offer! · Learn about Brambleton’s history as well as the services and activities that Brambleton provides · Stops will include several locations throughout the Brambleton community · Visit to sign up and find more information


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019


MARCH & APRIL March 2: Comedy Night 7:30 PM & 10:00 PM

Upcoming 2019 Events

March 9: Brambleton House Hop (aka Roving Dinner) 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

April 13: Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt 10:00 AM -2:00 PM

April 27: Ribbon Run 8:00 AM

April 28: JDRF One Walk 8:00 AM

Thank You to our 2018 Premier Sponsors!



Thank You Brambleton Volunteers! Dana Vinci, CFEA - Lifestyles Manager “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they’re priceless.” – Sherry Anderson


he absolute best part of my job is the people that I get to work with. I am not just talking about my awesome coworkers, but also the amazing volunteers who donate their time to make all Brambleton events happen. So many of these volunteers bring an infectiously positive attitude and the ability to take a little direction and run with it. For example, Stephanie Weeks and Jamie Beauchamp, two of my strongest volunteers this past year, were given a pile of fall decorations and asked to make the hay maze at the Fall Fest look

Brambleton residents have donated over 450 hours of time to BCA events in 2018! 17

cute. They didn’t just make it look cute, they made it look fantastic! All the fun decorations, flowers, and burlap were strategically and creatively placed by these two talented individuals. Stephanie and Jamie were not the only volunteers who stood out this year. Two long-time volunteers, Travis Creason and Kailash Suresh, were awarded the 2018 Distinguished Community Service Award. Both of these wonderful volunteers have been helping at Brambleton events for as long as I can remember. I first met Kailash at the Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt back in 2013 when he was only in 5th Grade and he volunteered to help hide the eggs. Kailash has been volunteering at this event ever since, and in recent years he has taken on more difficult volunteering roles. He could be found at the volunteer tent assisting other volunteers at most of our large events this past year. He also helped at Pictures with Santa, and Santa told me

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

that Kailash was one of the best volunteers that he has ever worked with. When I see Travis coming down the road, typically on his unicycle or fattired bike, it makes me extremely happy. Travis is one of the trusted setup crew volunteers at almost every large event. When he arrives, he always brings the biggest smile and can-do attitude no matter the weather – and we have set up for events in cold, breezy rain and scorching hot sunshine! No matter how much pressure I am feeling during an event, knowing that Travis is there helps relieve my stress. These volunteers and so many others are a huge part of what makes Brambleton an amazing community. I am so grateful that they are willing to donate their time to work at our events. The next time you are at an event, make sure that you thank the volunteers because they are the glue, duct tape, staples, and bungee cords that pull our events together!


BCA Winter Programs PROGRAM




12/26 - 12/28

Winter Break Camp 9:00am - 4:00pm

Corner Clubhouse

1/1 - 12/31


Outdoors Comm Center/Corner

1/17 - 4/4

Thursdays: 9:45am - 10:30am - Preschool 10:45am - 11:15am - Toddler 11:30pm - 12:00pm - Infant

Community Center

12/26 - 12/28

Winter Break Camp 9:00am - 12:00pm (ages 5-6) 1:00pm - 4:00pm (ages 7-12)

Community Center


1/14 - 2/11

Mondays: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Community Center LL

Silver Knights Chess Club

1/17 - 3/7

Thursdays: 5pm - 6pm

Community Center LL

Silver Knights Coding

1/16 - 3/6

Wednesdays: 5pm - 6pm

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Silver Knights Robotics

1/15 - 3/5

Tuesdays: 5pm - 6pm

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Weight Watchers

1/1 - 12/31

Thursdays: 6:30pm - 8pm

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For detailed information and to register for current programs, Winter 2018-2019 please visit

Brambleton Community Association Magazine



2019 Assessments & Budget Summary The BCA Board of Director met on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 to consider the budget and assessments for 2019. At that meeting the Board adopted the 2019 Budget which set the various assessments at the following rates:

House Type








Detached w/ Common Driveway








Townhouse w/ Grounds Maintenance




Summerfield Condominium




The Residences Condominiums




Assessments Type







$ 1.58

General: Condo



$ 1.19

Tech/Community Services



$ 0.00

Single-Family Detached (SFD)



$ 0.00

SFD Common Drive



$ 0.23

Single-Family Attached (SFA)



$ 0.08

SFA Grounds Maintenance



$ 0.00

Recreation (Pools Only)

$ 8.80

$ 9.12


(General) + (Tech/Comm) + (SFD) + (Recreation) (General) + (Tech/Comm) + (SFD) + (Recreation) + (Common Drive) (General) + (Tech/Comm) + (SFA) + (Recreation)

(General) + (Tech/Comm) + (SFA) + (Recreation) + (SFA Grounds Maint) (General: Condo) + (Tech/Comm) (General: Condo) + (Tech/Comm) + (Recreation)


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

2019 Budget by Category with 2018 Comparison 2019


Assessment Income-Various



Other Income




Total Income





Administrative Expenses-General

$ 696,920

$ 634,850

Professional Services-General

$ 1,842,530


Reserve Contributions-General



$ 332,948

Maintenance & Services-General

$ 2,227,600


Verizon Fios-Tech/Comm Services

$ 6,433,472


Single-Family Attached



$ 810,987

Grounds Maintenance-SFA



$ 399,060

Single-Family Detached



$ 465,368

Common Driveway-SFD









$ 547,943

Total Expenses



Net Excess (Deficit)





Significant Events Impacting the 2019 Budget & Assessments • • • • • •

200 projected settlements. This number is trending down and will impact initial capital contributions and other new assessments. Verizon telecommunications agreement will be renegotiated. There will be no impact to assessments in 2019. Income from interest on investments continues to rise due to increases in interest rates and accumulation of reserve funds. Two new employees (1.5 FTE) have been added to the budget. The association will accept sections 24, 33, and Evermont Trace. Maintenance and upkeep of these sections impacts several budget accounts. New amenities for 2019: 4 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, dog park, and various trails. 22


BCA Update Regarding Broadband & Cable Television Services Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


n 2017, in recognition that the current bulk agreement was due to expire in early 2020, BCA’s Board chartered the Ad Hoc Technology Community Services Committee. The committee was chartered to consider the potential options for future broadband services, gather resident input, and make recommendations to the Board. The committee’s unique charter included a scope of work and timeline for accomplishing the work. The Board also established application criteria and an interview process for committee members. After a panel of Board members conducted interviews, the Board appointed 7 residents as committee members and 2 residents as alternates. The committee members began meeting monthly in July 2017. All meetings were open to residents, and all residents that attended were able to address the committee during each meeting’s Resident Forum period and during informal discussions as permitted by the chair. The committee met with representatives from the original technology consultant for Brambleton and had the opportunity to review the Technology Master Plan that led to Brambleton being built as one of the first Fiber-to-theHome communities in the country. In consultation with a technology survey consultant, the committee developed a survey to seek information about residents’ needs and desires related to broadband and cable television services. The committee held a resident listening session in early 2018 and followed up with a one question survey in mid-2018 to further clarify the community’s position on cable television services. After meeting for over a year, gathering resident input directly and through surveys, the committee developed a set of


recommendations and presented them to the Board on October 16, 2018. Their recommendations are available at www. On October 30, at a Special Meeting of the Board, the Board approved the proposed rates, general terms, and implementation plan for a new bulk agreement for Verizon FIOS internet and cable television services; continued negotiations with Verizon regarding the final terms of the agreement; and scheduled contract approval at their next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on December 4, 2018, pending agreement on final terms and legal review. As of this publication, the new agreement will provide 4 million technology and infrastructure updates and will require an ONT & Wiring Conversion, impacting approximately 3,700 homes. The anticipated project completion date for this work is Q4 2019. Once the project is completed, the effective date of the new agreement will be set, which is currently projected for Q1 2020. The infrastructure and wiring conversion establishes Brambleton as a gigabit-enabled community, provides future flexibility regarding bulk video services, and includes one HD DVR set top box. The new agreement includes: • FIOS Broadband 500/500 Mbps • Upgraded Router – FIOS Quantum Gateway Router – BHR4 • FIOS Extreme HD • 1 HD DVR STB W/ Basic DVR Service • Terms: 7-year agreement for Broadband 2-year agreement for Cable Television w/option to end or convert services

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

ONT & Wiring Conversion – Requires Verizon site visit by appointment to 3,700 homes −− Launch in Q4 2018 and projected completion in Q4 2019 −− Immediate Upgrade to 100/100 Mbps −− Conversion to New Bulk Agreement Equipment & Service to occur Q4 2019 • Rates: 2019 Budget Year – Technology portion of HOA Assessments remains the same As of this publication, BCA’s Board is continuing negotiations to finalize the agreement. Verizon will be launching the ONT & Wiring Conversion in Q4 2018. They expect to convert 160 - 200 homes per week and will work section by section through the community. The plan is to work from older sections of the community towards newer sections. Dedicated crews will work in the community for the duration of the project and will hand deliver notices to request that residents call for a conversion appointment. Once each resident’s conversion is completed, they will be immediately upgraded to 100/100 Mbps service. Once all homes requiring conversion have been completed, the effective date of the new agreement will be set, and the upgrades will be phased in over approximately 14-30 days. Once this upgrade period is complete, all of Brambleton will have transitioned to the new agreement. Questions about current, interim, or future broadband and cable television services provided through the Association can be directed to


Donate, Recycle, Resell Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


ooking for green ways to get rid of unwanted items? We’ve pulled together some resources for donating, recycling, and reselling items, and we’ve also shared some tips from Charity Navigator for consideration when donating non-cash items. Charitable Donations: Loudoun County maintains a list of Reuse Donation Centers at reuse. Charity Navigator ( is a great resource to use to ensure that your donations will be put to good use and that charitable organizations are legitimate. They offer the following questions for consideration when donating non-cash items: • Is it truly useful? Most charities can only make use of items that are new, unused, or nearly new. If you wouldn’t give the item to someone you know, then you probably shouldn’t give it to charity.

• Can it be sold? By donating cash instead of goods, you allow charities greater flexibility in spending the money so that it reaches the people or animals that need it most. • Is the charity local? In order to avoid transportation costs that can lower the impact of your donation, look first for a charity in your local community to support with your noncash contribution. • How will it be used? A charity may use the item itself, give the item to someone in need, or sell the item. Be sure that the way the charity intends to use the item is aligned with your intentions. Recycling Resources: Loudoun County hosts a variety of recycling events throughout the year and maintains lists of additional resources:

• Household Hazardous Waste Collection – https://www.loudoun. gov/index.aspx?nid=342 • Electronics Recycling Events – aspx?NID=408 • L o c a l E l e c t r o n i c s R e c y c l i n g Resources – index.aspx?nid=413 Community Based Selling Pages: Fortunately, there is a dedicated group of Brambleton residents who administer Facebook pages for reselling everything from toddler clothes to cars. Since these pages are meant for Brambleton residents, they are set as private pages and cannot be found through a Facebook search. For a complete list of available selling pages and information about how to join each of these pages, submit a request to join B_Informed@Brambleton. Once approved, navigate to Files and find the B_Sites list.



What's Going to be Hot in 2019? Sue Ridgeway - Director of Marketing, Lita Dirks & Co. LLC


hile it’s difficult to predict the movie that is going to be the blockbuster for the year, or whether we will have another “storm of the century,” predicting the design trends for 2019 is a little easier. With our hand on the pulse and our designers in the trenches, we can see what direction the industry is leaning and what’s going to be hot in 2019. There are a plethora of colors, patterns, fabrics, and materials that will be popular, and as such there is no denying that the 2019 design trends are going to be diverse. For example, we anticipate a return to a more nature-centric time with the inclusion of plants and more indoor/ outdoor living spaces while still incorporating the technology of the day. As social media, and technology in general, fuses home, work, and play into one entity, we are seeing a lot of smart technology and voice-activated design. Furthermore, as a result of melding worlds, design trends are no longer regionally-based, but rather international in scope. All of this leads to some general design themes emerging, including: • Sophisticated farmhouse • Global Bohemian • Moderated Modern • Astro Modern


Sophisticated Farmhouse The farmhouse of 2019 is not your grandma’s farmhouse. The trend is calling for a more sophisticated design that mixes beautiful, but comfortable, furniture with salvaged materials such as reclaimed wood and iron accents. It calls for combining with other décor styles and using design elements that are tactile and tangible. Common features may include: • architectural salvage • pine or painted furniture • wide and/or distressed plank floors • exposed beams • dark-trimmed windows • minimal clutter The trend is to see traditional farmhouse elements meshed with sleek lines, statement lighting, and contemporary materials; simple lines but with comfortable furniture. Additionally, we anticipate seeing layering of design influences such as Aztec and other tribal art as well as woven materials making their way into the sophisticated farmhouse. Furthermore, ‘modern organic’ fabrics such as breathable, natural, sustainable materials will be popular. This nature-centric and natural fabric trend is

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

a direct result of a greater desire to create an oasis in one’s home, a sanctuary or refuge from our hectic daily lives. Global Bohemian Warmer colors, earthy tones, worn leather, and woven wool blankets combined with metallic and jewel tones can help create that Global Bohemian style. The Bohemian, or "Boho," trend will continue to be popular in 2019. While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian design, warm earthy colors are common, and an open “mixing” policy of materials and patterns is encouraged. As the opposite of minimal, modern, and sleek, Boho often embraces a "more is more" philosophy. Along with this mixing of styles, we will see: • continuation of the Hygge movement and handmade items • layering of area rugs • natural, basic materials such as burlap and sisal combined with silk and chenille • some fringe, crochet, and macramé The fun part about Global Bohemian trends is the ability to include materials, designs, and accessories that will attract a myriad of buyers. It is a style that allows home buyers to envision themselves bringing their treasured

collectables into their home in a beautiful naturalistic way.

• glass

Moderated Modern

• matte appliances

Building on the success of the MidCentury modern movement of today, a new hybrid style is emerging, called Moderated Modern. It involves softening the hard, straight lines with inclusion of materials and design from a comfortable past. Distinctive features include:

• glazes

• minimal lines softened with traditional style • leans towards bare and less • bare floors using hardwoods, porcelain tiles, travertine stone, marble • brick and stone walls • touches of traditional elements such as crown molding and wood detailing Moderated Modern is design that incorporates familiar touches that embrace modern designs to help find a broader audience looking for something less

• stainless steel

Channeling that “astro” feel with the use of globes, orbs, and star-like lighting fixtures are also highlights of this trend. Individualism

predictable. It uses a mix of materials to evoke comfort and humanity. Astro Modern Also building off the success of the Mid-Century design movement, Astro Modern presents a more futuristic design attitude. Spiritualism, artificial intelligence, and a visionary feel help distinguish this trend. Flashes of vibrant color and pastels in combination with deep, dark hues are prevalent. Other characteristics include the use of:

Perhaps the most prevalent trend to emerge in the last few years, and one we predict will continue to grow in 2019, is the idea of individualism. In a time of omnipresent technology and uniformity, individualism empowers home buyers to be different from their neighbors; to be eclectic and unique, mixing what they love into a style that works for them. It’s important to remember that trends may come and go (and often return many years later), but what’s really hot on a perennial basis is the personal touch. For more information on design trends, please visit

Heather Heppe • THANK YOU! by Your Neighborhood Real Estate Specialist…

MY 2018 SOLD LISTINGS 43301 Ardmore Street 22436 Belle Terra Drive 42312 Benfold Square 24722 Black Willow Drive 44421 Blueridge Meadows Drive 42358 Chapel Gate Terrace 23247 Claxton Terrace 42936 Courtland Chase Square 19365 Cypress Ridge Terrace, #501 23090 Dunlop Heights Terrace 23402 Evening Primrose Square

22498 Forest Manor Drive 42679 Frontier Drive 23421 Gardenwalk Drive 43178 Glenelder Terrace 20938 Goose Creek Preserve Drive 41451 Hagley Place 35763 Hawthorne Valley Way 400 Heartwood Court 23358 Higbee Lane 23414 Higbee Lane 462 Kornblau Terrace SE 23078 Meriweather Court 23158 Minerva Drive

41694 Moors Mine Terrace 23348 Morning Walk Drive 42413 Myan Gold Drive 42248 Palladian Blue Terrace 23077 Pecos Lane 41063 Quinn Meadow Court 22703 Settlers Trail Terrace, #11B 25296 Shipley Terrace 20751 Spiceberry Court 186 Sulgrave Court 42560 Swallowtail Way 12321 Valley High Road

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Review, Revise, Refine

Design Guidelines and the Covenants Committee Andrea Martin, CMCA, AMS - Community Standards Manager


e all recognize that clear, coherent rules and governing documents are needed to avoid misunderstandings and conflict in community associations. But often, the rules and governing documents are hard to find and difficult to read or understand. The basis for the rules created within Brambleton can be found in the Declaration for Brambleton. This document was created by the Developer of Brambleton and recorded in the land records before the first home was settled. All homes located within Brambleton Community Association are automatically subject to the Declaration. This document establishes the Association’s authority and responsibilities and includes requirements and limitations on residential properties located within the Association. The purpose of the Declaration, as outlined in Article 20, is to establish a harmonious community and maintain, preserve, and enhance property values. Because prompt, efficient, fair, inexpensive, and


non-belligerent resolution of any dispute in the community is desirable, all controversy arising shall be resolved by this Article. The Declaration is the document that provides authority to the Board to create rules – the Covenants Committee serves at the pleasure of the Board. While the Board has the final say in

authority over exterior modifications, they look to the committee to make recommendations and to carefully consider how proposed exterior modifications may negatively impact the appearance of the community as a whole. Not every association’s covenants committee operates the same way. The Covenants Committee’s charter details the mission statement, goals, objectives,

Design Guideline Revision Timeline Q1: Staff proposes revisions to the Design Guidelines to the Covenants Committee. Q2: Covenants Committee and staff recommend revisions to the Board of Directors for review and approval and for publication for public comment. Q3: BCA Board of Directors reviews the revisions and approves them for release for public comment. Public comment is open and published on the website. Q4: Proposed revisions and public comment feedback are provided to the Covenants Committee for final review and revision, who then make their recommendations for the Board. The final version of the proposed revisions, public comment feedback, and committee feedback is submitted to the Board for their consideration with a request for adoption.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

organization, communications, reporting requirements, and responsibilities for how the committee will function. This may include review of design applications and identifying covenants violations. Responsibilities are spelled out clearly to not only help the committee members, but to also help homeowners understand what is expected. This year, Brambleton is excited to announce a new chairperson of the Covenants Committee, Chris Cook, and two new committee members, Andrea Painter and Daryll A. Lansey, appointed in 2018. A large part of the committee’s work is to ensure homeowner design choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community and in compliance with governing design guidelines. As communities change over time, design guidelines should be reviewed and updated to not only preserve order in the community, but also to still allow freedom for reasonable modifications to the homes. The committee is set to begin design guideline revisions over the next twelve months. This process includes review, clarification, and updating of the Brambleton Design Guidelines document. The recommended revisions from the committee and staff will then be sent to the Board for review and approval for publication and public comment. Subsequently, a final version of the proposed revisions, public comment, and committee feedback will be submitted to the Board for their consideration with a request for adoption. The diligent, committed volunteers of the Covenants Committee help keep Brambleton a happier and aesthetically pleasing place to live. All of Brambleton’s covenants can be found in the Association’s governing documents, which include the Declaration for Brambleton, Policy Resolutions of the Association’s Board of Directors, and the current Design Review Guidelines. These documents are available on the BCA website at www.brambletonhoa. com.

Love Where You Live! Monthly Tips to Keep Brambleton Beautiful December Outdoor Furniture Furniture placed outside must be specifically designed for outdoor use and maintained in good condition. Outdoor furniture can be placed on a porch, stoop, or in the rear yard. The use of permanently placed outdoor furniture is not permitted in front yards.

Outdoor Storage Nothing shall be kept or stored outside the exterior of your home which would create an unsightly condition. This includes, but is not limited to, refuse containers, trash or rubbish, machinery and equipment, building materials, etc. Portable equipment including grills or fire pits may not be stored at the front of the home.

January Exterior Decorations Holiday decorations may be placed out 30 days in advance of the holiday and removed no later than 14 days after the holiday. Christmas or winter decorations and lighting may be placed out as early as the day after Thanksgiving and may remain on display until Tuesday, January 15th.

February Get A Jump on The Spring Rush! Submit your Design Review Application for your exterior project prior to when you really need it. Remember that you have six months to begin and one year to complete the project following approval. To submit a proposed exterior modification to the Covenants Committee for review, an owner must complete the Design Review Application. This form is available on the Association’s website at www., in our office, or in response to requests submitted to Still have questions? Please contact the office at 703-542-6263.



Resources for Proper Disposal of Unused Medications Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


esidents with a need to dispose of unused medications have a variety of local, discrete, safe, and environmentally responsible options to do so. Through partnership with the Loudoun County Health Department, Brambleton Community Association offers

Medication Disposal System bags as a resource for our residents to conveniently dispose of any leftover medications in a simple 3-step process. Just add water, seal, and toss bags in the trash. If you would like a bag, please come by the BCA management office during normal business hours to pick one up. Loudoun County offers year-round collection at four of the Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office Stations, including the Dulles South Public Safety Center at 25216 Loudoun County Parkway in South Riding. Inova Loudoun Hospital at 44045 Riverside Parkway in Lansdowne also provides a collection box at the South Hospital Entrance near the concierge desk. There are many opportunities available for residents to properly dispose of unused medications.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

19420 Golf Vista Plaza Suite 220 Lansdowne, VA 20176 (O) 571.291.2165 (F) 571.918.4296



EatLoco Brambleton Marketplace Nikolle Holland - Marketing Coordinator, EatLoco


s the end of 2018 draws near, EatLoco has experienced a roller coaster of excitement during their first year of owning and operating the Brambleton Marketplace. What started with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community in April when EatLoco opened the market carried through the summer and fall as EatLoco prepares for winter at the Brambleton Marketplace. EatLoco also took on the task of starting the first ever Brambleton Food Truck Rally event every other Thursday night in the heart of Brambleton this past summer. We hope to have our EatLoco food trucks back next summer by popular demand!

of the Year, Brambleton residents can proudly say that their neighborhood is home to one of EatLoco’s award-winning markets! Find out more about our big night at chamberaward.

With the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce recognizing EatLoco as the 2018 Loudoun Destination Business

EatLoco would like to extend a big "THANK YOU!" to the Brambleton community for playing an integral role in making the market a success. Coming to the market each week means the world to the EatLoco team and its vendors. Plus, with new vendors and food trucks joining us every week, you'll never be bored with the selection at the marketplace. The roller coaster continues into EatLoco's first winter season in Brambleton with this year-round market. You can be confident that the cold weather won't keep the vendors away; we hope it doesn't keep you away either! Find the EatLoco Brambleton Marketplace on Brambleton Plaza next to the Brambleton Library every Sunday year-round from 9 AM to 1 PM.

EatLoco Brambleton Marketplace Sundays, 9 AM to 1 PM Brambleton Plaza & Regal Wood Drive 31

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019




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Brambleton Library

The Brambleton Library is open seven days a week, including Friday and Saturday nights until 9 PM. The tenth branch of the Loudoun County Public Library system, this 40,000 square foot, state-ofthe-art facility in the Brambleton Town Center has dedicated areas for children, teens, and adults, and offers an array of services and programs for the community.

For Adults • The fiction and nonfiction collection on the second floor also includes foreignlanguage books (in Spanish, Tamil, and Hindi) and a variety of materials for English learners. • Public computers, free WiFi, a laptop bar, power outlets, charging stations, wireless printing, and free public notary services are all available. • Work stations as well as comfortable seating areas are incorporated throughout.

For Teens • The Teen Center is a designated place for middle and high-school students to be creative, play games, hang out, study, and read. It has a collection of ageappropriate books and magazines, a study room just for teens, computers, and board games. • The gaming room has Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox consoles and games, plus Xbox Kinect and PlayStation virtual-reality headsets.

For Kids • The children’s collection on the first floor of the library includes a robust collection of beginning reader and picture books as well as books in Spanish, Tamil, and Hindi. • Touchscreen computers for young children feature early literacy programs, while internet-capable computers for tweens are located in a separate area outside the Makerspace. • A large storytime room holds 12 storytimes per week as well as a variety of other programs. • Wiggle seats, comfortable reading chairs, activity and Lego tables, and work stations for older kids offer options for children and their parents.

For Everyone • More than 12 private rooms are available throughout the building for meetings and studying and as public gathering spaces. Some are for drop-in use and others can be reserved. • The Makerspace is a multigenerational center for learning, creativity, community building, and innovation. It features 3D printers, die cutters, laser cutters, sewing equipment, and coding kits, available for all ages. Equipment can be used on a drop-in basis or during a variety of classes. • Coming soon: The recording studio includes a mixing room as well as 33 Brambleton Community Association Magazine professional-grade recording and editing equipment. Winter 2018-2019

Brambleton Library Highlights Recurring Programs Baby Storytime: For ages 0-18 months. Mondays, 10 AM. Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11 AM. Toddler Storytime: For ages 18-36 months. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10 AM. Musical Storytime: Tuesdays, 1:30 PM. Thursdays, 10 AM. Preschool Storytime: For ages 3-5. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11 AM. Family Storytime: Wednesdays, 6:30 PM. Saturdays, 10 AM.

Details at a Glance Website Location & Hours Location: 22850 Brambleton Plaza, Brambleton, VA 20148 Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 AM - 9 PM, Sun: 1- 5 PM

Bilingual Musical Storytime/Hora de Cuentos Musical Bilingue: Bilingual stories, songs, and rhymes in English and Spanish. Canciones, poemas y rimas en Ingles y Español. For ages 0-5. Thursdays, 1:30 PM.

Winter Closings

Library Playdate: Conversation for adults. Toys and play space for children. For ages 5 and younger. Fridays, 10 AM.

Monday, Dec. 31: New Year's Eve

ESOL – English Conversation Group: An informal conversation group for nonnative speakers to practice speaking English. For adults. Wednesdays, 11 AM.

Monday, Jan. 21: MLK Day

Monday, Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Tuesday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day Tuesday, Jan. 1: New Year's Day Monday, Feb. 18: Presidents' Day

Winter Programming Highlights New Year's Eve Party: Make your own party favors and share your 2019 resolutions! For teens. Friday, Dec. 28, 6 PM. Tabletop Gaming Open House: Bring your own or use ours. Strategy, board, and card games for all levels of experience. Saturday, Dec. 29, 12 PM. Chaos on Canvas: Discover the emotional benefits of art as you collaborate on mural collages, led by artist Eric Scott. For teens. Friday, Jan. 11, 6 PM. Bella Buddhi Storybook Yoga with Bella Ballerina: Get moving with Bella Ballerina. Classes are structured around storybook and fairytale themes, allowing children to explore dance and yoga. For Grades K-5. Wednesday, Jan. 16, 4 PM. Meet the Author – Sue Fliess: Enjoy ninja-themed games and activities and join picture-book creator Sue Fliess as she debuts her new release: “Ninja Camp.” For Grades K-2. Wednesday, Jan. 23, 4 PM. Meet the Author – Viral Dalal: Viral Dalal, author of “Choosing Light,” describes how he drew on ancient wisdom to discover the strength to survive being buried in rubble during an earthquake in India. For Grade 9-adult. Saturday, Jan. 26, 2 PM. Women’s Safety and Prevention Techniques: Instructor Lisa Horton will help you recognize potential dangers and show how to deter possible assailants with nonphysical tactics. For Grade 9-adult. Sunday, Jan. 27, 2 PM. Acoustic Hits from the ’40s to the ’70s: Musician Ray Leone takes you on an acoustic journey of popular songs from the American songbook and AM radio in an intimate, acoustic setting. Sunday, Feb. 3, 2 PM. DIY Teens – Lunar New Year: Celebrate Lunar New Year by creating a paper lantern. Wednesday, Feb. 20, 4:30 PM.

Visit for more programming information.


What Are You Reading?

Christine Thompson, Branch Manager of the Brambleton Library, shares what she’s currently reading, tells us more about the new library, and more! What are you excited to share about the Brambleton Library? Everything! Many brilliant and talented people contributed to the Brambleton Library project and the building is full of amazing resources: 3D printers, study rooms, early literacy toys, gaming equipment, digital databases, and foreign-language collections — just to name a few! Loudoun County Public Libraries value education as much as we ever have, but in modern times I like to think our true focus is enrichment. However you would like to use the tools the library offers to improve your day — that is what we’re here for. Brambleton Library is going to be a vibrant and dynamic space that reflects the needs and interests of our community.

Are you reading anything great right now? I’m reading the newest title by one of my favorite nonfiction authors, Thanks A Thousand by A.J. Jacobs. The premise is simple enough: Jacobs goes on a quest to personally thank every person involved in making his morning cup of coffee, which is actually hundreds of people around the world. The overall theme of the book is gratitude and how we can take the time to appreciate the many, many things that go right in our lives on any given day instead of the few things that might go wrong. Do you have a favorite book or author? You just can’t argue with the philosophy of Pete the Cat: “It’s all groovy!” Have you ever read a book that should be made into a movie? I recently finished Tangerine by Christine Mangan. The author described the setting of Morocco in the 1950s so vividly and beautifully that I immediately wished I could see it on a screen. Plus, this suspenseful thriller is full of plot twists that will keep you guessing, which I think would make for an exciting film. Where is your favorite place to find new reading materials? One of my favorite resources is Library Reads, a digital newsletter that anyone can sign up to receive via email. It’s a quick list of the top 10 new release titles for that month that librarians from across the country recommend. It’s unbiased, diverse, and includes a good mix of popular titles by well-known authors and debut stories by new writers. Which do you prefer and why, books in print or digital e-readers? Personally, I’m a pages and print traditionalist. I like the look and feel of physical books. However, when I travel, I use my e-reader because it saves so much space in my suitcase. With your library card, you can check out books from our shelves or download eBooks and audiobooks for free using the Libby app from Overdrive. Do you finish every book you start? I frequently tell library visitors that it is totally acceptable to put down a book if it’s not giving you the information you need or entertaining you. Don’t feel like you should read a certain title because it is a classic or it has received great reviews. If a book isn’t bringing you joy, feel free to talk to a staff member! We’re always happy to give recommendations based on your tastes. 35

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019



Assessment Payment Options

Assessment payments are due on the first day of each month. To avoid incurring late or other collection related fees, it is recommended to align payment with the due date. Late fees are assessed for payments not posted by the 10th day of the month. BCA offers a variety of payment options and encourages owners to select the method that best suits their needs. Details regarding the various payment options can be found on Payment options include: • Mail: Owners may make payment by check or money order mailed to the Association's lockbox service. Mailing Address: Brambleton Community Association, C/O FirstService Residential, PO Box 62010, Newark, NJ 07101* −− *Please note that the remittance address has changed from PO Box 11983, Newark, NJ 07101 effective immediately. Mail will continue to be forwarded until further notice. • Online Bill Pay: Owners may pay assessments using an online bill paying service from their personal banking institution.

Monthly Assessments

• Direct Debit: The owner authorizes FirstService Residential to withdraw the monthly recurring assessment amount from a designated checking or savings account.

$188.43 $189.69 Detached

2018 $201.63

2019 $203.12

House Type Detached w/Common Driveway

$197.22 $198.56 Townhouse

• ClickPay: This third-party payment service $215.22 $216.56 Townhouse w/Grounds Maint. offers owners the ability to make one-time or $144.65 $145.84 Summerfield Condominiums recurring e-check or credit card payment at For help with your $153.77 $154.64 The Residences Condominiums account or setting up payments online, please contact ClickPay at, or call 1-888-354-0135 (option 1). It is important to note that assessment payments are NOT accepted at the BCA management office, as all payments are processed by the Association’s bank via a lockbox. Payments delivered to the BCA office will be returned. Please also note that cash cannot be accepted at the BCA office or at FirstService Residential offices for payment of assessments. For more information or to request online access to your assessment account, please email


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

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Notary Public Services

BCA offers Notary Public services for residents. Here are a few tips to help make your notary experience easy: • Please schedule an appointment. This allows staff to be ready and available to provide your requested service. To make an appointment or contact us for questions, please email or call 703-542-6263. • Please let us know what type of document you need notarized. There are certain types of documents that we are not able to notarize. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates (copies or originals). Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification. We are also unable to notarize I-9 forms. • All documents must be written in English. Witnessing on documents is not provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Tell us how many pages you need notarized, and what day and time is most convenient for you. We’ll do our best to meet your appointment requests. • Important - At your appointment, any person that will be signing the documentation must be present, and the forms must be signed in front of the Notary Public. Photo identification must be provided by all signers at the time of the appointment.

• The first two pages are free of charge. Each additional page is $2 per page. Forms of payment accepted include cash and personal checks.

Resale Disclosure Packet

BCA Certificate of Insurance

Requests for Resale Disclosure Packets are fulfilled by FirstService Residential via Welcomelink. Orders are accepted from the FSR website at via the link Request Resale Documents. At the prompt, enter the zip code for the Brambleton property. Once at the WelcomeLink page, complete the necessary information to place the order. The cost of the packet is dependent upon several factors: the format, the delivery time frame, and the shipping method requested. See the FSR website for the most up to date information.

Requests for Certificates of Insurance are fulfilled by the Association’s Insurance broker. To obtain a Certificate of Insurance for Brambleton Community Association, unit owners and lenders should submit their requests online at or by phone at 877-456-3643, Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Certificates will be issued immediately.

The available formats are: • Electronic (email) format - The link to access the electronic version is active for 180 days. To retain the document, it may be saved as a pdf. • Printed (hardcopy) format

Lender Questionnaires

Requests for completion of lender questionnaires for single family and town homes located within Brambleton are fulfilled by Brambleton Community Association staff. The cost for completion of either a Uniform Mortgage Questionnaire or a Lender-Specific Mortgage Questionnaire is as follows: • 3 business-day turnaround - $100.00 • 1 business-day turnaround - $150.00

• Update (available within 1 year of the initial order) • Update with inspection (available within 1 year of the initial order) The available delivery timeframes are:

Please note: Forms and payment for all services must be received by 12 PM on the day of submission to count as the first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed counting the following business day as the first day. To submit a request or for more information, visit

• Standard - Packet is sent 14* calendar days from the order date. Fee is included. • Rush - If the Association is able to accommodate a rush order, the packet is sent 5* calendar days from the order date.

Assessment Account Payoff

*Forms and payment must be received by 12 PM to count as first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed with the following day as the first day.

Requests for Account Payoff Statements are fulfilled by FirstService Residential. To obtain an account payoff statement, submit request and owner authorization to


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Brambleton Maps

Brambleton Community Association maintains a variety of maps for the community. Below you’ll find some of the more frequently requested maps. Check for other available maps at

Trail & Amenities Map Outdoor life in Brambleton is one of the best ways for neighbors to connect with each other on the trails, at the pool, and in the sunshine of the green spaces found throughout the community. Brambleton residents can meet, catch up, play, and grow together. Nature and athletics are key components of the active Brambleton lifestyle. We also take great pride in our award-winning landscaping throughout the neighborhood. You’ll find a wide array of parks available to serve the leisure and recreational needs of residents and their guests. Concerns or questions pertaining to the parks or amenities can be sent to operations@ In addition, Brambleton is situated close to regional amenities including the Beaverdam Reservoir, Brambleton Community Park ball fields, Brambleton Regional Golf Course, and the future Hanson Regional Park. We hope you find yourself outside soon!



Important Contact Information County Contacts

Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office: 703-542-6263 Residences at Brambleton (FSR): 703-385-1133 Summerfield Condo (FSR): 703-327-4818

Emergency (Fire/Rescue/Police): 911 (call or text); Sheriff (Non-Emergency): 703-777-1021

BCA Services

Alert Loudoun:

Republic Services Recycling & Trash Removal: Verizon (Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect): 800-501-1172 Verizon (Repair): 888-553-1555

Loudoun County Main Number: 703-777-0100 Animal Care & Control: 703-777-0406

Utility Contacts

Building Permits: 703-777-0220

Dominion Electric (North of Ryan Rd): 888-667-3000; NOVEC (South of Ryan Rd): 888-335-0500;

Ashburn Post Office: 44715 Prentice Dr 703-406-6291

Brambleton Town Center

Miss Utility: 800-552-7001

Brambleton Plz, Brambleton, VA 20148

Washington Gas: 703-750-1000


Loudoun Water (Water/Sewer): 571-291-7880;

Builder Information Builder Beazer Homes Centex/Pulte Homes Gulick Group

Knutson Miller & Smith Stanley Martin Van Metre Winchester & Camberley Homes


Warranty/Customer Care 888-623-2937; (Request Service) 888-686-0269;;; (Customer Care/Warranty Request) 703-674-0330 x 143;; (Contact Us/Customer Care) 703-996-4232;; 703-821-2500 x 202;; (Warranty) 703-348-5805;; (Contact Us) 703-348-5806;; 800-762-2408 (Winchester), 540-788-1114 (ProHome Metro DC);;

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

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Wiring Integrator Chesapeake System Services: 301-317-0001 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free) Sight & Sound: 703-802-6443 Advanced Wiring Group: 703-488-9850, 571-237-7621 SmartCom: 540-286-0300 Sight & Sound: 703-802-6443 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free)

A Private Catholic High School Coming to Loudoun!

Save the Date: Close Up Night - March 5th, 2019 Named one of the Top 50 Catholic High Schools in the U.S. 32 AP/Dual Enrollment courses; Advanced Diploma 108 AP Scholars and 6 National AP Scholars State of the Art Biosafety Level 2 Science Lab Technology for learning integrated throughout curriculum 100 diverse electives, Directed Independent Study option Active and spirited student body; 50 athletic teams & over 50 clubs

PVI offers bus service to and from Ashburn, Aldie and Bristow.

Learn more at

The The Greg Greg Wells Wells Team Team

Keller Keller Williams Williams -- Loudoun Loudoun Gateway Gateway

We’re Hiring Agents! Full & Part-Time Opportunities Available! | 703.782.9094

BRAMBLETON HOME SALES 10/10-11/10 Townhomes 42415 Redstone Ter 42492 Coronado Ter 22674 Parkland Farm Ter 22629 Hawkbill Sq 42486 Legacy Park 22950 Eversole Ter 42262 Palladian Blue Ter 42462 Great Heron Sq 23628 Sailfish Sq 23491 Epperson Sq 23388 Evening Primrose Sq 23328 Evening Primrose Sq 42269 Riggins Ridge Ter 42289 Ashmeade Ter 22935 Sullivan Cove Sq

List Price

Sold Price



$418,900 $429,000 $434,500 $499,900 $515,000 $519,900 $520,000 $534,900 $550,000 $570,000 $578,000 $579,000 $589,000 $589,180 $725,000

$420,000 $425,000 $410,000 $490,000 $510,000 $517,500 $520,000 $530,000 $552,000 $570,000 $565,000 $570,000 $585,000 $589,180 $735,000

$0 $1000 $0 $0 $0 $3000 $0 $2000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $5000 $0 $8000

19 72 87 6 18 23 1 35 10 24 96 22 19 0 0

Single Family Homes 22798 Trailing Rose Ct 23020 Olympic Dr 42654 Explorer Dr 42817 Beaver Crossing Dr

$700,000 $714,900 $737,900 $750,000

$700,000 $740,000 $735,000 $778,447

$10000 $0 $8000 $20200

0 13 104 0

20130 Lakeview Center Plz. #110, Ashburn, VA Each office is independently owned and operated.



Lace Up for Learning Ashley Campolattaro - Owner, Families in Training


he 6th annual Lace Up for Learning 5k & Mascot Mini Mile was a huge success! 1200 race participants registered to “fun-race” for their schools on an unseasonably chilly November 10th morning at Brambleton Town Center. Following the 5k race, mascots were on hand to cheer on the youngest participants at the finish of the Mascot Mini Mile (Kids’ Fun Run). Bruno, Brambleton’s blue bird mascot, was a huge hit with the kids!

Registrants designated their preferred beneficiary school during the registration process, which directed funds to their school. A strong turnout and generous sponsorship support from the


business community generated more than $15,000 to benefit schools serving Brambleton. Over the past 6 years, this event has earned schools nearly $75,000! As a condition of receiving event funds, beneficiary schools were required to provide volunteer support in addition to registrants. More than 300 volunteers of all ages braved the cold and supported the event. List of beneficiaries: •

Brambleton MS

Briar Woods HS

Creighton's Corner Elementary

Legacy Elementary

Madison's Trust Elementary

Moorefield Station Elementary

Paul VI Catholic HS

Rock Ridge HS

Stone Hill MS

St. Theresa Catholic School

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019

The School Spirit Award was presented to the school providing the most volunteer support and registered participants (combined total as a percentage of the school’s total 2014 enrollment). Moorefield Station Elementary took home the win and received a $500 bonus as well as a trophy to keep until next year’s event! Major sponsors included StoneSprings Hospital, Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Summit Insurance Services, Northern Virginia Orthodontics, Brambleton Kids Run the Nation, Northern Virginia Orthodontics, and many others. The event was organized by Brambleton resident Ashley Campolattaro through her business Families in Training, which also coordinates the popular Brambleton Kids Run the Nation youth running program. Ashley and her husband Dario have 3 sons who have attended several of the beneficiary schools. For more event details, including a link to race results, visit


Loudoun County Resources Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


s Brambleton has continued to grow, so has Loudoun County. As Loudoun County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the country for years, there is a lot of change to keep up with. We are fortunate that the County offers a wide variety of resources and tools to help residents stay informed and easily access information and resources. We’ve pulled together a list of a few useful tools that we would like to share. Loudoun GeoHub The most recent tool enacted by the County is the Loudoun GeoHub, which provides a wealth of location-based information and can be found at

https://geohub-loudoungis.opendata. Be prepared to spend some time with this resource as you explore scenic rivers and trails, find public safety resources, and engage with the Live Healthy Loudoun Community Health Board. Loudoun Existing and Potential Development Tool If you ever find yourself wondering “what’s being built there?”, the County offers a couple of online tools to help answer your question. The Loudoun Existing and Potential Development Tool provides access to information regarding:

• Existing use of structures and parcels. • The location and existing number of housing units within residential projects that are completed and approved (not started or partially built). • The remaining residential development potential of vacant or under-developed parcels and approved projects (not started or partially built). Data is updated on a quarterly basis. More information and a link to the Development Tool map is available at Loudoun Online Land Applications System The Loudoun Online Land Applications System provides a user-friendly tool to access information regarding land applications and provides a format for public input for active applications. Find it at Other Resources Interested in the status of County Capital Projects like streetlights and parks? The Capital Projects Active and Planned resource offers a description and project timeline. Want to find a Park and Ride? Check out https://logis. for these resources and much more.



Resident Spotlight: Terra Saunders We spoke with Brambleton resident Terra Saunders, owner of della Terra Organics, about her experience starting and growing a business, her involvement in the EatLoco Brambleton Marketplace, and her advice for aspiring business owners. How long have you lived in Brambleton? It will be just over five years this fall! What prompted you to choose Brambleton? Brambleton offers not only the beauty and peace of the suburbs, but also the proximity to D.C. and its endless entertainment (read: food) options. What inspired you to start della Terra Organics? Three years ago, I started making skin and hair care products for myself and my friends and family. At that time, I could not find products, locally or online, that satisfied my standards for quality and price. In the spring of 2017, I realized that other consumers were faced with the same struggle, and I decided to offer my products as a solution. Since then we have expanded our presence and product line to satisfy our ever-growing customer demand! You can find our bright yellow canopy at four weekly markets and other events all around the D.C. Metro area. What else would you like to share about della Terra Organics? Our mission is to empower all people (and pets!) to take control of their wellness by creating products that reduce their daily exposure to harmful substances. Also, we're hiring! What does participating in the EatLoco Brambleton Marketplace mean for you personally and professionally? As the only vendor who is also a Brambleton resident, I feel added responsibility to contribute to the growth and success of the marketplace. Personally, I am so thrilled to have local products right in my community. Professionally, I LOVE the commute! Do you have any advice for anyone aspiring to open a business? It might sound simple but do something that you are passionate about! Also, know your own strengths and weaknesses. Do you have a favorite Brambleton spot/activity? Hands down, my favorite thing about Brambleton is the expansive network of trails. We love taking our dog for bike rides and runs all around the community. It's something we've done since he was a pup! What is a fun fact about yourself? I was born on Earth Day; Terra actually means "Earth" in Italian. It seems I was destined to do something all-natural from the very beginning!


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Winter 2018-2019


BCA Communications

Brambleton Community Association utilizes a variety of resources in order to communicate with Brambleton residents in a timely and engaging manner. Here are some of the ways that we connect with the Brambleton community.

Quarterly Magazine The Brambleton Community Association self-publishes a visually rich and engaging quarterly magazine in March, June, September, and December, which is mailed to all Brambleton residents. In addition, the magazine is published digitally and archived on the Association website, and printed copies are available at the Welcome Center located in the Brambleton Town Center as well as the BCA management office. If you would like to view a digital version of our September 2018 issue, please visit Advertising spaces are also available in the magazine. If you are interested in advertising with us, please send us a message at

#Bramlife Minute We launched this video series in May 2017 to inform residents about everything happening in Brambleton. Hosted by Stacey Rusch, these videos cover topics including community news, events, and programming. We post our #Bramlife Minute videos on our website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube page, so there are multiple places for you to catch up on what’s going on in our community. We have also created educational videos, such as administration and service videos, which provide residents with useful information in a unique and entertaining way.

Friday Flash and Notify Me The Friday Flash is a weekly bulletin sent via email to benefit the residents of Brambleton. The purpose of the Flash is to keep residents aware of upcoming community events and programs, future committee meetings, Association rules, and community governance. Residents can sign up to receive the Flash via email or text by clicking on the "Notify Me" button at and following the instructions. The Notify Me subscription service also allows residents to receive updates on community news, events, pools, fertilizer and weed applications, and more. Just click on the icons next to each list item to subscribe.

Website and Social Media Visit for community news, event and meeting updates, and information on all BCA services and programs. News and updates are also posted on our Facebook page (, on Twitter @brambletonlife, and on our Brambleton mobile app, which can be found in the Apple and Google Play stores. Also, follow us on Instagram @brambletonlife and add #bramlife to your posts to share your content with the Brambleton community!



New Face on the BCA Team Please join us in welcoming Ara Galang to our BCA staff! As our newest Resident Services Administrator, Ara serves as a first point of contact for residents and is available to assist them with everyday matters. She also supports the Lifestyles Team in their mission to provide events and programming to the Brambleton community.

Ara brings over eight years of experience in health administration to her position. Outside of work, Ara loves to travel, read (her favorite author is William P. Young), and spend time with her family. She is a resident of Brambleton and enjoys everything from a fun evening at AhSo to a relaxing stroll in Legacy Park.

Loudoun 40 Under 40: Tom Colatosti Every year, the Loudoun Times-Mirror releases their “40 Under 40” list, honoring exceptional business and community leaders who make their home in Loudoun County. One of 2018’s esteemed honorees is Brambleton resident Tom Colatosti, who we spoke with to commend his selection and recognize his professional accomplishments and involvement in the Brambleton community. You can read Tom’s “40 Under 40” feature in the September 7, 2018 issue of the Loudoun Times-Mirror. How long have you lived in Brambleton? Seven years that have gone by very quickly. While originally from Boston, my wife Amber and I relocated here from Arlington, VA in June 2011. Our daughter Melania was born 3 years ago, and I can’t think of a better community for her first home. What was it like being selected as a “40 Under 40” Winner? It has been a great honor to receive this award alongside a remarkable caliber of individuals who have achieved so much professionally and contributed so significantly to the Loudoun community. Having had the opportunity to meet and network with the other awardees has opened my eyes to the remarkably talented, passionate people that reside in our county. Can you tell us about your work with Verizon, including your recognition as a recipient of the “Corporate Credo award”? As the Managing Director of Verizon’s Government Programs and Operations, I am accountable for the global revenue, profitability, operational delivery, and customer satisfaction for Verizon’s $2.3B Defense, Civilian, and Intelligence business. I am fortunate to lead a tremendously talented global organization responsible for program and service management, engineering, architecture, security, compliance, software implementation, customer service, and quote to cash activities. Our team supports each Federal Agency’s unique mission through an extensive portfolio of services, including managed network solutions, advanced and unified communications, cyber and managed security, intelligent networking, Cloud, IOT/mobility, wireline transport, and custom integrated solutions. The Verizon Corporate Credo Award is given to a group of individuals each year who demonstrate performance excellence and achievement as outlined in our company Credo. I was given this award by our President after implementing a business process transformation centered on a new software application that significantly reduced average service delivery intervals. Reducing delivery times had a significant impact in helping our Federal customers achieve their mission objectives faster. What motivated you to become involved in the Brambleton community? Living in Brambleton has introduced us to many wonderful neighbors and friends. It's important to my wife and I to be involved in giving back to the community that has given so much to us. We enjoy volunteering and organizing Brambleton events and the opportunity it offers to meet new neighbors.


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Discover the B e a n Tr e e D i f f e r e n c e .

Infants – 2nd Grade Full and Half Day Kindergarten Advanced Curriculum Specialty Programs Before/After School

Ashburn Campus 43629 Greenway Corporate Drive Ashburn, VA 20147 n 571.223.3110 Westfields Campus 5003 Westone Plaza Chantilly, VA 20151 n 703.961.8222


How to Reach Us We Love to Hear from You! You can reach us anytime via email. Here is a short list of easy to remember email addresses. It is our goal to respond to all inquiries within one business day. If you have not received a reply, please contact us at 703-542-6263.

Start here and we'll be glad to help.

Reach our Operations & Assets team for questions or concerns regarding BCA’s common areas or facilities.

For questions or concerns regarding BCA Pool facilities.


To request attention to a concern or to request information about BCA’s Community Standards.


For information regarding the Design Review process and to request or follow up on an application.

The best place to reach our amazing events team!

Need info about a BCA program, summer camp, or activity?

Have questions about renting a community facility?


Contact us about all things communications, including social media, the Friday Flash, the Monthly Minute, or our Magazine.

Stop by and See Us!

A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the BCA office building at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off design review applications, committee applications, etc. Monthly assessments are not accepted.

Official BCA Communications

Check Us out on Social Media "Like" Brambleton Community Association on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at brambletonlife. You can also find our mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for Brambleton.

Important Disclaimers

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Please visit www.brambletonhoa. com/disclaimers for our publishing and media use disclaimers.

703-542-6263 (p); 703-542-6266 (f ) Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM 49 Brambleton Community Association Magazine

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Brambleton Community Association Magazine

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